This week we’re talking about EXO’s “Wolf” for Kpop Music Monday. We waited for a drama version but didn’t get it, and I’m not sure if EXO will be able to stay on the KpopCharts for another week, so we’re talking about it now! Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.


Ok, so we’re a lot more torn about this song than we let on in the 30 second showdown, so we want to talk about it more here in our blog post:

Simon’s Thoughts:
I dislike it thoroughly. The fast rapping matched with the singing is awful. The AWWWOOOOOO is corny as hell. It feels like a song kids sing in Kindergarten. Old McDonald had a farm. With a moo moo here and an oink oink there. And the Saranghaeyo is so whiny and ugggh. So bad! I really didn’t like a single thing about this song. It’s frenetic and incoherent. Dubstep is really overused in Kpop now, and I really don’t get a sense of griminess in Exo’s vocals to match the griminess of the beat. And then that cascading keyboard with their staccato rapping bores me as well. WHOA. Seriously EXO. “What is Love” is the best Kpop song ever. Mama was great fun as well, and History, too, was really good. This song sucks farts.

What I can say, though, is that I appreciate the song in the context of the video. The video really enhances the song as a performance piece. The dancing was really impressive, and I’m usually bored by SM artists dancing in boxes. This was probably one of the coolest dances I’ve ever seen. I’d just rather watch the dance video on mute.

Martina’s Thoughts:

The first time I heard the song I was weirded out by it and I really disliked that the first half was just rapping and the second half was more ballad-like, I thought they should have found a way to make both parts meet. But the second time I watched it…I just loved it. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY because it goes against all of my urges to like anything that is remotely like a broadway musical, but there is something about the deep bassy synths in the background and the quick conversation like vocals that draw me in. This might be the exception to the rule, the one musicialesque song I enjoy, kind of like how I love the movie the Labyrinth despite the fact that there is singing in it. Singing by Bowie, Bowie and his mega crotch, and that is super cool. I think EXO’s aggressive wolf like dance movements saved this song and video for me while the frustration I had for SHINee’s “Why So Serious” was that it was too happy go lucky cheesy. I can’t do cheesy musicals. Like ever. If it’s sarcastic or weird, maybe, but when it involves happy chipper finger snapping and big smiles I will exit the room at the speed of a smoke bomb. This comeback is a big win for me though I never would have predicted it to be like this. Also, the album is brilliantly packaged. It is disguised as a plain Korean school notebook and it totally fooled me.

Who’s side do you agree with more?

Video nerd side note: you know how we sometimes talk about SM’s use of sound effects in their music videos and how distracting they are? Well, this time we got really distracted, because it seems like the video editor also uses Final Cut Pro X, because we have the exact same sound effects. The howl at the beginning is “Wolves Howling 2,” and when they’re clawing at the ground, it’s actually “Alligator Growl.” SM lurvs them some SFX. If you insist on using them, use the Cartoon Soundpack from 1-25. Those are the best :D

CD Giveaway Contest:

Though, yes, we’re torn about our opinion on the song, we aren’t torn in our support of EXO, and so we’re giving away an EXO CD to you Nasties on YouTube. Yay! Here’s what you gotta do to win:

1) Subscribe to us on YouTube!
2) In our reviews of What is Love, Mama, and Wolf, we left a hidden annotation somewhere in the video. Watch the video. Answer the question in the annotation in the comment section.

OOOOH A QUEST CONTEST! I know a lot of people are gonna be too lazy to partake in the contest, so your chances of winning are even higher. Yay!

That’s it! It’s not really possible for people in the comments here on the blog to participate in the contest, since there are three different videos to comment in, so…sorry! Next giveaway, though, we should have something you can partake in here :D

And, on that note, we’ve got a boatload of bloopers this week. Our timer broke but we didn’t realize it so the 30 second showdown took 8 minutes to film as a result. Ugghhh…IRONNNNYYYYYY.


  1. BALLOONS all the way~ I love EXO but DBSK will always be my favorite number one group!

  2. Whoa you guys check this out!!..Maybe you’ve heard it already, but I guess this is audio for a leaked demo version of “Wolf”! When you listen to the chorus, they actually pronounce “wolf” correctly!! Also, the “saranghaeyo!” part is hilarious in this.


