There was no chance of any song being reviewed today at all. None at all. Just like how Infinite fans totally dominate our Music Monday Request Polls when a new video is out, so too do Sones dominate our polls for a Girls’ Generation video. So here is their new video, The Boys:


Now, quick notice before we carry on: we reviewed the English version of the video, which we downloaded before we came to Canada. For some odd reason, though, it’s not viewable on YouTube in Canada. Why? The English version is viewable in Korea, where they don’t speak English, but not in Canada, where they do speak English. What was the point of making an English version of the video if you’re preventing your English audience from watching it? Totally mind-bottling, if you ask me. Our guess is that perhaps SM is worried that the view count will be spread out between the two videos, and won’t look that impressive, so it’s better to force everyone to watch one official version of it. Bah! You can find the English version of the video through illegitimate uploaders, but we’re not ones to promote such activity, so you’ll have to find it on your own.

On to the song and video itself: we’re not as happy with it as we should be, and I’m worried that people are going to start thinking of us as SM haters, which is totally not true. We loved TVXQ’s comeback, and loved f(x)’s comeback as well. Super Junior’s comeback, though, we found really underwhelming, and this song also isn’t doing it for us. In fact, this is our least favourite SM song of the year. Yeah. It’s that bad. Or maybe it’s not that it’s bad, more than it’s underwhelming < --which is not a word, but you can get what we're feeling.

Now don't go calling us Girls Generation haters, either, now. We really love just about every other song they did. Loved Hoot, loved Run Devil Run, and totally freaking loved Genie, which is one of Simon's favourite Kpop songs EVAR. EVAR! We even liked Visual Dreams (but not the rap part)! Seriously! Girls Generation are great singers and have a history of great songs, and we're definitely fans of their singing.


These are not the monkey balls we are referring to

We are not fans of their rapping, though. Nope. Not even a little bit. It’s irredeemably, terribly, horrifically, monkey balls awful. It makes our skin crawl. We understand that Girls Generation are maybe going for a different image by trying to rap, but this is not working for them. Holy craptacularly terrible. And it’s not that easy for us to say it, because the rest of the song shows their awesome singing, which is what made us originally fans of Girls Generation, but this new twist, this contrast between their awesome singing and monkey balls rapping is like the contrast of watching Jessica Alba in a bikini and then cutting to Simon in his Seungri Time for Kisses wig, in a speedo. Ugh!

The video is just such a terrible match for it as well. If they’re walking around all elegantly, with tiaras in a freaking rose storm, then by what freaking rights should they be rapping afterwards? Who thought of this disconnected image? If you’re going to have them belt out rap lines, about how cocky and arrogant they are, then walking around a giant diamond isn’t the image you need, and doesn’t fit the feel of the song. Put them in a club where they have the chance to prove that they can bring out some boys. Have guys gawk at them. This…this is just all wrong.

We’re trying to figure out why they went this route. We hear that this is Girls’ Generation’s North American debut, so they’re probably trying to change their image to what they think a North American crowd likes more: confident women, rather than aegyo girls. That’s understandable. But it just sounds too unnatural, from our perspective. The whole drumline/cheerleader section sounds like an awkward attempt at Gwen Stefani’s Hollarback Girl sound from a while ago. You know who did drumline right? After School with “Bang”. That song rocked, and it even had sexy drumline uniforms to match and a wicked dance.

And, finally, I don’t think we can belabour this point enough, but we’re totally sick of SM’s boring rooms. They’re so overused that it’s becoming ridiculous. We complain about it with Super Junior, and we thought that we’d get something cooler with Girls’ Generation’s new video, but we got the same ole same ole

SM Oddly Lit Rooms

I see no difference SM. No difference

SM, this needs to stop. Perhaps you think that this is the formula for music videos, and so you’re going to repeat it to no end, but your laziness is apparent to everyone now. Please, hire a new video team, because the one you have now is lazy and comfortable, and feel no need to innovate or create anything exciting or interesting. It’s boring now, just boring, to see people dancing in weird rooms. We know that you make good music. You have that down pat now, when it comes to making good sounding music. Your videos suck though. Not every freaking video needs to be a display of how sexy and attractive your members are. You can show them off AND still have a decent storyline to the video as well, anything then just FUNKY ROOM + DANCE + CLOSE UPS + 360 degree camera.

Girls Generation The Boys Album

Ah! That’s enough. We’re using this video and Girls’ Generation as an excuse to complain about SM’s moviemaking skills, but that’s not fair to the band, who still are awesome singers. If you’re interested in picking up the album, you can do so by clicking the image to the right here to get the album shipped to you anywhere in the world. Or, if you’re indifferent to getting physical albums, you can get the song on iTunes here. Or if you’re not into buying stuff you can torrent it, I guess. BOOM! And, lastly, what good is a Music Mondays if we don’t put up some bloopers!


We had to film this Music Monday outdoors, because – if you don’t know by now – we’re in Canada! We surprised our families, who had no idea that we were coming (but that’s a story for another video, coming up soon!). Anyhow, we couldn’t pack our lighting gear with us, so we had to film Music Monday outdoors, and there’s construction going on outside, so, pooh to the noisiness. Damn! We’re hanging out in Toronto and probably going on a road trip somewhere, as soon as we handle some business here first, so if you see us around make sure you say hi! If you’re in the Toronto area, and would like to meet up with us, we’re having a meet and greet Q&A kind of thing over at U of T, our Alma Mater! Sign up for it on Facebook and make sure you come out! Woohoo!

  1. they performed this on some late show here in America… I forgot which one.. so this song was the first I heard from them, and why I fell in lessthanthree.

  2. In my opinion,. the video and the song was ok..It just depends on the person watching the video if they like it then they like it if not then no..for me, when i watch SM ENTERTAINMENT’s videos i dont feel bad that they trap their artist on “boxes”..I dont see it as a bad thing..I just support my fave girl/boy group all the way..

  3. i dont really hate the video or the song. i think it was ok..for me there was nothing wrong but i guess it depends on the person that is watching the MV..whenever i see music videos of SM ent. i dont feel bad or hate it when they trap their artist on “boxes”..I am more focused on the song rather than the video..well, everyone is entitled to their opinion.,,:D

  4. I know what you mean : I did hate the song too when I first heard it. But after about a year, now, I like it. I know it’s not the purpose of SM Entertainement though, but still, in certain situation, I really like to listen to this song… Definitely one of the worst Girls’ Generation single though.

  5. either way, The Boys won so many awards and this is the most watched Kpop video of 2011 :)

  6. i want to request 2am “i wonder if you hurt like me” . I found out that there isn’t any monday music Kpop about them :/

  7. It’s not that I like the whole trapped-in-a-boring-room-that’s-really-a-box-thing. But I did not think that their rooms were that boring this time. They were quite mysterious, I liked that. But I must say, that I totally agree – they should’ve brought some boys out. I mean, I can’t just stand here and brag about all the boyfriends I have, when I have none. At least it would be very awkward.. That’s kinda the feeling I get when I watch it. But hey, the girls are pretty. And SM really do know, how to make a video that shows just how gorgeous they are. 

    As for the song, I didn’t really feel like there was any kind of chorus. All of a sudden, the second verse began. That came as quite a shock to me. But I didn’t have much against the chanting. Not once did it strike my mind, that they  were rapping. I’ve never seen it as rapping, to be honest. But! I did like the Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, American pop-feel to it. Even in k-pop, it’s nice with some change once in a while. 

  8. I really disagree with you. I can say like this b’cuz I’m S♡NE, which is GG’s official fan, however, please listen to my opinion. (I’m from Korea)

    To start off, [The Boys] can be a new challenge for GG because they are the only one group of SM which is not having the rapping part. It can be their new experience to decide their genre or style of songs may be next time.

