Shazaaam! Girls’ Generation are back with an awesome song! We let you know why we thought it was good in our video. Also, 2NE1’s video just came out today, but just a bit too late for us to do a comparison of the two. Both are totally different songs and videos. I’m not sure which song I like more, really. Hmm. Will have to think about that more for next week.

What are your thoughts on the Girls Generation video? There are some things about it that just seem ill planned. One of the things we didn’t talk about in our video is that parking lot scene. Girls Generation walk off the camera, and instead of the edit ending there and cutting to something else, it goes on for another few seconds to look at the cars, and then you notice some dudes in the back start…dancing or waving or something? I don’t know. It just didn’t seem necessary at all, and seems rather indicative of a video that wasn’t well edited. The sets, costume, and props were all cool looking, but I wish that the editor stepped away and let the video speak for itself. Take a look at how clean “Hoot” was edited compared to this video, and you’ll see what I mean.

Soo Zee was really passionate about talking about the song, though. We were surprised that she didn’t like the song and how it made her skin crawl. It was for reasons that we didn’t get into in the video, because Soo Zee had a difficult enough time expressing her disdain without cringing, but the part after “Mr. Mr.” they say “you’re the best guy!” and it’s – in Korean – corny beyond all words. Our Korean isn’t good enough to know whether something’s corny or not, because we still say “Assah!” whenever we do something right, and supposedly that’s corny as well, but when have we ever let corniness stop us? I think Soo Zee’s just too cool for this song. All I know now is that I find the chorus a wee bit ruined for me now.

So, one of the things we’ve suggested in this video is that Kpop in 2013 was weaker than usual. 2009-2012 were, for us, the glory years. SHINee, Big Bang, Girls Generation, 2NE1, 2PM, Miss A, Bilasa, Hyuna, Super Junior, all had great songs and fun videos that we were super excited about. 2013, though, just didn’t have that. Some videos were good, but a vast majority of them left us underwhelmed, and we didn’t feel the same level of excitement towards Kpop that we usually do. And, like we said, we’re not the only ones we know who feel this way. Kpop videos aren’t getting the same amount of views, either, it seems. But this is a conversation we’ve only had with 10-15 or so other people. We know a lot more people online than offline, so let us know what you think. Is Kpop as good as it always was, or was 2013 not that great of a year?

Anyhow, we have higher hopes for this year. Girls Generation’s song was great, 2NE1’s two videos are pretty sweet, and everything else that comes out is gonna be fantastic elastic. FANTASTIC ELASTIC, I SAY!


We’ve got a few bloopers from this week’s Music Monday. Martina has another brainfart with the word “segmented” and I make out with a cat to try to cope with a bad headache. Is it the yellow dust or something? I don’t know. All I know is that cat snuggles make everything better:


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  1. I’m just going to pop in really quick because I suspect most people didn’t join k-pop in 2013 like I did. I had a ton of time off from work and so got into k-pop and k-dramas all at once during the fall. I wouldn’t say it was thanks to Psy because I don’t care for his music. I thought Gangnam Style was a hilarious video but in general, it wasn’t my cup of tea. I had seen Girls Generation from a year or two ago when they were on a show with Kelly (from Regis and Kelly) and I couldn’t get over how much I disliked the English in the song. The only reason I kept periodically listening to k-pop was because I’ve loved Japanese anime for years and I loved the pop songs that often went with those shows, but I’d never heard any j-pop group that really grabbed me.

    Sometime last summer a friend of mine showed me some of SHINee’s music videos from 2009/10? And I wasn’t a fan then either (they were too young – I’m 24). But somehow I came across Everybody back in November and I was HOOKED. It was basically exactly what I had been waiting for and I fell in love with their music. I love electronic music, I love hot dancing, and I especially love people who can perform live. Their personalities and voices really made me a k-pop fan.

    That being said, the more I branched out looking for more great music like Everybody, the more I kept hitting a wall. Especially for music from 2013. Most of the stuff I like was from 2012 and 2009. So, from what little I know, I assumed 2013 was just an “average” year for k-pop. And there’s nothing wrong with a year being just average. It still produced some great songs. I’m optimistic that 2014 will have some great music. And I probably can only say this because I haven’t had the time to become jaded yet. ><

  2. I started listing to Kpop at the end of 2011. 2012 was a great year and why I think I got so into Kpop. Shinee Sherlock, BigBang Alive, G Dragon One of a Kind, Exo Mama, F(x) Electric Shock. These were the albums that got me so excited about Kpop. I have to say that 2013 was disappointing. There were some great things like GD’s album and Exo’s growl. I also loved 2PM’s album. Why did that not get more attention? I also loved all three of Shinee’s albums but did NOT like the songs they promoted from them. In a word . . . disappointing. I hope this year is better.

