YESSSSSS!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!! Exo-K! We’ve wanted to talk about this song since it came out. It’s so bloody amazing, and if you haven’t heard it yet, listen to it in the video below. Then listen to it again and again, on loop, cuz it’s that awesome


Uhhh! That was such an awesome song, even if there’s a lot of weird stuff happening with SM, EXO, and this song. First off, this isn’t considered EXO’s debut single, even if it’s the song they’ve debuted with. It’s just a song, a taste of what their music is like, supposedly, and thus should be considered a “Prologue” or whatever. It’s also not all of EXO, but just two members. Also, this is just the Korean version of the song, while there’s a version in Mandarin as well, hence the names Exo-K for this song, and Exo-M for the other song. Also, after this song was released, many more teasers have been released for the band, for some odd reason, even though we’ve already got a “Prologue” of what their music is like. We’d understand if each of the teasers were supposed to introduce different members of the band (which, in our opinion, has eight members too many), but supposedly most of the teasers are of just Kai.

I don’t know. I want to say that I just don’t care about how ridiculous this whole situation is, and laugh off how bad the marketing for this has been, but – well – this song is so damned good that we have no choice but to pay attention to it. And hopefully we can just pay attention to that: good music by good singers mismanaged by their company. And I hope SM diehards aren’t going to get too upset about this. I’m sure some people can agree with what we’re saying here. We like EXO. Their first song: awesome. Just don’t like the marketing strategy for them, which just gets us more annoyed at the marketing team than at EXO themselves.

So, now that that’s off our chest: umm. Who likes…stuff? Stuff’s cool. This video was cool in some respects, not cool in others. Love that they’re not in silly rooms for most of the video. The whole Indiana Jones-esque feel to the video was really cool, and makes it look really fun, almost like they were out WANKing with each other. Ha!

Anyhow, that’s it for this week. We usually link to albums for you to buy if you like the song, but EXO still hasn’t released an album, so best we can do is just link to the song on iTunes. Otherwise, check out this week’s bloopers, in which Spudgy demands bananas. What a spoiled dog!


Oh! And for those of you who might, for some reason, want our cheesy remake of the Exo-K “What is Love” loop, here it is! We didn’t embellish it at all. Just got the basic DUM DUDU DUM DUM part down :D

  1. I LOVE that sweater, Martina!!!   I thought the same thing about the beat when I heard it for the very first time.  Now I can’t stop listening to it.  LOL

  2. great review as always, they’re all very pretty and sing very 
    well… looking forward to more from them…

    …but Martina, seriously, that sweater is soooo 
    wrong >_<

  3. EXO. I didn’t even realize they had a song out, due to trailer overload.
    I was also totally distracted by the Big Bang photo on your laptop. I kept missing what you were doing because I was cheering for BB :P

  4. the only reason they are not in s dimly lit room  in this “prologue” is because they haven’t made their official debut yet. I bet you three Internets that their first real MV they release will be in the typical SM setting.

    My guess is that only after or during the debut, SM locks their artist in their cellars and forces them to dance for our amusement. Before that, they let those pretty boys fly free thinking “this is how it’s going to be my entire life now! yay!” but then NOT.

    also, the boys is catchy but ridicules. my vote goes to WHAT IS LOVE~

  5. How bout  making a review on the sng Bella- don’t let go .I really like the song

  6. hi guys..sorry i need to post my question here..uhhm the new mv of BIGBANG BLUE i cant find it on kchart list but when i tried posting it ,.it says its already uploaded,.i really want to start voting for it..hope you can help me out..i want you to review it guys the song is amazing…its quite refreshing and relaxing..(ps btw the MV is a bit common but the song is really great:)

  7. At 2.30 in the MV where the guy in white stands in a field with his arms up reminds me of “You’re beautiful”s Hwan Tae Kyung just moments before the ‘evil’ pig chased him (which was in slow motion……).
    Makes me laugh like hell every time.

