It’s Kpop Music Tuesday! Sorry it’s this late, everyone. We had filmed the video fully and were halfway done editing it when we had the chance to film something with a friend of ours, MyChonny. It was his last day in Korea, and we had talked about filming a really epic video that we had been planning for months. He was totally down, so we had to take that opportunity. It was a really long shoot, though, so it ate well into our editing time for the night, so we couldn’t get this video done until we came into the studio today. Ah! Sorry! We just couldn’t let that opportunity pass us by.

Anyhow, we’re talking about some more videos for Kpop Music Monday this week, but we’ve got some more that I’m sure people will want us to mention, namely, Henry and Nu’est. Warning: we did not have the same kind of positive responses to these two videos as we did the four we talked about in this video. Let us begin!

Henry “Fantastic”


Before I start writing about this video, allow me to say one thing. Ahem:


Oh sweet goobers, the intro to this was so painfully cheesy that I snorted out laughing. He sees a girl in a maze, and follows her into a house where he finds a violin that bonds to his freaking exoskeleton!?!? Oh Jesus. Oh. The corniness. It’s…it’s so strong. Violin’s aren’t cool. Don’t get me wrong: I have tremendous respect for violin players. I knew a couple growing up and I was always amazed listening to them play. But they hated how uncool the violin was. Violins aren’t cool. Making music with them is cool itself, but making the violin itself into what this video here did…so…so corny. Sorry Henry. Hey: how about for your next video you bond a PowerPuff Lunchbox to your exoskeleton as well? That’d be soooo cool! *cough*

Ok, now that that’s out the way…ok wait I can’t stop on the violins yet: Henry, I know you play the violin, but why are you fake playing it in the video? When you’re dancing, you’re holding the violin, and you’re clearly not playing it. It’s like when Kpop bands hold instruments they’re pretending to play and it looks so weird, but Henry can play the violin…so don’t fake playing it! Yargh!

I’m sorry: I give up. I got 1:52 into the video before I couldn’t watch anymore. Sorry guise. This was a hilariously bad video for me. Maybe you like it a lot, but I just couldn’t get through it. This is seriously the dorkiest, painfully uncool video I’ve ever seen. It’s embarrassing. Oh help me!

WAIT! You can next time have a jazz flute pop out of your exoskeleton and play that over dubstep! Oh man the coolness points would be so high! And you can attach it to your mouth guard that stops you from grinding your teeth at night! EEP!

Nu’est “Good Bye Bye”


The first thing I could think of when watching this video and seeing ____ stick his hand in the fishbowl: kids, don’t do drugs.

Otherwise, the rest of the video had the kind of B.A.P. “1004” vibe to it of being symbolic in a way that I don’t care to dig into. Banging on walls (which we see too much of in videos), vomiting flowers (which we don’t see enough of in videos!), staring in reflections in the mirror, running away and crying: all of it probably means something about how OMG love is painful or something. Not my thing, really. I like their video for “Hello” a lot more. That was more fun. And I liked that song more. I still don’t see where Nu’est has a “New Established Style and Tempo” in this song. It sounds like a regular song to me. Guise? Am I missing out on something here?

Ok, it’s clear that we should have talked about other videos for our blog post instead. What videos did you like that we missed out on?

On a more lighthearted note, we’ve got some extra scenes that didn’t make the final cut for this week’s KMM. Check em out here!


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  1. To EYK about NU’EST, please PLEASE read this


    It makes the video make a lot more sense, and makes it seem sad in some ways but makes you like it A LOT MORE. I was kind of eh about the mv at first, then I read some comments and read this and it makes a lot more sense now!

  2. Could you guys do a special on groups that recently debuted like B.I.G., BTL, and Legend? Or maybe rookie groups like Topp Dogg and M.Pire?

  3. absolute LOVE Red Light. Definitely one of my favourite from F(x)!!

    Here’s our cover of it http://youtu.be/sXZkAfAUGuA

    Also LOVING the summer kpop line up at the moment! Darling is soooo cute!
    Can’t believe I almost gave up on kpop after what we had since the beginning of the year but its finally looking gooooood!

