Ok, so let’s start this by saying WOOT WOOT! We love this catchy cute song. Hyuna’s “Bubble Pop” can quite possibly be the biggest song of the summer. It’s definitely got the numbers to back it up. Over 5 million views in five days. This video went viral. Yes, you do get those kinds of numbers with an SM and YG song, but that’s only because they’ve got really big fan bases who are dedicatedly watching it. Hyuna’s big, yes, but not as big as those two, so for this video to have those kinds of numbers shows that it’s not just dedicated fans that are watching it, but a boatload of other people who are new to Hyuna and Kpop that are digging this song.

Hyuna Bubble Pop Dubstep

Hyuna...isn't really Dubstep

That whole “ooh ah ooh aah ooooooh” for the chorus sounds amazing. The song is so fun and quirky and just sounds great…apart from the sexy dubstep solo. Come on now! Dubstep in a Kpop song? We don’t think it really fits. We love Dubstep, but when we listen to it we’re more used to gloomy DJs with toques and oversized headphones, not Korean girls rubbing the insides of their thighs. Those two images…don’t really blend.

Another thing that didn’t really jive with us was the video. Bubble Pop is a fun and cute song, but the video was just a bit too sexy, which might have greatly contributed to the amount of views the video got (and if you don’t believe us, do a search in the comments for “fap” or “masturbate” and you’ll see what we mean). There’s not a lot of bubble popping in the dance. In fact we would argue there was no bubble popping, if not less than 10% bubble sighting in the whole video. But there is a lot of bum-shaking, cleavage-boosting, and thigh-rubbing!

We were especially disappointed with this video because solo artists in Korea are usually especially fantastic at both dancing and singing; look at Hyori, BoA, Rain, Se7en, but Hyuna in both this video and her last video just shook her body…a lot…and almost for the whole video. Even in 4minute’s “Mirror Mirror” they barely did any dancing, and their famous crotch-on-floor-rub stripper move was done by – you guessed it – Hyuna.

Don’t get us wrong: we don’t mind sexiness and sexy dancing, but there are tons of gorgeous Korean dancers out there in the world that could easily do what Hyuna just did. Simon did it perfectly himself! Seriously, though, we’re looking for some charisma mixed with unique and talented dancing in our kpop singers. We hope Hyuna’s music label is not going to continue to package her purely as a Korean sex icon, unless they want to continue getting pervy comments on their videos. We guess we like kpop music for its unique dances, quirky videos, original fashion sense, AND catchy music. If we wanted to hear a catchy song and watch a sexy video, we would just watch a North American pop/rap video: more than enough bum shaking and low cut shirts for all!

Anyways regardless of the video, the song is still totally cabotally awesome, so if you want to pick up the album sans video, you can click on the banner below. Oooh ooh ooh ooh!

HyunA Mini Album Vol. 1 - Bubble Pop
  1. LoL I lighted upon this blog and think that your comments on the video are hilarious! Well, although this post was written 2 years ago, I still wanna show my respects to your review! I think I should have bookmark on this.

  2. It’s Cube Ent. who told her what dance to do don’t blame HyunA

  3. Totally agree with that last bit. American pop has more than enough of sexy videos and catchy songs.

  4. The poolside push-off makes more sense after you see 4minute’s “Heart to Heart”. Apparently, you just don’t mess around with Korean women. Compared to the other video, this guy got off easy.

  5. I thought CHU implied kissing? Am I wrong?

  6. I know there are SO many songs with poor usage of English, but the comic book English is nothing compared to Koda Kumi’s “Run For Your Life”

  7. My sister was visiting Korea this past week and saw it on Mnet TV. She’s a big fan of Kpop so she knows the trends but she was like, “How did this get past the censors?”. I wondered about that too, since the Korean music scene sometimes can’t decide what’s totally inappropriate or not. Not ragging on the song though, I admit it’s catchy but not my favorite song of the summer (that’d probably go to Infinity’s “Be Mine” lol). If only the make-up stores didn’t play it a million trillion times, I wouldn’t mind it so much haha. I was also laughing because I thought I had a flat behind…..but I was wrong :P 

    Voting for Bubble Pop. Seriously, put ants in my pants and that’s how I’d be dancing haha. 

