Oh boy. This video’s now as old as TVXQ “Keep Your Head Down” and MBLAQ “Cry,” and there are lots of new songs that we could be reviewing instead, but – well – did we have any choice? Sure, it was delayed as more requests came for the other songs, but after Martina’s sadness last week lots of people pitched in to add their vote for GD&TOP’s Knock Out, so here it is!

Right off the bat, we can say that we don’t like this song as much as “High High,” but we do like this video better. This song is really catchy, sure, but it doesn’t have the same kind of shout-my-heart-out-cuz-I-love-this-song energy to it. But this video’s a lot cooler, and a lot more like what we’d expect from a YG Entertainment video. GD&TOP sit in butt chairs, dance around a tank, and have a puppy. A puppy! Also, here’s a cheesy joke: Why do GD&TOP have Segway’s in this video? Cuz that’s how they role! Ha! Lame joke, I know.

Also, we’ve really started to notice how much Top isn’t into dancing. Like, at all. He’ll do it for a video, but barely, and a bit awkwardly. What’s he doing at the end of the video? Riding an invisible motorcycle? Cuz that’s how he rolls! Ah, no that joke wasn’t funny.

More seriously, though, we’re finding the music banning going on lately a bit silly. Sorry, but it’s silly. This song has been banned by KBS, SBS, and MBC. Why? Not because it depicts drugs or violence or sex. Not even because it uses profanity. But because it’s somehow considered damaging to the national psyche. Can somebody please tell me what this national psyche is, what the rules are for it, and – more importantly what’s the criteria for what’s damaging or not? Seriously, a ban like this is just silly, and doesn’t paint Korean Broadcasting in a good light. And what’s the ban doing apart from making the song more popular and sought after? The taboo makes it more interesting. Ah. Rubbish. Korean Broadcasting, please stop banning songs.

As always, JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* are awesome for so diligently translating all of our videos into Korean. Huzzah! Also, if you’re as much a fan of GD&TOP as Martina is, you can buy GD&TOP’s Album by clicking the link here. Yeah!

  1. Who is the one with the “fuck me blind” shirt

  2. That was GD’s dog in the video ><

  3. I agree the phrase “Bravo My Life” is akward, but it’s actually referring to an old 90s Korean ad campaign titled “Bravo My Life”. It was really big in Korea and was everywhere. P.S. There’s also a TV show in Korea named “Bravo My Life” too. So it’s not because GD’s Engrish is bad. It’s actually a cultural reference… to Korea’s bad Engrish.. -_-

  4. “Bravo My Life” agreed is a very akward English Phrase. This comes from an old Korean advertising campaign from the 90s or early 00′s named “Bravo My Life”..I think it was for either an insurance company or credit card company..Just sayin’

  5. The MV has been taken off of youtube, so I can’t watch it. I’m so sad now

  6. I was upset that there is copyright issues now with High High and Knock Out. Curse you playboy bunnies! D:

  7. That puppy is G-Dragons dog, Gaho. He is like the most awesome doggie on the Kpop scene. Taeyang also has a dog. I think T.O.P would get a dog too, but he suits kitties better.

  8. Hi! I vote for GD and TOP because I’m a VIP!!! yaaaayy :) wanted to know what’s the song you use when you “celebrate”? I think I  heard it somewhere…

  9. I love TVXQ ^0^ their songs are just so…. buggigiyo!  hehehe. so awesome.

  10. Yes! Keep reading! TOP have my babies ^.^

  11. awsmmmm review ! (I am so late on the commenting but IDGAAAAF!!!!)

    Anyways, I loved the ending of the MV, thought It was funny when TOP, did his silly dance XD

  12. Korea is actually really strict about what is shown on TV and stuff because they are really UPINYOURFACE about what the children are exposed to. GD and TOP’s “Don’t Go Home” was also banned because it was sexually suggestive.

  13. Mobb Deep, son. And that’s fo Rhea!

  14. you live in that area? isnt that hang river? well the stage there looks like one thats in the river

  15. i think that MV is really awesome it is nice and funny like their personality :D
    hmm and i don’t think GD sings that bad…i actually really love his voice
    OMG TOP doing nothing but standing there looking all hot :D i think GD & TOP was like the one of the best ideas YG had…(sorry for my shitty english and this site is really amazing)

  16. dear Martina,
    i dont think that TOP is that handsome… He is just a korean and by that it also means that he might change his original face and whatsoever….
    As for me… i can proudly say that ur beloved husband SIMON is way hotttt…. sexyyyy…. and more handsome than TOP… not to mention hes cute!!!! Simon is so lucky to have everything that every man wants… if only he is not married i think i would like to introduce him to my sista… Martina…. =P

    • Nuu! sorry Simon, you are really cool too, but, this poor girl can’t see the wonderfullness and sexiness and just pure hawtness of T.O.P? my, i think we have a really big problem.

