Woohoo! Our first Music Monday of the year for a 2013 song, and it’s a HUGE song. It’s Girls’ Generation’s “I Got a Boy” which got a bergillion views and lots of hype. Lots of people asked us how we felt about it, which we stated in the video above. If you haven’t seen Girls’ Generation’s video yet, check it out below, and then we’ll expand on some more of the points we discussed in the video.


For starters, we really like writing these blog posts, because we get the chance to talk about our ideas in a lot more depth. In our videos, we have to balance the need to express our opinions with our desire to entertain. We’re silly people, and like to talk about not silly things in silly ways. Talking for too long, on it’s own, is boring for us, and we want to make the videos fun. These posts, though, let us talk a lot more about ideas that would take us farrrr too long to talk about in video format. So, let’s talk a bit more here, if you’re up for it.

For starters, we aren’t thrilled by the song, and we won’t be convinced otherwise by people telling us what the song means or what it does. I’m also going to argue against potential comments here from people who say that the song is a lot better when you listen to it a lot more. Sure, that may very well be the case. If I listen to it another 20 times, I might start liking it. The problem for me is, I don’t want my pop music to do that. I want to listen to a song and be blown away by it and to be caught up in a mindless fury of dancing. I don’t want to have to work hard at liking a pop song. That’s not why I listen to pop music. Make me dance because I love the song; don’t make me put effort into liking your song.

I like my songs to follow a pattern. This song breaks the pattern of songs, for me. Sure, it’s different, and very original for a Kpop song, but not everything that’s different is good. I remember reading some godawful books in English class simply because they were the first of their kind. Great: kudos for being original, but you still suck, Djuna Barnes (Ohhhh, how I hated reading “Nightwood” What a sack of crap!)

And so it is with this song, though I don’t violently heave at the thought of it like I do “Nightwood.” “I Got a Boy” is not a sack of crap. It started off great, but then falls apart in trying to do too much. In my opinion, it’s better to be great at one thing than mediocre at many things. Electric Shock, an absolutely awesome song, had a solid pattern and sound. They stuck to it. They developed it a bit, but they didn’t abandon it within the song. “I Got a Boy,” though…I…I just don’t know what they were thinking. You might find it’s great, and you might like the originality. We find it forced and unaesthetically pleasing, and feel like if it was given to a band that wasn’t famous, many people would feel the same way, too.

The imagery in the video also doesn’t do it for us whatsoever. But, then again, you know that we’re not particularly fond of SM videos, though we often love their songs. This video: it just upset us on so many levels. Girls’ Generation are women now, not children. Act a little more…mature? Why do they act like fools when the boy rings the doorbell? Is this new technology to you? Why throw all of your stuff everywhere? Uggh! That opening scene was just so…bizarre. The video would have been a lot better without it.

Girls’ Generation dance phenomenally well here. This is probably one of the best dances from a female group that we’ve ever seen. It’s badass, aggressive, and confident, and we don’t see that from a lot of girl dances, right? I just wish they would have stuck with that image of power and assertiveness, and not regressed back into slack-jawed ninnies when the boy is around. When they’re with each other, the girls are rugged and tough. Bring a boy into the picture, and they act like they’re five years old again. That’s not cute. That’s not endearing. That’s ridiculous, and just a dumb message to get across.

Let us know your thoughts. We’re 50/50 with this. It’s got some really good parts in the song, and has really outstanding dancing, and it’s got some really bad parts in the song, and has really stupid imagery.

If you like it more than we do, make sure you pick it up via iTunes and YesAsia. More importantly, though, if we haven’t annoyed you with our review, give us a vote for the Shorty Awards! We’re in second place, and we’re catching up to first, but we need the power of the Nasties to Nastify the Shortys! Do it!

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And, if you’re feeling like getting in a few more chuckles, you can do so at the expense of Martina’s inability to pronounce some words. She also can’t help but think of buttcracks at times. Oh Martina, you special, special girl :D


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DwHBdVgewU some of the soshi members can rap…except SM was so biased towards Yoona (whose rapping is horrid) and gave her like 80% of the rap lines and left the 20% for the rest of them

  2. Victor Ha

    Hmm… I do agree with you on most parts on how the song seems too disjointed for a normal person to like. Same with the video as in there is an overload on aegyo throughout the video that, although I don’t mind, should not exist (at least toned downed by a lot). I don’t think that SNSD deserves that much criticism on that because, as you said in the review, SNSD did not went for this image by choice (cause of slave-working SM Entertainment). Although this is prevalent in other groups and performers, certain people, for example, Hyuna who in my opinion should not be popular because of her fickle image as both cute and sexy. I’m not sure, maybe it’s just that SNSD’s cuteness is not as overwhelming in my opinion. I think the rapping was okay as well, compared to The Boys. Some of the people I showed it too got very confused while others find it awesome. I happened to like this song very much (not just because I’m an SNSD fan); I find this style a welcome change on normal K-pop songs. Maybe I’m a bit biased, but maybe on that 50/50 feeling you have about this should be on the side of liking it.

    P.S. I love Martina’s rap. It’s so hilarious and puny. I wished that you talked more about the dancing and that setting that the girls were in when the song ended (it wasn’t just a boring box as usual for SM and I wished that SM makes more setting like that). http://smtownjjang.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/20131601_i-got-a-boy.jpg

  3. Martina, I LOVE your outfit!!! ^ _^ “I gotta a boy, chicken.” I LOVE THAT REFERENCE. When I first heard this song, I was equally saying….W T F???? Seriously, good job on this MM. I also like the advertising suggestion. Your shameful suggestion is PERFECT AND…I agree that GG should be able to grow up. I thought they had as the last couple of MV indicated then all the sudden…THIS???? The song…LOVE!! The MV….eh! I know….I’m really behind on my viewing of MM…been a bit busy! LOL Love and Peace!!!

  4. Isn’t it “Lemme put it down another way” ?

  5. HAHAHA. “You’re a clever man, Snape.” Oh my god, I died.

  6. Look at this pic. o – o

    if that doesnt work here is a link: http://tinypic.com/r/fjl45s/6

    (please vote up to share this with everybody! ^_^)

  7. Alright. I wanted to share this with all of you.

  8. cglyn

    Am I the only one who thought at the beginning of the song Sooyoung says “She’s a cat burgler.” instead of korean lyrics “시작해 볼까? / Sijakhae bolkka?” ?

  9. some of the members showed potential skills of rapping before the boys came out but Yoona is just downright awkward with her rapping..Yuri can actually rap to start with,hyoyeon is definitely good at it,sooyoung is decent..the roles of rapper in the group is

  10. I vote Chunji for biggest scumbag foreva.

  11. I pretty much got into a semi-argument on AKP because I said I didn’t like the song. On here someone very nicely pointed out the “read the lyrics/listen to it more” thing. Thing is I’m just like you guys, I don’t want to have to listen to a song a billion times to get to like it.

    The “good news” is that it doesn’t make me cringe that much anymore. And I can watch the lives just fine (after all, the dancing IS cool) . The “meh news” is that the lyrics make it seem as childish as the video when the guy rings the bell, and it’s even worse than Gee.

    The only “assertive, bad ass girl” parts are in the dancing and it’s all lost in the song. Not only is it a messy mash-up of “trends” that could indeed do well on their own… ah, how I miss the Run Devil Run era!

    Please, SM Ent, stop it. Give them something more meaningful to play with. Give them lyrics that show a more mature side. They can’t be the Gee girls forever!

  12. N-no download for the rapping? B-b-but, I have all the F.ART (F.ART as solo artists?) mini songs… TT TT

  13. I don’t think the issue is that you can’t have cute hip hop. I’ve heard cute rap songs before and they’ve worked(well, I liked them anyway), but those songs have always sounded cute. I Got A Boy doesn’t sound aegyo-cute, so it doesn’t make sense to out aegyo in the video, but I’m sure someone out there can make aegyo hip hop that works.

  14. I vote for chunji!!! I totally agree with your review, great dancing, very impressive. But I HATE HATE HATE the song.

  15. ummmmm i vote for chunji he was waaaaaaay worst

  16. Martina’s Aegyo rap killed me. “Oppa, gonna pop a cap in yo a**” :D :D :D

    I love your blog posts. I usually read them before i watch the video. Write more, write more (I am a compulsive reader, though. Maybe you shouldn’t listen to me.)!

    The teentop song is more scumbagy. the lyrics make it very clear that he’s cheating and wants to get away with it.For GG, it could be fantasy, and somehow they aren’t all dating 1 guy. All their boyfriends just look the same when they think about them…yeah……

  17. i love simon & martina’s opinion on this song & mv. :)

  18. Hyoyeon is the only one who realizes Snape is dating all nine, and slaps him like a boss!. Hiphop Hyoyeon FTW :P

  19. Chunji!! his was cleverer and more conniving hahaha
    and 1 guy dating a few girls (or vice versa) is not so “scumbag”-ish to me, it’s just “k-pop” XD

  20. I demand more Aegyoilla videos!!!

  21. i agree they can’t do hip hop aegyo, but 1TYM totally can. look up 1TYM Good Love. they are the most swagin cute boys ever in that video.

  22. I agree with you. The dance is awesome but the song sounds like it can’t make up it’s mind.

  23. Teen top dirty scum bag :)

  24. Did anybody else notice that there is quite a lot of Spudgy hair in this video?

  25. oh no they did’t censored that… that’s sad… :-/ (sorry I’m having some serious problem with my english.)

    I need to watch this now.

  26. Am I the only one who noticed that there is a lot of Spudgy hair in this music video?

  27. “That opening scene was just so…bizarre. The video would have been a lot better without it.”
    THIS. OMG THIS SO FREAKING MUCH. I still remember how I couldn’t stop tweeting something like “the MV is okay, except for the first 20 (or is it 30? I forgot) seconds. I totally dislike the opening scene.” it’s … unnecessary.

    “Girls’ Generation dance phenomenally well here. This is probably one of the best dances from a female group that we’ve ever seen. It’s badass, aggressive, and confident, and we don’t see that from a lot of girl dances, right?”

    and yes, I also couldn’t agree more to this statement. if there is one thing I love the most from the MV, it’s the choreography. better than any other SNSD’s choreography in the past. tell me your wish is an exception since I love everything about the song, including the MV and the choreography.

  28. Seriously LOVED the Aegyo rap. Listened to it several times.

  29. Simon and Martina, THANK YOU! Thank you for being completely honest in your review. I said just about the same thing on Youtube, BIG MISTAKE. I was literally attacked by SONEs. I was called all sorts of horrible things for giving an honest opinion. And the same exact thing happened when I reviewed Dancing Queen by Girls’ Generation on Youtube. The way I was received was as if I killed their Spudgy and held Dr. Meemers hostage. I don’t understand why people have to be so…mean. We are all K-Pop fans but people like them give all of us a bad name. When I tell people I like K-Pop, suddenly it’s like I’m all Cathy Bates in Misery. It’s sad and we need to change.

    • I can appreciate that you’re honest as long as you’re as tactful as S&M about it. In fact, they are a perfect example of how to express a dissenting opinion without being disrespectful. I love this song, but other SONEs (and idk if I can even call myself that) need to realize this song is extremely polarizing.

  30. xD I replayed that rap like 3 times that was hilarious

  31. I think that the boy is not really boy but kind of symbol….
    it’s not like that boy is playboy and cheats the girls….
    but he’s like an ideal boyfriend figure….

  32. Oh my gosh Martina. That made me die. That was too cute XD It threw me off though, I wasn’t expecting that.
    You should totally make a song about that. I would pay money to listen to it (if I had any O.O)

  33. beyondhallyu(dot)com also did quite a good piece on GG’s I Got A Boy, particularly looking at it from a feminist/gender equalist perspective, and it was quite well done. That’s how I learned that (unsurprisingly) the song was written by a man.

    Great job as usual, S&M! I agree with quite a lot of what you said, and it was entertaining as always :)

  34. Oh my god. I think I busted a gut laughing to this Music Monday. Thank you SO much for this one!!

  35. Hey Simon and Martina! I think you should check this video out! It’s a really sick and awesome performance!


    Hope you guys can see this! ^ ^

  36. I really love your response to GG – I got a boy. That song is awful. Just too much to take in. Even the “I got a boy” part is sluggish. Would you really say that in real life? iiaaeeeww!

    And MV is so horrible. I’m kind of ashamed of GG right now. Since Psy brought great attention to Kpop singers, they are just so disappointing. I expected a lot from GG after their last comeback. Disappointing…again T_T

  37. Found myself singing ” I got a boy chicken, I got a boy chicken” in the meat section of the supermarket yesterday!

  38. I think that the boy is not really boy but kind of symbol….
    it’s not like that boy is playboy and cheats the girls….
    but he’s like an ideal boyfriend figure….

  39. I guess I’m in the minority of people who liked it upon first listen.

  40. at 1:49 of the actual video, I understand they were doing the fade into view thing throughout the video but rite at that mark I think they mess up lol

  41. I know that you guys have your opinions, but I just want to share mine.

    First off: hiring one male actor makes perfect sense in this song. Notice how you never see his face? The point of his presence is that he’s that “boyfriend” that girls talk about in girl talks, not one specific boyfriend. It’s almost like he’s an idea rather than an actual person. Therefore, there’s no need nor point in hiring different actors when you’re not supposed to give him a solid identity in the first place. He’s the nameless, faceless “boyfriend” girls like to rant about and gush over with their girlfriends. And no, he’s not cheating on all the girls in GG because again, he’s the “idea”.

    Secondly: I don’t understand why you’re having issues with the opening scene. If you listen to the lyrics of the song, you’d notice that it’s about a girl who’s insecure around her boyfriend. Yes she’s happy to be with him, but she’s also unsure of herself. The girls are all badass with they’re with /each other/ because they’re comfortable with their fellow girlfriends. But having this whole insecurity thing is realistic because face it, a lot of girls can be insecure, no matter how confident they may be appear to be in front of other people. Therefore, when the boyfriend rings the doorbell, she’s not “scared” of him, just nervous, because it came so suddenly. It’s that whole “omg how do I look, how do I smell, do I look pretty” kind of thing that runs through your head. And notice how right after this scene, the song starts? Again, the song is about how the girl is insecure around her boyfriend, and this opening scene perfectly introduces this idea. And believe me, this is realistic because I have a friend right now who freaks out when her boyfriend comes over. And yes, she’s been on dates before, and she’s not some frail feminine girl either. She’s just a girl.

    And the fact that all 9 girls are living together? Again, just a /representation/ of the girl in the song.

    Yes, the whole aegyo thing may have been a bit too much. But personally, I thought it was fine? I find it normal for a girl to be somewhat shy and nervous in front of a guy they really like, regardless of age. But that’s just me, and I do see how it might have been too much for GG, given their ages (but then again, they look so young anyway so it fit them). But again, guys dig it. I have a friend, a male fan of SNSD, who lamented the lack of cuteness in “The Boys”.

    Yes, you may not like the song, and you may not care for how the lyrics explain its disjointedness. But the lyrics do actually relate to the video for once. Sometimes, I really can’t understand why you guys have to take everything in the video so literally.

  42. Thanks very much. I am not sure what I specifically allergic to, but I do know that some perfumes are worse than others for me.

  43. I read a number of blogs/vlogs etc on Kpop/Kdramas …and the topic of this song (s) keep coming up. Seriously looooooooong posts from GG fans explaining in every possible detail why this song is great and should be listened to a dozen times until you like it. (and how innovative it is) For me, it’s like peas.

    yeah. English peas.
    I will never like them.
    no matter how they are cooked. no matter how many times I’ve tried them…

    do. not. like.

    If a song(medleymashup) has to be explained over and over and ….you have to plead with others to “just listen to it for the 42nd time, you’ll see how awesome it is” ——then maybe the-major-fans (& SM Ent.) should accept that there are a lot of people who don’t like…um….peas.
    Those who enjoy it…do so. Those us of who think it’s a musical train-crash will await another GG release and hope it’s something less jarring.

  44. Couldn’t agree more with you guys. The whole “Listen to it 20 times to like it” thing is ridiculous. Even GG themselves said that they listened to it a 100 times until they began to like the song. And SM really needs to do something with that AD before Simon finds it in SM’s office and Dothraki Man Warrior it to bits lol

    And also, thank you very much for using my question for the “How famous is kpop in Korea” tl;dr!!!! :D

    (This is from my discus account).

  45. “You can be hip hop, or you can be aegyo. But you can’t be both!”

    THANK YOU. That’s exactly what I think of, honestly, 98% kpop girlgroups. Seriusly. NO.

    One thing or the other. You can’t be a sexy confident woman and a cute innocent girl at the same freaking time. YOU JUST CAN’T.

    That’s the main reason whay I can’t stand kpop girl groups.

    They want to be 2NE1 AND they want to be GG… at the same time… in the same video… OR WORSE… they alternate comebacks with the two images.


    Gosh… seriously, i really hate it.

    Invent something new or stop pretending, either way… you’re loosing respect not only as a potential artist but also as a woman.

    P.S: OMG YOU HAVE JJ ON YOUR LAPTOP *W* There, I said it xD

  46. LOVED the review. Loved your guys!!!!

  47. on another note aside from KMM… i am so thrilled to see that Simon and Martina are currently in first place for Best Webshow!!!! I have been watching the numbers closely these past few days and its so amazing to see the numbers jump so dramatically. ~Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh We So Nasssssty!