    Second of all, I think you don’t have to care about their M/V’s awkward scenery as long as you are . I think it is their concept for their song. As you all know, singers have to try various kinds of concepts. Can you think of TVXQ or Super Junior always trying to sing dance music? If there are no problems for you to watch [The Boys] M/V, I think you can just enjoy and understand them. We can’t always criticize the singers because of my opinion and emotions.

    Lastly, if you are sick of boring rooms, I think then, don’t watch their videos;; Just kidding LOL. On the other hand, I think your opinion cannot be strong as other 2 opinion b’cuz including Super Junior’s M/V, their M/V’s background is not only the one, the one you said as boring rooms. Additionally, it can be no difference b’cuz they are at the same entertainment.

  9. come to my page! you can find SNSD’s new album in there!

  10. It’s kinda funny you’ve mentioned SM’s boring rooms. Been getting on my nerves a lot lately. But then again, there is barely any difference between all the bands. That’s just today’s trend. Maybe that’s why many people (myself included) prefer staying with older projects as well and absorb all the variety of the past.

  11. i loooved genie too. :) and aw, i actually really enjoy the rap part, haha. but i agree, i found the rose petal, slow motion part really awkward and irrelevant to the song.

  12. GENIE!! My favorite! HAHA

    You have to listen to the song more than once. It grows on you. Haha

  13. I find it funny that people have to defend themselves when they talk about SNSD, because they would be attacked as “haters.” It’s rather sad actually.

    Anyways, totally agree with the review. I briefly watched the MV just because they changed their concept, but it just didn’t do it for me. I think they should stick to songs like Oh, Hoot, etc…

  14. SNSD are nice. they did nothing to hurt people so please do respect them, they are also human they also get upset and feel sad…SNSD FIGHTING!!!

    • Criticism of one’s professional work is part of being a professional.  There is a huge difference between critiquing a song or video, saying what works and what doesn’t, and ripping into the people who made the song or video.  It’s a difference Simon and Martina respect.  They have never shown disrespect towards any of the member of SNSD. 

  15. the problem of us, humans is that, whenever we see someone on the TOP, we would always do our best to pull them DOWN!, which, as i see, is not right at all. I do respect your opinion but please do the same to us, SONES who get hurt whenever we hear these kind of words. try to put your feet in our shoes and try to imagine what would you feeel if someone do this to your idols. thanks. i am here to simply state my feeling. no ofense

  16. I love SNSD The boys. I love this song although they change their style but it’s work. New image and cool song. I think many people don’t like this song at first because they aspect cute song from them but when you listen this song again and again and forget about their cute images you’ll love this song like me…hahaha just my opinion 

  17. Yeah same here, I was expecting the usual awesomeness of SNSD, but I was disappointed by the song and um, surprised by the rapping. I hope this doesn’t continue and SNSD makes more great songs in the future.

    Totally U-Kiss Neverland for the showdown.

  18. I think you meant “mind-boggling” ;) unless there was some awesome pun there that I missed.

  19. Hey I found this overview about a new app on facebook called Star Index
    and i feel like sharing it with all you k-pop lovers! 

  20. Hey I found this overview about a new app on facebook called Star Index
    and i feel like sharing it with all you k-pop lovers! 

  21. I choose U-Kiss Neverland!!^^

  22. sorry i think UKiss should win. honestly if you put snsd agaisnt ukiss its too obvious whos gonna win. why dont we be spontaneious…
    i really loved UKiss’s Neverland.


  24. U-Kiss!!!!!!!!! I love Neverland, and their awesome hard core dancing :D

  25. I agree with you. I prefer the old SNSD than the image they are trying to send out now. It’s not the image for them. They are like the Queens of this image and boom. They went down spiral. I want the real SNSD. It’s a like child going through puberty with bad choices. SM, stop it before they go down. They are the only cute female group I love and now. I’m very disappointed.

  26. I choose U-KISS!!!…
    (..just because everyone else chose SNSD..)
    BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! 유키스 화이팅!

  27. It got took down because they wanted the views on the Korean version, plus the English version is on VEVO, you can watch it there.
    The box room thing is old, true, but the 360 degree camera me like, the boxes are pretty as well lol.
    Nah it’s not the worst SM song. Personally, I think Mr Simple is the worst. Don’t get me wrong, I like SuJu but A-cha > Mr Simple and Mr Simple is on the bottom of my list for this year’s SM (title) songs















  35. snsd all the way

  36. SNSD  jjang  I dont like neverland i love the boys

  37.  I like the boys more so I choose snsd

  38. I think the song is amazing and the rap was great not just becuz they always act cute that mean they cant rap yeah we not use to it but it was really good i always want to hear them rap and they are daebak for the showdown SNSD 

  39. I vote for snsd 

  40. i love ukiss but i choose snsd

  41. snsd the boys is better fairytale i vote for snsd

  42. for the showdown  i think snsd 

  43. I choose snsd

  44. vote for snsd

  45. hahahaha. I actually love the song, though it’s not great, the song was the one that got me hooked on SNSD :D

  46. So voting for U KISS

  47. U-KISS… DUH!! Girls’ Generation sucks…

  48. U-Kiss Neverland!

  49. ukiss neverland!! even tho i like snsd more…

    SIMON…MARTINA(FOR U SIMON)….파이팅!!!!^_^

  51. Yeah, I think initially, a lot of people, including me, actually disliked it. But now I hear it more and more, and now I think its really good. :D I wish them luck in the states. But.. i still don’t like Teddy Riley -__-’

  52. Neverland by U-Kiss Oppas! ^^

  53. snsd the boys all the way

  54.  i choose snsd the boys

  55. snsd the boys for the showdown

  56. Lol. both of u r crazy!! hahaha just followed on twitter!

  57. for the show down, Girls’ Generation. and yes, being a SONE, I feel like I need whack you with my pink lightsaber while yelling soshi fanchants. But hey, you still made me laugh and surprisingly,  don’t hate you after this review :) 

    Keep making awesome videos while I keep being the SONE that I am :) 
    x.jen (from australia)

  58. Though i’m liking The Boys, but hail up forever to U-KISS NEVERLAND <3

  59. U-Kiss neverland please ;)

  60. Have you heard SNSD’s song “Trick”? I like it better than “The Boys” hehe LOOP FOREVER! (or until their next release)

  61. U-KISS. <3


  63. God…U-Kiss Neverland hands down

  64. Okay…it’s going to have to be U-Kiss Neverland~

  65. I agree with the rap point–the chorus was a bit annoying -_-.  But the camera technique at the beginning was amazing~

    U-Kiss’s Neverland definitely!

  66. i agreed with everything you guys said. i expected so much more. I blame Teddy RIley for the song and terrible rap, especially after constantly hyping how amazing this song was on twitter and then had the balls to bash the Wondergirls, the shame. Does he not know that SNSD and WG are actually pretty close? jerk. -__- anywho, the so called “Fairytale” concept was seldom seen and i wish they wouldve indulged more into the concept and used a different single to do so. I agree with the whole setting of the video too. It was nice but wth did it have to do with the freaking song? seemed to U-kissy to me even if that wasnt there intention the song is called “The Boys” so wth are they? I was expecting for them to use their super sexy SNSD fairytale super powers to bring them out. Like use the “samsel in distress” mode normally seen in fairytales as a cover to bring them out and then BAM! hit them with sexy, confident, mature girl power. Anyways, what it comes down to is that i was expecting a lot more and was a little disappointed in the video, song (mainly the rap), misleading concept and the album (though i can dig like 2 songs).