  17. Yes very hard to be a "G"-Dragon with a puppy in your video (lol okay that joke was lame) Anyway the puppy is GD's puppy he is also in the breath music video too.

  18. I just discovered your site and very much enjoyed this kpop monday section. I will take a look other videos, too. =)
    I am a Korean girl (a bit old for a "girl" T_T) living in NYC for many years, and you guys remind me of my awesome canadian english teachers back in Korea. Erg, I had so much fun with them.. It's sad that there's no way to find them now. I lost all contact info! ToT

    I just wanted to drop a comment and say Hi.
    I know this is not the latest post and there's a chance that you would miss it, but I am a HUGE GD&TOP fan. lol
    Thanks for the amazing site. will def come back!

  19. GD& Top, but only because I’m not a big fan of SNSD

  20. I just found out about this sight..Awesome reviews..haha..TOP hates dancing..He never danced until he got into YG and they forced him too.. I feel a strong bond of fangirl kinship for Martina..I'm also TOP-obsessed.I just had a dream last night of me taking care of TOP's dog, Charlie and him falling for me coz he likes my ass when I bent over to get a brush for Charlie..Wahahaha..Go figure..^_^

  21. Yay!!! “Knock Out” MV is awesome.. Yeah… i didn’t get it, this MV has been banned… They’re so ridiculous..
    oh Yeah… Thanks For review… love it!!

  22. GD & TOP <333333333

    haha, may i request for Baby Good Night? ^____^

  23. Amazing! thanks for this…. Knock Out is one the best videos i've ever seen ^^ and i really liked what you said about the book in the video… AMAZING!

  24. Please do "Shy Boy" by Secret for tomorrow's Music Monday! …. unless it's too late. xp

  25. duh. gd and top of course. i've watch visual dream. many people bragging about it's big budget intel whatsoever. i don't think that's the definition of great videos. but if many people still want to talk that, i think just seeing TOP standing and staring at the camera look's more expensive and luxurious than anything else. HOT TOP!!!!

  26. GD&TOP's Knock Out for sure!!! XD Visual Dreams is like the worst SNSD song EVER! ;O

  27. 아주 뻑뻑뻑뻑 뻑이 가요!
    GD&TOP forever! :D haha i vote for them
    lol snsd tries too hard to look 12 years old again
    aand request for one of seungri's new songs! preferably vvip :)

  28. GD & TOP gets my vote!!!

  29. Definitely GD&TOP! 9 pairs of legs, cute(!) girls and a cheesy song. Same old story. Well, even a video of T.O.P doing nothing but staring at the camera can overcome SNSD.

  30. GD & TOP forever!
    May I request Secret's shy boy? Thank you & rock onnnnn! ;D

  31. GD and TOP's Knock !!

  32. gd and top of course! their video really blows my mind unexpectedly. their videos are totally the definition of cool, awesome, and dorky but sexy. no idols have don't this kind of video before. great job GD and TOP and DIPLO. ssoo addicting

  33. GD and TOP knock out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. shy boy secret

  35. Someone knows the real title of the "happy party music" ?
    This is so addictive ! :0
    I love Martina's dance too :p

  36. I Have to vote Girls Generation since that where my alliance lies but theyre not gonna with all these GD&TOP fans -kicks a fan- GET BACK!
    I think you guys should do Seung Ri's V.V.I.P

  37. I Vote for GD & TOP's knock out;) Sorry Simon n Yeh Martina:D
    Oh will u guys introduce the forthcoming "baby good night" n 'don't go home"?

  38. GD&TOP~ you could hardly find some rappers like them in 100 years~

  39. GD and T.O.P.!!!!!!!
    They are waaaaay better than snsd (or whatever they're called)!!!!

  40. GD & TOP's KNOCKOUT of course!!! totally fan girling now… :D

  41. GD and TOP has my vote :)

  42. It is so weird that this was banned…there was another song from that album that I know was banned (and it has some suggestive stuff so I guess it made a little sense to me) but this song has nothing in it that is "damaging to the national psyche." Unless maybe those networks are concerned that this song is soooooo "buggyguyyo" that it will harm the national psyche? lol

    But TOP does dance… :P
    Ever watch any Big Bang videos? And here's a fun fact: although they were both recruited and trained to be rappers in Big Bang, they both can sing (GD a little more – better – than TOP).

