Now wait a minute! Wait a minute! Before some of you start yelling at us, or crying at us, or mumbling at us, about not doing Itaewon Freedom, believe us when we say that we’re really upset about it as well. We love that song. It’s hard for us not to say that it’s not one of our favorite videos of the year. But we made a promise when we started the voting system that we would honor the votes and do them justice. We want to encourage you all to take part in these vids as much as possible, and so it’d be just wrong for us to take the majority vote and toss it because we like another video better. We’ll only refuse to do a video if we really strongly dislike it, or have something against it, but that hasn’t happened yet. If we like the song and you vote for it, then we’ll do it, even if we like another song or video more.

And we’re really strongly opinionated when it comes to online polls, if you couldn’t tell by our post on Rain being snubbed by Time magazine. So, long story short, you vote we choose. In fact, we almost did SS501′s “Love Ya” this week, because – for some odd reason – we received a massive influx of votes for the song, even though it’s quite old now. Hmmm. There must be some fan group out there behind this…

But f(x) won this week. Huzzah! Because we actually really like the song. “Dah Duh Dah Duh Dah” may not win awards for lyrics of the year, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not catchy as hell! On that note, Nu Abo had “NANANANANANANA” as it’s chorus. Is there a pattern forming here? How many other f(x) songs have sounds for lyrics? Anyone?

Also, err, umm. What’s the song about, really? We looked at the lyrics online, and this song supposedly says something along the lines of discovering a guy, and they’re interested in him, and they’re worried for themselves because they like him so much. That’s our best guess. But what does that have to do with Pinocchio? The puppet whose nose grows when he lies, or the puppet who wants to be a real boy. Are they interested in a guy who’s a liar? Or, even weirder, are they interested in a guy who wants to be a real boy…instead of a fake one? The possibilities with the second option are…intriguing. And since when did Pinocchio have Mickey Mouse ears? Who knows. We’re quite confused. We’ll sing the song and Dah Duh Dah Duh Dah around the house, but we’ll have no clue why…

And, yes, for the record, we are in fact six years old, because farts are still funny to us. Call us immature if you like, but for the rest of our lives we will find farts humorous. We totally see ourselves at 90 years old, hobbling down the street, hand in hand, while our other hands are holding our canes, and giggling whenever we hear busses make fart sounds. Sorry if that’s not your style of humor. FART JOKES 4 LYFE!

A few side notes: we were lucky enough to attend the Super Inkigayo event in Jeju last weekend. Our video for it will go up later this week. We posted a few teaser pictures on our Tumblr page, so check that out if you’re curious, or ask the people over at the Jeju Weekly if you can’t wait :D We were lucky enough to speak with Amber from f(x) while we were backstage, and we aaaaaaalmost got her to do the intro for this week’s Music Monday. She was down for it, but management said no. Understandably so, because they didn’t know who we were. For all they know, we could have been asking Amber to say something that would ruin the band’s image, so it’s better safe than sorry. Even cooler, though, is that she said that she knows our videos, and used our Korean Washing Machine video. Booya! But that’s all we’ll say for now. Stay tuned for the full video :D

f(x) Pinocchio Album CoverAnyhow, because Amber was so nice to us, and also because she told us that she wouldn’t get offended by our Music Monday when we warned her about it, we’re more than happy to tell everyone to check out f(x)’s New Album by clicking on the picture to the right here. It’ll ship internationally, so you’ve got no excuse to not buy it. Shazam! And lastly, thanks to Ophelie from Miku Collection for giving Martina the awesome, awesome shirt when she visited from France. Yay! French clothes!

  1. Maybe when they said “im in danger Pinocchio. Remember me” is that if they lie it is easy to catch them like pinocchio. Thus it is easier to remember who they are? o: i dont understand korean so idk what else is going on~~

  2. Love, love, love, love, love f(x) but I agree 100% about the pink balloon. Not only do they have it show up in a weird manner but it makes no sense. Why even add it in the song? The song isn’t about 100 pink balloons.

