Mama! Just let me be your lover! Wait…no. That’s a different Mama. This Mama is totally different, and still pretty damned AWESOME!


So EXO-K has finally made their very very long awaited debut! *cougheventhoughweconsideredthemdebutedwithWhatIsLovecough* First off, we are really digging this song. It is seriously epic and the video matches it perfectly. Great production value and great dancing. We totally enjoyed this music video! Hopefully you all had the chance to catch our three teasers leading up to this week’s Music Monday and we want everyone to know that we made those teasers all in good fun to inject some humour into EXO-K. Even though we loved this song and video, we feel like EXO-K is being presented in a very serious light, and by serious I mean not goofy. We’ve got the million teasers, the “prologues” leading up to their “story”, the totally super serious 1:30 mythological introduction which introduces their backstory, the monk like chanting, the serious expressions in the music video, and even the lyrics are serious about unhappy and serious issues…WHY SO SERIOUUUUSSS!!!!

We all know that in reality EXO-K are really just humans acting the part of aliens or mythological beings, and, really, they’re just a group of talented guys chosen by a company to play the role the company wants. Now we fully acknowledge this “deeper reality” part of the kpop world and frankly, we don’t give a crap about it because we still think the kpop members themselves are extremely talented and should be acknowledged as such regardless of their company backing. However, no matter how serious the band’s image is, there is always room to be poked fun of and joked with, because at the end of the day, it’s much nicer to laugh and smile then fight with people about their differing opinions. Our goal for Kpop Music Monday has always been to make people laugh, and we like to sprinkle that laughter with a few opinions about marketing trends and production value. So hopefully you all had a good laugh at our teasers and also enjoy our review of EXO-K’s “MAMA”.

Now onto more serious business. How freaking cute was Spudgy in his little bear ear monk robes? WHOA. Our dog is so patient with us. Now a lot of people wanted to know why the cat Chicken who we are cat-sitting for did not have a teaser video, and that’s really easy to answer. Chicken is evil. If Chicken was larger, she would try to eat all of us. In fact, she has already tried. We fully believe that Chicken does not want to be a house cat and does not enjoy being with humans. She should be set free into the jungle where she can terrorize other animals. Simon has grown up with four cats, all of which we adopted, one which was found feral in the woods, and even that cat was able to be trained into be a loving animal that wants to be pet. We have never met a cat that doesn’t want to play with feathers, eat catnip, be pet when arching, or clean itself obsessively. A cat that doesn’t want to groom itself when in a lovely patch of sunlight is off to me. Scary.

Thanks to our friends who forget to tell us the important detail of their cat being evil. “Oh she’s called Chicken because she’s just shy”. What you meant to say was, “Oh she’s called Chicken because she’ll make you a coward who’s afraid of the little kitty cat hiding under your couch”. Thanks Brian and Whitney. Thanks.

OMG back to EXO-K! A couple of things we wanted to address that we couldn’t fit into the video! The cartoon at the beginning of the video was SO SO SO top notch and well done. Even though the English was difficult to follow, wow, the graphics were just, WOW. Also the special effects were incredible and not cheesy at all. That fire bird was amazing! Regarding the lyrics, we know that people are going to comment on this so we’ve got it say it now before they start flooding in. The word “MAMA” can have a few different meanings, and although we joked about it meaning mommy in our video, in reality it probably means more like Queen Mother. It’s not used normally in everyday Korean conversation, but I’ve heard it in several Korean historical dramas to address the Queen, and considering that EXO are mythological forces of nature, they’re probably talking to mother nature, or some kind of magical mother deity. But if I could choose, I’d prefer it to mean Seungri’s version, of MAMA as a hot mamacita. That would definitely shake up the meaning of the song:

Die, kill, fight, shout – this is it a war
Help us super hot woman, super hot sexy woman, super hot woman, super hot woman, turn back
Help us realize super hot woman sexy hot woman super good looking woman super hot woman, rolling back
Clash, hit, take sides, fight – this is not a game
Help us sexy hot woman super hot woman smexy hot woman foxy hot woman super hot woman, turn back

But I see the English “turn back” and “rolling back” still don’t work…ohh…

Well, enough blathering! If you’re a fan of the song as much as we are, you can pick up the EXO album on either YesAsia or iTunes. Or, if you’re in the mood for something more epic *awkwardcough* you can check out the music we made for the teasers for EXO, for free, here!

Woot! Lastly, it seems like this entire Music Monday was just a ball of bloopers. Here are this week’s bloopers, as well as the two EXO teasers and one Prologue we posted. Ooh! So…tease-ey!

KMM_Teaser_29_MARTINA (1) HD Full (English ver.)


KMM_Teaser_30_SIMON (1) HD Full (English ver.)


KMM_Prologue_1_Spudgy (1) HD Full (English ver.)


  1. Ok so hands down Luhan. The guy is telepathic and can control any of the the other members. “Hey Kai? Why dont you teleport yourself the the bottom of the ocean? AND DONT COME BACK!” (shrug) Just saying.

  2. I like Kai’s teleporation power. I mean, who needs to fly or drive then if you can teleport to certain places?! If I had that power, I could just teleport myself to Korea right now! lol, save the plane ticket money for EXO’s merchandises! >:D

  3. Tao has time control! Who wouldn’t want to pause an awesome moment, or fast forward a bad experience!

  4. I made my friend listen to the beginning of the song and they said they hear “Shoot the Animals”. KEKEKE

  5. @_@ when Simon suddenly sang his I lost my pants part our xmas tree suddenly turned on hahha

  6. OH MY GAAAAWWWWDDD exo is AMAZINGGGG!!! I just jizzed mah pjs…

  7. I juuuust found this @_@ Anyway, I see B.A.P. and EXO and such… but I can’t help but really really want a review on NU’EST >3<

  8. Rewatching Music Mondays, looking back (ignoring cleaning). I have to say I liked it when Kai(?) is tattooed and comes out at you. I do not like tattoos but for some reason Kai is just HOT!! I admit to being a weirdo.

  9. The thing is, musically wise: composition, rhythm, tempo, drops, notes. Tri-angle, Don’t Don and MAMA are NOT alike, nor do they have any sort of similarity between each other. What people need to learn is that the similar thing between the three songs is the GENRE. You cannot say the songs are similar simply because I don’t know, they use a guitar O.o Doesn’t mean the song are similar in anyway, but the genre. Whomever is saying they are trying “to replace” older groups must have a really weird logic, given that Suju is always going to be Suju and TVXQ is always going to be TVXQ. The only clear thing here is that, like everything in this earth, there is always ground for improvement, and SM is pushing not to replace those groups, but to make EXO better than them. Will they succeed? Who knows, it’s too early to tell, and frankly, I think Suju and TVXQ wants the best for EXO too. Those two groups have surpassed the avergare band life span, they made their name in korean music industry, they have huge success, so you bet EXO is not here to “replace” anyone, whatever they achieve, will be their own to keep, with the name EXO in front.

  10. Completely fooled by epic voice…
    Also I heard the mandarin version of MAMA first and the first person to sing had a really heavy accent so I was put off exo because of it. 
    Now I find that EXO-K is actually really good and EXO-M is alright if I can get past the bad chinese. 

  11. Hey guys, one of your many fans here. I find myself watching your videos for hours. I know I’m kinda so very extra late…but I just watched your KMM video for Exo-K’s Mama. However, I must disagree with Simon about the video introduction. I listened to it over and over …and over again and broke it down. It made my head spin trying to listen to it as one long sentence. The whole thing actually does make sense, give or take a word or two that I couldn’t figure out. 
    When the skies and the grounds were one, the Legends
    – through their 12 forces – nurtured the Tree of Life.  But I, the Red Force, created the evil which
    coveted the heart of Tree of Life and the heart slowly grew dry. __(To attend and embrace???)__ the heart of Tree of
    Life, the legends hereby divide the tree in half, and hide each side. Hence
    time is overturned and space turns askew.


    twelve forces divide into two, and create two suns that look alike.  Into two worlds that seem alike – the Legends
    travel apart. The Legends shall now see the same sky, but shall stand on
    different grounds. Shall stand on the same ground but shall see different
    skies. The day the grounds beget a single __(file??? referring to stars/planets/worlds
    before one sky, in two worlds that seem alike, the Legends will greet each


    The day the Red Force is purified, and the 12
    forces reunite into one perfect root…a new world shall open up.English nerd that I am lol I always enjoyed exercises like this in English class when I was in school.  Sorry for the long post.  I would  have voted for Exo-K’s video. Although I love BAP’s MV…I too can not ignore the “Drive-by Crotch Caress”. lol  

  12. Sorry but ,wow! really that english?! Just wow !
    Yo, I ‘ll do it for free!!

  13. YES!!! they should expend that money  in suju  .totally agree with you there Simon !!!

  14. I think some effects was very awkward in the video.
    For example, the member of EXO shot a strange light like “BOOM!”
    and mirror(?) was shone in 5:44.
    Also the guy’s hand was so bright and there was a ‘light’ in the hand,
    with the sounds like “Wieeee↗” in 3:51.

    ※Please ignore my awful grammar. I’m not good at grammar :)


    B.A.P is like totally hip-hop! you obviously cant compare hip-hop to whatever genre of music EXO does!like? seriously? 
    and also the immensely ridiculous point of EXO being Illuminati? OMIGOSH! GET A LIFE! what? i dont think people with that thought are too pious are they? and i bet you a million bucks they are even thirsty for that fame EXO’s got! SHIT MAN! why am i wasting my time arguing? JUST SHUT UP AND APPRECIATE THE FACT THAT ATLEAST THEY ARE DOING A PRETTY AMAZING JOB! 

  16. And I actually heard ‘motherless, fatherless’ in that weird chanting part xD

  17. Martina…I’m 17 and I also recognized a bit of LED Zeppelin’s Kashmir xD You’re not old, you just have hipster music taste :)
    My vote goes to BAP cuz…well…they were baddass…>< 

  18. MAMA here is meant as a god or a higher power …the lee soo man god of the sm world …exo is worshipping him !!!!

  19. MAMA here is meant as a god or a higher power …
    the lee soo man god of the sm world …exo is worshipping him !!!!
    exo is working for him 

  20. Super Junior, Heechul, Shindong !!!

  21. I’m really feeling the Harry P vibe in video, expecially Snape’s cameos :) Also, I really love the sceam-o part in the vid– it’s VERY old DBSK, with SHINee’s voices and Suju’s organization.  Says much about how SM uses their old bands, yes?

  22. I agree with most of the review, but I love Kai’s tattoo screamy thing! It was actually my one of my favourite parts of the song, but maybe it’s because I arrived to kpop with more of a rock background?

    I’ll vote for Exo, just because I love both bands debuts very much, and I think B.A.P will win anyway.

  23. wel l!!! both EXO and B.A.P are great but my Heart fell in love EXO…


  25. I VOTE EXO. BAP are amazing too. I just like EXO’s concept more, it’s so intriguing and fascinating.. I mean super powers? totally cool. You guys should also check out EXO-M’s version of this vid, they have more super powers in it like mind shifting, freezing time and flying! weeeeeee~ EXO FIGHTING! 

  26. I never listened to what was being said. I mean, how could a band geek NOT listen to that glorious oboe solo at the beginning?! Followed by a… really quiet trombone? The rest of that orchestrated piece was magnificent as well. I think they made it a bit too loud cause I really couldn’t concentrate on anything else.

    I find this a hard decision. As much as I like Mama, that tattoo and screamo thing with Kai is slightly traumatizing. Though that face he makes at the “mama… mama…. mama” part kind of… makes it better? (Oh man, you TOTALLY can’t tell who my bias is. XP) For BAP, I really liked the chorus. But maybe that’s about it?I’ll vote for EXO with MAMA. I really can’t pass by that oboe solo. I wish I could play it that well. :3


  28. I prefer EXO.

    EXO is damn cool! MAMA has many high notes and the lyrics almost don’t have any gaps for the singer to breath while singing it. And EXO sing it while dance a complicated routine also. And I just love their hard work, sweat, the emotion that the group given out after their performance. And their personality, they always make me smile.

    I don’t think that the prologue story is too much complicated to understand. And I don’t mind actually. I will simplify it :
    EXO is the heart of tree of life, EXO is also the legends. They’re one. But because some evil red forces, the tree of life is in danger and in order to save it, the heart is divided into two; EXO M & K. They travel apart so the red forces can’t find them. They travel in same sky-different grounds, that means: in Korea and China. Waiting for the day when the red forces purify, and all planets well be a single line like in the prologue vid. Thats why there’s eclipse in all of EXO teasers. 

    And then when that happened, they started to realize that they can
    connect with each other again. And Kai, he’s the messenger. He’s the one
    that tell everyone that they can
    be united again. And so there.. they unite in the gloomy dark room in the beginning of the video.
    A new world open up: uh… this one i don’t really know.. earth? maybe the era of EXO.
    But still, no matter what happened, just think it simple okay. because EXO planet is a fantasy world. The prolouge is all in fantasy mode. Everything can happened in fantasy mode.

    What important is, they are a great rookie. BAP is great too, but like all of the people who voted for BAP. I more captivated by MAMA than by Warrior.

