F(x)’s Electric Shock topped the KpopCharts this week, as they’re finally back with a super duper awesome song but really boring music video. Check it out here:


Ughhh. What a predictable disappointment. Not with the song, mind you. The song itself was unpredictably AWESOME! We really love it. Like, REALLY really love it, and we’ve been singing it all week. The music video, though, we had to watch over and over again and it just got worse with each watching. IT’S SO BORING!

Now look: we know it’s difficult to be creative. We have to be creative weekly with all of our videos, especially with Music Monday. We frequently have to dig deep into our crazy imagination when we deal with music videos like this, so that we can think up something at least remotely funny that can make you guise giggle. Yes, a whole bunch some of our Music Mondays are not great, but we’re just two people who sometimes have creative brain farts and simply burnout. SM Entertainment, on the other hand, is a multi million dollar company, isn’t it? Doesn’t it have a WHOLE SLEW of people producing videos for them? Like, it’s their only job for the company: direct and make music videos? And yet, all they can come up with is THIS music video?

Seriously, this looks exactly like a live stage performance with a few costume changes. It’s like the director sat down and said, “hey, let’s make a music video in a room, with electric looking lights, and then they’ll dance. Oh and weird costumes, AKA, make a video out of their performances on Music Core” Really? I know we kind of ripped into Big Bang’s “Monster” a couple weeks ago, and now I feel like taking it all back. At least they tried to do something interesting, even if it was a little overwhelming and disorganized. It was different, though! With a title like Electric Shock, we imagined so many interesting music videos that could have been. We are going to share just two ideas, but we had many more:

Music Video Possibility #1) f(x) is walking down the street, wearing normal and dull coloured clothing, talking and humming their song, when Luna catches the eye of a hot guy walking the opposite direction. As they walk passed each other, they brush hands just as the EEEEEEElectric shock chorus hits in. Their touch sends out an electric shock wave ripple, which in turn causes everyone’s clothing to change to neon colours and super funkiness. Then, everyone dances on the street to the chorus – obviously – but when the chorus is done, the camera zooms out from Luna’s shocked face (and the other guy is shocked too), and they’re both surprised because none of that actually happened. It was just in their minds, and they keep walking past each other, but they look back shyly. The video would progress the same way in different locations, like grocery shopping (eye contact), or a library at school, and eventually it would end at a club where they meet on the dance floor and their “touching” causes everyone to change for real. BOOM!!!

Music Video Possibility #2) f(x) is hanging out outside having a picnic, when suddenly a storm rolls in and they all get struck by lighting from a weird looking pink cloud (not the same one from f(x)’s “Danger”). When they wake up, they all have crazy clothing on that’s all bright, and they’ve also got crazy teased hair (like the huge hair from Orange Caramel in Bangkok City). They then discover that they have the power to shoot electricity from their hands which makes people happy and fall in love. So, if a couple is fighting, f(x) would zap them, which would result in in the couple changing into funky clothing and also being back in love. They would then join in on the dancing with f(x). The video would continue with f(x) going around the city injecting colour, life, and love into all the people, until the camera zooms back and the whole city looks colourful and happy as they all dance with f(x).

See how easy that was! Sure, it’s gonna cost more money than dancing in a box, but it’ll at least not be boring.

Well despite our disappointment in the music video, I guess it really doesn’t matter as much as if the song is good. And the song is good. I guess from our perspective we will always respect an attempt to be creative rather than just a music video for the sake of making a video. Especially a really dull video loaded with unblockable advertisements that stay on the screen for five to ten seconds. “Hello, yes this is SM Entertainment. Why yes, we ARE looking for ways to make more money while saving money on our music videos. How did you know!”