  67. oh.. there is one thing I forgot..

    yes.. the lyric is kinda meaningless..
    but it’s totally different with the Korean version..
    I’vu just read the translated Korean lyric, it’s more powerful and meaningful..!!
    make me feel so proud of being male SONE..
    love it so much..!!

  68. Hmm..
    I think the song is not that bad..
    I agree that the drum beat sounds bit out of tempo..
    but I love the verse, the bridge, etc

    yes, I’m bit dissapointed with the chorus..
    That part is actually good, but not as chorus..
    it will be great if they put it only on the last part..

    I think “I can tell you looking at me bla..bla..” part is a better part to be the chorus..

    And about the rap, I looove it so much..
    it sounds powerful..
    I think it fits Yoona, Yuri, Hyoyeon, and Sooyoung.. much2 more than normal singing..

    No comment about the MV..
    I know that SMent would make this kind of MV..
    But I love “Girls bring the boys out..!!” part..
    Yuri looks so fierce and strong..

    Overall, I love this song and MV..
    Much2 better than what I expected.. (not to mention the chorus ofc.. XD)

  69. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCMl-8wWAyw

    someone posted it up a week ago. It’s not the official from SM, but it’s def the english version

  70. sm wont let the eng ver be payed in the US either.. its bc they signed with interscope to release all GG eng songs in the us and canada so i think it has to do with interscope now… 

  71. Ok first, i felt exactly the same as martina said! I love Hoot, Gee, genie, but I hate this song! They look beautiful, but i felt like hearing Gwen Stefani plus the comment about the Pussy Cat Dolls was what i post on twitter the minute after I heard the song… It was really dissapointing… But hey you’re right, SM fire your dumb retarded MV team n give us some quality MVs? What happen to DBSK Why did i fall with you? or Super Junior It’s You??
    And for the Showdown i choose U-KISS (bias, oh so bias) XD

  72. for the showdown snsd

  73. snsd all the way

  74. i choose snsd the boys

  75. This video and the previous video the Girl’s generation seem to be transitioning to a new image from the cutesy image. If they are in fact going to try their luck with the US I’m not sure how successful they’ll be in mainstream USA and Canada. At least Kpop seems to have carved a niche.

    haha i have to say… AHHH! undecided. omg.
    ill decide at the end of this post.

    LOL im sad you guys didn’t like this song :(( ah well, it is not for everyone >.<

    and i love how you can see martina's shadow during the 360 degree camera…:D

    OK, decision time….da;lkfjweloihf;dkjf; dkjsdkjf;…. U-KISS !!

  77. if you do a road trip, come to VA ;D

  78. Simon and Martina “You bring the TROLLS out” xDDDDDDDDDDDD

  79. Thania Ramseier Fernandez

    the song sounds like a cheerleader-thing.

    like a song from gwen stefani (hollaback)

  80. NEVERLAND!!! :D

  81. I realllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy hate sm!!!! -.-  suju have soooo many talent and good looking and they can really sing well!!!! snsd the same, so mannyyyyy beautiful girls. the only thing i liked in “the boys” – the dresses and the flovers. but they music/musicvideos sucks! it’s a shame TT^TT

    oh o.o cn blue lose? :O damn it! but you know and i know that snsd can’t win between ukiss.
    poor snsd.

  82. Did I see a black squirrel in your bloopers video??? 

    Voting U-Kiss!!! :)

  83. I realy HAAATTTEEE This Song .. >>> ^^
     i Vote For
    U-Kiss <3

  84. I prefer Never Land..

  85. The rap part was like if they were just screaming: GIRLS BRING THE BOYS OUT..

  86. I actually really liked the song, including the rap parts. It’s most likely not the best of their singles but I find it quite satisfying.

    By the way, I love the map in your video, it’s so awesome :D (lol @ Flaxtonville & Dothraki village)… but where’s Mordney’s Transylvanian castle??? 

  87. Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who paused the video just to see which American pop song lyrics it belonged to. :p
    Lmao Ke$ha.

  88. 100% agree with you about the stupid song writer!! and songs too…genie so muchhhhhhhhhh better than the boys…  so, I vote for U-kiss Neverland!!

  89. Dear Simon and Martina,
    I thought I was the only one who though that the chorus sounded like Hollaback Girl or Bang!… and the Pussycat Dolls too… So yea, I just laughed at your guys’ video xD (in a good way) especially the MOUNTAIN OF MORDOR xD

  90. yeah this song sucked balls….Blaming Teddy Riley for this

  91. Simon – I had to stop the video after your confession: high five for having Genie on top of SNSD’s songs. I LOVE this song. It’s one of the greatests k-pop songs EVER, as for me xD I’m a hardcore fan of Genie.

    OK, back to watching.

    (And yes Martina, I kinda agree – I was sooo disappointed with this song. For me it’s all so… plain and uninteresting. I like rapping parts, but this was just…)

  92. Ok, so the song was made by Teddy Riley. Honestly I was GLAD when Rania dumped him. He called Rania 2 sexy (in a bad way) and he WROTE THE FRICKIN SONG. I hope SNSD never hires him again.
    Anyways enough of my rant. I think that Hyohyeon was actually a pretty good rapper! In the Korean Version. I like her Korean rap better than her english one. But I do agree that they cant really bring the feel, of say, CL or Amber.  
    Also, I LOLed so hard when Simon was like “I guess we’ll never know if you’re in an empty room, in the middle of the artic, in a diamond?”
    Also, U-Kiss all the way! I’m sorry, but I like Neverland better than The Boys.

  93. Uhm, I wouldn’t call that rapping in THE BOYS. I would call it cheering. Sounds like their from a cheer squad at a seasonal meet.

  94. Everyday Im shuffling……in the library…..?

    Hahaha and Martina I love your hat.
    I definitly thought of SJ-M when i first saw it hahahaha

  95. This was hiliarious! :) I did agree with you – video and song didn’t match. But the song does get a bit catchier the more you listen to it. And I noticed the same room box haha. :)

    Love you guys for the video! But honestly, I thought that was sand in SNSD’s video, not snow lol

    • warlock110 warlock110

      all songs are better if you keep listening to them, it’s human nature to adapt to sounds. if you don’t like it on the 1st listen it probably sucks.

  96. Welcome back guys!!! Which city are you guys in right now? TORONTO?? if
    yes then i might run into you guys, that would be AWESOME!!!! You guys
    gotta review 2NE1′s it hurts for Halloween edition!!! Love that video so
    much, it’s just a tribute to Tim Burton, a dark twist to the fairy tale
    Rapunzle. :) And it’s mega appropriate too for Halloween!  love ya
    guys!!!! <3 

  97. Neverland all da way O:<!
    one of da guys sings in a frinkin refrigerator!
    Plus dongho i think dats his name had a knee injury yet he could dance so perfectly! =O
    athough da make up dat da guys wore was way 2 much o_x

  98. i vote for U-kiss

  99. OMG u guys are in Canada, SWAGG, have a happy holloween, oh are you guys gonna dress up WAIT let me rephrase that Is spudgy gonna dress up. 

  100. Really martina, this is the first snsd song that i loved

  101. I prefer Neverland!!

  102. NEVERLAND U-KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Have to agree with Martina that this is a bad song choice for Girls Generation! 
    Well I won’t say I hate it, but then I don’t like it compare to other songsof them…The rapping was weird, simply no wow factor as comeback after 10 months. (on the other hand, BEG done a massive great jobs on comeback and now earned their trophy!) “The Boy” will probably still win on charts due to the strong support of SONES!! We’ll wait and see!!
    Simon bring up a very great point of MV made by SM …always indoor, inside a studio with no one else but the artists by themselves…does that mean SM kinda conservative in concept on making MV?To conclude, Girls Generation definitely can be really really good like in “Oh!” & “Genie”, but too bad rhis poor song ruined their hard work! (btw..for me The best song of Girls Generation is their debut “Into the New World”, so pure and filled with passion of fighting!)

