It’s Kpop Music Tuesday! Sorry it’s this late, everyone. We had filmed the video fully and were halfway done editing it when we had the chance to film something with a friend of ours, MyChonny. It was his last day in Korea, and we had talked about filming a really epic video that we had been planning for months. He was totally down, so we had to take that opportunity. It was a really long shoot, though, so it ate well into our editing time for the night, so we couldn’t get this video done until we came into the studio today. Ah! Sorry! We just couldn’t let that opportunity pass us by.

Anyhow, we’re talking about some more videos for Kpop Music Monday this week, but we’ve got some more that I’m sure people will want us to mention, namely, Henry and Nu’est. Warning: we did not have the same kind of positive responses to these two videos as we did the four we talked about in this video. Let us begin!

Henry “Fantastic”


Before I start writing about this video, allow me to say one thing. Ahem:


Oh sweet goobers, the intro to this was so painfully cheesy that I snorted out laughing. He sees a girl in a maze, and follows her into a house where he finds a violin that bonds to his freaking exoskeleton!?!? Oh Jesus. Oh. The corniness. It’s…it’s so strong. Violin’s aren’t cool. Don’t get me wrong: I have tremendous respect for violin players. I knew a couple growing up and I was always amazed listening to them play. But they hated how uncool the violin was. Violins aren’t cool. Making music with them is cool itself, but making the violin itself into what this video here did…so…so corny. Sorry Henry. Hey: how about for your next video you bond a PowerPuff Lunchbox to your exoskeleton as well? That’d be soooo cool! *cough*

Ok, now that that’s out the way…ok wait I can’t stop on the violins yet: Henry, I know you play the violin, but why are you fake playing it in the video? When you’re dancing, you’re holding the violin, and you’re clearly not playing it. It’s like when Kpop bands hold instruments they’re pretending to play and it looks so weird, but Henry can play the violin…so don’t fake playing it! Yargh!

I’m sorry: I give up. I got 1:52 into the video before I couldn’t watch anymore. Sorry guise. This was a hilariously bad video for me. Maybe you like it a lot, but I just couldn’t get through it. This is seriously the dorkiest, painfully uncool video I’ve ever seen. It’s embarrassing. Oh help me!

WAIT! You can next time have a jazz flute pop out of your exoskeleton and play that over dubstep! Oh man the coolness points would be so high! And you can attach it to your mouth guard that stops you from grinding your teeth at night! EEP!

Nu’est “Good Bye Bye”


The first thing I could think of when watching this video and seeing ____ stick his hand in the fishbowl: kids, don’t do drugs.

Otherwise, the rest of the video had the kind of B.A.P. “1004″ vibe to it of being symbolic in a way that I don’t care to dig into. Banging on walls (which we see too much of in videos), vomiting flowers (which we don’t see enough of in videos!), staring in reflections in the mirror, running away and crying: all of it probably means something about how OMG love is painful or something. Not my thing, really. I like their video for “Hello” a lot more. That was more fun. And I liked that song more. I still don’t see where Nu’est has a “New Established Style and Tempo” in this song. It sounds like a regular song to me. Guise? Am I missing out on something here?

Ok, it’s clear that we should have talked about other videos for our blog post instead. What videos did you like that we missed out on?

On a more lighthearted note, we’ve got some extra scenes that didn’t make the final cut for this week’s KMM. Check em out here!


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  1. sapphireoreo4o2

    Could you guys do a special on groups that recently debuted like B.I.G., BTL, and Legend? Or maybe rookie groups like Topp Dogg and M.Pire?

  2. absolute LOVE Red Light. Definitely one of my favourite from F(x)!!

    Here’s our cover of it http://youtu.be/sXZkAfAUGuA

    Also LOVING the summer kpop line up at the moment! Darling is soooo cute!
    Can’t believe I almost gave up on kpop after what we had since the beginning of the year but its finally looking gooooood!

  3. creeperjeeper

    Out of all the ones that had reviewed, I’d probably be going with Girl’s Day’s Darling. Just like Martina had said, it has the summer-ish feeling. The song’s catchy, and it’s refreshing since Girl’s Day had been to sexy concepts like Female President, Expectation and Something. It’s like Girl’s Day had been going back to the days where their past concepts were cute and funky. Something like that. But in the video, it was a cute sexy concept, and I just loved it! <3

    For the Red Light of f(x), I think the song's good, as well. It's still the f(x) style, but gosh, their costume concepts were awesome. They were gorgeous, even Amber! <3

  4. I watched g.o.d. “Saturday Night”, it’s hilarious. It’s really good, the MV and music. Thanks for talking about it. Thanks.

  5. SimplyKat

    So as someone who has been studying the violin for almost 6 years I took a little bit of offense to the statement that the violin is “uncool”. I may sound like a dork but when I attended fine arts camp it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and the violin was the main reason why I loved it. We didn’t just play classical pieces but experimented with electric instruments and Lindsay Stirling has brought attention to this type of electronic violin style. I can see how Henry is almost emulating her style in his song. Anyways, I thought some of you guys would enjoy watching this string quartet with Henry playing Fantastic and personally I love it way more than the actual song :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54A2zP9VwNM . Also “Saturday Night” is such an entertaining song and I agree with the fact that they made a very nice comeback.

