G-Dragon’s “Crayon” won this week, JUUUUUST barely holding on to the top spot for a few hours after voting closed and TVXQ overtook first place. Here’s the video, if you haven’t seen it yet:


You know, we’re quite disappointed with this Music Monday. Not that we’re disappointed with G-Dragon’s song. We’re just disappointed with our Music Monday review of it. Sure, there’s lots of stuff that you can analyze in this video, how ____ represents G-Dragon’s struggle with _____, but those kinds of interpretations don’t do it for us in a video like this one. GD says it best “Y SO SERIOUS?” This video is fun and funny, and ridiculous and silly. For us to poke fun at it is difficult, because it already pokes fun at itself, you know? Well, we had a few things to say. We just found ourselves a bit flummoxed..and probably brain dead since we’ve been trying to double film some videos in advance while we’re gone next week. Creative juices, Y U NO FLOW!!??

Interesting side note: as some of you may know, when we moved into our new apartment we didn’t really have any furniture for it. We’re still, in fact, quite low on furniture. But we have a sofa now, at least! Point is, when we were furniture shopping, we saw this really uggggggly chair. Super ugly. Matter of fact, we saw lots of really ugly furniture. Point is, that super ugly chair that we saw: G Dragon is sitting on it when he’s getting examined by the fake doctor. Ha! We’re sooooooo tempted to go back now and buy it. Actually, NAHHH. That’s, like, a couple thousand dollars. It’d be funny to have, but not a couple thousand dollars funny. Not the kind of joke I find HA HA funny. I’m sure GD can easily drop that kind of money on a squid chair. That’s our unofficial name for it…the squid chair.

Anyhoo, a couple things we didn’t mention in the video: we loved the editing for this music video! The quick cut scenes went to the beat of the music, the use of filters actually added to those crazy old fashion scenes, and my fav, was when everyone was getting their cray on and they would fly forward and then reverse, and then fly forward again like a record being scratched by a DJ. Just loved it. Also, we watched this video frame by frame, and if you look at everyone’s faces, they are really so happy and excited and that’s really refreshing to see in a video. I know music companies often release those “behind the scene” footage videos but the idols still have to act on camera for those videos, it’s not as natural and them hanging out with their buddies. The faces of the guys acting crazy with GD are faces of people having actual fun, and although I don’t know the people in the video (who might I add are very unique looking and some look almost Japanese or is that just me?) I’m just guessing that they’re real friends with GD, or maybe they roll in his crew. Also, if you watch carefully at the end when GD is dancing in the mirror tunnel with the girls, there is a cameo appearance by an older lady, like maybe someone’s mom? And GD’s face is just lit up with happiness as they all get their cray on together. I’m not sure who it is, die hard GD fans that know everything about him, let me know.

If you like this song as much as we do, make sure you support GD by picking up the album via either iTunes or YesAsia, because it’s good! Also, if you want to see if you won a U-Kiss signed CD from our giveaway contests last week, check out the bloopers below.

WINNERS!!! PLEASE NOTE: there will be a bit of a delay in shipping out the CDs. We have to wait for U-Kiss’ management to mail the CDs to us, but we will probably be in Mexico and California at that time, so then we will ship them out as soon as we get back to Korea!


  1. GD has hair now.

  2. the older woman in the tunnel is gd’s actual mom :) you should thank her for bringing such an amazing person into the world

  3. Congrats!!!!! i love you guys like i love G Dragon, and thats a huge amount.

  4. Happy 300,000 Subscribers! Ha, I remember when I hit 10 followers on Tumblr.. I can’t even imagine how you guys feel with 300,000 on YouTube. It’s funny to think you guys were just moving to South Korea to teach and film videos for your parents.I hope that one day when you get even more subscribers, I can congratulate you guys in person with my future husband (GDragon).Thank you for all the times you made me laugh, fangirl, and stay up till the crack of dawn for livechats. You’re the best ^-^

    YouTube: GDragon0ppa

  5. 300,000 Subscriber Shout out!

    Hey Guise!!! 300,000+ subscribers on YouTube is awesome!! Super cool crazy NASTY awesome!! Here’s to many more subscribers and reaching 400,000 then 500,000 then a gazillion!!! lol. Much love!!! Keep up all the Nastiness with all the FAPFAPs, WANKing, KMMs, & every segment you bring to us! We love them!!! :)

    (YT name: Diana Sanchez / [email protected])

  6. Funfact: If you look closely in the ‘living room scene’ in the far left in the background you can see one of GDs friends walking out of the toilet with his pants on his ankles.. kekeke

  7. AMERICAN TORT LAW Brb, forever dying of laughter (Current American law student)

  8. So… cray = crazy. Crayon = colored stick. But the song is singing about getting your crazy on? Or am I misunderstanding something? Geez, kids today. I just don’t understand their slang. *sigh*

  9. i bet his style crayon is rainbow.

  10. Really love you videos! You both are really funny (comical) lol but I want to ask you both something… I live in the US and PSY’s Gangam Style is REALLY Popular. Just a few days ago, I saw an TV Advertisement on Korea. It had a couple of K-pop Artists and I do have to admit the song was pretty good (I think it was promoting the culture of South Korea or all of Korea?) so to get to the question: What do you both think of K-pop slowly being introduce in North America? To me , I think it pretty interesting and cool that the USA / North America are listening to different genres Especially if its foreign:)

  11. Hello, Eat Your Kimchi…
    Ehh… I really don’t understand how the kpop chart works ><

  12. i feel wierd. I…don’t agree with you guys this time. I actually didn’t like crayon..

  13. The poll is about who makes the sexier woman, but in Crayon the woman you see from behind isn’t actually G-dragon…. it’s just his face when he turns around. Does that count as making a sexier woman?

  14. The older woman in the colorful tunnel dancing with GD is their stylist noona who has been with them for years (: There were actually recent pics of GD teaching her how to swim, haha! I guess they’ve grown close throughout the years. Most of the people in the video are from his own circle of friends.

  15. GD’s the sexiest (right?) one !

  16. owh. . . well music mondays makes up my week! And I cant go to sleep if i didnt watched music mondays! Well you guys always make me smile! I started watching music mondays when I saw you guys in the Sparkling magazine (WINTER ISSUE) and your interview was full of awesomeness! I tried to check you out and since then i always have a smile on my face. . . pls continue making us happy! More power!

  17. why ppl keep saying that wasn’t gd so i vote for junsu…junsu showes his face and Gd does the same. and if i have to think about it i vote for GD cuz it was hella funny even though xia makes a gorgeous lady

  18. Woot B.a.p was 2nd in most voted!

  19. So, I take it “Crayon” is Korean for “Sexyback?”

  20. I saw this again today with my family. Watching it again was alot funnier. Thank you S&M for making this funny even when it was a crazy vid anyway. :D

  21. I read American Tort law. Because I teach it. :(

  22. My brain died from watching the Crayon video….

  23. I vote Junsu. Su looked classy, GD looked kinda…..not classy.

  24. Who reads American Tort Law? Me… Tort Law is essentially civil law. Requires 3 elements that must be met to show that damages were suffered and that the plaintiff was directly harmed in the process due to the defendants negligence or wrongdoing. Judgment will award compensation based on factors that weigh the damages done and losses received due to the damages (contracts are huge in the tort law scene)


  25. a little out of topic… *while watching the review, all i can think of was, when can they go “take it away meemers” n there she is. yay

  26. The definition of a fan:

  27. awesome review. It was good to see Mr. BroHoHo.

  28. Look, I know people want TVXQ to be reviewed but seriously, we need to get a GIRL group reviewed!!! As much as I love all the hot guys in past music video releases ( I’m a girl FYI) I’d like to see the girl groups reviewed (like Orange Caramel’s Lipstick) just to change things up. Am I the only one who feels this way?

    • Heh, I even made a graph to show people how uneven it is.
      Unfortunately, I don’t there’s much we can do about it. I used to think it was because of the large female population on EYK, but lately I’ve been thinking otherwise.
      Boy bands have much more organised fanclubs, so you just need one or two groups to promote it via twitter or something, and POOF! The video shoots to the kpop charts. It’s kinda sad, because it means you have a lot of non-Nasties voting – people who will never watch the reviews – and so it doesn’t really reflect what us Nasties want :(
      I mean, I’ve seen people post 50~ comments on a video, and then suddenly ask ‘Who is Simon?’ or ‘Who is Martina?’ Like, ummmmmmmm…..how did you get here? xD

      For now, I’ve been making a point of voting for all the girls on the charts, everyday. I’m not sure what else we can do…..

      • Wow lol that’s pretty sad, those randoms are probably the people constantly commenting about Crayon losing after we’ve explained it and then never seen again after we reply to them.

      • I also find that since I don’t like aegyo and prefer rap and R&B the girl groups I do like are like B.E.G, 2ne1 and mixed groups like Sunny Hill which isn’t that mixed at the moment.

        Like most of the western female artist I do like are soul and r & b ( and gospel too) and most of the Korean girl groups cannot compare to the skill and range of the divas like Tina, Sade, Mariah or even the newer ones like Jennifer, Adele or Beyonce for me. Or even classic R&B girl groups like Envogue, TLC and SWV blow anything any k pop girl group ( outside of maybe Big Mama) has ever done.

        As much as I like Orange caramel because the song is cute and catchy, and Secret’s poison is pretty awesome, all I am hearing is the backbeat from Beyonce’s ‘ Crazy in Love’ and it is distracting.

        edit: mind you I used to be a big Spice Girls fan… And Backstreet boys too, but nothing was as big as my love for Boys to Men’s music. So in the end powerful soul and R&B always wins for me partially because I have been culturally enmeshed in it and am very judgmental when it comes to that type of voice.

      • Wow that’s pretty interesting. But aren’t most of the people in boy band fanclubs girls? I wonder why they’re so organized…
        Well if there’s not much we can do then oh well. I still really enjoy S&M’s videos regardless of who they review. :)

    • OC never rly stood a chance, we got it to 3rd tho at least :/

  29. Simon’s girl voice sounds like Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure time.

  30. Wow~~I was not expecting GD to come back since TVXQ was dominating *o*
    Lesson learned: Never expect the unexpected

  31. In the video, did GD have a legit PIZZA TATTOO on his left shoulder? I had to do a double take on that one. I mean I love GD and all but when I saw that my thoughts…GD what are you doing? GD. Stahp.

    • HAHAHAHA trust me, you’re not the only one who thought that :p

      It’s not actually a pizza – it’s a ‘Dragon Ball’ from the anime of the same name ^^b

      • Maybe it is because I am such a huge Dragonball fan that when I saw it I automatically knew it was a Dragonball.
        Amusing fact: GD’s tattoo seems to have 8 stars ( I noticed this on my own cause I thought his Dragonball looked odd) mostl likely because his favourite number is 8. In Dragonball, there are only 7 balls with stars from 1 to 7.

      • that’s a relief :D and pretty cool that its a dragon ball that anime was my childhood along with pokemon and all other sorts of anime

  32. Since G-Dragon is not the actual person in the dress before he turns around I will have to vote for Junsu. I love them both (VIP and Xiahpwa!), but that was really Junsu. Not a YG dancer.

  33. help GD win! hurry VIPs we have until october 7! http://popdust.com/pop-off/

  34. SOOOOOOOOOO sad TT_________________________TT i wanted the album !!! i am soooooo getting a autograph from EAT YOUR KIMCHI at KCON !!!!! ima dress like 4minute or something !!!!!! TT__TT

  35. My Birthday is on the 9th, yyyyyaaaaaayyyyyyy KPOP!!!!!!

  36. About yesterday I tried to remember all the characters from KMMs and what just happened? They all appeared in one video! TELEPATHY :O

  37. meemers you will always be a girl in my eyes…

  38. Oh my gosh i totally vote junsu
    JUNSUUUUUUUUUU! You’re beautiful as a man OR woman

  39. i love the martina as the maid with out a head, reminds me of the secretary from the power puff girls.

  40. It is not a surprise.TVXQ won’t win as long as cassies still have fanwars between TVXQ and JYJ fans and still whine about TVXQ old days. Just check out Youtube and allkpop comments and you will know what i’m talking about.

    congra GD.

