YESSSSSS!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!! Exo-K! We’ve wanted to talk about this song since it came out. It’s so bloody amazing, and if you haven’t heard it yet, listen to it in the video below. Then listen to it again and again, on loop, cuz it’s that awesome


Uhhh! That was such an awesome song, even if there’s a lot of weird stuff happening with SM, EXO, and this song. First off, this isn’t considered EXO’s debut single, even if it’s the song they’ve debuted with. It’s just a song, a taste of what their music is like, supposedly, and thus should be considered a “Prologue” or whatever. It’s also not all of EXO, but just two members. Also, this is just the Korean version of the song, while there’s a version in Mandarin as well, hence the names Exo-K for this song, and Exo-M for the other song. Also, after this song was released, many more teasers have been released for the band, for some odd reason, even though we’ve already got a “Prologue” of what their music is like. We’d understand if each of the teasers were supposed to introduce different members of the band (which, in our opinion, has eight members too many), but supposedly most of the teasers are of just Kai.

I don’t know. I want to say that I just don’t care about how ridiculous this whole situation is, and laugh off how bad the marketing for this has been, but – well – this song is so damned good that we have no choice but to pay attention to it. And hopefully we can just pay attention to that: good music by good singers mismanaged by their company. And I hope SM diehards aren’t going to get too upset about this. I’m sure some people can agree with what we’re saying here. We like EXO. Their first song: awesome. Just don’t like the marketing strategy for them, which just gets us more annoyed at the marketing team than at EXO themselves.

So, now that that’s off our chest: umm. Who likes…stuff? Stuff’s cool. This video was cool in some respects, not cool in others. Love that they’re not in silly rooms for most of the video. The whole Indiana Jones-esque feel to the video was really cool, and makes it look really fun, almost like they were out WANKing with each other. Ha!

Anyhow, that’s it for this week. We usually link to albums for you to buy if you like the song, but EXO still hasn’t released an album, so best we can do is just link to the song on iTunes. Otherwise, check out this week’s bloopers, in which Spudgy demands bananas. What a spoiled dog!


Oh! And for those of you who might, for some reason, want our cheesy remake of the Exo-K “What is Love” loop, here it is! We didn’t embellish it at all. Just got the basic DUM DUDU DUM DUM part down :D

  1. I got never the idea of the I lost my pants but I always understood
    I lost my mind, ripido, sipido, strip in slow motion xD
    I really thought that’s what the lyrics are about

  2. You guys have 500k! Woo! This kmm is what got me into EXO xD I love this song! :)

  3. ANSWER: The 3:28 min mark is gorgeous. The way Tao is filmed from below… wait that sounds nasty… ooooo. Anyway, I really appreciate the way the white light shining through the windows contrasts with the darkness of Tao’s outfit. And how the light hazes around the window boarders. (or perhaps its time to exchange my comp for a more HD one) None the less, that be me answer.
    (subscribed under jessicaverrette@gmail)

  4. Simon…You predicted Wolf.

  5. I love the parts with the desk in the middle of the field. It is so surreal! At first it seems so out of place, yet it also belongs there.

  6. i like the lighting and S&M mentioned, they are free from brick walls and rooms!! sad but true, I really think the most creative part is when Kai dances….by himself…with his clothing….but i like the contrast of black vs. white but it looked lonely. but aside from that, this style is very different than other kpop mv’s, something new and unexpected i think so whoo for EXO, stepping into something new and unique….something exotic! lol

  7. HAHA! Since I cannot post any comments on the actual video….. I will go and post the response here….lets hope that you can see…… Well….. My favorite has to be the hunhun couple! The outfits are hilarious considering that the sun is shining brightly and yet they wear fur….. Must be a subtle hint on the whole wolf thing……. merp. They whole bromance thing is really cool. The other one is with the kite and the sudden appearance of the table on the middle of the field…. i could go on forever!!!!!

  8. The intro to this song reminds me of the intro to the buy catalogue music from the Sims 2.


  10. And now the term EXOtic is universal…thanks Simon.

  11. #1EXOTIC in the houusee!!