  48. Well, first things first- thanks for such an honest opinion of the song guise. You must have been under a butt load of pressure, considering the mixed reviews IGAB earned. So nice job keeping it real yo.

    Also, your commentary on how Girl’s Generation are given fetish concepts was great. I was really looking forward to something more empowering from GG- even though The Boys wasn’t the best song out, I actually felt like the girls were more in control of their own sexuality, if you know what I mean. I feel like it’s about time some girl groups graduate to more womanly concepts- Brown Eyed Girls are a good example of idols who promote a more mature version of sexuality.
    I’m not suggesting that GG start crotch thrusting, but I’d like to see IGAB with more swag and less ‘oh oppa it’s my first date kawaiii~’. Not that these fetish concepts aren’t executed well (or aren’t enjoyable), it would simply be nice to see GG switch it up. They just aren’t teenagers any more.

    Wow /end rant/. I’m actually pretty fond of this song, it’s so energetic and great for dancing! But not so much the video;;

  49. Simon and Martina, I am super shocked that you didn’t make any comments about Sunny’s hair?! She went Spudgy Blue and Martina Pink all in one video!! Also, I LOVED the rapping skit!!!!!!

  50. I’d have to vote for Chunji because I just can’t even deal with that video tbh.

  51. That way that Martina’s rap reminds me of E.via

  52. how many Nasties paused the video at 2:05 to check if their name is on that part of the Nasty Wall of Fame? I did. LOL

  53. Thank you for being so honest about your opinions. I completely agree. The both of you couldn’t have said it better. Martina’s aegyo rap was THE best! And Simon’s little skit about being the cheating boyfriend had me in tears! Hands down, you guys are the best!

  54. I totally agree with all you said and I think this may be one of your best vids yet! I think there is way too much going on in that video. Anyways, ROFL! Martina, that rap was DAE…..BAK! Esp the ending! And who else said “Baby” after Martina said Fantastic,eh? I’ve been brainwashed O.o …..=0}

  55. Sunny stoled Spudgy hair style XD

  56. “you are a clever man Snape” lol. I always thought that simon looked a lot like snape with that wig.
    About the scumbag, teen top one. I just can’t, even thinking about it makes me angry.

  57. The hat on spudgy at the end <33 are u guys selling that?:]

  58. 2NE1 manages to be cute and playful like in Follow Me, but you’re right. It’s NOT helpless, cute, coy aegyo. I get that all of your points about GG but I think you guys are a little harsh. They aren’t an evolving artist, they’re a gimmick girl band. Sexy/aegyo/slumber party fantasy. You know? It’s really good for what they are. It’s not like BoA or Madonna. I’m finding SM beats to be TOO much lately. Like Humaniods and Catch Me, there’s so many breaks, it’s like they throw in every trick plus the kitchen sink. They still produce amazing beats and I love their talent, but they’re overdoing it instead of trying something new.. it’s just more! And don’t think I didn’t notice your lovely Jaejoong Screenie. Can’t wait to see that crazy concept.. He always liked being called a vampire for his fair skin..

  59. I LOVE Martina’s Rap!!! It is soooo flippn’ CUTE! She need’s to drop a mini Aegyo rap album!

  60. Simon and Martina, just to let you know both of you are awesome!!!

  61. Idk, i think you can definitely be aegyo and badass. No one is 1-dimensional, and SNSD shouldn’t be either. That’s while I really like this song/style update (yes, update…this is definitely not a reversion to their “Oh!” days), and I really like how the random “date” clips clash with the dancing. 3:40-4:00 was a bit too random for me though.

    I applaud the aegyo rapping ^^ I was crying from laughing so hard, I had to leave my dorm room…my roommate was giving me weird looks…

  62. I drive to work (in NY) everyday and everyday on a very popular radio station during an extremely popular morning show SM has bought a (very expensive) ad for this song. 1) i get freaked out because kpop is on my radio 2) I roll my eyes bc (don’t kill me) but SNSD is NOT the band that is gonna break into the US market 3) the ad doesn’t tell you what the hell a “Girls generation – i gotta boy” is (for the non kpop people) and 4) it sounds like they are saying “I got a boy munchin” yea you know what im saying.. most Americans are gonna be confused. (sorry please dont kill me snsd fans)

  63. Aegyo and hip hop = B.A.P stop it -.-

  64. I didn’t have enough time to finish my previous comment nor to read the whole blog post but now as I did: yay, Infinite H reference! I assume you’re suggesting us to vote for them *cough cough* Vote for them, people!
    *back to the topic*
    As for the video, dancing was definitely the best part of it. So fierce! I also liked their outfits and color saturation. The non-dancing scenes though… I 100% agree with you.

  65. I forgot – Teen top gets my vote for biggest scumbag. I can not watch that video or listen to the song! It makes me feel dirty!!! And not in the good, EYK Nasty, way.

  66. I forgot – Teen top gets my vote for biggest scumbag. I can not watch that video or listen to the song!

  67. Personally, I hate the meaning of the song – it matches with the eye-rollingly immature feeling of the sugary part of the video. I actually kind of like the first two parts of the song, but don’t care for the third drop – it’s too left field for me. After three listens, though, I find that I like the song a lot more if I forget the meaning of the lyrics and don’t watch the video. I’ll just stick with the performances because that dance is pretty dope.

    I agree, though, I hate it when I need a song to grow on me.

    BTW – Martina – I LURV THE HAIR STYLE!!! And I heard you say ‘I got a boy chicken.’ Heh.

    And finally, the return of AAYYYYY GIRL!!! Long live!

    Lastly – where can I purchase some AegyoIlla? That s*** is phat dope, kitten. Yeah. I want ‘Oppa, I pop a cap in yo ass’ for a text notification tone.

  68. So, when should we expect a release of a Martina aegyo rap mini album? :D Seriously, put it on itunes, and I’ll throw my money at it. It was funny and brightened up my day.

    Also, excellent review. You prevented serious backlash (you pulled it off! Hopefully no Sone-bashing happens) while still be able to in depthly criticize the song, MV and dance.

  69. The guy in I got a boy sure is worse :

  70. Sometimes if I watch the video for a Kpop song I find it makes me dislike the song. I couldn’t stand GD’s Crayon video. So I thought I hated the song. However, when heard it without the video I found that I loved it and can’t get enough of it. Same thing happened with I Got a Boy. I can’t watch the video but I heard the song by itself and now it’s stuck it my head. I think the video heightened the fact that it seems like two really good songs smashed together. It’s like taking two great foods and trying to eat them at once….lobster nachos anyone?

    As for applying the perfume I have seen some people do that. I don’t do it myself because I’m too busy trying to spray some perfume on before the sales girl tries to throw me some elaborate sales pitch. I think from now on I’m just going to have to tell her I can’t listen to her sales pitch because I have diarrhea.

  71. also agree this song is very disjointed but fun at the same time i suppose :P biggest scumbag is defo Chunji for being so happy about cheating and just so damn cocky

  72. I reaaaally liked the black EYK hat *-*

  73. This might sound daft, but I’ve always wanted to see ye do a music video reaction to popular kpop videos like these. I’ve always wanted to listen to your first impressions of them..:D
    (Like, being posted along with music monday blooper footage so no opinions are spoiled.)
    Awesome review as usual!! Personally I love this kind of fragmented song, but everything you said was completely valid, and the skits were hilarious!! xD

  74. kpopfan123

    Hey guise!

    “For starters, we really like writing these blog posts, because we get the chance to talk about our ideas in a lot more depth” and I love reading them :)

    “Bring a boy into the picture, and they act like they’re five years old again.” actually I read a manga once where the guy acted like that… not a normal behaviour I’d say… funny manga though

    For me, if the song stopped at 1:12 I’d say it’s the first Girl’s Generation song I like, but.. it doesn’t = . =

    Awesome review guise!! :D

    P.S: love your sweater and necklace Martina! :)


  75. IT’S TOTALLY SNAPE!!!! Definitely! I mean, who else could it be with that long greasy black hair? SNAPE!

    Chunji is definitely more scumbag-like in Don’t Spray Perfume. No doubt.

  76. Whoot! I voted for the Shorty award and I will vote again on the book of face! I hope you guys win… that would be amaze balls.

  77. Yeah, on the whole, I liked the song, will listen to it more, etc… but it was still a giant mess and probably my 5th or 6th favorite song on an album with 6 songs I liked. Throw in the japanese album they released a month before it and falls _way_ down. So yeah, not my choice for a song to make a video to. And while I didn’t mind the video, it certainly won’t be drawing me back for repeated views either…

    In other news, teen top guy. Not close.

  78. I relatively agree with you guys, this song was FAR from my fav SNSD song, even if it was in a sense better than Dancing Queen. I’ve also had a hard time to comrehend the constant music changes and random mixes, though I can hear how they want the music to be, it doesn’t sell easily. Sadly, I was bored and listened to it so much I started to like it a bit more. It’s not terrible, it’s just… meh…

    But still, your video for I got a boy was hilarious, so in a rating of 5, it get’s a smashing 5 from me.

    Though, in something I would like to add with SM trappening their artists in boxes, I strongly disagree. Those are NOT boxes.those are very random (and sometimes not so random) items. In FX’s Electric Shock we had the computer chip/circuit. In TVXQ’s Catch me they got stuck in a boom box or speaker. In Sexy, Free and Single it’s the abandoned Bee Hive City.

    SM, I wanna know how you manage to shrink your artists to such miniscule scales as circuits, really…

    And finally, congrats to both of you guys for making it to no. 1 on the shorty awards (at least when I checked), you’re leading by 300 votes. Cannot vote sadly, but I am not getting a Twitter account for a vote, no matter how much you guys are amazing at what you do. So, to all of you who do, keep up the good work, and let’s keep them at least 1000 votes ahead of everyone!

  79. wow Martina, awesome hairstyle!!! as usual :) ….and also the first (and probably the last) hip hop aegyo which I’ve seen :D !!!!!

    thank you :D for making me laugh in this time, cause I’m doing a lots of things to school right now and it´s not some fun :)

  80. Cried at Simon/Snape’s meeting up with 9 different girls in one day and using diarrhoea as an excuse to leave every time omfg

  81. I vote Chunji because his greasy face is so uncomfortable to look at.

  82. e.via was aegyo hiphop!!! Until…she stopped being aegyo. And e.via, for that point.

  83. 6:02 “Admit it, you know in the pits of your belly that I’m speaking the troof.”

    We all heard it, and loved you more for it :P

  84. I have nothing more to say than you already did. I’m also 50/50. I think each part of the song are good but put together it’s just make something weird that doesn’t make me want to listen to it any further. However the dancing part was just awesome ! I don’t usually like SNSD’s dance because it’s usually too cute or just doesn’t fit the song (in my opinion) except gee maybe. But here, i was really impress by the “badass” attitude like you said. And it did fit the song. i really really like the choregraphy. Too bad the song doesn’t do it for me. Same goes for the cute image. I just did see the point! Why having an agressive dance when you can even tie your shoes ! Come on, now! at least for the boy or genie or gee the concept of the video, the dance and the song was the same.

    Anyway after many many listening i came to like it a little more.

  85. Is it just me or does anyone else hear Crayon during the chorus? The beat sounds too familiar….

  86. Love this MM! Totally agreed with most of your observations! But what I love the most – is the fact that Jaejoong’s promo shot was on the laptop in the back! #AKTF #HTTE <3

  87. I LOVE you guys!! Finally someone who shares my opinion on this song!

  88. really liked and agreed with the view but i have a suggestion for future music mondays, do you think you could also talk about the fashion in the music videos like how you talk about the English and dance? I think that Martina, you have great fashion and I would have liked to know what you thought about their clothes

    I hope you guys see this and fulfill my wish!

  89. I think “fetishize” is definitely the right word.

  90. Lollolol that really obvious “Pink” patch over the obscenity on the hat. This was one of the funniest Music Mondays I’ve seen in a while. Martina’s rap was so cute. Btw, Martina your hair is looking extra pretty these days! I really like the shade of pink you’re achieving. You guys both look fab. The hard work, dieting, and stressing over getting the new studio up and running seems to have been a winning combo :) Thanks so much for the tour, also. I hope you get to make so many happy memories in your new home away from home.

  91. I put on perfume by rubbing my wrists together, I don’t put it all over my neck like they did in the MV. If I was doing product placement then I would’ve done it better than GG

  92. I think it’s weird how Martina says that most girl groups have those butt shake dances and not that much awesomeness like boy bands and says IGAB is diffrent and then in the background there is actually a seen from the mv where they shake there butts ..okay


  94. cglyn

    Definitely agree with you guys. The song’s “not following a pattern” is truly annoying. And enough with the aegyo! Aegyo is starting to become like a childhood monster, hiding under your bed. Stop reminding us that devil! But if you listen to the album, they have a lot better songs like “Express 999″ (which also has different patterns in the song but better than “I got a boy”), “Talk Talk” (for which I prefer Japanese version, Boomerang.)

  95. That Aegyo Hiphop was hilarious! I loved it.

    I agree. I wasn’t a fan of the song and I was so annoyed when people kept arguing that you had to listen to it about four to SIX times before falling in love with it. It would have been a good song without all the beat changes. Plus YES. SOMEONE ELSE AGREES THAT SNSD IS TOO FREAKING OLD FOR AEGYO. SM (in a lot of cases) is TERRIBLE when it comes to the creating an image for their groups. I mean look at Shinee…. half the time they’re cute boys, then SM goes all the way left and tries to make them look like sex gods….

    As for the Showdown, I’d say that Teen Top wins the scumbag award. I mean if all nine members were dumb enough not to realize that they were being cheated on….. then I don’t know. ‘No More Perfume On You’ or whatever the hell that atrocity was, only made me feel sorry for the girl who got cheated on. This… I can’t feel bad for any of the girls.

  96. hip-hop aegyo -> E.via

  97. Martina, I really have to completely agree with you about girl groups’ dances and how they seem to be just body rubbing and booty shaking! You know, it always annoys the heck out of me and was one of the main reasons why when I got into kpop, I really didn’t like the girl groups. I like them nowadays a lot, but the body rubbing still annoys me, since I really like to watch complicated and memorable dance moves. It’s kinda sad that they rarely get any cool and bad ass dances like in “I got a Boy”. :(

  98. Another note: I think the idea behind the shifting tempos is that they want to make the song souund epic–I think they want this song to be like a modern electro-pop equivalent to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Unfortunately, it seemed to end up a misfire than a rhapsody.

  99. to me yoona’s rap is a little too girly. she needs to get down n dirty. i like this video because i like their choreo n since its from nappytabs… so yeh~~~~ *NAPPYTABS ARE NAPOLEON N TABITHA KNOWN FOR THEIR CHOREO FOR SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE! i mean they have the best lyrical hip hop ever!!

  100. loved martina’s hiphop… fabtasticalicious! :-D anyway, i don’t mind the song so much, but it does remind me of something out of a musical… especially after looking up the lyrics. the way the tempo changes from segment to segment just reminds me of musical storytelling… just my opinion ;-) that said, i find that it’s difficult to dance to (unless you’re be-bopping in your chair) but makes for interesting background noise. the video was a colorful mess, but the dance was hot :-)

  101. Is that a new celebrity sofa I see…

  102. But you SAID you’d keep filming KMMs in your kitchen!! YOU PROMISED!!!! D:


  103. ” Why do they act like fools when the boy rings the doorbell?” I guess it’s because SM doesn’t allowed boys in GG MVs for so many years that now they’re still 5 in boys matter.

  104. I quite like the song, but I can see why people wouldn’t like it. One of the reasons I like it is because they stray from the path of other pop songs and that it takes a few extra listens to really get it and get into it. In that regard they are getting a bit more mature. Shame they, like you said, still have to act like little girls. The Boys was more enjoyable in that regard because they looked more like women instead of them acting like teenage girls. And I like that they took the dancing to the next level, it too has gotten a lot more complex.

    That being said I think the concept does need some work. The song, especially near the start has some dodgy transitions and not everything in the song works out. And when you want to get a powerful song like that there isn’t really room for aegyo.

    But yeah, I like it but I can understand perfectly why people wouldn’t like it or even dislike it :) Different strokes for different folks :)

  105. PunkyPrincess92

    ahaha Simon planning his date with the SNSD members was so funny but then “you are one clever man Snape” was too totally hilarious!!!!

    as i’ve said before i actually do like the song, and i love the video cos it’s so colourful and vibrant!! except for the ‘drama’ parts of the mv!! i just rather watch them dance cos that dance was freakin’ awesome!!!
    haha when i first watched it, at Tifanny’s part with “Snape” i was thinking ‘oh please….no rubbing food off her face!’ and then…..it happened!!! and the stupid thing is that there was no little smidge of food even on her face!!! so what the hell did he actually take off???

    Martina’s aegyo rap was awesome!!!

  106. Actually, I was just watching the video again and I have a question. Why are the non-removable pop-up ads in English?

    I know that English is something that is studied, but if you’re advertising something in Korea for Koreans wouldn’t it make more sense for it to be Korean? Maybe there’s an easy explanation for this, but I kind of imagine it like if a band in Canada released a music video with the same ads, but they were all in French. Sure, we all sort of try to learn French at some point and Quebec would eat it up, but the majority of people in Canada where the video would be viewed most would have no clue what it was for.

