AYO FINALLY! G-Dragon released “Coup d’Etat” and “Crooked” while we were out of the country, and they held up onto the KpopCharts for so long, so now we’re going to talk about “Crooked,” our favourite of the two GD tracks. Check it out here if you haven’t seen it already.


It also seems to be a lot of other people’s favourites, as it has more views that Coup d’Etat. I mean, Coup d’Etat is a pretty video and all, but the song is kinda…meh. We find Crooked a lot more accessible.

Speaking of accessibility, something that really excited us is Pitchfork’s review of Coup d’Etat. If you’re not familiar with Pitchfork media, it’s pretty much a music website powerhouse that defines the musical tastes for a vast amount of people of this generation. We personally use Pitchfork a lot as well. While we don’t agree with all of its reviews, some of which we TREMENDOUSLY disagree with, Pitchfork has definitely introduced us to LOADS of music that we wouldn’t have been aware of otherwise.

The fact that they didn’t give Coup d’Etat a glowing review doesn’t bother us. We have GD’s album. We listened to it a few times. It’s…alright, but it’s not groundbreaking stuff. In the context of all the music that gets produced around the world, a 6.1 out of 10 seems about right. It’s not great, but it’s not terrible.

So why are we excited about it? Because Kpop is rarely talked about seriously. Most of the conversations we have about Kpop with music buffs result in Kpop being pooh-poohed away. It’s not music made with heart and soul, it’s not artistically innovative. It’s very well packaged and exceptionally marketed to its audience, but it’s not music for music’s sake, you know? A vast majority of it is fluff. It’s fun fluff, though! And just because you like serious music doesn’t mean you can’t like fluff, and vice versa. We’re just happy that GD’s album isn’t spoken about as fluff. It’s being discussed seriously, by serious art snob Pitchfork, you know? That’s a conversation that we rarely see happening. Sure, it happens in the Kpop community, but it’s not a conversation that happens from people not steeped in Kpop culture. For all of Gangnam Style’s success around the world, it was only taken as a joke and a novelty. For GD’s album to be seriously discussed fascinates us tremendously. You know what I mean?

Still, though, thinking about GD and his music, I’m wondering what the next step will be. I remember having a discussion with someone high up in the music industry, and he said that the thing that bothers him about Korean Music is that there isn’t a voice for a generation. Who is the voice of Korea? Who sings about their lives? GD could be that person, I think, but from what I’m seeing most of his music is really ultra-personal, more about him and his life. And, let’s face it, majority of us aren’t ultra successful ultra rich pop stars, so it’s not really something a lot of people can relate to, you know? Who are the Lady Gagas of Kpop advocating diversity? Does Korea have a Nirvana speaking to its generation? A Kanye West? Sure, those examples might evince an “ewe, that person’s gross and has ____ amount of flaws,” which I’m not arguing against. I just want to know if Korea has popular artists that speak for the plights that their generations are going through. Who is the conscience of Korea’s music industry? More than just idol-worshipping, I hope.

Part of me wants to see GD pull a Bon Iver: lock yourself up in your cabin for 6 months without any outside contact and emerge with a beautiful album that wows the world. Would that be good for his market and audience? Would that be good for the Korean music industry as a whole? I don’t know. All I can say is that if had to put my money down on someone being able to speak for its generation, I think GD could do it.

Yeah man. That was, umm, deep. We’re happy for GD and what he’s doing, so we’re giving out a few GD CDs as well. If you’re interested in winning one, here’s what you gotta do!


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  1. I loved this song the most. First of all, he had a ridiculous amount of clothes changes and I was insanely jealous and appreciative. It made me want to invade Urban Outfitters or something. But the feeling I get from the video, despite it being a party song, is some kind of epic sadness that keeps me watching over and over. I think it was the crying scenes, which were my favorite part. It made me so sad.

  2. I love Crooked the most out of all his songs. First of all, he had a ridiculous amount of costume changes and it made me jealous, the song was super catchy, and I loved the setting of the video. But mostly, I liked his acting throughout the whole thing. For some reason I keep watching the crying scenes. That was my favorite part, and GD should be an actor.

  3. It is late to make a comment about video, but I wanted to laugh together with you, guys. You told GD had no dance in this video, an in fact there wasn’t any dance, nor in MV nor in TV performance, but still GD won The Best Dance Performance award in MAMA 2013… LOL LOL LOL

  4. Dang, here I was hoping G Dragon was a Black Flag fan only to find out it was just some brand who took their logo. I am disappoint.

  5. Hey….is the giveaway for the GD album still ongoing? :) If it is…I’ve got to say, I love every scene in the music video so much BUT if you really want me to point out a specific scene, it would be the end where he cried of course ;> Huhu i sobbed when I watched the whole music video but I literally cried when I saw him crying too.. YES i’m so weird crying in a party song but….the mv and the song makes me kinda sad you know? :/ And thinking of GD and all of the stuff he’s been going through.. Ahhggg >__< so much feelss~ ;___; I can feel you GD.. Hope he finds TRUE happiness and peace of mind someday~ :)
    Youtube account: otakume025

  6. I actually think that NU’EST is really trying to be that voice…With Face and Action, I really enjoy what they’re trying to do. I dunno, I really enjoy them. You all should check em out!

  7. Hmmm… I think my favorite part would have to be him sitting on that toy horse thing. I forgot what that thing was called. He looks like a weird kid playing on a rocking horse in his boxers. o-o

    Also, I don’t know why he is dragging that big coat around. It looks so hot there. Maybe it’s just me……..I just hate hot weather. It’s too hot. TT-TT I’m glad winter is coming after fall. I’m waiting for more Kpop songs and Music Mondays~

    YouTube name: Paekki Chan

  8. Youtube: @rosiecism

    Favourite Scene in Crooked MV:

    From @2:43 onwards, the series of montages all the way to the final moment where GD collapses is my favourite. A bit long, I know.

    Throughout the last few minute or so, we really see GD’s inner struggle crack through. We witness desperation to fit in, to project this image of happiness when he is far from it. His discontentment seeps through these cracks and in the MV, these scenes reflect it. From a forced smile to sad, tired eyes, GD portrays his desperation to cling onto his own happiness when everything is “crooked”. We see him partying and screaming with his foregin friends but he is far from happy, everything feels forced. Through the montage of him running through the streets, you can see anger disappointment on his face as he runs. Is he running from something? The clutches of his own misery? We don’t know. But his facial expressions show that he is struggling and he may be breaking down.
    Cue the crying scenes, very heart-breaking when juxtaposed with scenes of him “having fun” and being reckless because he’s so desperate to erase his misery from himself. His breakdown is highlighted when we see how hard he has tried, only to be fruitless and crying by himself in a toiler cubicle. The screaming, the aggressive running; all of how GD portrays his breakdown and losing fight to misery is shown through these scenes and have become my favourite. Jiyong’s completely on par with the emotions, and as a viewer I can feel his sadness, anger, and desperation.

    Thank you for holding this contest. As a viewer, I accept your apology for missing out on a few KPOP Music Mondays since you were cruising in my city! :) You are welcome back to Sydney anytime, Simon and Martina! Hopefully, the toilets will be less scary! xx

    Cheers, Rosie.

  9. My fave scene has to be when GD walks up to the bouncer, tries to get in to the club, then gets denied. I mean, who denies GD?! In any case, I loved the video as a whole– a general shout out to British punk rock and reminiscent of how it used to be “rejected” yet now well received– much like K pop, yeah? And how can anyone not notice his Joker reference yet again?! First the hook (I think it’s called a hook… O.o) in Crayon (why so serious?), and now that fur coat! Reading into it too much? Maybe. BUT COINCIDENCE?! I THINK NOT!
    I do think GD is getting more press for his style– which is undoubtedly out of this world, rather than his music. But hopefully that opens people up to his music as well. I liked Coup D’Etat well enough, but for a pop album, it the symbolism felt a little too heavy and a bit if not completely forced. I get that his trying to make a statement, but it was delivered in the most obscure form possible, which isn’t easily digested.

    youtube username: fsjledesma

    you guys are so awesome! please come to Manila soon!

  10. My favorite scene of the Crooked video is at 2.22<3 It's my favorite because it shows GD's small and cute butt really well, it's just so… ADORABLE! I love it! Though the scenes that affect me the most are after 3:10 when he really starts breaking down. It's just so overwhelming seeing him like that. We don't usually get to see him like that, so it really gets to me. I Love everything about Crooked! – Yessica Aguilar or maybe xxxqkerayziiexxx on youtube.

  11. The whole MV is amazing… No words to describe. Without reading lyric translation, you can feel the sadness and frustration. I wondering what did he go through and come out such kind of song. But at the same time , jump and scream like crazy partying..Can’t help it .The beat is so up and high. It’s like another haru haru , LIE or Tonight to me. The beat is up but the meaning is sorrowful and deep. Have a lot favorite scene. But the scene he try to hit drum and pushed and chased out by drummer. I don’t know somehow it seems so real .. SO close to reality. And the sobbing scene .OMG..it is so natural…Can feel his pain. Yeh. seems a bit girly.But guys never cry this way??? I doubt so. If you are sure nobody is around and out of your control.You will do same thing. We all (most of us ) do this thing right???Can totally relate on it..Everytime watch this MV, I want to hug him. Not this type of fan girl hug. u know?? ha ha . Want to listen , comfort and crooked with him. Such a GREAT TRACK.. HE KILL IT AGAIN.

    Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/peacesmile87/videos
    FaceBook : https://www.facebook.com/sutest
    Twitter : @sutweet87

  12. My favorite scene of GD’s Crooked is when he is crying alone in the bathroom. The bathroom walls, remind me of all this pressure that is laid on him.. So many people expect so many things from him, since he is a big kpop idol. He writes his own songs, and he is a producer too. The partying scene seems like he is just trying to get away from the celebrity life, and be himself for once. He seems so stressed in the crying scene, and you can just see his eyes show pain and sadness. I hope he loses all this stress, and become Kwon Jiyong again, instead of the pressured G-Dragon.
    Youtube: TheTianaSings
    Facebook: Tiana Le
    Twitter: @tianaa_le

  13. My favorite scene in G-Dragon’s crooked was when he was with his ‘British gang’ and was jumping on the tables, and kicking food, acting all badass. It just shows that he himself is not perfect as an idol, and he just wants to be like any other person. And making himself seem bad will make others get his attention. Because even though he is an idol, life is still hard and he still tries to fit into the normal life, well, in London.

  14. While his sobbing in the bathroom is heartbreaking,my favorite is ” I’ll spit toward the sky” part, when we see and hear him do just that. When i first listened the song, i was with my sister so i turned to her and asked ” did he just…?” That was the first thing that had a big impression on me, even more thinking that this is kpop where boys usually are looking seductively into the camera with hip thrusting and face rubbing,elements needed to successfully massacre the fangirls hearts.
    Spitting is some sort of social taboo and it’s rude to do in public but it worked perfectly with this MV since spitting is a universal sign of anger, hatred, disrespect.And he is spitting toward the sky, directing his anger to the entire world not just a single person or situation.I liked that. Don’t judge :) (YT: vaxutza)

  15. Pitchfork was pretty generous in my opinion. I would say this song, and every song this artist has ever produced, are complete steaming pieces of crap.

    • Oh, it’s you again. I recall replying to your first comment.

      Look: you’re entitled to have your own opinion – whether or not you want to express it; but it’s a bit sad that both of your comments on this site are just dissing people. I suggest you balance it out by complimenting some artists that you DO like, so that we know you’re just a person with different tastes, as opposed to a troll. Ok?

      Otherwise your comments will serve no purpose than to upset others, which isn’t what we want here.

  16. the shirt at 3:12…I saw it today at the mall xD

  17. (YT Account: StealTheMoment) (Boy, I wish YouTube didn’t have that maximum length thing, so I am continuing here if that’s okay.)
    I really love this MV because of all the different connections people make to it. Some people see it as him running away from his problems, he’s wearing a facade, he’s not being recognized like he wants to be, he’s being pushed to become someone he’s not and he’s retaliating against that (more Coup D’Etat than Crooked, but yeah that too). I really can’t choose a favourite part because all of it relates to me, and I love that it relates to pretty much everyone, not just his fans.But if I really had to choose, it’d be the breaking down part. I feel like it shows us a whole new side to GD. His actual feelings. I feel as though a lot of people forget that celebrities have emotions, breakdowns and in general just problems of their own. We’re always criticizing them and their hard work, and we push them so hard for them to be better than ever, but do we ever really pay attention to their psychological health and well being? Recently it’s seemed like G-Dragon has to be the all around perfect role-model for males (not just Koreans), and to me it would seem like a lot of pressure for one person. His breadown in that video could just be his cry for help, in his perfect “party” filled world. But that’s probably just me over-analyzing things because I’m really sick and moody right now ^^’

  18. My favorite scene is also my least favorite (saying non sense XD) was when GD was crying in the bathroom. I just couldn’t stand. It touched me so much . I cried while watching it and I kept thinking about for days cause I knew that those tears were real T_T . Can’t stand seeing GD crying .

  19. Pauline Macapagal

    The whole video totally reminded me of the British series Skins. I wonder if you watch that, Simon and Martina? :)

  20. Omg I really want to have a “Nasty All The Way” snapback *o*

  21. I love GD and like 2AM as well, but 2AM;s crying scene makes me want to cry only because i see them crying.
    On the other hand, GD’s crying scene makes me want to cry FOR him because he is suffering.

  22. I think this ranks as my favorite GD video to date, so it’s seriously real hard to pick just one scene. But if it’s for a chance to get my very own copy of Coup D’Etat, i’ll try to keep my fan-girling at bay and be objective.;)

    I actually liked the chewing gum scene.

    First thing that came to mind when i saw that was, “Damn GD, you’re such a badass.” I think that perfectly captured the message of “Crooked”. Being a rebel and a punk, that screw-you-and-the-world attitude. He’s this menace to society (London for that particular M/V, lol). Because on that night, he doesn’t care about anything– he’s crooked. With his quirky glasses on (and slightly weird-ass hair), he didn’t particularly look drop-dead gorgeous. I mean, compared to his many other characters in this same vid, which i could name but i won’t because i’m gonna start spazzing (like when he was walking away from the club, and he took off the furry coat to reveal that all-black ensemble, with his hot-as-hell hair…SOMEBODY STOP ME). BUT for that particular split-second scene, that unkempt look works perfectly for the main concept of the song and M/V.:)

    The gum scene also cracked me up since he’s like, “Yeah b*tch, look at me walking away like i hadn’t just pushed a random guy in the street for no reason whatsoever.” In the real world, he would’ve been pummelled to the ground or at least shoved back into the wall. And not just walk away scot-free. But because it’s GD i guess they couldn’t touch him.:p

    Thanks Simon & Martina, for having this giveaway! You guys rock!