  8. i was so confused with that pool side scene i was what did i miss something

  9. Hi, I’m from Argentina and I really love your Youtube Channel. You’re so funny describing the KPOP MV’s :DDDD This one from Hyuna was so truth!! I think the same, there must be bubbles!! XD
     Please, next monday can you put the new MV “Good Bye Baby” from Miss A?? Please talk about it, there is a lot of funny things to say XD 

  10. I think it’s a little offensive that you’re saying: “Hyuna, you’re too Korean to dance this sexily. Cute it up!”. Why should she be limited by the unwritten rules of her music genre? Why can’t she do whatever she pleases? :)

    • They never said she is too Korean to do those dances. They are saying that her label is basically just using sex/sexiness to attract a following. That if they wanted to see a sexy dance COMPLETELY & TOTALLY unrelated to the song..then they could just watch it somewhere else. 

    • agreed with tracey d. but its also common knowledge in the kpop world that she cant do whatever she pleases- its often the label that chooses for her

  11. Interesting review. What’s with the Korea-face though? It’s a tad offensive.

  12. hahah I see you became Batoost loyal fans after Fiction, I love your screensaver :) and “disturbing” is an accurate word to describe Simon dancing in short pants hahahah just kidding Simon, I love your dancing, please never stop doing it xD you make my days happier. It turns me on even more than Hyuna xD

  13. i would have to say bubble pop cause that bubble is poppin!!! like sisqo – thong song!!


  14. Bubble Pop definitely has more ants in the pants moves. :P

  15. Hey there! I love the way you guys tried to imitate their dance moves! Very entertaining. And I agree with you folks – ANYBODY can do what they do on their music set. Cracked me up…

    Also, not too surprised about the number of hits on their video. When I saw it, I was like “Yup, no surprise…all their dance moves are the same!”

  16. I prefer change

  17. SIMON!!!!!!!!!!!! Couldnt focus on the vid because of your great dancing :D i guess star king did do some wonders :P
    Agreed it is like a non stop thrust mv O~o martina

  18. aaahh xDD
    Simon dancing in the back distracts me!! XD can’t pay attention what Martina is saying because of it xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    my vote goes for bubble pop o.o

  19. martina i LOVE ur shirt!!!!!! 

  20.  bubble pop
     way more ants cause way more JIRATIN

  21. ……. Love the Body Gyration Comment u said Martina…. Simon… OMG….. Those comments will totally be ruined by your dance… (The      “M!%#!%^#!%!#”   Comments)

  22. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH  Simon your dancing skills never cease to amaze me!!!!
    forget rolling down your sexy windows. if you show the YG ent. group your ‘bubble bubble bubble pop’ there’s no way they could refuse you <3

  23. i completely agree, those comments were really disturbing and the video did not go with the video…

  24. She definately has more ants in her pants in Bubble Pop. I got ants in my pants once. It wasn’t as fun as she makes it look but it was just as sexy!

  25. wow you guys totally exterminated the video
    but I don’t care, I STILL LOVE THE SONG :P

  26. I don’t really know why people are judging about the MV being too sexy and started to criticize her D; It’s just a form of performance and if you don’t like it, DON’T EVEN WATCH IT- – I hate to see people fighting around and said bad words to Hyuna. She’s just too young to face these awful comments.><

    It's kinda hard to compare both songs as the concepts are quite different. Bubble Pop shows a concept about summer time while Change shows a cool and sexy side of Hyuna. I love both of the Music Videos but I gonna go with Hyuna's Change

  27. Having a hard time finding Hyuna’s Change (mostly ’cause I don’t type Korean). Is there a reason you don’t link to the music videos up for challenge from your blog? If there’s not a legal reason, it’s something to think about.

    Anyways. Time for my vote: Hyuna’s got more ants in Bubble Pop.