    • I find that a lot of inks in Korea seem to be coming out in English as well. I mean this video was released on youtube and it is a primarily English speaking service. I wonder if the ads are on all versions, including the videos shown on Korean television stations.

      • I doubt those ads are on TV versions but it’d be interesting to look at other places SM uploads this video (if they upload it anywhere else…) I watch a youtube show that used to do ads kinda like this. They’d play a commercial (one that they made themselves) for a couple of seconds at the beginning or end of the videos. They did it for even more profit from the company (probably they gained a lot more than from normal advertisements since those ads will remain forever). I don’t know why SM feels the need to do that though @_@ it was because this show really needed the revenue at the time.

  107. Okay, I wrote like an essay.. I feel like I always have a lot of things to say, and I like to share my opinions after watching Simon & Martina’s music mondays. And I think if there’s a place to discuss kpop, it’s here! So here I go:

    There are also parts I liked and disliked in this song, but on the whole, it seems like I do like it more than you guys! I’m going to start off with the parts I agreed with you guys :) I also thought SNSD rocked the hip hop dance moves and how that first part of the song (the awesome part) could have been a song all by itself! And the aegyo drama scenes were really ridiculous. Yeah, they are being hip hop, but I feel like it’s okay that they were cute and hip hop since that seemed to fit them. Maybe that’s not really hip hop anymore, but I don’t know what it’d be called. But it was ridiculous that they are young women being made into these innocent, pink loving girls, especially in that beginning scene. I would find that very crazy to propose: “Okay ladies, for this MV, you guys all just play around like little girls in this one super pink room like you have all the time in the world to do all this girly stuff, and then your world is shaken up when a boy rings your doorbell!”

    It would have been nice if they did have a guy each for all 9 of the girls.. but I think the reason they chose 1 guy is for the same reason that they didn’t show his face. You guys mentioned in your video about how SNSD is fetishized, and I’m not 100% sure I understand fetishization, but I think that is the reason for how there is one guy – so that male viewers can have the feeling of almost being that guy that SNSD is going on a date with. On a smaller, not so conscious level though?

    I loved Taeyeon in this! I know there is the whole clashing of aegyo and hip hop, but I felt like it was more of a problem with the drama scenes, and I was fine with the mixture of themes in the actual performance scenes. And I’m Taeyeon biased, but I think she was good at being cute and hip hop too…. well, again, I don’t know if you could call it hip hop as much then, but I dont’ know what you would call it. Either way, she just had a ton of energy! I loved her solo at the end of the song, i felt like it was such a great addition to the main part of the song that was playing! I thought the song’s parts were really good individually, but on the whole, it was kinda too messy to be 1 “song.” The breakdowns (the stopping/starting of the song) were really abrupt, but I was okay with it until they stopped the song for the orange wig part. I felt like at that point, to stop and start the song again was too much. It just broke the flow once too much and was kind of tiring to experience as a listener. I also wasn’t a fan of Jessica’s rap (bringing it back to 1:40) b/c I just thought it was cheesy (and yes, I understand that it’s going back to the music part at 1:40), though the other raps didn’t bother me. I wonder if I am desensitized/just used to hearing this kind of rap in kpop though….. uh oh. I also didn’t like Jessica’s solo at the end, before Taeyeon’s because I felt the song was in a really upbeat flow when they slowed it down for her solo. Kinda like how after all those start and stops, slowing it down for her solo just didn’t work for me. It sounds like I’m just nagging on Jessica, but I have nothing against her, and I think she is a great singer! I’m just saying that I’m not a fan of 2 of her music parts. The last part I didn’t like was just Tiffany’s unblinking-ness in her drama scene lol. She had great attitude in the MV, but that part was just kinda odd. Out of all of them, I think Tiffany’s rapping was the best. I was just waiting for her to introduce herself at the beginning! But then I realized that maybe she had already introduced herself, and that Trouble was her name!! Yeah it took me a while to get that. And Sooyoung’s part at the very beginning was really cool, with her voice, attitude, and dance move. It was a good start to immediately shake fans’ concepts of SNSD.

    The concept is the last thing I want to talk about in this comment! While there are parts that I think didn’t work so well, I really enjoyed the awesome hip hop dancing, attitude/energy, and bright fashion. I really like bright colors/fashion like that. I thought the concept was great! It’s smart because they’ve been cutesy and girly for so long (even the sexy concepts are girly/elegant I think), that putting out an MV with a concept so different than before has a strong impact for fans. Of course, they also put plenty of cutesy stuff in the MV, but I can totally understand that as wanting to keep part of the SNSD that people know intact. I mean, they are still SNSD, they aren’t reinventing themselves into 2NE1. And I have nothing against cutesy. But I do agree this was overdone/kinda ridiculous since they are older now and it doesn’t really fit anymore. I mean, you can literally see it when they are acting in the MV that they are just more mature now and it doesn’t come as naturally to them to act like little girls because, well, they aren’t little girls anymore. I’m not hating on them or anything, I hope no one mistakes me for hating, I’m just being realistic. Still, the impact of the hip hop parts and different concept was really cool to see as a fan. They managed to rock hip hop moves elegantly in a Girls’ Generation way which, to me, worked really well for them!

    P.S. I was surprised that Simon gave a 5 out of 5! There was one part i wasn’t sure of, and that was “handsome” and “awesome” boy. I didnt know that part was in English until I looked it up, but now that I know, I can hear it.

  108. I was surprised how much I enjoyed listening to the song, but I know exactly why. I was first introduced to K-pop through mash-ups of K-pop songs (DJ Masa, he’s on YT). I still listen to a lot of these mash-ups today, so the splice up remixed feeling of I Got a Boy was something I really dig. As for the video though I like how colourful it is and the dance was amazing, but GAAAH. These women are grown and yet still forced into this “cute” box that’s becoming rather demeaning to their image as adults. Someone needs to stop it and realize that their music needs to grow with them instead of against them.

  109. LOVE your computer background! xD Jaejoong looks amazing in that pic <3

  110. Ah you guys were so on point this time. Everything I agree with, as much their fans try to force feed us on the concept behind the song and tell us to replay it, and the end of the day it is how it sounds. I applaud originality and all those great things but if the song sucks for me, well it sucks. There were great parts, chorus was fab and choreography one of the best ever done by a girl group. But both the song and video was heavily disjointed. Maybe they should of made two music videos one for the story and one for the dance because competing for screen time doesn’t allow for one or the other to develop fully. If it was a conversation sorta thing accounted for the tempo and rhythm changes then it would be nice to actually see them use it in the storyline. I thought they were all pretty happy no hints of jealousy or any other feeling the lyrics claim. And their fashion looked cheap like Hyuna’s ice cream. And what was up with the orange hair part?! Only thing the song did for me was I appreciated the composition of 2ne1′s I Love You more. Which sounds strange but at least it has cohesion and flow. But yeah utter disappointment with SNSD and I don’t really see the excitement and hype from fans/public this time round. Even The Boys seemed like it had a stronger cultural impact and that was pretty atrocious too. I don’t hear people talking about it, despite the views.

  111. hapagirl

    I might go as Ageyozilla for Halloween.

  112. ahahhahahha what you said was right you cant do aegyo and hip hop the same time!!! and it is against newtons law. . . you cant do two things at the same time. . .. well i love Martina’s aegyo-hiphop dance!!! and the grandma part!!! hahahhahahha BTW IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY and this music mondays was just a perfect gift!!! BTW I voted at the shorty awards not once, not twice not thrice but many times. . . . . hahahaha

  113. I agree. I fully agree with this. ^-^


    * dance: check – I like it, even trying to learn it, it’s nice ^-^

    ** personaly, I like that “ooh-ee-ooh ” part… at : 0:57 – 1:14

    *** i kind of like the “I got a boy ” chorus (thou, at first I thought they said ” I got a boy on my chin ” and ” chicken ” xD, my bad )

    **** I felt awkward while listening to the song but I felt even more awkward when I read the translation of the lyrics… -.- …

    ***** I think SNSD is better of with styles which match their age…( I don’t like how they went from “the boys” and “paparazzi ” to “oh – japanese version ” and then “dancing queen MV ” and then ” I got a boy ” . It feels like a drastic change every time…)

  114. OMG! I loved Martina’s aegyo Hip Hop Rap. It is like sooooo cute and amazingly funny! always coming up with new stuff to please us….nasties! XD Well Done and i totally agree with your point on this song. I was so excited to hear GG’s new song. With the teaser and all but the mixing of the beats totally threw me off. I kinda wish they would grow up like alot of the other girl groups have started to age and mature their music videos why not GG. This is one of the reasons why if i was going to audition as a trainee i was most likely go to JYP or YG ent. instead of SM no offence since my fav bands are from SM. I just wish SM would start to learn from their mistakes and fix their problems to make their artists more awesome than they already are! Peace xx LOVE SIMON AND MARTINA!! Oh you so Nasty!

  115. “All the Oppas in the house buy me ice-cream!” Lol, best aegyo rap line ever!
    As for the song, only the first time I listened to it seemed to disjointed, but the repeating OH-OWOHEYO part got stuck in my head and now I really like the song except for the very first part (Sooyoung & Yuri I guess) and all those “AYO/ here comes trouble/ let’s bring it back blah blah blah” lines. Even though there are some tempo changes, I can hear some coherence starting from 0:54.

  116. vaxanne

    Yup, combo of hip hop and aegyo spells disaster, unless you can deliver like Infinite’s Dongwoo. Vote for Infinite H’s Special Girl to find out why. Hopefully this gets reviewed before Jaejoong’s MV release, otherwise, sorry Infinite H, JJ wins hands down.

  117. I didn’t completely like the song the first time I heard it, but I knew that this was a kind of song I’d love after my brain had digested it. (It was easy to give it a second watch because I found the dance and the colors in the music video very appealing.) Most of my favorite songs out there is songs that I didn’t like the first time.

    - The first time I listen to it, I only notice the main melody and the beat,
    - Then I give it a break until the song magically get stuck on my brain.
    - After this, I give it it a second listen. Now I’ll notice all the epic details that makes me LOVE the song.
    Actually, when I come to think of it, I prefer playing second violin in my orchestra – that must be because it’s the accompanying that makes a melody awesome (and playing first violin is boring)(hmm.. since I played classical and baroque music, this must be a reason that I don’t find songs that sound different throughout weird..).

    But I agree on your review! I totally understand why people dislike it, because, if you don’t know the song, it seems VERY messy because of the
    1. INTRO that is different than the
    2. VERSEs that is different than the
    3. CHORUS that is different than the

    In the end, all these parts (except for the intro, I dislike that part x)) kinda blend to something that doesn’t sound like a mishmash of songs.

    But onto the video… 14 year old girls who’ve never been on a date? HEY! I’m 20 and have never been on a date (well, kinda, but I didn’t know at that time)! But I’d never be shy around a guy now. This MV was still better than regular SM videos, because it did at least include some sort of plot. Not the perfect plot (the shy part…) for GG, but still a plot that were not only before and after a music video, but IN it to.

    I forgot what more to write… But I loved the aegyo rap!:D

    SNSD’s next song/video should be about how they take revenge on that guy…

    PS: Voting for Chunji, because the song itself was about cheating.

  118. skully

    i agree with almost everything you said but there is 1 thing i don’t like cause it’s not fair:

    putting jaejoong as wallpaper when the mv isn’t even out isn’t right. what if the mv is totally boring, like him sitting on a chair all the time (don’t think it’s gonna happen thow). u should put one group that already released.
    just my oppinion

  119. shameless promotion of Infinite H’s Special Girl at the last sentence!! LOL!

    I kinda agree with your point on liking the song. It should never be an obligation for a fan to love everything his/her bias shoves to his/her mouth. But……..surprisingly, I like the song. It took me 3 times before liking it. And btw, I really love the aegyo-rap part done by Martina!

  120. I seriously don’t understand SM. SNSD can dance, they can sing, they’ve proven they -can- act even though parts of this video are super creepy, their interviews and all clearly show that they’ve grown up and aren’t these weird aegyo machines. They work like crazy, the time off from Korea seems because they were constantly on tours or releasing cds in other countries. They actually have personalities and are talented. This shouldn’t be difficult. But SM always has to be like “NO NO REMEMBER WHEN YOU LIKED THE SONG KISSING YOU? THIS IS STILL THEM!” They even had Taeyeon saying that almost verbatim, and she never liked their cute concepts. And honestly, they’re not at that stage anymore (don’t think they ever were, personally). Those SONEs who want them to stay like that have to realize they’re holding back the group they love. I really thought SNSD had the novelty and the talent for their US album to do well, but I’m really worried about the concept now. They can be grown-up without trying to rap, they can be endearing without acting cute. SM just has to realize it, and we SONEs have to let them know it since that’s where their money is coming from. They’re actually really funny, the variety shows were how I became a fan in the first place instead of just having random k-pop on in the background while I was studying. Why not show their personalities instead?

    I’m a fan of SNSD despite the hate and trolls that I always end up seeing on their videos (fandoms be crazy), I just don’t know how SM could get so many things right and so many things SO WRONG. Martina had it dead-on, and now I know why the members were pretty nervous before it came out.

  121. i agree with you in most parts except with the girls acting cute and stuff when the boy is around. i think that is a signature of GG. cuteness is their signature so they had to bring it in almost all their songs.

    • Hmm. I think they also mentioned that it is probably due to the fetishization of SNSD in Korea which I find to be a really interesting point. From what I have read, they are seen as the ideal girls for guys who are doing their conscription time, the same way that other men fetishize pin up women. Their ‘cuteness’ makes the men want them more.


    I think I’ve never been this satisfied and entertained by a KMM before. Bravo.

  123. Ummmmmm where can I get Spudgy’s hat???? I see t-shirt merch but no hats & that one is cute!

  124. hmm. I honestly wasn’t too impressed by the funniness factor in this. Yes, I’m a nasty, I love you guise, but…you didn’t even mention the addition of a donkey member to the group!

    But the serious part….took the words right out of my mouth. I wouldn’t have been sooooo harsh on the song though – but multiple personality disorder, anyone??? hehe.

  125. *looking through the comments and trying to find someone who disliked it as much as I did*

  126. Chunjiiiiiiiii!! :))

    By the look of it you guy’s are also waiting for Jaejoong”s mv :DD

  127. if the song was an essay, it would be incoherent. it’s like a medley or something.

  128. Now I’ve got a good idea for SM. Their next video will be about their revenge to the guy who was cheating with all of them.

    At the same time, I didn’t really find the fact that there was only one actor in the video very wrong. It wasn’t meant to be taken literally. Also, imagine if there were 9 guys in the video. Wouldn’t that be distracting and unnecessary?

  129. Thank you for that review. You guys took the words right out of my mouth. As a dancer, I was able to appreciate the dancing in the video. WHOO! So happy with your review! Lol and my sister thought you guys were going to absolutely adore it! Ha. I told her…

    And also CHEATING SCUMBAG FROM “I Got A Boy”!!! Nine girls in one day and before six none the less! That’s just bull! I oughta punch him in the freakin’ throat.


  131. LOL hate to admit but I actually agree…. (Imma hardcore SONE)

  132. kawaii_candie

    Martina’s Aegyo rap was gold. GOLD!!!!!

  133. Off topic, I came here just to see the Jaejoong desktop in the background :P

  134. I think the reaction to the hip hop + aegyo in this song is very interesting, because 2ne1′s I Don’t Care is a similar concept, but no one had/has a problem with that. A lot of it seems to do with people’s perception of the groups themselves, and not the actual concepts.

    (When I talk about aegyo in this video, I mean the aegyo that was actually mixed with the hip hop, like the pouty faces in the lip syncing and the “Ayo, stop”, rather than the cringe-inducing “plot” segment)

    • Hmm. I went and watched the video for I Don’t Care just now and I don’t see any instances of what I consider to be aegyo in it. I think at one point someone ( I think Dara) did the buibuing motion when they were making fun of someone for being a baby. Plus I don’t care is more of an R&B song with rapping parts by CL and Minzi. and neither of the two of them were aegyo at all.

      But Maybe I did not notice something. Can you tell me what you think what aegyo about that video? Perhaps our perceptions about the definition of aegyo are different.

      And actually I noticed in the IGAB video, the aegyo parts only happen when they are not rapping, but in scenes with the ‘boy’. In the dancing parts they are badass and in control. I like those parts.

  135. *Entire theatre hall applauses* It’s like you hacked into my brain and put my entire thoughts into the video. I was so scared to rant about the aegyo hip hop and the product placement in this video in the comments for fear of being ripped apart.
    One of my favourite kpop music mondays, and martina’s aegyo hip hop was spot on.

  136. I think Martina’s aegyo hip hop is so much better than the aegyo scenes in this song :p Great review guys! heart you from melbourne

  137. Just one thing…..am I the only one that hears that “uuuggghhh” at 1:19 in SNSDs video?…I swear I didn’t notice or cared about it until my sister pointed it out to me….seriousy now every time I hear it, it just cracks me up.

