Oh boy. Another GD&TOP video! Hooray! And we picked the romantic-esque one, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Great success!

Seriously, we did not plan on doing three GD&TOP videos. We knew we had to do High High when it first came out because it seemed to fresh. “Knock Out” we delayed doing until the requests became overwhelming. We liked that song, yeah, but didn’t want to seem overly biased. This week, though, we got something close to 2000 requests for Baby Goodnight. The others added up to barely 1500. Bah!

Anyhow, somebody please, please tell us what TOP put in that girl’s drink. We slowed it down, tried looking at it frame by frame, but it’s indiscernable. We were joking when we hinted at it being a roofie, but we can’t figure out what it’s supposed to be. A pearl? Olive? Anyone? We don’t put stuff in our champagne when we drink it. We…just…drink it. Otherwise, we gotta say that this is an awesome video. Awesome. You don’t really see well shot or well thought out videos lately, but this one’s really artsy for a Kpop Video. Seriously. We mentioned Top wiping the bottle dissolving into the girl wiping her leg. There’s also the scene where GD is pulling his jacket up onto his sleeping girlfriend, but right before that it looks like her leg, and it looks like her skirt is being pulled down. Instead, it’s the jacket being pulled up. First you’re thinking it’s raunchy, but then you realize it’s gentlemanly and caring. That’s really awesome for a Kpop video. Really. Bravo to whoever directed that video.

Sadly, though, this isn’t really our kind of song. R&B songs are so…90′s. We didn’t mind MBLAQ’s “Cry,” though. That was an R&B-ish song that really impressed us. We wish that GD&TOP would have done a video for “OH YEAH” instead, because that song’s awesome. In fact, it’s probably our favorite song from the entire album, and there’s no video for it! I think that’s what’s really impressive about the album: usually, the songs we review are great, but they’re the best songs on the album, where the rest of the songs are just ok. GD&TOP’s album is the first kpop album we reviewed that we predominantly like all of the songs for. Anyhow, we recommend the album highly. If you’re interested, you can buy GD&TOP’s Album by clicking the link here. And it ships internationally. Sweet!

As always, JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* are awesome for always translating our videos into Korean. And to everyone of you reading this now, Happy Valentine’s Day! In Korea, Valentine’s Day is a bit different, so make sure you check out our Korean Valentine’s Day video from a while ago if you want to know what we’re doing today :D

  1. cottenstuff

    He was probably reading her American Tort Law XD

  2. Mindill

    It’s not a pill or anything else, it’s just a very thick drop of champagne

  3. yay flight of the conchords reference!

  4. YES!! Flight of The Conchords! Nice call, Simon!

  5. rachiefase

    That Flight of the Conchords reference was so unexpected that I actually woke my roommate up with my laughter. I love you guys <3

  6. Anonymous

    What kind of dance were you talking about?

  7. It’s actually an engagement ring. I heard somewhere that the ORIGINAL video for “Baby Goodnight” was supposed to be 18+ and TOP was supposed to be proposing to the girlfriend in the video.

  8. this is late, but could it be sugar cube? dropping sugar cube into a glass of chanpange increases the effervescence and sweetness of the wine.

  9. this is late, but could it be sugar cube? dropping sugar cube into a glass of chanpange increases the effervescence and sweetness of the wine.

  10. Gotta disagree with rochdi.hadda and Nanasse Yuya Kajian: that girl’s prononciation is flawless. Really. Perfect. The intonation is good too, even though it’s a bit… stiff? flat? (does that make sense? sorry~, me english not be good, me french girl~) She sounds like she’s under hypnose or something. Or just like a bad actress at the school’s end-of-year play. No emotion at all. Weird stress on “toi” at the end.But I’d totally buy it if you told me French’s her mother tongue.As for the meaning and the grammar….. One sentence is a literal translation from English. The red wine part got me scratching my head (“your voice makes me deeper as your favorite red wine”…. does that make more sense in english?…?) + has wrong grammar. Aaaaaand the very first sentence, at the beginning…. “It’s good… make me feel good” + that “sexy” beat? Does it give off the same vibe in English? …… That’s deemed totally innapropriate for audience under 19 in the RoK.