  41. Junsu is a much prettier girl (no offense GD, you looked good too!)

  42. omg you guys will leave and Nu’est will probably make a comeback or something.

  43. xia junsu for suuuuuuuuure <3

  44. I vote for Junsu :D thank you S&M for the review and thank you for all the hard work you guise put in making these videos for us ^^. Keep up the good work! And have a good time in Mexico :)

  45. Yes, you guys guessed right, those are his very good friends, together they named themself “Nuthang” (read: New Thing), TOP also belongs to this group, and they are all very close. And the old lady is his stylist ^^

  46. Well, I didn’t win. But that’s okay because u guys have given me an exclusive interview + BTS + KMM + surprising blooper with U-Kiss last week. That was the coolest KMM ever! Love u. ^_^ No wonder I think both of u and U-Kiss are officially BFF now. XD

    For the KMM today: How come u come up with Get Ur Drag-on?? U are really deep. lol

    And for the showdown: When I watched Tarantallegra at first, I thought the girl was somebody else untiiiiiiiil some users on utube told me. lol Junsu surely rocks it to be an impressive girl (along with Nu’est Ren for sure). XDD

  47. Wow, it took me an hour to skim through the comments. Interesting!
    First thing I learned: You can’t make everyone happy. Hater’s Y U so Serious?
    Second: Being whiny, disgruntled, sore loser is Embarrassing. (I was like that last week- sorry guise)
    Third: Don’t comment too much. Hanging out in the Crayon room discussing the ends and outs of that MV, ruined the review for me. I was so excited about what might be talked about that my expectations went a little overboard. Because of that I was a bit disappointed with the review.
    There many other things learned but I am just too tired to write and I can’t explain my thoughts well. I am just a “old stupid fangirl”

    • Lol. How do you think I feel? I read thousands upon thousands of comments about all the videos on the charts everyday, the good, the bad, and the ugly – whether or not they get reviewed.

      It’s taken all the surprise out of KMMs for me – boohoo – but I watch KMMs to see S&M have fun, so half the time I don’t care what they talk about :p
      Not that I’m complaining – I like what I do – but I’m more of a K-Hip-Hop and K-Indie junkie anyway.

      Plus, I think that encouraging people to analyse the video themselves, instead of getting spoonfed by the kpop industry, is one of the purposes of KMM. Look at the pros and the cons. Seeing people develop a broad and critical way of thinking after commenting on the Kpop charts makes me happy ~ xD

  48. Voting for the showdown. I have to go with Junsu. Don’t get me wrong, gd looks great, but then he makes an intentionally less than attractive face to emphasize the joke whereas Junsu looks beautiful throughout in an almost ethereal way.

    Great review. I always look forward to your KMM. I hope you guys have a wonderful and safe trip.

  49. Get your Crayon! Keke, i’ve download this Video. Really, i love this MV!

  50. hey guys! please vote for TVXQ! I want Simon and Martina to review this song! It’s awesome you know! I’m sure you guys also want them to review it!! please please please! xD!

  51. vaxanne

    Bwuahaha…’ Get Your Drag-on’ was brilliant. Strange, the tune from TVXQ’s Keep You Head Down’ came to mind

  52. vaxanne

    Bwuahaha… ‘Get your drag-on’ SO BEFITTING. Somehow, tune from TVXQ’s ‘Keep your head down’ came to mind

  53. the old lady is his stylist noona.

  54. Martina, don’t feel bad about “crayon.” I grew up in Washington State and we say crayon just like you do.
    So does everyone I’ve met from Oregon, Idaho, and California. The
    pronunciation just depends on where you’re from. To me, Simon’s way of saying it sounds weird. :)

    • I’m from Idaho and I’ve never really payed attention to how I said crayon but I notice that I say it like GD now.. instead of “crayon” I catchy myself saying “crayOn”….(this comment sounds a little like a VH1 Behind the Music line)

  55. While you’re in California eating Mexican food, you guys should try California burritos! They’re so good. They’re really common in San Diego, but not so much anywhere north of that. It has carne asada, french fries, cheese, guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo. It’s like an Americanized Mexican explosion in your mouth! :D (In a good way!)

  56. I must say Junsu is looking better than GD. As a girl. o.O Does that makes sense to ya coz to me…is …don’t know…Anyway, I choose Junsuya!

  57. kawaii_candie

    really good KMM!! i love you guise! and i love GD!

    i really liked bringing all the imaginary characters who are all pissed off that GD stole their jobs… lol. and the rest was quite funny too. and i felt really dumb cuz i hadn’t realized the whole “get your cray on” thing.. aaaah… that makes so much more sense… i also loled the first time i saw the video at GD shaving his non-existent facial hair…. seriously boy, you ain’t got any…

    anyways, well done guise! i’m sad there won’t be a new one next week, but have fun in Mexico!

  58. oct 5 to oct 15 eh time to fly to korea and break into simon and martina’s apartment and try on all of martina’s clothes…..oh by the way I’m a guy muh ha ha ha

  59. You can’t get any sexier than Junsu (besides, I really thought it was a woman until my friend pointed out it was him). Oooooh Junsu you so nasty!

  60. I love this KMM! I’m really glad, that GD won. In the Crayon thread, we were trying to guess what this episode would be about, but noone did. That’s why I love eatyourkimchi so much! You always surprise me :)
    Seeing all characters in one video was fun. But… where is Mordney? – I thought first. Then I realized, no engrish – no Mordney :)
    Also love the British GD part, that was hilarious!

    I don’t know if you read comments here, and count them as votes, but I’ll write anyway. For this showdown I vote for GD! The Junsu girl looks much more as a man to me.

  61. Okay you guise. I has seen the review.
    Iloveit. Bestreviewever. Itwasgreat. WhatdoIsay? LOL

    Basically, if you could read that mumbo-jumbo, I was actually really pleased with this review (despite most of the uh, comments I seem to have read /umwhatareyouguiseonsrsly). My absolute favorite part (aside from the inclusion of Meemers – because well, his gender identity crisis had to be included o’course) was GD’s moustache.

    “GD at the beginning of the month.” /sexymusicplays
    “GD at the end of the month.” /sexymusicplays

    And I….d-i-e of laughter.

    Srsly, props to YOU guise for coming up with such a wacky review despite the MV already being so wacky. This is why I love you and I will always support the spread of infantile EYK disease- I mean…support…you… >. >’

    The Actors Guild was a total win. Mr. Brohoho had me really chortling, but then Mordney’s presence just pulled it over the top. XD

    And as a final note, I can’t help but noticing “SPY” got a -37, whereas “Crayon” got a +37. OMG S&M YOU GUISE ARE SOOO YG-BIASED- HA. Fooled ya. I thought it was insanely hilarious. (And for the record, I get my “Bac-on” whenever I listen to EXO. And pants-losing Simon totally does too! So there.) P:

    P.S. You guise posted the t-shirt designs, uwaaaa, must. wear. DORITOS. /dying
    P.P.S. Oh, oh! AND – I vote for Junsu. Because even my boyfriend thought he was a woman. (Ooh. De Junsu. So NASTY~~)

  62. Wow, I seriously thought that TVXQ would win this week, but VIPs, great job, well done!^^v And for the showdown, I vote for GD (LOL obviously…^^;;)!

  63. No Spudgy today? Aww….and Meemer’s a BOY??? :O

  64. Yep, confirmed. I will never win anything from EYK. But I love them still. Fighting!!

  65. During the bloopers when Martina tries to pronounce crayons it does sound like cranes because she’s dragging out the cray instead of just saying it in one go.

  66. Some of my comments on the video were deleted and i don’t understand why? I’m never negative about anything on here…

  67. Junsu makes a prettier woman definitely, when I watch tarantellegra the first 3 times I couldnt figure out that it was him, i was just thats random some Korean lady pointing at the camera ,but gdragon I literally gagged then laughed until I fell off of my bed. He makes the scariest woman I have ever seen.

  68. Get your “ars-on” hahaha, love it

  69. S&M you guys didn’t even talk about the guys with his pants off!

  70. the older lady dancing with g dragon is his hair stylist.

  71. how great would a FAPFAP in a california korean restaurant be, though? just think about it.

  72. Did anyone else notice the chant at the end is, erm, “interestingly” similar to the Florida State Seminole chant?

    • It is also similar too footie ‘soccer’ stadium chants too. And since Korea plays football and not American football, that’s what it sounded like to me. I have never heard the Seminole chant. Do you have a link?

    • OMG SRSLY, thank goodness I’m not the only one. Maybe it takes a Seminole to recognize it? Or just any fan of American football, lol.

      • Or a fan of the Atlanta Braves. I’m none of those things, but I’ve been around enough to pick things up. Of course, there’s enough of a difference to be able to disclaim plagiarism.

  73. SOO LUCKY!~ i really want to go to the K CON esp beacuse EXO and BAP are there!!~ ^^ WOOP~ hopefully you two can get signed stuff!~ :D are Spudgy and Dr Memesworth going too??~ ^^

  74. Don’t feel bad Martina, most people here in Texas say “crown” for “crayon” lol, so we can’t say it either. :P

  75. I loved GD’s Thomas Dolby look! Man, that really dates me.

  76. Meemers cracked me up at the end. Good job, EYK!

  77. 37! haha love the random number good job.. also i think the oler women is his hairdresser…lol but thats what i read so.. idk

  78. hey Martina, really, dont feel bad! Here in Michigan, our accent has us pronouncing the word as Cran! if you REALLY want to feel better, I talk even weirder by saying things like Bloons, Blony and Ornge! oh the ribbings I get from my loved ones.

    • Yeah maybe that’s it cause I’m from Michigan and I’m thinkin “nobody that I know says CRAY-ON”. Makes you seem… idk, slow.

      • well its true, we DO clip many of our words short, and so, instead of saying Cray-on, it just comes out Cran. Most people I know say it like that, although I do see some people that make an effort to say cray-on, it still seems a bit…forced.

        • I actually laugh when people pronounce it cray-on. Like in the movie “Benchwarmers” there is just a random line where a guy says “This is green cray-on”. And I die laughing and that’s one of my favorite lines solely because he says cray-on. (OK maybe not SOLELY but for the most part that’s why, the line is relatively humorous to me tho).

  79. The best part of this review was when you were trying to get Meemers to do the Spudgey dancing… And you got bitten/ gnawed. I loved the commentary, ‘ I am not a dog’. ‘I’ll kill you’!

  80. Hey Martina, don’t worry about pronouncing the word “crayon” wrong because in parts of North America, THAT’S HOW IT PRONOUNCED… crayen…. It’s somewhere in the north; I watched a video with a person from that area saying “crayen” before, and he said that everyone in that area said it that way, so actually Simon’s pronunciation would be the one considered wrong since it’s all a matter of perspective. Anyway, I think your weird “crayen” is endearing anyway.

  81. lol G-Dragon probably, even though that wasn’t his body :p

  82. i agree with these comments. people come here or should come here because they want to hear Simon and Martina’s opinion and the fun things they do on their videos. they shouldn’t be bitching about who won. i love eyk <333

  83. Hi, I love you guys so much and I’m craving for videos more and more everyday ‘ㅂ’
    I love G-dragon and I honestly love his new album more than the old one that came out 3 yrs ago. This song is just so fun fun fun. But it’s not just G-dragon who makes me watch this video but it’s you! Simon&Martina!! I know making videos is a lot of work. Take your time! Don’t push yourselves too much =] I think North America trip will be a refresher for you guys. Have fun! Have a safe journey! P.S. My aunt has been ill for awhile and I was in the hospital to take care of her last week. During the whole time there, I was listening to your songs on my ipod. Especially Spudgy’s song (Martina’s super duper cute voice)! You don’t know how much it helped me when I was having hard time there. You might think it’s weird of me but seriously, your songs are just adorable, dorky and fun and make me laugh, feeling light. So, Thank you for making me smile. I’m just happy for having you guys in my country. I don’t know you in person but watching and keep coming back to this blog make me feel like you guys are my friends.

  84. thisisjustforfunval

    In my completely biased opinion Junsu makes the prettier woman. He is amazingly beautiful as a woman. So much so I didn’t notice the first time I saw Tarantallegra I didn’t know it was him as the girl. It wasn’t till the second watching that I noticed his nose and was like :-O JUNSU! Uh, I’m a woman, and feel like hiding my “exotic” head in a bag, he makes such a beautiful woman.

