EXO’s back and we’re talking about their latest song “Overdose.” Check out the awesome dance for the video (and don’t pay too much attention to the WTF intro):


Now, we mentioned how we checked out their album as well, and how we actually like the rest of the album more than Overdose itself. We do know, though, that those songs wouldn’t be fit for a music video. There’s music for eyes and music for ears, and Overdose is definitely one that’s made for visuals. Does that make sense? I don’t think Moonlight and Thunder are as easy to dance to. They’re not as marketable, and can’t emphasize EXO’s talents as much as Overdose can. I think it’s kinda like how, still, “What is Love” is our favourite EXO song of all time, and definitely in our top three Kpop songs of all time altogether, but that didn’t really have its own video or dance.

We were motivated to get EXO’s album after last week’s Music Monday, thanks to the comment section here. Unicornsgalaxy said “Unfortunately, a lot of hidden gems get missed that way though and unless you know someone who is a huge fan and can persuade you to listen to the B side songs or you happen to stumble over them you will never know what you’re missing.” And so we figured we’d give EXO’s album a shot and see if this is the case.

We were pleasantly surprised! And now I’m actually intrigued: we like the rest of the album more than the title track; does that happen with you often? Have we been missing out on a lot of great songs, or is this the exception and are title tracks usually the best tracks on an album? Should we be talking about the albums more in our Kpop Music Mondays? We’re thinking about doing a Music Monday talking about some of the best hidden gems on Kpop albums, so if you’ve got any suggestions for awesome un-marketed songs, we’d love to hear em!

We’ve also got some bloopers, including a lot of bucket talk. Not bucket hats, but…MMMBUCKET. It’s an inside joke we have with each other. I even made Martina a MMMBUCKET shirt for her birthday. Hard to explain what it is. Just…MMMBUCKET!


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  1. My favorite album song is ‘Baby I Miss’ from 2NE1’s album ‘Crush’

  2. Aww Meemers doctor’s office ^_^
    It seems like EXO gets the favorite treatment from SM in terms of their album songs, bc I have yet to hear a cringe-worthy song from them. Some of my favorite kpop songs are from their albums =] Their recent album is no exception. Best song for me was Love Love Love
    The rap is my favorite part of Overdose too, the first time for an EXO song. Also agreed with the wall punching and the ridiculous bucket hats LOL

  3. I have been a K-Pop enthusiast for a few years now and EXO’s album wolf was the first album I ever listened to from the first track to the last. I went on a throwback and listened to their MAMA mini-album and I loved every song there too. Same case for Overdose mini-album. It was a feat for me because considering that I am a Super Junior fan but for some reason there are tracks from their albums that I just do not like listening to. I am no expert when it comes to describing music styles and all, but I feel like EXO’s albums provides enough variety in terms of their sound and style that every song would feel like it’s EXO but it’s not overwhelming that listening to the songs repeatedly would make me sick (not sure if I made my point there, but yeah…)

  4. Sharing my find of the week… Watch Full Cuts of Chanyeol’s Laws of the Jungle here: http://goo.gl/boRylK

  5. hello~ join our new group for all kpoppers! here’s the link– https://www.facebook.com/groups/761913367173334/ thank U!

  6. Listen to shinee’s orgel!

  7. “Have we been missing out on a lot of great songs, or is this the exception and are title tracks usually the best tracks on an album? ”
    YOU HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT! I though you guys already listened to the their non-title tracks. Overdose mini wasn’t even that great compared to other exo albums imo SM does the best album tracks when it comes to boygroups, at least
    For exo there’s don’t go, heart attack, black pearl, etc etc could go on for ages, those are just personal favourites

  8. I agree. Some of the best songs arent really marketed when it comes to kpop. I love what sm did though during the wolf era, they inserted the best tracks in the Wolf Drama Ver Mv. This way, people who arent die hard fans wouldnt miss the other songs just bc they didnt check out the album. So maybe next time ya guys make a kpop music monday, you’d want to talk about the songs you personally like along with the tittle track? :D

  9. uuuuh what is love had an MV or am I drunk?