    Also, I really do not like this song. I like SNSD in general but I think this song is boring. I like IGAB better (but I agree with Simon on Run Devil and Genie as some of their best songs). I also agree with Martina about the suit dance. Best part of the video.

  3. I was very surprised when you guys said this song was awesome. I sincerely though you were going to bash the song. But I guess not! I thought the song was very ok. Here’s why:

    For me, a song HAS to have depth, of feeling, in a way, otherwise I won’t like it. I like complexity too but it’s not really a requirement, more like a bonus. This song though has neither. For me, has no feeling at all, the beat is pretty much the same the whole song, the vocal lines are, at times, arranged very awkwardly to the instrumentals (I personally think this is either a lack of musical talent or just laziness) and the chorus (the part Soozee talked about) is very cheesy (in sound, I don’t speak korean).

    The video though, I kinda liked it. Visually, at least. I liked the colors, the effects and all that jazz. I could’ve been done more neatly but I liked it. And I liked it even more because it’s a different image for the girls. Very interesting. However, the dance was just ok and that black and white show of them dancing (the breakdown part), although I liked it, it didn’t fit the rest of the video at all.

    So, in a nutshell. Cool video, weak song. Not bad, because I can enjoy it. But weak.

    Obviously, this comes down to personal preference but you asked our opinions, so this is mine ;D

  4. Well, I’m very new to K-pop. I was looking for up tempo songs to run to. The first SNSD song I came upon was “I got a Boy” and thought it was too weird. But I’ve found lots of other SNSD music and videos that I’ve really loved.
    I think that this has been a wonderful year for Kpop. I found you guys and have been watching a ton of your videos. I’ve been finding tons of fringe kpop groups that I’ve really been enjoying. I guess you old Kpop fans are beginning to move on.
    For me I think if a group sings, Dances and raps its a good song and video. For me 2014 can only get better. I hope to see groups like VIXX, Mamamoo, Beastie, Firestar, Shinee, Secret, Blady and others go bigger for 2014.

  5. OH MY, YES. I’ve been listening to kpop since 2010, and I remember loving the fun songs (which I usually just cringe my way out, I’m not much of a pop listener). But then late 2012-2013 happened and it was frustrating, the concepts were repeating themselves or they attempted stuff so extravagant that made me go “wait, what the fuck was that?” and UGH. As a general rule, I don’t watch the videos because they ruin the music for me, but I’ll give them a chance this year again.
    Also, Martina, totally agree with your idea of what’s hot. CONFIDENCE IS KEY. (Sidenote: that’s also why I like Key haha he wears the most ridiculous things but he’s so sassy about it that it’s amazing).

  6. Martina YES FINALLY SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS MY FEELINGS ABOUT THIS WHOLE SEXY CONCEPT. I think it’s great if you have a nice body and all sure, good for you. But honestly I don’t like racy ‘sexy’ videos where the girls are basically wearing cloths as skirts or the guys don’t seem to know how to use a shirt, in fact it kinda makes me feel uncomfortable seeing them getting all up-close with the camera.

    That’s why I have such and obsession with T.O.P because he doesn’t take off his clothes! He’s just such a gentleman, he’s funny, smart, and handsome, but the thing I love most about him is how he’ll never remove a single item of clothing and covers up his body because that’s the kind of person I’d like I guess.

    Anyways, getting a bit off topic, when I see videos like ‘Mini Skirt’ and ‘Blaxx’ it just puts me off of kpop. I’m not saying that sexy is a bad thing, but you don’t have to be practically naked to be sexy like in SISTAR’s Alone, I mean obviously it was bit provocative but it wasn’t the now-a-days kpop MV’s where they are all wearing crop tops and miniskirts and ripping off clothing.

    Kpop in 2013 was so Meh.

    Just nothing interesting really, except for GD and TOP’s songs (in my opinion) that’s all that kept me going….I think I don’t like the kpop of now where all the girl groups decide to do the sexy concept because here in Britain and western countries, there’s already a lot of over-sexy videos and songs these days so kpop interested me at first because of it’s lack of sexy and more innocent concepts..

