EXO’s back and we’re talking about their latest song “Overdose.” Check out the awesome dance for the video (and don’t pay too much attention to the WTF intro):


Now, we mentioned how we checked out their album as well, and how we actually like the rest of the album more than Overdose itself. We do know, though, that those songs wouldn’t be fit for a music video. There’s music for eyes and music for ears, and Overdose is definitely one that’s made for visuals. Does that make sense? I don’t think Moonlight and Thunder are as easy to dance to. They’re not as marketable, and can’t emphasize EXO’s talents as much as Overdose can. I think it’s kinda like how, still, “What is Love” is our favourite EXO song of all time, and definitely in our top three Kpop songs of all time altogether, but that didn’t really have its own video or dance.

We were motivated to get EXO’s album after last week’s Music Monday, thanks to the comment section here. Unicornsgalaxy said “Unfortunately, a lot of hidden gems get missed that way though and unless you know someone who is a huge fan and can persuade you to listen to the B side songs or you happen to stumble over them you will never know what you’re missing.” And so we figured we’d give EXO’s album a shot and see if this is the case.

We were pleasantly surprised! And now I’m actually intrigued: we like the rest of the album more than the title track; does that happen with you often? Have we been missing out on a lot of great songs, or is this the exception and are title tracks usually the best tracks on an album? Should we be talking about the albums more in our Kpop Music Mondays? We’re thinking about doing a Music Monday talking about some of the best hidden gems on Kpop albums, so if you’ve got any suggestions for awesome un-marketed songs, we’d love to hear em!

We’ve also got some bloopers, including a lot of bucket talk. Not bucket hats, but…MMMBUCKET. It’s an inside joke we have with each other. I even made Martina a MMMBUCKET shirt for her birthday. Hard to explain what it is. Just…MMMBUCKET!


Also, if you like the EXO anthem, we put the Extended Version in our store. Get it if you like it!

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  1. Aww Meemers doctor’s office ^_^
    It seems like EXO gets the favorite treatment from SM in terms of their album songs, bc I have yet to hear a cringe-worthy song from them. Some of my favorite kpop songs are from their albums =] Their recent album is no exception. Best song for me was Love Love Love
    The rap is my favorite part of Overdose too, the first time for an EXO song. Also agreed with the wall punching and the ridiculous bucket hats LOL

  2. merrymariel

    I have been a K-Pop enthusiast for a few years now and EXO’s album wolf was the first album I ever listened to from the first track to the last. I went on a throwback and listened to their MAMA mini-album and I loved every song there too. Same case for Overdose mini-album. It was a feat for me because considering that I am a Super Junior fan but for some reason there are tracks from their albums that I just do not like listening to. I am no expert when it comes to describing music styles and all, but I feel like EXO’s albums provides enough variety in terms of their sound and style that every song would feel like it’s EXO but it’s not overwhelming that listening to the songs repeatedly would make me sick (not sure if I made my point there, but yeah…)

  3. paolam

    Sharing my find of the week… Watch Full Cuts of Chanyeol’s Laws of the Jungle here: http://goo.gl/boRylK

  4. hello~ join our new group for all kpoppers! here’s the link– https://www.facebook.com/groups/761913367173334/ thank U!

  5. Listen to shinee’s orgel!

  6. “Have we been missing out on a lot of great songs, or is this the exception and are title tracks usually the best tracks on an album? ”
    YOU HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT! I though you guys already listened to the their non-title tracks. Overdose mini wasn’t even that great compared to other exo albums imo SM does the best album tracks when it comes to boygroups, at least
    For exo there’s don’t go, heart attack, black pearl, etc etc could go on for ages, those are just personal favourites

  7. I agree. Some of the best songs arent really marketed when it comes to kpop. I love what sm did though during the wolf era, they inserted the best tracks in the Wolf Drama Ver Mv. This way, people who arent die hard fans wouldnt miss the other songs just bc they didnt check out the album. So maybe next time ya guys make a kpop music monday, you’d want to talk about the songs you personally like along with the tittle track? :D

  8. uuuuh what is love had an MV or am I drunk?

  9. Raine

    I often like the album better than the title song. SHINee’s last…what? three albums, I thought that of. Bilasa’s January album. But like you said, there is a song for liking like WHOA, and there there is one that is made to be a video. Also, I thought my sister and I were the ONLY people who called “DO”, “deoderant”…hehe! EYK for the win! Also, the choroegraphy style reminds me of the Wolf style, and lot of hard hitting ground work….probably the same people. Really group formation oriented. Oh yes, I agree with SHINee on the silly hats. They should be in there. But SHINee’s wardrobe has always been of the silly variety…

  10. Haven’t heard mention of these yet so here :

    TVXQ – Off Road, 인생은 빛났다 (Viva)

    Miss A – If I Were a Boy

    Seo In Guk – Time Machine (actually pretty sure Sim&Mar have never reviewed him but c’mon so good)

    SHINee – Hit me (Romeo EP)

    Sistar19 – 나도 여자인데 (A Girl In Love)

    XIA (Junsu) – Fantasy

    *drops mic*
    *picks it back up and apologizes*

    • oooo YES! Miss A – If I Were a Boy is the mostest, bestest, dopest, craziest track. How could I forget that one? Thanks for reminding me/us! Oh, and please your mic back up and continue! lol

  11. Waffu

    Hey guys, a really good song that doesn’t have an m/v is ‘Body & Soul’ by B.A.P in their First Sensibility album (1004).
    It’s one of those R&B songs you can’t help playing over and over, it’s so nasty!

  12. Sazzy Farrow

    This video is a must watch, just for the wonder EXO anthem! It took me a while to remember their names, until XOXO had posters with info on the members on it. Definitely helpful to remember all 12 members names.

    As for the silly hats – I am going to have to go with Super Junior M’s Perfection… Its the fur was too much for my liking. I really felt sorry for Zhoumi, Henry, Sungmin and Eunhyuk who wore them.

    However, I totally agree that the stylist for Overdose went too far on making look like big kids. They started off with MAMA where they had a very stylish look and then changed to wearing over the top baggy clothes.

  13. I sometimes find myself loving the B-sides songs more then the title tracks haha! For example:

    B1A4`s whole “Who Am I” album… god those songs were paradise to my ears!!!

    Exo`s XOXO – Don`t even get me started girl.. I was largely unimpressed and disappointed with Wolf but then I stumbled upon EXO-M`s whole album on youtube and BAM I became a fan with Don`t Go, Heart attack, Black Pearl, Peter Pan, My lady….

    Exo-M (Don`t kill me I just prefer some songs by them) – Moonlight, Thunder, The First Snow, My Turn to Cry

    The Boss – Lady, What Are You, Yume Made Ito, Sad Story (This song is about how they just want to be on stage and sing, but they keep getting into problems. Despite the English, this song really tugged on my heart)

    SHINee – Symptoms, Obsession, Romantic (I LOVE their R&B songs)

    B2st (Don`t they go by beast nowadays?) – When the doors close (Dongwoon and Doojoon duo), In rainy days, The fact (It`s actually an intro but omg Dongwoon`s voice kills it), When I Miss You, It`s Not Me, Special, How To Love, Will You Be Alright, I Knew It

    Mr. Mr. – Mr. Mr (Don`t kill me for this GOOD music is still GOOD music)

    U-kiss – Cinderella, It`s time to go, More Painful than Pain

    C-Clown – Good Night, In the car (Still don`t know why it`s called “in the car”)

    DBSK – Bolero, Why did I fall in love with you

    Eric Nam – Love Song

    Henry Lau – Off My Mind

    Infinite – I`m going to you

    K.Will – Lay Back

    MBLAQ – Because There Are Two, 12 Months (I didn`t really care for it at first), Key, Again

    Royal Pirates` whole album!!! All of their songs!!!

    2PM – Game Over, Dangerous, Tired Of Waiting

    Dynamic Black (Yes I know they`re not an actual group, but they can certainly pass for one) – Yesterday

    BTS – Tomorrow (This song is what made me a fan, once again I just happened to stumble upon it.)

    That`s it. Those are my favorite B-Side songs thank you for those who actually read this! :D

    • I read it! And thanks for mentioning B1A4 – they don’t follow the beaten path, maybe don’t get as much attention, but omg do they sound amazing. Jinyoung is one of the youngest, yet best songwriters… in the world! (I’ll check out your suggestions, thanks!)

  14. Yes! You guys should talk more about the hidden gems without mvs! Some are awesome and actually even better than the title track! My personal favourites are: pretty much all the songs on After School’s First love album, In the air by BILASA!, Burn out by Block B, Born to Beat by BTOB (only an intro though), pretty much all the songs in Kim Sunggyu’s album Another Me, Heart Attack by EXO, Tomorrow by BTS, pretty much every song in Kim Jaejoong’s album WWW, K.Will’s Lay back, all the songs on the album Smoky Girl by MBLAQ, Mr.Mr by Mr.Mr. lol, Hello Hello by Nu’est not hello, all songs by Royal pirates, all songs by Seungri in the Let’s talk about love album… And much more! I could go on forever!

  15. Argh, am I the only one who doesn’t really like EXO? no hate though, they’re just not my style. I think they sound a bit choppy, and always seem to go for a “cool, futuristic” that is so over the top EVEN FOR K-POP (I mean…”wolf” is just hilarious, that howling, what were they thinking). “What is love” is the nicest thing I’ve heard from the as far, but I don’t get the extreme hype everytime they release something.

    • I’m with you (howling?!?) — I admire their skills and energy, just don’t find them striking the sweet spot for me. Maybe cuz I don’t care for werewolf, vampire themes (looking at you, my otherwise dear Sunmi). But, as the ancients said… de gustibus non est disputandum.
      Sorry for their fans who are experiencing a loss. I know how that feels for my favorite group. You have my condolences. It’ll get better, just won’t ever be the same. Sad.

  16. I feel like I keep re-watching this because i’m trying to go back before shit hit the fan :( #webelieveinyoukris

  17. I definitely always find at least one or two other really good songs when I listen to the full album, especially with Girls Generation and 2ne1. I always check out the albums just in case. :)

  18. Bryony

    After the Exo names song, I truly didn’t think this video could get any better. Then Simon yelled “Screw you, Haymitch!” and nope, I was wrong. It got better and I cackled on.

  19. Hysterie – infinite my favorite kpop song EVARRRRRRRR!!!!

  20. Your animals are SO DARN CUTE!! Martina, you really are amazing – how on earth did you make this genius song? I would defolindo pay for an EYK concert (hey, you need to have some live music when opening up the café, hint hint!). I’m really excited to listen to the other songs from their album now, I’m glad they are good too. I often find myself disappointed of whole k-pop albums, usually it’s just the main song that works for me. The exceptions has been Block B and Jay Park, and of course G-Dragon. He is, and alway will be my favorite k-pop artist.

    * Sorry for spamming you about this all the time, but how is your page updates going? If I want to comment on your website I need to go to disqus.com and search for your post. It’s not horrible or anything, but I am commenting less than I use to, and half of the fun is to read and see what other nasties are thinking (there is always so many nastyyyy and funny comments here). Going through disqus just takes a bit more time, and I’m spoiled yo!

  21. During my morning walk across my human’s keyboard, I was struck down by the vision on the screen …yes, by my one true love. Those ears, that coat, the twinkle in his eye. I know my nine lives will never be the same again.

    And he’s a doctor.

    No one touch my Meemers Oppa.
    And I mean EVER. [sharpens claws]

  22. Kris, Kris, you’re the one that I’ll miss
    You got your lawyer on
    Now you’re singing a solo song…

    Actually, he should catch up with Professor Dragonious. He is very tortellini.

    • I wonder if part of Kris’s lawsuit is that he’s spent his high school days in Canada and isn’t as used to the pop group engine process/lifestyle as the other members? And therefore not willing to keep putting up with the crap that we know K-pop groups go through?

  23. I might have a prayer of remermbering who is who in EXO if they didn’t have at least 3 different hair colors and 4 hair styles each in one video! It’s one of the things I loved about the one-shot version of Growl; they didn’t engage in that silliness.

    Speaking of the maze at the beginning, I figure that it will be better explained in the drama version of the video.

  24. I personally would love it if you guys did a review of un-marketed songs because I’ve found a lot of other songs that were on an album, but weren’t the title track. I think it also helps form a better opinion about a group or artist besides just mainstream marketed music.

  25. I feel like EXO just keeps on surprising me with their amazing talent.

  26. One of my favourites is ZE:A’s S.A.D. (Something In A Dream) from the Spectacular album. It is pretty spectacular. One of the best kpop songs ever, personally. I also like Be A Star and Dirty Cat from the same album, and Variety of Ways from PHOENIX.

    I’m also super fond of EXO’s Let Out The Beast from Wolf, and Run from the new mini album. And We Just… by EXCITE. That’s a good non-single song. Wonderful Tonight (Unplugged Ver.) from B1A4′s Ignition. Good Night/Dream About Me from Boyfriend’s JANUS. BANG X2 from BAP’s First Sensibility. Far, Far Away from C-CLOWN’s Shaking Heart. Both Before This Song Ends and Hooked by JJ Project. VIXX’S Beautiful Killer, B.O.D.Y and Secret Night from VOODOO and CHAOS from hyde.

    As for girls, my current favourite song is Michin I from NS Yoon-G’s Yasisi. It’s such a good earworm, it gets stuck in there. All of NS Yoon-G’s songs are earworms.

    Second favourite girl song is Hyuna’s I Like from Troublemaker’s Chemistry. Now that is a good song. It’s also one of the best kpop songs ever.

    Then there’s Raina from Orange Caramel’s Superwoman. Apink’s Cat from Une Annee. Silent Stalker from Just JeA. Beautiful Stranger by Amber/Luna/Krystal from the Electric Shock album. LOV by F-ve Dolls, Dalshabet’s Glassy Doll/Don’t Touch from Have, Don’t Have, Girl’s Day’s Whistle from Something and Please Don’t Go from Expectation, Jewelry’s Party Rebel from Look At Me. Lee Hyori’s Amor Mio. Hyorin’s Red Lipstick from LOVE&HATE. TTS’s OMG. STELLAR’S Guilty from Marionette (which is also fantastic!). TAHITI’S Blow My Speakers Out from Five Beats of Hearts, which is a jam and a half ready to be blared. T-ara’s Don’t Get Married from Again.

    I like non-singles a lot. I really hope there’s something in that list for everyone!

  27. You NEED to do a tutorial on how you did your lips!!!!!!

  28. SHINee’s Dangerous and Like A Fire are amazing songs (while, Why So Serious was … meh)!

  29. I actually don’t look at the whole albums of my favorite kpop groups either! One of my favorite kpop songs of all time which is brown eyed girls ‘my style’ was a hidden track on their album and didn’t have a # on the album, so i’m pretty unsure about the albums. I really got into kpop by just listening to random songs on YouTube. So i’ll probably stick to that, ya know in case kpop groups put out albums with songs hidden in them

  30. with out kris

  31. Kris is leaving… I am so sad… And Suho said that Exo might be promoting as 11 now (with Kris).

  32. Loved this Music Monday. So funny! Plus Mirotic reference ftw. >u<)b

    Moonlight is my fave too, but funnily enough, I actually really love Overdose and Thunder as well. XD
    Also, Chanyeol has a ridiculously deep voice for the way he looks, so that alone is weird in general for me (but I kinda love him because of it).