  43. Only GD&TOP! I love SNSD very very much, but 'visual dream' is only for promote Intel! I think that wasn't good idea… (Although they maybe took a money) And it's only my think, GD&TOP's musicality and quality is very very good even though Knock out's lyrics is only praise themselves.

    And request: Seungri-'What should I do?'
    Wow, its autotune is very neat than other singers, and its music video is supa dupa sexy. Come to think of it, Seungri's music is all sexy! (ex: Strong baby, What should I do, etc. (I don't like strong baby cause it's lyrics is too erotic to hear!))

    P.S. I'm Korean so I may incorrect in English grammar, and sorry about it. ^^

  44. Suki says that 뻑이가요 is this slang term for when your brain doesn't work. ie. You're drunk and you can't think. Young guys say it allot I guess.

  45. what do u mean top don't really dance and they can't sing. are u serious? have u seen garagara go? in that videos top totally look like dancing to me. and they are the best singers in korea. wahhh
    u should watch more bigbang concert or live videos though.

  46. gd and top of course. they're awsome.

  47. put GIRLS GENERATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'll really break down if u never pick SNSD……

  48. GD & TOP – Knock Out !! <3

  49. Can you guys do a video for Seungri – Strong Baby! I love the beat and there is alot of English in the song for Simon to critique! Plus, plus, the dance looks super fun and Seungri is cute ^_~

  50. Have you guys ever seen a movie with TOP in it? It's something like watching TOP doing all sorts of things for 2 hours. I was Just wondring cause Martina seems like a big fan of TOPs

  51. GD&T.O.P.

  52. GD&TOP all the way!!!!! Their video is totally awesome, fun and very cool, while SNSD's video was difficult to watch, the video was bad, it was like a MV made by me! SNSD deserves more, in change GD&TOP's video is totally HD and entertaining!!!__GD&TOP FIGHTING!!!!__Btw, can you talk about Seungri's VVIP MV in your next video???, totally awesome!!!!

  53. Nice work guys. I especially liked the when Martina walked into focus after fangirling/gamboling all over the snowy park! That was a very nice shot/effect.
    I gotta vote SNSD, just because they are my bias (S♡NE) but truly, Visual Dreams was mostly financed (I think) by Intel:Korea, and not a full SME production, thus weaker than Soshi's usual product, so truly, GD&TOP had a better video.

  54. gonna have to vote with martina this week — GD and TOP for sure.

    not a huge fan of the sparkly barbie doll robot thing SNSD has going on…i'm a fan, but i wasn't so thrilled with that.
    i hated Knock Out the first time i saw (and heard) it, but for some reason i love it now.

    and also, 2AM's "i'm a big baby" made me die laughing. your script writer (aka spudgy) deserves some lovin'! <3

  55. GD&TOP!!! :) uhahahaha.

    btw, can i request here? seungri's VVIP pleaase. :D

  56. Yeah Simon! I vote for SNSD!!

  57. I like SNSD but not as much as I love GD&Top, my vote goes to the double combo.

  58. GD and TOP all the way!
    will you guys do Teen Top Supa Luv??

  59. okies. thanks for replying. i thought that must have been what you meant, but you specifically said "i'm not a fan of when rappers try to sing, but they're bad at singing, so they sing really off tune." which, literally interpreted, means that you think that GD&TOP can't sing, and that they're singing off tune. which was not the case. so it sent me a little bit into rant mode……ehehe…..sorry about that.

    i still don't like that you phrased it that way, but i'ma let it slide :P

    btw, what i was saying about Martina allowing it was kinda facetious—she plays up being the fangirl on camera, and someone who is really that fangirly wouldn't be sensible about respecting other people's opinions :P

    • My bad! Sorry about the confusion. We filmed this really late at night (past midnight) after having a really busy weekend. Sometimes we totally don't notice that what we're saying might be interpreted the wrong way. Bah!

  60. i vote for GD & TOP.

