YESSSSSS!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!! Exo-K! We’ve wanted to talk about this song since it came out. It’s so bloody amazing, and if you haven’t heard it yet, listen to it in the video below. Then listen to it again and again, on loop, cuz it’s that awesome


Uhhh! That was such an awesome song, even if there’s a lot of weird stuff happening with SM, EXO, and this song. First off, this isn’t considered EXO’s debut single, even if it’s the song they’ve debuted with. It’s just a song, a taste of what their music is like, supposedly, and thus should be considered a “Prologue” or whatever. It’s also not all of EXO, but just two members. Also, this is just the Korean version of the song, while there’s a version in Mandarin as well, hence the names Exo-K for this song, and Exo-M for the other song. Also, after this song was released, many more teasers have been released for the band, for some odd reason, even though we’ve already got a “Prologue” of what their music is like. We’d understand if each of the teasers were supposed to introduce different members of the band (which, in our opinion, has eight members too many), but supposedly most of the teasers are of just Kai.

I don’t know. I want to say that I just don’t care about how ridiculous this whole situation is, and laugh off how bad the marketing for this has been, but – well – this song is so damned good that we have no choice but to pay attention to it. And hopefully we can just pay attention to that: good music by good singers mismanaged by their company. And I hope SM diehards aren’t going to get too upset about this. I’m sure some people can agree with what we’re saying here. We like EXO. Their first song: awesome. Just don’t like the marketing strategy for them, which just gets us more annoyed at the marketing team than at EXO themselves.

So, now that that’s off our chest: umm. Who likes…stuff? Stuff’s cool. This video was cool in some respects, not cool in others. Love that they’re not in silly rooms for most of the video. The whole Indiana Jones-esque feel to the video was really cool, and makes it look really fun, almost like they were out WANKing with each other. Ha!

Anyhow, that’s it for this week. We usually link to albums for you to buy if you like the song, but EXO still hasn’t released an album, so best we can do is just link to the song on iTunes. Otherwise, check out this week’s bloopers, in which Spudgy demands bananas. What a spoiled dog!


Oh! And for those of you who might, for some reason, want our cheesy remake of the Exo-K “What is Love” loop, here it is! We didn’t embellish it at all. Just got the basic DUM DUDU DUM DUM part down :D

  1. I got never the idea of the I lost my pants but I always understood
    I lost my mind, ripido, sipido, strip in slow motion xD
    I really thought that’s what the lyrics are about

  2. You guys have 500k! Woo! This kmm is what got me into EXO xD I love this song! :)

  3. ANSWER: The 3:28 min mark is gorgeous. The way Tao is filmed from below… wait that sounds nasty… ooooo. Anyway, I really appreciate the way the white light shining through the windows contrasts with the darkness of Tao’s outfit. And how the light hazes around the window boarders. (or perhaps its time to exchange my comp for a more HD one) None the less, that be me answer.
    (subscribed under jessicaverrette@gmail)

  4. Simon…You predicted Wolf.

  5. I love the parts with the desk in the middle of the field. It is so surreal! At first it seems so out of place, yet it also belongs there.

  6. i like the lighting and S&M mentioned, they are free from brick walls and rooms!! sad but true, I really think the most creative part is when Kai dances….by himself…with his clothing….but i like the contrast of black vs. white but it looked lonely. but aside from that, this style is very different than other kpop mv’s, something new and unexpected i think so whoo for EXO, stepping into something new and unique….something exotic! lol

  7. HAHA! Since I cannot post any comments on the actual video….. I will go and post the response here….lets hope that you can see…… Well….. My favorite has to be the hunhun couple! The outfits are hilarious considering that the sun is shining brightly and yet they wear fur….. Must be a subtle hint on the whole wolf thing……. merp. They whole bromance thing is really cool. The other one is with the kite and the sudden appearance of the table on the middle of the field…. i could go on forever!!!!!

  8. The intro to this song reminds me of the intro to the buy catalogue music from the Sims 2.


  10. And now the term EXOtic is universal…thanks Simon.

  11. #1EXOTIC in the houusee!!

  12. Ripido flipido sipi slow motion!! Simon, you are so awesome!! This is my absolute favourite song and I am so glad you guys liked it…

  13. You guys might get a kick out of this….I made a chopped and screwed version of “What Is Love”, and the guitar track sounds more like something out of a Sergio Leone film more than ever. ^_^


  14. haha, I love your Breaking Bad reference and I wish you could do a review of Exo’s History. Oh man, that song is so catchy.

  15. Next time you do a video for Exo, can you review both Exo-K and Exo-M? Please?!

  16. What is the name of your artsy fartsy music? I really like it.  And because of you Simon I giggled during the whole day when someone says something including “lost” word in it.

  17. I’m gonna go with he Boys /black sheep

  18. also ummm can you please do Bigbang Bad Boy next? thanks!


  20. I REAAAAALLLYYY loved the bit about the IKEA desk. :D Great job this week.

  21. What really made this MM is how much you guys clearly love the song. It was great hearing you guys get into it and singing. :) Simon I love your idea of calling fans EXOtics. Although lengthy, this MM was really great. 

