What’s this? A NON-G-DRAGON song for Kpop Music Mondays? Whaaaa? Congrats to F.T. Island with their video “I Wish” for beating out T-ara and Secret for this week’s Music Monday. Not sure if you’ll be happy with our review, though, since we REALLY didn’t like the video. Check it out if you haven’t already:


Please tell me we’re not the only ones that found this video boring. F.T. Island usually has really cool videos! We loved talking about Hello Hello and Severely. Those videos had sooooo much to talk about. So, when we saw that F.T. Island was voted in this week we were like “Awesome! Let’s see what goodness this video has to offer.” Poop. Nada. An emotionless girl dating all of the members of the band. She walks away from the Hunky One, and then he makes her touch his heart. THAT’S IT! Well, lots of shots of the band playing music. Great. We’re ok with band’s performing. No issue with that: but the rest of the video was just so ill-conceived and irrelevant. The best we could do with it is uncover the fact that she’s a brain-sucking zombie vampire. Other than that…ZZZZZZZZZ.

Also, I could be wrong, but do the lyrics seem really simple? Our Korean isn’t the best here, so help us out. From what we’ve read online, the lyrics suggest that he likes the girl a lot. She’s really pretty, and he really, really, really, really, REALLY, wants to be with her, and can’t think of anyone else. But that’s about it, no? There’s not really a message about love, or about life: just singing about how obsessed he is with the girl. PLEASE: IF WE’RE WRONG, LET US KNOW. We just didn’t see anything interesting in the lyrics, either, like we did in G-Dragon’s “That xx,” for instance (but, then again, we don’t really look into the lyrics of songs that often).

Otherwise, we’re still working on our apartment! Sorry it’s so barren. And it’s so echoey because it’s so barren. We still don’t have any furniture. We ordered something on Sunday, though. Huzzah! It should be coming in on Thursday. WOOHOO! Side note: Korean furniture is really…umm. How do I say this nicely: it’s not something we find appealing. Korea really needs an Ikea. REALLY DESPERATELY. Not that Ikea is the best when it comes to furniture, but it’s a lot nicer than 95% of the furniture we saw.

And, on that note, if you like FT Island’s song more than you liked their video, make sure to pick it up via iTunes or YesAsia. Also, we’ve got a few bloopers and extra scenes for this week, though it felt weird not having an actual skit. Hmm. Buuuut, Martina did get a bit carried away with Dr. Whatderhexerfrigginname :D


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