This week we review the music video for F.Cuz “Wanna Be Your Love” and try to figure out what in the world the wardrobe coordinator was thinking, because, seriously now, something went wrong with their outfits. Something went reaaaaaaly wrong.

Now, we got a lot of requests for F.Cuz’s “Midnight Sun,” and as soon as this video came out we got a lot of requests for it as well. Now, I’m not sure what the deal is with Kpop Boy Bands constantly switching their tones. When we reviewed SHINee’s “Hello” we mentioned how different it was from “Lucifer”, how in the latter they were very badass, and in the former they got all cutesy-wootsey. B2ST did it as well with “Soom” and “Beautiful”. In both SHINee’s and B2ST’s cutey videos, though, there was a bit of a story to the video, rather than them just being cutesy. For F.Cuz’s Cutesy video, though, there’s absolutely nothing else to the video. They just dance around in a room and try to be cute. Nothing else. No giving a girl you have a crush on a present, no breaking your arm while breakdancing. Nothing. The video’s really boring as a result, really boring, and just seems so rushed and unthought-out as a result.

What redeems this video from being terribly boring is the amazingness of their clothes. They’re amazingly awful. Sure, but that’s not something to write home about. But, my God, read what their clothes say! Here they are, being all cute with each other, touching and hugging each other and telling a girl that they want to be more than just friends, and right there, right in the middle of the one guy’s shirt, it says “FUCK ME BLIND.” Seriously!!! Kinda takes away from the whole confession vibe of the video. Who picked out those clothes for them? Again, more proof that the Kpop World needs to hire people who speak English.

Another thing we hinted at but didn’t really mention explicitly in the our video: don’t you think the girl they want to confess to is gonna get mixed signals? I mean, telling a girl that you want to be her lover, while pretending to kiss your guy friends and snuggling up into their arms…I don’t think that’s the message you want to give your potential girlfriend. That relationship’s doomed. Ah well. That totally wouldn’t fly for a video in North America, as well. I mean, could you imagine Jay-Z and Kanye spending a whole video hugging each other? I don’t think so.

Anyhow, enough of that. Thanks to everyone who participated in our T-ara’s “Yayaya” CD Giveaway contest. We’ve picked the winners and will announce them tomorrow on our Facebook page. Huzzah! If you didn’t win the CD, you can still buy it, if you like, through the link below. Also, as always, thanks to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the Korean subtitle translations! Yesterday we gave them a 15 minute video to translate, and they gave it to us by the morning. How freaking awesome of them!

T-ara Mini Album Vol. 2 - Temptastic
  1. HAHAHA :D
    I think Simon’s sooo adorable in that Mordney costume.. :)
    High five Simon! *Clap*
    Good job C:

  2. wth! f.cuz is the best! how dare they!!!! they r underated. dont underestimate those cute innocent looking boys!

  3. wth! f.cuz is the best! how dare they!!!! they r underated. dont underestimate those cute innocent looking boys!

  4. wth! f.cuz is the best! how dare they!!!! they r underated. dont underestimate those cute innocent looking boys!

  5.  Re-watching this…I gotta ask…What does the piece of paper taped to your remote (?) say on it? (Sitting on the edge of the couch in the background) Sadly I notice these things 8D

    And I love your videos! So awesome, never stop <3

  6. OMG :D really f*k me blind?on a guy? :D i watched that mv bec. of some Big Bang video and wow that shirt is amazing :D so many nice words in it :D
    well i will say F.Cuz bec i love GD and he looks good on those weird clothes(well i’m a bit late but i just found u guys)

  7. It should be pronounced Fucuz or Fuckcuz. If you put a period after a letter, it implies it is short for somethin (most of time).
    And only implication that I get from F.Cuz is Fuckcuz, like how you would say motherfuckers but motherfuckcuz.
    I wish Korean entertainment companies know what the words exactly mean before use it on TV. No offense, "Fuck me blind" cracked me up so hard I fell off my chair and rofled.

  8. hah, i loved it in dbsk's rising sun (the japanese version, i think) when jae was wearing that shirt that said "my fXXXing way" lol

  9. F.Cuz!!! Those outfits were awful, its like they had a competition on who has the worst outfit!
    G Dragon's clothes are weird but he knows how to pull the outfit together to make it look amazing!

