AYO FINALLY! G-Dragon released “Coup d’Etat” and “Crooked” while we were out of the country, and they held up onto the KpopCharts for so long, so now we’re going to talk about “Crooked,” our favourite of the two GD tracks. Check it out here if you haven’t seen it already.


It also seems to be a lot of other people’s favourites, as it has more views that Coup d’Etat. I mean, Coup d’Etat is a pretty video and all, but the song is kinda…meh. We find Crooked a lot more accessible.

Speaking of accessibility, something that really excited us is Pitchfork’s review of Coup d’Etat. If you’re not familiar with Pitchfork media, it’s pretty much a music website powerhouse that defines the musical tastes for a vast amount of people of this generation. We personally use Pitchfork a lot as well. While we don’t agree with all of its reviews, some of which we TREMENDOUSLY disagree with, Pitchfork has definitely introduced us to LOADS of music that we wouldn’t have been aware of otherwise.

The fact that they didn’t give Coup d’Etat a glowing review doesn’t bother us. We have GD’s album. We listened to it a few times. It’s…alright, but it’s not groundbreaking stuff. In the context of all the music that gets produced around the world, a 6.1 out of 10 seems about right. It’s not great, but it’s not terrible.

So why are we excited about it? Because Kpop is rarely talked about seriously. Most of the conversations we have about Kpop with music buffs result in Kpop being pooh-poohed away. It’s not music made with heart and soul, it’s not artistically innovative. It’s very well packaged and exceptionally marketed to its audience, but it’s not music for music’s sake, you know? A vast majority of it is fluff. It’s fun fluff, though! And just because you like serious music doesn’t mean you can’t like fluff, and vice versa. We’re just happy that GD’s album isn’t spoken about as fluff. It’s being discussed seriously, by serious art snob Pitchfork, you know? That’s a conversation that we rarely see happening. Sure, it happens in the Kpop community, but it’s not a conversation that happens from people not steeped in Kpop culture. For all of Gangnam Style’s success around the world, it was only taken as a joke and a novelty. For GD’s album to be seriously discussed fascinates us tremendously. You know what I mean?

Still, though, thinking about GD and his music, I’m wondering what the next step will be. I remember having a discussion with someone high up in the music industry, and he said that the thing that bothers him about Korean Music is that there isn’t a voice for a generation. Who is the voice of Korea? Who sings about their lives? GD could be that person, I think, but from what I’m seeing most of his music is really ultra-personal, more about him and his life. And, let’s face it, majority of us aren’t ultra successful ultra rich pop stars, so it’s not really something a lot of people can relate to, you know? Who are the Lady Gagas of Kpop advocating diversity? Does Korea have a Nirvana speaking to its generation? A Kanye West? Sure, those examples might evince an “ewe, that person’s gross and has ____ amount of flaws,” which I’m not arguing against. I just want to know if Korea has popular artists that speak for the plights that their generations are going through. Who is the conscience of Korea’s music industry? More than just idol-worshipping, I hope.

Part of me wants to see GD pull a Bon Iver: lock yourself up in your cabin for 6 months without any outside contact and emerge with a beautiful album that wows the world. Would that be good for his market and audience? Would that be good for the Korean music industry as a whole? I don’t know. All I can say is that if had to put my money down on someone being able to speak for its generation, I think GD could do it.

Yeah man. That was, umm, deep. We’re happy for GD and what he’s doing, so we’re giving out a few GD CDs as well. If you’re interested in winning one, here’s what you gotta do!


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  1. I loved this song the most. First of all, he had a ridiculous amount of clothes changes and I was insanely jealous and appreciative. It made me want to invade Urban Outfitters or something. But the feeling I get from the video, despite it being a party song, is some kind of epic sadness that keeps me watching over and over. I think it was the crying scenes, which were my favorite part. It made me so sad.

  2. I love Crooked the most out of all his songs. First of all, he had a ridiculous amount of costume changes and it made me jealous, the song was super catchy, and I loved the setting of the video. But mostly, I liked his acting throughout the whole thing. For some reason I keep watching the crying scenes. That was my favorite part, and GD should be an actor.

