DUN DUN DUN. If you’ve already watched the video you’ll already know that, yes, we’re changing up Kpop Music Mondays (KMM). After a doing a whole lot of KMM and growing and changing our structure, we’ve finally decided it’s time to switch things up a bit. We’re feeling too constrained by the format that we ourselves invented a couple years ago, so it’s time to mix it up and let our freedom fly. We’d still like to include our characters and some skits in these KMM, but only when we really feel inspired. The same for the English rating: if there is something noteworthy to talk about, we’ll include it, but if not, no talking! I think this format will be more like our TL;DR segments on our bonus channel where we are able to bounce our thoughts back and forth with each other.

Normally, when we prepare for Kpop Music Mondays we watch the videos on our own and we come up with our own opinions, which sometimes match each other and sometimes are totally different, and then we have to someone bring these two different thoughts together in a cohesive manner and divide our thoughts so that Kpop Music Monday isn’t 20 minutes long. This results in someone’s opinion inevitably being left out or barely mentioned, and sometimes we feel frustrated when we read comments that match one of our opinions exactly…but we had to leave it out. I think this new format will really allow us to share both our perspectives equally!

Also, we’d like to be able to have Kpop Music Monday as a music segment about kpop in general. Once in a while we want to be able to do a creatively different video about kpop, kind of like the video we did for the Ish list on the Top 7 English Covers Done By Kpop Artists, or a random parody, or something else that we’re inspired by. Let Kpop Music Monday be like Saturday Night Live, almost, you know? We often come up with random videos that we want to do, but just don’t have the time to do. So why not let those random videos be a Kpop Music Monday?

So, that’s basically it. We’re going to shuffle things around. We’ll wax nostalgic from time to time and maybe go back to the old format, who knows! We just felt like it was time for a change.

Anyhow, enough of that. This blog post should be about G-Dragon’s video as well. Here it is, if you haven’t seen it yet:


So, good thing about our new format is that we’re not cutting out anything that we say anymore. Bad thing is that we said a lot of what we wanted to say in the video. BUUUT, there were some scenes that we cut out, along with the bloopers, which you can find in our blooper roll/deleted scene section here. Booya!


So, yeah! Let us know your thoughts. We’re hoping this format is more conversational, and we can feel like we’re chatting more, rather than just pushing out our thoughts in video. Does that make sense? I’m not sure. Otherwise, get ready for weird videos from time to time. OOOHHH, and lastly, tomorrow we’re making a rather big announcement. Make sure you stay tuned. You’re gonna like this one :D

  1. Can someone fill me in on the name of the song that G-Dragon was up against in this week’s showdown? I couldn’t quite catch it, and I can’t find it written or linked to anywhere. :(

  2. I don’t like this review, because where’s the FUN?? in this long review where you guys just talk about what you think of mv. It’s like any other kpop youtube reviewers where everyone have their own opinions. I liked when you guys parodied and made fun of the videos and make fun of the dance and come up with new way to use the dance/english phrase. SKIT! is the best part of your videos. I hope you guys use more of your green screen to use.

  3. Nice outfits ! White-folk-dressing-like-way-cooler-Korean-Idol-chic. Dig it ! (overloading on secondary colors totally does hide excess fat)

  4. also if you guys knew how to read, you’d know GD doesn’t personally art direct or come up with concepts for his music videos, the record label picks out people to do that. GD only has some basic direction , and its usually along the lines not be be associated with other idols. 바보

  5. You guys don’t seem able to speak about music properly, missing the vocabulary to even explain basic concepts of what you do or don’t like about a song, its pretty bad.

    Try learning what a Chorus, bridge, verse, melody, harmony, even why style of music it references (ie trap, dubstep ect )

    P.S, Can stop using the word ‘like’ 60 times every MM ? You sound like a 8 year old explaining a favorite pop song. 백치

  6. Is it ‘ crazy nos music’??? What? I wanna watch the video but i have no idea what the title is T_T

  7. I do like having the both of you sharing your thoughts, because it is true that you two don’t get to fully express your opinion, or only one person gets to express what they feel, leaving the other frustrated, but this version is a little boring for me… I guess I’m just used to your little skits and jokes and just laughing my butt off, so this KMM I was a little disappointed because there weren’t as many fun little skits and flashiness and whatnot.

  8. JD is always using innuendos, I think it’s pretty well known that the entirety of the English used in Lollipop 2 were innuendos. That’s half the reason I love GD, he’s obviously smart and brave enough to put those kinds of things in his songs and is well aware that a lot of koreans probably wouldn’t pick up on it so he can get away with it! :D

  9. When you made the comment about G-Dragon switching from YG to SM Entertainment, I dropped my laptop and died of laughter.

  10. haha I actually thought s&m was for Simon&Martina Co, but I thoughts that would not be funny, so now I know :P

    On to the Kpop Monday, it would be better if you guys combine the old kpop monday with the new one. The poking funny with agree/disagreement court talk with evidence ;)

  11. It’s seems you got more negative or lukewarm responses to this week’s music monday than positive ones. So I’d like to let you know first and foremost that I really, really enjoyed it. I think the conversation angle really worked well when you talked about your opinions on the song and enabled to bring up points that probably otherwise be in your blog post (which I love reading) like music trends, what big bangs demograph then likes now ect. And I never really noticed but it’s true it is usually unattractive older men that making club dance anthems.

    But I think it would benefit from a bit more polish. Something others pointed out that I think I agree with is it’s maybe too similar to other things out there like reaction videos. I think that part after you were done with opinions and started just poking fun at the video could probably be more scripted or maybe just delivered in a more straight forward and energetic fashion like when you do it solo.

    Also I gotta say I’m more than fine with the omission of english and dance segments, I mean I look forward to them for certain songs/videos but so many times, especially lately it seems, where you were forced to acknowledge them when there’s nothing remarkable in that particular song or none at all. It actually really stood out in the recently with Joah because there really wasn’t any dancing and the English was basically a duh. I hope to seem them in videos that call for (which is what you said you’d do) but I don’t nee them in every video. Same thing with the format I really liked it for this song and can think of many other I would have like it for but for some like “Man in Love” I think the old suited it more, but like I said I don’t need the same thing every week and what you wrote about occasionally using the old style or doing parody or something completely original sounds very exciting.

  12. I vote for “Musiche” by Crazyno.

    Don’t get me wrong, I really like GD, I just find doll masks creepy and Musiche is so fun.

  13. I googled S&M…. OHH MY GOD WHY THEY DO THIS??? (O_O;)

  14. I honestly think that the previous format is better : not that I dislike seeing both of you, but the previous format was way more … interesting.

  15. KMM Ver. 2.1!
    1. I like the idea of you two being in the shot and expressing your opinions and agreeing with each other.
    2. I prefer the old format divided into different segments with transitions; but I think that the transitions and the intro should be updated inline with your other video intros being geometric and fun and stuff.
    3. Keep the intro song

    Keep up the great work! Everything is a work in progress!

  16. I like the new format. But I wish that you add more skits. The skits are my favorite part and it brings comic relief and a smile to my face. Please add more skits have us laugh more. The jokes are well done but I wish there was a skit to match it. Now…………….PLZ ADD MORE SKIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Happy Birthday Martina! Hope you get something Nasty. :) Or really yummy. Sorry Sorry Sorry that was a lame joke. *Does the Sorry dance*

  18. And also,
    I think that MichiGo is kind of like the real world version of Crayon. In Crayon, he is rich and crazy and the video was wacky and odd. So I think that that was like a dream for GD and in MichiGo, it is the reality of his life. He’s not rich and has really big feet, which I guess can make him unliked, so in his dreams he’s rich and crazy and popular, but in reality, he goes on a scary subway to and from school, daydreaming about stuff. And all the crazy parts of the story are when he falls asleep on the subway. And his parents spank him because he gets bad grades or stuff like that. IDK really. Just an interpretation. XD

  19. I was looking at the comments and saw nothing about this.
    Korean books are read like American books.
    Just saying. :)

  20. My Turn!!! *disclaimer* This comment will be filled with opinion and rants… so….yeah… all Me. Ok, I like the new set up, because as you said, it gives you the change to be heard, both of you. I also like that the two of you often have opposite opinions because you do have very distinctly different styles and tastes. I liked it.
    And I LIKED MICHIGO!!!! Alot. Almost as much as I liked Crayon… and I think I get what Ole Jiyong is saying… “I dont care if I get in trouble, it feels yummy!!!” (oh yeah, I luvs me a rebel!) The song seems to be one of those songs that need the video, though. But that is okay, Ill watch it eryday!!! Now what I didnt like was there was sooo much symbolism that the front message… GO CRAZY gets lost!!!
    Anywho…. I liked the KMM set up, G-Dragon could make a song about toilet paper, and I would rock the hell out of it… “Oh yeah…got my TOILET PAPER BEATIN IN THE TRUNK BOI!” and all is right with the world…

  21. I agree with the general, “Like you guys together, but miss the segments (e.g., English, Dance, etc.)” sentiment. One thing I would like to see, although maybe you’ve already thought of this and have rejected it, is playing a short snippet of the video at the beginning as a sort of refresher? Just a thought! Anyhow, great review on this one! Really funny. :)

    By the way, could I put in a request for a Makeup Tutorial on G-Dragon’s make-up in this video (particularly the bowl-cut, pink elephant segment)?

    You guys are awesome!

  22. I’ll also put my two cents here…

    I obviously love the KMM and I’ve followed them forever – I think there are many gems in the list and… uhm, I’ll stop here. The new format feels like a preparation for KMM to me, like a rehearsal (?) in a way. As someone put it here, when you speak individually, your artsiness appears, the transitions and comments from behind the camera hook the viewer and the skits feel in the right place. This looked more like a lounge jokey discussion (much less pro) – not that it’s bad – but you know, when you know the taste of awesomeness, you don’t like to change… I believe in the freedom of art expression, so I’ll be waiting to see what you do in the next KMM ;) <3

  23. Korean books are read like Western books. Martina is right. I…think Chinese books are the same but I haven’t actually looked at one yet.

  24. So at first I was like – this is going to take some getting used to… and it probably will. But I will get used to it anyway. It would be nice for a medium – bring back the dance and the english ratings as well, Otherwise, it isn’t a change I can’t get used to.

    Secondly – I love Musiche – but GD has the patent on the Latest Technology of Crazy. This one goes to MichiGo.

  25. kawaii_candie

    hey guys, i don’t think that having you together is a bad idea. it’s nice to have the interaction. but i’m really bummed that this KMM had no skits!!! wtf guise?! what did the fanmail people send you all those wigs and mustaches for, eh??

    also, i quite liked the old KMM format. it was fun and familiar… i dunno. :p

  26. This was probably the only music monday that I didn’t finish.. it was really boring, and not put together well. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it ya know?

  27. I want to start this comment off with this: I love you guys so much! I love your awkwardness and your humor style and I wish we could be friends in real life. You guys seems so genuine and embrace your nerdy weirdness, which I believe more people should be like~ I discovered you guys a couple summers ago when I became obsessed with K-pop. This obsession has died down since then. I no longer anxiously await new releases from my favorite groups nor do I fangirl over my bias. I don’t even listen to it unless I am under 4 circumstances… 1. I’m working out (cause its so darn upbeat), 2. I’m eating at a Korean restaurant, 3. It’s Big Bang, 4. K-pop music Mondays…

    I look forward to Kpop Music Mondays every week! I love all your other videos too, but they are my favorites. Since I am no longer invested in kpop, I’m in it for the lolz and to hear perspectives on music videos that aren’t just drooling fans or haterzzz. I understand that the old format of Music Mondays requires a lot of time, effort, and creative energy, but believe me, I appreciate every millisecond of your efforts! This new format takes away everything that I love about Music Mondays and even though I love you guys (and GDRAGON) it was a struggle against boredom for me to watch through the entire video :( If there is a way to find a happy medium between the old and new formats. Perhaps switch up whoever is in charge of each segment or add new segments or have both of you guys in the same segment of the old Music Monday. Or add skits and scripted humor to break up the new format. Otherwise…if this format remains, I don’t know if I’ll feel inclined to watch Music Mondays anymore :((

  28. Amyaco

    Simon and Martina, I know you’re getting some negative feedback about this new format, but I wanted to say that there are a lot of really good aspects about the things you changed. Obviously it might need some tweaking, but I think changing KMM up was a really good idea, and I commend you for trying something new that might work better instead of staying with something safe. :)

  29. Amyaco

    Musiche by Crazyno!!!!!! I lalalalove that MV.

    (Funniest KMM I’ve seen in a while, btw. You guys rock! ^^)

  30. I actually love the new format. When you guys chat with each other naturally it creates more unscripted jokes and laughs and that’s what I love about you guys. More short mini-skit type things like the rug scene would be great too, if just to switch up the video visually and appease those that prefer the scripted feel. It’s entirely possible to do a mixture!

    As for the song, I didn’t enjoy it as much as GD’s other songs, but the video was hella entertaining f’shizzle

  31. i think change is good, i agree with Tara C who said some transitions would be good. Honestly I’d like to see you rate them as well.. like 1 to 10 , 1 being hated, and 10 being the best thing since sliced bread (oh yeah – old school)
    rate the video itself AND the song, not as a team but have two sets and flash them up on the screen.

    I’m not sure that idea came out in a very cohesive way, but it’s the best I can do on two hours of sleep. ^_^

  32. S&M for all of you who don’t know what it means, stands for Simon & Martina [Entertainment]. Foreign way-gookian conspiracy! >_>

  33. I think my all time favorite GD song would be “Missing you” with Kim Yuna (Jaurim) but I also liked “One Of A Kind”…so among the three songs you mentioned, it’s “One Of A Kind”. I actually started to think GD is an alright person(he even said he admired Kim Yuna…and she and her band are like one of my favorite indie groups)… “Crayon” was ok… but after “MichiGo” I don’t know what to think anymore… I kind of feel bad for him…like he’s in the wrong hands…

    About the reading thing, from what I know… Korean people read normally… Just the Japanese read manga backwards(not sure about normal books though…)

    About this new format I have to say that I liked it a lot!(too bad the votes were too many against it) It has a somewhat slower pace than the usual KMM (don’t know if it’s just me but the pace was starting to get a little hectic and sometimes I couldn’t fully enjoy the skits..*yeah I know it’s just me*) and a funny side to them as well. There were times that at KMMS I’d laugh with tears but this version is also entertaining; I just love that you create humor without having to think about doing that. And another thing that I liked is that I could hear more of your oppinion on the song and video (and get to know stuff about you guise). So overall I liked this format because it was more balanced… maybe it would make a change if the voting ends sometime during the day (you’d have more energy).

    “Also, we’d like to be able to have Kpop Music Monday as a music segment about kpop in general. Once in a while we want to be able to do a creatively different video about kpop, kind of like the video we did for the Ish list on the Top 7 English Covers Done By Kpop Artists, or a random parody, or something else that we’re inspired by. Let Kpop Music Monday be like Saturday Night Live, almost, you know? We often come up with random videos that we want to do, but just don’t have the time to do. So why not let those random videos be a Kpop Music Monday?” I love the idea! :D

    It’s Martina’s birthday today :) again Happy Birthday! :D

    Great job guise!! :D Hope Martina’s birthday will be awesome! :)


  34. i pretty sure this is a late reply to this but i love the new format, i know about anyone else but when your both on the screen arguing and talking it makes it alot better.

  35. Oh yeah, vote for MIchigo. That’s just some crazy shiznit right thur.

  36. I like the new format. I think you could probably puncutate it with some stuff. Like the ‘im scured in bed scene’ was a great pause. More for visual stimulation. But I loved the discussion. So much fun. As for the video: the song is okay. The song is totally allll about the video and the craziness of the video.

  37. Can we vote for 4Minute’s “Shut Up/Spread Leg Like Rooney” song from SNL?

  38. IIIIIIIIIII enjoyed the new format. Was good, was good. Seems like some things are missing, but you guys should totally stick with this if it satisfies you guys [;) so nasty].
    Btw~are those zipper earings? CUTE :D

  39. I like this format A LOT!!! The conversation style is a much needed change, especially when the two of you have different opinions of the song! (Also, that rug looked so furry, I want to roll around on it. I hope you roll around on that rug…)

  40. I think that one way there can be flashy and fun with the acceptability to having a one-on-one convo(conversation) b/w you 2 is, as I suggested on twitter, to have an anime costuming each Monday or something type of style of clothing that can represent what would be discussed and discuss it in that lingo? It’ll be funny because it’s anime clothing or if by the style that’ll represent the convo then what’ll be funny is the language of the song or other that would be talked about. The flashiness would come from the clothing and bodily gestures(hands, facial). idk just an idea that’s more thought out, than what I did mention on twitter, after viewing this video and reading one or two ppl’s suggestions.

  41. Martina is correct. Sorry Simon. In Japan the book is read from back to front & from what I have observed of a Korean Hymn book it’s from front to back. Also, other bks I’ve seen of Korean. LOL, to your convo on the video.

  42. I will be honest, not a fan of this format . . .maybe because it’s the first time to see it. . .

    I like to see you both on screen but this was really difficult for me to watch. I think because there were no ‘breaks’ between scenes like in the old KMM… and the sleeping part came out of no where for me xD

    I like the dynamic of the old concept more . . . but maybe you could add this as one of the parts for KMM… like at the end…after the rating of the music video…I don’t know xD

    It will take time for me to get used to it, that is for sure.

  43. I already wrote pretty long about this last time, but here is my yesterday’s post shorter: scripting, skits and other funny stuff is what makes KMMs KMMs to me. They’re unique, I don’t exactly know many KPop or other reviewers who do skits and things like that. This video reminds me of a standard video review where there’s nothing to watch but when you are not watching you will get distracted by something else and not listen much. I actually can’t really remember anything from the video since I was doing other things and kind of zoned out. Or like a TL:DR or reaction video.

    I’m not saying it’s bad that you are trying to freshen KMM’s up, but please, if you do, keep it like a show not a talk show/chat session with skits. Keep it original and distinct because this is the glory of KMM’s- their difference from a standard review. The way I see it this could’ve easily been a long blog post instead of a video.

  44. I liked you guys discussing the video coz it felt like a fun review…isn’t that kmm was originally supposed to be? But I also understand how some people can feel that the video dragged a little. The one part where u guys were under the purple blanket was really refreshing in between the talks. The part I don’t miss about the old format is how it seemed to be more about silliness and skits…and what felt like less review. The part I do miss is the headlines like “the English” coz it breaks the video up a little and how it feels like a short entertainment show.

  45. It’s kinda boring you guys…I miss the old format. I mean it was more interactive even if you weren’t face to face, it was funnier, and you covered more aspects of the video. Now I feel like you get carried away when you talk about just one thing and forget about the dance, the english, and is that TOP at one point in the video?

  46. http://reviewstar.hankooki.com/Article/ArticleView.php?WEB_GSNO=10104200

    even though this link is in korean, by the images, you can see that this is pretty cool YG

  47. Arabic is actually read like the Japanese books :)

    and…CRAZYNO~~~~~ 8′D

  48. Not really liking this new concept; it lacks the entertainment / creativity factor that were present in the previous KMM that got me to start watching your videos. While this format allows both of you to have a ‘conversational-type’ expression of opinions, it loses its sparkle and feels as ordinary as anyone who could simply do a reaction video on a newly released MV. What made your previous formats special – even though you guise might feel constrained by it – were the various mini-segments that were entertaining and humorous; and they really exhibited your creativity in interpreting what you saw/heard. The old format may be ‘restrictive’, but don’t forget that the content varies in every video that made each and every one interesting. Unfortunately, this format felt much like a tl;dr, or rather tl;dw (didn’t watch). (Although I did watch the entire vid) That said, I hope you guise would really return to the old format or at least not abandon it entirely. I’d love to have something wacky to watch every Tuesdays!

  49. “Wife-murdering day?!” Oh Simon…I just, I can’t…

    This video format just proved to me that I will still laugh hard even if it’s just the two of you chatting with each other. I love that like K variety shows, much of the humor also comes from the random captions that fleetingly flash on the screen. I’ve said this before, I love the dynamics between you two. :) Your sense of humor is precisely what made me become a fan–not that you review Kpop videos.

    I haven’t read all the comments, but I will agree that the format is a little TOO much like TL:DR. I personally feel that given your content (Kpop videos, as opposed to specific SK issues), amping up the silly with skits is at par with the content’s entertainment value. Not saying I don’t wanna hear your opinions, but maybe adding a skit or two? Or is that what you both are specifically tired of? Or you’ll only pick and choose which videos to make skits of (for instance, like the epicness that was “Man in Love”)?

    As for the song and video itself, I’m sorta feeling like Simon: It’s oookay, but not “cool, awesome!” like “One of a Kind” or bombastically WOW like “Fantastic Baby.” It’s got a hook for sure; but it’s almost annoying to me. I can appreciate the weird and cray-cray of the video, and there are moments that are genuinely funny to me (really, the giant feet and the bum-spanking made me giggle) but I have a limit to the amount of bizarre I’m exposed to. Or maybe I draw the line at literal toilet humor.

    And now I really wanna read the Big Bang biography, except I can’t read Korean. And as far as I know, only manga and Japanese books are read right to left. :)

  50. I love the fact that you two are now together, it had this kind of TL:DR feeling to it. I do, however, believe that you should have like the same headings you had with the ‘old’ kpop music Monday It really felt as a review, which was fantastic! But I kinda missed the dorkyness.

  51. i totally stand on Simon’s side for this time. This GD’s song, meh, it didn’t work for me. I don’t dislike it but i don’t like it. It was just okay. The song is kinda tiring actually. I know it’s just me but this song sounds like a spare song. Like he composes so much, this was one of the songs that didn’t make in his album and is recycling it as a bonus digital release or so. It doesn’t sound like it’s a song he worked really hard and deep and for a long time on it. Again, this is just a feeling, my feeling on the song.

    as for the new format. as much as i like seeing you talking and sharing this way your opinion i’m afraid this was just a little… too… long maybe ? it’s not like i like scripted things that much, seeing you talking more freely about your opinion and point of view, i like it. but maybe this need to be just a little more organized and scripted ? i’m not sure. but this is interesting too. for example, for this time, we can indeed realize that you two don’t share the same opinion, and that’s nice.
    And/but i also guess that this format is much easier for you to do. less scripting time and editing time maybe ?
    idk what to think or say. on one hand i kinda miss the old format with the little skits and all, and on another hand i felt like sometimes (this is just me right) the skits and all were a little too… forced ? like you were searching and trying hard to find something funny to do, when sometimes there simply wasn’t anything to really joke about so, and for those mv it’d have been more interesting to see you two share your opinion on the song and video like you did this time.
    SO. i guess that, there are some videos that are better to be reviewed with the original KMM format, and some videos are more meant to be reviewed with that new format maybe ?

    and my vote goes for Crazyno btw. This was an underrated video imo.