  4. Out of all the ones that had reviewed, I’d probably be going with Girl’s Day’s Darling. Just like Martina had said, it has the summer-ish feeling. The song’s catchy, and it’s refreshing since Girl’s Day had been to sexy concepts like Female President, Expectation and Something. It’s like Girl’s Day had been going back to the days where their past concepts were cute and funky. Something like that. But in the video, it was a cute sexy concept, and I just loved it! <3

    For the Red Light of f(x), I think the song's good, as well. It's still the f(x) style, but gosh, their costume concepts were awesome. They were gorgeous, even Amber! <3

  5. I watched g.o.d. “Saturday Night”, it’s hilarious. It’s really good, the MV and music. Thanks for talking about it. Thanks.

  6. So as someone who has been studying the violin for almost 6 years I took a little bit of offense to the statement that the violin is “uncool”. I may sound like a dork but when I attended fine arts camp it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and the violin was the main reason why I loved it. We didn’t just play classical pieces but experimented with electric instruments and Lindsay Stirling has brought attention to this type of electronic violin style. I can see how Henry is almost emulating her style in his song. Anyways, I thought some of you guys would enjoy watching this string quartet with Henry playing Fantastic and personally I love it way more than the actual song :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54A2zP9VwNM . Also “Saturday Night” is such an entertaining song and I agree with the fact that they made a very nice comeback.

  7. OMG guys please do Eddie Kim’s Darling for your next KMM. Please, please, please, please. It’s so funny you guys will LOVE it. HAHA

  8. when i saw Henry’s video, i was honestly thinking, ‘oh boy, she just turned the corner and you were like 2 paces behind her, how the HECK do you lose her? (and) Henry, just stick to violin playing’. And is it just me or does this song sound similar to ‘Trap’.

  9. Fiestar’s One More is an extremely underrated song. The MV – Meh, but seriously the song I can’t get out of my mind.

  10. I know that recently you have been unable to make KMM segments due to overseas trips and the new coffee shop, so I was thinking that maybe you could change KMM into bi-weekly thing? :) On the other weeks, you could maybe talk about multiple songs that have come out, do the special editions, talk about dramas or overall happenings and trends in South Korea? ^^

  11. Dunno about you lot, but that bloopers title card made me super happy.

  12. Excuse me, what was that about violins not being cool? =P
    I do agree about Henry’s video – the idea was slightly ridiculous and very badly executed. He could have even just played a normal violin instead. Oops I mean “played”.
    However writing off the instrument as “not cool” is a little harsh now isn’t it… I mean sure classical violin playing doesn’t really fall into the “cool” category but doesn’t the coolness of an instrument depend on what you do with it..? I suppose there are some instruments that make it very difficult for you to make them cool but the violin ain’t that tricky =P

    • Oh thank you for posting that Lindsay Sterling – Pentatonix video! That woman is a genius. And that’s exactly what I thought as well when they said violins aren’t cool :)

  13. I’ve found a couple different explanations for the fx mv.
    “f(x) in an interview said that it means to appreciate all we have, whether that is our environment, who we were naturally born, or a lover. Caterpillar, what they keep saying in the song, is an American diesel-fueled company. Diesel fuel is said to be better for the environment in comparison to most fuels. CAT is the symbol for Caterpillar. This is why KBS had them remove it for their performance. The video sets f(x) as ecological activists, trying to revolt against the unnatural and pollution. The low tones in the verses represents the important message, when Krystal says to “breath” it’s to help us appreciate this oxygen. Then suddenly, the chorus erupts, reflecting the Revolution that happened.

    The phone ringing is to show us that people are ignoring issues, but someone picks up, as you can tell the phone stops ringing and is off the hook. It’s just no one answers, and we can’t see who answered. The mindless drones remind us that “dummies” watch what’s happening, but are too motionless. The guy in the video was one of the proponents of a natural environment.

    People are coming up with some interesting ideas, though. xD


    • as well as
      “For those that don’t understand the music video, its about society.

      The phone symbolizes a wake-up call to society, and the burning book represents “burning away the standards.” “Red Light” to stop.

      The half make up is supposed to represent one side “beautiful” and the other “ugly,” which is the reason for covering one eye. Because in society’s standards, makeup covers up the so-called “ugly”.