  85. yay~! Thanks for reviewing this one :) I love the cameo by the older woman. She’s actually one of GD’s stylists with whom he’s very close. He posted a video on his twitter account, where they’re goofing around together on the That XX set. :)

  86. u guys r coming to California????!!! Really wanna see you guys!! I love all those reviews you guys made about Bigbang!! You guys should watch their concert in LA!

  87. Its funny how everyone was like “if u vote ukiss in there wont be anything to talk about” yet last weeks review was one of the best i have ever watched and this goes dow in probably the least entertaining. But thats just my opion. Moral of the story just because one mv has more things to talk about doesnt mean the other wont be goood enough.

  88. I loved your laugh Simon when you had that duster and fake mustache. It was awesome!
    Also, I looked up American Tort law, you can find it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_tort_law

  89. I don’t know if anyone answered your question about who the older lady is but that’s his stylist. Also American Tort Law is a real thing just not something I think GD reads. lol. But it does work with the video if you get technical about it but as you guys mentioned before, “Y so serious?”

  90. shout out to those who actually have to read American Tort Law for class, reading Torts is actually fun until exam time, GD should enroll at my law school and make it less torture to go to school

    • oh and Tort Law is about people getting hurt and mutilated in the oddest way, and the many ways you can sue somebody for that, that can be fun and GD seems to think so

  91. Can I please say how much I love how you guys review? I’ll usually watch the video quite a few times to absorb as much as I can and try to find a whole bunch of other things to look at, and you guys still manage to show me new things in videos I’ve probably watch a thousand times.
    Yes, I am a rather new viewer, and this is the first time I’ve left a comment, but I really think you guys deserve it for all of the hard work you do.
    I really hope I get to see you guys in California! I have enough money for a ticket to K-CON but my mom isn’t willing to drive me :(
    I ramble too much. Thank you Simon and Martina!

  92. So.. you guise.. aren’t gonna stop.. in Canada? *le breaks down crying*

  93. G-dragon actually filmed a girl for the drag clips, he said he didn’t look good in a dress from the back :)

  94. this was awesome…. I dont’ know where i can leave requests but When you go to KCON if you see Nu’est PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE say hello to Ren. Nu’est Rocks and i think are one of the best new rookie groups that are out now.

    • Also if you see Amber say hello. Hopefully one of them gives you an interview :P

    • Maybe there should’ve been three options for “Prettiest Girl”, the third being “Ren in any Nu’est video”. But seriously, Nu’est are still all under 20. They could be around for a long time, but Pledis has to stick with them. They’re having some trouble getting a foothold in their own market, which is unfortunate because I’ve enjoyed their stuff so far.

  95. HEEEEEY SEXY LADAY! My vote goes to G-Dragon for his beautiful S-line xD
    Meemers’ first MM dance! So cute :D Spudgy will get jealous tho :/ Have fun in Mexico and Cali!! Wish you guise would come to Montreal :(

  96. Can’t wait to see you guys when you come to KCON. I’ll be looking out for you!

  97. I think the show down should be between GD and Taemin in SherlockXD

  98. Oh wow. The use of the androgynous Meemers was SO appropriate!! xD

    I also loved Mr. Gregory Dragonia, especially when he was practicing his ‘AYO!!’
    Good job on finding the ‘American Tort Law’ book – I don’t think any VIPs found that ^^b

    I’m looking forward to your vlogs in Mexico and CA. I’ve never been to Mexico, so I’m glad I’ll get to see it through your eyes :)

    • You challenged us to find something different! We looked REALLY hard :D

      • Awwwwww I feel so touched!!! Hahaha it was actually the VIPs who put up the challenge – they were pointing out SO MANY THINGS, and was sure you couldn’t find anything else – but you did. BRAVO!!! Simon and Martina, you stumped us again!!!! d(^_^)b

        btw……it’s funny that, although I email you all the time with moderating issues, I still spazz out and feel all star-struck whenever you reply to my comments xD

  99. EERRRMAAGGEEEERRD MY NAME <3333333 i hope that's my name!!!!! LOL

  100. It’s still not that big of a deal. He’s popular and has a lot of fans, it only makes sense for his videos to show up one after another. Big Bang had three videos in a row. Every time SJ comes out with something it gets reviewed, even if the video is boring. Same with 2Ne1. Popular groups have a lot of fans and those fans will vote for favourite group.

    Then again, it may be just me but this whole voting thing doesn’t bother me, because I mainly watch Simon and Martina for their Wanks, Faps, and TL;DRs.

  101. To Simon and Martina:

    About your question on GD’s friends, yes, you are exactly right, they are GD’s actual friends. I only know it because GD mentioned it, and also because some of them are kinda known to general fans/public. Like, I see 2NE1′s past stylists (Yang Seungho – aka “Yanggaeng” and Daniel Lee, two very talented people who have been GD’s friends for a long time and got the stylist jobs through GD), and I think what you called “everyone’s ajumma’ is BB’s long time hair stylist. lol. In the party crew at the end of the MV, I also see Lydia Paek (Quest Crew), Choice 37 (YG producer), and Mina Kwon (illustrator, GD’s friend).

    GD’s MVs are full of those kinds of things, and you know more about him, and you get to enjoy a lot more (although it would still be fun regardless)! For example, one thing that his fans REALLY enjoyed about this MV was the name of the file that the crazy doctor GD is holding in the beginning of the MV. It says, 쥐대골(G-daegol) in Korean, and it is a very offensive-sounding term that his antis like to use instead of G-dragon. It was just SO funny that he had guts to do it, and by doing it he made the term not offensive anymore. (Also, it is appropriate for the contexts because ‘골(gol)’ also means ‘brain’ in Korean, hence the brain pictures in the file he’s looking at )

    • This was very informative, thank you so much for sharing! :D

    • Awesome on the information about the G-Daegol label. I was told that it means dog-rat in Korean. Do you know if that is true. Also of note is that it began simply as a misreading of his name by an ajuushi which the anti’s took and used against GD. I find that he has a very brash love me or hate me attitude towards his antis, but then comes back and tells them to ‘love me’ like in ‘One of a Kind’

      The weirdo.

      • Maybe he’s just a masochist who loves the pain.
        Or he can’t bring himself to hate those people whom he knows deep down really love him…

        Or he’s like me. Knows he’s supposed to hate people who are consistently mean and rude to him, but can’t help wanting to be nice. What would you call that? C-r-a-z-y…..o-n.

  102. bigbangfosho

    :O where’s spudgy this week?

  103. Haha, I honestly cannot believe some people would complain just because they did a review on Crayon. Come on, if you want to complain about their favoritism or whatever, you can do it on any other videos, but not just on Crayon. lol This is seriously one of the the best videos this year – the editing, acting, ideas, everything is so interesting! I mean, even though you don’t like YG/BIGBANG/GD’s music, it is hard to argue that Crayon is not worthy of being reviewed by Simon & Martina. If you tend to think so, I really want to hear your arguments. It is not YG/BIGBANG/GD’s fault, or not Simon & Martina’s fault that YG/BIGBANG/GD just make lots of interesting and awesome videos. People who are complaining, I wonder if they have even watched this M/V?

    Also, I am a GD fan, but I’m struck by the accusation that it’s only his fan who would vote like crazy to make his video reviewed, because I don’t think BIGBANG fans are particularly known for going crazy on these kinds of things. I myself even didn’t care about voting this time because I thought this week would certainly go for TVXQ. Well, it is a pleasant surprise for me that he won, and I am sorry if you felt otherwise. I know it will be a shame that we won’t see a review on TVXQ, so I’ll certainly help Cassies to get TVXQ to win next week! Fighting! :)

  104. I am right there with ya Lauren. :( I’m sad. I feel like GD’s line “Why so serious?” should be for me right now. will have to buy the CD and go to Korea and get their autographs myself. mauhahahahaha! Loved this KPOPMM!! Have fun in Mexico!!!!

  105. I really don’t understand these complaints that “all these GD reviews are the same” (vel sim.). Of course they’re going to be the same to some extent, because S&M have a set review format for KMMs, but aside from that, the uniqueness of each video is due as much to the reviewers as the video. I think S&M do an amazing job coming up with different things to say and focus on each week, even when they are reviewing songs by the same artist (songs which, incidentally, might also be vastly different from one another; That XX vs. Crayon, anyone?). Personally, I watch KMMs for Simon and Martina and their antics and opinions (and Spudgy and Meemers of course!), not for the artists in question, because S&M can make any Kpop review fun and interesting to me, even if I don’t actually like the song or artist. Would G-Dragon Music Mondays (or Super Junior Music Mondays, etc. etc.) get boring after a while? Yeah, probably so, but if you’re only here for the artist and not the review, then wouldn’t it make more sense to just watch the MV over and over instead? S&M are the true charm behind these videos, so give them the credit they deserve for taking whatever gets voted to the top and reviewing the heck out of it every week.

    • I for one loved the eyk actors studio. That was hilarious. Imagine all those characters under one roof.

      Reminds me of how Cartoon Network used to do that with their cartoon characters and have them all interacting with one another with hilarious results during the commercial breaks. Johnny Bravo and Velma from Scooby Doo interacting? Well thank you very much. Do they even still do those anymore?

      • I srsly miss those classic CN cartoons. Courage The Cowardly Dog. /sighs

        • Well I was more of a Dexter’s Lab person. I studied animation so when Cartoon Network started bringing in rookie animators and directors like Genndy Tartakovsky (who started with Dexter’s but went on to great things like Samurai Jack and Clone Wars), Van Partible ( Johnny Bravo), Craig McCracken ( Power Puff Girls which was my shiznit back in the day) and Tom Warburton ( Codename: Kids Next Door which was sorta close to my heart because a close friend of mine worked on that show) it was a really exciting time in animation.

          Not so much now, thus why I am I teacher and not working in the industry.

          edit: Alas some people must really hate Cartoon Network or cartons for my talk about cartoons has thumbs downs… Alas, my inner geek is not appreciated.

        • There have been a lot of thumbs down lately. I can’t understand why. Even when I disagree with a comment, I only thumbs it down if it’s flaming or offensive (like “eff this,” “eff that” offensive, not “OMG GD’s video was reviewed?!?” offensive), but I can hardly bring myself to thumbs something down regardless. >. >

          The PPG. Oh my God, my childhood. I still have my Blossom body pillow… And other PPG pillows….and pillow cases… XD

          Damn, CN really needs to just bring back all those epic cartoons! Then again, I suppose that’s why there’s Boomerang nowadays. They really have all the classic cartoons on there, even the OG Pokemon. <3

          I think the thumbs down disappeared on your comment, Natz. I see nothing. o. o

        • unicornsgalaxy

          & @Nutnatz:disqus I was more of a Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy fan myself (although that came out well past the time I can call my childhood) but we all know I’m a little twisted!

        • Grim Adventures was another good one! A recent canceled show I was quite a fan of was The Misadventures of Flapjack. I thought it was quite good. Now we have Adventure Time, which is….odd, to say the least. Dunno, I found Flapjack witty and entertaining. (But my feelz go back to PPG, Scooby Doo, KND, etc.)

          And we are so off-topic here! (And we know you’re twisted, after all you want a galaxy full of unicorns! Can we name one of them “Charlie”?) XD

        • @unicornsgalaxy ( why can’t i make it go linky, whhhhhyyy) Unicorns and Jazz hands.

          Yep most of these cartoons came out when I was a teenager or much older… They and the advent of Toonami with Sailor Moon and Dragonball is what led me into Art as my field of study.

          Then the drop in the need for animators is what led to my going to my next ( but equal) love for teaching.

        • They brought Toonami back but it isn’t at all the same. /sadness

          Teaching is just as important if not more so, in my own humble opinion. Being an educator is one of the most valuable things I feel one can be in life. Its only equal is the biological parent. (Isn’t that why we love Simon and Martina so much? They are our teachers!) <3

        • I have a note from one of my ‘parents’ on my whiteboard in my room to keep me motivated. Especially on days like today when nothing goes right ( restless students, one student was running outside right after I told him not to run and fell and cut his head, having lunchtime supervision in the hot hot heat and then all of a sudden surprise rainshower comes down and induces a mass panic of screaming children off the playground and getting soaked down to my shoes while trying to herd them inside, and then piece de resistance…. One of my students lost one of her shoes and socks, which had just been purchased the week before by another teacher, on the playground, and had to go home with one shoe on and the other barefoot)

        • That sounds like quite the day. That said, I am even more grateful that you made it home okay, and that you had the “Crayon” review to make it much better. :) <3

        • unicornsgalaxy

          I can actually blame/thank Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z for my obsession with Kpop because I can ultimately track how I got into it back to them! :)

        • * raises hand* me too.