    • also this reminds me how we are not all looking for the same things in KMM. i was discussing this with my sister once and said that most of the time i was voting for the video that had the most potential to be a funny kmm because it was ridiculous etc (or the video was interesting), and my sister said she was voting for the song she loved, to see what S&M and other people were thinking about it.
      idk if that could be possible for you to decide when you review a mv if it is suited better for the old format of kmm or the new format ? Or if you could mix and balance the 2 formats ??


  53. Totally voting for crazyno, btw

  54. To be honest:
    I like the idea of both of you on screen, but it was to little scripted and it was not as funny anymore. Even though I know this is more work for you guys, this is what makes you stick out from the herd that makes K-pop review, and you guys are therefor the only one I bother to watch.
    It is also really funny when you guys notice something I did not, but this time you guys commented on the obvious. The S&M thingy could have been so much more funny scripted.
    It has potential, but I liked when the segments were broken down, had more order, seemed like it was done by a professional.
    I think you should not throw away the idea and work it into how your old structure used to be.

    Hope I did not offend you all, but it just seem to be many people that thinks this and this is (honestly) the first time I got bored watching your videos in the 2 years I have been watching KMM.

  55. Interesting. Your sound proof room is truly sound proof since there was no feedback noise :D

  56. I think this way of recording Music Mondays (with you both talking in front of camera) may be refreshing but it needs some practice maybe? I hope I don’t sound like I’m criticizing you, I’m Polish so I can’t operate with english words perfectly… What disturbed me was the fact sometimes you both talked at once. For a native english speaker it will probably not be problematic but people like me may not undertand anything you say- I had moments like this, your words got blury and I couldn’t get a sense of it;) Another thing: I think it helps your viewers concentrate on what you say and what you do when you look straight into the camera, but today you often stared at sides, Martina stared at floor and was nodding her head when Simon was talking- then I felt like I lost contanct with you somehow… Instead of looking at Simon who was talking, Martinas moving head catched my attention and I got lost at times. I mean, when you recorded K-pop Music Mondays apart then the person in front of camera was staring directly at it, we all the time saw your face, could read what you say from your lips and everyting was a bit clearer. I don’t think you should resing from recording it new way, surely you also need some change after recording dozens of videos. Just as for me I’d like it if you stared more at the camera and talked in alittle more organized way, not like in free discussion. Not because it’s something bad- it’s just you have alot of followers who are not native english speakers like me and may have problems understanding what you say :) Anyway, I’m your follower since few years and I’ll keep being one doesn’t matter how you record KMM :) Despite some small disturbance it was as fun as always! Thank you!
    *Ah, and really sorry if my way of expressing myself is messy, I hope you could understand what I wanna say :)

  57. The idea that you are going to talk about Kpop in general in the videos is super cool! There are several videos that came out in the last few weeks that never got to the top of KMM and it would’ve been awesome to hear your thoughts on them. If the new format will include maybe briefly discussing a few new videos, I would be totally excited about that.

  58. Ok, so my comment is more about Michi Go than the new format about the video, cuz I think all of my opinions have been covered in the other comments.
    So what I find interesting about Michi Go, is that all the back dancers, the extras, everyone EXCEPT GD himself, the cameos (Teddy, Taeyang, Se7en and SeungHo) and the boob dancing woman (who I am told is a gag woman) is masked. So everyone he doesn’t want to be seen, wasn’t seen at all.

    And about 4/20 thing, I’m sure GD knew. :P But I guess that he’s gotten to this point where he can make fun of it, but not in such an obvious way that he would be criticized for it. And about the other…references to SM, well, I dunno what I can say about that! If he’s a kinky little devil, well, each to his own. :P

    I feel like the video itself can be interpreted interestingly, a young boy who doesn’t fit in with the rest of society because of his giant feet (and his questionable peeing skills) gets on a crazy train, and realizes that its ok to be different and crazy! It’s just GD being absolutely crazy, he’s also delivering a message in a very interesting way.

    Also, you mentioned how the lyrics and the scenes in the MV correspond to each other, but didn’t say exactly how. I heard about how in Korea, there’s this saying, about how when you’re so drunk, you can’t tell your mother and father apart (or something like that) and hence the whole “Mother, father, who are you?” part. And I expected to hear you talk about that, because That XX and One Of A Kind was dissected so much, based on the lyrics.

    And finally, my feedback about the new format. I just want the English and Dance sections back, along with the skits. Because there was no dance section this week, I feel that you guys missed out on commenting about GD’s dance. I know it wasn’t much dancing, but it was crazy, like he had no bones! I was also looking forward to a skit for this video, I mean, there were SO MANY different things you guise could have done- the bathroom scene, the subway scene, the library scene, the spanking scene…

    EDIT: I just realized the whole lying on the floor at night thing was a skit…

  59. So is the new format a review of the song or the video? Because you mostly talk about the song and don’t really get into talking about the video very much. There were several interesting points in the video that it would’ve been nice to hear you discuss but they didn’t really come up. What if you watched it together and paused it to discuss when you had a thought? Not sure, I just know that it didn’t really feel very much like a discussion about the video.

    Also, this discussion format is going to get old really quickly if Simon always talks over the top of Martina like that. Martina is perhaps just a more generous conversationalist because she asked Simon lots of questions and listened patiently to his responses whereas Simon only asked her a question once or twice and tended to interrupt her thoughts when she was speaking.

  60. Crazyno is getting destroyed… Maybe if you had included his video in the playlist and a direct link in the KMM, as you used to do, people would have watched it and voted for it more…

  61. love Gd song and love the … i vote for GD

  62. I liked the sequence together. I think it could be a good idea to mix it up with solo and duo shots ;D.

  63. Dare i say it? i expected so much from this KMM because this MV was crazy, and i couldn’t wait to see your take on the big feet or shed some light into the plot of the Mv like u always do, in a fun and educational kind of way with your opinions sewn between.That was the flavor of KMM.What i think drew ppl in and separated u from all those reaction videos.I’m ashamed to say that i got bored ,and after some time i flirted with the idea of clicking away,something wich never happend with the old KMM.
    I love seeing u both together, but somehow i got the impresion that Simon dominated the talk and Martina often just stood there nodding away.And i still don’t have a clear grasp of what your opinions were…..

    Now for more positive things: I loved the ‘from YG to SM’ joke, and i have to say i live in Europe and i had no clue about the 4/20.And i don’t think a lot of ppl are aware of weed day.
    That was my ‘feedback’, see u guys next time.

  64. This was an interesting direction to take for a KMM. You two are free to do what you want with your channel and your business and I respect that.

    I understand if scripting, filming and editing KMM over the course of a Sunday and Monday can be exhausting. I get that. I can understand you wanting a little bit more freedom and little less rigid structure in your offerings. It’s hard to think up jokes. It’s hard to come up with skit ideas. That’s why successful shows like the Daily Show, The Colbert Report and SNL (although that’s debatable) have scads of writers. If one writer on the Daily Show is having a bad day, another guy can pick up the slack and you don’t have that available. I understand. I sympathize with you guys. I really do. I would not want to do what you do on a daily basis. I have nothing but respect for what you have done and achieved in Korea and on the internet. You have put your blood, sweat and tears into this project and you’ve done amazing things. But I really feel like this was not your best effort. I stopped watching about halfway through the video and I didn’t even bother to come back to watch the bloopers.

    I know you want this to feel collaborative, like you’re having a conversation with your audience and your fans but KMM are not live chats. Even during live chats, we don’t really get to talk to you. A few lucky tweeters or commenters will get a shout out but it’s still not a real conversation. I feel that your audience comes to see YOUR opinion on a video and your humorous deconstruction of another country’s pop culture. By all means, co-host a KMM, include a short give and take with each other if that’s what you’d like to add. That’s would be great. Rotate out the dance break down and the english break down if you’d like. In videos where there is no dancing, there’s no need, like wise with songs that have little to no english. “Oh yeah!” and “Baby” does not require an english rating.

    There is nothing wrong with change and variety but I am worried you’re going to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    Looking forward to your announcement tomorrow!

  65. KATHyphenTUN

    I loved to have parts with both of you together but i also like having you guys flip back and forth in the old segment! maybe combine a bit of both worlds? but that may be difficult to transition. good luck!

    Also LOL at the meemerbomb at 10:37 lower right corner :P hes so cute! <3

  66. this song is brilliant it’s just so GDragon…& the first time that I heard it, I was in the kitchen & my aunt played it…so i was like what was that hilarious song…perfection just perfect song…i was thinking why this song didn’t spread like Psy’s Gangnam style & gentleman…

  67. Maybe (this is just one of many possible ideas) you could do this “both on the screen, having a discussion” thing, while still keeping the old sections like the dance and the English so it feels a bit more polished. Another thing I think would be better would be to keep the inside jokes, or to make more, fresher inside jokes, with only one or two skits per episode like what you did in this one. I’ve been with you guys since your “How Dare You” review, so I wouldn’t mind some change :)

  68. I really loved the old KMM more, it was fun and interesting… and while TL;DR’s are interesting, they’re kinda… well, just that. They’re conversations. The KMM to me was always fun and skit and hearing a combo of your two’s thoughts at the same time. To me, for a KMM, this is just… bland and a bit boring, honestly. Which was disappointing cause the video was so crazy and I thought that there’d be a crazy KMM. Instead… not so much. :(

  69. I agree with a lot of these comments, I like having you both together, but I did like the old format a bit better because it kept my attention really easily, because it WAS
    so back and forth. (and I’m ADD so keeping my attention can be hard!^^)
    However, I understand that you want to include both your opinions, which is great, so this is a good way to do that. I think this could be good– I mean, it is good, so let me rephrase that– I think this could be better with a bit more excitement/flashiness. I also did like the consistency of the other format…the review, the dance, the english. However…maybe that’s what you’re trying to get away from? So much structure?
    I guess I can’t really judge how much more I like or dislike this from the old format of KMMs cuz this is the first one like this. I’d like to see where this goes. We’re all attached to the old format, so I think some of us might be going through a little withdraw! ;) When internet viewers find something they like, they don’t want to see it change! But I like that you guys are willing to change things up and keep tweaking stuff. Yay creativity!

    One final thought, this might just be me/irrelevant comment on aesthetics, but I really liked the open background in KMMs. The kitchen in the background [in your old apt.], your empty [new] apt (before EYK Studios)^^, the open window in the studio…Idk, I just like the openness!!

    So yeah. I’d suggest a bit more flashiness or movement. Keep experimenting! I’ll keep watching, regardless!!

    • Also, barely no one is talking about the actual content of this video! As much as I wanna see a review for SHINee, I did really wanted to see you guys review “MichiGo,” cuz I love hearing what you guys have to say! Especially about GD. So thanks for doing this one! Also, Simon is wronger about the book. ;) Korean books are defo read left cover to right cover. ㅋㅋㅋ

      [And before you guys get too discouraged over the amount of comments in favor of the old format, I encourage you to try this format a few more times, and keep tweaking it! Maybe people will warm up to it more!] 화이팅!!! ^^

  70. Where are the transitions, the graphics, the music clips… Where’s the humour? Your videos were funny but your blog post was serious. Now, they’re both serious. I almost stopped watching after only 2 min in… While I dont mind the two of you in the frame together, you didnt have to take away the pizzaz. Keep KMM exactly the same as before, just have the two of you in the frame instead of one. There. I gave my feedback! :)

  71. I actually like this new format. It is fresh, new and expresses both of your opinions. Although some people might not agree, they will get along eventually. I kinda agree with Martina on this and I like the song but then again, come on, you can’t beat Crayon…lol Just keep doing what yall are doing and you’ll be fine!!! Saranghae :)

  72. I’ve read comments of people saying that your skits and jokes were totally not funny and irrelevant and that they wished they would just talk about the music video and cut the ‘horrible’ skits. (I read it on youtube and some website) I beg to disagree. The randomness is what I always love about Simon and Martina. If these rude comments hurt EYK and so decided to talk about the mv and song more ‘civilised’(ish) and more like average bloggers, then I’m gonna smash those £€%&@!$

    Ahaha I was joking in the last bit… Or was I? O.o anyways, either way, each format has it’s strengths and weaknesses and if Simon and Martina decide to use one format over the other, I know I’ll still be entertained. Hwaiting!!!

    • Actually most of those comments about them not being funny don’t really bother them because that’s just a difference of taste. Plenty of people find their brand of dorky Humour funny, while others don’t. S&M decided to change the format for themselves, because they felt like they were stuck in a rut and wanted the chance to express themselves more fully. That’s why they changed it. No need to go Hulk smash on people. :-p

  73. Just a comment on one of the points you made, not the changed structure: I don’t think the concept of weed day (4/20) is known really at all in South Korea (or maybe even in Asia?). Maybe it’s just more of a North American thing? I’m a native Korean and have lived in Korea, US, and Canada, but never knew that 4/20 was weed day until today… I don’t know, maybe I was just too oblivious on that subject. I think GD may not have not known either that 4/20 was weed day, or if he did know and still released it on 4/20, then he’s just making a wink-wink “you know what I’m talking about?” face to everyone

    it is one of the book which has two sides and they both finish at the middle so you have to turn around the book 180 degrease

  75. I’m glad that you both decided on changing up the format of KMM. It seemed like it was really stressing you both out for a while now, so I really hope that you’ll have more fun with these videos now! :) I liked how you had done them before, but I do really enjoy the more TL;DR feel. It’s really nice seeing you both chatting together and bouncing thoughts off each other. I’m really looking forward to see what fun stuff you’ll think of for this segment in the future~ Don’t be afraid to change things up! :D

  76. man.. i was not expecting this when i clicked on it! >.< i was busy with school work but i told myself that i would watch this KMM for sure if GD won (im biased, i know but whatever lol) i was all excited to see what S&M had in store for this crazy mv! what would the english rating be? will martina attempt to dance like GD? what will they say about the crazy weird plot! but the reality was a kpop mv TL;DR.. : I LOVE YOU GUISE please dont get me wrong but this is my honest opinion.. ah its like when i dont like a song that one of my all time favorite kpop groups puts out.. like 2NE1s I love you. loooove them just that song isnt for me. so i loooove you guise but this format isnt for me T.T but these are your videos so you have all the power (: ill be lookin forward to your WANKs FAPFAPs and TL;DRs

  77. This is kinda random (and not constructive criticism), but from my experience (seeing my mommy’s books because I have only really read Chinese textbooks or news articles in class) Chinese can be read either way! If it’s written horizontally, it’s read like an English book, but if it’s written vertically, it’s read the other way.

  78. I actually love this a lot more than before. I’ve been a fan for 2 years now but I started feeling alienated and disinterested in KMM for a while now, it even permeated to WANKS. I still watch TLDRs though, I like it when you talk and discuss with each other more. The KMM just went sour for me when you guys got big and fandoms started ruling. I feel like people would vote for a song because it was their favorite group and not because of what the song has to offer which made for repetitive KMMS and disgruntled S&M. When you didn’t like the song but had to review it anyway and you were honest people bashed and complained, then when you changed it up so that you could have some more say in making reviews you enjoy people bashed and complained. They say the skits are forced, or the opinions are wrong, you’re YG biased, etc. Honestly you can’t win no matter what you do, people will bash this too. But I really really liked it. One reason I got into you guys at first was because I felt like we shared the same sense of humor and I felt like that was lost as you were trying to please more viewers. This is more conversational which I really enjoyed. (It was a bit too long though but it’s ok, I would much rather watch this kind of format).

    Sorry that this is all over the place, English is not my first language and I’m a crappy writer. Word vomit! Anyway, I’m in Korea at the moment and dying to go down to see your studio. I am a big fan of you guys and your bravery in putting out opinions.

  79. I do LOVE seeing you guys together but I miss the segments. I mean, I always wait to see the parody of certain scenes and MY FAVORITE: The English!

  80. I think all us loyal hardcore Nasties will watch and enjoy your videos no matter the format.

    But I’m a bit worried for you guise, since I’m guessing KMMs are your most viewed videos, and they’re watched largely by the casual viewer. The old KMM was formulaic, yes, but….it was that formula that got so many views and followers. It may feel constraining, but from a business perspective, where views = $, I’m not entirely sure such a drastic change is a good idea.

    • I also think that although conversation is good -and I definitely have no problem with hearing both your opinions – the old format put forth better reasoned and articulated arguments. So people could disagree with you, but couldn’t deny that your opinions came from a thoughtful place (discounting crazy fans/fans who didn’t understand English well enough to get it). Which put your videos a step up from just about every other review.
      Yes, I watch KMM for the analysis….

  81. Jordan

    I like that you guys are making changes. The old KMMs were fun but routine and don’t allow for any specific week to stand out and sometimes things that I felt should be mentioned about the song weren’t talked about, probably because they didn’t fit into any of the categories you had set out. That being said, I agree with some others that while I like you two talking together, it would still be nice to have some of the cool transitions and excessive editing from the old KMMs. Maybe you could do something like pick categories that are relevant for the video picked for that week (so if there’s no dance, leave out the dance section but still use the English section) and talk about things together on each topic. You could even make up a new category that applies only for that week. I like the idea of a semi-structured KMM, with the option to discuss whatever you want that week but to have it presented in a way that looks like the old ones. Sorry if this sounds confusing, I have an idea in my head of the perfect KMM set-up and I wish I was better at putting it into words.

    Secondly, I really like the idea of you doing other random videos every once in a while instead of a KMM. It sounds like it would be a lot of fun and a great way for you guys to spread your humor and creativity without overworking yourselves (more than you already do) since your schedule is so jammed because of all the segments you do throughout the week (which is also awesome, I watch EVERYTHING…which I shouldn’t sometimes, but I’m out of school for the summer now and I should be safe).


    -Forever a Nasty ^-^

  82. thisisjustforfunval

    I like the idea you mention in your blog post, that you want something a bit more SNL feeling. However SNL is scripted and full of skits, that’s more like what you were doing before the new concept. I watch all EYK segments, but MM is my favorite because it feels like a real show. I like your interaction and getting both opinions, there was still some funny parts but this felt more like a live chat than a Music Monday. I’m all for change guys and I love you. I always watch, well all your videos twice. Once at work and once I get home so I can see the things I missed on my small phone screen. Today, both times I listened to everything you were saying but I ended up scrolling through the blog, comments and surfing the internet. Sorry guise, I tried twice. It happened both times. I’m interested to see what you do in the next few weeks till you find your new Music Monday groove.

  83. Hi Guys! Actually, I like the new format. I like the give and take between the 2 of you and the differing opinions. In all honesty, while I liked the old format, there was a certain predictability whenever certain artists have a new release. I also feel if you guys feel a video is “comic gold” for skits and funny bits, you shouldn’t have to beg for folks to vote it in…..e.g. Simon asking for folks to vote in 4Minute’s “What’s your Name”. He’s right – a MV like that is just a treasure trove of material for you guys to work with. A perfect example of this is last year’s “Ice Cream” by Hyuna…….that just cried out for the EYK treatment. Instead, we got another predictable boy band review.

    Long story short – stretch your creative leg and go for it!

  84. I like the new format but i dont loooove it :/

  85. I like the old format way more… :/ This one felt kinda boring because I miss the skits and stuff.

  86. What I don’t like about it is the fact that it’s not all that… funny? I mean, I watch all the videos that Simon and Martina put out, and for the most part, they act then like they did for this video. KMM was the, “Hey, before we make you think about culture and learn about another country, let’s take a moment to just laugh”. I’m not saying that Simon and Martina weren’t funny in this video, it just wasn’t as enjoyable to watch. I think something else that bothers me a little is that it does seem a lot like TL:DR. To me, though, KMM and TL:DR are two separate things. It’s almost like getting a monkey and goldfish together and telling them to climb a tree. It may work for one thing, but not so much for the other. Plus, this video seemed a lot like those Reaction videos. What Simon and Martina did with KMM before was original, even if it wasn’t new to them. I’m glad that Simon and Martina are trying out new things, but I don’t know if I exactly like this one.

  87. am paying attention to 2 ppls. point of views at the same time…. i like the older format… sorry, just my 2 cents…

  88. Correct me if I’m wrong here, but I imagine this new format is a lot less time consuming than the previous, which is good in that it simply may open up more time for you guys to do the segments you would like to! (was wondering how you would have had time to interview Ubeat this weekend!) I agree with others that I would like to see more skits incorporated in (Or just do the whole thing in ridiculous costume. I do enjoy a bad wig ;P), but in general I think it’s good to change up the format every now and again, also Meemers is adorable in the bloops. If you could do a Meemers and Spudgy commentated KMM one wee for an appropriate song, that would be hilarious XD

  89. Me personally, I have a neutral feeling for the KMM, but it’s a little bit more leaning towards the negative side. But I think it’s because I’ve grown accustomed to KMM as more of a comedy segment, but it was always a reviews on your personal opinion. To be honest I’d rather be watching a comedic video instead of personal documentary. But I can’t blame you for going back to your original intention, so I’m undecided.

  90. I’ll have to agree with the rest of the comments posted here. I do love seeing you both on screen at the same time but then, this new format seems unstructured and lacks planning. Overall, it feels a little messy with both of you talking at the same time. It’s great to see you guise change up the format a little bit but there’s more work to be done here. :)

  91. Change is good….. I’ll just have to get used to it!

  92. I’m only so-so on the new format. I like hearing from both of you and didn’t get bored. I miss the skits like a lot of people.

    The dance and english segments I can totally live with only being brought up if there’s anything to say! Sometimes those segments just aren’t relevant.
    Lastly, I think how you “want to be able to do a creatively different video about kpop” and/or “Let Kpop Music Monday be like SNL” sounds AMAZING! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO THIS! The absolute best thing about you guise is how creative you are! We are missing all of your creative talents and fabulous acting skills! So please, PLEASE feel free to do some creative, different videos over anything that inspires you!