  104. I hated it too!!!!
    I didn’t enjoy the song and thought it was a pretty poor SNSD song! I admit I’m a bit behind the times in terms of SNSD, but having caught up a little bit, I was looking forward to their new song, but am totally disappointed now.

    Going to listen to Infinite now instead…

  105. Oh wow, that’s a hard one. :/

    I’d have to say Neverland~! They looked more “snow/wintery” haha

  106. I also thought the rap was kinda out of place and kinda killed the song. For me t is good but could have been awesome it just had something odd and it was the rap … maybe they wanted to present a fierce image against the good girl side they usually present.. the song is better in english so at least that is good .. I kinda made my own version after watching the video I just could not resists it xD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr5XzSfMnJk

  107. Ah, it’s been a while since the last time I came to this blog, and it’s good to find that this fugly canadian YG fanboy couple with a terrible sense of humor is still pretending to be interested in kpop. :D
    This category should indeed be renamed to YG worship monday, not kpop music monday, cuz it is so obvious that the sole and only purpose of this crappy review things is to promote g-drugon or u-kiss which she’s privately attracted to, by criticizing other groups or singers for some unknown reason.

  108. I don’t really like it at first but after seeing them perform it live in front of 30,000 crowd, let me just say it was the most powerful performance of the girls ever. You could feel the girls presence and the whole crowd was in awe. Definitely perfect for live performance. Top notch and the girl are drop dead gorgeous!! for the english of the song well blame Teddy Riley, never like the guy and hopefully this is the last time he ever produce for them.

  109. Hey northern neighbors, I think it’s mind-BOGGLING rather than bottling. That’s what you guys do with moosehead beer.

    And please don’t show Simon running again. ::my eyes:::

  110. I’m a korean girl and have been living overseas for 5 years.

    Ireland,uk,usa ..during the years,

    Some local foods have become my favorites that I got used to somehow.

    Sometimes When I get back to korea for vacation,

    I miss those foods seriously while I’m in korea.

    Do u guise ever have an experience like that while you r in canada?.

    If so, what food would be in your mind now?  =]

  111. Thank god.. when I saw that you reviewed this I was actually a little afraid that you will love it.

    It’s such a rubbish song.. it’s something that Fergie would have sung, while she had a career.

  112. Sascha Wong

    Ohhhh, I totally did not know that! That was him in “Sorry, Sorry (Answer)”?! Haha, I thought that was Yesung there too! You just blew my mind.

  113. Cecilie Kristoffersen

    UKISS Neerland is the best!! More catzy :D

  114. UKISS also I agree with Martina about CNBLUE THEY WIN BY HEART! but seriously guise seriously. 
    yh don’t word correct me Im from Tumblr!

  115. the 360 degrees camera simon totally cracked me up. maaaan u should sooo use it in ur vids hahahahaha xDDDDD

  116. OMGosh. i lost it  at  the simon 360 camera. so funny.
     I liked UKISS’s video better
    and you should road trip to WI cause it’s awesome and I live there ;)

  117. UKISSSSSS <3

  118. definitely for ukiss. SNSD is just lame and boring time this round, for once, and i hated the song arrangement.

  119. ….simons xoo funny!!!……”i know your laugh..i know..errr…blala.bahHJg!!!”…….haha!!!….

    ..i like the review..though..i find the song catchy..but i dont get too..

    anyways!….IM FOR U-KISS!!!!……..

    U-KISS FIGHTING!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  120. oh so i’m not the only one who didn’t like the song ! Everybody was SO overexcited about it and i was like :/// meh…

    … but hm… oh well, let say U-Kiss.

    (and like a fool, i’m still voting for JYJ and Get Out every week since the release. I should stop, but it seems like i still can’t).

  121. Totally agreeing. I didn’t like it either, the chorus was kinda plain. Although their voices were great. I love your hat! And vote 4 U-Kiss. :)

  122. SNSD MV was WAY better ^^

  123. EPIC map, Simon!

    Dothraki Village? Mountain of Mordor? Flaxtonville? that’s some world you got there. BROHOHO

  124.  My vote definitely goes to U-KISS, this song is so American style for me, not Kpop!

  125. Well what happend with this video is the same that happend with the music the used a bunch of things that work well individually but not together… the song sounds like they put Gwen Stefani with the Harajuku Girls together with Britney Spears and the Pussycat Dolls just poppy in all the wrong places … and it’s exactly the same thing with the video all the scenes are great as individuals but together they don’t make sense it would have been better as Simon and Martina explained it or if they wanted to step out of the traditional KPOP route (which they didn’t) more like that Christina Aguilera Video “Can’t Hold Us Down” but of course modify it to be more appealing to the culture and song… something more along the lines that they can bring or get the boys no matter where they are… in the hood in the club etc… well those are just my thoughts, have a good day everyone (^_^)

  126. U-Kiss for sure… I couldn’t stand this song.
    Great review guys.

  127. The reason why the English version isn’t viewable in America is quite simple, and I’m sure someone has already mentioned this before, but I’m too lazy to check so here goes: Vevo has exclusive rights to the video over there. Yup yup…

    And other than that… Pretty much agree with everything that you guys said… The video pretty as hell (even though I’m not sure how a white dove and tiaras fits in with the general theme of “kick ass attitude” that they’re trying to portray), the dance works just fine, they’re pretty as per usual (albeit slightly weird in the solo shots) but the song is just impressively boring. Really, they should have gone with Trick instead…Oh well, we’ll get a repackage in like two months, hopefully that single will be better.

    However, it’s not their worst. Visual Dreams is by far their worst song, felt personally offended when I heard that the first time.

  128. U-Kiss “NeverLand”…
    No contest.

  129. The video, song, and dance were all a fail for me. More importantly SNSD please don’t rap and SM PLEASE don’t buy anymore leftover songs just because you got lucky with RDR…and get better videos.

  130. Honestly, I’m no fan of aegyo, too much saccharine methinks. But I had high expectations for this because of all the hype! 

    And when I listened to the song, I was waiting for the hook/chorus and it never came!!! =(
    too many wasted possibilities!

  131. I prefered U-Kiss’ Neverland video, I’m kind of sick of the whole SM-foreveraloneroom-thing :/

  132. Martina, I love your outfit in this video. Super cute!

  133. I prefer U-KISS, I agree with Martina, SNSD can’t rap, and THE BOYS is the worst song they have ever produced but I do love the video though, the 360 degree slow motion camera especially.

    Anyway my vote goes to U-KISS

  134. No .. ..dont like this song … 
    If SM is planning to target the Western audiences with this song, they may end up losing fans than gaining. You really dont need rap to win over international audience. I dont recall Celine Dion, Michael jackson, Backstreet Boys,  Michael Bolton and others ever rapping. They were fantastic singers. SNSD members are fantastic singers. Let them be fantastic singers rather than squeaky voiced rappers. I’ve heard Chip and Dale rap and they sound better than this. 