    • skully

      not the only one! i also read about it on youtube. my fav comment was “my mother was walking by while i was listening to the song and she thought someone was in the toilet”

  138. Hahahah! This was hilarious! XD

  139. you took the words right out of my mouth! i agree with all that you said.
    ps that cute rap got me rofl-ing

  140. It really does look like Tiffany is trying to inhale the boys soul through her eyes in this video….
    I agree, aegyo hip hop doesn’t work, but Martina, you came pretty damn close! And was that a potter puppet pal reference I spyed? *laaaaaaved it!*

  141. “You are one clever man Snape.”

    Almost spewed my root beer all over my keyboard at that one. xD

  142. THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING ON THE FETISHIZATION! In art history, I am learning about the role of the gaze, the other, Orientalism, feminism, etc. in art, and it really lights a fire in me (especially since that I am Korean myself and hate the racist fetishization of Asian women – particularly Korean and Japanese, due to high media exposure – as sexualized women-children). It’s great that the dance was confident and aggressive though! I’m all about sexual freedom (Ga-in’s Bloom, anyone?) but I just wants to see some girl power.

  143. someone just Flag my comment…(-_-)

    just Great, so now i can’t state my own Opinion..??

  144. It’s so strange to me that I love, love, love the song. I’m not really a fan of GG, they seem kinda fake (maybe) to me – too perfect and too much like a Barbie dolls. But this song… Wow!
    What you said about not making an effort to like a song. Honestly, 90% of the songs I like, I must listen to them at least three times before getting to that point. The exceptions are rare (Nilili Mambo, Spy and some no-single songs for Shinee) and I didn’t notice big difference between them or the songs that grew on me, I don’t like them better, don’t feel them closer, etc.
    Now GG, blow my mind at first. I love girls acting agresive and be all hip-hop style; the dancing was G-R-E-A-T! I got a little put off when the rythm changes. Actually, my ear distiguish only three/ four entirely different part in the song. I know they are actually 9 but I don’t feel like it. After listening to it more however, I got used to the changes and I could enjoy the song completely. It’s just so… Good! Entirely.
    Only I’d prefer there was no talking between the different parts. Not that it’s bad but it fragments the song too much,

  145. This has officially passed up Hyuna’s “Bubble Pop” as my favorite KMM! Way too funny!
    Martina needs to corner the aegyo/hip-hop market! I’d buy that album!

  146. i think it would make more sense with eng subs. But yes, throwing things in the air dramatically does look ridiculous. Not to mention the mess it would make. Feathers everywhere

  147. Well then we have different Opinion because i don’t agree a damn thing with what the two of you are Saying..

    i don’t see or hear any ” stupid imagery” in this Song or the MV…I LOVED the Song from the Beggining when they released the teaser and it’s like Love on the first sight when actual MV came out…I GOT A BOY is 2013 Anthem for me

    but then again, it’s back from the people who see it, i guess different People Different taste…

  148. Gonna be honest I was just staring at Jaejoong in the background for a while. I didn’t realize until about three minutes in that I didn’t know what the hell was going on. That screen always distracts me. I hope he wins the next KMM.
    You guys were pretty spot on in your post though. All of my friends kept telling me that if I listened to it more I would like it but I don’t want to do that to love a song. I also wished this mash-up type song had worked out better. I mean SM made SHINee’s Sherlock from two songs Clue and Note, so I felt they could’ve done a better job for GG. I want sexy mature GG back without the rapping…oh god their rapping. D: Do. Not. Like.
    (Martina’s rapping was pretty ill)

  149. I loved your review, especially the Simon trying to dance to multiple bpm and both of Martina’s raps were priceless!

    I agree that GG shouldn’t rap as well.

    And finally a 5 for an SM band. You would think GG could have gotten a 5 much earlier since they have 2 native English speakers.

    I also like how you let you opinion out, but “off topic commentary?” What’s off topic about it?

    Couldn’t stop laughing at Martina’s inclusion of butt crack in the bloopers, too.

    Absolutely agree with you on the dance part. Ever since Run, Devil, Run, I’ve felt that the GG dance choreography has been getting better, except for the damn awful Hoot. Another female group I think get’s good choreography for their dances is B.E.G.

    As I watched the video, I didn’t really look at their scenes as being aegyo as much as feeling like the girls are trying to give a look as if “wow, this boy is awesome boyfriend material.” Like trying to intimate a first feeling of love as opposed to aegyo, and I felt the song was really trying to talk about a first love.

  150. Firstly, JAEJOONG!! (on the laptop lol)

    Secondly, Chunji is definitely the bigger jerk. He came across as so much more of an arrogant asshole in that MV. About the multiple dating, I figured this out with k-pop videos ages ago, it’s pretty obvious that all of SNSD are meant to be like 1 girl in the video (and the same goes for every group that does this, the band represents one person) … it’s still a bit weird but it explains a lot of things.

    About the song, I almost completely agree with your blog post. I love that you guys express your opinions here as I love to hear them and tend to agree with them. I definitely agreed with this one on everything you said about the song; the ‘I don’t want to force myself to like a song’, ‘not everything that’s different is good’, ‘forced and unaesthetically pleasing’, ’0:54-2:02 part should be an entire song (though you said this in the video), etc etc, all this I totally agree with!! I’m glad you aren’t afraid to share whatever you think even if you don’t like it, and that makes me happy. For me, though the song grew on me after a few listens, when other songs came out, I didn’t find myself listening to it as much. The song was a little disappointing for me really.

    The video on the other hand, well I really like it. The dance is amazing, and personally I didn’t mind the aegyo! I think SNSD can still pull off aegyo for their age, it’s still fine to me. And while at first it may seem to not make sense to be all aegyo-ie and then be tough and strong, it fits with the lyrics which are two (or multiple) girls talking to one another, one is pretending to be someone else for a guy, so therefore the aegyo vs the toughness I guess (the lyrics are hard to understand for though, I could be wrong). Though I don’t agree with this idea at all, because people shouldn’t pretend to be someone else, I’m just saying, the aegyo didn’t irk me. xD

    Furthermore, YES I’D ALSO LIKE TO KNOW WHERE THE FOOD WAS ON TIFFANY’S FACE?! What was he wiping off? Maybe he was just touching her cheek or something idk, it was weird.

    Aaaand lastly, I’m glad to see Ayyy Girl is still get some use. Let it never grow old please. ;u;

  151. How is it that you manage to take every thought I have and articulate it so perfectly? I literally agreed with every point you made in your blog post. I was like, “YES! Yes, this is why I don’t like IGAB!!”
    For me, it’s really important for pop music to be accessible and that’s exactly what IGAB is not, which is really, really disappointing because the song had such great potential. If they would have stuck with just one idea throughout, I would have zero complaints. I still have aspects of the MV that I love, but the song just didn’t do it.

  152. Great review guise! hahaha I was cracking up the whole time. Though I have to say, I actually do put on my perfume like that…oops? I’m curious what you thought about the outfits though! I really loved all the color and thought the outfits were one of the best parts of the video (besides the dance, of course!), though it wasn’t really mentioned in your review…thoughts?

  153. hapagirl

    I love the song, but I had to listen to this two times to enjoy it. I will say as much as I like this. The beginning pisses me off, it’s so disjointed. I will say that if they wanted to tell a story they could have made four songs instead of putting it all into one. And I want Girl’s Generation to be more mature. I’m fine with cute, but they’re grown women I wanna hear something different.

  154. your review was far more entertaining than the song… you guys are just daebak!! am hoping next monday would be CN Blue’s i’m sorry…. oh wait, jaejoong’s Mine… oh wait BAP’s Rain Sound… can we do all three!!

  155. I think you guys really summed up the song in the politest manner possible. I was sitting there thinking “YES! This is so true… and this… and this..” Yeah, I’m not a fan of the “multiple-songs-stuck-into-one” theme they had going.

    Also I vote for Teen Top. I hated the song because of the MV.

  156. The song is actually in three different point of views: the first view is someone with criticism, second view is the one who is actually in love (hence the cutesy part), and the third the jealous person (taeyeon and tiffany’s solo part)…

    and I really like Martina’s aegyo hip-hop part… I don’t know; to me, you guys proved that cute can go along with hip-hop XD

  157. Oh geezus those bloopers XD I died, man, I died.

  158. I can totally see where you guys are coming from, but I have to say that I disagree. I had the same opinion on first listening to the song, it seemed disjointed and random and really off-putting, but then on listening to it without the video, just headphones in, it sounds WAY better! I feel like because the video has so much going on it can distract from the song.

    I feel like people were being a bit unfair to SM when it comes to this song. A lot of people called them lazy and said that they just mashed up a bunch of songs and gave it to SNSD because they’re popular and they could sell it. However, I would argue that with this song and video, SM put more effort and money into SNSD than they have in a LONG time! There’s the epic dance, 5 set and costume changes for each girl and the song is not as senseless as people make it out to be. Maybe it’s because I’ve listened to it so many times but you actually notice running themes that connect the different parts of the song and help it to flow better, like the “oh ay oh” parts (which I love for some reason) and the piano in the background. I also think that you should take the lyrics into account because it does play a big part in explaining why the song is the way it is. It isn’t just a mash-up of songs, the changes actually serve a purpose which I think kind of elevates it to something more than just another pop song. I personally think it was really gutsy of SM to release a song like this because, despite SNSD’s popularity, they had to expect backlash for such an out there track, but they did it anyway.

    When it comes to the “drama” bits, if you can even call it that, I am with Simon and Martina. Though I think it was more of a fantasy, like each girl imagining a date with the boy, that first bit is inexcusable. It’s just so weird! Who is he? Why are they freaking out? But most importantly, when no one answers the door, why does he try to get in?! I would freak out too if some guy was trying to break into my open one room house, there’s no where to hide!

    Like Simon and Martina though I LOOOOOVE the dance! It just shows that SNSD are much better dancers than SM has previously allowed them to be and I really hope they let them dance more like this in the future. Unlike a lot of people who said that this image doesn’t suit SNSD because they’re an “aegyo” group I think that this image suits them a helluva lot more than aegyo does! They haven’t released an aegyo song since “OH!” and they really do need to grow up! Without the drama parts this video would have been the perfect way to show SNSD in a new, mature light, where they are showing their confidence and abilities rather than trying to look pretty. They may not have the kind of aggressive attitude that real hip-hop requires, but they do have the confidence to pull it off.

    There’s just so much that you can say about this song and video! From the song, to the video, to the dance, to what they were wearing, it’s so loaded with material I’m surprised KMM wasn’t half an hour long! I’m just sorry my comment is -_-

    • omigod! i agree with you completely! ugh i’m so happy that there are fans like you. /hugsyou.

    • i totally agree with you there about the investment of SM in giving such “weird” song for their stellar group.

      this is POP INDUSTRY for crissake! formulaic is the way to go and this song was HUGE thing for SM and SNSD – not because it will change the structures of pop music forever, but because they knew it would be a divisive track for many reasons. and it’s funny that you compared to f(x)’s “electric shock” because i personally think it a hell of a crappy formulaic song, especially considering that f(x) is supposed to be SM’s edgy and experimental group.

      i’d also like to call upon EYK’s book analogy on the blog post. i mean you guys were a bit unfair there! the effort of time and patience in reading a book you’re not liking [in spite of how much you love reading] is in no way comparable to listening to a 5 minute pop song multiple times. it’s not like you are supposed and obliged to like a song, but in my opinion that’s just a bad analogy lol

  159. I hate to say this, but for the first time I completely disagree with Simon and Martina, and here I’m going to go on a rant about how I feel about the song and why I love it so much instead of finishing my essay. (I know you guys said on here you won’t be persuaded by what anyone says, S&M, but I’m posting this anyway because maybe I can persuade someone else. this is important to me, and, I want to really state my opinion on this).

    First of all, regarding the song itself. Here’s what popular negative opinion is: “This sounds like 23857394875 different songs!!! SM STAHP TRYING SO HARD!!11″ For that, I have to say, uhm, YEAH, of course it sounds like a bunch of different songs. Have you tried reading the lyrics?
    If you read the lyrics, you’d realize that this song is kind of like a scene from a musical in that it’s not being sung by one “voice”. It’s being sung as though multiple girls are having a conversation with each other. In the beginning, one girl says, “She became so pretty and sexy, it’s because of him, right?” and another girl says, “I almost asked her what her new make-up was!” In the background, you can hear some laughing after that part even, as though some girls are laughing at that comment. Then another girl I’m guessing is mockingly saying “I was dizzy just talking to him!” And they’re all like “You are (she is) really something else!” It’s a whole freaking sleepover girl talk thing mang! That’s why they were all together in the beginning in a typical girly sleepover thing. (I might be wrong about all this, but it totally make sense in my head so)
    Then the music keeps changing style, and there are different theories for this. Personally I think that the music style changes because different people are speaking. As in, suddenly they all start talking about the guys that they like, and they all have different personalities in what they’re saying. Simon here says, “You can’t be hip hop and aegyo at the same time!” But thats because they AREN’T! They are not the same people speaking, they’re all different girls. Like Taeyeon, “Ah, my prince! When will you come save me~” as opposed to Yoona’s “I’m like, surprised! He wants to see my face without make-up!” and Hyoyeon’s response “Never! Never until you steal all his heart!” and then Seohyun and Tiffany’s cute parts with the happy beat in the background, and they sing, “He’s a bit young but full inside…” “When he acts charming, he is so cute ♥” Again, typical girl talk. Then there’s the Tiffany & Taeyeon part where they’re complaining about their guy etc., and then Jessica’s like, hey let’s bring it back or whatever and then they’re happy about the guy they like again.
    So, to sum that up, the song changes often, but not for no reason. It’s not random, or because anyone is trying too hard. The song was written like that to suit each personality of the people singing, just like in a musical. To me, it’s just like one huge conversation. And I just think that’s so unique of a concept. I was worried about the changes at first, but it flows better than you might think, once you’ve listened to it all the way through a couple times. And I actually love the song 2395349 times more now that I understand the lyrics, and I can appreciate the originality of it. Also, you can’t tell me this song isn’t fun. I’d feel so badass playing this while driving or something. Simon said he hated the rapping, but I guess that part is a personal thing. I don’t think they can’t rap, I actually quite like Yoona’s and Hyoyeon’s rapping because they don’t usually even get singing parts. I guess that’s up to the individual, though. Anyway, this song really displays each of their talents vocally including dat rapping – but, also when it comes to the dancing, which is what I want to touch on later.

    Now, the music video. Simon and Martina here are ratting on their “cutey” concept and how SM needs to make them “grow up” and act as “women”. It’s true, they’re women now. And this concept might be really girly, I can agree on that out of everything they said, since it’s basically all about girls talking about guys. Not a very womenly concept, but I have to say this suits them better than any of their previous music, so I think. Gee and Kissing You and Oh! were obviously really childlike songs, and they are getting older, and dancing around with lollipops doesn’t really suit them anymore. But this whole concept brings out the best out of all of them, and you can obviously tell how much they’ve grown with it. The dance is not adolescent at all. It’s freaking powerful. I never knew some of them could dance like this. I was freaking out at all of Taeyeon’s parts (not just because I’m in love with her, but because I’ve NEVER seen her dance like this before, and she BROUGHT IT). The whole dance is really interesting and epic and my friends have all been learning the parts to it and they look freaking cool doing it – so, it’s not just because it’s Girls’ Generation that I’m saying this. I really am fascinated by it, and am amazed at how great all of them were at it. It was really aggressive and funky and fun, and so UNIQUE, like, I’ve never seen anything like it before and I’m still in awe every time I watch the video or live performances.
    Then, there was that whole thing about the “there was only one guy in the video, he was cheating on all them blahblah” To be honest, I think that was done to be practical. He represents all of their guys, not one guy. Can you imagine having 9 different guys on set? That would be really messy, honestly. I think they could have handled it better, like had him in different outfits each time or something? But I honestly don’t think it takes away from the music video that much. It’s obviously not the point of the song or the video, so why does it really matter? But I guess if you’re THAT nitpicky…? Idk.

    I mean, I’ve been looking at different opinions on the song and it’s completely divided in half. Half love it, half hate it, and then like 2.348% are like whatever. I mean, I’ve been thinking about what makes me love it so much, and it’s not just because they’re Girls’ Generation. Obviously, that makes me love it more; but if I had stumbled upon this video, unsure of this group (in some crazy alternate universe) I would have been like holy shiz wtf is this and then just as easily become addicted to the song and the dance (and the pretty girls, /nosebleed/). It’s just so original. And it suits them, for some reason, it fits better than I’ve ever seen before, and they look like they enjoy it too. The whole album is brilliant, some of them even wrote lyrics for the songs, so it’s more than just a random album with filler songs in it – these songs really feel like they could be promoted each individually, that’s how good they all are. This whole thing was such a POWERFUL comeback, with something I’ve never seen before in kpop, like a weird but not unwelcome mixture of “fck off wannabe” and “omg oppa love me” and “wow you guys are all crazy”. I am happy with it, and SO proud of them in every way. With this comeback they were all able to fully convey their talents. I just wish people would give it more of a chance, read the lyrics, listen a couple times, you know – be more open minded about it, because it really is something special I think.
    /end rant that took me an hour to type. Essay time.

    • wow I actually read all that!! haha Well I always write super long responses so its only fair that I read others hehe.
      Anyway, I agree with parts of what you wrote and not with others.

