This week we review F.T. Island’s “Severely” for Kpop Music Mondays. Haven’t seen it yet? Check out the video below to know what we’re talking about:


F.T. Island fans, aka “Primadonnas”, you finally did it. We totally didn’t expect F.T. Island to win this week. Last week on the KpopCharts you and Block B fans battled it out, and – really – Block B just squeaked out a win. Oooh so close. But then we were worried about what we will call the “Teen Top” effect, in which older videos with lots of votes get beaten out by newer videos and a flash of votes. But, nope. F.T. Island persevered. Yay!

And we’re happy that F.T. Island won. This is a really great song, very different from what we usually review. It’s not overproduced, maximalistic Kpop. It’s a few guys playing instruments and singing, and making great music in the process. We really liked “Hello Hello” when we reviewed it, and we really like this song as well :D

A bit of clarification, though, on what we originally thought of this video. When we first saw it, we thought to ourselves, holy crap, this is a huge rip off of JYJ’s “In Heaven”. In fact, a lot of the complaints we had about that video we have about this one, namely, if your revived love is supposed to die on a specific day, try being a bit more proactive in keeping them safe. Seriously. Tell them to stay home. Doesn’t matter if you sound crazy. Be open and honest in your relationship, dammit! Poor communication skills lead to breakups and, in some cases, DEATH! For that matter, to us it seems like almost every TV drama has problems caused by people who can’t communicate worth a damn. Everyone’s gushing about “Breaking Bad.” We’re halfway through Season 3 and think that the whole cast is a load of dimwits. But that’s another story.

The main point of the clarification we’re trying to make before we got distracted is is that we thought that this video was a clear rip off of JYJ’s In Heaven. Other people then told us that F.T. Island did another similarly themed video a while ago. And then there’s 30 minutes ago which is also similarly themed. The point here, then, isn’t who copied who. The point is that everyone’s trying to make you aware of how dangerous driving in Korea is. Remember kids: RUN OR DIE!

Another thing we wanted to say that we didn’t say in the video: we’re saying this because we watched the video a hundred times over, as we always do when we review a Music Video, and this is a conclusion we came to: THAT GIRL IS A TERRIBLE ACTOR. Totally devoid of emotion or facial expression. Sure, she’s pretty, but good God! There must be some higher standards for an acting role than that! BARRGH!

Anyhow, if you’re a fan of F.T. Island, you can pick up the album by clicking on the banner below. Side note: I’m not sure why their album isn’t up on iTunes yet. Some labels are really quick to put their music up on iTunes, but we’ve been checking for a while now to no avail. Bah! Get the physical album instead. You’ll be cooler that way.

FTIsland Mini Album Vol. 4 - GROWN-UP

And, lastly, we’ve got bloopers for this week, as always. I’ve been getting the giggles for some reason lately. Today I got them, probably, from being pounded on the chest by Martina. Ha! Also, to that cool girl from Vancouver who I met today in Bucheon, right before I ran across the street screaming like a maniac, sorry for not saying goodbye afterwards! You looked like you didn’t want to talk to us anymore, after I ran across the street screaming like a maniac, probably because I looked like a maniac. Really, I’m not crazy!


  1. Hi Simon! :) I’m wondering whether you’re playing with a Hungarian gamer…. 5:11 as “Farkas” means in Hungarian “wolf”. Auuuuu…… That’s so exo-tic. :D

  2. what ? hunky never blink ? :D

  3. I vote for JYJ’s In Heaven. The acting (especially, the girl) seemed more natural there, and the details were well shown. I still love FTI’s Severely, of course. (I’m a Pri, thank you very much.)

    But … JYJ for me is the best. Go In Heaven!

