DUN DUN DUN. If you’ve already watched the video you’ll already know that, yes, we’re changing up Kpop Music Mondays (KMM). After a doing a whole lot of KMM and growing and changing our structure, we’ve finally decided it’s time to switch things up a bit. We’re feeling too constrained by the format that we ourselves invented a couple years ago, so it’s time to mix it up and let our freedom fly. We’d still like to include our characters and some skits in these KMM, but only when we really feel inspired. The same for the English rating: if there is something noteworthy to talk about, we’ll include it, but if not, no talking! I think this format will be more like our TL;DR segments on our bonus channel where we are able to bounce our thoughts back and forth with each other.

Normally, when we prepare for Kpop Music Mondays we watch the videos on our own and we come up with our own opinions, which sometimes match each other and sometimes are totally different, and then we have to someone bring these two different thoughts together in a cohesive manner and divide our thoughts so that Kpop Music Monday isn’t 20 minutes long. This results in someone’s opinion inevitably being left out or barely mentioned, and sometimes we feel frustrated when we read comments that match one of our opinions exactly…but we had to leave it out. I think this new format will really allow us to share both our perspectives equally!

Also, we’d like to be able to have Kpop Music Monday as a music segment about kpop in general. Once in a while we want to be able to do a creatively different video about kpop, kind of like the video we did for the Ish list on the Top 7 English Covers Done By Kpop Artists, or a random parody, or something else that we’re inspired by. Let Kpop Music Monday be like Saturday Night Live, almost, you know? We often come up with random videos that we want to do, but just don’t have the time to do. So why not let those random videos be a Kpop Music Monday?

So, that’s basically it. We’re going to shuffle things around. We’ll wax nostalgic from time to time and maybe go back to the old format, who knows! We just felt like it was time for a change.

Anyhow, enough of that. This blog post should be about G-Dragon’s video as well. Here it is, if you haven’t seen it yet:


So, good thing about our new format is that we’re not cutting out anything that we say anymore. Bad thing is that we said a lot of what we wanted to say in the video. BUUUT, there were some scenes that we cut out, along with the bloopers, which you can find in our blooper roll/deleted scene section here. Booya!


So, yeah! Let us know your thoughts. We’re hoping this format is more conversational, and we can feel like we’re chatting more, rather than just pushing out our thoughts in video. Does that make sense? I’m not sure. Otherwise, get ready for weird videos from time to time. OOOHHH, and lastly, tomorrow we’re making a rather big announcement. Make sure you stay tuned. You’re gonna like this one :D

  1. Jeremy Greco

    Can someone fill me in on the name of the song that G-Dragon was up against in this week’s showdown? I couldn’t quite catch it, and I can’t find it written or linked to anywhere. :(

  2. I don’t like this review, because where’s the FUN?? in this long review where you guys just talk about what you think of mv. It’s like any other kpop youtube reviewers where everyone have their own opinions. I liked when you guys parodied and made fun of the videos and make fun of the dance and come up with new way to use the dance/english phrase. SKIT! is the best part of your videos. I hope you guys use more of your green screen to use.

  3. Nice outfits ! White-folk-dressing-like-way-cooler-Korean-Idol-chic. Dig it ! (overloading on secondary colors totally does hide excess fat)

  4. also if you guys knew how to read, you’d know GD doesn’t personally art direct or come up with concepts for his music videos, the record label picks out people to do that. GD only has some basic direction , and its usually along the lines not be be associated with other idols. 바보

  5. You guys don’t seem able to speak about music properly, missing the vocabulary to even explain basic concepts of what you do or don’t like about a song, its pretty bad.

    Try learning what a Chorus, bridge, verse, melody, harmony, even why style of music it references (ie trap, dubstep ect )

    P.S, Can stop using the word ‘like’ 60 times every MM ? You sound like a 8 year old explaining a favorite pop song. 백치

  6. Is it ‘ crazy nos music’??? What? I wanna watch the video but i have no idea what the title is T_T

  7. Stephanie Zhang

    I do like having the both of you sharing your thoughts, because it is true that you two don’t get to fully express your opinion, or only one person gets to express what they feel, leaving the other frustrated, but this version is a little boring for me… I guess I’m just used to your little skits and jokes and just laughing my butt off, so this KMM I was a little disappointed because there weren’t as many fun little skits and flashiness and whatnot.