    You are in Toronto!!! T_T. I could have been in Toronto and I chose to come to Sydney instead … .. .AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  135. I agree with you! And i vote for UKISS

  136. Ah yes, I have to agree with EVERY SINGLE WORD YOU SAID. I love Girls’ Generation, they’re one of my favourite girl groups of all time, but yeah, SM really really really really needs to do something new. I was expecting them to make FULL USE of that princess/fairy tale concept which could’ve had an epic story etc. etc. because their outfits are AMAZING…. so yeah, I don’t think they utilised that and made the song fit with the mv or anything like that… which was disappointing. Although I have to admit I have found myself putting the song on repeat…..even though their other songs were so much better….. xDD

    Anyways, vote goes to Neverland because I felt that made somewhat more sense…..^^ haha~

  137. I am so glad I am not the only one who felt this way Martina

  138. I really did NOT enjoy the video. I was constantly checking when the song would finish, because I didn’t want to miss out on anything that you would comment on. It was awful and dreadful. But I did enjoy it, none-the less. For some reason, I looked out for the girls (gurrs) with straightened hair. There where quite a few~

    As for the showdown…U-KISS by a landslide~

  139. At this, I don’t curr about meaning and the mv’s matching the songs cause I love SNSD way too much. As long as they are happy with what they are doing, then I’ll support them <3

    (I LOVE THIS SONG D:< It's like crack… except it won't make my teeth fall out… I don't think ^_^;; )

    • Then what’s the point? Overlooking the fact that the mv and lyrics don’t match up is just constructive criticism. It can’t be overlooked just because you like a group. Being open to anything is what makes you a true fan.

      I’m not trying to pick a fight here, I’m just curious. What’s the point?

  140. You are in Canada…..I knew something´s wrong :)
    Usually I take week-long dose of EatYourKimchi K-Pop at 17:00 CET, but suddenly something was wrong :)
    18:00 CET and nothing
    20:00 CET and still nothing.
    22:00 CET and STILL NOTHING.

    Something was weird about the review too…..aha, it didn´t look like Korea´s country.
    I agree with review 100%.
    When someone say that MV is blocked then they should do it like I do and that´ s to download it immediately as it´s  possible.

  141. Yay I got to finish watching the video! I have to agree that being a huge Girls Generation Fan once I heard Chocolate Love song, this video really lacked the male population to reaaly drive in the fact that they can bring the boys.~Duh you need the hot menz to establish that~ (SiWon is so freaking Hot! I <3 Siwon <3)

    I vote for U-Kisss Neverland! I can watch that video on a loop di loop :)

  142. Was the “G G” part a foreshadowing to a certain english release of one of their most popular songs?! I liked the song for an American debut,(THATS HOW YOU DO IT anyways, not some craptastic facebook offical by Heart2Heart…AND THATS MEANT TO BE LEGIT, how the hell are they tring to bring back boy groups with that song and that uber wrong boy group) and i didnt actually think of them as rapping until it got to that “ALLDABOYZALLDABOYZALLDABOYZWANTMAIHART *mumble mumble mumble* ahhh loved their accents

    • Wait…What? Im srry the whole heart2heart thing has confused me so much….they are actually serious????? and appealing to…*gulp*…a North American audience???? WHAT??? Someone plz explain Im SOOO CONFUSED!!!

  143. For the showdown….U KISS!!! Their song really rocked!!! (and stayed forever young)

  144. Haha, I watched this when you first posted it, but was stuck at my boyfriend’s sister’s house babysitting her children. They have crappy internet, so I couldn’t finish the video till now. XD

    But when I first heard that SNSD were coming back and watched the teasers SM posted on YouTube, I was quite disappointed by them. Though since everyone in my apartment is a fan of at least a few of SNSD’s songs (I love Genie, my 4-year old son loves Gee, and my boyfriend loves Run Devil Run), I decided to wait and give this song a try. After watching both videos, my expected disappointment was there. I didn’t like the song and the music video. Not at all. The song was quite horrible, not catchy at all. At least not like any of the other songs they’ve promoted. The English version just sounded like a bland and boring American pop song. (Which I guess that was the point for the English album’s release…? To make it appealing to non-K-Pop people? *blink, blink* I’m not really~ sure. lol) I hope the album will make up for this… song. The video wasn’t.. well, I don’t know really. It wasn’t entertaining, I guess. It just didn’t draw me in, like some of their other videos. I’m pretty sure I looked away from the video a couple of times, hoping that it was ending soon because I couldn’t stand the song. XD

    Snowy~ music video vote goes to U-KISS!!!! <3 Neverland, U-KISS, and JD Relic to death!

  145. I agree completely! For the teaser photos I expected much more, but right now I’m quite dissapointed (more than in Mr. Simple, when I couldn’t watch Siwon dancing in his psycodelic green boxer) 

  146. I agree completely with everything said in this review. SM has been underwhelming me a lot lately, minus dbsk and f(x), and this review completely summed up why. I’m not complaining if snsd wants to move away from their usual sound/image, but this song wasn’t the best way to do it.

    It seems pretty harsh to be pitting U-KISS against SNSD, lol. However I always seem to vote for the underdog, so U-KISS it is (although I personally much prefer both the “Neverland” song and video to “The Boys”).

  147. I agree with the SM MV sets and story line.. very crappy indeed. Same with SNSD’s rap skills not something pleasant. Anyhow, can’t wait to see you at U of T even if the timing isn’t that good since i have a 2-5 chem lab that day. I wouldn’t skip seeing you even if I’m completely worn out from lab.. :)) See you at UC!!!! :))

  148. As much as I love both SNSD and U-Kiss, I’m going to go for U-Kiss’s Neverland because I’m U-Kiss bias lol. Great review guys! It totally made my Monday! (and today was the first day back at school too so this was much needed!)

  149. I don´t like the song as well, I was really upsad cuz i did like the teser so :(
    Its room-recycling… like the street-sign^^

    Its going to be the end of the year soon, yahoo~  Can not wait for the 2011 review!!!  

  150. Lol the map XD

  151. Neverland, no doubt. I frikking love that song and the video.

  152. OK, call me crazy (You’re crazy!) but I’ve had the song stuck on repeat for a week. OK, maybe I am crazy. In any case, I like the song. I agree that “Genie” is their best. I think the “rapping”, if you want to call it that (“chant” is probably better), is OK, or at least good enough to not turn the song off after say, 12 times on repeat. But, I don’t expect much along the hip-hop line from SNSD. If I want to hear a female rapper, there’s Miryo, but also Gilme from Clover. (I’d really like to hear what you have to say about either “La Vida Loca” or “아는 오빠”).

    If you think these lyrics don’t really connect together, have you read any New Order lyrics? Then again, the lyrics were never really the point of New Order, I think, as much as the overall feel and sound of the music. It won’t be the same without Peter Hook, though, but I digress. Maybe Teddy Riley just figured he needed something to make up the verse, and the real message is in the chorus.

    The blocking of the video to most of the world is probably thanks to Interscope and Universal. I’m not sure what they’re waiting on, but at least I made sure I grabbed it ASAP the day it came out. I got it about 2 hours before it was blocked. Maybe they’re waiting until the physical maxi-single is ready to ship. What I’d like to know is when “The Boys” will be released to radio in North America, so I can bug my local radio stations to play it. Unfortunately, Interscope hasn’t been saying, that I know of.

    If they get a follow-up, I’d really want them to do an English version of “Genie” with lyrics based off the Korean version, and not using the original English lyrics.

    Simon, I’ll try to forgive you wearing a TFC jacket so soon after you all knocked Ma Hoops out of the CCL. That still stings. So does losing 4-2 to San Jose, but the TFC loss really hurts. I’ve had a really crappy autumn so far.

  153. you also know you “dont want to hear it again” cause its written by americans. haha irony.

  154. supposedly the english version is coming out on VEVO thats why its not viewable here anymore

  155. Legit LOLed so hard when the dove said “I’m boys! Guise?!!”

    Yeah, I agree with practically everything you said. The song lacks kicks, it doesn’t flow well, and although the video is pretty, it has no correlation with the song.

  156. The English version is blocked because it has been re uploaded on SNSD’s VEVO channel. I vote for SNSD.

  157. I agree 100% with this review- and am so glad you guys said it. I think the core of the problem though is that they let Teddy Riley write the song. He just doesn’t get Kpop.