    And man, if I had to list some non-title track songs I like … there's so many. Besides basically all of Jaejoong's solo work, the entirety of SHINee's Romeo mini-album and majority of of their Why So Serious album (funnily WSS is probably the worst song on there), and the much famed f(x)'s Pink Tape album, these are the ones that stand out for me:

    EXO – Let Out The Beast, Black Pearl, Heart Attack, Don't Go
    Ga-In – Tinkerbell
    Infinite – Hysterie, Amazing
    Park Jungmin – Tonight's the Night, Dream Out Loud
    SHINee – Electric Heart, Love Still Goes On, Obsession, The Reason, Spoiler, Password
    Super Junior – Boom Boom, Shake It Up, Club No. 1, Go (SJ-M song)
    TVXQ – She-Devil (Are You A Good Girl?), HEY! (Don't Bring Me Down), You're My Melody, Picture of You (has a MV, but I don't think it was promoted), Box in the Ship, 9095, Ride On, Darkness Eyes, Maze (Jaejoong Solo), Crazy, Rumor, Honey Funny Bunny (Yunho solo)
    XXXZZZIAAAHHH (Xia Junsu) – Fever, Fantasy, I'm Confessing Now (ft Gilmi)

    Some of these are ballads or somewhat ballad-ie, and I know Simon in particular doesn't like ballads but they really are great songs so I hope you guys don't mind. Also, I listed Japanese songs too, I don't think that matters though.

    /ridiculously long post

  33. I thought f(x) had some very interesting and somewhat experimental songs on their album Pink Tape. Also, saw the recent Baths interview, I was wondering if you guys like Animal Collective?

  34. Just watched on youtube your music Monday and as usual, it is just funny and awesome! The EXO anthem is just epic!!
    It is funny though that today I watched your review and I wrote mine yesterday on my blog and I noticed we share some opinions :)
    http://sakurazukiyo.blogspot.co.nz/2014/05/exo-overdose.html (here is mine if you want to have a look)
    And I think that there are many artist who have songs in the albums that are way better that the selling song. EXO (My Lady, Baby Don’t Cry, Thunder), SHINee (Evil; and actually the cheorography of that song is amazing is a shame SM didn’t do a video of that song, but probably apart from cheorography that video was going to be lame anyways) M.I.B (their new album is good, the selling song Dirty Bounce is just commercial and is nothing compared to the songs of the album) but I think those groups who have those very catchy selling songs almost all of them have a hidden nice song that is hidden to the public.

  35. TehMeh

    shinee symptoms because its emo and makes me laugh inappropriately

  36. UMMM, I’m surprised nobody has mentioned how freaking EASY the maze they’re trapped in actually is. They literally just have to walk back and forth, there aren’t even any weird turns.

  37. Well, everybody else is doing it so I’m just gonna go ahead and share my favourite Kpop hidden gems too ^^

    Albums full of hidden Gems

    f(x) – Pink Tape
    Miryo (BEG) – Miryo AKA JoHoney
    Miss A – Independent Women pt 3
    Sunmi – Full Moon
    SPICA – Russian Roulette (amazing debut album. I still love every song [more than the title lol])
    IU – Modern Times
    AKMU – Play
    Lee Hyori – Monochrome
    Trouble Maker – Chemistry (this album really surprised me. I wasn’t expecting much, but I was really impressed)
    SHINee – Lucifer
    EvoL – Let Me Explode
    Ladies Code – Code 01
    Brown Eyed Girls – Black Box

    More Hidden awesome songs

    BAP – Bang x2
    Batoost – Lightless
    Bigbang – Cafe
    Brown Eyed Girls – Vendetta , Hot Shot
    Block B’s Kyung – When Where What How ft. Jo Hyunah
    Exo – My Lady, Thunder
    Fiestar – Wicked ft. Tiger JK
    Gain – The Gaze ft. Yoon Jongshin , Black and White
    Girls’ Generation – Goodbye, Soul, TRICK, Baby Maybe , Day by Day , OMG (Taetiseo)
    Hello Venus – Hello
    Ladies Code – I’m Fine Thank You
    T-ara – Because I Know , Goodbye OK
    Miss A – Mama I’m Good, Hide and Sick, Over U, Step Up
    SHINee – Symptoms, Honesty
    Sunny Hill – Anything You Want
    Orange Caramel – So Sorry
    Michelle Lee – That’s OK ft. Oh Taeseok
    2NE1 – If I Were You , Crush , I’m Busy
    2yoon – Why Not (why the hell did whoever’s in charge pick 24/7 as their title track?! T.T)

    Sorry for the overwhelming lack of men in this list. I just listen to more girl groups than boys ^.^ (though I’m not that sorry, as I’m probably restoring the balance lol).

  38. Emma Turner

    I thought of some good non-title tracks…
    B.A.P have some great ones – ‘What The Hell’ from Power is so damn catchy, for example.
    I really like Block B’s ‘Nice Day’ from Very Good. Pretty much every song from Seungri’s solo stuff is amazeballs. Ditto with Royal Pirates! ‘Rockstar’ by Super Junior is a really fun song, too :) those are the ones that come to mind… Now, where’s my hat…

  39. Martina, please never stop making these amazing songs! (you are the one that makes them right?) They always leave me laughing uncontrollably and usually crying a bit and then my sister is like “what in the world is so funny?” Sadly though, she can not share the joy with me since she doesn’t like kpop.

  40. Yes! Please talk about these Kpop hidden gems!
    I’m an EXO fan, so.. anyway,here’s my list~

    First Snow (really suits the Christmas mood)
    My Turn to Cry (supposed to be a sad song but, it’s too beautiful)
    Thunder (LORD, no need for explanation)

    Peterpan (I love the melody, I love the lyrics, no wonder it has became my morning alarm since the release of it)
    My Lady (gotta loooove the jazzy mood, sexaaayy)
    Let Out The Beast (ohh yeaaah)
    XOXO (a sweet song for the EXOtics from them)
    Baby Don’t Cry (BEAUTIFUL, just beautiful)
    Lucky (this song will really boost up your mood)
    3,6,5 (another bubbly up beat song)
    Don’t Go (just listen to this beautiful song)
    Machine (from the MAMA album, really good)

    Beautiful Stranger (JUST WHY.. Amber is frickin cool here)
    Goodbye Summer (lovely song plus D.O’s sweet vocal)

    MTBD (CL is the best!)

    Wonder Girls:
    Girls Girls (for all the girls!)

    Brown Eyed Girls:
    Come With Me (beautiful, really..)
    A Midsummer Night’s Dream (not sure whether they have ever promoted it, but it is worth listening to)

    Excuse Me Miss (another sexy jazzy song, lovin it)
    Girls, Girls, Girls (love the light beats)
    Punch, Love, Drunk (really love jammin to this song)
    Up & Down (from one of their older album but lovin the cute beats)
    Hit Me (from Juliette album, but still lovin it)

    Good-bye, Hello (you will love the light bubbly beats)
    Baby Steps (R&B kinda song, love it)

    Super Junior:
    All My Heart (one of the reason why I was an ELF)
    Boom Boom (sexaayy~)

    Eric Nam:
    Love Song (he is a lovely oppa with a lovely voice, enough for explanation)


    Oh Baby
    Follow Me

    SM The Ballad:
    A Day Without You (Chen + Jonghyun = DIE)
    When I was.. When You were.. (Chen duet with Krystal is just pretty)

    Block B:
    Close My Eyes (they actually sing such a slow song, love their soft voice)
    LOL (prepare your ear for this one)
    Wanna B

    I put all my heart for this list! Finger crossed you guys will like them too! :)

  41. Wow! Martina that song is superduper awesome!!! You did a great job and I had so much fun watching the video – so, thank you very much EYK! :***

  42. So… I am EXTREMELY happy that you guys talked about EXO for this week’s Music Monday!! When the song first leaked ages ago (in all it’s roughly mixed glory, even though nothing will top the horror that was the Wolf leak), I thought it had potential. It’s times like those that I’m really reminded about how much the behind the scenes efforts of the production/mastering team that can make or break a song a lot more than the act singing it (if you’re curious about what I mean, I can send you linkus). Alright, enough of my weird technical rambling XD

    This song rocks. Like, it REALLY rocks. It’s explosive and powerful and cinematic and [insert more adjectives about the grandioseness of this comeback]; the dance, the mood, even the rapping is all top notch. Like I am not the biggest EXO fan in the world (not the feeling you’d get if you were to look at my Tumblr at the moment), but this song made me a freaking stan. Like I never imagined that the entire package that is Overdose would be this amazing when SM finally released it. Just ugh… IT’S SO GOOD!!! This is so lame, but my favorite part is definitely the intro where the guy says, “Clap me in” and you see them in the formation where Kai is awkwardly hugging Suho and Kyungsoo’s legs while everyone is clapping to the beat. Yeah… DON’T JUDGE ME!!!

    *ahem* And speaking of the formations, CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT THAT FOR A SECOND?!?! Now, I know a lot of people weren’t impressed by this video because it was SM’s standard dance-in-a-box video, but I am here to tell y’all that this video was amazing (and that you need to get your life, but that’s kinda rude). This video probably took twice as long as a typical SM video to shoot because of all the differing dance formations (actually, let me not say that; SM started integrated more complex formations into their dances with EXO’s Growl). These guys are weaving on and off screen as a transition between the different singing parts, and that shit is not for the faint of heart. I am seriously impressed by the complexity of this dance and I am eternally a stuffy bitch when it comes to this kind of thing (I stay pissed that f(x) haven’t gotten a SHINee level dance and that HyoRi are forever held back by SM’s inability to teach half their bandmate to put some damn effort in). SM usually reserves shit of this caliber for SHINee or TVXQ, so yeah; keep up the good work EXO :3

    Anyway… So I’m happy I’m not the only one who was reminded of Mirotic with this? I know everyone is forever making jokes about how silly these guys are styled (those hats really are atrocious and Suho looks like a hipster thug; their outfits on M!Countdown were 9000% better), but holy mother of love, this video is sexual as hell. Please tell me it is not *just* me in thinking that. Like damn, I swear EXOtics everywhere were furiously writing fanfics would make Fangurilla blush (speaking of, where was she this episode? I could have used some of her crazy fangurling to make myself feel better XD). It’s no mystery that I find SuKai very *ahem* attractive, but I could not with myself after watching this video; I simply couldn’t. SM, I don’t know what you’re doing, but can you not? Like forreal, some of us is actually trying to maintain their dignity :P

    (Btw, I really liked your song Martina; like that was one of the best songs you guys have recorded ever and it made me laugh so hard and like… OMJ, you guys are so cute sometimes :3 I also cannot with myself because I can name all 12 members of EXO. FML, right XD)

    “And now I’m actually intrigued: we like the rest of the album more than the title track; does that happen with you often?”

    Hmm… I wouldn’t say that I *always* like the album tracks more than the title tracks when talking about my collection of K-Pop (I listen to far too many bands to say that for sure), but if we narrow that down to music from SM, then yes, I do. More times than not, I find myself listening to the title tracks only on special occasions. For example, f(x)’s Rum Pum*3, EXO’s Wolf/MAMA, SHINee’s Everybody (yuck, I cannot stand that song), and SNSD’s Mister Mister hardly get any play from me, but I’ll smack your head sideways if you ever come out your mouth and say something rude about any of the album tracks off those albums (minus Everybody and Mister Mister’s mini; I only like Symptoms and Europa, respectively, off of those). Like, I agree with what you guys said (that there’s music for the eyes and then there’s music for the ears), but… Why can’t people make a song the encapsules both? Not to get all social justice pop critic on you, I honestly feel like that’s what’s wrong with pop music these days. Too much of it is either made for the clubs (ie throwaway EDM with lyrics written in two seconds) or made to be a soundtrack for a visual (ie 90% of Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP). Like forreal, is it that hard to make a song that’s easy to attach a visual too, while *also* making it a good one? Le me no knows… And bare in mind that I do compose/produce beats, so I try to think of these things as well. I’m not quite sure I’ve made a song that captures both of those sentiments, but I stay tryin’.

    “Have we been missing out on a lot of great songs, or is this the exception and are title tracks usually the best tracks on an album?”

    I want to answer yes to that question, but bare in mind that I like to listen to the individual parts of songs more than the wholes. In other words, I listen to music with more a technical mindset. Like I can like an absolute trash song because of the way the vocals or certain instruments are processed. Does that make sense? Like, I’ve gotten into the habit of trying to isolate the different parts of a song I like in my mind for recreation. Kind of weird, but oddly, it’s a lot of fun.

  43. Cyber_3

    I am not ashamed that I didn’t know a single member of EXO’s name. I like their music, and their videos but that as far as my caring goes – I don’t even have anyone to talk to them about so……yeah. I did like Martina’s song and you obviously worked hard on it and it has your signature cool editing style to it but…….it was kind of long (totally understandable given the material though) and then the rest with Simon just talking seemed even longer since it was quite as exciting as the song/m-v. I liked the topic but I don’t have anything to add – if it’s not in front of me, I don’t have time to dig for music. Therefore, I totally welcome some more suggestions ;). Man, if SUJU had “Perfection” in their hand, why did they lead with “Swing”? And didn’t the members suddenly lose ten years on their faces? I miss Shindong. Whoa, I actually know some of the members names in SUJU? Ack! No! Run away! Run away!

  44. I laughed out loud when Simon was all “SCREW YOU, HAYMITCH!” but I also heard Captain Jack’s voice in my head singing “I’ve got a [box] of dirt~!” So perhaps the gift wasn’t as useless as you thought? ^^

  45. Marzia Matalone

    I personally like the track “Run” a lot…and “Thunder” and “Moonlight” also… :-)

  46. Teen top – missing you

  47. I laughed a lot harder than was probably necessary at those hats. It’s like North American fashion is hitting SM Entertainment an entire decade late. In the 2000′s it was SuJu and TVXQ sporting the Korean take on the mullet and now it’s the 2010′s and EXO is a 90′s boy band.
    (Seriously though, I had to pause the video the second that hat appeared because I was laughing so hard)

  48. SM artists usually have some amazing b-side tracks. SM albums in 2013 are on my playlist. And idk but usually SM chose the worst song for their title track (wolf, i got a boy, everybody, rum pum pum pum).

  49. Off the top of my head, there’s f(x)’s Shadow, Goodbye Summer and Airplane from their ‘Pink Tape’ album that were way better then Rum Pum Pum Pum (though I did like that song as well :D).

  50. I´m not very good at english, but I noticed something and I want to share it here.
    I just saw all the EXO teasers and I found out that not only there are remixes of their MAMA album… they had songs of their Growl album remixed there! Black Pearl, My Lady, Baby Don´t Cry are on the teasers… I mean, they debuted on 2012.
    MAMA was released on April 2012 too; however Growl was released on June 2013! I don´t know if I´m explaining myself. My point is that I was suprised because there is more or less a year of diference between both albums, and their Growl songs were already done even before their debut. On the teasers there are even more songs remixed like “Metal”, “El Dorado” or “Phoenix” that there are not been released yet. Should we wait for them in the future?