  6. TooKyute

    OMG guys please do Eddie Kim’s Darling for your next KMM. Please, please, please, please. It’s so funny you guys will LOVE it. HAHA

  7. JuliaM.

    when i saw Henry’s video, i was honestly thinking, ‘oh boy, she just turned the corner and you were like 2 paces behind her, how the HECK do you lose her? (and) Henry, just stick to violin playing’. And is it just me or does this song sound similar to ‘Trap’.

  8. Fiestar’s One More is an extremely underrated song. The MV – Meh, but seriously the song I can’t get out of my mind.

  9. I know that recently you have been unable to make KMM segments due to overseas trips and the new coffee shop, so I was thinking that maybe you could change KMM into bi-weekly thing? :) On the other weeks, you could maybe talk about multiple songs that have come out, do the special editions, talk about dramas or overall happenings and trends in South Korea? ^^

  10. Dunno about you lot, but that bloopers title card made me super happy.

  11. Excuse me, what was that about violins not being cool? =P
    I do agree about Henry’s video – the idea was slightly ridiculous and very badly executed. He could have even just played a normal violin instead. Oops I mean “played”.
    However writing off the instrument as “not cool” is a little harsh now isn’t it… I mean sure classical violin playing doesn’t really fall into the “cool” category but doesn’t the coolness of an instrument depend on what you do with it..? I suppose there are some instruments that make it very difficult for you to make them cool but the violin ain’t that tricky =P

    • Oh thank you for posting that Lindsay Sterling – Pentatonix video! That woman is a genius. And that’s exactly what I thought as well when they said violins aren’t cool :)

  12. I’ve found a couple different explanations for the fx mv.
    “f(x) in an interview said that it means to appreciate all we have, whether that is our environment, who we were naturally born, or a lover. Caterpillar, what they keep saying in the song, is an American diesel-fueled company. Diesel fuel is said to be better for the environment in comparison to most fuels. CAT is the symbol for Caterpillar. This is why KBS had them remove it for their performance. The video sets f(x) as ecological activists, trying to revolt against the unnatural and pollution. The low tones in the verses represents the important message, when Krystal says to “breath” it’s to help us appreciate this oxygen. Then suddenly, the chorus erupts, reflecting the Revolution that happened.

    The phone ringing is to show us that people are ignoring issues, but someone picks up, as you can tell the phone stops ringing and is off the hook. It’s just no one answers, and we can’t see who answered. The mindless drones remind us that “dummies” watch what’s happening, but are too motionless. The guy in the video was one of the proponents of a natural environment.

    People are coming up with some interesting ideas, though. xD


    • as well as
      “For those that don’t understand the music video, its about society.

      The phone symbolizes a wake-up call to society, and the burning book represents “burning away the standards.” “Red Light” to stop.

      The half make up is supposed to represent one side “beautiful” and the other “ugly,” which is the reason for covering one eye. Because in society’s standards, makeup covers up the so-called “ugly”.

      In the mannequin scene, it shows that there are wires embedded into their heads as they watch the same movie together. This represents how the media tells society that we “must” think, look and act the same way.

      In the end, there is that rebellion scene, with explosions and running, showing that they are trying to fix the flaws in society. The exploding flower represents something that was originally beautiful wasn’t beautiful enough and was destroyed. The people with gas masks are those that are trying not to be influenced by this rebellion.” (credit to Phia Papa)

  13. I want to hear what you guys think of Younha… D:

    I definitely agree on the whole “selling sex” thing. I mean, I love love LOVE sexy music (my favorite kpop song ever is Dr. Feel Good by Rania), but what I really hate about the new girl groups is that yeah, they’re being sexual, but the songs and attitudes are just so weak. Like, Dr. Feel Good was really powerful and stuff like Sixth Sense was very sexual but also super powerful. Other girl groups just can’t do sexy right. =/

  14. timbiriki77

    I had the same feeling with f(x)’s song. I feel like the song doesn’t flow well D: There are much better songs on the album that could’ve had potential for an mv like Dracula. That would’ve been cool ^^ F(x) could’ve been vampires! My favorite songs on the album are Butterfly and Milk. They’re really good!

  15. It’s pretty old now,,, but,,,,, When thy F*** are you guise going to reveiw VIXX’s Eternity?!?!?! I’ve been waiting for the whole 활동기간 to see you guys do a reveiw about themㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ NNNNnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chic6Muscats

      Clearly never lol. If they wanted to talk about it they would have. No point in complaining.

    • Hey, new member coming through~ Well, I like to voice something out for VIXX’s Eternity. Is it just me or is it just that this mv reminds me so much of the U-Kiss’s 0330? The difference is that VIXX has more fancy dance moves while U-Kiss has a story-plot and less symbolism which seems to be sooo rare these days…(maybe it’s just me?) Other than that, I find this song Eternity to be a lot more catchy than the other songs personally, the beat is awesome.

