This week we’re talking about EXO’s “Wolf” for Kpop Music Monday. We waited for a drama version but didn’t get it, and I’m not sure if EXO will be able to stay on the KpopCharts for another week, so we’re talking about it now! Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.


Ok, so we’re a lot more torn about this song than we let on in the 30 second showdown, so we want to talk about it more here in our blog post:

Simon’s Thoughts:
I dislike it thoroughly. The fast rapping matched with the singing is awful. The AWWWOOOOOO is corny as hell. It feels like a song kids sing in Kindergarten. Old McDonald had a farm. With a moo moo here and an oink oink there. And the Saranghaeyo is so whiny and ugggh. So bad! I really didn’t like a single thing about this song. It’s frenetic and incoherent. Dubstep is really overused in Kpop now, and I really don’t get a sense of griminess in Exo’s vocals to match the griminess of the beat. And then that cascading keyboard with their staccato rapping bores me as well. WHOA. Seriously EXO. “What is Love” is the best Kpop song ever. Mama was great fun as well, and History, too, was really good. This song sucks farts.

What I can say, though, is that I appreciate the song in the context of the video. The video really enhances the song as a performance piece. The dancing was really impressive, and I’m usually bored by SM artists dancing in boxes. This was probably one of the coolest dances I’ve ever seen. I’d just rather watch the dance video on mute.

Martina’s Thoughts:

The first time I heard the song I was weirded out by it and I really disliked that the first half was just rapping and the second half was more ballad-like, I thought they should have found a way to make both parts meet. But the second time I watched it…I just loved it. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY because it goes against all of my urges to like anything that is remotely like a broadway musical, but there is something about the deep bassy synths in the background and the quick conversation like vocals that draw me in. This might be the exception to the rule, the one musicialesque song I enjoy, kind of like how I love the movie the Labyrinth despite the fact that there is singing in it. Singing by Bowie, Bowie and his mega crotch, and that is super cool. I think EXO’s aggressive wolf like dance movements saved this song and video for me while the frustration I had for SHINee’s “Why So Serious” was that it was too happy go lucky cheesy. I can’t do cheesy musicals. Like ever. If it’s sarcastic or weird, maybe, but when it involves happy chipper finger snapping and big smiles I will exit the room at the speed of a smoke bomb. This comeback is a big win for me though I never would have predicted it to be like this. Also, the album is brilliantly packaged. It is disguised as a plain Korean school notebook and it totally fooled me.

Who’s side do you agree with more?

Video nerd side note: you know how we sometimes talk about SM’s use of sound effects in their music videos and how distracting they are? Well, this time we got really distracted, because it seems like the video editor also uses Final Cut Pro X, because we have the exact same sound effects. The howl at the beginning is “Wolves Howling 2,” and when they’re clawing at the ground, it’s actually “Alligator Growl.” SM lurvs them some SFX. If you insist on using them, use the Cartoon Soundpack from 1-25. Those are the best :D

CD Giveaway Contest:

Though, yes, we’re torn about our opinion on the song, we aren’t torn in our support of EXO, and so we’re giving away an EXO CD to you Nasties on YouTube. Yay! Here’s what you gotta do to win:

1) Subscribe to us on YouTube!
2) In our reviews of What is Love, Mama, and Wolf, we left a hidden annotation somewhere in the video. Watch the video. Answer the question in the annotation in the comment section.

OOOOH A QUEST CONTEST! I know a lot of people are gonna be too lazy to partake in the contest, so your chances of winning are even higher. Yay!

That’s it! It’s not really possible for people in the comments here on the blog to participate in the contest, since there are three different videos to comment in, so…sorry! Next giveaway, though, we should have something you can partake in here :D

And, on that note, we’ve got a boatload of bloopers this week. Our timer broke but we didn’t realize it so the 30 second showdown took 8 minutes to film as a result. Ugghhh…IRONNNNYYYYYY.


  1. Exo sucks

  2. guys they’ll made a new comeback with growl and it sounded sooo different than wolf from the teaser. i hope you guys review that ^^

  3. Just watched the Wolf Drama Ver.! Ahhhh so amazing, although a little unexpected.. now to wait for the second part! EXO saranghaeyo!!

  4. HepAçımVeSıkılıyorum

    I’m WaoW FanTaostic Baby *-* !

  5. That “High High duck ver.” was awesome Martina!! :D

  6. Actually most wolves are not lactose intolerant. They’re mammals and they live off of their mother’s milk as babies. :)

  7. BALLOONS all the way~ I love EXO but DBSK will always be my favorite number one group!

  8. Heeeeeey when’s this contest done?? Cause I honesty am so excited and cannot wait to find out the results!! xD I think my answers were actual pretty good ;)

  9. Whoa you guys check this out!!..Maybe you’ve heard it already, but I guess this is audio for a leaked demo version of “Wolf”! When you listen to the chorus, they actually pronounce “wolf” correctly!! Also, the “saranghaeyo!” part is hilarious in this.


    Interesting!! They obviously CAN pronounce the word correctly, but could SM be making them pronounce it wrong?

  10. I would like this song if SM decided to have EXO sing throughout the whole thing, instead of the awkward rap. Then, at least, the switch to piano during the bridge would have made more sense and fit a little more smoothly, IMO.

  11. Gemma Deacon

    I’ve been slightly obsessing over this song for the past couple of days. This was before I read the lyric translation.
    Now I’ve read the lyrics… wow… just… wow. The Chinese lyrics seem to make more sense @_@

  12. Even though that at the beginning I reallyhated this song, now im starting to accept it. But I agree with Simon, what is love & mama were much better songs, but when they say ulf, for me they sound kinda cute hahaha. My vote goes totally for TVXQ with their song balloons, I’m a Cassie what can I say. I just hope that EXO don’t take another year to make a new album, I waited just to much for their comeback!

  13. I’m a mouse I’m a mouse! SQUEEEEEE!!!

  14. KKK i actuality didn’t like the song ,but now im obsessed with it!!!
    im a duck and im a mouse ,OMG i loughede so hard!!!!

  15. whats the name of the drama??!

  16. You are Beautiful! ^^

    Martina, your duck impersonation is awesome. I forgot that you have this special talent – it’s so cool :)

    Thanks again for a funny KMM. I just can’t hold myself when Seungrina starts fangirling XD

    Though I, too, was weirded out when I first heard this song, I came to think the “nega Ulf” part is quite catchy (and funny), but it is still my least favourite song by EXO.
    Oh, and I really like that one has to put in some effort and time to get a chance to win the CD. Nice idea!

  17. I think Fangirlilla just summed up what every fangirl thinks during this song and about the singers.

  18. Amanda

    TVXQ’s Balloons pwns all! There is no comparison. Balloons 4 LYFE!!!! XD

  19. EXO FO LIFE!!!~

  20. I dont really like this song but the rest of the songs on the album are nice wish they would have gone with those I really liked Black Pearl

  21. I have a question about the drama ver of wolf because, if i search for it there will be always comments like “SM ent.won’t release the drama ver because some crazy fans wanted to hack the ent.computer to see the MV before the release” so is that true?


  23. I dislike like the song so much. . . I mean, everything just clashes in my opinion. Almost sounds like screeching. The rap… It was fine until after Kris’s part in the beginning. From there I feel like it took a drastic turn and just continued getting worse and worse. I hoped it would be save but sadly, not one thing did.

  24. Just dropping by to agree with Spudgy on Jaime/Brienne. :D

  25. Haahaaaa Jaime and Brienne!!

  26. luv tis effects wish I could do that on my mv on me2day I made 2shinee and 2 exo http://me2day.net/shineepower/2013/06/12/p59tuz6-0h60 go watch

  27. Spudgy is so cute! <3 I'm with Simon on this one; I didn't really like Wolf. :/ Martina definitely has a point with the sound effects though (I wonder if SM's even a little bit embarrassed that their sound effects were all laid out like that). My vote's with Balloons. :/ Though Avex is definitely the most stingy company when it comes to photos. >_>

  28. i totally love the performance and really disliked the song. nevertheless, i’ve been catching myself howling in my kitchen and was so shocked, how, why, when did this happen!?? explain now exo!!! awooooo *its kinda catchy*

  29. Hey, Simon! I know you probably won’t see this, but I highly suggest you give the leaked Wolf demo a shot. I found it to have a much more consistent production style—it’s more stripped down (no dubstep, other than some mild stuff in the bridge), it has a better rap, and it even has Wolf pronounced correctly! I much prefer it to the final version.


  30. TVXQ Balloons! :D

  31. I agree with Martina, it’s so catchy. I didn’t really like EXO before but this song got me liking them.

  32. Sarah MacArthur Tom Tuivaiti

    OMG I LOL’D SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH at the Cheese part! that is WINNING right there! hahahahaha

  33. 그래 Wolf, 내가 Wolf~♥

    I really liked their vocals during the 2nd half of the video. I’m a really really big hardcore exostan although I didn’t really like the 1st half of the song and I also didn’t grasp the meaning of the lyrics well during the rap parts. The lyrics made much more sense and flowed well in the chinese version. But that could be my own perception since I’m Chinese. I love Chen, Baekhyun and D.O’s riff during their high notes, it was just eargasmic.
    Showdown: EXO FTW! ^^ hwaiting!!

  34. Can you guys please review Henry’s Trap? PRETTY PLEASE….!!! >< I really really want to know what you guys think about it.

  35. LOL i completely agree with Simon, sorry Exo but the minute you did like a wolf I LAUGHED… Where is The EPICNESS Of What is love???? And Martina, I love musicals but i really didnt like this song, sorry I was expecting something else after the longest rookie comeback EVER. My vote goes for the awesomeness of TVXQ… AND YES LISTEN TO FANGUIRILLA!!!!! HE IS CANADIAN, YOU SHOULD HONOR THE MOTHERLAND!!!