      In the mannequin scene, it shows that there are wires embedded into their heads as they watch the same movie together. This represents how the media tells society that we “must” think, look and act the same way.

      In the end, there is that rebellion scene, with explosions and running, showing that they are trying to fix the flaws in society. The exploding flower represents something that was originally beautiful wasn’t beautiful enough and was destroyed. The people with gas masks are those that are trying not to be influenced by this rebellion.” (credit to Phia Papa)

  14. I want to hear what you guys think of Younha… D:

    I definitely agree on the whole “selling sex” thing. I mean, I love love LOVE sexy music (my favorite kpop song ever is Dr. Feel Good by Rania), but what I really hate about the new girl groups is that yeah, they’re being sexual, but the songs and attitudes are just so weak. Like, Dr. Feel Good was really powerful and stuff like Sixth Sense was very sexual but also super powerful. Other girl groups just can’t do sexy right. =/

  15. I had the same feeling with f(x)’s song. I feel like the song doesn’t flow well D: There are much better songs on the album that could’ve had potential for an mv like Dracula. That would’ve been cool ^^ F(x) could’ve been vampires! My favorite songs on the album are Butterfly and Milk. They’re really good!

  16. It’s pretty old now,,, but,,,,, When thy F*** are you guise going to reveiw VIXX’s Eternity?!?!?! I’ve been waiting for the whole 활동기간 to see you guys do a reveiw about themㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ NNNNnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey, new member coming through~ Well, I like to voice something out for VIXX’s Eternity. Is it just me or is it just that this mv reminds me so much of the U-Kiss’s 0330? The difference is that VIXX has more fancy dance moves while U-Kiss has a story-plot and less symbolism which seems to be sooo rare these days…(maybe it’s just me?) Other than that, I find this song Eternity to be a lot more catchy than the other songs personally, the beat is awesome.

      Some other thing that i find it weird is that all 6 guys are hallucinating for the same girl?! Okay….? Hmm…i see a weird relationship going on…And the same time they co-exist in the same room but never interacted with one another before? I’m confused here… Looks like i need to hear some explanations…

      Oh well, that the first comment i ever gave in eyk…soo emm…hop i didn’t offend anyone? And sry if I made any mistakes and let me know? (I’m new here plz spaaaare me~! >_<)

    • Clearly never lol. If they wanted to talk about it they would have. No point in complaining.

  17. It’s pretty old now,,, but,,,,, When thye F*** are you guise going to reveiw VIXX’s Eternity?!?!?! I’ve been waiting for the whole 활동기간 to see you guys do a reveiw about themㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ NNNNnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. f(x)’s Red Light reminds me a lot of Brown Eyed Girls Sixth Sense because of the outfits & how they’re being rebellious & the story of these women trying to overthrow some type of government. Its pretty amazing ~ !!! ^.^

  19. Updated cause I typed it wrong:

    GUYS! Can we just talk about the fact that Ren DOESN’T actually looks like a girl for once?! Like seriously!!! But I agree with you guys on the song. I liked the chorus but they could have done a better job of the song. And that fish thing….ew….JR, fishy’s are meant to be looked at not eaten….

  20. GUYS! Can we just talk about the fact that Ren actually looks like a girl for once?! Like seriously!!! But I agree with you guys on the song. I liked the chorus but they could have done a better job of the song. And that fish thing….ew….JR, fishy’s are meant to be looked at not eaten….

  21. I liked F(x)’s Red Light… maybe it’s because I like that somewhat disjointed sound…

    Henry’s Fantastic is a cool song. Can’t say the same about that mv…

  22. Oh my I’ve missed you guys so much! I’ve been having a really difficult week and I needed my daily dose of EYK. The EYK crew and the Nasties have become my family, especially now that I’m abroad away from mine. You are the people who cheer me up when I’m down. And Simon, I’ve said it time and time again, but we are so freaking similar! It makes me hope I’ll find someone as wonderful as Martina to love me for the rest of my life.
    Now I’m becoming mushy. I haven’t even watched the entire video but your voices feel good to hear. THANKS <3

  23. Ok so, my fave video was definitely B1A4, though the song was kinda “meh”… and when did they get so cute?? XD but the best song was definitely Girls’ Day. I love the cutesy retro feel of it. really cute!! and G.O.D… omg, i actually remember them (as the “not hot Shinhwa… lol… I’m mean). they had some good songs. I remember i really liked “lie”. It was pretty funny and nostalgic, haha. loved the bit at the end where they’re dancing to their own songs and the girls are all like “eww…” lol.

