Oh boy. Another GD&TOP video! Hooray! And we picked the romantic-esque one, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Great success!

Seriously, we did not plan on doing three GD&TOP videos. We knew we had to do High High when it first came out because it seemed to fresh. “Knock Out” we delayed doing until the requests became overwhelming. We liked that song, yeah, but didn’t want to seem overly biased. This week, though, we got something close to 2000 requests for Baby Goodnight. The others added up to barely 1500. Bah!

Anyhow, somebody please, please tell us what TOP put in that girl’s drink. We slowed it down, tried looking at it frame by frame, but it’s indiscernable. We were joking when we hinted at it being a roofie, but we can’t figure out what it’s supposed to be. A pearl? Olive? Anyone? We don’t put stuff in our champagne when we drink it. We…just…drink it. Otherwise, we gotta say that this is an awesome video. Awesome. You don’t really see well shot or well thought out videos lately, but this one’s really artsy for a Kpop Video. Seriously. We mentioned Top wiping the bottle dissolving into the girl wiping her leg. There’s also the scene where GD is pulling his jacket up onto his sleeping girlfriend, but right before that it looks like her leg, and it looks like her skirt is being pulled down. Instead, it’s the jacket being pulled up. First you’re thinking it’s raunchy, but then you realize it’s gentlemanly and caring. That’s really awesome for a Kpop video. Really. Bravo to whoever directed that video.

Sadly, though, this isn’t really our kind of song. R&B songs are so…90’s. We didn’t mind MBLAQ’s “Cry,” though. That was an R&B-ish song that really impressed us. We wish that GD&TOP would have done a video for “OH YEAH” instead, because that song’s awesome. In fact, it’s probably our favorite song from the entire album, and there’s no video for it! I think that’s what’s really impressive about the album: usually, the songs we review are great, but they’re the best songs on the album, where the rest of the songs are just ok. GD&TOP’s album is the first kpop album we reviewed that we predominantly like all of the songs for. Anyhow, we recommend the album highly. If you’re interested, you can buy GD&TOP’s Album by clicking the link here. And it ships internationally. Sweet!

As always, JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* are awesome for always translating our videos into Korean. And to everyone of you reading this now, Happy Valentine’s Day! In Korea, Valentine’s Day is a bit different, so make sure you check out our Korean Valentine’s Day video from a while ago if you want to know what we’re doing today :D

  1. He was probably reading her American Tort Law XD

  2. It’s not a pill or anything else, it’s just a very thick drop of champagne

  3. yay flight of the conchords reference!

  4. YES!! Flight of The Conchords! Nice call, Simon!

  5. That Flight of the Conchords reference was so unexpected that I actually woke my roommate up with my laughter. I love you guys <3

  6. What kind of dance were you talking about?

  7. It’s actually an engagement ring. I heard somewhere that the ORIGINAL video for “Baby Goodnight” was supposed to be 18+ and TOP was supposed to be proposing to the girlfriend in the video.

  8. this is late, but could it be sugar cube? dropping sugar cube into a glass of chanpange increases the effervescence and sweetness of the wine.

  9. this is late, but could it be sugar cube? dropping sugar cube into a glass of chanpange increases the effervescence and sweetness of the wine.

  10. Gotta disagree with rochdi.hadda and Nanasse Yuya Kajian: that girl’s prononciation is flawless. Really. Perfect. The intonation is good too, even though it’s a bit… stiff? flat? (does that make sense? sorry~, me english not be good, me french girl~) She sounds like she’s under hypnose or something. Or just like a bad actress at the school’s end-of-year play. No emotion at all. Weird stress on “toi” at the end.But I’d totally buy it if you told me French’s her mother tongue.As for the meaning and the grammar….. One sentence is a literal translation from English. The red wine part got me scratching my head (“your voice makes me deeper as your favorite red wine”…. does that make more sense in english?…?) + has wrong grammar. Aaaaaand the very first sentence, at the beginning…. “It’s good… make me feel good” + that “sexy” beat? Does it give off the same vibe in English? …… That’s deemed totally innapropriate for audience under 19 in the RoK.

  11. Mee too I don’t like tha’t much this song And yeah I’m totally agree with rochdi.hadda, totally awakward when the girl speak But I LIKE the part whith the strawberry *Q*

    You can speak french ! ( Vive le francais , encore mieux vive le quebecois =D )

  12. I love bigbang :o , and i love gd and top but this song is not my favorite :D

    about the french , the first time i heard that , i find it so weird ! I agree with Nanasse Yuya Kajian , the french definitely does not deserve more than 1 !!!
    I mean when the girl say “c’est bon fait moi du bien”  Totally awkward !!

    p-s: your french is actually good , better than hers =)

  13. Are you sure the G stands for Genius? Cause I'm pretty sure it's not. G-Dragon's real name is Kwon Ji-Yong. The Yong means Dragon and Ji sounds like G. Thus G Dragon (Ji-Yong).