  36. Angela Cheng

    OMG I know that song in the bloopers that Martina was singing!! It was an OST in You’re Beautiful that Jang Guen Suk sung. I think it’s called “I miss you”? Anyway I like this song, but I also like “Without Words” that Park Shin Hye sung in that drama.
    As always you guys crack me up, and made my day :D

  37. I agree with Simon! Best quote to sum it up: “This song sucks farts.” EXO has some blow ya mind amazing vocals and this song left me wanting to hear that. Awoooo thing and saranghaeyo thing annoyed the heck outta me. The music was boring. Too much low-toned electric sounds for me. Nothing to grab my musical love strings. Then reading the lyrics translated… -__- did not like it at all. The MV was blah too. SM’s lack of creativity with their MVs is really getting old. SM, you got all this money WHY U NO HAVE A CREATIVE MV DIRECTOR/WRITER? I did enjoy the dance. That whole tree thing at the beginning had me hooked to the dance movements through the entire performance looking for something else cool to come along.

  38. Balloons. 100% balloons

  39. Sophie Tiffany Vanderbilt

    I’d say I agree with Martina more on this MV. I also instantly cringe at cheesy musical numbers…to the point where I’m surprised I
    haven’t flipped any tables after accidentally listening to a clip of music that makes my skin crawl. I had my hands ready at the edge of the table when I first watched this MV, but after a few listens (with good headphones…makes all the difference), I LOVED it. LOVVVVVVVE.

    Also, as far as the terrible lyrics go, songs like this are exactly why I NEVER check the translations of my kpop favorties! If I liked cheesy lyrics I’d just listen to American pop. Listening to pop music in different languages lets me get my pop fix without the commitment lol.

    BTW this KMM was a HUGE win! Really funny and just all around wonderful entertainment. Good job S&M!

    • Yeah, I shouldn’t have checked the translation. Then I could have imagined it to be something epic!
      I usually don’t, actually, but I just looked up G-Dragon’s “A Boy” lyrics, and liked them so I looked up some others. Should have ended on a high note. Infinite’s “Paradise” is also now ruined for me (although it’s more creepy than bad).

  40. EXO wins hands down for the showdown! Anyway, hehe, I was so excited with the giveaway, but then I realised, I already had both Kiss and Hug. Ahahaha. I got myself a Baozi and Koala photocard!

  41. seriously what is wrong with them

  42. I couldn’t find anything else,but I can say that sometimes when I have lost something I sing that part from “What is Love” or when the situation is too damn serious i start mumbling the beginning of “Mama”….
    every time people look at me like I’m on fire

    • i think it is cool,when it is the first part of mama because it is fast and i like the beat at the beginning(all through the end ^^__^) oohh~i sing what is love when i became emotional,and mama when it’s challenging..keke~
      i don’t care what people say..it’s ourself that matters right?? so don’t mind them..i already experienced that…
      uugghh~i hate discrimination..

  43. about the things you said with the hidden questions…I tried to find them and the answer to the one from the video for mama is:I think Baekhyun has the coolest powers,because transportation is always useful
    and he is really hot

    • hahaha..for me all of them are hot..kekek~but we have our opinions right??kekeke
      also in wolf, i was shocked to see a new Lay..hahaha >o<..plus baekhyun is really beautiful for me..heheh with that eyeliner of his LOLXD

  44. Hi, ^_____^ i am glad to answer those questions~~>>>>For me, i think Kai have the best power in exo, because he can teleport whenever,wherever and according to his own Iwill plus he can think where he wanted to Teleport and voila!~he appears from nowhere and we’ll i’ll just be shocked..hahaha!~He can move instataneously from one location to another in a blink/snap of his fingers..plus, he can avoid the attack of other powers by just teleporting and it is really useful to him..kekeke~i wish that i could have that power too when i was a kid..hahaha..

    and that power really lingers in my mind.

    >>>>>In What is love video, my favorite artsy vignette there was when there’s the solar eclipse with the rustling of leaves for effects..XD because they all look up and it reflected in their eyes (i know that solar eclipse is really harmful by just staring at it directly!hahaha) plus, when there’s the trip with the EXO van with EXO logo ipad and EXO logo everywhere~ Kai’s Forever alone dance!hahahah~so funny when Martina said it~

    >>>>>My favorite part of the dance was when they’re making the wolf ears with so much sliding part on the floor and the very AMAZING/AWESOME tree-like pose they have there! the swift and fast moves(so much feels)~ they left me speechless,jaw-dropped and awestruck! i was so amazed about the way they move. they improved and their dance is impressive. o<~

  45. Hi, ^_____^ i am glad to answer those questions~~>>>>For me, i think Kai have the best power in exo, because he can teleport whenever,wherever and according to his own Iwill plus he can think where he wanted to Teleport and voila!~he appears from nowhere and we’ll i’ll just be shocked..hahaha!~He can move instataneously from one location to another in a blink/snap of his fingers..plus, he can avoid the attack of other powers by just teleporting and it is really useful to him..kekeke~i wish that i could have that power too when i was a kid..hahaha..

    and that power really lingers in my mind.

    >>>>>In What is love video, my favorite artsy vignette there was when there’s the solar eclipse with the rustling of leaves for effects..XD because they all look up and it reflected in their eyes (i know that solar eclipse is really harmful by just staring at it directly!hahaha) plus, when there’s the trip with the EXO van with EXO logo ipad and EXO logo everywhere~ Kai’s Forever alone dance!hahahah~so funny when Martina said it~

    >>>>>My favorite part of the dance was when they’re making the wolf ears with so much sliding part on the floor and the very AMAZING/AWESOME tree-like pose they have there! the swift and fast moves(so much feels)~ they left me speechless,jaw-dropped and awestruck! i was so amazed about the way they move. they improved and their dance is impressive. o<~

  46. MY ANSWER: Im not sure if this is acceptable, but here i go. My favorite part was the fact that both EXOk and EXOm were dancing at the same time instead of making cameos. Both subgroups were even singing in each others video. I felt that this gave them more range for the dancing aspects of this video. Thats right EXO! Go big or go home!
    (subscribed under jessicaverrette@gamil) :}

  47. I only have one thing to say…. I agree with Simon on this!!! xD

  48. Can’t let TVXQ’s Balloons lose!!! I know its not even their song, but their cutesy animal act in that video is so much better than EXO’s in Wolf! Also, finally heard EXO’s What is Love! Thanks for the recommendation Simon! I hadn’t seen that KM but I loved the old school R&B sound!

  49. AzureShade

    So I think Martina is right about the chorus. My 11 year old and I watched this earlier in the day and hours later (while at the store) I hear her singing it under her breath. ahahaha!

  50. DUCK impression XDXDXDXDXD

  51. TVXQ will ALWAYS be my Favorite!!!!!! Exo- i love this dance but i just cant ever say your better than Junsu JaeJoong and Yoochun in animal costumes !

  52. I was laughing so much throughout the video. It was awesome.

    I’m sorry about the timer though. But do you think it was because you slammed it down so much Simon?

    Every time I hear them say “wolf,” I just laugh. it sounds like oaf or someone punched them in the gut.

    Showdown: I would say TVXQ. It’s a MV that I can show a non-kpop listener and they will see it as weird and quirky AND both the song and video would be in their minds, not just only the chorus part and the MV. It’s something they can even show to little kids too.
    For EXO’s, I think there’s a lot of people by the end of the MV would say they like the dance only and laugh at their bad pronunciation of “wolf.” Or they like either the music only. The chorus would be mostly the only thing they remember from the whole song.

  53. Clearly you don’t deserve this cd… hahaha Love the disclaimers :D

  54. Crying all the tears I love Seungrina so much and I’m not sure why???

    Also I vote TVXQ to be spiteful and because I can. ;) (Loooooooove Wolf though.)

  55. I am with Simon, once again. I also dislike this song thoroughly. I guess I’d agree that it sucks farts, too. I’ve given it a few tries, but it just doesn’t work for me. Besides not caring for the song, the video just comes off as super-cheesy to me. The dancing is the part that I like.
    Sorry, Exotics. I wish it weren’t so.

  56. I agree with Martina on Wolf. After first watching the mv, I wasn’t feeling Wolf but I randomly found myself humming the song later in the day so I ended up watching the mv again…and again…and again…! It completely grew on me and now I love it! Also, I’m going with EXO for the showdown.

  57. I’m really in agreement with Simon on this one!

  58. Ah.. I really can’t figure out these annotations.. :’<

  59. hauahuhua I agree with Simon!

  60. Spudgy makes an awesome Dire Wolf~~
    “Imma Wolf~ And you’re scared of me~~~” XD

  61. I still think someone at SM was watching “Stomp the Yard” too much though. That’s how they came out with this song and dance. Seriously though!

  62. I feel the same as Martina. It was strange to me too the first time I watched it. But now I totally love it. I love the dancing and the chorus part. I also really like the hand thingie towards the end when they separate into a small group and then do it together as a whole group.

  63. When you slow down the video, Kai does looks like Jaejoong in some way. Is it just me??

  64. Martina you’re so skinnnyyyyy!!!

  65. So, I’m kind of like Martina when it comes to this song. The first time I heard it, I didn’t like it. Everything felt disconnected. I like the rapping and the ballady parts by themselves, but not together. But the second time, it was better. And by the third I was hooked. I don’t know what it is, this song just caught me somehow. Like Simon, I don’t like the howling part. Way too cheesy.

    And speaking of cheese, are those really the lyrics?!?! Haha, ohmygosh, that is hilarious. When Simon first started reading them I was thinking it was headed somewhere very much in the gutter and then he comes out with ‘cheese’.

    Random side not about the dance: The part at the end that Martina says is like a wolf’s jaws snapping or whatever, all I can ever picture is an alligator. Your arms out straight like that, snapping together, make an alligator’s mouth.

  66. That “Final Cut Pro X” part really got me, like big time :D Laughing like crazy :DDD

  67. I’ll go with Balloons ^w^ I friggin’ LOVE that song and whenever I hear it I get really happy xD

  68. on a side note, fangirling with fanguerilla has become my favorite part for Music Mondays… its just plain hilarious

  69. You’re Beautiful Martina !! :D

  70. OMG THE SPUDGE!!!!!!!!!!!! why you so cute!

  71. You’re so right,
    What is Love is still one of my favorite ballads and their best song yet
    and Into Your World Comes second
    They had better songs on their album though
    I know EXO is going for that school look theme but why are their (kpop albums in general) albums always so big and look like freaking notebooks. I’m having a hard time believing there’s a CD in that thing.
    I know they put the photo book, but it really doesn’t need to be that big

  72. “I’m Mike! I’m Mike! Awoo~” The Common Man’s Anthem. I dig it.