  61. GD & TOP of course!!!!! YG does much better videos!!!
    request: To stay in YG spirit, please do Seungri's VVIP or What Can I Do >< we need to support Bigbang's maknae :D it didnt come out long ago so its quite recent and interesting, and you get to see another side of YG videos :D btw since Martina is a big fan of YG, could you say something about the Kwon Twins? we see them in many videos and i would like some funny and interesting points of view about them :)
    I love your show!!! It's bbeokigayo too ^^

  62. Of course!!!! GD & TOP =)
    Next Week: Park Jung Min(ss501) "Not alone"…. please!!!!! =)

  63. I vote for GD&TOP. They are so cool. I really like their music eventhough I don't understand Korean.

  64. of course no doubt about it GD and TOPPPPPP!!!!!!!

  65. GD&TOP vs SNSD
    i say GD&TOP

    i hope you could do G.NA 'Black and White' for next week :D

  66. GD&TOP FTW. :D

    Oh and GD and TOP can sing,Simon D:
    There are enough examples on the album.

  67. I'm sure GD and TOP will win (I totally love this song!!!XD) but I looooved the dance SNSD did in Visual Dreams. My vote goes to SNSD. ^^

  68. GD & TOP KO!!!

  69. Hello(: I think your videos are awesome :D and I like how at the ending of the video you can see the names of the people who voted for Knock Out :D I mean it was totally like Martina re-voting several times at the bottom right side of Simon if one pays close attention to it(: anyway, eat your kimchi rocks! :D do a 2AM song next(: or a bigbang one :D
    Thanks for listening~

  70. SNSD! (just because I'm a fangirl). But i love knock out too! :D . . . . I have a feeling that SNSD will get crushed, hmmm, why is that? let's check the comments-OMG! they're getting crushed. aaaaahhh, my nine angels <3 T_T Gz too GD&Top tough :D

  71. Hmm even though I'm not a great fan of SNSD and Bigbang, I would choose BigBang (FYI, I'M A GIRL) MWAHAHAHA

  72. SNSD! You guys should G.NA's Black & White next week! Canadian pride LOL :P

  73. 1. TOP's not very confident in his singing voice. GD doesn't like singing either but he's warmed up to it. They're rappers, not singers. GD, however, is pretty good in singing. Listen to Baby Goodnight's live performances.

    2. TOP does not dance.

    3. That puppy is Gaho, he's GD's dog. He's mentioned in the song too. "It's insulting when you like other oppas, when my dog Gaho is more popular than them."

    4. That stuffed toy is Chow Chow. Seungri owns it and is basically Seungri's baby. GD borrowed it for the video to cuddle it :)

    As for the MV, GDTOP's Knockout. YG's MVs are always high quality.

  74. GD & TOP love love love the video/song so catchy and awesome! They can both sing in their own style which makes them that much more awesome! these guys can make anything look cool/cute/manly! I always look forward to Music Mondays makes me look forward to your videos!

    Request for next week Seungri with VVIP or What Can I Do
    Seungri Bang in VVIP @0:34 is hilarious!

  75. Yeah finally! Thanks! ^___^
    Of course my vote goes to GD&TOP! ^____^

  76. oops.. and sorry for double posting….
    I loved it~~~
    and I love this song!!! lol…
    I drive my friend crazy… randomly bursting out, singing this chorus…
    but it's soooo catchy~~~
    hence… it is my ringtone~~~ lol

    Love you guys~~ ^^

  77. lol…
    I think it's obvious GD&Top will win this round…
    lol… nice try Simon…
    but… the category of the videos are too different too… :/

  78. Reading a book in a vid is old news. HyoYoung was reading a book in Bbiribam Bbaeribam. Check it out at 1:12.

    Of course, she was reading it upside down. While institutionalized.

    Ok, bad example.

  79. Told my wife today: "Hon, guess what day of the week it is?" She goes: "Um, Monday?" I say: "NO! It's Music Monday!!!!!!" She goes: "Simon and Martina. OOOH Yeah." I say: "And the little green Spudgy."

    Thought you might enjoy that story.

  80. I vote gd&top knock out!

    Although SNSD's song is pretty nice.

    I've only just come across you channel on youtube. I'm already a fan haha! Keep up the great work! Looking forward to Mondays now! X)

  81. Hey Guys,

    This was easily your best KPOP Music Monday episode to me. I really enjoyed this one. I'll give me vote to GD & Top. Keep up the stellar work.

    The Waygook Effect

  82. Looks like someone got a haircut ((:
    Do Infinite's BTD next week please and thank you!

  83. GD&TOP

    Request: Infinite's BTD (Before the Dawn)

  84. What? No subs for what Simon ACTUALLY said? :P…er I mean Simon your voice was so manly in this video…..
    When you said the only convincing crier was JoKwon….I could see it….when you said he probably cries everyday…..I had to have a sad laugh inside….poor Kwonnie….
    My vote goes to SNSD….only because they don't have butt chairs….which disturbed me.