  3. It is late to make a comment about video, but I wanted to laugh together with you, guys. You told GD had no dance in this video, an in fact there wasn’t any dance, nor in MV nor in TV performance, but still GD won The Best Dance Performance award in MAMA 2013… LOL LOL LOL

  4. Dang, here I was hoping G Dragon was a Black Flag fan only to find out it was just some brand who took their logo. I am disappoint.

  5. Hey….is the giveaway for the GD album still ongoing? :) If it is…I’ve got to say, I love every scene in the music video so much BUT if you really want me to point out a specific scene, it would be the end where he cried of course ;> Huhu i sobbed when I watched the whole music video but I literally cried when I saw him crying too.. YES i’m so weird crying in a party song but….the mv and the song makes me kinda sad you know? :/ And thinking of GD and all of the stuff he’s been going through.. Ahhggg >__< so much feelss~ ;___; I can feel you GD.. Hope he finds TRUE happiness and peace of mind someday~ :)
    Youtube account: otakume025

  6. I actually think that NU’EST is really trying to be that voice…With Face and Action, I really enjoy what they’re trying to do. I dunno, I really enjoy them. You all should check em out!

  7. Hmmm… I think my favorite part would have to be him sitting on that toy horse thing. I forgot what that thing was called. He looks like a weird kid playing on a rocking horse in his boxers. o-o

    Also, I don’t know why he is dragging that big coat around. It looks so hot there. Maybe it’s just me……..I just hate hot weather. It’s too hot. TT-TT I’m glad winter is coming after fall. I’m waiting for more Kpop songs and Music Mondays~

    YouTube name: Paekki Chan

  8. Youtube: @rosiecism

    Favourite Scene in Crooked MV:

    From @2:43 onwards, the series of montages all the way to the final moment where GD collapses is my favourite. A bit long, I know.

    Throughout the last few minute or so, we really see GD’s inner struggle crack through. We witness desperation to fit in, to project this image of happiness when he is far from it. His discontentment seeps through these cracks and in the MV, these scenes reflect it. From a forced smile to sad, tired eyes, GD portrays his desperation to cling onto his own happiness when everything is “crooked”. We see him partying and screaming with his foregin friends but he is far from happy, everything feels forced. Through the montage of him running through the streets, you can see anger disappointment on his face as he runs. Is he running from something? The clutches of his own misery? We don’t know. But his facial expressions show that he is struggling and he may be breaking down.
    Cue the crying scenes, very heart-breaking when juxtaposed with scenes of him “having fun” and being reckless because he’s so desperate to erase his misery from himself. His breakdown is highlighted when we see how hard he has tried, only to be fruitless and crying by himself in a toiler cubicle. The screaming, the aggressive running; all of how GD portrays his breakdown and losing fight to misery is shown through these scenes and have become my favourite. Jiyong’s completely on par with the emotions, and as a viewer I can feel his sadness, anger, and desperation.

    Thank you for holding this contest. As a viewer, I accept your apology for missing out on a few KPOP Music Mondays since you were cruising in my city! :) You are welcome back to Sydney anytime, Simon and Martina! Hopefully, the toilets will be less scary! xx

    Cheers, Rosie.

  9. My fave scene has to be when GD walks up to the bouncer, tries to get in to the club, then gets denied. I mean, who denies GD?! In any case, I loved the video as a whole– a general shout out to British punk rock and reminiscent of how it used to be “rejected” yet now well received– much like K pop, yeah? And how can anyone not notice his Joker reference yet again?! First the hook (I think it’s called a hook… O.o) in Crayon (why so serious?), and now that fur coat! Reading into it too much? Maybe. BUT COINCIDENCE?! I THINK NOT!
    I do think GD is getting more press for his style– which is undoubtedly out of this world, rather than his music. But hopefully that opens people up to his music as well. I liked Coup D’Etat well enough, but for a pop album, it the symbolism felt a little too heavy and a bit if not completely forced. I get that his trying to make a statement, but it was delivered in the most obscure form possible, which isn’t easily digested.

    youtube username: fsjledesma

    you guys are so awesome! please come to Manila soon!

  10. My favorite scene of the Crooked video is at 2.22<3 It's my favorite because it shows GD's small and cute butt really well, it's just so… ADORABLE! I love it! Though the scenes that affect me the most are after 3:10 when he really starts breaking down. It's just so overwhelming seeing him like that. We don't usually get to see him like that, so it really gets to me. I Love everything about Crooked! – Yessica Aguilar or maybe xxxqkerayziiexxx on youtube.