    However, I have to t-o-t-a-l-l-Y (Get it? It’s like T-ara’s “party”) disagree about the negativity of Krystal’s shirt. Anything that shows her stomach is hot. Anything. It could be a garbage bag and it’d still work.

  3. Their lyrics are weird just because SM BOUGHT these songs and randomly put shit in the lyrics….

  4. Their lyrics are weird just because SM BOUGHT these songs and randomly put shit in the lyrics….

  5. GAHHH!!! U GUYS ARE MESSED UP AND WANNA KNO Y…..cuz u made me a kpop addict :3 lol im now officially addicted to the songs lucifer and ring ding dong by shinee and nu abo and chu by f(x) abracadabra and sign by brown eyed girls… GAAH!
    ill be all in one of those rehabs where u say
    Hello…Im dyann and…..im a kpop addict
    Hii Dyann…..
    uk those freaky places which always make me laugh XD lol
    please excuse my awkward randomness :)

  6. funny I love this site

  7. f(x)’s washin ma sexy window dance!

  8. I have to admit that the f(x) Danger mv was kida werid but I liked it any way GO ^VICTORIA!!^

  9. F(x)’s washin’ mah sexy windowsss! :DD

  10. My vote wld be f(x)!

  11. hahahaha!!!
    i am agree with your review about f(x)…
    and btw i choose JYJ even i know their music video is bad~

  12. aw…JYJ!

  13. My vote is for JYJ for sure I love them to much

  14. FX! also, next time could you ask them what is the fanclub’s name?

  15. JYJ

    *mentally steels self not to spam*

  16. Of course its definitely, absolutely, FTW…. JYJ:)

  17. Heyy I went on gokpop.com and FX announced the meaning of this song
    A women is in love with a man and explains her love like a fairytale (pinocchio)
    The funky colours represent fairy-like atmosphere.. and FX is always colourful :D

  18. Even korean f(x) fans say about the lyrics of ‘Pinocchioo’; “Don’t try to find out what the lyrics means!”

  19. Ronald Mcdonald.
    He’s creepy as a clown, but an Ulzzang clown?


  21. f(x)’s window wash

  22. Actually I’m happy that you didn’t fix your volume on that small part xD I’m usually watching your videos at night and to hear you properly I have to adjust volume a bit and then – BOOM – here comes the beat of the break (and wakes my parents next room) xD

    But yeah, ok. I just love your MM’s too much. Watching your vids with finger on “volume up/down” is still WATCHING your vids! <3

    Oh, and btw – f(x).

  23. F(x) dance !

  24. Lol you guys are awesome!!! (hi from Australia!) am very new to your blog, and just wanna say I love it! Love love love.

    I vote for JYJ rolling down the window. It’s a funky move that can be used a fair bit.
    Hmm I might just make a point to do so next time I’m confronted with a nightclubscene just the same! Ha ha (high fiveeee!!!)

  25. JYJ of course, I mean come on, Simon..Whenever you do that dance I can laugh for 15 minutes straight XD

  26. Oh my goodness …! It must be amazing feeling to know that the awesomest kpop girl idol Amber used your washing machine video!

    And I looked at your blog pictures and now I am so, so envious … can’t wait to see the video!

  27. 1) i vote for JYJ rolling down the window dance. I sadly use this with my group of friends.
    2) i love your dance club scene that was really really cute!

  28. THE SEXY WINDOW FTW IS of Course JYJ AYYY Girl and mostly becuz i love the way you guys incorporate it into every song :D

  29. f(x) f(x)!!!!!!!!

  30. LOL! I love you two!! This was great!! One of my favs! So I vote for f(x)!

  31. f(x)…..f(x)…..f(x)!!!!!!!!

  32. f(x) I was going to vote for JYJ but f(x)’s dance is just more light hearted and fun. Unlike JYJ they are smiling while dancing. And I wouldn’t feel as weird sudddenly breaking out dancing f(x)’s as suddenly dancing JYJs. But this was a really good comparison. Thanks!