      Mainly, yes, the constant shifts do make sense because of the lyrics but for many people including Simon and Martina and myself who can’t speak fluent korean that doesn’t really matter, because it’s not what we hear. Yes, it can change the way one may view the song – the realisation that “oh so the randomness actually has a reason, that’s quite smart,” however it doesn’t change the make-up of the song.
      I think that people who don’t like this song either 1) have problems with sudden changes/unpredicted disruptions and/or 2) only listen to the melodies of songs and not the base, accompaniment etc.
      Me, I 1) love the changes and 2) can hear reoccurring bits of the different accompaniments and tunes overlapping each other which creates actually a sense of musical cohesion within the changes.

      also I loved when you said: “Also, you can’t tell me this song isn’t fun. I’d feel so badass playing this while driving or something.” because I feel so badass when I play it lol :P

      oh and good luck with your essay^^^^ :D

      • LOL thank you i just finished it akljgsdkljg

        and like i have to sincerely thank you for being mature in answering, i get really scared sometimes that people are gonna say really mean things to me cause that always happens OTL no one’ll agree with everything but it’s how it’s portrayed dgdsfkjlfk and thanks for reading through it all i got hand cramps XD

        • cookiemonster

          well congratulations :) And I know! sometimes internet people can be really scary^^

        • Everyone here is allowed to state their opinion, once it is done in a respectful way. Our commenting rules are:

          Be Respectful
          Do Not Spam
          Stay On Topic
          Mods Are Watching

          People disagree with Simon and Martina all the time and it is ok. Your argument above for the song is logical and well articulated. It isn’t like you said that other people who have a different opinion suck and are stupid.

          If anyone starts doing that around here, regardless of what their standpoint is about the song, they will have to deal with the Nasty Mods.

        • cookiemonster

          I love the Nasty Mods <3 Sorry, random, but yeah, you guys are cool…

        • Why thank you. I will remember this comment when next someone tells us how unfair we are.

  160. i just love it! :) makes me happy..

  161. girls gen!! my vote… seriousely I dont like that guy. :<

  162. Wow you guys! i’m glad to hear your thoughts on the song because I too thought the song was very messy? Bits that were nice and bits not so much. no sense of flow. Dont get me wrong i love snsd but it does bumm me out that they got this song. i was really hoping for a better song since they didn’t really promote much last year :(
    Can I just say that i really like reading your blog reviews, I like that you guys really go into deeper serious notes. Of course still being silly when needed. :) love you guys!

  163. I don’t know if you’ve watched it yet or not, but I’d recommend you watch GLAM’s recent video for I Like That – it’s also a girl group trying to do a sort of hip hop image, only they pull it off better, I think, in terms of the presentation. It’s not about the girls, basically, it’s about the calls their company and the directors made while shooting the video. The message of the song is also better than IGAB’s in that, if you watch it with english subs (available on the official video) you understand that it’s a song about single girls doing things by themselves and being cool with it – “I like that.” I really feel like in a weird coincidence, the two groups were doing the same kind of thing, and one pulled it off way better.

  164. “I got a boy on my chin” ♫♪
    . . .


    Honestly, when something departs in so many directions, it’s really no longer a song….but a *medly of songs”*
    Great review. Thanks.

  165. i think they mixed 3 songs and made it into one.when i first heard it i was not enthralled on how awesome the song is instead i was shock on how CONFUSING which one is the real tune. /shrugs/

    i liked the part after yuri and sooyoung’s “intro” the best it made SUCH a great song, and if sm developed it, it would be GREAT.
    But you know their rapping has improved. though they. should. not. rap. its …better….nicest thing i have to say about it. (though i liked it, i could tell it was weak. i guess i love snsd too much.)
    Snsd should use their vocals to their advantage. They could be sexy, by being powerful, some what like a queen.
    I want snsd to stay feminine, and use it to their advantage.
    The mature concept they would use would be something powerful, grand, and majestic, which can be done using the power in some of their vocals.
    Rather then having edge and being funky, snsd should use the hardships they’ve experience in their career, and put all their pain into a powerful song, becuase i know that snsd struggled to reach the top, and today they still probally struggle from all of the haters they get. I want a song from them similar to ji eun’s going crazy. becuase i know snsd has been through similar (even worse) experiences. That would probally draw out their emotions and make an AMAZING song.

  167. Martina’s Aegyo-rap was AWESOME!! I need more of that in my life… I hope you include that on the fundraiser music cd’s!! Personally I like the song, it’s on loop on my iPod, its really catchy to me… GG rapping doesn’t bother me for some reason, though I was caught off guard by it the first time. However after hearing Hyoyeon (hope I spelled that right) rapping in Maxstep this doesn’t really surprise me much… but I do agree with the weirdness of the video especially the opening scene… it doesn’t quite fit the rest of the video….

  168. Anyone else get a really f(x) feel from this video?

  169. I was totally envisaging an R. Kelly/Usher “Same Girl” situation when you guys were discussing the shocked-at-boyfriend-at-the-door scenario…except with even more awkwardness with 9 girls and one guy

  170. Well you wanted to know my thoughts so here they are:

    but first: yay – i’m not the only one singing I GOT A BOY CHICKEN!!! hehe :P
    Also I really enjoyed this kmm and I agree with everything you guys said about the video and dancing.

    As for the song; I like it. And no I’m not a SONE, I really like some SNSD songs like Hoot and Genie, really really don’t like others (of which I won’t say) and some I can listen to when I am in the mood but which really annoy me at other times like Gee and Oh- but I really really do like this one.

    Yes, at first I thought it was very choppy and unpredictable but I didn’t not like it. And like other songs, particularly from SM, which have sharp changes in tempo, volume, accompaniment and even style you need to listen to it twice, WITHOUT watching the video to really listen to the song. I think that the different sections become more apparent when you watch it with the video; particularly in I Got A Boy because they changed sets, clothes, dancing style – also the english thrown in like “let me put it down another way” and “let’s bring it back to 140″ creates a short pause, furthering defining the different sections. When you really listen to IGAB you can hear that yes, there are different sections, but its more a progressive build up of underlying tunes which at the end all join together and create an explosion of sounds and a very strong and impact-full ending.

    Yes, you actually need to listen to the song more than once – but not 20 times, it only took me 2 to start singing along.
    But then again if you can’t feel songs that change melodies than you might need to listen a few more times. I remember that you, Simon, really loved the Get Smart part of SPY but couldn’t get into the 20′s kinda style sections and felt like it wasn’t very coherent – is that right??? While I absolutely LOVED every single thing about that song from the first time I heard it. Actually, I really like it when songs have contrasting melodies. For me, it’s a lot more interesting than Verse. Chorus. Verse. Chorus. Bridge. Chorus. Repeat Chorus. BAHHH Because I can be serious in some parts than a second later start dancing around like crazy – it’s fun!!

    Overall I really love the song. It’s really fun and quite addictive – it’s also super cute. I know that you guys said that aegyo and hip hop should not be mixed but I’m not really counting GG’s rapping as rapping because if it was rapping it would be terrible. It’s more like expression of girl-ish-ness. And I’m not talking about the lyrics. I can’t understand Korean and so the lyrics have no effect on whether I like the song or not (unless it was a song about murdering someone or something then I would be a bit turned off) I could feel the girl-ish-ness from the first time I listen to “O~~MO” It had so much attitude and was so cute >.< I was like "omo, that omo is so cute"^^ haha :P

    anyway, those are my thoughts, I enjoyed listening to both of yours too – this song is so controversial hehe :P

    • I just… You just took the words right out of my mouth and posted them. Thanks! May I add that if you watch the live performances the dance looks AMAZING. -Has been doing that instead of watching the video.-

      The was just one thing about this video that I did not understand at /all/: The orange wigs. Like, what? o—o That appeared out of nowhere.

      • the live performances really are amazing!! And I feel like the dance itself flows better in live performance than when I watch the mv.
        And yes the orange wigs. I just assumed that after all having many sets of very different outfits SNSD couldn’t handle it and decided that in the one small section where they got to wear matching clothes they would look exactly alike. And thus the orange wigs. I’m sure it would have given them much relief after changing their style so much. :P

        But in all seriousness – I also did not understand, it sure was random. :)

    • now that you mentioned, the english thrown parts are possibly what brings resistence twoards the song’s changes – it’s like SM knew it could cause some awkwardness and decided to explain: “hey the song’s gonna change now beware!” THAT is very lame and i don’t like those parts since the beginning. however, i loved the song since the beginning and now even those spoken bits feel okay to me.

  171. Oh wait… I forgot to tell you how much I laughed at Simon arranging his dates… and his bowel issues. Im going to need Simon and Martina to record a k-pop song. I will sing the chorus for you. LEGGO!

  172. i vote chunji as bigger scumbag. GG had to know they were all seeing the same guy while chunji’s girl didnt know he was cheating.

  173. I actually think the reason why they got so shocked in the beginning is because that ONE boy is their boyfriend. Yep, that one boy is the boyfriend of all nine of them and they don’t know that they are all dating the same boy nor do the members know each of them has a BF. It makes sense since the song is also talking about why a girl acts like this and that(like what they were doing in the intro) and makes it sound like it’s something annoying(girl’s perspective 1) but when the same girl is actually with her boy she does the same thing.

  174. I honestly loved the song when I first heard it (excluding that section when it slows down and Jessica sings, but that might have partially been because her hair color during that part made me cringe…hard) and I still really really love it. But, I’m a person who loves things with lots of variety, I really loved SF&S when I first heard it, and I have yet to dislike that song despite people saying they used too many different styles. But yes, the video, was kind of strange. I personally didn’t like the wardrobe on all of the members. I adore Sunny, but I thought she looked terrible throughout the video(PLEASE SM STOP DYING HER HAIR STRANGE COLORS. BLUE LOOKS BAD ON EVERYONE). And Yoona, who I don’t personally like but is definitely the prettiest in SM looked so horribly awful in that army-leather skirt-mesh shirt thing. I wasn’t horrified by the rapping, but it sounded weird in the song, and it’s definitely not their forte. I also have to say Martina, to the people who said you might like it if you listen to it more, I completely agree. My best friend and Korean roommate both disliked the song the first few days it was out, and then suddenly, they kind of got obsessed with it, so maybe the same will happen with you guys :) Overall, I adore this song and I actually think GG did a beautiful job incorporating in all the different musical styles. ^^

  175. OMO OMO this video just made me pee my pants and cry like a baby out of laughter!!!! Martina’s rap…Simon’s nostrils through out the whole video…the bloopers…o geez I just peed one more time

  176. Still, I love the dance, and some parts of the song actually keep popping in my mind since the first time I hear it…

  177. I had never actually listened to this song until y’all reviewed it…
    and now having listened to it. I totally agree. It feels like the song has multiple personality disorder or something. The chorus is a bit catchy though: “I got a boy, a chin, i got a boy chicken.” definitely stuck in my head.
    Buuutttt… yeah. Iunno.

    Also. If y’all made an MP3 of Martina’s aegyo rap. I’d pay to DL it.
    Just saying.
    It’d be awesome.

  178. Really? You’re really honestly gonna call them GG? If anything that makes my organs shrivel… And makes me a little bit nauseous…

    Other than that you’re spot on! This is one messy song…

  179. I agreed! I love the hip-pop music but when the music changed. I was like What did they do.

  180. Kinda hate how GG is so tied up with the image of SM that you guys can’t keep your angry rants about them away from your talks about GG’s songs.

  181. ktaeng

    Ahhhh I new this was gonna be another good KMM. I had a hard time trying to keep a straight face… My dad prolly thinks J’m crazy now. Thanks, guise.

  182. Chunji for sure! That’s just sleezy to have them all wear the same smell!!!

  183. This video was great!!
    I vote for Chunji!

  184. Martina’s rapping part is awesome! n the last sentence with ‘oppa wae kurae?’ so funny. ROFL >_<

  185. Personally I like the song, but I couldn’t agree more with you guys about the video. The aegyo is just so stupid and conflicting, and that opening scene is terrible. But I love the dance sequences – SM needs to release a dance version of the MV with the intro and aegyo cut out.

  186. Hmmm…. to me this isn’t a song it’s a mash-up (not that the mash-up is
    great) and therefore I would love it if they had just done a song or
    two seperately. I really love the part from around the 55 seconds mark to
    the 2 minute mark (like Simon says at the beginning). I also like the
    dubstep part and the bridge beginning at 4:18 and ending at 4:28. I think that the first part part I mentioned should be one song and have the bridge from 4:18. Then the dubstep part should be another song. That’s how I would prefer it. I remember getting very excited for this comeback when I
    saw the teasers but as I saw the video and heard the song I wasn’t so excited. Oh and when I heard yoona rap I was so sad :( I wanted to hear her sing likewise all the other girls. I don’t like the rapping done it feels too forced in my opinion. Also I agree with Simon and Martina about the agyeo hip-hop. It doesn’t do the girls justice. I loved their fierceness and loathed the agyeo. Also I just wished for once that SM would have their MV’s outside of a box. In my opinion the part I suggested should be a song along with their styles and dancing would have been great if set outdoors in the streets of Seoul. The set made me think of 1960′s for some reason even though their styles were hip hop and the beginning is princessy with also a bit of like motown I would say when the girls are in their orange wigs. As a person who loves to design and was once a design major the visuals and the video were just plain bad and it makes me sad because I see a whole lot of potential. Well I think that’s all I had to say. I hope I don’t seem like I am bashing on them because I absolutely love the sounds and clothing style (just not the way it was put together). *End of rant*

  187. I think this song is more liked by non-Kpop fans then the regular Kpop fans. Some big American names like Billboard, LATimes, Time, etc have been praising this song like crazy. I think Kpop fans are used to the certain structure of how a song is suppose to sound like so when they first listen to IGAB, their first reaction would be “wtf.” I know a lot of people whose reaction was exactly that but when they listened to the song after, they get used to the “unique-ness” of it and get hooked; the girls even said so themselves that they had to listen to it ’100′ times before they got the feel of it. I know people don’t have time to listen to a song 100 times, but I also think they shouldn’t judge it based on just the first listen.

    • exactly!

      i mean, some people like pop music as a disposable thing that you get hooked instantly and weeks later it just feels a million years old. but i’m a POP MUSIC lover, i’m not and indie music fan that sometimes like pop or a rocker that takes pop as a sometimes guilty pleasure; i listen to pop songs ALL the time over and over again, and lost track of how many songs i genuinely hated at first to a time later become totally in love with it.

    • Brittainy

      Pretty sure SM is paying for that praise ^^.

      • If SM was paying for the praise, wouldn’t it make sense to use that money to make a better song in the first place?

        • Yes that is true. But it is very funny how the international media has gone gaga over the song. From Rolling Stone and Time. I have seen some people talk about how this is proof of a big post Psy hallyu push in the West. Not that SNSD wasn’t already pushing their US market debut. I do think they would do better to concentrate on Japan. Not do a Wonder Girls.

  188. Honestly, the song sounded OK to me the first time I listened to it. Not just because I’m a SONE or anything like that. I was not all too impressed either. But, I listened to it more and it sort of stuck to me. I even caught myself singing it at school. I mean, honestly 50% of all pop music makes you become instantly hooked on it. The other 50% just latches on to you later after listening to it some more.
    I still tend to skip Tiffany’s random intro rap. She should not be allowed to rap. At all. That’s why she’s in the position of main vocal. But I mean you have to admit, the beginning rap with sooyoung/yuri wasn’t actually bad at all.

    • yeah..that first few seconds were good til Yoong started to rap….=.= she has like a whole fucking line where sooyul have close to no lines

  189. well first and foremost i’ll sound like a crazy bias and maybe i’m a bias, but i’m not crazy lol… especially because i’m not trying to convince you guys or anyone else to like the song, i’m just stating my thoughts about it.

    i love normal and formulaic pop music just as much as everyone. but i really really love when producers go totally out of the box when composing and creating a pop hit. although i agree with most that SM’s producers weren’t so subtle with the mixing and transitions of “i got a boy”‘s many bits and portions, i love songs that change and give me totally different scenarios.

    i don’t know if you know them, but there’s this production team from the UK called Xenomania [my favorite Pop producers ever] and lots of their songs have this “many songs in one” mindset. listen to kylie minogue’s “giving you up”, girls aloud’s “biology” and “sexy no no no”, and annie’s “my love is better”

    still, i agree that “i got a boy” is kind of clumsy especially if you compare them to the exampled i cited. but well, i liked it instantly because i rarely dislike SNSD’s anything, but it’s been two weeks and the song never gets stale for me. and yes, the more i listen to it the more i love it: the dancing is awesome, i really like the dubstep portions and the high note verses taeyeon sings on the third section, the song’s energy while you’re running on a treadmill, driving by car or even doing the dishes is perfection!…

    and well – to the polemic issue: i genuinely love their rapping! hahaha seriously! i guess that at least 90% of the raps in k-pop are useless – especially for girl groups; but since it’s there i might as well embrace the good and fun about it. and i think that yoona and hyoyeon’s high pitch rapping bits match perfectly to the girl talk concept of the song. i’d say it really is ridiculous when you think of them as grown women, but as for the adolescent idea of the song it’s not at all discrepant in my opinion.

    besides, i’ve discussed it a lot on a seoulbeats post in which the author also bash the idea of aegyo hip hop, but i think that it’s normal to be conservative when two completely different and apparently opposite ideas are put together. but hey, sometimes oxymorons work: back in the 1950′s nobody here in brazil could ever imagine that you could slow samba down – suddenly someone did it, he got a lot of negative response, but he insisted and some others bought the idea and “bossa nova” was born and is one of the most exported cultural “products” from brazil.

    i’m not at all saying that aegyo hip hop is and will be like bossa nova, but you get the analogy. so yes! i stan for aegyo hip hop!

    lol you did annoy me with this review, but i’m still voting for you guys! i love your site and i won’t hate on you just because we disagree.

    as for the showdown: kevin’s the bigger scumbag of all! i got a boy’s just a faceless supporting model used only to show…argh yes SM videos SUCK! they should only stick to the dance versions that’s what they’re really good at.

