There was no chance of any song being reviewed today at all. None at all. Just like how Infinite fans totally dominate our Music Monday Request Polls when a new video is out, so too do Sones dominate our polls for a Girls’ Generation video. So here is their new video, The Boys:


Now, quick notice before we carry on: we reviewed the English version of the video, which we downloaded before we came to Canada. For some odd reason, though, it’s not viewable on YouTube in Canada. Why? The English version is viewable in Korea, where they don’t speak English, but not in Canada, where they do speak English. What was the point of making an English version of the video if you’re preventing your English audience from watching it? Totally mind-bottling, if you ask me. Our guess is that perhaps SM is worried that the view count will be spread out between the two videos, and won’t look that impressive, so it’s better to force everyone to watch one official version of it. Bah! You can find the English version of the video through illegitimate uploaders, but we’re not ones to promote such activity, so you’ll have to find it on your own.

On to the song and video itself: we’re not as happy with it as we should be, and I’m worried that people are going to start thinking of us as SM haters, which is totally not true. We loved TVXQ’s comeback, and loved f(x)’s comeback as well. Super Junior’s comeback, though, we found really underwhelming, and this song also isn’t doing it for us. In fact, this is our least favourite SM song of the year. Yeah. It’s that bad. Or maybe it’s not that it’s bad, more than it’s underwhelming < --which is not a word, but you can get what we're feeling.

Now don't go calling us Girls Generation haters, either, now. We really love just about every other song they did. Loved Hoot, loved Run Devil Run, and totally freaking loved Genie, which is one of Simon's favourite Kpop songs EVAR. EVAR! We even liked Visual Dreams (but not the rap part)! Seriously! Girls Generation are great singers and have a history of great songs, and we're definitely fans of their singing.


These are not the monkey balls we are referring to

We are not fans of their rapping, though. Nope. Not even a little bit. It’s irredeemably, terribly, horrifically, monkey balls awful. It makes our skin crawl. We understand that Girls Generation are maybe going for a different image by trying to rap, but this is not working for them. Holy craptacularly terrible. And it’s not that easy for us to say it, because the rest of the song shows their awesome singing, which is what made us originally fans of Girls Generation, but this new twist, this contrast between their awesome singing and monkey balls rapping is like the contrast of watching Jessica Alba in a bikini and then cutting to Simon in his Seungri Time for Kisses wig, in a speedo. Ugh!

The video is just such a terrible match for it as well. If they’re walking around all elegantly, with tiaras in a freaking rose storm, then by what freaking rights should they be rapping afterwards? Who thought of this disconnected image? If you’re going to have them belt out rap lines, about how cocky and arrogant they are, then walking around a giant diamond isn’t the image you need, and doesn’t fit the feel of the song. Put them in a club where they have the chance to prove that they can bring out some boys. Have guys gawk at them. This…this is just all wrong.

We’re trying to figure out why they went this route. We hear that this is Girls’ Generation’s North American debut, so they’re probably trying to change their image to what they think a North American crowd likes more: confident women, rather than aegyo girls. That’s understandable. But it just sounds too unnatural, from our perspective. The whole drumline/cheerleader section sounds like an awkward attempt at Gwen Stefani’s Hollarback Girl sound from a while ago. You know who did drumline right? After School with “Bang”. That song rocked, and it even had sexy drumline uniforms to match and a wicked dance.

And, finally, I don’t think we can belabour this point enough, but we’re totally sick of SM’s boring rooms. They’re so overused that it’s becoming ridiculous. We complain about it with Super Junior, and we thought that we’d get something cooler with Girls’ Generation’s new video, but we got the same ole same ole

SM Oddly Lit Rooms

I see no difference SM. No difference

SM, this needs to stop. Perhaps you think that this is the formula for music videos, and so you’re going to repeat it to no end, but your laziness is apparent to everyone now. Please, hire a new video team, because the one you have now is lazy and comfortable, and feel no need to innovate or create anything exciting or interesting. It’s boring now, just boring, to see people dancing in weird rooms. We know that you make good music. You have that down pat now, when it comes to making good sounding music. Your videos suck though. Not every freaking video needs to be a display of how sexy and attractive your members are. You can show them off AND still have a decent storyline to the video as well, anything then just FUNKY ROOM + DANCE + CLOSE UPS + 360 degree camera.

Girls Generation The Boys Album

Ah! That’s enough. We’re using this video and Girls’ Generation as an excuse to complain about SM’s moviemaking skills, but that’s not fair to the band, who still are awesome singers. If you’re interested in picking up the album, you can do so by clicking the image to the right here to get the album shipped to you anywhere in the world. Or, if you’re indifferent to getting physical albums, you can get the song on iTunes here. Or if you’re not into buying stuff you can torrent it, I guess. BOOM! And, lastly, what good is a Music Mondays if we don’t put up some bloopers!


We had to film this Music Monday outdoors, because – if you don’t know by now – we’re in Canada! We surprised our families, who had no idea that we were coming (but that’s a story for another video, coming up soon!). Anyhow, we couldn’t pack our lighting gear with us, so we had to film Music Monday outdoors, and there’s construction going on outside, so, pooh to the noisiness. Damn! We’re hanging out in Toronto and probably going on a road trip somewhere, as soon as we handle some business here first, so if you see us around make sure you say hi! If you’re in the Toronto area, and would like to meet up with us, we’re having a meet and greet Q&A kind of thing over at U of T, our Alma Mater! Sign up for it on Facebook and make sure you come out! Woohoo!