    I would even be fine if a random but creative/different video unrelated to kpop somehow made its way into the KMM slot. You switch up WANKs and FAPFAPs. Why not KMMs and something new? People have asked for new segments and maybe that’s a way to do it? Then again, I can see people hating that idea… *shifts uncomfortably* Please nobody hate me for saying that!

    To sum up, I agree that the old version was getting stale. I’m not sure you’ve perfected a new format here, but I’m really excited to see how you move forward. EYK Crew, I love you all!

  93. My oppinion: The KMM has become more intelligent & knowledgeable, BUT it has become less funny & exciting. If I were to watch this type of KMM, i will be bored and only watch it for the songs that I like. I have been watching EVERY KMM no matter I like the song or not, because it always makes me laugh and in the same time make me understand the music video. So, hope there will be a bit change. :)

  94. I think that doing/keeping the KMM segments but having both of you talk about the video at the same time is the best middle solution IMHO…

  95. Oh golly, this is nerve-racking, but here it goes!

    Disclaimer: this is entirely my opinion about KMM new format and such. But hopefully you will be able to gain something. Anyway!

    Honestly, I really appreciate bringing in both of your guys’ opinions rather than separating them in the old format. You make a valid point where in making previous KMM’s that someone’s voice is lost in the mixing of two opinions, and I have to agree that it can happen. If one disagrees and one agrees, how the heck do you put them together to remain cohesive? Attempting to put opposing opinions is sometimes like meshing a coyote with a giraffe (who knows where that metaphor came from!). Also, thank you for being so frank about how you feel constrained by the format and want to branch out from it. And thank you for attempting something new which includes both of your guys’ voices!

    As for the new format: I understand this is something new and you guys are attempting it for the first time as well as wanting to keep it simple. But I must point out that this new format resembles very closely to TL;DR. I know you mentioned that this format will be closely related to them (and SNL?), but maybe too much? Is that valid or perhaps this is just “testing new waters?” I am not sure, but I wanted to make that clear. I guess you do mention that this is “freeeeeeedom!” from the old format.

    Every week I look forward to KMM for the skits, awkward dance attempts, and reviewing English mishaps or brilliance. However, I respect your feelings toward the old format: constricting and the loss of an opinion. Although, I do appreciate the different aspects of how you presented the video in segments, breaking it down to a certain extent, or as fancy people like Derrida say “deconstruction.”

    Overall, I do not want to discourage you guys from “branching out,” “spreading your wings,” and other relating metaphors. And I really would love to see the videos you guys say you don’t have the time to make! Perhaps finding a “happy medium” between a “free for all” dialogue interwoven with skits, informative speech, uncoordinated/cumbersome dancing, and letting us know how some K-Pop stars sing about not taking it in the butt. Of course inspiration helps guide those things, but I have faith in you guys to continue making awkwardly astounding videos!

    Final words and stuff: remember consistency and continuity. They can be boring or hard to pay attention to at times, but over time (as I see in your guys’ videos) they become great foundations for new things and old things. As you think of the new, remember the old. We can see our pasts, but walk blind into the future. But I guess that is what is so great: not knowing what’s coming next! I hope you find this well and everything. Good luck as you continue down this maze of delightfulness!

  96. Okay. Feedback: To start off, I would like to say that I like the new idea of having both of you guys on here, having a sort of discussion on the KMM. It’s an interesting idea that I think you guys can improve upon. But its just, I miss the feels of the old KMM…you know?

    For example, I’m not really digging the laid-back feel of this video (it’s a format I feel works perfectly for TL;DR but for KMM, it feels off). I think that Tara C hit the nail on the head about the transitions; it made it exciting!! This style of KMM is missing that feeling.

    Second, I feel like your old version made the KMM section of the blog feel like a show. That’s what I like about the KMM–and I’m not talking about the skits. The skits are a bonus in my book, but I just really liked hearing you judgements individually and a bit more formally (I’m not talking about you guys being on screen individually, just perhaps alternating between who talks, and then bringing your ideas together). All your other stuff is pretty laid-back, so it’s nice to have a change like that in the KMM.

    Third, I feel that the discussion is a good idea. Just feel that it needs to be structured a bit more. Dont get me wrong! I like your ramblings but I feel that it doesn’t quite fit in here (perhaps, make it so that you guys talk (together) about the video formally–>then have a Rapid-fire Face Off in which you guys can plead your case if you disagree).

    That’s it!

  97. heres my opinion:
    i dont like this new format. I love having both of you talking it lets you share both of your opinions better, but this format is a bit…….BORING. i dont mean to be mean but the old one was more fun and i usually ended up laughing my butt off because of some witty comment you made. i also liked having the english segment especially when the english was horrendous. maybe put have the english segment in only when their english sucks big time? Also i agree with some of the previous comments i liked having the camera switch from scene to scene instead of just one long take. it made me actually pay attention instead of having my eyes wander. IM SO SORRY THAT THIS COMMENT TURNED OUT SO NEGATIVE, please dont be mad at me! :’(

  98. Maybe for Music Mondays you could do two videos. One like the old format, concentrating mainly on the blatantly obvious/funny parts of the video/english/dance, and the other on your opinion’s on the song. Just a thought.

  99. I really like that you guys are having a discussion and we get to hear both simon and martina’s opinions, but maybe you guys could have different segments? cuz right now even though you’re talking about different parts of the song/video, it just feels like one endless rant and it got a bit boring…just my thoughts :) Maybe it’ll work better when you review a song thats got more aspects like dance and english, but for now i prefer the old format.

  100. I prefer the old format. The new format is too similar to TL;DR, which I like but only when you’re discussing serious, non Kpop-related topics. I remember how you guys used to say how long it took to script Kpop Music Mondays, but with this format, nothing seemed like it was scripted. Instead you guys were just talking about whatever random thoughts that popped into your head about the MV, and there were instances you went off on a tangent. I miss the English rating (Hell, I still can’t get over how BAP Power’s KMM didn’t have an English rating!), and especially miss the screen caps with witty captions (my favorite being Sehun’s “FML” in Exo Mama’s KMM).

  101. Cyber_3

    Okay, I thought about this a little more. I just wanted to come at it from this angle: memorable. I realized reading the comments here that pretty much everyone was discussing the new format. I didn’t get to read all of the comments yet, but I did read a lot and I have yet to see one talking about the actual content of the KMM for MichiGO or even G-Dragon. Why is that? While Simon and Martina did ask for opinions, there still wasn’t one single comment about the video or KMM – to me that is very important.

    My opinion is it was because there was hardly anything to talk about. Heck, I barely even remember what S&M thought of the video because I kind of tuned out on how long they just talked to the camera in one shot and there was SO much back and forth I can’t remember what the end result was. But more than that, all I had to take away from the video was their opinion and a short skit of them lying on the floor. I did laugh at the skit (SO TRUE!) but I found myself wondering about where the silvery carpet was in the studio almost as much. Even the bloopers were more of the same but a cute little bit of Spudgy and Meemers fighting. But I don’t expect much from the bloopers, those are bonus LOLs. There really isn’t much of anything here for me to remember. When I watch TL;DR, I’m getting information that I find interesting and usually important to remember (as well as entertaining). For KMM, if it’s just an opinion, once the video is over, there’s nothing to take away to use or enjoy with respect to my life, so why bother the remember any of it. I like S&M and respect their opinions, but I don’t need it to enjoy kpop. Any entertainment value was fleeting and not sufficient to rewatch. I previously could thoroughly enjoy KMM without even knowing anything about the group/artists or without even having seen the video. I got more enjoyment having seen the music video, but nonetheless. In the new format, I can’t, because without having seen the music video, there is nothing other than the one skit to give me any enjoyment without knowledge of the music video. Heck a lot of the time, if I had liked the KMM, then I bothered to go watch the music video. In this format, there isn’t the same enticement because I don’t get any direct LOLs with respect to the content.

    Think about it, for a Nasty viewer, is there any reason to go back and watch a livechat a second time? Or even remember in detail what fan mail was received or subjects discussed? Not really. It was fun while it lasted and now it’s time to do something else. This week’s KMM was a little too much like that. Not really memorable.

    I understand the the skits are strenuous, and perhaps there are even more reasons unknown to us why S&M don’t want to do them any more, but frankly, they are the core of KMM and what makes it special so I urge them to re-think their strategy. Even when mocking a video, they still cause most people to actual view the video and talk about it which is priceless free marketing which would be sought after by any smart kpop management group. I hope that there is not some kind of pressure from the kpop management groups to stop the skits, that would be so counter-productive.

    • I agree…I read a lot of the comments and when I went back to watch the video again for a second perspective, I couldn’t even get through it. Zero replay value. I don’t even remember what they were talking about. The skits and awesome editing were what kept me coming back every week. I’ve never looked forward to any other vbloggers’ weekly segments like I did KMM! I wrote a pretty lengthy post about my opinion of the new format so I won’t say it all again, but I really don’t think this type of video would keep me coming back for more. I hate leaving negative feedback, but I’d be lying if I said that I liked the new format.

    • Ah! The memorability factor is a good one. I really do agree. I honestly don’t remember much about the actual video other than the sleeping skit, S&M entertainment and Simon being ‘ wronger about the way you read a Korean book, because that was just hilarious. So I remembered the funny bits, but nothing else.

      Thanks for your input. I am sure they will be using this all to make things even more awesome next KMM.

    • I agree with this absolutely and completely.

    • Thanks for this, and you reminded me of something very specific that highlights how memorable S&M have made their KMMs. The hubs was working on something and reading it to me and he had misspelled “certified.” I joked that he could spell it like Martina did as “certifieded” and then I got to thinking when I saw that and I remembered S&M talking about FJS which reminded me of their KMM for “Volume Up.” I loaded it and ended up watching the whole thing AGAIN, while the hubs listened and laughed beside me. He did watch–and laugh–at the whole doctor skit, AND best of all–he was like, “hey, that song’s nice, what’s the title? Can we watch the video?”

  102. Martina, you are right. In Japan, we read books right to left. XD

  103. First! To answer you guys’ question about the direction a book opens, im pretty sure it depends on the style of the book! like in taiwan, there is both right to left AND left to right. BUT the difference is that when the print is read vertically, its more traditional so the book is also opened the more traditional eastern way, and when the print is read horizontally, then the book is also opened the western way! i think this applies to Japan as well, but im not 100% sure.

    Now! about the new kmm: i actually really like this style too! but it def seems more like a kmm talk segment, as opposed to the normal KMM. i think having both of you on screen sharing opinions and playing off each other def gives more interaction that feels like a talk show you watch on sunday morning, as opposed to a flashy review! so all in all, i think both are great! but go for different feels….if you get wat im sayin. i would say to do both, but i know u guys are busy enuff as it is! what with ur super late night/early morning tweets about uploading videos. good luck eyk crew! i always look forward to ur videos!!~~<3

  104. First, I’ve got to say, I love your TL:DR’s, so I personally really enjoyed this version of KMM. I love the fact that you guise got to both express yourselves; I mean, seeing you two on camera, when isn’t that a good thing? Haha. I thought it was entertaining just watching and listening to the discussion. My only concern about it is how others will react to this… I mean, I would hate for you to lose out on potential subscribers because this format isn’t necessarily as popular as the old KMM format. But look, guise, they aren’t going to eliminate the skits entirely (thank god, because it’d be a shame for nasties to lose all those awesome inside jokes)! They’ll just include them when the opportunity arises. Seriously, do we really want S&M to force the jokes, even if they’re not inspired? It might come off more awkwardly, or worse, make it harder on them. Either way, it’s less entertaining (or entertaining with a side of guilt). I think balancing this format with the old KMM format is the ideal to hold onto the most nasties, or even gather new ones. I really, really loved this version, just as I loved the old one; basically, I’ll support you guise no matter what you want to do with the formatting! Good luck! :D Oh, and happy early birthday, Martina. :D

  105. Growth requires change! I’m glad you guys are evolving the format. A dialogue is inherently more engaging than a monologue. I enjoyed this KMM, and look forward to more.
    My preference would be for a broadening of focus to include more discussion of a wider variety of videos, as opposed to one winner. You mention your intention to do just that, so I’m excited for further tinkering with the format. I bet the competition aspect of the chart battles is an important element to keeping people interacting with the site, but I would be happy to see more videos discussed in this manner, with less detail on each.

  106. My opinion: I liked the concept of you both on screen interacting It worked well. But I would like the skits and english rating and dance discussion and such added into that. If that is possible. But it is really up to you. I liked it mostly. Also I agree with Martina on the video. i actually like the song more and more as I listen to it. The video was just hilarious with the big “man parts” references. GD I think just don’t give a F and totally knew he was releasing it on 4/20. Also I have heard them called snap backs. Its the new cool term. All the kidz these dayz are totes using it.. hahah All in all great review. GD strikes again.

  107. are you guys not rating the english of songs anymore? that was one of my favorite parts but it kinda died off :(

  108. I would like to mention that whenever I post on youtube (Which is a rare monkey cause youtubers are mean!) and I say S&M, I always get someone who doesn’t understand that I meant Simon and Martina….oooh, they don’t know I’m being intentionally Nasty….

  109. lol oh simon. Only the japanese books read right to left. Korean and Chinese go the same direction as english books. it’s because Korean and Chinese are written Left-to-Right, but Japanese is written Right-to-Left XP

    • Taiwanese books read right to left but mainland China is written from left to right!

      • really? interesting… so in taiwan does the whole writing system go right-to-left, or is that just the printing style?

        • disqus_HCmKk76O50

          Correction! Okay, so it turns out that writing from right to left in vertical style is a traditional book printing format. This is more common in Taiwan than in mainland China because when I grew up China, I’ve never read a book printed from right to left. Nowadays, all new publications are likely to be from left to right horizontally like English books are, but it’s up to the author or publisher I guess to print it in the traditional format depending on the content of the book or just personal preferences. Eg. Classics and traditional verses/novels are more likely to be published in traditional format than a novel written for teenagers. Phew, that was a longgg explanation. Hopefully it helps!

        • Christina Spaulding

          that’s really cool! thanks for looking that up :D

        • disqus_HCmKk76O50

          no problem! I learned something new too :)

  110. bigbangfosho

    The only thing I miss from the old format is the lighthearted ness and fun edits. Love the fact you can get a deeper review of the song, but it just misses that mmph. Still, hearing your opinions is the number one priority for me, so i did still enjoy it.

  111. I do miss how you used to kinda make fun of the video rather than discussing it, but I like hearing both of your opinions. Any way you can combine both? :)

  112. anyone else hear in that song “dirty nasty ass fuck” or is that just my dirty mind? Lol cause I swear he said it like a million times (hyperbole), but still.

  113. I like this format a lot more, actually, because it’s similar to your TL;DRs and your WTFs, and I love those videos. I’m a viewer, though, that will skip a KMM unless it’s really controversial or a song I like, so I’m probably not your target audience. I love seeing you both on camera being your naturally funny selves with each other. Keep it up! :)

  114. I think because I’m such a huge fan of your TL; DRs, this format for KMM wasn’t too off putting for me. That being said, I do love me some skits but I understand if you don’t want to do them for some Mondays. I’m cool with you guise tweaking with the format until you’re happy with it :3

  115. I really like the basic idea behind the new format. You two throwing ideas and opinions between each other. I like that we get to see both of your opinions and that we can kind of see your general thought process behind the old KMMs (when you both reach a conclusion about something going on). This felt like a more honest review. It gives off the feel of your TL;DRs with the free flowing thoughts and TL;DRs are my favorite videos you do, so I really love this. I also liked, though I’m probably in the minority with this opinion, that you didn’t fill it with skits. I like the skits that you do, they are funny. But sometimes they come off as being forced, having a skit for the sake of having a skit. This format seems like it will allow skits to be more natural and I think that could help with the over all humor and success of your skits because they result from true inspiration.

    Saying that, there are some things I’d suggest doing (I’m too lazy to go read all the comments at the moment, so forgive me if I’m just repeating what everyone else has said). The video is extremely static. Though you did your other KMMs from the same location, switching between people speaking helped break things up. With this video we just get awkward cut scenes of the same location. I think a good solution would be to split the KMM back up into segments, one discussing the song, one discussing the video, one for the dance or English or whatever you feel needs to be discussed. For each of these new segments you could relocate to a new view in your studio. That could help break up the monotony of the video and also organize your thoughts, while keeping it from being boring like some people are finding it.

    Overall, I’m really pleased with this format. I was worried after some of the things I saw on Twitter that it would be a dreadful video to sit through, but it was really enlightening. All you need are a few minor tweaks and I think you’ll be able to nail a pretty perfect format.

  116. I like your new format but I really miss the old one

  117. I guess I like the new format, but I like the old one more. Or maybe it’s just because I’m used to that one.
    I was hoping you’d do askit with the butt slapping or elephant parts, but it’s ok :3

  118. I like the idea of the two of you being together, but the looong one take wasn’t so good u.u I liked the little cuts with KMM’s music’s background~
    and about the song, yeah~ it wasn’t -for me- the best of G-Dragon’s songs. I can’t actually enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Crayon. I just don’t get the feel… idk? oh well~ :3

  119. I’m not crazy about the new format- it’s too slowed down, it’s hard to focus. Mix it up a little bit more rather than leaving just one long take.
    Also, heads up to Simon- it’s pronounced “Musi-kay”. He did the title as wordplay between the Korean word of “무식해”(mohsikhae) which means “ignorant” and the North American styled “Music, eh”. So you can pronounce it either way you want to- except the way you pronounced it, lol.

  120. After watching the new KMM I took a little time to think. Of course, this is different. And since it is human nature to have something against loved old things being changed, I thought the old KMM was better. At first. – But after my little break I think there are positive and negative aspects. – And they are kind of balanced; so for me there is not “the better KMM format” … just “the other”.
    I don’t want this comment being super-long, so I just get straight to the point that bothered me most – and the point I liked most. Though; I guess it’s a little hard to find a balance.
    You talking about the song, about you opnion and the MV – all this, is very nice. i really like it, because it shows how different opinions can be. You see things, other people wouldn’t normally see and there was the one or another remark, that got me thinking a little.
    Though; I loved about KMM that it was funny. That I could defenitely laugh a lot. Sometimes I might have been a little “bleh… almost sounds like they’re making fun of my bias” – but then again; that is was KMM used to be for.
    So what I think you need to figure out now; how to balance your talking and the fun parts. Someone said it before; this looked like a little awkward TLDR-KMM. It’s your first attempt with this too, so of course you yourself need to experiment a little. – And that’s what all these comments are for, right? – To help you improving and to see what effects your experiments have.

    In short: I love KMM either way. – But in the new KMM you should not forget the making-fun-of-idols-and-their-MVs-in-a-silly-way as well. – That’s it :D

  121. I think you should give this new format a few weeks time and see what people say after that.
    If you ask for opinions JUST AFTER the change, a majority will always complain because people don’t like changes in life.

  122. Hey guys,

    I really like that you decided that it was time to change something however, to be completly honest I barely got through this KMM and I doubt that I would be looking forward to more KMMs from this format. Now I know that this is the first format change and it is bound to have some flows which is why it’s really cool that you listen to your viewers opinions.

    It was extremly boring. I already forgot what you talked about. I don’t say it to bring you guys down but KMM was originally created to brighten people up because monday is a hard day. But the rambling really makes this video so unnattractive and unenthusiastic. Even the jokes are forgettable since there were no emphasis on it.
    The skits were the best part of KMM. I hope you bring them back because without them it’s just like a converstation I have with one of my kpop loving friend. I could literally imagine us filming it and posting on youtube. Forgive me but that’s not your level.

    The worst part is that I was actually happy that SHINee for whom I voted were not reviewed because I couldn’t concentrate on the video.

    Please don’t take it a wrong way. I respect Simon and Martina and the time they put into it. I just simply care about KMM and would hate to stop watching it but I don’t want to force myself to listen which I had never done before in KMM.

    Maybe you should make this whole discussion part a skit since it’s great to have you both standing together? Just a suggestion.

    Best of luck!

  123. i like that you’re switching things up but i think there’s been too drastic a transition from a very structured MM to a barely structured MM. I want to see you guys discuss, but with more specific questions/sections with the question popping up like at 1:15. So there’d be questions like “do you like this better in comparison to…?”, “what did you think of the music video?”, or “do you think this new music style suits…?”, and then you two would discuss your differing views on those questions.

  124. I actually appreciate the discussion of the MV because I like knowing why you did or did not like the song or video. It’s much more interesting rather than making fun of it or parodying the scenes, which are nonetheless funny, but I’d rather hear the discussion. :)

  125. I like it :) Oh, and I vote for MichiGo for my fave craaaazy video!

  126. The old format set you apart from other reviewers….

  127. how about you have one with the English portion, dance review and a discussion between you two and sprinkle that with some skits

  128. When I think back on all of the EYK “isms” that I know and love, they stem from the pure comedy and silliness that made me fall in love with S&M in the first place. If there is some way to merge that lighthearted, fun, insightful yet humorous (and yes, scripted) Music Monday with the new version that has a more organic, less structured feel, that would be amazing. [And I LOVE having both of you onscreen at once, and being able to voice more than one opinion!] I love the little insights into elements of the video that I never noticed (honestly, this is so great! Makes me appreciate the video a lot more, and – usually – laugh a lot more too ^_^), as well as comments on the k-pop industry as a whole. I don’t feel a need to have segments (the “Jay Park’s English Is Fine!” was so cute/funny! Also, point that “dance” “english” etc. aren’t always necessary and can be confining), but I do love having a change of pace and/or scenery for videos longer than 3-4 minutes.

    I know this is asking for a LOT, but I think it would be nice to see it evolve over time. I honestly don’t mind a change – I think it will be refreshing, actually – I think it just might need a different type of change that embraces the best elements of the past that made (and continue to make) EYK so special and unique, with S&M’s own interests and desires for the future. I love EYK and want to see it grow and thrive, but honestly it’s not my company, so I want S&M to be happy and healthy! This is far more important than my own personal desires and interests for their video content. ^_^

    I love all of EYKs videos, but honestly my favorite moments are generally from the Music Monday segments. Pure gold!
    * “Seungri, time for kisses!!!!”
    * “Soy Un Dorito!!”
    * “Aaaayyyy Gurl, can I buy you a drank?!” (Sexy Window)
    * “I’m not ugly, I’m exotic!”
    * Mordney Present
    * (Etc. – Feel free to add to the list ^_^)

    • * “We got the OOOORANGE JUICE!” My brother and I sing that even when we’re picking up lemonade :D
      * “IIIII lost my pants, rippito fippito sippy slow motion!”
      * Mr. Brohoho and his brick wall/street signs/etc.