  4. Love the song and a huge fan of Ft Island since they came out but seriously this video annoyed me…It was just so silly in spots throught the plot that it just ruined the video for me. And the girl in it……. O.O *bows head and and shakes* tsk tsk She is just terrible.
    Anyway I’m so glad you guys noted that she was clearly safe from any harm when he died. I replayed the same part over because I was so confounded as to why he still died… Also how could she NOT notice him running out onto the street!! He runs straight in front of her, straight in front! then stops! and she just keeps on going straight ahead like nothings happening but then miraculously hears the car hit him and then still does nothing to save him!! Oh how this video frustrated me…

  5. Even if I am much more a primadonna than a cassi, seriously this Severly sucks compares to In heaven….  Ft Island used to do much better MV than what we got recently… T__T

  6. I vote for F.T. Island’s Severely!! =)

  7. I had the same understanding problems… here is what I came up with to make it make sense.
    Hongki is actually just a fan and she is a famous ballerina. He was upset about her death but they didn’t know each other hence her not recognizing him and why her death was reported in the newspaper (she is famous) but Hongki’s wasn’t and why he success was in the new newspaper. He wanted to save her and liked her as a fan and liked having that week with her and how he knew how she liked her tea and being from the future he knew when it would rain.
    Yeah its not perfect but that is all I could come up with.

  8. There’s actually another even older than JYJ’s video that’s about going back in time to save the girl from dying… the actor in it was Lee Wan (lil’ bro to Kim Tae Hee and the actor who broke my heart in the melodrama Tree of Heaven) the singer is Position (real name Lim Jae Wook) and the song was called Rennaissance. I love this song^^  here’s the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrcCV2esCmM

  9. I love Simon’s laugh in the bloopers!! SO infectious! haha! 

    I prefer JYJ’s In Heaven. That video made more sense. When I first watched this one, I thought the girl was NOT actually his dead girlfriend, but an uncanny look-alike. But then the whole time jump thing makes that theory even more confusing. And I’m glad you pointed out the pointless death thing! I noticed that too! Like, “Dumb ass, why did you just jump in front of the car for no reason!!! She was already half-way across the street!!” So silly! Give me a break! Don’t insult my intelligence as a viewer. Try harder video producers. Hurumph.

  10. JYJ’s In Heaven.  It was definitely more of a coherent video, and a good song.

  11. F.T. Island’s Severely.
    Yeah yeah. Primadonna and proud of it. Like In Heaven tons too, and the girl actor was better, but I’m just a tiny little itsy bit biased. That girl’s supposed to be in one of FnC’s upcoming bands this year. DDD: And they’re supposed to do a family album this year, too. Sad day. Would be better with just FTI, CNB, and M Signal. :(

  12.  F.T. Island Severely

  13. JYJ’s In Heaven 
    it was more “logical” (especially with the long version)

  14. LOL…Brian in the background.  I’m glad I was wrong about y’all dissing Hongki’s crying face LOL.  LOVE MY FTI! Let’s go PRIMADONNA! 

  15. my vote goes to JYJ’s “in heaven”. not only junsu is trying to save the girls from actual danger, but they end up dying together. and yhe mai reason is that close up of junsu’s ass while trying to save the girl

  16. My vote is for JYJ “In Heaven”

  17. i will give my vote to FT island if its about how nice the song is or Hunki’s vocals but for the MV, including the logic and reasonable plot and details, im gonna give JYJ this one.
    I vote for JYJ  but FTI  did indeed an amazing job putting an effort doing that MV
    Ya, Brian on the desktop!! So want Brian’s MV to be reviewed

  18. Vote for JYJ’s In Heaven! All was just perfect and always made sense, from the actions of the characters (even tough you may not agree with them) to the meaning of it. All perfectly fits toghether. There is not a thing that I feel it is out of place.

  19. JYJ as I cried every time I watch.

  20. Yeah that girl was… and they didn’t give her fake tears for when she was crying while hongki dies on the street. 

  21. Ah, I would vote for FT Island… but…
    Gosh, I hate that girl in the music video. 
    Lol? I think not.

  22. i vote for JYJ on this one

  23. You know what? I think it’s a little unfair to compare FT Island and JYJ just on the basis of the similiar plot. I know, everyone’s just been talking about how these videos are almost the same, but I still think the poll will be unfair (we all know JYJ is gonna win, right? Right.)