      Some other thing that i find it weird is that all 6 guys are hallucinating for the same girl?! Okay….? Hmm…i see a weird relationship going on…And the same time they co-exist in the same room but never interacted with one another before? I’m confused here… Looks like i need to hear some explanations…

      Oh well, that the first comment i ever gave in eyk…soo emm…hop i didn’t offend anyone? And sry if I made any mistakes and let me know? (I’m new here plz spaaaare me~! >_<)

  16. It’s pretty old now,,, but,,,,, When thye F*** are you guise going to reveiw VIXX’s Eternity?!?!?! I’ve been waiting for the whole 활동기간 to see you guys do a reveiw about themㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ NNNNnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. JosueJihyunHwang

    f(x)’s Red Light reminds me a lot of Brown Eyed Girls Sixth Sense because of the outfits & how they’re being rebellious & the story of these women trying to overthrow some type of government. Its pretty amazing ~ !!! ^.^

  18. Kyla

    Updated cause I typed it wrong:

    GUYS! Can we just talk about the fact that Ren DOESN’T actually looks like a girl for once?! Like seriously!!! But I agree with you guys on the song. I liked the chorus but they could have done a better job of the song. And that fish thing….ew….JR, fishy’s are meant to be looked at not eaten….

  19. Kyla

    GUYS! Can we just talk about the fact that Ren actually looks like a girl for once?! Like seriously!!! But I agree with you guys on the song. I liked the chorus but they could have done a better job of the song. And that fish thing….ew….JR, fishy’s are meant to be looked at not eaten….

  20. lady_kire

    I liked F(x)’s Red Light… maybe it’s because I like that somewhat disjointed sound…

    Henry’s Fantastic is a cool song. Can’t say the same about that mv…

  21. Oh my I’ve missed you guys so much! I’ve been having a really difficult week and I needed my daily dose of EYK. The EYK crew and the Nasties have become my family, especially now that I’m abroad away from mine. You are the people who cheer me up when I’m down. And Simon, I’ve said it time and time again, but we are so freaking similar! It makes me hope I’ll find someone as wonderful as Martina to love me for the rest of my life.
    Now I’m becoming mushy. I haven’t even watched the entire video but your voices feel good to hear. THANKS <3

  22. kawaii_candie

    Ok so, my fave video was definitely B1A4, though the song was kinda “meh”… and when did they get so cute?? XD but the best song was definitely Girls’ Day. I love the cutesy retro feel of it. really cute!! and G.O.D… omg, i actually remember them (as the “not hot Shinhwa… lol… I’m mean). they had some good songs. I remember i really liked “lie”. It was pretty funny and nostalgic, haha. loved the bit at the end where they’re dancing to their own songs and the girls are all like “eww…” lol.

  23. LOOOVE B1A4′s SOLO DAY!!! <44 The song is like mah summer jam~ And the video is soo beautifully funny and amazing and them, and totally fits the fun song~ C': I loved their video game and UFO concept too, it's just so different (as always expected from BILASA XD)!

  24. kawaii_candie

    hey guise, just a quickie… why aren’t the vidoes in playlist mode anymore? I usually have not seen the videos you guys talk about in KMM so it was nice to have them all at the end of your clip… now they’re not even linked on the main page so i have to go look for them individually… aaah, i know that makes me sound super lazy, lol, but you know! just saying! XP

  25. I know it’s kinda late now…but I was really curious to hear your thoughts on VIXX’s Eternity :)

  26. CosmicCat

    My fave song out of the bunch is Saturday Night. So groovy. And the vid is hilarious too. The Bilaasa video is awesome! Definitely my fave. One little thing that irked me though was you mentioning the Girl’s Day video didn’t show their faces much. I personally thought it was a fun and sexy music video and I saw all their faces clearly. Obvi it’s not cutesy cutesy like Twinkle Twinkle and Hug me Once, but I like the way they’ve mixed the cute with the sexy in this mv. I just wish Secret would do a concept like this. I think they’d pull it off well instead of going full out cute. Just my opinion. :3

  27. Red Light: Agree mostly with you, awesome video, okay song. Apart from the plot being non-existent, the video is stunning, especially their styling. I’ve never seen f(x), or anyone maybe, styled so brilliantly before. The choreo was pretty good and the song was awesome up until the chorus and then ???????? suddenly not as good. It grew on me though, and now I like it a lot! The album is even more brilliant though. Like, Pink Tape level brilliant. My favorite is Milk!

    Solo Day: The song doesn’t really do it for me, it’s not my style. I prefer Bilasa’s previous songs. The MV is lovely though, as you said, both hilariously funny (yet classily (?) so), but also gorgeous.

    Darling: The visuals, oh god! The brightness and colors are beautiful, it’s another gorgeous video. I would have preferred it without the butt shaking though. The girls are beautiful as always and the song is pretty decent!

    Saturday Night: Thank you so much for making me watch this video, it’s pure gold. Just genuinely funny, and the song is pretty good too!

    Fantastic: Oh my god, this did not do it for me. I love Henry, he’s a great dancer and singer and super cute, and he deserves so much better than this.

    Good Bye Bye: I’m really split about this one??? On the one hand it’s kinda cool because artsy, on the other it’s weird because weird. The song is quite good though.