    P.D: I hope to have explained myself correctly :)

  51. Hopefully my comment doesn’t get buried in here… but some of my fav b-sides are:

    Symptoms – SHINee (one of my favorite SHINee songs of ALL time. Is it possible that a song can be sexy?
    Attention – Trouble Maker (so much sass!)

    If I Were You – 2NE1(shows of their powerful vocals. and it’s so much fun to just WAIL)
    MTBD – CL (just flat out badass)

    Albums you should just listen to because a lot of the songs are AHHMAZINNNGGG
    Monochrome – Lee Hyori
    Pink Tape – f(x)
    Play – Akdong Musician

    I have a lot more (like it seems everyone else does here haha) but I’ll try and keep it to just this.

    When it comes to the albums, I really like them because they’re so dynamic. A lot of times in kpop I find that some of the songs are similar sounding or don’t leave an impression. I remember being really surprised when first listening to Monochrome and Pink Tape because they were doing things that I’d never heard in kpop (maybe k-indie). For example, Monochrome samples from different styles from the 60s all the way to the 80s and definitely deserves a listen through.

    • No, your comment didn’t get buried for me! Glad to know you felt the same about PINK TAPE by f(x)
      People, give it a chance! … Oh, and I’ll check out your recommendations that I don’t already know – thanks!!

  52. Even when I like the title song of an album, there will usually be one or two B sides off the album that I like even more. And then there are the title tracks that are pretty bad, but come from albums with great B sides. Kpop albums as a whole can be really hit or miss because I’ve found that most of the time there is no cohesive sound or theme that ties the tracks together. So while you may love one or two songs, you could just as easily hate all the others. Bottom line is that you should give the album a quick listen, or you’re going to miss out on some great music, even if it isn’t an entire album.

    I’d like to recommend a few fairly recent albums that were solid all the way through and/or have a cohesive sound. There are some really great B sides on these albums that I love.

    MBLAQ – Sexy Beat
    MBLAQ – Broken
    MBLAQ – Blaq Style
    Jaejoong – WWW
    Jaejoong – Mine (also called I)
    Infinite’s Sunggyu – Another Me
    SHINee – Misconceptions of Me
    SHINee – Misconceptions of You
    SHINee- Lucifer
    EXO – XOXO plus the repackaged songs
    CN Blue – Can’t Stop
    2NE1 – Crush
    Zion.T – Red Light
    Jung Joon Young – 1st Mini Album
    BEG – Black Box
    Joo Young – From Me To You
    Handsome People – Are You Handsome?

    As for B sides, I’ll list a few that are not on the albums I already named.

    FT Island – Siren from The Mood album
    SHINee – Symptoms (but you know that, right? ^^)
    Toheart – You’re My Lady
    Infinite – 너에게 간다 and Inception from the Destiny album
    C-Clown – Cold and Good Night from the Young Love album
    Spica – Fire/Anger from the Russian Roulette album
    Rain – Only You from the Rainism album
    G-Dragon – Window and Black from the Coup d’Etat album
    The Boss (DGNA) – Sad Story from the Chapter II album
    Junsu – Chocolate Girl and 나 지금 고백한다 from the Incredible album
    Beast – Midnight Sun and 내가 아니야 from the Midnight Sun album
    Beast – I’m Sorry from the Hard to Love, How to Love album
    Happy Ending (feat. 진실 & 개리) from Primary and the Messengers album
    S.M. The Ballad – 하루 A Day Without You (Jonghyun & Chen)
    Super Junior – Sorry Sorry Answer version

    This is really long, sorry! ^_^; I hope you’ll check out a few of these. I became a fan of MBLAQ, SHINee, and Jaejoong’s solo work because of their great albums, so those are the three artists whose albums I would most highly recommend that you listen to out of the ones I suggested. Also EXO’s B sides, like Baby Don’t Cry. Though I don’t love all of their stuff, I like the majority of it. You really can’t judge the XOXO album by Wolf alone, lol.

    • Brittainy

      You have good taste! I love all those full albums you listed so I think I’ll check out your B-side recommendations that I haven’t heard ;)

      • Aw, thanks! You have good taste too! I remember upvoting your comment because you mentioned my trifecta of MBLAQ, SHINee, and Jaejoong. :) When it comes to them, rather than recommending songs or even albums, it would be easier to tell people to just listen to their entire discographies, lol.

        I hope you end up liking some of those B sides. I cut some of my album recommendations because my list was getting really long, but I also wanted to suggest MBLAQ’s Blaq Style and SHINee’s Lucifer, plus a couple indie artists, Handsome People (Are You Handsome?) and Joo Young (From Me To You), if you don’t already know them. ^^

        I guess I should check out f(x)’s Pink Tape; I keep hearing good things about it.

  53. OMG I died laughing at the hats throughout the whole KMM. At first I was like: “Maybe they had an editing mistake or something…” NOPE! X’D

  54. Brittainy

    I gotta say, you’re really missing out if you don’t listen to full kpop albums. I always make a point of listening to new albums at least once through because even if the title song isn’t my style, I almost always love at least 1 or 2 other songs on the album. Especially for SM groups, the title track is almost never my favorite (take SHINee’s Everybody for example – universally agreed to be the least awesome song on the album).

    There are too many wonderful B-sides to list and I’m sure I would forget some, so I’ll just list some of my favorite complete albums (as in 95% or higher approval rating, the ones I always listen to all the way through). In no particular order —

    **SHINee** – Literally everything oh my god why haven’t you listened to every album they’ve made their songs are so good 100% unbiased opinion (no for realz though they’re really really good what are you still doing here go listen to Orgel and Symptoms right now)

    Sunggyu – Another Me (such a solid album + contains one of my favorite songs ever, 41 Days)
    Tablo – Fever’s End p1 & p2 (hnnnnnnnnnggggg)
    f(x) – Pink Tape
    Block B – Blockbuster & Very Good
    Troublemaker – Chemistry (!!!!)
    Vixx – Voodoo
    MBLAQ – Broken & Sexy Beat (so funky and chill, srsly just listen to the opening 25 seconds)
    Jaejoong – WWW
    Hyosung – Top Secret (only three songs but they’re really good!)
    EXO – XOXO & Overdose (honestly all of their albums have been solid, but most importantly if you haven’t listened to My Lady or Black Pearl what are you living for)

    BTS – All of their albums, especially their latest Skool Luv Affair. Don’t let the horribly embarrassing titles fool you! There are some songs that I’m not always in the mood for and a few tracks with only the members talking (which lose appeal quickly when you don’t understand korean >_>), but they put a LOT of effort into making their albums complete artistic packages and I really respect that. I get pretty sick of seeing debut minis with 1 title track, 1 ballad, 2 mediocre songs and the title track ‘instrumental’.

  55. Simon and Martina, you definitely have been missing out on great songs from EXO. Their very first album was gold. If you haven’t already, you guys should listen to it. Favorite song off this new album is Thunder.

  56. Cindy

    HA! Log as a hat…..

  57. Are title tracks usually the best tracks on an album? Nope especially with ALL seriously all the groups of SM, their other song are always better than the title tracks, and their japanese albums are also better than the korean one xD I’m ELF so of course I always listen to the full album of SuJu and my favorites song are always the B side songs (especially on the S,F&S album), and since you said you wanted to see our suggest, here I go with sj mine btw too long sorry xD

    -A short Journey
    -Heartquake, with U-know & Micky
    -Club No.1
    -Shake It Up! ……you need to watch kyucumber dance in this one LOL
    -All my heart
    -Why I like you
    -Be my Girl
    -Good Friends
    -A Good bye
    One Fine Spring Day, In my dream, Daydream, Coagulation, Memories, Y, Let’s not, <~~~ these ones are kind of like ballad so I'm not sure if you will like xD but I love those songs sooo much https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQAu_QX6hVE the ugly hat is back LOL…….and random bonus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUGWGfPh_d4&list=FLP-5VBVosMgYwr2hAOuHIAA&index=27 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5qFh2Dr1oQ xD ok bye

  58. People have mentioned it already but SYMPTOMS I MEAN OH MY GOD it’s quite literally my favorite song ever, and I really don’t understand why it wasn’t marketed more. It’s way more dynamic than Everybody and the sexy beat is just too much I get chills every single time I hear the song though I’ve played it like 100 times. One Minute Back also needs a mention; if Symptoms is dynamic, than OMB is off the scale of dynamic. It took me so long to figure out the beat; the syncopation is insane!

  59. I must say that, YES, sometimes (or oftentimes, tbh) B-side songs are infinitely better than the title tracks. One reason I can think of is that, title tracks are often too trendy. They stick to what sells (or what they think will sell). A perfect example of this is the unending dubstep breakdowns that blemish soooo many songs’ quality. That is why I am always happy when a company decides to pre-release a song or decide to promote two title tracks because at least there is a possibility that one of those songs won’t be as trendy and expected than other title songs (recent example: AKMU’s ‘Melted’).

    And here’s my list for best B-side songs for 2014 alone because if I include the past years, the list won’t end. lmao Enjoy!!!

    B1A4/Bilasa ‘Who I Am’ album:
    - Too Much
    - Road
    - Seoul

    B.A.P ‘First Sensibility’ album:
    - Body & Soul
    - B.A.B.Y
    - With You

    BTS ‘Skool Luv Affair’ mini album:
    - Tomorrow
    - BTS Cypher PT. 2: Triptych

    2NE1 ‘Crush’ album:
    - If I Were You
    - Good To You

    Sunmi ‘Full Moon’ mini album:
    - Who Am I (feat. Yubin)
    - Frozen in Time

    Michelle Lee ‘Without You’ single album:
    - That’s OK (feat. Oh Taeseok of O Broject)

    MBLAQ ‘Broken’ mini album:
    - Our Relationship
    - 12 Months

    Akdong Musician ‘PLAY’ album:

    EXO ‘Overdose’ mini album:
    - Moonlight
    - Thunder (aka BEST EXO SONG EVER! lmao)

  60. The choreographer is the bomb. Just SO GOOD!!! He’s got a good track record with SM and really knows how to use each member and where to put them in the choreography.
    He deserves a statue. Just Sayin’

  61. I’m surprised the box set wasn’t mentioned like usual, lol! I don’t normally mind the boxes honestly but I swear they picked the worst box possible and gave it to EXO for Overdose. It gave me a migraine with all those cray lights flashing D:

  62. exo’s style in this mv reminds me of the 90s in australia. It seriously reminds me of the movie clueless. hahaha

  63. This makes the 3rd SM comeback in a row that follows the whole interactive camera dance in a box for live performances…. Do they not realize that everyone jokes about their box MVs already? o_O

  64. madisch

    G Dragon….Black
    Big Bang..Feeling
    B1A4…How Many Times?
    EXO…It’s My Turn to Cry
    ….Heart attack
    ….Let Out the Beast
    GOT7..I Like You
    ….Like Oh
    VIXX..Say U Say Me
    Teen Top..Mad at U

  65. Why you erase ”THE ENGLISH” part? i really miss that segment T^T

  66. Sometimes the title track is the best song on the album but sometimes i find a song and i’m like OMD this is amazing!! why did they not use this?? like for example Shinee’s symtoms, that song be my jam and with BTS’ latest album Boy in love was actually my least fav song whilst Tomorrow was like my jam and with f(x) as well with their songs Step and Toy and more… so much more… so yeah i’d personally like a hidden gems video about the cool songs that get missed on albums XD

  67. One song that deserved a kickass MV because it’s sooooo damn good : “Lips”, by Miss A. It was the second track on the mini-album “Touch”.

  68. I love f(x)’s “shadow”
    IU’s “Everyone has a secret” and “Between the lips” (actually love the entire “Modern Times” album)

  69. You guys have been missing SO MUCH by not listening to albums! I would actually say check out EXO’s first album, XOXO and listen to it all because the whole album is MIND BLOWING! “Black Pearl” “Heart Attack” and “Don’t Go” are some of my favorite songs of last year they were so good. SNSD’s “Mr.Mr” was great, but “Goodbye” shows off their vocal talents way more. F(x) had some great song on Pink Tape, “Ending Page” being my favorite. And last but certainly not least, my absolute FAVORITE song of 2013 was After School’s “Love Beat” off their First Love mini album, which like you guys said, would have been hard to make a music video out of, but was such an awesome song! EVERYONE NEEDS TO LISTEN TO THAT SONG!!!
    I feel bad making more work for you guys, but would you ever consider doing album reviews? Maybe every once in a while?

    • Yeah, ALBUM reviews! Maybe Soozee should do this, cuz she understands Korean like a native. Or… even better, interview ARTISTS and songwriters to talk about what they hoped to do with their album. Still need a native Korean to interview them. :D

  70. You guise have the best furry children evar!!!

  71. TRICK – SNSD
    f(x) “Love” -The 1st Album , “Jet” – Electric Shock, “Airplane”, “Shadow”,”Toy” – Pink Tape
    Baby Steps – TTS

  72. Thunder is my favorite song in the album! And Moonlight is my second favorite. For me, 98% of the time I prefer the other songs in an album over the promoted song. Super Junior would have never become my favorite group if I only listened to their title tracks (and I would have never known how great of singers they are). However, INFINITE is one band where I like their title tracks much better than the rest of their albums. I would recommend listening to the whole album of the bands you review so that you can get a better appreciation for them and what their style is ^^.

    • Brittainy

      I agree so much about infinite! Their title songs are AMAZING but they have a lot of songs on their albums that I just can’t get into :(. I loved Destiny and Inception but Mother was so not my style…

      • Same. I honestly can’t think of a non-title track song of theirs that I like as much as their title tracks… (besides Sunggyu’s “Because” since I’m biased like that haha)
        But that being said, they have AMAZING title tracks! :D

  73. I will be honest, While I love K-pop, I can find it hard to sit through an entire K-pop Album. There are even a few Albums that I will only like the title track and maybe one other song. Im not the biggest Fan of EXO, not saying their bad-, just the music doesn’t grab my attention (this is going off of the videos i have seen, personal taste blah blah blah) I love Taeyang, but I can only listen to like 3 songs of Solar. So far, there have been few Albums in which every song has caught my attention. GD- coup d’etat is definitely one that was on repeat for about 2 weeks after it was released…. and my cat just sat on my arms… as I type this. I think he is trying to tell me I have said to much.. but I digress.Great songs that do not have videos that I honestly feel deserve them and GO!

    3. 나무 좋아 (I like it)

    Tree Frog

    Crush ( would have preferred video over Happy)
    Solo MTBD (though we all know why it is not possible -_- )

  74. I’ve been extremely passionate about the topic of hidden gems on albums for a while now. So many times I feel Simon and Martina have made an opinion about a certain artist based solely on their title tracks, when honestly nearly all title tracks these days don’t do justice to the groups’ full talent. That being said, I think doing a KMM on B-sides is a fantastic idea and could really shed a different light on K-pop in general. Instead of giving you guys a list of my personal favorite album sides, I’d like to suggest songs that I think S&M would personally enjoy themselves. At the same time I’m going to try not to repeat anything that has already been listed by other commenters. I apologize for the length of this post in advance.