  24. I liked JYJ’s In Heaven MV more,as you mentioned that girl in FT Island’s MV is a terrible actress :-s

  25. For the sense of music video, of course I would vote for JYJ’s In Heaven!
    For the music and the singing skills of the singers, both of them also did very well and having their own excellent styles!  

  26. I vote In Heaven (I’m Bias) but 
    In Heaven and Severely are epic songs, sung by true talents… love both songs. plus I do not consider FT ISLAND ans JYJ Kpop Idols…

  27. I vote for JYJ’s in Heaven!!

  28. definately FTI’s “Severely”

  29. JYJ in heaven was well though out and you got the great butt shot of Junsu

  30. Definitely JYJ’s In Heaven. The video was better executed for In Heaven. And because Junsu looks hot in a suit.

  31. JYJ!!! their MV’s sadder.

  32. JYJ’s seemed more realistic… but Hongki’s acting was really good, so I’m voting for FT Island

  33. JYJ.. the story more touching heheee

  34. Oh man I couldn’t stop laughing at both the bloopers and the main video. Thanks for always bring a smile and lots of laughter Simon and Martina and Spudgy! ^^ I vote……JYJ. ^^

  35. but still epic music video is epic.. lol

  36. hahaha! I loved the siren in the bloopers!
    SiMartGy, Fighting!

  37. punkyprincess92

    hahahahahahaha at Simon running across the road!! but even more ahahahaahahaha at the old person crossing with their….old…person……scooter (sorry i forgot what they’re called)

  38. Kyahhhhh…Angry Birds….I saw it…the red one. I love angry birds…

  39. I vote for JYJ’s In Heaven it made more sense plot wise (though I prefer severely as a song)

  40. “The Hongki one” XD First time I agreed with all what u said about MV….
    I vote for JYJ… I love FTIsland song more, but JYJ’s MV is much better~

  41. i love FT island and the song…but JYJ has a better stroy line…but i think FT island has a cuter story though they r really similar i still prefer FTisland…but if i had to chose the ending i would go with JYJ they at least stayed together…in FTisland hung ki died while the girl lived…
    so i choose FTisland the story is cuter and i like the song better

  42. JYJ’s In Heaven plot is better.

  43. so PLZ vote 4 the plot not song, b honest people…

  44. y u people no uderstand? clearly theyr askin 4 whos storyline is beter not song…
    simon CLEARLY sadi: “Which indentical plot you prefered?” not “Which sad song you prefered?”

  45. I’m DB5K bias so JYJ’s the way to go for me. Moreover, it makes so much sense that you pointed out about the timing of FT Island’s mv – just doesnt match at all on the series of events! :p Love Music Mondays, thanks guys! :)

  46. hahahah. thanks simon and martina! i believe ft island will get better and better. we’ll see ;) i support ft island!! ^^

  47. I like FT Island’s song better, but the storyline in JYJ’s “In Heaven” is better.
    Well, each has its own good yeah~~ :D

  48. JYJ was better. i thought they at least made more sense than FT island :/ and yes, duck-butt triumphs all.

  49. JYJ did it first.

    also, they have Junsu’s duck-butt. they win by default. 

  50. Thumbs up for Simon playing Skyrim!! May I ask what’s your character and did you possibly just join the Companions? :D Oh anyways, I totally agree about the crazy plot except I would bet she was coming back from her dance recital :] And since  know JYJ is going to crush the competition, I’m voting for FT. Island! (Seunhyeon is sooo cute ^^)

  51. video wise i say i like in heaven waaay more. the actress in severely just tics me off…. she knows she’s going to die yet she doesn’t listen AND KILLS HONGKI CUZ OF IT!!!!

  52. Yeah, I like Severely(interesting translation btw) cuz the song is awesome and my baby sister gets super excited whenever I play the video.

  53. jyj! <3

  54. like i always say, those heroines in these MVs really need to learn some traffic rules and STOP KILLING ALL THE HAWTIES!! 