    -itsjamiracle38 (YouTube username)

  23. i know this is off topic but you know g dragon song ” who you?” well he’s asking fans to pick idea for the mv. so his mv will be the fans idea. so simon and martina you guy may be able to review this video. do you have any ideas?

  24. Meemers has his own voice! yayyy!

  25. I already posted it on YT, but… My favorite part is the one where GD is sobbing in toilet, looking all miserable and sad. It really makes you think about the whole song and the video. I also love all the scenes in the club, where he is gradually breaking down, and falling. Oh, and the one where he is putting his leather jacket on… Sooo hot *-*

  26. My favourite scene in the mv is the very last part where GD collapse in the middle of the party, lying there motionlessly. Cos I kinda feel like its a good way to end the mv with all the deep meaning the lyrics n the mv has, like it depicts it’s the end. I interpreted it in a way like the people dancing around him is like the fans, the people around him and he’s there together with them but if they don’t stop, if their going to continue being crazy n keeping him in such a tight space, he is just gonna fall, give it all up and just collapse. It’s as if he’s trying to tell us that he has enough of all the madness, being cooped up, putting on a facade. All he wants is freedom, otherwise he might end up like that, everything would come to an end. I guess that’s about it Arh I just feel so emo now -_- and NASTY too~ (rolling down ma sexy windows) ;) I tried doing it on YouTube but it was too long;( oh we’ll TEEHEE
    YouTube username: Sandra Lim
    Twitter: @SandraShinee

  27. My favorite scene was the crying scene. Normally, GD is like, “I’m a gold n’ diamonds boy! Yep! One of a kind!” Just conceited and stuck up and a braggart! But, this really showed his vulnerability which I’ve never scene in his other music. Yes he has written about sad break ups but this was the first song about him and his weaknesses. It really made him seem like a normal guy and I really loved the contrast from his other music.

  28. My favourite part, was the whole “running man” idea :P but seriously i felt like this had more meaning to it from GD. He started off walking crooked (with swag) and then began to run. How i interpreted this was, after reading the english translation of the song, he was running away from all the problems he is facing while experiencing new things his fame has brought him to. I feel like GD here is showing us his true self, how he is sees himself in his music and maybe he was running away from his old self and trying to enter new things like ‘clubs’ but he isn’t accepted, so thats why he is running around trying to find somewhere new screaming out his pain. As a solo artist he freely expressed these hidden emotions. It was kind of like he wanted to let us all see the a new side to him like being ‘reborn’ and the image he was marketed as in the early years of Big Bang was just a creation. Like what Martina kinda said in the last Korean Indie Playlist video, the music gave me those weird feels adding to the situations in the music video (i actually cried after watching the music video the second time after i read and understood his lyrics). When he was running it clearly seen the pain he is going through and in the end we could see him breaking down and crying. Its like we were adventuring along with him running on his search for happiness. Do you get what i’m trying to say here? i dunno if i said my thoughts right, but I really love GDragon, his style, new look and this song/music video especially :)

    youtube name: Vanessa Styles

    xoxo <3

  29. I would have to say that my favorite scene in G Dragon’s Crooked MV would have to be when he hisses at the camera! The first time I watched it but i wasn’t really paying attention so I just laughed a little because it was ridiculous and such a G Dragon antic. BUT THEN…

    I watched the music video again and When he did his hiss/spit I just died right on the spot and and cried so many tears of joy and laughter that I just couldn’t it was too much!

    For all the the things G Dragon does I was not expecting him to literally hiss, and his face was just priceless! I listened to the audio and the fact that they kept that part in the actual song makes me laugh and love G Dragon even more every time it comes up when I shuffle my iPhone.

    Youtube account username: Volleyballchick13100

    And thanks for always having awesome giveaways for all of us:)

  30. The best scene is GD flopping in the room on the rocking horse and hitting his head on the couch because it evokes so many emotions in the scene. Underneath people’s high expectations is a young man who hides behind a mask of a emotionally strong person and cannot show people his true self although he is troubled.

    You can see him flopping on the horse and couch, hitting his head and being crazy in the room by himself.
    With him “stripped down”( he is seen wearing minimal clothing) to his real self, he feels restless and lonely deep down. He wants to break out of his inner shell but he can’t. He can only strip down to his real feelings, emotions and self when he is alone.

    No matter how perfect we expect of the “ALMIGHTY” Gdragon ( so powerful and charismatic on stage) , deep down he is a normal human being Kwon Jiyong who has feelings and feels lonely just like all of us too.

    Facebook: Jeannette Tan
    Youtube: Jnettenette Choi

  31. Since gd video crooked came out I’ve been listening to it on repeat everyday. I loved his syle in the video, he looked like an everyday person like you and me. When I say him crying the first time I saw the video I googled the lyrics. I just love how he put a lot of thought and meaning into his music. My favorite part of his video would have to be when he talks about wearing leather clothes and make up while looking like a greaser.
    -maricruzalcantar ←username

  32. I am really looking forward to greater things for Kwon Jiyong! :) He is growing and evolving as everyone is, and I think you’re right in saying he will become someone who makes music to say something, not just to make fluff. And, I wouldn’t mind him disappearing for 6 months if it means returning with a phenomenal album. Maybe that will happen after he returns from serving in the Korean army.

  33. Dear Martina, did you use a folk song to parody Crooked?
    It sounded familiar but I really can’t place it…

  34. My favorite part of the MV is at around 3:03 when GD hit the ride cymbal. He looked like a little kid that has never touched it or seen it and looked “amazed” when he finally did with his hands. But at the same time, it was like he was masking his true feelings. I don’t know how to explain it, but he seemed like a crazy bastard that doesn’t care anymore and just lost meaning/purpose. Also, it might be only me, but for some unknown reason, in this scene he kind of reminded me of the character Byunghee from “Shut Up Flower Boy Band,” who, by the way, was my favorite character from that drama. Maybe that’s also part of the reason as to why I liked this particular scene.

    Youtube: Hinata Hyuuga

  35. LOL those normal vs fan girl scenes and the running man scenes cracked me up. I had to rewatch them

  36. My favorite part was when he was crying/sad in the bathroom stall cuz he looked so cute!! And it shows that even though he is a badass he still as a soft spot. Youtube name Yoona Inna. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!! Been watching you guys since when you made podcasts on itunes. I miss them because when i go to places without internet i would rewatch them when i’m bored. But you guys don’t have them anymore :(

  37. My favorite part was when he was crying/sad in the bathroom stall cuz he looked so cute!! And it shows that even though he is a badass he still as a soft spot. Youtube name Yoona Inna.

  38. Hello there! I’m happy to participate in the giveaway!^^

    an artsy person, it’s a habit for me deconstruct the music videos i
    watch. So, this is a fun opportunity for me study a detail of G-Dragon’s
    music video, as he is outstanding and the most inspiring person to me!

    For my little analyses I picked out a very short
    scene. Unlike most of the scenes in “Crooked”, this was a scene that
    didn’t take away my breath – it made me think. For me, it was a
    ‘neutral’ scene.

    G-Dragon shows a lot of emotions in the
    entire video, but in this particular scene he tells us (at least that’s
    what I think), ‘Just look, and you will understand.’. The scene I’m
    talking about starts when GD rides a bike from the left to the right of
    the picture. I like how he seems childish in doing so, emphasizing that
    he’s young and prone to make mistakes in life.

    But, the center of
    attention shouldn’t be him, it’s the conspicuous reddish couch in the
    middle of the picture. It was made for two persons to sit on, however,
    no one sits there. There is no couple, only a lonely basketball (°—°).
    A toy which has been abandoned.

    Perhaps, the inmature GD in
    “Crooked” thinks that love is a game which has been played out for him.
    He lost his lover and is left alone. The only way for him is running
    away from his pain and loneliness. This last sentence actually sums up
    pretty much the MV for me. And the scene, my favourite one, was the key
    to it.^^

    This is my Youtube account with which I supscribed: Kim D (kng.d***[email protected])

    Facebook: Yuan Yoong

    Thanks eatyourkimchi-team for your hard work!
    I’m loyally checking out your new videos! x)

    YK_Yuan aka Yuan Yoong

  39. In you blog post for this week’s G-Dragon – Crooked KMM, you pointed out that Korea does not have an artist that serves as the “voice of the people”.

    I do think that GD has the potential of being the “voice of Korea” but I also think that the nature of the K-pop industry hinders the possibility. In North America, artists like Lady Gaga or Kanye West, are seen as the voice of the people because they stand up for unpopular opinions, or “stick it to the man”. I think they are able to portray these feelings because they’ve experienced the “real world” before becoming artists. Because North American artist usually debut when they are older in age, they seem to have had more time to gain life experience. They went to school with bullies, they struggled in the workforce, and basically went through what every average Joe has to deal with. I think this experience give them the ability to write or produce songs that connect with the audience.

    As far as I’ve seen, most of the popular artists in the Korean music industry started training and debuted way before they could experience what it is like to live a “normal” Korean life. I think this hinders them in the fact that they cannot truly connect with the “normal” population. How can they convey the “voice of the people” if they were never actually “the people” themselves? GD writes and produces great music when it comes to his personal life and concepts of love, fame, and sticking it to the “man” of the music industry because those are the areas of life that he can actually experience even in his status as a celebrity. But when it comes to the hardships of life that average citizens can sympathize with, it would be difficult for a popular celebrity who’s been in the industry since they started training at the age of 10 to connect with their audience.

    Maybe GD or other popular artists will, in the future, be able to draw on the experiences of others for inspiration or use their own limited personal experiences to put out music that can be deemed the “voice of Korea”, but for now I don’t see how it would be possible with how the current music industry is laid out.

    Thank for sending my mind off on a tangent :P

    Keep up the great work :)

  40. my favorite part is when the big black man blocks GD in the disco, he’s like really realistic, with the pointing finger. like “who you think you are?? here, you are nothing” and he’s pretty scary.. and then GD give up and walk away, and he takes off his long furry coat, that could have the hiding meaning of FAME~~~~ and it disappears and he moves on, lighter.

  41. My favorite part was when GD was dragging the humongous fur coat around 1:08 in the video.. I mean, if I have a coat that big, i’d probably drag it along also….

    and the crying part was semi-believable as well.

  42. Hey guise.

    I don’t know if I should be happy that a k-pop artist is discussed. Especially since it’s Gd. He’s already famous. And the review doesn’t do him a lot of justice. Even if a Korean artist gets acknowledged by a big reviewing website, the people are the ones that decide to believe or not (cause in the end, everybody believes what they want to believe and hear what they want to hear you know?). I actually thought they would do an actual review of Coup D’Etat… but they just talked about the album mostly and how good the song is – for them – (in terms of rapping). One thing I agree with them “G-Dragon is getting more press for his swag than his sound”.

    “Still, though, thinking about GD and his music, I’m wondering what the next step will be. I remember having a discussion with someone high up in the music industry, and he said that the thing that bothers him about Korean Music is that there isn’t a voice for a generation. Who is the voice of Korea? Who sings about their lives? GD could be that person, I think, but from what I’m seeing most of his music is really ultra-personal, more about him and his life. And, let’s face it, majority of us aren’t ultra successful ultra rich pop stars, so it’s not really something a lot of people can relate to, you know? ” – Well… I think Block B started a while ago going in that direction… and I became sure after hearing their new realease “빛이 되어 줘” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNtuOrw6mfc&list=PLF4E2QsZOPOI0Hava3qnK6_3RQ2tJZUm_&index=2 and also 방탄소년단 (BTS). These guise are so passionate about their music and their fans.

    - I don’t know if Gd could become a voice. First he has to put his thoughts and emotions in order (or better said “get out of his mind” alive).
    - I used to like “The only thing I can do to support the artist is buy their music. It’s their problem. Let them deal with it” but thanks to you guise (EYK) I realised that, that wasn’t the right mentality. I know a lot of fans from all of the kpop artists out there, watch a lot of the shows they appear in. The artists are almost 24 hours on TV. They might have family issues (but nobody thinks about that… they “must” appear happy for the viewers to see); concerts, interviews, reading fanletters, checking feedback… oh yeah…and dealing with hating comments…. they’re not machines. I think it’s not about relating, it’s just simply thinking for a moment of putting yourself in their shoes. But that’s not comfortable; it’s easier to stay in your own bubble. “Yeah man, that’s tough” saying those words without actually putting feeling into them…. 너무 지겨워요.

    I actually wished to hear your opinion on the video(although I’m not a Gd fan). The review was perfect for your audience. I don’t know why I was expecting a more serious review, moreover since I know your style.

    Sorry for the rant there…

    Great work!


  43. I commented on the EYK YouTube video but I feel like I wasn’t able to fully express myself because of the 500 character limit… (youtube username: krnprincess210 / Rebecca Lee)

    My favorite part in the music video is 1:47 – 1:50. It’s hard to explain ‘why’ because frankly GD isn’t doing anything in this scene. He just sits on the floor. But that’s what I like about it. Even though G-Dragon ‘just’sits in that scene, it fits with the line that he sings during that part (Leave me alone, I was alone anyway). He seems alone and deep in thought/lost in thought or maybe just lost in general. Rather than going through all face touching, hip thrusting most kpop idols do, GD just sitting there seems to make a bolder statement. The street looked so cold and the green light worked really well with the scene. The light was club-like party mixed with loneliness, similar to the club scenes in the MV Simon mentioned. This song and video actually described how I, maybe most of us, feel about life sometimes. We wonder what we worked for when nothing lasts forever. We want to be alone, but then we want someone to be a friend, be there for us. Sometimes we just want to be… crooked. I liked Coup D’état, but I loved Crooked. Coup D’état was filled with messages/symbolism, whereas Crooked was easier for me to relate to. Great job GD. And thank you S&M for asking this question ^__^

    ANDD, thank you Simon and Martina again for reviewing Crooked for KMM!! I voted almost every day since its release and I was sad thinking it would not be reviewed, but when I checked to see if you did a KMM this week, it was for Crooked! Literally made my day :) By the way, I also want to thank you for putting so much effort into your YouTube Channels! I discovered you through EXO’s Wolf KMM and after watching your ‘review’ I have gone back to watch every single KMM (and TL; DRs) because the KMM for Wolf was AMAZINGG (and I wanted to learn all the jokes… sexy window, I lost my pants, etc.) But I will say that I miss the ‘English’ segment in KMM because, as a Korean born and raised in SoCal, I agree and laugh along with almost everything you say about their ENGRISH. Nevertheless, I’m proud to say that I am a Nasty, and I hope you all get lots of rest from traveling/jet-lag and continue to make great videos for us!

