Oh boy. This video’s now as old as TVXQ “Keep Your Head Down” and MBLAQ “Cry,” and there are lots of new songs that we could be reviewing instead, but – well – did we have any choice? Sure, it was delayed as more requests came for the other songs, but after Martina’s sadness last week lots of people pitched in to add their vote for GD&TOP’s Knock Out, so here it is!

Right off the bat, we can say that we don’t like this song as much as “High High,” but we do like this video better. This song is really catchy, sure, but it doesn’t have the same kind of shout-my-heart-out-cuz-I-love-this-song energy to it. But this video’s a lot cooler, and a lot more like what we’d expect from a YG Entertainment video. GD&TOP sit in butt chairs, dance around a tank, and have a puppy. A puppy! Also, here’s a cheesy joke: Why do GD&TOP have Segway’s in this video? Cuz that’s how they role! Ha! Lame joke, I know.

Also, we’ve really started to notice how much Top isn’t into dancing. Like, at all. He’ll do it for a video, but barely, and a bit awkwardly. What’s he doing at the end of the video? Riding an invisible motorcycle? Cuz that’s how he rolls! Ah, no that joke wasn’t funny.

More seriously, though, we’re finding the music banning going on lately a bit silly. Sorry, but it’s silly. This song has been banned by KBS, SBS, and MBC. Why? Not because it depicts drugs or violence or sex. Not even because it uses profanity. But because it’s somehow considered damaging to the national psyche. Can somebody please tell me what this national psyche is, what the rules are for it, and – more importantly what’s the criteria for what’s damaging or not? Seriously, a ban like this is just silly, and doesn’t paint Korean Broadcasting in a good light. And what’s the ban doing apart from making the song more popular and sought after? The taboo makes it more interesting. Ah. Rubbish. Korean Broadcasting, please stop banning songs.

As always, JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* are awesome for so diligently translating all of our videos into Korean. Huzzah! Also, if you’re as much a fan of GD&TOP as Martina is, you can buy GD&TOP’s Album by clicking the link here. Yeah!

  1. Who is the one with the “fuck me blind” shirt

  2. That was GD’s dog in the video ><

  3. Hi! I vote for GD and TOP because I’m a VIP!!! yaaaayy :) wanted to know what’s the song you use when you “celebrate”? I think I  heard it somewhere…

  4. I love TVXQ ^0^ their songs are just so…. buggigiyo!  hehehe. so awesome.

  5. awsmmmm review ! (I am so late on the commenting but IDGAAAAF!!!!)

    Anyways, I loved the ending of the MV, thought It was funny when TOP, did his silly dance XD

  6. Mobb Deep, son. And that’s fo Rhea!

  7. you live in that area? isnt that hang river? well the stage there looks like one thats in the river

  8. dear Martina,
    i dont think that TOP is that handsome… He is just a korean and by that it also means that he might change his original face and whatsoever….
    As for me… i can proudly say that ur beloved husband SIMON is way hotttt…. sexyyyy…. and more handsome than TOP… not to mention hes cute!!!! Simon is so lucky to have everything that every man wants… if only he is not married i think i would like to introduce him to my sista… Martina…. =P

  9. Yes very hard to be a "G"-Dragon with a puppy in your video (lol okay that joke was lame) Anyway the puppy is GD's puppy he is also in the breath music video too.

  10. Yay!!! “Knock Out” MV is awesome.. Yeah… i didn’t get it, this MV has been banned… They’re so ridiculous..
    oh Yeah… Thanks For review… love it!!

  11. duh. gd and top of course. i've watch visual dream. many people bragging about it's big budget intel whatsoever. i don't think that's the definition of great videos. but if many people still want to talk that, i think just seeing TOP standing and staring at the camera look's more expensive and luxurious than anything else. HOT TOP!!!!