  85. snsd visual dream ftw

  86. A'ight, Martina? Love the suspenders, and the earrings. Super-kewl. And Simon? Yet another classic t-shirt, man. Yyeeeaahhh… good one, Simon! Good for you… ! (GAAASSP!) A puppy…!!!

  87. i wasn't a huge fan of the SNSD vid so my vote goes to GD & TOP-just because they're FREAKING AWESOME!!!!

    also i agree with Haru, i throw my vote for Seungri's VIP vid but i would be just as happy with Jung Min's vid-Not Alone.
    (and i can't quite put my finger on it but Seungri's new vid totally reminds me of at least 2 other songs-like it kinda sounds waaaay too similar-but i don't know what the songs are…..hmmm….)

  88. duh! knock out by GD&TOP! hands down! XD gr8 review, guys! Martina's so cute in here!

  89. and my Vote goes to GD&TOP


    p.s. did someone have a birthday cause the age changed if so happy birthday

    p.p.s haha pp I love you guys

  91. Simon doing Mobb Deep LOL

  92. pleasee. why did u guys even put snsd as the rival? they not even have the same standard.
    gd and top are overratedly great. 100000% for gd and top and like 0.0001% snsd
    next week please put seungri's VVip and what can i do. he's justin bieber's rival u know. WATCH BRAZIL TV.

  93. GD & TOP!! Totally agree with Martina!! Great snow celebration scene and VoiceOver. Next week request – TOP -Turn It Up or Seungri – What Can I Do.

  94. can put the video super luv teen top ??

  95. ok, so i got a little distracted doing something else the first time i watched this, so i missed what Simon said before Martina started messing with the mic.

    WHAT THE HECK are you talking about that GD & TOP can't sing?! both of them can sing!!!!!!! have you not heard any songs with either of them singing?!?! YG never would have signed them if they couldn't sing. i normally can agree with you on just about everything—i love your sense of humor, and your critiques are often spot-on. but don't you DARE say that they "can't sing". listen to This Love by G Dragon. or Don't Go Home off the GD&TOP album. GD can sing. and so can TOP, tho his rapping voice is so unique they almost never have him sing—listen to She Can't Get Enough (with all of Big Bang). about 18 seconds in, you can hear TOP actually singing–not the singrap thing he does a lot of times. and then there's Oh Mom off the GD&TOP album. yeah, that has a lot of the autotune sound–but YG never autotunes artists to cover up bad singing. NEVER. people thought he did that with 2NE1—then they came out with It Hurts, and that shut them up. no one who knows what they're doing in the Kpop world signs a singer who has to be autotuned—and if you watch the documentary, it's fairly obvious that he can actually sing. they never really emphasize his singing anywhere, but there were 2 people about to be cut–seungri and hyunseung, both for things waaaaay more minor than not being able to sing.

    i'm really sorry for the rant….but i can't stand it when people say someone "can't sing". most of the time, when people say that, they say it based on a matter of taste. in this case, they were singing it weird on purpose. they sing it higher when they're on stage—they also do the rap part at a higher pitch.

    argh…went back to rant mode…one last bit: i really, really want to know what it is that makes you say that they can't sing. I also want to know what your opinion is after you've listened to at least some of the songs i've mentioned. and i'm also rather curious why Martina allowed you to say that when it's so obviously not really true.

    • btw, i do want to say i don't hate you guys or anything. i loved the rest of the video, and i've loved the other videos i've seen from you.

      but i do want some sort of answer to my rant. otherwise i will feel it was all for nought. i'd be satisfied with just a reply to my comment :D

  96. SNSD totally gets my vote!
    Visual Dreams was awesome!
    Bam~! Bam Bam Bam Bam~!!!!

  97. GD & TOP ofc :) btw simon your t-shirts in the videos are always really really qt, is there a particular shop that you get them from? sorry if this has been asked before!

  98. GD & TOP!

  99. I'm voting for GDTOP!! I love watching TOP dancing awkwardly and GD is so adorable!!!

    snsd !!

  101. I vote for GD&TOP!!!! <3

    and Seungri' V.V.I.P for next week please!! :) Or Park Jung Min's Not Alone. I'd be happy w/ either one!