  44. My favorite part is when he’s sitting all alone in the side of the street. Despite the simplicity of the scene you can see the depth and vulnerability of GD in that part.

  45. youtube username: janajee

    My favorite scene was when GD lay on top of the toy pony, officially defeated and sad. It was so adorable, but so sad, and I may have rewatched that scene more than a million thousand times? Hahahaha. I also want to have a giant toy pony of my own.

  46. My favorite part is from 2:10 to 2:14, when he mimic do a spit to the sky and when it falls, lands in his face. Three takes for just that makes it specially artistic and symbolic, coz the crooked GD spit and the one that looks more childish take it, somehow saying he is damaging himself with that attitude, his more fragile side of him….

    Youtube: Mylenne007

  47. Cyber_3

    GUISE….I had turned on the english annotations/captions for another video when I re-watched this one and I have to say W.T.F.???? I went back to Junsu’s last KMM and it was fine but seriously, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the ones in this week’s KMM (I’m crying from laughing so hard actually), was that on purpose?

  48. My favorite part is at 2:33 he looks so cute and comfy on that rocking horse with his little boxing shorts on like “Yeah this is my horse if I wanna take a nap here I do what I want!” He is totally rocking that horse…get it lol. I really like the whole video because I think that it another way that GD is expressing what he really is thinking. Yea its a lot of fun and exciting to be a K-POP star but really you gotta think how hard and tiring it must get sometimes. He loves his fans and music so its worth every second but maybe sometimes he just feels trapped in a corner and just wants to scream and kick stuff around :). We all can relate but personally I think this song is really catchy and the video is awesome to watch.

    YouTube: armygirl916

  49. Mystification

    Can you guys at least do a blog post about Coup D’etat? I really want to know how you saw it

  50. Ok, can someone direct me to where I can buy Simon’s hat??? It is not in the store.. Thanks

  51. Oh my!!! This was HILARIOUS!!!! I loved all the skits XD ONE OF MY FAVORITE KPOP MUSIC MONDAYS XD

  52. I liked the scene where he got rejected from the club. It made him seem more like an average person even though we all know that wouldn’t happen in real life.


  53. Is that The Cure I see on the laptop??? BIZZYTIGREYOONMIRAE

  54. My favorite part of the video is how he really shows that he is a normal person in the emotions that he shows and how he apparently has a thing for S&M, (OOOH He SO NASTY!), as we see him with the handcuff belt and in MichiGO with his love of being SPAnKed, S&m. He also shows us that he likes to peeing in public and on video, (In MichiGo as well), again S&M. He also apparently has been getting advice from TOP on imitating Spudgy as we see in his light blue suit.

    I like how the music video and the lyrics really match and complement each other, as it should be. To me the song is about how some on top of the world, famous, etc. has fallen from stardom and how he keeps trying to live that life again; being able to do anything, go anywhere, be the center of attention. However, as we see when he is actually allowed to be in a club and he doesn’t enjoy it as much. We see how it really takes a toll on him emotionally. He possibly realized the people he thought were his friends where only there for the stuff and experience. That will really get to you. He acts kinda crazy and tries to pick
    fights but then it doesn’t come to fruition, (I guess they really thought he was crazy and of course you don’t fight back when there is a crazy person with a gun, or a pipe. ;) ) I feel so sorry for him, as someone who has been depressed I really feel for him, I’ve hid while I cried; it is just something that you have to experience to understand. But that doesn’t solve the
    issues that is for a professional. I really, really connected with this video, I get it.

    -Texas Nasty

    YouTube: justin922011

  55. Whoa Martina I have the same purple sunglasses, except without the chain part swinging down. The chain just goes across the lenses. Where did you get them? I bought them at a thrift shop in the U.S.

  56. Cyber_3

    In response to your blog question of who speaks for S. Korea’s (or N. Korea’s for that matter) current generation, I think that the answer is probably no one. I admit that I don’t have a wide and deep grasp of all things Korean musical but between the kpop and k-indie I’ve seen over the last 2 years there only seems to be two extremes: banale and angsty. Sometimes angsty banale…. It feels like the generation has been muzzled. Heck, look at the content of kpop songs, even when it tries to be meaningful, the message never gets past love relationships. Even k-indie which you would think could have a wider/deeper range of message totally just skims the surface – it either goes into obscure symbology or is very indirect. We all know that’s because you will not get any air time if you don’t play by the rules and what point is there in a message that no else gets to hear but come on. With the internet today, there’s gotta be a way to get our your message if you really want to. I feel that being Korean today is a very sad thing where people are really depressed about their situations but are not supposed to express anything and few seem to even have the opportunity to even speak up that this is why the suicide rate is so high. Is it the economy? Korean culture/government? I don’t really know, because it’s hidden from me, I just know that I, personally, would go stark raving mad at the restrictions of living the life of a typical Korean woman. Maybe that’s why I can identify a little with kpop these last 2 years because I am trapped in a situation myself and I can totally emphathize with the tiny thin line of pain that leaks out into kpop once in a while. I am luckily soon to escape my entrapment though (finally moving!) so maybe that is why I am trending more towards k-indie these days. ^_^

    I’m going to add here at the end that the only exception that I find to this lack of voice is MFBTY/Drunken Tiger (who I saw on the laptop in the background for this KMM) – I think that they have a strong voice but they are still a little too subtle in their message. I really super appreciate that their music is helpful, and I greatly enjoy it (as well as their r-awesome videos). Especially since they are positive and empowering rather than wallowing like a lot of others, but to truly be a voice, I think that they have to kick it up to the next level and be more overt with their messages, a little bit more in your face about it. Perhaps less subtle, less metaphorical, so that it’s obvious even to a kid what you are trying to say. For example, I think that Pascal Obispo (in particular, his “Captain Samurai Flower” album – see “Idealiste” and “Le Drapeau” for m/vs – you’ll get it even if you don’t understand french) is a least one level higher in putting out a message, though his message is a different one. Not that I’m kicking MFBTY……….I wouldn’t dare! ;)

    • Honestly, for the most part I really agree with what you and S&M have said about there being a void in the voice for those in S. Korea, however I do see some bands/people getting closer to being that including (but not limited to) GD, MFBTY and BTS (B.A.P with their latest release Badman is starting to head in this direction). The reason I say BTS is because although they are new rookies as of this year they have come hard in their lyrics for both of their comebacks as well as songs they covered before their debut about society and culture in Korea, more namely school dynamics, and I have enjoyed listening to their lyrics that pretty bluntly point out the flaws they have seen/experienced. I’m hoping that this outspokenness on their part will lead to positive change. Here is a couple examples of what I mean:

      • Cyber_3

        Thanks for the reply, I certainly enjoyed/appreciated BTS’s “NO” better once I watched it all the way through and had eng. subs on. I think that this is a good start, I like the message, it is fairly overt and it’s empowering but other than one mention about having fun instead, it’s kind of just a cry for help or a rallying cry without a direction or a motivation. It has to go further. I picked out MFBTY in particular because they seem to understand that without presenting solutions, pointing out a problem is not much more than complaining. If BTS continues down this road, they have to go about 5 levels further to make an actual difference. They need to sing about HOW and WHAT to do to break out, how to handle the backlash to your rebellion, what to do with your new free time, other than just saying “no”. Okay, I said “no”, now what? You can’t just break the shackles, you have to lead the people out and to a better life.

        Also, consider that if there was a youthful rebellion in S. Korea and they succeeded in breaking out of their automaton scholastic existence, there are no services, no ideas, no locations, no method or help to help them help themselves into a new life/leisure?/purpose. And think of all the adults/parents that will then have no purpose of living through their kids and no structure to their lives that has supported them all this way, they don’t know what to do now, their lives seem even emptier than before. This is how revolutions fall apart – you free the slaves but after a week or so they realize that they’ve been so institutionalized that they don’t know what to do now and all their familiar supports, cues, and social mores, are gone so they all freak out and clamour for servitude again since it is a known vs. the unknown of freedom and the corrupt elite just jump into the power vacuum and it’s back to business as usual.

        This discussion really reminds me of why I don’t like the work of most female American comicbook artists. Almost all of them feel the need to tell me their sad story as a sort of catharsis for themselves but to me it’s a big exercise in attention whoring since none of them tell me how to survive their ordeals to go on to better things, how to move on and build a new life, or even how to keep from becoming as broken as they are or worse. This is how I came to like manga since their stories were more upbeat and uplifting. Sure, a lot of manga is trite and completely cliche, but there is just as many pleasant stories and awesome josei that gives one hope that we can find a direction and follow our dreams without falling into every single trap. I’m currently working on some titles by Makimura Satoru, her work is awesome – it’s not revolutionary, but it’s pretty realistic. Sorry for the seguay…it’s just that for me – manga->anime->jpop->kpop->Eyk so as long as I’m here, I think of this sometimes.

        • While I agree with you on some points, I have to disagree in others. I think you’re taking the message a little too far in some ways. BTS are talking about things they’ve gone though and many korean students go through as well, and trying to make society see this as a problem first and foremost. Not exactly giving a solution but seeing the problem at hand is something that is very difficult to do in Korean culture because there is just this mindset about studying and competition and the pressure from parents and etc, and no one really lets it be known, in Korea at least. Also, they’re speaking from the point of views themselves of people who USED to live that kind of life, but are not anymore and have been able to reach for their own dreams. ( Their lives don’t have to feel empty once they break out) It IS possible even in a society like Korea, because it is seen more and more often with idols training since young, living and having to adjust to a very different lifestyle in order to achieve their dreams. I think that’s what they’re talking about and that’s the message they’re trying to get across. Maybe it’s aimed more specific towards a career in singing or the music industry, but in my opinion it can also be applied to other dreams. ^^

          I’m not sure if they’ll exactly be the “voice of Korea in this generation” but I know they speak and feel relatable to teens that are going through the same thing they are, and they can say “Hey, we did achieve our dreams, so you can as well.”

        • Cyber_3

          Thank you for your nice reply. As far as BTS goes, yes, perhaps what I said is going a little too far. Not everyone has to be a revolutionary and certainly every little bit helps. Look how long it’s taken for environmentalism to even get headlines and it’s still miles away from making big changes, but I think it’s slowly gaining momentum. However, I am going to respectfully disagree with your post on a couple of points.

          1) pointing out the problem: Everyone knows it’s there, it’s the elephant in the room, but yes, drawing attention to it is good. Here is the problem though, the kids hate being forced to study non-stop and I am sure that the parents don’t want to force this on them but (unlike in the “N.O.” song) the hard life doesn’t get easier when you grow up, it just gets harder…..and even extra hard if you haven’t put in the ridiculous schooling ahead of time, the parents (in their way) are just trying to prepare their children to face the harshness of the real world in Korean society. So why aren’t kids breaking out now? Because they know that they’re going to pay for it later in life, they see how their parents live…..there’s not really any where for them to “break out” to either. Don’t study, whachagonnado? Even if you go play soccer with a bunch of friends after school and then to a coffee shop, eventually you’ll get picked on for truancy or causing trouble because it’s not the status quo, you stand out, which is a bit of a no-no in Korean society. And welp, it’s back to cram school and no life again AND you have something on your “record” as a strike against you when applying to universities of getting work. I’m not going to go as far as calling it irresponsible to encourage youth to break the cycle without giving them a place to go, but I don’t see if as leading to anything useful or even more happiness. You really need it to be “en mass” to make it worthwhile for those doing it, and you need to make the powers that be and parents loosen up the reins a little for that to succeed……So, you have to make life as an adult better first, before you can hope to improve that of kids (in principle). So yeah, good at pointing it out, as long as it’s not just to get fans, or to be rebellious. Seriously, just like they adopt certain fashions to gain attention, some idols adopt certain attitudes to get attention, they change them like I change my underwear: twice daily! I would hope that they would also put some of their idol time to making alternate after school programs for these kids……even if it’s learning “what you want” programs.
          2) idols have a better life: This is both true and false. Is it better than the average Korean student? Yes and no. Being an idol gets you some perks for sure but it also gets you much more work AND a much MUCH more restrictive lifestyle. At least students live at their home with their parents (in theory), idols live in dorms and unless they are super top stars, rarely get free time at all in their schedules. And what about all the wannabe idols, or all the ones that tried and didn’t stay popular? Can all idols really keep going in to their 40s? Do they want to? What do you do when you don’t make it or are done being an idol? You haven’t finished school, so you can’t get a regular job. You’re not popular so you can’t get air time. Your family is ashamed of your failure and you may not have been allowed time to see them for years. You can try to get in behind the scenes but you’ll have to know someone to help network you in (maybe not too hard). You’ve given up even more than the average student for even less in the end. Kpop idols, when allowed to speak freely, will tell you that it’s a hard hard life. Korea likes to hold up idols as an ideal, something to strive for, but the reality isn’t the promise. A lot of idols are forced into surgery and dentistry for their looks. Made to take classes to increase their sex appeal all the while being forced to live a monk’s aesthetic. They work ridiculous hours and get little sleep with little personal contact outside of their management entourage. I think that things may be SLOWLY getting better for idols as more foreign-born idols of Korean heritage get into the mix and rock the boat but this is the only crack in Korean society that I have seen. So, did they “achieve their dreams”? Being famous is the only thing that matters in Korea and you have to work hard to maintain that, even if you’re born into it -doesn’t this seem sad? It’s part of the problem in my opinion and feeding into the idea that being an idol = freedom only perpetuates the problem.

          Okay, these were some gigantic generalizations and frankly, I’m not there on the ground in S. Korea to really get a feel of this. But I have seen far too many “behind the scenes” and documentaries on Korea to think that I am way out in left field. I’m not sure why I felt the need to get all wordy on the subject, perhaps I have a White Knight complex……it just hit me at the right moment and out poured my opinion. It was not necessarily aimed at anyone, I enjoy a good discussion and well, from watching so much EYK these last 2 years, I guess that I feel a little closer to the problem. Other than discussing here though, I’m not sure what else I could do to help…..