  11. Mee too I don’t like tha’t much this song And yeah I’m totally agree with rochdi.hadda, totally awakward when the girl speak But I LIKE the part whith the strawberry *Q*

    You can speak french ! ( Vive le francais , encore mieux vive le quebecois =D )

  12. rochdi.hadda

    I love bigbang :o , and i love gd and top but this song is not my favorite :D

    about the french , the first time i heard that , i find it so weird ! I agree with Nanasse Yuya Kajian , the french definitely does not deserve more than 1 !!!
    I mean when the girl say “c’est bon fait moi du bien”  Totally awkward !!

    p-s: your french is actually good , better than hers =)

  13. Are you sure the G stands for Genius? Cause I'm pretty sure it's not. G-Dragon's real name is Kwon Ji-Yong. The Yong means Dragon and Ji sounds like G. Thus G Dragon (Ji-Yong).

  14. Nanasse Yuya Kajian

    I love bigbang and I am crazy about TOP but GD&TOP never inspired me…

    About the French, it definitely does not deserve more than 1 !!! Ok, it was French, but it was no sense!
    Your French is better than hers!
    ( Non vraiment, elle est nulle…) =='

    I hope you will do a video for their new CD, it really rocks!
    (somebody to love, cafe, tonight, hands up! > Brilliant ♥ )

  15. I think u guys should do bigbang tonight next ~<3~

  16. i will vote for GD and top :) and there is nothing wrong with GD and top songs all week long :D. love the song, i thought it was great to hear GD and top telling me to have a good night before getting to sleep ;) lolz. i liked your video, hahha great ending simon :)

  17. Christi T Fealy

    Love this! Alsoooooooooo I vote for GD&TOP. As Martina said, "Oh lawdy."

    Secondly, I just thought you two would enjoy this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vuZmFSH4zw&fe

    This guy does some amazing parody videos.

  18. William

    baby good night is way more valentines

  19. THE FRENCH TRANSLATION IS BRILLIANT IN YOUR BLOG!!! bahahhaa. I couldn't stop laughing. so good. Thanks for a great video.

  20. Karen Klapoetke-Poirier

    I vote GD & TOP. Sweet song about how much he adores his girl :D Exactly what my hubby should say to me…
    Killing cheating bastards with bubble guns is epic, but it's not very "happy valentines day!"

  21. I don't think anyone can eat a strawberry the way TOP did and make it look that Hot!! :-) On the contrary they would just look very very strange..

    And my vote: GD&TOP!!

  22. eshterpark

    Hahaha I love the earings Martina:)

  23. You never fail to brighten up my Mondays, guys. Thanks for doing these videos and all of the other blogs.
    My vote this week goes to Joo's "Bad Guy" (GD&TOP's latest song couldn't grab my heart the way "High High" and "Knock out" did )
    Btw, could you consider reviewing Dalmatians' "That Man Opposed" or "Lover Cop" for the weeks ahead, ( the MVs are pretty interesting and I can't wait to see how you would interpret them). Thanks again and good luck counting the votes ^-^

  24. claudydays

    So im an official fan of eatyourkimchi I need help on voting for the showdown im not sure where to vote? Any who myvote is. Obviously for gd&top:p<3

  25. GD & TOP!!! LOL..

  26. carhithiel

    Baby Good Night! GD & Top should win

  27. GD & TOP are the best even though my sister does not like them(well not them just this song)my vote is for GD&TOP because they are the best and well always will be. NO matter what anyone says!!!!B)

  28. Kelly Dao

    Hope YG will release don't go home soon, they support to release don't go home first but MBC banned the MV so baby goodnight happened to released first

  29. my vote goes to GD&TOP <3 and not because I'm like a totally huge fan. I actually gave the other song a chance and honestly didn't like it at all. :@

  30. blackoutt

    I'm getting tired of GD and TOP. (not a fan of big bang) Too many vids of them. Why not vote for other artists instead of GD n TOP. Why not old songs by other artists that never came out of Music Mondays or How to dance KPOP.