    The only July song I feel like you might have missed out on is Blossom by Wings. They’re really good singers and the song is beautiful without being boring like a ballad. The video is cool too, very pretty, and yet a bit creepy and leaves you a bit confused, like their debut song, Hair Short. It’s worth watching!

  28. Haaaaannah

    As an ex-violin player, I would like to say that violin playing looks really cool because it sounds magnificent. (Except depending on the genre and musician, we can look pretty stony faced). Most people can tell when you aren’t playing…which, then, looks pretty lame. Like, for example, Jihoo (Kim Hyun Joong) in Boys Over Flowers. I loved Jihoo but I would always cringe when we watched him “play” violin.

    Henry is probably very capable of dancing while playing the violin (He’s so talented ^.^). Now, I would like to question other musicians out there: is it possible to play this song with that weird exoskeleton violin that he had? Because I may not be too familiar with electric violins but it looked like the weird piece that covered have the fingerboard was preventing some of those the correct notes from being played…

  29. Maybe Henry watched too many of Lindsey Stirling’s videos?!? I have to agree with you concerning the video, however, I like the song very much as it got my feet dancing. :D So, maybe you should play the song in the background without having to look at the video… ;)

  30. In the Nu’st video, it was a beta fish. Our first beta, Vexer, was awesome. We would put our fingers in the bowl, and he would try to nibble our fingers, head butt them and swim between them. But we wouldn’t chase him and try to grab him :/ Don’t do drugs, indeed!
    As for the Girl’s Day video… reminds me of California, but the editing and shots made it too sexualized. Seriously, what is it about cute girls being sexy and stupid? Guys? Explain please! Someone…?

  31. ninns

    I really think you guys have to check out the meaning for NU’EST’s Goodbye bye… The meaning behind is it AMAZING. It’s not about love.


    • Haaaaannah

      That’s a really interesting interpretation. Minhyun’s is definitely the most believable and Ren’s is pretty decent as well :D If this was the true intent of the creators of the m/v they should have picked a song that could go along with the video a bit better. *sigh* Face is still Nu’est’s best single but I liked this one all the same ^.^ I hope they make it :)

  32. Whee Simpsons reference!


    And Martina, your make up is just perfect! You should wear that lip color everywhere, all the time, forever.

  33. Not too sure if this is Kpop (I -think- it is, it sounds kpop-y and is under 1theK..)

    But have you guys heard “So Into U (기가막혀)” by LU:KUS?? While the video is nothing special (it reminds me of SHINee’s “Lucifer”, actually, without the cars), the song is awesome. I have a weak spot for lovely dance beats, and this is one of the best I’ve heard in a while (the disjointedness of a lot of kpop songs right now bothers me a lot. Not great to dance to, imo).

    But yeah! If you haven’t heard it, I would totally check it out!! The band could use some promotion!


  34. Hello Simon and Martina, I can understand that you don’t know GOD, but I am somewhat surprised that you don’t recognize Kim Tae Woo and Sohn Ho Young in it. Kim is Megan Lee’s boss and has a big hit “Love Rain”. You must have heard it? Sohn made news headlines with his suicide attempt after his girlfriend’s death. Both have been active as singers and celebrity, appearing frequently on Korean TV. Maybe you don’t watch Korean TV…Anyway, you mentioned that GOD will never regain their former popularity. But they have already accomplished “ALL KILL” on KPOP charts and record sales, a feat many Kpop idols you recognize only dream about.

  35. Hello Simon and Martina, I can understand that you don’t know GOD, but I am somewhat surprised that you don’t recognize Kim Tae Woo and Sohn Ho Young in it. Kim is Megan Lee’s boss and has a big hit “Love Rain”. You must have heard it? Sohn made news headlines with his suicide attempt after his girlfriend’s death. Both have been active as singers and celebrity, appearing frequently on Korean TV. Maybe you don’t watch Korean TV…Anyway, you mentioned that GOD will never regain their former popularity. But they have already accomplished “ALL KILL” on Korean KPOP charts and record sales, a feat many Kpop idols you recognize only dream about.

  36. Cyber_3

    And Kpop Music Monday just officially became the Kpop Chart Updates. Without the handy playlist mode or mentioning the song names in the blog, I had to re-watch the video again to see what they were so I could check them out for myself. The G.O.D. was super hilarious, I am totally not even bothering to check out Girl’s Day, I can tell from the clips I won’t like it, I may go and try to find f(x) or B1A4 later. I was able to check out Henry (boring) and Nu’est (meh) from the blog. You can swear up and down that KMM is not your most popular segment but the interest in it is much different than the academic interest that TL;DR generates but without the skits, it’s the kpop chart updates. Behind a desk. Shot too close. Borderline kept my interest this time with the switching to the clips so much. I guess that I will just have to give up my love for KMM, eh? Ah well, such is life.

  37. on another note: your hair looks soooo good Martina, did you dye it recently? it looks a lot more vibrant and neon in this video. I had to watch the video several times because it just listened for like 5 secs and got totally distracted by your hair. so pretty.
    and simon looks awesome with his beard, BILASA does sound more awesome coming from somebody with a beard :D *high-fives for beard* BEARDED EUROPEAN MAN WARRIORS UNITE

  38. I liked Red light after listening a few times to it. I agree with you Simon, you should like a song from the beginning, not brainwash yourself into liking it. I liked Rainbow from f(x)’ album after one listen though. Such a pity that they didn’t make Rainbow their title track. It could’ve been a huge summer hit!
    Martina , your hair and make up (especially your lipstick!) look AMAZING!