  12. GD&TOP's Knock Out for sure!!! XD Visual Dreams is like the worst SNSD song EVER! ;O

  13. 아주 뻑뻑뻑뻑 뻑이 가요!
    GD&TOP forever! :D haha i vote for them
    lol snsd tries too hard to look 12 years old again
    aand request for one of seungri's new songs! preferably vvip :)

  14. GD & TOP forever!
    May I request Secret's shy boy? Thank you & rock onnnnn! ;D

  15. gd and top of course! their video really blows my mind unexpectedly. their videos are totally the definition of cool, awesome, and dorky but sexy. no idols have don't this kind of video before. great job GD and TOP and DIPLO. ssoo addicting

  16. Someone knows the real title of the "happy party music" ?
    This is so addictive ! :0
    I love Martina's dance too :p

  17. Only GD&TOP! I love SNSD very very much, but 'visual dream' is only for promote Intel! I think that wasn't good idea… (Although they maybe took a money) And it's only my think, GD&TOP's musicality and quality is very very good even though Knock out's lyrics is only praise themselves.

    And request: Seungri-'What should I do?'
    Wow, its autotune is very neat than other singers, and its music video is supa dupa sexy. Come to think of it, Seungri's music is all sexy! (ex: Strong baby, What should I do, etc. (I don't like strong baby cause it's lyrics is too erotic to hear!))

    P.S. I'm Korean so I may incorrect in English grammar, and sorry about it. ^^

  18. what do u mean top don't really dance and they can't sing. are u serious? have u seen garagara go? in that videos top totally look like dancing to me. and they are the best singers in korea. wahhh
    u should watch more bigbang concert or live videos though.

  19. My bad! Sorry about the confusion. We filmed this really late at night (past midnight) after having a really busy weekend. Sometimes we totally don't notice that what we're saying might be interpreted the wrong way. Bah!

  20. Have you guys ever seen a movie with TOP in it? It's something like watching TOP doing all sorts of things for 2 hours. I was Just wondring cause Martina seems like a big fan of TOPs

  21. Yeah Simon! I vote for SNSD!!

  22. I like SNSD but not as much as I love GD&Top, my vote goes to the double combo.

  23. GD & TOP of course!!!!! YG does much better videos!!!
    request: To stay in YG spirit, please do Seungri's VVIP or What Can I Do >< we need to support Bigbang's maknae :D it didnt come out long ago so its quite recent and interesting, and you get to see another side of YG videos :D btw since Martina is a big fan of YG, could you say something about the Kwon Twins? we see them in many videos and i would like some funny and interesting points of view about them :)
    I love your show!!! It's bbeokigayo too ^^

  24. GD&TOP vs SNSD
    i say GD&TOP

    i hope you could do G.NA 'Black and White' for next week :D

  25. GD&TOP FTW. :D

    Oh and GD and TOP can sing,Simon D:
    There are enough examples on the album.

  26. SNSD! (just because I'm a fangirl). But i love knock out too! :D . . . . I have a feeling that SNSD will get crushed, hmmm, why is that? let's check the comments-OMG! they're getting crushed. aaaaahhh, my nine angels <3 T_T Gz too GD&Top tough :D

  27. Hmm even though I'm not a great fan of SNSD and Bigbang, I would choose BigBang (FYI, I'M A GIRL) MWAHAHAHA

  28. 1. TOP's not very confident in his singing voice. GD doesn't like singing either but he's warmed up to it. They're rappers, not singers. GD, however, is pretty good in singing. Listen to Baby Goodnight's live performances.

    2. TOP does not dance.

    3. That puppy is Gaho, he's GD's dog. He's mentioned in the song too. "It's insulting when you like other oppas, when my dog Gaho is more popular than them."

    4. That stuffed toy is Chow Chow. Seungri owns it and is basically Seungri's baby. GD borrowed it for the video to cuddle it :)

    As for the MV, GDTOP's Knockout. YG's MVs are always high quality.

  29. Yeah finally! Thanks! ^___^
    Of course my vote goes to GD&TOP! ^____^

  30. lol…
    I think it's obvious GD&Top will win this round…
    lol… nice try Simon…
    but… the category of the videos are too different too… :/

  31. That's a great story, in fact :D Thanks for sharing.

  32. Hey Guys,

    This was easily your best KPOP Music Monday episode to me. I really enjoyed this one. I'll give me vote to GD & Top. Keep up the stellar work.

    The Waygook Effect

  33. Looks like someone got a haircut ((:
    Do Infinite's BTD next week please and thank you!

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