  57. Alice Staniszewski

    Do you know why this song is called CROOKED and he keeps on running through out the whole video it is because he stole the CROWN jewels and every British person keeps chasing him to get them back HA HA LOL :) and it is like someone said RUN GD RUN like Forest Gump but in all awesome song love GD,EYK #OhGDSoNasty from and Ohio Nasty!!!!!!!

  58. My favorite part was when he became an even “badder” bad boy with the studded jacket, and kicking the food of the table. At first it seemed like it was all for the sake of pity and attention but at the same time he’s crossed the line, (it’s sacrilege to kick someone else’s food but he doesn’t care) he’s gone too far that he can’t go back. He feels betrayed so he betrays himself further to numb the pain. Partying was another way to vent the pain but even that doesn’t help so he desperately runs alone searching for a place of comfort but nothing can comfort him anymore, except maybe this person’s friendship because the love (romantically at least) is gone.
    But it seems too late, out of his anger he pushed [them] away solidifying his abandonment and loneliness.
    “Iyudo eobseo” sounds like “me you south” in english and then it’s followed by everything is meaningless. This is when he spirals into self destruction and chaos not caring if he ends up on the ground because in the end he’ll still feel lonely and loveless without the comfort of a genuine love (whether romantic or not)
    it just needs to be real and solid and everlasting even if he goes off the deep end, because it’ll be like an anchor to keep him from losing it completely, and that’s all he really wanted, a friend, that’ll stick by and not change just because his celebrity status rose or whatever scandal may happen.

    All he really wanted was a homie fo life! :’(

  59. My favorite scene
    At the beginning, when GD is walking around by himself. In the rest of the music video, he’s either pretending to have a good time with his friends or crying alone, but in the beginning part he doesn’t seem upset or happy, he’s kinda just wandering aimlessly. When he’s running, it’s not totally clear where he’s going- if he’s going to hang out with his friends or be by himself. I’d say it’s a good way to start the mv since he doesn’t want to be with his friends or cry alone, and so he’s kinda aimless in what he wants to do.

    Youtube: lostisland88

  60. I think GD could be that voice :) i also started to get into BTS recently and i feel that their songs have great meaning behind them too.

  61. Shelley Beh

    “He’s got the ruuuuuns. He’s got the ruuuuuuunnnnss” holy crap it’s stuck in my head haha it’s up there with the TaeMan song *thumbs up*

  62. crooked mv is definitely one of the best mv from YG i think. the concept fit so well with the song meaning. and i love how GD sincerely express himself through out his song and act on the music video.
    okay, so the scene that i love the most (which is pick one out of 15 scene is soooo difficult for me) is 1:20
    when GD play all alone in the basketball court with his so well designed sofa and his super edgy bicycle. this scene came up when my favorite part of the song came in (yup, that one before the chorus). i think i really understand what GD’s feeling (playing all alone although he got it all he wants, everyone leave him, i don’t know it just seems so…).

    and i also didn’t realize it until i take a snap for this quiz, that the boy riding the bike was actually GD (kekekeke… thanks guys! i just realize it now. :p )

    youtube : mountasgard

    twitter : greenhitch

    and i love this crooked kpop monday! so hilarious!

  63. my fave scene is 0:37. it stands out to me because it’s the only scene NOT focused on GD, with the camera (man) shaking and going crazy with the song.
    youtube: brodover

  64. I like the part where he sprayed his hair. That 2-8 combed hair is so classic.

  65. Of course, like most people, I loved the heartbreaking shots of him sobbing, but my very favorite part was him draped over the rocking horse. He just looked so defeated. As soon as I saw that I thought, “Yes, dude. I’ve been there. I know that feel.” (YT username freddiehobart)

  66. Twitter: MarianneJune
    YouTube: Adonvara

    What struck me most was actually the very beginning, because it seems to me as though GD is trying to get away from the camera – and, by extension, from the prying eyes of other people, because he doesn’t want them to witness his impending breakdown. Perhaps for this reason he is initially only depicted facing away from the camera. He glances back briefly before breaking into a run, his speed increasing with each new scene change. I think it connects pretty well with the rest of the video, how he’s trying to escape his pain by acting out – specifically, as we also see later on, by trying to physically outrun it.

  67. only on eatyourkimchi, will u see a runs video when talking about GD! HAHAHAHAH Died of laughter!

  68. Pretty interesting comments! I still love ‘dem runs’ on this music Monday making me sound like a crazy person lolling in my room ^U^

  69. First of all, I have to say: I love the Drunken Tiger laptop wallpaper! I’ve listened to their latest song on a loop for a few days and I just love it. :D

    Now about the video: I’m not usually that big a fan of GD, but I really like this song. To me it sounds a bit different than what you usually hear in Kpop, and I find it quite refreshing!

    Also, I really enjoyed this KMM. The casual guy vs fangirl reaction was hillarious, and I found your analysis about there no being any voice for Korea’s youth in the music industry quite interesting.

    I also want to say that I really appreciate your working so hard for putting so many awesome videos up! I just hope (insert annoying mum’s voice) that you don’t work yourselves too hard and take a good rest from time to time (I saw you posted this video quite late yesterday). Simon and Martina fighting~! And thank you again for your awesome videos :D

  70. Youtube: CertifiedHottestsVIP

    There were a looooot of scenes in Crooked that I liked. My favorite scene was when he was lying down on the couch in his designer boxers and just banging his head. It’s a short scene but I think it’s really funny and cute. And it’s not just my favorite ’cause he showed us his cute body >:) At the same time it makes me feel sad for him. I could kind of relate as well to that “what am I doing with my life?” feeling that scene was giving. I could also relate with the other scenes in that same apartment setting with him riding the wooden horse while sulking or kicking innocent pillows. Everyone has those days where you feel depressed or angry over something and you just want to let it all out in your room. It’s through scenes like this where we can kind of connect with him and realize that behind all that swag and glamour, GD is also Kwon Jiyong, a normal person with those kinds of feelings as well and not the perfect idol, leader, artist, or fashion icon image that people perceive him to be. This MV made me feel a bit sad for him because it made me think that when we see GD performing he may seem really happy and energetic and enjoying with the fans but behind the scenes he may be tired of being an idol and putting up with that image. What’s worse is that he was alone in most of the scenes so maybe he struggles with these feelings inside himself, not letting them out. It really made me realize the ups and downs of a celebrity’s life.

  71. my favorite scene would definitely be the one when he was in the bathroom crying, and looking at the camera, as if pleading to just help him with this pain he’s going through. THIS SCENE JUST BROKE MY HEART. :(( but i loved how it did so. (quite masochistic, eh? haha) since i don’t understand korean, watching the video without knowing its lyrics made me think that the song was all about being free, and not having a care of what everybody thinks. then, when it came to this scene, everything just pivoted. it made me realize that the song has an entirely different meaning than i originally thought it had. that scene just made me realize its true meaning, that everything else he was doing was just to mask the pain and that, truthfully, he just feels so alone and “crooked”. :(( ultimately, when i compared the lyrics with how the video was portrayed, it was just PERFECT… and it was just awesome how it broke my heart the same way, all over again. yeah, i’m a masochist. :))

    youtube username: rawgeenet

  72. My favorite scene is at 3.35 when GD spreads his arms, it’s like he’s saying “this is me, take it or leave it.” In the context of the music video, which I also interpret as him pretending to have a good time while he’s actually miserable, that kind of an action seems so honest. And since that scene comes right before he’s shown (still) crying in the bathroom, it makes me feel that he’s really afraid to show who he really is, but he’s just too tired of pretending to keep it up anymore. It’s a really short scene, but it struck me as special.

    But really, I loved this entire MV. Like seriously all the scenes.

    Youtube username: ochixiru

  73. my favorite scene would definitely be the one when he was in the bathroom crying, and looking at the camera, as if pleading to just help him with this pain he’s going through. THIS SCENE JUST BROKE MY HEART. :(( but i loved how it did so. (quite masochistic, eh? haha) since i don’t understand korean, watching the video without knowing its lyrics made me think that the song was all about being free, and not having a care of what everybody thinks. then, when it came to this scene, everything just pivoted. it made me realize that the song has an entirely different meaning than i originally thought it had. that scene just made me realize its true meaning, that everything else he was doing was just to mask the pain and that, truthfully, he just feels so alone and “crooked”. :(( ultimately, when i compared the lyrics with how the video was portrayed, it was just PERFECT… and it was just awesome how it broke my heart the same way, all over again. yeah, i’m a masochist. :))

    youtube username: rawgeenet

  74. YouTube: cookieholick

    Facebook: Hanna Kacarowa

    Sorry, no twitter! :)

    For me, one of the most significant places in the context of the video is GD’s apartment. It symbolically represents GD’s mind. All of the activities that are taking place in there correspond to GD’s inner sensations and attitudes to the environment he lives in. Beating his head against the couch, dancing around wearing a funky animal print jacket, riding a wooden horse etc. All of these are physical responses to his emotional torments. We can see a gradual transition from one state of mind
    and body to another and hence from one bizarre activity to another.

    I believe these moments of solitude and reflection are the ones that are being the most liberating in terms of GD’s emotions. I can personally relate to the apartment scenes as they realistically demonstrate the inner struggles of many people and what they do in order to release all the negative emotional tension accumulated (in this case as a result of pretending to be somebody else in front of society). In my opinion, GD shows that solitude allows you to be reflective, depressed, expressive, vigorous etc. without the fear of being judged by others. I, also, like the juxtaposition between the static nature of the apartment and GD’s hyperactivity whilst being in there. I like the contrast between the ideas of being closed inside a room (as an implication of lack of freedom) and at the same time being absolutely free and liberated.

    I truly enjoyed the emotional roller coaster GD took me on (especially in this particular sequence of apartment scenes) and hope other people could relate to some of the concepts in this video as well. :)

  75. Youtube name: YanieRIF

    Twitter: fl_yanie

    Facebook: Yani Indah

    Hmm… I really dont have a favourite part per se cause lets face it the whole music video was awesome from having a meaningless life to putting up a carefree exterior but I love how with this song you can actually picture GD being the lead singer in a punk rock/indie band fitting with all the clothing he wore. It really is surprising, to me at least, that GD could fit into the punk rock genre completely and I wouldnt think he was in an ‘idol’ group if I didnt know about him from the start. I am sure this has never happened in any kpop idol bands before apart from bands like CN blue. Although truth be told, his music video has alot of running and is always running away from something (in his life I assume). However if I do have to pick one scene it would be how he roam the streets like he was a nobody or just your average rebellious teenager (he does look like a child at times). We dont get to see alot of celebrities walking down a road and not getting a second look. There certainly wasnt any fangurillas! So that was a refreshing touch.

    And thank you for this nastiest giveaway! xo

  76. What I love with the MV is that GD shows his awesomeness on it. Who the hell would be in their sofas with their shoes on? Also, who would dare sleeping in that horse toy if you’re depress? Only GD does. <3 Youtube username: kadeeyong

  77. I’m really sad that you missed so many KMM and I don’t want a stupid gd-cd as an appology because gd still got kmm and also has enogh fans to have the chance to get reviewed next week. but the only girl-group video wich was all the time in the top 3, when you were gone, and had a hard time staying there against all the boybands wasn’t noticed by you at all -.- kara fighting!

  78. PLS PLS PLS review coup d’etat!!!!! We nasties will keep voting massively for his mv untill u guys reviewed it!!!!!!!!!!! it’ll b B E A utiful

  79. my favorite part was when talked bout GD coocking money. But, o no, wait, never happend -_-’ ?! That’s from”Coup d’état”…reason why we registered&voted massively for every single day,anticipating&dying 2 watch an interesting,funny,smart&challe­nging “KMM” from u guys.But never got reviewed :’( so sad.PLS take time to EVER review this masterpiece,when u can.GD deserves that much for it&so do Nasties.Don’t care how long it’ll take,we’ll wait :). C U in Amsterdam guys!Totally <3 review of croocked

  80. I can’t really choose because I think all of the scenes in the MV has to be presented together as a whole to convey the anger and depressing feeling of the song. However, if I go through frame by frame of the MV, the scene when he came out from the car is my favourite. It’s as if being in pain and heartbroken, he was trying to act cold and well… CROOKED. He may look vulnerable and intensely heartbroken in the crying scene, but to me it was the part when he was acting cool and tough that is the most difficult for him .
    Well of course, thanks EYK for this giveaway ! =D
    Youtube username : TheHiddenWords2

  81. A lot of people are pointing out the scenes where he’s crying in the bathroom and that /does/ affect me but not quite as much as it affected me when he’s crying and running.
    The difference there is that – he’s basically in a bathroom having a breakdown which – been there, done that – but that’s kind of a place to seek solace or at least to get some kind of privacy (even if it is a public bathroom)
    When he’s running in the streets and crying though, it’s that much more public.
    Running and crying – it’s almost more desperate because when one is in that much emotional turmoil, you’re not thinking about where you’re going.
    It’s seems more like a physical attempt to outrun the pain but, because you’re so distracted, so many other things could go wrong.
    (Does that make any sense?)
    It just calls to mind instances in my own life where things seemed to be so dark and unbearable, that I just took off.
    Just left and ran and ran until I couldn’t breathe and I didn’t know if the fluid on my face were tears or sweat.
    The lyrics really bring it to a head – that he’s been so betrayed and hurt that he’s just self-destructing.

    Anyway, blah blah blah
    Youtube: 4ng3legg
    Twitter: @eggNoise

  82. Favorite parts: Random bark (?) at 1:09 and the silent screams at 1:44 and 2:05. Also, GD lying down on food at 2:26. Everyone was like “Oh okay he’s on top of what’s left of our food after he messed them up.. nbd.”

  83. So… I’m just going to be real here; I did not like Coup d’Etat. Like, at all. Okay, that’s a lie; I like the chill factor in the beat, it’s got the bass of a typical American hip hop jam, but it’s a lot more chill and not as bombastic. What I don’t like is G-Dragon *on* the beat. Sorry bro, but your vocals sounded *extremely* whiny and annoying; I typical have no problem with shrill vocalists/rappers, but there is just something about G-Dragon’s voice on that track that annoys my brain matter (and this is coming from a dude who loved That XX, where homeboy is singing in ranges that I’m sure are possible for normal human men XD). *ahem* Crooked. Joshie like better. Like, loads better. It’s not as symbolism heavy or artsy (thank the great Lord God in Heaven :3), but that’s why I personally like it; it’s personal and us normal folks can kind of relate to it. G-Druggin’ (oops, did I say that aloud ;D) is dressed up to the nines like he usually is, but he doesn’t look like he’s wearing a costume; he looks like a typical 20-something from the high class who is desperately trying to be a part of *that* life, but is failing hard (think Beyonce’s attempt at ratchetness in Bow Down failing). The song is also pretty awesome which it’s funky fresh beat switches from chorus to verse (the drums are toned down and the distorted guitars are removed leaving a sparingly effected riff being played) and best of all, G-Dragon’s voice isn’t annoying :D Like seriously folks, I hardly see why people whine about G-Dragon and CL having whiny voices 90% of the time, but *that* song is where I 100% believe them.