    • Nice comment!
      I agree about rapping, it’s not like their rap was the worst in all KPop. And it’s not like they do that in every single song. Some (more like almost all) groups have to put rap parts in every song, just because their rappers would have nothing to do in their songs. Here, it’s not out of place like in some many songs by other groups.
      I admit, I’m not a huge fan of rapping, even more so of female rapping, so probably I’m not a good judge here. But I don’t mind girls rapping in IGAB.

  190. omg you guys, I laughed so hard during the video and the blooper reel. You don’t even know. Thank you so much for being to ridiculously, hilariously awesome and honest! :D Martina’s aegyo hip hop had me rolling, and I was dying at Snape’s frequent bouts of diarrhea. So basically my body took a lot of abuse during this music monday.

    My first reaction to the song was similar to yours (and most everyone else’s), that it was an odd mish-mash of different beats. But I liked each individual beat enough that I didn’t straight-out dislike the song. And because I really liked parts of the song, and I really, really liked the dancing and bright colors of the video, I watched the mv a few times more. And in those few extra viewings I actually grew to really like the song. I still think it’s a really odd song, but I like it :D That said, I would have no idea how to dance to it haha Also, I agree with you guys that the combination of confident singing and dancing, and really shy, cutie acting is a bit awkward.

  191. Oddly this is one of two songs that I like from GG (the other being Genie)…. but when I saw it I really felt like f(x) would’ve pulled off the song better since their image is more “funky” and they actually have a rapper… or parts of the song being made into a real unified song…
    I get that the song is supposed to be a “conversation” between a girl who “got(s) a boy” and the other girls making fun of her for acting diff around her bf… but I agree that as a non-Korean speaker, I like kpop songs for their beat, not really for their lyrics.

  192. -Feels weird cause I actually like the song and video.- Okay, well I only like the video for the dance, and bright colors… I am a person who loves bright colors…. I didn’t even really pay attention to the acting parts… Just the dance.

  193. I can smell the bashers already. Batter your hatches and try not to let it bother you guys too much.

  194. this song SUCK! it so stressful listening to it….!

  195. Teen top Chunji, always.

  196. Albino Eskimo

    The musician in me really wants to rearrange this song into something that isn’t a jumbled hot mess. There are some great parts to this song, just not arranged as well as they could have been.

    • I agree. I think they attempted to use spoken word or “rap” (as they’re calling it) to casually wash over the abrupt BPM change between sections, but it doesn’t work for me. There is a way to do it, for example, I really like the sound of Nicki Minaj’s “Starship” which has a really obnoxious and abrupt change in the song, yet I think it sounds aaaammazing.

      • Albino Eskimo

        I have actually been toying with the idea of starting a response segment for KMM. I would cover, or at least attempt to, whatever song won KMM for that week. It could be called “K-pop Music Mondays: The Cover Edition”

    • lol you said what I wanted to say in the comment above but much much shorter :)

  197. Such a fantabulous review!! – You guys pretty much worded my every thought whilst watching the video. The song sounded like a it was a bunch of diff songs put together randomly and the only thing that was awesome was the dance. I even rewatched it in mute just for the dance :D

  198. I think it’s great when music can be so polarizing for people, and that there can be engaging and entertaining debates about it. I personally enjoyed the song and MV. I had my first encounter with “I Got A Boy” just after midnight, on New Year’s Day, where I’m at, and I’m glad it turned out to be more than just a one night stand with the song and video. Simon and Martina, yes, yes, and yes, you guys are totally right on the dance; it’s freaking awesome! Check out my dance tutorial and review for the song, and let me know what you think. http://youtu.be/5RzpGO_2TZ0

    PS: I loved the cut of Martina’s “Hip Hop Aygeo!” Get that on SoundCloud for everyone to download stat!

  199. Actually, I just wanna say, you can be aegyo and hip hop, her name is E.VIA

  200. I think this is actually one of my preferred songs from the girls from their last few. Hoot & The Boys were good, but nothing about them felt all that special to me, and this song is taking them a new direction as a group, which I actually enjoy. I also enjoy the concept, both visually, and lyrically, where they were going with the ‘girl talk’ theme. I like that the song tells a story from different points of view, and overall I enjoy the song a lot. It is different though, not only from what the girls have done in the past, but from what other groups are doing, and I think that is where it can be a hit or miss with a lot of people. When something is new or different, it isn’t always immediately liked, which is why I feel like a lot of people also have the feeling of liking it more over time.

    That being said about the music (and I agree with the post down below stating how the song, musically, has parts that tie the different styles in the song together), I absolutely love the dance. Not only that, but I like that the concept they’ve got going on allows them to wear sneakers and flats, so that they can really give it their all in the routine.

  201. Totally saw that Chunji thing coming at the end XD

  202. Now I want to read a fanfiction about Snape dating all the girls in Girls’ Generation.

  203. From the very first time I watched the video I loved everything about it; the dancing, the song, the rapping, the aegyo, the lyrics, everything, except the opening part of the video. They are always just odd. Something you just used to cuz SM makes them do it all the time. Knowing a little about music theory and such helps a person enjoy the song on the first run but that’s not necessary. And I know many grown mature women feel that aegyo when they are in
    love, they just don’t show it cuz it’s not natural to do. And if the girls
    don’t practice rapping they won’t get any better. Also, kpop’s main audience in Korea is as you already stated in a previous TL;DR are teens or younger. The older groups may be older now but their company is still targeting the younger audience. Thus, they must do as their company says or risk the whole contract war stuff that destroyed a group at the top of their game. more than one group actually. But anyways, even though I enjoyed the song from the get-go, I don’t expect every else to as well. To each their own. :D

  204. Haha! Each time that I saw a reflection in Martina’s laptop, I turned around in my chair.

  205. Not gonna lie Its weird/ i miss seeing your kitchen in the background.

  206. I love how you call the guy in”I Got A Boy” Snape

  207. I agree wholeheartedly with the above:) haha you guys usually reflect all of what I want to say in your blog posts:)<3 thanks again!

    haven't watched it yet though:( #lifeofaschoolkid

  208. Hahahaha – Martina’s aegyo hiphop was totally my favourite part! And the CF skit! And I totally agree with you about the dancing. I am so glad that they could take of those heels and do some awesome dancing! (not that I have anything against heels, it’s just hard to do awesome dancing like that in heels)

  209. I loved Uncontrollably during matrina’s hiphop ish rap scene ^_^

  210. Brittainy

    This was an awesome KMM guys ^^. I died laughing during Simon’s date-planning session (5:15… DIARRHEAAAA!!). I love reading your blog posts too! It’s like a delicious side of serious discussion for my joke-sandwich.

    Regarding the actual song/video… I have all sorts of mixed feelings. I enjoy the dance, hate the creepy doll-stare aegyo (I was a bit scared at 3:29), love most of the song and find the rest very off-putting. I mentioned in another post, but hananim made a cut version of this song (minus the awkward interludes) and I can’t get enough of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRBXM7JprXg

    I’ve seen a lot of sones (on youtube, etc.) saying you have to read the lyrics to understand the story and the disjointed nature of the song. So I did – I read through an excessively long synopsis walking the reader through each minute detail, and I have to say… that I think the plot of this video and song is quite banal. There are better (and more insightful) ways to tell a story like that without ruining the song.

    Anyway, my theory re: Cheater McCheaterston is that the SNSD girls actually do know that he’s a wankmaster and are trolling him hardcore with all these shitty dates. I mean really? Shoe tying session and nail painting? That seems like some serious punishment going on there…

  211. A producer I really admire posted about IGAB on his twitter and said “Wow, Girls’ Generation’s – I Got a Boy is one intricate jam! Definitely something new for GG. I love the complex composition.” I hadn’t really noticed it before because of how choppy the song is (even as a medley), but when I listened to it the third time around, I paid attention to the music segments instead of GG’s vocals, and WHOA. Definitely good stuff. I just wish SM released those segments as separate tracks, maybe even an instrumental interlude.

  212. ugh when will SM learn…. that GG can’t rap…please don’t make them do it again…..

    i have to say i dont love the song….but i listen to it every now and then…

    i dont like the image portrayal though…i have to agree with you on that. they are women now, not 12 year old girls…ll hell m even sure 12 year old girls dont act like that with a boy…please SM let them act their damn age….which is why i liked the dance…it was cool, fun, and didnt make them seem like they were 10 year old prepubescent girls…

  213. The begining actually reminded me of ” Oh” it looked like the same concept, with all the girls in one room doing wierd stuff lol¡ and totally agree, I know Korean definition of cute, can be a little exaggerated, but I have to agree than it looked too ridiculous in the video… * sigh* i was kind of dissapointed :(

  214. Replying Martina’s rap. LOL Loved the review!!

  215. Seriously SM, you put these girls in a band because they’re amazing singers. Whyyyyy you make them rap!?! And really, they deserve more than one communal boyfriend.

  216. most of what you guys said in this i was thinking since it came out and have been wondering if you guyz thought the same and now i have my answer im not the only one who liked 0:54 – 2:01 then changing to the part where they sing i got a boy juss sounds off

  217. unicornsgalaxy

    I really enjoyed this review guise. It had, in my opinion, a great combination of your opinions about the song and video and entertaining skits. While I enjoy your skits, I find that what I enjoy the most is hearing your opinions about the videos and songs regardless if they are good or bad, or don’t necessarily match up to mine. As long as they are your opinions and are tactfully done, I’m a happy little Nasty.

    On to the song. This is one of those songs that will randomly come into my head at times, but it’s nothing that I would listen to regularly. I like the song since it has grown on me but it wouldn’t be on heavy rotation on my mp3 player (if it even makes it on there). Like you said there are some good parts, but there are also some parts where I zone out and when I come back I’m a bit confused to if I am listening to the same song.

    I agree with what you said about the video. I like the vibrant colors and loved the dance, but the rest I could just skip over. I’m not a big fan of aegyo. Having said that though, I didn’t find this video to be oozing aegyo to the point where I throw up in my mouth a bit. I could tolerate it because it wasn’t over the top cutesy.

  218. EYK generally sums up the world’s reaction to IGAB. They say IGAB received favorable responses from professional critics but I believe the sentiment of the public matters most and IGAB is not much great of a song. I don’t blame GG. I blame SM. This is supposed to be part of SMTOWN’s 2012 collection which SUCKS. SM honestly didn’t do well with their production last year.

    Image-wise and concept-wise, GG still reigns in KPOP. You can’t deny that their personality and their looks perfectly fit the style IGAB shows. The dance is a beast! I really like watching their performance and the MV countless times just for the dance. Song still sucks, but you get used to it after listening for a 100 times — which a normal non-fan do.

    and I honestly believe, GG won’t dominate 2013 yet… with IGAB. and I’m sad with it. T___T

    This video is daebak though! I love you EYK!

  219. Chunji is the douchebag.

    Anyways, I almost hate aegyo which is why I don’t listen to many of the girl groups other than say 2NE1. It gives them no edgy rawness that a lot of the boy groups have. The song is ok but not a fan of the video.

  220. Watch we’ll vote them in for Shorty’s and then NU’EST will come back when they’re gone lol.

  221. i agree the dance i though was awesome, the song was like they didn’t know what would be a hit, so they mushed it together, the bpm didn’t bug me but they didn’t fit together at all and the weird change of costumes into purple coats and wigs didn’t fit and the rapping i think needs lots of work, not horrid but needs work.

  222. Aegyo Hip Hop FTW!

    When the song came out, I was excited and played it almost immediately. I was listening to it passively, though I really enjoyed the beginning of the song, and when it went to the first tempo change… I got turned off and, well, turned it off. I wanted to give it a fair chance, so I finally sat down and watched/listened to it a few days later. I still can’t get over the tempo change. It’s exactly as you guise said, it just threw me off. As someone who plays DDR where songs sometimes have tempo changes, it takes a lot to get over it. I tend to agree with others who have said that these could easily be separate, awesome songs. There’s nothing wrong with each section, they just don’t meld together for me, and while that may be the point they were trying to make for whatever reason, it’s just not for me, as someone who can only enjoy the musical aspect, rather than the lyrical. If they release separate parts of the song like SHINee had with Clue and Note, I’d be all for it. I do have to give them a lot of credit for the dancing! That was one of the main reasons why I stuck with it and watched the whole video all the way the second time.

  223. “I can’t even remember the name…Hillarryy” Oh my God!!!! I love you guys!!!<3

  224. thisisjustforfunval

    Martina’s rap had me busting at the seems. The whole review did, including the bloopers. I’m not a fan of this song or video, but I do love this review!

  225. Starsania

    That’s actually how I was taught to put perfume on. Wrists then neck. Something about the scent being close to arteries and stuff I don’t remember. XD

  226. wow scumbag cheater’s English thought bubbles weren’t mentioned at all, and I thought that was rather impressive for SM

  227. Gotta say not my song.I laughed about the rolling down your sexy window part. I vote for chinji from the teen top video. I have the same computer background ^_^

  228. i feel like if i got a boy was 2 completely different songs, then put together in a hybrid mashup(like shinee’s sherlock a.k.a. clue+note) then it would make sense for it to be so.. choppy. but the beats in this song were great! so different and catchy. honestly sm should have just stuck to their guns with the music. it could have been amazing. u hve beautiful women who can sing and dance. why would u ruin it with this song!!! plus the rapping. omg. i can’t even. it was better than the boys but it still makes my ears hurt. and the set. wow those were some awkward ass moments in there.
    and if sm actually uses igab as snsd’s song for their american debut. lord help us, they better remix the song.

    • I don’t think it’s going to be their song for their US debut, but it’s gotten the attention of MTV and such. They call it brilliant. I think many non K-pop fans would like this song more than K-pop fans. I’ve let a few people listen to it & they all thought it was originally an English song.

  229. Did you guys read the translation of the lyrics? I’m not saying you have to like the song, but it does make a lot more sense once you know what they’re saying.

    • I am not sure if they did, but it probably would not make a difference at this point. Many people have been debating about this song for weeks now. I think it just comes down to if you like the disjointed thing or not. And if you can’t handle it, then you won’t like it.

  230. I think this so

  231. KATHyphenTUN

    Agree 100%!!! When I saw the intro I was unimpressed… Then the song started and I loved it!!!!!! The different image was a nice change for them and the dancing was great, but then as things went on there was just to many cutesy faces in the moves that just felt weird with the style. Right? Also when the song changed image to the long orange wig scene I thought the video ended abruptly and it was a teaser to another song. ( i was even getting excited cause I thought I may enjoy that song more) ….. Then it went back to the original beat and my mind was just so confused at where I was. I do however really like the chorus,dance, and hip hop image, just wish it stuck more to that guid line overall.

  232. Well… I’ve got to say, I liked this song WAY more than you guys did.

    I wasn’t totally put off by the musical quality of the “rapping” … I was put off by the fact that it was mostly just an excuse for YoonA, SooYoung, HyoYeon, and Yuri not singing. Which bugs me.

    Musically, I don’t think the song is nearly as disjointed as everyone thinks it is. I think by themselves neither style would have worked: the boomy stomping part would have gotten too draggy and slow, and the faster “I got a boy meotjin” part would have been too trippy. Together, they balance out. Sometimes, songs are so stuck in a pattern that they get boring. (That’s kind of how I feel about Electric shock, TBH).

    Also, as a musician and general nerd, I think this song is musically sound. Changes of tempo, rhythm, and key are very well-attested in music, even modern popular music. Someone on the kpopcharts mentioned Bohemian Rhapsody as a very well-loved song that manages several tempo and rhythm changes. Is “I Got A Boy” the next Bohemian Rhapsody? perhaps not, but the song is still based on solid musical principles. Notice that there are several running themes throughout the song that tie it together. Most notably, the “oh”s at 1:03 and at 2:56 and 3:20. They harmonize with each other and are structured so similarly that they almost sound the same. Also, the boomy piano that plays under the synth riff in the first part of the song returns at about 3:06.

    So, that’s my feeling on the song. … no one cares. -_- *slinks away*

    In other news, OH GOD I WANT TO LEARN THIS DANCE. ***_***

    • I care! And as another musically-inclined nerd, I also agree that the actual composition is fine; what’s really playing into people’s dislike, I think, is the clash of perception of the group. Which I personally think is silly, but I don’t have any group loyalties, so that might play into it.

      • In the end all that really matters is how it sounds to the public, not many people care for the detailed composition of the song. That is why popular music usually don’t end up as “classics”.

