This week we review the music video for F.Cuz “Wanna Be Your Love” and try to figure out what in the world the wardrobe coordinator was thinking, because, seriously now, something went wrong with their outfits. Something went reaaaaaaly wrong.

Now, we got a lot of requests for F.Cuz’s “Midnight Sun,” and as soon as this video came out we got a lot of requests for it as well. Now, I’m not sure what the deal is with Kpop Boy Bands constantly switching their tones. When we reviewed SHINee’s “Hello” we mentioned how different it was from “Lucifer”, how in the latter they were very badass, and in the former they got all cutesy-wootsey. B2ST did it as well with “Soom” and “Beautiful”. In both SHINee’s and B2ST’s cutey videos, though, there was a bit of a story to the video, rather than them just being cutesy. For F.Cuz’s Cutesy video, though, there’s absolutely nothing else to the video. They just dance around in a room and try to be cute. Nothing else. No giving a girl you have a crush on a present, no breaking your arm while breakdancing. Nothing. The video’s really boring as a result, really boring, and just seems so rushed and unthought-out as a result.

What redeems this video from being terribly boring is the amazingness of their clothes. They’re amazingly awful. Sure, but that’s not something to write home about. But, my God, read what their clothes say! Here they are, being all cute with each other, touching and hugging each other and telling a girl that they want to be more than just friends, and right there, right in the middle of the one guy’s shirt, it says “FUCK ME BLIND.” Seriously!!! Kinda takes away from the whole confession vibe of the video. Who picked out those clothes for them? Again, more proof that the Kpop World needs to hire people who speak English.

Another thing we hinted at but didn’t really mention explicitly in the our video: don’t you think the girl they want to confess to is gonna get mixed signals? I mean, telling a girl that you want to be her lover, while pretending to kiss your guy friends and snuggling up into their arms…I don’t think that’s the message you want to give your potential girlfriend. That relationship’s doomed. Ah well. That totally wouldn’t fly for a video in North America, as well. I mean, could you imagine Jay-Z and Kanye spending a whole video hugging each other? I don’t think so.

Anyhow, enough of that. Thanks to everyone who participated in our T-ara’s “Yayaya” CD Giveaway contest. We’ve picked the winners and will announce them tomorrow on our Facebook page. Huzzah! If you didn’t win the CD, you can still buy it, if you like, through the link below. Also, as always, thanks to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the Korean subtitle translations! Yesterday we gave them a 15 minute video to translate, and they gave it to us by the morning. How freaking awesome of them!

T-ara Mini Album Vol. 2 - Temptastic
  1. Yeah, we found it a bit hilarious ourselves. Doubt we could call them fuckuz, though…but that would be awesome!

  2. Ha! I can see that in a dating service profile: "I'm looking for a guy who's handsome, cute, and Feline! Riaow!"

  3. We didn't say that WE think GD commits fashion crimes. Some others do, so we put him up there against F.Cuz :D

  4. Thanks! We should probably put that in the Navigation Bar up top. Hmm….

  5. Wow. Lots of requests for GDTOP just came rushing in. Ha!

  6. Wow, this was hilarious guys. I laughed so hard. I cannot believe that boy had F.. me blind on his shirt, what the heck is that? As for the worst fashion, F.cus, definetly. What were they thinking. Even though G Dragon fashion was bad , he's way too cool, and in my eyes he can do no wrong. ..Well, sometimes he can…. but not in this case.

  7. F.cuz has the wost fashion

  8. F.cuz! GD can actually pull off even the worst clothing.. F.cuz can't.

  9. F.Cuz commits the worst fashion crime.

    imma G-D <3er

  10. Awesome video and F.Cuz fashion is way worse. Next week you should do IU Good Day

  11. Dude I totally thought the name was F Cuz (eff cuz) as well. I therefore echo others, "focuz? rearry?" Also, interesting that Martina sports a BSA shirt (boy scouts of america)… Um, I thought you guys were Canadian? You guys have different uniforms, right? or is the uniform, like, Boy Scouts of (North) America? hmmm.

    Anyway, another great video! Thanks guys.

  12. yea 2ne1 clap your hands won !!! 2ne1 forever <3!

  13. I wonder if the period in F.Cuz is really a microscopic "O". Zooom in!

    Thanks for this one. This was your best video yet. It had everything! "Fluffy tail dangling from his junk." Ahhhhh! Hilarious.

  14. I wouldn't mind having Kanye West hugging Jay-Z. Laughing, the most fun thing to do in the world. Sometimes.

  15. I was blown away that F.Cuz is pronounced Focus…….I honestly always said "ef-cuz"…which would maybe explain the shirt issue clearer? Then again I used to think Shinee was pronounced "shihn-ee" (like a shinbone)…..
    I say F.Cuz is more terrible. Like you said it looked like a baby blanket on his neck….G-Dragon makes everything seem purposefully stylish, even if it is ugly.

  16. I love you both infinitely for continuing the "Mordney Present" joke. XD And my vote is for F.CUZ. I don't know if (god forbid) I've just gotten used to G-Dragon's clothes/style or what, but F.CUZ looks sooooooooooooo much worse. :/

  17. I always read their name too as F.cuz and I feel as if I'm always saying a bad word just because cuz sounds like cuss. >.< My friend needs to remind me that it's read as focus.

  18. F.cuz! Don't feel bad Simon, I still pronounce the name as F-CUZ, even when I know better.
    The courting scene is really really hilarious. I totally snorted, it was that funny.

    I'm voting for F.cuz as the fashion "fail". Nobody better vote for my GD, or else I'm going to attack them. G-dragon looks hot even when he's wearing a ridiculous cheetah print pullover sweatshirt, leather pants and a fuzzy hat.

  19. I vote for F.cuz^^(I didn't realize that you read it FOCUS until now too- -^ LOL)
    Their fashion is…..ermm..worse than 2pm's Taecyeon who's called fashion terrorist(_ _)^

  20. F.Cuz…

    G-Dragon looks hot no matter what he wears!!

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