  73. yanagiba yusuke22

    tq fangurilla/…. we in the same opinion…i want henry – trap…since S&M canadian as him…hehehehehhe

  74. Voting Wolf over TVXQs video. the song itself was like a combination of different songs made into one. The ulf part was kind of urgh to and the sarangheyo part that seemed like a very ill GD sang it as insert was kind of blah… the dance video however was epic. The fact that all twelve of them are singing together was great to. Sehun with his rainbow hair was just cute even with his usual stoic face. The song kind of grows on you after listening to it a few times.

    What is love answer: Kai dancing with his jacket and Tao fighting with some bad guys for whatever reason.

    Mama answer: Kai with his death-eater teleportation powers. I think it’s the most useful power they have especially if you’re a travel bug.

    Wolf answer: The first part with the make shift tree of life and the wolf bite dance step.

  75. Firstly: TVXQ. Of course I’d vote for my boys~

    Secondly, I love your duck impersonation Martina. Lol, so good!

    Aaaand lastly, my very long series of thoughts on Wolf:

    It’s the chorus that irks me the most. The saranghaeyo as Simon said is annoying, and the ‘AWOOOOO’ is corny and downright embarrassing to listen to. The whole basis of singing a song about being a bloody wolf is ridiculous. Like seriously, the chorus translates to “It’s a wolf, I’m a wolf, AWOOOOO, I love you!” … I wish I was joking, but nope, that’s it. I can’t translate the rest off the top of my head cos my Korean is not good enough, but as you pointed out Simon, the lyrics are pretty stupid.

    However I don’t mind the ballad parts and some of the rap segments, compared to other songs that are all over the place I feel this flowed a lot better. I really enjoyed that fast rap in the middle where they kinda shake their fingers in front of their face and the rap at the start wasn’t bad. I adore the bridge which imo is the best part of the song. But it had to be the chorus of all things that is terrible! It’s the same as IGAB for me, the chorus annoys me.

    The choreography is great though. My only complaints would be the end choreo, the bit with their arms crossed with one leg kicking back part, it just looks weird, and the snapping claws with arms was childish and uncreative tbh. The start though, and the parts where they’re split intro groups and form arcs and stuff is brilliant, and even where they split apart for the bridge was done perfectly though. Overall I do love the dance.

    I’d also like to point out Kai … oh god do I get embarrassed seeing Kai in those cornrows clawing at the screen, he looks terrible and silly. And don’t get me started on how bad Lay’s hair is. The rest look ok though.

    To me, the best thing about EXO’s comeback has to be the album itself. Everything besides Wolf is utterly amazing. It’s sad that the title track had to be the one song that sucks.

    In conclusion, I’m happy with EXO’s comeback, but it could’ve been a lot better. I will definitely continue to keep an eye on them; I just hope in the future their title tracks would be less embarrassing.

  76. kawaii_candie

    Fangurilla is quickly growing to be my favorite character!!!

    you know, what annoys me about the song is that i think that it’s pretty awesome, but the bad pronunciation of “ulf” is really irritating me… so much so that i really can’t get into the song… oh well!

  77. but the drama version is coming out on the 12th …. that’s tmrw … for me atleast :(

  78. Once again thank you for a good video! this time you kind of captured the splitted feelings I have towards the video because I fully understan Simons dislike (I felt it as well) but at the same time I really love som part of it even if I know I shoulden (like Martina).

    Sidenote: The name Ulf in Sweden comes from the old swedish world ulf that means wolf (even if you nowadays calls it varg), so if they had a old-Swedish-meter in the video I think they would have gotten 5/5 ^___^

  79. Well , i really love Wolf . Is catchy .^^

    The song is absolutely weird/awesome and I love it. XD

  80. Oh my god, the whole cheese part made me laugh sooo hard, my stomach hurts xDD And so did Martina’s duck imitation too. Yay for mentioning Swedish nasties^^ The funny thing is that kpop songs very often are written by Swedes. What if someone namned Ulf actually wrote the song? xD

    I had mixed feelings at first, some parts were nice while others were super weird and plain ridiculous. Then I started liking it a lot, several parts are really catchy. I even like the kurae ULF naega ULF now, believe it or not. The Awoooo saranghaeyo part is still ridiculous though, but as something to laugh at rather than being annoying like I thought at first.

    He’s Canadian you’re canadian just do IT!!!!! YESS!! I couldn’t agree with you more, Fangurilla :D

  81. I was thinking why there was my name mentioned in martina’s thoughts then i realised she was talking about david bowie /slapped/

  82. i agree with Martina!! :)…i also found the song kinda of “meh” on my first listen BUT when i played it the second time I totally LOVED it!! and….i was kinda hoping eyk would review this song next week because i heard the drama ver is coming out this week(hope that’s true) but nice review!! :)

  83. Forgot to mention, the video was cool and all but I really cannot stand those SM fur hats anymore! They need to burn in hell!! And I’m not really a fan of Kai’s dreadlocks…they look so odd on such a baby face….Kai <3

  84. Okay first things first, this KMM was hilarious! I laughed so hard and I’m really loving Seungrina’s segment! Also, don’t worry Simon, we love your corny jokes xD As for the song, I totally agree with Martina. The first time I heard it, I thought “the hell did I just hear?!” But now I am Face-Arousal-Raunchy-thrusting away in my kitchen to this song non-stop! As for the bloopers, I was wondering why you guise used your phone for the disagreement segment…now I know the timer decided to back-stab you! The drama in question Martina was quoting was You’re Beautiful right? That was the song Jang Geunsuk sang for his character’s mom. Also, I totally agree with Spudgy, Jaime and Brienne should have a love line >< Sadly I'm halfway through book 4 and still waiting..=(

  85. Tvxq Balloons!!!

  86. the thing is, in the leaked demo version, exo-k has no problem pronouncing “wolf” correctly (and cheese and wine for that matter). the same goes for shinee’s song evil. the demo version has all the english lines pronounced perfectly, but the album version has been “konglish-ified”. on the one hand i find it a little insulting that sm seems to think that koreans will only understand english in songs if it is pronounced with a korean prononciation, and that it makes their artists look worse at english than they are to the international audience, but i also think that the korean music industry is not obligated to address the international market, so if they think that’s what is going to be best for korean promotions than i guess it makes sense. i just wanted to point out it shouldn’t reflect the artists’ english skills and that it was a conscious choice made by the producer (you really think amber pronounces gauge like ga-ji because she doesn’t know english?)

  87. There’s a lot of better songs on their album. I like “Heart Attack”. I agree with Martina that the “aggressive wolf like dance movements saved this song and video”.

  88. Valerie Blaze Chompre


  89. i dont know the names of the EXO members but oen guy had a “tattoo” on his neck that said raised by wolves, and i thought you guys would mention it because it’s so… awkward….haha!

  90. 502 error my ass. For some reason I cant get the youtube website or any linked youtube videos up right now.

  91. Speaking of cheesy, remember the first teaser for wolf? When the members are crawling on the floor growling? I almost died laughing, oh my god was it ridiculous.

  92. I’m with Martina, kinda. I actually really like this song. I didn’t think it sounded disjointed or anything. I didn’t like the “oolf” mispronunciation (also that doesn’t warrant a zero rating imo). I also liked the “saranghaeyo” part. Idk.
    Also, baloons xP

  93. thisisjustforfunval

    Showdown choice: TVXQ Balloons all the way. Come on towards the end of the video you know as well as I Jaejoong is ready to devour the kid in “one mouthful like cheese.” XD

  94. Thank you for this review! I literally had tears in my eyes from the “I’m a duck” and fangirling with Fangurilla. This is one of my favourite reviews yet!

  95. Maashugna

    You’re Beautiful OST!

  96. Martina, really love your hair. Did you add a greenish-blue highlight because it works really well :)

  97. I’m with Simon on this one. I thought this was SO cheesy and silly! OMG when they CGI turn into actual wolves!!!! *face palm* I almost posted it on my facebook page to show my friends how corny this Kpop video/song is…. But then I decided against it, because this video/song are the perfect example of WHY a lot of people are still anti-kpop! Even though I’m baffled at how silly this is, I have to keep it to myself…. It’s like having a crazy uncle that is SO bizarre that you want to tell your friends about him, but at the same time, you are still related to him so it’s a catch 22 situation. haha!

  98. I’m totally not trying to dis EXO because I love them! But…

    You said about there not be a “wo” sound in Korean, but isn’t the vowel “ㅝ” pronounced as “wo?” (I am still only learning Korean and have extremely few opportunities to speak in Korean to others, so I don’t know if it’s pronounced EXACTLY like that when actually spoken, but I’m pretty sure it is…)

    And also, there is no “f” in Korean. Sooooo… If they could pronounce the “f” instead of a “p,” then why couldn’t they pronounce the “w?”

    • I am not sure too.. but some of my Korean students also can’t pronounce “wo” very well..

      • I talked to my Korean friend today about it. She told me that for some reason “w” is a very difficult letter for Koreans to pronounce. Even though they can learn to pronounce other sounds like “f,” “w” is exceedingly difficult somehow. I guess that explains it lol.

  99. oh and ps this freaking song was so bad but im addicted now! its like drugs!!!

  100. omg i knew you were gonna mention the cheese part and seriously my chest was hurting because I was laughing so freaking hard!!!!!!!!!! lmao.. i may have had a mini heart attack .. lol

  101. I agree with Simon’s thoughts on this piece, entirely.

  102. here to vote for TVXQ…
    EXO should have worn costumes lol

  103. Pfft “NAME THAT KDRAMA” It was YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL, one of two dramas that I actually finished XD

  104. Paydi Liu

    I agree with Martina! I had the same reaction! At first I was just like, “… What the heck?” But then while listening to the song more and watching the dance more, it seemed to get better! Though now my concern is that some of their outfit choices are a bit questionable… especially the outfits where they wear plastic bags? rain ponchos? idk :P

  105. It’s kind of funny though because they make the bunny ears when they say “I’m a wolf” xD. You’d think they would make some kind of fierce pose or something. But, nah the ears are more important.

