F(x)’s Electric Shock topped the KpopCharts this week, as they’re finally back with a super duper awesome song but really boring music video. Check it out here:


Ughhh. What a predictable disappointment. Not with the song, mind you. The song itself was unpredictably AWESOME! We really love it. Like, REALLY really love it, and we’ve been singing it all week. The music video, though, we had to watch over and over again and it just got worse with each watching. IT’S SO BORING!

Now look: we know it’s difficult to be creative. We have to be creative weekly with all of our videos, especially with Music Monday. We frequently have to dig deep into our crazy imagination when we deal with music videos like this, so that we can think up something at least remotely funny that can make you guise giggle. Yes, a whole bunch some of our Music Mondays are not great, but we’re just two people who sometimes have creative brain farts and simply burnout. SM Entertainment, on the other hand, is a multi million dollar company, isn’t it? Doesn’t it have a WHOLE SLEW of people producing videos for them? Like, it’s their only job for the company: direct and make music videos? And yet, all they can come up with is THIS music video?

Seriously, this looks exactly like a live stage performance with a few costume changes. It’s like the director sat down and said, “hey, let’s make a music video in a room, with electric looking lights, and then they’ll dance. Oh and weird costumes, AKA, make a video out of their performances on Music Core” Really? I know we kind of ripped into Big Bang’s “Monster” a couple weeks ago, and now I feel like taking it all back. At least they tried to do something interesting, even if it was a little overwhelming and disorganized. It was different, though! With a title like Electric Shock, we imagined so many interesting music videos that could have been. We are going to share just two ideas, but we had many more:

Music Video Possibility #1) f(x) is walking down the street, wearing normal and dull coloured clothing, talking and humming their song, when Luna catches the eye of a hot guy walking the opposite direction. As they walk passed each other, they brush hands just as the EEEEEEElectric shock chorus hits in. Their touch sends out an electric shock wave ripple, which in turn causes everyone’s clothing to change to neon colours and super funkiness. Then, everyone dances on the street to the chorus – obviously – but when the chorus is done, the camera zooms out from Luna’s shocked face (and the other guy is shocked too), and they’re both surprised because none of that actually happened. It was just in their minds, and they keep walking past each other, but they look back shyly. The video would progress the same way in different locations, like grocery shopping (eye contact), or a library at school, and eventually it would end at a club where they meet on the dance floor and their “touching” causes everyone to change for real. BOOM!!!

Music Video Possibility #2) f(x) is hanging out outside having a picnic, when suddenly a storm rolls in and they all get struck by lighting from a weird looking pink cloud (not the same one from f(x)’s “Danger”). When they wake up, they all have crazy clothing on that’s all bright, and they’ve also got crazy teased hair (like the huge hair from Orange Caramel in Bangkok City). They then discover that they have the power to shoot electricity from their hands which makes people happy and fall in love. So, if a couple is fighting, f(x) would zap them, which would result in in the couple changing into funky clothing and also being back in love. They would then join in on the dancing with f(x). The video would continue with f(x) going around the city injecting colour, life, and love into all the people, until the camera zooms back and the whole city looks colourful and happy as they all dance with f(x).

See how easy that was! Sure, it’s gonna cost more money than dancing in a box, but it’ll at least not be boring.

Well despite our disappointment in the music video, I guess it really doesn’t matter as much as if the song is good. And the song is good. I guess from our perspective we will always respect an attempt to be creative rather than just a music video for the sake of making a video. Especially a really dull video loaded with unblockable advertisements that stay on the screen for five to ten seconds. “Hello, yes this is SM Entertainment. Why yes, we ARE looking for ways to make more money while saving money on our music videos. How did you know!”

OK ENOUGH RANTING! This song’s too awesome for us to end this on a bad note. We love this song, and we’d be surprised if you don’t like it. IT’S SO GOOD! Pick it up either on iTunes or YesAsia, because it’s so good. And, lastly, we’ve got bloopers as always. Martina had the late night crazies, and someone said Fart. HA! Fart jokes still make us giggle :D


  1. I loved your Music Video possibilites, but that is why f(x) is always placed on box sets because SM wants to highlight their dances, because, they debuted as “ASIA’S POP DANCE GROUP”, and so, they would rather emphasized their moves than having a drama-like scenarios.

  2. shoes !!! so meny shoes- and no my size neeeeeee (im the cursed one 11)neeee

  3. owww im so sad about they make Aber look like a boy, i know she’s not a dress person but stiil she she is a girl,women,famel

  4. I have to say I really like #1. it was a seriously awesome idea, and I could totally picture it! (and I didn’t like it just because my bias is Luna! hahaha). I do agree the video was a bit bland but I really thought the dance was cool. Did you guys not like it?

