What’s this? A NON-G-DRAGON song for Kpop Music Mondays? Whaaaa? Congrats to F.T. Island with their video “I Wish” for beating out T-ara and Secret for this week’s Music Monday. Not sure if you’ll be happy with our review, though, since we REALLY didn’t like the video. Check it out if you haven’t already:


Please tell me we’re not the only ones that found this video boring. F.T. Island usually has really cool videos! We loved talking about Hello Hello and Severely. Those videos had sooooo much to talk about. So, when we saw that F.T. Island was voted in this week we were like “Awesome! Let’s see what goodness this video has to offer.” Poop. Nada. An emotionless girl dating all of the members of the band. She walks away from the Hunky One, and then he makes her touch his heart. THAT’S IT! Well, lots of shots of the band playing music. Great. We’re ok with band’s performing. No issue with that: but the rest of the video was just so ill-conceived and irrelevant. The best we could do with it is uncover the fact that she’s a brain-sucking zombie vampire. Other than that…ZZZZZZZZZ.

Also, I could be wrong, but do the lyrics seem really simple? Our Korean isn’t the best here, so help us out. From what we’ve read online, the lyrics suggest that he likes the girl a lot. She’s really pretty, and he really, really, really, really, REALLY, wants to be with her, and can’t think of anyone else. But that’s about it, no? There’s not really a message about love, or about life: just singing about how obsessed he is with the girl. PLEASE: IF WE’RE WRONG, LET US KNOW. We just didn’t see anything interesting in the lyrics, either, like we did in G-Dragon’s “That xx,” for instance (but, then again, we don’t really look into the lyrics of songs that often).

Otherwise, we’re still working on our apartment! Sorry it’s so barren. And it’s so echoey because it’s so barren. We still don’t have any furniture. We ordered something on Sunday, though. Huzzah! It should be coming in on Thursday. WOOHOO! Side note: Korean furniture is really…umm. How do I say this nicely: it’s not something we find appealing. Korea really needs an Ikea. REALLY DESPERATELY. Not that Ikea is the best when it comes to furniture, but it’s a lot nicer than 95% of the furniture we saw.

And, on that note, if you like FT Island’s song more than you liked their video, make sure to pick it up via iTunes or YesAsia. Also, we’ve got a few bloopers and extra scenes for this week, though it felt weird not having an actual skit. Hmm. Buuuut, Martina did get a bit carried away with Dr. Whatderhexerfrigginname :D



  2. This song sounds soo similar to that one song by train…. UGGH WHATS IT CALLED?!

  3. Jajaja I love the show down! Paradise vs I wish

  4. Is the girl from a group called AOA? looks familiar…

  5. I just realize the resemblance between this song and the one from Train – 50 ways to say goodbye. Someone else agree? I really like these 2 songs :)

  6. I think She looks good in that mustasch, bettter keep it eh?

  7. O_O Simon was really distracting!

  8. you are not reviewing them you are insulting them and us(PRIMADONNAS)

  9. Omg I am so distracted by Simon and his oh-so-nasty moves with the laptop. xD

  10. Five people watching one person is creepy enough, but seven is just disturbing. So my vote goes to Infinite.

  11. Boybands only have one girl in their video because all the guys are supposed to represent one person. I think it’s all from one person’s point of view, despite how many guys are singing. At least that’s what I always thought.

  12. martina… i’m really sorry but i couldn’t concentrate at what u’ve been sayin bcs of simon-computer-holder… xDDDD

  13. Even if ft.Islands video were boring, yours never seems to be <3 AND! I really want that picture of G-Dragon on my laptop as well!

  14. simon is the best laptop holder ever!!! LOL

  15. Martina, you look really really pretty in this video. I’m not even kidding. And your dress is perfect. ^.^

  16. So what is a man tiara called? That question was never answered! ><

  17. GD needs to win this week…no U-KISS!! TIME TO VOTE FOR CRAYON!!

  18. Going to vote for U-Kiss non-stop grrrr… ><

  19. That XX is an excellent song ..on ofcoz i would want GD to win AGAIN..!!!

  20. Gotta admit the video was boring and it cut to different scenes so fast the might have been having a seizure couldn’t focus on anything. The song however sounded awesome…of course this is coming from someone who doesn’t speak a word of Korean.

  21. Anyone noticed the grammar behind the bloopers video? Hehe…Silly!

  22. best bloopers with Martina singing and dancing around the apartment.