    P.S. Martina I love your outfit. :D

  22. EXO’s what is love!!!! <3 <3 <3

  23. awww, Martina, you look like a little cutest nerd ever~~~~~ 

  24. I’ve gotta vote for EXO – the song was SO GOOD! And I agree with Simon, the song’s become a part of my daily vocabulary as well (my friends have now gotten used to me randomly bursting out with ‘get in slow motion’ in the middle of a sentence)

  25. I LOVE that sweater, Martina!!!   I thought the same thing about the beat when I heard it for the very first time.  Now I can’t stop listening to it.  LOL

  26. ahhh i wish i could vote for both T_T
    but i’m gonna have to go w/ snsd. i just can’t choose ANYTHING over the boys… :)

  27. I haven’t been watching any of the teasers, because I do find it ridiculous (especially for a new group, I mean really), but I really like this song! I didn’t care for the music video, which reminds me of DBSK’s Forever Love music video (I didn’t like that one either). 

    My vote goes to EXO! I didn’t like the Boys at all, despite the hype and the fact that I like SNSD quite a bit.

  28. I agree with the whole teaser thing; apparently there’s only one left since the video for What Is Love is just made up of all the teasers cut together, but seeing how much SM has trolled us so far I don’t know ._. I just want to see them debut already! There have been teasers for what, 2 months now? And people who have known them as M1 and M2 have been waiting even longer! e.e

    But still, I vote for EXO; I loved What Is Love from the moment I listened to it; both versions whereas Girl’s Generation’s song was just… I didn’t like it. It’s grown on my a little bit but it still sounds really awkward, whereas What Is Love was love at first listen.

    And I’m pretty sure EXO fans were calling themselves Exotics since before the first teaser came out :D

  29. lol i like how simon already calls exo fans exotics like that’s their decided official name

  30. I don’t know how I lived without your blog…

  31. can I say I LOVE YOUR T-SHIRT SIMON XD HAHAHAHA!!! LOL!! now up to the video watching rest.

  32. jajajaja I think your dog knows more korean than I do!!

  33. i couldnt help but notice BIG BANG comeback cover album over there..hehe :)

  34. OH MY FREAKIN GOD. I CANNOT AGREE WITH SIMON MORE ON HOW RIDICULOUS EXO’S MARKETING IS. i’ve never seen so much teaser hype for anything, EVER, and i get the feeling i never will again. i was soooooo excited to see what sm had in store (huge smtown fan here)….but after so many teasers, im not anymore. these teasers hold no more excitement or curiosity for me anymore whatsoever.
    on an unrelated side note: hahahaha martina butchering junsu’s name XD
    oh and i vote for EXO! we shouldn”t break simon’s heart, now, should we?

  35. Vote for EXO. I’m not into ballads as well, but the beat and feeling is nice. I like this kind of slow songs (I’ve liked SM The Ballad’s Hot Times and DBSK’s Hey Girl as well, but probably less than Prologue). I’m more into Chinese version, though :) I’m so happy there will be another well known SM unit singing in Chinese since I’m learning this language :D

  36. I have seriously not laughed that hard in a while! And to top it off, I have this killer chest cold so it sent me into a downward spiral of coughing-laughter fits…

  37. Ok one vote for EXO, and I kind of hope that the will sing this “prologue” with their “real” single  (like SJ superman and  mr. simple).

  38. I vote for EXO …and that’s all the english I know xD

  39. I love it when I’m wearing the same shirt as Simon is! I loves my cow shirt! Poor little cow all stuck up on the moon!

  40. I was expecting so much from EXO debut song, but I don’t know, I don’t like it, but I don’t hate it. But I will give my vote to EXO. Echh, I hate when SM is teasing people… I look forward to Big Bangs blue, Jay Park and LedApple. :) Great job.

  41. What is Love is seriously a nice song!! But enough is enough the #19th teaser has just came out. By the time they finish teasing us, there are enough songs for a full album .

  42. EXO all the way. I’m not liking The Boys any better than EXO’s (exc. the intro)

  43. kawaii_candie

    great review as always, they’re all very pretty and sing very 
    well… looking forward to more from them…

    …but Martina, seriously, that sweater is soooo 
    wrong >_<


  45. I don’t really like “The Boys” Exo gets my vote! 

  46. EXO. I didn’t even realize they had a song out, due to trailer overload.
    I was also totally distracted by the Big Bang photo on your laptop. I kept missing what you were doing because I was cheering for BB :P

  47. Exo’s song has a very american sound to it

  48. big bang’s blue! martina! t.o.p is back! 

  49. please please do big bang blue………….
    MARTINA I KNOW YOU WANT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    bur the muzic vid is a tad bit confusing and i would definitly be happy bout your advice on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. the only reason they are not in s dimly lit room  in this “prologue” is because they haven’t made their official debut yet. I bet you three Internets that their first real MV they release will be in the typical SM setting.