  5. I really only realised about the box thingy after u guys said it.. I may love some of these mvs, but I gotta say, there’s plenty to laugh at.. It makes mondays more interesting.. Well Tuesdays for me.. Cos of the time difference? or maybe my youtube updates is just slow.. 

  6. LOL gege means older brother in chinese..

  7. I always thought their dance groups had box MVs because the spend so much dawn money on the choreography so they want to showcase that. Their slow songs tend to be a lot more storylinish.

  8. i really love you guys <33

  9. unfair, you should do other videos too, not only mondays! that way we get more bands reviewed! i get more laughs ! (:

  10. by the way 2ne1 wear the same banana earring : )
    so it’s okay about 2ne1 but f(X) no : ) ..

  11. Wow u guys stolen my idea!! Joking :P i swear that i imagine the mv like the possibility #1…….. i’ll love more the SM groups if they change the mvs a little bit… just saying

  12. 2NE! `s I Love You MV is out, can it be the next music mondays topic?!

  13. I vote for 2ne1’s “baby talk” because it has a pretty sweet ending

  14. where is 2ne1 I love you in the Kpop charts??

  15. Hey Simon, how come your arms are so tan?

  16. I VOTE FOR F(x) But you said do not vote in the wall! But IS THis THE WALL?
    I dunno so I voted here! I diidn’t find where else to vote ^^

  17. I Like Your Possiblity n 2 A LOT!! Like A LOT
    p#1 is REALLY GOOD TOO!!!
    The song is really good , they wasted it in some cheap MV!
    I was feeling OK before i read this, but AFTER I’m really disapointed in Sm!
    I Hope fror SNSD comeback they wiil make a STORY for god Sake!Please Simon Call them and Give’em some Ideas!!

  18. They go for a “shock” effect by wearing colored contact lenses.

    My favorite thing about this video, though, is that it is a song about female desire that totally removes boys and replaces them with a number of electrical appliances :p

  19. …It might be just me, but rather than its own language, I assumed the intro to 2NE1’s “I’m The Best” was supposed to be a sort of onomatopoeia sound for a drum-roll, since the introduction to the song is march-style and fanfare, kind of referencing when awesome sports teams march into their home arenas, etc…

  20. 2NE1 because I earworm from the boom ratatata part sometimes o_o

  21. I vote for 2NE1. Not because I like them most but because, I thought it was Boom Ratatata and not BAM Ratatata. And because I understanf na na na na better. Hahaha.

  22. haha! i really love your ideas! so cool! :D hi martina and simon!! :D

  23. lol you guys are the best i loved the box skit with all of the groups clothes i was laughing so hard at all of the box names. I agree with you guys that SM should make more creative videos i just watch super juniors new video and i swear that one of the sets was used in a music video that isn’t that old yet. it was the set that looks like there are things that resemble white ladders all around

  24. Your first music video idea would have been so amazing! I’m calling SM. Right now. Telling them they should hire you. Lol.

  25. u guys y would u do that to fx i mean even though they cleary wistand a chance, 2ne1 is goin to beat them because, theyre hyperboling fans will completley spam ur sites

    (dont get me wrong i luv 2ne1 since day 1 but come on other groups need some luv too)

  26. Me want SunnyHill-Princess and Prince Charming! :3 why you no have it in your k-charts?!?!?
    Cheers from Curaçao ^_*

  27. 2ne1~ ^^ because it’s 2ne1 ^^
    eh I wanted the next week ZE:A music monday… but SuJu’s MV is out too T-T but there is nothing to say about the video…only the song and naked Leeteuk~ ^^

  28. my vote goes for 2NE1 ’cause “Bomratata” makes sense with the video (but i really liked f(x)’s na na na na, really pretty :p)
    oh and i love the possibility #1, awesome idea !

  29. I noticed this pattern that whenever a song is about love SME puts the groups into these empty though decorated rooms, as if they want to separate them from the average humans…
    Kind of makes sense with all the god/goddess promotion, it’s like Greece mythology – the gods and goddesses live on the Olympos but occasionally grace the human world lol

    Anyways, Electric Shock is indeed a really great song, a true summer hit in my opinion :) I too felt kind of sad the choreography wasn’t more “energetic” and they instead have chosen an aegyo style dance :/
    But I liked the “jump walking” part though…

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