  102. i vote for GD and TOP's Knock Out over SNSD
    thanks sooooo much for reviewing this MV
    and i hope you'll do Seungri's next week

  103. Yup, yup, they definitely look like "wrappers" in this video!
    TOP actually said that while promoting for GD&TOP (in a High High-era interview), GD told him that he (GD) would do all the moving & prancing around and to just occupy the middle of the stage, but after the 3rd performance, you could see TOP got a little more into it and started looking less like a rusted robot on stage.

    I vote for GD&TOP over SNSD (who's music video seems like an advert for orange juice or something…)

  104. I definitely liked GD&TOP's video more cuz they were so dorky and cute.

    For next week's video please do either Seungri's VVIP or What Can I Do

  105. Both GD&TOP and SNSD's songs/videos are good but this is defiantly not SNSD's best work. I mean the line for example in the front row someone was always covering up someone in the back. Also I thought they were supposed to be getting away from the cute scene? Haha but the dance was different which is Kool and the outfits weren't bad. I like how they put more of Sooyoung in ( She's the best!) They usually always have her off to the side or in the back. But GD&TOP win! I love the video y'all made this week! Y'all are great!
    How about 2NE1 – Don't stop the music or Teen Top – Supa luv

  106. GD & TOP hands down… although I don't mind SNSD's new song, the robot dancing is… kind of awkward of for me :-/

  107. I vote for GD & TOP! :D

    And I agree, the reason for banning this song was RIDICULOUS lol

  108. GD and TOP and VVIP for next week

  109. Gd&top!

    i vote for them!!,,,!!
    Seungri' V.V.I.P. video for the next music monday!

  110. GD & TOP!! And next week, please please please do one of Seungri's new videos! (I prefer What Can I Do, but I'd be happy to see VVIP, too)

  111. I have to put my vote for GD&TOP. Love them! :)

  112. SNSD VISUAL DREAMS <33333333333

  113. GD&TOP video!!
    Great choice Martina~haha :)

  114. I want Teen Top's Supa Luv for Kpop Music Monadys!! >__<

  115. I choose SNSD for the Intel video. Visual dream.

  116. Not gonna lie, you guys making fun of 2AM made me really sad! haha. They're my absolute favorite boy group. :3 Plus, their song wasn't called Saint 'O Clock. It was called Like Crazy (for the one you were looking at). Ahhh I love 2AM! So what that their agency likes to make em cry? THEY HAVE FEELINGS! hahahahahah. idk what I'm saying anymore.)

    I like SNSD better as a group, but G-Dragon and TOP's video was definitely better. SNSD's video was sorta just a CF so it's understandable! SUNNY HAS A CHORUS LINE IN THAT SOOOONG! <333

  117. GD&TOP!!!
    And for the next music monday Seungri "What can i do" or Park Jung Min "Not Alone"

  118. Who looks better?SNSD
    Whose video is better? GDTOP

    For next weeks video…G.NA 'Black and White'
    1. G.na's gorgeous (something for simon)
    2. 2AM Jinwoon is in it and he actually looks really good (for martina)
    3. there is a storyline
    4. SHE'S CANADIAN (support your native country)
    ALSO DID I MENTION SHE'S CANADIAN ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  119. Top can sing look http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foBKR00N1H8 ~!~!~!~!
    I do not understand why they never have him sing ><
    I can never pick a girl band over TOP, so I guess it has to be knockout ^_^
    Oh and do one of Seungri's new MVs next week please

  120. I place my vote for GD and T.O.P, because Knock Out is awesome! It's pretty funky, and I love listening to it~~

    For next week, I reqeust Seungri – "What Can I Do?"
    Pretty please :P

  121. GD&TOP all the way XD
    That SNSD video was a fail….

    I think the dog on their vid is GD's puppy!

    Anyway, I actually do love GD's different colour eyebrows :p

  122. I place my vote for G-드래곤 & T.O.P because the "Knock Out" music video is just really catchy to sing to and it's really tacky [ in a good way], the whole concept about the butte chairs, the puppy, and bubble wrap scene could only be pulled off by those two. As for 소녀시대 on their "Visual Dreams" music video, the "robot dance" is just to awkward I'd rather stick to listening to the song.
    My request for Music Mondays would be one of these three choices [ all because of the dancing and the lyrics]:

    1. Supa Luv – Teen Top

    2. Before The Dawn BTD – Infinite

    3. "What Can I Do?" Or "VVIP" – Seungri [maknae of Big Bang]

  123. GD & TOP dahh!! Sorry Simon~

  124. I'm voting for SNSD because their clothes didn't make my eyes hurt. Seriously, it was like bad eighties exploded all over GD&TOP.