    And the part where Kai screams, that’s for me is actually the plus point of these rookie group coz’ they can do what others cant. I understand that maybe the scream part don’t match the song or it is too scary, but it still cool… in my opinion. ^-^
    Well.., it shocked me.., but I finally accept it with the thoughts of thats actually their faces in EXO planet or such. I just love them!!! X^

  29. B.A.P of course, they got me loving them with a teaser! EXO’s trailers were just so boring! Their song is good, I just feel like B.A.P did better even though they didn’t use a lot of special effects

  30. B.A.P!! :DD Exo just had too many teasers which did the opposite of getting me hype… It got me bored :/ While B.A.P got me interested without trying as much :/ Like, I got HOOKED. xD

  31. I vote for B.A.P cause they didn’t debut with a crap load of teasers, 2 prologues, and a showcase… and still they did well and stood out form regular kpop groups :D

    but I still love EXO too :3

  32. lool I love your little “tree of life” in the back beside the laptop xD

  33. Honestly, at first I was going to vote for EXO, but now, after watching Ta Dah! It’s B.A.P! I’ve grown into a complete BABY( offfical fan name 4 B.A.P, aw…no F.A.P?) I just can’t help but vote for them, their style is different from the recent, aegyo and sexy K-pop groups out there, when the Mayans predicted the end of the world, they predicted B.A.P!!!!! :DDDDD

  34. I have to go with B.A.P, their song was just……….too awesome, not that I don’t like EXO, B.A.P was just more special, they stand out from the rest, and ever since they debuted, they have recieved lots of acclaims from people, B.A.P 4EVER~!!!

  35. Best Absolute Perfect….I love Mama but still, Warrior is the best :)

  36. I’m voting for EXO. For me, no vocals from other rookies this year can ever compare to Baekhyun. He’s so awesome, especially in hitting the high notes. 

  37. Epiiiiiiic, kinda Avatar-the-Last-Airbender-is-my-bitch epic video. And the song’s awesome. And GOD THEIR DANCING. IN TOTALWJAJFDKJSFS SYNC. 
    But.. no. 
    I’m still voting for BAP. Because rice is tasty and bunnies are puffy. And…heloooooł, Bang Yong Guk. End of the story.

  38. watched both groups live perf, EXO performed better, Warrior isnt that vocally demanding as MAMA, main vocalists in EXO, esp DO and Baekhyun are so impressive and amazing! damn! mama’s dance routine is freakin hard and complex! so my vote goes to EXO
    def, best rookie of the year!

  39. *raises hand sheepishly* I love the screamo part…. and the tribal tattoo… and the dance… and everything!

    Kai…. *drool*

  40. oh  sure i like both of them
    SM didn’t make such a kind of music for a longggggg time
    only i’ve heard was something like repeatedly chorus songs, it’s quite boring = =
    though MAMA music is little kind of awkward but the overall images still good

    anyway i prefer BAP
    they’re from a small company (i mean comparison to SM)
    but they made WARRIOR marvelous !!!

  41. B.A.P!!!!!!!!

    I think it may be because our expectations were high for EXO because they’re from SM, but as singers and dancers they didn’t WOW me a lot. We expected them to be amazing singers and great dancers, so when we got that…. I didn’t think it was that special. I was just like, “Okay, that’s cool. You can dance really well.” People, like me, are going to remember their debut not for their songs, but for their teasers, and that is something you can’t blame me for. 

    For B.A.P’s debut, they wowed us on their own, regardless of the company they were from. People kept saying, “Are they even rookies?” when they first came out. And although they have been compared to Big Bang on a few occasions, I don’t think most of us consider them a mini-Big Bang. They have their own thing going on. Whereas for EXO, they seem like a mash-up of all the other SM boy bands that have been extremely hyped up. 

    Just my opinion. As a non-biased fan of EXO (seriously, I didn’t even know which one was Kai until Simon and Martina pointed it out), I feel like their debut wasn’t on par with B.A.P. 

  42. B.A.P!

  43. My vote goes to EXO ^____^
    Though I also really like “Warrior” (and they are really good dancers, too Ö), I kind of missed a climax in their song. ( Well, there is the dance break, but I didn’t get all hyped and stuff XD)
    And well… I just really love Baekhyun’s and D.O’s voices *____* It’s also such a shame, that we don’t get to see more of their dance in MAMA!

  44. this song is kind of like DBSK, TRAX & Boa’s Tri-Angle, Check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GM8wZRaHXTg ooor maybe it’s just me lol

  45. I vote for B.A.P because I feel that they are less robotic. I like my songs with more passion and emotion I guess.

    Not to speak bad of the new debutants/prologuists/aliens but their lip-syncing and bland interviews did not impress me at all. I guess being the new trump card of SM kinda sucked a bit of their souls :(

    B.A.P though is showing me extra dimentions to their character and I have to say Bang Yongguk’s prior experience is really handy in making B.A.P seem more than rookies.

  46. the MV makes better sense if you watch Exo-M’s Mama MV..

  47. My vote definitely goes towards B.A.P. Their debut was not only impressive, but unique. While EXO is like a ‘beefed’ up version of SM’s previous boy bands, B.A.P really came onto the scene as their own. I also like the masculinity the boys showed in the video for ‘Warrior’. Their whole concept & style of music is refreshing.

  48. BAP definitely got my vote. Their song is fierce and their dance are way more  acrobatic! The way they just stop and drop to the floor on one leg was very very impressive.

     Exo-K, it was interesting at first but then i just got sick with SM over-hyping and their douchey way of promoting their first single (oopss…sorry…. PROLOGUE…whatever). The dance were…ok…not great…the whole crotch rolling thing threw me off a little. It’s not like i’m prude or anything is just there’s nothing going on there if you know what i mean. The dangers of doing the crotch dance…your mind started to wonder…

    I was floored when Martina reaction of “Wow! Korean Mike Tyson”…my reaction exactly.

  49. hahaha… seems like simon and martina have been cursing a lot lately…. hahah… but i find it cute!! hehehehehhe

  50. BAP! exo’s terrible english makes me cringe every single time i listen to it XD

  51. This is my review of ‘MAMA’ the album, and the significance of EXO’s debut for SM Ent. – http://mithunonthe.net/2012/04/10/exo-k-mama-mini-album-review-korean-pop/

  52. If I wanted to listen to Kashmir, I’d listen to…………*wait for it*……….. Kashmir.

    A.sian       All the way.

  53. WARRIOR! Huh! (bends arms to show off muscles)

  54. EXO-K was truly awesome……video wise..but seriously..when it came to the english…EPIC FAIL!!! couldn’t understand a word of it and it just made the lyrics fell a bit flat on its face..=.=|||

    Sorry SME, u made the mistake…shame on u for spending all those money on EXO and not SJ and den failing miserably on English..come on…at least have dignity to make it perfect! I haven’t even gotten to the point of SME having robbed SJ of it’s video making budget..anywhoz…on that point, imma go for BAP…their english was understandable and come on…who DOESN’T think that Bang Yong Gook sounds and looks hot (u shud shoot urself)..=P~

  55. Impossible video challenge is impossible D: But I gotta go with B.A.P. Sure, there was more to EXO’s video, but B.A.P’s really made more sense, as far as wording goes. 

  56. I just kind of noticed something. I think the reason SM doesn’t use proper English is because they spend all their budget catering to their Chinese audience. Super Junior M, Exo-M maybe they’re focusing more of their attention on the Chinese market and focus way less on the English speaking audience. We also must not forget the Japanese version of songs…Korean version? Check. Japanese version? Check. Chinese version? Check. English version? Naahhh. I think Simon and Martina have explained the use of English in K-Pop perfectly. English is “cool” in Korea, so it doesn’t matter if it’s perfect and maybe SM is hoping that English speakers think it’s cool just having some English in K-Pop even if it’s not perfect. Personally, even if the English is bad I still think it’s cool to have it in there. I can sing along even if it’s gibberish and the Engrish turns out to be way funner anyway. I just wish they would act like they care at least a little bit more about their English audience like they do to their other Asian audiences. I don’t want to sound too picky though. American pop music is popular everywhere in the world, especially Asia, and we never cater to that audience because we focus more on our own, which is what SM and other companies do and I can accept that. I’ll just learn Korean : p

  57. I luv this vid but i have to say BAP i think their video makes more sense and the english is a bit better.

    I luv in the first trailer where martina goes mama… just let me be your lover. I started laughing so hard.

    I can’t wait to see what this group has in the future.

  58. B.A.P.!!!!!! No one can beat their awesomeness!!!!

  59. I liked B.A.P.’s debut single more than exos. i liked exo’s song too, but kai’s face paint stuff scared me a bit..

  60. B.A.P!! I seriously loved the dance and the song :D If they continued with songs like Warrior I would be one of their biggest fans (maybe the biggest fan from Austria :P)  :DD

    I really didn’t like MAMA. At first when I saw the beginning, I thought there was a wrong link or something xD the dance may be cool and stuff, but B.A.P totally wins this round ^^

  61. B.londes A.re P.retty… all the way.
    I love Warrior, and the dance? Wah, I have never seen a Korean video with crumping and stepping in it too. Love at first sight.

    I do like EXO’s video too, but was really put off by Kai’s face makeup… EXO FROM exo planet with all their names… they even turned Kai into an advertisement? Really?? The annoying, non-removable ad at the bottom isn’t enough? If SM is going to put ads in each of EXO’s mvs… I will stop watching their videos. Seriously.. SM is doing a disservice to the talented boys by ruining great videos… in the grab for more money.

  62. So, my comment may be overlooked, but I just want to add something. I watched the EXO-M version for the first time this morning, and I realized all the scenes of the members towards the end are all connected! The butterfly, the mirror, those water/air/glass/whatever bubbles, etc, they’re just ways for the members of the “two worlds” to connect with each other! I never would have known had I not watched the Chinese version! (ah, damn. I thought I was the only insightful one, someone below me posted about this connecting thing already). Anyhoo, I guess I’m a little blown away by the thoughtfulness of the mv directors. props to them!

    And for my vote, I say… EXO. BAP’s Warrior was great, but I think the whole “plot” of MAMA gives it that special certain something.

  63. B.A.P. gets my vote, because they lived up to my expectations, I like EXO`s MAMA, but it sounds like recycled version of SuJu`s Superman. And B.A.P has Daehyun, the guy with the sweetest voice I have heard since Daesung and Kyuhyun, while EXO guys sound really OK, but nothing exceptional.

    • Oh, you have to listen to the Mandarin version too!  Chen’s voice is GORGEOUS!

      • I have, actually, and they do sound a lot better than EXO-K, but still, it`s B.A.P. for me.

        • Eleanor Kirk

          Well, to be honest, me too. I quite happily pick B.A.P. over EXO for a lot of things, but there are a lot of people who only listen to EXO-K and neglect EXO-M, which I think is rather sad.

        • Wow, i never thought you’ll replay to this. But you are right. Over the time, I got very fond of Exo-M (I even consider Chen and Lay as my adoptive kids (delusional), and XiuHan is my second OTP of all time), but people somehow fail to acknowledge them, and I really don’t know why. My friends and I prefer Exo-M’s versions of almost all songs, and for me, that means a lot, since Mandarin isn’t very appealing to my ears.

        • Eleanor Kirk

          Yeah, it took me a while. >.< Sorry.

          Almost all my friends are the same too, and most of them aren't into K-pop at all. One of them said it was because she could hear Exo-M pouring their souls into the songs, whereas Exo-K are technically very good but don't quite have Exo-M's spark.

          I actually picked up a couple of Mandarin words/grammar things from the song. *snorts* Really wasn't expecting that, but hey.

  64. Bunnies Are Puffy – Warrior definately gets my vote!!

  65. My vote goes to B.A.P

    The teaser (the one for MAMA) looked like the MV would have an epic story, but all we got were random scenes put together.

    Also debut showcase wise…EXO didn’t sing live and the haven’t so far.
    However, B.A.P although they had hard choreo, managed to blow us away with live singing.

    I still love EXO, their marketing is genius, and they are wonderful-looking, but they are lacking substance. 

  66. Warrior by B.A.P  is the better debut song. I mean every time I think of Warrior I just have to listen to it, Mama is a cool song but I feel that What is Love is on par with warrior and had a  better chance at competing.  Either way both Exo-K and B.A.P have  bright futures if they keep producing such epic MVs. Gooooo K-pop (^_^)

  67. vaxanne

    Wam! Bam! B! A! P! 

    Exo-K debut? They finally did? Oh, don’t kid me, it’s another teaser right? 

    Love their accessories though 


    and well, I love EXO-K’s MAMA, and EXO-M’s too, the two videos goes well together, because there you can understand better the thing about the different skies, but in the same ground, and the different ground but same sky xDanywayfor the question, I looooooooved BAP, their debut was so so strong, their song, their voices, the dance, they are really a great group.but, EXO-K, wow, just wow, they are really talented, they have really amazing voices, the song actually is epic, and I love it too much, plus the MV was amazing, and in this case, I don’t care about the teasers, that is just how(really confusingly) SM decided to work, and I can’t blame EXO for that, I am judging for what I think about their debut(and here I am ignoring the oh-so-smooth “what is love”, and the very cool “history” and focusing on  MAMA only) and well, I really think their debut was strongerand well, I guess it is pretty normal to compare new groups to old groups. All my non kpop fans friends think that ALL the kpop songs I play sound like backstreet boys XD, so yeah, but for me, it does remind me a little of TVXQ, but just because they have powerful voicesoh, and T.T poor my SHUPE MAN, suju, I love them(I am ELF ♥) but yeah, SM does not invest very much in them, and the last videos have been really, um, bleh!

  69. Exo, but I love and respect to BAP as well!


  71. EXO! I know how people keep saying b.a.p. came out of nowhere and that’s getting on my nerves because that’s not true…Bang spent a long time doing solo activities. Then with zelo. Himchan was also an MC. We knew they were coming out too way beforehand(sorry its just little details annoy me). Plus MAMA is different from any music I have been listening to,not just in korean,but in spanish,english.