    I really hope the old kpop comes back because honestly, if I see a bunch of more sexy videos I’ll explode, gather myself and just stick to dubstep.

  7. Firstly, with SNSD’s comeback, when I first watched the video I was just spazzing so hard about how GOOD they looked. To be honest, the pink nurse outfits, kinda strange for me. I’m not into that. But with the other outfits (i.e the suits and black/white dresses) yeah they looked way too good to be true. The suits gave me a nice surprise, I dare say, they’ve never looked better in clothes. :) The song, on the other hand, when I finally listened to it…I felt like there was something missing. I don’t know I like the song, the chorus is catchy even if it is corny, but I think that maybe I expected a lot and then was kinda shot down. I’m not gonna lie though it’s definitely a lot better than I Got A Boy and I’m glad that I got this kind of sound from SNSD but I was a tad disappointed.

    About the whole “sexy” thing I don’t really have much to say other than I agree with Martina. XD I guess swagger/confidence just riles people up. Like TOP for example, yeah, he rarely shows skin and he dances…not so amazingly but his eyes and his face screams like “oh yeah, I’m totally hot and I know it”. I love that! Sure when idols show some skin it can be eye candy but I’m more focused on the members that like being covered up. I like it because I personally don’t love skin so much but the ones with clothes on just have that “look” in their eyes.

    As for K-Pop in 2013, I discovered it in 2012. When Big Bang had made their Still Alive come back. My first song was Big Bang’s Bad Boy and I absolutely fell in love with K-Pop afterwards. But then, after 2012, I feel like the genre just fell into a slump. Like, no one really knew what to do anymore. Everyone didn’t really do much…I’m not quite sure what it was but nothing seemed very inspirational anymore and that was the whole reason why I loved K-Pop. Because it spoke messages that any other type of music genre couldn’t speak and our boundaries weren’t closed with language. Maybe it was because of the fact a lot of ideas had run out and no one had any new concepts to take. Maybe it was because of the success they had in previous years and they were afraid of letting down a bunch of fans. Maybe it was because everyone was trying so hard to be different that they all ended up looking the same. Whatever the reason, I was disappointed with 2013, especially since (even now) so many good groups haven’t came back.

    BUT I am so excited for 2014. SM has SNSD back (my dear Soshi bias Tiffany, finally T_T) and I hope that SM doesn’t troll this year but we all know that’s probably not gonna happen. TS released B.A.P’s first album which I really, actually enjoyed (but I won’t hate since I know I fell for B.A.P’s strong image in the first place too^^). YG has big plans ._. They came back with 2NE1 (oh dear, Minzy and Tiffany are like on par FOR REAL. I CAN’T CHOOSE. WHY DO SONES AND BLACKJACKS HATE EACH OTHER.), they promise a Big Bang come back, WINNER’s supposed to debut, and like 3257584953 groups are supposed to come out (I lied. I think it’s like 4 xP). I expect a lot from 2014, I shouldn’t get my hopes up, but I am really excited to be delving back into why I love K-Pop so freaking much. Instead of saying that 2013 was just a “bad year” for K-Pop I prefer to say that it was preparation for an even more amazing 2014. o/ FELLOW K-POPPERS LET’S BE HAPPY FOR A NEW YEAR OF AWESOME MUSIC, DORKY IDOLS, AND SUCCESS FOR EVERY GROUP.

  8. I really liked this song but the music video had too much going for me. It was really hard to get what was going on. The song was really good though :3 Oh and martina I agree with you 90% about the sexy thing (that other 10% likes to see Jay park shirtless x3)

    I’ve been a fan of kpop since 2011 so kinda new? (I don’t know what the standard for new is LOL 3 years is kinda long to me)..but anyways ya 2013 was a meh year. There were songs that I loved but, most of it was meh. The newer groups really impressed me, and the groups that had been on hiatus did too. I think it’s because it felt fresh with those groups. Like thay had planed a bit before coming out with an album.
    Oh and ya the gangnam style thing was…ugh. Pepole still use that as a way to explain kpop. When people find out I’m into kpop they always say “Oh so like Psy?” ..no not like psy. Psy isnt kpop. It frustrates me because Psy also isnt the only one that has crazy funny videos, *Cough Cough* GD. Psy really did damage the image of Kpop among those who know nothing about it.
    I just hope that this year offers a lot more for Kpop, I feel like it will and I’m really excited for it!