  55. I vote for JYJ… the ending suits my sensibilities more.

  56. Yeah in Severely it doesn’t make sense because the storyline is too drastic compared to JYJ’s In Heaven but the song itself makes it so much better compared to In Heaven although I’m always rooting for the BOUNCY FLYING DUCKBUTT (oppa~~~ I love you). But I’m a Primadonna too so I guess my vote goes to Severely, simply because of the song. The song is amazing. Couldn’t ask for more from my five treasure boys.

    /sobs/ *Hongkigotmecryingeverytime*

  57.  You guise are awesome~!! XD I laughed so much watching this review and I’m still laughing. XD
    BTW, I vote for FT Island! :3

  58. JYJ – In Heaven

  59. Did you change the time on Simon’s phone to fit the music video? I like people who care about the details ;)

  60. I like the FTIsland song better  but JYJ’s video makes me feel… less sad…?
     I think.

    Acctually I think I stoped paying attention to the song in JYJ’s Video

    dats final
    fingers hurt

  62. I think JYJ wins this battle. At least the story line only makes me only want to rip out my eyes just a little bit ^_^ Great video!

  63. I like JYJ’s In Heaven better. It’s just more meaningful than FT Island’s MV… seriously, that girl didn’t even love him and he died for her :(
    Junsu and Ji Hyo had love XD

  64. ft islandd!

  65. Uncomparable!!! FTISLAND’s SEVERELY is way way too better than JYJ’s In Heaven. Not only in the MV but more points on the song itself! ^0^ so yeah, FTISLAND!

  66. Pfft…Farkas. He has no pupils! LOLOL. XD
    I’m voting for JYJ. The girl was sorta annoying and well…dumb, in that video, but at least she wasn’t completely devoid of any sort of sympathy whatsoever.

  67. Shoot a poison dart in her ass? That’s how I snagged my husband. :)
     I’m going to have to vote for JYJ. The girl in Severely is lame.

  68. I vote for JYJ – Heaven 

  69. FT Island!! Love the MV and song. Simon screaming and running across the intersection was incredible.

  70. Hahaha!!! You guys are funny!!! XD I chose JYJ!!! 

  71. definitely JYJ’s In Heaven…that MV makes more sense than FT Island’s Severely…in Severely, the plot is kinda confusing and a bit weak…huhuhu…

  72. In Heaven! I may have shed a tear or two. No, who am I kidding. In K-Pop, only single-tear shedding is permitted!

  73. Im going with JYJ’s In Heaven, even though HongKi’s acting was really good in Severely. It always makes me kind of frustrated when you have a great song and it is overshadowed by its less than stellar video. I know really suck at picking up on the plot holes in kpop videos but the one thing I noticed (its looks like others did too) and had a big wtf moment was when the driver dude hit HongKi and crawled out from his car and he disappeared. Like poof disappeared…along with every person thats not driving and not on the street during nighttime. Then 2. Does his girlfriend not have a cell phone to call 119 when HongKi is hit? She did have a purse she dropped like 10 feet away. 

  74. JIHYO from RUNNING MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i vote for JYJ <3  (just because of jaejoong and jihyo

  75. JYJ!!!! I didn’t like the girl in FT island shaking Hunky like crazy….it just sorta killed the moment -_- …but yeah! :D JYJ!!!

  76. I cannot choose either video because i disliked both of them. I was too annoyed by the girls stupidity and the guys idiocy. There i said it. On another note, i loved both of the songs, but liked severely more. 

  77. i like FT Island better but JYJ’s made more sense so… JYJ i guess T_T but really glad u guys liked the song, i ADORE it <3 

  78. I love both songs, actually I think I even like FT Island’s a little more, but I have to go with JYJ because it shows their past relationship and how Junsu changes the second time around, and the video just made more sense. I didn’t think about the dates but when you guys pointed them out they formed bigger holes in FT Island’s plot. Though Hongki is a good actor, the girl ruins it for me. And In Heaven is more of a tear jerker for me

  79. Vote: JYJ
    BTW I kept thinking Simon was saying the HONKY one, I am glad you have captions.

  80. I love both songs but the one which made more sense and had a better actress (i’m looking at you ji hyo-unnie) and plot goes to JYJ. Its gotta be In Heaven even if the Hunky one has better acting skills that Junsu. 