  72. My vote is definitely for B.A.P..  I mean, as much as I was BLOWN AWAY by this song (and before this song, I really didn’t like EXO at all) I just can’t help but think that B.A.P.’s song is simply better.  And Kai’s random screamo thing….er…yeah, B.A.P. gets my vote. 

  73. voting for B.A.P’s Warrior. since i’m still so in love with the song.

  74. I would honestly say that I prefer BAP before Exo in terms of debut. Exo made me tired with all of the promos/ not quite a real song but ima release a video for it songs. I grew bored and got to familiar where as BAP just jumped out of nowhere. I kinda think I appreciate BAP’s style more too. both have really good dancing ,but EXO just seems like something I’ve already seen way to often in korean music I guess I appreciate the cockyness and roughness of BAP like they arent afraid to get dirty where as exo looks like they’d cry if they dirtied their outfits guess thats just the american in me but  kai ,sweetie,………………., that was an epic nono I laughed for at least 20mins trying to figure out what the hell was happening i thought youtube snuck an ad in the middle of the video for a new scary movie or something sigh oh well just my 2cents ;)o

  75. Delia M. Alarcon Molina

    My vote goes to definitively to B.A.P aka Bunnies Are Puffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Hi, Simon and Martha, maybe you should have mentioned that SM is introducing two groups, EXO-M and EXO-K simultaneously for Chinese and Korean market. SM is gambling a fortune with this twin idea. The awful Engrish and Genie ad are mostly  for Chinese’ consumption, I imagine…THey don’t care what the Engrish says as long as it sounds great….

  77. yay! i was going mad trying to figure out what the narrator was saying ["something something seem alike...blah...seem alike"..."the legends will grit each other?!!"] kinda good to know its just goobledegook meant to sound seemingly badass.
    anywhosit, i thought the video was neat; the effects, the styling, the dances. i especially like the main stage where they are dancing by the light emitting pillars; since there are two worlds, the fact that it kind of looks like a reflective world on the ceiling is cool. & by the end i was whoa, cool! but after watching again, i feel like towards the end of the video, after they were done showing off their powers & were attempting to tie the story back into the whole two worlds bit, fail. it got confusing, good twin, evil twin? are there twelve of them? or six? maybe i just need to know more exo backstory, but i think that’s excessive for something such as a music video….just saying.
    all that being said, b.a.p all the way! their debut didn’t have a bullshit narrator, why? because they didn’t need one as a filler. the actual music to mama is slightly memorable, but mostly due to the fact that it sounds like kashmir T_T seriously, but the lyrics are forgettable. whereas warrior has more oomph behind it. the video for warrior was crisp & full of passion & gets you pumped & makes you want to listen. i love how at 0:38 (at the grunt, >.>) they change from the jumpsuits to the leather getups & the fact that it looks instant is one of those nice, subtle surprises; you’d never take them for a debuting group. precision, step dancing, sexy raspy voice, bass & whistles, WIN! WIN! WIN!

    btw, love the videobomber in your bloopers. i had many a family photo RUINED last fall while visiting my parents, people straight up slowed down while passing in front of us posing for a group shot. -___-

  78. BAP-  WARRIOR!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Have you seen the Chinese one? Which comes with lyrics at the bottom?  The chant truly describes SM… mindless, careless, shoot anonymous…

  80. I vote for B.A.P.’s Warrior. Exo-K had a good video but Warrior definitely got my heart beating faster and gave me shivers. Exo-K didn’t really give me the same awesome feeling like B.A.P. did.

  81. I personally preferred EXO. While B.A.P showed a strong, powerful, catch performance, the tune is something that is quite easily forgettable for me after the hype. It’s sort of like the Hunger Games and how sucky Suzanne Collin’s writes her deaths which are easily forgettable. MAMA was…different for me, I haven’t seen alot of songs that were REALLY like that and seeing as I have a thing for powers, my votes go for EXO. Not only that, when it comes to ‘alien’ concepts, I think EXO displays Alien better than B.A.P do, who instead, I feel, oozes the air of swag and strength, but not Alien.

  82. I don’t especially like Warrior or Mama, because they’re not really my style of music, although Warrior’s grown on me a little and Mama might eventually, but I do like Warrior more overall, and I was more impressed with B.A.P’s debut, for a few reasons. Firstly, they had a lot less hype, so they didn’t have any expectations to meet, whereas I felt pretty let down by Mama, which I like a lot less that What Is Love and History. The video is impressive, and undoubtedly one that SM has put a lot of work in, possibly the most work ever, but the song and concept is almost too overwhelming and it really turns me off from the song, although I liked Tri-Angle, because that wasn’t overpowering.

    Also, I can’t completely understand everyone’s obsession with their dancing because while they were all good, they weren’t particularly synchronized like the best dance groups out there and they lacked the emotion to make the un-synchronization feel right (I’m thinking of U-Kiss’ Neverland here).

    Also with the emotion thing, B.A.P undeniably showed a lot more of it, whereas Exo was presented as a machine, and there’s nothing wrong with this, since this is how SM presents most of it’s groups, and I love all of them, but in those cases, I actually really like the song or the concept or I’ve had time to learn to love the group (I might end up an Exo-tic, who knows?)

    My opinion may be off, because I never like rookie groups. And I know all the groups I love were once rookies, but I never really appreciate a group when they first come out, instead I wait and see if they stand the test of time, and after their second or third comeback, if I like it, then I start to get into a group.

    Anyway, sorry if I offended anybody, but it’s like 3am and I can’t sleep so I’m on the site hoping for a TL;DR. Also, I feel stupid but when I saw stuff about Exo’s Mama coming out, I thought it meant that Exo would be debuting at the MAMA awards (even though I realize this makes no sense). Was I the only person who thought this?

  83. I think B.A.P has the best debut song EVER!
    I mean warrior is just… the rap sequence… the dance… Zelo… is just… I-I Just… *faints. 

  84. I vote for B.A.P’s WARRIOR cause they know how to get down get down get get get get down :D

  85. Is it just me, but does EXO’s debut make anyone think of H.O.T’s Outside Castle? Only bigger budget?

  86. I vote for B.A.P. after 2 months their song’s still playing in my ears. I watched EXO Mama MV and was like “what the…what’s this about????” plus, i know SM is a big company but they overdid all these promotion things for EXO, which is…kind of…lame!

  87. EPIC Debut – Exo ’cause it is really original (prologues, 23 teasers and finally a video with superhuma powers and a freaking amazing intro hehehe) That’s a first in Kpop history lol

  88. I listened to that intro at least 5 times and the narrator’s accent totally threw me off.. The accent and everything made it sound like it was making sense but I felt like I had lost my grasp on English. -__- Whereas usually the English lyrics don’t make sense but at least you know what they’re trying to say… But this song and video  is so awesome, my boyfriend who doesn’t care for kpop actually liked the song and the dance although he did make it clear he was uncomfortable watching 12 guys dance like that…

  89. B.A.P ftw for me! i agree with other B.A.P voter- they did so well with what they had, and there wasn’t a need for a bajillion freakin’ teasers and other heavy handed promotions. 

    and because i still can’t get over the really, really, REALLY bad english prologue! (or really good engrish ;P)it puzzles me that someone with really good english pronunciation can’t for the life of me at least hint that what they were reading was astonishingly confusing! 

  90. I’ll vote B.A.P.

    Anyway I’ve figured out why they have been promoting the crap out of Kai. He looks like the only one actually comfortable in front of the camera and on stage. The rest of the group looks rather nervous actually…

    Kai as Deatheater? Nahh…his smoke changes color depending on the color of what he’s wearing.

  91. Warrior was a lot more epic and a lot less confusing….. though because exo mama was so ridiculous that made it more epicly confusing…. nonetheless I go with BAP’s Warrior!


  93. Sans the horrible Engrish, I really liked the song and video a lot. But the music in the beginning sounds a lot like Henry’s violin solo in Don’t Don. That’s honestly the only thing I could focus on for a few seconds.

  94. BAP! The ads from SM made me so angry I refused to even watch EXO because I was sick of them before I even listened. I accidentely came across this song and clicked on it for what-the-heck and I like it, but it doesn’t compare. My MOM who doesn’t like k-pop or rapping heard Warrior and loved it XDDDD After the video she said, “Wow. their dancing was BEASTY (err something along those lines)!!!” I mean if you TRULY compare the debuts, warrior seemed like something you’d see later on, MAMA is something you can expect……….do you get what I mean?

  95. this song TOTALLY reminded me of Super Junior’s Don’t Don, especially with the style kinda rock theme with random screamo break 

  96. it so much like   DBSK’s “Tri-Angle” but i think there gods

  97. Im currently spazzing over EXO..specially M but if we talk about epic debut.. Id totally say B.A.P. They were dropped like a bomb and their company didnt really much gave out a sneak preview of the boys and to think that Never give Up was totally different to Warrior amazed me.
    Hearing Never Give Up made me think like.. “WAIT WHAT?” but when they released Warrior.. It got me hook in one listening and was totally blown away by the LTE rap by Zelo..thinking he’s just 16 years old.

    B.A.P had the fresh feeling when they debuted. Gave out an almost flawless debut stage. It was pretty intense and totally shown how much hard work they’ve been preparing.

    Also, BAP’s debut album wow-ed me.. It was the FIRST ever CD I listened in over a month without skipping any songs.They showed that they are not just giving out intense and heavy song like Warrior but also can deliver something different which is Secret Love.

    So my vote goes to B.A.P for epic alien debut :DDD

  98. My vote definitely goes to BAP. Their debut was powerful and it was really unique. It really set them apart from other groups. :)

  99. For the best debut… I would definitely pick B.A.P over EXO (same argument for the best new rookies/singer award) I love all the rookies but for me B.A.P stood out the most, especially a group coming from a smaller entertainment compared to the bigger ones like SM and CUBE. B.A.P also shows each of the members individuality and professionalism as a rookie group instead of being reminded of bigger established groups. (It’s not like I intentionally compared them, just absent-mindedly reminded of them) Although they are all still rookies B.A.P was able to give an insight or a good first impression on EACH of their own individual personalities through their performances in a small amount of time. It was the first and still the only group to actually~ BLOW MY MIND AWAY. They truly set the bar high. All of the rookies like NU’EST, BtoB, and EXO had a great debut and I love the songs but it did not make me change my mind. I’m not obsessed I love ALL groups. So, don;t get upset, and go all ‘fan-atic’ on me~ this is just a critic point of view. I tried not to be bias at all (since their all rookies) because I LOVE most of todays kpop groups – like BEAST, Big Bang, TVXQ, SHINee, Girls Generation and MANY MANY others. Simon, Martina, Spudgey, this is my first time commenting and i just wanna say I love your videos and always update on them. You should do a WHO SHOULD WIN THE NEW ROOKIE AWARD video towards the end of the year, it’d be Kewl~
    B.A.P FTW~

  100. Please excuse my manners, but – B.A.P vs EXO debut fight, SHIIIIIIT, WHY >.<  I totally love both. I mean, I got so positively and immediately surprised by the high quality by B.A.P that I kinda… put long predebut of Exo aside… and even though I think Mama is right now on the top of k-pop epicness I've ever experienced (and I remember Tri-Angle), I vote for B.A.P. Which is quite meaningful, because since Mama was released, I'm totally monotematic.

    I don't know, I think I would vote for B.A.P, because their awesome debut was strong and completely unpredictable, whereas I was sure EXO is going to prepare something astonishing.

    "sorry kai bai po" for the win.
    (I have NO idea how to write the name of the game down properly- "what's the name of the game b.a.p …" oh sorry)

  101. I appreciate that Simon read the video intro in a normal voice. As I was watching the video, I was thinking that it made absolutely no sense to me. But I attributed this to my short attention span. Good to know that even if I had paid closer attention, it still wouldn’t have made sense. This comforts me somehow. 

    I really like that song History. Is that the same band? I don’t get it. If so, how is THAT not their debut? I shouldn’t be confused by a k-pop boy band. It’s not that deep. *loses interest and goes to chase butterflies* Maybe the guy in the chair had lost interest, too! In his own band! hahaha!

  102. I absolutely love MAMA so my vote goes for EXO

  103. I will vote for EXO for their epic debut.
    I gives me a Harry Potter feel.

  104. B.A.P
    When I saw their MV it was like a punch in the face slammed me against the wall pure awesomeness.
    I really like EXO, but it took me a while to get into them. This video IS awesome and I totally love the song but it didn’t really….hmm~ idk how to say this… With B.A.P I hadn’t seen any teasers or anything(just saw the video because of you guys)so I was completely surprised and really excited, but with EXO it was more..expected and didn’t really give me the same smack in the face that B.A.P did. I guess that’s because I saw all those teasers and “prologues” so they kinda got me used to the group so when MAMA came out it was like “Cool” but with B.A.P it was like “*SMACK*PUNCH*SLAP* WTF JUST HAPPENED??? THAT WAS FRIGGIN AWESOME!!! XD”
     Did that make sense? ._.

  105. My vote goes to B.A.P for an assortment  of reasons but a major one is all of the over hype for Exo. I found that all of the teasers and the prologue single’s sort of made Mama seem less epic than it would have been if Exo just exploded onto the scene instead. I do give SM a pat on the back for trying to be hardcore with the “screamo” sequence but most of the time I end up thinking to myself that it’s adorable that these boys are trying to look hardcore. Sometimes it just doesn’t fit… I’m not saying that I don’t like Mama or Exo, I’m simply saying that the ride up to Exo’s debut became less epic due to the variety of factors that were involved.