  33. JYJ
    JYJ!!! >W<!!!

  34. T-T NOT AGAIN?!
    I was waiting for ITAEWON FREEDOM!!! Gosh… I guess nothing can beat those kpop fangirls

  35. As a girl, I rather see guys rolling down the window than girls washing the window

  36. Hey guys I love your videos, didn’t know that you spent so much time on them. For your next music Mondays can you please ( a kajillion times please) review Jay Park’s Abandoned?! Thanks!

  37. Twonk Twonk [Tiffany] Aha! Listen Twonkle My First Twonk Story [Jessica] My Angel and My Girls My sunshine Oh! Oh! let’s twonk!
    [Seohyun] Neomu neomu twonkle nooni nooni twonkle Sumeul moht shigesseo tteollineun geol
    Twonk twonk twonk twonk baby baby baby
    Twonk twonk twonk twonk baby baby baby
    [Tiffany] O neomu bukkeureoweo chyeodabol su eobseo Saranghae ppajyeosseo sujubeun geol
    Twonk twonk twonk twonk baby baby baby
    Twonk twonk twonk twonk baby baby baby
    you get the picture xD

  38. jyj! :D haha
    and please do jay park’s abandoned! (: pretty please! less than 3! <3

  39. jyj! jyj! jyj!!!!!!!!

  40. F(x)’s sexy car dance!!!

  41. i still prefer JYJ =)

  42. ë°•ë´„ dont cry

  43. f(x) f(x) f(x) f(x) f(x) f(x) f(x) f(x) f(x)

  44. JYJ rolling down my sexy windows!

  45. voting for f(x)’s sexy car wash dance:DDD

  46. I vote for f(x)~
    Koreans really confusing lyrics, too!
    Sometimes, the lyrics of songs don’t harmonize together.
    I think that shows their abstract sensibility, so they use it.
    Also many of animation’s opening use strange lyrics.
    Hope to I am of help to you :D

  47. Sascha Wong

    Ahhh, I vote for JYJ! Rolling down car windows in frilly aprons is an epic win.

  48. JYJ sexy rolling down of car windows. :} next week can you do a review on 2NE1′s Park Bom’s – Don’t Cry? PLEASE!!!! and Thanks! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!

  49. jajajajaj no es la canción de la mascara????
    of course JYJ!!

  50. Fuuunnyyyyyyy!!!!!!! specially La rumbaaaa

  51. Oh my goodness! You acutually met Amber!!! So lucky!!

  52. i vote for rolling down my sexy window by JYJ hahaha :))

  53. totally voting for JYJ, that sexy window rolling down was so funny XD

  54. AMBER!>? Did you interview her?

  55. PLEASSE i vote for kim jong min- oppa find strength for next music monday!!!

  56. Oh man! What is one of those comments on the old video is from Amber!? I am so jealous, you guys get to meet the rich and famous of Kpop! Let me be your gopher or something xD PLEASE!

  57. Vote F(x) Washing Sexy window!

  58. you guys never cease to impress me with your videos I love you guys! Come back to Toronto so I can stalk you properly!

  59. jyj jyj jyj jyj jyj jyj jyj jyj jyj jyj jyj

  60. JYJ<3333333

  61. JYJ<33333333333333333333

  62. JYJ JYJ JYJ JYJ JYJ JYJ JYJ JYJ <33333 rolling down ma sexy window for the WIN!

  63. I will go with F(x). I think they are cute XD

  64. hahaa AYYY GIRL!
    rolling down ma sexy window :D

  65. hahaa AYYY GIRL!
    rolling down ma sexy window :D

  66. Can you please review B1A4′s OK mv for next music Monday?^^

    Ah and I vote for f(x) – cute over sexy any day XD

  67. I know its by majority rule, but I would like to see older music videos. I still love you guys regardless but I really wonder what you would say about IU’s “Marshmallow” and Kim Hyung Jun’s “oH! aH!”. I love you guys and will always appreciate the time you take for making every video.!!11!!11!111!!!!1!!11!! yeah…. ^-^v

  68. XD haha the pink ballons! is really funny ^^ I liked it ~

  69. Another vote to just go ahead and do Itaewon Freedom but not as part of Music Monday.

    Like somebody else said, because of the fandoms it will be really hard for videos by acts such as UV to get enough votes to beat out the likes of Big Bang, JYJ, Girls’ Generation, etc.