        • I’m not talking about how the composition might look to someone who studies music; if it were a messy composition, it would actually sound like a messy composition and would likely make the song seem even worse to EVERYONE, not just the current dislikers, and SM wouldn’t release it at all. Details make a song; if it were actually a badly made song, we’d all be able to pick it up.

          Instead, the song’s getting super mixed reviews, which generally means the song is structurally sound but other factors are deciding people’s opinions.

    • i like that you depicted the piano and oh’s parts because that’s something you tend to notice with multiple listens – at least if you’re not a musician like myself. and when i realized that it made me like the song even more!

      as for the dance it’s AWESOME and not so hard as it looks! lol

    • Exactly. I completely agree with you :D

    • ahhh i agree entirely! i completely care! hahaha. i am totally in awe of this song and think it was brilliantly created. and in the same other news, I WANT TO LEARN THE DANCE TOO ALKDGHSD

    • Agree agree! I’m not the biggest music nerd but I DO appreciate a pop song that doesn’t sound as if someone wrote one minute of a song and repeated it. I love the theatricality and energy of pop music and while I often adore the dumbest and silliest of the genre (I love Ke$ha I don’t even care. I DON’T EVEN CARE) when a pop song challenges itself to be a bit more musically interesting I am just. So pleased. I wasn’t even expecting to love the song as much as I did, even if Girls’ Generation are the REASON I’m a K-pop fan and I love them to pieces and I want to make a reality show about Tiffany screaming nonsensical things in English in the way that she does. Their J-pop releases have been kind of boring- not BAD but they didn’t grab me. I though I Got A Boy would be the same. I was also severely disappointed by The Boys and I still feel betrayed and cry at night and curse Teddy Riley’s name so I was just ready for eye rolling. When this song showed up I felt like I got punched in the face with awesome.

      I really do get why people don’t like it, though. There’s a lot going on and the rapping . . . bless their hearts. I agree so much with it just being a weird excuse not to have the “dance line” sing which is just ridiculous since all of them sound FINE as long as they stay in specific ranges. Just because their range is more limited than the other five doesn’t mean they are completely tone deaf and shouldn’t be let anywhere near a microphone. I know what that sounds like, I used to listen to J-pop, the dance line girls sing like ANGELS comparatively. Even Yoona can handle herself if she sticks to a low register and a five note range. I’d MUCH rather hear them sing than hear them rap. Hyoyeon can KIND OF get away with it since her voice is so unique, if they give her super fast rap you’re so distracted by the speed you don’t realize ALL it is a unique speaking tone and lots of words. They did that in MAXSTEP. Everyone else, though . . . Let them sing please.

    • I agree, I really appreciated the chance SM took with this song. I don’t think everyone should go down this path now, or that it is a modern day Bohemian Rhapsody (I read that review too!), but it was really refreshing to have them go away from the same ol’ verse-chorus-verse-chorus-refrain! The only thing that kept me watching electric shock was a slight change in the dance.

      I attend a music college and I guess maybe having the background that I have, listening to so much different stuff, it wasn’t so off putting, it was easier to enjoy, because I really had to pay attention and keep up with it, that’s what some of the most exciting music does-takes you on a ride! (sorry to be so corny there!)

      I don’t know why they hate GG rapping so much though! Just because they haven’t done it from the start, most every other group has a resident “rapper”, yes some are meant to rap more than others, but GG should also have the chance to insert a rap in here and there like all the rest! It’s something I personally love about Kpop, the girls are cute, beautiful, talented, but hearing those rap interjections, give some of them their edge. As far as likening it to my granny rapping, I don’t get the same organ shriveling sensation as Simon and Martina.

      The dance made me like it that much more, no one in kpop or pop really gets to dance like this, the 140 bpm dance is my favorite part!

      Sorry if that’s all too much, I wanted to say more than just I agree with you 100%! :)

    • Completely agree with this comment!

    • I CARE TOO!!! Tbh, I think most people are just weirded by unconventional music. And let me be clear, I am not ragging on Simon or Martina by what I’m about to say; it’s my opinion and just because it dissents with their’s doesn’t mean I’m being a jerk about it. *ahem* In their review of Humanoids by TVXQ, they said that they didn’t like Catch Me because it was a “frankensong” and that it was too disjointed to be enjoyable. This kind of blew me away, because I thought Catch Me was a great example of how to structure an Electrohouse/General EDM (if you don’t know what that is, it means electronic dance music and yes, you listen to it all the time without realizing it) song to keep it from getting too repetitive (I love Electric Shock, but it felt too generic for me to really be blown away); it had a lot of different parts that could have worked as their own songs (in theory that is), but they worked very well together. Am I comparing I Got a Boy to Catch Me? Yes and No. They both have the same “frankensong” structure (as S&M would call it), *but* I Got a Boy was a lot more… unique.

      Let me be clear, I love I Got a Boy. It was really different and a step in the right direction for SNSD. They’ve been forced to do the cutesy aegyo act too much, so you can imagine that I was so enraptured by their sass that I might have forgiven the small aegyo parts of the video (I know they had the kick butt image in Hoot, Genie, Run Devil Run, and The Boys, but no one pays as much attention to those songs as they do as Gee or Oh!). The disjointed nature of the song really didn’t bother me (and neither did the rap sections; I find bad rapping more cute than awkward when it’s done by girls). I like when songs switch it up; it gives you something to chew on. Did SM do a good job with this one? No, they didn’t; it is really awkward. But if they learn from this song, they could come out with a “frankensong” that’s just as good as Catch Me or Sherlock.

    • Oh my god. I agree so much!! I was beginning to feel like I was crazy, or had terrible taste in music or something, because I loved this song so much. I’m so glad that SM finally got them away from their tried-and-true conventional song route, because those are great too, but it was beginning to get a bit monotone and I was starting to wonder if SM was afraid of taking risks with SNSD’s releases. Tbh I think this concept and song were just what they needed, and it adequately shows their growth as performers. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels this way! ;_____; *high fives through the Internet*

  233. I just wan to say, Martina, on the subject of Aegyo rap…One word…E.Via. Oh yea, she pulls it off quite nicely. But i agree with GG. I loved the song, but the rapping is a bit awkward

  234. I like all the beats in the song . . . and they would sound better as separate songs. Anyone else remember that episode of Friends where Rachel attempts to make dessert for Thanksgiving? She makes an English trifle but the cookbook pages were stuck together so it ended up being half a trifle (lady fingers, jam, custard, raspberries, bananas, whipped cream) and half a cottage pie (beef sauteed with peas and onions). Later on, Ross is wondering why Joey genuinely enjoys it when he thinks it tastes like feet. Joey says, “What’s not to like? Custard? Good. Jam? Good. Meat? Gooood.” While the ingredients in an of themselves are tasty, when mixed up in a big mish-mash like that, it kind of takes away from the overall taste.

  235. I always agree with your blog (rants) posts. Lol. Once your passed 20 aegyo is already pretty ridiculous. It’s okay if your naturally cute but that whole forced Girls Day thing they have going in this video just irks me.

  236. I dunno, man. I really liked this song. It took me two tries to like it, but it usually takes me a couple of tries for ANY song; to me, that doesn’t make it a bad song at all. I liked the hodge-podge of sound in “I Got a Boy” a lot better than what I thought was trying too hard in “The Boys” and I felt that the slightly schizo composition was actually very relatable to how I personally react in a relationship. I don’t think any caring relationship is all “I am in a relationship and it’s whatever” all the time; especially if it’s new. I can get behind acting maturely IRL and not throwing your hair-dryer when someone rings the door (Hyoyeon is so dangerous in this video O.o Like why the heck does she hit the guy?), but this is a song basically depicting thoughts, as most songs are, right? Why is being caught off guard by a nice guy suddenly weird because you’re older?

    I just felt like this particular video was a bit more judgmental, more preachy than other KMMs. I was thinking you guys would focus more on the fail-acting or the awesome sweater the girls are wearing or something, not telling people how to act.

    • irritablevowel

      I actually thought this was one of their most restrained KMMs. It’s very diplomatic.

      • Eh, maybe I’m just reading it that way because this is probably the first time I’ve really disagreed.

        • When people disagree with your opinion it is quite normal to be sensitive and maybe a bit insulted. Not everyone is going to have the same opinion all the time. I think that they are trying to be diplomatic, but also get their point across. If in your opinion they were being overly judge mental about it in some other person’s opinion they may have been trying to be too diplomatic. I have seen some hate spews about this song done in a very rude fashion.

    • I think I’m one of the few on here who actually likes the way the song was written. I can see why it was done that way, it’s depicting girl talk & a girl’s inner thoughts about her relationship.
      Lol But Hyo hit the guy because he was late to their date, she kept tapping her watch.

      • Meh, this was totally my jam for the past few days, especially because I’m still in the honeymoon phase of my current relationship after getting out of a really toxic one and feel like I really appreciate that GG portrayed my own thoughts with the “Oh my god this guy is actually nice to me; first time ever” stuff and the whole “oh she’s changed so much for the better with him” dialogue.

        Haha, oh! That makes sense now.

        • i’m with you guys! and i’m loving reading the comments here because they’re mostly more positive than on every other review i cared to read the comments.

          i agree with you that the songs composition is very forward thinking and more theatrical than dancefloor oriented like “the boys”.

      • hyos been waiting for that guy since Time Machine MV

    • Don’t think it was so much telling people how to act, more like pointing out that the image girl’s generation are portraying is somewhat problematic… It’s like they’re mashing every quality that a guy likes together to appeal to as many types of guys as possible (being a shy girl, flirty aegyo, sexy, tough girl, etc etc.) Sure one may have different aspects to one’s personality in real life, for example, maybe with your childhood friends you’re really loud and girly, but with your boyfriend maybe you act more mature and elegant, since you see yourself as more as an adult with him, perhaps. The problem with GG being portrayed with soooo many sides, in my opinion, is that it just strengthens the idea that girls should just act in a way that pleases guys or manipulates them by acting in a way that they find attractive.. it seems impossible that they can be cutie hardcore gangstas, like martina says.. so at some point they must be faking. Sure I understand different concepts for bands and the idea that people have complex personalities… but I find this just a bit er.. cringey.

      Also yes, I agree with irritablevowel, I think they tried very hard to find something they liked about this song, and definitely weren’t as “preachy” as, for example, No More Perfume on You (Although that is one of my favourite music mondays and agree with what they say there. I don’t mind them putting their opinions across in KMM since I tend to value their opinions.)

      • Brittainy

        Very well said – you put your thumb right on it. For me, the aegyo moments definitely grated because they felt so contrived and hollow when compared to the way they acted throughout the rest of the song.

        I also thought that S&M applied more tact than usual for this video and did their best to mention both the good and the bad (and even the bad was fairly neutral – i.e. Cheater McCheaterston and his diarrhea appointments). We all know they tend not to mince words if they really don’t like something about a video or won’t hesitate to poke fun at particularly ridiculous moments. Let’s be honest, it’s a big part of what makes their videos so fun to watch!

        • Definitely XDD It’s not their fault of course, but so many bands just look like the directer’s gone “Right, so today we are going for a cool concept so first pull cute faces for the camera for me…. Okay, now stick on this underwear and do your dubstep dance thrust solo.” It’s face-plantingly fake a lot of the time…

          And yeah, they are a nice island of fun in an ocean of crazy fangirls XDD They are like the UN of kpop hahah, forced to be fairly mild in their opinions to try not to offend anyone…. Yeah, I feel like they save their moments for the stuff they really think is important to say, like how mindnumbingly amazing Itaewon Freedom is!! :P

      • Maybe it’s because I’m not much of a Sone so I don’t follow GG as much, but I didn’t see the video as strengthening the view that a girl should act a certain way for a guy at all, or GG really following such a pattern in their songs. I just saw it as “with friends and on the outside”/”in my head.” Again, I found it very relateable to how I’m feeling how. I gush on the inside about my current guy much of the time XD but on the outside around my friends, classmates, and coworkers, I’m cool as a cucumber. I actually think it’s kind of prejudiced to how you personally want to believe people are if you found this video cringe-worthy :/ I think I do what they do in the video in my head, and I feel pretty judged when I read people commenting that you have to be one or the other. No I don’t. I’d rather just be my apparently crazy self, thanks :/

        I also don’t really see where anyone gets “hardcore gangster” from the images in the video at all. I just thought the outfits were cute street stuff, and the dance had aspects of hip-hop but it wasn’t full-blown “WE ARE NOW HIP-HOPPING” ya know? You don’t have to be super “street” to rap or wear the type of clothing they wear in the video. Ask almost any of the popular Youtube rappers, haha. I wear clothing in a similar style to what GG wore in the video and I don’t consider myself a “hardcore gangster.” It’s just a style. And while I don’t consider it “good” rap, which I enjoy readily enough, I thought it was fun and it fit in with the song fine.

        Again, I think it came off more preachy to me because I disagreed a little harder than I usually do with this video, and that’s fine, I can admit that. No More Perfume On You was definitely more preachy objectively, and I guess I didn’t see it that way so much because I agreed with their commentary that time.

        • Like I said, I dont think people don’t have complex personalities. Personally I am also a combination of these all too, with my boyfriend I am a lot different than with my close friends, and with my coworkers and classmates I am different still, and I don’t think anybody can be an extreme of only one type and nothing else in there. So don’t worry, Im not saying that. Peace and love yo. ;P

          I guess you’re right that I’m taking it a bit far with my comment, I realise this video is meant to be a caricature of girls feelings (I mean it’s an mv, not a documentary or something hehe) and I’m sorry if you took my comment as insulting. However. The point I was trying to make, and I think the objection I really have is more with the kpop industry in general, and the way that artists will change “images” so often, I usually prefer to see a really solid and complex identity being built up gradually, rather than what just comes across as kinda flip flopping between styles.. I just find it really fake! Personally I’m not really a fan of the fake sort of cuteness that some girls do to get what they want, or random over the top sexy behaviour to get what you want… I see it a lot and I can’t help but feel that a lot of girls just copy the behaviour and poses they see in these sorts of videos. Bands change image so often that it makes me wonder how they really are in some ways. Idk. I have a headache so I’m just gonna stop taking this so seriously haha XD

  237. I agree on the video part, I didn’t really care for the video. I was secretly hoping that SM would release a dance version of it lol

    I like the song, I listen to it a lot, though it didn’t take me 20 times to like it. I know many people have said that. I think SM was going for something different & it’s been getting a lot of praise from Rolling Stone, Time, & Billboard for its creativity.

    I do know that none of them actually liked the song that much when they first heard it, they said it was too different from their usual songs. I think Yuri or maybe it Taeyeon(ahh who cares) said that they had to listen to it over again in order to really appreciate what the song was actually about. I guess they wanted different so people wouldn’t get bored thinking that they were dong the same type of songs. Regardless, I do applaud them for attempting something different & it does show some type of growth in them as a group.

    Do you guys know that there’s an English version of this song? Apparently they’re going to put it on their English album this year, but it won’t be their title track. I also heard there will be another sub-unit later this year. Hoping it will be Hyoyeon, Yuri, & Yoona.

  238. bigbangfosho

    I totally agree with you guys. For some reason, I felt as if you guys were much more restrained in this KMM. You both are very opinionated people, and to see such a …neutral(?) stance on this was kind of unusual. But that’s most likely because hardcore fans will bash when something bad is said about their bias.

    Anyhow, people have told me to “look up translations”, “listen to it over and over” AND I DON’T WANT TO DO THAT. The songs I usually end up liking are those that hook me immediately. I don’t want to spend time trying to like a song, I just want to like it! A good song is like that. If you have to listen to it more than 5 times to start to like it, it’s automatically a mediocre song for me.

    On a lighter note, THE SKITS WERE HILARIOUS! Martina can make hip-hop aegyo sound “pleasing”

    • I looked up translations, and it didn’t make me like the song at all. I don’t understand why people keep saying to look up translations. >.<

      • bigbangfosho

        Same here! Apparently “they told a story”?

        • Because the lyrics did tell a story… It’s like girl talk… girls gossiping about how this girl is making so many changes for a guy (the rap part) and then the girl talking about how she’s got a boyfriend (the dubsteppy part), and the girl talking to herself (the part with Fany and Taeyeon). That is why there’s so many parts because each section is a different POV~ Not saying that it’s not still choppy, though.

          I didn’t like the song much when I first heard it either. I like it a little more now. When I looked up the lyrics, I found it a lot more creative than I originally thought. It only made me get the song more, that’s all. But it’s still my least favorite SNSD release.

        • Yup, I feel the same way. It’s still a tad choppy. I really do love their dancing and the look (except those orange wigs). But I liked the individual pieces of the songs separately. I liked the chorus, and the dubstep parts, i liked the changes in pace, but less abrupt would have been cooler. Multiple songs on their release would have flowed better in my opinion. I hope they continue being experimental, just that it’s a better mix. I like the song, but it’s not my favorite. Nice try though. Maybe GG should try some SKA and add their chorus and dubstep bits to that, that’d be pretty sweet. hmm…anyone have mix skills for that, i’d love to see it.
          Also, I’m glad Simon and Martina mentioned that SNSD are now more mature and they’d like to see something with a more confident vibe. I agree. I’d like to see more releases showcasing that side of them too. WIth GG’s vocal chops, obvious dance skills, and charisma, they ought to be blasting these out of the park. Why don’t we see more of that? I’m glad to see them have fun, but you can have fun and still be amazing musically too, that’s when it’s truly a joy to listen.