    As for B.A.P I found that a lot was done in the very core aspects of any kpop song that made as epic as it was. Warrior was a very different and refreshing song compared to most kpop songs, Mama was refreshing too but I felt more refreshed when B.A.P exploded onto the scene. The fact that Warrior was more rap and sing-talking focused than most songs also set them apart. The whole concept of the puppet master was also very interesting and added to the scale of the song. The dance was always very visually interesting. And I also think that B.A.P did more with what they had at hand by which I mean they used the performers, the song, and the dance to make Warrior an epic debut single.

    I am fairly new to the kpop scene, only having been a fan for a little over a couple of years so I can’t compare either song to the older kpop groups or songs. But we are comparing two new groups in kpop as they are.

  106. somewhereoverthatrainbow

    BAP all the way! 
    I started the Mama video expecting to laugh my ass off, but it was actually pretty good (after the OPENING, jesus christ that man’s voice still makes me shudder..). the chanting was pretty damn cool, even though i had no idea what they were saying LOL. anonimous, anonimous! anyway, i don’t think i can ever really get into exo cause they seem even more like a product than other groups. and i don’t know them, but as of now, they don’t look like they give a real shit about what kind of music they make. tbh, i mean, how could 12 people (too many people x_x) really cooperate?
    but as for as debuts go, BAP just exploded out of nowhere, man. they probably didn’t have half the budget exo had, but their charisma and style were amazing. i was like, woah, kpop can come up with this?
    so, bap ftw! i’m dying, waiting for their comeback…

  107. BAP. They were all at once and kinda smack in my face and POW! But EXO… I <3 them and their comeback but all the teasers… dampened the excitement for me.

  108. I vote for B.A.P. because it was something unique, something unexpected.

  109. BAP ftw~ <3 

  110. “Mama” isn’t bad. I enjoyed it, but I adore my blonde bunnies. Warrior is one of my favorite songs and I like the video better. I vote B.A.P.

    does anyone know if the subtitles for the dramatic horrible English make sense? Did they write it in Korean and then translate it badly? It’s like they used babelfish…

  111. I love B.A.P, but my vote goes to EXO

  112. I vote with B.A.P . I can’t get out of my head Zelo’s rap part.

  113. enamored of* not by… :(
    NUUUUUUU don’t lose your english!!!!!!!

  114. B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P both utterly epic but still… B.A.P were slicker ;) 

  115. TS Baby…Warriorrr. I vote for B.A.P love Zelo and Himchan

  116. I think this may be the funniest Music Monday you guys have done EVER. I think I peed in my pants laughing. Thanks guys. I loved the song and some of the video, the intro nearly ruined it for me. But I have to say that the most un-hyped yet brilliant debut this year is BAP!!

  117. Voting for B.A.P All the way. They are manly, the song is awesome and the dance is just so powerful and amazing. Plus, Exo bored me to death with their never-ending teasers and made me lose all interest in them. Their song is good, but B.A.P gets to have you keep warrior in the head all day long.

  118. I vote for B.A.P, cause their songs were (in my opinion) more entertaining and catchy and more like SWAG and hip hop beat in it, that’s what I simply love. (Now all fangirls will kill me :DD) but I even think, that B.A.P is more good looking (to me) :DDD …so for me, it’s Best.Absolute.Perfect

  119. Martina looks very pretty and her (bron) jacket is superdupermegaextremely awesome! Anyways, I agree and love the song very muh!:)

  120. I vote for B.A.P. I think both debuts were epic and I got quickly obsessed with both groubs, but I think bap’s debut was so strong and suprising that have to give my vote to them.

  121. well,i vote for EXO.I love their songs and MV.MAMA all the way ** i like Bap just for those 2 rappers,and in WARRIOR  i liked just their parts :D but i totally  LOVE  EXO’s MAMA,even that scream part-i think it’s a  cherry on the cake ** that dance was AWESOMe too…and hard. so all the way for EXO.

  122. Drive by crotch caress. Nice. haha

  123. Ok, did anybody know that the fire bird was ( i think) a phenox? They are fire birds right? ANd they never die…… Oh. Bye the way, Simon and Martina, I saw the actual video where u met 닠쿤 and runningman. Like, where u went on set and tasted food they made? Also, I think 송중기 was there too. I found it on Baykoreans.net. This is the link for it. I saw you guys, Jennifer, Joe, and Rob I think. It was very fun.


  124. we see Luhan in his room, and suddenly Kai appears.
    they look
    into each other as if Kai was telling Luhan something and then Kai
    leaves, most probably is to tell Luhan to call all the members to
    Kai, who now acts as a messenger, teleports to D.O. to tell him.
    D.O. shakes the earth, sending impulses that is felt by Chen.
    who is most probably somewhere in the dessert nearby, also felt the
    earthquake and nods silently which we assume he is nodding to Kai.
    Sehun then sends a butterfly that is received by Tao.
    now Kai arrives in a room with a circular window which we know Baekhyun and Suho are.
    after being told to gather, both called their friends of the other world in their own way.
    Suho called Xiu Min by throwing water at the mirror and water drops from the ceiling which is felt by Xiu Min.
    Baekhyun shines light into the mirror which is seen by Lay.
    meanwhile, Kai reaches the rooftop where Kris is.
    but somehow at the same time, Chanyeol sends a flaming Pheonix feather to Kris.
    Kris unleashes his dragon and Chanyeol unleash his Pheonix in response to each other.
    we then see Luhan staring into his magical globe, watching all the members slowly gathering together.
    gathering then take place at ther hideout which they have to wear the
    black coat and chant for some ceremony as seen in the beginning.

  125. omg simon I knew the begging made no sense i was like wht this make no sense… u simon just cleared it up for me thank you… :D

  126. I do agree ^^ We want a better Super Junior’s MV!!

  127. eh? sorry but anyone know why didn’t this Music Monday have Sub as other vids? TT.TT

  128. To me, EXO-M and EXO-K are the finished product of what SM has been trying to build for a long time, through DBSK, the TRAX and Super Junior. They have the Chinese unit and the Korean unit like Super Junior, also their number is the same as the initial SuJu. Then there’s the epicness of their dancing and singing, which reminds me of DBSK. The “rock” touch seems to be something that SM really likes, and corresponds to the TRAX touch in EXO. I don’t think we’re seeing a boy group debut at SM anytime soon.

  129. I like more B.A.P debut~ Because they’re debut stage was awesome and Exo-K was normal. Really like this video, especially with engrish part xD Omg, it’s funny.

  130. B.A.P, of course!


  131. Exo!

  132. WARRIOR HOO! (that’s my vote :D)
    Love you guise!! :3

  133. It has to go to BAP! they were so intense and they have a fantastic personality. 

  134. Voting for Exo!

  135. As much as im loving exo so far…gonna have to go with B.A.P with the better debut. A+ for WARRIOR <3

  136. Oh, and in the prologue or whatever it is… the thing about the red eye or whatever it is — I can’t help but think of the Eye of Sauron (major LotR nerd). Really. And now I can’t stop laughing… *chokes on Belgian chocolate egg*.

  137. I have to say that, after all the Latin chanting and whatnot, the song began to sound kinda like Keep Your Head Down (TVXQ)….anyone else think so? Or maybe just the old school SM.
    Either way B.A.P’s Warrior is SO TOTALLY BETTER THAN THIS SONG!!!!! So B.A.P all the way XD

  138. My vote is for B.A.P 

  139. I knew it, the English sounded so weird in the beginning.
    And now we know where Changmin and Yunho is from as well, with their fire and light powers :P

  140. So do you guys now officially have a cat or what? Or is that your friend’s cat that you were cat-sitting?

  141. Even though I’ve just gained another absolute favourite K-pop song (thank you, Simon and Martina! :D), my vote still goes to B.A.P.  Thing is, while the video was undeniably awesome and I’m sure as heck going to download this song, things like this have been done before (everybody’s talking about Tri-Angle… LOVE that song).  Yeah, things like Warrior have been done before as well, but… well, when B.A.P. debuted, they all felt really individual (yeah, even with the blond hair), and you can see that from the Warrior dance in a way you can’t really from the MAMA one (I don’t think they really had solo dances or anything… right?).  In any case, seeing the other “singles” etc. that Exo have released, I don’t count this as a debut song.  And comparing Warrior to the first song that Exo released (which I don’t really remember, because it didn’t strike a chord with me), B.A.P. completely rocked Exo’s socks.

    And the other thing… everything about this song… I already like that kind of stuff (although I agree with Martina — the screaming heavy metal bit didn’t really fit).  Until I heard Warrior, I hated rap.  Like, hated with a passion.  I could just about tolerate it in K-pop and J-pop.  I wouldn’t say I love it now, but Warrior is the first song that’s actually made me enjoy it.
    And the English… wow.  I mean, Warrior was pretty much English perfect.  MAMA… just no.  I might still be a teenager, but I TEACH English.  C’mon, SMent.  Make the effort.  There are lots of anglophone fans out there.

    Also (and this has nothing to do with the videos), B.A.P. debuted live, without lip-synching. Exo were lip-synching in their debut. I know it’s normal for SM artists to do that (SHINee and DBSK debuted lip-synching as well), and there’s nothing wrong with it, and I’m sure they’ll be performing completely live soon (plus I know it’s really hard to do), but it makes B.A.P.’s debut stage look just a little better. So, for me, B.A.P. had the better debut. Still, I love this song. The choreography is spectacular.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to more of Exo.  And I’m looking forward to B.A.P.’s comeback :D  It’ll be an epic birthday present for me.

  142. Oh Simon I’m so happy to know I’m not the only one who didn’t understood the intro part. And just for the record the “latin” part of the song is actually English (if you watch the video of Exo-M you’ll see it in the subtitles). I know you guys liked the song and the dance, and I respect that everyone has a different taste, yet even if I can’t argue about the music, I can about the dance. Exo’s dance lack big time in power, and I feel the choreographer was a little lazy here. And as an old dancer I can say that yes they are in synchro and harmony together as you said but that’s the least you can ask from a dance crew, if not well :s .So because of that I invite you to watch SJ debut video Knock out , try to forget the fashion and music and concentrate on the dance and you’ll see what I’m talking about, even SNSD debut dance was also extremely powerful. Shinee debut dance was smoother compared to the other 2 but the steps and movement are hard to execute, yet I don’t see exo’s dance in that level, so I guess at the end I’m a little disappointed with their dance.
    Now about the question well BAP all the way and here is why: Exo comes from SM and we expected a lot from them yet I am disappointed in the end cause the music and dance are not of my taste (and imo they have a better song in their mini album). BAP was the surprise, no one expected them to be that good. Music and dance are powerful and stimulating, plus it is a slap in the face of big companies and that’s huge. In the end it’s K-pop, so dance and music are what matters the most, so you can have a flashy music video but if the song is not good, well you won’t go to far. At the end of the day what I will do is listen music in my ipod, no mv or dance will be included, and it that case “warrior” will be on my playlist.

  143. I vote for B.A.P! Their debut was awesome and much more memorable! @@

  144. i vote  EXO!!!

  145. Voting for B.A.P!  Yes Sir!

  146. I vote for EXO too. I like Warrior, but I love MAMA !

  147. I”LL VOTE FOR EXO!!!! i’ve never been soo much into kpop group since TVXQ & I just LOVE everything about EXO!

  148. I vote for B.A.P . Period :P

  149. BAP!!!! They has such an awesome debut. EXO….I just got tired of them and when MAMA was finally released, I was like “who cares?” Lol. 

  150. As much as I love BAP, sorry, but EXO is definetly the rookie of the year!

  151. Martina – “sorry Rock, Scissors, Paper”? haha

  152. EXO!

    BAP was too fierce for me…

  153. boys absolute quality FTW!!!!! =D

  154. I vote BAP! As much I like EXO I still would have to go with BAP due to their complete bamf-ness.

  155. Thanks for the explanation. I was really confused about the whole meaning of this video :P
    As for EXO vs BAP….. erg erg WHY U MAKE ME CHOOSE :’(

    BAP was awesome.. mind-blowing awesome and powerful.. it was love at first site for me.
    HOWEVER… I really did dislike the part where they would stop talking and start foot stomping… listen to it on my iPod got really boring

    EXO was phenomenal.. both the MV and the song. I’ve listened to MAMA way more than I’ve listened to Warrior. Therefore..

    EXO is the winner for me. 

  156.  I vote for EXO

  157. Wow…this is really hard to choose. I like both bands a lot and i like both their debuts, but I think B.A.P’s debut was better by a bit. Just A BIT. I mean, when I was watching EXO’s ‘MAMA’ it was going all smooth and great until Kai was tattooed with EXO K’s names and stuff and he was screaming/yelling to the camera and well…it kinda scared me. :s But I still support you EXO! FIGHTING! ^.^

  158. BAP BAP BAP!!!!
    I vote for BAP sorry EXO
    but i EXO….. (^_^)
    Anyway i vote for B.A.P cause their dance are powerful and i love their song

  159. bothhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! bap and exok

  160. Vote for EXO. For me EXO’s debut pawns B.A.P in dancing, MV, song, etc. So EXO is a more epic debut than their

  161. 1. You are not old (If  so, I am old too, because I totally thought about “Come With Me” by Puff Daddy too… Expect that I forgot about Led Zeppelin having the original:P) (the song reminds me about Tri-Angle by DBSK too…)

    2. I vote for B.A.P. Why? Because their debut wasn’t confusing. And that I have a feeling that a lot of people will vote for EXO. BUT I do hope B.A.P will win!