  39. I am pretty sure Dr. Meems’ “indeed.” is going to become a thing now. Great video as always and I really like this format! Cant wait for the collab with My Chonny :D

  40. And i totally agree about “red light”. I really am not feeling the song but i absolutely love the video (amber’s style is a bit more feminine than usual!)

  41. Hey EYK, i love this style of KMM! Maybe you could do more of this style of video which leaves more room for other videos (like drama reviews?!) it also means more songs get to be discussed. Loved S&M’s “kindergarten” scene XD

  42. Viridis

    For a really good underrated song I recommend Z.Hera – D Island. It always frustrates me when such good music has almost no recognition.
    And for a underrated boy band – 100% – u beauty. I admit, I don’t know anything about them either, but the song is, imho, better than some of the big name comebacks this month.
    My only criticism about the new format – I think that if you talk about several songs, the video should be longer. Other than that, I enjoyed it :)

  43. You guys missed the absolute best part of Henry’s music video. He throws the violin and it tURNS INTO THE GIRL. I laughed for a solid 5 minutes

  44. egglatorian

    I think the phrase you’re looking for is “In my opinion, violin’s aren’t cool.”

    Violins are ridiculously cool! Actually anyone being able to play any instrument after years and years of practice is really cool.

    Don’t be jelly, S&M~

  45. ArielB

    Excellent new videos. I really enjoyed Solo Day, Saturday Night and Fantastic. For those spanish speaking nasties, I invite you to join our nasties community at http://www.facebook.com/SoyUnDoritoOficial and hit the Like button.

    Excelentes nuevos videos. Disfruté mucho de Solo Day, Saturday Night y Fantastic. Invito a todos aquellos que hablen en español a que se sumen a nuestra comunidad http://www.facebook.com/SoyUnDoritoOficial y nos sigan dandole al botón de Me Gusta.

  46. i totally agree about g.o.d ´cause when Shinhwa *i don´t know how to spell it* make their comeback they took an actitude so… uhhh i´m a sexxxy grown man and you new kpop fan will love me and make your panties go soooo weat, and that´s no the case of g.o.d!! they know that their era it´s over, they´re not longer every YOUNG GIRL dream, but they still can do goooood music, Funny and good Music!
    please don´t be mad at me it´s just my opinion XD and sorry for my 2 year old writting T^T

  47. Meow is the time for us cats to have some respect methinks after this week’s Music Monday — or perhaps that should be Music Meowday?

    f(x) showed a cat in a serious role, quite dramatic and dark, and very unlike the ways we have been portrayed so often before as pretty little kitties jumping out of boxes or chasing string. I really want to rock the different coloured eye look but my human is already looking stupid enough for both of us with her eyepatch…

    And then we had Nu’est, who provided me with many opportunities to paw at the computer screen chasing that little blue fishy around, and around, and around — ooh, it was a slippery little devil — until that crazy human succumbed to those most basic of kitty instincts and gobbled it up. But then hey, you should see me with my tuna in the morning, so who am I to judge?

    But it was only in the bloopers that my day became perfect on seeing my Meemers Oppa. Oh, he is so smart, and witty, and wise – and that monocle is really doing things for me. Indeeeeeeeeed.

    • CosmicCat

      I love this :’)

      • Thank you. I like your fur. It is pretty. You have big eyes – bigger than mine. They look like circle lenses(?!) I want some. But my human doesn’t believe in contact lenses for cats – I tried to convince her that if I had the different coloured eyes that the kitty had in this f(x) video Meemers Oppa would easily be mine… but she said there is no way she is going to buy contact lenses for cats. Or invent them if they don’t exist. Or deal with me trying to put them in.

        Meanwhile she’s the one walking into walls with her eyepatch — “look, I’m Krystal! Owww, another bruise…”. Hmmmm.

  48. (fx)’s Red Light at first reminds me of SNSD’s I Got A Boy: a disjointed, multiple-song, song with different sounds. I don’t like either, yet, I like how T-ara N4′s Jeon Won Diary sounds, something I can’t put my finger on. Seriously, what is that, an accordion? Oh, there’s a hint of saxophone, that wins me over.