          I actually remember back when I was actually a child and getting up on Saturday mornings to watch Sailor Moon on Fox. I had no idea what it was but I liked it. Unfortunately they only had the first season so it took me years to find out yes, it was Japanese… And woah, anime is cool.

          Also grew up watching Doraemon, but it was like the Australian or UK version and was called Albert and Sydney. Imagine my shock when I found out that it is like the biggest thing to ever come out of Japan.

          I am still a huge DBZ addict. Did you hear Akira Toriyama is actually working with them on the next Dragonball animated movie… The 13th one… Set between Buu saga and the end of DBZ.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          I actually have all the Sailor Moons on DVD (even the Sailor Starz saga) and I have quite a bit of DBZ. I didn’t hear about the new movie…I think I’m missing some of the movies, might need to get a “just because” present for myself.

        • Girl… Truth circle time… I even shelled out money to watch that totally awful Dragonball Live action ( partially because of James Masters though) simply because my feels for Drangonball needed some appeasing. Here is the short teaser trailer.


          For whenever you get home from work, whenever that will be.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          *facepalm* How did I miss the live action?! I mean I heard they were making one but I thought they canned it! (I love me some James Marsters…mmm Spike). Thanks for the teaser! I’m off work and can watch it :).
          We’re not too off topic…I mean DRAGONball … G-DRAGON… GD has a Dragonball tattoo…

        • It was horrible and wrecked everything good about Dragonball canon, except for the fact that Chi Chi and Bulma were kinda awesome…. But I am biased when it comes to them. Even as annoying as they could be in Dragonball I always thought that scenes with them always livened up thing, especially when it came to a super strong guy getting a smack down from a physically weaker but mentally far more superior woman.

          Yes yes, we are so on topic. But then said nothing actually said we have to be on topic as this is the review thread and not the voting one.

        • Yea this is the thread where you can chat all you like~ and I only moderate comments on the charts anyway.
          Plus, Dragon-ball is totally on topic – cos GD has a DB tattoo :p

          I never watched the movie. The trailer looked lame, and having an American dude as the hero was so wrong. I will just stick to the manga thank you very much.

        • Oh it was so very, very lame… And I have watched the Street Fighter live actions movies too ( and Mortal Combat) and still Dragonball still manages to take the lame cake.

          Still would watch it if it shows on TV though… Cause I’m that kind of a lamebot.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Come on…a galaxy full of unicorns would be totally awesome! Throw in some fairies and it would be even better! Nothing but rainbows and glitter! (Of course one of them can be named Charlie!)

        • Glittery unicorn galaxies… So much LAY! (Because of… EXO… And… Yeah…. >. > /feelsrllyembarrassedifjokeisnotunderstood)

        • O.o. magically disappearing thumbs downs? Maybe is the website that hates me and is secretly thumbs downing me. ;.;

          * runs away forevs because the eyk website hates me… Or cartoons*

        • Nobody hates you, Natz. After all, you are Fuuko’s lifeboat, remember? XDDD

          As for hating cartoons, pssh. Even GD has Family Guy on his shoes and The Simpsons on his wall. APPROVED. XD

        • Damn right she is. Love you Natz :)

          And about the disappearing down-vote, what happened was probably this:
          MDV (Mass Down-Voter): Yaaaaaay time to annoy the hell out of those Nasties
          MDV: *down votes everything*
          MDV: OH CRAP it’s Natz did I just down-vote NATZ THE AMAZING NATZ??!!

          Scenario 1:
          MDV: I hate amazing people, cos I’m a troll like that. Just for her, I’ll give her TWO down-votes!! Mwahahaha!!!
          MDV: *clicks down-vote again* *doesn’t realise that actually cancels the first down-vote*
          = no down-votes!! :D

          Scenario 2:
          MDV: Natz is amazing!! I can’t annoy her!! D: No that just can’t do.
          MDV: I wonder how I can undo that…. *clicks down-vote again* *down vote disappears*
          MDV: Okay now onto the rest of the comments! Forward ho!! *trollface*

        • * returns just for you*

          Honestly I sometimes accidentally thumbs down people too when I am trying to hit the reply button and quickly have to reclick it so it disappears ( Damn you iPad)

          Mind you, very little can annoy me at this point in time ( unless you are one of my students not doing their work and being rude and bad behaved). I saw them and giggled thinking ‘Oh, that’s awesome!’ Now I can make a joke about it.


          Oh, Fuuko, you’re too hilarious. Especially since I think that may actually have been what happened. Canceling the down vote. The troll has been trolled. By his/her own self.

          BEST. THING. EVER. XD

        • Wait so you were in the animation industry? Can you tell me a little bit more why it isn’t so interesting? Because I plan on becoming an animator and knowing what I’m getting myself into would be nice XD.

        • I was on the outskirts as a student and I had friends in the industry.. The animation industry in the US is shrinking. You can literally not get a job unless you have maybe a masters and a lot if experience working in 3D and digital animation since 2D traditional animation is dying due to how slow and expensive it is. You need to have multiple skill sets and a very strong and diverse portfolio be able to work in the industry, and a lot of connections. Networking is the most important aspect of it. Who you know and what you can do for them. It is tough, that is why I went with my second but equal love of being a teacher. I don’t really regret it.

          Also the school you go to is important as that helps with networking. In the US schools like NYU’s Tisch, SVA in NYC, SCAD in Georgia, and schools on the West Coast that have more networking with industry insiders are better. You go with a school that has a proven reputation of getting students drafted into internship programmes with animation studios, or ones that have direct relationships with studios. My school was not like that so I had to do a lot of that networking on my own.

          Good luck with that dream, but remember that in any creative field there is always some frustrations. Sometimes you might have to be freelance for a few years, or work for a n ad firm, or even create your own piece and try to get it sold ( which is extremely hard). But I hope you can keep persevering if that is really what you want.

        • WOW. First of all let me thank you for replying to me in so much detail I REALLY appreciate that. And everything you wrote makes perfect sense to me. Honestly I am a little sad that 2D animation is dying because that is my most favorite type of animation. 3D just doesn’t give that feel of art to me like 2D does but I don’t hate it. I’m trying to get into more east coast schools like CalArts, University of Southern California, and maybe Carnegie Mellon. Do you think they would have good enough reputations as NYU or SVA?

        • Woops just realized those schools are mostly on the West coast. MAN I am NOT good with directions. :P

        • Look and see who the graduates are from those programmes and if they are working n the industry now. That is usually a good indicator.

      • Oh WOW. Cartoon Network blast from the past!

        I feel old. I miss those days of Dexter, Johnny Bravo and Power Puff Girls! :’(

    • “Personally, I watch KMMs for Simon and Martina and their antics and
      opinions (and Spudgy and Meemers of course!), not for the artists in
      question, because S&M can make any Kpop review fun and interesting
      to me, even if I don’t actually like the song or artist.”

      Praise the K-Pop gods, you said it. We watch for Simon and Martina, not the artists themselves. Additionally, I’ve gotten into several bands via EYK reviews (specifically, U-KISS). Not a fan of B.A.P, but their “Shower”/Power song was hilarious. Many of the EYK-isms that have resulted are due to bands/songs I don’t personally follow, but they’re a Nasty staple now! Thank you for emphasizing the point – Simon and Martina make of the videos what they wish and at the end of the day, we come here for them, not the artists or videos. :P


  106. *sighs* I didn’t win :( I guess that was expected though. I hope the winners are dancing around like crazy right now. Seriously, I hope you all have your crayon right now, otherwise you disappoint me. But I LOVED this kmm, especially the tort law part ahhh sooo funny!!!

  107. I vote for Junsu. I’d already watched Tarantallegra about 3 times before I heard that Junsu dressed up as a girl for part of it. I’d actually wondered why there was this close-up of a random Korean girl in the video *face palm* and figured that it was probably a cameo by a celebrity I didn’t know. Junsu made such a perfect girl that I don’t think I ever would have noticed it was him if I hadn’t heard about it from other people. *double face palm*

    • I agree with this all over a thousand times. <3

      • Thank god, does this mean I’m not the only one who totally missed the fact that that girl was Junsu?

        But, yeah, if we bring in BB’s Secret Garden parody, GD would win. You look at him, knowing he’s a guy, and yet you can believe he’s a girl. I think he’s got an advantage ’cause of his slight build. Junsu doesn’t have the body to pull it off. All those years of rolling down sexy windows and punching eagles out of the sky have made him a man *giggle fits*

  108. I’ve personally been wanting Crayon for KMM since it came out. (I did make an exception for U-KISS). Yeah, even though GD released three videos in a single month and all three got a review, the same thing would happen if Super Junior or one of the other big name bands released three videos right after each other. Kind of like what we saw with Sexy, Free, and Single and Spy. Can’t really complain there.

    I actually kind of hope that you guys also decide to pick the kpop music videos that you want to for KMM. While it is a good thing to let fans vote for what they want, I think you two deserve to do one for yourselves once in a while. And the only thing I was disappointed was that I didn’t get a U-KISS cd. :/

    Also, Junsu makes a prettier woman (but GD makes a sexier man!)

  109. The other guys on the video are people from G-Dragon’s Nuthang Gang! (including the two ex-2NE1 YG Stylists.) I’m not 100% sure but I think they are all Koreans.

  110. Noooo i really wanted TVXQ to win this week..but since GD’s crayon was really awesome and Simon and Martina review of it was really quite funny, i’m actually happy it got reviewed ^^

    And why are people saying TVXQ will not get reviewed? Even though there is no music monday for the next three weeks, i believe we can hold out. I mean it’ll probably be a long time before TVXQ’s comeback again so don’t you guys want to see catch me get reviewed for music monday? I really want to see it so i’m still going to vote for it everyday at every chance i get ><. If GD's crayon manage to hold out, why can't catch me do the same? It's just a simple click of the button to vote for it and if everybody just click that button, i believe we can hold out!! Aren't cassies a big group of people? Don't give up guise!!!

  111. First of all: Thank you Martina and Simon (and Spudgy & Meemers). I thought this review was short(very understandable, you’re trying to do like two weeks of work in one week or even more..), but super awesome. Seeing your awesome video’s inbetween studdying really helps me getting motivated again, I always look forward to watching your video’s:)
    I wish you the best of fun on your trip the next weeks^^ I hope your pets will be ok, I guess you’re taking them along and maybe your parents take care of them? I hope they have fun too^^. Too bad I live so far away, I can’t go to K-Con:(

    Anyways, I just wish you the best, have fun. I hope others will also respect you guys for what you do, because in the end music monday gets won by the most votes, not by what you pick yourselves. I hope all the nasties can just be happy about what you did :) Don’t worry cassies, I’m sure Catch Me can make it:)

  112. OH! Idea! You guys should use these empty kpop monday spaces for songs you always wanted to review but didn’t get to. Just a suggestion :). Now going back to watching.

  113. Junsu, Junsu rocked the sexy girl look.. almost believed it.

  114. Congrats to the people who won the CDs. :D
    I got excited for a moment there because I saw the name Alyssa…and was like…”Could it be me!?!” Then I saw the last name and the excitement was gone. Oh well, no big deal I guess.
    As for G-Dragon dressing up as a woman…he actually informed people not too long ago that it wasn’t him. Yes, it was his face…but not his body. Apparently, he realized he didn’t look good in a dress, so they got some lady to do it. Throwing that out there…
    And I’m also throwing this out there…I’m going to KCON and looking forward to seeing you two…yay. :D

  115. I never realized voting was taken so seriously. A lot of the videos I like never get reviewed. That’s just how it is. I’m just glad that it wasn’t GD three weeks in a row like it was with Big Bang. Does it suck? Sure, but that’s life. You just move on.