OK ENOUGH RANTING! This song’s too awesome for us to end this on a bad note. We love this song, and we’d be surprised if you don’t like it. IT’S SO GOOD! Pick it up either on iTunes or YesAsia, because it’s so good. And, lastly, we’ve got bloopers as always. Martina had the late night crazies, and someone said Fart. HA! Fart jokes still make us giggle :D


  1. I loved your Music Video possibilites, but that is why f(x) is always placed on box sets because SM wants to highlight their dances, because, they debuted as “ASIA’S POP DANCE GROUP”, and so, they would rather emphasized their moves than having a drama-like scenarios.

  2. shoes !!! so meny shoes- and no my size neeeeeee (im the cursed one 11)neeee

  3. 01:46 awkward kkkk

  4. owww im so sad about they make Aber look like a boy, i know she’s not a dress person but stiil she she is a girl,women,famel

  5. I have to say I really like #1. it was a seriously awesome idea, and I could totally picture it! (and I didn’t like it just because my bias is Luna! hahaha). I do agree the video was a bit bland but I really thought the dance was cool. Did you guys not like it?

  6. I really only realised about the box thingy after u guys said it.. I may love some of these mvs, but I gotta say, there’s plenty to laugh at.. It makes mondays more interesting.. Well Tuesdays for me.. Cos of the time difference? or maybe my youtube updates is just slow.. 

  7. LOL gege means older brother in chinese..

  8. I always thought their dance groups had box MVs because the spend so much dawn money on the choreography so they want to showcase that. Their slow songs tend to be a lot more storylinish.

  9. i really love you guys <33

  10. unfair, you should do other videos too, not only mondays! that way we get more bands reviewed! i get more laughs ! (:

  11. by the way 2ne1 wear the same banana earring : )
    so it’s okay about 2ne1 but f(X) no : ) ..

  12. 2ne1 4sure

  13. Wow u guys stolen my idea!! Joking :P i swear that i imagine the mv like the possibility #1…….. i’ll love more the SM groups if they change the mvs a little bit… just saying

  14. 2NE! `s I Love You MV is out, can it be the next music mondays topic?!

  15. I vote for 2ne1′s “baby talk” because it has a pretty sweet ending

  16. where is 2ne1 I love you in the Kpop charts??

  17. Hey Simon, how come your arms are so tan?

  18. I VOTE FOR F(x) But you said do not vote in the wall! But IS THis THE WALL?
    I dunno so I voted here! I diidn’t find where else to vote ^^

  19. I Like Your Possiblity n 2 A LOT!! Like A LOT
    p#1 is REALLY GOOD TOO!!!
    The song is really good , they wasted it in some cheap MV!
    I was feeling OK before i read this, but AFTER I’m really disapointed in Sm!
    I Hope fror SNSD comeback they wiil make a STORY for god Sake!Please Simon Call them and Give’em some Ideas!!

  20. Im voting for 2ne1 ^^

  21. They go for a “shock” effect by wearing colored contact lenses.

    My favorite thing about this video, though, is that it is a song about female desire that totally removes boys and replaces them with a number of electrical appliances :p

  22. …It might be just me, but rather than its own language, I assumed the intro to 2NE1′s “I’m The Best” was supposed to be a sort of onomatopoeia sound for a drum-roll, since the introduction to the song is march-style and fanfare, kind of referencing when awesome sports teams march into their home arenas, etc…

  23. 2NE1 because I earworm from the boom ratatata part sometimes o_o

  24. I vote for 2NE1. Not because I like them most but because, I thought it was Boom Ratatata and not BAM Ratatata. And because I understanf na na na na better. Hahaha.

  25. haha! i really love your ideas! so cool! :D hi martina and simon!! :D

  26. lol you guys are the best i loved the box skit with all of the groups clothes i was laughing so hard at all of the box names. I agree with you guys that SM should make more creative videos i just watch super juniors new video and i swear that one of the sets was used in a music video that isn’t that old yet. it was the set that looks like there are things that resemble white ladders all around

  27. Your first music video idea would have been so amazing! I’m calling SM. Right now. Telling them they should hire you. Lol.