    BTW, do you listen to the Mandarin version too (at least once?)

  162. 1: BAP!

    2: The video makes sense if you watch both EXO K and EXO M’s versions of the video/song. the whole two suns deal etc. What I like about those were the endings, where both videos mirror each other. That was pretty cute, tying in the whole parallel universe concept SME is using with basically EXO’s entire marketing theme.
    3: Agreeing with all the Tri-Angle references in the comments (Cassie4LYFE! haha) if exo keep with this style it would be awesome but..we know thats not gonna happen.4: BAP BAP BAP BAP BAP BAP BAP BAP! not because I’m hungry or anything. I just think exo is trying too hard. BAP just seemed to have a more cohesive debut.  

  163. I have to pick B.A.P sorry EXO
    but i liked B.A.P’s song and video better

  164. Voting for B.A.P. for sure!! :)  Warrior has been my ringtone since their debut!

    Also, it was a real honest debut. EXO with their million teasers had me yawning after the third one, and I stopped caring after the sixth. Once their “prologue” came out and was said that it wasn’t their official debut, I stopped paying attention until this mv came out. Sure, it’s cool, but doesn’t really live up to the hype I was expecting from 20-something pvs and months and months of waiting… B.A.P. just went for it! I love that! And every live show they had has been amazing so far!

  165. Definitely B.A.P. Their debut was just so powerfull!! I really like EXO, and love the ‘MAMA’ mv, but for me it really didn’t grab me as much as B.A.P’s ‘Warrior’….which was like a punch of awesome in the face!! To be honest I think it’s because I classed EXO as having debuted already. Because of the prologue songs/mvs we had an idea of what to expect, whereas with B.A.P’s debut everything was new. 

  166. So. Many. Skits. o.O


    Hope you guys really enjoyed making this Music Monday, because it looks like it took a lot of effort, not to mention the teasers and prologue lol. And I loved it!! Absolutely fantastic!!! Thanks so much guise :)

  167. 03:00 – Martina is terrifying.
    06:15 – Tornado ROFL


  168. VOCAL= EXO D.O’s Baekhyun’s and Suho’s vocal is awesome!
    CHOREOGRAPHY = EXO , but I love B.A.P’s puppet dance too!

    So my vote is for EXO!

  169. Awh, man, this is tough.

    EXO-K’s vid was definitely epic, and I LOVE that Latin chat thing, the song is really epic that I got some goosebumps. The dance : AMAZING. However, that Genie thing is annoying, and the English in the beginning was…. *coughTheMostTerribleEnglishIhaveEverHeardcough*

    B.A.P’s vid was also pretty epic. Their dance was so strong and masculine, the song has been stuck in my head for WEEKS (and I don’t even like them) and they exerted so much confidence that by the end, I was shivering. Literally shivering. Plus there was no terrible English or random ads about Smartphone music apps.

    I think in the end, I vote B.A.P. Though EXO-K’s pretty agressive, I think B.A.P had more confidence, and generally I think that song is just awesome.
    So yeah, B.A.P. *runs to vote on Facebook poll*

  170. my vote is for B.A.P. their debut blew my mind. till this day i still pump whenever i hear warrior. they deserve to win rookie of the year.

    side note: u guys made me like the mv more.^^

  171. EXO!!! B.A.P’s Warrior is awesome,it has great powerful dance and very impressive parts. But I think MAMA is more suitable for the epic word!

  172. I totally vote for BAP.
    i looooooooove the song and video.
    exo doesnt really work for me. I didnt freak out with exo like i did with BAP..so yeah..

    Also i agree with the suju money thing..
    I thought thought of that too ^^

  173. the song sounds like DBSK’s Tri-angle, dangerous mind, O, SuJu’s Dont don, even H.O.T I-yah.. well they were Yoo Young Jin’s work..the song writer and producer.. no doubt it sounds alike to those songs.. but surely it is an epic song.. i really love this MAMA..

    btw, i vote for BAP.
    i prefer their debut anyway..
    Bunnies Are Puffy.. 

  174. BAP! and between the two EXOs i like EXO-M better

  175. I like the song too. 
    But when do I listen to this? 
    Sure it will be on my Ipod… but imagine listening to this song on the bus going to school at 7 am. O.o  **Latin Chant**

  176. While I am a diehard SMTowner and will probably fall victim to EXO one day, I must vote for B.A.P because they are one of my favorite groups ever.


  178. wow, there’s alot of BAP voter. For me it’s absolutely EXO. Love both version. I usually pretty skeptic bout rookies, but with EXO, monthly waiting is totally paid off. I keep replaying the MV, showcase etc over and over again. (And btw I don’t like SM)

  179. I vote for EXO~~ Even though Triangle is still my all-time-favorite….. !@#$@%#%@KL2012:disqus #… Missing the old TVXQ so much….

    I just dont get the epic for B.A.P… Maybe SMP is still the best for me:)

  180. Bless the voice actor who read the beginning of the video. If I was given that script, I would have quit the job right then and there.

  181. B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P B.A.P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  182. I like EXO, but Warrior stole my heart…
    So I vote B.A.P!

  183. B.A.P aaaaall the way. They don’t buy music, they make it. ;D 

  184. I haven’t seen anyone commented on this, but doesn’t this remind you anything of “Avatar: The Last Airbender”? 0-O Seriously, from the 1-min “NatGeo” voice narration to the super powers to the “monk” robes, they all resemble traces from Avatar (cartoon series from Nickelodeon).

    • Actually, yes it did! xD
      I wanted to comment on that,but got a bit scared that I will offend someone, but seeing I’m not the only one…
      It totally is like Avatar: The Last Airbender!

  185. i like BAP’s debut more^^

  186. EXO! They literally made me lost my mind with their debut lol.

  187. I vote for EXO
    I like B.A.P but I love EXO
    so definitely EXO

  188. Can you guys do Shinhwa Venus?

  189. B.A.P All the way BABYs!!! XD

  190. In my opinion B.A.P had a better debut. EXOs debut felt more like a 3rd comeback… lol

  191. irritablevowel

    I thought the entire Mama intro sounded like hitrecord’s video Morgan M. Morganson’s Date with Destiny.  

  192. thisisjustforfunval

    b.a.p. had a much more spectacular debut! They came in like the wind and demand everyone’s attention without the need of massive advertising or massive production.  :D Plus, Bang Yong Guk.

  193. My vote goes for B.A.P.
    I feel like they did more with less.

    EXO’s song is pretty cool, and their dancing is tight, and the video has a lot of bells and whistles, but that’s because they’re with SM. I feel like B.A.P showed me their personality and power with nothing but themselves. They didn’t need all of the special effects to prove that they’re a force to be reckoned with. Besides, “Warrior” is one of those songs that sticks with you from the first listen, and the dancing in that video was so physically difficult. I have to give those blonde boys props for winning me over. I’d like to see where EXO goes in the future, but I’m getting really sick of SM’s marketing gimmicks.

    While I have to agree with others and say that EXO’s song reminds me of old-school TVXQ, SM has been trying to find a “new TVXQ” for a very long time now, and nothing will ever compare. SM is obsessed with these weird super groups full of gimmicks. Until they realize that TVXQ was loved for their hearts and their raw talent, none of these over-produced groups with dozens of members will rise to the success of those 5 humble guys.

    • YES!!! Preach!!

    •  Well:

      When DSBK debuted the media said their were the SHINWA 2.0, because SM wanted to counteract the their loss of Shinhwa when they left the company, many Shinhwa’s fans were angry with them (DSBK).

      When Shinee debuted the media compared them with DSBK just because they had 5 members.

      And just in case….MAMA  comes from the same composer of Tri – Anlge, Dont – Don and many other SM`s song that they don’t have love`s cliches.

      P.D: And when Shinhwa debuted the media call them the new HOT because their debut song ‘Eusha Eusha’ reminded to much to Hot’s debut sog ‘Candy’ and many White Angels (Hot’s fans) were engry with them.

      P.D 2: Its too much to ask..please…STOP COMPARING!!!!!!!!!! and LISTEN KPOP HOW GOD WANTS.

      P.D 3: Someone else miss the Buffalo too T,_______,T

      P.D 4: Sorry for my Engrish.

  194. Im voting for B.A,.P Warrior 

  195. B.A.P all the wayy!!

  196. Definitely EXO with the bigger Debut

  197. It’s been a while since I’ve laughed this hard while watching one of your videos. I am so glad that you found this as awesome but funny as I did. Love the song but really, even with all the teasers… I have NO idea who anyone is…and I watched them all. *laughs* I had an easier time learning (most of) Super Junior. I agree, though, that SM was dumping all resources into this band for the past while. I want to know what was written in Kai’s contract for him to get as much screen time as he does…because he’s like the creepy lurker. You find him in all of your pictures but you don’t even remember him being there.

  198. B.A.P. all the way!… How can you call this song a debut when they’ve already realeased two full MV’s? You’re not fooling me SM… The epic thing about EXO is the epic amount of money, time and effort they needed to get more or less the same results that B.A.P.’s got with a lot less members, money, teasers, serious-ness, cgi, prologues, petals, butterflies, unicorns, dragons, scremos, kai, etc… you name it…

  199. Honestly, I say BAP because they were a SMACK IN THE FACE rookies group that didn’t have a shitload of teasers to make me lose interest.

    • Thank the friggin gods for this post! I clicked on the first three teasers of EXO and completely dropped interest as the, like, 30th one came out. I mean, teasers actually exist to TEASE…

  200. I think that exo’s mama has more going for it

  201. B.A.P :D

  202. umm. i prefered spudgy’s debut :]

  203. Its all about EXO’S debut..

  204. Bunnies Are Puffy ALL THE WAY!

    EXO debut was superb, no doubt in that but it reminds me of DBSK’s Tri-Angle too much so it lacks a little bit of KPOP (yes KPOP, emphasize on that) originality in it.

    Meanwhile for B.A.P’s, I have not seen anything like that before in KPOP hence the impact it had on me was seriously huge. I haven’t been this impress since … I can’t remember. DBSK’s? That was a good years ago. Anyway, they really stood out from the normal kpop group that debuts lately, and it enthralled me like no other. No kidding.


  205. Voting B.A.P because I felt more of a connection to the group members, and the exo plotline confused me. I really want them to build on this plot line though, because I think the powers are pretty sweet. And I kinda want them to dance on a tree.


    haha BAP FTW!

  207. Simon as the butterfly guy really makes me think of snape.
    Now the question is BAP OR EXO… …. ….
    hm… too hard. I’ll vote for kitties!

  208. My vote is for BAP (Bunnies are Puffy FTW). Honestly, not a huge fan of either groups (yet), but Bap’s warrior was more interesting to me. Yes, Exo had awesome singing, dancing, and video, but somewhere between the 17th and 18th teaser, I lost complete interest in the group itself. Plus, with that many teasers behind it, I already expected Exo to be epic, and they kind of fall short of my expectations. Is that fair to the group since it’s SMe’s fault with their (imo) failed marketing? Probably not, but it’s hard to change the mind once it’s made up.

    Bap on the other hand came out of nowhere and amazed me with “Warrior”. I am honestly looking forward to their next single to see if they continue this trend. 

  209. Seeing your teasers lined up before Kpop music monday made me laugh! Spudgy looked like a soft snugly little puppy. Absolutely darling! Exo for the showdown. Epic. It’s so sad to compare Super Junior’s and Exo’s videos.

  210. I never get tired of B.A.P Warrior. I’ve watched their MV like a hundred..thousand..maybe million times. :D

  211. both groups are great, but i chose exo.

  212. omg I was hoping i wasnt the only one who had to replay the english part and still couldnt figure out what he was saying! I thought – this is a british dude, its gotta be correct, im just missing something – but yea lol

  213. B.A.P!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D(lol biased)

  214. billybobbobbillybillybobbobbil

    My vote goes to B.A.P  ^^

  215. I really like both B.A.P and Exo and their respective debut songs, but after rewatching both music videos, I have to say that MAMA fits the word EPIC more. All the special effects and the darker serious tone of the song were truly epic, so I vote Exo.

  216. BAP all the way. But EXO is fine, well at least my five biases… lololol

  217. Fire Eagle… Fire Eagle? Martina, I think the word you were looking for is Phoenix.

  218. sorry but BAP definitely did it for me. While I get what SM was trying to do here and i suffered some major sensory overload. Also the chanting lyrics are terrible.  EXO definitely has the more epic video but I, for me, that didn’t make it the better video.

  219. waiiiiit… this was a debut…?

  220. When the skies and the grounds were one, the legends, through their twelve forces, nurtured the tree of life.

    An eye of red force created evil, which coveted the heart of tree of life and the heart slowly grew dry.

    (To attend?) and embrace the heart of tree of life, the legends hereby divide the tree in half and hide each side.

    Hence, time’s/times overturned and space turns askew.

    The twelve forces divide into two and create two suns that look alike into two worlds that seem alike. The legends travel apart.

    The legends shall now see the same sky but shall stand on different grounds; shall stand on the same ground but shall see different skies.

    The day the grounds beget a single file before one sky in two worlds that seem alike, the legends will greet each other.

    The day the red forces purify and the twelve forces reunite into one perfect root, a new world shall open up.