  10. I often like the album better than the title song. SHINee’s last…what? three albums, I thought that of. Bilasa’s January album. But like you said, there is a song for liking like WHOA, and there there is one that is made to be a video. Also, I thought my sister and I were the ONLY people who called “DO”, “deoderant”…hehe! EYK for the win! Also, the choroegraphy style reminds me of the Wolf style, and lot of hard hitting ground work….probably the same people. Really group formation oriented. Oh yes, I agree with SHINee on the silly hats. They should be in there. But SHINee’s wardrobe has always been of the silly variety…

  11. Haven’t heard mention of these yet so here :

    TVXQ – Off Road, 인생은 빛났다 (Viva)

    Miss A – If I Were a Boy

    Seo In Guk – Time Machine (actually pretty sure Sim&Mar have never reviewed him but c’mon so good)

    SHINee – Hit me (Romeo EP)

    Sistar19 – 나도 여자인데 (A Girl In Love)

    XIA (Junsu) – Fantasy

    *drops mic*
    *picks it back up and apologizes*

  12. Hey guys, a really good song that doesn’t have an m/v is ‘Body & Soul’ by B.A.P in their First Sensibility album (1004).
    It’s one of those R&B songs you can’t help playing over and over, it’s so nasty!

  13. This video is a must watch, just for the wonder EXO anthem! It took me a while to remember their names, until XOXO had posters with info on the members on it. Definitely helpful to remember all 12 members names.

    As for the silly hats – I am going to have to go with Super Junior M’s Perfection… Its the fur was too much for my liking. I really felt sorry for Zhoumi, Henry, Sungmin and Eunhyuk who wore them.

    However, I totally agree that the stylist for Overdose went too far on making look like big kids. They started off with MAMA where they had a very stylish look and then changed to wearing over the top baggy clothes.

  14. I sometimes find myself loving the B-sides songs more then the title tracks haha! For example:

    B1A4`s whole “Who Am I” album… god those songs were paradise to my ears!!!

    Exo`s XOXO – Don`t even get me started girl.. I was largely unimpressed and disappointed with Wolf but then I stumbled upon EXO-M`s whole album on youtube and BAM I became a fan with Don`t Go, Heart attack, Black Pearl, Peter Pan, My lady….

    Exo-M (Don`t kill me I just prefer some songs by them) – Moonlight, Thunder, The First Snow, My Turn to Cry

    The Boss – Lady, What Are You, Yume Made Ito, Sad Story (This song is about how they just want to be on stage and sing, but they keep getting into problems. Despite the English, this song really tugged on my heart)

    SHINee – Symptoms, Obsession, Romantic (I LOVE their R&B songs)

    B2st (Don`t they go by beast nowadays?) – When the doors close (Dongwoon and Doojoon duo), In rainy days, The fact (It`s actually an intro but omg Dongwoon`s voice kills it), When I Miss You, It`s Not Me, Special, How To Love, Will You Be Alright, I Knew It

    Mr. Mr. – Mr. Mr (Don`t kill me for this GOOD music is still GOOD music)

    U-kiss – Cinderella, It`s time to go, More Painful than Pain

    C-Clown – Good Night, In the car (Still don`t know why it`s called “in the car”)

    DBSK – Bolero, Why did I fall in love with you

    Eric Nam – Love Song

    Henry Lau – Off My Mind

    Infinite – I`m going to you

    K.Will – Lay Back

    MBLAQ – Because There Are Two, 12 Months (I didn`t really care for it at first), Key, Again

    Royal Pirates` whole album!!! All of their songs!!!

    2PM – Game Over, Dangerous, Tired Of Waiting

    Dynamic Black (Yes I know they`re not an actual group, but they can certainly pass for one) – Yesterday

    BTS – Tomorrow (This song is what made me a fan, once again I just happened to stumble upon it.)

    That`s it. Those are my favorite B-Side songs thank you for those who actually read this! :D

    • I read it! And thanks for mentioning B1A4 – they don’t follow the beaten path, maybe don’t get as much attention, but omg do they sound amazing. Jinyoung is one of the youngest, yet best songwriters… in the world! (I’ll check out your suggestions, thanks!)