    My guess is that only after or during the debut, SM locks their artist in their cellars and forces them to dance for our amusement. Before that, they let those pretty boys fly free thinking “this is how it’s going to be my entire life now! yay!” but then NOT.

    also, the boys is catchy but ridicules. my vote goes to WHAT IS LOVE~

  51. How bout  making a review on the sng Bella- don’t let go .I really like the song

  52. http://youtu.be/2GRP1rkE4O0 lets go VIP’s Kpop lovers! 3 million views by the end of today!! #bigbangblue! 

  53. their song is a remake of TVXQ! – Before U Go ㄱ_______ㄱ; ….. seriously 

  54. a vote for exo :)

  55. hi guys..sorry i need to post my question here..uhhm the new mv of BIGBANG BLUE i cant find it on kchart list but when i tried posting it ,.it says its already uploaded,.i really want to start voting for it..hope you can help me out..i want you to review it guys the song is amazing…its quite refreshing and relaxing..(ps btw the MV is a bit common but the song is really great:)

  56. At 2.30 in the MV where the guy in white stands in a field with his arms up reminds me of “You’re beautiful”s Hwan Tae Kyung just moments before the ‘evil’ pig chased him (which was in slow motion……).
    Makes me laugh like hell every time.

  57. LOL!!! Love you guys! You never fail to make me laugh and your remakes are awesome!
    I didn’t really like the song at first either….thought it was really repetitive..but that subliminal message got me too and now I LOVE it!! So my vote is for EXO-K!

    BTW loving the BB wallpaper! I’m sooooooo excited for the 29th!!!! BIGBANG is BACK!…..again

  58. I don’t like EXO – what is love. It sounds sooo much like TVXQ – Before U Go. I don’t need a copy, so my vote goes to SNSD.

  59. omg simon u destroyed another song for meh >XD now i’ll be singin ‘IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII LOST MA PANSSSSSSS…’ the whole time P: u should feel guilty~!! P: and btw i vote fot exo’s song xDD ‘the boys’ didn’t rock my socks that much hmmm…

    oh. and yes. i’m gonna stalk u with that question till i get yes/no answer >XDD soooo… i was wonderin… me & ma friend will be visiting seoul in may so i thought… wellll… is there any possibility to meet wit u guys? i don’t intend to take ur time or disturb u the whole day. just when u’ll be makin for ex some wanking in seoul, we’d meet like for 5 min just to tell ya how osom u r, make some photos & shake hands >XD oh and bonus for simon: we’re polish~!! (:

  60. i vote for EXO’s What is love! I mean my office mate started singing I LOST MY MIND (he’s a hardcore rock fan who does not know any kpop artist and he’s almost 40 years old!) after hearing me sing it for a day. I actually like your SLIPIDOW FLIPIDOW GET IN SLOW MOTION version of the song. It’s like you’re casting a spell or something. I like this review a lot even though I can feel the “bias-ness” all over the video (although I cannot blame you for that! It’s such a freakin’ good song, I mean PROLOGUE) I super duper agree in your view towards SM’s marketing plan. I hope that they’ll debut next week coz my Soribada cash point days are almost up! ^_^v

  61. I LOST MY PANTS~~!

    Oh yeah, EXO was pretty good too.  Just kidding.

    My vote: EXO.  I consider myself a level 3 SNSD fan (out of 5), but this so^H^H^H prologue really was pretty awesome.

  62. My Vote Is For EXO “What is Love” I absolutely love love this “Prolouge” song eventhough its clearly their first song and mv release; for me that means they officially presented myself as a new rookie group to the world. But thats just me though…anyways I love SNSD but im a EXO-TIC fan (I have to give Simon credit for the EXO’S Fan base, I think that it’ll be a fitting name :)p ).

  63. Am I the only one who thinks that Simon sounds a little like Miss Piggy from the Muppets at 5:46? Also I vote for EXO.

  64. EXO What is Love. Love the beats. I agree with you on the marketing. I gave up paying attention how many teasers were released after seeing Kai again…and again…Then came the confusion of how many people are in the group started to rise. >.<

  65. well I have to vote for EXO this song grew on me, at the beginnign for me this song was booooooring but by a misterious reason I ended up listening this song 1000000000 times and also i hate The boys, I don’t think that this was a good song for SNSD maybe for somebody else, maybe

  66. I LOST MY MIND. COZ THIS SONG IS SO DAMN GOOD. no seriously, my day is not over until i listen 2 it at least 3 times. definitely EXO 4 me :) 

  67. Yeah, Exo gets my vote. The Boys was a fine song but for a different group.

  68. my vote for the mv is edfinitely EXO-K.  I liked your review since I agree, just come out with the album!!

  69. Exo wins — hands down, behind your back and under a rock.

  70. lol cowboy…’La vie comme un étranger’ as a french speaker i laughed so hard at this XD i agreed with Martina, the song grew on me too at the beginning i didn’t really like it…my vote goes to ‘what is love’ i really love their voices and i’m not tired of the song yet oops the prologue kkkk :P i think Teddy R. did a great job (even if for me the best song he did was ‘Dr feel good’ for Rania

  71.  I think they really good singer .. but as simon say SM doing that to promove the group I think is to much at that point it makes me…. I don´t know, i don´t like it. it´s annoying
    And also for me this song is a copy of TVXQ – before you go. is what I though the first time I saw it.

