Mama! Just let me be your lover! Wait…no. That’s a different Mama. This Mama is totally different, and still pretty damned AWESOME!


So EXO-K has finally made their very very long awaited debut! *cougheventhoughweconsideredthemdebutedwithWhatIsLovecough* First off, we are really digging this song. It is seriously epic and the video matches it perfectly. Great production value and great dancing. We totally enjoyed this music video! Hopefully you all had the chance to catch our three teasers leading up to this week’s Music Monday and we want everyone to know that we made those teasers all in good fun to inject some humour into EXO-K. Even though we loved this song and video, we feel like EXO-K is being presented in a very serious light, and by serious I mean not goofy. We’ve got the million teasers, the “prologues” leading up to their “story”, the totally super serious 1:30 mythological introduction which introduces their backstory, the monk like chanting, the serious expressions in the music video, and even the lyrics are serious about unhappy and serious issues…WHY SO SERIOUUUUSSS!!!!

We all know that in reality EXO-K are really just humans acting the part of aliens or mythological beings, and, really, they’re just a group of talented guys chosen by a company to play the role the company wants. Now we fully acknowledge this “deeper reality” part of the kpop world and frankly, we don’t give a crap about it because we still think the kpop members themselves are extremely talented and should be acknowledged as such regardless of their company backing. However, no matter how serious the band’s image is, there is always room to be poked fun of and joked with, because at the end of the day, it’s much nicer to laugh and smile then fight with people about their differing opinions. Our goal for Kpop Music Monday has always been to make people laugh, and we like to sprinkle that laughter with a few opinions about marketing trends and production value. So hopefully you all had a good laugh at our teasers and also enjoy our review of EXO-K’s “MAMA”.

Now onto more serious business. How freaking cute was Spudgy in his little bear ear monk robes? WHOA. Our dog is so patient with us. Now a lot of people wanted to know why the cat Chicken who we are cat-sitting for did not have a teaser video, and that’s really easy to answer. Chicken is evil. If Chicken was larger, she would try to eat all of us. In fact, she has already tried. We fully believe that Chicken does not want to be a house cat and does not enjoy being with humans. She should be set free into the jungle where she can terrorize other animals. Simon has grown up with four cats, all of which we adopted, one which was found feral in the woods, and even that cat was able to be trained into be a loving animal that wants to be pet. We have never met a cat that doesn’t want to play with feathers, eat catnip, be pet when arching, or clean itself obsessively. A cat that doesn’t want to groom itself when in a lovely patch of sunlight is off to me. Scary.

Thanks to our friends who forget to tell us the important detail of their cat being evil. “Oh she’s called Chicken because she’s just shy”. What you meant to say was, “Oh she’s called Chicken because she’ll make you a coward who’s afraid of the little kitty cat hiding under your couch”. Thanks Brian and Whitney. Thanks.

OMG back to EXO-K! A couple of things we wanted to address that we couldn’t fit into the video! The cartoon at the beginning of the video was SO SO SO top notch and well done. Even though the English was difficult to follow, wow, the graphics were just, WOW. Also the special effects were incredible and not cheesy at all. That fire bird was amazing! Regarding the lyrics, we know that people are going to comment on this so we’ve got it say it now before they start flooding in. The word “MAMA” can have a few different meanings, and although we joked about it meaning mommy in our video, in reality it probably means more like Queen Mother. It’s not used normally in everyday Korean conversation, but I’ve heard it in several Korean historical dramas to address the Queen, and considering that EXO are mythological forces of nature, they’re probably talking to mother nature, or some kind of magical mother deity. But if I could choose, I’d prefer it to mean Seungri’s version, of MAMA as a hot mamacita. That would definitely shake up the meaning of the song:

Die, kill, fight, shout – this is it a war
Help us super hot woman, super hot sexy woman, super hot woman, super hot woman, turn back
Help us realize super hot woman sexy hot woman super good looking woman super hot woman, rolling back
Clash, hit, take sides, fight – this is not a game
Help us sexy hot woman super hot woman smexy hot woman foxy hot woman super hot woman, turn back

But I see the English “turn back” and “rolling back” still don’t work…ohh…

Well, enough blathering! If you’re a fan of the song as much as we are, you can pick up the EXO album on either YesAsia or iTunes. Or, if you’re in the mood for something more epic *awkwardcough* you can check out the music we made for the teasers for EXO, for free, here!

Woot! Lastly, it seems like this entire Music Monday was just a ball of bloopers. Here are this week’s bloopers, as well as the two EXO teasers and one Prologue we posted. Ooh! So…tease-ey!

KMM_Teaser_29_MARTINA (1) HD Full (English ver.)


KMM_Teaser_30_SIMON (1) HD Full (English ver.)


KMM_Prologue_1_Spudgy (1) HD Full (English ver.)


  1. Ok so hands down Luhan. The guy is telepathic and can control any of the the other members. “Hey Kai? Why dont you teleport yourself the the bottom of the ocean? AND DONT COME BACK!” (shrug) Just saying.

