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Hyuna – Bubble Pop: Kpop Music Mondays

July 11, 2011


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Ok, so let’s start this by saying WOOT WOOT! We love this catchy cute song. Hyuna’s “Bubble Pop” can quite possibly be the biggest song of the summer. It’s definitely got the numbers to back it up. Over 5 million views in five days. This video went viral. Yes, you do get those kinds of numbers with an SM and YG song, but that’s only because they’ve got really big fan bases who are dedicatedly watching it. Hyuna’s big, yes, but not as big as those two, so for this video to have those kinds of numbers shows that it’s not just dedicated fans that are watching it, but a boatload of other people who are new to Hyuna and Kpop that are digging this song.

Hyuna Bubble Pop Dubstep

Hyuna...isn't really Dubstep

That whole “ooh ah ooh aah ooooooh” for the chorus sounds amazing. The song is so fun and quirky and just sounds great…apart from the sexy dubstep solo. Come on now! Dubstep in a Kpop song? We don’t think it really fits. We love Dubstep, but when we listen to it we’re more used to gloomy DJs with toques and oversized headphones, not Korean girls rubbing the insides of their thighs. Those two images…don’t really blend.

Another thing that didn’t really jive with us was the video. Bubble Pop is a fun and cute song, but the video was just a bit too sexy, which might have greatly contributed to the amount of views the video got (and if you don’t believe us, do a search in the comments for “fap” or “masturbate” and you’ll see what we mean). There’s not a lot of bubble popping in the dance. In fact we would argue there was no bubble popping, if not less than 10% bubble sighting in the whole video. But there is a lot of bum-shaking, cleavage-boosting, and thigh-rubbing!

We were especially disappointed with this video because solo artists in Korea are usually especially fantastic at both dancing and singing; look at Hyori, BoA, Rain, Se7en, but Hyuna in both this video and her last video just shook her body…a lot…and almost for the whole video. Even in 4minute’s “Mirror Mirror” they barely did any dancing, and their famous crotch-on-floor-rub stripper move was done by – you guessed it – Hyuna.

Don’t get us wrong: we don’t mind sexiness and sexy dancing, but there are tons of gorgeous Korean dancers out there in the world that could easily do what Hyuna just did. Simon did it perfectly himself! Seriously, though, we’re looking for some charisma mixed with unique and talented dancing in our kpop singers. We hope Hyuna’s music label is not going to continue to package her purely as a Korean sex icon, unless they want to continue getting pervy comments on their videos. We guess we like kpop music for its unique dances, quirky videos, original fashion sense, AND catchy music. If we wanted to hear a catchy song and watch a sexy video, we would just watch a North American pop/rap video: more than enough bum shaking and low cut shirts for all!

Anyways regardless of the video, the song is still totally cabotally awesome, so if you want to pick up the album sans video, you can click on the banner below. Oooh ooh ooh ooh!

HyunA Mini Album Vol. 1 - Bubble Pop



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Kpop Music Mondays


Hyuna – Bubble Pop: Kpop Music Mondays


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