Woohoo! G Dragon two weeks in a row! If you haven’t seen G Dragon’s “That xx”, check it out here:


For starters, yes, this is a shorter Kpop Music Monday than usual. There were a lot of other things we wanted to say, but we’re kind of in a rush, because we’re moving tomorrow as of 9AM. So, we’re not staying up until 4AM with this week’s Music Monday. Sorry y’all! Hopefully next week we’ll be long and rambley as we always are (and, if T-ara’s “Sexy Love” wins, we’ll have a lot to say!)

One of the things we didn’t mention in our video: I like this songs for the same reason that I don’t like Leonardo Di Caprio. Yeah that sounds weird, but bear with me:

When L Diddy has to play a really sad emotional scene in a movie, he usually screams his guts out (like in “Catch Me If You Can”). He’s a great scream cryer. Phenomenal! But I don’t remember seeing him displaying sadness in any other way. I think, though, that sometimes a whisper is louder than a scream, and that the loudest screams aren’t the saddest ones. I think we get a good example of that here with G Dragon’s song. Even though it’s a sad song, it’s not one of those ballads where you throw yourself down on the ground and sob. It’s not one of those “hold the mic really close to my lips and sing with watery eyes as I stare at the girl I love in the audience” kinda song. It’s emotional, and pretty, without being quivery, and that gives it more impact, to me, for its subtlety, than an overtly emotional ballad.

The video was also pretty beautiful. And we’re not talking about the people in it (though it was weird that G Dragon’s with a muuuuuch younger girl. She’s only 16, supposedly). Just the whole aesthetic was beautiful. So…French, you know? Or at least that’s what I imagine France to be like. Big rotary phones (well, maybe not THAT big), postcards, bathtubs that aren’t connected to a wall, big mirrors, keyholes. It was just…so pretty! We really liked the look of the video, from an artistic standpoint. We don’t really say that a lot about videos as well, and we just wanted to put that out there!

Anyhow, if you like the song (it’s a pretty cool song, after all), then make sure to pick it up via iTunes or YesAsia or iTunes. Also, since last week was our 100th Kpop Music Monday special, we had a giveaway for four of our T-Shirts. The winners are announced in the bloopers, so check them out here. Woot!


  1. :O I can’t even believe I didn’t see this before – now this song is even sadder and more beautiful :’)

  2. Everyone I know just looks at me like I’m a
    crazy creeper when I talk about how amazingly awesome you guys are. But, I am slyly getting my family addicted to kpop. I’ve already got a few singing Stop Girl and they dont know why, mwahahahaha!!!

  3. g dragon is getting sexier every single day…or should i say every single video lol

  4. Hey guys!

    My mom is adamant I tell the world that she figured out why GD is looking at a bunch of pictures of random couples. According to her, it’s because that is what he longs for in his relationship. He wants that traditional-smoosh-your-faces-together-in-pictures-cuz-you’re-so-happy kind of love.

    Thanks to you guys being so awesome, I have a mother who spends her time analyzing kpop videos. :D

  5. I liked better That XX

    oh and yeah I already voted fro CRAYON…
    I wonder if GD could get his third 5 out of 5 in a row, with this MV?

  6. got it now Simon & Martina, GD with tattoos (esp. on his left hand and neck) is the one who cheat! You’re really good in interpreting MVs!

  7. I like GD and his songs are cool but let other artists win too… c’mon vip’s.. GD won 2x already…

  8. sorry Simon… GD ha a new MV coming up! totally voting for it!

  9. Have you guys ever seen Lee Jung Hyun music videos? Just a warning they are very catchy and addicting

  10. Can u review sexy love by t-ara. Or lipstick by orange Carmel

  11. Simon’s “Oooh you so Nasty” dance was Amazing i laughed so hard that I cried. :-)

  12. I prefer “One of a kind”.

  13. This is going to make me sound so ancient, but I’m new to youtube and I’m just trying to figure things out. Where do I add my request for music mondays? Here? I wish ppl will vote for a review of GD & TOP – Dancing On My Own! (even though it isn’t a korean song, it features korean artists!) Oh and Simon & Martina, you guys are the ones to credit for my interest to sign up for youtube. You guys have 1 more fan/supporter/subscriber!

    • Hi Ithidlm07! To request a song, go here (http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/ ) and click on the [Post A Video] link on the right, which should lead you here (http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/submit-video/ ), where you can submit a youtube video for the Kpop Charts :)

      Unfortunately, GD&TOP’s Dancing On My Own can’t be included/reviewed, because
      – It’s Pixie Lott’s song, not GD&TOP’s
      – It doesn’t have an official MV
      – It’s over 4 weeks old.
      Sorry. T_T But I agree, it’s a really cool song, and we Nasties here at EYK were all spazzing about it when it first came out :)

  14. CRAP! i don’t know which one i like better!!! i love That XX but i also love One of A Kind.

    ps……. there is another GD song coming out lol. CRAYON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. This is why I really really like GD and BigBang…he/they don’t just stick to one sound. One of my most fav. BB songs is Oh My Friend. You can hear the influences of so many different genres of music in their songs.