  15. Yes! You guys should talk more about the hidden gems without mvs! Some are awesome and actually even better than the title track! My personal favourites are: pretty much all the songs on After School’s First love album, In the air by BILASA!, Burn out by Block B, Born to Beat by BTOB (only an intro though), pretty much all the songs in Kim Sunggyu’s album Another Me, Heart Attack by EXO, Tomorrow by BTS, pretty much every song in Kim Jaejoong’s album WWW, K.Will’s Lay back, all the songs on the album Smoky Girl by MBLAQ, Mr.Mr by Mr.Mr. lol, Hello Hello by Nu’est not hello, all songs by Royal pirates, all songs by Seungri in the Let’s talk about love album… And much more! I could go on forever!

  16. Argh, am I the only one who doesn’t really like EXO? no hate though, they’re just not my style. I think they sound a bit choppy, and always seem to go for a “cool, futuristic” that is so over the top EVEN FOR K-POP (I mean…”wolf” is just hilarious, that howling, what were they thinking). “What is love” is the nicest thing I’ve heard from the as far, but I don’t get the extreme hype everytime they release something.

    • I’m with you (howling?!?) — I admire their skills and energy, just don’t find them striking the sweet spot for me. Maybe cuz I don’t care for werewolf, vampire themes (looking at you, my otherwise dear Sunmi). But, as the ancients said… de gustibus non est disputandum.
      Sorry for their fans who are experiencing a loss. I know how that feels for my favorite group. You have my condolences. It’ll get better, just won’t ever be the same. Sad.

  17. I feel like I keep re-watching this because i’m trying to go back before shit hit the fan :( #webelieveinyoukris

  18. I definitely always find at least one or two other really good songs when I listen to the full album, especially with Girls Generation and 2ne1. I always check out the albums just in case. :)

  19. After the Exo names song, I truly didn’t think this video could get any better. Then Simon yelled “Screw you, Haymitch!” and nope, I was wrong. It got better and I cackled on.

  20. Hysterie – infinite my favorite kpop song EVARRRRRRRR!!!!

  21. Your animals are SO DARN CUTE!! Martina, you really are amazing – how on earth did you make this genius song? I would defolindo pay for an EYK concert (hey, you need to have some live music when opening up the café, hint hint!). I’m really excited to listen to the other songs from their album now, I’m glad they are good too. I often find myself disappointed of whole k-pop albums, usually it’s just the main song that works for me. The exceptions has been Block B and Jay Park, and of course G-Dragon. He is, and alway will be my favorite k-pop artist.

    * Sorry for spamming you about this all the time, but how is your page updates going? If I want to comment on your website I need to go to disqus.com and search for your post. It’s not horrible or anything, but I am commenting less than I use to, and half of the fun is to read and see what other nasties are thinking (there is always so many nastyyyy and funny comments here). Going through disqus just takes a bit more time, and I’m spoiled yo!

  22. During my morning walk across my human’s keyboard, I was struck down by the vision on the screen …yes, by my one true love. Those ears, that coat, the twinkle in his eye. I know my nine lives will never be the same again.

    And he’s a doctor.

    No one touch my Meemers Oppa.
    And I mean EVER. [sharpens claws]

  23. Kris, Kris, you’re the one that I’ll miss
    You got your lawyer on
    Now you’re singing a solo song…

    Actually, he should catch up with Professor Dragonious. He is very tortellini.

    • I wonder if part of Kris’s lawsuit is that he’s spent his high school days in Canada and isn’t as used to the pop group engine process/lifestyle as the other members? And therefore not willing to keep putting up with the crap that we know K-pop groups go through?

  24. I might have a prayer of remermbering who is who in EXO if they didn’t have at least 3 different hair colors and 4 hair styles each in one video! It’s one of the things I loved about the one-shot version of Growl; they didn’t engage in that silliness.

    Speaking of the maze at the beginning, I figure that it will be better explained in the drama version of the video.

  25. I personally would love it if you guys did a review of un-marketed songs because I’ve found a lot of other songs that were on an album, but weren’t the title track. I think it also helps form a better opinion about a group or artist besides just mainstream marketed music.