      Just three more that popped into my mind while reading your comment :) I agree that my favorite lines tend to come from KMM.

    • Whatever happened to Mordina Present

  129. You could write the opinions in the blog post, and do the skits and stuff in the video, trying not to bring in the opinions there?

    Btw, I had NO idea about 4/20 x)

  130. HI SIMON AND MARTINA! AND NASTIES, I have some feedback about the new Music monday format

    first of all I think its really awesome that you guys are experimental with your videos and considering you are the ones who make them its totally up to you how you format your own work
    However, I felt like this new music monday is a bit more like a TLDR rather than a Music monday
    I feel like when im watching a TLDR its like a serious, genuine opinion of a video but when im watching a music monday I expect to see more of a parody of the video, with a bit of your own opinion chucked in there, some silly skits, wigs,, spudgy, ranch sauce, face arousals and thrusting. Im not saying thats what you should stick to, but thats just what I turn up to thinking im gonna get if I watch an eatyourkimchi music monday

    I know that you said that you want to talk to each other more but I think I really liked it when there was just one of you on screen because it made it easier to focus on what each of you is saying. Maybe you can have individual scenes as well as some scenes together? just a suggestion

    Also I feel like the segment needs to be more high energy, i really like how you guys have been using Korean+ variety show-style editing with like colourful texts and transisitions, you dont have to throw in random skits in their just for the hell of it but these are just some of the things I like about music monday.

    PLEASE can we have the english of the song, or the pickles of the song (jyj in heaven) I really loved that

    I’m sure you guys are gonna experiment more so i just wanted to say how I was feeling,
    but on a serious note, keep making awesome videos! I honestly wake up first thing on a tuesday morning (cos I live in new zealand and kpop music monday isnt out until tuesday here) and check for a new video. you guys are actually the coolest people on youtube so yeah, HWAITING


  131. I “get it” lol. Also, I enjoyed the new format as something fresh and getting both opinions was pretty awesome. I’d like to say that I agreed with Martina’s opinion of GD willingness to be dorky and express his funky personality. Go GD!

  132. It’s better now that you guys are talking to each other but i like it in the old area instead of by a empty wall. I also wish it was a little more broken up sections into what ur talking about like before when you would have “the dance” or ” the english” you don’t need to include it if it’s not relevant but it’s easier to follow when it’s broken up.

  133. Is it me, our did anyone else start off the G-Dragon video with “I whip my hair back and forth”?

  134. Hmm yeah, not my favorite either. I really really really love your skits! I mean, that’s where some of your best work came out of. :) Like Mordney, Soy un Dorito, TOP and GD, Max Time! etc etc.

  135. Thank you for reviewing GD. I really like this song and video, though my favourite GD song so far is Crayon (makes me jump around every time ^^) and I am pretty sure Martina is right about the direction in which Korean is read, I saw it in dramas ;)

    As for the format change. It hit me quite hard. I really loved the old format so I think it will take some time for me to get accustomed to the new one. Also, though I understand your desire to be able to voice both your opinions and be on camera together, I liked that you switched in the old format, this gave the whole video a more dynamic feel and you wouldn’t interrupt each other that much. Still I’m looking forward to the weird videos :)

  136. Overall, I like how KMMs will be travelling from now on. Whilst the old version of KMMs were very clear cut, this new KMM blurred the lines a bit. And besides, KMMs were never true reviews of songs/MV anyway, right?

    But seeing as this is still an experimental style, the KMMs after this one may incorporate the old segments and skits (of which I found in this KMM to be somewhat lacking, but they were pretty funny) from time to time with TL;DR-y bits where you can try to show us some of the eccentricities (or for want of a better English-lesson word, discourses xP) in the video, such as that pink elephant… I immediately thought of what you guys were thinking too! Nasty Nasties think alike.


    P.S. WOW Meemers has gotten big. Do Scottish Folds get that large, or is the Wide Angle Lens playing with the perspective?

  137. Sorry ..i will try to be short and honest.I watched this until the end only because i love u guys and GD but it was kinda booring :(
    I miss the fun and informational part of KMM.I’m not gonna go into detailes cuz other nasties have done that already…….. but that doesn’t mean that i don’t apreciate all your effort and hard work

  138. I really like seeing you two interact, and its fine if some weeks have segments and during others don’t, just as long as they aren’t totally gone. I actually think it will be fun if every week is a bit different.

  139. Just quickly before I rush off -

    As a FAN, I like this format. I like how it’s serious, and that you get to discuss a lot more aspects of the song and video. You didn’t really make fun of it, didn’t “try too hard to be funny”, just made a concrete review with pros and cons.

    As a NASTY, it seems just like the blog posts from before (where you would spew out all your deep and meaningful thoughts) – but just in video, or TL;DR, format.

    As a CASUAL VIEWER – it’s kind of boring? It’s one thing if I really, really want to know what you think of this video; but what if I just wanted my weekly laugh?

    So I guess it depends on the audience.

    For this week, since I am a fan of Big Bang – I appreciated the serious and informative review. Cheers :D

    • What? Mods can be fans of a group? Shock and horror. :-p

      I pretty much agree with what you said about it being different for different audiences. I even got bored after a bit and went scrolling around the page to read the blog post and the comments. I was still listening to them talk but there was nothing visually appealing enough for me to keep my eyes on the video itself. And as a casual viewer I could see their interest level dropping off after a certain point.

      • thisisjustforfunval

        That’s exactly how I felt. I ended up scrolling through comments, checking messages I got on facebook. It’s kind of what I do during live chats when Simon or Martina tell a story. I go check out some stuff and then go back to watching. The thing I like about MM’s is it feels like a show and this format feels like Martina was interviewing Simon and other times like a fan reaction video. I’m for change and I’m sure they’ll find the right kind of balance in time.

    • I agree with you. I find myself zoning out on this video. It doesn’t hold my attention the way the old one used to. But I think if it’s about a video that I’m interested in, I probably appreciate it. Usually I enjoy KMM regardless what video you’re reviewing. I like the idea of having both opinions though. but the interruption is kind of distracting. Maybe you can have like “Simon time!” and “Martina time!” that way both get to express their opinions without the interruption.

      I understand that it’s difficult to come up with a skit all the time without trying too hard. I think it’s fair enough to only do it when you feel inspired. And I don’t mind mixing it up and having different format every week.

    • I object about the 2 first ones. I’m a fan and a nasty and I have a lot more to say, unfortunately negative feedback mostly, no matter how much I dislike it.

      • I was referring to myself ^^; I am a fan of Big Bang, and a Nasty (in that I work for them…), and a casual viewer (I don’t regularly watch their stuff; only when I have time, which is generally once a week)

        - and that was how I felt, myself, if I looked at it from those different perspectives. It’s ok if you don’t feel the same way, it doesn’t mean you’re not a fan/Nasty/casual viewer. ^^b

  140. As a fan, I care about Simon and Martina’s well-being, and it’s been apparent they’ve been having a lot of issues trying to figure out their boundaries in relation to their audience. So I want to say, “do what you want; you’ve been too stressed; don’t let the fanbase make you spiral into burn-out.”

    But one of the big things about what they produce is that they make art. Part of art IS the problem-solving aspects and making something polished and entertaining within the restrictions of a medium. The bouncing-back format is really interesting for the laid-back, more personal feel of TLDRs. However, I liked seeing the duo challenge themselves and high-light the more interesting aspects of a video while exploring interesting plot or opinion angles. I liked the polish, and I liked feeling the KMM was an art in itself.

    This style strikes me as just a bit less visually dynamic, so it overall feels less focused as art and more like an incomplete piece. I DO, however, think that with time and experimentation, they can find a way to work this out and make the videos as polished, high-quality and dynamic as we are used to, without having to sacrifice more than they think is necessary for their own well-being to produce. Sometimes you do have to sacrifice parts of opinions, but that’s what makes it art and not science. It can makes things more interesting that way.

    I miss the old style but I really want them to be able to find a balance that doesn’t drive them crazy.

  141. yanagiba yusuke22

    i missed the dance n english segment…

  142. You guys are so funny that the format doesn’t really matter to me. I think it’s best when you guys like it and are enjoying yourselves. But I would like to say that I did not feel like the last few kmm videos were “stale”, just so you know, they were funny as always.

  143. I am probably one of the few people that like your new format a lot more than your old ones. I didn’t notice how worn out the old format was until you guys tired something new. I like being able to hear both of your guys opinions and it was still really funny. However, I think you should still do a few skits here and there to keep it interesting. I have been watching for four years now and I still love your shows!!

  144. Hey guise! @w@

    well for me personally, i actually like both of them. Maybe you guys can switch it off like your wanks and fapfaps. So, like have one ‘original’ style KMM for this week and the ‘newer’ KMM style the next week. Something like that.. yea… u guise knoe wat i mean ^__^

  145. I like that you guys are discussing the video together and how it gives both of you guys a chance to talk about your opinions. But I also love the old format. Maybe you can combine both. Keep all the old segments such as the video, the dance, the english, but you both do it together. Or you guys could make it like a news thing similar to SNL with Weekend Update.

  146. Hmm, I really like this new format. Although I really like your skits, when the majority of the KMM was skits by the end of the video I didn’t really know what you guys thought of the song. My favorite part of KMM is discovering new things about the song that I may not have picked up on that you guys do. Maybe there should be a random Kpop skit day where you just pick a song you like and do a skit about it? Idk. All I know is: I’ll miss the skits, but I really like this format too. I’ll support anything you do! :D

    I also had another idea for you guys. As I was listening to my Kpop playlist on shuffle, I realized that I skip a lot of songs that I’ve gotten sick of over the years, but there are certain songs that I always stop for such as: How we feel by Clazzi. It’d be neat to see your Top 7 songs you still haven’t gotten sick of. :)

  147. I like hearing your opinions, and seeing you both in he screen is great. I just think there should be some more skits, or something that makes it a little more exciting.

  148. Loved it! It’s really fun to hear your conversations and everything that pops up on the screen is so funny!

  149. Lol the S&M thing. THATS EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT WHEN I WATCHED THE MV…..Is GD tryna tell us something?? *fangirls and dies from thoughts*

  150. The new format is cool. I still like the old format, but it was getting kinda tiring. But I really liked it because of the skits and the digging into the video you guys would do. This time, there really wasn’t any digging but more discussion with each other, which is fine, but I personally like it when you guys dig into a m/v.

  151. I love it! It’s like TL;DRs! But yeah, it’s too similar to tldrs. I agree with everyone else with having transitions, and probably more skits to make the video more interesting than having the video focused on you guys for long periods of time.

  152. I’m sure u guys are reading the comments on here. I agree with them mostly. but maybe it isn’t the change in format that’s the problem. maybe u guys don’t like michigo as much and really has nothing to funny to say abt it. why not NOT reveal the exact rankings for top 3 songs? that way u won’t feel pressured to reveal the number 1 spot, and can more freely choose the most comfortable to reveal out of the top 3. we’ll both be happier that way.

  153. This is the best! Please keep doing reviews together in the frame, it’s so much more dynamic and fun to watch :3 I feel this type of review is a bit more well-rounded and coherent than the type you usually do. It’s more of a discussion and an exchange of ideas rather than a monologue to the camera. So excited to see what you end up deciding on :)

  154. I really miss the skits. And the English segment.

  155. That’s great that you guys are wanting to change and try new things! I commend you for that and support the intention. However, I will be honest with you and say that I was not as entertained with this KMM. I think it was a little too drawn out, static perhaps, because of the lack of transitions. What it is now more like something I would play as background noise rather than a video that’s dynamic and requires me to watch it. I think it lost a little too much of the fun, quirky elements that KMM had been more recently; it’s like reverted back to the “blandness” of the first KMMs (this is not to say that they were bad! I’m just saying, after you added more skits and well, color to them, they became a lot more engaging). As it is a new format, I trust you will refine it to perfection, or at least as close as you can get! Progress doesn’t come without growing pains – keep up the good work guys!

  156. I’m totally open for a change in format and I enjoyed this kmm (I like the fact that you guys are discussing the mv together so both of your opinions are more clearly heard), but like other people have expressed I miss the skits. That’s where most of the inside jokes of our community have come from. I know you mentioned in the blog post that you would still want to do others random videos of skits and parody’s and funny things like that, so maybe it won’t matter that there’s less skits in music mondays. I guess it’s too early to tell.

    That said, I like that you guys are constantly being creative and trying to improve upon things and not let yourselves get stuck in a rut. I respect that and understand the need to change things up and challenge yourselves creatively. I look forward to seeing what you guys come! up with :)

  157. and then we have to someone bring these two different thoughts together. What on earth does this mean. Guise did you have someone else read through this before you posted this?

  158. I like the new format but I think the way your talking is a bit awkward. I know that over time it wont be but it reminds me of an interview

  159. I like the new format, and I hope it isn’t as labor intensive as the old format. Yay for opinions together…

  160. This KMM is okay but it felt like it was missing something. I loved the transitions that you guys would do. I think its cool that your both are in the video telling your opinions but please don’t cut out the ‘dance’ and ‘English’ segments those were funny. Lastly the KMM you did before never got old, it felt like a tradition and I never got tired of it!!

  161. I don’t like leaving negative comments but…I found this new format boring :( With the old format, even if I didn’t like the song/video, the review was always entertaining and I liked watching it. But with this format, I didn’t even watch it completely…

  162. Aww, poor simon and martina! A snapback is a baseball cap that doesn’t have the velcro in the back, or is just fused together, but you can adjust the size with these little snaps in the back, hence the name ^_^

    anddddddd I love both of you but the old format was wayy easier to watch, this is kind of like a dual-monologue. I have a short attention span that MAY actually be ADD soo uhh, yeah, it’s sort of monotonous. <3

  163. I personally loved the TL;DR format KMM. It was great hearing both you’re opinions and I really hope you guys incorporate this format (perhaps as a segment in your later KMM?). It seemed A LOT more organised, a lot more honest and a lot more interactive.

    However, I do agree with the overall consensus that the original format should remain. I think the whole charm of KMM is your craziness and there certainly wasn’t enough of that in this KMM. Seriously guys, where are the fun skits? The high-on-life tone you guys had in your previous KMM? These are the things that made KMM stand out from other kpop review videos on YouTube and they CANNOT BE REMOVED EVAAARRRR~ I don’t want to see KMM become generic like that.

    But once again, I really do hope you incorporate this into your later KMM because I loved hearing your casual conversational tone and stuff. Also, OHMYGAWDD MARTINAA! THERE WASN’T ENOUGH OF YOUR OPINION!!!

    Love you guys forever <3

    EDIT: Ando omggg CRAZYNO!!! That guy is too awesome~! Hope you guys get to interview him someday… That'll be soo epic-ly funnaayyy!

  164. I think you guys, should do what you feel more comfortable with ! Just that will make you two more natural and funnier since each on is fighting for their opinion … So I’m with the new form! Good luck

  165. I’m surprised you didn’t mention that “men with big feet have a big ‘you know what’”. LOL That was the first thing that popped into my mind especially after the pink elephant trunk scene. Of course, that could just be because I have a nasty mind.

    Anyway, I like the new format!!! :-)

  166. Simon, Martina is right, we (koreans) read left to right up down. Just like in english.
    I expected you to ruin that dance like you did with Hyuna’s Bubble Pop.
    But did you guys decide to get rid of rating the english and talking about the dance?
    There wasn’t a huge dance but there were little bits that would have qualified… right?

  167. Manhwas (Korean comic books) are read in the same direction as American comic books are. XD

    I like this new format! Maybe you could bring even more people in, haha

  168. Well, this was a surprise. It wasn’t at all what I was expecting, but it wasn’t bad. It felt sort of awkward, because it felt like I was watching tl;dr more than KMM, but I agree that it feels more conversational. I think it could grow on me after a while. Having Martina on the left and Simon on the right REALLY distracted me for some reason. I spent a lot of time thinking about that. And I was really disappointed to see that the English rating got axed, but when I read the blog post, I can understand why you’d only want to bring it up when it’s relevant.

    And, speaking of your blog post, I liked your idea of making KMM a bit broader. I loved your -ish list video and seeing more like that could be really fun. But, I don’t really understand how that would work with your Kpop Charts. Are those eventually going to be phased out? I know they’ve been a source of problems. But I enjoy going to them to chat with fans about new songs in a safe environment. And it’s also the main way I learn about new Kpop songs. I got tired of trying to follow all the different companies on youtube, so I mainly follow your charts.

    One last note, I felt like you guys looked a little cramped. I don’t know if you actually were and I think you’re that close during tl;dr’s, so I don’t know why, but it just felt a little crowded, like you didn’t have room to express yourself. Oh, like with Simon’s hand gestures. Sometimes they were awkwardly below the camera. I’m probably just imagining it because my brain is trying to adjust to the new format (it has not been a good day for my brain. I’m amazed I still know my name.) All in all, I’m pretty excited to see you guys excited about a new format. I wasn’t bored of it at all, but I understand that you want to try something new ^___^ Looking forward to the big announcement!

  169. hapagirl

    I don’t mind this, but I do still really like the old format. I know it’d be hard to have a balance on both. You both do have good energy together and I will enjoy a debate when you two have opposing views on a video.

  170. Cyber_3

    Wow! Fantastic Baby! I really really really liked that Simon and Martina were together, sharing their opinions and playing off of one another. But……but…….that’s all there was in this week’s KMM. Where was the rest? These types of videos, of one or two people reviewing stuff to the camera – while lacking the awesome combo of funny and great chemistry of Simon and Martina – are a dime a dozen. Part of EYK KMM that is ALSO great is the format and THE SKITS. If KMM was just skits, that would be awesome but probably wouldn’t make a lot of sense, hence the need to mix it up with opinions and “The Dance” and “The English” and “The Showdown”. KMM started off based on imitating the dancing, didn’t it? Don’t knock your roots. I believe it’s in your youtube partner video that you said that you can tell when people start to get bored by looking at your stats. It might be hard to see for this KMM since I’m pretty sure most Nasties would watch it through regardless since you just changed the format, but I think you would see that it gets boring compared with previous KMMs. Definitely there will be less re-watching. TL;DR and WTF have this format but people are expecting something different (and it’s a slightly different audience on the Venn Diagram) from those videos, like no skits but lots of effects.

    If I had to pick my favourite KMM of all time it would be Infinite’s “Be Mine”. There are a couple of close seconds but to me this was the best, I could watch it a million times. While the song/video itself was good, the KMM had a lot of skits and was freaking hilarious.

    Cyber_3 – wonders what were other Nasties’ favourite KMM?

    • Thinking about KMMs from 2012 only, I rewatch these all the time because they make me laugh like crazy:

      - SuJu – Sexy, Free & Single
      - Junsu – Uncommitted
      - Big Bang – Monster
      - U-Kiss – Stop Girl
      - U-Kiss – Believe
      - MBLAQ – This Is War
      - The Halloween Special with She’s Gone and Balloons (Wait, I think that’s actually from 2011)

      The Chaser’s KMM is my favorite from 2013. Good thing it won that EYKA category.

      I agree with your points about the KMM format.

      • Cyber_3

        That Hallowe’en special was also super awesome. Actually most, if not all, of the EYK videos filmed in Canada seem to be winners – perhaps because they can change things up from the usual routing, and use cars to run over turtlenecks ;)

  171. Here are my two cents about the format:

    First of all I really like having both differing opinions about the music video, I think that a wider audience will agree with you since you now are expressing two opinions. For a while it seemed like Martina was doing an interview because she was asking a bunch of questions about the video. That felt a little forced and unnatural… If you instead just did a “As for the ____ of the video…” it would both nod back to the old format and help you transition to different topics about the video.

    I agree that you don’t need to use the same topics “The dance”, “The English” etc. as you always have, but maybe if you switched it up based on the video itself. Ex: for this video some funny topics you could have used might have been “As for the hair in this video…” or “As for the costumes in this video…” (and then talk about your opinions about them or give them a number rating, whatever feels funnier or most natural)

    The other thing that I felt was distracting in this video was the conversations themselves… I liked that you were bouncing things off of each other, but I found myself wanting to hear Simon’s opinion and then Martina’s and not as much interrupting each other (although some of that is awesome and hilarious cause I love your dynamics with each other).

    Anyway, I also wanted to say that you guise are super fantastic.


    Nasty Becca!

  172. ayyyooo… 100th episode of KMM happened to be GD and now this ‘format’ change also happens to be for a GD video ;)

  173. I would say that I like the fact that both of you state your own opinion, but I still prefer the old format, because this one looks like a tldr… it has no flashy skits and no transition. it didn’t feel like the usual music monday… I suggest that you do something between both format :) because each of them has good points

    • top that. I appreciate that you wanted your views to be equally presented, but this form looks slightly messy for me, maybe because I am used to old format and because Michigo doesn’t have the dance. I wouldn’t support the random videos idea for Music Monday at all, though. It would go too much towards randomness in general and I think that MM should stay pretty stable, since I guess it’s the most popular section (isn’t it?). I also don’t have the sense of… thorough preparations, if you know what I mean. I know that it’s all about being more comfortable in expressing opinions, also does make the preparation time slightly shorter without the scenario, but… oh dear, it doesn’t make me appreciate the video as much. Sorry guys, I seem to be pretty demanding :x
      But of course this is your freedom of expression :) As a viewer, though, I did not enjoy it as much as previous format.

  174. Having read a few comments below… nah, I’d rather wait and see how would this new format work out. It’s nice to see both of you guys discuss a video among yourselves. If you could do a parody skit every once in a while, that would be great! If you can’t do it for every video, no problem.

    It is your blog and your channel after all, you should have complete freedom over where you want to take it =)

  175. I liked this :D

  176. [Not MM Feedback] I don’t know if anyone else noticed this but in the scenes where GD has his bowl haircut (35 seconds in), he messes up his hair like he did in the Big Bang drama parodies, like Secret Big Bang and the Big Bang Virus. Made me laugh.

  177. “You’re subpar!” ~Spudgy
    Perfect! XD

  178. Sorry guy this MM was soo boring ! You could just have added an extra part to the old MM were you like make a debate over the MV !