  2. I like Kai’s teleporation power. I mean, who needs to fly or drive then if you can teleport to certain places?! If I had that power, I could just teleport myself to Korea right now! lol, save the plane ticket money for EXO’s merchandises! >:D

  3. Tao has time control! Who wouldn’t want to pause an awesome moment, or fast forward a bad experience!

  4. I made my friend listen to the beginning of the song and they said they hear “Shoot the Animals”. KEKEKE

  5. @_@ when Simon suddenly sang his I lost my pants part our xmas tree suddenly turned on hahha

  6. OH MY GAAAAWWWWDDD exo is AMAZINGGGG!!! I just jizzed mah pjs…

  7. I juuuust found this @_@ Anyway, I see B.A.P. and EXO and such… but I can’t help but really really want a review on NU’EST >3<

  8. Rewatching Music Mondays, looking back (ignoring cleaning). I have to say I liked it when Kai(?) is tattooed and comes out at you. I do not like tattoos but for some reason Kai is just HOT!! I admit to being a weirdo.

  9. The thing is, musically wise: composition, rhythm, tempo, drops, notes. Tri-angle, Don’t Don and MAMA are NOT alike, nor do they have any sort of similarity between each other. What people need to learn is that the similar thing between the three songs is the GENRE. You cannot say the songs are similar simply because I don’t know, they use a guitar O.o Doesn’t mean the song are similar in anyway, but the genre. Whomever is saying they are trying “to replace” older groups must have a really weird logic, given that Suju is always going to be Suju and TVXQ is always going to be TVXQ. The only clear thing here is that, like everything in this earth, there is always ground for improvement, and SM is pushing not to replace those groups, but to make EXO better than them. Will they succeed? Who knows, it’s too early to tell, and frankly, I think Suju and TVXQ wants the best for EXO too. Those two groups have surpassed the avergare band life span, they made their name in korean music industry, they have huge success, so you bet EXO is not here to “replace” anyone, whatever they achieve, will be their own to keep, with the name EXO in front.

  10. Completely fooled by epic voice…
    Also I heard the mandarin version of MAMA first and the first person to sing had a really heavy accent so I was put off exo because of it. 
    Now I find that EXO-K is actually really good and EXO-M is alright if I can get past the bad chinese. 

  11. Hey guys, one of your many fans here. I find myself watching your videos for hours. I know I’m kinda so very extra late…but I just watched your KMM video for Exo-K’s Mama. However, I must disagree with Simon about the video introduction. I listened to it over and over …and over again and broke it down. It made my head spin trying to listen to it as one long sentence. The whole thing actually does make sense, give or take a word or two that I couldn’t figure out. 
    When the skies and the grounds were one, the Legends
    – through their 12 forces – nurtured the Tree of Life.  But I, the Red Force, created the evil which
    coveted the heart of Tree of Life and the heart slowly grew dry. __(To attend and embrace???)__ the heart of Tree of
    Life, the legends hereby divide the tree in half, and hide each side. Hence
    time is overturned and space turns askew.


    twelve forces divide into two, and create two suns that look alike.  Into two worlds that seem alike – the Legends
    travel apart. The Legends shall now see the same sky, but shall stand on
    different grounds. Shall stand on the same ground but shall see different
    skies. The day the grounds beget a single __(file??? referring to stars/planets/worlds
    before one sky, in two worlds that seem alike, the Legends will greet each


    The day the Red Force is purified, and the 12
    forces reunite into one perfect root…a new world shall open up.English nerd that I am lol I always enjoyed exercises like this in English class when I was in school.  Sorry for the long post.  I would  have voted for Exo-K’s video. Although I love BAP’s MV…I too can not ignore the “Drive-by Crotch Caress”. lol  

  12. Sorry but ,wow! really that english?! Just wow !
    Yo, I ‘ll do it for free!!

  13. YES!!! they should expend that money  in suju  .totally agree with you there Simon !!!

  14. I think some effects was very awkward in the video.
    For example, the member of EXO shot a strange light like “BOOM!”
    and mirror(?) was shone in 5:44.
    Also the guy’s hand was so bright and there was a ‘light’ in the hand,
    with the sounds like “Wieeee↗” in 3:51.

    ※Please ignore my awful grammar. I’m not good at grammar :)


    B.A.P is like totally hip-hop! you obviously cant compare hip-hop to whatever genre of music EXO does!like? seriously? 
    and also the immensely ridiculous point of EXO being Illuminati? OMIGOSH! GET A LIFE! what? i dont think people with that thought are too pious are they? and i bet you a million bucks they are even thirsty for that fame EXO’s got! SHIT MAN! why am i wasting my time arguing? JUST SHUT UP AND APPRECIATE THE FACT THAT ATLEAST THEY ARE DOING A PRETTY AMAZING JOB! 