  158. U-Kiss’s Neverland!
    I could watch the MV all day 8D

  159. Welcome home, guise!  I can see Spudgy’s enjoying Canada.  :)

    We really love just about every other song they did. Loved Hoot, loved
    Run Devil Run, and totally freaking loved Genie, which is one of
    Simon’s favourite Kpop songs EVAR. EVAR!

    Simon, +1 for you.  :D

    I have to agree with your guise/guy’s review: visually great video, great singing, but yeah the rap wasn’t their strongest point.  It didn’t make my skin crawl, but I agree it’s just not their forte.  The best example I can think of a good strong, Korean rap would be f(x), but that’s just me.  :)

    My guess is that this video was overall more intended as an intro to their new album (hence the cool visuals), and not necessarily intended to be the song people remember most.  Or maybe that too is just me.  Thanks again for a great video.

    P.S. Sunny’s new hair style was pretty awesome. Fits her well.

  160. U-KISS, definitely!

  161. U-Kiss, Neverland. I didn’t hate GG’s video, but I totally agree with the disappointment with the lack of boys. What fun is being an ajumma if I can’t ogle hot Korean boys in their 20′s? My kids love GG, but I wanna see the boys!!! (Creepy. I mean, young, fit men who remind me of my husband 10 years ago.) (^_^’)

  162. U-kiss for sure, because honestly SNSD just danced in white looking sand

  163. U-KISS Neverland!!! It’s so freakin’ awsome!!!! And I totally agree with you regarding SNSD song. I thought it would be great and then…buhhhhhhhh boring! I love your videos! you guys are awsomeeeee

  164. I think this is honestly the first time I’ve agreed with you guys on EVRYTHING you said. From Miryo to Genie, to the chorus reminding me of After School, I was surprised at how much I agreed with. I also found myself saying “U-Kiss, Neverland” right as Simon said it when he asked who had the better snowy video. Hmm…weird…0_0 Odd coincidences aside, I’m going to vote for U-KISS this week. They had an Ice-sculpture and SNSD seemed to be dancing around in a cold-looking environment in dust….I saw no snow. :(

  165. Yeah, I’m gonna go with “Neverland.” I didn’t hate “The Boys” when I first saw it and I was surprised that Martina hated this video as much as she did. Especially since she seemed to like “A-CHA” (I couldn’t/still haven’t been able to finish that song).

    But then she did the whole Kanye/JYJ comparison and I actually shuddered. I don’t think I can listen to this song anymore.

    I don’t know what’s going on with them, but S.M. really needs to get it together. The blog post was right: There is a lot of laziness going on in this company. It sounds like all of the songs are being written by one person who hands it off to the one choreographer who then sends it to their one videographer. Get some fresh ideas, PLEASE!

  166. I haven’t even seen UKISS’s video and I’m voting for it.

    I agree that The Boys… is subpar, as a song. I was expecting more. I didn’t mind the rapping so much, but the lyrics as a whole don’t seem to make any sense. What does any of that have to do with ‘bringing the boys out’? And… what does bringing the boys out mean, anyway? From where? I did like the dancing as well – SM puts out great dances. Also, if you compare the English and Korean lyrics, the Korean one is more about empowering boys while the English one is more about girl power.

    Yoona: Imma be the hottest in this spot, there ain’t no stopping me… and then in the background Tiffany says ‘that’s funny’. Buh? And the whole ‘call an emergency I’m watching the phone ring, I’m feeling it in my heart’… they’re feeling a phone ring in their heart? Maybe they should see doctors. It might get some guys in the video.

    But! Great visuals, great clothes, great dance, and if you take away the words, it’s a pretty good melody and instrumental. Just not a great song. I say this as a SNSD fan – I also loved Genie! *highfives Simon*

  167. Too bad the song/video isn’t as good as the girls are beautiful. I agree with Simon Genie is SNSD’s high water mark.

    Green grass and a car in the same EYK video. Toto we aren’t in Korea anymore. 

    Saw Martina’s head gear and got my hopes up for (thou only 0.005mm) a SCTV review of a SNSD video.

  168. Can I tell you how strange it is to see you guys in a non-Korean location? It’s not like you can usually tell your apartment is Korean… but that yard is very much non-Korean. 

    How do you say non-Korean in Korean? Ani-Korean? Ani… Han goo(k)? Probaby not… just a guess though :p


  170. U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS , U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS, U-KISS!!!!… Other than the indecisive ice block, Neverland was so much better, and the snowy scene makes much more sense for Neverland than it does for the Boys <3


  172. This always makes my Mondays awesome~

    I’m voting for SNSD.
    I actually liked the song. A lot. And I honestly didn’t mind the rapping a bit.

  173. I have to agree with you.. never been a SNSD’s fan, but I do like some of their songs, and can see why they’re so popular, but this album, is totally…….underwhelming.
    The video, I don’t know, if it only wants to show off the pretty members, well it’s a success then. But as music video, I think it’s too..plain, and the dance, I expect way better from SNSD!
    Oh well, I hope it brings the boys out though!

  174. Ya know, I wasn’t crazy about this song when I first saw it either… but afterwards I found myself wondering if I really did like it or not :p After I saw it live, I liked it a lot more… it’s not my favorite song ever but I have repeated it over and over a few times now for some reason? 

    I’m a bit confused though, I didn’t know that was supposed to be rapping in the song… I thought were just singing… weirdly? 

    I shall vote for U-Kiss (although I didn’t really care for U-Kiss’ last song… I kind of prefer SNSD’s more but after seeing how they took so much time to talk to you guys that one time, they seem like sweet guys). 

    Omo… speaking of U-Kiss… i’m having flashbacks of fluffy bird shoulders and bare chests O.o

  175. I was really looking forward to this comeback after watching the teaser but the song was a pretty big let down. Also did anyone else notice that the intro with the drums is exactly like the start of TVXQ’s ‘Hey! (Don’t bring me down)?

    Also my vote is for U-Kiss! If only SNSD brought these boys out!

  176. U Kiss- Neverland! 


    If you don’t pick it, I’ll hurt you. Just kidding :P I love you guys, and I can’t hurt you… because then, I wouldn’t get to watch Music Monday’s.

    It has to be UKISS because it’s MEN. Seriously, we’re gonna let some skinny girls beat some sexy, muscle-ly MEN? I don’t think so. -_-

  178. Sascha Wong

    I’m not a fan of SNSD’s music, but when I watched the teaser for their comeback, it sparked my interest. Unfortunately, I was just as disappointed with the song as you guys (no offense to SNSD fans!), and the attempt at rap made me want to gag. Is this a trend with SM to make super exciting teasers and then have the actual comeback itself be kind of meh?

    Just like Super Junior’s teaser, I was super excited for their comeback. I loved the song Yesung sang at the beginning, with the jazzy feel and his vocals were fantastic. I thought maybe they were trying something different, and I was liking it. Then I heard “Mr. Simple”… at first, I wasn’t a fan but it grew on me and is now a permanent fixture on my Exercise Mix.

    Wow, okay, distracted. My vote’s for U-Kiss, even if there was an annoying block of ice that couldn’t decide if it wanted to melt or not! :P

    • The intro for Super Junior’s Mr. Simple is actually sung by Yoo Youngjin, the composer for most of SM’s hits (TVXQ’s Rising Sun, “O”, KYHD; SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong; Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, Mr. Simple). He also sang Girls’ Generation’s intro song for their tour, “Beautiful Girls”, and together with KRY sang “Sorry Sorry (Answer)” (he sang most of the adlibs, actually) :D

  179. I don’t agree with you at all, and my vote definitely goes for GG!
    I am actually almost addicted to the song/video.