  28. u guys y would u do that to fx i mean even though they cleary wistand a chance, 2ne1 is goin to beat them because, theyre hyperboling fans will completley spam ur sites

    (dont get me wrong i luv 2ne1 since day 1 but come on other groups need some luv too)

  29. Me want SunnyHill-Princess and Prince Charming! :3 why you no have it in your k-charts?!?!?
    Cheers from Curaçao ^_*

  30. 2ne1~ ^^ because it’s 2ne1 ^^
    eh I wanted the next week ZE:A music monday… but SuJu’s MV is out too T-T but there is nothing to say about the video…only the song and naked Leeteuk~ ^^

  31. my vote goes for 2NE1 ’cause “Bomratata” makes sense with the video (but i really liked f(x)’s na na na na, really pretty :p)
    oh and i love the possibility #1, awesome idea !

  32. I noticed this pattern that whenever a song is about love SME puts the groups into these empty though decorated rooms, as if they want to separate them from the average humans…
    Kind of makes sense with all the god/goddess promotion, it’s like Greece mythology – the gods and goddesses live on the Olympos but occasionally grace the human world lol

    Anyways, Electric Shock is indeed a really great song, a true summer hit in my opinion :) I too felt kind of sad the choreography wasn’t more “energetic” and they instead have chosen an aegyo style dance :/
    But I liked the “jump walking” part though…

  33. OMG I am so hooked on saying Spudgy and Spudge. It’s so catchy and infectious. I completely agree with the comment about the dance. I really thought their dance was gonna be more intricate and energetic like electricity. We already know F(x) has the potential to do intricate choreography. Come on SM!!!!

  34. i like electric shock, though it feels like “nu abo” part 2… i LOVE nu abo and i like most of f(x) songs but i feel that SME has been kind of uneven with its main artists. for example, shinee released earlier the year a very good mini-album with a gorgeous lead single, “sherlock”. but while super junior finally got out of the sorry sorry=bonamana=mr simple routine, the rest of the album is kinds of underwhelming and so goes for f(x) latest release. i love “electric shock” i think it’s very fun, but in the end of the day i prefer nu abo… or “chu”!!

  35. Aww man I love their outfits because they’re crazy! The silver dinosaur hat in Danger was my FAVORITE haha

  36. I love that first idea you had for who the video should have gone!! You are both geniuses!! BTW this video didn’t show up on my subscriptions, I’m going to make sure I’m still subscribed to you two

  37. I adore you people !! ur ideas are great and i absolutely Love ur sarcasm :D
    Simon and Martina Banzai !!

  38. Bam ratatatatata! lol its a little more catchy to me.

  39. SM is really getting very lay back when it comes to making Music Video….just inside the studio and artists do the same on stage dance routine with a few backgrounds and interchange…and that is it! Look at other uprising Kpop artists video is getting more and more exciting but for SM they are falling behind…
    (the only exception recently is Shinee — Sherlock Clues and Notes)
    Super Junior just release another new MV and again they are inside a big room….
    and its even unacceptable as they are making lots of money from Kpop fans around the globe!!

    • lol i was gonna mention suju’s new mv as well… if they weren’t so hot and gorgeous i would dismiss it on the first minute – and i kinda like the song. and looks like simon and martina will get stuck with SME boring videos next week as well…

      in the mean time t-ara has released an absolutely gorgeous short-film/mv that seems to have repaired most of the flaws and plot holes from cry-cry/ lovey dovey. in any case ji yeon is PERFECTION! vote for t-ara people!! “day by day” is a way better mv and a million times better song than “sexy, free & single”.

  40. i vote for f(x) electric shock :D

  41. i agree with everybody
    SM has really good music so they don’t really need to decorate their videos so much to try and confuse you that their songs are good like some other groups,
    like hey, T-ara, (i love the group though) their new song isn’t so . . . great so they have this over the top movie-like video that is so totally awesome that you forget that the song is pretty bland.
    “““`just sayin
    though heck, sometimes I wouldn’t mind an epic video like that of EXOs =) every now and then

  42. This is one of the few girl band songs I like, THIS IS REALLY MY FAVORITE ONE…
    Its really energetic and sticky hahha~~ its a really good song.