  26. I feel like EXO just keeps on surprising me with their amazing talent.

  27. One of my favourites is ZE:A’s S.A.D. (Something In A Dream) from the Spectacular album. It is pretty spectacular. One of the best kpop songs ever, personally. I also like Be A Star and Dirty Cat from the same album, and Variety of Ways from PHOENIX.

    I’m also super fond of EXO’s Let Out The Beast from Wolf, and Run from the new mini album. And We Just… by EXCITE. That’s a good non-single song. Wonderful Tonight (Unplugged Ver.) from B1A4’s Ignition. Good Night/Dream About Me from Boyfriend’s JANUS. BANG X2 from BAP’s First Sensibility. Far, Far Away from C-CLOWN’s Shaking Heart. Both Before This Song Ends and Hooked by JJ Project. VIXX’S Beautiful Killer, B.O.D.Y and Secret Night from VOODOO and CHAOS from hyde.

    As for girls, my current favourite song is Michin I from NS Yoon-G’s Yasisi. It’s such a good earworm, it gets stuck in there. All of NS Yoon-G’s songs are earworms.

    Second favourite girl song is Hyuna’s I Like from Troublemaker’s Chemistry. Now that is a good song. It’s also one of the best kpop songs ever.

    Then there’s Raina from Orange Caramel’s Superwoman. Apink’s Cat from Une Annee. Silent Stalker from Just JeA. Beautiful Stranger by Amber/Luna/Krystal from the Electric Shock album. LOV by F-ve Dolls, Dalshabet’s Glassy Doll/Don’t Touch from Have, Don’t Have, Girl’s Day’s Whistle from Something and Please Don’t Go from Expectation, Jewelry’s Party Rebel from Look At Me. Lee Hyori’s Amor Mio. Hyorin’s Red Lipstick from LOVE&HATE. TTS’s OMG. STELLAR’S Guilty from Marionette (which is also fantastic!). TAHITI’S Blow My Speakers Out from Five Beats of Hearts, which is a jam and a half ready to be blared. T-ara’s Don’t Get Married from Again.

    I like non-singles a lot. I really hope there’s something in that list for everyone!

  28. You NEED to do a tutorial on how you did your lips!!!!!!

  29. SHINee’s Dangerous and Like A Fire are amazing songs (while, Why So Serious was … meh)!

  30. I actually don’t look at the whole albums of my favorite kpop groups either! One of my favorite kpop songs of all time which is brown eyed girls ‘my style’ was a hidden track on their album and didn’t have a # on the album, so i’m pretty unsure about the albums. I really got into kpop by just listening to random songs on YouTube. So i’ll probably stick to that, ya know in case kpop groups put out albums with songs hidden in them

  31. Kris is leaving… I am so sad… And Suho said that Exo might be promoting as 11 now (with Kris).

  32. Loved this Music Monday. So funny! Plus Mirotic reference ftw. >u<)b

    Moonlight is my fave too, but funnily enough, I actually really love Overdose and Thunder as well. XD
    Also, Chanyeol has a ridiculously deep voice for the way he looks, so that alone is weird in general for me (but I kinda love him because of it).

    And man, if I had to list some non-title track songs I like … there's so many. Besides basically all of Jaejoong's solo work, the entirety of SHINee's Romeo mini-album and majority of of their Why So Serious album (funnily WSS is probably the worst song on there), and the much famed f(x)'s Pink Tape album, these are the ones that stand out for me:

    EXO – Let Out The Beast, Black Pearl, Heart Attack, Don't Go
    Ga-In – Tinkerbell
    Infinite – Hysterie, Amazing
    Park Jungmin – Tonight's the Night, Dream Out Loud
    SHINee – Electric Heart, Love Still Goes On, Obsession, The Reason, Spoiler, Password
    Super Junior – Boom Boom, Shake It Up, Club No. 1, Go (SJ-M song)
    TVXQ – She-Devil (Are You A Good Girl?), HEY! (Don't Bring Me Down), You're My Melody, Picture of You (has a MV, but I don't think it was promoted), Box in the Ship, 9095, Ride On, Darkness Eyes, Maze (Jaejoong Solo), Crazy, Rumor, Honey Funny Bunny (Yunho solo)
    XXXZZZIAAAHHH (Xia Junsu) – Fever, Fantasy, I'm Confessing Now (ft Gilmi)

    Some of these are ballads or somewhat ballad-ie, and I know Simon in particular doesn't like ballads but they really are great songs so I hope you guys don't mind. Also, I listed Japanese songs too, I don't think that matters though.