    Plus, the voting isn’t too bad. The only time I didn’t like it was when Big Bang won the best dance of 2011 when their video didn’t have any dancing in it. Other than that, it’s not that big of a deal.

    • We were a bit upset that Big Bang won best dance of the year last year as well. We’re going to change the polls up for this year’s year-end video so that won’t happen again :D

      • But you didn’t introduce last year’s contest as a dance contest… You told us to vote for the “hottest” videos! And you included videos without any dance in the list! The title “How To Dance KPop didn’t even appear on the voting page. I genuinly thought that it wasn’t about dance. What actually upseted me is people who got mad when Tonight won, while actually, since the video was good regardless of the dance, it deserved it.

  116. My vote is for Junsu~ He looks cute.

  117. Junsu is the best girl EVER! Prettier then any other girl on the planet, tbh

  118. Oh my goodness, the same thing happened with our kitten! We welcomed little Athena into our home, but soon enough we discovered it was little Athens, instead. So we had to laugh at my dad, because he’s a vet and it still took us weeks to figure out. So don’t feel bad, Simon and Martina! At least Dr. Meemersworth has a unisex name. We later got our kitten’s little brother so that Athens and Sparta stalked around and had spats, so it worked out okay.

  119. Oh Simon and Martina if I am not mistaken (For i could be horribly wrong) I believe that the lady you mentioned is GD’s Stylist Noona..There is a recent picture of her and GD..GD is giving her swimming lessons i believe O_o..Anywho yup yup =)

  120. unicornsgalaxy

    I haven’t watched the review yet (have to wait until I get home from work), but I’ve read through the comments and I’m a little disappointed with some of them.

    Ok, yes, GD has been reviewed 3 times. Each one of the reviews were for different videos that each had a different style. So even though it was the same artist, they were 3 different videos and were voted in! Simon and Martina do not pick who they review the fans do. So don’t yell at Simon and Martina.

    People are saying they are sick of “fan girls” voting for their biases and not on the content of the video? Um did you watch Crayon? There was so much going on there! If you look at the comments on the Crayon thread, you will know that it wasn’t just “fan girls” voting and commenting “Oh, I love GD so much, this video is Epic!”. We actually tried to discourage comments like that. We discussed GD for 2 weeks and by the end we were still finding new things in the video that we never saw before (not to mention the treasure hunt for Incognito Gaho, the Bathroom stalking Pirate, and cat woman)…although there were a few “fan girl” comments about Football Jazz Hands GD *whistles*…

    TVXQ’s video is awesome and Cassie’s worked really hard to try to get reviewed. To everyone who is bitching the TVXQ didn’t get reviewed, let me ask you, can you say that you did everything you could to get them to be reviewed? Were you commenting constantly with QUALITY comments about the MV or TVXQ? I was on the TVXQ board every so often and there were some really good discussions going on. For all of you complaining were you participating in those discussion? I think the majority of those that were hard core commenting all week are disappointed but realize that they did everything the could to try to get TVXQ to win.

    So in summary (at least until I watch the review). Cassies, you guys are awesome and I personally thought that you were going to get TVXQ to win. I’m also disappointed that TVXQ might not ever be reviewed but you will still see me over on the board commenting because I like the video. Remember, we might all like our own seperate groups but we should all be untied under the fangroup of Nasties! (anyone else here the really epic patriotic music in the background?)

    • Thank you~~ Good to know I’m not the only one with this viewpoint! /highfivesfellowNasty

      We can totally get “Catch Me” reviewed if we work hard. We just can’t get lazy. (Or we can just get our Drag-On? I just love that joke. XD)

      • It should be doable if everyone work hard and vote/share/ make discussion comments. Lol You dont know something then ask about the video or them someone will answer… Fighting!! I’m not a Cassie but I love the song and would like to see it reviewed so, come on let’s fight! :D

        • I’m commenting over on the thread but it’s sorta…dead right now. The reason why “Crayon” won by such a large margin is because every 2 seconds (literally) there would be like 5 new comments on a question or comment another user had posted. If this doesn’t happen for “Catch Me,” it will never be reviewed.

          And it’s sad because there’s so much Max Time, Martina will go insanely happy. xD

      • I am shocked that in two weeks none of us thought to make the Drag-on joke. Wow…

        • I thought that too! LOL

          Well, you know… This is why our leaders are so amazing… They think of the things we Nasties obviously do not see. That rlly is an epic joke though. XD

        • Yes, that was exactly the reason I wanted this reviewed, to see if there was possibly something that we didn’t notice. And we tore that video apart piece by piece.
          I mean we noticed things like:
          the Keith Haring prints as one of his tattoos and his tie;
          The use of American 80′s pop items as props and in the art;
          The pantsless guy;

          I do love that they have actually seen the spider/ squid chair in person. And it took us a while to notice that chair too.

        • And the Kehinde Wiley print on GD’s bed that many were also confused about… XD

          I sort of wish they had a few thousand to blow on the chair. Maybe if GD had invited them to the set they could have gotten it for free, or at least lounged in it like Simon- I mean Mordney- did in the U-KISS BTS… One day, YG. One day. (A BTS YG MV set. OMG. Isn’t Epik High having a comeback soon? IT IS POSSIBLE.)

        • unicornsgalaxy

          we were too busy with Incognito Gaho and that damn pesky pirate!

        • Well incognito Gaho was kinda important so….

    • You’re totally right and i just wanna tell you this since we’ve kinda bonded over crayon lol. Don’t bother educating trolls. Trolls troll on purpose with bad reasons. Don’t get serious on them.

      • unicornsgalaxy

        yeah, I just feel bad because it’s making the Cassies that worked really hard kinda look bad, like they are all complaining and I don’t think it’s that way.

        I say we sick Incognito Gaho on the trolls.

        P.S. I feel like we’ve bonded too! G-Dragon…bringing people together :)

    • See, we still didn’t notice the American tort law book. Damn our inability to zoom. soluiz where were you when we needed your amazing zoom and freeze frame skilz?

      • unicornsgalaxy

        Oh I soooo wanted Secret to get reviewed! I loved that video and song.

        • The sax refrain and crotch dance is currently playing in my head. *goes to watch it again*

        • I would have died for a Secret review, but even though as a Baby I’ve been spoiled with EYK reviews for B.A.P MVs I saw what we Secret Times were up against and just took it as it was; a very close near miss that ultimately lost to a video I kinda liked more anyway and was just as interesting and fun to watch a review of.

      • I hope i could zoom well too.. While you did everything on your ipad.. I did on my phone. Lol T_T it was a pinch zoom that don’t work on YT ahhh


  121. Please come to VT!!! Damn, why did I move away from CA gaaaaaah

  122. tried to look up tort law. looked at it for two seconds and quit. GD is much smarter than I . haha.

  123. Ely May

    All the characters of EYK! Yayyy! *happy dance* :D I missed Mr. Brohoho! xD

  124. I love your solution, guise! “We can’t make fun of the video, cause it makes fun of itself — so lets make fun of OURSELVES” Heheh, EYK Actor Guild. *giggles*

    Anywaaaaay. Gonna go ahead and vote. Sexy man-lady-dragON vote is for G-Dragon. ^_^

  125. Where does it explain clearly the voting rules about how long a video has been on the charts etc? I would find that helpful :)

  126. Meemers just got his DragOn! DragOn!

  127. There are A LOT of mood-breaking Nasties, tonight… What is it, synchronized periods? (It’s already the “minus” festival, so I’m not scared of being buried anymore!)

  128. this was absolutely a great review, and the song and video both were of such a superior quality it deserved to get reviewed. for sure, it sucks that GDragon has such a great work ethic and creativity to put out singles and music videos that are so excellently done they warrant review :/ while i’m mopping the floor from the sarcasm i dripped, tho, Simon: you got Mr Dragonia’s homelife down pat!!!! did you see his explanation of his song? He has an educated, deep tone of voice and he thoughtfully talks about his song, yet as soon as the music starts, “AAAYYYYYOOO!!” comes out of his mouth, seemingly from nowhere!!! i think that’s exactly what he does at home, tort law and all :D

  129. You guys should make a Spudgy shirt that says Get Your Wag-On!

  130. The older woman is gd’s stylist. The guy who looks jap with huge cat like eyes is yanggaeng/yang seungho/21 stylist and yeah everyone is gd’s buds and yg fam friend. This episode is funny! Tortelinni!! i believe everything is either his or his bud’s because the stuffs made an appearance in infinity challenge too lol

  131. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO THOUGHT THAT WAS JUNSU’S SISTER? Wow, clearly the internet lied to me. Fool me once….

  132. Get your Crayon! Yay for G-Dragon! I’m VIP but I’m sorry for the Cassies. I’ll vote for TVXQ.

  133. Reading all these comments reminds me of Aesop’s fable “The Man, His Son and the Donkey”.

  134. GD’s nice H O W E V E R! Junsu looks like the prettiest woman on earth >\<

  135. u nailed it!!! really happy for it, but sad to see the youtube comments..ohh well crayon!!! i don’t know if counts here but i vote for gd!

  136. Disqus ate up my comment. ;- ;

    Long story short:
    Thank you Simon and Martina for taking the time to review “Crayon.” I’m glad the hard work of VIPs and Nasties everywhere was able to keep him at the top and succeed in getting his review. I haven’t watched it yet but when I do, I will be back to comment!

    I am commenting now because of these fanwars. TVXQ versus G-Dragon. GD won because A LOT of people came together to get him the review for what may be his best MV ever. It is in the power of the Nasties to vote and share and comment on the video they want to be reviewed. Simon and Martina give us that power; the Nasties are a democratic fandom.

    In short, if you want TVXQ to be reviewed, saying “Oh man, there’s no way it will last 3 weeks” is NOT the way to go. Vote. Share. Comment. If “Crayon” lasted three weeks and beat out “Catch Me,” a much newer release, don’t you think supporting the video for another few weeks will certainly keep it at the top? It can be done! Don’t give up, guise!

    I have a final thing to say and it’s about the way Simon and Martina handle their reviews: we vote because we want to know what their thoughts are on the video. If they don’t touch up on or express something you wanted or expected, big deal. It’s their review and they choose what they want to say or express. Bashing them or saying they are “lazy” because they didn’t talk about the symbolism or WHATEVER in this video is really offensive and critical of two people who love expressing themselves so much that they have made video-blogging their professions and allowed it to encompass their entire lives. Are we not Nasties because we love EYK? Then let them get out and meet other Nasties around the world and have a nice vacation! They’re not expected to just produce videos at our beck and call. As it is they’re already working their butts off to pre-film for us while they’re away! Srsly guise! We love these people!

    I know it’s hard because we want them to review TVXQ and many other artists. It’s difficult to wait. Simon and Martina go through a lot for us. Please appreciate them and the long hours and days and weeks that they go through to share their lives with us. That is all. S&M and EYK 화이팅. <3

    • * starts the slow clap*

      I don’t know about you but I am feeling the Nasty right now.

      • *Joins in the clap.* Bravo, spiralyte. Very well-said.

      • Oh Natz, I can always count on you, can’t I? I was srsly wondering where you were at so you could bring all the Nasties together again. xD

        • I was fighting hard to escape from the battlefield of school and my students. I had a long, looong day and came home to this lovely treat. Ignore the haters and get your Crayon! And anyway some of them have good points, but are a bit too bitter to really write it in a way which is diplomatic.

        • OOAK’s “Get out” and Crayon’s “Get your Crayon.” Best K-Pop flip-offs EVER. (We can also count GD’s “Geu XX” if we want, since it counts as a curse, however flamboyant.) XD

          I’m glad you made it home through the craycray okay. GD time! <3


        • :O

          I LOVE YOU FOREVER <33333

    • And the voice of reason was once again heard throughout the land of EatYourKimchi. Thank you for taking the time to write what myself and the other 33 people (and counting) who liked your comment were thinking.