  9. I got into K-Pop thanks to ESPN, The World Wide Leader in Sports. In 2001 they hired a local Boston writer named Bill Simmons. Mr. Simmons grew to be so popular over the next 9 years that ESPN spun him off into his own website, Grantland.com, Grantland in turn became a site for Simmons and a wide variety of writers to create content that is split between sports and pop culture. Grantland is where you can find an article breaking down this year’s NFL free agency class right next to an article about this week’s episode of “The Real World”. They used to run a weekly article called “Grading the charts” where they would pick a genre or a country and then give grades to the songs that were on the Billboard charts that week. In 2011 they posted one for K-Pop (http://grantland.com/hollywood-prospectus/grading-this-weeks-top-ten-k-pop-songs/), the number one song that week was “The Boys” by GG, I liked the song and thought the video was pretty cool, so down the rabbit hole I went.
    I found EYK one day on youtube because I was trying to understand why everyone was freaking out about T-ara and Hwayoung. The TL;DR that they posted was a bit hyperactive but very amusing, been a fan ever since.

    2013 was a pretty good year for K-Pop, There were a lot of quirky releases: Lee Jung Hyon’s “V”, and Sunny Hill’s polka inspired “Darling of All Hearts” immediately come to mind, (though aegyo Kota still throws me off after “Grasshopper” and “Midnight Circus”). Dal Shabet’s “Be Ambitious” was a great song that I still listen to almost daily. G-Dragon’s solo release was fantastic, Beast, Infinite, IU, 4Minute, and Brown Eyed Girls had great comebacks. There were some good “under the radar” tracks from SPICA, Kim Greem, and AoA, et. al.
    The biggest challenge facing K-Pop today is over-supply. So many entertainment companies pushing so many groups, and there is not enough time to listen to them all. I think it is easy to think that 2013 was disappointing but I would counter with “there was a lot of good stuff in 2013, you just have to have been lucky enough to find some of the lesser known ones”

  10. Simon….. I have a question. Did you see the live version of this song? Jessica’s hand gestures for the “you bad bad bad boy” part KILLED me. I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD! The air-spanking over her finger was just hilarious.

  11. Believe it or not, I actually thought 2013 was a pretty good year. I do agree though, there were some videos that made me cringe, but over all, not a terrible year for Kpop.
    One thing I would like to request of you!
    As someone who has only been into Kpop for about a year and a half now, I would LOVE to hear your recommendations on other Kpop bands and songs from the last maybe 10+ years that aren’t main stream bands. I know you guys mentioned in the Anniversary video, that Soo Zee had a lot of good recommendations of older bands from the 80’s? I believe that’s correct. (Please correct me if I’m wrong!) But any who, I’d love for you guys to just do a video recommending more stuff that I may not have heard of since I’m still a newbie!
    I love you guys!

  12. Do you want to try C.N.Blue’s new song Can’t Stop? I really wonder how you think about this song and this band.

  13. I came into k-pop around 2009 with the attraction to SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong and SNSD Gee making this whole genre really fun and interesting and it continued on up until this year were I felt it kind of flew over my head and passed as almost mediocre. I feel like k-pop 2013 had some AMAZING songs too it, along with really poopy ones. There was some great albums like IU’s Modern Times which made 1920’s music sound cool and I really like when k-pop artists experiment with older sounds and make them modern! There was not as many groundbreaking songs with few exceptions so altogether k-pop 2013 was summed up as a little average, nothing to special sadly.

  14. I voted “worse than usual” but I will say that I only came into k-pop in 2011 or so. And at that point, I had a nice little backlog of awesome to go through. As a Suju fan, this past year has been kind of crap. As an SNSD fan, this year has also been kind of crap. I’ve tried to get into Exo, but my heart just wasn’t invested in it the way it was in Super Junior and SNSD. Thus, this video made me rather happy. THIS is what I fell into this crazy fandom for!

  15. First, I find very few things more attractive than females in suits. It’s just amazingly hot. As for Kpop, I have been a fan since 2010 and while the shiny “omg, this is incredible” has worn off, I still find songs that I just love. Exo’s Growl was that song for me last year. While there are other songs that I like, anything from TVXQ (only slightly biased), there were a lot of “blah” songs in 2013. A lot of older groups are not releasing anything right now, and if they are, it isn’t as mind blowing as older songs used to be. Complexity in Kpop has become rare and few in between. I think Big Bang draws so many fans to them because they don’t sound like everyone else. I think that’s what made Growl so popular, too. Glory days kpop (for me) are songs like Rising Sun or Mirotic or Haru Haru or even Genie. And I completely agree that most groups no longer have that coherent sound. It’s what grabbed my attention about TVXQ in their glory days and what still keeps me hanging on.