    Anyway… I totes missed have K-Pop Music Mondays!! It’s so nice to finally see my favorite characters roaming around the EYK Studio, being creepy and what not (you, Fangurilla, have a special place in my heart :3). My vote for this week’s pole definitely goes to G-Dragon. I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely cannot with 2AM’s ballads (or 90% of Korean ballads, period XD). I honestly can’t stand them and that’s a damn shame because I definitely *love* me some Jo Kwonce Knowles in my life. WRY JYP!?!! WRY YOU MAKE THE MOST INTERESTING MAN IN K-POP A BALLAD SINGER?!?!?!! The sense… it’s just not being made XD

    • Thank you. I thought I was the only person who did not enjoy Coup d’Etat.
      I got it – i understood all the symbolism but the song itself just irked me.
      Ntm, I have a deep dislike of YG artists wearing that American hip-hop/rap scene as a fashion statement rather than understanding where it came from.

      (BUT SRSLY THO JO KWON, I don’t understand him being a ballad singer since he is so overthetop fantastic and wonderful, he should just have his own gd show already.)

      • I don’t care for heavy symbolism in my pop music; that’s not why I listen to pop music. I think it’s cool that G-Dragon is exercising his mind when he’s coming up with these concepts, but just like IGAB’s wackiness, he’s being different just for the sake of being different. And just like the ratty and greasy weave that adorned his misguided head, it just wasn’t cutting it. The video looked cool and high budget (maybe that’s where the budget for 2NE1′s Do You Love Me video went XD), but I had no want to really analyze. I’m sorry to any VIPs who think I’m dissing G-Dragon, because I’m not; I just *cannot* with this faux high art pretense that seems to have infected pop music in the last few years.

    • I just gave you a thumbs up for Jo Kwonce Knowles. You ain’t lying about that one there.

      • #JustSayin’ Dude is the most flamboyantly fantastic man in K-Pop *and* he’s shown that he can handle those dance floor anthems (if you don’t believe me, be sure to watch his Animal performances and listen to his solo mini), so *why* keep him a ballad group? I promise you that 2PM does whatever the motherlove they want, but 2AM just *has* to stay with those darn ballads -_-

  84. I think this video also gave me a sense that he may speak for a young Korean generation that has been told how to make it, has done it, but hasn’t found what they are looking for (as people all around the world are doing in market economies, especially capitalist ones). It think it’s troubling to speak about those generational artists because, well not everyone identifies with them, I feel they often speak for some people, some aspect. Here and there music has defining moments but I think it transfer from group to group because it’s all about the message and not really about the person.

    This video and these lyrics are quite vague which I think is notorious of pop songs in Korea that venture towards some kind of statement about society and collective experiences, and so it seems hard for me and my Korean friends to connect with them. But with this song, he really go under my skin. It reminded me of when I was in the closet, quite vividly, not in that I went around stepping on peoples food hahah, but the emotion, the running, the out of placeness, the overwhelming sadness, just this alienated existence and futility that is so encompassing in that state of being, I found it really accessible in the video even though it is not about that. The thing is it can. It can be a rich kid, it can be an LGBT kid, it can be a kid whose going to his military service, it can be a kid with HIV, I mean it’s endless. You can reflect yourself back on him in this video. It is the first Kpop video that’s ever done that to me.

  85. ill have jaejoong full album to look forward to in october ~~~

  86. hey eyk have you heard gd’s song who you (here’s a link for live http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erEHzRfPPB0)

  87. I picked GD for the vote because we see 2AM cry all the time. It had more impact for me to see GD crying because he always looks so cheerful or confident all the time.

  88. i dont really have a particular favorite ‘scene’ but what i like from the video is GDs wardrobe. Gd is known to be a fashionista and no matter what weird ass clothes he wears he still looks amazing. The big fur coat and the animal print clothes i get the vibe of a a rich pompous person. The leather jacket perfect for the trouble maker. I thought it was really cool how he had a tank top of a cross when throughout the video he had tattoo the same cross on his chest. (also the scene without any clothes on is greatly appreciated :P) youtube username: xocutivexo

  89. Me gusta las escenas donde GD corre, porque si es como estuviera huyendo de sus problemas, como si quisiera dejar todas aquellas responsabilidades que tanto lo agobian, dejar de ser GD para poder se Kwon Ji Yong.
    Otra de las escenas que más me gusta es cuando intenta entrar al club y lo rechazan y lo empujan, da una imagen de macho que cree que todo lo puede hacer y al ser alguien tan famoso nadie le va a negar la entrada a cualquier lado que él quiera entrar.
    Y otra es cuando finge estar orinando, es como una burla con un toque desafió a lo que en un futuro llegue a suceder, también a todo lo que está pasando, su gran fama, burlándose de ella pues es consciente de que la fama no es eterna y probablemente también de sus jefes (el manager, la empresa, incluso a las fans)
    You can use google traductor XD

    Now inenglish. Sorry my english is not the best one, i did my

    I like those scenes where GD runs, it seems like he is running away from his troubles, like he would like leave all his responsibilities away, stop being GD to be Kwon JiYong.
    One more of my favorites scenes is when he tries to get in the club and they rejected and push him away, it seems like he is a bad guy who believes he can do anything, and only because he is really famous he won’t be deny to get in any place he wants to go.
    Another one is when he is pretending to urinate, it´s like a joke with a little bit of challenge whatever in a future could happen, and what is happening too, his big fame, scoffing of fame, but he knows fame isn’t forever and probably of his bosses. (The manager, the company, even the fans)

    EYK fan from México ~(OwO)~

  90. FancyJude

    My favorite part has got to be around 00:57 where GD gets all up in that significantly taller guy’s face. It’s pretty badass because he came out unscathed, whereas I would’ve been beaten to a pulp.

    Youtube user: judes needs or http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJM9uENCBayGGFxYq8JVF9Q/about
    Twitter: judesneeds

  91. YT:cloiebuggeater
    I think my favorite scene in this PV is when GD lays down on the table at around 2:28-29, the looks on the faces of the people sitting there are priceless. I really liked this video overall and it was hard to pick one scene. His last few videos have been so visually crazy that I would rather just listen to the song. This video has a flow to it, the fashion is (more) accessible, the cuts feel like they further the story rather than drive me crazy, plus it’s a really enjoyable song.

  92. My favourite scene(s) would be where he’s in red and he breaks apart the couple and part where he’s clubbingby himself because as the lyrics says ‘there’s no such thing as forever in the end you changed there is no reason no sincerity tonight i’ll be crooked’ therefore i think he portrayed this part of the song very well showing the after effects of breaking up and clubbing alone because he broke up with his girlfriend and the reason is because she changed and the part where he hates on couples by breaking them apart is because of his bad experiences in love he believes that no one’s love will last forever because in the end someone will change and their e love will not be sincere anymore and hence they wont have a reason to continue loving each other and results in him being crooked and wasting himself at the club

    My youtube name: jadexxgd
    My twitter: @jadexxgd ((i hope you guyz can reply me once!!))

    Thankyou for the awesome music monday and the song XDDDD

  93. I hoped so, I wished he’ll be a voice of music industry, spreading out what’s truth in real life more than bragging about himself.
    I set my hope high after hearing the name of Coup d’e tat, but I felt a bit disappoint.
    Just like in Pitchfork’s review, I sent this article to GD via twitter a few day ago ( The only way I can do) coz I think he should read some bad critic and improve himself. I believe he can do it, and I hope he’ll be that one who break all barrier. (but I don’t want him to be popular with gimmick song as what Psy did’
    I agree with many parts in pitchfork ,e.g. ‘the serotonin fueled song with 30 times playing in row and will never play again’.
    He should be criticized more, I want all people surrounded him stop praising him and tell him what he miss.

    Thank you so much for your funny&valued review anyway.

  94. When i saw the video i Love the song i replay it over and over again and again and imagined what the song was about… Ohhh what a rebel he must be againt the “status quo” i like this guy… well… when i search for the lyrics… Ohhhh… well… so that is his reaction to a breakup…???… Nevermind i love the song and continue imagining what a rebel he is…

    And my favorite scenes are the one with the “Boogy Man” face furry black coat and the Underwear and socks jumping around the sofa and riding a wood horse …

    Love from Colombia!!!

    Kpop Music Monday: G-Dragon’s “Crooked” + Coup d’Etat CD giveaway!

  95. OMG I can’t stop laughing…. or singing he’s got the runnnnsssss he’s got the runnnssss

  96. OH MAI GOSH… “He’s got them runs” XDXDXDXD

  97. My favourite part, was the whole “running man” idea :P but seriously i felt like this had more meaning to it from GD. How i interpreted this was, after reading the english translation of the song, he was running away from all the problems he is facing while experiencing new things his fame has brought him to. I feel like GD here is showing us his true self, how he is sees himself in his music and maybe he was running away from his old self and trying to enter new things like ‘clubs’ but he isn’t accepted, so thats why he is running around trying to find somewhere new screaming out his pain. As a solo artist he freely expressed these hidden emotions. It was kind of like he wanted to let us all see the a new side to him like being ‘reborn’ and the image he was marketed as in the early years of Big Bang was just a creation. Like what Martina kinda said in the last Korean Indie Playlist video, the music gave me those weird feels adding to the situations in the music video (i actually cried after watching the music video the second time after i read and understood his lyrics). When he was running it clearly seen the pain he is going through. Its like we were adventuring along with him running on his search for happiness. Do you get what i’m trying to say here? i dunno if i said my thoughts right.

  98. I’m so glad you guys reviewed this video, and I agree with your review. I like Crooked better.

    It’s hard to pick ONE favorite scene in Crooked. I just noticed that the scenes with GD all looking distraught and down (looking down and not smiling) are powerful because you get a lot of images of him running, screaming, and acting out before that and when they quickly cut to him looking down, it just seemed REAL. He just seemed more like a human because it’s relatable. Like, when I was super heartbroken over something/someone, I tried my hardest to put up a tough face and make it seem like I didn’t care what happened so I’d get drunk to temporarily forget it. It probably wasn’t a healthy thing but a friend was there to keep watch of me. It was probably my most fulfilling self-destruction — it was like building up lego blocks and then kicking it down… but you still can build up something new. /deeeeeeeeeep

    And it’s really nice to see this self-destruction in the kpop scene. It’s kind of refreshing. And the acting is well done. I actually felt sad even though I didn’t understand the lyrics (I watch the video first to get the feel before I check out the meaning of the lyrics).

    Youtube: Nessthenoob/Kpopness

  99. Denise

    Guise, this was the best KMM in ages. Seriously. I got ALL of the lulz. All of them!

  100. Okay, the runs song and accompanying visuals made me cackle maniacally. Kudos, S&M(&S)!

  101. I think BTS have good meaning in their songs for the younger generations. But you guys are right, there isn’t really a “voice” for Korea.

  102. Youtube user: iloveyouily

    My favourite scenes were at the beginning when he was picking and fight with that guy, although it would have been cool to see him get into an actual fight with the guy. I also liked when he hopped up onto the tables and kicked the food off and the people barely reacted. And lastly I liked the scenes where he is crying in the bathroom and running while crying because they really showed the underlying emotion in this song and it was a bit unexpected for me actually. Of course I loved all the costume changes too, but thats not a scene so thats just an extra. Thanks for this giveaway Simon & Martina! <3

  103. I like that GD pays homage to British Punk. He did it really well. Like Simon said he does not look like a Kpop idol or band in another country he toally fits in like he belongs there walking and running amok. My first favorite moment is when he is in red shirt (with a bolo tie!!) all Andy Warholish picking a fight. A close second is the shot when he is all glammed up in the tunnel looking sad : ( I really love the entire video I love the fashion and the hair changes GD is truly Awesome !!! and this is from an old Ahjumma fan in the US!

    • I agree. I think there’s something meta about it — Punk was about disaffected youth, and he’s in London, the birthplace of Punk, raging about, and he’s still…disaffected. He’s gone to *the source*, and everyone’s reaction is ‘Wut?’ They still don’t get him. It’s like going to the Land of Misfit Toys and still being an outcast.

      My favorite part is that he’s wearing a Black Flag t-shirt, but instead it says ‘Rich Kids’. Again very meta. Maybe you’ve got to be older like me to get it. Maybe I should change my screen name to TheyCallMeAjusshi…

      • I love that, you’re right he is an outcast in the land of punk and youth rebellion! Quite nice, maybe that’s why I made the connection I did.

    • I agree! GD really blended in with the environment and I thoroughly enjoyed this video. His acting was superb.

    • [waves too excitedly] Hello, fellow U.S. ahjumma! I thought I was alone! So happy to see you!

  104. Hey Simon & Martina!
    My favorite scene in GD’s Crooked video was when he falls forward on the tiny rocking horse. I love that scene because it made me crack up laughing the first time I saw it. A grown man on a small rocking horse makes me
    laugh apparently. Also, he’s only in his boxers. Oooh you so nasty! ;)
    That to me is funny. I wonder how that MV concept meeting went about. Here’s what I
    imagine his pitch was like.
    GD: “Ok, so for recurring shots in the video I just want to be in my underwear and nothing else. What do you guys think?”
    That’s it. I mean it’s GD so I’m sure he didn’t have to get anybody’s approval. But he was probably very confident in himself & the idea & who can say no to that. Ok well bye guise! :)

    YT: Diana Sanchez (or it might also pop up as bollywoodluver86)

  105. I saw Epik High as the voice of Korea with the exception of their last album. As for the poll question, I pick 2AM. I think some people see the questions posed at the end as a popularity contest ~.~ .