  72. a few comments and questions. 1) love the Big Bang desktop! Ddaebak!
    2) why does one of the members have a deathly hallows book..? are they looking for them.. cause Harry kinda found them already and 3)who is who.. are Exo M in the video too..? how many are there? I am SOOOO Confused!!!!

  73. For once I have to disagree with about everything you guys say..
    I’ve watched the MV just before watching your review (cos it’s blocked in germany and I never bothered to go to the extend to unblock it)
    and while watching and listening to it, I was just hoping it would end soon! They have nice vocals but the song in itself sounds boring to me.

    Don’t like the boys that much either but I guess I’ll vote for them..

  74. I pick Dr. Feelgood! Yeah!! :D Aww… not a choice :( Actually, I think EXO’s song is better although I still think Rania is still underrated ;) Their last song wasn’t the greatest though… IMO. 

  75. I vote for EXO’s song!
    And the What Is Love Remix-ish thing is behind by a beat or two..

  76. i love the big bang teaser pics in the background ;) and i would definitely vote for EXO’s “What is Love”. I didn’t like it at first, but it really grew on me. ^^ btw, martina i really really loved you’re outfit in this video! <3

  77. I definitely vote for EXO’s “What is love” <3
    I seriously can't stop loving or listening to this song ^^

  78. My vote goes to “the Boys”…”What is Love” is so ugh… it reminds me of “Never Gonna Give You Up” and gets stuck in your head, it’s terrible.

  79. Also, is anyone else kind of scared and disturbed by the number of people that seem to be in EXO from that final shot? I mean, I have issues with the 9 people in SNSD so 12 guys seems…. out of control. But maybe I’m alone here.

    Also, if they have 12 members, why does this song only have 2 of them?? Does this mean they’re gonna release 6 ‘prologues’, a song for each two members before having the group actually release a song song? Talk about over-hyping…

  80. I’m just so-so on What is Love, kinda boring but somehow kind of addicting, but it definitely beats The Boys cause that has got to be one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard… With the super random and, at times, awkward English and the break-downs to weird chanting whenever the song was starting to get some momentum… Yeah, EXO definitely wins. Hands down.

  81. thatssumgoodcurry

    I’m voting for EXO, even thought I had pretty much no idea what was happening in the video. I did like that they got outside though, at least SM let them get some fresh air. XD
    Also, does anyone know if Teddy Riley also produced SM the Ballad’s Hot Times? I know he’s produced quite a few songs for SM and my friend mentioned he may have. I’m curious because they have sort of the same vibe.

    • Teddy Riley and Yoo-Young Jin co-wrote/poroduced this song. YYJ (Yoo Young Jin) was the producer for Hot Times (as well as Sorry Sorry Answer, and Before U Go). They’re all very YYJ-esq RnB ballads, which is amusing when people are screaming that the song is oh-so-original compared to other SM songs lol

  82. thisisjustforfunval

    I’m sick of their teasers and I haven’t watched a single one of them. However, I really love this song and can’t wait to hear EXO’s next song, to which I’m sure SM will release about 20 more teasers before they actually debut the video.

  83. If you guys want to see that EXO guy kicking that other guy in the face in slow motion you just need to watch Exo teaser number 15 lol. They completely abuse the slow motion capture feature there.

  84. i love exo but idk y but i still want to hear ur review about teen top’s crazy

  85. Frankly, all I think of when I see/hear this song is this: 
    … T_T 

    I’ve got to vote for “The Boys”. The song’s really grown on me and I even like the “rap” sequences. I’m kind of just bored by Exo and “What Is Love”. I

  86. EXO totally owns SNSD! :D (No offense!)

  87. Okay, I’m not a huge fan of either group, but my vote is for EXO. EXO has some awesome talent, but I find their “prologue” rather boring. Lol. I haven’t even been able to listen to the entire song. Great vocals though. 

  88. SNSD/Girls’ Generation – THE BOYS!!!! My favorite song ever…at least right now….lol!

  89. EXO to the max!! Their song is AWESOME!!!!!!!

  90. never really got into the hype from the 18 teasers but i have to give my vote to EXO because the girls generation song  with English like “we get it in” just is wrong

  91. i’m totally lost with EXO it’s so confusing i don’t get anything. So… this wasn’t their debut single but a prologue single ??? uh ? i had no idea and maybe that explains some things………. or not. anyways. as for me, like Martina, i wasn’t into that song, like AT-ALL, and i still can’t say i am now (i don’t know it kinda… bores me ?) but it still somehow kinda grew on me. But, well, if that was their prologue song, maybe i’ll actually love their debut single (even if i’m sick of their teasers i’ve stopped watching a way long back time ago).

    voting for EXO even if i’m not liking neither of those songs (the boys was horrible, thinking they’re trying to go global with that terrible song…)

  92. EXO without a doubt.

  93. I really like “What is Love”, I can’t stop listening to it!!! Their voices are just so nice~ 
    C’mon, the “forever alone” dance was kinda sexy!! ~<3 
    I can't wait until… uh… I guess an actual song comes out? =_= ::sigh:: 

  94. “What is Love” is a thousand times better than “The Boys” in my opinion. I can’t even get myself to listen to that song all the way through. 