  179. I think that the problem is that people are missing sketches and funny scenes and there wasn’t really a potential to do anything with MichiGo cause it’s crazy enough itself. He is making fun of himself, what more can you do? So I don’t think that the new format is bad, we’ll see when you’ll have the opportunity to do something hilarious again. Hopefully with “Watch your name” :D

  180. misspricilla

    I like the new concept I really do but I could feel that this video had an experimental state kind of feel to it…which is not bad.(It is the first video with the new format soo if I look it that way it came out nice). As many said before I liked that one skit but it was just one and one is not enough :D And about the segments…I missed them and not at the same time (does it make sense??) maybe you could add new segments? I don’t know… but I like the fact that you want to change the KMM and make more fresh and exciting :)

  181. I quite liked the new format. I generally like reviews of stuff, and I liked that you could bounce off each other more. One thing that annoyed me a little about the previous iteration was the amount of skits you did- I know you worked hard on them, but sometimes they just would have been better without! I quite like it.

    As for this review itself, I’m sort of a little disappointed you didn’t talk about GD’s afro wig…it’s not very…um…right? I can’t remember if you’ve actually talked about this sort of thing before (perhaps in YaYaYa?), but yeah. You have quite a wide audience, so I was hoping maybe a little something about afro wigs not actually being humorous or whatever. I might just be a little picky/touchy, though.

    Anyways! I like the new style. :D

  182. I like the new format! It was refreshing and othervice i wouldn’t have watched the video (because I wasn’t really interested in the song). I like seeing you two being in the video at the same time lol I like the interaction I guess. I’d like if you’d mix the old format with the new one.

  183. I like the new format. I’d be more willing to watch a review of a song I’m not really bothered about with this new format.

  184. 1) The format wasn’t bad, however the other format was kinda your trademark and i kinda miss it << on that note I think it would be cool to combine the old and new.. just a suggestion..

    2) You guys are english teachers and Martina said "wronger" jk ^_^

    3) Glad I wasn't the only one to connect 4/20 with GD :)

  185. I think it’s really great for you guys to try to switch it up. Doing things over and over can get really boring (no matter how popular it is). However I am missing a couple of elements from your old MM. I really miss some of the transitions and the dance segment, skits and talking about it. I think if you could make a hybrid between the old and the new, you could have a change of pace while still keeping some elements of your videos that keep people coming back for more. :)

  186. i think its kinda nice and.. cozy :3
    but i would still like some skits! but overall i really like it :D

  187. I approve of this new KMM :D I think it came across as more honest than the more restricted previous format, which was so clearly scripted (you reading the “prompter”), and sometimes (only a few, though) I kind of felt the skits were forced (I think you’ve even mentioned once that you struggled coming up with skits, no?).

    With all the unreasonable ill-formulated feedback you’ve been receiving lately (I’m referring to Martina last week in the blogpost talking about how terrible it can be to read the comments), I think this is a very clever way of showing your audience this isn’t dead serious – it’s two dorks’ reaction on a video!

    I’ve read som comments and sure, more transitions and cut-aways would make it more flashy and cool, and I guess that would make the content more intersting to watch.

    I’m all for your happiness, and since this new format (with the freedom of you changing it back/do a parody/just whatever you feel like) makes it more interesting for me to watch, I’m all for it!

  188. I haven’t made up my mind yet as to which one I prefer…because this is only the first one you have done. I have felt for a while that having to do the same thing every week (and not always about songs you like) has been straining your creativity for KMM. My favourite KMM since 2NE1′s “I Love You” was your EYK “Like a Man”. (And I have been watching EYK – and pretty much most of your videos for a looooong time).

    I actually really like this conversational style (maybe it’s because I like talking about MVs or something), but I do think your commentary on the dance and the English was normally pretty funny. I have seen some people comment on how they want it to be more dynamic…and while I can see that, I am not sure if there is a quick fix for that. It might be nice to occasionally have skits – if you find something really funny – but I don’t see why they are necessary for every KMM.

    Another thought I had, why not just talk about songs you really want to talk about? I guess the K-pop chart updates are a little like that – but I feel like we miss out a lot on hearing about your perspective of new groups that are currently trying to make it big in Korea. I feel like we end up talking about the same artists over and over (which is sometimes great, but that means we miss out on other artists who are super funny or talented that I am sure Nasties would love).

    Anyway, this has been rather long. I am totally cool with you guise trying to switch things up. I just hope you can find something that makes your creative juices bubble, and that doesn’t kill you from all the work hard work you put in. EYK hwaiting!

  189. Even though it seems more like a “reaction video” than a proper review one I like it! Hope you guys keep all the fun in your videos. Just a question: when you say that you guise want KMM to be more on kpop in general will that mean that we won’t be able to vote for videos in the future because you guise will pick a bunch of them to discus and make fun of?

  190. Hehe, Michigo was one crazy video, and I agree. I was really concerned about his health, with all the trouble he was having peeing. :)

  191. My mom didn’t know what 4/20 was, so when I told her about the M/V coming out on that day she said, “what’s the big deal?” Once I explained it to her she died laughing. I am sorry but there is no way in the world that he didn’t know what 4/20 meant. I will give credit where it is due though, the man has balls for even thinking to do that. I think he went for the “people are going to say things anyway so I mine as well give them something to really talk and laugh about” idea when it came to choosing that day. Can you all figure out if 4/20 is an actual thing in Korea.

    The elephant trunk was just too much for me. I laughed so hard, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing for a second.

    I like the new format because it’s really a conversation instead of you just saying stuff to the camera.

  192. it’s hard to be straight to the point and polite and focused and grammaticaly correct ;) when English is not my first language, but I’ll do my best. BTW love you and will be nastie like 4EVAR ;)

    I like the idea of both of you talking about the video, but I miss all these things that make you special and unique. Especially the scenes when you made “the stories behind” MVs. English, dance, showdown made KMM entertaining. And now no flaxon street and mr. brohoho? what about mordney. they are in my life and I have to say goodbye to them? I can also forsee problem. What will you do when both of you will like the MV you are going talk about. The whole point of comparing opinions will be melted in “I totally agree with you”.

    This KMM was one of these few when I liked bloopers better than actual KMM.

    I’m not on the “lets make change” side. When I got used to sth it’s hard for me to switch, but I understand that people get tired and need to change to stay committed. I will respect everything you do.

  193. OK, I want to be honest but I don’t want people to hate me. This new format reminds me of the old days when you guys first got started…it was awkward and half the time I wanted to turn away. Maybe it would be better if you found a way to combine the old concept and the new concept and blend them together. I hope you guys don’t hate me, but I’m just sprouting my opinion.

  194. Isabel Ruby

    omg meemers is so fat and cute!! i like having both of you discussing together, but i miss the little transition images/music…. and the english rating is also fun, even if it’s unnecessary most times :P

  195. I like you guys together. But you should still have the dance and english parts. Those were so funny!!

  196. I like this version as well.. but I think you should still do a “dance” and “english” section.

  197. it’s so apparent that you guys have teaching backgrounds (in a good way, of course). the dialogue is approachable and witty! the dynamic you two have is so enjoyable to watch and it really comes across in this new format. thank you for making these super cool videos, i look forward to them all week.

  198. Okay I’ve typed and re-typed and accidentally posted this comment for a while now. So, I’m gonna try to make it clear this time: I prefer the old format. The main reason is, the new one is not funny anymore and I’m a student who has to listen to one person for hours in the classroom and usually that person does not make much fun. Funny things like skits and theories to try to logicalize the music video’s plot help me relax and laugh after a frustrating school day. Ordinary criticism and opinions I can read and watch anywhere online. This is why the Music Mondays are so special. I do not exactly know many kpop music criticists who make parodies and skits and make fun of the videos plus I’ve grown very fond of MM.

    I’m not saying the new format is bad since you get to give more opinions and you do it together but talking alone for the entire video just doesn’t do it for me. You could stand in front of the camera together while trying to preserve the original format though, just giving an idea and I’ve no idea how do-able that is. Just whatever it takes, try to keep it original and distinct. We have enough people standing in front of the camera and just talking and talking for over 15 minutes about something that could easily just be a written post with no video.

    Alright I got this off my chest. Yes, I read the blog post and I know you’re not going to exactly keep it like this video here. It’s good you are giving yourselves more hands-free time with like, reviewing something that is not on the voting list. But all I wanna say is: keep it original.

  199. I like that you’re both in the videos now! :-) Are you still planning on covering the English and Dance part of videos? Or are you redoing the full format of KMMs?

  200. I forgot to say that you should be careful to let the other say their thing first and finish their sentence. Then begin saying your own opinion because two guys shouting on top of another’s comment tends to sound annoying

  201. I love you guys, but i honestly cant take this format. Its hard for me to focus on one thing, it kinda felt a bit like school and i kept zoning out. My recommendation would be for you to have two parts to KMM, first the regular (old format) for people like me or people who aren’t too into kpop and would like something to keep their blues glued to , and a the second part would be a discussion like this one. But regardless what you guys decide im sure all of us nasties will watch :)

  202. Firstly, I want to say that I support you and I’m a Nasty, and I totally get that you want to try new things.But to be honest, I didn’t really like this new format. I understand that it’s nice for you to be able to discuss and be on the camera both of you, but I found it really static, almost going on boring… Like others have written, I too watch KMM more for the jokes and skits than for the seriousness, and it becomes quite similar to TL;DR’s and other videos.

    I understand that it’s difficult to put in the exact same segments every week, but maybe you don’t have to have the same segments, but still have different ones and not just one take-discussions. Like a mix between the two? Where you include a part like this, but mixed with much more humour and silliness than what you had here. I’m really fine with having slightly diferent approaches (review/parody etc), but I’d prefer it if you cut down the seriousness a bit, you can save it for the other videos. :)

    TL;DR: Why so serious? In other words, I prefer when you’re joking and playing around more :)

  203. i liked it wayyyy more today cuz it was starting to miss something cuz if you look at your 1st MM and your 129 the MM the 1st one was sooo good and 129 was getting old but today made me think of it as a new and fun MM and i loved it thank guys

  204. i like the new format. it’s a fresh new take

  205. I rarely (like never) comment, but decided to for this. While I encourage you to do what feels right for you guys, what really got me hooked in the first place were the fun and quirky Music Monday skits, and I probably spent one whole night the night I discovered you guys going back and looking at all the other Music Mondays and falling in love with you guys. I loved them so much that I try to share them with my sister, who HATES Kpop (gasp!), and she likes the skits as well (though still hates Kpop, lol).

    When it came to reviewing individual videos, compared to other reviewers, you guys stood out as you both entertained as well as gave insightful opinions. If you could both share your individual opinions in the same Music Monday, and I think you have before on occasion, I think that’d be even more awesome. I guess the problem then lies in whose opinion gets a skit. If its something you have to force, it feels unrewarding to you personally, I bet. Which is why I thought you decided to choose out of the top 3 instead of the winner. O.o

    I guess I just favor the old format more as that’s what originally drew me in, but you’re also two people with two different opinions and I’d like to know both as it does add to discussion and brings up more points. The presentation today though felt a bit blah though. :( From what I’ve come to expect from MM, not that it was bad! I still love watching TL;DR, WANKS, FAPFAPs, Music Updates, Indie Segments, Livechats and bloopers (And REALLY miss Wonderful Treasure Finds!)), Maybe what I’m trying to say is, I think your old format made it easier for those that didn’t care/know about Kpop to get into it and draw people in, ’cause it was sure effective on me!

    • I really miss WTF too! I loved that segment! And since I live in Korea, I always try to find what they found in my own area. I even sent some home as presents xD

  206. unicornsgalaxy

    I like the concept of the new format. I think with maybe a little more polish it can look just as good as your previous KMMs. I think one of the reasons you have such a big following is because of your interaction with each other and how well you are together. I think this will help to showcase that and also, in a way, show people that it’s ok to have differing opinions and still be able to discuss them rationally.

    Some slight things that I think could help (which I’ve seen other people mention also):

    Location: Maybe it’s because I was watching this with my earphones in, but it sounded like it was a little echoey and muffled. Also, (and this is my personal preference) but the cement block wall, made it look a little…cold (not like temperature cold but distantly cold). I think if you maybe changed the location it will seem a bit more warm and inviting. Maybe the couch (as I saw someone suggest below) or even where the old KMM was filmed but seated.

    Segments One of the good things about the old KMM was that it was pretty well organized. I felt that this one was a bit more flowey from topic to topic (which some people will like) but I found myself zoning out at times and was like “What are they talking about now?”. I think if you break it up into segments with the screen segue it will make it more organized while still allowing you to bounce ideas off each other. You could even change it up some by moving to a new location for the different segments (but that might be a bit of work).

    All in All, I do like this type of format. I remember watching one of the older KMMs (I think it was JaeJong’s Mine) where you basically went back and forth giving your different opinions about the video. I thought that was a great idea and I can see that happening more in this new format.

    PS -Holy CATS!!!! Meemers is HUGE!!! My cat is getting big (he’s 2) but still has a kitten face but I don’t think he’s anywhere as big as Meemers! Or is that just a trick of the camera?

    • I agree with this comment. I really like this new format how it is conversational and whatnot. However I do also think it could do some more experimenting with this layout, like you say you are going to do! What I found that needed a little shoe shine was a focus point to look at, maybe this is because you are sitting side by side instead of facing each other, but I think that not having a focus point to look at comes across as disinterested (which we know you both are very much are interested in Kpop!). I saw someone suggest more camera angles, maybe that would help? Love the change up and looking forward to more from EYK and the new experimenting videos!

  207. On some level, I had a feeling that you guys may change the format since the recent KMM have been just lacking that SimonandMartina magic with the skits. I really like this new format but it may take some time to get used to. I quite liked how the original format had a snappier edited feel rather than one continuous discussion(which I also really love esp. in TLDR’s). I think having sections to split the subjects and occasionally have an individual talk without being interrupted talking about their fully formed opinion on one thing and have the other individual give a different opinion would be a good bridge to ease viewers from the old format to the new since its an obvious big difference. Just a random thought and suggestion. Also, another great KMM ^ ^

  208. What I like: have you together in one screen, the discussion (arguing time?)
    what I miss: the breakdown, the pause. I need time to digest, you need time to breath :)
    I found that in this video Simon’s voice is more dominant (higher pitch, louder than Martina’s). It leaves impression (on me) that Simon is more dominant in the discussion. But when I looked on the video again it may be because Simon’s microphone is closer to his mouth than Martina’s. Btw, for Meemeers: where did you get your video-bomber gene from? Your Omma or your Appa? Hehehe!

  209. I would like to see a couple more weeks of KMM in this format before I present an opinion. Comparing 130 episodes to one is a bit lopsided. This early in the game it seems that most of the reactions will be to the *change* and not to the actual content.

    I do like seeing you guys talk about the videos. It’s nice to see Simon and Martina’s individual opinions rather than an amalgamated EYK opinion.

    What I have always appreciated about your work is the joy that was so evident in it’s creation. That joy has been diminished for the past couple of months and I look forward to seeing that rekindle.

  210. well I also felt a need for a change in KMM format (cause some skits were a bit hmm repetetive and forced (?)) so I really really liked the idea of the discussion and having the two of you in KMM……..

    ……. but….

    …how to say that and not offend anyone….

    …after a few minutes it kinda got boring….I don’t know why….maybe it felt too much like live chats….and the scenery didn’t change….well the best thing about the old format was that it was not only funny but also very dynamic..and in today’s KMM it was gone. but well maybe with time you’ll figure it out how to make it as funny and entertaining as it was before and add the new things to your liking. I’m gonna watch it anyway….

    btw….really 4.20 the smoking weed day??????? really???????? never heard of that in my life (I live long enough to be aware of such day) maybe that’s not a Europe thing….or I live in some cage (well that may be a case)

  211. I really like u guys, but i disliked this format. I understand that u want to change a bit. However, it was kind of boring after certain time..i think the old videos brought sth that sticked with me ( me at least) like some kind of jokes and statements, the right-to-the-point thing and the no feeling of wasting time watching them (pls dont get me wrong) and right after i watched u , i would debate ur videos with my friend and point out what u have said and did; in this format though, i just watched this last kmm now, i just can’t remember a single thing u said, at some point i was opening other window and checking sth else. Nowadays with internet and stuff, people get so easily distracted, the web gives the options of checking whatever we want, anytime we want (u know what i mean), its not “mandatory” as tv was once (maybe im losing my focus here.. sorry) anyway, what im trying to say is that, i understand that u want to give ur opinions and everything, and at the end of the day,that is what we want, but kmm its so big now, its not just checking ur opinions, but its an entertaining program for us. I missed the English cuts and dance part, which are aspects that kmm has and in any other place talking about kpop u will find. I think that u won credibility and success that u have now for being original on youtube. So just keep that in mind, i wish the best for u guys :)

  212. It’s cool, that you want to change the style of Music Mondays, but this was kind of lame… There was nothing thrilling, catchy or so. It was hard to watch it until the end..

    Your discussion was great, but way too long. I’m mean, really to long! It was no fun to watch it. Sorry guys. Maybe next time.

  213. It’s good to see you both talking, but I love the little skits, after all, they gave us epic and funny moments like “soy un dorito”, “rolling down my sexy window”, “mordney present” and more!

  214. To be really honest here, I like the old format better since one of the things I like the most about Music Mondays is how it’s funny and I can take that for granted. If you just stand in front of the camera giving some criticism you may aswell do it in a post without any video at all. That’s just my opinion since I get distracted easily and would rather be stuck reading a long blog post than let all the talk go in one ear and out the other.

    The funny part is always the one that helps me remember/digest the information really since I am a student and always sit in class and listen to a person talking for hours. I

  215. Just like Simon’s awkward ramblings about liking the video as a friend, I like this new format as a friend. On the pros side, I like that no one’s opinion is being compromised, and that the video is a lot of more laid back; I felt like I was just talking to some friends about this crazy K-Pop video that I happened upon (one that did not frighten me, but more on that later). Unfortunately, the laid back nature can also be seen as a con; it liked the structure and precise nature of the old format. It was also weird to not see you guys bring up very irrelevant details of the video (which I admit would be rather hard, seeing as to how G-Dragon likes to make sure everything is somewhat relevant in his videos XD), and making skits that totally highlight funky actions that happened in the video. I know this is your first time doing this and that you’ll streamline and improve it as you go, so I’m not being overly critical. It was still rather enjoying, and it was fun to hear what that tidbit of analysis that you guys had about G-Dragon.


    … G-Dragon, I don’t know what you’re smoking (or even if you’re smoking), but whatever it is, it must be pretty strong. I thought Crayon was weird. CRAYON WAS NOTHING COMPARED TO THIS!! DO YOU HEAR ME? NOTHING!!!! *ahem* I had to pause the video several times, because it was THAT crazy XD I do have to say, though, that the creepy mask people weren’t all that creepy to me; I guess I’m just used to seeing weirdos (or being one :3), but it was more “lolwut” than “OMJTHESLEEPSARENEVERCOMINGBACK!!!!”. The song is also fun to act crazy (just like Crayon), but I wouldn’t want G-Dragon to continue on this route of doom; I enjoyed the different sides of G-Dragon that we got to see on the Heartbreaker LP, and even the One of a Kind EP. It would be a shame if he became another crazy club song artist.

  216. I was having a pretty crappy day today but u guise made it so much better ^^
    Best medicine ever for bad days :D

  217. This is just my opinion but I like this new format, and I actually do not mind the fact that there are no skits. I want to hear more about what you guys have to say as it does allow us to feel like we are chatting. Though I do feel like something is missing, I just do not know what. Overall, I really do enjoy this new format. With the old format sometimes it felt a little forced and rushed, which is completely understandable since you guys are on a time crunch. This new format feels more relaxed and conversational.

  218. To be really honest here, I like the old format better since one of the things I like the most about Music Mondays is how it’s funny and I can take that for granted. If you just stand in front of the camera giving some criticism you may aswell do it in a post without any video at all

    The funny part is always the one that helps me remember/digest the information really since I am a student and always sit in class and listen to a person talking for hours. To be honest my ears missed most of the talk because I tend to get distracted if there is nothing to watch.

  219. I don’t really like the new format, because it seems…a bit….boring. But having you two together is nice! and I miss all the segments!

  220. I like your old version better, but have a discussion part, where you can have a part like this version,

  221. I liked the idea of a more conversational format, but it got a little bit boring after a while. I’m a huge fan of your skits, and I think those are the scenes that make each of your KMMs unique, so I missed those greatly. Also I do understand that you want to openly express your opinions, but as you were thinking about what to say, you forgot to look at the camera (and it was weird to watch, ’cause you’re always looking at us!) After all I think it is a good thing that you want to change KMM for the better, and I also like the two of you on sceen, but I have to agree with Tara C on the “constantly moving” matter. Also please don’t abandon those awesome wigs, with the lack of skits. :D

  222. I’m glad you guys are trying something new and I do like how you two can have a discussion. But I do miss the EYK humor you guys had in the old format (during the skits, giving your opinion), whereas this KMM was more discussion based. While it was great to listen to your thoughts, it also lacked your usual pizzazz. = Also, I miss the background of where you normally film KMM! It could just be that I’m not used to this new format, but maybe you can make this a fusion of TLDR and the old KMM?

  223. Sounds like a good plan. You have to keep it fresh and not feel like you have to do it a certain way because people expect it. I’d rather have 20 minute videos explaining both view points (I know you won’t do that but still ;)) than just getting one.

    Like you said not having to do characters or the English or etc leaves time to explore the song a bit more and give more insight to K-pop.

    And while I do think it needs a bit more work I think it could grow into something great. A bit more jokes or funny insights could go a long way. So I am very interested in seeing what you will do with it.

  224. I really love the new format. Like someone else said, the skits lately have seemed a little forced? Which is not to say that I don’t love the skits (this week’s was perfect), I just think that some music videos don’t really lend themselves well to skits. The same could be said about the English, or the dancing, etc. I like that this format gives you the freedom to talk about those things when warranted, otherwise just skip it. I also like hearing both of your opinions on songs, so the conversational nature of this format is great. You two are entertaining on your own, and you don’t need skits to keep my attention.