  16. And I actually heard ‘motherless, fatherless’ in that weird chanting part xD

  17. Martina…I’m 17 and I also recognized a bit of LED Zeppelin’s Kashmir xD You’re not old, you just have hipster music taste :)
    My vote goes to BAP cuz…well…they were baddass…>< 

  18. MAMA here is meant as a god or a higher power …the lee soo man god of the sm world …exo is worshipping him !!!!

  19. MAMA here is meant as a god or a higher power …
    the lee soo man god of the sm world …exo is worshipping him !!!!
    exo is working for him 

  20. Super Junior, Heechul, Shindong !!!

  21. I’m really feeling the Harry P vibe in video, expecially Snape’s cameos :) Also, I really love the sceam-o part in the vid– it’s VERY old DBSK, with SHINee’s voices and Suju’s organization.  Says much about how SM uses their old bands, yes?

  22. I agree with most of the review, but I love Kai’s tattoo screamy thing! It was actually my one of my favourite parts of the song, but maybe it’s because I arrived to kpop with more of a rock background?

    I’ll vote for Exo, just because I love both bands debuts very much, and I think B.A.P will win anyway.

  23. wel l!!! both EXO and B.A.P are great but my Heart fell in love EXO…


  25. I VOTE EXO. BAP are amazing too. I just like EXO’s concept more, it’s so intriguing and fascinating.. I mean super powers? totally cool. You guys should also check out EXO-M’s version of this vid, they have more super powers in it like mind shifting, freezing time and flying! weeeeeee~ EXO FIGHTING! 

  26. I never listened to what was being said. I mean, how could a band geek NOT listen to that glorious oboe solo at the beginning?! Followed by a… really quiet trombone? The rest of that orchestrated piece was magnificent as well. I think they made it a bit too loud cause I really couldn’t concentrate on anything else.

    I find this a hard decision. As much as I like Mama, that tattoo and screamo thing with Kai is slightly traumatizing. Though that face he makes at the “mama… mama…. mama” part kind of… makes it better? (Oh man, you TOTALLY can’t tell who my bias is. XP) For BAP, I really liked the chorus. But maybe that’s about it?I’ll vote for EXO with MAMA. I really can’t pass by that oboe solo. I wish I could play it that well. :3


  28. I prefer EXO.

    EXO is damn cool! MAMA has many high notes and the lyrics almost don’t have any gaps for the singer to breath while singing it. And EXO sing it while dance a complicated routine also. And I just love their hard work, sweat, the emotion that the group given out after their performance. And their personality, they always make me smile.

    I don’t think that the prologue story is too much complicated to understand. And I don’t mind actually. I will simplify it :
    EXO is the heart of tree of life, EXO is also the legends. They’re one. But because some evil red forces, the tree of life is in danger and in order to save it, the heart is divided into two; EXO M & K. They travel apart so the red forces can’t find them. They travel in same sky-different grounds, that means: in Korea and China. Waiting for the day when the red forces purify, and all planets well be a single line like in the prologue vid. Thats why there’s eclipse in all of EXO teasers. 

    And then when that happened, they started to realize that they can
    connect with each other again. And Kai, he’s the messenger. He’s the one
    that tell everyone that they can
    be united again. And so there.. they unite in the gloomy dark room in the beginning of the video.
    A new world open up: uh… this one i don’t really know.. earth? maybe the era of EXO.
    But still, no matter what happened, just think it simple okay. because EXO planet is a fantasy world. The prolouge is all in fantasy mode. Everything can happened in fantasy mode.

    What important is, they are a great rookie. BAP is great too, but like all of the people who voted for BAP. I more captivated by MAMA than by Warrior.

    And the part where Kai screams, that’s for me is actually the plus point of these rookie group coz’ they can do what others cant. I understand that maybe the scream part don’t match the song or it is too scary, but it still cool… in my opinion. ^-^
    Well.., it shocked me.., but I finally accept it with the thoughts of thats actually their faces in EXO planet or such. I just love them!!! X^

  29. B.A.P of course, they got me loving them with a teaser! EXO’s trailers were just so boring! Their song is good, I just feel like B.A.P did better even though they didn’t use a lot of special effects

  30. B.A.P!! :DD Exo just had too many teasers which did the opposite of getting me hype… It got me bored :/ While B.A.P got me interested without trying as much :/ Like, I got HOOKED. xD

  31. I vote for B.A.P cause they didn’t debut with a crap load of teasers, 2 prologues, and a showcase… and still they did well and stood out form regular kpop groups :D

    but I still love EXO too :3

  32. lool I love your little “tree of life” in the back beside the laptop xD

  33. Honestly, at first I was going to vote for EXO, but now, after watching Ta Dah! It’s B.A.P! I’ve grown into a complete BABY( offfical fan name 4 B.A.P, aw…no F.A.P?) I just can’t help but vote for them, their style is different from the recent, aegyo and sexy K-pop groups out there, when the Mayans predicted the end of the world, they predicted B.A.P!!!!! :DDDDD

  34. I have to go with B.A.P, their song was just……….too awesome, not that I don’t like EXO, B.A.P was just more special, they stand out from the rest, and ever since they debuted, they have recieved lots of acclaims from people, B.A.P 4EVER~!!!

  35. Best Absolute Perfect….I love Mama but still, Warrior is the best :)

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