  49. A group that I think doesn’t get enough attention is 100%. I’m sure no one has heard of them, but they are one of my favorite groups. They actually just released a new song too!
    U beauty:

    I don’t like it as much as Bad Boy or Want U Back (what is it with some groups and not spelling correctly?), but it was still a lot of fun. If you haven’t heard of them, I highly recommend checking them out. :)

  50. so im a devoted LO/\E and im rather disappointed with eatyourkimchi right now.I dont really belive they gave nuest a chance with this mv. (I decided to rant to my best friend and fellow LO?/\E about this and this is basically what it said):
    “Its just another love song” HAVE. YOU. SEEN. THE. MV?!
    NO. its not
    in most videos if the song is supposed to be only a love song it will feature some form of a girl (by this i mean in dream girl shinee was fantasizing about a girl with a blacked out face thats bursting with flowers….no comment) but here, there is no girl. EVEN REN ISNT LOOKING LIKE A GIRL so u know its serious XD

    since here there is no girl and the lyrics dont explicitly mention a girl or lover or any sort besides baby in the chorus.
    honestly i take that as a sarcastic form of endearment. like they are relieved to let go of this thing that has been holding them back
    nuest even said that the song has two dimensions
    the one that is love song
    and the one about letting go of anything thats holding you back in a deep and meaningful metaphorical sense

    for example: Ren and the flower. huh? what do flowers tend to mean in korea? or right Flower boy = pretty boy. now what was ren up until this comeback? A FLOWER BOY TO THE POINT OF BEING PRETTIER THAN ANY GIRL OR BOY OR HUMAN BEING. now hes showng off his abs and masculinity. then he looks into the mirror, feels sick, then vomits a flower, but THE FLOWER STAYS. he doesnt dispose of it completley. even if he tries to be masculine and sheds his long blonde hair, hes still a flower boy. he may be tired of always being mistaken for a girl and his gender and identity being in question constantly by fans and haters alike, but it is still a part of him.

    as well the song expresses pain over the memories and the affects/effects of whatever had happened. then it says, “i can live without you.” it is an open interpretation the listeners. whether it is saying i wont get involved anymore because it hurt, and/or i can learn to let go and be better even if it hurts now. this song can be about virtually anything, as is showcased in the video itself. Baek’ho has struggled with diets and his weight and body image. his part shows him ripping apart wallpaper and a clock crashes down. this can be interpreted as baek’ho wanted so bad to be able to show the flower boy and happy side to him but he feels his body is keeping others from seeing that part of him. he is intimidated by his own image of himself, and maybe he wants to go back in time to before he felt so insecure and judged, or to have more time to help himself, or even to just forget about time and actually enjoy his life without constantly worrying about waht others think

    minhyun apparently is the voice of depression in this mv. as suicide and mental illness of any kind are somewhat of a tabo subject in south korea, i think it is very poignant and brave for pledis, nuest, and minhyun to try to show this in the mv. the fact that it is shown in an mv complimenting a song about moving on from hardships even if its painful and saying that they will be able to live without it, and even after everyone seems to be falling apart, just then all the members are smiling and playing around. it shows sympathy and empathy for those struggling with all sorts of issues and promising that there is hope and light even if right now ur world is too dark to see it yet. there is hope and you can be happy again. and i find this mv and the song so beautiful and poignant and heart wrenching but also heart warming.

    so i can not agree with eatyourkimchi’s decision to write off this song as just another love song.

    im fine if they playfully bash shinee or exo or fx or big bang or any other band. why? not becasue im not a fan of any other group. of course i am. maybe not for all but heres the thing: MOST OF THE GROUPS THEY DECIDE TO MAKE A VID FOR DONT REALLY NEED ANY MORE PUBLICITY. sure it gets them views and laughs and such. and maybe they are even sponsored or soemthing. but they say they like underrated groups and such and they do k-indie vids UM EXO DOES NOT NEED MORE PUBLICITY. G-dragon IS JUST FREAKING FINE. You’ve been to his villa, he certainly does not need more praise or attention. SHINee is awesome, but still really well known. SUPER JUNIOR. this really pisses me off. even if they hate a song by them or by sm or are just complaining for ten minutes about a group like that, THERES STILL A VIDEO. they dont even give nuest a frigging sliver of a chance.
    again, i was rather upset so i apologize for the all caps and rushed spelling. but i really feel like nuest is while not utterly ground breaking they are a good group and this video did have good messages. i really wish nuest and the mv itsself as well their past ones could get more recognition. i also would like to point out for the last time that Good Bye Bye is not a generic love song. i understood that the first time I watched it. and i loved it even before it was halfway done. i understand not everyone can share my views, but i really would appreciate if eatyourkimchi gave Nuest more of a chance to impress them than to kinda set themselves up for dissapointment.

    • In EYK’s defense, they’re all ready doing so much for their subscribers by including more than one band to make up for lost time in each episode of KMM. Copious amounts of time go into scripting, editing and filming these segments. They could have dismissed several of the bands they mentioned here and just talked about one, totally disregarding that they missed an episode last week due to The Coffee Shop. BUT, they DIDN’T. Instead, they gave as much commentary as they could to fairly evaluate the songs and how they’re each individually affecting the Kpop scene. ALSO, they could of just expanded their opinions of the four songs mentioned in the video in their blog post, but they chose not to; they chose to write about Nu’est and Henry instead. So don’t fly off your crumpet too soon, okay?

      Also, I’d rather watch a video like this one where they positively talk about Kpop, with just a few negative contrasts here and there. If they don’t like a song, why should they review it? Do you seriously want to watch 11-ish minutes of EYK expressing how much they don’t like a song and video? That’s basically setting everyone up for a bout of anger and/or gloominess. I’d rather they be honest and quirky in the blog post than them practically initiating a war with a fandom. At the end of the day, they’re people, as well as artists, WITH OPINIONS. Those opinions don’t have to be the same as yours.