  1. I know what you mean : I did hate the song too when I first heard it. But after about a year, now, I like it. I know it’s not the purpose of SM Entertainement though, but still, in certain situation, I really like to listen to this song… Definitely one of the worst Girls’ Generation single though.

  2. i want to request 2am “i wonder if you hurt like me” . I found out that there isn’t any monday music Kpop about them :/

  3. Criticism of one’s professional work is part of being a professional.  There is a huge difference between critiquing a song or video, saying what works and what doesn’t, and ripping into the people who made the song or video.  It’s a difference Simon and Martina respect.  They have never shown disrespect towards any of the member of SNSD. 

  4. It’s a Will Farrell reference :D

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    and i feel like sharing it with all you k-pop lovers! 

  6. I choose U-KISS!!!…
    (..just because everyone else chose SNSD..)
    BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! 유키스 화이팅!

  7. U-KISS… DUH!! Girls’ Generation sucks…

  8. ukiss neverland!! even tho i like snsd more…

  9. Yeah, I think initially, a lot of people, including me, actually disliked it. But now I hear it more and more, and now I think its really good. :D I wish them luck in the states. But.. i still don’t like Teddy Riley -__-‘

  10. Neverland by U-Kiss Oppas! ^^

  11. snsd the boys all the way

  12.  i choose snsd the boys

  13. Lol. both of u r crazy!! hahaha just followed on twitter!

  14. Though i’m liking The Boys, but hail up forever to U-KISS NEVERLAND <3

  15. God…U-Kiss Neverland hands down

  16. Okay…it’s going to have to be U-Kiss Neverland~

  17. I agree with the rap point–the chorus was a bit annoying -_-.  But the camera technique at the beginning was amazing~

    U-Kiss’s Neverland definitely!

  18. i agreed with everything you guys said. i expected so much more. I blame Teddy RIley for the song and terrible rap, especially after constantly hyping how amazing this song was on twitter and then had the balls to bash the Wondergirls, the shame. Does he not know that SNSD and WG are actually pretty close? jerk. -__- anywho, the so called “Fairytale” concept was seldom seen and i wish they wouldve indulged more into the concept and used a different single to do so. I agree with the whole setting of the video too. It was nice but wth did it have to do with the freaking song? seemed to U-kissy to me even if that wasnt there intention the song is called “The Boys” so wth are they? I was expecting for them to use their super sexy SNSD fairytale super powers to bring them out. Like use the “samsel in distress” mode normally seen in fairytales as a cover to bring them out and then BAM! hit them with sexy, confident, mature girl power. Anyways, what it comes down to is that i was expecting a lot more and was a little disappointed in the video, song (mainly the rap), misleading concept and the album (though i can dig like 2 songs).

  19. oh.. there is one thing I forgot..

    yes.. the lyric is kinda meaningless..
    but it’s totally different with the Korean version..
    I’vu just read the translated Korean lyric, it’s more powerful and meaningful..!!
    make me feel so proud of being male SONE..
    love it so much..!!

  20. Hmm..
    I think the song is not that bad..
    I agree that the drum beat sounds bit out of tempo..
    but I love the verse, the bridge, etc

    yes, I’m bit dissapointed with the chorus..
    That part is actually good, but not as chorus..
    it will be great if they put it only on the last part..

    I think “I can tell you looking at me bla..bla..” part is a better part to be the chorus..

    And about the rap, I looove it so much..
    it sounds powerful..
    I think it fits Yoona, Yuri, Hyoyeon, and Sooyoung.. much2 more than normal singing..

    No comment about the MV..
    I know that SMent would make this kind of MV..
    But I love “Girls bring the boys out..!!” part..
    Yuri looks so fierce and strong..

    Overall, I love this song and MV..
    Much2 better than what I expected.. (not to mention the chorus ofc.. XD)

  21. sm wont let the eng ver be payed in the US either.. its bc they signed with interscope to release all GG eng songs in the us and canada so i think it has to do with interscope now… 

  22. i choose snsd the boys

    haha i have to say… AHHH! undecided. omg.
    ill decide at the end of this post.

    LOL im sad you guys didn’t like this song :(( ah well, it is not for everyone >.<

    and i love how you can see martina's shadow during the 360 degree camera…:D

    OK, decision time….da;lkfjweloihf;dkjf; dkjsdkjf;…. U-KISS !!

  24. the song sounds like a cheerleader-thing.

    like a song from gwen stefani (hollaback)

  25. I realllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy hate sm!!!! -.-  suju have soooo many talent and good looking and they can really sing well!!!! snsd the same, so mannyyyyy beautiful girls. the only thing i liked in “the boys” – the dresses and the flovers. but they music/musicvideos sucks! it’s a shame TT^TT

    oh o.o cn blue lose? :O damn it! but you know and i know that snsd can’t win between ukiss.
    poor snsd.

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