  106. In my opinion the power of teleportation is the best, because you would be able to go anywhere instantly.
    Lets say you want to Europe, no cash no problem! Also since I cant drive it would totally beat the bus, especially since the buses in America are so far apart from each other. For me it is really the best especially for someone who loves to travel and doesn’t have the money to do it;
    My favorite artsy vignette from the What is Love? video has to be at 1:06 when he is in the cabin looking over the old diary/notebook. He is really into and trying to decipher what it could possibly mean, that just gets me. I have always been a history nerd because all of the mystery that encircles the past and it just gets me. So seeing the creativity and mystery makes it the best.
    As for my favorite dance part in Wolf it has to be the beginning of the dance because it just looks amazing and it looks like it took a lot of effort to be able to nail that down. They’re also all included in the dance and that just makes it better. I also really liked the dance at 1:34, unlike the beginning it is fast paces and gets to showcase more of the members individual dancing styles. Those two moments/dances really took my breath away.

  107. “Cheesiest line ever” I laughed, it’s ok.

    Also I vote for TVXQ. I laughed at both of them, but one of them wasn’t supposed to be funny. Enough said.

  108. I FOUND THE ANNOTATIONS!! in each reviewed EXO video you ask what our favorite something was! in mama it was power, in what is love it was artsy vignette and in OLF! it was what part of the dance we liked! u always asked what specific part we liked and why!

  109. if you listen to the leaked version, exo pronounced wolf perfectly. It’s weird why they changed it lol.
    https : // soundcloud . com/nurul_joe/exo-wolf-leaked-audio
    and they say “wine” not cheese here……. o.O lol.

    i think the leaked version is 100x better…
    maybe after they electrically altered everyone’s voice the pronunciation got weird.

  110. really really really like the choreography of this video but….. nothing beats balloons ^^

  111. HA!!! Solved it!!! I knew I remembered that song Martina sang in the bloopers actually being sung in the drama it’s from! It’s from You’re Beautiful!!!! YES! :D It took me way too long to remember that considering I’ve watched that drama like 3 times over…

  112. tvxq! definitely :P

  113. Do you know? There’s news that the drama version will be released tomorrow at 4 pm KST. You guys should review it again kekeke :))

  114. In the bloopers when it said “NAME THAT KOREAN DRAMA” I actually started desperately trying to remember it!!! I know it!!!! I know that song! But I can’t remember which drama I heard it in… T-T

  115. Sheila Muñoz

    When I read the ‘cheese’ part (since I looked up the lyrics on goole) I laughed so much xDDDD that’s why I like more the chinese version~!!!! they say ‘enjoy you like wine’ and that’s so much better!

    and I vote for TVXQ’s Ballon~!!!! I loved that MV and they need to keep winnig hahaha xD

  116. I pick balloon!

  117. Jordan

    You’re Beautiful! I loved that drama and that song! And Martina, wow, you really are good at duck noises…how long have you been working on that one?

  118. You guys totally should just get one of the old-fashioned sand timers. It would totally solve your problem… I think.

  119. I don’t know about you, but I would be disappointed if there weren’t any sound effects in an SM music video. They almost make the song better sometimes…

  120. OhOhOH. I forget to comment before. I know you guys probably didn’t see the Chinese version but i understand mandarin so when i heard the mandarin one i started laughing. Because in the korean one, Kris says eat you like cheese and in the Chinese version, Chanyeol says enjoy you like wine. CHEESE AND WINE 0-0

  121. You’re getting better at the 30 second disagree section. More relaxed and such ^^

  122. Simon & Martina please, please review Painkiller by T-ara, SPEED, The SEEYA, & 5Dolls!!! This song is amaze-balls :D

  123. Please tell me I’m not the only one who really laughed at Simon’s “cheesy” joke. XD

  124. Alright, I dunno about Brienne and Jamie. I always felt they were platonic bros D:. But I guess I could see it happen >_>

  125. I have to agree with Martina. I totally didn’t like it when I watched it the first time. I was like what the heck did I just watch?! and then after multiple repeats, not only did I find I kind liked the song, I totally got into the album and found my three biases. Hey! don’t judge, there are so many of them. The album has better songs than wolf, but its catchy in its own way.I’m off to enter the Quest :]

  126. This KMM was hilarious! Loved the Game of Thrones parts. Did you guys finally see the finale episode? :D

  127. tootaally agree with Simon ! T_T this song sucks.
    I wonder why it have so much votes? O.o where are ears nowdays..
    I really wanted Smoky Girl to be reviewed !!! that song is masterpiece amon new kpop songs *o*
    nyah.. hope this week it will take chance for review :)

  128. Pfft it was hilarious to see Martina mention ducks because there’s always that one line in the song that I swear sounds like “drop a duck” … at 0:49. And then at 0:56 it sounds like “I never style.” I hear these lines every time I listen to this song. OAO I can’t unhear them lines! By the way, Martina you’re awesome at duck noises. When I tried to make them before, they ended up sounding like farts..
    Your timer fails. So hilarious. xD

  129. Oh I kinda thought it sounded like “Oeuf” wich is egg… in french.

  130. I never cared to read what’s written on Kai’s chest, but now I see that it says “raised by wolves”… OMG MOWGLI IS THAT YOU?
    I have mixed feelings about this song… There are some parts that I find awful, but the singing parts, you know- the ones from 1:15 and 3:01 marks – are awesome! That infamous OOLF part got stuck in my head and I liked the music. So there are more things about this song that I like than that I dislike, but still I can’t fully enjoy it.

    I liked the review! Sidenote: that hint of new color kept drawing my attention to Martina’s hair.

  131. Oh dear, I literally LOLED sooo many times in this KMM. I’m so sorry Martina, but some of your duck noices sounded like wet farts. But you did good! And who hasn’t seen You’re Beautiful (except for Simon) :3 I have a feeling you’ll get some new timers in your fanmail!

  132. I feel torn between both of you opinions… at first (BECAUSE I LISTENED TO THE LEAK), I totally hated this song. oh my goodness. But the released version was a LOOOOTT better than the leaked version. I could cry. But after awhile, I just got used to the song to the point that I actually think I like it now.
    However, it’s still in the running for the worst SM song ever released. It’s only beating The Boys by Girl’s Generation by just a little (probably because this song is my current alarm song… but I think I will be changing it tonight to Smoky Girl because why not).

  133. I agree with Martina! The first time I listened to this song I really really disliked it, but the second time I LOVED IT!!!!!!! It was so weird and catchy and perfect hahaha. I really don’t know why, because I know the song is awful in so many ways, but I like it.

  134. The part when they break off from the double tree pose is my favorite. It’s so fierce!

  135. Thank you for reviewing EXO! I appreciate the consideration that it’s hard to keep a song in the top spots for weeks in a row, and I’m glad you offered your thoughts.

    I actually like negative reviews. (Not like, for the sake of being negative, but in the vein of honesty.) It looks like you still had fun with the review, Simon, even though you didn’t like the video. Hearing that you didn’t like something every now and again makes it more believable when you do praise something. (After all, no one likes the person that likes everything. They always seem suspicious.)

  136. Hey, Simon, what if I told you that cheese is not a mouse’s primary food choice? Mice actually eat mostly nuts and cereals (which is why you can find them in the flour bag if you got any) but they get into anything. I have no idea where the mice-eat-cheese stereotype comes from, but if anybody does, please share. Thank you :)

  137. i’m really disappointed, i expected a video of mblaq u.u but, whatever..

  138. Wow.. I can’t believe you guys actually reviewed Wolf over Smoky girl or Hyde. I was really excited when you finally called CL out for her hoodrat act along with YG recent wannabe gangster formula. As a YG fan, I really appreciated you guys going there (calling out YG for being tryhards doesn’t make you less of a fan). Seriously, if there was ever a time to implement your new rule now would be it. I’m so curious as what compelled you to review this song ? It reminds me of the Infinite- Man in Love review, it didn’t seem like you actually like the song or wanted to review it (all you did was make fun of it). Instead of choosing one of top three just review songs you actually like. The whole voting system just brings out the worst in people.

    • I agree about the first part of your comment, but I had a different feeling about Man in Love’s review. For me they really enjoyed reviewing it although they didn’t like the song and video, and as a result the review was hilarious. They don’t have to pick a MV they like, just one they want to review. I also wonder why they choose to review Wolf since there’s not so much to talk about, but if they choose it it means that they wanted to.

      • Your right, it’s their blog and their choice.
        It just seems like their catering to the newer kpop fans instead picking or reviewing songs they actually like. t’s like their always careful and not wanting to upset someone for not reviewing a song or reviewing a song. Like I said earlier, the whole voting system brings out the worst in people.

        • Yeah I think it’s a really tricky thing to try and balance. To some extent they have to cater to fans sometimes. Sometimes it’s like no matter what they choose there will be huge backlash. I do understand them reviewing EXO though, there may have been some pressure to do this one. It would have been better to have the drama version to review, and they were waiting for it, but it wasn’t released. We were also waiting for that version as well to review on my site. We have people requesting that for a review on our much smaller site and I was overwhelmed by the requests for Wolf and felt the pressure to do it, even though in my opinion videos like Smoky girl are a hundred times better. It’s not just on Eat Your Kimchi and their voting system, you can see the pressure from fans on other sites too. It can be difficult to decide what is the best option to do.

    • They like picking songs that they can make fun of. They said Man in Love was one of their favorite songs to review. Also, this song was in first place, and most of the time they choose based on that.