    SNSD – Goodbye (Mr. Mr.) [Really showcases each members' vocal talent and features ones you don't often hear]
    SNSD – Animal (Girls & Peace) [This and Reflection are real club dance songs]
    SNSD – Reflection (Girls & Peace)
    SNSD – Beep Beep (Flower Power) [SNSD's impression of B1A4]
    SNSD – I’m In Love With The Hero (Girl’s Generation 1st Japan Album)
    SNSD – Trick (The Boys)
    SNSD – Way To Go (1st Mini Album Gee) [My one personal favorite SNSD song out of hundreds]
    SNSD – You-aholic (Girl’s Generation 1st Japan Album)
    SNSD – Stay Girls (Girls & Peace) [I know you both don't usually like ballads, but give these next two a chance]
    SNSD – Not Alone (Girls & Peace)

    SHINee – Breaking News (BOYS MEET U) [These songs are all phenomenal, like SNSD, most of their Japanese releases are better than the Korean ones]
    SHINee – Burning Up! (BOYS MEET U)
    SHINee – Dazzling Girl (BOYS MEET U)
    SHINee – Password (BOYS MEET U)
    SHINee – 3,2,1 (Single)

    B.A.P – Crash (No Mercy Repackaged Album) [B.A.P have a fun and lighthearted side as well]
    B.A.P – Unbreakable (Warrior)
    B.A.P – What The Hell (Power) [This really gets your blood pumping]

    B.A.P – Spy (First Sensibility)
    B.A.P – Bang Bang (First Sensibility) [The definition of a banger]

    Younha – Audition (Debut Single) [Younha used to be a rocker before she started singing only ballads these days]
    Younha – Gossip Boy (Someday)
    Younha – Hero (Someday)
    Younha – Password 486 (The Perfect Day To Say I Love You) [Kickass rock piano solo]
    Younha – Someday (Someday)

    CNBLUE – Get Away (Where You Are) [CNBLUE have tons of amazing songs but here are a few that stand out]
    CNBLUE – In My Head (Ear Fun)
    CNBLUE – Intuition (CN Blue)
    CNBLUE – Voice (VOICE)
    CNBLUE – Can’t Stop (Can’t Stop) [this entire album is awesome]

    Boyfriend – Love Style (Love Style) [The bass line in this song is incredible]
    Boyfriend – Wonderful Girl (Love Style)

    EXO – History (MAMA)
    EXO – Machine (MAMA)

    IU – Love Attack (IU…IM)
    IU – Marshmallow (IU…IM) [Pretty sure you guys already reference this song often]
    IU – You Know Rock Ver. (Growing Up)

    J-Min – Stand Up (To The Beautiful You OST) [J-Min is a true female rocker and this song is just epic]

    F(x) – Airplane (Pink Tape) [This entire album is a masterpiece]
    F(x) – Ending Page (Pink Tape)
    T-ara – Bubi Bubi (Bubi Bubi Single) [This one's for you Simon, have a field day]
    T-ara – I Really Really Like You (John Travolta Wanna Be)

    Kara – Burn (Jumping)
    Kara – We’re With You (We’re With You Single)

    TVXQ – Tense [Their entire 7th album is awesome]
    Kim Hyun Joong – Lucky Guy (Lucky) [This song is filled with classic video game sound bites]

    Kim Yeo Hee – My Music (My Music Single) [Highly underrated talent IMO]

    Miryo – I Love You, I Love You (MIRYO a.k.a. JOHONEY) [This one features Sunny of SNSD]
    BOA – Shout It Out (Single)
    Heyne – LOVE007 (LOVE007) [This girl is the queen of aegyo, with an incredibly unique voice, amazing choreography, and hilarious acting skills]

    I give up at this point. If I don’t stop now I could go on for several days. Hopefully you guys have enough time to give these songs a listen. I tried to pick songs that I thought you would enjoy personally, so any feedback on my intuition would be appreciated.

  75. Hannah

    Reminiscence by KRY is my favorite song of all time. It’s so different but it’s beautiful!

  76. I cant get over Simons Magic Hat switch!!!!

  77. This KMM was really fun and props to you guys for learning all of EXO’s names – that’s some serious effort haha^^
    Some of my favourite B-sides:

    Basically anything SHINee haha..I’m a bit biased :P But the reason that I love SHINee is really because of their albums, not their title tracks. When you listen to their albums, you really recognise that they have a “contemporary” style – their songs are quite experimental – especially their Lucifer album, that album is chaotically experimental. But in terms of their recent stuff I seriously recommend you check out their Misconception and Everybody albums; specifically, my favourites are:

    Misconceptions of You: Beautiful, Hitchhiking, Runaway, Dynamite
    Misconceptions of Me: Orgel, Like a Fire, Sleepless Nights, Nightmare, Evil
    Everybody: Symptoms, One Minute Back, Queen of New York

    If you like Jazz-influenced trakcs, I suggest IU’s latest album – Modern Times. My favourites are Obliviate, Depression Clock ft. SHINee Jonghyun, Bad Day, Everyone has a Secret ft. Gain – But the whole album is fantastic!!

    Otherwise, from 2013/14, I would suggest these songs:
    XOXO – Baby Don’t Cry, Black Pearl, My Lady
    Miracles in December – The Star
    (My favourite song from Overdose is ‘Love, Love, Love’ but I love Moonlight and Thunder like you guys too)

    FTISLAND: ‘Black Chocolate’ (composed by Hongki) – it is a Japanese song though…
    B1A4 – Baby, Love Then (Who Am I album)
    Block B – When, Where, What, How (Very Good album) (Kyung solo)
    F(x) – Pink Tape album: Shadow, Goodbye Summer ft. D.O, Airplane, Signal
    K.Will has nice albums
    Lim Kim – Urban Green (Goodbye 20 album)
    Anything by NELL – their latest album, Newton’s Apple is AMAZING
    Akdong Musician’s – Play album: Annyeong, Idea
    2NE1 – Crush album: If I were you, Good To You
    SNSD – Goodbye (Mr. Mr. album)

  78. haruchi

    There’s a lot of good albums with better b sides. The first one that came to my mind was After School’s latest album. I don’t really like the title track but thank god I listened to the full album! It had one of my favourite songs from 2013 in it! “Dressing Room” and “Love Beat” are amazing!

    I also realised that I actually like EXO’s b side songs the most from all of their releases! O_O I haven’t listened to the new album though but you never know. Though Overdose is a good song by itself too.

  79. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Meemers and Spudgy wear the unicorn horn that I sent. Spudgy through it off his head pretty far! Wow! He looks so cute with it on!

  80. I definitely think you guys should go beyond the title tracks. Sometimes, the title tracks are the best, something not. But there’s always a gain in giving the rest of the albums a try.

  81. I would love you guys to add album reviews… but that would be A LOT of work for you guys.


    Super Junior:
    **Superman (!!!)
    Boom Boom
    **HeartQuake (has Micky and U-know) (!!!)
    **Club No. 1


    lol ALL their Japanese songs are solid… but this is kpop
    Korean Songs:
    Baby Maybe
    Baby Steps (TTS)
    ** Not SNSD style but SOO good :))

    Shinee: (They are just solid,.. so all their albums are really good… here are some goodgood songs)

    One Minute back(!!!)
    Up & Down


    Hehee all their Jpop songs :) and ballads :))
    but I think all of the ones I liked were already mentioned


    Take me away (!!!) (Ballad)

    Black Pearl
    Don’t Go(!!!)
    Heart Attack
    My Lady (!!!) (ballad)
    The Star

    Thanks for doing this :) (!!!) Are the ones you should really check out. Just narrowing it down a little. All the songs are really good :)

    • A-yo!!
      I thought no one would mention it, but seriously, when I listened to the album, this song just made me SO, SO happy… Usually I don’t like cute songs, but I swear, this one just makes me smile every time I listen to it. It already did when I didn’t know the lyrics, and when I read them I went : Oh, I understand why it made me so happy! =D

  82. b.A.P.’s save me from their latest album should have had a music video
    ….just sayin’………..

  83. ChrysiyApls

    I’ll just speak about a recent album, for example MBLAQ’s Broken in it’s entirety is a hidden gem like whoa~~ the whole album was good. But there were a few songs that I like more than Be A Man (their title track). For example: 12 Months and Because There Are Two are the best songs on the album! ^^ I just hope you guys see this so maybe you two can check out the songs yourselves because they are really awesome!

  84. DaYoung Yun

    There are a lot of hidden gems I love but a song that hasn’t been cycled out yet is my go-to song for essays and that is
    GDragon’s Without You from his Coup D’etat album.
    It’s really soothing and keeps me going when I am writing an essay. I’m a history major and I have written many essays so this song has been there for me and helped me endure many essays.

  85. I agree that sometimes really amazing songs get overlooked because they aren’t title tracks. I am usually one to only buy a single song from an album, but all the albums I di buy I always find hidden gems that are just amazing songs! My favorite non title tracks from exo are definitely Angel and Two Moons (from Mama), Don’t Go (from Xoxo), Xoxo (from Xoxo haha), and definitely Thunder from Overdose album. I really love how non-title tracks will experiment more with line distribution and styles, it really gives the listener a fuller idea of what the group sounds like and lets hidden talents shine through!

  86. DaYoung Yun

    Go for it! I would like to see your review of your favorite hidden gems.
    Can Leigh and Soozee participate too?
    Then maybe Soozee can introduce her favorite songs from the 1980s and 90s?
    Then Leigh can introduce her favorite hidden gems? I really like her taste in music and I am down for any more cool jams.

  87. SHINee is one of those with hidden gems in their albums!
    I mean, their vocals are always surprising me BUT.. from “The Misconceptions Of Me” I loved “Evil” and “Nightmare” more than “Why so serious?”, which was always doing a remix in my head with GD’s “Crayon” D:
    Henry’s “I Would”, ToHeart’s “출발” is relaxing, Sunmi’s “burn” is kinda powerful, Bangtan Boys’ “Coffee” is so sad but so sweet!, Miss A’s album “Hush” is pretty interesting~ TOP’s “Oh Mom” is full of feelings, MBLAQ’s “Sexy Beat” is.. sexy (?) lol, GOT7′s “Playground” is cute, EXO’s “The Star”, “My turn to cry”, “Black Pearl”, 2NE1′s collaboration with Will.I.Am “Gettin’ Dumb” is catchy :D
    I’m being creepy, I know, but I like those songs and they’re not as popular as I would like them to be~

  88. this was an awesome KMM guys. it’s so true about the songs Moonlight and Thunder. I prefer them over Overdose. Exo’s other album XOXO got me too. I loved Growl, but the songs Don’t Go and XOXO were just SO amazing too. I was always disappointed they never really performed the song Don’t Go in its entirety.
    and Simon&Martina, everyone felt the same way about those stupid hats. LOL. that Exo anthem u guys did was super funny though if u watch Exo’s Showtime u really see the members for their personalities. Girly Tao (even if he raps/does martial arts TRUST ME- he’s not like that for real), bigmouth Baekhyun, cute owl-eyes D.O., galaxy Kris…watch guys, u’ll see. xD

  89. OMG I FEEL SO EFFING GYPPED BY THIS REVIEW!! I’m sorry, I tried to keep my tougue when it comes to most things you guys do especially when it comes to KMMs but I feel so gypped this week. This was probably BLOCK B’s last week on your KPop Charts Update, but do you review them? NOOOOOOOOOO because EXO came back and we all know that you gotta choose EXO or any SM group over anything else. Now they’re no longer on the charts and I don’t wanna wait until the EYKAs so I’d spend days voting on them and I know that they probably won’t win. Its unfair!!

  90. YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY LISTEN TO F (x)’s PINK TAPE ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! In my opinion, the rest of the songs are definitely better than their title song Rum Pum Pum. Of course I still enjoy listening to the title song, but I just find the rest of the album so much more pleasing to the ear<3 I highly recommend it :D

  91. G Dragon does so many AWESOME songs i think! (If you’re into his kind of music…) You guys should check out:
    Light It Up (ft. Tablo and DOK2)
    The Leaders (ft. CL)
    Black (i think he promoted that one?)
    She’s Gone

    • Window and Today too!
      Oh, I think the same, GD is in another level.. Almost all of his songs are a must-to-listen.. (of course, If you find his style pleasant) :D

  92. Das Schafchen

    Just want to thank Simon for throwing in NWA’s F*** the Police for Spudgy’s rap. You are awesome.

  93. oh god yes, i feel like this question is the question i have been WAITING to answer my entire life. there are a lot of non promoted k-pop songs that suprised the blue jesus out of me with their awesomeness. but somehow is this is a rare phenomenon i think (in kpop at least). a lot of the releases (albums, EPs) feel extremely rushed, especially in the last three years (which is why almost all the tracks I like are from 2011 OLD FART ALERT)
    my favorite ones as far are

    T-ara – I Really Really Like You (cheesy title, but this is absolutely GLORIOUS. i thinks it’s better than roly-poly THERE I SAID IT)
    Girls’ Generation – Trick (man I know how you hated ‘the boys’ but the album itself really has a lot of gems, ‘trick’ is one of them)
    Girls’ Generation – Oscar (also from ‘the boys’, has a similar dark and synthy sound like ‘trick’, and taeyeon from snsd said this is actually one of the few tracks from her band that actually liked and wished that SM ent would start giving them more darker sounding songs)
    Girls’ Generation – Top Secret (also from ‘the boys’, but sounds really swing-y and doo-wop-y and more related to the ‘hoot’ era)
    After School – When I Fall (there are actually two versions, i prefer the rerecorded one from their 2011 album ‘virgin’, and HOLY SHIT IS THAT SONG PRETTY)
    Orange Caramel – So Sorry (supposedly this was the song they were originally intenting to promote instead of catallena, but plans for a comeback in november got scrapped in favor of finding a better track, but this one is pretty amazing as well)

    on a side note Lady Gaga’s song Gypsy falls into a similar vein, meaning THAT SONG IS THE SHIT and I don’t know how people can even survive a day without NOT listening to it.

  94. This KMM was hilarious, especially the multiple hats/random-stuff-that-can-fit-on-my-head part. Which leads me to this:
    Y u no use Mexican hat?! I was expecting it to pop up, but it never did. It didn’t really bother me, I just think that that hat is so awesome that it should be everywhere.

  95. I voted for Exo’s bucket hats because I’m an American. Represent!

  96. There are TONS of awesome Kpop songs that aren’t used to market. TONS. Too many to list. You guys should just buy every Kpop CD ever and listen to all the songs. XD Lol

  97. You guys said What Is Love doesn’t have a music video… but it does. It doesn’t have a dance but it does have a video.
    You guys should really start listening to whole albums, not just the title tracks. Especially SM artists’ albums, you might appreciate them more.
    All groups under SM have great music~~

  98. I’m with Simon on Thunder being the better song. Some other b sides that are good are Exo’s Baby Don’t Cry, Goodbye Summer and Airplane by f(x), Black and Missing You by GD, Scribble and Run by MBLAQ, Drunk with Music and This Time is Over by B1A4, Game Over by 2pm, Hysterie, Can You Smile, and Inception by Infinite, Just a Moment and Baby Don’t Cry by U-KISS, Just One Day and Spine Breaker by BTS, Secret Love by B.A.P, Easy, Dreaming, and I Knew It by Beast, Still Alive by Big Bang, Heartache by FT Island, Airbag and Home by Tablo

  99. Holy hat batman, SM Ent seriously needs a hat intervention. First blobs of fur that they attempted to pass off as hats, now plastic bucket hats. What’s next, this monster hats?