    Interesting!! They obviously CAN pronounce the word correctly, but could SM be making them pronounce it wrong?

  3. I’ve been slightly obsessing over this song for the past couple of days. This was before I read the lyric translation.
    Now I’ve read the lyrics… wow… just… wow. The Chinese lyrics seem to make more sense @_@

  4. I’m a mouse I’m a mouse! SQUEEEEEE!!!

  5. KKK i actuality didn’t like the song ,but now im obsessed with it!!!
    im a duck and im a mouse ,OMG i loughede so hard!!!!

  6. whats the name of the drama??!

  7. Yeah, I shouldn’t have checked the translation. Then I could have imagined it to be something epic!
    I usually don’t, actually, but I just looked up G-Dragon’s “A Boy” lyrics, and liked them so I looked up some others. Should have ended on a high note. Infinite’s “Paradise” is also now ruined for me (although it’s more creepy than bad).

  8. You are Beautiful! ^^

    Martina, your duck impersonation is awesome. I forgot that you have this special talent – it’s so cool :)

    Thanks again for a funny KMM. I just can’t hold myself when Seungrina starts fangirling XD

    Though I, too, was weirded out when I first heard this song, I came to think the “nega Ulf” part is quite catchy (and funny), but it is still my least favourite song by EXO.
    Oh, and I really like that one has to put in some effort and time to get a chance to win the CD. Nice idea!

  9. TVXQ’s Balloons pwns all! There is no comparison. Balloons 4 LYFE!!!! XD

  10. Haahaaaa Jaime and Brienne!!

  11. I agree with Martina, it’s so catchy. I didn’t really like EXO before but this song got me liking them.

  12. LOL i completely agree with Simon, sorry Exo but the minute you did like a wolf I LAUGHED… Where is The EPICNESS Of What is love???? And Martina, I love musicals but i really didnt like this song, sorry I was expecting something else after the longest rookie comeback EVER. My vote goes for the awesomeness of TVXQ… AND YES LISTEN TO FANGUIRILLA!!!!! HE IS CANADIAN, YOU SHOULD HONOR THE MOTHERLAND!!!

  13. OMG I know that song in the bloopers that Martina was singing!! It was an OST in You’re Beautiful that Jang Guen Suk sung. I think it’s called “I miss you”? Anyway I like this song, but I also like “Without Words” that Park Shin Hye sung in that drama.
    As always you guys crack me up, and made my day :D

  14. I agree with Simon! Best quote to sum it up: “This song sucks farts.” EXO has some blow ya mind amazing vocals and this song left me wanting to hear that. Awoooo thing and saranghaeyo thing annoyed the heck outta me. The music was boring. Too much low-toned electric sounds for me. Nothing to grab my musical love strings. Then reading the lyrics translated… -__- did not like it at all. The MV was blah too. SM’s lack of creativity with their MVs is really getting old. SM, you got all this money WHY U NO HAVE A CREATIVE MV DIRECTOR/WRITER? I did enjoy the dance. That whole tree thing at the beginning had me hooked to the dance movements through the entire performance looking for something else cool to come along.

  15. Yes! My family gets so annoyed when I snicker at the computer screen. They throw stuff at me!

  16. i think it is cool,when it is the first part of mama because it is fast and i like the beat at the beginning(all through the end ^^__^) oohh~i sing what is love when i became emotional,and mama when it’s challenging..keke~
    i don’t care what people say..it’s ourself that matters right?? so don’t mind them..i already experienced that…
    uugghh~i hate discrimination..

  17. about the things you said with the hidden questions…I tried to find them and the answer to the one from the video for mama is:I think Baekhyun has the coolest powers,because transportation is always useful
    and he is really hot

  18. Can’t let TVXQ’s Balloons lose!!! I know its not even their song, but their cutesy animal act in that video is so much better than EXO’s in Wolf! Also, finally heard EXO’s What is Love! Thanks for the recommendation Simon! I hadn’t seen that KM but I loved the old school R&B sound!

