G-Dragon’s “Crayon” won this week, JUUUUUST barely holding on to the top spot for a few hours after voting closed and TVXQ overtook first place. Here’s the video, if you haven’t seen it yet:


You know, we’re quite disappointed with this Music Monday. Not that we’re disappointed with G-Dragon’s song. We’re just disappointed with our Music Monday review of it. Sure, there’s lots of stuff that you can analyze in this video, how ____ represents G-Dragon’s struggle with _____, but those kinds of interpretations don’t do it for us in a video like this one. GD says it best “Y SO SERIOUS?” This video is fun and funny, and ridiculous and silly. For us to poke fun at it is difficult, because it already pokes fun at itself, you know? Well, we had a few things to say. We just found ourselves a bit flummoxed..and probably brain dead since we’ve been trying to double film some videos in advance while we’re gone next week. Creative juices, Y U NO FLOW!!??

Interesting side note: as some of you may know, when we moved into our new apartment we didn’t really have any furniture for it. We’re still, in fact, quite low on furniture. But we have a sofa now, at least! Point is, when we were furniture shopping, we saw this really uggggggly chair. Super ugly. Matter of fact, we saw lots of really ugly furniture. Point is, that super ugly chair that we saw: G Dragon is sitting on it when he’s getting examined by the fake doctor. Ha! We’re sooooooo tempted to go back now and buy it. Actually, NAHHH. That’s, like, a couple thousand dollars. It’d be funny to have, but not a couple thousand dollars funny. Not the kind of joke I find HA HA funny. I’m sure GD can easily drop that kind of money on a squid chair. That’s our unofficial name for it…the squid chair.

Anyhoo, a couple things we didn’t mention in the video: we loved the editing for this music video! The quick cut scenes went to the beat of the music, the use of filters actually added to those crazy old fashion scenes, and my fav, was when everyone was getting their cray on and they would fly forward and then reverse, and then fly forward again like a record being scratched by a DJ. Just loved it. Also, we watched this video frame by frame, and if you look at everyone’s faces, they are really so happy and excited and that’s really refreshing to see in a video. I know music companies often release those “behind the scene” footage videos but the idols still have to act on camera for those videos, it’s not as natural and them hanging out with their buddies. The faces of the guys acting crazy with GD are faces of people having actual fun, and although I don’t know the people in the video (who might I add are very unique looking and some look almost Japanese or is that just me?) I’m just guessing that they’re real friends with GD, or maybe they roll in his crew. Also, if you watch carefully at the end when GD is dancing in the mirror tunnel with the girls, there is a cameo appearance by an older lady, like maybe someone’s mom? And GD’s face is just lit up with happiness as they all get their cray on together. I’m not sure who it is, die hard GD fans that know everything about him, let me know.

If you like this song as much as we do, make sure you support GD by picking up the album via either iTunes or YesAsia, because it’s good! Also, if you want to see if you won a U-Kiss signed CD from our giveaway contests last week, check out the bloopers below.

WINNERS!!! PLEASE NOTE: there will be a bit of a delay in shipping out the CDs. We have to wait for U-Kiss’ management to mail the CDs to us, but we will probably be in Mexico and California at that time, so then we will ship them out as soon as we get back to Korea!


  1. Ashley Oh

    GD has hair now.

  2. the older woman in the tunnel is gd’s actual mom :) you should thank her for bringing such an amazing person into the world

  3. Merissa-lake

    Congrats!!!!! i love you guys like i love G Dragon, and thats a huge amount.

  4. Merissa-lake

    Happy 300,000 Subscribers! Ha, I remember when I hit 10 followers on Tumblr.. I can’t even imagine how you guys feel with 300,000 on YouTube. It’s funny to think you guys were just moving to South Korea to teach and film videos for your parents.I hope that one day when you get even more subscribers, I can congratulate you guys in person with my future husband (GDragon).Thank you for all the times you made me laugh, fangirl, and stay up till the crack of dawn for livechats. You’re the best ^-^

    YouTube: GDragon0ppa

  5. Diana Sanchez

    300,000 Subscriber Shout out!