  43. 2ne1 bom

  44. Even though I am a HUGE fan of all the SM groups, I have to agree with you on the whole music video not being so elaborate. One good example is Girl Generations latest music video Paparazzi. It’s not that exciting, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the video in general, I just wish it was better. You two should really write to SM and give your creative ideas, but I highly doubt they will actually take the time to listen to you. Heck you could, as others have said, take over the company and make their music videos more creative and exciting. Maybe that’s why the viewing numbers are so low for SM videos…

  45. I’m going to make a group dance cover for fx’s electric shock and when we were thinking where we should record the video we didn’t remebmer nothing that we could associate with electric shocks, I think that’s one of the reasons that SM make sets for their artists’ music videos… Just try to think where will you record that music video, where? If you have an idea, please, could you tell me?
    I think the mv is actually pretty cool :)
    Some people talk this is cheap but do you even have the money that they invested for the Music Video?

  46. my vote for 2ne1~~bam ba ratatata~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  47. Maybe the ‘gage’ is Engrish ‘cage이’?? …at least that would partly make sense~

  48. To go with the “no japanese songs by kpop stars” rule, would you guys be willing to make an addition to that rule about groups only getting to have one dance in a box video? It just stinks that good videos by Girls Day, Ulala Session and other middle of the road groups get lost in the fan waves. Too big to not be indie, but not big enough to stand up for a week on the ranking when every week its a big release.

  49. My vote goes to 2NE1!!! BOM BARATATATA TATATATATA

  50. Just go work as creative directors and advisors in SM ent already… those two ideas were simply brillant!!

  51. Definitely 2NE1, they have the whole package interesting and wacky video with a great song…and now for something completely different….

  52. ROFL at “Junsu banana.” You guys should totally get that copyrighted.

  53. Fart jokes FTW x)

    I totally agree with you, and thought the exact same thing when watching Super Junior’s Sexy, Free & Single about the video… Lol

    And you look like you’ve come out from an 80s movie in that Amber costume, Simon.

    Lol, electric socks x)


  54. I loved your Music Video Possibility #1! Great, now I really want to see that video…which doesn’t exist :(

  55. i like the music video possibility #1

  56. Firstly: f(x), I can’t believe I like this song more than my favourite 2NE1 song but srsly, f(x) gets my vote.

    Secondly, I entirely agree with everything you said. Why bother spending money? If you ask me, I think they’re only gonna gather a few more fans if they make a better video, and they still make buttloads regardless, so I really don’t think they care.

    Technically they probably should for something like a US debut imo, The Boys probably could’ve been a lot better, but oh well a bit late now.

    And lastly, as for the outfits; it’s the same as the music video ordeal. Btw I’m still laughing at the TVXQ owl suits in the garbage btw … oh god I hated those outfits with a passion. But yeah … why change when it’s all working fine? Yes, it sucks but I still love and support for some reason. Dammit SM …

  57. i vote for f(x). That na na na na na line has been stuck in my head for weeks.

    As for my view on SM, *sigh* I’m not against moving away from the box concept, but SM tends to fail in the creativity department. See SHINee, the party game detectives who fail at logical thinking (SM’s fault, not SHINee’s. Shawol for life) and EXO’s flashy superpowers without a cohesive plot…because I’m sorry, but if that introduction made no sense to English speakers, then I sure as hell hope the subtitles made sense to Koreans.

    And as much as I enjoy listening to Sherlock, every time I finish watching the MV, my immediate reaction is to click on Lucifer or Suju’s Sorry Sorry and revert to boxy dance filled awesomeness to remind myself that SM artists can actually be cool.

