Happy Halloween everyone! Yes, we know: yesterday was Halloween, but today we’ll still present to you the Halloween Edition of Kpop Music Mondays with Girls’ Generation’s “Hoot.” Now, this video just came out last week, but it’s bound to be huge, as is just about every other SNSD song, so we’ll present it now while it’s still fresh. If you’re a teacher, you’ll probably be seeing your students doing the dance to this a lot, or at least be hearing them singing Hoot in the hallways.

Anyway, it was time we did another girls group, since we’ve been doing so many kpop boy bands lately. Question though: anyone else seeing a trend with Girls’ Generation songs? I think Run Devil Run was about a guy that wasn’t treating them right, and this one is about the same, isn’t it? It’s totally bizarre, because I’m sure that any guy dating anyone from Girls Generation would be too busy with his mouth hanging agape the whole time to be able to talk to other girls. It’s also quite hilarious how different bands pander to their audiences in different ways: SHINee’s Hello was all cutey and captured teenaged hearts. Girls Generation, on the other hand, are all dressing up in different sexy costumes. Ha!

So, in the spirit of Halloween and giving out treats, we’ve got another giveaway. We’ve got a copy of Girls’ Generation’s new mini-album, “Hoot” and their promo poster as well. If you want to win one, head over to our Facebook page and leave us a comment in the post to the video telling us what costume you think Spudgy would look best in. Now we have him as Spiderman. Any better suggestions? We’ll pick one random person next week and mail it out to you. Happy Halloween!

And big thanks to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the Korean subtitle translations!

Also, I’d like to say wow! Isn’t this button here to the right of these words so cool? I mean, look at it in all its splendour! Did you try pressing it yet? It’s really awesome. Like, shazam wow! If you haven’t pressed it yet, give it a shot :D

  1. YAAYAAYA SUJU WON XD ahah love them soo much and the song No other too x3

  2. Errr, 훗 is Korean, not English. 

  3. Can you do a video of Super Junior No Other??? Thanksss

  4. yay super junior was way more cute!!!!!!!

  5. When they say hoot I do believe they are referring to it in korean not english. in korean it's like a combo of a scoff and a laugh.

  6. Burninating the countryside…
    Burninating all the peasants…

    OMG… where the hell did you get that shirt?! I was singing that song throughout my senior year.. good times!

  7. If you write Hoot in Korean, it is í›—. We use this when we want to laugh at something or we think we are superior than others in a cute way. Actually there is no specific meaning. It's like "Haha" or "HeHe".
    I think the word hoot is just there for fun. The sounds are the same when you say "hoot" and "í›—". No spesific meanings there.

    Anyhow, I am a high school student in Korea. i am such a huge fan of you guys! You guys know a lot of Korean pop music! I'm very impressed.
    I want to go to Bucheon Yeogo.ã… ã…  Come to my high schoooool!!! I assume your class might be fun.

  8. SNSD girls' generation DUH! pfft….better put girls' generation……

  9. Hahaha,,what a nice video,,i'm also loved girls' generation hoot !!! :)

  10. DBSK!!! No doubt. You know how much those full out animal costumes cost? Man…hard work right there xD

  11. Just a note.^^ That "guy" in there is Siwon from superjunior. :D

  12. isnt "hoot" used as a korean word "í›—" which is basically like laughing at someone?
    sooo i dont really think it is used 'incorrectly' :)

  13. Are u guys gonna do how to dance Kpop 2010??? Plz~~~~~~ do so!!! Looking forward to it so much!! BTW You guys (&Your videos) are awesome!!!!

  14. Of course TVXQ – Ballons MV is better…

    TVXQ jjang!!

  15. AYYY GIRL is the best……….

  16. I can't believe more people liked Super Junior! Something must be rigged! Really? Super Junior!?!

  17. why you compare the old MV (DBSK) and new MV (SNSD)?? for me I will choose DBSK, their MV concept is funny…^^

  18. Although I do love me some Choi Siwon in the SNSD vid, DBSK wins me over with their costumes! Simon and Martina, you are brilliant! Keep up the great work :)

  19. DBSKs Ballons costumes are awesome!!! I vote DBSK!!

  20. i prefer DBSK. they're look very happy in Ballons Mv and make me miss them T_T. sorry my english bad

  21. TVXQ, of course!!!
    Look at Changmin, does he so cute???
    And at the end of the MV, Jaejung trying to make the little boy dancing?
    No, no, TVXQ have to win, they're the cutest!!! ^^

  22. DBSK for the win~~~~ ooooof course!!! How can you get more adorable than that?!?!? keke
    rofl… SM and their English…. rofl….

    I totally agree with the fact that their dance moves and the MV does NOT go together though…. Siwon was awesome… but they totally lost me on the MV… >__<
    but… SNSD.. without a doubt is getting prettier by the day and they seem to be getting better at singing and dancing too… finally feels like singers than a group of girls singing… if that makes any sense~ :)

  23. i voted for nsd
    why? 1st becoz its 9:5, i prefere 9
    i love ballon by dbsk because its return me when i was in kindegarten school, since my last child time isnt full of ballon i voted for snsd hoot. snsd hoot inspired me to shoot my aim in the future. a lot of aims that i might be reach….

    in snsd hoot, siwon also appear…. i love siwon so much, adding since he filmed athena n the character suitable in hoot mv. the costum, the coreo, and the girls, i like all….


  24. SNSD!! SNSD!! SNSD!! Totally pretty pretty pretty pretty angels.

  25. DBSK!!!!!! "BALLOONS" HANDS DOWN!!!!!

  26. i think that DBSK looks better in costumes. its mostly about talent though. not just their looks. i also like how for Balloons, its about being cheerful and fun in their music video.

  27. my vote goes to DBSK for sure!!

  28. SNSD for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Totally missed the gunplay part. Bah! Sorry about that.

  30. SNSD wins! :) By the way, the Korean James Bond is the super cute & handsome singer turned actor Choi Siwon from Super Junior!! <3

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