    Hey Guise!!! 300,000+ subscribers on YouTube is awesome!! Super cool crazy NASTY awesome!! Here’s to many more subscribers and reaching 400,000 then 500,000 then a gazillion!!! lol. Much love!!! Keep up all the Nastiness with all the FAPFAPs, WANKing, KMMs, & every segment you bring to us! We love them!!! :)

    (YT name: Diana Sanchez / [email protected])

  6. Funfact: If you look closely in the ‘living room scene’ in the far left in the background you can see one of GDs friends walking out of the toilet with his pants on his ankles.. kekeke

  7. AMERICAN TORT LAW Brb, forever dying of laughter (Current American law student)

  8. So… cray = crazy. Crayon = colored stick. But the song is singing about getting your crazy on? Or am I misunderstanding something? Geez, kids today. I just don’t understand their slang. *sigh*

  9. i bet his style crayon is rainbow.

  10. Really love you videos! You both are really funny (comical) lol but I want to ask you both something… I live in the US and PSY’s Gangam Style is REALLY Popular. Just a few days ago, I saw an TV Advertisement on Korea. It had a couple of K-pop Artists and I do have to admit the song was pretty good (I think it was promoting the culture of South Korea or all of Korea?) so to get to the question: What do you both think of K-pop slowly being introduce in North America? To me , I think it pretty interesting and cool that the USA / North America are listening to different genres Especially if its foreign:)

  11. Hello, Eat Your Kimchi…
    Ehh… I really don’t understand how the kpop chart works ><

  12. duckbutt909

    i feel wierd. I…don’t agree with you guys this time. I actually didn’t like crayon..

  13. Loes Beijers

    The poll is about who makes the sexier woman, but in Crayon the woman you see from behind isn’t actually G-dragon…. it’s just his face when he turns around. Does that count as making a sexier woman?

  14. The older woman in the colorful tunnel dancing with GD is their stylist noona who has been with them for years (: There were actually recent pics of GD teaching her how to swim, haha! I guess they’ve grown close throughout the years. Most of the people in the video are from his own circle of friends.

  15. Friendship Doughnut

    GD’s the sexiest (right?) one !

  16. owh. . . well music mondays makes up my week! And I cant go to sleep if i didnt watched music mondays! Well you guys always make me smile! I started watching music mondays when I saw you guys in the Sparkling magazine (WINTER ISSUE) and your interview was full of awesomeness! I tried to check you out and since then i always have a smile on my face. . . pls continue making us happy! More power!

  17. why ppl keep saying that wasn’t gd so i vote for junsu…junsu showes his face and Gd does the same. and if i have to think about it i vote for GD cuz it was hella funny even though xia makes a gorgeous lady

  18. Momo Tama

    Woot B.a.p was 2nd in most voted!

  19. So, I take it “Crayon” is Korean for “Sexyback?”

  20. ryansgirl050400

    I saw this again today with my family. Watching it again was alot funnier. Thank you S&M for making this funny even when it was a crazy vid anyway. :D

  21. Patricia McWilliam

    I read American Tort law. Because I teach it. :(

  22. My brain died from watching the Crayon video….

  23. I vote Junsu. Su looked classy, GD looked kinda…..not classy.

  24. Who reads American Tort Law? Me… Tort Law is essentially civil law. Requires 3 elements that must be met to show that damages were suffered and that the plaintiff was directly harmed in the process due to the defendants negligence or wrongdoing. Judgment will award compensation based on factors that weigh the damages done and losses received due to the damages (contracts are huge in the tort law scene)


  25. a little out of topic… *while watching the review, all i can think of was, when can they go “take it away meemers” n there she is. yay

  26. The definition of a fan:

  27. awesome review. It was good to see Mr. BroHoHo.

  28. crimsonangel

    Look, I know people want TVXQ to be reviewed but seriously, we need to get a GIRL group reviewed!!! As much as I love all the hot guys in past music video releases ( I’m a girl FYI) I’d like to see the girl groups reviewed (like Orange Caramel’s Lipstick) just to change things up. Am I the only one who feels this way?