  81. I have to say that Hongki DOES tell the girl she’s going to die; he even shows her the newspaper headline of her death. She just chooses to ignore him, because she’s an idiot.  

  82. JYJ ! with me this is ” In heaven”
    when i saw ” In heaven” , i cried. but MV of FTIm im sorry, i cant feel anything

  83. Ft Island for sure 

  84. Definitely JYJ. Just a random question: why does Simon call F.T. Island FT Island now instead of Foto Island like you did before? I had so much laughs before. So does this mean you will call F.Cuz FCuz and G.NA Gina? [Tries to imagine Simon calling B.A.P BoAoPo]

  85. JYJ did it first AND better. How could I not vote for the flying Duckbutt?!  Also I thought it was way too annoying that she was sooo far from danger and he leaped in front of the car anyway. 

    Also, I laughed so hard at Simon running across the street. Bahahahaha!

  86. I vote for JYJ…. that shot.. I think everyone knows what I’m talking about LOLOL

  87. definitely ftisland! ^^

  88. My vote to JYJ’s In Heaven. Junsu can’t act but the expression on his face when he opens the door and she is there was too good to pass. Hong ki is adorable but this video didn’t make me feel for him, or her, or anyone. In Heaven had me rooting for Junsu the entire time.

  89. I vote for F.t Island i love their music :D

  90. Oh no!  Spudgy was run over by the cat bus pencil case!

  91.  Did no one else notice the driver of the car bailing after hitting Hongki?  Seriously? My brother and I were both replaying that moment going “WTF?!”

  92. guys, you are the best…geniuses!(rofl) and this with running across intersections…priceless :D thanks and happy valentine’s day :P

  93. I loved the ‘this is how you should convince someone you are from the future’ skit! Tho, if someone did that, I am pretty sure I would run faster in the opposite direction and probably get hit by a train instead!

  94. That would be an epic public service announcement from Kpop stars:  They run clips of stupid girls with their headphones on while walking across the street from their videos.  Then they say something like “Don’t walk, run.  Don’t listen, live.”  LOL.

  95. I have to go with JYJ’s for this one just because the video made more sense.

  96. I really like Severely, especially the beginning… but tbh I prefer In Heaven >.>


  98. JYJ “in heaven” – when I saw it in a 720hd everything was obvious… dates on his calendar told the whole story.
    and… I think that maybe “In heaven” is more reasonable because… Junsu changed his relationship with his girlfriend having a second chance. so, maybe he tought that she wouldn’t die then…. no reason for suicide. but still he was nervous and went to find her. :p
    they loved each other so much they couldn’t live without each other – this ending is better!

    btw, I saw Junsu on stage – his singing abilities are outstanding. there is no need to compare Hongki and Junsu then, because both of them rocks when singing! 

  99. JYJ’s in heaven…. BUTT SHOT FTW!

  100. You guys obviously doesn’t know any ballet dancers. LIFE DOESN’T HAVE ANY REASON WITHOUT IT AND MISSING YOUR RECITAL IT’S WORST THAN DEATH *she is a ballerina and her mother was one too* kidding aside, I think JYJ’s Heaven makes a little bit more sense than F.T Island, at the very last they both died (idiotically so) but it had some poetic justice on it. Sorry Hongki, even if you revived FTI tradition of killing off a member on the MV, it’s still not enough,

  101. i totally agree with you guise on everything. honestly. it would make more sense for her to act like nothing is wrong (cue TOP rap solo song) rather than for her to act like she doesn’t know who The Hunky One is. i mean srsly?