    Also, curious if you guys listen to stuff on the more indie spectrum of things, like my current favorite “소년은 달린다” from eniac:

  70. victoria f(x) ofxourse

  71. omg!!!!! guys thanks you and i think i have to thanks to all f(x) fanss who surely voted for this song im such dam happy and i almost agree with all your comments im a big fan of f(x) and bias of VICTORIA>< and yeahh i think f(x) has an special style-_- talking about lyris music and ofcouseOUTFITS-_- but… couldnt SM just try a little bit harder cuz they were almost a year out of stage and some fans compares f(x) with shinee style -_- is kind of out of concept statment but… welll i think this gilrs deserve more (ofcourse i think like this cuz im a f(x) fan)^^ i could be talking so long but i think everyone wants to give a opinion so just wanna end saying f(x) jjiang!!!!!!!!!!!! and i really ENVY YOU^^ GUYS you were to jeju do and talked to AMBER sigh krystal speaks english too ^^ ashiiii you saw victoria she is reallyyy gorgeous i cant wait to see that AND THANKS AGAIN ALL HOPEFULLY F(X) WILL WIN THIS WEEK SO FIGTHING!!!!!

  72. I REMEMBER THAT SONG :D Chik chiki boom

  73. I don’t understand you two when I see you get puzzled by small little things… I understand how much you two put into these videos every weekend but what’s the point of spending all that time if you don’t get you facts straight? Do some extensive research before you make 비아냥거리는 videos on 케이팝. This song is about a girl’s love for one particular boy. I’m in danger, remember me, and other phrases refer to that girl’s feelings; i.e. she can’t control herself. Pinocchio, obviously, being the boy, is meant to be ‘made’ to the way the girl wants him to be. I don’t know how you missed this after doing your research and putting them into context with Korean lyrics. Here’s Luna’s expression of this album: “소녀가 사랑하는 대상을 분석해서 다시 조각한다는 뜻이에요. 동화 속 제페토 할아버지가 피노키오를 조각한 것처럼요.” Now please, do a better research, if possible, for your videos before posting them. The way I feel for most of your videos is limited to you two’s understanding of English in each MV. Hope my explanation of Pinocchio and the opinion helps you.

    • -_- Okay, I understand how you might be a little upset but come on, give them a break. They work hard on these videos, and I think their interpretation was completely fine. That explanatation you gave made no freaking sense to me.


    • wpqkfwha wrote: “…when I see you get puzzled by small little things”

      psssssst…. small = little. Perhaps YOU should do some research on English vocabulary before you redundantly, and not a little bit rudely, critique a comical video. Music Monday is meant to be light-hearted and funny, not a research paper. Best of luck on your English studies.

      • hey, anything else you wanna pick out other than my mistake to revisit my dilemma on which word to use? whoever you are, stop with your criticism on english cuz you are starting to sound like Simon and Martina; nothing better than to criticize broken english terms in a work of music artists – oh and also their pronunciations. English English English… Engrish? They couldn’t figure out what the lyrics meant. so I told them what the lyrics meant, and my opinion on their videos.

  74. You guys should just do Itaewon Freedom, but not as a Music Monday video, just do something else with it =] Maybe make it a 3-parter series, haha.