    But you guys are so funny! I kept laughing watching your video :)
    Love you guys!


  181. Neverland!!!!

  182. Ukiss is really the better snow ! :D

  183. If Simon doesn’t go trick-or-treating as Mr.Brohoho or Mordney or SEUNGRITIMEFORKISSES!… I will be upset…

  184. i really could not agree more. the whole time i was thinking, “thats EXACTLY what i think!!!”

  185. You guys are Toronto FC fans?? 

  186.  I could not agree more! I was getting all excited because of the opening and then BAM… Someone had to rap and also the lame beginning of the boys boys boys boys boys…… The rest of the song was just like WTF is going on and I don’t get why they sound like a marching band mixed with cheer squad half the time. Or maybe that is just me…

    U-Kiss-Neverland is better.

  187. oh my vote is for U-Kiss i loved both groups but well im a girl i will naturally like the guys better :) and i personally liked the “rap” part they just need to work more with raping cuz us fans/listeners arent really used to them rapping so it sounds strange.

  188. Definitely U-KISS. (:
    I actually really like The Boys, but I didn’t like the rapping as well.

  189. Simon and Martina u provoked for hell to break loose in youtube on the gwen stefani’s Hollaback video 

  190. Seeing as I like boys to actually appear in my snowy videos, I vote for U-Kiss. Also, they’re hot and I’m biased. 0:)

  191. Man, maybe my hearing isn’t on the up and up, but I found their pronunciation pretty terrible as I couldn’t understand half of what they were saying. Fully agree the lyrics don’t make sense together and this really needed a story line as it was sooooo boring. Edit: Almost forgot to put in my vote for U-Kiss.

  192. ukiss is much much better!=)

  193. I have a feeling since you are in Korea they might bombard you with this until you like it.
    No Boys? Does this have something to do with Sunny’s Aegyo?

    Oh wait it looks like you are not in Korea.

  194. Oh my gosh! Did i see Mordor on that map!? XD and wow, i didn’t think Canada would be so….. green! Especially this time of year, isn’t it cold up there?

    And for the challenge I’m going with U-Kiss! The song is the first Korean song i actually learned with the correct pronunciation of lyrics, not just what it sounded like to me (which probably made no sense at all). At least in Neverland there ARE boy! Lots and lots of cute dancing and singing boys! Not to mention sweet well behaved ones *cough* Kevin *cough*

    • Haha, I’m sure its cold up there, but there needs to be precipitation and all that jazz for it to snow. Besides, they aren’t like super north or anything. Just on the other side of Lake Ontario (so more or less you could probably call that just across the border). 

      And I agree, I prefer my snowy places to include boys, especially when they look like UKiss!

      • I know, its just surprising to me to see such green grass (up north at this time of year) because the state I’m in is 97% in severe drought right now, which means brown grass. I haven’t seen green in a LONG time or have cold weather for that matter.

        • Wow, that is kind of depressing. I need all four seasons to survive I think lol. 
          What state are you in?

        • Dido, im in southern Texas so its very hot…. and humid. Luckily the weather has been changing and its been cooling down. And you?

        • Whoops, sorry it took so long to respond. School was basically kicking my butt.

          I’m in Cincinnati, Ohio. During the summer we get a lot of humidity here too, so I feel your pain haha.

  195. U-Kiss Neverland FOREVERRRRRR
    But I love SNSD too :D

  196. Best snowy scene definitely goes to UKiss, because I adore UKiss and at least the setting made some sense with the song (I made a comment about it on the Neverland review). 

    As for The Boys…this song is just terrible. I’m not really a Girls Generation fan: most of their songs are ok, I loved Genie, and I can’t listen to Run Devil Run at all because I heard Kesha’s demo first and the few attempts at SNSD’s version just led to me switching back to Kesha, I just can’t do it. This song doesn’t have anything going for it in my opinion. I heard the Korean version first and the rapping and music styling and video really sucked. I watched the English version and the lyrics made it even worse. And if this is supposed to be their North American debut…well, things aren’t looking so good in my opinion. I can’t picture ever hearing this on the radio or being big at all, its a very crappy attempt at hip hop/pop. They are trying too hard to make what they think is an American hit

  197. CNBlue c**kblocked again. Will they ever win somehow for Music Mondays?

    And yeah U-Kiss is the better one. 

  198. I totally agree with you on EVERYTHING! This is not their best song nor video. But I have to say that they all look really beautiful in it. Even Hyoyeon, who I think is the most hideous female idol (sorry, but it’s true!).

    I definitely prefer U-KISS’s Neverland. The song is catchier and the dance is way more amazing! It’s being almost 2 months since Neverland came out and it’s still stuck in my mind and I still do the dance on the street when nobody is watching. Seriously.

  199. ummm, guise? isn’t it “mind-boggling”??

    i agree. my sister watched both the korean and english versions of this video and liked both versions of the song. apparently that’s a rarity as she has a tendency to like the first version she hears better.
    i trust her judgement when she reviews  things, but when i went to listen to this song, i totally went -_- b/c i felt it really fell flat. i’m not the biggest SNSD fan but i do agree that they have great voices. i like a bunch of their songs, but this song really left me “underwhelmed”. i felt it was really lacking in the girl-power department – there is no strength behind what they’re saying and they come off as sounding weak. of course, maybe that’s because they’re on 900 calorie-a-day diets…..which would leave ANYONE feeling weak, especially when you’re working out and practising as much as these girls do.

    also, i think SM has put SNSD and super junior under some sort of chastity contract where they can’t interact with members of the opposite sex. and the only time SNSD had any male interaction, it was with siwon, the most Godly Christian boy of suju, so they KNOW he wouldn’t try anything.

    i dunno. SM really needs to pull up their stockings if they want to succeed in north america they way they have elsewhere.

    one last thing…sunny looks AMAZING with the short blonde hair!!! wig or not, i vote she keep it!!

    (sorry so long)

  200. Definitely U-Kiss for this one

  201. Is just a wild guess but could it be that Simon favoruite character from A Song of Ice and Fire is Khal Drogo? XD

    I agree 100% i love SNSD since their debut years ago but now…when they start to rap…is just…not right!
    Pussycat Dolls feelings all the way and we now who is the kpop girlgroup that can put off the Pussycat Dolls feel and it is not SNSD.

    Now i’m listen to the song, the album is great, but when it comes to Yuri part…bleh XP and she is a great singer! SME what are you doing?


  202. While the rapping was ehh (I got used to it though, it’s actually not that bad….it’s better in the Korean version), the singing was AMAZING. Jessica’s and Taeyeon’s high notes, and not to mention SEOHYUN AND YOONA. I feel like they’ve improved so much, especially in their live performances. Verses were freaking amazing, chorus was the thing that didn’t make the song as good as it could have been. Eh, blame Teddy Riley. -_-

    Also, as for the English version not being available, it’s because SM is making a GirlsGenerationVEVO, while will officially open when the maxi-single is released in the United States. It wouldn’t be cool to have an unreleased song’s music video openly online. XD but yeah, it’s not because of the whole views thing, or else SM would have made the video private worldwide. 

  203. I’m thinking you’re forgetting that we only have two seasons – winter & construction. ALL THE FREAKIN TIME.

  204. I hated The Boys as well, it was a big let down and I was so excited for it too.

    Anyway, I vote U-Kiss Neverland! Mostly because The Boys was such a big let down…

  205. UKISS NEVERLAND!!! i like snsd’s song but  i don’t like diz song too!!  dunno y..mayb too much chanting~

  206. It’s sad that the SM artists get isolated in videos like that. How hard would it have been to draft a few members of Super Junior to be in this video, just to represent “the boys”?