  102. You crack me up everytime, thank you XD

  103. I don’t really like either song put I kind of Like the FT Island MV so it gets my vote. JYJ comes across as a lite bit of a dusche to me here.

    Also, is there perhaps some kind of karmic thing going on here, a spiritual price that has to be paid?

  104. what if she did the ballet thing before he dies…?

  105. JYJ’s In Heaven
    (I’m not biased; but come on, this MV’s story was inconsistent; and the girl is less likable.
    Hongki’s love was tossed away and wasted. Total worthlessness; compared to Junsu’s love for JiHyo)

  106. F T island is for the the winner of the day andd I have to say that you are soo right martina Honki is an amazing singer he really is one of the best in my opinion and his super awsome acting skills that always remember me of you’re beautiful :D LOVE IT 

  107. I’ll vote for FT Island …. It’s just cutest than JYJ’s video for me.

  108. In Heaven and Severely both annoyed me for exactly the reason you mentioned- the guys obviously knew what was happening, and inexplicably waited to act on that knowledge, so I don’t vote for either, haha.

    The first time I watched Severely, I got the dates mixed up and thought that the accident that happens at 1:26 in the video was THE accident.  At that point, I had a TOTALLY different idea of where the story was going.  Like you mentioned, I thought that she and Hongki had been in a relationship for a while.  However, I thought that the time warp not only erased her memory of him, but changed history so that the two of them never met at all (even though Hongki still remembers the alternate reality).

    Having read the lyrics beforehand, I assumed that Hongki was going to be afraid of losing her again and then act on that fear by constantly trying to protect and save her, to the point of smothering her.  I thought the video would end with her dumping him, leaving Hongki to cry over having “lost” despite the second chance.  My other thought was that since the song mentions him having to look happy on the outside while secretly crying, we’d see her join a touring ballet company and decide that she doesn’t want a long-distance relationship, leaving Hongki to pretend to act happy for her and then cry when she’s not looking.  Either way, I figured there would be more Hongki tears.

    Either way, I figured one of them was going to get hit by a car at the end, so I at least got that part right!

  109. I’m going for FT Island haha i didnt like “in heaven” that much

  110. Going with JYJ’s In Heaven mv on this one. 

  111. Although I liked both videos I’m going to go with JYJ on this one.

  112. I do like FT Island but this video did nothing for me, (sorry) and neither did JYJ’s (also nothing against them JYJ) “Heaven”. So I guess I’m not gonna vote at all. But Verbal Jint’s “You look good” also has a time control theme, and that was definitely better than these two videos, in my honest opinion. 

  113. JYJ totally won this one.

  114. waaaah~ you reviewed it \(^_^)//  My vote goes to FT Island!!

  115. Hmm… Maybe JYJ video makes more sense, but I liked FT Islands music and Hongkis acting skils. When he sings I feel that it’s really true, there are a lot of feelings, so FT Island fighting~

  116. I’ll vote for JYJ, just beacause you could see that junsu got a real relationship with her girlfriend, and they spent a lot of time together and were more than just a one week thing :P
    And again, beacause junsu’s but shot obliges me to.

  117. I would vote for JYJ’s Heaven, at least its flawless! good job on the screaming simon, like a woman!

  118. Did anyone noticed at 5:50 she’s behind HongKi and the car but at 5:52 she’s already walked passed the car. Lol yea, Hongki you kinda just killed yourself for no reason.

  119. I like JYJ’s In Heaven more. I like the girl (Song Jihyo) in that video more. And somehow, I Heaven is more meaningful cos it let the guy have time to make his gf happy. And the angel kid in that video is adorable XD

  120. Thi Phuong Anh Nguyen

    JYJ’s In Heaven

  121. I vote for JYJ’s in heaven. I mean.. to me it just makes more sense that Junsu gets a chance to do right in his relationship than Hongki trying to safe a girl who is not in danger and whom he had only known for a week. so.. JYJ it is..

  122. Loved the skits! :)
    I don’t really like either song but I like Ft Islands song severely way better! So Ft Island!