  8. MichaelBulley

    JD is always using innuendos, I think it’s pretty well known that the entirety of the English used in Lollipop 2 were innuendos. That’s half the reason I love GD, he’s obviously smart and brave enough to put those kinds of things in his songs and is well aware that a lot of koreans probably wouldn’t pick up on it so he can get away with it! :D

  9. When you made the comment about G-Dragon switching from YG to SM Entertainment, I dropped my laptop and died of laughter.

  10. ashtenmorgan

    haha I actually thought s&m was for Simon&Martina Co, but I thoughts that would not be funny, so now I know :P

    On to the Kpop Monday, it would be better if you guys combine the old kpop monday with the new one. The poking funny with agree/disagreement court talk with evidence ;)

  11. Victoria Calder

    It’s seems you got more negative or lukewarm responses to this week’s music monday than positive ones. So I’d like to let you know first and foremost that I really, really enjoyed it. I think the conversation angle really worked well when you talked about your opinions on the song and enabled to bring up points that probably otherwise be in your blog post (which I love reading) like music trends, what big bangs demograph then likes now ect. And I never really noticed but it’s true it is usually unattractive older men that making club dance anthems.

    But I think it would benefit from a bit more polish. Something others pointed out that I think I agree with is it’s maybe too similar to other things out there like reaction videos. I think that part after you were done with opinions and started just poking fun at the video could probably be more scripted or maybe just delivered in a more straight forward and energetic fashion like when you do it solo.

    Also I gotta say I’m more than fine with the omission of english and dance segments, I mean I look forward to them for certain songs/videos but so many times, especially lately it seems, where you were forced to acknowledge them when there’s nothing remarkable in that particular song or none at all. It actually really stood out in the recently with Joah because there really wasn’t any dancing and the English was basically a duh. I hope to seem them in videos that call for (which is what you said you’d do) but I don’t nee them in every video. Same thing with the format I really liked it for this song and can think of many other I would have like it for but for some like “Man in Love” I think the old suited it more, but like I said I don’t need the same thing every week and what you wrote about occasionally using the old style or doing parody or something completely original sounds very exciting.

  12. Rae Roche

    I vote for “Musiche” by Crazyno.

    Don’t get me wrong, I really like GD, I just find doll masks creepy and Musiche is so fun.

  13. ShihonoRyo

    I googled S&M…. OHH MY GOD WHY THEY DO THIS??? (O_O;)

  14. I honestly think that the previous format is better : not that I dislike seeing both of you, but the previous format was way more … interesting.

  15. KMM Ver. 2.1!
    1. I like the idea of you two being in the shot and expressing your opinions and agreeing with each other.
    2. I prefer the old format divided into different segments with transitions; but I think that the transitions and the intro should be updated inline with your other video intros being geometric and fun and stuff.
    3. Keep the intro song

    Keep up the great work! Everything is a work in progress!

  16. I like the new format. But I wish that you add more skits. The skits are my favorite part and it brings comic relief and a smile to my face. Please add more skits have us laugh more. The jokes are well done but I wish there was a skit to match it. Now…………….PLZ ADD MORE SKIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Happy Birthday Martina! Hope you get something Nasty. :) Or really yummy. Sorry Sorry Sorry that was a lame joke. *Does the Sorry dance*

  18. And also,
    I think that MichiGo is kind of like the real world version of Crayon. In Crayon, he is rich and crazy and the video was wacky and odd. So I think that that was like a dream for GD and in MichiGo, it is the reality of his life. He’s not rich and has really big feet, which I guess can make him unliked, so in his dreams he’s rich and crazy and popular, but in reality, he goes on a scary subway to and from school, daydreaming about stuff. And all the crazy parts of the story are when he falls asleep on the subway. And his parents spank him because he gets bad grades or stuff like that. IDK really. Just an interpretation. XD

  19. I was looking at the comments and saw nothing about this.
    Korean books are read like American books.
    Just saying. :)