    當天與地是一體的時候, 傳說用12個力量照顧生命之樹. 紅色氣息之眼製造了邪惡, 貪圖生命之樹的心臟. 生命之樹的心臟漸漸枯萎. 傳說將生命之樹的心臟緊緊抱住看護. 生命之樹被分成兩個藏了起來. 時間倒轉. 空間錯位.12個力量分成兩半, 製造了兩個極度相似的太陽. 在兩個極度相似的世界, 傳說分別運轉著. 這些傳說雖然看著同一片天卻踩著不同的土地; 雖然踩著同一片土地卻看著不同的天空. 在同一片天空下土地誕生出一列的那一天, 在極其相似的兩個世界裡傳說們互致問候. 完全淨化了紅色的氣息, 12個力量完美成為同根生的一體的那天去開闢新的世界.

    *Clearly they spent no budget on a Chinese translator too…

  221. My vote is definitely for EXO. Seriously, this whole thing just screams epic. Plus, in terms of vocals and dance, EXO beat out B.A.P by A LOT (actually, EXO pretty much beat out a lot of rookies in those two department.) And I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it, compared to Warrior, which I had to listen to like a few more times before it found itself on my iPod playlist. 

  222. Definitely EXO! The teasers were amazing, the songs were amazing,  the dancing was amazing. The video for MAMA is just pure epic — it’s so beautifully made, and a far cry from SM’s usual “dance in a room” style. Also, I hated B.A.P’s Warrior, so…

  223. EXO! I love BAP, but I love more all these super powers stuff, the MV is sooooo good, plus the song its awesome! 

  224. Definitely B.A.P. I dunno why, but I’m just not feeling it with EXO. I feel like they’re missing something…. Plus, B.A.P was so unexpectedly good. I was expecting a so-so group but wow, was I surprised. Unlike EXO which was made out to be this super amazing boy band to end all boy bands but debuts with this….

    Oh, they also didn’t lip sync their live performances *cough cough*

  225. B.A.P. They just seem like more legit rookies. It’s hard not to be famous when you come from SM. Also, I much prefer an out of place R&B high note to a out of place screamo rap. 

  226. I totally vote for B.A.P!! i was honestly kinda disappointed with EXO’s debut cuz the bad english combined with the out of no where screaming really threw me off; loved the rest of the song though. Not to mention that BAP presented the whole alien concept first since EXO dragged their debut out so freaking long. If EXO had debuted with “What is Love” then I would have hands down voted for them. But since they didnt, BAP GETS MY VOTE <3

  227. B.A.P had the better debut by far. EXO had way to much hype and the song isnt as awesome either.

  228. hoho, I tought I wasn’t understanding the opening because english is not my fisrt language and I needed to pratice more my listening 0/ feel much better now, thaks guys :D

  229.  WARRIOR’S BACK! BAP all the way! Not only was Warrior’s debut epically epic, to me they actually SUCCEEDED in being epic. EXO with all the “hype”, in my opinion, this drawn-out process detracted from their impact considerably. Mama totally fell flat for me. But BAP hit the ground running and took off. THAT was a wow-ing debut. c:

  230. my vote is for BAP they are totally awesome!!! , even though their company did not spent the same amount of money SM did with exo.

  231. B.A.P definitely had the more epic debut! It was so epic that BYG got burned by the fire which was all real, not cgi in their mv! Also I thought it was cool that they’re all blonde. And they also have that epic step sequence! It’s common to see difficult choreography in Kpop mvs, but how often do you see stepping? Furthermore, BYG wrote warrior, and the English (to me anyways) made more sense than Exo’s. 

    And to top it off, Exo had all of this hype building up for their debut, so it was kind of expected of them to do something epic and over the top, whereas B.A.P had some exposure pre-debut, like BYG’s “I remember,” and Bang and Zelo’s “Never Give Up,” but not much, so it was epically mind blowing for the way they debuted (also because they come from a much smaller company, there debut expectations probably weren’t set as high)!

  232. I vote for Exo, the song is pure epicness! *refrains from saying other things in order to not be cursed* I mean..I have exams coming, being cursed by angry fangirls is not the best thing…

  233. Vote for Exo They deserve it ;]

  234. Hmmm. Although EXO has had about a million teasers and already three songs, I’ve gotta vote for BAP.
    They came from absolutely NOWHERE and totally blew me away. I’ve been loyal to them since their debut earlier this year, and even though I am also a big EXO fan I’m gonna have to vote for the talent of BAP.
    I mean. Zelo is like 15 and can speak that TOTALLY JUMBLED UP LANGUAGE.

  235. I vote for B.A.P.
    First of,they didn’t have to make such a big effort to get the same result as EXO *cough* just one teaser and no prolog or what ever songs *cough* And, as far as it comes to my kpop loving friends, they got interested in EXO just because it’s SME.
    Secondly, I think the promoting of members was better for them in a way. Yeah, they might have made them all blond, but if you really think about it it makes more sense then making everyone different. Let me explain. Whit B.A.P. you see 6 guys with blond hair and you have a reason to learn more about them, so you will be able to ‘see’ your bias in the blur of blond. Whit other bands it’s like “Oh, I like the one with red hair!” and after they change their hairstyle you are like “Now, which was the one with red hair?”.
    Thirdly, the song is better in my opinion. I’m usually not a big fan of songs with much rap in them (Except for Big Bang) so i was surprised that I was all over it from the first time hearing it. Whit EXO I can’t say the same, because as Martina already said, the song is just too similar to Kashmir. Which in fact didn’t surprise me, because I’m used to such stuff when it comes to SME. Plus, the long a** introduction kinda killed my mood for watching the video, but I’m proud of myself for actually listening to the story before the song actually started.
    And lastly, the most important reason… BUNNIES! I mean, who else can pull off a bunny theme and still be manly? EXO had a butterfly, but I’ve seen one in SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong and if Mr. Wrohoho has had his finger in it probably in some other bunch of M/V without me knowing.
    So yeah, this is my vote and my super long explanation behind it.
     ❤  Bunnies~

  236. B.A.P for me!!

  237. I prefer EXO’s debut to BAP’s!

  238. I was so busy with other things and watched the MV only now! Can’t believe they are so good!!! The song is perfect, the CG in the MV is just AMAZING(nerd here) and the orchestration is just jaw dropping amazing! If they didn’t introduce that hard rock part in the song it’d have been an all-kill song. I see how that part matches with the song’s concept, but….it’s just not for me lol, I can see how many fans will love it. Apart from that everything is perfect! For all the 6:13 minutes I saw in awe and couldn’t believe what I was hearing and seeing is real, they really worked hard for this and all the waiting is totally paid for now.

  239. b.a.p forever and always……..how could u even compare, i mean yea exo was epic, but that doesnt even count as a debut

  240. ahh warrior!!! <3 WARRIOR 

  241. B.A.P definitely!
    Their style of music is different than most. Exo is good too, but I didn’t have a spazz moment like B.A.P.

  242. Think “wumble” could be “were “one but” legends”????

  243. Pallavi Sambasivan

    Could you guys add the Exo-M video in your blog post as well as playlist? I know they’re not singing in Korean, but I think they’re kinda part of kpop as well so yeah…Also it would be awesome if from now on you could comment on Exo-M’s video’s too…

  244. exo- I fangirled over them even before their official debut music video was released… just because of their teasers. VOCALS are great as far as the mv shows, DANCING is amazing, and even RAPPING isn’t bad, judging by two moons. BAP, on the other hand, I liked them a lot too but I feel like they’re more of a rap-focused group, which doesn’t interest me as much. 
    Also, I ADORE lots of the songs in Exo’s album <3
    Thus, my vote goes to EXO :D

  245. As Much As I love Exo’s Debute song and them as a group as a whole, My Vote goes for B.A.P Warrior because the dance alone looks tiring as hell and to this day I atill love the song and video. (To Be Honesty I Equally Love Both B.A.P and Exo). Fighting!!!

  246. B.A.P! ^^ 

  247. B.A.P. :D
    -and it’s not because i’m totally biased by Zelo-

  248. i LOVED EXO’s MAMA, but  B.A.P got me more hyped up :) So I’m going to vote for them, idk I felt all excited when I saw B.A.P’s debut…it was like WARRRIOOORR. I mean how much more epic can you get :P 

  249. I didn’t know Snape (playing with the butterflies) was one of the EXO :O
    I feel glad that people like this song… I mean, if you listen to songs like Ameno (or others from Era and this kind of music), people will just look at you like “O_o you’re very weird”, but listening to this people actually like :P (I mean, I hope people realize it’s similar)
    I really liked MAMA 8D I feel tired too with this electronized – or however I can call it – songs hahaha

  250. Oh and as much as I love EXO (all of them), I have to vote for BAP!!!!

  251. EXO. B.A.P was okay, but personally, I just can’t get use to the main rapper’s voice. It just sounds too forced…(BAP fans; don’t kill me).

  252. My Vote Is EXO <3  I Think Both Are Great Groups But EXO Won Me Over :)

  253. My vote goes to B.A.P’s Warrior..that video IS INTENSE!


    Makes no difference, BUT I HAD TO DO IT!!


  255. Guys, the narration is in REAL English, don’t listen to Simon.  This is what the narration is saying:
    “When the skies and the grounds were one the legends, through their twelve forces, nurtured the tree of life. An eye of red force created the evil which coveted the heart of the tree of life and the heart slowly grew dry. To attempt to keep alive the heart of the tree of life the legends herby divided the tree in half and hide each side, hence time overturned and space turns obscure. (askew) The twelve forces divide into two and create two suns that look alike, into two worlds that seem alike. The legends travel apart. The legends shall now see the same sky but will stand on different grounds. They shall stand on the same ground but shall see different skies. The day that the grounds beget a single cloud to form one sky in two worlds that seem alike, the legends will greet each other.The day the red forces purify and the twelve forces reunite into one perfect root… a new world shall open up.”  
    It is an honest to goodness story that makes sense!  Wow!

  256. Oh wow! After listening to Mama again then listening to Kashmir and doing a comparison, Martina I am totally with you with the similarities between the two. It is like spot on. How the heck did I miss that?! >__<

  257. Bap.ni vote for BAP

  258. question…
    how are BAP aliens? I thought they were created in a lab, wouldn’t that make them mutans?


  260. Am I the only person that actually thought the scream wasn’t out of place?  Gregorian chanting in a ritual type setting leading to KAI’s POSSESSION BY WARRIOR SPIRIT!!!…Anybody? Anybody get this feeling from it?…or maybe I just watch to many mythic fantasy movies. Anywho, While i’m definitely becoming an EXOtic, I think B.A.P. had a better and overall kick-ass debut.

  261. EXO all the way!
    1# Kai o.o Wut tha Fk SO RANDOM XD
    2# The intro….I didn’t understand at all
    3# The engrish in the song O: wut is dis a spell chant?

  262. exo
    p.s who do you prefer exo-k or exo-m, like for visuals and singing and dancing and stuff


  264. Voted for Exo because of the best song and the meaning of the song is inspiring!..  Exo has the best vocals !

    BAP just doesn’t seem to have it, al I hear in warrior is rapping which i think it lacks alot of true vocal voice, they shout alot!! Unlike exo they have a real vocal voice not only one but 3, where in Bap i heard they only have one lead vocal,,,JS.. The blonde part was just over the top because I think that’s the reason why they got famous.. Not to many details but I think EXO is very in to the music and the song itself is very inspiring!! 

    About the BAP,, it was just my opinion,, I’m free with my own opinion.. But I do like Zelo..

  265. B.A.P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDD 
    zelo oppa ill buy as many cherry tomatoes and lemons that u want~~~keke :P

  266. B.A.P!! Bunnies are puffy XD!

    LOL jk but B.A.P (in my opinion) has a more valid story of their “alieness” than Exo :P
    Also Exo MAMA was really confusing … disturbing o.O

  267. For sure going with EXO  on this! I admit that BAP had an awesome video; I mean I seriously love that one guy with blonde hair….oh wait they all had blonde hair lol but I just think EXO’s debut MV was EPIC! It was far different from anything I’ve seen in k-pop and so creative! Despite the fact that some people see the whole super power thing as being cheesy, it actually was well thought out if you read up on why each member had a different element to appear with in the MV. And as for the tree of life, it was a really creative way to basically that the group is one despite being separated into two. But if you even just look at the MV alone, the dancing was fabulous and the Gregorian chanting embellished everything that was already there! EXO has been working so hard for their debut and it really shows!

  268. Definitely B.A.P for me ^^

  269. Haugro

    Although I really like EXO my vote goes to B.A.P!

    They’re both really talented groups, but what I love about B.A.P is that they made such an awesome impression that blew me away – they were not even from the big 3′s. TS Entertainment is still in its infant stage compared to power house SM in a lot of ways, and more importantly financially.

    Also, I really like the fact that they have a lot artistic freedom compared to many groups (no names here), and they themselves had a lot to say in the concept; songwriting, choreography, clothes.

    But that said though, I prefer EXO-M’s version over EXO-K’s. And no, it has nothing to with Lu Han and Tao being my biases. *lie* 

  270. my vote’s for exo-k , -m or whatever… even though it took me a while to understand sm’s whole let’s split the group up exo concept. the song’s awesome and the mv’s pretty cool. but imho the exo-m versions kinda cooler ;)
    bap’s waaaaarrior is kinda catchy and i really liked the moves in the mv. but the whole video reminded me too much of a flashdancy mad max mash-up.

    btw martina’s introduction’s hilaaaarious :D

  271. i know what you mean about the narration at the beginning. i couldn’t pay attention to that story, i kept zoning out cuz it didn’t make sense.

  272. This blog post just made my day. And all of the videos too. Ahhhah! I love the lyrics to the song if it meant mama like hot mamacita. Genius.