    Hope you guys have a great week. As for me… well I’ve got to try to untraumatize myself after seeing Simon dance like Hyuna (jk, that was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a very long time, keep it up)

  28. totally agreeing w/ u guys bout d MV and song. all that bum-shaking, cleavage-boosting, and thigh-rubbing was getting on my nerve too! and I’ve always thought of her as a rapper (average) then she came out singing for her Bubble Pop! was quite taken aback but it wasn’t a delightful surprise. especially after watching her live performance…wow, did tat suck as so much! now i understand why she’s not the singer in her group

  29. I’m going to mud festival(ë³´ë ¹ 이번주 토요일)

  30. Owh thank you Martina And Simon. I understand and can accept what you said. I love it too, but your words not really hurt me as a fan. Not like the harsh and sarcastic words out there. This why I love to follow your review.

    And oh yeah, thanks for make a review for HyunA~ I am one of people who vote for her few days a go ^^

  31. Hyuna’s been the sexy one since her wonder girls days. It’s just more pronounced now. The practice video is much better, as it doesn’t look so… well, sexy. 

  32. Just watched the practice video for Bubble pop and I like it better than the official music video. Especially the last few seconds of it.


  34. Hrm…. I’m gonna go with Bubble Bop because the ants in the pants were WAY over the top. Change is just the right amount of hooch I think… 

  35. the uhh ahh ahh part is the most annoying part, next to the B2B pop, the boobies to booty pop. the bubble definition for a woman for Hyuna is interpreted as breasts and ass. dissapointing. 
    ps: ran and play bubble wrap with GDTOP sounds more fun!

     I mean seriously, I dont want to her you moaning Hyuna in a song, grab a guy and get a decent room and ur free to do just about anything seriously.

  36. Another great video and I won’t ever see that Bubble Pop video again in the same way (if I see it again).

    Understanding why the agency chose to go in the more sexy direction, considering that Hyuna’s getting older, and there’s tendency in all agencies to at least try that concept with their idols at that point, AND considering the fact that 4minute as a group could be considered separately from other girl groups in that they tend to have a stronger, more aggressive image anyways, I still agree that the sexiness in the video way overshadows the song. I actually went back and played the song by itself and I actually paid attention to it (sorry, but boobs and butts all over the place DOES tend to be distracting).

    The song is great, but I gotta disagree on that “ooh ooh ahh ooooohhhh” part. It’s just me, I know, but it annoys the heck out of me. Everything else is awesome, especially the chorus. It’s a great summer song and simply for the fact that it doesn’t specifically make “summer” the focus of it like “Hot Summer” or “Go Go Summer”. It’s just a fun song.

    P.S. Loving the Wolverine tee. :-)

  37. It was so hard to enjoy the song when all I was faced with was popping asses and boob squeezing. When I put the live version on and switched to another tab and was NOT looking at her “dance”, I thought the song was decent, and that it fit the summer season very well. But GAD, the video just… smh. She has a great body (aka sexy) but she boasts it out as a first priority and tries wayyyy too hard to be sexiER. 

    I’…m so speechless, and this is not even because of the fact that the song I voted for didn’t win, but because I thought for sure that Don’t Go Home video would get more votes. (;;>o<)==3

  38. Just going to watch Knock Out for real bubble popping hahaha!

  39. I was worried when I first saw the lead up of “top song of the summer”, but I was glad to see you guys also thought the MV was a disappointment. I totally agree that to just use pure sex appeal is not going to appeal to the right audience and it just degrades Hyuna.

    This was one of my favorite Music Mondays ever. Love the godzilla + oppa scene. It is going in my favorites :D. 

  40. I woke up early today expecting TOP and GD on Music Mondays!!! =(

    what happened??? something wrong with FB??? last time I checked it was Don’t go home leading the poll =(

    I better go back to sleep now.. I’ll probably be more rational if I sleep more~~

  41. I think that may have been the funniest video you guys have ever done…which says a lot. I was cracking up!

  42. Question : I’m learning English from this site.
    What’s the meaning of  the word “cabotally” ? in the ” totally cabotally awesome.”
    I searched the Internet and dictionary etc. Is it French?