  20. My Turn!!! *disclaimer* This comment will be filled with opinion and rants… so….yeah… all Me. Ok, I like the new set up, because as you said, it gives you the change to be heard, both of you. I also like that the two of you often have opposite opinions because you do have very distinctly different styles and tastes. I liked it.
    And I LIKED MICHIGO!!!! Alot. Almost as much as I liked Crayon… and I think I get what Ole Jiyong is saying… “I dont care if I get in trouble, it feels yummy!!!” (oh yeah, I luvs me a rebel!) The song seems to be one of those songs that need the video, though. But that is okay, Ill watch it eryday!!! Now what I didnt like was there was sooo much symbolism that the front message… GO CRAZY gets lost!!!
    Anywho…. I liked the KMM set up, G-Dragon could make a song about toilet paper, and I would rock the hell out of it… “Oh yeah…got my TOILET PAPER BEATIN IN THE TRUNK BOI!” and all is right with the world…

  21. I agree with the general, “Like you guys together, but miss the segments (e.g., English, Dance, etc.)” sentiment. One thing I would like to see, although maybe you’ve already thought of this and have rejected it, is playing a short snippet of the video at the beginning as a sort of refresher? Just a thought! Anyhow, great review on this one! Really funny. :)

    By the way, could I put in a request for a Makeup Tutorial on G-Dragon’s make-up in this video (particularly the bowl-cut, pink elephant segment)?

    You guys are awesome!

  22. curly_samurai

    I’ll also put my two cents here…

    I obviously love the KMM and I’ve followed them forever – I think there are many gems in the list and… uhm, I’ll stop here. The new format feels like a preparation for KMM to me, like a rehearsal (?) in a way. As someone put it here, when you speak individually, your artsiness appears, the transitions and comments from behind the camera hook the viewer and the skits feel in the right place. This looked more like a lounge jokey discussion (much less pro) – not that it’s bad – but you know, when you know the taste of awesomeness, you don’t like to change… I believe in the freedom of art expression, so I’ll be waiting to see what you do in the next KMM ;) <3

  23. Korean books are read like Western books. Martina is right. I…think Chinese books are the same but I haven’t actually looked at one yet.

  24. So at first I was like – this is going to take some getting used to… and it probably will. But I will get used to it anyway. It would be nice for a medium – bring back the dance and the english ratings as well, Otherwise, it isn’t a change I can’t get used to.

    Secondly – I love Musiche – but GD has the patent on the Latest Technology of Crazy. This one goes to MichiGo.

  25. kawaii_candie

    hey guys, i don’t think that having you together is a bad idea. it’s nice to have the interaction. but i’m really bummed that this KMM had no skits!!! wtf guise?! what did the fanmail people send you all those wigs and mustaches for, eh??

    also, i quite liked the old KMM format. it was fun and familiar… i dunno. :p

  26. amandalee320

    This was probably the only music monday that I didn’t finish.. it was really boring, and not put together well. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it ya know?

  27. I want to start this comment off with this: I love you guys so much! I love your awkwardness and your humor style and I wish we could be friends in real life. You guys seems so genuine and embrace your nerdy weirdness, which I believe more people should be like~ I discovered you guys a couple summers ago when I became obsessed with K-pop. This obsession has died down since then. I no longer anxiously await new releases from my favorite groups nor do I fangirl over my bias. I don’t even listen to it unless I am under 4 circumstances… 1. I’m working out (cause its so darn upbeat), 2. I’m eating at a Korean restaurant, 3. It’s Big Bang, 4. K-pop music Mondays…

    I look forward to Kpop Music Mondays every week! I love all your other videos too, but they are my favorites. Since I am no longer invested in kpop, I’m in it for the lolz and to hear perspectives on music videos that aren’t just drooling fans or haterzzz. I understand that the old format of Music Mondays requires a lot of time, effort, and creative energy, but believe me, I appreciate every millisecond of your efforts! This new format takes away everything that I love about Music Mondays and even though I love you guys (and GDRAGON) it was a struggle against boredom for me to watch through the entire video :( If there is a way to find a happy medium between the old and new formats. Perhaps switch up whoever is in charge of each segment or add new segments or have both of you guys in the same segment of the old Music Monday. Or add skits and scripted humor to break up the new format. Otherwise…if this format remains, I don’t know if I’ll feel inclined to watch Music Mondays anymore :((

  28. Amyaco

    Simon and Martina, I know you’re getting some negative feedback about this new format, but I wanted to say that there are a lot of really good aspects about the things you changed. Obviously it might need some tweaking, but I think changing KMM up was a really good idea, and I commend you for trying something new that might work better instead of staying with something safe. :)

  29. Amyaco

    Musiche by Crazyno!!!!!! I lalalalove that MV.