  58. I agree! I sooo love the song but the video is… mehhh… and I thought I was the only one who had issues about their clothes in the MV *i seriously FACEPALMed!*

    and i vote for BAMRATATATA! 2NE1 m/

  59. 2ne1!!! BLACKJACKS FTW!!! WOOOT and there comeback is real soon :D yays

  60. So, seriously though: when are we gonna see that Captain Spudgy’s Kpop Video Crisis game in stores? :)

  61. My vote: 2NE1 Just saying. :)

  62. The LED rooms are getting a bit old… But I think Super Junior’s new M/V is sort of an improvement? Idk. I still like to show my friends SM M/V’s though since I believe the music will get to them more than the video… But I agree, it’s kinda boring (I love M/V’s with a clear plot~)
    I really do love this song ^^ One of my favorites by f(x) XD But to make me choose between f(x) and 2NE1 is too cruel! D: But yeah, 2NE1′s “bam ratatatata” is a bit more catchy~
    Haha “SM”…

  63. vaxanne

    nanana? Nah…too common. But BAMRATATATA? BAM!!! Hit the lights out of me

  64. Nanananananana is so generic. Bombratatata on the otherhand…
    Nothing against f(x), 2NE1′s gibberish is just better.

  65. Bam baratatata ~ 2NE1

  66. I can solve ur “gaje” problem – its 깨지 as in “wake up to” which romanized might sometimes be spelled ga-je.

  67. SM should just hire you guys already

  68. Did anyone else find this song incredibly similar to BoA’s Hurricane Venus? Whenever we hear the chorus of Electric Shock, my sister and I end up singing ‘Hu-hu-hu-hurricane ve-ve-ve-venus!!’

  69. 2NE1 for Bamaratata! It’s nonsense but it still gets stuck in your head. Love your ideas for music videos. So detailed and creative!

  70. HAH!! Totally get a cat!! And call it spudgette!! Oh guys, have you figured out your cupple name yet!? Thats okay i have one you be Sitina? Ororor Marton!? Orrrrrrr if u included spudgy you could be ..SPARTON!! I know what your thinking … FREAKING EPIC RIGHT!? Anyways back to the video … I dont think you will ever see an sm video where it doesnt have two or three boxes they dance in T-T you guys should write a letter saying that you could do a better job than them. Love you guys! Oh!! And if u ever need alittle minion … Im your gal!! :D

  71. I vote for Fx because i swear, that “nanananana” was stuck in my head for the entreity of my french final exam -.-

  72. Preach Simon and Martina preach! SM are quite stingy and narrow minded. I think if SM want to compete in a global music market and grow their international fan base (I assume this because of the SMTown tours in LA, NYC and Paris) they need to up the ante. Good songs and good music videos go hand in hand. There needs to be variety and some level of innovation with each new album or era to keep old fans excited and to attract new fans. It seems with their established groups they do a really good job with SHINee. With each album SHINee has released there has been different themes and concepts going on from Replay (Noona’s So Pretty) to Juliette to Ring Ding Dong to Lucifer to Sherlock. The other groups just get out-of-the-box teaser photos that have nothing to do with the MV and extreme hair colour and cut changes. Boy oh boy how I wish SM would watch Music Mondays and read the comments.

  73. Anyone else looooove Sulli’s 1st outfit? The epic corset, platforms and fishnets? I think that’s Sulli…

  74. Definitely 2NE1!!!! They r super duper awesome!!

  75. I found that new group have more interesting music videos than their sunbaes.
    In most SM music videos, they dance in a tiny room and look into the wall and try to touch it. It does get boring.
    And I vote for 2NE1 for their non-sense English

  76. I agree with Martina in the fact that SM is not putting enough effort in the videos of their most popular artist because the people already know them so if much useless, but it has to change because new people are becoming fans so they own them that!

  77. Wow, I actually really really, as in very much, like f(x)’s fashion in this video hehehe. Well, everything except Amber’s lifevest. I mean, give the girl a break.