  100. Jase Aaron

    Hey, memorizing names is one thing, matching them to the correct faces is another! lol

    • unicornsgalaxy

      I can’t even do that with real people!
      ….not that Exo aren’t real people…cause I’m pretty sure that they aren’t just really good holograms…right?

      • I can remember faces but not names, until I saw kpop. I can’t match any idol’s face to their name. Suju was even harder to memorize (actually i still have no idea who’s who).

      • Jase Aaron

        They’re real people, though considering all the past incidents with certain “fans”, I wouldn’t put it past SM to substitute them with holograms when need be.

    • lady_kire

      That’s my problem and why I can’t remember who’s who in kpop. After enough hair colour changes and haircuts, I can’t figure out who’s who.

  101. SM seriously needs a hat intervention. First the fur blob hats and now these plastic bucket hats. What’s next, monster hats?


  102. hapagirl

    Had a feeling that you guys were gonna do Overdose and I’m really glad you guys did. That Anthem, I could have used it. I still get people mixed up sometimes. I also feel you on Chanyeol’s voice vs his face. You don’t expect it, the same with V from BTS. Was I the only one ok with the fashion? Ok, yeah just me. And OMG I so ship Meemers and Kai~
    I’m definitely also notorious for only listening to the title track when it comes to bands I only like or are getting into. For gems
    SHINEE: Symptoms, even though they did technically do that on stage, Spoiler, One Minute Back
    VIXX: Well I’m a die hard Starlight, but I’d say Love Letter, Secret Night, Light Up the Darkeness, I Don’t Wanna Be An Idol
    GOT7: Follow Me, Like Oh, I Like You, honestly the rest of the songs they had were better than GirlsGirlsGirls

    EXO: Oh god where do you start? Black Pearl, Let Out The Beast, Baby Don’t Cry, Thunder, Moonlight (gave me some problems)
    Also another problem is with EXO, there’s two versions and sometimes you gotta listen to both versions. Kris is my bias so I always have to listen to the M version to hear him, plus there’s different people and the language change. I actually do have songs I prefer in Korean or Chinese.

  103. My first thought when I saw how they were dressed was ‘dear god don’t bring back the 90s’

  104. You’re also missing out if you don’t listen to the Exo-M versions! Their talent is a lot more evenly distributed throughout the group (but Thunder is a legit banger with K + M it has to be said)

  105. Yay Simon!!!!! I LOVEEE thunder as well!! It’s such a good, addicting song :D

  106. There is a SHINee song way back when, and it is my favorite non-title track song. It’s called Love.Still.Goes.On. but I forgot which album it is on.

  107. Woah, it’s been a while since I’ve last posted a comment that wasn’t a reply to someone on my dashboard… But this time my want to comment was stronger than my aversion to Internet Explorer but then my Internet connection died for an hour and I don’t remember what I was going to say…

    Hi? I enjoyed the review! I guess that making the song was probably more time-consuming than the video but I liked the video even more. Anyway good job Martina, D.O.dorant will be stuck in my memory now. Also I liked how you mentioned other songs and how Simon’s hats changed with every cut. Seriously, when I first watched the MV all Icould see were the bucket hats. But maybe it’s not that bad? Because without the outdated fashion this video would be just plain boring and thanks to the hats I have something to laugh at. But I really like the song and the dance is quite impressive.

    Now onto B-sides! I may not be the best person to recommend songs to you but you asked for it :P I’ll try not to list too many.
    Firstly, EXO: obviously I like the vast majority of B-sides off XOXO more than Wolf because you know, Wolf was… special. My favorite one is Black Pearl, it’s friggin epic and I can’t help but imagine some spectacular movie-like fight scenes when I’m listening to it. Then I’d say My Lady, however I’d like it more without the rap/whatever that break is (it’s not really rap). But it’s my favorite song to listen to when I’m walking somewhere and I need to rush becase it’s pace is just right for a fast walk and D.O. telling you “Don’t be too late” is a good motivation to walk faster as well :P DAMMIT I WASN’T GOING TO RAMBLE. Sorry. Oh and check out Heart Attack, especially the Chinese version.

    As an Inspirit I feel compelled to name some songs by Infinite:
    - 너에게 간다 (Destiny single album) – nowhere as bombastic as Destiny but I love the way it builds up and apparently many fans (including me) prefer it to Destiny
    - 불편한 진실 (New Challenge mini album) – ultra-mega-cheesetastic but also earwormy song with surprising lyrics
    These two I like more than the title tracks off their respective albums. If you’re a sucker for hearing lots of guitar parts in Kpop songs (like me) check out also:
    - Hysterie (Evolution mini album)
    - 3분의 1 (Over The Top / Paradise album)
    - Shot (Inspirit single album)
    Aaaaand I can not NOT mention Sunggyu’s solo songs: Shine and 41 Days (love love love them).
    Other than that I also wanted to mention the B-sides off C-Clowns mini Young Love: Cold and Good Night. I like them both a lot. Ok that’s it!

    • Enjoyed your abbreviated ramble! – by the way, why aren’t you using Firefox? or the Opera browser? both are safer and should work on most websites.

      • Oh thank you! I’m using Chrome and I have no complaints about it. It’s only been lately that Disqus hasn’t been working on EYK for me at all – the comment sections won’t load. My dashboard works fine though (usually).

  108. Jordan

    Heehee! Brilliant song Martina! I wish I had had it when I was trying to learn all of their names. (Shoe-min=genius) And omg that horn on spudgy is the best hahahaha

  109. My awesome-songs-that-weren’t-singles list/ what I thought of off the top of my head.
    F(x)= Shadow (got dammit I love this one)
    Shinee has a lot of them = Symptoms(#babymakingmusic)/One Minute Back/Destination/Punch Drunk Love
    So does EXO= Moonlight/Thunder/Baby Don’t Cry/My Lady/Heart Attack/Don’t Go
    G-Dragon = Missing You
    SNSD = Europa (classy as fuck)
    IU = Depression Clock
    VIXX = 어떡하지

    Trouble Maker = Attention (#sassy)
    Not a song on an album, but have you guys ever seen EXO on Immortal Song? Baekhyun and Chen did a duet there and it was. . . O_O astounding. There was also some disco going on when a bunch of other members came that was seriously entertaining and fun, so many dancing ajummas in the audience XD

  110. PunkyPrincess92

    oh yeah, random…..you shoulda called this ‘Kpop Tune Tuesday’………

    okay now that i left my lame irrelevant comment….see ya!

  111. Kerdeen Rose

    another great song by a wtf band that had many bad reviews since ” baby one more time” is jewellery. The song is ” look at me”

  112. Kira L

    Shinee’s “why so serious” was a great album. I know Martina didn’t like the title track but the songs on the album are quite good!!

  113. That EXO song was a thing of beauty :P. As for overlooked songs. If you have the time I’d def recommend listening to the entirety of SHINee’s Misconceptions of Me & You, f(x)’s Pink Tape, Lee Hyori’s Monochrome, Brown Eyed Girls albums are usually excellent too. I have a soft spot for 4Minute’s ‘Volume Up’ mini album too haha. and OMG WONDER GIRLS WONDER WORLD IS BRILLIANT heh. As for specific songs ^^

    1. SHINee – Symptoms (I think you’ve mentioned liking this before actually?)
    2. SHINee – Spoiler
    3. After School – Virgin
    4. After School – Dressing Room (I still think they should have promoted this instead of First Love…)
    5. Dalshabet – Don’t Touch
    6. f(x) – Shadow
    7. f(x) – Signal
    8. f(x) – Toy (yeah… I really liked Pink Tape)
    9. SNSD – Trick
    10. Miss A – Lips
    11. Nine Muses – Ping
    12. Nine Muses – Miss Agent
    13. Rainbow – Cosmic Girl
    14. Troublemaker – Attention (another song I think should have been the lead single)
    15. 4Minute – Dream Racer
    16. Lee Hyori – Love Radar
    17. Lee Hyori – Crazy (…I think this may have been promoted actually but it’s still a great song so!)
    18. Lee Hyori – Trust Me
    19. Brown Eyed Girls’ – Hot Shot
    20. Brown Eyed Girls – After Club

    Haha I’ll leave it at that for now! Though I could lists a lot more >_<

    • WONDER GIRLS Wonder World – omg YES! Thank you!
      And ooooooooo yes! LIPS is sooo awesome – was going to write “Miss A’s Lips are awesome” and that’d be true too. :D

  114. Hat question: is it better meaning better, or better meaning worse, you know? As ridiculous as SuJu’s fur hats are, I’m not accepting fishermen’s hats, unless they’re actually fishing (maybe that would be a fun mv though, for a change? Like T-Ara’s farming thingy mv), especially not together with sweat pants. What were SM thinking? (Clue: I suppose they weren’t)

  115. Wishy

    o.o “Kai oppa”?
    … I thought Dr. Meemersworth was a male… XD

  116. For me the songs which are hidden gems are: Starlight Song & Super Sonic by B1A4, Good Night by Boyfriend, Lovesick & 0 & Excuse me by B.A.P, Feel so Bad by Infinite, My lady & Don’t cry by EXO and Quasimodo by SHINee. Believe me, true precious songs!!! >\<

  117. Loved this KMM!!♥
    Thanks for playing out the-silly-hat joke (I really hated the hats in the MV XDDD)

    I always try to listen to the whole record, because every single time I find much better songs, than the promoted chosen one.

    As for the B-sides I highly recommend
    EXO – Black Pearl, Heart Attack, Baby Don’t Cry, Two Moons
    f(x) – Beautiful Stranger, Ending Page, Airplane
    SHINee – Electric Heart, Senorita
    Super Junior – Shake it up remix ver., A Man in Love, (probably) Gulliver, Rockstar FTW!!!

  118. I’m usually not one to listen to a whole album because I don’t usually like any of the songs that are on the album but I really like the songs on EXO’s. Especially Thunder! Lawdy the vocals! *swoons* ahem…anyways…I fell in love with Block B’s song Dreams Come True off their Blockbuster album. The vocals and rapping are so laid back and the scatting at the end was perfect. That song made me want to listen to songs other than the title tracks! :)

  119. lady_kire

    HATS, HATS! HATS ARE AWESOME!!!! I’m saything this in the tune of Martina’s EXO anthem

  120. SHINee’s EVIL ( or everything SHINee, im biased i know lol )
    EXO Black Pearl, Baby Dont Cry, Dont go, My Lady, Thunder, Moonlight, My turn to cry, Heartattac ( all their albums are really good tbh i loved them )
    Block B Romantically , is a fantastic song ! one of my favs

  121. Yes Martina! We are one!!! I looove moonlight. You guys should totally review albums too, because there are really some good songs that come along with the promoted single. *^▁^*

  122. I think mentioning the album more would be a great idea! <3 I'm happy you are finally thinking about it :D

  123. So excited that I get to see you guys this summer :D

  124. Nightmare by SHINee is an underrated song according to me!! Listen to it :3

  125. Yeah.. actually when a new mv comes out, I always try to listen to the album and see what’s good in there. And honestly there’s always one song ( or more) that, for me, is way better than the promoted song itself. Actually, I can even tell you that there are boy/girl groups that I don’t really like at all ( at least from the mv’s I’ve seen), but then I give the album a try, and there’s always at least one song I like out of a group that I thought I didn’t like in the first place. I think referring to a few songs in the album would be a good idea for music mondays, just to give away the idea that the mv is not all the group has to give. Maybe your all time favourite song is hidden in one of those albums and you don’t even know.

  126. I loved this song! So clever! And Martina’s voice was so freaking perfect, it’s ridiculous! The end was the best…I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.

  127. I really liked Window and Black on GDs album. He did promote both songs on Music Shows but no MVs for them. CL’s Mental Breakdown totally should have gotten a MV, that song is awesome. SHINee’s Symptoms totally deserved a MV, that is an amazing song and I still listen to it all the time.

  128. I’m still sad that U-KISS didn’t make Mysterious Lady the single off of
    their last mini album “Moments.” It was definitely the highlight. At
    least they released a music video for it recently on their Japanese
    CD/DVD as a gift for the fans.^^


  129. It happens a lot that their is a better… way better song on the album/single/mini album than the field tracks. I always check them! There are so many hidden gems that it’s too difficult to pick my favorites xd (via, b1a4 and a lot of girl groups)

  130. The rest of the album is great! EXO makes really great R&B songs :D I wish LOVE LOVE LOVE and Thunder had MVs. Baekyun may be a funny, goofball on their shows but him and D.O together give each song a nice R&B feel. I feel if they were a duo subunit, their whole album would be amazing.

  131. Exo has a number of songs on the XOXO album that were much better than Wolf and I wish they’d had MVs or at least more exposure – like Black Pearl and Let Out The Beast. Oh, and Machine from their Mama mini-album. I loved Thunder.

    As for other songs on albums without MVs, I’m still very annoyed that Boom Boom/Bad Girl from Super Junior’s Bonamana album never had an MV because that song is ADDICTIVE. Then there’s Want It from SS501′s UR Man Special Album (something addictive about that too). I’m pretty sure Fire by SPICA never had an MV, and nor did No More. I think they’re both from Painkiller. Spectacular by Tasty (from Spectacular) is a short, fun listen but even better when you watch the choreography (Woolim’s put up a dance practice of it on their channel). Then from VIXX there’s Light Me Up (Jekyll). Roh Ji Hoon’s first mini album is all worth a listen, IMO. (I love Fly With Me and Maker). Infinite’s albums are usually worth a listen because you’re likely to find a couple of other songs you like. Then there’s Why by 100% (Real 100%) – still digging that track and vastly preferring it to the promoted one. Oh, and LC9! ALL the songs on their mini-album Skirmish are worth a listen (my favourite’s Ready Set Go). I also love BTS’ s Coffee and If I Ruled the World from O! Rul8,2? 9Muses has a couple, too, like A Few Good Man (pretty sure that wasn’t an MV – I think it’s in the Prima Donna album).

    And then there’s Block B’s Very Good mini album. If you haven’t listened to the whole of that, God help you and go buy it now. I’m not really a Block B fan at all, but that’s my most-played album on iTunes. If you liked Very Good, sure, it was amazing and bombastic (one of my favourite songs from last year) but it’s not even the best song on the album. Nice Day could easily have been the promoted track, and as for Park Kyung’s solo Three W’s and one H… I can’t even start on it. It’s just too good!

    Admittedly this is my personal and rather biased opinion on this, but I hope at least one person will have found another song they like on this. Everybody has different tastes in music, after all.