  24. LOOOVE B1A4’s SOLO DAY!!! <44 The song is like mah summer jam~ And the video is soo beautifully funny and amazing and them, and totally fits the fun song~ C': I loved their video game and UFO concept too, it's just so different (as always expected from BILASA XD)!

  25. hey guise, just a quickie… why aren’t the vidoes in playlist mode anymore? I usually have not seen the videos you guys talk about in KMM so it was nice to have them all at the end of your clip… now they’re not even linked on the main page so i have to go look for them individually… aaah, i know that makes me sound super lazy, lol, but you know! just saying! XP

  26. I know it’s kinda late now…but I was really curious to hear your thoughts on VIXX’s Eternity :)

  27. My fave song out of the bunch is Saturday Night. So groovy. And the vid is hilarious too. The Bilaasa video is awesome! Definitely my fave. One little thing that irked me though was you mentioning the Girl’s Day video didn’t show their faces much. I personally thought it was a fun and sexy music video and I saw all their faces clearly. Obvi it’s not cutesy cutesy like Twinkle Twinkle and Hug me Once, but I like the way they’ve mixed the cute with the sexy in this mv. I just wish Secret would do a concept like this. I think they’d pull it off well instead of going full out cute. Just my opinion. :3

  28. Red Light: Agree mostly with you, awesome video, okay song. Apart from the plot being non-existent, the video is stunning, especially their styling. I’ve never seen f(x), or anyone maybe, styled so brilliantly before. The choreo was pretty good and the song was awesome up until the chorus and then ???????? suddenly not as good. It grew on me though, and now I like it a lot! The album is even more brilliant though. Like, Pink Tape level brilliant. My favorite is Milk!

    Solo Day: The song doesn’t really do it for me, it’s not my style. I prefer Bilasa’s previous songs. The MV is lovely though, as you said, both hilariously funny (yet classily (?) so), but also gorgeous.

    Darling: The visuals, oh god! The brightness and colors are beautiful, it’s another gorgeous video. I would have preferred it without the butt shaking though. The girls are beautiful as always and the song is pretty decent!

    Saturday Night: Thank you so much for making me watch this video, it’s pure gold. Just genuinely funny, and the song is pretty good too!

    Fantastic: Oh my god, this did not do it for me. I love Henry, he’s a great dancer and singer and super cute, and he deserves so much better than this.

    Good Bye Bye: I’m really split about this one??? On the one hand it’s kinda cool because artsy, on the other it’s weird because weird. The song is quite good though.

    The only July song I feel like you might have missed out on is Blossom by Wings. They’re really good singers and the song is beautiful without being boring like a ballad. The video is cool too, very pretty, and yet a bit creepy and leaves you a bit confused, like their debut song, Hair Short. It’s worth watching!

  29. As an ex-violin player, I would like to say that violin playing looks really cool because it sounds magnificent. (Except depending on the genre and musician, we can look pretty stony faced). Most people can tell when you aren’t playing…which, then, looks pretty lame. Like, for example, Jihoo (Kim Hyun Joong) in Boys Over Flowers. I loved Jihoo but I would always cringe when we watched him “play” violin.

    Henry is probably very capable of dancing while playing the violin (He’s so talented ^.^). Now, I would like to question other musicians out there: is it possible to play this song with that weird exoskeleton violin that he had? Because I may not be too familiar with electric violins but it looked like the weird piece that covered have the fingerboard was preventing some of those the correct notes from being played…

  30. Maybe Henry watched too many of Lindsey Stirling’s videos?!? I have to agree with you concerning the video, however, I like the song very much as it got my feet dancing. :D So, maybe you should play the song in the background without having to look at the video… ;)

  31. In the Nu’st video, it was a beta fish. Our first beta, Vexer, was awesome. We would put our fingers in the bowl, and he would try to nibble our fingers, head butt them and swim between them. But we wouldn’t chase him and try to grab him :/ Don’t do drugs, indeed!
    As for the Girl’s Day video… reminds me of California, but the editing and shots made it too sexualized. Seriously, what is it about cute girls being sexy and stupid? Guys? Explain please! Someone…?