  12. Ripido flipido sipi slow motion!! Simon, you are so awesome!! This is my absolute favourite song and I am so glad you guys liked it…

  13. You guys might get a kick out of this….I made a chopped and screwed version of “What Is Love”, and the guitar track sounds more like something out of a Sergio Leone film more than ever. ^_^


  14. haha, I love your Breaking Bad reference and I wish you could do a review of Exo’s History. Oh man, that song is so catchy.

  15. Next time you do a video for Exo, can you review both Exo-K and Exo-M? Please?!

  16. What is the name of your artsy fartsy music? I really like it.  And because of you Simon I giggled during the whole day when someone says something including “lost” word in it.

  17. I’m gonna go with he Boys /black sheep

  18. also ummm can you please do Bigbang Bad Boy next? thanks!

  19. EXO’s what is love!!!! <3 <3 <3

  20. awww, Martina, you look like a little cutest nerd ever~~~~~ 

  21. I’ve gotta vote for EXO – the song was SO GOOD! And I agree with Simon, the song’s become a part of my daily vocabulary as well (my friends have now gotten used to me randomly bursting out with ‘get in slow motion’ in the middle of a sentence)

  22. I LOVE that sweater, Martina!!!   I thought the same thing about the beat when I heard it for the very first time.  Now I can’t stop listening to it.  LOL

  23. ahhh i wish i could vote for both T_T
    but i’m gonna have to go w/ snsd. i just can’t choose ANYTHING over the boys… :)

  24. I haven’t been watching any of the teasers, because I do find it ridiculous (especially for a new group, I mean really), but I really like this song! I didn’t care for the music video, which reminds me of DBSK’s Forever Love music video (I didn’t like that one either). 

    My vote goes to EXO! I didn’t like the Boys at all, despite the hype and the fact that I like SNSD quite a bit.

  25. I agree with the whole teaser thing; apparently there’s only one left since the video for What Is Love is just made up of all the teasers cut together, but seeing how much SM has trolled us so far I don’t know ._. I just want to see them debut already! There have been teasers for what, 2 months now? And people who have known them as M1 and M2 have been waiting even longer! e.e

    But still, I vote for EXO; I loved What Is Love from the moment I listened to it; both versions whereas Girl’s Generation’s song was just… I didn’t like it. It’s grown on my a little bit but it still sounds really awkward, whereas What Is Love was love at first listen.

    And I’m pretty sure EXO fans were calling themselves Exotics since before the first teaser came out :D

  26. lol i like how simon already calls exo fans exotics like that’s their decided official name

  27. I don’t know how I lived without your blog…

  28. can I say I LOVE YOUR T-SHIRT SIMON XD HAHAHAHA!!! LOL!! now up to the video watching rest.

  29. jajajaja I think your dog knows more korean than I do!!

  30. i couldnt help but notice BIG BANG comeback cover album over there..hehe :)

  31. OH MY FREAKIN GOD. I CANNOT AGREE WITH SIMON MORE ON HOW RIDICULOUS EXO’S MARKETING IS. i’ve never seen so much teaser hype for anything, EVER, and i get the feeling i never will again. i was soooooo excited to see what sm had in store (huge smtown fan here)….but after so many teasers, im not anymore. these teasers hold no more excitement or curiosity for me anymore whatsoever.
    on an unrelated side note: hahahaha martina butchering junsu’s name XD
    oh and i vote for EXO! we shouldn”t break simon’s heart, now, should we?

  32. Vote for EXO. I’m not into ballads as well, but the beat and feeling is nice. I like this kind of slow songs (I’ve liked SM The Ballad’s Hot Times and DBSK’s Hey Girl as well, but probably less than Prologue). I’m more into Chinese version, though :) I’m so happy there will be another well known SM unit singing in Chinese since I’m learning this language :D

  33. I have seriously not laughed that hard in a while! And to top it off, I have this killer chest cold so it sent me into a downward spiral of coughing-laughter fits…

  34. Ok one vote for EXO, and I kind of hope that the will sing this “prologue” with their “real” single  (like SJ superman and  mr. simple).

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