  11. The whole MV is amazing… No words to describe. Without reading lyric translation, you can feel the sadness and frustration. I wondering what did he go through and come out such kind of song. But at the same time , jump and scream like crazy partying..Can’t help it .The beat is so up and high. It’s like another haru haru , LIE or Tonight to me. The beat is up but the meaning is sorrowful and deep. Have a lot favorite scene. But the scene he try to hit drum and pushed and chased out by drummer. I don’t know somehow it seems so real .. SO close to reality. And the sobbing scene .OMG..it is so natural…Can feel his pain. Yeh. seems a bit girly.But guys never cry this way??? I doubt so. If you are sure nobody is around and out of your control.You will do same thing. We all (most of us ) do this thing right???Can totally relate on it..Everytime watch this MV, I want to hug him. Not this type of fan girl hug. u know?? ha ha . Want to listen , comfort and crooked with him. Such a GREAT TRACK.. HE KILL IT AGAIN.

    Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/peacesmile87/videos
    FaceBook : https://www.facebook.com/sutest
    Twitter : @sutweet87

  12. My favorite scene of GD’s Crooked is when he is crying alone in the bathroom. The bathroom walls, remind me of all this pressure that is laid on him.. So many people expect so many things from him, since he is a big kpop idol. He writes his own songs, and he is a producer too. The partying scene seems like he is just trying to get away from the celebrity life, and be himself for once. He seems so stressed in the crying scene, and you can just see his eyes show pain and sadness. I hope he loses all this stress, and become Kwon Jiyong again, instead of the pressured G-Dragon.
    Youtube: TheTianaSings
    Facebook: Tiana Le
    Twitter: @tianaa_le

  13. My favorite scene in G-Dragon’s crooked was when he was with his ‘British gang’ and was jumping on the tables, and kicking food, acting all badass. It just shows that he himself is not perfect as an idol, and he just wants to be like any other person. And making himself seem bad will make others get his attention. Because even though he is an idol, life is still hard and he still tries to fit into the normal life, well, in London.

  14. While his sobbing in the bathroom is heartbreaking,my favorite is ” I’ll spit toward the sky” part, when we see and hear him do just that. When i first listened the song, i was with my sister so i turned to her and asked ” did he just…?” That was the first thing that had a big impression on me, even more thinking that this is kpop where boys usually are looking seductively into the camera with hip thrusting and face rubbing,elements needed to successfully massacre the fangirls hearts.
    Spitting is some sort of social taboo and it’s rude to do in public but it worked perfectly with this MV since spitting is a universal sign of anger, hatred, disrespect.And he is spitting toward the sky, directing his anger to the entire world not just a single person or situation.I liked that. Don’t judge :) (YT: vaxutza)

  15. Pitchfork was pretty generous in my opinion. I would say this song, and every song this artist has ever produced, are complete steaming pieces of crap.

    • Oh, it’s you again. I recall replying to your first comment.

      Look: you’re entitled to have your own opinion – whether or not you want to express it; but it’s a bit sad that both of your comments on this site are just dissing people. I suggest you balance it out by complimenting some artists that you DO like, so that we know you’re just a person with different tastes, as opposed to a troll. Ok?

      Otherwise your comments will serve no purpose than to upset others, which isn’t what we want here.

  16. the shirt at 3:12…I saw it today at the mall xD

  17. (YT Account: StealTheMoment) (Boy, I wish YouTube didn’t have that maximum length thing, so I am continuing here if that’s okay.)
    I really love this MV because of all the different connections people make to it. Some people see it as him running away from his problems, he’s wearing a facade, he’s not being recognized like he wants to be, he’s being pushed to become someone he’s not and he’s retaliating against that (more Coup D’Etat than Crooked, but yeah that too). I really can’t choose a favourite part because all of it relates to me, and I love that it relates to pretty much everyone, not just his fans.But if I really had to choose, it’d be the breaking down part. I feel like it shows us a whole new side to GD. His actual feelings. I feel as though a lot of people forget that celebrities have emotions, breakdowns and in general just problems of their own. We’re always criticizing them and their hard work, and we push them so hard for them to be better than ever, but do we ever really pay attention to their psychological health and well being? Recently it’s seemed like G-Dragon has to be the all around perfect role-model for males (not just Koreans), and to me it would seem like a lot of pressure for one person. His breadown in that video could just be his cry for help, in his perfect “party” filled world. But that’s probably just me over-analyzing things because I’m really sick and moody right now ^^’