    • Jamie Davis

      OC never rly stood a chance, we got it to 3rd tho at least :/

    • fuuko4869

      Heh, I even made a graph to show people how uneven it is.
      Unfortunately, I don’t there’s much we can do about it. I used to think it was because of the large female population on EYK, but lately I’ve been thinking otherwise.
      Boy bands have much more organised fanclubs, so you just need one or two groups to promote it via twitter or something, and POOF! The video shoots to the kpop charts. It’s kinda sad, because it means you have a lot of non-Nasties voting – people who will never watch the reviews – and so it doesn’t really reflect what us Nasties want :(
      I mean, I’ve seen people post 50~ comments on a video, and then suddenly ask ‘Who is Simon?’ or ‘Who is Martina?’ Like, ummmmmmmm…..how did you get here? xD

      For now, I’ve been making a point of voting for all the girls on the charts, everyday. I’m not sure what else we can do…..

      • crimsonangel

        Wow that’s pretty interesting. But aren’t most of the people in boy band fanclubs girls? I wonder why they’re so organized…
        Well if there’s not much we can do then oh well. I still really enjoy S&M’s videos regardless of who they review. :)

      • I also find that since I don’t like aegyo and prefer rap and R&B the girl groups I do like are like B.E.G, 2ne1 and mixed groups like Sunny Hill which isn’t that mixed at the moment.

        Like most of the western female artist I do like are soul and r & b ( and gospel too) and most of the Korean girl groups cannot compare to the skill and range of the divas like Tina, Sade, Mariah or even the newer ones like Jennifer, Adele or Beyonce for me. Or even classic R&B girl groups like Envogue, TLC and SWV blow anything any k pop girl group ( outside of maybe Big Mama) has ever done.

        As much as I like Orange caramel because the song is cute and catchy, and Secret’s poison is pretty awesome, all I am hearing is the backbeat from Beyonce’s ‘ Crazy in Love’ and it is distracting.

        edit: mind you I used to be a big Spice Girls fan… And Backstreet boys too, but nothing was as big as my love for Boys to Men’s music. So in the end powerful soul and R&B always wins for me partially because I have been culturally enmeshed in it and am very judgmental when it comes to that type of voice.

      • Jamie Davis

        Wow lol that’s pretty sad, those randoms are probably the people constantly commenting about Crayon losing after we’ve explained it and then never seen again after we reply to them.

  29. Simon’s girl voice sounds like Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure time.

  30. kpopwillneverstop

    Wow~~I was not expecting GD to come back since TVXQ was dominating *o*
    Lesson learned: Never expect the unexpected

  31. In the video, did GD have a legit PIZZA TATTOO on his left shoulder? I had to do a double take on that one. I mean I love GD and all but when I saw that my thoughts…GD what are you doing? GD. Stahp.

    • fuuko4869

      HAHAHAHA trust me, you’re not the only one who thought that :p

      It’s not actually a pizza – it’s a ‘Dragon Ball’ from the anime of the same name ^^b

      • that’s a relief :D and pretty cool that its a dragon ball that anime was my childhood along with pokemon and all other sorts of anime

      • Maybe it is because I am such a huge Dragonball fan that when I saw it I automatically knew it was a Dragonball.
        Amusing fact: GD’s tattoo seems to have 8 stars ( I noticed this on my own cause I thought his Dragonball looked odd) mostl likely because his favourite number is 8. In Dragonball, there are only 7 balls with stars from 1 to 7.

  32. Since G-Dragon is not the actual person in the dress before he turns around I will have to vote for Junsu. I love them both (VIP and Xiahpwa!), but that was really Junsu. Not a YG dancer.

  33. help GD win! hurry VIPs we have until october 7! http://popdust.com/pop-off/

  34. Tahjria Sims

    SOOOOOOOOOO sad TT_________________________TT i wanted the album !!! i am soooooo getting a autograph from EAT YOUR KIMCHI at KCON !!!!! ima dress like 4minute or something !!!!!! TT__TT

  35. Tarah Maurice

    My Birthday is on the 9th, yyyyyaaaaaayyyyyyy KPOP!!!!!!

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