    • they also said they wanted to review EXO last week but wanted to wait for SM to release the drama version…i guess they did it now cause who knew when SM was going to release the drama version…

    • I agree with much of what you’re saying… I love all the groups who were in the top 3 this past week, but objectively hyde or smoky girl would’ve probably been better to review. I don’t see what there is to say about wolf, other than ‘sm group dancing in a box’ and ‘wow oolf their english sux,’ but idk i haven’t watched it yet. From reading all the comments, seems like they talked about the cheese line (which most exo fans have known about since the first leak..).
      But I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with the current voting system, for EYK purposes. It’s pretty natural to want to piss off as few people as possible. Even without the voting they still might have reviewed wolf before smoky girl; exo fans do have the unfortunate reputation of being higher on the crazy scale than other fandoms. Rather than blaming the voting maybe it’d be more appropriate to consider the fact that EYK’s more popular now and they’re actually trying to make a living off of their videos. So they can’t just do whatever the hell they want — those who want them to are probably in the minority of their subscribers.
      All of this being said. The song wolf was no good. Obviously plenty of people do like it and listen to it, but if I didn’t love exo I would NEVER have sat through the whole music video. We all knew the leak was a demo version, and some parts of the final song are waaaay improved from it but some actually got worse. Idk man. If I had to review this song I would only talk about how dedicated exo fans are to actually put up with this comeback after over a year of waiting. it’s almost not even worth making fun of.

  139. So upsetting… -.-”’ I was waiting for Vixx “Hyde” KMM but of course everything is about EXO :(

  140. One of my favorite parts is the end, when the members turn into a cave
    and two members come out from both of the caves, and the cave collapses
    and they all posed like wolves. I found that to be very creative!

  141. Not-Really-Normal^__~

    S & M what the heck was behind you on the laptop screen? Maybe I’m imagining this but…… is that a picture of shirtless guys?
    Anyways, an awesome review as always. :D

    As for the show down, Its really hard to pick. I didn’t really like Wolf when I first heard it, but some how it got stuck in my head and I really like now. I LOVE Balloons though. Ever time I watch it theres something new to look at. On a side note, Exo’s Wolf although really cool and well choreographed is a kinda cheesy at times (bad pun). Although Balloons is also a little corny its fun and silly. My vote goes to TVXQ Balloons. It was close but they beat Exo with there animal costumes.

  142. I haven’t laughed this hard at a KMM in a long time, maybe it’s the sleep deprivation, but wow. Spot on you guys. Made me think of some of your old stuff =)
    And I’m a duck—totally new inside joke.

  143. I would have been curious to know who would win a “worst song showdown” between The Baddest Female and Oolf. It would have been tight.

    Thank you for sending Fangurilla to the speech therapist! I understood her much better this time.

  144. I know the song that Martina is doing in duck voice but I cant think of the name!!!! Is it Fly High by GD and TOP

  145. I really appreciate the short segments at the end of the videos that anticipate fan-reactions and addresses them right then and there. These short quips always make me smile, and it feels like a really collected/mature way to acknowledge the viewers concerns while maintaining control of their own show. I know it can be hard to deal with so much backlash all the time so I’m happy whenever I see Simon and Martina handling it gracefully.

  146. The chinese version of this song has so much better lyrics!! it doesn’t have the cheese part, and it’s more poetic!! guuys, why u never mention exo-m??

  147. I liked the review. lol I just wish we could have heard whether or not Simon and Martina enjoyed any of the other songs of this album, like Black Pearl or Baby Don’t Cry, etc. >.<

  148. Okay. So after much watching of this video I have to really admit… I love that foot shuffle dance strut they do. I watched them do it on Music Core and now can appreciate it much more. With my final acceptance of this, I officially love this video and dance. Completely. Now instead of laughing and giggling at some parts like a weirdo… I giggle and smile like a fangirl? Meh. I’m still a weirdo. All the boys are fabulous dancers. I mean, I’m about as coordinated as a drunk hamster so I admire their dance skills and their flow of movement. I love watching them perform!
    But I think while I don’t love love love this song, I love the unity that the whole group has. I think EXO not -K or -M, and that’s what I’d rather think of. And finally… I’m just plain happy they’ll perform something other than Mama.

  149. One of my favorite parts is the end, when the members turn into a cave
    and two members come out (Sehun and Luhan) from both of the caves, and then the cave collapses
    and they all posed like wolves. I found that to be very creative!

  150. Do i don’t want the cd lol

  151. Krista Gibbs-Castillo
    Krista Gibbs-Castillo

    This song is so bad. Not bad meaning good, but bad meaning bad, you know?
    I didn’t listen to it first, I watched your review on it. THEN listened to it. OMG, that “Saranghayo!” bit KILLED me. That was the worst part of the song. It’s so out of place and throws the already disjointed song completely off. :C
    I got the same feeling listening to this song that I had when I listened to Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy”. Which was a giant “What IS this?!” Not a good thing.
    But I will say that the actual singing bits of the song, I liked. I think it flowed A LOT better with the beat than the rapping/talking parts. It made it feel more dramatic, and that’s what that beat is, very dramatic. Their dancing is always good, so no need to really comment on that.
    I may be the only one who feels this way, but I’m really tired of all the dubstep in songs these days. So tired. *Le sigh*

  152. Great, now I have to go look at the lyrics because I really cannot believe that they say “I’ll take you in one mouthful like cheese.” WHAT?!?!

  153. Wait didn’t read the contest part of the

  154. By the way, TVXQ makes better animals. Sorry Lay! :)

  155. I’m shamelessly DBSK biased, and this song was terrible. Balloons all the way!

  156. The first I heard of this song was from your live chat.
    Since then I just can’t take it seriously. I watched the music video and died laughing at the chorus. It’s so bad. I do not like it. lol

  157. “I’ll take you in one mouthful like cheese”
    OMG, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That has got to be the funniest lyric I’ve heard in a loooonnnggg time xD

  158. I have to admit that this has grown on me. I laugh all day when I hear Nega Ulf! The AWOOOO does make me cringe. But the singing parts are…not bad. This is just a bad comeback song…a bit like Why So Serious was too bright for the feeling of Shinee’s Chapter 2, I feel that this did not really fit the rest of the album.

  159. This was an absolutely wonderful KMM! Perfect balance of skits and commentary. :)
    Also, I’m loving the consistent fangirl corner and her constant
    pestering at the end of the video. It’s just a really funny, clever

    And I kind of want a shirt that says “I’m not ugly, I’m exotic” on it now…

  160. Soo the demo english translation:
    EXO-K: “I’ll eat you up with more refine than [drinking] wine”

    And the official translation:

    EXO-K: “I’ll take you in one mouthful like cheese”
    EXO-M: “Really want to swallow the nectar-sweet you in one bite”

    I can’t with EXO-K xD

    • They will always be the EXO-Kids

    • Yeah, I had heard the EXO-M lyrics were a bazillion times better. :P

      • I’ve only seen a translation to the Mandarin version, which is…err, can I say sexy? Maybe I just have a dirty mind, but the lyrics alone were “giving me the vapors” as we say in the South. But, the Korean version? Cheese is probably the least sexy food ever lol.

      • The Korean version is just confusing, I think. I didn’t quite understand what the song was about until I read the Mandarin lyrics. My Korean isn’t great, so maybe the lyrics make more sense to a Korean person…. I’m trying to give EXO the benefit of a doubt here haha…

  161. Marzia Matalone

    XD…the bloopers part with Martina’s solo performance was awesome…ah, of course I know it is the song of “you’re beautiful” …beautiful drama…*_^

  162. For the Showdown: TVXQ Balloons! Come on, they were literally dressed as animals! Kai looked like a fish tangled in a fishing net!

  163. it’s so hard to choose between such different songs.. but I’ll go with Exo’s Wolf cuz it’s so catchy XD
    Thx for the reviews guys u’r the best <3

  164. Loved the video <3

  165. The “wolf” part becoming Ulf – nailed it! ^^ I’m born and raised in sweden.

  166. Lol Soompi.com posted a link to this review on their facebook page and made a mini article thingy about it ^_^

  167. I have I say I had a similar experience to what Martina had with this song. I didn’t like it at first and thought it was really awkward but when I listened to it again for a second and third time, I got addicted.
    Also, I just realized how awkward it may be if you guys interview exo and Fangirla is brought up xD Kai with collar lmao

  168. LOOOOVED the timer bloopers! XDXDXD

  169. unicornsgalaxy

    I haven’t watched the review yet but the blog post had me in hysterics especially Simon’s part. So what I’ve been hearing as “A Sada mayo” is actually Saranghaeyo? I just thought it was an old witch that was saying something about Mayo instead of “Double, Double, toil and trouble”. They even look like they are stirring a cauldron in the dance… maybe that’s just my overactive imagination tho…

    Quite honestly, I don’t know if the song has grown on me, I’m just currently in a weird mood or what, but I kinda like it. There are some really awesome parts like around 1:15 when the higher singing parts come in. I really like those parts (sorry, don’t know who they are) and from like around 2:17is to the end is pretty good. I even kinda like the chanting/raping part.

    Honestly though, I still like their performances on the music shows better than the video although I think I only saw 2 of them…

    I still like to corn-rolls tho.

  170. Did anyone read the tatoo on thay guy’s chest (sorry i’m not good with names)? I think it said “RAISED BY WOLVES”

  171. I just don’t get this song. Plain and simple.

  172. I like the song ever since i illegally watched the leaked dance practice :/
    I’m sorry for doing that, it’s not my fault i taught it was a bad joke from someone and taught i had nothing to loose clicked on the link and what did i find? I found the real thing :o i was super shocked :O But i got addicted to it and played it again and again and again and again *sings and dances Again and again by 2pm*

    Think how awesome it would be is EXO wore the clothes TVXQ wore while doing wolf :3

    You guys should have taken the banana contry part from The chinese wolf version and talked about that too :3

  173. I just wanted to let you know that I really like the new spudgy cut (wel not that new) he really looks cute! And a little bit like a puppy. really. just look a that face <3

  174. thisisjustforfunval

    I’m in Simon’s corner. I agree 100% with everything he wrote and said. They match my exact feelings about the song. I just can’t listen to it. I keep hearing how cool the dance is but I couldn’t even focus on it with the song. I think I need to try Simon’s route and watch it on mute. This was a funny review and I love the Fangurilla corner.