    One last thing – Simon and Martina, if you’re planning to talk about/do a special on songs overlooked as they’re not promotional tracks and hidden away in albums (please please please do!), could you also do one on instrumental tracks of songs? These sometimes get released on albums too, usually for the title tracks, and sometimes the instrumentals are even better (or way better, depending on the original song) than the version with lyrics. Some that spring to mind are the instrumental versions of 2ne1′s I Love You, SS501′s Love Ya, T-ara’s Ya Ya Ya, LC9′s Mama Beat, Sunny Hill’s Saranghanda, Snipersound’s Not In Stock and Infinte’s Before The Dawn. (I also personally love the instrumentals for NS Yoonji’s Yasisi and A-Jax’s Never Let Go, along with SPICA’s Painkiller and all the LC9 instrumentals.)

  132. I’ve ALWAYS been a whore about album tracks or b-sides. When I was into J-pop especially I was super serious about getting all the tracks because they’d be so GOOD! They were the more experimental songs that weren’t ever going to make tons and tons of money but were really fucking awesome and showed different sides of the band or singer while (generally/sometimes/depending on the company) maintaining the sound/feel of the band/singer. They were the BEST SONGS. In K-pop, I download these tracks with a tired sense of non-hope. SM especially makes these really awful albums that aren’t cohesive or interesting but are like “Look how many song genres we can pull off!” That’s even how the albums are PROMOTED. It’s not SNSD saying “This album is a uniquely SNSD sound” it’s “You’ll like our new album, we show many different sides of us.” The album songs feel like these throw away tracks SM bought specifically to BE that “cute song” on the F(x) album or the “ballad” for SJ’s album. A looot of the other companies release album tracks like this as well. Ga-in is one of my absolute favorite k-pop artists but NONE of her album tracks are remotely interesting or hold up to the title track.

    I’ve always like YG albums. Every song feels like at least SOMEONE cared about it, somewhere. Wonder Girl’s last album was realllllly good, I remember being kind of shocked by how good it was. I remember Sunny Hill’s album tracks holding up and Block B’s one album is awesome. And in spite of SM, Shinee’s album tracks always hold up to their promoted song. Lucifer is a great album, their early albums had so many great R&B ballad tracks, and the whole Why So Serious album is GREATTTTT. I don’t remember which album Alarm Clock came off of but it’s such a great song. F(x)’s Pink Tape mini-album is pretty good. Exo’s My Lady is awesome. Super Junior’s Shake It Up I’ve been listening to for YEARS and am not even sick of it at all. There might be a few more albums worth mentioning that I can’t remember but rule of thumb for me is “If it’s not YG or Shinee, it’ll be disappointing.” It just feels like artist’s management get so wrapped up in representing different genres that they forget to get GOOD songs.

    And sometimes Japanese albums K-pop stars release are awesome. SNSD’s first Japanese album is amaaazing!

    • QUOTE: “Wonder Girl’s last album was realllllly good, I remember being kind of shocked by how good it was.”
      Yes, I too couldn’t believe it at first. It’s an amazing collection of different songs. Doesn’t have the flow of f(x) PINK TAPE, where you feel like you just finished a good movie or novel. That’s really rare though.

  133. Aww… it’s a Uni-Spudge-acorn. ^^

  134. It’s definitely the case that a lot of the better songs in K-Pop aren’t title tracks, because most of the time companies will choose a song that’s upbeat, catchy and easy to dance to over a song with musical superiority. ( I’m sorry, commenting on things causes my vocabulary to become a snob. ^^; )
    I’ve always personally found that SM boy bands are particularly prone to this (and any other group where dance is of equal importance to singing, e.g. MBLAQ, Infinite, etc). On EXO’s XOXO album ‘My Lady’ and ‘Baby, Don’t Cry’ are stunning songs, but probably a lot more difficult to dance to. You guys said yourself that you preferred SHINee’s ‘Symptoms’ to ‘Everybody’ and I’d have to say I’m completely agree with this. ‘Electric Heart’, ‘Ready Or Not’ and ‘Quasimodo’ are my favourite songs off the Lucifer/Hello album, and ‘Dream Girl’ and ‘Why So Serious?’ are closer to the bottom of the heap on the Misconception albums for me.
    However it also depends on what you consider to be the group’s best sound – I find that Super Junior’s track songs are more often than not some of their best work as in my opinion they suit that dance track feel.
    I find other labels which don’t value dancing as highly tend to choose some of the best songs to promote – you hardly ever see BigBang dance in their MVs, for example, so YG don’t have to take into account their dance-ability when picking which song to use. And with girl groups’ dances being the way they are in K-Pop it’s a lot easier to choreograph to a slow song – Sistar’s ‘Alone’, for example – so again this widens the bracket as to what song they can easily promote and get the best MV out of.
    This being said, I have found that with ANY album there will be songs better than the promoted song or ones at least as good, and if you like the track song then you should probably check out the album as most of the time the songs will have a similar feel (albums have to work as a whole, after all) so you’ll probably like them too~

    As for the hats, I myself will never forgive them for this. I’m Scottish, and I do not appreciate this >_< (Seriously, what is with SM and tartan these days?) DX

  135. Thank you guise for this music monday :D it really made my day ^^

    Here are som of my hidden gems :)

    Epik High:
    It’s cold (feat Lee Hi)
    혼자라도 (feat Clazziquai project)


    One Kiss

    Just please
    In my head
    Where you are
    La La La

    Hey! Don’t bring me down
    Zion (japanese)
    Clap! (japanese)
    Break up the shell (japanese)

    Baby don’t cry

    Beautiful Stranger

    The Great Escape (japanese)


    Night of reincarnation
    Run (two weeks ost)

    On the Road

    You’re here (feat John Park)

  136. Funny hats aside, the SM artists are coming down with a serious case of the 90′s…I wonder who’s going to be the next to catch it

  137. Baekhyun is going fly flishing after

  138. Katie

    For me, two of the best K-pop albums that I’ve heard would be Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ (the repackage version) and Shinee’s ‘Misconceptions of Me.’ They’re both really solid albums and there’s so many good songs on both.
    Anyways, good KMM this week guys! I totally agree with Martina – Moonlight was the best song off Exo’s album.

    I just remembered CNBlue’s new mini – ‘Can’t Stop.’ That album is really good too!

  139. Emma Turner

    Those bucket hats are awful but they don’t have anything on those furry SJM atrocities…

    Loved this KMM – well worth all your hard work!

  140. I often give an album a play through on YouTube or Spotify to see if anything other than the lead tracks catch my ear, and if something does I go and buy it on iTunes. I consistently find great tracks this way, and frequently pass over the official singles (eg Shinee’s Everybody) to buy “b-sides” (Symptoms).

    A few quick selections of non-title-track gems from my “PopAsia” playlist:

    Shinee’s Symptoms (as mentioned time and time again) and Beautiful
    F(x)’s Airplane and Shadow (ibid)
    TVXQ (Max) Heaven’s Day from Spellbound
    Seungri’s Love Box, and earlier tracks Magic and White Love

    I actually like a lot of Kpop artist’s Japanese tracks; some of these have videos, I think, but aren’t title tracks:

    Girls Generation’s LinguaFranc, Beep Beep,
    Shinee’s Password and Run With Me

  141. The Kpop charts on this site can be a good way to find hidden gems. i didn’t have enough itunes money to get Jae Joong’s whole WWW album when it first came out. I went to the charts and went through the comments to see which songs were the most liked and bought those first. Butterfly and 9+1# are my favs from those.

    There’s almost always something good on BAP’s albums: My favorite BAP song ever is Unbreakable off of “Warrior”. other good gems are What the Hell off of “Power”, Dancing in the Rain off of “No Mercy”, SPY, BangX2, and Save Me from “First Sensibility”

  142. unicornsgalaxy

    OK. I’m back. Here are some of my favorite B sides:

    DayDream, Gulliver, Now, From U –> Super Junior – Sexy Free & Single (repackage)
    Oops (ft F(x)), Andante –> Super Junior – A-CHa

    Baby, Don’t Cry –>Exo -XOXO

    Kiss It Away –> Lee Minwoo – MTen

    Awaken –> Shin Hyesung — Live and Let Live

    Oasis –> Beast – Beast is the B2ST
    내 여자친구를 부탁해 (Say No) –> Beast – Shock of the New Era

    On Rainy Days –> Beast – Fiction and Fact

    Almost every song on every album –> Shinhwa (Hey, they wouldn’t be my favorite group if I didn’t like the majority of their songs!) In the interest of giving some examples though…
    Jam #1 –> Only One
    Reminiscence, Egotism, Never Can Rewind –> Hey Come On
    Red Angel –> Perfect Man
    79, Shooting Star –> Wedding
    Oh, Liar –> Brand New
    Paradise –> State of the Art
    Destiny of Love –> Volume 9
    Welcome, Breathin –> The Return
    That’s Right, Scarface, Mannequin, Acquainted Guy –> The Classic

  143. Yes I think you should talk about the albums more, in regular KMMs also! I’ve always thought that that’d be nice, cause the albums actually have songs of genres other than pop as well. And sometimes companies just suck at choosing title tracks. Literally. Suck. Hard.

    SM is going through such a phase actually. EXO is kind of an exception, for about every other album they’ve released in the past year there are songs on the albums that are better than the title tracks. (SHINee have suffered from this the most in my opinion, so if a lot of the songs below are SHINee songs, don’t blame me, blame SM XD)

    For your special about hidden gems… Let me go through my music library and point out a few. :)

    miss A- Mama I’m Good (Album: Hush)
    Girls’ Generation TTS – Baby Steps (Album: Twinkle)
    VIXX – Beautiful Killer (Album: Voodoo)
    SHINee – Destination (Album. Everybody)
    SHINee – Evil (Album: Why So Serious/ Misconceptions of Me)
    SHINee – Excuse Me Miss (Album: Why So Serious/ Misconceptions of Me)
    SHINee – Hitchhiking (Album: Dream Girl/ Misconceptions of You)
    EXO – Let Out The Beast (Album: XOXO)
    SHINee – Like A Fire (Album: Why So Serious/ Misconceptions of Me)
    2YOON – Nightmare (Album: Harvest Moon)
    Orange Caramel – One Love (Album: Lipstick)
    Sunggyu – Shine (Album: Another Me)
    f(x) – Snapshot (Album: Pink Tape)
    Girls’ Generation – Soul (Album: Mr. Mr.)
    SHINee – Spoiler (Album: Dream Girl (Misconceptions of You) (you’ll be confused when you first listen to it lol)
    Super Junior – Superman (Album: Mr. Simple)
    TVXQ – Viva (Album: Catch Me)
    2YOON – Why Not (Album: Harvest Moon)
    SHINee – Symptoms (Album: Everybody)
    f(x) – No More (Album: Pink Tape)
    f(x) – Beautiful Stranger (Album: Electric Shock)

    phew lol. Done. For now. I have successfully procrastinated. And spread the love for some beautiful songs. I feel accomplished… I can’t guarantee you’ll like them all cause, you know, personal preferences, but I think they’re all really good. So have fun with these! :)

  144. Your question about hats has left me unsure how to vote. “Whose silly SM hats were better?” Do you mean which was sillier? Because then I’d totally go with the Super Junior M fur hats. If we’re just talking about which hat was better, it’d be EXO’s fisherman hats (because that is what I call them). The hats are actually practical and I don’t think they look as bad as everyone seems to think. Ok, maybe they look ridiculous on hot young Korean boys in a music video, but it probably was made worse because their outfits in general where pulled from a 90s MV.

    As for other songs on an album, it is very rare that the title song is my favorite. Like, super- duper, extremely, probably only happened once in my life, rare. And that isn’t just a kpop thing, that is an every cd I’ve ever owned thing (except those old ones that only had 2 songs on it and the second song was usually a not so fun sappy ballad. As a kid, those songs were horrid to sit through).
    One weird thing I’ve noticed is that I tend to really dig track number 6 on an album, this is especially true with SM artists…..

  145. Those bucket hats and their style of clothing reminds me so much of all the boy bands from the late 90s. Talk about nostalgia! Makes me feel like a teenager girl all over again. Why must I be a noona! :cries:

  146. eri☆恵理☆에리

    I’m definitely bitter that EXO never even performed Machine live! It’s such a great song, and definitely my second favourite off the MAMA album (after what is love, obviously.) Every other song on the album either had it’s own MV, or at least has been performed live with it’s own dance. Poor Machine, it’s the MAMA album red headed step child.

  147. A drunk LL Cool J. I AM SO DONE. He gonna knock you out!

  148. Exo two moons, baby don’t cry and Chen, luhan, beak hyun, and D.Os cover of open arms
    Shinee symptoms, spoiler, nightmares, and honesty
    UKISS baby don’t cry, party all the time, and the acustic version of standing still
    CNBLUE the whole new album expecially dimond girl.
    Ft island. Always be mine, marry me, sunshine girl, and the one.

  149. I just wanted to say THANK YOU SIMON & MARTINA for recognizing that it was like DBSK’S “Mirotic” all over again! The sets and everything were so similar, just a different color! Good MM :)

    • Trick was from their T album, their 3rd Japanese album. : )

      And I completely forgot to put Password on my list. I was totally obsessed with that too!!

      • I was so obsessed with Password…I’d be at work and like singing it randomly and people would be looking at me like “you’ve got an issue” :P haha I’m so glad you like it, too :)

  150. i totally agree with you guys..i hate those hats :))..anyway, the dance is awesome, especially the begining part when they form a romb or something like that :)…My favourite song from the album is Thunder because I really love how their voices sound in this song..then is Moonlight. I think that all the songs from all the EXO albums are awesome..like seriously.. i never liked a whole album before, but i like all of their albums :))). My favourite songs from “XOXO” are “My lady” (this song is really awesome, it’s one of my favourite songs of all time), “Lucky” (even though the first two lyrics made me very sad, i felt like the writer disconsidered the international fans :(, it’s a really good song ), “Baby don’t cry” ( even though this song is pretty well known ,it has almost 4 mil. views on the live video, i think it should’ve been more famous) and the last one that i really like is “Peter Pan”( what can I say about this one?..I really like the sound, the lyrics, just everything :) )
    You should really check out BTS’s “Skool luv affair” album. I really like this album. My favourite songs are “Spine Breaker”, “Tomorrow”, “Just one day” and “Where did you come from”. I would say that I like all the songs, but “Cypher PT.2: Tryptich” isn’t really my cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong, I think that they are really good rappers, I admire their skills, but is just that I don’t really listen to rap music(only occasionaly).
    I have one last song to add: “Inception” by Infinite. I really love this song. Like seriously, I’m obsessed with it :)). Even though I would have many songs to put on the list they wouldn’t come to my mind right now :)).
    I’m very sorry if I made some mistakes, but my first language isn’t english.
    I really liked this music mondays, you, guys,are awesome. I hope you’ll check the songs that I mentioned :).
    With love from Romania ^_^ (I know the ending is cheesy)

  151. my favourite un-marketed song: 41 days by Sungkyu!

  152. I haven’t bought a lot of full K-pop albums but I have noticed with all of EXO’s albums there is another song I like more than the title track. On “Mama” I also adored “What is Love” and I still listen to it. “XOXO” was actually packed with amazing songs, “Black Pearl,” “Heart Attack,” “My Lady,” “Baby Don’t Cry,” and “Let out the Beast” were my favorites. “XOXO (repackage)” was good… I really liked “Growl” but “XOXO” was favorite of the new songs.” And I have to agree with you guys on “Overdose,” it’s a great song! But I love “Thunder,” “Moonlight,” and “Love Love Love” more (in that order).

