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G-Dragon “That XX” – Kpop Music Monday

September 11, 2012


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Woohoo! G Dragon two weeks in a row! If you haven’t seen G Dragon’s “That xx”, check it out here:

For starters, yes, this is a shorter Kpop Music Monday than usual. There were a lot of other things we wanted to say, but we’re kind of in a rush, because we’re moving tomorrow as of 9AM. So, we’re not staying up until 4AM with this week’s Music Monday. Sorry y’all! Hopefully next week we’ll be long and rambley as we always are (and, if T-ara’s “Sexy Love” wins, we’ll have a lot to say!)

One of the things we didn’t mention in our video: I like this songs for the same reason that I don’t like Leonardo Di Caprio. Yeah that sounds weird, but bear with me:

When L Diddy has to play a really sad emotional scene in a movie, he usually screams his guts out (like in “Catch Me If You Can”). He’s a great scream cryer. Phenomenal! But I don’t remember seeing him displaying sadness in any other way. I think, though, that sometimes a whisper is louder than a scream, and that the loudest screams aren’t the saddest ones. I think we get a good example of that here with G Dragon’s song. Even though it’s a sad song, it’s not one of those ballads where you throw yourself down on the ground and sob. It’s not one of those “hold the mic really close to my lips and sing with watery eyes as I stare at the girl I love in the audience” kinda song. It’s emotional, and pretty, without being quivery, and that gives it more impact, to me, for its subtlety, than an overtly emotional ballad.

The video was also pretty beautiful. And we’re not talking about the people in it (though it was weird that G Dragon’s with a muuuuuch younger girl. She’s only 16, supposedly). Just the whole aesthetic was beautiful. So…French, you know? Or at least that’s what I imagine France to be like. Big rotary phones (well, maybe not THAT big), postcards, bathtubs that aren’t connected to a wall, big mirrors, keyholes. It was just…so pretty! We really liked the look of the video, from an artistic standpoint. We don’t really say that a lot about videos as well, and we just wanted to put that out there!

Anyhow, if you like the song (it’s a pretty cool song, after all), then make sure to pick it up via iTunes or YesAsia or iTunes. Also, since last week was our 100th Kpop Music Monday special, we had a giveaway for four of our T-Shirts. The winners are announced in the bloopers, so check them out here. Woot!



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