  106. I think GD and Bangtan Boys could represent Korea. Maybe Miss A ‘I don’t need a man’.

  107. AAAWH MAAH GAAAHD new EYK song! I cannot unsee it in the music video now O.O My vote for crying goes to GD hands down…the 2am crying is more like one tear on the cheek sliding emotionally from emotional eyes with emotional vocals in the background…not too realistic..nobody cries that prettily…right…guise…right? GD does more realistic crying and it looked like he was seriously having a bad time, so my vote goes there. Frankly, I liked Niliria more than Crooked, but Crooked is awesome too. GD didn’t blow my mind, but he didn’t disappoint either :)

  108. Cyber_3

    I liked this week’s KMM. It started off a little slow but it really paid off. The skits were all just awesome. I loved the GD Runs song and I find myself seriously wondering just how many diarrhea jokes you can make before it gets old…..not old yet – hah! maybe never! LOL! I totally ADORED the Spudgy and Meemers version of the song – kawaii! Was that Meemers’s head on a stick? If so, it would be cool if you offered the photos that you use for your “on a stick” heads so that others could print them out. Man, I just can’t write a line like that without thinking of a Jalapeno Pepper on a stick by Jeff Dunham – ah, funny times. Anyways, people could then make their own EYK Crew on sticks for fun games…..and….and…. maybe that’s too weird….

    Thanks for doing GD, if only because it gave me an idea for my son’s b-day party invites. BTW, half the EYK swag I ordered last week is for his 7th b-day, crossing my fingers it gets here in the next coupla weeks. He will go ballistic! ;)

  109. This is going in my top 5 favorite Music Mondays lol. That Taco Bell diarrhea song moved me to the point of tears, because I was laughing so damn hard :D good times, good times.

  110. It’s actually kinda hard for me to choose a favourite scene from Crooked. If I were to choose, it would be between the club scene where he was dancing along with his “friends” (the one he was wearing the white sleeveless top with “Rich Kids” written on it”) and the scene from 3:00 onwards where he started crying. In the scene where he was dancing with his “friends” in the club, it was portrayed as a rich kid who looked like he is lonely and he was surrounded by fake friends. I remembered that there was this one time he liked/posted a quote on Instagram that says “Rich kids with nothing but fake friends.” I guess that scene he portrayed it so well because he actually feels it..? He really does looked lonely and sad at that scene. As for the scene from 3:00 onwards where he started to breakdown, though the scene where he was crying in the toilet is kinda weird, it can be seen that the guy just had enough of everything. He just finally let it out. Honestly, I felt pity towards GD and other KPOP idols because these people are basically always under the spotlight but behind the scenes, they are lonely and they just want to be themselves, not the person they portrayed in front of everyone (just my thought). So I guess my favourite scene from Crooked would be the one GD was dancing in the club surrounded by his friends.

    Anyways, thanks for the giveaway! Been wanting to get the CD but it was not available in my country and I can’t get to order it online for some reasons. :/ Hopefully I could win it :)

    YouTube: mainelee91


  112. my favorite scene is when he goes to the pimps and pinups hair shop. I think that’s a pretty clever name, and I also really like the rockabilly look and fashion associated with the 50s. Reminds me of going to hotrod car shows and the like.

    yt: XoceanxsunX

  113. Me? I love the bit where he pushes the white dude. Not because of deep dark symbolism (because I suck at identifying them) but just because GD looked so awkward compared to the guy and his girlfriend. The guy is like “What the hell is this short asian dude doing?” XD Loved it.
    Also, many people dont talk about the shots when he is sitting on the couch in the middle of the street with the basketball. I understand that that scene would get overshadowed by the more flashy and obvious scenes. I suck at symbolism but I’m pretty sure it means something.
    At 1:20, he is sitting near the basketball and looking all sad with the wind blowing in his hair. At 1:23, GDragon (I didn’t know it was GD until just then) rides his bike around the couch and the basketball. At 1:37, he kicks something which I first thought it was the ball but the ball is sitting on the couch next to the bike.
    Yeah… As I was saying, I suck at symbolism. No idea what those scenes mean but they really stuck out to me for some reason.


  114. more than any one “scene” of the video, I liked the over-arching theme of trying to show everyone a good time, pretending to be satisfied and fulfilled by frivolous fun, but being left with less-than. Less than who GD is, less than how he feels, less than satisfied. From the first time i saw/heard this one, i was struck by how well this song matches Icona Pop’s “I love it”. Both songs have a similar sound and rhythm; i feel like it would make a fantastic mash-up. Juxtapose the devil-may-care happy-go-lucky attitude of the young twenty-something having fun, to the but-i-really-do-care, i-feel-so-hollow depression of the young twenty-something pretending to have fun. You know? I almost see one song as a declarative argument and the other, a witty retort that uses Icona Pop’s words against them. So, even though this is probably as personal a song to GD as Coup d’Etat, i could see this being the lambasting of pop stars who glorify shallow party attitudes, including (but not limited to, of course) Kesha, Miley, Icona Pop(?) and more. I know that for me, once i’ve shown people i like to let loose, i almost feel like i have to maintain that level of “fun-loving”, so on karaoke nights that i just want to be mellow, i feel like i get stuck acting extroverted and bubbly, so that i don’t disappoint anyone. GD, i feel you. totally. of course, i really, really, really want to win a cd (you guys made me BIGBANG biased), and i’ve been trying for like, 5 years (or whenever you first started giving away cds…)…

  115. My favourite scene to enter the contest:

    I read somewhere that the video was about G-dragon’s death and Kwon Ji Young’s rise from
    the dead. My favourite part of the music video was 1:44. This scene showed G-dragon’s
    fourth death: the glitz and glam of fame. As an artist who is trying to
    be successful it is always hard to admit you are having a hard time being yourself.
    Being yourself is difficult especially when you’re a star because people always expect something of you,
    They always want something from you. And in this mv, I feel like Gd did a great
    job showing everyone this other side of him and actually expressing his feelings
    through the video and his music. He admits that the glitz and glam of fame are
    one of the things that lead to the death of Kwon Jiyoung. The whole meaning of
    the video was that he can’t be both G-dragon AND Kwon Jiyong. He always has to sacrifice one or the other. After
    watching the video and actually understanding what it meant, I have a whole new
    perspective of GD.

    My youtube account: athi dumbledore (suscribed)
    and followed (@therealmuuubbii)

  116. I L<3VE everything about this MV, for some reasons I'd be more than happy to act as the main character, it's just so… my style.
    The MV is full of awesome moments, but I sincerely burst out laughing at 01:30 where he is banging his head against the sofa to the beat of the song xD
    This MV has everything, it makes you laugh, gives you inspiration and makes you think of life in general.
    I really admire him, he always comes out with new ideas, he's always changing and I love it.
    You really can't predict what he's up to next, I wish I'd even have a quarter of his talent :3

    YT username: Karoline L.

  117. My favorite part is at the 3:12 mark in the MV when Gd is–as usual–running, but the hilarious part is the looks of impending death on the white guys’ face running behind him. They look like they’ve been running all day behind this crazy blonde Korean kid. Not everyone can spend an eternity running Gd! Are you paying them enough for this? :P

    (P.S. i’m not sure if this is my youtube username or my google+….. but it says BBissou :P)

  118. I’m actually more surprise by the CD packaging that look like normal CD than the video itself. And anyway Marina, your song is hilarious

  119. Absolutely loved this Music Monday….except for the shameless product placement !!!!!! LOL Wait where have I heard that before….????????????????

  120. Holey moley, that “GD’s got the runs” song had me in tears. Absolute gold!

  121. Victor Ha

    What happened to the other songs that used to be in the top ten like Brown Eyed Girls and VIXX (which was months ago and now they’re in to bottom of the K-pop charts)? Anyways, great KMM as always!

  122. Julie (주연 洁页俐 じゅり)

    My youtube account: jjismyhero5 or [email protected]

    My favorite scene in the “Crooked” MV was at 2:10 when he was on the tables kicking all the food around and being all crazy~ The way they filmed that scene made it look really cool and I feel like that’s something only G-Dragon could pull off while still looking awesome haha XD If I tried to do that, I would feel really rude or like my inner-dark-side is taking over LOL That scene and many other scenes in the MV seem to show me that this must be G-Dragon’s life in a nutshell: flashy on the outside, chaotic on the inside.

  123. Nick Kang
    my youtube account is: [email protected]

    My favorite part was the scene where GD was being very obnoxious by disrupting another band’s performance. I think this might seem like something a drunk person might do, but GD here shows how much stress he has through all the expectations put on him by his fans, company, etc.
    In that scene also, he is being pushed around just like in other scenes, but maybe here since it relates to music directly (besides it being a mv) it seems to me GD might think his own music might be disruptive to some parts of korea’s music industry.

  124. irritablevowel

    Look at GD going all punk rock. I wonder if he watched Sid and Nancy or 24 Hour Party People.
    I completely enjoyed that little running ditty, and the Spudgy/Meemers version at the end as well. You can’t go wrong with a banjo.
    Your blog comments on Pitchfork reminded me of the Portlandia Pitchfork sketch.


  125. So my answer didn’t fit on YT, so… Here it is. XP My username is ReaKinata.

    For me, my favorite scene was very very brief, and in the very beginning. It set the tone for the whole video, IMO. At :13/:14, he’s running (when is he not? lol). But for a brief second and a half, the look on his face has one of pure pain and depression before it cuts to a more rebellious GD running. Just that one brief glimpse of his pain in the beginning, though, it told me immediately that everything isn’t quite as it seems, as we were shown later on with his crying scenes, which also got me. But that was my favorite, because it told us right in the very beginning, so the later scenes didn’t seem abrupt or out of place.

  126. That “Runs” song…I don’t have words. Funniest shit (punny!) I have seen in a Music Monday in quite some time (besides the glorious Fangurilla of course). This is my favorite track on GD’s album and I loved the feeling of alienation and desperation in the video combined with the manic running, all around, an ace combo, so I’m ecstatic that you reviewed it and liked it. Two side notes, 1- GD is not crushing, but GODZILLA STOMPING 2 AM in the poll, 2- Please tell me that Drunken Tiger’s “The Cure” wallpaper on the laptop is yet another sign of the MFBTY that I am PRAYING is coming?

  127. Did anyone else notice that Soo Zee has a JYP Crystal headphones? Just saying. . .
    Anyway, I really think that G-Dragon blends well with foreign countries because of his clothes and stuff.
    Funny coincidence, but G-Dragon WAS on Running Man with Seungri and Daesung. Just reminded me since Martina made the Running Man Joke.

  128. lady_kire

    Yay I got to see SImon point to JYJ! well…sorta… good enough!
    Now all I need is for him to run tho the left and point! or dance to Hyuna’s solo song whenever that is…

  129. i won’t pick only one part of the mv, but all the moments that GD looks up to the sky (he did this a lot in the mv)
    i don’t know about you guys, but when i’m sad, i have this tendency of looking up, trying to hold back my tears, and also kind of looking for help. i’m not religious or anything, but i just have this habbit, as if looking to the sky may calm me down…
    GD did that a lot in the MV (0:05 ; 0:24 ; 0:31 ; 0:39 ; 1:05 ; 1:13 ; 1:28 ; 1:34 ; 1:42 ; 1:50 ; 2:12 ;2:52 ; 2:56 ; 3:08 ; 3:11 ; 3:25; 3:36) – i may have left some off
    the point is, sometimes, like 0:24 , 1:50 , 2:12 (especially) , 2:52 , 2:56 – those are moments when he’s clearly revolted, 2:12 especially, when the lyrics says “i’ll spit towards the sky” , and he actually spits (^^), those are moments when you can see the fellings that he’s been talking about the entire song. he’s angry, revolted, alone, and in those moments, he’s putting averything out, to whoever is up there, or whoever listeng to him.
    on the other moments, he just seem tired, like giving up, and that’s another feeling that he talks about in the song. i particular like the 3:25 because hes almost falling, so “crooked” he’s that time.
    i love this song, from the first time i’ve heard it, and i always stay emotional because of that ( my hands are shaking right now) because it’s a really deep song, with so many strongs scenes in there. i think GD is saying things that everybody already feels, the pain of being alone, of being left behind, but he manages to take that to another level, much more deep.
    i’m sorry i’ve talked to much, but i don’t think there’s nothing i don’t like about this song and MV. what i’ve said up there was just one point that called my attetion and that i have indentified with.
    sorry for any english mistakes also ^^

  130. My favorite part of the video was the whole last part. You see him with his friends, partying, dancing and causing a general chaos, all with an ‘i dont care’ look and just pissed but not really fragile or hurt. but it its not until the 3:07 mark that you see everything finally catching up. You see sadness, dread, and general exhaustion reach him. You see him crying in stalls, small clips of him running but now his face is tear strained and eyeliner runs down his cheeks. Now you see Kwon Ji Yong, vulnerable and breaking. and thats what really made an impact on me. I just love GD a lot and im worried that this song is how he really feels, like his ultra successful rich life isnt as perfect as before. idk man.

    youtube user: Isa Joffre

  131. Maashugna

    My favorite scene was when he was lying down on the sofa smacking his head up and down, no deep or meaningful reason for which I like it. It was just the scene that caught me.

  132. I personally found GD’s crying scenes my favorite part, as sadistic as that sounds. As Simon and Martina have hinted, I think GD’s songs seem a whole lot more personal the more you listen to them. As he I watched him cry, I wondered if his tears were just an act, or if there was some truthful emotion behind that display of emotions.

    Watching the video made it very clear that, in public, he puts up a tough facade. You see him pushing people around, throwing food, acting like he’s the big, bad wolf. This bravado is shattered completely when the video pans to him crying–practically screaming–his heart out. Here we see that his “tough guy” act shields his true personality from coming out, coming down only when he’s sure no one else will see the weakness and the empty void in his heart. He’s rich (if I could dress the way he did, I’d pay for my college tuition by selling my clothes) and, if we’re going by the whole “the song and video are personal” theory, then we can also imply that he had lost someone close to him (maybe not through death, but by other means–ie a breakup, a . Now, nothing really matters to him–not his money, not his image, nothing–because he’s realized that in the end that everything is meaningless. He’s trying to fill that void with all this debauchery, trying to push it away by acting tough and living by the common acronym, IDGAF (I don’t give a fuck.) But even with that, even after trying so hard to not care, he still does, and the fact that he does tortures him everyday, leaving him emotionally broken and. . . well, kind of crooked.