    And I see your screensaver Martina. I’m super excited for Big Bang’s comeback!!!

    Random side note: while typing ‘what is love’ above, i immediately started to bob my head and sing the following, “baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more”

  95. I vote for Exo “What is Love”! First time I heard it, I didn’t really like it…Now I’m hopelessly addicted! And I really like songs that grow on you, as opposed to sound catchy the first time, but then get boring after a few plays. This song gets better each time I listen to it! * o*

  96. EXO, even if it just a prologue :P

  97. Apparently the ‘logic’ behind “What is Love” being a prologue single is that the vast majority of the group is not actually on the song. Apparently it’s just the two main vocalists of the respective groups singing (two for K, two for M).

  98. Haha when I first opened eatyourkimchi up and saw the new thing at the top I almost started hyperventilating.

  99. Funny how most people are voting against a song rather than for one…

  100. ninirobinsondiederichs

    the chorus always gives me goosebumps, really good song.

  101. Definitely EXO because I couldn’t listen to the boys more than 4 times. I listen to EXO’s song on repeat for hours everyday. Awesome song <3

  102. That broken down barn set the used was also in FTIslands “Like The Birds” and Orange Caramel’s “Aing” BROHOHO!

  103. I find Exo’s “Prologue” so hauntingly beautiful that it wins over any SNSD song any day. SNSD is waaaay too set on keeping their whole “omg we’re cute but sexy but still cute so let’s act all innocent” scheme.

  104. What it love, baby don’t hurt me…don’t hurt me…no more! -bangs head to the right-
    Anyone seen Night at the Roxbury? 

  105. My vote goes to EXO. I have to say that The Boys kind of grew on me after a while since I listened to it a lot, but What is Love had me immediately. So, EXO!

  106. I think you forgot about one thing in the review. The song sound like a combination of DBSK’s “Before U Go” and SM the Ballad’s “Hot Times.”  I’m not a fan of slow RnB type ballad songs. so I don’t really like “What is Love.”

  107. I love how BIG BANG is in the backgorund…go MARTINA!

  108. EXO WINS!!! Hey in the mandarin ver. “Get in Slow Motion” at 2:09 there like a mini spin but only like 90 degrees? hee really no 360s

  109. What is Love wins !
    I don’t think anybody mentionned it but the song reminds me of TVXQ’s “before you go”, mostly because of the beginning !

  110. EXO What is Love!!!!!! Stuck in my head tooo!!! Yeah I wish SM would stop all the teasers but it’s b/c they are trying to promote them better, since before people had trouble remembering who was who in SJ or SHINee, etc. Well, that aint happening to Kai. xD

  111. Sascha Wong

    Martina, that is the coolest sweater I have ever seen. WANT.

    I didn’t know Teddy Riley produced this! My vote’s for EXO, because I… I really can’t stand “The Boys.”

    However, now I will forever think of EXO’s song as “I lost my pants….” :D  

  112. irritablevowel

    Wait, Teddy Riley produced this?  Didn’t he also use a cowboy sounding beat on “No Diggity”?  

    • I love “No Diggity”

      If that song reminds me of anything its the song from Holes…haha

    • Yeah right Teddy Riley. This is totally a Yoo Young-Jin song. He wrote it with Teddy Riley. “What Is Love” sounds like exactly something he would write.

      “Hot Times” by SM The Balled
      “Before U Go” by TVXQ
      “Sorry, Sorry – Answer” by Super Junior

      He’s written other songs of course that are different, but I really doubt Teddy Riley who wrote “The Boys” and “Dr. Feel Good” would end up with “What is Love”. The beat I would say Riley wrote if anything.

  113. They haven’t even debuted and they already had their song reviewed by Simon and Martina! That’s a great career achievement right there!

     You know what would have been epic? If they had released “Two moons” instead! I mean, “Roll like a buffalo” and Simon+Martina sounds like a winning combo :’)

    Anyway, I like both “The Boys” and “What is love” but my vote goes to Exo because I think it’s pretty funny that they win stuff before even debuting.

  114. Totally voting for “What Is Love”

    And yeah…the SM Marketing is annoying. I’d understand if they made twelve teasers to sort of introduce fans to each member, but they’re on number eighteen, and Kai has been in at least six of them now. I mean, I’m still looking forward to their eventual debut, but the teasers are not helping at all. And I still think their biggest mistake was releasing the two teasers after the release of “What Is Love”…using the scenes and music from the actual music video. It’s like, yeah SM that MV and song were really great…so why do you need to cut it up into segments and make teasers of it if it’s /already released/?