      • jas, been awhile. ^^ :(

        I can’t stop spazzing over “the land of EatYourKimchi.” It makes me think we all live in an alternate Nasty universe akin to Candy Land and I love the idea so much I feel like we should go out and get a board game for Simon and Martina. And get GD’s crayons and color until all the K-Pop fandoms unite in the name of love… My mind has been invaded! XDDD

        • That’s a great idea. I may potentially do that. It should be set up like candyland or monopoly and the cards should be called the ‘fapfaps’ or ‘wanks’ =]

        • That would be brilliant and we should definitely get it going. :)

        • As I was typing my earlier comment, I was reading it in my head in fairytale voice-over style. You know, the “Once upon a time” etc. Disney voice, not the Morgan Freeman National Geographic voice :) EatYourKimchi land would be full of all the brightly colored accessories and props from all the kpop MVs. Now I’m picturing GD’s Butterfly MV with his My Little Pony necklace XD Oh, and best of all, everyone would live in SM’s oddly lit rooms.

          Regarding the more serious matter, it irks me when people become unreasonably upset at S&M for not including what they wanted to see in a review. If you want to see something in particular, make it yourself. S&M have creative control over their own videos and they couldn’t possibly satisfy everyone, even if they were mind-readers who could foresee exactly what everyone wanted. Simon and Martina’s unexpected skits and onscreen antics make me laugh, so as GD would say, “Why so serious?” Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the actual review parts of KMM, and I find hearing another person’s views interesting, but frankly, I don’t always agree with S&M’s evaluation, and that’s fine. Everyone has their own tastes, likes and dislikes. Obviously not everyone will agree. But this is S&M’s blog, so no one should be shocked when they’re exposed to a different opinion. Besides, if they’re just going to say what you want them to, what’s the point in listening? Just have your own voice on repeat inside your own head. *mini-rant over*

    • I take my invincible had to you, That was well said I am feeling so Nasty right now :-) GO Nasties

    • Thank you for your support. It really sucks if we pour in two days worth of work to make a video and to read the top comments about who we DIDN’T review. Glad that not everyone is as upset at us as it seems :D

      • It might seem silly, but I can’t help but fangirl everytime you two reply to one of my comments. I think this is the second time and I still squeal like a little girl (I’m almost 20. Pity me).

        I’m definitely not upset at you guys (88 others seem to agree with me on that too!). It’s your blog, they’re your videos and your reviews. The fact you allow us to vote is, in itself, a major liberty. Nasties have a huge part in what goes into EYK, but I feel that with freedom comes greed and that is evidenced way too often here. People want this, or people want that, and I just think all the work you put in is often unappreciated because of those imaginative unfulfilled desires. It’s not at all fair.

        Anywho, thank you so, so much for all that you do and please, have a safe fun trip to Cali and Mexico. Here’s a big Nasty hug from me in Florida. :)


      • Yep you guys do a great job every time! With only a short time to make and edit a cool video of our choice, that so hard.
        I wanna go to KCON, I live like 5 minutes from irvine and got invited by my friend but my dad says i cant go… *sniffle*
        Oh well try some delicious food here!

    • thisisjustforfunval

      Uh, seriously, Disqus hates me today. Ate my comment then I have to no idea what just happened but bye bye went what I was writing. So here is the cliff notes version.

      1) YAY! I agree with everything you said. It was similar to what I said (ie what gotten eat) but you said so much more eloquently than I ever could.

      2) I too believe that if fans really want it, TVXQ can hold on for three weeks. Those of us who saw or participated in it saw how devoted N’uest fans were when they wanted Not Over You. They held the number two spot for almost a whole month. If what is always stated is true, that Cassies are THE largest fan club in the world, than they can totally hold the #1 position. I saw how Cassies managed to get Junsu 20+ thousand votes in less than 12 hours to get Uncommitted reviewed.

      3) In regards to trolls or negative/rude people: This is how I see it, we all have our opinions and it is okay to disagree with what they say but do it in a respectful way, towards them or other fans. Remember, that this is their “home,” and we are their invited guests. If you don’t like it then leave, no one holds you here. We NASTY’s love Simon and Martina just the way they are, and respect that they review only what we vote in. I love the friendly environment created by them. Don’t ruin that fun for those of us who love it just the way things are. Out trolls, out!

      And in case I didn’t clarigy, spiralyte, what you wrote was awesome which in turn means, YOU ARE AWESOME! :D

      • Disqus is on the fritz today. I swear the first comment I posted was much more composed, but..like yours, it was gobbled up. I hope they’re at least with each other now in the…Disqus…comment heaven… >. >

        You’re truly too nice to me. “Awesome,” bah. I’m just a judicial Nasty. XD
        Our duty here is solely to love Simon and Martina, and trolls aside, I think most people just need a reality check once in awhile. Honestly I’m appalled that so many agree with me (you like me, you really like me? XD), though I’m glad I can say what others are thinking and that Simon and Martina can see for themselves that thousands of Nasties everywhere will love and support them no matter what. It makes me happy that we’re still united ,you know? :)

        As for TVXQ – I’m extremely surprised that there isn’t more support from Cassies. How can people say TVXQ won’t get reviewed? That’s ludicrous! Of course they can! But it’s in OUR hands, WE have to vote and share and comment! I mean (and this ISN’T a judgment or an attempt at starting a fanwar) whenever Super Junior release a MV, it tops the Charts in mere hours. Cassies are the world’s biggest fanclub and we say we can’t keep “Catch Me” at #1 for a few weeks? Excuse me, but what? There can’t be more ELFs than Cassies. (As an ELF and a Cassie, again, I’m not trying to start fanwars.) I just feel that perhaps not enough Cassies are Nasties, or perhaps many of them just choose not to vote, I dunno… It seems completely unfair to me. I’ll admit, as an ELF I neglect TVXQ quite a bit, but as the first K-Pop band I ever discovered, I will always remain loyal to them. I know we can get the review if we just keep at it!

        Okay, rant over. I love you too. :P <3

        • thisisjustforfunval

          I’m admittedly an older fan unnie/noona to every Kpop singer, except for Psy, so I think I tend towards the yo man keep the peace, less drama side of life in my kpop. I know I’m in wrong genre for that lol, but I love that a place like Eat Your Kimchi exists for a much for peaceful yet zanny realm.

          Anything in this world is possible. U-Kiss beat out GD, proof anything is possible. (Not starting a fan war either) I’m a Triple S, KissMe, VIP, Primadonna, Baby (that title still makes me twitch but it is what it is), a part time ELF and a Cassie (I sway more towards the JYJ side, but they are who I feel in love with then found TVXQ). I know KissMe’s are a much smaller fandom, but we come through for our boys all the time, so I whole heartily believe Cassie’s can hold the #1 position for three more weeks. I’m an optimist. :)

        • And optimism makes the world go round.
          After all, I am a firm believer in the saying “Hope is the human element.” It’s what keeps us going. So optimism is a GO. <3

        • yay! i’m the same way. I thought i was the only one. thank you for being around the same age as me. *tears* but i agree with you.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          YAY! Someone around my age as well!!!! Sometimes I feel so alone in this genre at my age. I’ve gotten a few of my friends into some Kpop songs, but no where to the extent that I am :D Makes me so happy to hear from someone around my age. ^_^

        • Ditto on the twitching about the Baby thing. Lol. I can almost justify being an ELF because Suju is my age, but there’s no excuse for me to be a Baby in my mid twenties! Still though…no mercy! xD

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Imagine me…I’m in my super early 30′s. Baby is so not a title that fits me. LOL in fact I refer to Zelo as Baby Boy Zelo (cause I have friends with sons his age!) But I love BAP, they are amazing musicians and have thoroughly impressed me with their dedication and talent. On a side note, I’m just incredibly happy Bang Yong Guk and Him Chan are old enough for me to find dreamy and not feel guilty about it. :D

    • excellent comment! I only just came on to watch it and had to stop scrolling through the comments because it just got too negative. Usually I love reading through all the comments and seeing what people have to say, but not today… but I’m happy to see awesome comments like this being voted up. It makes me feel better.

    • I want to like your comment so badly, but instead I’ll settle for replying back saying how proud I am to be in the same fandom as you. You are eloquent in your point and supportive of Simon and Martina to be happy. A true fan! <3

      • You can like it, can’t you? Is the ‘like’ button malfunctioning all of a sudden? JK, that makes me sound sooo arrogant! >. o

        Thank you for replying anyway. I think I like that more than a like, since it’s more sincere and personal. :)

        I believe you have paid me the highest compliment I’ve ever received here (aside from Simon and Martina’s replies, of course). To say you are “proud to be in the same fandom” as me (let alone the same bandwidth as me, yeesh, LOL)… Wow. That really warms my heart. <3

        It's a testament to the true power of Simon and Martina – they not only bring smiles to our faces, but they unite us as people across nations and bring us into one unique world. (It sounds cheesy, but hey, it's true.)

        That's who we are as Nasties. :) <3

    • You hit the nail on the head. Good for you!

    • I’m so happy, that this is the top comment! Yesterday when I saw all these negative comment I was so angry and upset, I’ve even tried write something epic to all the people who were complaining, but I’m not as good as you are in expressing my thoughts. Thank you so much for your comment, I couldn’t agree with you more!

      • Reading your comment makes me happy as well. I can only imagine how the negative comments impact Simon and Martina, so I’m glad they have nice Nasties to fall back on for reassurance. Hwaiting~ :) <3

  137. Did you guys ever notice the guy walking out of the bathroom with his pants down in the MV Crayon? xD lol

  138. Mmm im sorry for TVXQ fans but…. hell yeah DG wins! i really thought TVXQ was going to win so im really in shock! VIP FTW!!!

  139. While I feel stupid for not knowing what Tort Laws are, I find it interesting that accdng to one site: “Tort laws are laws that offer remedies to individuals harmed by the unreasonable actions of others.” I know it’s a bit reading too much into the idea (I didn’t even notice that American Tort Law book in the mv) but doesn’t putting that book in the mv seem relevant to GD especially with the kind of image he has and the bashing/hating he’s gone through? It’s interesting how the people behind YG’s videos put quite a lot of effort in injecting interesting details in their mvs. Thanks for highlighting it.

    As for the voting, I vote for Gdragon. Although I knew they used a female backup dancer for the back shots of that sexy lady there were times I was seriously suspicious it really was GD. ^_^

  140. I really can’t decide between Junsu and GD.. ;__; Seriously.. what is this~?!

  141. The older lady with GD in the video I heard it was his stylist and that he asked her to join the fun. Also those guys are his actual friends GD mentioned he wanted the video to feel like he is having fun with friends so he invited his crew lol

  142. One of my new goals is to win a EYK contest. I would feel so satisfied haha For the better looking girl, I would say Junsu but if we were considering Secret Garden GD then it would probably be GD

  143. I really don’t understand the comments claiming that people who voted for GD were just fangirls who ignored content. The video is different (from his others, and other kpop), fun, and visually interesting. Its content matches the song.

    TVXQ’s video really emphasizes dance above narrative, and likewise the interesting visuals are thanks to the dance. So a review of its content would be different, but not necessarily better.

    Also: who the hell do you think is voting for TVXQ if not fangirls? You’ve heard of them before, right?

    • I suppose I should have been a little more specific about my argument. I totally agree with you that fangirls were definitely voting for TVXQ too.

      This year alone there have been 4 or 5 BIGBANG reviews, 3 GD reviews and at least 1 2NE1 review. That’s YG overload.

      I also agree with the argument that the majority of votes should win the poll. Therefore, GD had every right to win.

      But if you are like me (look at all the comments, there’s quite a few!) then if we all just stopped watching KMM there would be a massive drop in viewership. What we would like is more diversity with actual KPOP reviews. Hopefully this will change when they have moved into their studio.

      • I was just reading on the TVXQ board that SM only releases 1 or 2 mv for each of their artists albums while YG releases 6 or 7 mv’s for their artists albums – so this would cause an imbalance. It is a strategy for the record company but negatively impacts the fans :(
        So, this is not Simon and Martina’s fault and should not be reason for a call to stop watching KMM! If the product is not out there then we cannot vote for it and they cannot review it.
        Simon and Martina do provide true diversity by having the indie music review videos. This is very diverse and they take viewer suggestions.

      • not all bigbang’s mv was reviewed, but all suju’s mv was reviewed + a few others(heard from other nasties) can’t blame yg for churning out a lot of good quality mvs which are all different compared to other companies. It’s interesting either way. Big bang’s mv gave pretty diverse reviews so no complaints there. kmm being taken over by mainstream music is pretty inevitable since it’s by poll. Maybe after the fundraiser, s&m could hire an editor and they could give reviews to the indie music too. you could always suggest. Threatening won’t get shit to work.