      Have a nice day :D

      • I kinda get both sides of the argument here. I’m actually REALLY happy with the format of this video, because despite my trying to say completely on top of which-videos-come-out-when, it’s really difficult, especially because of a busy lifestyle and just not enough promoting where I am (but I’m not complaining about that though).

        So my point is, the video is a great format. I like it. That being said, though, if someone is taking the time to watch a video to put a review out about it, then…. idk, maybe a little kindness among the criticism? No? I mean, it’s perfectly fine to not like a video. I’ve disliked plenty of videos, Kpop or no. But saying things like “Well I thought it was really lame and I couldn’t even finish it” isn’t even worth the time, imo.

        While I’m not at all trying them what to do (EYK is full of adults, they can run their own lives), maybe it would’ve been better to just say “while these videos weren’t really our cup of tea, they also came out around now! Check ‘em out!” and leave it at that.
        . . .
        I mean, then time wouldn’t have to be wasted on trying to review a music video that they don’t really like, but still gives it a place of access for international fans of kpop (and other Korean music) like myself. EYK is where I FIND a lot of the really good kpop videos, and while I like the reviews…
        . . .
        I don’t know. It’s hard to balance and make it fair for everyone, I’m sure. I understand that completely. But I’d rather hear a “It was meh for us, but check it out!” over a nothing-but-bash-review any day. Unless the bashing is for a really good reason (“No More Perfume On You”, anyone?) or balanced out with what they DID like. Or just… not at all.
        . . .
        I understand the effort involved in all of that, though. Just my two cents~ ^.^

        • Omnomnom

          I agree with “goldpheonix6119″ 100%, aslo they dismissed the MV and the song in their blog post quite childishly and harshly. They should have indeed just leave it at “while these videos weren’t really our cup of tea, they also came out around now! Check ‘em out!” as “Vampiric-Seoul” said.

          EYK should JUST review the songs they LIKE. If you don’t have anything nice to say about any of the MV or songs, then just don’t review it. Saying stuff like “…it has vibe to it of being symbolic in a way that I don’t care to dig into” is just beyond disrespectful. They should have known better.

          Simon and Martina, it’s time to get back to your past ways of doing things. Because this is obviously not working and you are loosing “fans” more and more as each day passes by. Please do accept constructive criticism and don’t just discharge it, like NU’ESTs “Good Bye Bye” MV.

          If you don’t have anything nice to say and be professional, please don’t review NU’ESTs new song even tho it’s on the top of the charts. All of the fans and none fans would appreciate it.

          I really hope you think all of this through and go back to your roots. Those videos were fun and more about music and videos and not just making fun of it in a mean way.

          Thank you.

  51. Chic6Muscats

    I enjoy this KMM format a lot better, where you just talk about whatever MVs you want, and don’t get caught up on skits and such. I’m also happy you talked about female artists in the video and not delegate them to the blog post. Not trying to be mean, but you do talk about male artists a lot more often.
    Anyway, I’d encourage you to also check out some of the less popular artists and include them if you like them. Some recent ones I’ve liked are Z.Hera – ‘D Island’, Clazziquai – ‘Love Satellite’ (I know they’re not really K-pop), and Airplane – “Back To The Future”. For pure ridiculousness, check out Pritz – “Too Difficult”. They have a crazy J-pop-ish style haha.

  52. I actually really love Red Light… after the 2nd listen. They look SO GOOD for this comeback. It’s a great song to workout to! :) and I also love Bilasa’s video & song, and GOD was a very funny surprise.

  53. Vanilla

    My favorite song was Henry’s Fantastic I really liked the song and the violin parts it sounded very cool for me. Let’s not even discuss the video . . . My favorite part was when his violin turned into . . . a girl the same one from trap. I don’t like what SM has done to Henry and the fake violin playing on stage when he obviously can play while dancing if you watch him on star king he plays Michael Jackson’s smooth criminal on the violin live while dancing. My favorite video was g.o.d.’s video it was awesome and I could understand it unlike Henry’s and Fx’s videos. SM’s weird attempts to plots no one can relate to.

  54. Cookie4Me

    I loved G.O.D’s song and video! I just moved to Korea about a week and a half ago and actually saw it on T.V. the other day. I was laughing so hard I’m pretty sure my neighbors could hear me. Since I do not speak Korean it was great to see a K-Pop music video that I could completely follow and enjoy as much as I did. Just like you Martina, G.O.D has a new fan!

  55. First thing first, Meems and Spudgy in blooper video are so cute!!

    Didn’t watch all the videos reviewed. I didn’t think Henry’s video was as off putting as I expected. Personally don’t mind the violin or the song. If Henry were to sing the entire song in English, would it still be Kpop? I thought the song might have sounded natural if it were sung in English. Not sure who wrote the song but Korean lyric sounded choppy.

  56. kryzteenah

    I didn’t really like Red Light at first, but now I’m obsessed! They all look so gorgeous :)

    Also, “indeeeeeeed” shall be my new catchphrase.