  123. ft island :D

    because i prefer Ft island over jyj ~although severely was kinda…confusing!hmm next song…
    could you do the song from Elizabeth – 빠빠삐에로?

  124. JYJ’s In Heaven made more sense (although Junsu and Hongki were equally dumb : P )

  125. I like In Heaven more. Severly didn’t seem to have the same amount of love and emotional impact that In Heaven did. Plus, that scene of Junsu and his girlfriend at the very end of the MV for In Heaven had significant impact.

  126. the orange-coat ahjusshi was looking at simon while he ran and probably thought “freaking foreigner” huahahhahaa….hilarious guys!

  127. JYJ because the video was much sweeter-bringing her back to life allowed them to have happy times, and you could tell they were very much in love with each other. The girl in FT Island’s video didn’t seem to appreciate Hunky, even though he was such a devoted (stalker?) and planned out the saving her part much better. Plus, he dies and she didn’t know how to call an ambulance to save his life(none of this shaking the soon to be dead body thing-it only speeds up the dying).

  128. Though they are nearly identical, I liked JYJs version more… It had a dance sequence!!! xD And it had Mong Ji Ho and of course JUNSU

  129. I love Hong ki`s voice, but i also really love JYJ, and i think the In Heaven mv is much better.

  130. Forgot to give my vote just now, FTISLAND ^^

  131. I just saw that on 5:36 the girl is actually infront of the car so that it was going to hit her, but then in the next frame she is suddenly in the safe past the car (sorry for my bad english).

  132. This is really entertaining, and clearly you got some points on the video.. Anyway the song’s fantastic, and I’m a proud PRIMADONNA!! That’s all I can say ^^

  133. glad to see the car scene was as aggravating as i thought it was. i totally agree and was discussing with my friend how it didn’t make much sense as all :P

  134. JYJ’s in Heaven is what I preferred ^____^ & thank you for everything

  135. ft island!!!

  136. Sascha Wong

    I always found it slightly morbid that you could chase butterflies around in Skyrim, only to rip their wings off O_o. 

    I had to rewind the scene of Simon running across the intersection a couple times. Hilarious! Another video well done, guise :D My vote’s for JYJ, because the shot of Junsu’s butt is priceless.

  137. FT Island ;D

  138. I vote for JYJ – In Heaven! The fact that they end up together and that the relationship is loving on both ends makes the sacrifice more meaningful. 

  139. And omg I’ve called him The Hunky One all the time too!!!!!!!!

  140. JYJ ..the story -line was much better and the ending made me cry 

  141. I love this song <3 I cried T_T

  142. In spite of the issues you mentioned in the review, I have to vote for FT Island, simply because their video was easier to figure out.  JYJ’s left me confused until the end.

  143. I love Hongki, buuut I’m going to have to say that I like JYJ’s video In Heaven better. It makes more sense.

  144. Wow this is a tough one! I will stick with JYJ – In Heaven, because the ending is better in a sense. Sitting together “in heaven” is better than forever mourning I guess.

  145. I’d have to pick JYJ, just for Junsu’s but shot. That’s a little bit more attractive than the Hunky One’s bleeding face.

  146. It would have been an interesting ending if she ended up going back to the past to save him. Then again, she didn’t like him as much as he liked her so I guess she’s happy with the way things turned out. Her stalker dies and she did well at her ballet recital.

    • We were about to add in an extra scene, a “what if” scenario in which Hunky forgets who she is, but the video was already starting to get massively long.

      •  Seriously I don’t mind even if your video is 30+ minutes as long as it’s fun. I even wish that you can do two reviews per week so that more MVs will have chances to be on Music Mondays. 

        • I would love it too, but it takes hours to export and grumpy fans get all anxious and go all crazy like “weres music monday?!!? ahHhhhhhh” 

          crazy fans are crazy haha


  147. true… why not get Shin hye for the MV nstead! but then park shin hye would look stupid because of the plot of the MV haha XD

  148. I hate MV’s like this, so NONE o/

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