  31. babsong

    Your videos are so cool!!! I have passed the funniest hours in front of the computer in my life :) . I'm Spudgy fan hooray!!! this video makes me think…

    1. is completely funny xD
    2. Martina's mega love for Bigbang .. sometimes is annoying (sorry Martina I really love you). oh well. I know BB is a good group but there are 4 or more videos dedicated to BB or any of BB's members… and the critics I mean… you have been more… "Offensive and objective" with other artist…but with BB is like… "Are super mega awesome, we can't say nothing against them " …we have to be honest…sometimes BB's songs are just junk …as so many songs other artist create.javascript: postComment(0);

    so please… there are so many idols in korea… you can explore new genres and sounds and make then funny for our western brains.


  32. You guys are awesome!!!! Hahaha, you're also one of my role models, you've accomplished so much, keep up the good work in South Korea, stay safe!

  33. Adriana

    Definitely GD & TOP Baby Goodnight..! ♥

  34. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s5Q_aln1zQ This is After School's Gahee's new MV. Is it me or did I just find another Mordney Present….

  35. IngafromSweden

    I love your videos!! Especially music mondays- best way to start the week. And just keep doing GD&TOP reviews, they are by far the awesomest korean music act! That said, it would be really cool if you could do a video once about other korean music, like indie music, that's a little harder to find if you're not korean. I just discovered Broccoli, you too and realized that not all korean music is kpop. Thanks!
    Oh and I agree, the freudian snake is too cool!! Someone on that crew had 3 phds

  36. alrite! finally! baby goodnight! although i really like joo's "bad man" but my vote still goes to (wat else!) GD&TOP's “Baby Goodnight”! love d vid n d song! n u guys did a great review of it! but i love gd's part d most though. hehe…

  37. Véronique

    GD & TOP Baby Goodnight….. or TOP with the strawberry!!!

  38. Oh my gosh ok first, Martina in the beginning XD You cannot deprive her of GD&TOP! (mainly TOP) and Martina's happy music!!! its just so awesome!!!! <333 and my vote goes for GD&TOP and I agree though I love Eric (he's like…my second favorite in Shinhwa) he was being a creeper in that mv…he's still second favorite though. :P
    and um…can your review Dalmatian's the man opposed or lover cop? :]

  39. Baby Goodnight, GD&TOP ♥

  40. My vote goes for GD&TOP, yes, Joo's song is good but Baby Goodnight is light, sexy, suave and romantic, just right, plus GD&TOP are High High on my list.

  41. GD &TOP!! Valentine's Day is so romantic. Really liked all the songs but one on this album. Would love to see an "Oh Yeah" video!! Your shirts are so cool! I look forward to Mondays now because of Music Monday videos!! Thank you so much for making your great, fun, and on-the-spot videos. Love that you call it as you see it and aren't afraid to call things creepy. Please keep making your videos!!

  42. justym52

    so so fun clip :) i really enjoyed this.
    oh it's tuesday.. i cannot wait until next monday~
    and take care of you guys, it's freezing in korea.
    (and i guess it's a ring that top put in the girl's champagne..isn't it romantic? :P )

  43. believe2dream

    mm JOO's song represents my feelings for valentines day. D:<

  44. Who eats a strawberry like that!? I don't care because TOP's eyes got a little big there and I squealed like a fan girl. Martina and I would get along just fine. Voting for GD&TOP

  45. therese

    GD and TOP's baby goodnight!!! i love this video… hotness overload :D

  46. he didn't drop anything in her drink. it was the last drop of champagne(?) from the bottle. i could tell that already without having to slow it down lol

  47. pendabear176

    my favorite video out of those two would be GD&T.O.P.

