This week we review F.T. Island’s “Severely” for Kpop Music Mondays. Haven’t seen it yet? Check out the video below to know what we’re talking about:


F.T. Island fans, aka “Primadonnas”, you finally did it. We totally didn’t expect F.T. Island to win this week. Last week on the KpopCharts you and Block B fans battled it out, and – really – Block B just squeaked out a win. Oooh so close. But then we were worried about what we will call the “Teen Top” effect, in which older videos with lots of votes get beaten out by newer videos and a flash of votes. But, nope. F.T. Island persevered. Yay!

And we’re happy that F.T. Island won. This is a really great song, very different from what we usually review. It’s not overproduced, maximalistic Kpop. It’s a few guys playing instruments and singing, and making great music in the process. We really liked “Hello Hello” when we reviewed it, and we really like this song as well :D

A bit of clarification, though, on what we originally thought of this video. When we first saw it, we thought to ourselves, holy crap, this is a huge rip off of JYJ’s “In Heaven”. In fact, a lot of the complaints we had about that video we have about this one, namely, if your revived love is supposed to die on a specific day, try being a bit more proactive in keeping them safe. Seriously. Tell them to stay home. Doesn’t matter if you sound crazy. Be open and honest in your relationship, dammit! Poor communication skills lead to breakups and, in some cases, DEATH! For that matter, to us it seems like almost every TV drama has problems caused by people who can’t communicate worth a damn. Everyone’s gushing about “Breaking Bad.” We’re halfway through Season 3 and think that the whole cast is a load of dimwits. But that’s another story.

The main point of the clarification we’re trying to make before we got distracted is is that we thought that this video was a clear rip off of JYJ’s In Heaven. Other people then told us that F.T. Island did another similarly themed video a while ago. And then there’s 30 minutes ago which is also similarly themed. The point here, then, isn’t who copied who. The point is that everyone’s trying to make you aware of how dangerous driving in Korea is. Remember kids: RUN OR DIE!

Another thing we wanted to say that we didn’t say in the video: we’re saying this because we watched the video a hundred times over, as we always do when we review a Music Video, and this is a conclusion we came to: THAT GIRL IS A TERRIBLE ACTOR. Totally devoid of emotion or facial expression. Sure, she’s pretty, but good God! There must be some higher standards for an acting role than that! BARRGH!

Anyhow, if you’re a fan of F.T. Island, you can pick up the album by clicking on the banner below. Side note: I’m not sure why their album isn’t up on iTunes yet. Some labels are really quick to put their music up on iTunes, but we’ve been checking for a while now to no avail. Bah! Get the physical album instead. You’ll be cooler that way.

FTIsland Mini Album Vol. 4 - GROWN-UP

And, lastly, we’ve got bloopers for this week, as always. I’ve been getting the giggles for some reason lately. Today I got them, probably, from being pounded on the chest by Martina. Ha! Also, to that cool girl from Vancouver who I met today in Bucheon, right before I ran across the street screaming like a maniac, sorry for not saying goodbye afterwards! You looked like you didn’t want to talk to us anymore, after I ran across the street screaming like a maniac, probably because I looked like a maniac. Really, I’m not crazy!


  1. Hi Simon! :) I’m wondering whether you’re playing with a Hungarian gamer…. 5:11 as “Farkas” means in Hungarian “wolf”. Auuuuu…… That’s so exo-tic. :D

  2. what ? hunky never blink ? :D

  3. I vote for JYJ’s In Heaven. The acting (especially, the girl) seemed more natural there, and the details were well shown. I still love FTI’s Severely, of course. (I’m a Pri, thank you very much.)

    But … JYJ for me is the best. Go In Heaven!

  4. Love the song and a huge fan of Ft Island since they came out but seriously this video annoyed me…It was just so silly in spots throught the plot that it just ruined the video for me. And the girl in it……. O.O *bows head and and shakes* tsk tsk She is just terrible.
    Anyway I’m so glad you guys noted that she was clearly safe from any harm when he died. I replayed the same part over because I was so confounded as to why he still died… Also how could she NOT notice him running out onto the street!! He runs straight in front of her, straight in front! then stops! and she just keeps on going straight ahead like nothings happening but then miraculously hears the car hit him and then still does nothing to save him!! Oh how this video frustrated me…

  5. Even if I am much more a primadonna than a cassi, seriously this Severly sucks compares to In heaven….  Ft Island used to do much better MV than what we got recently… T__T

  6. I vote for F.T. Island’s Severely!! =)

  7. I had the same understanding problems… here is what I came up with to make it make sense.
    Hongki is actually just a fan and she is a famous ballerina. He was upset about her death but they didn’t know each other hence her not recognizing him and why her death was reported in the newspaper (she is famous) but Hongki’s wasn’t and why he success was in the new newspaper. He wanted to save her and liked her as a fan and liked having that week with her and how he knew how she liked her tea and being from the future he knew when it would rain.
    Yeah its not perfect but that is all I could come up with.