    Because this format is more conversational, I kind of think a forum would be really awesome. Also I just have problems with disqus. Aside from my inability to use it properly, it’s hard for me to follow conversations — the threading isn’t that great and comments aren’t displayed chronologically? (This probably means I’ve been on LJ for far too long.) But I also know a forum would probably be a big undertaking, so it’s not something I have my heart set on.

    • unicornsgalaxy

      RE: DIsqus displaying comments chronologically

      Disqus can display the comments 3 different ways, from newest comment to oldest, from oldest to newest, or “Best” (based on rating of thumbs up and thumbs down). You can change this order at any time. Under the area where you leave the message, there is a bar that different options. The first option is a pull down menu where you can change the order of the comments. The second and third say “Community” and “My Disqus”.

  225. T-araN4, I will spam the k-pop charts smash vote for them. Oh and Martina I think you should have said don’t be assties, instead of don’t be trolls

  226. ☆pallavi☆

    I really like this format! Sometimes including a dance/english section was unnecessary and was just there for the sake of format. Also (since I love tl;drs) I really like this flow of discussion. However, I guess so that the unique eyk flavour is still there, you might wanna insert one or two skits in there? I understand if sometimes you’re not inspired it’s hard to come up with one, but if you insert that levity back in there people will still be happy.

    Just my two cents :)

  227. i think this is good but you know what would be awesome? mix of both! or song to song, video to video, you should choose the format. like in this video we should sit and talk, and the other one will be hilarious with the old format? you know what i mean? but gotta admit i loved your crazy humour i cant see that humour that much in this format, but next time if you want to contunie with this it would be awesome if you do more jokes, transitions, anyway i loved both formats but just staring at one picture it can be a little boring just saying :)

  228. I am heartbroken that I didn’t get to see Simon dressed up as GD doing a parody of the bathroom scene and having Martina there scolding him with a mop. -Whomp whomp! Re-do!

  229. I really like the new format! One of the reasons I looked forward to Music Mondays was because I don’t have any friends that like K-pop as well and for me it was a chance to find out what other people…not just super fan-girls…thought of the video. This new format really feels like more of a conversation and I like that we get both of your opinions. I look forward to all the random fun videos you guys make in the future!

  230. I like how you guys having discussion together, it feels more dynamic that way. However, I miss the sections that you guys used to do. I know that in some music video their English is just perfect and there’s nothing to talk about, or there wasn’t much dance moves so that’s why you guys don’t feel like including it. But i still think that it’s a form that a show should have. It sort of prevent the talking from running for too long and you ended up lost the audiences’ attention.

    Also, I miss the skit and I would still love to see jokes with costumes and props (that’s called the cut-ins right?), but I felt that the jokes were a bit dry lately so I think it’s a nice change from you guys. It’s hard to have to come up with the jokes for every KMM so I understand that. But please don’t throw it away though, I think KMM needs it once in a while :D

  231. STOP! FEEDBACK TIME! *dance*

    Well, I read some of comments here and I agree with those who say that the old form of KMM suits them more while also enjoying seeing you two talking to each other. So, to avoid repeating those long opinions I will shortly sum up: I love seeing you two together, you are always nice to watch, you are great couple and your discussions have that nasty spirit :) But I agree that old KMM with all that silly nasty jokes, all your legendary characters and statements (“Soy Un Dorito”, “uuu, you so nasty”, “rub my bananas”, “I LOST MY PANTS” etc) were SO ORIGINAL AND HILARIOUS and made my Mondays into celebration. I understand it’s hard to came out with funny jokes for every MV but those stuff was really YOUR thing. You two are Uber-Nasties, and we are your Nasty followers! :D

    But! Some idea came to my mind. I don’t know if it wouldn’t be too much time-consuming or so… and it’s just an idea, so feel free to laugh at me or hate me for not understanding how overworked you are and so (but seriously, don’t hate me, sob D: ). What about some new, more serious series, like once a week, with more serious kpop opinions? Like two of you sitting in your Nasty Studio, having some coffee or tea and discussing last kpop news (I mean, MVs, too much lips rubbing or mouth hanging open, too much box-MV or WHATEVER that actually captured your interest). In my mind it looks just like what you did for today’s KMM, like sharing your serious opinions with each other and with us, being able to talk about anything you want (not just what was voted in) etc.

    Anyway, whatever you do, I still love you, guise, and I will follow you everywhere and watch your videos and such! Big, BIG LOVE to you, feel my love through the screen, muah! <3

  232. in chinese and japanese, it depends. there are books that read from left to right and right to left as well. if the words are written horizontally (like magazines), then it is read from left to right. if it is written vertically (normally found in novels/comics) it is read from right to left.

    in ancient times, mandarin and japanese were written vertically, but since modernization, the language has adapted to be written horizontally.

  233. Martina (probably) read manhwa, so she knows what she’s talking about!

  234. Personally, I like the new format. The main reason I stopped watching KMM was because the skits felt forced and weren’t all that funny, when you did discuss the song it felt like a giant bashing session, and just nothing drew me into it anymore. I actually really like just listening to you guys discuss the song like you did for this KMM, and that’s the reason why TL;DR is the only segment I still watch every week. Now I feel like I will be watching KMM every week again like I used to do. Good job with the new format…love it. :D

  235. First, on the how Korea prints/read books, as a wife this give me great pleasure to say, but Simon you’re wrong and Martina you’re right. ;)

    Second. Looks like I’m in the minority here, and I think it may be because I’m older (i’m your age, er, maybe a year older even), but I like the new format and I also don’t think it was overlong either, I can appreciate it. I think if you guys have a funny skit pop up in your head, you’ll do it. And like you said, if there is something noteworthy to talk about on the English you will. Same with the dance.

    I think people worry that these things are going away when it’s definitely not, I just figure this new format gives you an out if there isn’t anything for you to do skit/English/dance wise. It must be exhausting to think up skits when you don’t really want to do one or the music video doesn’t lend itself to a one. And I like that you can both express your opinion which was a MAJOR plus for me.

    I have to say, that you guys both looked happy and were laughing and joking (which is why I love TLDR), when in some KMM I feel like you guys are trying so hard to entertain us that the review takes a back burner and it shouldn’t have to be that way if you don’t want it to, it shouldn’t have to feel like a requirement if you feel differently.

    You are more entertaining to me when you’re actually enjoying and laughing with each other. So ultimately, in my opinion, you are at your best together and I know the skits and reviews will be better and funnier if you can naturally do your thang without having to write a Kdrama each week (quality over quantity and all that), do what you enjoy and what comes naturally and you will nail it. :) So rock on with the new Kpop Music Monday format!

    • I agree with this. The new format reminds me of me and my friends talking about kpop together. I thought it was super funny, even without the skits.

  236. Hmmmm…new format.

    I liked you two talking together, but I really didn’t find it as interesting as previous KMM’s. It’s missing the fun & Nastiness. The random pop up images, little clips from other videos, and the lens filters/effects were what made your reviews stand out from the rest. There are TONS of opinion videos on youtube, and I quite honestly don’t watch them because, well, they’re boring. This KMM video was not boring, but in comparison to the level of entertainment of your others, it really pales.

    It seems to me like maybe you are stretching yourselves thin with work, and this format is just easier to do. I’m sure it takes MUCH less time to edit and film than a skit outdoors or even with the green screen. I know you two (and your awesome staff) work really hard on each of your videos. I just think it’s a waste for you to not utilize your studio/wigs/props/mad acting skillz in your videos.

    I’m not saying you should go back to the other format. I think change is good and I like seeing new ideas. I can see why you cut out a lot of the skits; some of them felt like they were really drawn out or forced. I personally think that a lot of this video would be better represented in a blog format. I always enjoy reading the blog posts under the videos, and I think it would be great if there was a Simon section and a Martina section for you to each voice your opinions.

    I really admire your boldness in making changes, and I hope you two continue making more changes in the future! You have an awesome group of Nasties that have your back no matter what you do, and I hope my frank comments didn’t offend you. Looking forward to the next KMM xoxo

    • I agree, the more serious conversation is what I liked to read in the blog post. For some reason I just couldn’t finish watching 11 minutes of the unstructured chatter, or stream of consciousness going on, or whatever. I really love that format in the TL;DRs, but I think I would have rather read this whole KMM in the blog post than watched it on the screen.

  237. Blueberries

    I think that you can tell your opinions wider and better with this new format, but I feel that it lacks sth that old form had. I think it’s variation; with some talking about song and mv, dance section and english section + skits, the whole KMM felt fuller and maybe more enjoyable? Now KMM really felt more like review than entertainment and it can be good or not-so-good thing depending on watcher. But since you’re going to include some skits in future I think it’ll be okay :)

  238. Hi Simon & Martina, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m gonna give you my LOOONG, honest opinion as a long-time Nasty, college-grad, and dedicated Youtube viewer –

    The new format is “meh.” It’s not “bad,” but it’s nothing exciting.
    I have a feeling that a lot of your viewers stopped watching the video before the end. And not because it was “bad,” but because it was “meh,” and most internet users don’t have the time or attention span for “meh.”

    The new format is ok, but I think that you should plan out your discussions a little more.
    They seemed a little unorganized and a bit like a debate (like a talk show) instead of being nice and succinct. It also looks much less edited and professional, and honestly, I became a little bored with the one-take format. And I love you two, so I rarely get bored listening to you…

    I actually LIKED that you had a script before… Is it possible to take both of your different opinions and script them a bit more, instead of working them out on camera? There’s a very noticeable difference between planning what you say before you say it, and planning it out as you go. It was almost like watching you two talking about what to put into KMM, instead of the actual KMM. Maybe limit the discussion to a short Opinion segment in the beginning or end in the video? Or discuss the different parts within different segments, instead of just one looong take.

    It was like a TL;DR, instead of K-Pop Music Monday. Something that we don’t actually need to SEE; something we could play in the background and give only a quarter of our attention as we browse other websites. I actually love watching your faces, but just talking for 11 minutes will bore most non-Nasties.

    Maybe bring back the different segments and the skits. That’s what we like.
    We like the breakdown of the different parts, we love your skits, and it makes the video a lot more exciting and engaging (instead of just running on). It helps us skip through to different parts of the video if we’re short on time, instead of wondering where you are in the conversation as soon as our attention slips. The transitions and high-quality editing also make your KMM’s look more professional, like something a high-budget company could put out. Like an actual show, rather than just a vlog with an intro animation.

    Besides lacking obvious editing, this video just… wasn’t as funny as usual.
    We LOVE your scripted jokes and random skits. Sure, this video had some funnies, but not nearly as much as usual. I know that KMM is about k-pop, but some of us watch (and share) your videos just because we love your sense of humor.

    I know it’s more work for you, and the previous format limited your opinions and creativity, but we liked that consistent organization and somewhat-predictability. Maybe you could combine the old and new formats?
    Come up with a bunch of different topics (the dance, video, engrish, our opinions, social controversy, etc) and talk about them within segments, but don’t have a strict rule for what topics are in each video? You could change up the topics for each video based on what inspires you that week. Sometimes show both of you and allow some discussion in the segments? The various known topics (and transitions) will add consistency and predictability, and choosing which topics you do or do not want to discuss in each video can add creativity and flexibility. The length of each segment is also up to you (I actually thought it was GREAT when you just said “Jay Park’s English is fine!” and blasted through that segment in a second in last week’s video).

    Anyway, that was my opinion and suggestions. I hope I helped a little. Thanks for always working hard to bring us great content each week!

    – Kristen

    • Other suggestions for topics/segments:
      The Hair/Outfits
      The Set
      “You so nasty” (Nastyyy parts of the video you noticed)

    • “Jay Park’s English is fine” MADE that video. So good.

    • I totally agree with you! :) Your whole comment is perfect. And I enjoyed the “Jay Park’s English is fine” it made me cry laughing.

      I think that with the sense of humour, it’s easier to reel in people who aren’t part of the K-pop or K-culture fandom. I know I’ve shown people at home some KMM and tl;drs when they’ve been particularly insightful or funny, and some of those people have started watching them :D

      Reel them in with the banana rubbing and Mordney, make them stay for the serious K-pop education :)

    • they’re not gonna stick to this format so rest assured

  239. My thoughts: I like the change. I love seeing you two together, and the back-and-forth is what actually makes TL;DR my favorite segment of EYK, so I like it in MM.

    My only suggestion: have sections again. Not necessarily the same old ones (Dance, English, Showdown, etc.)–in fact, with a new format, I’d almost encourage new sections! You could do Lyrics instead of English (so you can do the Korean–I love the dramatic readings–or the English, or just ignore it altogether if it’s not worth talking about for this song), Dance (instead of critiquing, you could try performing? :P), Props/Story/Set, Fashion (mostly I just love hearing your opinions on this!). Or you could just choose different topics each MM depending on the song and what you want to talk about.

    I think it’d help the pacing a little, and give us as viewers some structure. Otherwise, I’m okay with any changes you make–I love you as Simon and Martina, not as our KPop Review Slaves.

  240. I love the new format!!!! There were a couple times I didn’t watch KMM because I was getting bored with the same format over and over again, therefore I love the change!!!! But…I wouldn’t say no to more skits.

  241. Hey Simon and Martina, I like the new format and you can tell that you both are enjoying being on camera together but it doesn’t seem as polished as the old KMM. I think that it’ll take a few episodes before you guys find the format that really works.

    *First post. But been a lurker for over a year. Love you guys

  242. I like the fact of changing the format. But I liked the ‘English’ and the ‘Dance’ sections. Maybe you could take the old format and take the new format and try to find a happy medium. Because I do agree with the fact of the old format becoming a little tired. So, try to keep the best of both worlds.

  243. Hmmm….well I first watched KMM on Youtube and after reading some comments I decided to read your blog post too. My original reaction was that this is a lot like TL;DR. I love your conversations they are fun and great, but since you already do that for TL;DR, KMM was like the wild and crazy kid of a lot of the other more serious (I couldn’t think of another word, because your videos are all fun and funny) type videos that you do. It’s cool to change it up though. I did like your fun back and forth for this week. I did miss talking about the dance and the English, but if you can hit a wonderful balance of continuity from your old KMMs to the new format that would be fantastic.

    boom shaka laka

  244. omgah people keep referring to simon and martina as S&M and i was soooo confuuseddd….!! especially after watching the KMM video! LOL taking mind out of the gutter now…

    • Anddd replying to my own comment.. I would just like to add that I like the new format of the videos! i like that there’s no structured part with the song, the video, the english, the dance… bc some vids dont really have dances! and some songs dont have english phrases that are worth talking about at all. i love fluidity and spontaneity!

      But one thing though, maybe the more elaborate expression of your opinions (ie skits and humour) would be nice to add back in though :P

  245. My constructive criticism:
    1. I like how it was more ‘review’ like than ‘lolzlolzlolz’ like (if you know what I mean)
    2. The informal structure was kinda off-putting. I liked that you were both there giving your thoughts, but I would prefer if it was still categorized to some extent (even if you don’t do the same categories for each music monday.)
    3. I liked the short crying in bed skit. Would prefer a few short skits like that than one long skit.
    Keep up the good work!! :)

  246. i really like the graphic used for the showdown transition. but i agree with tara c…. there needs to be more movement. also idk if others might agree but for the showdown when you two are holding the clips in your hands i think it looks clearer when they’re on the same plain instead of one side being higher than the other (of course i don’t expect martina to grow taller or simon to shrink but just something to consider visually). maybe mix segments with both individual shots and shots of you together. i guess my worry is just clutter. with you both in the frame and all your pop up clips/comments it can be too overwhelming to absorb everything. when you did them individually there was enough room around you to do all that stuff and still be very clear.

  247. I like the idea of a flexible KMM. If it’s always like this one it’s going to be a bit plain, if it’s always like “Eat Your Kimchi Style” it’s going to lack analysis, but if it’s well-balanced between Mondays it will be fine! Plus, it will add fun for you and suspens for Nasties.

    As for the weed day: what’s wrong with it being on purpose? Of course he HAD to deny, whether it was true or not, cuz it would be so stupid to go and waste time in jail for something perfectly harmless, but he doesn’t risk anything by giving a subliminial message about it!!!

    Anyways, it was a nasty KMM. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yes!

    And last but not least, THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE PERKS! I feel so privileged to know the full TL;DR track… :-p

  248. I like the new format. But it could use a bit of editing because the conversation seemed to go on and on at one point.

    But don’t listen to me. I’m an adult with ADHD.

  249. I personally like the new format. I prefer hearing opinions and discussions about the song and video. I enjoyed the skits enough and appreciated them, but if I was short on time I’d skip the skits to hear the opinions. So for me, the change was good!

  250. The new format is nice! I like that you guys can have a discussion without one person being off camera. One thing is it looks less professional for some reason. I can’t really pinpoint what it is, but it might just be that you guys were sooo used to doing the other format that it just came off differently than this format. There also wasn’t any skits in this one which might contribute to that.

    Meemers vs Spudgy fight was so cute xD

    I have a couple books from Korea (kids books and textbooks) and they all read the same way that our books read, left to right.

    Edit: Read some more comments and it’s easier to tell what I feel is off about the new format. Besides the lack of skits, there’s also a lack of things like the “kpop english” section, basically the different sections breaking up the video into different parts, talking about different aspects of the song. This format feels more like an interview somehow, just the two of you having a discussion about the song. Maybe a mixed format would be better? Discussion section, then breaking it into different sections like the old format (only when relevant), and skits ofc (I love the skits so much haha).

  251. SimonAndMartina, i really really like you and your shows, but i don’t feel like this format is better than the old one. The standard format seems way more polished, it’s read from a script and gives the feeling of having a really high production value. I understand the reasoning behind wanting to do MMs in a form of a discussion, but that inevitably means, that you’ll be interrupting each other, there’ll be pauses in speech (cuts can solve that, partially), etc. This kind of format is absolutely perfect for shows like TLDR, but i don’t feel like it’s fitting for Music Mondays.
    I think that when you two didn’t have the same opinion about some song, you always said it, Simon said his reasoning, Martina said hers and everything was fine and we could see both of your points.

    Sorry guys for giving you a negative feedback, i’ll still keep watching your videos no matter what the format ends up being, just wanted to share my opinion :-)

  252. love this format, S&M (Simon&Martina) *wiggles eyebrows* lol
    seriously though, i’d rather have this discussion format where the humor just comes out of the convo instead of making a skit (which is still funny but makes me cringe at times). it’s like there’s a lot of humor WITH SENSE. :)

    about 4/20, this is the first time i heard it though lol. never thought the release was connected with weeds, but now it made sense why the MV was just released NOW when the filming was already done AGES ago (3rd week of March, before OOAK con in Seoul), and the song was released DECADES ago (on April Fools Day, and yes i am over reacting lol)… however i think I’d take it as GD’s way of trolling about his own scandal though. What can I say, YGE is just the home of trolls lol.

    Overall I’m digging on this new format, I gotta hear more sense from you guys, while having a good laugh as well. ^^,v


  253. You guise are adorable. I do like this kind of “book-club/talk-show” format, but I agree with others that the stationary camera and lack of movement between you two is kind of problematic. frankly it’s a bit boring. I wonder if for next time, you could try doing this sitting down on your couch in the other room. perhaps a couple of alternative video angles? Like what you do in your interviews. Perhaps that’s a bit too labour-intensive for a weekly segment… I just think that since there’s less on-camera silly-ness (though you still snuck in a skit here and there ^_^ ), I feel like the production itself has to make up for it. But overall, I do like this discussion format. It’s very different, and less like a webshow, but still fun and interesting in its own way. :)

  254. PunkyPrincess92

    i’m with Simon! i thought this song wasn’t all that!!
    the video was well…you know…crazy!! nothing else i can say!!!

    oh god no!! i feel sorry for people who might eng up googling S&M
    ahahaha drug day!!!!
    hehe i had the same *ehem* thoughts come up with that elephant head….

    i think i’ll have to vote for Crazyno!! Crazyno’s one made me laugh while GD’s one made me feel a little disturbed!!
    i like this new format of KMM!!! it’s nice to see you guys have a convo about it and say your opinions together!!
    and you guys TOTALLY gotta keep doing skits!! but of course not when you guys think it doesn’t fit!!

  255. Seems there are two dueling themes among people’s opinions. One side watches KMM almost purely for the entertainment value. They are just looking for a laugh and for you guys to be silly. The other side seems to prefer to enjoy to LISTEN to what you have to say about the particular song/video.

    I’m in the latter group. I am entertained listening to you talk to one another about different subjects. Your points seem more coherent, real, and actually less thought out which is a good thing in my eyes. The slightly more improvised style really suits both of your personalities. I think a decent compromise would be to still break down the video by “The Dance”, “The English”, etc. to give it more of a structured and professional feel.

    While I love the skits and such, I think you two are obviously at your best at your natural and less specifically planned state.

  256. i really like the format ^^ it honestly felt a little~ forced seeing all the different skits and characters sometimes (just an opinion) and u guys seem more relaxed now. i like ur talk segments like TLDR and stuff so i very much welcome the change :)

  257. Guys, I like the new format – it shows more than one opinion and it seems more fluid. There are a few small parts where it felt a bit ramble-y, so just be careful of that in the future. I know you guys are experimenting with this, so please keep this format for at least 3 vids before you make a decision on whether or not you’ll keep it.
    BTW, books in Korea are read left-to-right, unlike Japan (right to left). So Simon is wrong-er.

    Tbh, I didn’t like MichiGo that much :/ pretty video, but the song didn’t appeal

  258. I personally LOVE the new format! I agree with what a lot of commenters have said, having both of you on screen is great as you complement each other perfectly. And as mentioned in your blog post, I think the balance of opinions was really nice. Having you each express your views was awesome,as I found myself agreeing with Martina on some and Simon on others.

    I have also seen a lot of people concerned that the skits are going to disappear, but I think (correct me if I am wrong) that this was addressed in the blog post. The skits/parodies are still going to happen, but just when S&M feel inspired or feel it fits the video: “Let Kpop Music Monday be like Saturday Night Live, almost, you know?” If anything, I think this new format leaves them with even more room for skits!

    Finally, I really liked the length of this video. I am not sure if it is harder to film and edit that much, but I felt like more of the song/video was addressed and it was a really complete review of MichiGO. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the new look and feel of KMM!!