  48. claudydays

    Omg love this vid thnx

  49. Marie-Eve Langis

    Martina is my hero.
    The review is awesome as usual. You guys just are the best.
    I didn't like the song too much at first, apart from the french of course. I mean, hey, I got excited to understand stuff in a kpop song without needing a dictionary at all. After watching the video many times (my poor poor husband), I'm in love with it.

    Baby goodnight is definitely my Vday song =)

  50. thanks for the review………… enjoyed it!! and u guys are gr8!!
    and yes martina big bang all da way !!! this year is gonna be totally awesome!!
    bigbang whole day!!!
    and for da showdown………'GD AND TOP'

  51. ahh what a great video ^_^
    I love this song and the video, it's super romantic and probably perfect for Valentine's Day but being a loner myself on this "cheerful" holiday I'm going to have to go with Bad Guy by Joo.
    But just because I'm alone (:
    Still love GD & TOPs song. (:

  52. So glad to see you guys finally do this song. I love this song a lot and it's one of my favorites on the album and the video is just so laid back and just so nice. I guess with GD reading his girl was so knocked out he let her sleep it off and he just read lol. I love all the subtle sexy stuff in there from the strawberries and the snake lol. A Wu Tang Clan mention lol. As for what Top slipped in the champagne I don't think he is the type to slip in a roofie. The mv would've been so banned lol and I don't think YG needs to be promoting date rape considering BB's come back lol.

    Oh and with Teen Top. How could I miss that the creepy guy was Eric from Shinhwa? Ugh bad fan girl. That makes it even more creepy considering that I believe Eric is their main boss who put the group together lol. So I guess that explains them dancing for him and stuff. The shower part is still uhm weird….

    • Yeah, we weren't around for Shinhwa. Got to Korea a bit too late. He's in another video recently as well, I think.

      • Ah. I was into Kpop around the Babyvox days. I remember seeing them and Shinhwa together with stuff (like doing some pool game thing for example) but I had no clue who they were back then (I was only into Babyvox). You should check out their stuff. They have some great songs. My total favorite is “Perfect Man.” They did a show sometime ago (2005 I think?) in Japan and still had quite a loyal fan base considering their active status and all. A lot of their fans are older now and have stuck with them and I admire that type of loyalty with an act. :)

      • Oh yeah and check out Andy on "We Got Married." He and Solbi were a favorite couple of mine. They were as a real couple it was so cute.

        • We watched a few episodes of that season of We Got Married. They were fantastic. That was the same season with Alex as well, I think.

        • Emily

          Yep, Alex was on there too (he was just too cute). Season one is the best it seems. I haven't finished the season cause I don't want to see the couples say goodbye and me crying like a baby lol.

    • no, Eric didn't put the group together. Andy did.

  53. hodtotu

    OMG. Not GD&TOP again. That was my first thought when seeing the title of MV. And second thought – oh, Martina, stop torturing me and Simon :)

  54. Ah great video. BGN is one of my fav songs off the GTop album and my fav music video from them. It's just really sweet and the mood is perfect and all that. I guess GD's girl was knocked out from all the drinking and clubbing so he just decided to read and let her sleep it off lol. I read on AKP on the BB thread that GD was reading a nasty version of "Sleeping Beauty." I can't tell. I never noticed what Top put in the champaign before.
    Lol: Wu Tang Clan lol.

    With the Teen Top video I didn't notice that was Eric from Shinhwa. That makes it even more creepy. Why? Isn't he their boss and he's their main manager and who put the group together?

  55. oh and don't think we don't know you were singing flight of the concords simon. nice try :p

  56. awesome review as always. martina is so cute when she fangirls! happy v-day to the cutest v-blogging couple ever :D

  57. Waitaminute… G-Dragon has 3 Ph.D.s?

  58. My vote goes to GD & TOP's Baby goodnight ^^… is the best for a happy Vday ^^

  59. Great review, as usual! :) My vote goes for GD&TOP. The video is definitely classy.

  60. merrytureve

    yeah you're review was awesome as always !! Really funny too, and by the way I don't really understand why knock out have been banned and not this video … About the french of the song …. well… As a french myself, I won't give it a 5 out of 5, sure the girl have a great accent I won't denny it, but what she's saying at the end of the song doesn't really have meanning let me try to explain it:

    tes yeux fermés, ton odeur ('your closed eyes, your smell' nothing wrong)