  16. Was this post supposedly about what happened on KPOP last year or about SNSD’s Music Video?

  17. I have been listening to Kpop since around 2008 (about the time that SHINee debuted) and in my opinion, I felt the glory years were 2009-2011. I actually stopped listening to Kpop all together for a while until just recently and had to try my best to catch up. I was pretty appalled when I came back to it. There were so many new artists (much more than I expected) and the music was SO STRANGE??? For me, each song is like three or four different songs rolled all into one. Sometimes there’s a nice ballad sequence, then it bumps into some hip hop, then, of course, a random dupstep sequence.
    In regards to this song, I agree with you guys that it is somewhat similar to the old Kpop days, which I am very happy about. Now I normally don’t really like SNSD, but I liked a few of their older songs (Gee, Genie, Oh!), and this song, despite the very confusing video, brought back nostalgia (like you said) for me in different ways:
    1) The choreography of the dance was very old school SNSD, which I appreciated.
    2) The song was CONSISTENT! There was no random dub step part (thank God), no reggae lines, random ballad sequences, or awkward rap parts.
    3) The song had the few really catchy lines that people will remember it by and be walking around their house singing it (“oh oh oh ohhhh!”) with a catchy tune (this part is obviously debatable)
    The chorus, especially, is very old school SNSD and I really appreciated, especially, that the song didn’t randomly break into different songs (does this make sense? I hope this makes sense)

    Not much to comment about the video, though. I only enjoyed the parts where they cut to them dancing, which I love about Kpop videos. The video was badly edited, like you guys said, confusing, and overall sort of shitty? Although I appreciated their attempt at a plot (I think there was a plot?).

    Anyways, like I said, I’m not a huge SNSD fan, but I actually really like this song. It has a little tiny itsy bit of a disco(?) feel, and isn’t annoying (like The Boys…. omg I am LITERALLY cringing right now..)

  18. Mr.Mr. was really nostalgic, like you said Simon, it brought me back to the memories of when i started liking kpop

  19. THANK YOU, MARTINA!!!!! lots of people used to think i was weird when i said, “i honestly don’t like it” when they’d have their abs-“eye-candy.” similarly with girl groups, i thought the same thing when SNSD brought out the suit-looking outfits!!!! i thought they looked the coolest in those over tiny dresses and stilettos.
    NEXT: i personally agree that kpop didn’t succeed very well in 2013. 2014, though, has been overrun with sexy concepts its getting really boring. i hope this mv is the beginning of a rise in kpop again. i personally hope for more r’n’b type music, i really liked eureurong separately from exo (i didn’t like exo before eueurong).

  20. i’m not really a SNSD fan. i haven’t really liked their stuff for a while now, but i was so happy to hear this song. i pretty much agree with everything you guys said. and btw this kmm made me LOL and i’m so happy to see this video format back. 2013 wasn’t a very good year for kpop overall, but i’m still blasting mblaq’s smoky girl. 2013 was very polarized for me where a lot of songs were either so bad or completely forgettable, and then a small percentage of songs blew my mind and i now play on repeat. i think 2014 is looking up. rain’s new stuff has gotten me more excited and i’m definitely looking forward to what everyone else comes out with^^

  21. I totally agree with the whole 2013 thing… Though i may only have gotten into kpop within the last 2 years (late 2012-2013) so i can’t speak from a longterm fans point of view… but what i think happened in 2013 was that it suffered a fall from it’s 2012 “high”… seriously, i think 2012 was one of the greatest years for kpop ever! Not only Gangnam Style, but just so many others (EXO’s debut, Fantastic Baby, Sherlock just to name a few of the many wonderful things that happened XD) and 2013 had to live up to or better itself up against that… it’s understandable that the music or vids werent as good or different, they’d used all their energy in 2012 XD (not saying 2013 kpop was bad, tho, i mean… Growl, come on XD) BUT I HAVE A FEELING THAT THIS YEAR’S GONNA BE A GOOD YEAR XD

  22. I’ve been listening to KPOP since 2009 and the first video I watched was Big Bang’s Haru Haru. In 2011, I started to discover more bands in KPOP rather than just Big Bang and 2NE1. I was happy to discover Boyfriend, B1A4, B.A.P, MBLAQ, BEAST (Batoost), and many other groups.

