Well this is something we’re totally not used to: this is Kpop, sure, but not the regular kind of Kpop we usually do. This involves people playing instruments, real instruments, and not fakely mashing them in an attempt to look as if they know what they’re doing, Bilasa style. FT Island’s “Hello Hello” is a rock song, played by a rock band, and almost has a trot-like feel to it. TVXQ’s “Keep Your Head Down” is probably the closest song we reviewed to a rock song, because of the guitar, but it was still a pop song through and through. This song, though, israther unorthodox for a Kpop song, and it’s a really welcome change from what we’re used to hearing.

We like the song. Yes, we like the song. But we did poke fun at the video. Doesn’t it always work out that way, anyways? We only review songs if we like them. Videos, though, don’t go through the same rigorous filtration process. This video wasn’t terrible, mind you. Just confusing. We even tried Googling people’s responses to the video in hopes of finding an answer that might be a decent explanation of what happened, and found nada. The best we could find was that it was filmed in Paju. Cool! There you’ll read the story behind the foreigners cast for the video.

And so, since we couldn’t find any decent answers to explain the video, we had to come up with our own: our guess is that he foresees the fire happening, and foresees himself running into the building as well and saving everybody. But that’s just an explanation for the overarching video plot. An explanation for whatever the hell is happening in that building is beyond us:

FT Island Hello Hello Macro

Not at all weird...

    - Where’s the fire? And don’t say it’s in the building. We saw all smoke, no fire.
    - Why does he take a nap?
    - What’s with the Max Time holes?
    - Why are they flashing spotlights on him when he’s walking in the hallway? Since when do fires turn into spotlights?
    - Why is a freaking band playing inside of a freaking burning building?
    - How did the building hollow out and become so freaking massive that it could host such a large stage for a band?
    - Why wouldn’t the guy immediately drag these loonies out of the burning building?
    - Why was that guy sitting on the firetruck at the beginning of the video so nonchalantly? Does that mean that he started the fire, or is he being playful, or what?

There are too many questions to ask here. Really guys…wtf? If you have answers to these questions, any one of them, please do share. We tried guessing and just gave up.

Anyhow, if you’re a fan of F.T. Island as Martina clearly is, we’d recommend getting their new album, which ships internationally. Huzzah!

FTIsland Mini Album Vol. 3 - Return
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