  78. okay seriously Martina.. you must be doing well with your eating healthy thing because you look more and more gorgeous every video. and now i am forming such lady crush on you. awkward.

  79. My vote is for 2NE1!

  80. Of course 2ne1! “electric shock” is so boring. IMHO

  81. one vote for 2NE1′s BAM TARATATATA TARATATATA! Makes no sense, but you can sing along with it ;)

  82. “heart of farts” wahahahahahahaha

  83. I vote 2NE1! :)

  84. im not a big SM fan, but i agree, their videos are almost always disappointing.
    the music is awesome, but i feel like they just pick a director’s name out of a box filled with directors who have proved to be some of the world’s most boring video directors, hand said director a pile of cash, and say “go crazy.”
    i’d have to say a big reason why i’m not a huge fan of the majority of SM’s groups is because of the boring videos, which is honestly an easy thing to fix. i know i would definitely pay more attention to SM if their videos were more attention grabbing and interesting, like what they did with exo’s “mama” (but with actual story lines added in there.)

  85. Oh my god, I actually started cracking up when I read Music Video Possibility #1; I love it!!! I wish SM Entertainment would read your reviews because that was an awesome video idea right there. For real.

  86. I vote for 2NE1′s I AM THE BEST (BAM RATATATA…) so much cooler!!!

  87. 2NE1. No questions asked.

  88. how about T-ara’s Yayaya.. the full song is made up of our favorite childhood vocab.

  89. Great Music Monday, as usual :) My vote is for 2NE1!

  90. I wish Simon and Martina will review Super Junior’s “Rockstar” in addition to “Sexy, Free, and Single”
    I’m still giggling every time I listen to it (thumbs up if you understand what I mean)

  91. OMG, you guys are getting a cat!! I’m super excited! In other news, I wonder how long it will take before SM fans start throwing stuff at the boring box videos and never watch them again. That might take awhile, but I can see it happening if they keep going down this lazy route. I vote for 2NE1 who is also coming out this week!

  92. 2ne1′s bumdaradatataat… is better, even though I love fx I feel like 2ne1′s “baby talk” fit their video better (I want a gun that sounds like bumdaradatatata!)

  93. oh! It’s 2NE1 New Evolution World Tour Picture! Will you guise come to the concert? :O

  94. My vote goes to my lovely 2NE1! “Bamratatatata” is just dope and catchy from the first time I hear it!

  95. 2NE1

  96. Agiza

    2ne1 back! I love them!! I love both groups, but vote for 2ne1! their boom-pa-ta-ta so stuck in my head! it was great! Nana pall, and the boom-Ratatouille original!

  97. dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadada

  98. At random times throughout the day I just bust out singing BAMRATATATA!! It’s a problem really. I’m looking into getting help…or am I? BAMRATATATA!!!! Lol. <3 2NE1!!

  99. bigbangfosho

    gosh..if you guys were real directors or whatever, your mvs would be mad hits

  100. 2NE1′s nonsense words seems more ‘nonsense’ to me it seemed like how cavemen would talk but f(x)’s nonsense words were a bit too normal like we hear it all the time in different songs so im going for 2NE1! ^^

  101. wahhhh i love u guys so much^^ you are really so awesome, actually today is extrem hot and i had a stressful and bad day. but after watching your vid you made my day^^

    i just have to ask: i had the feeling that you were a little anxious when you explained the dislikes of the song. i mean like: we have to calm the fans everytime we say something that we don´t like about f(x)
    but it doesn´t change the fact that the mv was boring and chaotic. this song DESERVES BETTER DANCEMOVES and MV.

  102. SM obviously pours all their money into their new groups. So supernatural EXo has eaten a large portion of their budget for the year…. half of SUJU is heading off to the army so they may drop a bit of cash on a last hurrah for them but who knows. SME is selective if they can get away with a cheap vid and big sales… they’ll do it.