    However, in the last two years, it did seem that KPOP videos were becoming more generic, like, everything sounded and looked the same. Plus, there were many, many, many new KPOP groups debuting that I ended up not being as excited as before. I couldn’t keep up with so many groups and so I only stuck with the ones I discovered back in 2011 or the ones in the Big 3.

    I do hope that KPOP will be better than last year. :)

  23. Looks like Martina’s wish has come true regarding those Suits being used on the live show performances. :)

  24. I became a fan of Wonder Girls in 2008, not until 2010 did I branch further into “Kpop” – a rather loose term, because anyone who begins to explore the amazing variety of artists and styles in Korea soon realizes the waters are broad and deep.

    And anyone who has been listening a few years may start to imagine that “Kpop was better back when…” I certainly miss Wonder Girls and hope for a genuine “comeback” after their hiatus.

    Perhaps the big hits of 2013 didn’t impress as much as those of other years. Yet 2013 had the album “Pink Tape” by f(x). Each time I listen to it I feel musically and emotionally satisfied from the total journey. I wish more albums by Korean artists satisfied me as much. I’ll admit I’m not familiar with albums as much as individual songs from most groups or solo artists. Oh, and “Rum Pum Pum Pum” is far from being my favorite song on “Pink Tape”. What do others think?

  25. I have to agree that this year for Kpop wasn’t that great. I only really followed INFINITE because of their world tour, although I wasn’t really a fan of their comeback song Destiny.

    I will say that this year for hiphop/R&B artists was particularly interesting. I definitely got into San E, Bumkey, Zion.T, & many more. I think that for Kpop it was a meh year, but because of that i was able to focus on other genres!

  26. Oh my God I never realised that
    about SNSD. How powerful they are as a whole, how united they feel.
    I’ve been struggling to find what’s so special about them for years. Why
    they are so successful. Why I always seem to come back to them (I have a
    love-hate relationship with SNSD…). That’s it! Unity, cohesion is
    their strength.
    I also feel that about Infinite, Nine Muses, Miss A,
    and more recently EXO. All those groups – and probably more – feel like
    they’re working together as a team while sometimes, other seem more like
    a competition between members – which is not necessarily a bad thing,
    it works very well for BAP and Big Bang.
    I’m going to go through SNSD’s releases again with that in mind. Thanks Martina!

    Really good KMM by the way. I
    like funny ones as much as the next one but it feels good to hear your
    honest and balanced opinions from time to time. AND it was funny still.

  27. For me, 2013 wasn’t really the best year for K-pop, though there were some highlights for me, like Lee Hi’s two featured songs and T-ara N4’s “Countryside Diary”. G-Dragon’s album was pretty good, too. I missed a lot of things because I’ve been really busy with work, but I managed to catch a few things.

    I’ve only really been broadly listening to K-pop since 2010, but my first exposure to it was Clon’s “Kkungttari shabara” in 1996. Stuff was hard to come by, living in West Texas, so it wasn’t until about 2000 that I was able to get any of Clon’s CDs, but I was able to eventually get all of them, and even Koo Jun Yup’s first solo album. I kept checking back in on them from time to time and got hold of their fifth and so far last album, “Victory” from 2005. Apart from Clon, K-pop largely passed by me unnoticed until in 2010 I decided to get the drama IRIS off USENET and came across Brown Eyed Girls’ “Sign”. That led me to “Abracadabra” and then on to so many other things.

  28. Maybe it’s been said, but it’s altogether possible that this video was hacked together out of what footage was available after, apparently, some significant amount of the digital data was lost. That had been mentioned as a reason a video was not available the day the song was released.

  29. The room the girls dance in with all the cars… could that be the same room as the one the EXO boys dance to in 으으렁? they both look awfully similar. perhaps making it the next BRO HO HO room??