    Deep thinking aside, the way GD runs in this video made me giggle. It was like doing one-armed doggy paddle above water. (x

    Youtube Name: Edmarie Billosillo

  133. EYK: strikes you with a diarrhea reference when you least expect it…
    Good job with the skits this week, I had a good laugh, especially at the JYJ one :D I hoped you’d at least mention the cheesiness of Only One and you made a mini skit, awesome! Actually, good job with the whole KMM :)
    As for GD’s MV: the scenes where he’s running in that tunnel make me think of Firestarter. I know these videos are completely different but that was the first thing that came to my mind and I cannot unsee it now. http://img32.imageshack.us/img32/2014/1ifl.jpg And GD really seems to like running in music videos. He was running in Haru Haru, Lies, Blue and probably some other Big Bang videos I don’t recall.
    Tiger JK on your laptop! I hope he’s coming to your studio with Yoon Mirae and Bizzy sometime soon.

  134. I L-O-V-E THIS! this was one hilarious KMM <3

  135. I especially loved the scenes where GD was in the club, and you can slowly see his partying face deteriorate. It’s a forced face of enjoyment but then it slowly becomes this drugged-like, hazy expression. The viewers can see that he’s depressed and tired more than what he leads us on to be. What caught me the most about his expression was his eyes. They really stuck out to me.. they started to droop, became glazed and shiny, but by the end of the MV, they were just blank with no emotion at all. This has got to be one of my favorite MV that GD has produced because of all the facial expressions he gives with his eyes.

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity, guys! :)

    Youtube Username: gaarawantcookie

  136. My favorite part was him getting denied by the bouncer.
    The bouncer’s face and GD’s dancing backwards in his giant fur coat made me laugh!
    Youtube name: RUiiKE

  137. my youtube username is scentedtoes and I love everything in the music video, but if i had to choose my favorite scene would be 0:52 – 1:02 because i love it! I love the camera angle at 0:52 – 0:54 when GD was in the alley-way squatting. The way they showed just his very sexy- i mean the way they showed his bottom half and quickly snapped it back to his face! yeah… thats what i like… I love how they quickly changed the camera angle when they edited it because it feels like it adds on to the crazy camera angles in the rest of the video. I also don’t really like the outfit he was wearing at that part, but I think it fits well in the scene because since he is in an alley way tunnel thingamajig, you can’t fly upwards and his feather bird like top fluffy thing lets you know that he is a trapped bird. Yes, a trapped bird who is lost and trying to find his way out of the tunnel since it is trapping him in. Also i love the part where GD pushes the foreign couple, i loved how serious he looked in that part. I could really feel how serious his acting is. He’s all cocky while chewing that gum, oh yes im jealous of that gum, and his attitude is all like ” yeah, imma hipster. I got my swiggity swag and all YODO- i mean YOLO” and then he bumps into the girl like ” WTF B*TCH!! Do you know how much this outfit cost??” Then he pushes her boyfriend and he’s all like ” what’s your problem dude? Keep your girl tammed and tell her to make me a sandwich or clean my dishes” and yeah…

  138. Macie Tonn

    HA! This KMM is a great conversation and laugh! Lovin it!

    Favorite Scene: @ 3:37 when GD opens his arms out and looks towards the sky. Why? Because through out the whole video he’s physically expressing his frustrations: causing outward destruction, screaming, venting, crying. Then, here is the one moment of “breath” or “relief” before the final collapse. It’s almost like GD’s taking a huge breath, feeling the true sense or exhaustion, and looking for the answer to move forward (dare I say maybe even realizing life is bigger than himself)

    After all, we spread our arms out to increase our lung capacity to get a bigger breath.
    Just a thought!
    Love me some GD.
    YT UN: Macie Tonn

  139. I especially loved the scenes where GD was in the club, and you can slowly see his partying face deteriorate. It’s a forced face of enjoyment but then it slowly becomes this drugged-like, hazy expression. The viewers can see that he’s depressed and tired more than what he leads us on to be. What caught me the most about his expression was his eyes. They really stuck out to me.. they started to droop, became glazed and shiny, but by the end of the MV, they were just blank with no emotion at all. This has got to be one of my favorite MV that GD has produced because of all the facial expressions he gives with his eyes.

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity, guys! :)

    Youtube Username: gaarawantcookie

  140. my favorite part is when he looks like he’s humping the couch because i feel like saying ” oohh , you so nasty!!!! ” youtube name : jennifer hernandez

  141. On the youtubes, I said the restaurant scene was the best, but after I posted I noticed at the the end of the video GD collapses in the club. I think that gives a lot of credence to my theory about GD kind of being a rebel without a cause. He’s the ringleader among his friends, and now that he’s single he’s drowning himself in short-term distractions which his posse is more than happy to go along with. We see that when he’s alone he’s an absolute mess, but when he’s with his friends in the club he’s pretending to hold himself together, alternately seeming unfocused and drunk/high/under-the-influence and then throwing himself into dancing and screaming (probably to distract not just his friends, but himself from the pain he’s in.) But then he collapses in the last split second of the video. He’s obviously over-indulged in some way. Alcohol poisoning? Overdose? Dehydration? Probably a combo of the three, and it’s clear that he’s become a slave to his problems.

    So TL;DR the club scene because within it we see a condensed version of the dichotomies depicted in the rest of the video. The whole video could have been and extended version of the club scene, and we would have gotten much the same message.

  142. YouTube username-1withwolves. I’ve been subscribed for quite some time. lol

    My Favorite scene is actually in the beginning when he is laying on the couch hitting his head repeatedly against the arm.I do that whenever i’m extremely stressed out and have no way out. So i feel more emotionally connected with that scene. its like “yeah,I know how you feel man. I understand”. Especially with what i’m going through right now, I have been hitting my head a lot…v__v ….and so,that is my favorite scene! Happy to see you guys back on a semi-regular schedule. :D

  143. my favorite part was when he was crying/sad in the bathroom stall cuz he looked so cute!! And it shows that even though he is a badass he still as a soft spot. youtube name Yoona Inna

  144. I like the parts where he’s in some kind of park and he is all by himself. It’s because he’s in the park with no one to play with so it makes me sad because he is super rich but he has no true friends to play with. So he has to play by himself, with himself a bike and a basketball as his only company. And he seems so lonely on such a big couch at the scene 1:20. Because he’s not even singing or anything he is just sitting by himself. The scene is shown from far away. So he really is the only one in the park. So to me it seems depressing, and it seems real.
    Like a kid is an outcast in school because no one wants to play with you because they think your weird.
    Anyways Fighting GD!
    Youtube: Jessica Carrasco

  145. my favorite part was when he was crying/sad in the bathroom stall cuz he looked so cute!! And it shows that even though he is a badass he still as a soft spot..

  146. my favorite part was when he was crying/sad in the bathroom stall cuz he looked so cute!! And it shows that even though he is a badass he still as a soft spot.

  147. I really liked Martina’s running song and Spudgy/Meemers version as well. :D

    And tiny GD vs FanGURILLA.

  148. PunkyPrincess92

    bwahahahaha that country song!!!

    i loved this song!!

  149. The best frame was at 3:07 when he is trying to make a bad gesture, but failed at it. I think that GD cannot be the Korean nowadays Generation’s voice because he is no other than a talented kpop artist with a lot of money. For that kind of thing you have to find hungry people, that cannot express themselves freely as GD can.
    I enjoy kpop a lot and kinda like Crooked, but he is just a mere imitation of what a punk should be. Watch Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve and you can understand, a rebel is more than fashion and hair and the right location.
    Let’s kpop be kpop, that’s what I think.

    • just because he’s rich doesn’t mean he can’t speak about important issues of his generation. look at macklemore. he is quite similar to gdragon in that he is rich successful and popular but he still speak about a lot of things his generation is facing. being a fashion icon or being successful and rich doesn’t mean you don’t have an opinion about your generation’s sufferings. i’m sure GD watches the news and is aware about many things people of his generation are facing. he may not be a part of that group facing those problems, but he can certainly be the voice that speaks for them.

      • The comparison is hard to digest, Macklemore is million miles apart from GD. He gets through a life, not a spotlight. You have to live to put it in your songs and sing it to get the people understand you. Anyway, even though our opinions differ I’m ok with it.
        Someone I wish much of luck and following is San-E, let’s see what will happen. ^^

        • okay so maybe macklemore isn’t quite an accurate comparison, but still, look at it from a standpoint of a group of people (i’m going to use myself as an example here) speaking about issues they are concerned about. i come from a well to do family. we are not quite wealthy but not really middle class either. and neither are my friends in any way poor. but we are aware of poverty issues and the way the government cheats money out of it’s people. and of course we talk about how the youth social issues today are deteriorating, or women empowerment or lgbt equality. i’m neither poor, nor lgbt, nor a race minority of my country, nor an abused or a misfortunate person at all. but i am most certainly aware of these issues and do seek ways to try and change it even in the smallest way i can.

          and in that exact same way that i am aware of it and can speak about and against it, i’m sure GD can as well. i don’t have to live like a poor person or be poor to speak about it. even if i may not be able to tell the story from the standpoint of a poor person, i can still talk about how it needs to change and what i can do to change it, etc. just like macklemore isn’t lgbt but speaks about it in his song ‘Same Love’ and if you know GD the same way that i do, he is not just a shell of an idol. he’s an intelligent knowledgable guy.

          i’m fine with our differing thoughts too. it’s just i felt like you were way underestimating kwon jiyong for who he is, as if he is nothing but a poser. and yes, i agree rebelling is more than fashion and location, yet you fail to see that GD is rebelling against the manufactured idol factory that is kpop today. that’s a whole other topic though. =)

        • I sure acknowledge GD’s talent and charisma but I still think that to have the power to guide a generation and to be a spoke-person you have to experience what you are telling to the world. An example is Eminem, he made it because of his talent and he is believable because he is a son of the worst Seattle, otherwise he is just a white rapping and trying to be motherF* black.
          That’s what I said, he is not a rebel and Crooked is just another MV of a kpop star trying to be something else but shouldn’t. I like the song, but in the MV I don’t see much more than sparkling makeup and good stylist job. He should have film it in Korea, don’t know where exactly, but then it wouldn’t be glamorous as London.
          I enjoy all kpop songs and artists, but I’m aware that it isn’t more than marketing and money, no chance for individuality, but hey, isn’t money that is ruling the world? So kpop has changed the world already, the focus is now more to Asia and Korea than ever.
          And this is the last serious comment about kpop for a while, because I’m sick of myself too.

        • this is the last from me too then. “to be a spoke-person you have to experience what you are telling to the world” what if what he is telling to the world is for everyone to be kinder to one another and help the unfortunate and treat everyone equally? being a spokesperson is just as much about bringing awareness as it is about being someone who is from the ‘inside’ to speak to the world. so you’re saying people aren’t gonna listen to me or believe me when i talk about helping poverty just because i’m not poor? that’s a bit ridiculous. what about jinusean’s sean and all the things he’s doing to help the unfortunate? or what about angelina jolie? she must be an unworthy UN ambassador spokesperson in your eyes because she’s sure as hell not poor either. or lady gaga and macklemore speaking on behalf of the lgbt community? by your logic people won’t lsten and believe them either because neither of them are lgbt.

          and how is he not a rebel? he’s aready breaking kpop rules left and right since the beginning of his debut. a rebel is someone who does things their own way and doesn’t listen to other people right? so in that sense, how is he musically not a rebel? lol. sure i guess you can say he’s just playing the part and pretending to be a rebel in Crooked, but rich and glamorous people can’t be rebels? they sure can. especially in the confined restricted world of kpop where every single thing he does can and will be criticized.

          i’m sure glad that we managed to keep it calm even with different opinions. let’s just agree to disagree and leave it at that. have a good day.

        • I think you confuse charity and being an icon of an entire generation, someone Korean girls and boys can relate to and follow. :s

        • maybe it’s less about me being confused and more about me having a different definition on being the “voice” of a generation. to you, being a voice means that to speak up about something one has to be part of the society you are speaking up for. which is totally fine, it’s just that i feel it’s too narrow of a view for me. to me, in ADDITION to your version of being a voice i think it can also be someone speaking up for them and standing up for those who are being mistreated. it doesn’t have to be restricted to just charity. speaking up about it is also giving “voice” to those people who might not have their own strength to speak for themselves because they are already living a hard life as it is. someone who understands and wants to help can be just as much of a voice as someone who rises from the misfortune and speaks about it firsthand. the only difference is perhaps the impact and point of view. but the result is still going to be a good one regardless.

  150. Ariadne Locket

    Hey guise! :D I would like very much to win that GD album so here it goes:
    My favourite part is the one from 1:57 to 2:28. I think it fits perfectly the lyrics (here’s the english translation):

    I’ll put on thick eyeliner, use a whole can of hairspray
    Leather pants, leather jacket with a frown
    I want to hide my pain and become even more crooked
    So you can feel sorry, I’ll spit toward the sky
    You’re scared of my crude words and my rough eyes
    But actually, I’m afraid, I want to go back but I have nowhere to go
    I want to love but no one to love, what am I supposed to do?
    I can’t turn it back

    So, it shows GD masking his pain with superficial matters. The beauty saloon, the cars, fashion itself, and clubs. It’s like he’s trying to “change” to forget, but ends up drowning further as he acts in a reckless way. The places he visits are set in “dark” tones, almost like the city where it was filmed, what is pretended is a gloomy visual, much like the phase he’s going through. The epitome of this part it is, I think, the one where he’s at that outdoor eating place where he just kicks everyone’s food and drinks and no one seems to care. “But actually, I’m afraid, I want to go back but I have nowhere to go, I want to love but no one to love, what am I supposed to do?”. He’s hopeless.

    It think it is indeed a very relatable video and it is beautifully shot. Sharp and quick cuts give the rhythm the song needs. Even though he’s acting he made it believable and genuine. I think its great (:

    Sooo, that’s it for this Attempt to Make a Mini K-Pop Music Monday, I will leave you to your choice now xD
    Greetings from a portuguese nasty! Wish you guys all the best!

    (my youtube account is name is Maria Inês Rodrigues, or tkjm94)

  151. My favourite part, hands down, would be the scene where he kicks all the peoples food off the tables. Well not so much that part, but the part after where he goes and LIES DOWN ON THE TABLE WITH MUSHED UP FOOD ON IT. At least he wasn’t wearing that sick ass fur coat of his!

  152. This is my favorite album from him, personally I think his vocal suits pop-rock too, beside hiphop/rap. I love Crooked and Runaway very much. Coup D’etat and You Do are really unique and they keep growing on me, but I can understand why people doesn’t get into it. “R.O.D” is the most beloved for his fans though, as I see.