  125. So i guess simon must have seen 8 miles or, a fan of mobb deep.
    yes sir i'm a huge fan of the song ,shook ones part 2.
    it goes like
    livin' the life that of diamons and guns
    livin' life like there's no damn rules,

  126. GD&TOP. I can't wait for them to release their mvs for Baby Good Night and Don't Go Home.

  127. well I heard that T.O.P just can't dance. simple as that. I don't care thou, he's perfect anyway.
    this week only Jungmin (from SS501) MV is coming into my mind. but I don't think it would be funny to review. oh wait, there's still (kinda old now) Infinite "BTD" MV :D yeah, please do this one :)

  128. GD is so hot and amazing but I have to admit that snsd's visual dreams is more catchy.

  129. GD is so cute but my vote its foor SNSD!!!!

  130. DAEBAK !!!
    Shout-my-heart-out-cuz-I-love-the-comment-below the video !!! Regarding all this k-ban-broadcasting madness,it's about time they come into their senses and stop being soo ridiculous !!!
    As for the voting part,would it be a surprise if i say : GD&TOP,baby,baby !!!
    Till next MOnday ●๋:

  131. GDTOP-Knock Out. When you're a girl that's really no competition. Especially when SNSD makes you feel like you should be at the gym.
    Also, well said Martina on the whole banning incident. I couldn't have agreed with you more, and your "Whaaaaaaat??" was epic.
    Holy crap SNOW!

  132. GD & TOP……………

  133. Yay!! Finally GD+TOP…even though I must admit I was thrilled TVXQ got their mv reviewed first (Im a Cassie, hehehe), I also wanted a review for Knock Out.

    P.S. The song Simon was rapping was Mobb Deep – Shock ones part 2

  134. YAY PANDA!
    me so happy when me watchy this clippy… *nod nod*
    anyways… tnx for the review I've been waiting for…
    and also… is there a need to ask?… of course I would vote for GD&TOP… lolz…

  135. Of course Martina's choice … GD & TOP !!! :D

  136. I vote GD&TOP (sorry Simon) and thanks for this Music Monday!^^

  137. GD & TOP's KNOCK OUT!!!

  138. LX777

    Yeah…double post…
    Sistar “How Dare You”-BANNED?!?!?WHY??

  139. I vote GD&TOP (sorry Simon) and thanks for this Music Monday!^^

  140. I vote GD&TOP.
    Really? SNSD with "Visual Dreams"? That was the worst video that SNSD ever made! (not to mention the awful dance).

  141. Gd & Top fa sure. Next week Seungri or Piggy Dolls Trend.

  142. LX777

    Your earrings and braces*love,love*
    Korea have snow…Bulgaria have snow -.HORAY <3 *big silly smile*
    0:21-1:00 Asians:'What is she doing?"-"Dunno"-"Aigoo,I don't understand women but i totally don't understand white women…"xDDD where is all asians btw?
    "Shazam"-Martina ,u Do't say it correctly, leave this job to Simon :3
    I like bubble wrap scene 2.And yeah…TOP is smarty pants (xD) he love literacy.
    Simon's "Good for u"-give me the creeps X.x

    Why suprisinglyyy…MBLAQ was sooo superb-cool-wet-witout umbrellas-smexy!!!Awww *fan girl*
    SNSD-i hate the song soo i hate the clip 2 xD*evil*

    For next…mmm…lets seeee…
    1.Park Jung Min(SS501) “Not Alone“
    2.Seungri(BIGBANG) “VVIP” or "WHAT CAN I DO"
    Um…Martiner,Martina 1,2,Not Martina 1,2->ROFL!

    P.S yeeee i have more characters here…BAD youtube!!!


    they totally just recruited a whole slew of people into being fans of a Kpop artist, if not the rest of Kpop, with that song. screw SNSD. (lol jk, i actually like SNSD, but that song gets on my nerves. bleh)


    (sorry for commenting twice, i posted the first one while the video was loading)

  144. MV request for next monday ===> SeungRi's new MVs "what can i do" or "VVIP"

    pleaase :D

  145. you guys are really amazing.. i love your videos… definitely GD & TOP yeah!!!! grettings from Mexico!!!