    • Well those people did not peak into the crayon thread and see how us FANGIRLs rip the mv apart. Every mv that made it to kmm is due to fangirls tbh. Except for psy, that guy’s in another league. Haters gonna hate

    • The easiest way to dismiss people with different opinions than yours is to oversimplify their arguments. It’s easier to just say that other people are stupid than to give their opinions credibility. We read that a lot when it comes to Kpop videos. If someone disagrees, they’re either a) a fangirl b) too young to use a computer c) stupid.

      Fortunately, I think that the commenters and community here at Eat Your Kimchi are better than that. People leave awesome comments, and oftentimes can admit when their “biases” are disappointing, and we love these Nasties for it :D

      • Thanks for the reply, S&M!! =)
        Yep, I know what you’re saying. I was just hoping my comment would point out the inconsistency. :)

        I’ve also noticed that “fangirl” is often used as a stand-in for “too young to use a computer and stupid.” Why must it be a pejorative? Most of us here would call ourselves “fans” and I also happen to be a “girl.” I realize that there are pleeeenntttty of fans who are, well, overenthusiastic (to put it mildly) – I just wish there were another term for us fans who maintain the ability to think critically.

  144. Ahem… There is no facebook poll yet… But I vote for Junsu because, just like Meemers, there was no way to guess it was a guy…


    In 3 weeks, the charts would change ALOT, so unless TVXQ gets like a few hundred thousand votes, they would not hold first place for 3 weeks for the next KMM…
    I’m frigging crying now.

  146. I THOUGHT ABOUT THAT SHOWDOWN but I forgot to put it in the comments :-(
    Thanks a lot for this review, have a nice trip and don’t forget to rest!

  147. PunkyPrincess92

    Crayon was definitely the best release by GD!! i LOVE the mv!! but the song still in my opinion isn’t all that, catchy and all, but GD’s comeback songs just….didn’t connect with me as much!
    hahahaha get your dragon would’ve been awesome!!!

    oh oh oh!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m probably the only one spazzing out! but Rino Nakasone is gonna be at the Kcon!!!!!!!! she’s one of SM’s choreographers!!!! she works a lot with SHINee!!! (and she calls them her babies!) she was in Beat Freaks on America’s best dance crew!!!
    anyway you guys should TOTALLY talk to her!!!!!! and then maybe you can learn some Lucifer dance moves!!!!

  148. Come on guys, stop whining about who did or didin’t win this time. I
    like all the videos ( G-Dragon, TVXQ, SNSD, indie music, whatever) and
    honestly, as I am not korean, I get to know these artists through Music
    Monday, because I have never heard of a lot of these guys before. I am
    here for Simon and Martina’s videos, no matter who the hell they are
    talking about ( can be about a song, Spudgy, an androginous cat…) and
    as a bonus I get to listen to new songs, some good, some bad, some funny
    and fell so lucky that I found this cause I get to expand myself into
    music… Can’t you just apreciatte the fact that it’s great to just have
    some fun watching these videos, regardless if you are or not a fan? So
    you guys complain if the video is not reviewed, than you guys complain
    again if they don’t like the song as mutch as you liked, and yet you
    complain again if they do not say or review the video the way that you’d
    like it to be… If you trully like the artist and their song, keep
    suporting regardless of what eatYourKimchi says ( or not) about the
    videos. Myself, I am here to support Eat Your Kimchi, no matter what kind of videos you guys choose to do( yes, I can say I’m a nasty…)
    just for the record, I love SNSD, and I got to know them by Eat Your
    Kimchi ( yet I don’t vote for anyone on Music Mondays, I just wait to
    see what comes out of it, so mutch more exciting…)

    • My words exactly! I’d go on strike a few weeks (they’re just too nice to upload videos in advance) or a month, just to make the ppl who complain, realize how important and amazing they are! a TRUE Nasty would like their videos no matter the content! *Do you really want us to split like N and S Korea?*

  149. My Vote Goes To Junsu! He Makes A Very Beautiful Women! :)

  150. GD actually explained that the woman in the video wasn’t him. It was only his face when he turned around. He said that he wouldn’t look as good as that in a dress… (I don’t believe him :b)

  151. jazminjhnsn

    I very happy GD’s vid was reviewed :D

  152. Come on guys, stop whining about who did or didin’t win this time. I like all the videos ( G-Dragon, TVXQ, SNSD, indie music, whatever) and honestly, as I am not korean, I get to know these artists through Music Monday, because I have never heard of a lot of these guys before. I am here for Simon and Martina’s videos, no matter who the hell they are talking about ( can be about a song, Spudgy, an androginous cat…) and as a bonus I get to listen to new songs, some good, some bad, some funny and fell so lucky that I found this cause I get to expand myself into music… Can’t you just apreciatte the fact that it’s great to just have some fun watching these videos, regardless if you are or not a fan? So you guys complain if the video is not reviewed, than you guys complain again if they don’t like the song as mutch as you liked, and yet you complain again if they do not say or review the video the way that you’d like it to be… If you trully like the artist and their song, keep suporting regardless of what eatYourKimchi says ( or not) about the videos. Myself, I am here to support Eat Your Kimchi, no matter what kind of videos you guys choose to do( yes, I can say I’m a nasty…)
    And just for the record, I love SNSD, and I got to know them by Eat Your Kimchi ( yet I don’t vote for anyone on Music Mondays, I just wait to see what comes out of it, so mutch more exciting…)

  153. why won’t people just appreciate this video and stop complaining. GD won, that’s it.I totally love this video. Thanks for voting VIPs…..”Y SO SERIOUS??”…..have a safe trip Simon&Martina :)….are u bringing Spudgy&Meemers with u guys?…..well then, have a safe trip to all of you.~~^^~~

  154. Oh and GD said that those guys were his actual friends.

  155. Get Your Drag On! LOL. Love it :)

  156. this was the worst letdown of any kpop music monday analysis you guys ever did of a BB-related video :(

    I always love how you guys find the deeper meaning of the songs, like you did with some other GD videos and Fantastic Baby (because I am never able to do it myself)…But this time you guys got lazy and just talked about the stuff that everyone can see and understand :( Would’ve loved to see your take on the double-meaning stuff that is in the video and the symbolism of it all

  157. Well, GD’s video was waaaaaaayyy better than TVXQ’s. They are indeed legends but thenly thing really interesting in that video was the robot arm thing. While they were (like a true SM group) dancing around in oddly lit rooms, G-Dragon made a legendary video that to me honestly looked like the director was on drugs, but in a good kinda way. (of course drugs are not good, Im talking bout the whole concept of absurdism in the vid) like absolutely NOTHING made sense, and that was what made the video so genius. If Simon and Martina are speechless, thats a win for me.Besides that, after watching the video my brain almost exploded. After watching TVXQ’s video, I was a ctually a little dissapointed.

  158. OMG I WON THAT CONTEST!!! I just can’t believe it :””’)))))

  159. American Tort Law? BAHAHAHA!

  160. Simon! Martina! It wasn’t actually GD!


    THUMBS UP SO THEY CAN SEEEEEE! he says it was just his face, so he cant work for that :( And OMG MEEMERS TURN AT THE END :D!?

  161. ‘who might I add are very unique looking and some look almost Japanese or is that just me?’ I had that feeling too :D

    The best Meem moments!!! > . < *_____*

    Oh I knew I wouldn't win TT__TT (loser for life T_T) but I prepared myself for the loss. I love you guise! ♥♥♥♥(one heart for each of you :D:D)

  162. gd looks …. weird ….. as a girl but i didn’t even realize junsu was the girl in the vid until like the 10′th view so i have to say junsu ….. but i still love gd

  163. Oh yeah I forgot to vote for Junsu!!! Junsu was epic in drag, GD you can he’s a man after a second or two while junsu even for fans it’s difficult to tell, and some might even not recognize him. (maybe also because GD wants to be found out while Junsu is just seriously attempting to pass for a girl) So yeah Junsu!

  164. :( people fighting over who won and who didn’t :’(, fortunately I’m not biased to neither of them and I just loooove your review (u don’t know how happy I’m know, ’cause this day was kind of a cr*ppy day u.u), u always get to make me laugh…..a lot….like a mad girl xDD!!!! lots of love to you guys!!!
    Ps. I love your new apartment <3, specially that big windows where you can see the city!! it's freakin' a.ma.zi.ng!!

  165. Bajeeesus Simon!!! Your feet at 4:20 ish look HUMONGOUS!!!!! GARGANTUAN!! (an a leedlle bit hobbit like??)

  166. I think that might actually be GD’s mother. I just looked her up, and I think it could be her. That would be so awesome if he actually got his mother in to be a part of his music video. ^^

  167. ppl who complaining…
    come on…
    as a matter of fact this is mv battle… and if ure not being delusional, this mv has lotlotlots of things moar interesting than tvxq.
    seriously ive watched crayon like more than ten times and still lol ing at some part…. and i couldnt even finish tvxq mv for about three times.
    There’s no exception for tvxq mv it still freaking DANCING IN A ROOM MV
    yeah thats the truth
    dont be so bitter cassie
    I heard most of u are all grown up..umhm yeah

  168. WHAT THE FUCK’S WITH YOU GUYS? ITS GD’S MV AND NOT TVXQ’S. cant you just leave it like that? Do you know how his fans feel when you say you’re disappointed coz its not tvxq? I love G dragon just as I love TVXQ and im very sad that some of their claiming fans here are as rude as fuck.

  169. Hey Martina! In this video you actually can see all the friends of GD (the guys who looks like Japanese are the stylists of 2NE1 in fact!) & the girl with him in the tub it’s Mina Kwon, also a friend who designed the shoes that you see at the beginning of the video and most of the funny items for Gd or BIg Bang (Bad boy caps for example!)
    :) like for One of a kind he seems to like have fun with his real friends! and I really love that! YG family :)
    By the way Love you guys! I hope to send you more french (butter) cookies ^^

  170. People… Stop saying kpop music mondays are boring because of GD because frankly they aren’t. Yes, so what fangirls go together to vote GD to the top but they only did that because they thought it would be a much more interesting kpop music monday and have more things to talk about. I personally think simon and martina are great in all their videos but they cannot help GD being reviewed all the time its not their fault he’s such a huge kpop artist. So you all need to stop being whiny babies and just watch these awesome vids :D Why so serious?

  171. Yay, I can’t wait to see you guys at Kcon!

  172. I think you guys should make an exception for TVXQ and review it next Music monday becuase I’m sure they are going to be so many people who are really dissapointed.

  173. le sighhh. was hoping beyond all hope that perhaps we’d be able to get a double shot of MM this week to make up for the next three weeks. really wanted to hear what you guys had to say about tvxq’s mind-blowingly awesome dance. looks like tvxq just has really bad timing huh?

  174. Isabel Ruby

    of all the days for my laptop to refuse to play videos… it had to be today ;n;

  175. The lady in the last part with mirrors was GDs hair stylist!! ^_^ They are very close..and GD even taught her swimming…well thats wat Taeyang’s twitter update showed!! And guys love your review! Especially Tort law! hahaha!! Cheers…

  176. I don’t have a problem with your reviewing all GDs videos, and I’m not that big a fan of his ;) As you say S&M, you reviewed FT Island and Ukiss too! So don’t listen to the picky people ^^

    And I vote Junsuu! I had no clue it was him at first xD I wondered why you had a “random girl” in your thumbnail for KMM that week xD

  177. … first reaction: NOOOO where’s my TVXQ???
    Ok… it’s the new epic vid by GD… still… sigh…
    It was alright I guess (love the shave part)… tho Uncommited was even funnier because in a way you’re right, since it’s too hard to make fun of it, it’s not too funny what you say, you can only state the obvious. While Junsu was so serious about his vid that those little epic fails… come on… I died laughing! (Junsu touching Junsu is going to be my fav bit of kmm FOREVER!)
    So I understand that GD deserved to win… but I am disappointed in the end :-/
    I think a review of tvxq video would have been so much more funny with the strange lights on the arm.. weirdly weird u_u and the hulk dance or whatever. They are damn serious about it all, but it has some incredibly funny bits here and there… pity.