    /ridiculously long post

  33. I thought f(x) had some very interesting and somewhat experimental songs on their album Pink Tape. Also, saw the recent Baths interview, I was wondering if you guys like Animal Collective?

  34. Just watched on youtube your music Monday and as usual, it is just funny and awesome! The EXO anthem is just epic!!
    It is funny though that today I watched your review and I wrote mine yesterday on my blog and I noticed we share some opinions :)
    http://sakurazukiyo.blogspot.co.nz/2014/05/exo-overdose.html (here is mine if you want to have a look)
    And I think that there are many artist who have songs in the albums that are way better that the selling song. EXO (My Lady, Baby Don’t Cry, Thunder), SHINee (Evil; and actually the cheorography of that song is amazing is a shame SM didn’t do a video of that song, but probably apart from cheorography that video was going to be lame anyways) M.I.B (their new album is good, the selling song Dirty Bounce is just commercial and is nothing compared to the songs of the album) but I think those groups who have those very catchy selling songs almost all of them have a hidden nice song that is hidden to the public.

  35. shinee symptoms because its emo and makes me laugh inappropriately

  36. UMMM, I’m surprised nobody has mentioned how freaking EASY the maze they’re trapped in actually is. They literally just have to walk back and forth, there aren’t even any weird turns.

  37. Well, everybody else is doing it so I’m just gonna go ahead and share my favourite Kpop hidden gems too ^^

    Albums full of hidden Gems

    f(x) – Pink Tape
    Miryo (BEG) – Miryo AKA JoHoney
    Miss A – Independent Women pt 3
    Sunmi – Full Moon
    SPICA – Russian Roulette (amazing debut album. I still love every song [more than the title lol])
    IU – Modern Times
    AKMU – Play
    Lee Hyori – Monochrome
    Trouble Maker – Chemistry (this album really surprised me. I wasn’t expecting much, but I was really impressed)
    SHINee – Lucifer
    EvoL – Let Me Explode
    Ladies Code – Code 01
    Brown Eyed Girls – Black Box

    More Hidden awesome songs

    BAP – Bang x2
    Batoost – Lightless
    Bigbang – Cafe
    Brown Eyed Girls – Vendetta , Hot Shot
    Block B’s Kyung – When Where What How ft. Jo Hyunah
    Exo – My Lady, Thunder
    Fiestar – Wicked ft. Tiger JK
    Gain – The Gaze ft. Yoon Jongshin , Black and White
    Girls’ Generation – Goodbye, Soul, TRICK, Baby Maybe , Day by Day , OMG (Taetiseo)
    Hello Venus – Hello
    Ladies Code – I’m Fine Thank You
    T-ara – Because I Know , Goodbye OK
    Miss A – Mama I’m Good, Hide and Sick, Over U, Step Up
    SHINee – Symptoms, Honesty
    Sunny Hill – Anything You Want
    Orange Caramel – So Sorry
    Michelle Lee – That’s OK ft. Oh Taeseok
    2NE1 – If I Were You , Crush , I’m Busy
    2yoon – Why Not (why the hell did whoever’s in charge pick 24/7 as their title track?! T.T)

    Sorry for the overwhelming lack of men in this list. I just listen to more girl groups than boys ^.^ (though I’m not that sorry, as I’m probably restoring the balance lol).

  38. I thought of some good non-title tracks…
    B.A.P have some great ones – ‘What The Hell’ from Power is so damn catchy, for example.
    I really like Block B’s ‘Nice Day’ from Very Good. Pretty much every song from Seungri’s solo stuff is amazeballs. Ditto with Royal Pirates! ‘Rockstar’ by Super Junior is a really fun song, too :) those are the ones that come to mind… Now, where’s my hat…

  39. Martina, please never stop making these amazing songs! (you are the one that makes them right?) They always leave me laughing uncontrollably and usually crying a bit and then my sister is like “what in the world is so funny?” Sadly though, she can not share the joy with me since she doesn’t like kpop.

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