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Kpop in July

July 15, 2014


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It’s Kpop Music Tuesday! Sorry it’s this late, everyone. We had filmed the video fully and were halfway done editing it when we had the chance to film something with a friend of ours, MyChonny. It was his last day in Korea, and we had talked about filming a really epic video that we had been planning for months. He was totally down, so we had to take that opportunity. It was a really long shoot, though, so it ate well into our editing time for the night, so we couldn’t get this video done until we came into the studio today. Ah! Sorry! We just couldn’t let that opportunity pass us by.

Anyhow, we’re talking about some more videos for Kpop Music Monday this week, but we’ve got some more that I’m sure people will want us to mention, namely, Henry and Nu’est. Warning: we did not have the same kind of positive responses to these two videos as we did the four we talked about in this video. Let us begin!

Henry “Fantastic”

Before I start writing about this video, allow me to say one thing. Ahem:


Oh sweet goobers, the intro to this was so painfully cheesy that I snorted out laughing. He sees a girl in a maze, and follows her into a house where he finds a violin that bonds to his freaking exoskeleton!?!? Oh Jesus. Oh. The corniness. It’s…it’s so strong. Violin’s aren’t cool. Don’t get me wrong: I have tremendous respect for violin players. I knew a couple growing up and I was always amazed listening to them play. But they hated how uncool the violin was. Violins aren’t cool. Making music with them is cool itself, but making the violin itself into what this video here did…so…so corny. Sorry Henry. Hey: how about for your next video you bond a PowerPuff Lunchbox to your exoskeleton as well? That’d be soooo cool! *cough*

Ok, now that that’s out the way…ok wait I can’t stop on the violins yet: Henry, I know you play the violin, but why are you fake playing it in the video? When you’re dancing, you’re holding the violin, and you’re clearly not playing it. It’s like when Kpop bands hold instruments they’re pretending to play and it looks so weird, but Henry can play the violin…so don’t fake playing it! Yargh!

I’m sorry: I give up. I got 1:52 into the video before I couldn’t watch anymore. Sorry guise. This was a hilariously bad video for me. Maybe you like it a lot, but I just couldn’t get through it. This is seriously the dorkiest, painfully uncool video I’ve ever seen. It’s embarrassing. Oh help me!

WAIT! You can next time have a jazz flute pop out of your exoskeleton and play that over dubstep! Oh man the coolness points would be so high! And you can attach it to your mouth guard that stops you from grinding your teeth at night! EEP!

Nu’est “Good Bye Bye”

The first thing I could think of when watching this video and seeing ____ stick his hand in the fishbowl: kids, don’t do drugs.

Otherwise, the rest of the video had the kind of B.A.P. “1004” vibe to it of being symbolic in a way that I don’t care to dig into. Banging on walls (which we see too much of in videos), vomiting flowers (which we don’t see enough of in videos!), staring in reflections in the mirror, running away and crying: all of it probably means something about how OMG love is painful or something. Not my thing, really. I like their video for “Hello” a lot more. That was more fun. And I liked that song more. I still don’t see where Nu’est has a “New Established Style and Tempo” in this song. It sounds like a regular song to me. Guise? Am I missing out on something here?

Ok, it’s clear that we should have talked about other videos for our blog post instead. What videos did you like that we missed out on?

On a more lighthearted note, we’ve got some extra scenes that didn’t make the final cut for this week’s KMM. Check em out here!

And don’t forget to click on this pretty button below for more vids. Woot!



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