  259. Really like this format Guise!! I like hearing your separate opinions right off the bat. I know in other music mondays you did express if you had different opinions, but this way I think will be much more clear for people. Also I think you guys are funnier when you just talk more naturally for some reason. (Seriously, even in TL;DR’s I’m cracking up, especially for the one you did about superstitions…je suis le DEAD, LMFAO!) and sincere unscripted format makes things more interesting and enjoyable as well. I think you guys should still include the things that structured music mondays before as well though, like talking about the clothes or the dance and rating the english of the song. The english rating segment is seriously so fun and I look forward to it every week. Also, I’m glad that you guys still did skits in this one because the skits are ALWAYS HILARIOUS!!

    I’m so glad you guys decided to make this change. KMM power level is over 9000!!! Great Job guys, keep it coming!!

  260. Truth Time: I think you should change up KMM and have it be SnL like, but it should be more similar to what you were doing before as compared to this one. Just like variety shows have recurring ‘corners,’ you need to keep some consistency too, I like, but then vary it up with new and different ones. So make the English rating an optional corner and only bring it out when there’s something to say about it.

    I miss The Dance corner the most. As an original, long-time fan, your popularity took off in large part due to your ability to break down the amazing choreos Kpop is known for and be totally hilarious while doing it. I’m okay with skipping the Dance corner from time to time too, of course, but this is a segment I think a LOT of your fans like.

    My suggestion would be to migrate a bit closer back to what you’ve been doing, but vary the corners, invent new ones, and have a ‘serious breakdown’ segment toward the end where you two can talk on camera together (like this one) and share your opinions/disagree with each other/etc. KMM is so successful (IMO) because it’s fun. It’s the go-to weekly variety show to us! And this format seems a little too serious.

    TL;DR – Add a serious section to KMM and branch out with new ideas, but don’t abandon the original format completely for serious sit-down critique.

    • I especially agree with your thoughts on the Dance corner – I miss it so much

      • I miss How To Dance Kpop Style!!!!
        I know they didn’t like that Tonight won in 2011 and it didn’t have much of a dance but How to Dance Kpop Style was one of the first videos of EYK that I saw. I like the awards too don’t get me wrong but maybe also a how to dance with their own choices? I know they like getting the fans involved but we also like to see/hear their opinions and so just like they picked some of their favs they could do the same with the dance.

    • I agree with your post more than the other comments so far. I believe there are certain aspects of each type of video that make them unique and fans enjoy seeing that aspect each time. For instance, when I saw today’s video, I couldn’t wait to hear what they had to say about the crazy dance, the use of props, and to see how they might poke fun through some hilarious skit. I don’t really like popular music from any country, I am more of an indie fan no matter the language, so the perk for me on KMM is the comedy. It seems that everyone agrees they enjoy seeing S&M together and I definitely concur. I would like to see a different background set, maybe even sitting at a desk, and more structure to the banter. This felt a bit like an everyday married couple debate (I have about five per day, and I wish they were this entertaining!) I see it is a work in progress and this is just the first step, and I look forward to seeing you guys evolve this new concept with your wonderful creativity. Perhaps we Nasties should break down the components of KMM that are our favorite and vote on what aspects we cannot do without, those we could stand to lose, and the rest can be secondary that are used whenever they feel like using them.
      The concepts I have read so far that seem most important: A. S&M together vs apart; B. Use of skits; C. Dance breakdown; D. English rating; E. Breaking the script into sections; ETC
      In my opinions: A) together is better as long as you’re not talking over each other, B) must have one per KMM, C) would be nice occasionally, D) secondary unless it would add a hilarious aspect to a particularly terrible song, and E) necessary for those of us who lose focus after one minute. That’s all the ramble I have, I’m sure someone will be able to elaborate this better than I if they haven’t already. I’m enjoying the new direction so far- hope this helps with the fine-tuning.

      PS- Spudgy is such a chill dog he makes a bored face during an epic cat fight- he was not impressed.

    • Oh I really kinda would love to see the “serious breakdown” segment you mentioned, I think it’d be the best of both worlds.

      I’m very curious to see what they’ll come up with this week! Wishing them lots of luck

  261. lol i got the sm joke but i would never ask my parents that. That would be awkward…if you want to know what it is go read 50 shades of grey…all you need to know ;)

  262. i like the new format,the interaction between you guys is great .but it would be great if you would also share your opinions on the dance,english,wardrobe because it makes the videos more entertaining.hwaiting!

  263. i said a bit of this on youtube but i will comment here again after reading your blog post
    i like the new format because it shows more of your opinion because like you said, when there’s only one of you talking it’s hard to get in everything you might want to say
    i also think it’s a good idea to leave out the english rating and dancing if there is little or none in the song/video because why talk about something that isn’t there
    since you said you might do something completely different in the future i wonder if you would also do actual reaction videos as well? (unless you are the quiet type when watching a video and just stare at it like i do, that wouldn’t really be…entertaining i guess)
    if your friends have time, maybe invite them to talk about videos as well?

    all in all i am really glad that you want to change things up because, even though i liked the former formats, i think change could help make it more interesting and maybe attract more/new fans
    i hope other fans will see that and not just complain about change just because they’re used to the old format

    a big announcement? cue the pregnancy questions

    also…i had to google that 4/20 thing, i had no idea what that was

  264. I just wish there would be more structure. I loved the breakdown of the video before with different sections.

  265. I think the main thing for this KMM was that it didn’t keep my attention as much as the other one. Maybe a little more structure? I do like seeing you two interact (I like it a lot!) but I also really liked the different sections of KMM

  266. I may be in the minority here, but I have to honestly say I’m not a fan of the new format overall. I want to try and say this in as constructive a way as possible; I’m not trying to put you down or just rant, I’m hoping to express my opinion in a positive and respectful manner. I hope that I am able to do so without being mean or rude, and if I somehow fail in my goals I sincerely apologize.

    First, I’ll begin with what I DO like:
    1. Seeing both of you on screen at once! I agree that it’s great to have a dialogue going, and I love hearing BOTH of your opinions. :D
    2. Hearing you talk about more than just the video. I like the idea that you will also be able to discuss k-Pop in general and really branch out.

    Now for what I’m less a fan of:
    1. The lack of skits. I understand that those can be very difficult to think up and put together (I can’t imagine the time commitment!), but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy the skits! Taking out the skits seems to have taken away a lot of the humor (though I will admit not ALL of it! Some of the stuff that was said I found very funny; just not as laugh-out-loud funny as I’m used to with KMM).
    2. The rambling. While I enjoy hearing both of your opinions, I enjoyed how KMMs used to be more scripted, so I could hear your opinions in a more to-the-point manner (I think the scripting also upped the humor value…I think some of the ideas you said in the video would have made me laugh much harder if you had delivered them in the old KMM style).

    I don’t mean to say that I didn’t enjoy the video, I know you put a lot of time and effort into all your work, and I am very grateful for it. I merely wanted to share my opinion. The new version indeed makes KMM a lot more like all your other video formats, though I have to say that the old format was what made KMM my favorite of all your videos. I know you always had to work extra hard on KMM, and perhaps this shift is also to help you get to bed at a bearable time? I simply wonder if there is some way for there to be a happy medium between the old KMM style and this.

    I hope that what I’ve said here properly conveyed my thoughts. Lots of love, S&M, no matter what you do!

    • yeah, thats what I was trying to say as well, the rambling is a bit off-putting.
      It feels more like a TLDR rather than a music monday
      I like how before it was scripted because it felt like there was more direction rather than just talkback radio

    • Spot on. S&M LOVE YOU GUISE SO MUCH….But maybe a happy middle between old and new could make it amazingly awesome!!!

    • I’m going to miss the old format. I’m hoping the new format is a success, but what I’m really concerned about is that there are already tons of 2-person Kpop video review on YouTube, they aren’t terribly interesting, and to me this review already feels like one of those (albeit of a very high-quality & with high production values). KMM’s old format set it WAY apart from other reviews, and is what got me hooked.

  267. It takes a lot of me to say this because I am a fan of you both for a really long time ( even donated for you studio, which turned out GREAT :D ) and you maked a lot of great choices of the years ( this is actually my first comment on your website because I really feel this way) but:

    I don’t really like this format that much…

    I really like you both together but you already do

    wanking, fapfaping and TLDR together.

    Music monday was like the time when fans could
    like agree with one of you without having either of
    you interupt the other’s opinion. I feel like this is similar
    to a TLDR, and for me it felt a little boring ( even though the old format never bored me) .
    It was to long ( or let’s say felt to long) because there isn’t really a
    switch up in it, with skits ( longer ones) or cut ins.

    I hope I didn’t offend you two. You will probably do nothing
    with this but I just wanted to let you two know how I felt.

  268. I prefer this new format. It feels more grown up.

    To be honest, I skip the chart updates, Indie playlists and mainly skip Music Mondays (depending on who is being reviewed). That’s because I spend my time reading about KPOP and other releases and know who has a new video before these videos.

    For example, I didn’t need 12 mins of GD talk this week. You could edit yourselves and talk about 3 songs for KMM and skip chart updates and utilize your time more. You could have a discussion about each video for 3 mins.

    Maybe that’s because I prefer your interaction more as a couple. My favourite segment are WANKS, FAPFAP, TLDR/Q&A’s, Interviews and Live Chats.

  269. I’m going to miss the old format, but I like the new one too, and I appreciate what you mean about getting stuck in a rut. (I really miss the old setting with the archway, though. Any chance that’s going to come back?)

    Nasty Power to you, though, beating JYJ in that showdown! I have to say, much as I’d like the 4Minute video to be reviewed, I do prefer Shinee’s new single… and I’m voting for GD.

    Insofar as the book is concerned, you read Korean books in the same way that you read English books. At least, the Korean books I’ve seen read like that. I’ve never noticed it being read the other way. Granted, I’m not Korean, and it’s not like I live in Korea. This is just from observing Korean friends with their books.

  270. feedback time :D
    so, it was ok-ish. but i feel like ur TLDR are more precise and concise and funnier than the new format. i recommended a coffee table format where the entire EYK crew has coffee and biscuits and talks about the videos that came out that month… like a round table. this felt similar. would recommend you to polish it up by talking abt other aspects of the song (fashion, dance etc) and not so much conversation. make it more like TLDR where u are telling us stuff instead of each other :D

    • That’s what threw me off! It felt like we’re just watching a video of them talking to/ debating with each other rather than them talking with us the viewer. I think that is why I zoned out because I didn’t feel any connection or any reason to actively engage myself with what was being said.

  271. When I first read about the changes (yes I read the blog posts first) I was like ‘OMG noooo don’t change!’ and to be completely honest wasn’t too thrilled about the changes mentioned. However, whilst I do miss elements of the old KMMs (such as the quickness and variety), I really enjoyed this! I’m not entirely sure why, but it’s a nice format :) I do agree that it can be a bit samey, but then again I didn’t exactly get bored (at all) so… I don’t really know what I’m saying lol. I really enjoyed it, in a couple weeks time i’ll have probably forgotten what the old KMMs were like anyways :P

  272. LOVE this idea! (now to watch KMM)

  273. have to say i prefer the old format, it was alot more snappy and succint (POWER OF EDITING!) and the fact that you guys had different opinions was never lost i have to say, you dont need live disagreement to get that across lol, this just feels like all the other review styles out there in youtube where people sit together and go on and on in front of the camera, even as funny as you guise are

  274. I’m really like the new concept because hearing your opinions is why I’m here and I love TLDRs and live chats more because you two get to bounce ideas off of each other, so this is awesome for me! I was kinda sad that you two moved because I thought I would not get to see any more of the Meemes in the background but instead he got to climb on Simon! Success and a high-five to Dr. Meemersworth!

  275. I also really miss the english and dance cuts!

  276. FREEDOM!!! I liked this new format right away and after reading the blog post I love the change even more! Really, it shows that you feel better talking like this rather than sticking to the old format. I’m especially enthusiastic about what you said in the 3rd paragraph of your blog post. Great decision guise!

    As for “MichiGO”: I friendzoned this song just like Simon did. But as for GD’s audience, I have to disagree. I guess the majorit yare teenagers or it’s 50/50 teenagers and college students.

  277. You have an announcement? MARTINA MUST BE PREGNANT! (just kidding guise, but I couldn’t resist).

    I really like this new format. It’s refreshing and fun. It reminds me of what you guise did when discussing your favorite kpop videos from 2012 and I loved that dynamic, so this is great! I’m also excited to see what you guise do with more flexibility…so much potential!

    I definitely agree with Simon’s take on this video: good, but not my favorite GD song. It left me with kind of unpleasant feels, so I completely agree with the funny bed scene. :) Also, the bloopers were hilarious.

  278. This felt like you guys were just rambling, and it was kind of boring. I liked the idea of you both interacting!

  279. I agree guys, MichiGO gave me the heebily jibbleies. ;.; and poor Spudgey in the bloopers the meems was being mean.

  280. I’m fairly certain 4/20 isn’t a widely known thing… I mean… I’m from Holland (no, it’s not part of Germany, Belgium or France and yes there are more cities than just Amsterdam) I don’t do drugs, but obviously I have been in closer contact to them than most other people might have been. But I had never heard of 4/20 XD

  281. Sorry Simon but Martina is right with the reading! I know because; Manga (which is Japanese) you read from right to left, but manhwa (which is Korean) you read from left to right.

  282. I LOVED the new format :D It feels so much more relaxed with the discussion between you two

  283. i like it, except it’s too much like TL;DR and you’re old WTFs. i feel like i enjoyed how the old format was different, it was more directed at me, and less you two directing your conversation at each other. i have no doubt that as you develop this style it will become more familiar and enjoyable, but overall i didn’t find it memorable. i honestly can’t recall any commentary (and i just watched it) that makes me want to show my friends. which i usually do on a weekly basis.

    [ETA] also this was a great opportunity for comedy or a crazy story line to explain the video. instead we had pot jokes, dick slapping mayhem, and BDSM references. for a 30 something american (cause that’s what i am) none of that was new to me. i noticed those things right away. what i love about EYK and KMM is that you usually notice, point out, and exaggerate the things i didn’t notice. i was so excited to see this video through your eyes, and i feel like you just saw it through mine and put it to video.

    • thisisjustforfunval

      YAY! Another 30 something American! Sometimes I feel like I’m the only here. Glad to find I’m not :)

      • You kids think you know so much. Well, we 40-somethings can’t bust moves like we used to, but we have our ways. One trick is to tell ‘em stories that don’t go anywhere – like the time I caught the ferry over to 서울. I needed a new heel for my hwa, so, I decided to go to 한양, which is what they called 서울 in those days. So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time. Now, to take the ferry cost a jeon, and in those days, jeon had pictures of St. Joseph’s rod on ‘em. “Give me five Joe rods for a nickel” you’d say.

        Now where were we? Oh yeah: the important thing was I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time. They didn’t have white onions because of the war. The only thing you could get was those big yellow ones…


  284. The new format is awesome, I bet it lets you speak your minds easier and all, but I miss “I give this song… a 666 out of 5″ SIMON WHY U NO SAY IT. It seems a bit too “steady”, I guess? I read someone mention it down there somewhere. But all in all, I still prefer the new KMM style, good thing you’re improving <3

  285. Yay! I totally love this new format! I enjoy seeing you guys together! :D you guys seem more relaxed and comfortable. Which of course you are! who wouldn’t want to be next to their hunny bunny 24/7 lol. You guys are the cutest married couple ever. So…. Umm… when are you guys gonna have love babies? Lmao xD

  286. I’m going to be honest and say that I think this format takes away from the jokes and skits. It’s not as fun or funny. I like that the new format works better for discussion but maybe a happy medium between scripted and open would be better.

  287. I think Martina is right, Korean turn the pages like “that”(hypothetically hand gesture), and so does Chinese(Except some really really old books). BUT, in Japan and Taiwan, they do it in the opposite way.

  288. I actually really like the new format! It almost feels like I am participating in the discussion you guys are having. While I’ve always loved your KMM’s, sometimes it felt like I was being talked at rather than having a look into an opinion different than mine.

    I mean, of course I was being talked at. It’s a pre recorded video… But sometimes it felt like I was being told how to view and react to an mv. Not in a bad way, don’t get me wrong. But this new format just seems so much more like an open discussion and, honestly, a nice chat with friends.

    I hope you guys still include skits, but I agree with a previous commenter who said that they were starting to feel shoehorned in. If you have one- great! If not, that’s cool too.

    Keep up the awesomeness. :)

  289. I find the new concept for KMM interesting, variety is always welcomed, though it will take a while for me to get used to it.
    However, I really miss the “dance” and “english” cut-ins, they were always really funny! Also, KMM was more awesome when you made more skits and jokes about the song/video to state your opinion rather than just saying it.
    But, since this format is just at the beginning, I’m pretty sure it will get better and better with time!! Love you, guise <3

  290. Maybe KMM could someday be like a video of recent popular music videos and songs. Do skits and talk your opinions about them. Go through like top 3 or top 5 videos. Kinda like Kpopchart update but as one longer video with more opinions in it.
    Anyway I liked to see you guys discuss about the video. The biggest reason why I watch KMM is to hear things I hadn’t noticed (and perhaps laugh at them). As for MichiGo, I thought the curly head GD wants to be like the real GD (that’s why he is reading the book) and starts to imagine himself as him?… Also I think that people wear masks to portray them as mass which makes GD an outsider.

  291. i like the old one better because it’s organized. in this review i had a hard time understanding what you’re saying because both of you were talking at the same time and i had to pause it and listen to it more. also, there’s no english rating. why? :( it’s just my opinion though. God speed nasties! :)

  292. it’s interesting to listen to your thoughts.
    however, I think that some people may ask for skits.

    I like it like I like all your segments.
    I’m curious if I will rotfl though.
    it usually originated from watching your skits.
    but I’m not saying that taking part in a converstation is less entertaining, because it isn’t.
    conversations rocks :D

  293. I know it that you’ll be worried about people liking the new format, but stay assured that real nastys will appreciate <3

    did you notice that Dr. Meemersworth is almost bigger than fluffy Spudgy? I think some else in the house need a diet XD

    • Heya, just be careful about using the term ‘real nasties’ – because even dedicated fans are allowed to disagree at times, no? :)

  294. I absolutely love this format (as well cos I liked the old one too XD)^^

  295. It okey to have you both, but I miss skits, and I realy like many takes in old version. I like TL,DR a lot but I prefer to have funny, crazy KMM. But still no matter what I will be watching you guise. But is awsome to have you two.

  296. people do read right to left in China and japan, but reading left to right is also popular as well.

  297. I think its a great idea to have both of u on the screen at the same time, that part I do like. Tho, and plz, I don’t mean to be rude, it looks like you were tired of editing videos now that Leigh is around the corner. Also i think that even tho removing those sections of the format doesn’t really have an impact on the review of the song, I think you are missing one of the most important parts of music mondays which is laughter. Its just like it looks you are not having fun, so maybe im not having fun because of that, for example, what happened to that minister of banning character? (sorry for not remembering exactly the name) I think you had a chance to make a good joke out of it.
    Nevertheless, I dont want to say whether I like the new format or not, because I know this is a work in progress, you guys know you are great so I still will come back and let you guys surprise me in a very good way, like you always do

    Regards from Costa Rica!

  298. Not a fan of the new consept. I understand you guys don’t want to forse out skits every week, but frankly I found this video quite boring. It’s interesting what you have to say but your individual parts made it more efficient. Also I feel like whenever it’s the both of you Simon seems to talk more, and I’d like to hear Martina as well. Also I personally love the dance and English sections so was disappointed they were gone.

  299. I liked this format better, however, I would have liked to see a little bit more skits. They’re the best! ^^ keep up the good work!
    I’ll put in a vote for 4minute now, just for you Simon ;p

  300. Feedback! :] Before I say anything, these are just my opinions, and I have been an EKY NASTYYYY since the beginning and am very proud of how much you’ve both accomplished! You’re both my inspiration and I love you both very much!! <3 <3 FIGHTING!

    Now just my random opinion, I like the old format for KMM better. With this new format, although it is nice to hear both opinions more, I don't really enjoy the 'one-take' kind of video. I really enjoyed how it was scripted, the silly skits, and all flashy editing with the lovely dash of professional-ism you both had in the old format. Having KMM have a similar format to TL;DL makes the KMM (to me) seem more like a video reaction (i guess, if that makes since…?) rather then a discussion about the song like how the old format is (if that makes since?). With this KMM, at parts, it got boring for me since it wasn't scripted-ish so it felt more like a rant (in a good way, of course) about the song, rather then a review/discussion of it. Sorry if my explaining sounds confusing. I'm sure I'll grow to like this new format since it is EYK and I always love everything EYK does! But many people on YouTube review music and music videos and with the old format you guys have for KMM I felt it really sets you guys apart from other bloggers and I really reaaallllyyyy enjoyed that. Just my opinion :P

    Much love to you both and the whole EYK crew and nasties!! <3 I'm always so excited for your videos and will always be!

  301. I like this format but please tell me seungri-time-for-kisses will still make an appearance when appropriate or any other favorite character.

    I like that y’all are making videos y’all like to make. It makes for fun times.

  302. I honestly agree with Simon on this one. MichiGO is alright, but not a favorite. It’s hard for me to hate or dislike any song, in general; a lot of them just go in the “meh” pile. This one too, unfortunately. I always found GD’s MVs really absurd. Fun to watch once, but never again.

  303. I like the discussion aspect and agree that the transitions need to be more flashy. That was my favorite part! But I miss the “official” feeling of KMM, you know?

  304. Snapbacks reminded me of this–> http://youtu.be/CdV-_FP079A

    BUT, I really like this new format :) I agree with Simon, I didn’t like this song as much as his other because it’s not as good as it could have been. Like, it’s a song about being crazy but the beat or whatever didn’t really live up to it like Crayon did.

  305. I really like new KMM, but I think that it need some improvements – it’s very static. The old one was dynamic because it was jumping from Martina to Simon. Now we have Simon and Martina interrupted from time to time with mini skits. It’s awesome that now we can see your opinions that are different but you should do something to make it more dynamic like, hmm…, changing angles or something. I know that you can do it:) Fighting!


  306. I think I’m the lone dissenter, but I find the new format a bit difficult to watch. It felt like it ran too long with just the back-and-forth. I like the ability for S&M to talk to each other, but I found it hard to get through 11 minutes of one take talking not broken up by a funny skit or some jokes thrown in.