  75. For Amber!!!!
    F(X) for me

  76. JYJ :)!

    But I must admit that Martina’s was pretty awesome… Lol

  77. JYJ for sure.
    Rollin’ down my sexy windows.

  78. jyj <333333

  79. Martina is tooooooooooooo funny. Gah, proud to be a fellow Canadian lol. I love Eat Your Kimchi *sighs happily*

  80. Please do like a special Music Tuesday or something for Itaewon Freedom. It’s nice that you guys are following your rules but with all the kpop fandoms it will be hard for a nonpopular artist to be featured even if they have a very very interesting MV like UV’s Itaewon Freedom

  81. gawd…I’m so loving this vid…I keep watching it.

    Martina: “Ayyyy boy…kin I buy yu a’drinkk?” that urban-accent just makes my day. lol

    Although I’m thrilled that you guys will be moving to ‘tha Big City’…I have to admit that I’m going to miss your officetel’s *Club Corner*. So many famous dance moves have taken flight from that tiny spot in your home. It gives a whole new meaning to ‘mini-bar’. :)

    • There’s a good chance that we might not move into the big city because it’s too expensive. We’re looking for places in Bucheon as well :D

      • oooo~ bummer. But I must admit, when researching the average housing cost for Seoul and I was *stunned* by the size vs. cost. I mean, when roughly 600sq. ft. is almost $2,000 USD per month – that’s INSANE. However, as was mentioned in emails – it could be possible to get a 3 bedroom house for around the same, depending on location. Have you considered having a roomate for a 3-bedroom and then split the bills? A quiet college student perhaps?

  82. agreed with ian m. i think you should just go ahead and do a review of itaewon freedom even if its not music mondays style. how about on your simonandmartinabonus page?


  84. You guys should just make a video for Itaewon Freedom on the side. Doesn’t have to be Music Mondays in-depth style and everything, just make one about it because you love it and we love it and the internet demands it.

  85. JYJ!!!! ALLLLL the wayyyyyyyyyy <3

  86. F(x)’s sexy car wash~^.~

  87. f (x)

  88. i vote for f(x)’s sexy carwash!

  89. i requested f(x) but my names not here TT^TT and f(x) all da way baby.. or as you guys know them as (f)x :P

  90. Tonja

    JYJ! ….Su is so hot…sexy chef…mmmmm…

  91. JYJ! AYYU Girl!

  92. Rolling down the sexy window! :)

  93. JYJ of course


  95. Oh my god! The scary balloon scene made me laugh so hard i nearly cried. Love watching these videos early Monday mornings!

  96. f(x)s sexy carwash ^-^

  97. I read an interview, and apparently the Pinocchio bit is supposed to symbolize getting to know a crush but putting the pieces together; like building a Pinocchio doll. I guess it kinda makes sense in that way….kinda

    Since I’m not familiar with JYJ, my vote goes to F(x)~. I’m really jealous that you guys got to meet Amber!

  98. Lol of course a boy would think the pink things were farts lol. And yes girls now can fart pink bubbles or whatever. I lol at Simon getting traumatized by the pink balloons.Good thing you didn’t have any real kids there lol. As for the poll I vote for JYJ. Just because they look sexier doing it to me. :-p

    Oh and I saw on tumblr where Martina got to interview GD. Yay! Congrats Martina. I’m sure Simon had to have a bottle of water there to keep you from fan girling lol. Did you get to meet Tabi?

  99. Oh god you interviewed Amber too! really you guys are too lucky!! =D

    and I vote for JYJ!! well just because I love them moarrr! XD but that rolling muh window really work on me for weeks LOL

    really can’t wait for your Super Inkigayo Video!! =]
    takecare <3

  100. Of course JYJ’s rolling down their sexy windows!!!!!! Thinking of Yoochun’s red Ferrari, Junsu’s white Maserati and Jaejoong’s opaque black Audi R8 *nosebleed* yes definitely they should win !!!!