        • Ludmila Svistunova

          See, and this is why this would have made a good mini-album, but not one song.

        • Ludmila Svistunova

          P.S. This video actually *seemed* like a mini-album preview to me.

        • Yes, I thought so too. I was really looking forward to it. I really want to be able to introduce my Non-Kpop friends to the amazing talents of groups like GG. But it won’t likely be this song. I love the fact that SNSD clearly love what they do and they’re really good at it. They also seem like genuinely nice people. But I want to love their music too!!

          On a side note:
          All three traits above the US market would willingly adore (and pay for), if they would produce english tracks with the same “Stop..I must Dance” quality as Mr. Taxi or Gee, or the ballad quality of All My Love is For You (which is my current favorite GG track).

      • They’re telling to look up the translation, because it explains the disjointed nature of the song. I didn’t need the T/L to like it, but it made the song more interesting when I did. Tis my two cents :3

      • I’m fluent in Korean and the lyrics made me dislike the song more, which is actually a common opinion amongst Koreans. The lyrics sound superficial and nonsensical – yeah, maybe there are deeper meanings and all, but I don’t really want to work to analyze a song. I do enough of that in English class.

        • thedutchesse

          Honesty, the lyrics of the song upset my inner and out feminist like nothing else. Like the section when they’re like “Oh god don’t show this guy your natural face he’ll leave you!” and “She became so pretty and sexy, it’s because of him right?” and “[Boys are] our biggest interest, our everything”

          It’s horrible! And especially for a country whose gender rights aren’t as good as they should be already. This song is a sexist monster.

        • I’m all for feminist power, but some girls actually think like that. I don’t want one that does, but I’ve seen plenty of them.

        • thedutchesse

          Yes they do, but that’s not the point. The point is that we don’t need the top girl group of Korea telling everyone that that’s how girls think. (Even worse because the song was written by a man.)

        • Yes, exactly. Even worse because the song was written by a man, and even more worse because impressionable teenage girls are on the receiving end of that message.

    • I totally get it if people don’t want to listen to the song a lot of times in order to enjoy it. But it is a shame because some songs require more than one listen to appreciate it fully, and this is one of them. It’s your choice, but it’s also your loss.

  239. Loved martina’s aegyo too… “oppa, we cure?” Awsome!!

  240. i loved simon’s scene when the music changes and he can’t match his o yo girl with the beat hhhhh it cracked me up hhh

  241. I want new inside jokes!!! pls? I vote for Teen Top!

  242. I think one of them is breaking up with the guy when she realizes he’s late for their date @ 4:41 in the video XD

  243. hahah… you guys made a good point. Cute hip-hop is pretty awkward. But.. Martina did an awesome job at it.. it was HILARIOUS! <3 Btw, I love Martina's earrings. I guess since Snape couldn't get Lily, he went player.

  244. I vote for No More Perfume on You.

  245. Very well-said! I like the first part where they are all fierce, but when the aegyo comes in…really not liking it. I hope some crazy die-hard fans won’t bash on you guys for expressing YOUR opinions. Thanks for bringing so much joy to us!:DD

  246. I vote for chunji in no more perfume on you but I don’t know how much of an honour it would be to win that showdown. I vote for him cause it seems much more simple and obvious that he is cheating. Plus he is in a group called TEEN TOP, they [their managers] should know better.

  247. My vote is for Chunji. In that music video/song, it was very clear and obvious that it was about a guy cheating on his girlfriend. I Got A Boy, not so much. We can guess that that’s what it might POSSIBLY be about, but it’s not as clear and definite as No More Perfume On You. Sure people will say that because it was one guy supposedly cheating on 9 girls, it’s worse, but honestly, if they haven’t figured it out, especially since they all live together, then they’re either veeeeeeeeeerrrrrry naive, or just plain stupid. Take your pick. But add on the fact that when the girlfriend does find out, Chunji’s not remorseful AT ALL. Hell, he looked almost proud of it. Now THAT’S what I call a scumbag.

  248. this was a great review and i generally agree with what you guys have said here, i was so looking forward to this comeback because the teasers looked good, and the girls looked gorgeous (i want their stylist!) but the song is still too hard for me to get into – i still adore most of their dances though (but i think f(x) have the best girl group dances but are getting less consistent)

  249. I completely agree. The song is all over the place with too much going on. The dance however, is fabulous. I guess I’ll just have to stick with watching the music video. I do enjoy the album as a whole though. I absolutely love “Talk Talk”, it’s definitely my favorite song on the album.

  250. What????!!! it’s Korea, guys. Of course you can be Hip Hop and Aegyo at the same time. Have you ever heard something from e.via?

  251. I so agree with the growing up part. When I first listened to this song during that first whole section I was like “YES” This is cool. I like this GG. I was so freaking excited. And the rest of the craziness happened. >.< I feel like they would have better rap sections if they were more grown up and Hyoyeon did them… She raps more realistic than the weird quick talking that usually is considered rap. Their looks were better but definitely it went to agyeo rap and it was oddish. Anyway I do like the beat though. *ramble over*

  252. That moment when Martina rapped better than the rest of the girls.

  253. I appreciate your opinion and I can see your point. I actually loved it when I first heard it (I think they can rap better if they had more lessons) because I love when songs break out of the mold and try something new. That is the whole reason why I got into K-pop in the first place. When I first listened to K-pop I instantly fell in love with it because it was so different from American Pop music which I was and still kind of am getting sick of. K-pop includes many different singers and types of music that form into what pop music should be. Not in the music in which people constantly talk about sex and wear less clothing in their videos.

    I Got a Boy sure does get better if you listen to it multiple times but this song is definitely not for everyone. I am very glad that you didn’t hate it completely and refused to listen to the whole thing after the beginning. I feel like this song will set the bar so high for the rest of the k-pop world in terms of what kind of music they can do. It may not necessarily be like the format of this song but just to have an almost five minute song is incredible. I will end my rant here by saying that thank you for not holding back on your opinion and for giving us a chance to really see what goes on in the songs and the videos

  254. how do you actually vote for the shorty award? maybe i’m slow, but its kinda confusing..help anyone??

    • Click on the link we posted! Then, tweet your reason as to why we should win, and that’s it! Then tell all of your friends and family! Then make a poster and picket outside of your neighborhood congress. It’s that easy!

  255. I see Jaejoong on your laptop! (I promise I’ll come back and write a more meaningful and relevant comment later.)

    • hahaha, that was the first thing I noticed too. I actually had to stop the video for a moment to fangirl!

    • What thoughtfully written comment! :) I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you for telling about the lyrics. They sound really….I don’t know…. Well anyways, luckily I never think about lyrics, when listening to a song. ;)

    • in my opinion this was a better blog and review of IGAB than EYK’s

      • I’m sorry to see that someone downvoted you just for stating your opinion. When I wrote my comment, I did not in any way mean for it to be compared to EYK’s review, I simply wanted to express my own personal feelings on the song and video, as many other people have done in the comments. If you like what I wrote better than what EYK wrote, I am flattered that someone liked my post so much. ^^; I enjoy reading a lot of the comments here as well as S&M’s blog posts, whether I agree with them or not. So I am sad to see comments downvoted that express an opinion in a polite way simply because someone does not share that opinion.

    • kpopfan123

      At first I thought it was cunningness in the lyrics but then I found this

      “I’m really angry, my boy doesn’t look at me as a girl
      What should I do when I feel hopeless?
      Should I make him feel jealous?
      I’m so upset! What do I do?
      No way! No way!”

      So basically the girls “mask” themselves with make-up and aegyo behaviour because they’re afraid the boy might not like them for who they are(let’s forget for a second that he’s a two-timer) … I get it now..(of course that’s not the way to solving the situation), the video though isn’t that suggestive in that regard… Great comment! :)

      • Nine timer

      • Um. Or sometimes people feel insecure about themselves and talk about it to their friends (What should I do when I feel hopeless? Should I make him feel jealous? I’m so upset! What do I do?) who, if they’re good friends, tell them they’re being silly (No way! No way!)

    • The shoelace part gave me Harry Potter flashbacks. Cringe-worthy ones.
      I agree with basically everything that you said and…. yup. Vote for Chunji.

  256. And this one, I super agree with this “This video: it just upset us on so many levels. Girls’ Generation are women now, not children. Act a little more…mature? Why do they act like fools when the boy rings the doorbell? Is this new technology to you? ….”

    Why oh why SM, you let them look like that. They need to show their other side, not just aegyo’s. And you said before that you are trying Hip Hop for them, right? But you didn’t change what they are doing in their music video’s; full of aegyo. Then it is fail. It’s contradicting to the style of being a Hip Hop.

  257. haha Martinas Rap was better than GG.

    On another note, i like most of this song. I do agree and think it sounds like two or three songs all together. I have to say I like the whole aegyo, but I do want to them to grow up.

  258. hahahaha i saw tht small promotion at the back there on Jaejoong ^^ lub u guys!!!! <3 <3 *tackles down simon and martina for bear huggles*

  259. This has to be the best KPMM so far! I haven’t laughed so hard in a while :D

  260. Totally agree with your review S & M. I’m a fan of SNSD, but I thought the way this song was put together was terrible. Aegyo + hip hop definitely don’t work together and the disjointed nature of the song turned me off. It’s def one of my favorite dances for them though. Hope to see GG do more mature concepts in the future. I’m their age and I’d be frustrated if I still had to act like a cute girl as a grown up.

    • That’s why many people agree that the live performances were better. There’s no that extra visual distraction on those additional scenes. The same scenes were actually much better in the drama teaser, it kinda made more sense and suited the sweet melody more. Perhaps they should have made a dance version of “I Got A Boy”.

  261. I love this rewiew, it’s 00:25 AM in Brazil and I’m waiting up until now for the KMM (even having to wake up at 5:00 AM). Thanks for making great videos and I hope that you reach the first place at Shorty Awards, I already voted and later I’ll vote again. Well, about I got a boy: I liked the dance and not really liked the song. Most SNDS is my age and SM continues to make the girls act as if they have 10 years, this is too much for me!! ^^

  262. I agreed to this statement of yours ” I’m also going to argue against potential comments here from people who say that the song is a lot better when you listen to it a lot more. Sure, that may very well be the case. If I listen to it another 20 times, I might start liking it.”

    Coz in my situation, I listen to it for the first time, and I dislike it. Then a friend of mind told me, you must listen to it again and again for you to like it, but I didn’t do it. Why? Coz for me, listening to a song for the first time and you got to like it immediately means it’s an awesome song and not repeating it many times then you like it later on. And I don’t get it why it’s sounds like 3 songs got mix up, like a mash up. So, for me, I don’t like this song of SNSD, I will just listen to The Boys than this one.

    I’m sorry to those who will got hurt with my opinion, and I’m honestly not a fan of Girl’s Generation, coz I’m a Blackjack, but I respect them because their are a big group in Korea.

  263. I love you Martina!!! You dropped it on em!!! lol… If anybody cares… I liked the song, cant stand this video. It just seems like something I have seen before… Didnt BoA use the same background?? I digress… I hate the MV…

  264. “You can be hip hop, or you can be aegyo. But you can’t be both!”

    Case in point: Hyuna’s Ice Cream. That woman-child ruined a childhood dessert for me.

    *searches for cheesecake*

  265. It has been decided…Martina’s aegyo rap will be my new ringtone so when it goes off people will know how hardcore I am >:D

  266. My issue with this song is that it sounds like two or three different songs that they try to mash up into one song and yes, that they cannot commit to one sound. It doesn’t sound like a unified whole. Unlike, say, Shinee’s “Sherlock”, which is actually a fusion of two songs (“Clue” and “Note”) but for those who have not heard of the two separate songs would actually believe it’s meant to be a single song, not a fusion of two.

    I do dig several Girls Generation songs–”Mr. Taxi” (yes, I know it’s more of a J-Pop number) remains embedded in my head up to this day, and I liked “The Boys”.

  267. At first I was really looking forward to the song because I loved the sound of the song in the teaser. So when I heard the full song I was completely annoyed that they jumbled it all up, I wanted to hear more of the chorus and everything else for me (at first) was just *rolls hands* “Come on hurry up and get to the good part”. Although, now I have heard it so many times that I “like” it. I wouldn’t say I love it because it’s just not my style. I also didn’t like the whole one minute drama part of the video (SNSD Slumber partay~), AND why was it in English, do Korean people even know what is says? (I assume not). The song was very average in my opinion but the dancing was pretty refreshing. Hm…. I’m standing middle ground~

  268. I want to just point out how Hyoyeon wasn’t aegyo by smacking the boy during the mv….. lol

  269. I think it’s better with the lyrics. For instance, when Jessica is staring unblinkingly at her boyfriend, the (Greek) chorus is saying, “Girl, you are crazy!” The song expresses absolute confidence, but then casts the absoluteness of that confidence into doubt. It’s a bit like a whole concept album condensed into one song.

    But also, yeah, it feels a lot like a whole bunch of unfinished songs/ideas thrown together. None of the pieces are strong enough to be the title song on their own.

    Great song for those with ADD though. Not just the constant tempo and scene changes, but the air sirens on the chorus, the full-blast production on the vocals,pretty much make it so you have no choice but to pay attention.

  270. Verdict: pass. The Boys is catchier. Totally get what you guise have been saying about SM recycling the same box-y sets, though. Outfits were a bit cartoon hip-hop and reminds me of Gwen and the Harajuku girls.

  271. Curious …. what is Martina poking after every NG in the bloopers?

  272. “””The problem for me is, I don’t want my pop music to do that. I want to listen to a song and be blown away by it and to be caught up in a mindless fury of dancing. I don’t want to have to work hard at liking a pop song…Sure, it’s different, and very original for a Kpop song, but not everything that’s different is good…When they’re with each other, the girls are rugged and tough. Bring a boy into the picture, and they act like they’re five years old again. That’s not cute. That’s not endearing. That’s ridiculous, and just a dumb message to get across…”””

    —– OMG, you guys couldn’t have expressed/reviewed it better! I TOTALLY agree! They deserve props for trying to be different and original, but they messed it up by trying too hard and mashing up all those songs together. It definitely could have been an awesome song if they would have cut it into different ones. The outfits were cool, but the acting scenes where they get crazy over the boy are indeed ridiculous. I love reading your blog guys! I love that you guys are so down right and real when it comes to songs and everything else! <3 anyways awesome review! :] ———–

    • Thank you! I’m glad you like reading our posts!

      • I agree with this point. I love SuJu but I feel like their songs get that “we want to use different sounds in one song” treatment a bit too extremely, like A-cha & Mr. Simple, and now SM did that in I Got a Boy. SM should really take note that ‘not everything that’s different is good’.

        But about the being “rugged and tough” until the boy appears, I think maybe it’s to say they are confident women, but around the boy they like, they feel like a little girl? :S Maybe that’s what SM were going for, but still it doesn’t give the excuse for the “ahahaha, we have pillow fights and all other stereotypical girl” things in the video.

    • I agree… thou I “blame” the director and the one who made the song xD The stylist made me laugh because I watched the version where you could freely read what was on those hats xD …

    • I agree with you. I’m also 50/50. I think each part of the song are good but put together it’s just make something weird that doesn’t make me want to listen to it any further. However the dancing part was just awesome ! I don’t usually like SNSD’s dance because it’s usually too cute or just doesn’t fit the song (in my opinion) except gee maybe. But here, i was really impress by the “badass” attitude like you said. And it did fit the song. i really really like the choregraphy. Too bad the
      song doesn’t do it for me. Same goes for the cute image. I just didn’t see the point! Why having an agressive dance when you can even tie your shoes ! Come on, now! at least for the boy or genie or gee the concept of the video, the dance
      and the song was the same.

      Anyway after many many listening i came to like it a little more.

  273. I love that you always say what i’m thinking about a mv xD
    And dang Martina you one bad a** rapper :D lol

  274. “You can’t be Hip-hop and Aegyo at the same time!”

    TRUTH! TRUTH! TRUTH! PREACH, Brotha Simon!

    *And then Aegyo Illa comes on and Brendon stops breathing from laughter*

  275. I couldn’t stop singing this song in my head all day long, and when i say all day, i mean it! Thanks Guise, it will be in my head for at least a week. LOL

  276. I just don’t like the song or the video. I tried, I really did. With all the bright colors and the stupid aegyo, it feels almost as if SM is marketing SNSD to children, and as someone in their early twenties it’s a turn off. I agree that they’re adults now and that they should act more mature. But I guess SM feels that if something isn’t broken, why fix it?

  277. Martina how did you manage to steal the hunky ones tiara?????

  278. Now I’m just singing “I got a boy, chicken” over and over in my head…

    • Well, he’s kind of a chicken – running away from all of those girls and not telling them how he’s dating them all simultaneously.:)

  279. Wait…they rap….?

  280. Martina! I’ve been going crazy looking for a headband like the one you’re wearing in this video(also like Jessica wears in the video). Please tell me where you got it/where I could possibly get it xD

  281. I loved Martina’s Aegyo Hip Hop. How do you come up with that!!! I wished martina spoke more about the dance section though. Nice advertisement skit as well. Always enjoying- 237.

    I vote Dirty Scumbag in I Got A Boy!

  282. Actually, that’s how I put perfume on minus all the product placement.

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