    • merrytureve

      ta voix me rends plus profond que le rouge de ton vin préféré ('your voice making me deeper thant the red of you're favorite wine' I think the english translation doesn't mean anything already … Are the boys so smart that they can make a girl smarter just by being with them ? Must be cool … )
      je me sens d'être actrice dans un film ('I feel like being an actress in a movie' here is the bigest problem … it may have some sense in english but I can tell you that it doesn't mean anything in french! I tried ways to understand this .. I tried hard, but even if I understand what she wants to say this is not the right way. This can't be said in french ! not good grammatically )

      • merrytureve

        tout est fabuleux avec toi ('everything is fabulous with you' that's alright)

        I'm being critical, but I really love the effort they made for the french parts, I was happily surprised when I first heard the song, there even is a small Eiffel tower on the table in the video.
        Et oui la Kpop a aussi des fans en France ! Merci de faire des vidéos si droles a chaque foi ! A bientôt !!
        (And yes there are kpop's fan in france too! thanks for making each times such funny videos ! see ya !)

        • AddictedFrenchGirl

          Well I'm french too and I gave looooooooooooots of thoughts to that little sentence… ok so maybe it's me, but I've never heard the first 2 sentences (c'est bon, fais-moi du bien) except in a very sexual context and so… well… "Je me sens d'être actrice dans un film" first time i heard it, I thought she was actually talking about a porn -_-;
          Then I thought: "hey, maybe the french isn't as perfect as it seems, she wanted too say: 'Je me sens comme une actrice dans un film, tout est fabuleux avec toi' (I feel like an actress in a movie [like you said merrytureve]…)!!"
          Then it makes perfect sense!! She feels like an actress in a romantic comedy!! Yeah… right…
          Anyways, even if it were about sexe i wouldn't really mind given the tone of the vid but… the voice saying it? Nice accent and all but she just sounds waaaaaaaaaaaay too young and waaaaaaaaay too innocent to be saying those things!!! It disturbed me, A LOT!!

        • Marie Eve

          J'approuve !

        • Ha! Thanks for clarifying. Really, we don't know what she said. We kinda were really bad at studying French in Canada :(

  61. labates

    TOP drops a ring in the champagne lol
    I can't remember where I saw it, but there was supposed to be a scene in this MV of TOP giving his girl the champagne with a ring in it, but the rest of that storyline got cut in the final MV. So yeah. If you look really closely, you can see that it's a ring.

  62. I vote for "Bad Guy" by Joo!

  63. GD and TOP with Baby Good Night, there is more Valentine's Day feeling, although the other video is awesome too!

  64. Kyôkosan

    Actually I don't agree with your rating of the french in the song…. sooooorry !!
    At the end the girl says something that you could roughly translate as " your voice make me deeper like the red of your favorite wine" and then "I feel myself like being an actress in a film"….. huuuum 'kay !! WTF Ô_o ???
    The grammar is basically correct but it feels a bit like a Babelfish translation… I'd give it a 3 or 4 out of 5 heheheh XD
    Appart from that, great video!!! I'd definetly vote for GD&TOP

    • Maïlys Mailliez

      I totally agree with you!
      It means nothing!!!
      Ok, the pronounciation, the grammar is correct, no big mistakes in gender (feminine or masculine) but still, the meaning… -_-"

      • Lucinda

        Haha, I was totally gonna make that kind of comment.
        Still, the girl sound French, no accent at all, she could have told them that the sentences were…. erg ^^
        At the begining that " Oh yes, make me feel good" ?!…
        But I like the song ! so except for those disturbing French interludes I will vote for them!