  19. So I think Martina is right about the chorus. My 11 year old and I watched this earlier in the day and hours later (while at the store) I hear her singing it under her breath. ahahaha!

  20. hauahuhua I agree with Simon!

  21. Spudgy makes an awesome Dire Wolf~~
    “Imma Wolf~ And you’re scared of me~~~” XD

  22. I still think someone at SM was watching “Stomp the Yard” too much though. That’s how they came out with this song and dance. Seriously though!

  23. I feel the same as Martina. It was strange to me too the first time I watched it. But now I totally love it. I love the dancing and the chorus part. I also really like the hand thingie towards the end when they separate into a small group and then do it together as a whole group.

  24. So, I’m kind of like Martina when it comes to this song. The first time I heard it, I didn’t like it. Everything felt disconnected. I like the rapping and the ballady parts by themselves, but not together. But the second time, it was better. And by the third I was hooked. I don’t know what it is, this song just caught me somehow. Like Simon, I don’t like the howling part. Way too cheesy.

    And speaking of cheese, are those really the lyrics?!?! Haha, ohmygosh, that is hilarious. When Simon first started reading them I was thinking it was headed somewhere very much in the gutter and then he comes out with ‘cheese’.

    Random side not about the dance: The part at the end that Martina says is like a wolf’s jaws snapping or whatever, all I can ever picture is an alligator. Your arms out straight like that, snapping together, make an alligator’s mouth.

  25. agree….the saranghaeyo part reminds me of GD voice

  26. tq fangurilla/…. we in the same opinion…i want henry – trap…since S&M canadian as him…hehehehehhe

  27. Fangurilla is quickly growing to be my favorite character!!!

    you know, what annoys me about the song is that i think that it’s pretty awesome, but the bad pronunciation of “ulf” is really irritating me… so much so that i really can’t get into the song… oh well!

  28. Once again thank you for a good video! this time you kind of captured the splitted feelings I have towards the video because I fully understan Simons dislike (I felt it as well) but at the same time I really love som part of it even if I know I shoulden (like Martina).

    Sidenote: The name Ulf in Sweden comes from the old swedish world ulf that means wolf (even if you nowadays calls it varg), so if they had a old-Swedish-meter in the video I think they would have gotten 5/5 ^___^

  29. There’s a lot of better songs on their album. I like “Heart Attack”. I agree with Martina that the “aggressive wolf like dance movements saved this song and video”.

  30. I’m so happy I’m not alone XDDD
    That entire segment is so full of win!!!

  31. Showdown choice: TVXQ Balloons all the way. Come on towards the end of the video you know as well as I Jaejoong is ready to devour the kid in “one mouthful like cheese.” XD

  32. Thank you for this review! I literally had tears in my eyes from the “I’m a duck” and fangirling with Fangurilla. This is one of my favourite reviews yet!

  33. I’m totally not trying to dis EXO because I love them! But…

    You said about there not be a “wo” sound in Korean, but isn’t the vowel “ㅝ” pronounced as “wo?” (I am still only learning Korean and have extremely few opportunities to speak in Korean to others, so I don’t know if it’s pronounced EXACTLY like that when actually spoken, but I’m pretty sure it is…)

    And also, there is no “f” in Korean. Sooooo… If they could pronounce the “f” instead of a “p,” then why couldn’t they pronounce the “w?”

    • I talked to my Korean friend today about it. She told me that for some reason “w” is a very difficult letter for Koreans to pronounce. Even though they can learn to pronounce other sounds like “f,” “w” is exceedingly difficult somehow. I guess that explains it lol.

  34. I agree with Martina! I had the same reaction! At first I was just like, “… What the heck?” But then while listening to the song more and watching the dance more, it seemed to get better! Though now my concern is that some of their outfit choices are a bit questionable… especially the outfits where they wear plastic bags? rain ponchos? idk :P

  35. I agree. I have the same problem with Kai’s cornrows as I did with CL’s “The Baddest Female.” I’m a literature student and we call it “Cultural Appropriation.” They’re borrowing from American rap culture because they think it will make they artists seem cool. But I feel like they’re doing it without any real understanding of the culture.

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