  8. omg simon u destroyed another song for meh >XD now i’ll be singin ‘IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII LOST MA PANSSSSSSS…’ the whole time P: u should feel guilty~!! P: and btw i vote fot exo’s song xDD ‘the boys’ didn’t rock my socks that much hmmm…

    oh. and yes. i’m gonna stalk u with that question till i get yes/no answer >XDD soooo… i was wonderin… me & ma friend will be visiting seoul in may so i thought… wellll… is there any possibility to meet wit u guys? i don’t intend to take ur time or disturb u the whole day. just when u’ll be makin for ex some wanking in seoul, we’d meet like for 5 min just to tell ya how osom u r, make some photos & shake hands >XD oh and bonus for simon: we’re polish~!! (:

  9. My Vote Is For EXO “What is Love” I absolutely love love this “Prolouge” song eventhough its clearly their first song and mv release; for me that means they officially presented myself as a new rookie group to the world. But thats just me though…anyways I love SNSD but im a EXO-TIC fan (I have to give Simon credit for the EXO’S Fan base, I think that it’ll be a fitting name :)p ).

  10. Am I the only one who thinks that Simon sounds a little like Miss Piggy from the Muppets at 5:46? Also I vote for EXO.

  11. EXO What is Love. Love the beats. I agree with you on the marketing. I gave up paying attention how many teasers were released after seeing Kai again…and again…Then came the confusion of how many people are in the group started to rise. >.<

  12. I LOST MY MIND. COZ THIS SONG IS SO DAMN GOOD. no seriously, my day is not over until i listen 2 it at least 3 times. definitely EXO 4 me :) 

  13. my vote for the mv is edfinitely EXO-K.  I liked your review since I agree, just come out with the album!!

  14. lol cowboy…’La vie comme un étranger’ as a french speaker i laughed so hard at this XD i agreed with Martina, the song grew on me too at the beginning i didn’t really like it…my vote goes to ‘what is love’ i really love their voices and i’m not tired of the song yet oops the prologue kkkk :P i think Teddy R. did a great job (even if for me the best song he did was ‘Dr feel good’ for Rania

  15.  I think they really good singer .. but as simon say SM doing that to promove the group I think is to much at that point it makes me…. I don´t know, i don´t like it. it´s annoying
    And also for me this song is a copy of TVXQ – before you go. is what I though the first time I saw it.

  16. For once I have to disagree with about everything you guys say..
    I’ve watched the MV just before watching your review (cos it’s blocked in germany and I never bothered to go to the extend to unblock it)
    and while watching and listening to it, I was just hoping it would end soon! They have nice vocals but the song in itself sounds boring to me.

    Don’t like the boys that much either but I guess I’ll vote for them..

  17. I pick Dr. Feelgood! Yeah!! :D Aww… not a choice :( Actually, I think EXO’s song is better although I still think Rania is still underrated ;) Their last song wasn’t the greatest though… IMO. 

  18. I definitely vote for EXO’s “What is love” <3
    I seriously can't stop loving or listening to this song ^^

  19. My vote goes to “the Boys”…”What is Love” is so ugh… it reminds me of “Never Gonna Give You Up” and gets stuck in your head, it’s terrible.

  20. Also, is anyone else kind of scared and disturbed by the number of people that seem to be in EXO from that final shot? I mean, I have issues with the 9 people in SNSD so 12 guys seems…. out of control. But maybe I’m alone here.

    Also, if they have 12 members, why does this song only have 2 of them?? Does this mean they’re gonna release 6 ‘prologues’, a song for each two members before having the group actually release a song song? Talk about over-hyping…

  21. I’m voting for EXO, even thought I had pretty much no idea what was happening in the video. I did like that they got outside though, at least SM let them get some fresh air. XD
    Also, does anyone know if Teddy Riley also produced SM the Ballad’s Hot Times? I know he’s produced quite a few songs for SM and my friend mentioned he may have. I’m curious because they have sort of the same vibe.

  22. I’m sick of their teasers and I haven’t watched a single one of them. However, I really love this song and can’t wait to hear EXO’s next song, to which I’m sure SM will release about 20 more teasers before they actually debut the video.

  23. Frankly, all I think of when I see/hear this song is this: 
    … T_T 

    I’ve got to vote for “The Boys”. The song’s really grown on me and I even like the “rap” sequences. I’m kind of just bored by Exo and “What Is Love”. I

  24. EXO totally owns SNSD! :D (No offense!)

  25. Okay, I’m not a huge fan of either group, but my vote is for EXO. EXO has some awesome talent, but I find their “prologue” rather boring. Lol. I haven’t even been able to listen to the entire song. Great vocals though. 

  26. EXO to the max!! Their song is AWESOME!!!!!!!

  27. never really got into the hype from the 18 teasers but i have to give my vote to EXO because the girls generation song  with English like “we get it in” just is wrong

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