  10. Can you do either IU – Good Day ( very happy cheery song)

    or F.Cuz – Midnight Sun

  11. Haha. When I first saw the band's name, I thought it was trying to be super hardcore and make a homonym for "F-word us"

  12. G-Dragon
    i Fell so bad for F.Cuz not being understood

  13. NONONO it's not fair, g-dragon's breath and F.Cuz' wanna be…. are the two k-pop video with the wardrobe choice i like the most ( apart from SHINee's)

  14. F.Cuz, definitely.

    LOL, my friends and I always make jokes about how GD and Lady Gaga should be friends…..^^

    And also, about the curse on the shirt, if you watch DBSK's Japanese "Rising Sun" video, all the guys are wearing black shirts to match. Jaejoong's shirt also says "F***" in BIG WHITE LETTERS on the chest. XD

  15. F.Cuz whoever their stylist is should be forced to wear those clothes all year long!

  16. F.Cuz, DUH.

    There are how many English teachers in Korea and not one of these textile manufacturers can find one to properly translate English for them? PUHLEEEESE. B)

  17. Sorry but G-dragon is so gay…

  18. LMAO. The guy is hilarious. I agree. I saw F.CUZ's video and I was amaze by how terrible their wardrobe was. It looks like they just grabbed a bunch of old worn out clothes from a garbage can and wore them. =/ I can't believe they didn't catch the message on the sweatshirt. I feel quite bad for F.CUZ. They don't deserve this humiliation from their director.

  19. I can't find the request thingy anymore): anw GDTOP High High! Can't wait to see Martina swoon over TOP and Simon getting all jealous~

  20. F.Cuz, their clothes are awful.

    And for the next music monday; G-Dragon and TOP's High High :-D

  21. Martina you know you want to do kpop mondays on GD and TOP's new mv! please do!!~ I definitely wanna hear what Simon's gonna say hahaha

  22. ^^ Hi Martina. I'm sure you'd like to do GD&TOP's "High High". ;3 That would be greatly appreciated if you could!
    Link:: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1M0UKcq8ro

    Again, thanks for your videos!
    /used to live in Korea for about 2 years and truly misses it

    Oh. And F. Cruz for sure. I don't think GD really dresses that badly xD

  23. Next week can you do "It Hurts" by 2ne1??

  24. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! do T.O.P. and G. Dragon!! i know you want to Martina. :)

  25. I'm gonna get a lot of hate from this but I vote GDragon, and I used to be a big BigBang fan too :o but still…
    The dressing for F.Cuz reminds me of "Jiggy" and some of it was pretty good… same case here… Just take off one article of clothing from each, and BAM! it looks alright still.

  26. F.Cuz clothes fail

    next week can you review S.M. the Ballad
    I like both of their songs but 'Miss You' has a plot that would be fun to review but I really like the song 'Hot Times'

  27. I don't mind GDragon and his ensembles in the Breathe video, they suit him and the song. Now F.Cuz is another story, what was the stylist thinking?! Ridiculous, childish and pointless. My vote goes to F.Cuz.

  28. The best thing of this MV is the guy in the end trying to act like a cat. It's like "when you think it can't get more ridiculous, here I come!" Seriously, korean girls really like this kind of guy?

  29. Is there really a choice here? F.Cuz looks absolutely ridiculous. It's too bad… they would be cute in normal clothes.

  30. F.cuz
    That one dude even took GD's hat from lollipop and put feathers on it!!!! I think their lyric writer, wardrobe person, & the person who chose their name are all crazy!

  31. F.Cuz
    That one dude even stole GD's hat from lollipop and put feathers on it!

  32. F.Cuz wins this hands down. G-Dragon has a presence and can carry the unusual looks.

  33. Hey Martina, you Vonnegut some coffee?

  34. Wow, this was hilarious guys. I laughed so hard. I cannot believe that boy had F.. me blind on his shirt, what the heck is that? As for the worst fashion, F.cus, definetly. What were they thinking. Even though G Dragon fashion was bad , he's way too cool, and in my eyes he can do no wrong. ..Well, sometimes he can…. but not in this case.

  35. F. Cuz… omg it looks like they got dressed in the dark! When they put those clothes on did they honestly think they looked good or cute or w/e!!! A 4 year old has better fashion sense then whoever picked out those outfits! (if you can even call it an outfit)

    G.D. looks amazing in anything he wears :) I love his fashion <3

  36. The song is awesome but the wardrobe??… well it was bad. just bad.
    F.cuz defiantly has the worst fashion in this music video.
    For next Monday can you do: Touch (터치) – Me (ë‚œ)

  37. OMG isnt that kurt vonnegut's slaughter- house five on 4:11?!?!
    thats like my favorite book ever martina!!!
    i think we share the same interests girl!

  38. I think F. Cuz (and/or their fashion designer) were on some heavy drugs.
    I wonder how Koreans would feel if they see a group wearing foul swear words on their shirt in a music video?
    You should never wear a shirt that has foreign language written on it if you don't know what it says…..and then wear it in the country that can read your shirt. Might have written, "I'm a slutty skank"…..or worse!

  39. I think I'm the only one in the world who's going to vote G-Dragon on this one, but F.Cuz is just too nostalgic for me to vote for them. Growing up in Canada, that is exactly what me and my friends would wear in the winter, down to the hats made in art class and the cape made from the bedsheets (though mine was TMNT, not superman). Granted, our shirts weren't covered in swear words, but I'm pretty sure I had that red one.
    As for G-Dragon, as much as I love the guy, no one, and I mean no one, can make that white feathered monstrosity, or the equally terrible black shag jacket, look good.

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