  18. My favorite scene is also my least favorite (saying non sense XD) was when GD was crying in the bathroom. I just couldn’t stand. It touched me so much . I cried while watching it and I kept thinking about for days cause I knew that those tears were real T_T . Can’t stand seeing GD crying .

  19. The whole video totally reminded me of the British series Skins. I wonder if you watch that, Simon and Martina? :)

  20. Omg I really want to have a “Nasty All The Way” snapback *o*

  21. I love GD and like 2AM as well, but 2AM;s crying scene makes me want to cry only because i see them crying.
    On the other hand, GD’s crying scene makes me want to cry FOR him because he is suffering.

  22. I think this ranks as my favorite GD video to date, so it’s seriously real hard to pick just one scene. But if it’s for a chance to get my very own copy of Coup D’Etat, i’ll try to keep my fan-girling at bay and be objective.;)

    I actually liked the chewing gum scene.

    First thing that came to mind when i saw that was, “Damn GD, you’re such a badass.” I think that perfectly captured the message of “Crooked”. Being a rebel and a punk, that screw-you-and-the-world attitude. He’s this menace to society (London for that particular M/V, lol). Because on that night, he doesn’t care about anything– he’s crooked. With his quirky glasses on (and slightly weird-ass hair), he didn’t particularly look drop-dead gorgeous. I mean, compared to his many other characters in this same vid, which i could name but i won’t because i’m gonna start spazzing (like when he was walking away from the club, and he took off the furry coat to reveal that all-black ensemble, with his hot-as-hell hair…SOMEBODY STOP ME). BUT for that particular split-second scene, that unkempt look works perfectly for the main concept of the song and M/V.:)

    The gum scene also cracked me up since he’s like, “Yeah b*tch, look at me walking away like i hadn’t just pushed a random guy in the street for no reason whatsoever.” In the real world, he would’ve been pummelled to the ground or at least shoved back into the wall. And not just walk away scot-free. But because it’s GD i guess they couldn’t touch him.:p

    Thanks Simon & Martina, for having this giveaway! You guys rock!

    -itsjamiracle38 (YouTube username)

  23. i know this is off topic but you know g dragon song ” who you?” well he’s asking fans to pick idea for the mv. so his mv will be the fans idea. so simon and martina you guy may be able to review this video. do you have any ideas?

  24. Meemers has his own voice! yayyy!

  25. I already posted it on YT, but… My favorite part is the one where GD is sobbing in toilet, looking all miserable and sad. It really makes you think about the whole song and the video. I also love all the scenes in the club, where he is gradually breaking down, and falling. Oh, and the one where he is putting his leather jacket on… Sooo hot *-*

  26. My favourite scene in the mv is the very last part where GD collapse in the middle of the party, lying there motionlessly. Cos I kinda feel like its a good way to end the mv with all the deep meaning the lyrics n the mv has, like it depicts it’s the end. I interpreted it in a way like the people dancing around him is like the fans, the people around him and he’s there together with them but if they don’t stop, if their going to continue being crazy n keeping him in such a tight space, he is just gonna fall, give it all up and just collapse. It’s as if he’s trying to tell us that he has enough of all the madness, being cooped up, putting on a facade. All he wants is freedom, otherwise he might end up like that, everything would come to an end. I guess that’s about it Arh I just feel so emo now -_- and NASTY too~ (rolling down ma sexy windows) ;) I tried doing it on YouTube but it was too long;( oh we’ll TEEHEE
    YouTube username: Sandra Lim
    Twitter: @SandraShinee

  27. My favorite scene was the crying scene. Normally, GD is like, “I’m a gold n’ diamonds boy! Yep! One of a kind!” Just conceited and stuck up and a braggart! But, this really showed his vulnerability which I’ve never scene in his other music. Yes he has written about sad break ups but this was the first song about him and his weaknesses. It really made him seem like a normal guy and I really loved the contrast from his other music.