    • Yes… and the worst thing about it all it’s that it was the last chance for dbsk to win.
      Lets wait for the next comeback .-.

      • -___-
        After their promotions, and then world tour, that is.
        How long is that? 12 months? 18 months? Urgh

        • Axel Hachiko

          yeah, I’m not a HUGE TVXQ duo fan, but this was really good, and the dance was interesting and the contrast in the music and Yunho finger and Changmin hands and… well… I guess Cassies might be a bit different than other fandom and not be like voting till they die on everything related to their band nowadays… which it’s neither bad nor good, I guess it has to do a bit with age, a bit with interests a bit with luck…

        • Next year maybe -.-
          if gd doesn’t release another 3 mvs lol

        • Axel Hachiko

          yeah I’m like voting whenever I can but at the same time it’s not my top priority, I mean, it doesn’t show on this thread but I have a life too, lol.
          And also as some other people say I’m mostly a S&M fan so I even watch review of bands I don’t listen to (following only tvxq and JYJ, and recently Super Junior) just for the fun of it. And ususally I vote after having a look at the video on the chart, choosing the one I most likely want to see reviewed and surely not because I’m a fan. (tho you nasties are so close to turn me into a GD fan, good (?) for me I’m not into his kind of music)
          But sad truth is also I can’t share this on fb, don’t know why, might be stupid browser, but everything else is fine only fb is not working for me ç_ç

      • TVXQ will probably release another Mv, they usually make 2 out of each album, so maybe we don’t have to wait thar long… fighting!!!

  178. Lots of hate cos GD gets reviewed. Talk about being sourrrrrrrrrrrrr

  179. Get your crayon! :D I will miss ya’ll so much, but I am so glad you will be going to Kcon and Mexico. You guys are expanding EatYourKimchi and couldn’t be more proud as a “Nasty”. Fly safe and have fun! :)

  180. Very disappointed because it isn’t TVXQ .-.
    GD almost three weeks in a row…
    That’s not fair ;-;

  181. American Tort Law, LOL! I can’t imagine many subjects that are more boring.

    Cool skit.

    My vote goes to Junsu!

  182. I’m glad it was Crayon, definitely the best of the three G-Dragon songs. I wish lipstick could have beat out his second song though. Anyway, Junsu makes a much better girl. G-Dragon wasn’t able to pull off the sexy walking and he didn’t look good in the dress so that was actually a woman until the close up of his face. Junsu! Junsu! Junsu!

  183. YEEES !! I tought TVXQ had won !

  184. I tend to say crayon as crown. xD; Also, this video was fun to watch. Like, I want to bounce off the walls with him and hang out. @_@ I am really jealous of his friends, no lie.

  185. Martina, I pronounce it “cran”, too. Can’t Say Crayon Club, unite!

  186. fighting !! keep the good working guys, we’ll miss you, have nice trip <3 from Morocco ;)

  187. So glad you guys reviewed Crayon! Isn’t this song totally epic! As for the show down i would have to say i vote for Junsu, Sorry but he makes a pettier lady XDDD

  188. I’ve given up on Music Monday’s. I hope when the studio opens other stuff is reviewed. As I’m 24/Male and not a 15 year old fan girl I don’t vote for GD/BIGBANG/2NE1/SUPERJUNIOR religiously.

    I wish people would think about the content before voting.

      • HAHA! I would love to watch the vid because I love Simon and Martina but I can’t do another GD/BIGBANG review!

        • I know, but unfortunately that’s just how it is… It sucks when a new song like Orange Caramel’s Lipstick comes out (which is my favourite K-pop video of the year) and you know it has no chance because they’re a girl group.

        • I just got one of my friends into KPOP with Orange Caramel’s Lipstick!

          Poor After School always getting their shine stolen from the subgroup lol

        • Haha good work! After school is great, but if you compare the videos flashback and lipstick. You can see where the design efforts went… P:

    • I think the kpop scene goes through waves. The big names come out they wash over everything, we review them, then they go into hiding, and the middle level groups shine, then they leave, and the rookie groups get a chance, and slowly the rookie groups move into middle group territory, and new rookies are born. Those middle groups, if they are super great, turn into a big name, like 2NE1. Hopefully you can pop back into watching KMM when the big names roll out. Oh, and do you watch our Sunday Korean Indie segment? That might be more interesting for you?

      • This isn’t a diss at you two… I love you both. It’s just difficult watching similar reviews over and over again because of the fans voting.

        I watch all your videos! (Just not this one!) lol

        • Don’t worry, I didn’t take it as negative comment towards us! Frankly, even as a big GD fan, I reeeeeally wanted to review TVXQ. SHHHHHH don’t tell anyone! *Martina runs and hides*

        • LOL I’m just having a strop because I missed out on INFINITE and NUEST too!

          And now I don’t get to watch you and Simon act out the funky transformer TVXQ dance :(

        • Just out of curiosity, will you guys be allowing yourselves a week where YOU get to pick something you want to review like the KMM anniversary like last year? If so, when will that be coming up?

    • I agree with this, some really good songs don’t get reviewed cause they don’t have enough votes to overcome the fangirls

    • I’m sure people did. Crayon is by far a more interesting MV. TVXQ’s MV, while having a great song and fun giant arms was pretty much like every other SM video ever…

      • Don’t play the ‘Every SM video is in a box dancing’ card. I wish people would take the time to find real reasons when putting down a group…

        • Well they are… but anyway, Crayon is something completely unique that we don’t get a lot of in kpop. There were so many intricacies that you can watch it over and over and still see new things. I personally got bored halfway through tvxq’s MV even though I really like them, so that’s why I voted for GD. It was my personal preference based on how interesting the videos were.

        • Intricacies? You mean the crazy colours overwhelming your tiny mind? YG artists are in boxes/white rooms a lot but it’s probably all the ridiculous props distracting you from noticing it.
          I see dancing as a key part of k-pop, how would you like it if I started calling out all these artists as untalented because they don’t dance?

        • Seriously give ur new Kpop fan friends or ur grandma both mv
          Let them decide which more interesting

        • SO you’re saying because GD is mainstream, americanized and hiphop it would appeal to other people? NO SHIT – why do think there are so many fan girls.

        • it’s more interesting
          Ok, stop! Girl in the name of love,, call doraemon, turn back the time, and give your full of originality mv your bias hav as many points as possible
          Good luck

        • Why are you insulting me? It’s very unnecessary. By intricacies I mean the multiple things woven throughout the song to make it interesting, like the word play. Yes they probably did film in a studio but that doesn’t mean the mv looks like it was… Also I never said tvxq weren’t talented. I think they are amazingly talented but their mv was something I’ve seen so many times before, which is why I think the originality in gd’s was so refreshing.

        • Axel Hachiko

          In a way you are right, but it’s also very GD and a bit, can we say “YG style”. I mean with all that PSY success it makes sense that YG is now betting on GD and his craziness, so it’s actually “common” for YG to do this colorful and crazy videos, just not SM video style.

        • You’re right It is in the style of YG and GD but I don’t think that means it is lacking in originality.

        • I’m sorry but this is not the first crazy style or colourful style yg did. Psy’s not either. It just shows you don’t understand gd or psy’s mv.

      • dancetrina

        As an SM Towner I still voted for Crayon. I love DBSK to pieces, but I thought Crayon was really fun and deserved to be reviewed! Of course I want Catch Me to be reviewed as well, but I’m sure it will be reviewed after the next three weeks. And even on the off chance that it doesn’t, maybe Viva will come out? :P So don’t fight guise, just love~

  189. fighting, keep good work, we’ll miss you gus <3 <3 from Morocco ;)

  190. Oh yeah! G-D.

    • EHHH, suck it up guys, what’s done is done. If GD won, he won. If he would’ve lost, he would’ve lost. …but he didn’t. :) It’s the one who got the most votes that counts, up in this MM review battle.

  191. Junsu was definitely the better woman xD

  192. All 3 of GD’s music videos are reviewed.
    …almost 3 weeks straight.
    Talk about boring.

    • But but…we reviewed UKISS and FT Island last week…

      • Still. Would have loved TVXQ getting reviewed. No KMM for the next 3 weeks means TVXQ won’t ever get their Catch Me reviewed. Gd already got 2 of his MVs reviewed so why??

        I wish fangirls stop voting blindly and actually look at the content like what @Tony Brabander said earlier

        • You know, just shut up. It’s the fans that vote for it. Stop blaming them. Sorry TVXQ won’t be reviewed, I am really am, but Simon and Martina have their own lives. They are busy people and are just trying to please their fans. Stop being a douche and let it be. Geez.

        • You guys don’t know how sad it is watching how only the popular groups win these polls, obviously due to their larger fanbase. Super Junior and all ALWAYS win. And look at this review. As the blogpost said, they had nothing much to say since it already made fun of itself. They should have picked better material then. Look at the content, not at the artist… Geez.

        • I have an idea. I do get frustrated too (not a big SJ fan), but what can we do? It’s the majority. That’s how life rolls.

        • Axel Hachiko

          yeah big disappointment here too as I was writing.
          Cryon is definetly my fav k-pop video ever, it has color and craziness all over it, and I love this in a video (in fact I think Oppa Oppa is still number one on my fav list…)
          I have to admit that I don’t like GD music, (but I like his style (O.o?)) , but when One of a Kind came out it was soooo epic that I actually supported it, and I learned a few things too. But that’s enough. Like the hell, TVXQ EPIC come back is not getting a review? For real?!?!? For once the song itself is interesting… >_>

        • there’s not really much to review in the tvxq video other than the choreography though

        • And there was in this?? It’s so random and chock full of stuff that S&M didn’t even know what to touch on so they couldn’t really say much…

        • actually, the same thing could be said abt Fantastic Baby which was really colorful as well…still had a meaning to the colorfulness, as does this video. Unfortunately S&M didnt seem to try to find that meaning at all this time

        • Yeah told your ‘gods’ not to having the same comeback with GD..more over BIGBANG good luck.

      • Simon and Martina this was amazing, don’t listen to this guy.

      • exactly! and this is what was voted for – and you are not boring Simon and Martina!

    • Uhmm i might be biased but i don’t find em boring. Because those are three different videos wich unfortunately were derived by the same artist, that is GD. I don’t even know which one is biased now.

    • Hey its a voting system, ’1st past the post’ n all that, no PR here. If you wanted some one else to win you should have voted (n got all your friends to vote) for someone else :) Im pretty darned happy that we have had a fair bit of GD, it will all go quiet again now for another 2 years before he releases another album/EP

  193. GD for the win!!! but… can YG also promote Taeyang or TOP or the Big Bang members as well :(

  194. All 3 of GD’s music videos are reviewed.
    Talk about boring.

  195. yay!!!! This is my favorite song!!! Love you guys<3

  196. Sucks that it’s not TVXQ. So sick of GD’s smug face. I’ll still watch it for Simon and Martina though :)

  197. I was actually dissapointed because it is not TVXQ…….. :(

    • Oh these top comments and likers are so annoying and dissappointing
      Don’t let ur enemies see ur weakness/bitterness
      At least if u want tvxq mv get review, comment in their mv chart(gain more comments votes etc)
      Stop act like a child and being so disrespectful
      I’m sure VIP will help, fighting

      • I am myself a Cassiopeia but I totally agree with you. I mean… it’s obvious tht GD won… by far, reasons: the video came out before, and the fans were voting more…. besides, if it wasn’t for the breake EYK is taking, it’d be probable that TVXQ would have been reviewed. So I ask my cassies fellows to star supporting in a healthy way TVXQ and maybe de VIP’s and other fandoms would gladly help….

      • I don’t think they’re annoying, just because they really wanted to see a video for the group they support. I don’t think its disrespectful… it’s not like they are dissing the video…
        And what enemies? who are fan enemies? Anti-fans?? Why can’t we all just love each other for what we are…K-pop lovers

        Don’t be down Cassies you can still vote and wait a while longer. And VIPs Good job! So let all just enjoy it! :)

      • I’m not acting like a child and being disrespectful. I’m just so sad and GD’s always the one that get. I’m not trying to bash GD because I’m also a big fan of him. But I will keep voting for TVXQ and I will support GD for sure :)

    • I’m disappointedI didn’t win a U-kiss CD :’(

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