Oh boy. Another GD&TOP video! Hooray! And we picked the romantic-esque one, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Great success!

Seriously, we did not plan on doing three GD&TOP videos. We knew we had to do High High when it first came out because it seemed to fresh. “Knock Out” we delayed doing until the requests became overwhelming. We liked that song, yeah, but didn’t want to seem overly biased. This week, though, we got something close to 2000 requests for Baby Goodnight. The others added up to barely 1500. Bah!

Anyhow, somebody please, please tell us what TOP put in that girl’s drink. We slowed it down, tried looking at it frame by frame, but it’s indiscernable. We were joking when we hinted at it being a roofie, but we can’t figure out what it’s supposed to be. A pearl? Olive? Anyone? We don’t put stuff in our champagne when we drink it. We…just…drink it. Otherwise, we gotta say that this is an awesome video. Awesome. You don’t really see well shot or well thought out videos lately, but this one’s really artsy for a Kpop Video. Seriously. We mentioned Top wiping the bottle dissolving into the girl wiping her leg. There’s also the scene where GD is pulling his jacket up onto his sleeping girlfriend, but right before that it looks like her leg, and it looks like her skirt is being pulled down. Instead, it’s the jacket being pulled up. First you’re thinking it’s raunchy, but then you realize it’s gentlemanly and caring. That’s really awesome for a Kpop video. Really. Bravo to whoever directed that video.

Sadly, though, this isn’t really our kind of song. R&B songs are so…90’s. We didn’t mind MBLAQ’s “Cry,” though. That was an R&B-ish song that really impressed us. We wish that GD&TOP would have done a video for “OH YEAH” instead, because that song’s awesome. In fact, it’s probably our favorite song from the entire album, and there’s no video for it! I think that’s what’s really impressive about the album: usually, the songs we review are great, but they’re the best songs on the album, where the rest of the songs are just ok. GD&TOP’s album is the first kpop album we reviewed that we predominantly like all of the songs for. Anyhow, we recommend the album highly. If you’re interested, you can buy GD&TOP’s Album by clicking the link here. And it ships internationally. Sweet!

As always, JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* are awesome for always translating our videos into Korean. And to everyone of you reading this now, Happy Valentine’s Day! In Korea, Valentine’s Day is a bit different, so make sure you check out our Korean Valentine’s Day video from a while ago if you want to know what we’re doing today :D

  1. He was probably reading her American Tort Law XD

  2. Ha! Thanks for clarifying. Really, we don't know what she said. We kinda were really bad at studying French in Canada :(

  3. Really? If it was the last drop why does it look like something's sinking to the bottom of the glass? A drop wouldn't sink. No?

  4. Yeah. He one-shotted that strawberry…ha!

  5. So glad to see you guys finally do this song. I love this song a lot and it's one of my favorites on the album and the video is just so laid back and just so nice. I guess with GD reading his girl was so knocked out he let her sleep it off and he just read lol. I love all the subtle sexy stuff in there from the strawberries and the snake lol. A Wu Tang Clan mention lol. As for what Top slipped in the champagne I don't think he is the type to slip in a roofie. The mv would've been so banned lol and I don't think YG needs to be promoting date rape considering BB's come back lol.

    Oh and with Teen Top. How could I miss that the creepy guy was Eric from Shinhwa? Ugh bad fan girl. That makes it even more creepy considering that I believe Eric is their main boss who put the group together lol. So I guess that explains them dancing for him and stuff. The shower part is still uhm weird….

    • Yeah, we weren't around for Shinhwa. Got to Korea a bit too late. He's in another video recently as well, I think.

      • Oh yeah and check out Andy on "We Got Married." He and Solbi were a favorite couple of mine. They were as a real couple it was so cute.

        • We watched a few episodes of that season of We Got Married. They were fantastic. That was the same season with Alex as well, I think.

        • Yep, Alex was on there too (he was just too cute). Season one is the best it seems. I haven't finished the season cause I don't want to see the couples say goodbye and me crying like a baby lol.

      • Ah. I was into Kpop around the Babyvox days. I remember seeing them and Shinhwa together with stuff (like doing some pool game thing for example) but I had no clue who they were back then (I was only into Babyvox). You should check out their stuff. They have some great songs. My total favorite is “Perfect Man.” They did a show sometime ago (2005 I think?) in Japan and still had quite a loyal fan base considering their active status and all. A lot of their fans are older now and have stuck with them and I admire that type of loyalty with an act. :)

  6. Ah that makes sense with all the sexual stuff in the video already. I don't think YG would promote date rape lol.

  7. Simon just better get used to it lol. BB is coming back and there's going to be lot of BB this year. Yeah!

  8. Ah great video. BGN is one of my fav songs off the GTop album and my fav music video from them. It's just really sweet and the mood is perfect and all that. I guess GD's girl was knocked out from all the drinking and clubbing so he just decided to read and let her sleep it off lol. I read on AKP on the BB thread that GD was reading a nasty version of "Sleeping Beauty." I can't tell. I never noticed what Top put in the champaign before.
    Lol: Wu Tang Clan lol.

    With the Teen Top video I didn't notice that was Eric from Shinhwa. That makes it even more creepy. Why? Isn't he their boss and he's their main manager and who put the group together?

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