  28. My favourite part, was the whole “running man” idea :P but seriously i felt like this had more meaning to it from GD. He started off walking crooked (with swag) and then began to run. How i interpreted this was, after reading the english translation of the song, he was running away from all the problems he is facing while experiencing new things his fame has brought him to. I feel like GD here is showing us his true self, how he is sees himself in his music and maybe he was running away from his old self and trying to enter new things like ‘clubs’ but he isn’t accepted, so thats why he is running around trying to find somewhere new screaming out his pain. As a solo artist he freely expressed these hidden emotions. It was kind of like he wanted to let us all see the a new side to him like being ‘reborn’ and the image he was marketed as in the early years of Big Bang was just a creation. Like what Martina kinda said in the last Korean Indie Playlist video, the music gave me those weird feels adding to the situations in the music video (i actually cried after watching the music video the second time after i read and understood his lyrics). When he was running it clearly seen the pain he is going through and in the end we could see him breaking down and crying. Its like we were adventuring along with him running on his search for happiness. Do you get what i’m trying to say here? i dunno if i said my thoughts right, but I really love GDragon, his style, new look and this song/music video especially :)

    youtube name: Vanessa Styles

    xoxo <3

  29. I would have to say that my favorite scene in G Dragon’s Crooked MV would have to be when he hisses at the camera! The first time I watched it but i wasn’t really paying attention so I just laughed a little because it was ridiculous and such a G Dragon antic. BUT THEN…

    I watched the music video again and When he did his hiss/spit I just died right on the spot and and cried so many tears of joy and laughter that I just couldn’t it was too much!

    For all the the things G Dragon does I was not expecting him to literally hiss, and his face was just priceless! I listened to the audio and the fact that they kept that part in the actual song makes me laugh and love G Dragon even more every time it comes up when I shuffle my iPhone.

    Youtube account username: Volleyballchick13100

    And thanks for always having awesome giveaways for all of us:)

  30. The best scene is GD flopping in the room on the rocking horse and hitting his head on the couch because it evokes so many emotions in the scene. Underneath people’s high expectations is a young man who hides behind a mask of a emotionally strong person and cannot show people his true self although he is troubled.

    You can see him flopping on the horse and couch, hitting his head and being crazy in the room by himself.
    With him “stripped down”( he is seen wearing minimal clothing) to his real self, he feels restless and lonely deep down. He wants to break out of his inner shell but he can’t. He can only strip down to his real feelings, emotions and self when he is alone.

    No matter how perfect we expect of the “ALMIGHTY” Gdragon ( so powerful and charismatic on stage) , deep down he is a normal human being Kwon Jiyong who has feelings and feels lonely just like all of us too.

    Facebook: Jeannette Tan
    Youtube: Jnettenette Choi

  31. Since gd video crooked came out I’ve been listening to it on repeat everyday. I loved his syle in the video, he looked like an everyday person like you and me. When I say him crying the first time I saw the video I googled the lyrics. I just love how he put a lot of thought and meaning into his music. My favorite part of his video would have to be when he talks about wearing leather clothes and make up while looking like a greaser.
    -maricruzalcantar ←username

  32. I am really looking forward to greater things for Kwon Jiyong! :) He is growing and evolving as everyone is, and I think you’re right in saying he will become someone who makes music to say something, not just to make fluff. And, I wouldn’t mind him disappearing for 6 months if it means returning with a phenomenal album. Maybe that will happen after he returns from serving in the Korean army.

  33. Dear Martina, did you use a folk song to parody Crooked?
    It sounded familiar but I really can’t place it…

  34. My favorite part of the MV is at around 3:03 when GD hit the ride cymbal. He looked like a little kid that has never touched it or seen it and looked “amazed” when he finally did with his hands. But at the same time, it was like he was masking his true feelings. I don’t know how to explain it, but he seemed like a crazy bastard that doesn’t care anymore and just lost meaning/purpose. Also, it might be only me, but for some unknown reason, in this scene he kind of reminded me of the character Byunghee from “Shut Up Flower Boy Band,” who, by the way, was my favorite character from that drama. Maybe that’s also part of the reason as to why I liked this particular scene.