    On a quick side note, I’ve wondered since you guys don’t like musicals if you would ever be able to put that aside to go watch you’re bias Junsu in Elizabeth??? Huh, huh?

  175. Martina, I can relate! I was watching the MV and I just had to stop it because I absolutely did not like it. But then for some reason I decided to give it another try and I LOVED IT!! It was so weird lol

  176. Meghann

    I’ve come to accept “Wolf” as a song, but I don’t love it. I will run around the house singing the chorus (OOLF) but I won’t buy the song. Luckily, I really enjoy the rest of the album, so this isn’t a fail comeback. Good job EXO ^^

  177. timer song was so from You’re Beautiful…love that drama :)

  178. I agree with Simon.
    I choose TVXQ Balloons

  179. I swear if this song wins a lot of awards, I lose hope in Kpop. Who would blast a song in public with lines like AWOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Yeah not me.

  180. The song may be all over the place, but there’s just something about it that made me love it. I’ve been replaying it everyday! Also, I vote for DBSK in the showdown! Oh, and you guys should listen to the demo version; they actually pronounce wolf perfectly, but the demo is worse than Wolf. Like much worse. You might even come to like Wolf after hearing what the demo sounded like. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiWRq_9fgy8

    • It’s so weird listening to this song with and without the vocal production (the efforts, the autotune, the properly tuned harmonies, et al) XD


  182. Omg I can’t help but notice how much more cuter Spudgy looks after he got his haircut. I mean, Spudgy was always adorable but now that he’s all trimmed, he looks so much more younger and cuter. I LOVE YOU SPUDGY.
    Side note, I totally agree with Simon on the song. I really don’t like it much except for the spirit fingers.

  183. Is this green screened over a shot of the studio?

  184. Blueberries

    Exo just hasn’t been doing that style of music that I like.. and Wolf wasn’t any exception. I liked the dance though, it had many cool moves.. and some funny ones as well XD I wonder why drama version isn’t out yet..

  185. I am pretty sure they are lactose intolerant…best line evarrrr

  186. I am on Martinas Side………..oh dear.

  187. I like (almost) all the elements of the song, but none of them fit together in a comprehensive whole. Each third is so wildly different they sound like they could be their own song; the video itself is the saving grace. The cinematography and choreography is gorgeous, and the transitions between light and shadow and wolf and man (or boy) are really well done. It’s a shame the music doesn’t meet its standard.

  188. AWUUUU~ Geurae wolf, naega wolf! Awouuuuu~ (Ah saranghaeyo) Nan neukdaego neun minyeo~

    ahahahahaha guys you makes me laugh a lot…..

  189. I didn’t like this song at first but it grew on me. It definitely isn’t my favorite song on the albums, but I like it. My favorite songs are Heart Attack and Black Pearl ofc because those songs are amazing. I don’t really understand why they chose Wolf for the comeback song lol

  190. weird. i didnt like What Is Love that much (i really dont understand why you love it so much) but i loved Wolf. i totally agree with Martina, its not usually the type of song that i would like but for some reason i do. i also love the dancing, that was the best part in the video.

  191. FINALLY!! I agree with Simon lol. Parts of the song were OK but the whole AHOOOOOO pissed me off. It’s nothing like MAMA or WHAT IS LOVE…I really wanted VIXX or MBLAQ to get reviewed…

  192. …..tvxq balloons……

  193. OMG, You guys watch Game of Thrones :D I watch it too and i have read the books as well. I was quite surprised over episode 9 ended.
    *Sorry for my bad English

  194. Voting for Exo! Martina, I’m so glad you understand my love for Wolf! I first heard it and said WAT??? But now I love it SO MUCH! SOOOOO MUCH! And that song in the bloopers was from You’re Beautiful (Minami Shineyo)! One of the first Korean dramas I ever saw! The Hunky One was so adorbs :D

    • I’m loving him on WGM. He started out being my least favorite of the three band members in “You’re Beautiful” but with all the angstiness of the of the other male leads, he quickly became my pick. His ballad on the bus was so sweet :)

  195. What!!! Where’s VIXX!?!! Are you kidding me! ::flips table:: What the hell… Well it’s good to know that even though the system has changed you all are still gonna pick the same artists that you were doing before the change. ::sigh::

  196. I agree with Simon. I really didn’t like this song. It felt sloppy, and the vocals just didn’t mesh. After I heard the song, I just sat there and said “I waited Exo to come back for THAT!?” This song was sad in comparison to “Mama” and “History.” I liked the old concept with the “two worlds” before, and I was excited to see if they would continue the theme this time around, but alas, this was just weird and awkward for me.

    And the lyrics? Simon, you forgot the other weird one:

    “Ah, but the strength in my toenail weakens, so my appetite yeah is gone.”



    Sorry, Exo. This was a fail for me. :(

    I also vote for TVXQ this challenge.


  198. ☆pallavi☆

    EXO all the way my babies were so wonderful and wolfy

  199. I vote for EXO!

  200. Simon, you should hear the leaked demo version of EXO’s Wolf. They actually pronounce wolf with a ‘w’there. Something must have gone terribly wrong from the demo to the finished version.

  201. I love Exo, but Wolf really isn’t for me. Maybe it’ll grow on me (like many a kpop song)?
    As far as voting is concerned, TVXQ all the way! The video makes me cringe and giggle like a school girl in equal measure. How can you not love it? Plus, since I hum this song all the time when feeling chipper, I have gotten many of my friends to hum along without ever knowing they were singing kpop. Win, indeed :)

  202. I have to disagree with Simon, I thought the “Awoooooo” we the best part of the song. but thank you foor pointing out that cheese comment, I spent the entire time thinking wtf.

    and Martina I nearly died at the duck , my favorite KMM to date. i was laughing so hard the dog was giving me strange looks.

    Oh EXO negga olf negga olf awoooooooooo

    BTW erhdsangfergfcewfvhgieryhd Spudgy at the end~~<3 He's such a terrifing little 'Olf

  203. LongClawTiger

    I think I will go try the cheese line with my wife. If you don’t see me again, it didn’t go so well….AWOOOOOOO!!!

  204. Loved your review. I’m really becoming a fan of the fangurilla segment. Loved your plug for Henry as well.

    Liked the duck, loved the corny cheese jokes!

    Agree that it’s hard to be cute wolfs. I don’t think it works either.

  205. I guess I agree with Simon’s take on the review. I really did hate the “awoooooooo.” Loved Martina’s duck! LOL I think the Werewolf theme is being influenced from the very cool, very big U.S. Twilight Saga that has taken this country by storm. As for the Werewolf thing, Jacob in this series was much more liked in the long run because he was perceived as so very much more cool! So I think everyone is just channeling this vein. Thanks you guys!!!!

  206. I’m definitely with Martina on this one. When the song leaked at first, uugghh I hated it. That was the one and only time I wavered in my stance as an EXOtic. But maybe it’s because I knew what to expect, or perhaps because my expectations were so low, that I didn’t mind the song when the MV came out. And after a couple of listens, I really enjoyed it! The vocals are brilliant as usual and I really like the fast-paced, synthy rapping in the second verse. Also, I’m guessing that you’ve listened to the rest of the album. And how awesome is it?!?! Every single song is solid, no fillers. My favorite is, unexpectedly, Black Pearl. Check out the other songs if you haven’t!

  207. A quest contest?! This will definitely be no match for *dramatic pause* THE DOVAHKIIN!!!
    *commences the search for annotations*

  208. a side note: i think its interesting how exo can do a style like MAMA or Wolf, yet also have such amazing songs like What is Love, Black Pearl, and Baby Don’t Cry, which are more ballad-esque but showcases everyone’s talents.

    • Actually, What is Love is only 2 members singing and Baby Don’t Cry features only 4 members (2 with hardly much at all).

      • i know ^^ i still just think its amazing that songs like that can even be on the same album.

        • Chillymilly

          As much as I don’t want to like SM manufactured music, I found myself totally digging their album. Hopefully, Exo can keep it up!

  209. hey i see they have a lil Changmin there in 2:41 of the video, lol

  210. Jeez, dedication here. What time is it in Seoul at the moment? It’s 5:30am here…(Was watching E3, this was a bonus).

    • Also thoughts:
      The song was there but there was one bit with Xiumin (1:50) and it was really fast pace and I got hooked :/
      The expressions in the video, especially Chanyeol appeared really flat to me and Kris barely moves his lips O.O
      Finally the clothes…D.O’s wearing plastic bags or something at one point.

      I like EXO, but I think this song and video was so-so overall.

      Also, my vote goes to “balloons” cause Jaejong’s glare at the end of the video was probably the most intimidating thing out of the two.

  211. Okay, the only way I could envision these guys as wolves is if they were wolf cubs. And I’m totally not even trying to be a jerk here. They look like a bunch of wolf cubs (or puppies, if you just can’t see them as wolves) acting tough, but looking adorable. They’re too groomed and good looking to be scary… I suppose there’s a little irony in that? I mean, you wouldn’t expect these guys to be the big bad wolves that eat you as a snack, so… They get points for deception? Idk!! I’m done trying to make sense of the concept!!! ONTO MY THOUGHTS OF THE SONG/VIDEO!!!

    Honestly, when I heard the leaked version, I was a little horrified and thought that the CEO of SM was going nutsy. Tip – never judge a song by a demo XD For whatever stinking reason, I love this hot mess of a song. Like, I really love it. And I am *really* getting tired of dubstep (which is why I kind of hate myself for liking Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s “Invader Invader”… and the fact that I like a song by her >_>) Like seriously!! BUT I STINKING LOVE IT IN THIS SONG!!!! WHY!??!?!?!?!?! WHY MUST I LOVE THIS HOT MESS OF A SONG!??!?! I hope my freaking out isn’t taken as me being an EXO anti, because that is the farthest thing from the truth. I sexy danced to “What is Love” for DAYS (and screamed about losing my pants :D). I looked serious and overly dramatic as I lipsynced to the epic engrish in “MAMA”. I even bounced to Two Moons (despite the rapping being extremely try hard). So no, I am most definitely not an anti. This song, though… I wholeheartedly agree with Simon; it’s frenetic and inconsistent and the rapping and singing clash (despite the harmonies sounding badass). It’s like my brain is screaming all of this at my heart, which is embracing this song, and it’s so weird XD I feel like this is what my reaction would be like if the crazy production on SNSD’s I Got a Boy actually bothered me.