  43. LOL love the cc! 50% of the subs were fap fap fap fap fap fap… :P

  44. The girl only went crazy because it’s LEE JOON :DD

    I vote for..Change. She looks like she’s got red ants or something in her pants. :/

  45. Coming from an A+ who isnt even Joon biased even I was like “Eww that chick in nasty… wtf is Lee Joon doing in this video anyway?”
    (I researched it and the only explination I came up with that connects em is that she did the girl chorus in MBLAQ’s song “Oh Yeah”… which I now have stuck in my head)
    And I vote Bubble Pop because of the above reasons and because I dont wanna watch another vid of her “dancing”
    P.S. This song made me feel the need to replace the bananas chant in “Hollaback Girl” with bubbles.


    Anyways, this pretty much sums up what I think of it as well. I personally love the song, just not the mv :)

  47. change gets my vote… No matter what she does, the ants just won’t stop!

  48. ouch on the ‘we would’ve watched a North American pop/rap video’ haha but i guess i ain’t complaining—-its the truth :P

  49. I am legally going to change my name to Aegyozilla! That was soooooo funny >.<
    My vote: Bubble Pop…. (I didn't watch the whole MV because I didn;t think I should watch anymore of…that… ants dance.

  50. I am legally going to change my name to Aegyozilla! That was soooooo funny >.<
    My vote: Bubble Pop…. (I didn't watch the whole MV because I didn;t think I should watch anymore of…that… ants dance.

  51. Hahaha Simon I need to poke my defiled eyes out (loved it) and Love Matina’s hair how on earth did you do it, can you put a video tutorial up for your hair styles :) I 100% agree with the review, cute song (and I normally hate cute) but the video….still don’t understand why she is getting so much hate (and am not even a fan of 4min or Hyuna).

  52. roflmfao!! Simon you truly are the funniest ever xD omg you dancing = epic LMFAOO!!
    I love Simon and Martina!! :D you both are too funny lol

  53. CSJH the Grace next week !!! and Bubble Pop definately had more ants in her pants

  54. *DIES DIES DIES* simon, you have NO shame!!  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! i love it!!  keep dancing, my man! keep dancing!!

    martina, your hair is awesome!!!!  LOVE it!!  also, so sorry you didn’t get any bubbles to pop.  here’s some virtual bubblewrap to help ease your pain!  http://www.virtual-bubblewrap.com/popnow.shtml

    one question, are you already moving into the fall colours or did your program somehow desaturate everything? it’s not as bright and happy looking as usual!!

  55. I totally agree with you guys. I thought the video was going to be so cutesy and silly and NO…. no, there’s a chick wearing short shorts while rubbing her thighs and stripper dancing. So. Not. Cute.

    Oh, and btw Martina, the girl with the horn buns in “I’m The Best” looks like you. Seriously, everytime I see that video I have to remind myself that she isn’t Martina.

  56. MBLAQ Mona Lisa!! Seungho~ 0.0

  57. MBLAQ Mona Lisa…pleaseeeeee!!! They are soooo original and talented!

  58. I love the way you made it! Simon your dance is awesome haha ^^ I don’t like this song and music video ( which probably will be the most popular among guys for some time xD)  buy your Music Kpop Mondays is great as always ^^
    Next time please do MBLAQ “Mona Lisa” =))

  59. OMG i love this!! it’s true, the video has no sense… the only think really hot in this video is Lee Joon (yes, the shirtless guy of the pool) *I’m a girl, it’s obvious*  I like Hyuna, but only on 4minute, she’s no a good solo artist, anyway, she got a lot of fans… she’s still being pretty… but a way, i really like MBLAQ’s “Mona lisa” for the Next week… it’s just… AWESOME!
    PS: simón it’s so funny! he dance better than hyuna!!