  153. I very rarely purchase full albums, only because I prefer the tangible versions (no downloading direct to device here, folks – besides all the pretty album photos/art that come with….my precious <- creepy Gollum voice), and as a 미국사람, that can get pretty expensive.

    That being said, it's a pretty solid occurrence (99.5% of the time) that I like a "B-side" song a whole lot more than the title track. It happened with Kim Jae Joong – love 'Butterfly' muchos more than 'Just Another Girl' ('Don't Walk Away' and 'Paradise' get much love, too). It happened with VIXX – 'Say U Say Me' gets just about as much play time as 'Voodoo Doll'. It's happened as far back as Fly to the Sky's 'Sea of Love' album (my first Kpop album ever while a brand new Korean language student… wow, I'm dating myself here, ahem…), where I loved 'Rains' above all the other songs.

    I guess the short version is – buy albums! There is so much B-side Love out there for you! (Wow…that sounds dirty now that I've said it…it's not getting erased.)

  154. Amyaco

    So glad you’re mentioning songs without MVs! In my kpop experience, I usually like the title track second best (or least, in the case of Why So Serious and Wolf), so there are tons of other songs that I love that I feel don’t get the recognition they deserve! Some of my all-time favorites are:

    Te Amo by U-KISS
    Beautiful Stranger by f(x)
    Boom Boom by Super Junior
    Dressing Room by After School
    Light Up The Darkness (어둠 속을 밝혀줘) by VIXX
    Ready Set Go by LC9
    The Rise Of Bangtan (진격의 방탄) by BTS
    Shake The World by GD
    Take Me Away by U-KISS (basically the only ballad that I love)
    Wanna B by Block B
    What Should I Do (어떡하지) by VIXX

    Some albums where literally every song (except for one or
    two) is great are:

    SHINee’s Misconceptions Of You
    SHINee’s Misconceptions Of Me
    EXO’s XOXO (try saying that 5 times fast)
    Big Bang’s Alive
    Royal Pirates’ Drawing The Line
    Lim Kim’s Goodbye 20
    Big Bang’s 2nd Mini Album
    AKMU’s Play
    Phantom’s Phantom City
    B.A.P’s One Shot Mini Album
    Cranfield’s Vol. 1
    Even if Simon and Martina don’t listen to all/any of these, I hope that some Nasties can pick up a few new songs they like. ^^

  155. Personally, I tend to like the other songs on an album more than the title track. For example, I really love listening to “Peter Pan”, “Don’t Go”, and “Lucky” on EXO’s first album. On their new mini album, I am currently trying to learn the dance to “Overdose”, but I can’t stop replaying “Moonlight” and “Thunder”.

    As for some other songs that I prefer over title tracks check out the list below:) (this is off the top of my head)

    2NE1- CL’s Solo “MTBD”

    SHINee- “Symptoms”, “One”, “A-Yo”, “One For Me”, “Graze”, “Best Place”

    BTS- “Tomorrow”, “If I Ruled the World”, “Cypher Part 1″, “Cypher Part 2: Triptych”

    K.Will- “Come To My Crib”, “Hey You”, “Marry Me”, “Fade Out”

  156. THE EXO SONG IS EPIC! I think it’s officially my fav besides taeman xD

  157. I believe that Block B’s “Very Good” and “Welcome to the Block” mini albums are awesome, and their album “Blockbuster” is a must listen, if you’re wondering just how good they are go and check “When, Where, Do what how”, “Be the light”, “Mental Breaker” and just…, I really like Block B’s music and believe they do not get that much recognition which is sad because we lose all these awesome tracks, :)

    • I agree with you! I’ve been really surprised by how much I consistently enjoy their music and how- no matter what kind of mood I’m in- there seems to be a Block B song for it. Plus I don’t really skip songs on their albums to get to the singles I like more than others, which is pretty rare. I loved “When, Where, Do What How”! I found it to be such a different type of kpop song than I’m used to. And Zico’s solo mix tapes are just as enjoyable, especially “Wake Me Up” and “Battle Royale”. I had read that the Jackpot album would be postponed but I haven’t seen anything further on a possible release date. Have you, by chance?

      • Glad to know there’s someone out there who knows about this!! Yess to the fact that I also don’t have to skip a song!! Hahahah I thought the same, Kyung’s voice took me by surprise but I’m glad they took the risk, that song is a great one, have you heard Zico’s singing voice? He has a great voice, raps like mad, and has the ability to write awesome lyrics, I just want to thank his parents. I love zico’s mixtapes, and yes I love battle royale, but now I have on repeat “I’ll treat you better next time”, have a listen please. Sadly I haven’t heard about the release, I just know that they won’t be promoting because of the ferris tragedy, but I don’t mind waiting :D

        • I
          wasn’t expecting Zico’s singing
          voice to sound like that when I first heard it- I don’t know why I
          thought someone that raps wouldn’t/couldn’t be equally good as a singer
          but I admit, it caught me by surprise! I’m glad you mentioned “I’ll treat you better next time”- I listened to it again just now..
          and what about his part in “No Joke”… how on earth can one guy be this
          talented?! And I was thrilled with Kyung’s voice on that solo song- he
          did SUCH a great job! I think I remember reading that
          Zico & Kyung wrote and produced all of the Very Good mini album? To
          be able to hear it as a non-Korean speaker and think “Well, this is a
          naughty song!” only to look up the lyrics and find out it IS naughty..
          there’s just something to be said for someone that can convey that
          through music alone (and have it be so suggestive & fun and not just
          throwing it in your face like a club song would, no less). I love that
          they seem to really enjoy making music- they just come across like they
          have fun with it, they experiment with it, they express themselves
          through it. I never listen to a Block B song and find myself thinking
          they are just going through the motions or performing. They are actually
          how I came across Eat Your Kimchi in the first place- I was looking for
          Block B interviews to see if they are as energetic and rowdy in
          interviews as they seem to be in their music, saw the one Simon &
          Martina did with them and I’ve been hooked on both ever since!

        • Hahah, I also thought the same about rappers! and then BOOM, zico came into the picture.

          I still have that song on repeat, I can’t get enough of it.
          Is that true? If so I will personally slow clap to both of them.
          I love that too! Did you see in the Jackpot MV where they are dancing with this colorful tuxedos and making ridiculous but incredible moves, Zico’s face is the best!! hahah, I had to rewatch those seconds just to laugh.
          That’s great! I can’t even remember how I started watching S&M but I know I’m stuck with these guys haha

  158. I always listen the whole album cuz I find a lot of hidden gems. Like the rest of the songs from EXO’s XOXO album – Baby Don’t Cry, Black Pearl, Peter Pan etc. My all time favorite song of my favorite band – FTIsland is the 9 song of their album Cross & Change – 보내주기 (Let go)…. I love all of FTIsland songs, but this one gets me every time I listen to it…. Tears I’m tellin’ you MMMBUCKETs of tears….

  159. You should definitely talk about the albums in your Kpop Music Mondays. My favorite songs on an album is almost always non-title tracks. You said you were disappointed with kpop last year, and yes maybe 2013 lacked amazing title tracks, but there were sooo many great full albums and non-title tracks released last year. If I was going to post all my favorites my list would go on forever. You have definitely been missing out!

  160. Personally, I loved this song! Definitely more than wolf, and almost as much as growl (almost…).
    When I went threw the album, I FREAKING LOVED THUNDER LIKE WOO. It has a 2000′s r&b style that reminds me of the good old days before I got into Kpop, and just yes… I love it.
    I also love moonlight, but I wasn’t really feeling run or love, love, love. Although, I have a feeling that those songs will grow on me the more I listen to them.

    About the album thing: I have found that the title track does not represent an entire album. A ballad title doesn’t mean the entire album is mellow, and a hard-core rock title doesn’t mean the entire album is hard-core. Just because the title doesn’t suit my taste doesn’t mean I’ll dislike the rest of the album. That’s why I’ve made it a habit to look at entire albums to at least give groups a chance.

    I’ve actually noticed that your Music Mondays are very much based on the title track, and you seem to make judgements on the entire album or group based on the song (I might be wrong, its just a hunch) (No shade by the way… I don’t really mind. Just making an observation). So I definitely recommend you review the album, rather than just a song :) (and you get to find gems and know a group more so it’s a win-win really).

    Some suggestions:

    - BTS have some amazing songs on their albums (especially Skool Luv Affair), as well as pre-debut tracks. They write all their lyrics (and write/produce most of their songs), so you tend to find a lot more meaningful, relatable lyrics as compared to the common manufactured pop song
    (Eg. Tomorrow, School of Tears, Adult Child, Spine Breaker etc..) <—– Look at the Lyrics!! :D
    (Ps. If you haven't already, N.O. and No More Dream are two title tracks that have great lyrics that actually aim to HELP teenagers and question aspects of Korean culture and society, which is surprising for a rookie Kpop Group).

    - BAP's latest album isn't actually as ballad-y as one might think judging from '1004'
    (Eg. Band X2)

    -EXO's previous albums are actually really really good too. Especially XOXO Repackaged version. Black Pearl and Heart Attack are personal favourites

    -Bigbang's 'Ego' is a special gem I've discovered recently

    -2NE1's Crush have plenty off songs that I've loved more than the title track actually, including MTDB (kudos to Martina for mentioning that) and an acoustic version of Come Back Home if the beats don't tickle your fancy

    -AKMU's album is also really sweet with a mellow sound. If the bright bubbly 200% percent or sad 'Melted' aren't your thing, there is always an array of mellow in-betweens that may suit you instead
    (Eg. Don't Hate Me, Subway etc.)

    So… that's all I can think of off-the-cuff. As you can tell, I'm a bit of a YG and HipHop biased fangirl. So other bands don't come to mind immediately… :/

  161. Skye Walker

    This KMM was awesome! Martina, your song was amazing! Well worth the wait ;D

    Ok, so to the non-title tracks I love:

    SHINee – Orgel
    2NE1 – I’m Busy/I Don’t Care (Reggae Ver.) (seriously, this version is waaay better than the original IMO…I do’t actually like the original but this one is just awesome!)
    EXO – Heart Attack
    MBLAQ – Sexy Beat
    Ladies’ Code – Supergirl
    TVXQ – Love In The Ice (ok, this one is extra ballady, so maybe you won’t like it…but I fell in love with it when I saw it live on Youtube, so many feels!)
    XIA – No Reason/Turn It Up
    BTS – We On/Tomorrow/Like
    GOT7 – I Like You/Like Oh
    BAP – Punch/Check On
    Big Bang – Hands Up
    GD&TOP – Intro
    GD – Niliria/Shake The World/The Leaders
    SNSD – You a-holic (it’s in japanese, but hey…)

    Ok, I think this is enough for now haha

    Love you guise! =3

  162. Exo has some AMAZING album songs! Baby Don’t Cry, Black Pearl and My Lady are a few of my favorites (the XOXO album was genius, I swear). You guys should definitely check them out!

    And just since we’re on album songs, Block B’s Nillili Mambo is my favorite album of all time because it was simply gorgeous. Everything on that album was great. Top favorites were Romantically and Movie’s Over but I really suggest listening to all of them! :D
    This music monday was great~ The song was hilarious xD EXO and EYK hwaiting~! :D

  163. PunkyPrincess92

    i like this song a lot and the songs on the album EXCEPT for one of them……i don’t know it’s name cos i listened to it halfway only once….
    and oh god those hats are soooooooooooooooo gross!!!

  164. Have you guys heard the rest of the songs on EXO’s XOXO album? I LOVE literally every single song on that album.

  165. Ahahahaha I love the EXO Anthem! I appreciate that you took the time to research our fandom’s inside jokes, like Xiumin being a baozi and Tao a panda…

    I agree that this EP is absolutely awesome. And yes, oh yes, there are so many hidden gems in kpop. I could go on and on listing 100 songs and I wouldn’t even be half done. But I’ll try to be brief…

    Black Pearl
    Don’t Go
    My Turn to Cry

    How to Love
    Thanks To
    Let It Snow

    Girl’s Day:

    Baby Maybe




    A Girl in Love

    Frozen in Time
    If That Was You

    Falling U
    Bye Bye
    Goodbye, OK
    I Really Really Like You


    Light Up the Darkness

    Wonder Girls:
    Sweet Dreams

    If I Were You

    Even If You Leave Me
    Call My Name

    And I swear, every single song by Bilasa. If there’s one group whose unpromoted tracks you should check out, it’s them.

    Okay so I went a bit overboard with this. Sorry ahahaha I understand if you give up after just looking at this list. And this is just a random selection btw, there are a lot more I wanted to include. Ehem. Well. Enjoy! :3

    • 90% of Block B’s B-sides are just as good as their singles. Especially “Nice Day”, “When Where How” and “Halo”.

    • DaYoung Yun

      I love Exo’s Black Pearl and Sistar’s A Girl in Love.

    • Weird. You listed a lot of my favorite B-side songs. And YAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS to every single song by Bilasa. Seriously, if you look beyond Bilasa’s sometimes-weird-sometimes-serious concepts, you will discover a TON of amazing songs. Real talk.

      • Cool! Are there any other songs that you would have mentioned? There were so many that I left out that I like just as much, maybe we match even better lol… Oh and which are you fave B1A4 songs? Mine are Super Sonic, You Are My Girl, In the Air, Amazing, and the whole 1 album, especially Wake Me Up. Damn that’s one genius album.

        • JammySmoochie

          I actually just commented my favorite B-side songs of 2014 in this blog post, but since it wold probably take you forever to find it, I’m just gonna post it here. It’s only 2014 songs tho because the list would be endless if I include songs from the past years.

          B1A4/Bilasa ‘Who I Am’ album:
          - Too Much
          - Road
          - Seoul

          B.A.P ‘First Sensibility’ album:
          - Body & Soul
          - B.A.B.Y
          - With You

          BTS ‘Skool Luv Affair’ mini album:
          - Tomorrow
          - BTS Cypher PT. 2: Triptych

          2NE1 ‘Crush’ album:
          - If I Were You
          - Good To You

          Sunmi ‘Full Moon’ mini album:
          - Who Am I (feat. Yubin)
          - Frozen in Time

          Michelle Lee ‘Without You’ single album:
          - That’s OK (feat. Oh Taeseok of O Broject)

          MBLAQ ‘Broken’ mini album:
          - Our Relationship
          - 12 Months

          Akdong Musician ‘PLAY’ album:
          - EVERYTHING TBH

          EXO ‘Overdose’ mini album:
          - Moonlight
          - Thunder (aka BEST EXO SONG EVER! lmao)

          As for my favorite B1A4/Bilasa songs… why you gotta this? This is freaking hard. Is it okay if I choose five? I’ll exclude title tracks. Here’s my list:
          1. In The Air (from the In The Wind mini album which is my favorite B1A4 album yet)
          2. Good Love (from What’s Going On mini album)
          3. Because of You (from Ignition album special edition)
          4. This Time is Over (from Ignition album)
          5. Starlight Song (from What’s Going On mini album)

          - I didn’t include any song from the latest album, Who Am I, because I need to listen to that album more. Although that album is underrated and awesome.
          - I also loved the first two mini albums but I think B1A4 truly established themselves musically from Ignition album. So that’s why there is no mention of songs from those first two minis. :D

        • Ahahahahahha sorry didn’t mean to pressure you… Seems like we both have great taste in music :)

        • JammySmoochie

          I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but yeah, our taste in music is off the charts. lmao

    • Totally agree with your choices! EXO’s Don’t Go is my favourite song of theirs hands down and Black Pearl is pretty amazing too. XOXO was actually a pretty good album as a whole :)

      You missed Heart Attack! Its a great rnb track ;)

  166. Oh my God, I am speechless! This is so fantastic, you must have put so much work into it! I wish it existed when I was trying to learn their names. I had Xiumin, Kai and Kris right away, then Lay, Chen, D.O and Tao because they have specific looks, Chanyeol was easy to remember, so was Baekhyun, but then I confused Luhan, Sehun and Suho for a long time before I got them right.