  30. I think there have been some good points made about how 2013 wasn’t exactly the best year in terms of K-POP. I’ve been listening to K-POP solidly for about 5 years now, so I’m not entirely savvy with some of the older generations of K-POP, especially where girl groups are concerned. I really got into Bigbang during GD and Taeyang’s solo reign, and a little after CNBlue’s debut… if that puts anything into perspective. What I had initially loved about K-POP was that it was so different from Western music. The lyrics, especially from Bigbang, blew my mind away. They had amazing complex dances and interesting music videos that often had a plot, which was so much more refreshing and interesting to watch in comparison to watching North American artists twerking in every other music video. (I’ll kindly point to Martina’s points on sexiness)

    But, of course, all good things start to flop. Some of the plots in the videos were getting overused (eg. girl/guy dying/cheating) or just weren’t done in a creative or unique way. Some of the product placement was boring and painfully obvious, and a lot of music videos were starting to become a lot more Westernized with the skimpy sex appeal from both male and female bands. I also found that some of the newer bands that were coming out were NOT ready and/or were just your typical puppy-mill brand of 4-5 singers and 2 rappers singing the same generic tune about lost love that they’ve never experienced. A lot of music from these bands felt flat and boring. Even some of the music videos for the bands that I do really like that have been around for a while have become flat and boring. 2NE1, for example, was a huge disappointment for me last year. They focused on the skimpy clothes and the sex appeal rather than the crazy-fun and outrageous videos that they used to do.

    Recently a lot of bands are starting to initiate more control over their music, which I think makes a HUGE difference in terms of quality. Bang Yong Guk I think mentioned in an interview that if the K-POP industry wants to flourish, they need to start letting their artists play a stronger role with the production of their music. G-Dragon is a great example of someone who has been making his own music since their debut (if I’m not mistaken) and look at how much he’s grown and developed; as well as the level of quality of music he’s produced. The same is with Jaejoong and Xia. As much as I really enjoy JYJ, I’ve found that I /really/ enjoyed listening to Jaejoong’s solo stuff. His lyrics intense and captivating.

    So I think with that in mind, I’m excited to see how K-POP will change musically within the next couple of years. I’ve also really started to enjoy seeing more variety of music being viewed as “idol” music. What I mean to say is that it’s not all just pop or ballads anymore. There’s a lot of hip-hop (and when I mean hip-hop, I’m talkin’ Simon D., Dynamic Duo, Leesang legit hip-hop) that’s starting to emerge, as well as some soft/pop rock (really excited for the day when CNBLUE puts out a solid rock album similar to their live performance of Tattoo back in 2010).

    With regards to the question as to why K-POP videos aren’t getting as many views as they used to, I think it’s because they’re more accessible to being downloaded now than they were a couple of years ago. There are a lot of places on the internet that provide 720p-1080p free downloads of music videos. There has also been a trend of a band releasing more than one version of their music videos which may also play a role in the view count. For example, as much as I enjoy watching BTS MVs, I’m more interested in watching their dance choreography, so I may choose to watch their dance practice video more than their actual music video.

  31. I’ve been into Kpop since BoA’s girls on top. I had bought a second-hand laptop in 2006 and I found the video of girls on top in there and I thought it was fascinating… After that I became a big BoA fan and I have been ever since.. (I think I should thank the previous owner for leaving that video of BoA on the laptop)

  32. I don’t know whether i’m the only one but the first couple of hours when a new blogpost/video is put online I find it very hard to open the page. My friends have experienced the same thing a couple of times and i’m curious whether other people have the same problem (my internet is just fine)

  33. FINALLY WE CAN TALK ABOUT THIS OMG!!! I have been listening to kpop for like 8 years now and i really really really just love listening to more rookie-ish music with the sharp dances and everything. I’m not a big fan of all the bigger groups like TVXQ, SJ, SNSD, BIG BANG, 2NE1 coz i feel like rather than making music they are more focused on creating a different and unique sound..?? which honestly makes me cringe ..sometimes. I mean obviously i dont hate them and i definitelyy listen to all their songs. I just feel like the normal idol-y music suits me sooo much better.Even those bands who get famous suddenly change all their styles and im just like ‘whaaat..? now i have to find another band to like.’

    For example.. I LOVE BAP when they first debuted. Their music was soo awesome and SOOO MEANINGFUL. then suddenly 1004 came out and its one awesome song..I LOVE IT IT WAS SO NICE buuuut what happened to the BAP i once knew..? I loved their songs coz they were relatable and it really gives you strength to go against the flow and everything. BAP DOES NOT SING LOVE SONGS OKAY. not their style. and im sure its okaay to change it sometimes but i hope they don’t permanently sing sappy love songs just coz this one made them get top spot on music shows D:

  34. Okay so I’m really new to kpop. Got into it about a month ago. I don’t know if I’m in the magical kpop bubble but I love the dubstep and the rap elements. Is that just me?

