This week we review the music video for GD&TOP “High High” and try to deal with Martina’s fangirl insanity for TOP. And it looks like we’re gonna have to deal with lots of other fangirls with this video, because this is the most requested video for our Music Mondays EVER. Or it could have been Martina secretly filling out our Music Mondays Request Form hundreds of times.

Anyhow, we said it in the video and we’ll say it here as well: this is the kind of video we’d like to see more of in Kpop. Sure, generic club scenes are generic, many of you may say, but at least they’re accessible. Stuff like JYJ’s “Ayyy Girl” video, which was a good song, really limited its international appeal by being such a bad video. It was perfect for fangirls who got to see their idols looking great, but to those uninitiated into Kpop the video looked quite weird, and might have been alienating. Or, at least that’s our fear. This video, on the other hand, was not only released on YouTube first – so as to hit the international audience – it was a video that many people can understand just fine: two guys rapping and having fun at a club. No awards will be given for most original video award, but at least it does well for marketing.

The song’s great as well. The beat is bumping, and GD & TOP are having fun on the mic. They’re not the best singers in the world, so they focus on what they’re best at: rapping. Back to JYJ for a minute though: what’s up with Kpop in English talking about being so high that they can touch the sky? JYJ did it and punched an eagle, while GD & TOP were a lot less violent about it. They had playboy passports as well, and they took an airplane to get that high (if we’re to trust the beginning of their video at all), while JYJ just, umm, flew there. Must be convenient being gods and all.

A couple of things we didn’t mention in the video, because it might have been too nitpicky: check out the video at 0:47 seconds. Did you see how huge that girl is compared to GD? She’s monstrous! Then GD tries to climb on the rails to match her height, but it’s still not enough, so then they just get rid of her and put two other short girls in her place instead. Ha! Poor planning on behalf of the directors.

Anyhow, this is going to be our last Music Monday of 2010! Next week we’re doing our “How to Dance Kpop 2010″ video, and that’s going to take the place of our Music Mondays for the week, but we’ll be back in January for all new episodes. Huzzah! And, as always, JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* are awesome for so diligently translating all of our videos into Korean. They’re the best! Anyhow, if you’re a big fan of Big Bang like Martina is, you might be interested in picking up their 2011 Calendar for the new year. Huzzah!

Big Bang 2011 Calendars & Planner
  1. I see my name at 7:10:P Wooh!

  2. I LOVE GD!!!!! GD GD GD GD GD!!!!

  3. Man this is so funny!… why does everyone like top I think GD is more handsome and pretty and he’s like the leader….?__? He does a lot of work to get albums ready.., YG even said that he’s at the studio everyday to make sure we get the new album

  4. in the mythological pairing of a dragon and a white haired extremely good looking man. just LOL. maybe you can said he is einstein instead good looking man with his einstein hair. hey new fan here. Martina you are really hillarious, if anyone told you otherwise, they are lying. hahaha 

  5. ROFL. i love spudgy’s dance xD

  6. really awesome MV.. .truely express how HIGH you can be in a club!!
    Imagine you are on the dance floor with a giant video screen playing HIGH HIGH and everyone do the “High hand sign” together! Definitely cool!!


  8. i love bigbang, but i’m obsessed with gd.lol

  9. G G G Baby Baby GD GD Baby Baby!!!!

  10. martina u are such a fangirl!!!

  11. YOU GUYS LISTEN TO FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS!! guess who just got a thousand times cooler?

  12. HAHAHA! GD is tiny compared to that girl. XD XD Didn't notice before.

    After watching these previous videos, I've become more of a fan of Big Bang. I quite liked their music previously, but I'm liking it more now.
    Martina got another fan for Big Bang. XD

  13. So I know this vid is from weeks ago, but i love the "contestant 1337" thing-HAHA brilliant!!

  14. TOP rocks the white hair..I think its his best look yet..Wait,except for his white hair in "Baby Goodnight"…I nearly had a heart attack at 2:00 of that vid..Anyway, I vote for TOP coz GD's afro just made me go: 0_0???

  15. of course its TOP… i mean your eyes cant help but to stare at him

  16. I see votes for T.O.P., G.D., and Taeyang, Daesung but how about Seungri? lol Gotta love the maknae.

  17. GD FURSURE!!!! GD GD GD! I've never really liked T.O.P. … = Surry – ALL THE WAY FROM FLORIDA!

  18. Hmm, I have to vote for T.O.P :DD.
    Andd, can I request for IU's Good Day? Thank you :D

  19. TOP!!!
    Martina, i know how you feel girl!!

  20. I have to say I’m just like Martina in this one,
    TOP is totally awesome and GD is the crown prince ;) But actually
    nstead of High High my favorite is Oh Yeah featuring Park Bom
    (I’m both VIP & Blackjack :D). How about doing
    2NE1’s Don’t stop the music? –> rel="nofollow">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5ekB4l-6wg

  21. my choice is Gdragon, for sure!!!
    Top is better looking, but GD is so expressive. and i really luv that

  22. TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP TOP all the way!
    – So yeah, I vote for TOP.

  23. G-Dragon alllllll the way!!!!!

  24. lol i totally caught the Ayyy Girl humming (the window dance gave it away haha).
    ummmm for the showdown im gonna go with TOP. its hard because GD is actually my fave, but im not digging the mohawk/afro thingy.

  25. that is a really hard decision!!! >_< …but i think i'm going to go with TOP… ^_^; both GD and TOP look AMAZING, but TOP hands down OWNS the suave/sexy look :3

  26. toppppp. of course top the sexy man…

  27. I really really like TOP in this video,
    omg so hot!!!!
    so of course my vote is for TOP!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

  28. Since I'm a BIG fan of GD (yes, i practically stalk him),
    i have to go with GD.

  29. Hell Yeah the Sexiest it TOP!!!!

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