  273. B.A.P all the way!!!

  274. U guys so awesome hehehe Hard work guys ^^ Love u <3

  275. Love both bands but I have to say I like B.A.P’s first single over EXO’s “first” single. 

  276. The heavy guitars and Kai screaming at the camera bit and the whole thing with the monk capes just brought me to my nostalgic years of being a total TRAX fanatic – look at the MV for Paradox, then look at MAMA, then back at Paradox……………. Loving it, though, loving every second of it.
    You guys rock!

  277. My vote goes to BAP :) even though I like EXO they didn’t make me turn into an immediate fan girl and spaz out like BAP…WARRIOR!

  278. EXO over BAP. MAMA was amazing. Totally different. 

  279. I just rewatched B.A.P.’s Warrior video — and re-confirmed for myself.

    YUP. They got it. Their superpowers are killer Rap, fierce dance that can stomp cracks in concrete and unified bad-assery. B.A.P. for the WIN. :)

  280. I though the EXO-M guys were more scarier tattooed! Kai looked almost like a maori warrior but the others were like undead army or at least Xiu Min was!

  281. “When the skies and the grounds were one. The legends…. blah blah blah”

    Could that be what is being said? :/

  282. SO HARD TO CHOOOOSEEEEEE…….hmmmmm sorry B.A.P…you and your sexy blondenessssss, so-very-sorry …..but EXO-K BAYYYYBAYYYYY!!!! OH YEAH MAAAAMMMMMAAAAA!!!!

  283. I vote for EXO, I mean seriosly, what else can you say about them besides sexy and fabulous?

  284. it’s surprising how many people likes metal n kpop at the same time . lool 

  285. B.A.P Easy… I have fallen in love with Exo, but Warrior had me addicted with the colors and aggression. I would never show a non-kpop loving friend the mama video… way too embarrassed. 

  286. BAP!

    Im so bored with EXO that i havent even bothered listening to Mama yet. Not sure i will either. I got bored somewhere around teaser 5 :/

  287. Imma go with B.A.P. – for their unified Swagger ~ they really burst out of the gate with talent and power —-► all in one GO.

    They did not rely on endless pre-hype, teasers &  prologues (wtf?) and MorganFreeman/Captain Picard Led Zepplin riff-rip-off . Both groups are products of corporate machinery…yet, one must admit that ANY group produced by SM is going to have $$$$ and media opportunities that smaller companies can’t do.

    So …pound for pound…based on the artists alone – I find B.A.P. to be more compelling.

  288. Once you understand more of the symbolism and watch the Chinese Version, you can see how everything connects together. This was definitely a concept that they thought about a lot.

    I think EXO had the better debut. I think their dancing and vocals are the best out of all the newly debuted rookies. You can tell they trained really hard. 

  289. Although both debuts were amazing and epic, I’d have to go with EXO for this one. They killed it!

  290. B.A.P Warrior. Sorry, but that was A. less confusing, whilst still full of symbolism. B. a real debut. Not, like, six singles in. Also, I prefer their style.

  291. I vote for EXO, I like MAMA better than Warrior. *hides from BAP stans*

  292. B.A.P was really good and explosive BUT….EXO was much better, their songs, MVs, dance moves, lyrics, live,… are PERFECT with no doubt. So my vote is for EXO……WE ARE ONE
    Go EXO

  293. Hahaha now you made me think of what would it mean if it was an acronym xD Maybe…Exposure to X-ray is the Origin xD  Maybe that would be a better explanation of the source of their superpowers hahaha

  294. as much as i pretty like exo


    B.A.P !!!!

    they had something really unique and so powerful and catchy and i just fell in love at the very first hearing/sight !
    They didn’t have to release a thousand of teasers or prologue singles. Just a simple teaser and a simple debut single and bam, they caught my heart.
    Plus, honestly, at first hearing, i wasn’t excited at all by exo. and their concept, i’m not sure about it. also the fact they’re separated in 2 units and all. it’s all so kinda complicated. i like them now but it actually really took me time. like, really.

    • Whats wrong releasing thousaND of teaser, Arent they having mobey for that? They could have just debuted without this also, I love EXO i hate so much rap of BAP, i like singing more than talking talking

      •  and why on earth are you replying to me this NOW ? wow… you really dig far ! it’s been a while i mean, it’s been more than a week ! (the show down between EXO and B.A.P is over. Plus, EXO won. *shrug*)
        Well. I’m sorry !!! this is my opinion !!! B.A.P released just one very powerful teaser and MV and they managed with just that to gain a lot of fans. (maybe not as much as EXO, no, but still enough to make a tight with EXO’s popularity on the web on here).
        That’s, my point of view. I honestly believe that if EXO have released just one or very few teasers and 1 official debuting MV i’d have been more interested and seduced by them naturally. What i mean is when they finally officially -debuted-, there were no any surprises and thrill since we’ve already seen a bunch of teasers (that i didn’t watch all cause too much is too much for me) and 2 MV. There were no more surprises !! I still liked the song and the MV, but there were no surprises or over-excitement or breath taken away like there were with B.A.P.
        And yeah EXO comes from SM and they have a lot of money. But it doesn’t mean the more money the use the better it will be, the more complicated they make it the better it will be. Sometimes we make the best things with nothing. (But anyway. And i’m not saying B.A.P did simple though. it’s simpl-er than EXO but well).
        A thousand of teasers is just plain annoying. sorry. my point of view. it’s like screaming to your face -look at me look at me look at me look at me i have money look at me look at me only look at meeeeee here another teaserrrrr weeeeeeh !!!!!! we’re exo exo exo exo exo your new fav group exooooo weeeeeh !!!… … Sometimes over promoting, it’s my opinion, kills the whole thing. I have nothing against the boys themselves. The boys are nice. It’s just their management/company and how they promoted them. It’s like brainwash. “YOU !! Will love EXO !!!”… and the worst part is that it works. Like i said, at first hearing and all i wasn’t attracted or interested at all by EXO, nor by the song, nor by the mv, nor by the boys… but they’ve been so many promotion and mv and people talking about them all over the web that… you just end up being used to them, that end up liking/loving them, although you didn’t at first.

        SO ! I have no idea why i feel the need to explain myself this to you ! and why you felt the need to randomly reply to some people just… now.
        Ok ! Allright ! You love EXO, you hate B.A.P. You prefer EXO’s debut. I love B.A.P. And i love EXO. Didn’t like the way they promoted and the craze and over-excitement there’ve been about them. And i love B.A.P’s debut better cause it actually really blew my mind. But that’s it.End, of the story.

  295. Kai Bai Bo…that will be stuck in my head forever! 

  296. Definitely EXO!!!!

  297. How can you make me choose between these two D:
    Horrid >..<

  298. B.A.P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  299. B.A.P

  300. B(lond). A(sian). P(eople). – Warrior!
    Also SM finds Google Translate much better than any English speaker.

  301. B.A.P all the way. I watched both versions of MAMA and it was just… Awkward. The whole face-tattoo-screamo was so random; I was sitting there thinking:”Why so rage-y?” (On the other hand, I wonder if they were trying to copy BIG BANG’s “Fantastic Baby”)

  302. My vote is for B.A.P

  303. Hmmm I really liked both groups, but it took me awhile to like Warrior where as I instantly liked Mama, so I’ll go with Exo.

  304. Hahaha, when I first watched the music video, I couldn’t understand a word of what was being said in the introduction part, but I thought it was because I’m not an english native speaker (even though I’m quite confident on my listening skills xD). Now I know the reason xD Ahh really, just a couple of mistakes would be alright, but that was too much lol
    And before a read the lyrics, I thought the chants were in latin O.o 
    But overall, I like their concept. Superhot korean guys with superpowers? Please, count me in xD 

    Btw, my vote goes to BAP. 

  305. my vote goes to exo-k b/c i loved everything in the music video and also b/c there hot lols .///. 

  306. exo all the way, bap was explosive but exo is killing it.

     i guess we’ll have to wait for their first nonlipsynched performance to tell but we already know theyve got the vocals. we just have to see if they can dance and sing and still keep everything so pristine (: 

    and the funniest thing is that they could have even gotten KRIS to edit the english since you know hes canadian and alll….. don’t even need to hire anyone LOL and yes i admit i didnt listen to what the guy said simply because he had an epic voice and i was just looking at the harrypotterdeathlyhallowsstorytelling-like graphics :D

  307. EXO duh. I haven’t fangirled this much since SHINee’s Lucifer which was totally awesome and had omona open a new thread just for comments because it was too epic at that time!


  309.  Sm really fooles me xD I wouldn’t have understood the intro without the animation. But since the animation was hella cool and the narrator had this epic nat-geo voice I understood the story and didn’t realize that it didn’t make sense.

    The screamo part surprised me but in a good way. I also like heavy metal (despite my baby face) so Kai’s face art(?) was one of my favorite parts of the mv.

    I heard so many good reviews about BAP, but it didn’t make me interested like… at all. I saw their debut stage with warrior and then never heard anything by them again. EXO in the other hand, had me interested since the very first teaser and before I knew it I was an EXOtic.

    So I vote for EXO.

  310. There can be only one vote…




    No, but seriously… Not that this song and MV was bad, but warrior is just head’s and tail ahead of it. Without a doubt.

  311. VOTE: B.A.P
    Even though EXO is really talented, I didn’t fangirlspazz the first time watching MAMA like I did with B.A.P’s WARRIOR. EXO was, oh cool powers :)… And B.A.P was OMFG THIS IS KPOP?!? @.@ So yea.

    B.A.P Fighting~!! :)

  312. Could anyone re-translate the tree of life prologue from the Korean subtitles? I’d like to understand better. Really, I do.

    Judging by the music alone, Warrior makes a stronger first impression, but MAMA had a really awesome storyline involving the the boys using their powers to communicate with each other, and their dance is more technical, so my votes goes to EXO.

    Hey! Kai’s Screamo was one of the best parts!

    • This is the tree of life prologue: 
      When the skies and the grounds were one the legends, through their twelve forces, nurtured the tree of life.An eye of red force created the evil which coveted the heart of the tree of life and the heart slowly grew dry.To attempt to keep alive the heart of the tree of life the legends herby divided the tree in half and hide each side, hence time overturned and space turns obscure. (askew)The twelve forces divide into two and create two suns that look alike, into two worlds that seem alike.The legends travel apart. The legends shall now see the same sky but will stand on different grounds. They shall stand on the same ground but shall see different skies.The day that the grounds beget a single cloud to form one sky in two worlds that seem alike, the legends will greet each other.The day the red forces purify and the twelve forces reunite into one perfect root… a new world shall open up. 

      • Thanks for trying, Weezy3685, but the confusing English voice over verbatim is not what I’m looking for.  I mean, “space turning obscure”? “eye of red force”? The two sentences about seeing sky while standing on grounds perfectly contradict each other. Since the grounds are different, how would the grounds beget (bring about?) one cloud? One single cloud equals an entire sky? @_@

        This is why it’d be nice if anyone could translate from the original Korean subtitles and clarify what SM meant to say! ^^? Any awesome bilinguals?

    • I looked at the Mandarin version and even the subtitles there didn’t make much sense. 

  313. omg guy si love you :D i’m so glad you liked EXO ^^ i personally totally agree with you,that they should spend more money on super junior :(

  314. B.A.P’s debut was very good but my vote goes to EXO. The whole concept is amazing. I also love the songs. Not only MAMA but most of the song from the mini album.

  315. I vote for EXO!
    (I would also like to point out that it isn’t an acronym.)

  316. EXO FTW!!!!
    honestly, call me crazy but the teasers and prologues and other crap never made me lose interest in EXO… yeah i know, crazy right? XD

  317. i vote for EXO!!! the song was amazing! as well as this video (i laughed so hard!)
    but i gotta say this, kai’s tattoed face really scared me ._. is like he appeared out of nowhere and screaming…  i almost fell off my chair >.>U
    anyway, greetings from Chile! 

  318. Hi, I love your blog i get so much laughs from them but i do have to ask. Why the part about Super Junior?  I mean  fair do’s i know you aren’t getting at super junior but more SM and their lack of money spending on the MV but still there was really a need to mention them in that way really. 

  319. EXO.

  320. as much as i LOVE EXO, i think B.A.P was a bit more powerful for some reason… like, more in your face and longer lasting impact. i also liked the song much more so B.A.P for me ^^ (soz my bias Baek Hyun, i still love u T.T)

  321. I know that you are not talking about korean bands’ other languages projects [wow, is it still in English? sorry :D ] but I have to say that EXO-M ver. of the mv was really more interesting!

    Mandarin mv was dimmed, devoid of colour, darker and all super powers of members were more impressive. one of boys even could fly! he also has flame wings, but his were dragon wings :)
    one could stop the time [and knew martial arts :p ]. other used telekinesis….

    also I love the moment when they started “seeing” each other through the same sky [living on different grounds :D ]

    btw, the song reminded me of DBSK “tri-angle” very strongly. the same half pop – half heavy metal feel.

    btw 2, why are all last songs by SMe artists so over-cried? they sing so loud! my ears hurt. it seems like they fight with eachother who sings louder. I prefer listening to Big Bang’s “blue” sung with whispers more.

  322. voting for EXO!!! ^.^

  323. Exo! omfg I was on tumblr when it was released and sh*t went CRAZY fnrjsikgrs. anyways. I’m a huge fan of Eat Your Kimchi ;; <3

  324. Have you guys ever taken acting lessons? The acting in this MM was BRILIANT!!! SuSad, ooops I meant SuHo (one with the water) was acted out perfectly!!! Martina did an amazing job acting as the director (I think) and teleportation dude.

    The only problem I found in the video was that I thought Martina was acting as Kai since he has the teleportation power, but I guess she wasn’t since she was asking if he knew that tattos were permanent… O_O?

