Flaxton Street in Kpop Videos

Flaxton Street in Kpop Videos

Ok, so it seems like since we introduced our Kprop shop guy that we can’t stop ourselves from noticing all of the recycled props in Kpop videos. The use of Flaxton Street in F.T. Island’s “Hello Hello” was when we first started noticing the recycling of props, but now it seems like everything’s being recycled (or maybe we’re just thinking too much into this). The tank in this video looks like a painted version of the one in GD&TOP’s “Knock Out” and the telephone booth sure looks like the one in 2NE1’s “Lonely”. Korea doesn’t even really have a lot of telephone booths, or at least, we haven’t seen many that look like the telephone booths in these videos. We’re starting to think that there actually IS a Kprop shop somewhere here in Korea, some wearhouse that stores lots of random stuff in it that Kpop record labels rent out for their videos. We don’t know enough about the movie industry to know how this works, but someone mentioned last week that recycling material is common in the movie industry. If there is a Kprop shop, we call dibs on calling it the Kprop shop! They better not use that name!

Also, we might have been harping on about the heat issue for a bit too long. There’s a good reason behind it, though! Seriously, it has gotten very, very hot here in Korea. Really hot. And we don’t like it. We wilt in heat. Wintertime is best for us. We even sleep with the windows open, because we love the cold air. This time of year, though, is just inhospitable. Yuck! Worst part about it all is that our Air Conditioner is acting up. It’s not spitting out cold air in the afternoon. ARRGGGH!! So the only thing we could think of while we watched this video, sitting in our apartment and sweating, is how absurd it was for f(x) to dance around in a cloudless summer day in what looked like leather. Come on! Leather! We can barely wear sleeveless shirt without erupting into flames.

Is their dancing in leather in the heat outside really absurd, though? We kind of have our slight doubts. f(x) mention in the song something along the lines of showing the sweaty foreigners what to wear, dress in black, or something like that. We’ve noticed that Korean people don’t really seem to be affected by the heat as much as we are. They’re not sweating that much, and they often wear a lot more clothing in the summer than we could imagine wearing. Really! What’s your secret, Korean people? Please tell us! Are you really not as sweaty and hot as the two of us are, or is it that you really are sweaty and hot, but you’re just not showing it? Riding the bus in Korea is torture for us as well: taking the crammed bus from Seoul back to Bucheon, and the bus has nothing but two tiny windows in the back, which nobody wants to open, and barely any AC on at all either, and nobody seems bothered by this. HOW DO YOU DO THIS?!

We touched lightly, in passing, on the idea of recycling songs for use in Kpop, specifically SM’s rampant repackaging of other people’s music. We didn’t want to talk about it in depth in f(x)’s video, because we didn’t want to take away from the focus of an awesome song and fun video, so we’re saving this rant for a different video. We’ll post it tomorrow, on our bonus channel, and write about it in depth here on our site. For now, if you don’t know what we’re talking about, you can see here:

KE$HA – Run Devil Run vs SNSD – Run Devil Run

Kristine Elezaj – Razor vs f(x) – Danger

Monrose – Hot Summer vs f(x) – Hot Summer

Now, again, we’re not going to get into this here. What we want to avoid outright, though, is making anyone believe that we’re accusing SM of shenanigans, stealing songs, or anything illegal. They have bought the rights to these songs legally. Does that mean that they should re-release these songs once other people have sung them, though? We’ll talk about that tomorrow.

Anyhow, since we still are big fans of f(x) – and Amber especially after we talked to her when we were Backstage at Inkigayo – we recommend you check out f(x)’s Hot Summer Album here. It ships internationally. Huzzah!

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