    Anyway, awesome review! Oh, and I’m loving that shirt Simon XD

  115. “…Because regardless of what the band looks like, the sound of their music is the only thing that really matters.”

    Preach it Simon!!

  116. Okay, this is WAY random..but your hair looks pretty, Martina :)

  117. EXO ♥♥♥

  118. @simonandmartina:disqus : did you know that Teddy Riley will also be producing a song for shinee’s comeback?
    what do you think about it?

  119. I vote for SNSD’s The Boys not so much because I like but because I find What is love so anoying. I find it long, slow and repetitive and to have the bad version of stuck in your mind writen all over it. The MV was kind of lame as well. To me it is unbelivable that this got to #1.

  120. I really love this song~
    About the teasers im really tired of them, but i think it will come more, ’cause EXO will debut on March :P.
    Thanks a lot for this Music Monday, Simon and Martina! <3

  121. eh.. I don’t really like the marketing, but you gotta admmit it’s paying off (every kpop fan, local and international, knows their name.. and they already have MANY die-hard fans )

    the idea itself isn’t bad, but it’s bad execution.. they could’ve just made 12 teasers of 12 songs for each member, that would have been brilliant! but this “more than 1 teaser for a song and revealing the same members over and over while some are not shown yet” kinda through me of.. especially since it’s the #18 teaser already.

    anyway, hope they don’t dissapoint, because they set the bar REALLY high.. but I look foward to it since I love this song.

  122. YES! FINALLY EXO IS ON KPOP MUSIC MONDAY! I love exo very much.. I also love their song/prologe… Even though I really likes The Boys by Girls Generation, I’ll have to go with EXO What is Love because I like the song better!

  123. I think EXO is waaay better then SNSD

  124. i honestly o.o didn’t c any plot in that mv
    but wow there vioce!
    i agree simon
    y da hell r they releaseing so many teasers…
    snsd is my vote
    i rather watch slow motion walking then get confused with plots

  125. the boys(:

    (i love this song too though….>.<)

  126. Exo’s what is love for sure :D

  127. gosh I love this song so much :D and I don’t know why too (probably SM
    illuminati) because I don’t like kpop ballads, and on top of that it has this
    r’n’b feeling that I’m not into normally. damn you SM!!


    about the boys, I can’t believe how ridiculous bad this song is, but yet
    still I like it (kind of addicted to it), but I prefer EXO their prolog is definitely


  128. The house that EXO was in looks like FT. Island’s house in that one song. I think the house was used in another song too.

  129. Voting for Exo “What is Love” because i reeeaaallllyyy detested SNSD’s “The Boys”, even though i’m also not a big ballad fan (Martina-coincedently you and I both like the exact same ballads).

  130. I really loved the song, too. And I didn’t expect to like it because the band was so overexposed with those 30 bajillion teasers! Maybe the key to liking EXO is to completely ignore all their press.

    I like “What is Love” better than “The Boys” overall. It’s catchier. :-)

  131. Anyone else think that aliens have landed outside the shed at 3.04? I just find it very strange how bright the sun glows behind the singers. Is it meant to be spiritual light or something?

  132. I was quite excited with the first teaser, which was awesome…then the 2nd teaser came, and I thought “ok, they’re adding members one by one…that’s nice!” …then Kai, and Kai, and Kai….again and again… Now, it’s saddenning me because I almost lost all interest in this group…How a bad marketing can ruin everything before debut. Oh, and I choose SNSD because, I just don’t like ballads. Sorry Simon!

  133. I HATED The Boys, so my vote goes to EXO. Even though I’m getting supersick of SM’s bajillion teasers and other bullshit. Also, I LOVE YOUR LAPTOP WALLPAPER THIS WEEK!!!! :))

  134. I thought it would never made it to KMM because it’s a ballad and it’s been a long time..plus it’s not exactly a debut? Anyway, I love the song a lot too! B.A.P. Was awesome but this song is the only one stuck in my head all week!

    *sings along with simon..lol, like I can’t say the words “I lost..” anymore without singing this song

  135. haha that was hilarious! I agree with many of your comments. Exo-tic would be a cool fanclub name. And yes, the teasers are annoying that I’ve ignored them, especially since the majority of them are of the same member, Kai (not that I dislike him or anything, but there are 11 other members of the group, you’d think they’d at least get some show time). I’m more of a fan of the Chinese version since I like the other two member’s voices more. 
    I was surprised Teddy Riley wrote this because I did not like “The Boys.” The weird rap in the middle of the song…didn’t make any sense to me. Anyways, I vote for EXO. 

  136. On a side note, although the teasers are getting ridiculous (I
    think we’re on #428 now, featuring Kai, right now) I’m not sick of them. On the contrary, I’ve been looking forward to them. It’s more
    like they’ve turned into a running joke between my sister and I. “Oh ho
    ho! ANOTHER teaser! I wonder which piece of clothing Kai’s dancing with
    this time?!” Constant lol’s between us. XD

  137. As a long time SNSD fan of several years that went to Paris and back for less than 24 hours just, only so I could see them live for once at SMTown Paris last year and because of it has been called by Korean friends weird because of it I’ll now happy vote for…


    The Boys freaking sucked… Better luck next time girls… Hmmmm, guess this technically is a vote against The Boys rather than a vote for EXO but whatever…

  138. EXO. I’m a Sone, but EXO. I’ve listened to “The Boys” only 106 times, but “What is Love” has 146 plays on my iTunes. You can clearly see which one I favor.