  60. Wow, the song is really cool, but the video was really, really, I cant explain, it was too bad XD, anyways, I also was surprised that this video was choosen, because I thought that Dont go home by GD & TOP was the one( well, at least in facebook, it was the winner) anyways, this review was funny as always!!!

    btw, Martina, everytime you use the black wig, you look super cute, I love your hair, but if you ever change your look to black, it would look super cute

    Simon, I think that your dance was less awful than Hyuna’s, and I really mean it

  61. Simon…my eyes nearly bled DX 
    But you accomplished your goal & now the video is no longer sexy AT ALL (except Lee Joon, you can’t take the sexy out of that man).

  62. Yey somebody agrees with me on my thoughts about Hyuna’s MV! I am officially scarred Simon, thank you.

    I was totally expecting some like whimsical bubble filled video

  63. I hated this MV the first time I saw it. D: And Simon, you just made it worse. Now whenever I hear Bubble Pop, I think of your dance moves. -shivers- No offense, though. :3

  64. oh yeah, btw…. I’m noticing some improvement in Simon’s dancing… Go for it Simon, Goooooo!!!!!!

    ps: martina I really liked your style today ( I usually do like your style) but it has a different feel to it. You’re hair looked so cute on you, and you’re make-up was reminding me of the summer colours. I’m not a perv…. just enjoying commenting someone’s fashion sense

  65. I loved Hyuna in Change more than Bubble Pop.

    And to Simon, if you read this…. well you have succeeded in destroying any sexy I might have seen in the Bubble Pop MV. now I see “bling”…. *cringes*.

    great music monday ^_^

  66. Oh, I really thought you guys would’ve been preparing a music monday on gd & top’s don’t go home (or don’t leave).
    And I was also disturbed by the almost non existent bubble pops, even though it’s the song’s title.
    But I do like the song, it’s catchy and has a bright colourful feel to it. Really what you expect for a song a this time of the year, it perfectly matches the “summer-spirit”

  67. This music video was really awful. Not appropriate for work awful. Embarrassed for Hyuna awful.
    I agree with Martina, the girl can’t dance worth anything. So to make up for it we see shots of her pasty derriere? No thanks.

    Simon was equally as disturbing and hilarious as hell. 

  68. The video was kinda disturbing. LOL. I love the song though. I don’t get Koreans. They ban good songs and make them edit “inappropriate videos” which has nothing bad. But not this video. Weird. Can someone educate me? Seriously. I have to agree that I’d rather watch American Vids when it comes to a catchy song and sexy vids.

    Between change and bubble pop. I’ll vote for CHANGE

  69. Yay! I’m glad you guys did this one!

  70. After watching Bubble Pop, I became curious as how Hyuna is off stage and came across this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TI_DNVqa_M It’s from Invincible Youth. It’s hard believe that the Hyuna in Change and Bubble Pop is the same Hyuna as in this little clip of her. HAHAHA XD

  71. Lmao about “educational purposes.” Yeah, sure Simon. ;) I love Simon and his dancing in the background lol.  I’m a major Hyori fan girl and have liked her for yrs and I thought of her with this video too.  She would have had bubbles!!! I like how Hyori does it better though honestly. “U Go Girl” is still one of my favs from her with the song and the video and concept.  The cute  outfits are so adorable. And the “dude” is Lee Joon Simon. He doesn’t have to flirt with you! All he has to do is walk and show off his hot body and you’ll do the fainting.  He did get recognized recently for having the hottest body. He’s in MBLAQ and their group just made a comeback. Keke.  Oh and I’m pretty sure that “Oppa” is older brother.  I just finished “Secret Garden” this weekend and the only time “Oppa” was used for an older guy.  I made sure to pay attention to that haha. 