  8. There’s actually another even older than JYJ’s video that’s about going back in time to save the girl from dying… the actor in it was Lee Wan (lil’ bro to Kim Tae Hee and the actor who broke my heart in the melodrama Tree of Heaven) the singer is Position (real name Lim Jae Wook) and the song was called Rennaissance. I love this song^^  here’s the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrcCV2esCmM

  9. I love Simon’s laugh in the bloopers!! SO infectious! haha! 

    I prefer JYJ’s In Heaven. That video made more sense. When I first watched this one, I thought the girl was NOT actually his dead girlfriend, but an uncanny look-alike. But then the whole time jump thing makes that theory even more confusing. And I’m glad you pointed out the pointless death thing! I noticed that too! Like, “Dumb ass, why did you just jump in front of the car for no reason!!! She was already half-way across the street!!” So silly! Give me a break! Don’t insult my intelligence as a viewer. Try harder video producers. Hurumph.

  10. JYJ’s In Heaven.  It was definitely more of a coherent video, and a good song.

  11. F.T. Island’s Severely.
    Yeah yeah. Primadonna and proud of it. Like In Heaven tons too, and the girl actor was better, but I’m just a tiny little itsy bit biased. That girl’s supposed to be in one of FnC’s upcoming bands this year. DDD: And they’re supposed to do a family album this year, too. Sad day. Would be better with just FTI, CNB, and M Signal. :(

  12. JYJ’s In Heaven 
    it was more “logical” (especially with the long version)

  13. LOL…Brian in the background.  I’m glad I was wrong about y’all dissing Hongki’s crying face LOL.  LOVE MY FTI! Let’s go PRIMADONNA! 

  14. my vote goes to JYJ’s “in heaven”. not only junsu is trying to save the girls from actual danger, but they end up dying together. and yhe mai reason is that close up of junsu’s ass while trying to save the girl

  15. My vote is for JYJ “In Heaven”

  16. i will give my vote to FT island if its about how nice the song is or Hunki’s vocals but for the MV, including the logic and reasonable plot and details, im gonna give JYJ this one.
    I vote for JYJ  but FTI  did indeed an amazing job putting an effort doing that MV
    Ya, Brian on the desktop!! So want Brian’s MV to be reviewed

  17. Vote for JYJ’s In Heaven! All was just perfect and always made sense, from the actions of the characters (even tough you may not agree with them) to the meaning of it. All perfectly fits toghether. There is not a thing that I feel it is out of place.

  18. JYJ as I cried every time I watch.

  19. Yeah that girl was… and they didn’t give her fake tears for when she was crying while hongki dies on the street. 

  20. Ah, I would vote for FT Island… but…
    Gosh, I hate that girl in the music video. 
    Lol? I think not.

  21. i vote for JYJ on this one

  22. You know what? I think it’s a little unfair to compare FT Island and JYJ just on the basis of the similiar plot. I know, everyone’s just been talking about how these videos are almost the same, but I still think the poll will be unfair (we all know JYJ is gonna win, right? Right.)

  23. I liked JYJ’s In Heaven MV more,as you mentioned that girl in FT Island’s MV is a terrible actress :-s

  24. For the sense of music video, of course I would vote for JYJ’s In Heaven!
    For the music and the singing skills of the singers, both of them also did very well and having their own excellent styles!  

  25. I vote In Heaven (I’m Bias) but 
    In Heaven and Severely are epic songs, sung by true talents… love both songs. plus I do not consider FT ISLAND ans JYJ Kpop Idols…

  26. I vote for JYJ’s in Heaven!!

  27. definately FTI’s “Severely”

  28. JYJ in heaven was well though out and you got the great butt shot of Junsu

  29. Definitely JYJ’s In Heaven. The video was better executed for In Heaven. And because Junsu looks hot in a suit.

  30. JYJ!!! their MV’s sadder.

  31. JYJ’s seemed more realistic… but Hongki’s acting was really good, so I’m voting for FT Island

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