    As far as the challenge this week. That is a really tough one, although, I think I would have to go with That XX. The meaning behind the video is just so deep. I mean, I know that GD is talented, you know he’s talented, and he knows he’s talented…I have no problem with him singing about himself. But, of course, his songs just soar above and beyond when they have more meaning to them.

  16. Ahahah!! I KNEW IT! Martina and turtlenecks. I really do love you guys :) I did kinda hope G-Dragon would release another MV… Just so you guys could make it 3 straight weeks of G-Dragon hehehe…

  17. awesome review..but gads Simon! your ‘oo, you so nasty’ segment was fantastic!

  18. Didn’t love the song or the girl. But I love GD and I’m sure if I listen to it a few more times I’ll like it. So weird, I just don’t dig ballads.

  19. Hey, I was wondering because I’m somewhat new in the EYK universe : did you put Paparazzi from SNSD in any Kpop Charts? This song has really been growing on me somehow and I think it was realised 2 months ago but I cannot seem to find anything about it on your channel.

    • I don’t think so since it’s a Japanese track,not a Korean song

      • You’re right, I didn’t even realized it though I try to get my SNSD in korean if I can. Damn! Why do they do those song in Japanese, it’s so good! At least if they did both version, I would be happy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Japan and Japanese songs too, but I like my korean korean and my japanese japanese… I’m a purist when it comes to music, tv and movies. Crap…

  20. That XX!!!! ^^ Just love that song so much….
    Looking forward to seeing your new apartment! :)

  21. Both songs are good and I agree with the review, its a nice ballad but I’m not much of a ballad person and I can’t quite get into it. My vote goes to One of a kind it’s a more catchy song and the video has grown on me too :)
    Simon u soooo nasty!! LMAO being nasty all over the kitchen the next people to move in will be like this place feels pretty nasty AYO!

  22. #Hold Up…..Brendon is married??!!!


  23. Martina, you hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tutorial please!! it’s awesome! ^^

    that said, pretty awesome KMM guise. Simon dancing had me in stiches…

    oh and is it just me, but doesn’t GD look much older than he usually does in this video? i mean, not in a bad way, he looks pretty good like a man and not a boy… ^_-

  24. I really don’t like GD songs. They’re…dull.
    This Music Monday is anything BUT boring, though. I can appreciate everything Martina and Simon get their hands on.

  25. I have a question though, is there a version of this song or video minus the bleeps. I want it! :)

  26. i actually believed that you would give him and english score of 4.9/5 because he said “i don’t know what to say no more”…….. but who cares

  27. Lo & behold, Big Bang could be secret fans of yours and they’ve got you guys figured out, that’s why GD decided to unveil a new song every week so he can dominate the kpop chart bwah-ah-ah… oh he’s so nasty

  28. My only thought on the age thing is that the legal age of consent is 14 in Korea *shrugs* (which is actually 13 in the USA)

  29. Lol that’s so true about Leo. The brother is always screaming (I wonder how he’ll portray Jay Gatsby in the Great Gatsby.) . Thanks for the review despite being very busy this week!

  30. Argh, showdown between One of A Kind and That XX?! This one is not gonna be easy…>.< But I'm gonna choose That XX, much simpler to sing along and that's the only reason why I choose it, considering I looooove both songs so much…^^

  31. Simon’s “oooo you’re so nasty” moves crashed my video feed…..LOL

  32. That xx is more like the type of music I enjoy

  33. Love your hair Martina, and Simon- I like your shirt, it’s kinda mesmerizing O.o

  34. Pitting G-dragon against G-Dragon is sheer brilliance!! I love One of a Kind from the video, to the animals, to Tae Young, to the musicality. Great song, loved it right away.
    Still trying to like That XX but it hasn’t happened. Like the upbeat to One of a Kind,

    Hope your move goes very smoothly and that Spudgy and Meemersworth are enjoying their new home. Don’t know if you have time to film the move but it would be interesting to see.

  35. It’s a guilt ridden song! aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh am truly englightened.. truly,,, bless you both for opening my eyes.. and i agree.. its a beautiful video complimented by GD’s subtlety…. (with or without the turtle neck, sorry martina)… was waiting for this.. and i wish you both lotsa luck in your new place!

  36. Hi. BIG question. How to find out if I won the t-shirt contest? I didn’t get to watch the whole thing and I WANT TO FIND OUT! 0: I’ll watch it on Saturday. (:

  37. Seems you guys really wanna review Sexy Love lolol

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