  139. punkyprincess92

    EXO What is Love!!!!!!!!!
    and yes i do believe the teasers are getting VERY annoying!!! but still i’ll be waiting for their debut!!! (it better be awesome SM!!!!), i’m not a crazy fangirl though that’ll instantly like any song they release!
    anyway what is love is an amazing song!!! at first when i heard the weird instrument in the background i was like O_O….what…is….this….? but it actually quickly grew on me!!!

  140. what is love is like a bad version of hot times by sm the ballad. as for teddy riley, i actually loved listening to dr feel good but i don’t like the boys or this. and i love snsd so much, i listen to all their other songs non stop but despite my efforts to try and like the boys, the song just sucks. the only bit i like in what is love is when they sing in english “i looossstt my miiinnndddd”, “get in slow motion~” hahah but i’m not anticipating exo, i feel like sm really stuffed up their marketing strategy with this group and usually i’m the first to jump to sm’s defence.

  141. You have Big Bang as ur wallpaper! I noticed that immidietly bc their soo sexy!

    Btw guys, I totally agree with u guys not liking SM’s marketing plan. I actually heard their gonna be debuting in March! this has gotta be the world record for the longest debut. Seriously. Imagine when they finally debut, and no one is interested….thats gonna be a lot of money down the drain. Their teasers itself look expensice and they already have 18 out. 0_0

    Anyways, this vote is easy. I prefer What is love by EXO than the boys by SNSD. The boys would have been good if not for the really bad chorus that will never grow on me, no matter how many times I hear it!

  142. I’ve the same thought about teaser videos… and i think they’re gonna be a lot more before a real debute, cause it seems they are about 12 guys of Exo … i actually like Kai, so far it seems is a really awesome dancer, so i don’t care if he appears a lot more, even though is anoying that it takes so long for the others to show they’re skills and debut already XD … by the way, love this song :)    Saludos desde Chile ;)

  143. SNSD’s The Boys. All the way. 

  144. My favourite Teddy Riley song?…. RaNia’s “Dr. Feel Good”!!!… Sorry but I didn’t like this song nor The Boys…

  145. I choose The Boys mainly because it appeals more to me. Not the best song from SNSD but quite okay after a few run,not to mention Jessica & her dove makes me giggle everytime. Sorry gurl.

    Anyway, What is love sounds like a hybrid btw DBSK Before u go & SM ballad Hot Times, IMO. Not to mention that I kinda annoyed with all the teasers. Just debut them already SM!!! Since this is just their prolugue, whatever that supposed to means, I’ll wait their official debut song to reevaluate my position. =)

  146. Love the song, guys! :)  I agree there are too many band members but is that a trend right now?  Along with the random letters/numbers to make a band name trend?  I would have been OK with just the two members who starred in the video and that’s it!  lol

    PS just ordered the cookie loves milk tee from threadless and I remember Simon wearing it once–so awesome.

  147. I love all your remakes lol 

  148. I vote for EXO. Beautiful song. I have tried listening to The boys some times, but i just dont like it. Sorry to all sones. 

  149. LOL! Spudgy begging for bananas. xD
    My vote goes to EXO cause the song finally sound non-recycled unlike some song. *cough*theboysmrsimpleachabonarama*cough*
    I don’t really like it though but at least it sounds decent.

    Did you straighten you hair, Martina?

  150. Exo! I hated The Boys, it’s a terrible generic, terrible pop song. That said i loved their remix contest as it spawned alot of remixes of it I really do like.

    Also i prefer Exo-M’s version. I think their vocalists are better. :p And since i don’t speak manderin or korean the language it’s in is irrelevant.

  151. I agree that the teasers are a bit too much, but the song’s quite well done. I can’t imagine what would happen if the song turns out to be unsatisfactory, when SM has pulled so many resources from other bands to get EXO on stage. >w<
    And I would like to vote for EXO. ^~^

  152. Favorite line from EXO is still: Roll like a buffalo…this song doesn’t even come close to that awesome-ness…^^

  153. I vote for Exo’s What is Love because it actually makes sense and I like how it really showcases their talents.  
    SNSD the Boy’s, eh I generally do like most SNSD songs, but the Boy’s…no.  the lyrics don’t make any sense, especially the english parts so I’m like wait did Riley really write this, he’s gotta have better sense at writing lyrics than that, seriously he was the one writing for MJ right? and the rapping in that song honestly sounds really really awkward.  I almost rather SNSD stick with the cutsy songs if this is what their “powerful song” sounds like

    and just since i’m in a ranty mood, I feel the need to say this
    sure SM overhyped exo with a ridiculous amount of teasers, way more than necessary, however i feel pretty safe to say that i can ask just about any regular kpop fan, “Have you heard of Exo?” Sure teh immediate response will probably “yeah, that group from Sm who has way too many teasers”  but what people don’t say is that they checked out a least a couple of the teasers and at least know Kai’s face
    so when SM finally does release the actual single, almost everyone is going to go check it out because all teh teasers sparked enough of their interest already
    so yeah they are overhyped and their actual debut single might be disappointing, but SM really got their name out there
    so as much as I despise the intensive business attitude SME has, I do applaud them still

  154. SM Entertainment:
    “Oh, they didn’t like SM the Ballad? But we had so many more songs written for them! Luckily we had these guys in storage. Let’s dust ‘em off, translate some of these SM Ballad songs into Chinese and ship them out……..eventually.”