  103. 2ne1′s Bomratatata<3..i catchier

  104. from a huge SM & f(x) fan, i must say i agree with you with the creativeness of their MV. IMO, i was expecting alot for f(x) Electric Shock MV, but it just doesn’t bring ANY justice to the song. It was actually boring and familiar looking for me. Even their choreography is just sooo “MEH” for me. i preferred NU ABO and CHU’s dance more.
    Don’t get me wrong, i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE THE SONG, just the MV doesn’t cut it out for me :/

  105. 2ne1 wins. Their nonsense is so much more badass. F(x)’s just sounds like playground mockery. “Na na na na na naaa! You can’t catch me!”

  106. hey, guys.! i’m new here. kinda… anyway, where can we vote for the showdown.? my vote goes to f(x) because they’re consistent using it. even since their debut la cha la cha cha ta (La Cha Ta), chu chu chu (chu), na na na na na (Nu Abo, electric shock), cha cha cha (pinocchio). so what i’m tryinna say is it’s like their music identity.! so f(x) for me.

  107. like dollar store exploed all over them. LOL!

  108. As probably the richest kpop company, it’s funny how SM probably spend the least amount of money on music videos. (besides EXO, of course)

  109. I found the nonsense language in Electric Shock more awesome than in the 2NE1 song. But seeing how most of EYK voters are YG biased, I don’t see them winning.

    I actually found this Music Video better than some of their previous ones since the oddly lit rooms actually complement the song quite well. Music Video Possibility #1 looks legit ;)

    In the lyrics when Amber says ‘Gage’, I thought it was a Korean word.

    The most awesome thing about this song is definitely Luna’s vocals, especially the first chorus. It was amaaaaaaaazing!

    The dance was great as well. The dance at 2:50 of the video was very sexy.

    Anyways, I really love the song and my vote goes for f(x)!

  110. I like your glasses. You 2 are funny. Greetings from Slovenia

  111. wanna laugh at some engrish ? and even french! listen to super junior’s “butterfly”

  112. OMG My friend, who’s korean, HATES KPOP. Why? He saw one SM video and was completely… taken aback? He now thinks kpop is weird. -.- Anyways, 2NE1 ALL THE WAY!!! BOOKM SHAKALAKA… Ahem. I mean BAMRATATATA!!!

  113. 2ne1 Bambratatata… it always get stuck in my head (─‿‿─)

  114. nice~~~and, oh, hey wait a minute~~did you~~you did, didn’t you? was that a– wait was that a Monty Python Dead Parrot reference?!? i knew i loved you guys for multiple reasons…

  115. You two should totally review on Super Junior’s Sexy, Free & Single XD IF SMent ever releases it OTL Stupid trolls always release musicvideo’s too damn late T_T

    As for the poll; i’d go for Bomratatata~ idk it sounds more powerful than nananana~ XD

  116. Of course it’s 2ne1 Bamratatata. It’s more creative and catchy. Oh and I like your 2ne1 screensaver.

  117. Please call your cat Brohoho :’D

  118. This dance really suits Simon HAHAHAHA xD YAAY 2NE1 ‘I love You’ desktop background :D

  119. Bambratata 2NE1 :D

  120. i just assumed that word was Korean pronunciation of Gage

  121. I really loved your creative ideas.. next time SM make a music vedio they must ask you first XD

  122. 2NE1 ALL THE WAY! So much more badass and cool

  123. ooohh! 2ne1 in your mac! yey! are they going to release their MV the same time as SJ? And I still can’t get over with “I lost my pants”. I’ve been singing it for the longest time! the showdown should be any video vs T-ara’s Yayaya! lol I vote for 2ne1!

  124. I think you missed the 360° slow motion camera box joke there. At least that wasn’t in the video. Also Was that a Monty Python joke at the beginning Martina or just a reference towards their weird costumes?