  14. I love bigbang and I am crazy about TOP but GD&TOP never inspired me…

    About the French, it definitely does not deserve more than 1 !!! Ok, it was French, but it was no sense!
    Your French is better than hers!
    ( Non vraiment, elle est nulle…) =='

    I hope you will do a video for their new CD, it really rocks!
    (somebody to love, cafe, tonight, hands up! > Brilliant ♥ )

  15. I think u guys should do bigbang tonight next ~<3~

  16. i will vote for GD and top :) and there is nothing wrong with GD and top songs all week long :D. love the song, i thought it was great to hear GD and top telling me to have a good night before getting to sleep ;) lolz. i liked your video, hahha great ending simon :)

  17. Love this! Alsoooooooooo I vote for GD&TOP. As Martina said, "Oh lawdy."

    Secondly, I just thought you two would enjoy this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vuZmFSH4zw&fe

    This guy does some amazing parody videos.

  18. baby good night is way more valentines

  19. THE FRENCH TRANSLATION IS BRILLIANT IN YOUR BLOG!!! bahahhaa. I couldn't stop laughing. so good. Thanks for a great video.

  20. I vote GD & TOP. Sweet song about how much he adores his girl :D Exactly what my hubby should say to me…
    Killing cheating bastards with bubble guns is epic, but it's not very "happy valentines day!"

  21. I don't think anyone can eat a strawberry the way TOP did and make it look that Hot!! :-) On the contrary they would just look very very strange..

    And my vote: GD&TOP!!

  22. Hahaha I love the earings Martina:)

  23. You never fail to brighten up my Mondays, guys. Thanks for doing these videos and all of the other blogs.
    My vote this week goes to Joo's "Bad Guy" (GD&TOP's latest song couldn't grab my heart the way "High High" and "Knock out" did )
    Btw, could you consider reviewing Dalmatians' "That Man Opposed" or "Lover Cop" for the weeks ahead, ( the MVs are pretty interesting and I can't wait to see how you would interpret them). Thanks again and good luck counting the votes ^-^

  24. So im an official fan of eatyourkimchi I need help on voting for the showdown im not sure where to vote? Any who myvote is. Obviously for gd&top:p<3

  25. GD & TOP!!! LOL..

  26. Baby Good Night! GD & Top should win

  27. GD & TOP are the best even though my sister does not like them(well not them just this song)my vote is for GD&TOP because they are the best and well always will be. NO matter what anyone says!!!!B)

  28. Hope YG will release don't go home soon, they support to release don't go home first but MBC banned the MV so baby goodnight happened to released first

  29. my vote goes to GD&TOP <3 and not because I'm like a totally huge fan. I actually gave the other song a chance and honestly didn't like it at all. :@

  30. I'm getting tired of GD and TOP. (not a fan of big bang) Too many vids of them. Why not vote for other artists instead of GD n TOP. Why not old songs by other artists that never came out of Music Mondays or How to dance KPOP.

  31. Your videos are so cool!!! I have passed the funniest hours in front of the computer in my life :) . I'm Spudgy fan hooray!!! this video makes me think…

    1. is completely funny xD
    2. Martina's mega love for Bigbang .. sometimes is annoying (sorry Martina I really love you). oh well. I know BB is a good group but there are 4 or more videos dedicated to BB or any of BB's members… and the critics I mean… you have been more… "Offensive and objective" with other artist…but with BB is like… "Are super mega awesome, we can't say nothing against them " …we have to be honest…sometimes BB's songs are just junk …as so many songs other artist create.javascript: postComment(0);

    so please… there are so many idols in korea… you can explore new genres and sounds and make then funny for our western brains.


  32. You guys are awesome!!!! Hahaha, you're also one of my role models, you've accomplished so much, keep up the good work in South Korea, stay safe!

  33. Definitely GD & TOP Baby Goodnight..! ♥

  34. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s5Q_aln1zQ This is After School's Gahee's new MV. Is it me or did I just find another Mordney Present….

  35. I love your videos!! Especially music mondays- best way to start the week. And just keep doing GD&TOP reviews, they are by far the awesomest korean music act! That said, it would be really cool if you could do a video once about other korean music, like indie music, that's a little harder to find if you're not korean. I just discovered Broccoli, you too and realized that not all korean music is kpop. Thanks!
    Oh and I agree, the freudian snake is too cool!! Someone on that crew had 3 phds

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