  72. i don’t care about Hyuna..i care about Martina!!~ your hair in this video is so~~ cute..love it!!~

    btw: MBLAQ – MONA LISA ~ next week!!~ Baby say yeah yeah yeah yes~~

  73. MBLAQ’s Mona Lisa for next week! :D 

    And, for me it’s a tie, because she always dances like that to me :’)

  74. I think that Hyuna was a good dancer and signer but I like her more when she was live because she always smille and she love what she do and it was the importance. I really love bubble pop song but I think that Change video was more interresting to see because in bubble pop video it will be cool if we can’t see more the story than Hyuna dance. I believe that cube entertainment can make better choreography for Hyuna bearing earthsher dancer talent. But Hyuna have everything for become the sexiest girls in Korea. So Hyuna Fithing!

  75. It was quite a disappointment. She always overdue her dances. Not sexy but s….save your cookies my friend, too much exposure. SMH Epic Fail.

  76. ….bubble pop?
    this vid is just not what im into.

  77. Simon what’s wrong with you today?! XD
    I actually don’t like Hyuna! She is trying to be like Hyori onni! But Hyori onni is Sexy Diva and Hyuna is..sluttish girl………
    I don’t saw the video and here I find out that Joonie was in that horrible MV! ><

  78. You didn’t say it (probably to avoid getting hate mail), but I will — Hyuna is the ho-iest, sluttiest current K-pop artist.  Or at least being marketed as such.  She does her porn face for at least 90% of the video and works overtime to sell her body. 

    I love my hot girls, but Hyuna is one butterface that I don’t particularly dig.  Too young and trying too hard.

  79. hahahhahahahahahahahaha i sooooooooo agree with you guys, i thought it was gonna be all cute and giggly but it was just,,,,,,,,weird for me, and BTW martina looks really good with the long black wig=)

  80. i agree with you guys. something that i really don’t like about her is that. in her videos or 4minute’s videos, she’s like always dancing way too sexy kind of like naughty movements. but anyway i hope the agency stops doing that to her -___- muzik industry is not only about body, booty shaking  

  81. for me? it’s one of your FUNNIEST VIDEO EVER! haha!! THANKS FOR DANCING SIMON! haha!

  82. I think they planned that video so that every guy in the world will watch it.. EVEN MY CLASSMATES IN COLLEGE NOW, WATCHED THAT VIDEO AND POSTED IT IN THEIR FACEBOOK WALL and THEY ARE NOT EVEN FANS OF ANY KPOP GROUPS!!! hahaha!!I actually don’t like the part where HyunA pushed my LEE JOON-sshi LOVELY! LEE JOON-sshi WONDERFUL! hmp! HOW DARE SHE PUSHED HIM! hahahha!!!

  83. I think they planned that video so that every guy in the world will watch it.. EVEN MY CLASSMATES IN COLLEGE NOW, WATCH THAT VIDEO AND POSTED IT IN THEIR FACEBOOK WALL.. THEY ARE NOT EVEN FANS OF ANY KPOP GROUPS!!! hahaha!!

    I actually don’t like the part where HyunA pushed my LEE JOON-sshi LOVELY! LEE JOON-sshi WONDERFUL! hmp! HOW DARE SHE PUSHED HIM! hahahha!!!!!

  84.  Hahahaha…”Unreasonable Jealous!”…Pit a Pat~~…btw love the Wolverine and Unicorn shirts!

  85. you are so right. she can dance I think, but she was just… you listed well what she does in this video so I won’t. and I wanted to kill something at the last uhh-ahh-ooh. I normally don’t mind sexy, but this video has way too much of it.

    I was disappointed too. I mean: Lee Joon is half-naked and he only get’s such a short scene? what’s wrong with the world??

  86. I like the song minus the crap dubstep imitation break down, but the video is horribe! Hyuna still hasn’t learned why hyori is sexy queen, yes she has a sexy body, but she doesn’t squeeze her boobs together to make boob cleavage or shaking a non existent ass at the camera trying too hard. hyori is sexy because she is hot and has fun on stage and smiles! not trying to make sexy faces at the camera. Who thinks KBS will ban this video? 

  87. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  YES!  This was hilarious.  And so perfect.

  88. Thank you for reviewing this song. I think you are quite right with your analysis. The song is great but the video not really.