    I’m glad you mentioned the album, because it is really good. Thunder is hands down my favourite, but I also love Run!
    You should really do that B side review you’ve been thinking about. I am definitely rooting for this.
    Thanks for a very entertaining KMM guys!

  167. You should totally make a music Monday about the hidden gems, I personally find most of the album songs are better then the title song but those songs are hard to make a choreography for ,but the song is way better , the albums that I think you should check out are : shinee (misconceptions of me), Exo (xoxo),f(x) (pink tape), block b (blockbuster) , shinee (everybody), only to name a few . And their are alot hidden gem , so I recommend you listen to the album as a hole because the title song is not always the best song ( well most of the times it’s not).

  168. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with basically everything EXO has done so far. I kind of figured that with the huge promotional buildup they were bound to be a letdown musically, which isn’t really fair to them, but there you have it. I’ve really enjoyed their music so far, though. Let Out the Beast, Peter Pan, and 3.6.5 are three of my favorites from the first album.

    Also, in the not-quite-K-pop realm, Cho Yong Pil’s When I Am With You. I love that entire album (Hello), but that’s the song that introduced me to him, and it’s still my fav.

  169. Thunder is my jam

  170. I really loved the new mini album. There isn’t a song I don’t like. And I have to agree with Martina that Moonlight is my favorite. It’s very “Boys 2 Men” to me and that was one of my favorite groups growing up. Romantic and kinda of sad… and I’ve deduced that it is the “Second male lead’s serenade” lol… I’ve watched way to many K-Dramas. I also really like “Run”. It just makes me feel happy after listening to it. I may be alone on this, but it kinda has an “Anthem” feel to it. And I actually liked Overdose right off the bat where as with Wolf and Growl, it took a few listens to click with me. I’ve never bought a whole album before, but I did this time. EXO has come a long way in such a short time. It feels weird to be proud of people I don’t know, but they have really outdone themselves this time. It’s hard to make one successful song, but they’ve made managed to make all five really enjoyable. Even some of my non k-pop lovin friends liked their new songs. Kudos to them. <3

  171. This may come off as being EXO bias, but all of their B-side tracks are are amazing and are worth listening to if you haven’t listened to them already. I don’t usually like ballads, but “Angel” from their first mini album is beautiful. Personal favorites from EXO’s XOXO album would be “My Lady” and “Heart attack”. Also, haven’t listened to their Christmas album too much, but “The Star” is a fun one.

    For SHINee, even though I like “Dream Girl”, I would have to say “Dynamite” is the best track from that album.

    Other hidden gems from albums include:

    G-dragon’s “Shake the World”
    Got7′s “Like Oh’
    f(x)’s “Airplane” and “Step”
    Infinite’s “Hysterie”
    MBLAQ’s 이러지 않았으면 해

    Also, Teen Top and Infinite usually have really good intros to their albums, but those 1-2 min songs of course can’t really be promoted on their own. TASTY’s “Spectacular” is good too.

    I’ve written too much! Ok I think I’m done XD

  172. I totally agree think so many great kpop songs are missed because they’re not easy to dance to. some hidden gems from kpop albums (imo!)are SHINee’s “spoiler” and “symptoms”, exo’s “machine”, “heart attack” and “my lady”, b.a.p’s “save me”, got7′s “I like you” and “follow me”, and bts’ skool luv affair has so many awesome songs, “spinebreaker”,”tomorrow” and “cypher pt 2″ is a damn good rap song!

  173. you seriously have to purchase exo’s album… they have other amazing songs that doesn’t have music videos.. i am personally in love with their songs angel and don’t go…

  174. Okay EXO ANTHEM WAS THE GREATEST THING EVER KUDOS MARTINA!!! Definitely about to go buy that…
    Also, this seemed tame? (fear of death by the CRAZY Exo fans?) I know you guys don’t, like, set out to destroy fangirl hearts and piss them off, and I was fully prepared for it, but yeah. I have no qualms, though. This was a solid KMM.
    I’m glad you guys like the album, too! It’s really well done. I don’t buy full albums often because it always seems like the other songs are kinda just there, but with Overdose and XOXO, both albums were really well done! For me, I think Run was my favorite song, but they were all really good!
    (this is the longest comment I’ve ever posted…) I agree with you guys fully, Exo (along with probably SHINee) are very obviously passionate whenever they are dancing or performing and it’s nice to see. Though sometimes I wish they would maybe share the love with some of the other members…
    Anyways, this is easily one of my favorite KMMs that y’all have done recently. (Loved the hats xD)

  175. If you are going to be doing a music Monday on hidden gems then you should mention davichi you are everything it’s a really good song and has a lot of powerful vocals please listen to it

  176. omlhc

    Thank you for acknowledging those terrible clothes. I haven’t laughed in weeks because of Uni work and stress; Simon’s hats were hilarious! I think you do miss out on really good songs when you don’t listen to an album, for example one of my favourite songs is G.NA’s Green Light. I hope you carry on talking about albums :)

  177. I think Run was my favorite out of the whole album, kinda wish they made that their title track instead. Maybe it’ll be their next one?

  178. exo’s xoxo, block b’s blockbuster (honestly all of their albums??), b1a4′s who am i, mfbty’s the cure, infinite h’s fly high, shinee’s sherlock, miscons of me, cnblue’s re:blue, bluetory are some of the albums that imo, are just ((((gold)))
    suju’s sorry sorry + shinee’s shinee world albums are def oldies but goodies (y)
    altho rly the perfect example of ‘hidden gem’ would be Symptoms ;u;

  179. Tony Testa is the choreographer for Exo’s Overdose and Wolf and SHINee’s Sherlock, Dream Girl and Everybody. He is awesome.

    best hidden gems on Kpop albums:
    SHINee Why So Serious Album:
    *Excuse me miss
    SHINee Everybody album:
    *One Minute Back
    I’m maybe SHINee bias, but I want to share my fav songs from their two last albums x)

  180. I have always been pleasantly surprised with EXO’s music. I really liked their first releases of “What is Love” and “History” and “Mama” was good but not my favorite. Then on that mini album I LOVE “Machine” it’s really a great track. On XOXO I really love “Black Pearl,” “Let out the Beast,” “Baby Don’t Cry,” “Heart Atack,” and “My Lady”. Probably “My Lady” is my favorite it has really smooth feeling, with snapping, a really nice guitar sound in the background, and a smooth jazzy, r&b overall feel (not sure that makes sense). That song always makes me feel really happy. EXO has always surprised me about that. Then I always love SHINee’s stuff like “Stranger,” “Up&Down,” “Dangerous,” and everything from Dream Girl; The Misconceptions of You. Random thoughts lead me to say miss a’s “Lips” off their “Touch” cd. Also I really love “Thunder” too!

  181. FT Island’s Can’t Have You from The Mood. OMG that’s such a friggin good song, and yet they had to promote anotheeeer rock ballad. ****argh*****

  182. so yea been waiting for this MV to come out well worth the wait yes their outfits where kinda ridiculous but the dancing made up for it. Love the remembering EXo’s name songs and the use of violent lip tattoos and really Simon how many things that stay on your head do you own and BWAHH so frustrated at how low of vote Hi Lee got because she is my favorite rookie wahdah wadha wadha … now that I touched base on the video PLEASE TELL ME FOR THE LOVE OF GLOB YOU GUYS WILL BE GOING BACK TO DO A MUSIC MONDAY ON BLOCK B’S JACKPOT!!!! i REALLY DON’T want that to get swept under the rug because it was an awesome comeback song I know timing was bad because it was released the day before the day before the tragedy so it understandable and lots of people have been waiting for Overdoes and then SJ came out with their song and whewuhpaehuwehufewh BUT Jackpot is also a critical comeback song for Block B and I just really need a music monday on the matter PLEASE

  183. SuJu hats were definitely the sillier of the 2. I didn’t hate the ones in EXO.

  184. Catherine Schafer

    Life = made.

  185. I liked Overdose less than XOXO, that album was amazing. Still, Overdose and Thunder are mega hits. As for hidden gems, or songs that should have had a video, right now I’m thinking of Don’t Go / Black Pearl (EXO), Tomorrow (BTS), 살아 봤으면 해 (2NE1), and COMA (B.A.P.).

  186. Asela Cheung

    Great review! If you guys are still considering doing an album segment for KMM, here are some suggestions:
    - U-Kiss’ Collage
    - AKMU’s debut album
    - f(x)’s Pink Tape
    - Rain’s Rain Effect
    - TVXQ’s Tense
    - Lee Hyori’s Monochrome
    - Ga In’s Truth or Dare
    - Lunafly’s Ain’t No Normal Guy

    And others I forgot. ^^; Hope they’ll keep you guys busy!

    • Totally agree about Collage! It is the album that made me truly notice U-Kiss. It is such a shame that “Amazing” from Doradora mini album does not have a music video. Seems like a great party track.

      • Asela Cheung

        Collage is one of my favorite U-Kiss albums! I agree with you on “Amazing”. I can picture the guys cruising around the city night and have an outdoor party on the rooftop– New York Style! :D

  187. Martina!!!! I love your randomness when coming up with songs! Love the lip color/pattern. Yall make me laugh. Also, I like EXO’s Thunder as well :)

  188. thisisjustforfunval

    Bwhaha, when I was first learning EXO’s names I kept mistakenly calling Luhan, Liu Kang also. XD That said, I always refer Luhan as Bambi.

  189. I definitely think there are some hidden gems on Kpop CDs and that’s honestly what kept me in engaged in Kpop this past year when I wasn’t a fan of many of the singles/MVs released. There are a lot of great examples of this, but the main one that comes to mind for me is f(x)’s Pink Tape album. Personally, I hated “Rum Pum Pum,” but ended up loving most of the songs on the album. Shinee’s past few albums had some great non-title track songs as well. Even with SNSD’s “I Got A Boy” album, there were some great songs like “Talk Talk,” “Express 999″ and “Lost in Love” (and I usually hate ballads) that weren’t given much attention because they weren’t exactly the type of songs that make for showy MVs. So I would definitely recommend listening through an album even if you dislike the title track, and I’d love to hear you talk about either the albums themselves or hidden gems in kpop at some point! :)

  190. unicornsgalaxy

    *runs in circles excitedly* ヽ(´∇´)ノ (∇´ノ) ヽ(   )ノ (ヽ´∇) ヽ(´∇`)ノ
    GAHH!!!!!!!! I WAS FEATURED IN THE BLOG POST!!! I’m not even sure why I’m so excited about that!

    I need time to process…I’ll come back later and leave some of my favorite ‘B’ side songs.

  191. Shinees symptoms is also one of my favorites c:

  192. Baby don’t cry is another good one from exo :) it has the urban rnb~soul vibe, hope you check it out!! It has a really nice piano + beat to it ~~

  193. KARA – Mister is probably the biggest example of a b-side with no official video that became bigger than the main track. For me, Girls Day – I Don’t Mind, and Sistar19 – Girl In Love hit the sweet spot.
    Was about to hit post, then thought of BEG – Recipe. Also good

  194. Marzia Matalone

    eheheh…I’m a normal fan but I remember all their names after watching their showtime…but I’m sure people will find Martina’s song an even more enjoyable way to learn… :-D… I laughed so much at the Kris part (your name is English and it’s easy to remember…XD)

  195. Ruth Van de Winkel

    OMG I just watched this here at the library but I had to stop this video because I couldn’t hold my laughter! The self-composed song is just hilarious, you guys are geniuses! And liked the hat-swop! The music video is typical Exo in my eyes quiet boring expect from the dance of course which is awesome, the song isn’t my favourite of all Exo songs as well, but I did like it especially the chorus!! Go EXO! P.S.: the wall banging reminded me of theri sunbaes DBSK-Mirotic^^

  196. Overdose is slowly growing on me, for now I definitely prefer Thunder. For the album only tracks by other artists I would definitely say Miss A’s Lips is one of the best non-title tracks in K-pop. JYP totally messed up in not making that the lead track on their Touch mini album. Other good ones are Lee Hi’s Special, f(X)’s Airplane, Wonder Girls’ Me, in and 2NE1′s Baby I Miss You.

  197. Where did you unearth all of those hats?? And are the knitted hats with eyk written on them for sale???

  198. It´s an amazing song. I think the lyrics are talking about their fans (stalkers, oh)…
    Moonlight is great. Also I loved “Black Pearl” and “Let out the beast” from Growl album.

  199. Leanne Cain

    Martina!!! How can a song be both hilarious and sexy sounding? That was amazing! That bit should be in it’s own video, too!

  200. I think Overdose is a great mini album, but imo XOXO was a notch up – enjoyed every single song on it. MYNAME’s albums (or rather single albums), especially their latest one, and C-Clown’s albums have pretty quality songs too :)

    Also, good work on the song lol got a few laughs outta me.

  201. Henry

    is avril levine their makeup artist?

  202. Ara


  203. Moonlight is an awesome song. I love the wailing falsetto at the end.

  204. I’m not even into EXO but now I’m afraid I’m going to have to learn their names. Martina put all that effort into that awesome song, I kind of feel bad if I won’t! D:

    • I know! The song is too awesome for me not to learn!

      I’m not big on names or bands. I just know I like what I like and that EXO often ends up high on that list. Never bothered to learn their names though (too confusing! With the ever changing hairstyles of kpop bands, I get confused and I find that it’s not worth the hour or so I have to put into possibly learning their names. Trust me, that’s about how long it took me to learn the members of Ukiss).

      Anywho, with martina’s song it was a breeze! So far I have half the members memorized after 3 plays! And maybe with a few more plays I’ll have their faces memorized too!

  205. Kai really amazed me with this choreography. I can’t stop looking at him when I see this video. And D.O. is even my bias….

    But in terms of B-Sides, EXO has so many that I love more than their title songs: Black Pearl, EXO-M’s Machine, My Lady

  206. Yes! I hoped you would review Overdose! Thank you~
    My favourite track from the album is Moonlight, too. I love ballads in general and this one is just…amazing!
    Thunder’s great too, especially the full tune and the amount of adlibs.

  207. YES! I hopes you would review Overdose! Thank you~
    Moonlight is my favourite track from the Album, too. I really, really love the calm tune.
    Thunder’s great too with all the adlibs. *sighs* Amazing! <3

  208. THUNDER~~~~~

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