  146. gd& top for the showdown.. as for the next video vvip from fellow big bang member seungri :D:D:D

  147. GD TOP!! Simon, your video is boring.

  148. GD TOP aalllll the wayyy XD (Martina's request =b)

  149. Yes, finally…!!!!! I've been waiting for these Music Monday episode for 2 weeks and now it's here..!!! Yeiiii…!!!!
    My vote definitely goes to GD and TOP..!

    So funny the part of the requests: Marteena, martiner, not martina 1…. hahahahaha XD

  150. I vote for GD&TOP Knock Out. Not only because i like GD&TOP (Well … Mostly TOP …) but also because the video for Visual Dreams is … I don't know where to start, it looks cheap, theres many mistakes in the dance (Sorry SNSD ): ) and it's just boring.
    - So yeah, I vote for Knock Out.

  151. Hi guys! I must say i loved when Martina did the whole hooray sequence and dubbed over Simon's part with all GD&Top praise, very very cool. Thank you for featuring them on Music Mondays. I totally vote for GD&Top over SNSD anyday.
    I also want to request a song to feature: the new Seungri song "V.V.I.P.", just more Big Bang love.
    Thank you! :D

  152. Sorry Simon, but I gotta go with Martina's pick! GD & TOP FTW~!

  153. GD&TOP …HOT<3

  154. GD&TOP. Like there's another choice?!?!?!?

  155. this has GOT to be an awesome day. you're reviewing Knock Out, AND i finally found a place to watch Nineteen starring TOP and Seungri today. xD WIN!!!!

    anyway, yay for finally reviewing this!!!!! i'm totally with Martina, this totally shoulda been done last week (no offence to MBLAQ fans).

    also, did ya'll see diplo's response to this? he did the beats for this song. http://maddecent.com/blog/gd-and-top-knock-out

    it's actually kinda funny, especially when you read the comments from people who have no idea who they are. a bunch of them are now interested in Kpop xD

    • Cool! Thanks for the link :D We've liked Diplo for a while now, since his work with M.I.A. We saw GD&TOP mention him a couple of times in this video, and thought that he might have made the beat, but weren't sure. Makes sense now!

  156. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT ENOUGH TIME TO TYPE AS MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS AS I WANT!!

    And, I'm going with GD&TOP on this one. SNSD is kind of a snooze fest.

  157. Hmmmmmm…..that's a tough one. Don't be angry at me Simon and Martina but they were both a bit hard to watch. Maybe it's because I'm old.
    *GD & TOP….GD has a Don King Hairstyle and trying to mix it with Boy George makeup. Did Playboy pay for their clothes?
    *SNSD…..Female Androids? Animated blow-up dolls? Not their best work.
    Can't make up my mind about which one….
    What I liked the most was Martina's jumping all through the neighborhood. Can I vote for that?

  158. I think Simon is just jealous of TOPs manly dancing and all round manliness. Who else could ride an invisible motorbike and look sexy? Only TOP, thats who! I vote GD&TOP of course~

  159. GD and TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. Oh Em Gee.I have to celebrate that too. -Visual firework&confetti-
    My vote goes to GD&TOP. (:

  161. Yay!! It finally uploaded! I've been checking the website every 5 minutes since I woke up. Well almost.
    I love TOP but his dancing does need a little help…

    And I'm with Martina: GD&TOP!!! :-)

  162. GTOP- KNock OUT FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  163. I vote GDTOP for sureeee
    You guys should do Park Jung Min's video next week! For Not Alone
    or Infinite – BTD

  164. GD&TOP of course!!

  165. I'm glad you guys finally reviewed this video. :) Loved Martina doing the fan girl spazzing and hijacking the mic when Simon was talking lol. Oh dunno if Martina knows but the guys did "Night After Night" and it's up on DailyMotion (the first five parts). It's really good. :) And yeah Top isn't a dancer lol. I believe he used to get yelled at by choreographers in their training/debut days lol. And the puppy is GD's baby Gaho. He's adorable. You can see him in 2ne1 tv season one. Or just go to Youtube and type in "G-Dragon Gaho" and you can find him. He's adorable. As for the ending question it's tough cause I like both but I'm going to go with GD/Top for my vote even though I'm liking the SNSD song "Visual Dreams."

  166. GD and TOP's Knock Out all the way!!!

    • What an mind-blowingly awesome HOORAY Edition!! I just have to say, the puppy in the video isn't just ANY puppy but GD's Gaho and he's about year and a half now :)

      When 2NE1 was working with will.i.am, he played around with his Segway so YG got couple of them for his company too :D

      GD&TOP all the way, and please please please review Seungri next week! <3 Love you guys & Spudgy :]

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