  89. Looks like whenever you guys review a song I like, you just end up bashing it for 80% of the video… I guess I should start requesting songs/mv’s I dont like at all.

  90. I believe I laughed out loud pretty huge twice while watching this. Amazing!

  91. Martina! how did u tired your hair!! so cute!! xD


  93. this video was way too sexy and way too awkward to watch..it totally didn’t do the song justice cause it’s an awesome song! anyway, thanks Simon & Martina for doing this review! it’s always so much fun to watch your videos! you guys rock!!

  94. and yet GD and TOP’s are the ones being banned.. BUYAA!

  95. I see BEAST in the background! And.. also Simon dancing. *AWKWARD*

  96. I am so glad to see I was not the only person with many of these thoughts!  I was honestly confused when the pictures came out and the company kept claiming the concept was “sporty” rather than “sexy.”  Note to her management: Just because she is wearing a sports jersey, that doesn’t make it “sporty.”

    Honestly, my opinion of this girl dropped to the floor when Change came out.  She was once a member of the Wonder Girls, yes?  But this is the best she can do?  Makes me question whether she really left because of her health, or if JYP just decided he’d picked the wrong girl and let her go.  This song doesn’t change that opinion at all.  She needs to show us that she is capable of being popular when she isn’t shaking her goodies or “popping her bubbles” at us.

    Seriously, so disappointed in this video.  At least you two made this Music Monday fun… I seriously cringed when I saw the video you were reviewing on twitter this morning…

    • Hahahaha!  Totally didn’t know that they claimed the concept was “sporty.”  There are a lot of things I’d call this video.  Sporty doesn’t make it on the list.  I think you have to be somewhat playing sports.  Even when we saw the ads where she’s wearing a helmet we thought “why the hell is she wearing a helmet?”

    • Don’t blame HyunA blame Cube Ent. and she was the best dancer in WG (and 4Minute) so she really can do better. Check the other songs of the album

  97. I am very deeply distubed by Simon’s dancing. I didn’t want to watch, but I couldn’t look away 0_0 I can’t believe GD & TOP lost to this!!! btw, I didn’t like her MV and her video kinda ruined the song. The song sounds cute, but every time I hear it I picture her dacing way to sexy and trying to act cute at the same time. Which is just so awkward and confusing. Now Im gonna picture Simon doing this @_@

  98. I so agree. HyunAh  has so much more to offer (I think) there is no need to constantly have her humping floors and fences and pushing her boobs together in her solo songs. I liked the lil dubstep part, I think it was a WTF TY HyunAh.

  99. Your second last paragraph (here), owh thank you.

    I though only me (as an Asian) would feel…um….concern about this whole Asian-stars-hitting-it-down-too-much and seriously, there’s reasons why I don’t enjoy rap MVs, coz of the too much “exposure”.Plus she’s young (same age as me as the matter of fact).I just, don’t enjoy looking Asian stars showing off these and that like Western stars. If I wanted to see that, Imma watch MTV instead of enjoying Kpop.No offense people, please. I mean no harm.

  100. I can’t even tell you how much I love you guys. But now I won’t be able to listen to the song without thinking of Simon pushing his moobs together > < 

  101. Can’t believe Don’t Go Home lost to this. ARRGHHH. Running to the request page now. PS. Joon was the best part of the Mv.. 

  102. i agree, if i wanted to see sexy dancing with a addicting song, i’d go for North American music anytime.

  103. Agree. At least the perf are better, cuter than the MV.

  104. I couldn’t have agreed more… Less sexy, more dancing please! I think Hyuna has way more potential than this as a solo artist, in terms of her own dance choreography. 

  105. Extra win for Simon’s background and solo dancing~! xD I’mma have to steal those moves.

  106. I cannot focus…. SIMON DANCING!!!! hahaha

  107. I agree with your review *_* 
    I really liked the song, but the video just didn’t match it at all =| I wish they could have given it more thought. 

  108. I thought it will be Don’t go home.. :(

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