    • Totally agreeing with this!
      I am French and I just can't stop laughing while listening to that part of the song! The grammar is totally good, but the meaning of the sentences is just too weird.
      But the worst is actually that the woman talking is OBVIOUSLY French…but she probably didn't try to correct the lyrics…
      I'd probably give the French a wtf out of five…but the song itself is good…so it doesn't really matter!
      (I just loved the mustache and wine thing Simon did!)
      Hooray for GDandTOP

  65. My vote is for GD&TOP.
    Also I agree with you guys. Not really crazy about the song but the video is love~

    I still think you should review Secret's "Shy Boy", btw.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  66. furusek

    kkk, honestly, I don't really like GD&Top's album, except for maybe two great songs, but this Music Monday was soo cool, I had so much fun xD Your revisions tend to be better than the original songs xD

  67. Kokonuht

    Seriously I never really noticed that thing TOP put in XD though it looks more like a bubble LOL! Awesome video anyway! Loved it :D! Oh and I vote for GD&TOP Baby goodnight DEFINITELY! Who's Joo anyway? LOL! :P my bad keke~

  68. lynnnie

    I go for bad man from joo.

  69. Melissa

    I vote GD & TOP…mmmm. So the whole roofie thing, I think I have an answer to that…I think TOP is actuall mixing a champagne cocktail called A Goodnight Kiss, so the thing he's putting in the drink should be a sugar cube.

  70. Fratzy GoNuts

    GD & TOP!!!! and i like the last part….martina:oppa saranghaeyo! ….. Simon:yeobo~ make me a sandwich. Martina:what the?! love it man!!! :D


  72. GDTOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  73. superkuma

    GD&TOP Baby Goodnight~

  74. GD&TOP ftw, yeah the video is very cool

  75. hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha LOVE YOU Martina&Simon -sshi!!!!
    And OMG.. OF COURSE I CHOOSE GD&TOP Baby Good Night….. aaawwww…. <3 this video is soo romantic, how can you not love it! and it`s GD and TOP :D

  76. GD&TOP! do heartwarming, touching and soothing. wish I was the girl XD

  77. GD&TOP!! I don't wanna listen to a sad song on Valentine's day :(

  78. GD and TOP of course. i love sexy valentine's MV XD

  79. Yay… finally you made the review. Us VIPs still waiting for Don't Go Home MV too. It had finished already. Don't know why they haven't drop it yet.

  80. omggg they are soo hott!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Wait….my vote for Bi was disqualified because I would have liked the creepiness?! heart.broken.
    I enjoyed your guyses French, growing up in Canada as well I learnt about the equivelent of that. The two words I remember: couchon (pig) and fenetre (window).
    One song that does not butcher its French(which is probably because it has about one phrase repeated over and over) is Touche Mon Amour by Winterplay (a really fab jazz group….clazziquai's same company)

  82. Ummmm, am I the only person who picked up on the AWESOME Flight of the Conchords dropping? You guys are glorious. Foux da fa fa!

  83. i vote for GD & TOP's baby good night of course ^^ its perfect for Valentines!

  84. GD & TOP get my vote. A discreet dissolving pill is definitely the way to a girl's heart.

  85. I think I've watched this video at least three times by now XD I couldn't stop laughing at your little parody of them and the whole thing with Simon as Top falling asleep while GD was talking. Too priceless ^ ^ If I was GD's date I would be wide awake listening to his beautiful voice. I'm glad the pill getting dropped into her drink wasn't mistaken for something else! Top has a devilish side to be slipping a date rape pill into the girl's drink! Martina I'd be careful lol and my vote is for Baby Goodnight for the song that perfectly fits Valentine's Day. HAPPY Valentine's Day you guys!!

  86. Ah, love this video so much!!!
    I wondered if anyone else caught the symbolism in this video, I guess they had nothing to lose since they were already banned.
    Sorry to Simon for all of the Big Bang Videos . . . this is their year ^_^v
    Thank you for the awesome video!!!
    Happy Valentines Day

  87. strigoiaca

    Aws! cute couple shirts you two <3

  88. GD & TOP! That being said, this was a really funny vid. I usually don't laugh out loud a lot, but I did!

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