    Youtube: Hinata Hyuuga

  35. LOL those normal vs fan girl scenes and the running man scenes cracked me up. I had to rewatch them

  36. My favorite part was when he was crying/sad in the bathroom stall cuz he looked so cute!! And it shows that even though he is a badass he still as a soft spot. Youtube name Yoona Inna. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!! Been watching you guys since when you made podcasts on itunes. I miss them because when i go to places without internet i would rewatch them when i’m bored. But you guys don’t have them anymore :(

  37. My favorite part was when he was crying/sad in the bathroom stall cuz he looked so cute!! And it shows that even though he is a badass he still as a soft spot. Youtube name Yoona Inna.

  38. Hello there! I’m happy to participate in the giveaway!^^

    an artsy person, it’s a habit for me deconstruct the music videos i
    watch. So, this is a fun opportunity for me study a detail of G-Dragon’s
    music video, as he is outstanding and the most inspiring person to me!

    For my little analyses I picked out a very short
    scene. Unlike most of the scenes in “Crooked”, this was a scene that
    didn’t take away my breath – it made me think. For me, it was a
    ‘neutral’ scene.

    G-Dragon shows a lot of emotions in the
    entire video, but in this particular scene he tells us (at least that’s
    what I think), ‘Just look, and you will understand.’. The scene I’m
    talking about starts when GD rides a bike from the left to the right of
    the picture. I like how he seems childish in doing so, emphasizing that
    he’s young and prone to make mistakes in life.

    But, the center of
    attention shouldn’t be him, it’s the conspicuous reddish couch in the
    middle of the picture. It was made for two persons to sit on, however,
    no one sits there. There is no couple, only a lonely basketball (°—°).
    A toy which has been abandoned.

    Perhaps, the inmature GD in
    “Crooked” thinks that love is a game which has been played out for him.
    He lost his lover and is left alone. The only way for him is running
    away from his pain and loneliness. This last sentence actually sums up
    pretty much the MV for me. And the scene, my favourite one, was the key
    to it.^^

    This is my Youtube account with which I supscribed: Kim D (kng.d***[email protected])

    Facebook: Yuan Yoong

    Thanks eatyourkimchi-team for your hard work!
    I’m loyally checking out your new videos! x)

    YK_Yuan aka Yuan Yoong

  39. In you blog post for this week’s G-Dragon – Crooked KMM, you pointed out that Korea does not have an artist that serves as the “voice of the people”.

    I do think that GD has the potential of being the “voice of Korea” but I also think that the nature of the K-pop industry hinders the possibility. In North America, artists like Lady Gaga or Kanye West, are seen as the voice of the people because they stand up for unpopular opinions, or “stick it to the man”. I think they are able to portray these feelings because they’ve experienced the “real world” before becoming artists. Because North American artist usually debut when they are older in age, they seem to have had more time to gain life experience. They went to school with bullies, they struggled in the workforce, and basically went through what every average Joe has to deal with. I think this experience give them the ability to write or produce songs that connect with the audience.

    As far as I’ve seen, most of the popular artists in the Korean music industry started training and debuted way before they could experience what it is like to live a “normal” Korean life. I think this hinders them in the fact that they cannot truly connect with the “normal” population. How can they convey the “voice of the people” if they were never actually “the people” themselves? GD writes and produces great music when it comes to his personal life and concepts of love, fame, and sticking it to the “man” of the music industry because those are the areas of life that he can actually experience even in his status as a celebrity. But when it comes to the hardships of life that average citizens can sympathize with, it would be difficult for a popular celebrity who’s been in the industry since they started training at the age of 10 to connect with their audience.

    Maybe GD or other popular artists will, in the future, be able to draw on the experiences of others for inspiration or use their own limited personal experiences to put out music that can be deemed the “voice of Korea”, but for now I don’t see how it would be possible with how the current music industry is laid out.

    Thank for sending my mind off on a tangent :P

    Keep up the great work :)

  40. my favorite part is when the big black man blocks GD in the disco, he’s like really realistic, with the pointing finger. like “who you think you are?? here, you are nothing” and he’s pretty scary.. and then GD give up and walk away, and he takes off his long furry coat, that could have the hiding meaning of FAME~~~~ and it disappears and he moves on, lighter.

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