  155. My vote goes to EXO :) Only because I really can’t get into SNSD’s The Boys…  I LOVE all their songs…. but not The Boys for some reason… I caught them on David Letterman though! They did a great job :)

  156. You guys are totally awesome! I choked on my drink…a few times!  As for the question I would totally choose EXO! greetings from Germany!
    p.s. Simon, EXO-tic? AWESOME!! Loved this scene!

  157. Oh my GOD. Yes. I thought the first few teasers were cool, like teasers 2 and 7, and they really got me hyped up. But I’m so annoyed by the teasers now. SM has to stop teasing and release their “official” debut already, before more fans get completely annoyed.
    I didn’t like this song at first either, but i listened to it more and more and i really started to like it. Especially the beginning! It has a very relaxing fell to it.
    I vote for Exo K!

  158. absolutely i choose EXO. love Baek hyun’s voice XD

  159.  How do you manage to put the inserts from the MV’s lately? Do you get the permission from the companies? Sorry for my crappy english :)

  160. Simon WON :D  heheheh

  161. Martina…sweater…where is it from??? NOW. :D

  162. Haugro

    What is Love by EXO without a doubt! The boys is just cringe worthy… *shudders* But OMG Bigbang wallpaper! <3

  163. I really like both of them, but I like the boys more. So my vote goes for snsd!

  164. Big Bang on the laptop! YEAH BOY!!

    • My eyes zoomed in on the laptop!!!

      We have the same wallpaper!!!!..o(OvO)o

      Can we VOTE ahead of time for Blue MV??
      I heard its gonna be released tom!!!

  165. I have to say, knowing Teddy Riley produced this song, makes so much more sense to me, now.  I have not been overly impressed by Teddy Riley, much less this song.  The boys can sing, I’ll give them that, but  this song was not impressive to me overall.  It takes more than good vocals to make a song good.

    Having said that, I also have to say that I think SME had reached “Over-Hype” on this group at about teaser #3.  They started talking about these guys over a YEAR ago.  They should have debuted last year, and then they should have debuted earlier this year, and now it has been pushed back again and we are instead getting MORE TEASERS.  Add all that to a “prologue” single that I still say is better suited to album filler, and you get a group that has been waiting way too long and will likely be crushed in the wave of comebacks of bigger, more-established groups.  SHINee is coming back, so is UKiss, Big Bang, and need I mention Shinhwa?  At this rate, I expect EXO’s ACTUAL debut to be around 2015.   So done, so over it.

    Having said all that, time to vote.  I still say it was the WRONG song for SNSD, but I have to vote for The Boys, if only because it is NOT a ballad.  I am not a ballad girl, generally, and it takes a truly amazing ballad to even make me listen more than once.  So, The Boys get my vote.  Sad, really, because I didn’t like that song, either.

    Note to SME, if anyone from that company happens to read things like this: Just because a producer is American does not make them good, nor does it mean they know anything about what kind of music will work for the group you want them to work with.

    And yes, I know it was a little repetitive, there. But, I have to say that it all had to be said. :oP LOL

    • Thanks for the thoroughly thorough response!  I wonder if SME reads this.  Anyone?  Don’t be shy!  You can say if you do!  SHINee?  Is that you lurkin?

    • Boom, Ba-ta, Tasssssss. Yoo Young-Jin co-wrote this. Sounds more like Jin’s style.

      Hot Times, Before U Go, Sorry, Sorry – Answer.

      You know?

      •  Yeah, I know those songs, and I didn’t like any of them, either to be completely honest.  I have liked some of the other things Yoo Young-Jin has done, but not this.  Teddy Riley on the other hand, I honestly can’t think of anything he has done right now that I really liked.  Some things I got used to and they don’t annoy me, but I don’t like them and generally won’t choose to listen to them.  Same with this.  I don’t hate it, but I don’t like it, either.

  166. I think this song a bit boring and repetitive, and the music type is same with SM Town – Hot Times (Powerful Ballad), maybe the one of the composer of these songs is same. But this kind of song really showcase their vocal…

  167. Would be great if you could post up the cowboy theme on ya soundcloud =D ringtone FTW

  168. EXO – What Is Love is a better song in my opinion. ^^

  169. I just love the point you pointed out (huh?) in this edition of kpop monday… those teasers are… sickening. You nailed it!

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