    If there was an in-between ground for the new and old, I think I’d like that the best. One of the main reasons I like EYK is because it’s so funny and light-hearted, and there were characters and in-jokes, and what felt almost like an EYK culture (the Nasty culture?). Because the FAPS and the WANKS and the tl;drs generally don’t have tonnes of comedy, KMM was probably my favorite day due to the comedy mixed with the actual review. I love hearing your opinions and analysis, but Mordney and Soy Un Dorito cheered me up so much. I understand it’s not always possible to make skits, but I’m hoping they aren’t phased out completely for one-take one-place talking.

    It might need time to grow on me, but right now, I’m missing the mix of comedy with review. I’m not sure if the fact that I understand Korean culture pretty well and the language fairly well too, but I miss the craziness and the “weird”. I felt like it really contributed to the uniqueness that set apart EYK from everybody else that talks about K-culture :)

    I still love you guise and am a loyal Korea-based Nasty, just wanted to provide some feedback. :)

    • Aside from agreeing, I feel the need to highlight this sentence.

      “I like the ability for S&M to talk to each other,”

      I see what you did there Eli, and I hope you do too :P

    • I agree… I loved the jokes, the skits, and the general light-heartedness of K-Pop Music Monday. I love waking up, watching KMM, and being in a good mood all day. This was too much like a debate or TL;DR… things that I don’t want to watch on the worst day of the week.

    • i think what i’d like to hear in discussing the music video is more of things like simon’s point on how he thinks GD might be aimed at his original audience vs martina’s on how it may be him just doing his own thing now that he’s firmly established. less of the “i like this” vs “i disagree and don’t like this”

      • I agree! Unique insights are totally interesting and part of what I do like about KMM, because it provides something different that people might not notice, especially if they aren’t as versed in K-pop as Simon and Martina are.

  307. I like the new format. See, kpop groups, this is how to do a good comeback-with-new-concept-even-though-you-haven’t-actually-been-gone-long-enough-to-call-it-a-comeback-comeback! I get what you mean about being stuck in a rut, especially when so may videos follow the same awkward box format. I don’t really like Jeon Won Diary or What’s Your Name as much as I like Why So Serious, but I would rather see one of those get reviewed because they’re different.

    And now, Nasties of the world unite! we must get this video to infinite views to show our support for kpop’s best variety singer, EYKCrews’ Martina Unnie!!!!!!!!!!!! Think of the shame if we fail to properly support their comeback!!!!!!!!!!

    And my showdown vote goes to GD, purely because of how hot he looks in black leather.

  308. Btw – reading a book – I seem to recall that the direction depends on whether the text is oriented horizontal or vertical. Horizontal means book goes left to right; vertical means book goes right to left.

  309. I like the new format, discussion is always more interesting than monologue, but I must honestly say that I miss English rating part ;]

  310. Lol,I even got the S and M thing XD
    And…There is seriously an Weed Smoking Day? O_O
    Like omg,what the hell? XD
    By the way, I like the new concept ^_^ But I have to say that I kind of missed the ‘English’ section and so…

  311. I really like the new format and will really be happy with it as long as you don’t take away the funny skits completely ;) I really like how you two don’t always have the same opinion and I think it will be easier for a lot of viewers (*cough* fangirls *cough*) to understand that we all can have different opinions about a video without it being a bad thing. I also think that this way will make it easier for new kpop-listeners to be interested in your videos not to mention that it makes it a bit fresher with something new.

    On another note I like all the nasty stuff you “saw” in the music video, it feels good that I am not the only one with a dirty mind xD And I have the same feelings towards the video as Simon does, “I like it as a friend”. Oh, man! I am going to use that one to describe everything from now on! Thank you for a new nice KMM-video, keep up the good work! ^___^

  312. I’d like a merger of the two versions. I’d agree with you that the old version was formulaic, but this kinda feels unpolished. Kinda like I got the rough draft version of KMM. I wonder if you could make it like your interviews, where we write questions in the comments on your blog when we vote for KMM, and you could answer those questions. Like for example I ask: “Simon, what did you think about ______________ in the scene where they did _____________”. Then if you have something to say relating to that question, you post it up and it chops the informal discussion into little sections that change for each video. Plus you can put your nasties names up on the KMM.

    • I think you have put it best, that sometimes formulas are kind of annoying, but I don’t like the unpolished, one-take feature that we got from this week. I agree, a merger would be best. I don’t want Simon and Martina to feel stifled in their creativity. However, I don’t want their video to morph into a Q&A every week. Then it becomes more fan centered and sometimes fans come up with not so interesting questions. That’s the best way I could put it because I believe no question is a stupid question, but some are annoying and show that the person just posted without even thinking. That’s the feeling I get from various interviewers: they didn’t choose the most thought provoking questions with the time they were given nor did they think about hey, this question has probably been asked a hundred times. And some questions can simply be answered by the fans.

      • True, which is why that could perhaps be only a section of the new format. Considering how many comments S&M get on these videos, I don’t think they’ll have a problem finding a few good questions.

  313. Feedback! Because you guys have said you like feedback. Disclaimer: this is obviously just my opinion on what is interesting and not interesting to me as a viewer in case it’s helpful. BUT I expect you guys to do what inspires and interests you.

    Ok, to be really honest, I’m not the huuugest fan of this direction for MM. Actually the idea of you two doing it together is fine! I think what I’ve actually been feeling that there’s been a really big shift over the past couple of months from the video consisting primarily of funny/really interesting observations, jokes, EYK humor, with a few opinions and a very few judgements on the videos to MOSTLY judgement videos… like, “I like what they did with the costumes, I didn’t like what they did with the synths, I did like what they did with this…” with a few other things in there. Which some people might like but is not very interesting to me.

    A great example of the kind of review I absolutely loved from you guys is the one you did of Fantastic Baby back in the day. It was absolutely hilarious, but it had serious points too. You pointed out details of the music video that made me understand and respect it more – (the whole theme of them having been asleep/just out of it for that long and then breaking free from their holdings had managed to escape me… I hadn’t noticed the letters … just really cool stuff). Then you pointed out hilarious details, like the fact that it all makes sense except for Seungri’s cat women. You did talk about some opinions, (your thoughts on TOP’s new stage presence), but they didn’t take too long, were interesting, and ended with great lines that I still remember– like “But, Oh TOP, only you could look good in French pantaloons). So, So, So many people blog about what their opinion is on music and music videos, but this other kind of review style is really sets you apart from the crowd in my mind.

    In any case, you’re doing something very right because I’m always stoked to watch each one of your videos. The positives far, far, far outweigh any negatives. I just thought maybe feedback might be helpful.

    • I think you hit the nail on the head! That’s exactly how I feel. The funny mixed with the serious and S&M’s natural senses of humour really are what made me fall in love with EYK and watch them instead of the other K-pop and K-culture vloggers. It’s their extra ~sparkle~ that makes them so fun and relaxing to watch.

      • I think that’s how I feel too because they do kind of add something new to the video, like little things for me to look at, which they did do in this video with the crazy things GD did, but I think for them to do the best video, they should have more freedom in picking the video. I like the fact they can choose between the top 3 videos to make a KMM, as it lets them pick the one they might have more interesting things to say, and I hope votes can understand that Simon and Martina need some options for creativity to flow.

      • Totally w/u on that. Still, something new wouldn’t hurt for just a little time. It’ll last maybe a few months or a yr. Depending on what they’d choose as their format. If they continue this path of the usual it’ll be alright, but it doesn’t hurt to do something new and I’m sure that many of the fans would and should be able to understand and still stick by them. Like u said, fell in love with their humor mixed with serious sides and for me it’s an added bonus with their immense knowledge from their travels and entertainment savyness, LOL.

        • Yeah– I really think that those are the key components, and they CAN be chopped up and presented in different ways as long as they’re in there!

    • I completely agree with you!! :]

    • yes! this is great. i want to hear more about things i might have missed out on in watching the music video, different interpretations, comparisons to other work by the same artist or different artists in the same genre. having someone just say “i like this/don’t like this” isn’t as interesting for me.

  314. I really prefer this style of KMM over the other one :)

  315. TL;DRs are my favorite segment, so I really like this new format! I like seeing you guys have a genuine conversation about the song and what you did or didn’t like about it, and it doesn’t feel very scripted (probably takes a lot less time to plan, film, and edit, I’d imagine!). Plus, if either of you don’t like the song, I think it’ll be easier to criticize it without alienating fans of the group since the conversation format appears less confrontational than one person talking directly into the camera does, and you don’t have to force yourselves to be funny with skits or clever analyses if you don’t think those will work for the review.

  316. Having you both on just remind me of TLDRs style O:

    So I’m not really feeling a major change in concept. D:

  317. Oooooooo big announcement excited!!

  318. The new format is great !

    Have to agree with Simon, I like the song (as in, I’ll let you hold my hand) but I don’t like like it (no touching!) and the mv is not my favourite GD-MV either, too confusing.

    One comment though, I’ve never heard of 4/20 as weed smoking day… Maybe it’s a North American thing? I’m European but I live in China.

  319. I like the new format and its nice to make a change. I like listening to you guise talk about the song/mv/artist so this was great.

  320. I love the new format but I had a feeling of watching TL;DR or kpopchart update. More feeling of interview and not an usual KMM. Also there wasn’t a lot of those breaks that you parody the MV or joke about something, and maybe this why I feel that why. But it just matter of time, I think I will get used for it someday :D

    Sidenote: maybe you will do each week different formats? The old one and the new one. Any way.. gl, fighting~

  321. Actually TL;DR is my favourite segment so I like the format but on the other hand I’m so used to the “normal” KMM style that at first I felt a little awkward. I think it just has to grow on me.. :)
    It’s great that you want to try something new and change things up a little bit.
    I just hope that you won’t get rid of the skits completely !! :D

  322. There were a lot of things I understood better because you raised them. Thanks. And I like MichiGO. But relative to the other recent GD singles, I would have to say I like the others better. :) This is a diss mv, only done subliminally or subtly. Those blinking lights in the rest room? Psychedelic! Need I say more?

  323. I really like the new format. It’s refreshing and new. It feels more ‘normal’ not forced, you’re able to get in more of each of your different views, and then we can respond with our opinions aswell, and this time, i barely noticed that you guys even had a skit, because it was nicely added in there, and if felt more casual. Two thumbs up for you guys!

  324. Dana

    i like the new format, seems like you guys feel more at ease in this vid, with the s&m, 4/20 jokes and occasional (bleeped out) swearing, what can i say, i’m probably about the same age as you and was always amazed at your ability to stay as G-rated as you usually are. basically, feels like you guys are a lot funnier when you aren’t holding back and are just acting “normal” ;)

  325. I like the new format, now you don’t have to chime into the video while the other is talking, or make it seem like you two are warring on something, it’s just a difference of opinion

  326. can someone link or tell me what song GD is pitted against in the showdown? i couldn’t catch was simon said. thanks! :)

  327. I really enjoyed the new format. I feel like you guys were more free with your opinions this time which was great so I hope this new format works out for you.

  328. thumbs up for this new format! though i’ll miss the random funny skits and jokes, i quite like hearing so much more of both of your honest opinions on the music video. :) this flexibility is good! onwards to a brand new future! wahaha :DD

    btw, i can’t believe meemers is nearly as big as spudgy now! seems like it was just yesterday when he could fit into simon’s dothraki man warrior hands…

  329. I quite like this format. Keep it going, to be honest I was getting a little bit tired of the other format as well.

  330. So I’m from MICHIGan and I gotta say, I like this format a lot better! I can’t wait to watch Simon’s reactions to Martina’s fangirling about SHINee and TOP in the future. tehehe

  331. I like the new Music Monday but I kinda missed big switches from… Dance, The English… ect those things :P Maybe you can start together and then switch back to solo speaking with the Dance and English and then back together for the showdown ^^ Just a idea :3

  332. I really like this format guise! Good job!

    Thanks for telling people to ask their weird S&M related comments in the thread. I am going to enjoy the ensuing ‘ the talk for Nasties’.

    Edit: oh btw I was cracking up at Simon and his ‘wronger’ assertion about GD’s book. Lols.

    Also, I agree with what someone said before about the transitions. It did feel kinda long and at one point I scrolled away to read the blog post. :-p

  333. im not loving the new format because i used to watch KMM for all the hilarious skits, but I support whatever gives you guys more creative freedom. Maybe you guys could switch up the locations so it’s not one huge conversation? idk!

  334. Lol that whole part with S&M…
    Lol I loved the interaction between the two of you! It was awesome to see you two on screen together outside of TL;DR!
    Listen to the song “Snapbacks and Tattoos”. I don’t remember who it’s by but there. Answers to your questions. Lol Jay Park and Dok2 sing it in their first episode of Jay Park TV.
    This song is awesome and I see Simon’s point. Lol but thank you Martina for being GD’s advocate today! Lol

  335. i am so glad i’m not the only one who thinks gdragon is… DOING THINGS. ok? sometimes i think “maybe i’m just being a pervert.” but no. jiyong is the perv. (we’re all the pervs).

    i’m going to say it here: gdragon is one of the idols that i know (I FREAKING KNOW) is a freak in the sheets. that is all.

    (wait that’s not all. i also wanted to say that i’m really happy about the new format! i cracked up all through the vid. you guys don’t need to be in character to be funny!)

  336. Just wanted you guys to see this theory on the video. I found it very interesting and maybe y’all will, too. Also, I LOVE the new format. It has a much better flow and is just more fun to watch.


  337. I actually like the new format better, it seems more dynamic, and it’s also good to see you both on screen commenting with each other :D

    About the video itself, I was too distracted by GD’s afro(?) to appreaciate the video (also the feet shots were weird, I DON’T WANNA SEE YOUR FEET GD I WANNA SEE YOUR FACE!), it’s catchy but it kind of has a ‘meh’ feeling… Crayon was more upbeat and catchier, at least to me.

  338. personally I like it to a point, id like for it to be in this format but with the English scale and dance still there because other wise it doesn’t have the really fun element to it anymore :(

  339. must admit that i miss your crazy antics on KMM but i enjoyed it nonetheless! ^_^ as for MichiGo… i didnt like it as much as his other releases but its better (to me) than many of the other new releases by different kpop artists.

  340. I miss the “The Dance”, “The English” aso cut-ins O:
    Not a fan of this “One take” concept. D:

    Else, having both of you on at the same time is fine tho :]

    • I also miss the english and dance part !
      If you still could include them in a way that would be great :)

    • Agree with this. The old format with segments made for a better pace and breakdown, because S&M really are breaking down the videos. I like both of them on the screen, but there does need to be some more structure.

    • exactly what I was going to say. I was going to ask about a skit, but then it popped up and i was like, “oh, well nevermind then” :)

    • I’m sure they will include it, but just that sometime the music video doesn’t really have anything issues in English or like a uniformed dance or something like that :) but I do miss KMM with a bit of a structure and tiny segments as well tho

  341. In comparison to his other songs, I actually like MichiGo more. I loved Crayon, That xx and One of a kind, but while I saw them more as art pieces, this song has more singalongability than the other songs. Sure that you can sing “helloooo helloooo. Yessir I’m one of a kind” but that’s almost the only part. This is something I put on my phone and actually listen to.

  342. I really like this format. You each are great individually, but I think that many of us fell in love with this channel and you guys because of your interactions together. I think it goes without saying but you two are at your best when you are talking with one another. So simple yet sooooo very good. Would love to see this format continued for KMM for a while at least. I may be a tad biased because the TL;DR’s are what introduced me to you when researching Korea.

  343. I liked having both of you together, but you should make it a bit more flashy with transitions and whatnots since it gets a bit boring when you look at the same thing for so long. thats what was so fun about the other Music Mondays, it was constantly moving

  344. the beginning was like watching two different political parties have their say and constantly disagree with each other lol
    i also had dirty thoughts about the pink elephant lol XD

  345. I really like the new format! It feels more dynamic and it’s fun to hear you guys discussing the song and video with each other. Since the interaction between you guys is such a big part of why I love EYK it’s great to have the two of you together on-screen doing KMM! :)

  346. How do I say this carefully… you know I am a nasty and love you guys but I have never cared about your opinion on a video or a song. I don’t watch KMM for that reason. I watch to have you entertain me and that means your skits. So for me, the new format reminds me too much of TLDRs and Live chats. I am probably in the minority and I hope this does not hurt your feelings because I am not slamming you or the work you do. I am just giving my opinion (as you asked).

    • I see what you mean, I also just watch for the fun, not for their opinion. If Simon and Martina wouldn’t like a song, but I would, it wouldn’t matter to me, I’m just here for the lolz~

    • I really enjoy listening to Simon and Martina’s opinions. Hope you guys keep doing that.

      • I think many people do too, but we also want a bit more fun in the video, which we got with the skits. I also love it when they point out stuff that I missed. It sets them apart from other reviews of these songs and I just can’t watch other people. I feel like they will be a letdown because I watch Simon and Martina’s reviews. I agree that the dance and English bits should be included when it’s obvious they are important in the video. But, if a video has good English and no Dance then I don’t want to see it. For example, last week’s Jay Park’s Joah. He was break dancing and his English is supposed to be good. This is coming from someone who loved watching that structure.

    • Actually I have the same feelings about the change.
      As this week’s video started I was like “hm… something’s weird…” and only then I noticed that both of them are on screen. And of course I instantly thought “this is just like another TL;DR” (Don’t get me wrong, I Love tl;drs, but having a video of the same format twice a week is just… somewhat lacking to me). I loved the fact that all of the segments have their own distinct formats…
      But if they stick to that what they wrote on their blog post (about making the KMMs random, including skits when they feel like it or presenting it in even different formats) I guess I’ll grow to like them ^w^ (though if they leave them just the way it is now… I’m not sure I’ll be anticipating KMMs as much as I used to.)

    • Am I the only one who tends to find the TL;DRs hilarious?

  347. I like the new format. It is really interesting to hear both sides of your opinion and it is quite hilarious too <3 I can't wait for more music mondays! I hope they vote up T-ara's new N4 video because I am sure you would have tons to say. lol.( I am glad I am not the only one who thought GD shouldn't take the creepy mask subway =.=)

    ps: Korean books are read same as English, Japanese books are read opposite. <3

  348. LOVE the new format! it gives you guys more freedom… if that makes sense. It’s less confined and more casual and yet still more entertaining.. I like your interactions together.

    (I hope you review WSS eventually; since it’s rare that SHINee make 2 comebacks in a year, but I’m kinda glad you didn’t do it this week.. shawols suspect that Jonghyun will be in the dance ver. of the MV, so I hope it comes out soon :) Jonghyun has already been spotted in the SM building so he’s probably already practicing the choreo!)

  349. I paused in the middle of watching this to comment on how hilarious I found Simon’s adamant arguing about how books are read “forwards” or “backwards”, LOL

  350. Woah you gotta reel Spudgy in, he’s cursing on camera now!

    Btw Meemers is as big as the Spudgy now!

  351. i really appreciate this change in format. recently, i’ve felt as though the skits became a little shoehorned in. i don’t really follow eatyourkimchi for, like, brilliant comedy (even though you guys are funny! in your own way n_n). i follow it because i like you two and i want to hear what you have to say! so this, in my view, is great. :o) i actually appreciated the ‘skit’ (in the sleeping bag) even more because it didn’t feel like you guys were forcing it. it was still light-hearted and funny but felt more… substantial than kmm has in a while!

    i dig it!!!

    • I agree! I enjoy seeing more of your personal opinions about a song and video rather than something tailored to please a hopelessly divided audience. I love my fellow Nasties, but someone will always have a complaint. I, for example, really wanted to see Shinee reviewed but was expecting GD because of his potential for funny skits. I thought it was really refreshing that you abstained from that! It reminded me that it’s YOUR vlog and it’s your opinions I’m most interested in! Phew. Simon and Martina AND the Nasty community, I love you all.

  352. Where are all the skits? And maybe you could have more different scenes with different topics of the video, not just talking on one take. And the place you chose to film this doesn’t look good. Otherwise I like it. :)

    • Agree about the place, I liked the fan-art wall better ^^

    • true.. i believe it would be better on an open space for a change

    • I actually like that they moved to a different location for a change and enjoy seeing the t-shirt-art, but I kind of agree regarding locations in general. This may sound strange, but I sometimes feel like the move recent videos feel more narrow, if that makes sense, in terms of where and how they’re shot. I love their new studio, but watching older KMM’s it was sometimes nice to see more of their kitchen, living room, etc. when they were filming which added visual depth. Most of the recent videos (KMM, TL;DR, Kpop Chart updates, Indie Updates) are visually somewhat flat (a wall with a wall in the background or directly against a wall). It doesn’t really negatively effect how much I enjoy the video, but it would be nice to have a more open setting once in a while, just to mix things up. :)

  353. I like the new format.

  354. I feel that the new format is very refreshing and provides for a lot more discussion, great idea! :>

    • Yeah! We’re trying to foster conversation, we’re hoping, by having this in a conversational manner. Before, it felt like an argument, like us on one side, the viewer on the other side, and we’d be telling you what we thought, rather than talking about it freely, you know? I think it’s a slight attitude shift, but I kinda wanna try this way a few more times.

      • mekko

        Often times, reading the blog post is my favorite part of Music Mondays because I get to hear the rest of the story, so it was refreshing having the summation of your opinions in the video. I think your comedy is fun, but I really enjoy hearing some more honest opinions on K-pop as well.

        • I agree, I think a lot of people don’t read the posts and miss out on most of the things they have to say, which would stop a lot of the defensive fangirling going on lol

  355. I like this format a lot better ^^ It frees up a lot more room for an actual music review. Btw now that skits don’t really require that much effort/and or time, can we possibly have 2 reviews in a KMM? Not always, but like occasionally~

  356. I like this type of KMM much better. I’m not 100% sure why but I like it more :)

    • Awesome! That makes us happy. We were kinda worried, because we know that people are used to a specific format, but I’m glad that you liked this format. Woohoo!

    • I agree! I loved the old format as well, and of course I’ll miss seeing skits every time, but I agree with S&M that this makes it feel more like a conversation which might (hopefully) make people feel more like they can HAVE their own opinions as well, rather than having to DEFEND their opinions in opposition to what was portrayed in KMM. Especially since we might be hearing two different opinions in KMM anyway if S&M disagree. I love hearing that! I also like that there will be more surprise with this format, like sometimes we’ll get skits and sometimes we’ll hear about the dance or English, but only if it’s relevant and S&M actually have something they want to say about those things.

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