This week we review F.T. Island’s “Severely” for Kpop Music Mondays. Haven’t seen it yet? Check out the video below to know what we’re talking about:


F.T. Island fans, aka “Primadonnas”, you finally did it. We totally didn’t expect F.T. Island to win this week. Last week on the KpopCharts you and Block B fans battled it out, and – really – Block B just squeaked out a win. Oooh so close. But then we were worried about what we will call the “Teen Top” effect, in which older videos with lots of votes get beaten out by newer videos and a flash of votes. But, nope. F.T. Island persevered. Yay!

And we’re happy that F.T. Island won. This is a really great song, very different from what we usually review. It’s not overproduced, maximalistic Kpop. It’s a few guys playing instruments and singing, and making great music in the process. We really liked “Hello Hello” when we reviewed it, and we really like this song as well :D

A bit of clarification, though, on what we originally thought of this video. When we first saw it, we thought to ourselves, holy crap, this is a huge rip off of JYJ’s “In Heaven”. In fact, a lot of the complaints we had about that video we have about this one, namely, if your revived love is supposed to die on a specific day, try being a bit more proactive in keeping them safe. Seriously. Tell them to stay home. Doesn’t matter if you sound crazy. Be open and honest in your relationship, dammit! Poor communication skills lead to breakups and, in some cases, DEATH! For that matter, to us it seems like almost every TV drama has problems caused by people who can’t communicate worth a damn. Everyone’s gushing about “Breaking Bad.” We’re halfway through Season 3 and think that the whole cast is a load of dimwits. But that’s another story.

The main point of the clarification we’re trying to make before we got distracted is is that we thought that this video was a clear rip off of JYJ’s In Heaven. Other people then told us that F.T. Island did another similarly themed video a while ago. And then there’s 30 minutes ago which is also similarly themed. The point here, then, isn’t who copied who. The point is that everyone’s trying to make you aware of how dangerous driving in Korea is. Remember kids: RUN OR DIE!

Another thing we wanted to say that we didn’t say in the video: we’re saying this because we watched the video a hundred times over, as we always do when we review a Music Video, and this is a conclusion we came to: THAT GIRL IS A TERRIBLE ACTOR. Totally devoid of emotion or facial expression. Sure, she’s pretty, but good God! There must be some higher standards for an acting role than that! BARRGH!

Anyhow, if you’re a fan of F.T. Island, you can pick up the album by clicking on the banner below. Side note: I’m not sure why their album isn’t up on iTunes yet. Some labels are really quick to put their music up on iTunes, but we’ve been checking for a while now to no avail. Bah! Get the physical album instead. You’ll be cooler that way.

FTIsland Mini Album Vol. 4 - GROWN-UP

And, lastly, we’ve got bloopers for this week, as always. I’ve been getting the giggles for some reason lately. Today I got them, probably, from being pounded on the chest by Martina. Ha! Also, to that cool girl from Vancouver who I met today in Bucheon, right before I ran across the street screaming like a maniac, sorry for not saying goodbye afterwards! You looked like you didn’t want to talk to us anymore, after I ran across the street screaming like a maniac, probably because I looked like a maniac. Really, I’m not crazy!


  1. Hi Simon! :) I’m wondering whether you’re playing with a Hungarian gamer…. 5:11 as “Farkas” means in Hungarian “wolf”. Auuuuu…… That’s so exo-tic. :D

  2. JYJ.. the story more touching heheee

  3. hahahahahahaha at Simon running across the road!! but even more ahahahaahahaha at the old person crossing with their….old…person……scooter (sorry i forgot what they’re called)

  4. “The Hongki one” XD First time I agreed with all what u said about MV….
    I vote for JYJ… I love FTIsland song more, but JYJ’s MV is much better~

  5. video wise i say i like in heaven waaay more. the actress in severely just tics me off…. she knows she’s going to die yet she doesn’t listen AND KILLS HONGKI CUZ OF IT!!!!

  6. like i always say, those heroines in these MVs really need to learn some traffic rules and STOP KILLING ALL THE HAWTIES!! 

  7. I vote for JYJ… the ending suits my sensibilities more.

  8.  You guise are awesome~!! XD I laughed so much watching this review and I’m still laughing. XD
    BTW, I vote for FT Island! :3

  9. I like the FTIsland song better  but JYJ’s video makes me feel… less sad…?
     I think.

    Acctually I think I stoped paying attention to the song in JYJ’s Video

  10. I think JYJ wins this battle. At least the story line only makes me only want to rip out my eyes just a little bit ^_^ Great video!

  11. Pfft…Farkas. He has no pupils! LOLOL. XD
    I’m voting for JYJ. The girl was sorta annoying and well…dumb, in that video, but at least she wasn’t completely devoid of any sort of sympathy whatsoever.

  12. Shoot a poison dart in her ass? That’s how I snagged my husband. :)
     I’m going to have to vote for JYJ. The girl in Severely is lame.

  13. I vote for JYJ – Heaven 

  14. FT Island!! Love the MV and song. Simon screaming and running across the intersection was incredible.

  15. definitely JYJ’s In Heaven…that MV makes more sense than FT Island’s Severely…in Severely, the plot is kinda confusing and a bit weak…huhuhu…

  16. In Heaven! I may have shed a tear or two. No, who am I kidding. In K-Pop, only single-tear shedding is permitted!

  17. Im going with JYJ’s In Heaven, even though HongKi’s acting was really good in Severely. It always makes me kind of frustrated when you have a great song and it is overshadowed by its less than stellar video. I know really suck at picking up on the plot holes in kpop videos but the one thing I noticed (its looks like others did too) and had a big wtf moment was when the driver dude hit HongKi and crawled out from his car and he disappeared. Like poof disappeared…along with every person thats not driving and not on the street during nighttime. Then 2. Does his girlfriend not have a cell phone to call 119 when HongKi is hit? She did have a purse she dropped like 10 feet away. 

  18. JIHYO from RUNNING MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i vote for JYJ <3  (just because of jaejoong and jihyo

  19. I cannot choose either video because i disliked both of them. I was too annoyed by the girls stupidity and the guys idiocy. There i said it. On another note, i loved both of the songs, but liked severely more. 

  20. I love both songs, actually I think I even like FT Island’s a little more, but I have to go with JYJ because it shows their past relationship and how Junsu changes the second time around, and the video just made more sense. I didn’t think about the dates but when you guys pointed them out they formed bigger holes in FT Island’s plot. Though Hongki is a good actor, the girl ruins it for me. And In Heaven is more of a tear jerker for me

  21. Vote: JYJ
    BTW I kept thinking Simon was saying the HONKY one, I am glad you have captions.

  22. JYJ ! with me this is ” In heaven”
    when i saw ” In heaven” , i cried. but MV of FTIm im sorry, i cant feel anything

  23. Definitely JYJ. Just a random question: why does Simon call F.T. Island FT Island now instead of Foto Island like you did before? I had so much laughs before. So does this mean you will call F.Cuz FCuz and G.NA Gina? [Tries to imagine Simon calling B.A.P BoAoPo]

  24. JYJ did it first AND better. How could I not vote for the flying Duckbutt?!  Also I thought it was way too annoying that she was sooo far from danger and he leaped in front of the car anyway. 

    Also, I laughed so hard at Simon running across the street. Bahahahaha!

  25. I vote for F.t Island i love their music :D

  26. Oh no!  Spudgy was run over by the cat bus pencil case!

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