    Also, why did you guys made SuHo a crybaby? Were you aware that his nickname was SuSad?

  325. The song’s awesome and I’m in love with the graphics, but I still love EXO-M’s version more. Their dancing isn’t as good as K’s but I prefer their overall sound. Kris did a MUCH better job than Kai in the scream part and had this awesome David Bowie thing going on (and he had a dragon A FLIPPIN’ DRAGON!) Tao’s rose petal scene was beautiful as well.

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention Lay’s badass unicorn. (3:26)

  326. 1. Did you guys watch “The Fountain” movie? It was the first thing I thought of when the tree of life appeard, really, I was almost expecting to see bald Hugh Jackman sitting under that tree ;]

    2. The butterfly guy reminded me of Park Bom.
    3. I loved the teasers and the prologue! Especially Martina’s teaser :D
    4. I’m voting for EXO. 

  327. should’ve mixed the two videos, cuz EXO-M still plays K-POP but in chinese, but i know, i know, just korean stuff, get it… =[ but i'd love to see your reaction when Kris just jumps and flies away ~  i loved the tatooed faces at the rock/rap part and i love the "no one who care about me" part, cuz i consider it as a prayer for the MAMA who kicked them out of their epic EXO-Planet and left them alone on Earth where fangirls will rip them into little pieces. - sigh. -
    vote: EXO [ not like EXO-K or EXO-M, but EXO. WE ARE ONE. <3. ]

  328. Ooh and I forgot, since you already did this, I suggest you do the parallel world of EXO-M (although that is not Korean)

  329. Seriously, for me this song is like a mix of Iyah, Tri-angle  and some musical music (Mozart for example). Besides, I seriously though I can hear Changmin from DBSK at some point :P
    About this scene with Kai and his painted face… seriously…. dear uncle LSM, did you want to try out your beloved visual rock element again? This is exactly what Shinhwa said here: http://youtu.be/n3Jf2CmsE6E?t=1m6s :PPP Who’s gonna be next? kkk

  330. B.A.P! Because their debut was just like BAAAAM! CRAZY AWESOMENESS APPEARING OUT OF NOWHERE AND BLOWING OUR MIIIIINDS! Hahaha.. whereas we all have been expecting EXO to have an awesome debut for a long time. And it was awesome, don’t get me wrong! But BAP gets my vote. :)

  331. This is my favorite Music Monday so far. It was so funny and I love your commentary on SM. Oh, and Martina, I adore you for this! That part with Shindong killed me. Epic!

  332. Now I finally know why I failed to understand to the monologue at the beginning. At first I was, like, totally freaked out: “OMFG, MY ENGLISH IS DYING!!!!!!!!”

    Turn out it was the video. Haha, thanks a lot for clearing that up for me guys :”>

  333. The engrish was amazing this week….I personally would have given it a negative score because it confused me so very much….but I’m glad you guys were fair…^^

    I vote B.A.P. because even though I loved EXO’s History, I love BAP as boys more….their show on MTV made me fall in love with each of them….however, the gazillion teasers SM released didn’t tell the viewers anything about EXO as boys, they just showed their dancing or modeling skills, which is good if you love looking at pretty faces, but I like to see the real side of my idols too…^^….so B.A.P. for the win….^^

  334. punkyprincess92

    oh man you guys are totally making me wish they had an actual movie or something now!!!! and that Kai part in your re-enactment thing just killed it!!! it was hilarious!!!!!
    i like EXO’s song more!! it was so freaky and cool and just something different for me! so obviously i vote for them!!

  335. I actually loved Kai’s tattooed face and the rock part inserted in the song. It reminded me of TVXQ’s triangle when Trax suddenly started screaming out of nowhere. I loved it.

  336. EXO’s mama was good, it looked good, it sounded good but i can’t do it. Sorry EXO! I vote for B.A.P.

  337. My vote is for EXO.~ MAMA is just really different from K-Pop right now. It just brings me back to the good old days of K-Pop.

  338. I vote for EXO ^^ This episode was awersome!!! And I have no other choice to thank you for mentioning the forgotten Super Junior (all ELFs were totally angry at SM but what can we do? I mean there’s no way to ‘punish’ SM for their mistreating of any of bands….) T.T

  339. T_T 

    It’s true, suju’s money went towards EXO. on the positive, it seems like SM is actually capable of being creative, but Im not sure if they can maintain that. It might be way too hard for them. 

    btw, they had enough money to hire someone who can speak proper english but give him a story to read that makes absolutely no sense?? Why SM! Why! the only thing I understood was that the tree of life was split. I’m not sure why it split up, or why it was distributed to the four coners of the earth or throughout space, but gotta give a cookie to SM for trying to make a story. I like chanting in the song though, and Kai gave me a little heart attack with those tattos. 

    My vote goes to BAP. Their story was well thought out, plus it blew my mind! EXO’s song was good, but they didn’t kill their song like BAP did. Overall, BAP’s debut video was much stronger. 

  340. they are dbsk on steroids . i mean, the song is awesome, so is the video but i can’t stop making the comparison…since it’s obvious…either way, my vote goes for exo.

  341. I’m of a very similar opinion as you guys; the video is really cool and the singing and dancing is brilliant and amazing, but they are so damn serious about certain things, that I cant help laughing sometimes :P
    I also thought it was a nice idea of them to put in the screamo/growling, but as you said Martina, it was so out of place…

    On a technical note, as I’ve understood you are quite serious about making high-quality videos: I think you should experiment a bit more with the mic and put it further away when you speak. Especially Simon’s dothraki voice has this overtone that rings terribly in my ears (I remember shrill noise was annoying in other videos as well) and yeah, you might want to do something about it perhaps :)
    Awesome review, and I surely see why you poke fun at EXO, but one can’t help loving this excellent creation of a music video!

  342. omg i am crying at “except for this guy” sehun sat alone in the desert was hilarious when i first watched the mv but your description of it is a+

  343. my vote is for EXO-K

  344. i vote for E.X.O, but i’m little bit disappointed that you didn’t talk about the “Epic Battle against Evil Petals” of Time Master Tao :( but maybe it’s because it’s from E.X.O-M ^^

  345. I’m a little sad you guys don’t know DBSK’s “Tri-Angle” because “MAMA” is such a throwback to that song and that style.

    • I totally agree, when I listened to MAMA for the first time, Tri-Angle is the first thing I thought of, especially the “random screamo guy” part, although I do agree with Martina that it felt a bit out of place in this song.

    • I’ve thought about Tri-Angle also, but I think maybe S&M know about this song… but it was released so many years ago, we can’t find another song like this in, well, almost 10 years

    • OMG!!! I loved Tri-Angle. It was awesome. (Cassie for life :P)

    • Also kind of like Super Junior’s Don’t Don, which surprisingly S & M didn’t like that much back in one of their cocktail reviews i think…

    • I know (and love) that song very well, and the video looks way more artsy, like an excerpt from a Final Fantasy game, while MAMA is more trendy looking with normal looking clothing and costumes + superpowers. Well, except for the Kai tribal tattoo part. :D

      •  The minute MAMA started to play, I thought of DBSK . If I didn’t already know, I could tell by this song they are an SM group. I love Tri-Angle :) MAMA also reminded me of parts of Rising Sun and Keep Your Head Down. Even some of the singers’ voices remind me of DBSK. I really really like these guys! Actually got great seats for SMTown live 2012 next month! Woot!

    • I thought about tri-angle too:P

    • I think “Tri-Angle” was the third DBSK song I heard (after Bolero and Rising Sun).  It was the song that got me addicted to K-pop.  I think the reason I like “MAMA” is because it reminds me of “Tri-Angle”.

    •  Well, MAMA is a SMP (SM Performance), its a combination between Hip Hop,
      R&B and Rock and the lyrics of this kind of songs of SM are about
      problems that the world is facing now (In this MAMA of Exo are talking
      about how the people are disconnected from the reality and dont know
      what is happening in the real world), and yes, they use this kind of style with DSBK (Tri – angle), Super Junior (Dont Don) and now with EXO’s debut..so the similarities between these songs can be easily find (Well..are from the same company, arent they?), but, i just cant stand how people are saying EXO will replace Super Junior or TVXQ..really?…..just answer this question but to your self…Does EXO replaced Suju or TVXQ in your heart?, when you answer that question please stop hating EXO.

      Anyway, nice rewiew (as always) and i vote for EXO, that doesnt mean that i didnt like Warrior, actually a love that song but now im living in EXO planet xD.

      Sorry for my Super Junior engrish, im not a native speaker.

      P.D: Soy un dorito!

      • My sentiments exactly! Haha, I admit, I was a bit biased against b.a.p. at first because I was a crazy exo fan and I had heard about how a lot of people were bashing them in favour of b.a.p. However, after watching warrior, I do quite like it and I admit that b.a.p. has got talent. But that doesn’t mean I’ve changed allegiance! I still really, honestly, majorly love exo (apart from the fact that they’re ALL SO TALENTED AND HANDSOME they’ve got some cute personalities too haha). I think it’s perfectly okay to like a “rival band” – no slamming there. It’s just a personal preference! (: So yes I’m joining you on that exoplanet too! x) 

  346. I cracked up so much listening to the intro! But my favorite part is at the end, when the EXO-K and EXO-M members are communicating with their powers, or whatever it is that they’re doing ^^

    As for the showdown, my vote goes to EXO~

  347. I finally undestood what you feel about english all the time…during the super show (Super Junior Concert) in Paris, they put french sentences on screen during the concert (which is really cool…because I’m willing to scream, but I feel a little idiotic when I don’t understand why…)…and it was full of mistakes!! Not just 1 or 2, but a lot!! I couldn’t help myself to be “ok, that’s cool…at least you understand…but…arghhh!!! so many mistakes!!!”

    BUT I have to say that I love EXO more.
    So I will vote for EXO. :p

    SORRY B.A.P ;_; <33

  349. EXO! Because in the end they had more hype and expectations, BAP was epic, but out of nowhere. Love both groups though!

  350. NOW we know why super junior and snsd’s comebacks were just dance-in-the-box material: SM spent all of its munnies on debuting EXO!!

  351. BAP they are funny and their story mad sense with the Mato planet and all whereas I didn’t understand anything about exo except that they have super power. I listened to they intro 3 times but i still don’t get it .
    When I first saw BAP MV it was so cool  and I love the members but exo got me borded with all their teaseer and even if  i like their song I don’t know i just  LOVE Bap so much more so… BAP FTW!!!!!

  352. Has to be B.A.P. Just because I got bored of waiting for EXO. Blame SM.

  353. As much as I loved B.A.P’s Warrior, and I am a BABY, my vote goes to EXO. It was just… better. Sorry, B.A.P </3

  354. EXO’s debut was way better!

  355. a vote for both groups cause Warrior and MAMA are both incredibly awesome and I don’t think any other male group debuting this year has any chance at being better and more epic.

  356. B! A! P!
    They were epic and I still prefer them over EXO haha

  357. hahah I was waiting for the english part. XD my fav is when they sing “loling back” 
    MAMA is a great song, but like Simon I like better one of their prologue, history is my best song of 2012 so far

  358. I love B.A.P., but I have to choose EXO :)

  359. EXO!! i loved warrior, but i think have all those amazing cg effects and the awesome dancing made it awesomer

  360. Your teasers did not prepare me for this song at all. o:
    Lawl, no, but seriously…

    I didn’t realize it was an English intro at first because I was all “Uwaaaa…” at the graphics, but I still just skip it to get to the good stuff. I am completely all for EXO now. While I was on board when History came out (not entirely on board when What Is Love debuted), but this song combined with their intense and clean dance moves have officially made me a fan. I can’t wait to see what other awesomeness they have in store!!

    Also, yes, Spudgy is even more super cute in the hoodie~♥

  361. OOOH Its finally here!!!!!

  362. i think they should  get informed about their english in the vids, cuz its ruining their music..  -.-

  363. I may have cried with laughter when Simon read out what the English is…I was tricked by the National Geographic voice, sobs.

    I preferred EXO because this song is my favourite debut song ever. Actually I think it’s the best song in K-pop in 3 years.

    • Wow – if you really think that, you must not have been listening to very much K-POP in recent years.  EXO is just a throw back to DBSK and what was lost when the 3 former members left SM.

      • Well to missmudercass’s defense, DBSK did split like around three years ago now. 

      • I think that’s kind of unfair to say. There are amazing bands from every time period, but it doesn’t mean the music is better/worse just because it’s older.  There are bands before DBSK and I’m sure some of their fans made the same comment you made when DBSK first debuted. You can see how this would create a vicious cycle! Hahaha! :D 

    •  That voice tricked me too T.T Sounded so professional I didn’t question it. Usually those sort of openings talk in a confusing way anyway so I thought I was the silly one. Turns out it was just SM haha

  364. WHATS YOUR B?!

    BAP is so yummy. Much more yummy than Exo.

  365. KATHyphenTUN

    To all the EXOtics I think Simon and Martina has done more than enough work on this KMM to make up for the last incident!!! there is so much!! well done!

  366. yaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh its here lol

  367. Hey~ I’m a big fan of your blog in UK
    It’s always hilarious to watch your video clips…and I feel myself getting closer to K-pop than ever

    Even though I lived in Seoul for 20yrs in the past : ]

  368. bigbangfosho

    wow~~ I really liked this episode ^^ all the “hype” you guys built up with teasers and a prologue was really nice :D And it was totally worth the wait xD

  369. hahaha i totally enjoyed reading your comment! ^^ 

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