    *ahem* So even though I have a love/hate relationship with the song, I actually really like the video. It is typical SM fare, with the boys dancing in oddly lit rooms and wearing very odd pieces of clothing that no one would actually want to wear, but the dancing and editing really make it interesting. From an objective point, the video really does save this song from the trash bin; the dance is insanely cool (it’s like SM gave a SHINee level dance to SuJu :3); the choreographer must have tortured these guys for weeks getting them to do this thing right. Great job, EXO :3

    Honestly, I’m really confused by the way that SM is marketing these guys. First they are aliens who are banished from their home planet for being spoiled jerks, and now they’re what I assume to be werewolves. lolwut. SM, please get it together. Also, why give Kai cornrows? That just looks wierd, yo XD

  212. MARTINA! Where was your rant on the turtlenecks!

  213. Melanie Santa Cruz Yactayo

    nooo :( it will come on wednesday koreantime sdaidaia

    Lol still we exotic – crazy fandom – will vote for them :3

  214. Sascha_Wong

    Best cover of the Game of Thrones theme ever.

  215. OMG I had to stop the video to comment again! JaimexBrienne is my favorite pairing and my favorite characters! That’s why Storm of Swords was my favorite book in the series. I LOVE YOU MARTINA!

  216. Kris’s cheese part got me dying of laughter…DYING! i agree with Simon on this one…while the dance was awesome, the song was wack…too wack and too cheesy,…some of the outfits did not make things any better…eg…WTF was Kai wearing?!?!?!

  217. I really really liked this video but it took me a couple listens to get into it. So I totally side with Martina here. And as for the showdown, Balloons all the way. I would’t have gotten the werewolf theme without knowing beforehand and Balloons really carried its childish theme well. ULF!

  218. I have to agree with Simon…I don’t like the song at all D:
    Especially not the choros..It weirds me so out…O_o
    But I love how you guys did the review^^
    Martina’s duck sound was just awesome xD
    And I think you should make this 30 sec thing longer^^

  219. i have no idea why SM decided to release “oolf” as Exo’s comeback song…every OTHER SONG ON THE ALBUM IS SOOOO MUCH BETTER…for example HEART ATTACK! DAMN GOOD SONG!

  220. Agreed a lot with you! Ahahaa! Also random comment, but… one fun thing…. EXO’s Wolf and WonderBoyz’ Tarzan had sort of the same producer… WB said he put a lot of emphasis on how they pronounced “Tarzan” so that they didn’t say “Tajan”. Clearly he backed out when it came to Wolf…?

    • Maybe he couldn’t get them to say it right because he couldn’t say it right? That’s my theory.

    • “Woo” words are notoriously hard for Korean speakers. My mom used to read me Winnie the Pooh and I’d always correct her for saying “Hundred Acre Ood”. No cthulu-people for four-year old me!

  221. I agree with Simon. Unimpressed with this song

  222. I agree with Martina strongly xD At first I hated the song and wanted it to die. I thought it was just like Shinee’s Why So Serious but just a tad better (since I still HATE that song) but I gave the song a few more chances and now Wolf doesn’t really irritate me anymore. It’s actually pretty catchy and I find myself singing the chorus in my head all day. I don’t why I suddenly like it so much….maybe it’s the bass like you said Martina because I really like songs with slightly heavy bass sounds you know? I don’t know why… xD The song’s still not fantastic but at least I don’t hate it anymore :)

  223. Can I leave the answers here or do I have to put every answer under every video?

  224. That song’s from “You’re Beautiful”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gawd I got tired of hearing it, but I loved JGS’s voice. Loved the review. Glad that choreo got some appreciation. My favorite part of the dance is toward the end where they use their legs to kick as if they’re pawing at something :). I can’t vote down TVXQ though. They must keep their title. “Balloons” ftw.


  226. I love Fangurilla!!! <3

  227. -CD Giveaway Contest: cheese, EXO-tics, good bros think alike-

    OK, is it right? I hope so :)

  228. Agree with Simon so much!!!! (I was so disappointed in this comeback I almost cried) And now after watching the bloopers it makes sense why you guys seemed so happy when you were like “30 seconds starting now!” in the actual kmm video.

  229. What you said about Sweden is soo true !!!!!!!!!!! hahahah I totally died when I first heard them say Ulf !!

  230. Woooo i loved this kmm it was so funny. We watched it with my sister and she laughed soo much, which she doesnt know much about kpop or you guys. It was so funny, loved it :D
    As for the video, i think the dance was super duper cool and soo fun to watch. As for the song, when i first heard it i really disliked it but it did grow on me, so im liking the song. But still its not better than what is love, mama or history. It is not a song that i would replay all day. Dance was cool but still its not a video that i would sit and watch for 4 or 5 times. You know what i would love to replay? henry ‘s trap. THAT SONG IS AWESOMEEEEE. But its not the place for it, im just gonna go and spam the youtube comment section for it.
    And OOOOOOLF is going to be in my everyday vocabulary now xD

  231. haruchi

    I didn’t like the song that much when I heard it for the first time but I loved the choreography a lot! The song grew on me as I listened to it more but I still don’t love it, it’s good but not fantastic. I like “Black Pear” a lot more from the album.
    Oh and I laughed when I heard them say “ulf”… It has become a little inside joke with my cousin now. haha I was like isn’t that a German name?! lol “Ulf” is not the only thing that bothers me… I hear “typerää typerää” around 1:56 and that basically means ‘something is stupid stupid’ in Finnish. XD

  232. Whenever Fangurilla signs off does anybody else chime in and say “I’m Exotic!” ? I hope i’m not the only one…

  233. I agree with Simon. I’m never able to sit through listening to this song without laughing T_T

  234. At first I didn’t really like this song, but it’s kinda growing on me. The oolf part makes me laugh so hard, but I love it cuz its soooo cheesy, does that make any sense?
    Also: TVXQ for the showdown
    Am I the only one fangirling over the MBLAQ pic at the back?? >.< maybe for next week??

  235. I just can’t get over the pronunciation. This isn’t normally a problem for me but I can’t take it with “ulf”. It’s a shame because I love the rest of their stuff! (I’m not hating on them! I just can’t blindly love every song they make.)

  236. lady_kire

    I agree with Simon. I love EXO, but this song felt like a mess. To me, it doesn’t flow nicely. It keeps switching to rap and pop and it becomes annoying. I do listen to this song, but I’m in a love-hate relationship with it. I also think this shouldn’t have been the comeback song. The rest of the songs on the album were wonderful. It’s just this one that’s a mess. It’s one of those songs that I can’t show to my friends because they’ll think that it sounds awful or it’s a joke…

  237. This song and the choreo and the live perfomances has shown us the improvement of Exo. I don’t like the song but I admit that if that song was a part of a musical it would have been great. The whole presentation made me feel I was watching a musical.

  238. OOOH MY!! thanks simon for mentioning this!! i only hear “geurae ULF naega ULF” xD

  239. irritablevowel

    I could have watched Spudgy’s “I’m a wolf! I’m a wolf! Aaaooooo!” For at least another half hour.


  241. I 100% agree with Simon. This song is… awful on every level. You know how there are Kpop songs/vids that you really don’t want your non-Kpop fans to see and judge the whole genre by? This has got to be at the top of the list now.

    At least Boyfriend and TVXQ’s balloons are obviously dorky/over the top. This video and song is trying SO HARD and it is just plain crazy. Please bring back your old style, EXO!

    • Ahaha I agree with you there, I myself enjoyed the song and MV but the whole time I was thinking “I can NEVER let my non-kpop friends see this”

    • You know what’s crazy? There have been many kpop songs that I have thought I really liked until I heard them apart from the music video. Then I realized I was just mesmerized by the entire video/dance/song package and didn’t really care for the song itself that much. (This has happened a lot with my favorite group, SHINee.) But I absolutely adored wolf from my first listen apart from the music video. I don’t know, I just think EXO pulls off gritty rap really well. Musically. Even though the dance for this was genius and breath-taking, I agree that they seemed more like puppies than wolves in the videos (what was with Luhan’s wardrobe? and he kept pouting instead of growing). I saw an interview where one of the EXO guys said event he director and choreographer teased them for looking like puppies. I laugh whenever Chanyeol tries to look tough. His voice sounds so hood. His face looks so… sweet.

  242. hahaha that duck sound Martina *bows down* but in all seriousness, I’m sorry EXOtics, I’m siding with Simon this time. the dancing’s fantastic, as is the video (but I’m voting for TVXQ’s Balloons ’cause it had more ‘animals’ in it), but the song is just… OTL WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THIS SONG, SM?! Get rid of the autotuned woman in both versions and it’d make a better song, just slightly, even with the ‘OOLF!’. Maybe SM lyricists want each song to have memorable lyrics, like ‘I got a boy on my chin, I got a boy chicken’, ‘Soy un dorito!’, and, ‘WHY SO SERIOUS, YEAH!!’ Oh, wait… wrong music to sing that to…

  243. Cyber_3

    This was a good KMM. I smiled but I didn’t LOL. I didn’t really have anything invested in the choice of video to review but it was the one I liked the least but I expected it given the giveaway that you leaked on twitter. I think that there was a lot more potential for mockery than was undertaken. Where is Mordney Present for these videos?! Who cares if it’s SM – as a vampire he should be threatened by the amassing of werewolves on his border ;) . I think that the Seungrina skits are hilarious but maybe use them just a tad more sparingly as they can get repetitive (she likes them, we get it, maybe she could do something different, go all stalker or something). BTW, the design on the card that she holds would make a nice t-shirt. I realize that having characters makes it easier to script KMM but they don’t have to stay static, have fun with them, they are yours, after all. I liked Martina’s duck imitation but she really did just wedge that in there. A lot of the skits this KMM seemed that way. While the blooper of the timer continually breaking was funny….I’m sorry but it was the funniest bit. Good luck for next week, I hope that Simon is feeling better ^_^

    Many other people have problems with the “wo” sound, even the French end up saying “woof” instead of “wolf”.