    My fav snow video is: U-KISS’ “Neverland”, hands down. Neverland was the first Music Monday I ever watched from you guys, and Neverland was the 2nd kpop video I ever watched, after SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong”. Something about the snow, the weird lighting, and the reverse-melting ice cube made me watch it a few more times, and I’ve been listening to kpop nonstop since then.

    So yeah. Neverland. :-)

  207. U-kiss Neverland :D 

  208. U-Kiss Neverland!!

  209. My vote goes to U-Kiss c:

  210. maybe they want to “bring the boys” because they’re lonely in the Arctic….. jjajaja

  211. U-KISS Neverland !!! ~<3

  212. Yeah, I was disappointed with this song/video. I mean, it started out soooo amazing with the falling rose petals and awesome sounding intro…and then it just steadily sounded more and more well…mainstream, by US standards. To me at least. I thought it might get better at the chorus…but it didn’t really. -_-

    I’m voting for U-Kiss this time <3

  213. I didn’t like this song initially, but it grew on me fast. The live performances are really good. :)

    I feel that U-KISS’s Neverland had better a better snowy scene. The lighting and the snow falling was perfect and it just looked a lot better. Sorry SNSD! Loved your 360degree shots and your raining petals though!

  214. U-kiss Neverland

  215. U-Kiss Neverland

  216. I’m prepared to fight the fangirls. Hoot got boring after a few listens and this one is a yawn. I totally agree with the rapping bit. They should leave the rapping to 4minute and 2ne1. 

    Spudgy at the end!!! So cute. I bet he looks a bit out of place in Canada with that colorful fur.

  217. :D You guys are cool~ xD I agreed with pretty much everything… up until the choices you gave us~ Which snowy scene did I like better? Neither. B2ST’s Soom was more epic~ Personally, anyways. ^^

  218. Girls Generation was more snowyier..est..er….

  219. I seen them perform this song in english live at SM Town NYC and for the life of me I could not understand them most for the time. I do like this song it grew on me I had the same reaction as Martina when I first heard the song. I also agree with Simon this is a typical sm video they need to do something new already.

  220. this video….aren’t they well derssed good looking girls dancimg in an expensive oddly lit room with expensive cheesy sound affects?  weren’t all their mvs like that? and yet you’re still giving super junior hard time >_>” poor suju even you look down on them

    BTW about the showdown i think that no one can vote against CNBLUE wether it’s acting wild or creeping into your house, you can’t hold that against them cause they’re so handsome

    • Hoot had elevator scenes and cuts to Siwon. Gee was in a Mall with Minho and agyeo scenes. Oh! had changing scenery with interactive scenes. Run Devil Run was the most contrasting to the rest but most similar to this MV. Genie had different scenes for members.

      Not that this doesn’t sound similar to one another, the issue with Super Junior is that the MVs have similar color scheme, similar styling, similar music and one or two boxes (much like the MV being reviewed here). There’s a clear difference in SNSD videos. 

      I’m a pretty hardcore ELF fan, promise. Kyuhyun is my bias. Not a fan of SNSD, though Seo is growing on me though… That being said, try not to pin the two groups up against each other. Lately, there’s been tons of SuJu isn’t being treated as fairly as SNSD. It’s tearing the SMTown fandom apart :[

  221. I agree with you completely. SM needs to stop with these rooms! JUST STOP!! 

    The rapping is so bad that it ruins the whole song. Which sucks since their singing and the rest of the video sounds so good. The small part at the beginning of the video though is so beautiful. The slow motion walking with petals falling down. Didn’t really fit the song but I dont care. that part was amazing!

  222. U-Kiss. Totally. 

  223. YAY! IT’S UP~ LOVE YOU GUYS. Completely agree with this!

  224. I’m not much of an SNSD fan, but they do have some catchy songs. However, I can’t agree with you guys more with what you said for their review. As for the better snowy scene that would be U-KISS FTW!!! I love U-KISS, and that makes more sense for Neverland, since it’s a mystical magical place, but not for showing that you can bring the boys out

  225. Well im going have to review it later seeing as the video isnt playing for me half way through :(

  226. Hollarback Girl was exactly what I thought of when I first heard this song. And the lyric issue was another thing. 

    It’s a shame. My issue with Run Devil Run was the fact that the girls lacked the confidence and unf for the concept, until the end of the promotion. Now that they have it so down packed that they almost made me like the song at yesterday’s SMTown concert, it makes me so sad that this is what they were given. This is one of the few times I think the song isn’t deserving of the artists. They blew me away with their vocals and dance charisma and it’s being wasted. The song is horribly arranged to top it all off. I hope SNSD is given someone with this concept next time, they totally kill it and I’m thoroughly impressed with them (not even a fan of the girls). But until then.. TO HELL WITH THIS SONG!On that note… Even outside you guys still rock. That black dress thingy with Super Junior’s Rope dyed black on the hood it… I want it nao >:[

  227. I totally agree aswell! I didn’t like it at all, my friend kind of did but that’s the most anyone’s liked it that I know.

  228. i kinda like the song, but i < and Kevin *btw i <3 them and Kevin cuz of u guy i watched ur backstage chat w/them and i LOVE THEMMMM!!!!!!!!

  229. U-Kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  230. SNSD songs are usually really catchy, but even after hearing this one about 1,000 times, I still can’t sing along to it. It’s all over the place. I feel like recently SM has been making awesome videos as a cover up for terrible songs.

  231. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I agree with this review. The chorus always makes me skin crawl, especially the beginning. And it seems like there aren’t any really clear/good transitions between the verses and the choruses…

    My vote goes out to U-Kiss <3 I feel like Sones will obliterate them though x.x

  232. Just a note: Sone is pronounced “sew-on”. ^^

  233. Though I have to disagree with the song part, I really agree with the video review.  It seems to me that every SM music videos now a days look the same. SM needs to put their shit together.

  234. Hallelujah~! Simon and Martina have spoken.. and how true their words ring! 

    SM Entertainment really needs to stop insulting the intelligence of us fans by feeding us the same things over and over again.. and expect us to just lap it up :S

  235. You read my mind I’m totally agree with you and I’m agree with Simon Im not a fan of girls’ generation but genie is one of my favourite kpop song

  236. LOL. SO true! Just keepin’ it real! The Korean Lyrics have so much more depth! Spot on review Simon and Martina! [and spudgy!] :D

  237. Loved the 360 shot of Simon, that was funny.

  238. You took the words right out of my mouth. I also was very disappointed. And I too got the very Britney Spears vibe, and to be honest that was probably for the better. The first few seconds of “the boys the boys the boys the boys….” is the highlight of the song. Then it just goes downhill with it’s monotonous “Lucifer” like singing.

    I also enjoy them talking about making me feel the heat in the middle of the arctic. I could use some of that.

  239. Every single thing that I disagreed with, you addressed. Thank you. So so so so much. SOPAPILLAS AND MEXICAN WEDDING CAKE COOKIES FOR ALL! :D

  240. Seriously, I agree with this 100%.  SO TRUE.

  241. totally agree with you!!^^

  242. I couldnt agree with you more!!! haha
    this was very fun to watch! :)

  243. Have been waiting for this the entire day
    Great work you guys love you :P

  244. Maybe the English version will be abailable until the Maxi Single is out on Nov 18 on the US  :) 
      I live in Mexico and we can the video.only US and Canada are not available to watch it.

  245. i love you guys!
    so SM got hold of teddy riley….FAIL!
    SNSD should stick with songs like Gee and Genie! this genre doesn’t suit them well…
    but the mv was visually beautiful!

  246. english version is viewable on their official vevo channel (girlsgenerationvevo) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFbyh0wzTS0 

    at least it is in the uk anyway :)

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