  125. I think it’s really annoying of SM to make stupid music videos, I mean I’m not an f(x) fan, but if I was, I would have been disappointed. Just because you make a lot of money doesn’t mean you stop making cool music videos (actually, it should be the reason you DO make cool mvs), I mean I think even American singers are doing better mvs than SM and I usually like Korean mvs SO MUCH MORE. Also, a lot of groups from smaller companies are making AWESOME videos (like Sistar, t-ara, MBLAQ) which are what I show my non-kpop friends that really get into kpop because of some of them. Simon&Martina, you guys are totally right, I’m not going to show any of my non-kpop friends SM videos b/c they will fall asleep. Anyways, my vote goes to 2NE1 because they are the BEST and bom ra ta ta ta is like my cue to get up and dance ^__^ And don’t forget, 2NE1 is coming back this week too, so Blackjacks better VOTE!!

    • speaking as a fan of f(x) i was disappointed. the video was completely generic and boring. it would have been alright if they at least had a creative dance, but no, they failed on that end too…. it’s disappointing.. but i still love the song so i let it slide ^^

  126. Loved the f(x) costume mix up!

  127. PunkyPrincess92

    yes!! yes Sherlock is still awesome!!!hahahaha Simon as the employee part was hilarious!!!!!!!!!
    also i think SM does the box mv’s because i think they wanna focus more on showing the dance…..like in your Sherlock review i’m sure Martina said she just wanted to see SHINee dance and get away from the storyline….
    but then again they do release dance versions too……

    YES! next week it’s time to bingo!!

  128. Hey just thought you might wanted to know..but this songs was actually produced and made by 2 dutch guys….3 guesses where i am from!!!!???!!!??? hehehehehehhe STILLL the video…sigh i totally agree on that piont -_-
    Greetzzz from Holland xx

  129. my vote its 2NE1 their made up-ness lasts longer and keeps you interested for a longer period as well, na na na na na gets old fast

  130. SM spent a lot of money to pay famous choreographer..
    And I personally think, the box videos would be the best to show off the choreography.

  131. You guys should go work for SM and get paid millions to come up with music video ideas and correct their Engrish. Seriously, your ideas were amazing! I find it difficult to believe that no one on any creative team at SM could come up with anything better than dancing in a box. I’m sure there were people who were like “let’s do this and this and this” and the bosses at SM were like “we are a billion dollar corporation that produces and markets music, videos, and people, and you expect us to SPEND money? You’re fired!” *points finger Donald Trump-style. Perhaps SM really stands for “save money.”

  132. Me and my heat of farts……Daebak xD!!!
    I vote for 2NE1~~ :)

  133. I agree with you guys, the video is too simple, and btw I LOVED your ideas for the MV, it would’ve been sooo awesome. Maybe SM should hire you as creative directors for their MVs??
    Also, I vote for 2NE1 =D

  134. No mention of Amber’s first shot at singing instead of rapping? I’m surprised!

  135. Why can’t SM realize that if they just spent a little more money, which they probably have, they can think outside the oddly-lit boxes and fix their horrendous English, and maybe I could convince my friends that I am not crazy for liking Kpop, and SM would have more fans, more sales, and more money!

  136. 2NE1

  137. I agree with you Simon and Martina. SM should have conceptualized something better for f(x) since they’ve been gone for quite some time. But I love all the tracks of Electric Shock, especially Beautiful Stranger. I’m always waiting for Music Mondays, and I thank your creative minds. :)

  138. I think SM goes for the box videos, because fangirls/fanboys just want to see their bias, either dancing or close ups of them, and this gives them an easy way of doing it.

  139. Hey guys, are you really getting a cat? How Spudgy feels about it?

  140. i really like the Music Video Possibility #1! :DDDD

  141. hahahah i love u guies!! salam all the way from KSA *saudi arabia* :)

  142. Wonderful review as usual. Got to agree with the boring video. But you have to admit, they all looked fantastic in it. ;)

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