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G-Dragon – Crayon: Kpop Music Monday

October 1, 2012


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G-Dragon’s “Crayon” won this week, JUUUUUST barely holding on to the top spot for a few hours after voting closed and TVXQ overtook first place. Here’s the video, if you haven’t seen it yet:

You know, we’re quite disappointed with this Music Monday. Not that we’re disappointed with G-Dragon’s song. We’re just disappointed with our Music Monday review of it. Sure, there’s lots of stuff that you can analyze in this video, how ____ represents G-Dragon’s struggle with _____, but those kinds of interpretations don’t do it for us in a video like this one. GD says it best “Y SO SERIOUS?” This video is fun and funny, and ridiculous and silly. For us to poke fun at it is difficult, because it already pokes fun at itself, you know? Well, we had a few things to say. We just found ourselves a bit flummoxed..and probably brain dead since we’ve been trying to double film some videos in advance while we’re gone next week. Creative juices, Y U NO FLOW!!??

Interesting side note: as some of you may know, when we moved into our new apartment we didn’t really have any furniture for it. We’re still, in fact, quite low on furniture. But we have a sofa now, at least! Point is, when we were furniture shopping, we saw this really uggggggly chair. Super ugly. Matter of fact, we saw lots of really ugly furniture. Point is, that super ugly chair that we saw: G Dragon is sitting on it when he’s getting examined by the fake doctor. Ha! We’re sooooooo tempted to go back now and buy it. Actually, NAHHH. That’s, like, a couple thousand dollars. It’d be funny to have, but not a couple thousand dollars funny. Not the kind of joke I find HA HA funny. I’m sure GD can easily drop that kind of money on a squid chair. That’s our unofficial name for it…the squid chair.

Anyhoo, a couple things we didn’t mention in the video: we loved the editing for this music video! The quick cut scenes went to the beat of the music, the use of filters actually added to those crazy old fashion scenes, and my fav, was when everyone was getting their cray on and they would fly forward and then reverse, and then fly forward again like a record being scratched by a DJ. Just loved it. Also, we watched this video frame by frame, and if you look at everyone’s faces, they are really so happy and excited and that’s really refreshing to see in a video. I know music companies often release those “behind the scene” footage videos but the idols still have to act on camera for those videos, it’s not as natural and them hanging out with their buddies. The faces of the guys acting crazy with GD are faces of people having actual fun, and although I don’t know the people in the video (who might I add are very unique looking and some look almost Japanese or is that just me?) I’m just guessing that they’re real friends with GD, or maybe they roll in his crew. Also, if you watch carefully at the end when GD is dancing in the mirror tunnel with the girls, there is a cameo appearance by an older lady, like maybe someone’s mom? And GD’s face is just lit up with happiness as they all get their cray on together. I’m not sure who it is, die hard GD fans that know everything about him, let me know.

If you like this song as much as we do, make sure you support GD by picking up the album via either iTunes or YesAsia, because it’s good! Also, if you want to see if you won a U-Kiss signed CD from our giveaway contests last week, check out the bloopers below.

WINNERS!!! PLEASE NOTE: there will be a bit of a delay in shipping out the CDs. We have to wait for U-Kiss’ management to mail the CDs to us, but we will probably be in Mexico and California at that time, so then we will ship them out as soon as we get back to Korea!



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