  32. I really think you guys have to check out the meaning for NU’EST’s Goodbye bye… The meaning behind is it AMAZING. It’s not about love.


    • That’s a really interesting interpretation. Minhyun’s is definitely the most believable and Ren’s is pretty decent as well :D If this was the true intent of the creators of the m/v they should have picked a song that could go along with the video a bit better. *sigh* Face is still Nu’est’s best single but I liked this one all the same ^.^ I hope they make it :)

  33. Whee Simpsons reference!


    And Martina, your make up is just perfect! You should wear that lip color everywhere, all the time, forever.

  34. Not too sure if this is Kpop (I -think- it is, it sounds kpop-y and is under 1theK..)

    But have you guys heard “So Into U (기가막혀)” by LU:KUS?? While the video is nothing special (it reminds me of SHINee’s “Lucifer”, actually, without the cars), the song is awesome. I have a weak spot for lovely dance beats, and this is one of the best I’ve heard in a while (the disjointedness of a lot of kpop songs right now bothers me a lot. Not great to dance to, imo).

    But yeah! If you haven’t heard it, I would totally check it out!! The band could use some promotion!


  35. Hello Simon and Martina, I can understand that you don’t know GOD, but I am somewhat surprised that you don’t recognize Kim Tae Woo and Sohn Ho Young in it. Kim is Megan Lee’s boss and has a big hit “Love Rain”. You must have heard it? Sohn made news headlines with his suicide attempt after his girlfriend’s death. Both have been active as singers and celebrity, appearing frequently on Korean TV. Maybe you don’t watch Korean TV…Anyway, you mentioned that GOD will never regain their former popularity. But they have already accomplished “ALL KILL” on KPOP charts and record sales, a feat many Kpop idols you recognize only dream about.

  36. Hello Simon and Martina, I can understand that you don’t know GOD, but I am somewhat surprised that you don’t recognize Kim Tae Woo and Sohn Ho Young in it. Kim is Megan Lee’s boss and has a big hit “Love Rain”. You must have heard it? Sohn made news headlines with his suicide attempt after his girlfriend’s death. Both have been active as singers and celebrity, appearing frequently on Korean TV. Maybe you don’t watch Korean TV…Anyway, you mentioned that GOD will never regain their former popularity. But they have already accomplished “ALL KILL” on Korean KPOP charts and record sales, a feat many Kpop idols you recognize only dream about.

  37. And Kpop Music Monday just officially became the Kpop Chart Updates. Without the handy playlist mode or mentioning the song names in the blog, I had to re-watch the video again to see what they were so I could check them out for myself. The G.O.D. was super hilarious, I am totally not even bothering to check out Girl’s Day, I can tell from the clips I won’t like it, I may go and try to find f(x) or B1A4 later. I was able to check out Henry (boring) and Nu’est (meh) from the blog. You can swear up and down that KMM is not your most popular segment but the interest in it is much different than the academic interest that TL;DR generates but without the skits, it’s the kpop chart updates. Behind a desk. Shot too close. Borderline kept my interest this time with the switching to the clips so much. I guess that I will just have to give up my love for KMM, eh? Ah well, such is life.

  38. on another note: your hair looks soooo good Martina, did you dye it recently? it looks a lot more vibrant and neon in this video. I had to watch the video several times because it just listened for like 5 secs and got totally distracted by your hair. so pretty.
    and simon looks awesome with his beard, BILASA does sound more awesome coming from somebody with a beard :D *high-fives for beard* BEARDED EUROPEAN MAN WARRIORS UNITE

  39. I liked Red light after listening a few times to it. I agree with you Simon, you should like a song from the beginning, not brainwash yourself into liking it. I liked Rainbow from f(x)’ album after one listen though. Such a pity that they didn’t make Rainbow their title track. It could’ve been a huge summer hit!
    Martina , your hair and make up (especially your lipstick!) look AMAZING!

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