    Thank you for the MV review :D

  153. AzureShade

    My daughter and I laughed our backsides off at “Oh my god, I killed a child!” and a few other places in the video. Awesome job guise! I’m so glad you picked this over GD’s other video. :)

  154. Graciela Ivonne

    pffffhahahahaha just when i thought this would be a serious discussion over GD’s video…… “OH MY GOD, I killed a child!” happened…. and then “He’s Got the Runs”……. so funnyyyy! this totally made up for the recent lack of KMMs~ keep spreading the joy of laughter to all the children of the world…. and GD. you guys totally make my day!

    and JYJ’s song……. my sentiments exactly -______-;

  155. BTW, I like the scene where he peeing in that child look baby blue suit. It seems like he loved to act peeing nowadays. This time in public tho. I found it’s odd, when he choose to pee in side-street but he had to cry in toilet stall. While he seemingly had ability to run fast, then how difficult it be to find nearest public toilet?? LOL and he even had a suit!

  156. Can I say that I like this part when he is checking his gum… Like 1:04 “Hi gum, how you doin?” :D but for real I like this moment when he is sitting on this car-sofa whith his bike next to it. Like lost child who doesn’t know what to do next. But later you can see that he is still riding. So for me it’s kind of like : he was lost and tired but he get ovet it and startrd again :D my ytb acc : Czoko Muffin.

  157. My favourite scene is
    UNBIASEDLY, at 2.22 mins because in the VERYY far right hand side, you
    can see my friend in a blue shirt, and myself being REPRESENTED by that
    cockblocker with the sunglasses (I’ll find YOUUU!!). It took us 4 hours
    to find him and a bit of guts to sneak in front of the camera line but
    we made it!… yesss I AMM sooo nastyy hehehe ^^~ but his crew weren’t
    too strict so we just chilled there XDD Kinda took inspiration from
    S&M’s backstage at Inkigayo ^___^”

    Youtube name : Nancy Vu
    Twitter: EnnVeeX

    thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

    • WOW!! I rewatched it lol! Are you the one that sit in the very back with black hair and sunglasses?? lol it must be made your day! lucky girl :D

      • no no though i wish!!! The dude with the sunglasses blocks me entirely but one of the fans took a pic from an angle that makes me visible and they posted it on instagram which im SO gratfeul for… and that day ENLIGHTENED me, i was gasping and being all O_O *_* when he was kicking stuff off the table and we also discovered the car park where the coaches of equipments and staff were stationed, camouflaged as innocent civilians at a cafe nearby and eavesdropped on the supervisor to know the location where we would eventually find him. Hunter level: PRO XDD

  158. My favourite scene is UNBIASEDLY, at 2.23 mins because in the VERYY far right hand side, you can see my friend in a blue shirt, and myself being REPRESENTED by that cockblocker with the sunglasses (I’ll find YOUUU!!). It took us 4 hours to find him and a bit of guts to sneak in front of the camera line but we made it!… yesss I AMM sooo nastyy hehehe ^^~ but his crew weren’t too strict so we just chilled there XDD Kinda took inspiration from S&M’s backstage at Inkigayo ^___^”

    Youtube name : Nancy Vu
    Twitter: EnnVeeX

    thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  159. My favorite scene was at 1:47 Where he is sitting alone against a wall on some sidewalk. While the rest of the video was very energetic, this was the one scene where he was very quiet. It was like he lost all energy from all of the overly excessive emotions – whether excitement, anger, or crying- and just went numb.
    The video on a while was a common thread that we see among the young & famous where they spiral out of control, but it was also one that can speak to anyone dealing with having to live up to the expectations of those around you. And this one short scene spoke to me because among all of the fakeness of having to act happy with friends and crying in private, there are just sometimes where you’re too tired to do either. It was a nice break in the video as if he took a break for a couple of seconds before resuming with the intensity again before finally crashing at the end.

    youtube user name: fruitchaat2

  160. OMG i got over my coughing, now I can laugh at the end slate and not die coughing :D

  161. Actually, I don’t want GD pull a Bon Iver at all. Because like we see, he seemed like he is already in his comfort zone when everyone praise him and serve him like a King. He even confessed he didn’t write song as fast as he was before, because he was too happy. You know why he is always such an emo kid in his lyrics, yes it’s from experiences, if it makes sense tho. Anyway, I want he pull a rowdy-carefree-hippe life ala Christopher McCandless in Into the Wild. Okay, not that extreme. I still want him posting his daily instagram. :p But maybe a quiet-humble life like you know blend into the community like real people not like his pack of socialites friends. Or just taking a break or holiday! Or meditate in a dessert! Or getting into army dedicatedly might be help LOL Idk what to say… I just say he need real experience so then he can connect more to the common people..

  162. My favorite part of the song…would have to be the beginning when GD’s walking through that lit tunnel and its like your looking at the moon at close range, but when he moves, its the back of his jacket. It was in my opinion an artistic part of the MV.

  163. I like the scenes where he’s just
    running towards the camera cause he looks hot…okay, jk. I would’ve said that it was the part where he pulled the gum out of
    his mouth but that was just random. Anyway, my real favorite part was at 2:11
    in the official mv where he goes “kkkkkr-thu” like spitting out whatever saliva
    he had in his mouth. The main reason I like that part is because he actually
    makes it part of the song [like, as in it’s actually part of the lyrics] which
    I thought was pretty clever. And my second reason is because it reminds me of
    Titanic where Jack is teaching Rose how to spit like a man. :D Oh, and not to
    mention, it’s followed by the part where he’s “supposedly” peeing on the wall
    [which is just naaaaasty, but hey we nasties like that kind of thing à
    I’m totally not being serious about that last comment]. X]

  164. everyone likes the crying scene, but I love the scenes where hes just in his boxers. its so simpe but I like the laid back simple g-dragon as much as i like the wild one.

  165. bigbangfosho

    I like the spudgy and meemer’s take on the EYK take on Crooked.

  166. It always impresses me how KMM make my Mondays so much better :) I think this was one of my favourite reviews of the year. I laughed the whole way through, and almost spat out my muffin. Thanks soooo much!

    For me, the crying scenes were really powerful, because it almost looked as if he was laughing hysterically when he was crying, like he was going insane. The whole mv kinda looked like he was going insane. It seemed like he was going “crooked”, as the title implies, when he was doing all the bad stuff (kicking the food around, pushing that guy around, etc.) and then afterwards it all just sorta built up inside him and then he finally cracked and let it all go with such strong emotions that he was laughing and screaming while he cried. Even though throughout the whole mv he was trying to act cool on the outside, I think that the crying-in-the-washroom scenes represented his mental state on the inside. In the end, it gave me the message that when you try to act like someone else, or something else, or you have pressure on yourself to act that way, it’ll screw up and your life will start going downhill, and eventually you just can’t take it any more. Yeah…

    P.S. My YouTube username is AngelaCat13.

  167. The last scene where he finally collapses. It just seems so final. He’s torn apart from trying to portray a positive image on the outside, but crying on the inside. After all is said and done, he just couldn’t take it anymore.
    YouTube username: MsThugBear

  168. Oh my god you guys are so awesome :D The “He’s got the ruuuuuns” had me in stitches and sent me into a coughing fit since I am a little sick right now so that was not that nice but that bit was still hilarious :D And the re-enactments what the different people would do… Still LOLing here^^

    I am glad that you picked “Crooked” because while “Coup d’Etat” has the symbolism it took me a while to like the song whereas with “Crooked” I was immediately hooked (sorry I just had to make that lame rime xD). It just makes me wanna dance and jump around!

  169. “Oh my God i killed a child!” 20 minutes later, still LOLing.

  170. I also love the part where you guys re-enacted what a fangirl would do….I laughed my ass off because I can count off of my fingers of all the people I know who’d do that!

  171. By the way Simon everyone wants your hat! XP

  172. My favorite part was where he was sitting or dancing in the middle of all those people and supposed friends and he couldn’t look more alone. Although surrounded by people it’s sometimes a lonely business which makes you break down and cry.

  173. I actually liked the club scene, because it goes so well with awesome song! They’re having fun and this song has an awesome, fun vibe to it. The fact that it was filmed in the UK makes it even more awesome!!! Great job GD! My YouTube username is profl1p.

  174. OH. MY. GOODNESS…I cried I laughed so hard at the “He’s got the ruuuuuuns” song…watched it like five times….then when Spudgy comes on and sings I lost it again…then the Meems came…oh hell, bells…

    Perfection…this KMM is perfection…thanks.

  175. thisisjustforfunval

    You guys are so adorable as JYJ, I’m so glad you included a minor spoof about that wonderfully ridiculous video of theirs. I have no idea how they themselves kept a straight face while filming it.

    Super LOVED the real person compared to fangirl skits, I lost it with “Oh my god I killed a child.”
    And Martina, you could be a legit GD impersonator.

  176. About my favorite scene (besides the crying, that guys i was sold with that performance, it move me) and is not the part of GD running like a girl (I am a girl, i believe i look more manly than him running XD) is probably the part he is dancing in the club and drops… I mean who hasn’t feel like that, being surrounded by people and still feeling like you are freaking alone and all you want to do is break down? Well kudos to GD, after all getting our crayon does have his consequences

  177. I’m really curious about your question too. What popular artist in Korea speaks for their generation? No idea really… I know quite a few more artists than the idols popular in the international community but it’s difficult to know this unless you look up the lyrics of all the songs(the popular ones) South Korea is producing. And that’s lots of work, man! From what I’ve seen I think Bangtan Boys is kinda going in this direction, but they are more in the “you don’t have to follow these set in stone standards to be successful” area so far. It would be really nice to know if there is any artist fitting or trying to fit in the “speaking for their generation” category

    • i think if we’re not looking at idols specifically, then we’d be able to find someone. but if we go indie that in itself would be another hunt because talented indie bands are aplenty! but yeah, most kpop songs are about personal experiences and love songs rather than touching about actual issues within society. i dunno whether or not it’s because of korea’s culture that doesn’t really like to talk about those stuff freely or viewing it as taboo topics to sing about, but i definitely agree with s&m that if it could be anyone, it would probably be GD or TOP or epik high since they’re more daring and have spoken about some stuff in their past albums and songs.

      • tatiana lopes

        I was thinking about Epik High as well, Their lyric content is really good and they have talked about some problems in our society. We can even see it in their latest album, that was criticized for being more pop or mainstream, but they’re a couple of songs with very strong lyrics, like “New Beautiful”. I think if we actually go into hip-hop there are more chances of finding someone. Or even if some idols actually were free to write their own lyrics… but that’s a completely different subject.

    • I was just about to say “Bangtan Boys” seemed to be trying to be a “voice” with “No More Dream” and “N.O,” representing the disenchanted youth that do not subscribe to the the strict discipline of “study study study” to achieve one’s goals, but rather, to try to find your voice and passion to work hard towards. I agree with you that it will be interesting how much further they will explore this vein of thinking and if it really starts to grab hold by the Korean youth. Currently it is somewhat shallow, but that is the tendency of “pop” music anyways.

      As S&M says, I think GD has the strongest potential to be a “voice” for Korea and, at this point, the following to make a impact. It is an exciting time to be a fan of Kpop, to see how it will evolve with more and more world recognition.

      • I agree that GD has the most potential to be the voice of korea of his generation (after seo taiji) but we might have just to wait after he finishes with his enlistment with the army…. Imagine his music after his experience in the army after years in the limelight of idol life especially since the government has done away with celebrity recruits…. But that’s years from now

  178. I already posted this on facebook but I thought I might as well put it here too. My username is Dapper Dinosaur.

    My favorite moment in Crooked was when G-Dragon was crying in the bathroom and when he falls at the end of the video. 1) because it reminds me of Draco malfoy in the 6th book. But no seriously it just shows the raw emotion and makes you want to cry too. It show his vulnerability and makes you realize he is actually a human being with emotions like all of us. 2)when he falls, it shows that he can’t keep up the fake mask that he has to in this industry. It shows that he’s done trying and he overworked himself to death. It’s such a beautiful album and the symbolism is just spectacular.

  179. I’m sure a lot here will say the same reason as me, and that is the sobbing in the bathroom. The last few videos of GD has been with a lot of attitude. Which is nice, I enjoy that side of him. But the scene was quite surprising for me, I was taken aback with it. It just increased my expectations of GD as my favourite k-pop artist, and that is development. He keeps on going forward, and he keeps surprising me. I find it very satisfing to be a fan of him, !because he is not underestimating me. I hope this made sense! My youtube name is kawowl!

    He’s got dem ruuuuuuuuuuuuuns!

  180. can i use the “he’s got the runs” song as my ringtone bc i can already see it being the best ringtone ever

  181. Nothing about the high incompatibility between “punk” and “cross tatoos”? Well, whatever!

    I like the fact that you guise took the time to say why you didn’t pick the 2 other videos, even if it crops a bit more an already short KMM… Thank you for being honest (and hilarious) about the JYJ ad!

    And that 2NE1-inspired fanart on the right is BRILLIANT!

  182. My favorite or the scene that hit me hardest was the “crying in the booth” scene. I know it hit most of us hard to see him this upset and sad. The lyrics didn’t help either so I couldn’t help to cry for about 3 days.
    BUT! Then when I watched the MV again something else hit me in the heart… my food loving heart.
    GD…it doesn’t matter how “young, wild and rich” you are… YOU DON’T GO AROUND KICKING OTHER PEOPLES FOOD! Especially not fries. You gonna get your ass beat.
    Good damn it.

    Yeah and my Youtube acc is Amanda SiriLinnea.

  183. Mblaq appeared again even after having nothing to do with this weeks showdown….haha maybe that club denied GD’s entry and that’s why it started bleeding rainbows

  184. This video reminds me of the tv show Skins (UK)

  185. I like the part where GD’s sobbing in the bathroom stall because, you’d think he’d close the door, but nooooo. GD’s a strong and empowering punk, who don’t take no embarrassment and his proud to show his tears! Also, kudos to the automobile couch. I’d like one of those….

  186. Far and away my favorite scene is the “GD in silky boxers riding the horse that we are all frakin jelly of!” I mean I DARE YOU NOT TO THINK DIRTY THOUGHTS!!!!!! *Squee* Com’mon admit it…you know you watched it more than once…or ten times…having an actual physical album would prolly make me cry…but never fear I have plenty of tissues! ^_^ (P.S. my youtube name is maddiefossett)

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