    PS Those suits are AMAZING. Want!

  35. I started listening to kpop in 2008-2009 it was like the wondergirls + bigbang era one of my favs~ then i slowly grew on to snsd. I have to agree this song is amazing but the music video could have been better, i want them to upload a no cut version where its mainly the plot, because i expected more plot in this music video~

  36. I’ve been listening to kpop for 3 years now and I absolutely love it, heaps more than american music. There are never the same genres and everything is easy to sing to and I love the dancing as well. Its just better :)

  37. I don’t like kpop as much as I used to, but I do find your videos fun and entertaining. I love Korean culture and am very curious of this country but I got bored with kpop – I’ve never been a pop/dance/mainstream music girl anyway.
    I actually love rock, metal, noise and go to concerts. I’d never go to a kpop concert and have actually never bought any kpop cd.
    So my comment might be pointless. I still find 2013 sucked, in terms of kpop! I prefer more “old school” kpop songs.

  38. If you ask me, SNSD’s Japanese releases are like 10x better than their Korean ones. However, out of their Korean releases I agree, this is one of the best in a long time. And personally, even though many others seem to be dissapointed by it, I actually really like it. I don’t mind that it’s not as bombastic as their past releases. I’ve been into this kind of music lately, and I srsly love this song.

    Though the video was well … yeah, a disaster. After seeing it I srsly believe SM lost the footage. The editing made my eyes hurt and the lack of dance scenes almost make me want to cry. Especially since the black and white parts in the tomboy outfits was totally the best part. And to add to Martina’s comment on the sexy =/= lack of clothing thing, I don’t mind lack of clothing on women actually and the abundance of it in k-pop isn’t irking me anymore like it did at first back when Hyuna released Bubble Pop, ever since then it’s been happening more and more and I’m use to it now. As long as vaj’s and butts aren’t right up in my face like Bubble Pop/Poison, I’m all good. But srsly, it’s nice to see ladies in suits in k-pop for once! I remember KARA did the girl-power concept last year and damn, if only that song was as good as the concept.

    But yeah …. in summary … basically I’m in agreeance with this whole video LOL.

    As for the whole ‘k-pop being “meh” in 2013′ thing, I thought it was worse in 2012. I feel like I’m the only one, lots of people are saying they liked 2012. But the only releases I can think of that I liked that year that I still enjoy now are The Chaser, Nanlina, Tarantellegra, Loving U, Park Jungmin’s Beautiful and Tasty’s Do You Know Me … and to an extent Bloom, Flashback and Ice Cream. Which is nothing compared to other years. I think it’s more because some of my favourite groups such as TVXQ, SHINee and SuJu really let me down that year.

    2013 however, came with some of the best title tracks. Sure, there was Wolf and IGAB which make my ear’s bleed but there was also wonderful treasures like This Love and Expectation, and the return of the old T-ara style music that I use to love (Number 9). Also, basically all of VIXX’s releases and A-Jax’s Insane mini-album as a whole. And I could definitely keep going.

    So in conclusion, I vote average. 2010 and backwards were the best years imo, that was the k-pop I fell in love with. As for how long I’ve been a k-pop fan, since late 2010 (didn’t entirely get into until mid-2011, only listened to a few groups before that). Also, I’ve been watching you guys since 2011 too. I remember I found you guys when looking up MBLAQ’s Cry MV and found your review. Good times! ^^

  39. Well, I’ve only been into kpop for a few years (yes my friend finally converted me after a year of trying lol) so I can’t objectively say whether or not it’s been better or worse. Add to that the fact that I’m not a religious follower, I’d have to say it’s been about average with me occasionally finding songs I like and others that I hate. So yeah, average for me.

    Although, I Got a Boy REALLY grew on me! It gave me the hibbi-jibbies but listen to it enough times guys, and you start to wonder “Why did I not like it again?” lol

    As for Soo Zee’s comments (SOOOOOO ZEEEEEEEE! I loved your view on this!) I seems like it’s on point with what a korean friend of mine has said about a certain kpop song. I wanted to know if he could pick up the meaning from the song I was showing him, and he couldn’t sit through it cause he said it made no sense. Said they were mixing korean & english and he just couldn’t. I thought it might have been just him, but now I’m thinking, maybe not. It’s just super funny to think that yes, the industry messes up the english–but who would have ever thunk it that they mess up the korean too?

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