  244. Going with Simon on this one. As a person who volunteers at a wolf refuge and works with wolves every week and they are my favorite animal, AND I’m a big fan of EXO, I was originally super stoked about this video and song…. and they I watched it.

    *sigh* Biggest letdown in my entire kpop experience. Its gotten to the point that I just get angry and frustrated when I hear this song.

    And since I know that the fangirls are going to murder me for this comment, LOOK A COOKIE *smoke bomb escape*

    PS: my vote is for Ballons

  245. TVXQ’s BALLOONS for the Win!

  246. ahahah. watched the bloopers. The song is from the drama you’re beautiful! ;)

  247. I agree with the dance, I liked it.
    The song , not really. Listening to it once was enough but then I thought ” let me try again ” and after the second time I gave up.

  248. SM, you’re recycling is getting obvious…Max Changmin had similar cornrows some years ago though his weren’t as long as Kai’s

  249. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! XD I just spit my coke because of Simon’s cheesy joke. xD
    (oh and yes, I wondered who that Ulf was.. oô)

  250. Wait I just watch what is love… I don’t get it!!!

  251. I loooove Fangurilla! She is the best!

  252. Loved it!! And I vote for EXO for the showdown. I was laughing so hard on the cheese bit. Loving you KMMs!!

  253. You guys should totally make a “I’m not ugly, I’m Exotic!” shirt
    I would buy that :P

  254. I agree with you Simon. For the showdown: TVXQ!

  255. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to listen to their other songs! They are all brilliant, I promise! My favorites are Let out the Beast, Baby, Peter Pan, and Baby Don’t Cry =)

    • My favs are Baby don’t cry and My lady. But before I listened to the album, I clearly listened to this song and watched the MV and was utterly shocked that I was even scared to listen to their whole album… Though the choreography was awesome and I love the other songs and also EXO but geez what was up with this ( sorry ) BULLSHIT of a WOLF?! upps I meant ULF! Seriously, I hope EXO won’t shock us ever again with such a …song or whatever this is supposed to be XD

      • Yes omg the album was great but ULF really put me off initially. My Lady has got to be one of the best Kpop songs ever!! (IMO at least) I wish that were the title song instead of UULFFF here.

        Side note: I felt the same way about Why So Serious? The album was amazing but the title song was the worst of the lot. SM!!! CHOOSE YOUR TITLE SONGS MORE WISELY PLSSS!!!

        • What’s sad is that in the leaked version of Wolf, they actually say wolf perfectly. Someone needs to get on it and mash that up with this version, like they did with RLAB in the full version of Two Moons.

      • Wait they released My Lady? I kind of disregarded the whole album, because of how awful I thought the lead single was… This could change my mind!

    • The live version of Baby, Don’t Cry is crazy addicting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLPnHWRbgls

      Also, if you live in Korean I encourage you to buy the limited edition CD because it comes with two posters haha. My friend and I were freaking out to an embarrassing degree when we learned this at hot tracks.

    • this time talk goes to this song. and Wolf is AWFUL!
      other older songs are ok and I agree with SImon What is love is beautiful. but this one is huge NO.
      this is why I hate kpop nowdays..
      I want old kpop with great music not childish songs which cant be listened normaly.

    • Diana Cristina Munteanu

      i like peter pan mostly because i saw the English lyrics and they were amazing

  256. Oh my, I love David Bowie. Here is Magic Dance, enjoy:

  257. Starsania

    Voting for Balloons, I didn’t much like this song either and I can’t get over how silly Oolf sounds. Mama and History were a million times better.

  258. I didn’t like it at first either and then I thought I liked it ironically but no…I just unabashedly enjoy this song. Sidenote: I watched this in the Robarts. That was a mistake that I’ll never make again.

  259. I will be on the negative side… do I love EXO?… yes… Did I like this song?…NO. The dance was freakin’ awesome ( people to wolf parts and the cool beginning sequence) but the song and the lyrics were weak and all over the place. Some costumes were great while others were confusing ( yes the fish net shirt and the puffy sleeves I mean you)! … Liked the rest of the their songs on their album just not this song…. sorry EXO.

  260. Isabel Ruby

    i basically waited til this MM came out to go to my final. i think if i don’t know the answer to a question i’ll just write “nega WOLF-AWOOO” and hope for the best

    • BAHAHAHAHAHAHA Well if its a final for a philosophy class, who knows, you might actually get some points for it. I had a friend just write “why not” on a massive essay question and got full points for it.

      • Isabel Ruby

        it was urban studies…. luckily i could half answer things without resorting to kpop references…. not like my TA would have gotten it… i literally rolled my sexy window down in that class and only one person was like OH i get it….

        • Haha I went to a bar with some of my friends the other day and rolled down my sexy window and NOBODY got it. Then later when my boyfriend got there, he rolled down his sexy window to me instead of saying hi. Made my night.

  261. I have to agree with simon on this one. Yes i like the video and the dance is fantastic but the song alone doesnt do it for me. And the Saranghaeyo part of the song makes me wanna laugh and not in a good way. XD None the less i still watch their performances in music shows cos I think they are absolutely fantastic. I just try not to think about the song and the weird lyrics too much! loool

  262. PunkyPrincess92

    i literally shuddered when you showed their mv clip
    i don’t wanna hear this song ever again!! T_T

    are you kidding? is that seriously a translation of the song?? my god…..

    the dance was awesome!! the only thing i liked about this release!! and the wolf effects in the mv!!

  263. My body is not ready.

  264. Na na na Simom u complains about cheese??? What bout soy un dorito????????? So what if SM songwriters have food fetish… Let them be happy !!!!!! CHEESE FO LIFE!! ahhahaahah!!! Luv u ♥

  265. I totally agree with Martina (although Simon, I also agreed with your English assessment/skit)! I really disliked it at first but now I loves it! It grew on me like mold on warm cheese!

    Showdown: Exo, all the way.

    • Watch out, SM might steal your line … I can just imagine their next title track with they lyrics, “You grew on me like mold on warm cheese~”. Of course, the Mandarin lyrics would say something much naughtier. XD

      • “You grew on me like a tumor…and you swept through me like a malignant melonoma” has actually been used by Tim Minchin in his song “You Grew On Me”. Hehe he has also done a song about cheese, called “Cheese”. Go Figure.

      • Yeah, they should hire me as a songwriter! There’s more where that came from. :P

  266. Oh well such a… multi-animal KMM. I’m a duck, I’m a mouse, I’m a Spugdy, I am OOLF…
    I’m voting for BALLOONS! It’s a matter of pride, for this song not to ever lose a showdown, hahaha

  267. if u’ve listened to the rest of the album, id love ur opinions on the other songs!! im personally in LOVE with black pearl (already over 400 plays on my itunes haha), my lady, and peter pan. what do u guys think?

    • Yes! I’m so in live with the instrumentals on Black Pearl! Seriously cool beat. I also love Peter Pan and Baby Don’t Cry (both versions make me melt!).

  268. I really think songs like this and IGAB by SNSD are “required taste” songs. From the reactions that I’ve seen online its either you love them, you hate them, or your utterly confused by them. Me personally I think I like songs that are a tid bit more easier to follow….but I will say that really commend SM for their ability to incorporate 12 guys on stage like that, its actually really well done and coordinated to a tee.

  269. KissJadeMeNastieHenry

    He’s Canadian you’re canadian just do IT!!!!! Ahhhhhh! I agree with Fangurilla! lol

  270. Omg…at the duck i laughed so hard i scared my cat off the bed. Thank you. :-D


  272. haha, in Swedish, the word “Ulf” actually derives from the Old Norse word for “wolf” :)

  273. I hope Mblaq survives another week! T_T
    But this MV was a pure goldmine so I get why it gets a review. *cornrows*

  274. KissJadeMeNastieHenry

    I laughed at your Cheesy joke Simon hihi! ^^

  275. Simon you need help lol and for the showdown i pick TVXQ

  276. Already bought both albums. i hope someone who can’t otherwise get a physical copy of the album wins. fighting!

  277. I laughed so hard I cried and now my mascara’s all messed up. Thank you.

  278. SM gave Kai dreadlocks or cornrows. They gave the pretty boy, the Yoona of EXO, the dreadlocks/cornrows. I don’t think I’ve seen something this awkward since Taeyang and his cornrow days, which he traded in for a way cooler mohawk

    • i think taeyang rocked the snoop braids for cl’s “baddest female”. my neice wears those btw. cute on her, not so much on guys trying to be bad (meaning bad, not meaning good).

      • I agree XD

      • I agree. I have the same problem with Kai’s cornrows as I did with CL’s “The Baddest Female.” I’m a literature student and we call it “Cultural Appropriation.” They’re borrowing from American rap culture because they think it will make they artists seem cool. But I feel like they’re doing it without any real understanding of the culture.

        • I’m black and I feel anybody can wear cornrows. Really, we’re not that sensitive about hairstyles.

    • They did the same with Changmin from TVXQ. *Sigh* Oh SM…..

  279. THIS WAS SOOO FUNNY …. CHEESE I really like this review !!

  280. Simon…my mom made the cheesy joke last week too when i told her the lyrics. looking forward to her reaction to this weeks KMM.

  281. Oh, I was actually expecting that you guys will review ‘Smoky Girl’. I guess I expected too much. xD

    • Duddeeee it’s totally going to dominate the charts over the next week. IT WILL HAVE IT’S MOMENT. I AM SURE OF THIS, FOR NO PARTICULAR REASON.

    • omfg ME TOO!!! I WANT NORMAL GOOD SONGS TO BE REVIEWED! AND IT’S —- SMOKY GIRL !!! mfg this was a waste x.x
      I hope this week Smoky Girl is to reviwed !!!!!! ^_^


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