  101. waa I had a fit when I saw the video this week were my f (x) thanks!
    and of course, f (x) I liked it more because JYJ mmm this song is good but not as much as Pinocchio anyway they came out of SM ^ ^ so here the quality of their music and talent is excellent

  102. JYJJJJ ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rolling down their sexxxay car windows

  103. thanks for the video on Monday, thanks for talking about f (x) as Mexican fanclub gives us great joy to know who won in the voting to be tested by you!
    and of course the English is excellent, having a small Krystal and Amber!

  104. i sincerely apologize to all JYJ fans, but in my opinion everything about that video was just plain FAIL. so, Washing Sexy Car Dance is definitely my vote.

  105. Oh damn… I like both dances.. mmm I vote for f(x) and I’m going to dance ayy girl LOL~


  107. I vote for *music drums* JYJ`s sexy rolling down windows xD

    PS: Martina! I saw in a BIGBANG fanpage that you interwiew G-Dragon on Jeju Island!!!
    Im sooooooooooooooooooooo envy of you!!! xD You`re going to publish that

  108. JYJ just because the rolling down of the windows has become a classic move because of Simon. He nails it all the time!

  109. JYJ AYYY GIRL!!!!

  110. JYJ!! (^_^) Love them!

  111. Simon sure does love himself some rolling-down-the-window dancing. So in sticking with my fellow “yeaaaaaaaaaaah, women don’t fart” brother – I’m going with JYJ.

  112. JYJ – AYY Girl. Even though the video sucks their dance is better than F(x)

  113. JYJ AYY GIRRL!!

  114. Lols, JYJ’s ‘Rolling Down My Windows’ is definitely smexier XD.

  115. JYJ for the sexy car window dance!!!
    best thing ever invented.

  116. JYJ’s Ayy Girl!

  117. means, i vote jyj kkk

  118. rolling down window is much better kkk

  119. “Drop a fart…brush it off like a Boss” puahahaha!

    And yes, you are correct…girls do not fart. However, should an occasional waft ~ of toot-age occur– it, of course, smells like roses or lavender …..Like a WO-MAN !

    However, this is the first time I’ve seen a phallic-nosed, pepto bismal colored, heat-seeking, Micky Mouse logo(tm), CG-animated…..fart. I’m now going to visualze farts everytime I smell one, and I’m pretty sure, they’re not gonna be …pink.

    Thanks again for a great vid! Martina really *brings it* with her sexy window washing, but I gotta go with the timeless classic *rolling down* MANeuver. (PROPS for the Jeju trip, looking forward to your coverage & tales of adventure) ♥☮

  120. jyj…even though i really don’t like Ayyy girl. The boys definitely look good rolling down the windows :)

    I also was confused by the lyrics… it seems to be she’s in danger because she fell to quickly in love and is afraid he’s dangerous? But how to take the danger seriously when there’s pink fart balloons and fluffy sets and outfits.

    I woke up this morning and my 1st thought was “ugg monday”…my 2nd thought was “ohh! Music Monday…YAY it’s Monday!!”

  121. I vote for JYJ !!

  122. Martina, you look gorgeous in this video <3 and Simon, you sound sick. Take care. ^^

    and I choose f(x)'s washing my sexy windows. :D
    JYJ's dance just looks weird, I can't get myself to like it. LOL.

  123. Ha ha, I love you guys!! Can’t stop laughing because the lyrics truly don’t make any sense. I honestly thought I was experiencing a brain fart.

  124. SIMON did you have a cold?! :( you sound like it.

  125. Voting for JYJ! I just discovered you guys on youtube, it’s been long time since I laughed so hard all by myself in front of a computer screen!

  126. Ooooh hard one, although there was a lot I didn’t like about JYJ’s video, there was a lot I liked too… I will go with F(x) though :D

    Speaking of farts… do you ever get gassy from kimchi… and if so, does your stomach ever get used to it??? Just wondering… the honey and I have been eating Korean food once or twice a week. I’m pretty sure it’s the cabbage-y kimchi that is making us farty… I guess I should invest in gas-x.