    Great approach on the MV. Yes, the MV is boring. But the song is good though. Not the best from them, but it’s FT Island. Can never be too bad. (Soft spot for them)

  24. YES. This song actually won this week. Super happy about this. It deserved the top this week for sure.

  25. Despite the fact you guys lack furniture, your personalities just light up your home anyway! Gawrshme, you two are just too epic for words. xD

    Blooper. Scenes. Were. Hilar. OMG Martina dancing to “Mr. Simple” made my NIGHT! Although I couldn’t stop laughing when Simon was exercising his “quadricepts” behind her with GD’s “Crayon” on the laptop.. Bwahaha, the hilarity~ Not to mention the sudden shift from “Mr. Simple” to “Lipstick”! You guys really want to review OC, huh? Please find time to review it anyway! We’re voting as hard as we can, but so many people (myself included) are getting their Crayon! xDDDDD

    Also, can I just say how ADORABLE Spudgy is? He’s just laying in his little Spudgy bed during your blooper scenes… Not minding at all that if there were a zombie apocalypse, Martina would steal his noms and he’d have to eat garbage… Hmm. Would Meemers then still have her cat food, or would that get stolen by a rabid starving K-Pop idol? I’m. So. Curious. YEAH~!

    Love you guise. <3

  26. And Infinite’s Paradise is the creepy one cos it’s slightly supposed to be

  27. Despite not agreeing with you guys in a sense that I am biased and I am pretty happy to stare at these 5 guys (instead of just the hunky one alone), plus I appreciate how they focus on the instruments at certain points to draw attention to the music. :D
    And regarding the girl’s emotionless acting. If you have to set high standards, yes her acting is not too great. Plus her make up/ bb cream reduces her facial expression, she just looks so pale and unhuman-like-ish.
    May be cos of culture difference you guys might not have gotten this, I think she was going for the subtle, sophisticated, not so showy with emotion especially regarding skinship with men like how a stereotypical ‘asian girl’ is supposed to be. Not like the poppy, cutesy, confident, modern girls as portrayed in kpop these days.

    On the other hand, I totally love the ‘she is human-meat hungry, alien’ theory, it’s so funny!! XD Especially the captions stuff going on… LOL

  28. “What’s this? A NON-G-DRAGON song for Kpop Music Mondays? Whaaaa? ” —>this made my day! LoL! dont worry MV crayon is next week haha both of you should prepare boomshakalaka! keke

    S&M is so cutee keke! nice hair martina love the dress!

  29. infinite is way creepier cause the one guy was on the floor looking up the girls skirt..

  30. dont ever let simon hold the laptop again.. i heard NOTHING Martina was saying All i saw was simon licking the laptop and gyrating ..bad idea! lololol

  31. SIMON!!! I´m disappointed, didin´t you guise clearly hear when the honky
    one ask fot “MUCHO QUESO” ???? commooon he and taemin can make a CF for
    a super cheese Doritos edition

  32. all I hear is ” dame tu queso, tirame tu queso”. which in spanish means ”give me your cheese, throw me your cheese”…. after someone pointed it out, I’m never unhearing it…

  33. It’s going to be hard , new GD song is so much fun,,, but love,love UKISS. Can’t wait for the new song hope its great, Hey do we need to mail you a table…. LOL

  34. ROFL! I was laughing so much when Dr. Whatderhexeerfrigginname called Simon “Shi-mon” xDDDDD That was HILARIOUS!! and the bloopers of Dr. Whatderhexerfrigginname dancing to Mr. Simple x3 so cute.

    Although…. I feel bad now… I feel like the MV wasn’t enought to err take something out. Indeed your review was really hilarious! With the explanation of Hyejeong being a brain-eater zombie x3 but yeah… T-T sorry S&M for voting non-stop for a not too great MV. Now that you mentioned it, I also think the MV was lacking a plot. Well I PERSONALLY loved the MV because it has so many close-ups on the guys (♥_____♥) lol which was actually all I was focusing on throughout the whole video and of course on the song. I have to disagree with your opinion on the song though. I personally loved it so much! and I think they put it together really well. Anyways, all in all, I still laughed so much with you video xD and Minari’s shirt WTF “I’m not a stripper”. xD Seriously where do they get these shirts! I want one like that xDDD I would proudly wear it letting everyone know I’m not a stripper. As a hardcore Primadonna I thank you so much with all my heart for still taking something out of this MV and made the KMM about FT ISLAND <3 I hope people will feel curious about their old songs and check them out :p (am I hoping for too much?)

    on another note: OHHH!! BRING IT!! I'm more than ready to vote for U-Kiss ! I really like their songs and videos, I can't wait to see it AND to see your interview *w*

    thanks again for making us Primadonna happy with this <3 love you guys

  35. I have to ask, why are your pillows on the stove and sink?

  36. I hear IKEA is supposed to open here in Korea sometime this year… *fingers crossed* Don’t forget, there’s also g-market for furniture shopping.

    On a side note, I’ve fallen madly in love with the guitarists of FT Island, and kinda wish they got more screen time… Oh, well…

  37. Is the really gorgeous one that is singing the same guy as Jeremy in the drama “You’re Beautiful?”

  38. All of infinite watching the same girl secretly is way creepier than all of ft island dating the same girl

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