    (Funniest KMM I’ve seen in a while, btw. You guys rock! ^^)

  30. I actually love the new format. When you guys chat with each other naturally it creates more unscripted jokes and laughs and that’s what I love about you guys. More short mini-skit type things like the rug scene would be great too, if just to switch up the video visually and appease those that prefer the scripted feel. It’s entirely possible to do a mixture!

    As for the song, I didn’t enjoy it as much as GD’s other songs, but the video was hella entertaining f’shizzle

  31. i think change is good, i agree with Tara C who said some transitions would be good. Honestly I’d like to see you rate them as well.. like 1 to 10 , 1 being hated, and 10 being the best thing since sliced bread (oh yeah – old school)
    rate the video itself AND the song, not as a team but have two sets and flash them up on the screen.

    I’m not sure that idea came out in a very cohesive way, but it’s the best I can do on two hours of sleep. ^_^

  32. S&M for all of you who don’t know what it means, stands for Simon & Martina [Entertainment]. Foreign way-gookian conspiracy! >_>

  33. kpopfan123

    I think my all time favorite GD song would be “Missing you” with Kim Yuna (Jaurim) but I also liked “One Of A Kind”…so among the three songs you mentioned, it’s “One Of A Kind”. I actually started to think GD is an alright person(he even said he admired Kim Yuna…and she and her band are like one of my favorite indie groups)… “Crayon” was ok… but after “MichiGo” I don’t know what to think anymore… I kind of feel bad for him…like he’s in the wrong hands…

    About the reading thing, from what I know… Korean people read normally… Just the Japanese read manga backwards(not sure about normal books though…)

    About this new format I have to say that I liked it a lot!(too bad the votes were too many against it) It has a somewhat slower pace than the usual KMM (don’t know if it’s just me but the pace was starting to get a little hectic and sometimes I couldn’t fully enjoy the skits..*yeah I know it’s just me*) and a funny side to them as well. There were times that at KMMS I’d laugh with tears but this version is also entertaining; I just love that you create humor without having to think about doing that. And another thing that I liked is that I could hear more of your oppinion on the song and video (and get to know stuff about you guise). So overall I liked this format because it was more balanced… maybe it would make a change if the voting ends sometime during the day (you’d have more energy).

    “Also, we’d like to be able to have Kpop Music Monday as a music segment about kpop in general. Once in a while we want to be able to do a creatively different video about kpop, kind of like the video we did for the Ish list on the Top 7 English Covers Done By Kpop Artists, or a random parody, or something else that we’re inspired by. Let Kpop Music Monday be like Saturday Night Live, almost, you know? We often come up with random videos that we want to do, but just don’t have the time to do. So why not let those random videos be a Kpop Music Monday?” I love the idea! :D

    It’s Martina’s birthday today :) again Happy Birthday! :D

    Great job guise!! :D Hope Martina’s birthday will be awesome! :)


  34. i pretty sure this is a late reply to this but i love the new format, i know about anyone else but when your both on the screen arguing and talking it makes it alot better.

  35. Oh yeah, vote for MIchigo. That’s just some crazy shiznit right thur.

  36. I like the new format. I think you could probably puncutate it with some stuff. Like the ‘im scured in bed scene’ was a great pause. More for visual stimulation. But I loved the discussion. So much fun. As for the video: the song is okay. The song is totally allll about the video and the craziness of the video.

  37. Can we vote for 4Minute’s “Shut Up/Spread Leg Like Rooney” song from SNL?

  38. IIIIIIIIIII enjoyed the new format. Was good, was good. Seems like some things are missing, but you guys should totally stick with this if it satisfies you guys [;) so nasty].
    Btw~are those zipper earings? CUTE :D

  39. Steph Albee

    I like this format A LOT!!! The conversation style is a much needed change, especially when the two of you have different opinions of the song! (Also, that rug looked so furry, I want to roll around on it. I hope you roll around on that rug…)

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