  127. I translated the lyrics here, if you’re interested: http://peppermint-kiss.tumblr.com/post/4797899828/f-x-danger-translation

    It’s not abundantly clear, but the impression I got while translating it was that they were comparing falling for this guy (whose existence is implied but never stated) to the whole part in Pinnochio where he considers essentially selling himself to the puppet master and getting drunk and whatever other dark seedy trouble stuff that happens before all the kids turn into donkeys. I haven’t seen the movie in a while, but I thought it was a cool reference…like how being in danger can be intoxicating.

    Hope this helps!

  128. i luv F(x) washing window dance >< cute!

  129. a.we.so.me

    the only reason i’m waiting for mondays, I mean it, mondays are not bad anymore!!!

    And my vote goes for JYJ rolling down the windows with their sexy looks and a better-than-a-ger-eyeliner !!

    *woof woof Spudgy!!*

  130. I really don’t know who I should vote for; I looove~ F(x), they’re my favorite girlgroup, and I have been waiting for the comeback in like ages! But if I have to vote for the sexiest car dance, then I think it would be JYJ. I’m not really into the song, even though I love to sing and dance it, but the rolling-down-mah-sexy-window dance, is actually more sexy than the washing-mah-sexy-window dance.
    - To make a long story short; I’m voting for JYJ.

  131. Pinocchio is basicly the name of the album o-o i think thats why its there.. I vote for F(x)’s carwash dance XD

  132. DEFINITELY jyj.that move is just too epic every time i hear that song i have to do that move, but f(x) as much as i LOVEE that song..ive gotta say jyj

  133. JYJ! Their car dance is way sexier.

  134. Sexy car washing window dance!
    Martina looks very pretty in this video :D

  135. I am highly anticipating the Amber video. It’s so ridiculously nice to watch your favourite stars speak in English. I must have rewatched the Nickhun video 20+ times.

    Cue the incoming hoard of Amber fangirls.

  136. im voting for JYJ’s Rolling down that sexy windowww! and lol random pink balloons! i must watch out for that!

  137. This week I vote for f(x) for sexy car dance.

  138. I read somewhere that they compare the process of falling in love with that one of creating a Pinocchio puppet as far as the lyrics are concerned…And now instead of being focused on studying for my exams I will be waiting the video with Amber.And G Dragon.And Lizzy?Oh, I love you guys.Seriously.

  139. OMG! Im so jealous you guys got to meet GD!!!!! Did you tell him to come to Canada?
    Btw, Im also angry at time magazine. You cant put a poll up and then be angry when pll dont vote for want you want. That is just stupid and unprofessional. Oh and my vote goes to JYJ. I see that Simon loves doing that move as much as I do ^_^

  140. This was great. My vote goes for JYJ. I like f(x)- they’re one of the few girl groups I’d buy cds for, but I still like JYJ better. Even though f(x)’s video was more well done.

  141. As much as I like Itaewon Freedom (and as sad as I am that I didn’t get to see you guys cover the dance et al), this song is damn addicting. Daradara da dada. ಠ_ಠ Also THE WINDOW ROLLING DANCE WILL NEVER DIE YESSSSS. Seriously. The way you can incorporate it into any other context should be written down on your CVs.

    About the lyrics, allkpop sez “getting to know your crush is like constructing your own Pinocchio doll”. Because Pinocchio is made from lego and that puts you in the danger of stepping on it and cursing its ancestors to the twelfth grandfather, and after a few weeks you see that lego piece that burned a hole into your foot and he says “Remember me?”, trollface and all. Srsly.

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  143. YAY!! U-kiss computer background!! You guys are so lucky you go to meet them!! And F(x)!! They are my favorites for girl and guy groups. So from what I’ve read, this girl helped this guy get popular or made him more cool or whatever. And so he’s lying (Pinocchio) acting like he’s the reason why he’s popular. And this girl girl is like “remember me” because I made you who you are. Oh and the girl is in “danger” because she’s falling for this guy. Thats what I gathered so far

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  146. Best video yet! These make Mondays wonderful for me.

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