  57. I miss the indepth look at the videos of the old KMMs

  58. Violin is hella sexy!!! Lol I actually like man playing instrument like violin, piano or guitar. Theyre cool!! Have you checked lindsey sterling?? Idk if there is man comparison of her. And the scene of violin attached to his exoskeleton is quite cool if just it related to the plot if there is one. Henry can play violin well, I agree that if he just can rocking the violin. It just so sm to make evertthing superficial. Sigh.. and I have enough maze!! Box or not.. jeeezzz

  59. I think maybe the violin thing is another thing you guys are “behind the times” on lol. Just give Lindsey Sterling a quick youtube search and you’ll see what I mean; violins are definitely cool right now(even sexy to a lot of people), but I agree that the whole music video for “Fantastic” was pretty corny. I wish they hadn’t gone in that direction for it. Like, he could go the route J-Min does where it just shows her being awesome rocking out on her guitar. I love seeing him dance and all, but just not the way this music video did it. All that aside, Fantastic was definitely my favorite song on the list. Considering I haven’t seen all of the music videos, my favorite video as of right now is “Red Light”(AND PLEASE LISTEN TO THE WHOLE ALBUM GUYS. THE TITLE TRACK DEFINITELY DISAPPOINTED ME BUT EVERY OTHER SONG ON THE ALBUM IS PURE GOLD) but I’m sure that “Saturday Night” will end up being my favorite once I watch it :)

  60. I’m actually really pleased with f(x)’s comeback and concept. That being said, I don’t love nor hate ‘Red Light’, as the song is really inconsistent. However, I like the other songs on the album much more. It baffles me that SM didn’t choose ‘Milk’ or ‘All Night’ (the other two songs being promoted through live stages) as the title track. These two songs are much more congruent and immediately likeable (in my opinion). Even the final track, ‘Paper Heart’, would have worked as it sounds really fun and summery. I really like the album, but SM always has to confuse us in some way, no?

    As for Girls Day, the music video was really uncomfortable.. and kinda confusing. It was a bizarre juxtaposition of the girls acting extremely, painfully aegyo, all while being shot in awkward sexual angles. TOTALLY. NOT. SUTBLE. It’s a shame, ’cause the song was great and reminded me somewhat of the Wonder Girls :/ .

  61. Jeff Sim

    ‘m so glad I watched this, because like Simon and Martina, I’ve had no prior exposure to g.o.d. and probably wouldn’t have gotten around to “Saturday Night.” Good thing I did; that was fan-double-tastic! Such a clever premise, executed brilliantly.

    Girl’s Day has been tough for me since “Expectation.” While I don’t mind them going to a more mature style, in the process they’ve left behind what I liked about their videos. “Oh My God” and “Twinkle Twinkle” had creative premises. Setting a martial-arts revenge flick to competitive flirting and staging a series of ridiculous break-dance battles are such fun ideas!

    I could rant about female objectification issues, but that problematic trend isn’t Girl’s Day’s fault. Abandoning their quirky creativity, though, is. Or, at least, it’s the group’s producers’ faults; I’d be surprised if the members have much input on their branding.

    All of that aside, I also really like the song “Darling.” The mini-album as a whole is pretty good, actually. The intro track ranks among the catchiest intro tracks I can think of.

  62. First off, I love Martina’s new pink blend with the hair. Very nice. Second, I didn’t really have a favorite song so much as a favorite video. I loved the Saturday Night video, especially the end bit with them dancing. I also kind of enjoyed Henry’s ‘Fantastic’ but not for the reason that I should have. I misheard a line in there and even after I figured out what it should be….well that song just makes me giggly now :)

  63. Forced myself to watch Henry’s video and was cringing the whole time..the song sounds ok so I guess it’ll end up growing on me, but the video…*shudders*

  64. I loved Henry’s song, but the music video wasn’t all that great.

  65. Alright, so I’ve now watched all of these videos, having only seen F(x)’s “Red Light” prior to this video. After having watched them, I’d say I’d order them this way:

    -F(x) “Red Light”: I’m a huge F(x) fan. I thought their video was the best and I do like “Red Light”. However, having listened to the entire album, I think they could’ve kept the concept visually they did for “Red Light” and done “Dracula” instead. The video would’ve needed some tweaking, but it would’ve been a better song to do, in my opinion. Other choices could’ve been “Butterfly”, “All Night” & “Spit it Out”.

    -Girl’s Day “Darling”: I’m sorry, I thought the video was adorable. I thought there were actually going to be more body shots from the description in the video and I didn’t think it was overly sexual. It just looked like they were having fun. And the song is upbeat and kind of vintage, 1920s sounding. It like the cute concept and I feel like this would be a video I would recommend to others. Best summer song for me.

    -Henry “Fantastic”: Violins are amazing (although, perhaps I’m a little biased since I play) and I liked the choreography for this one, as well as the song. I thought the sound of the violin in the song added to it instead of detracting from it and it made him stand out for me. Honestly, this might have been the best overall song for me.

    -Nu’est “Good Bye Bye”: I didn’t get the concept of the video. It was strange and peculiar, however, I thought this might be the best choreography for me when they were dancing. I also enjoyed the song quite a bit.

    -b1a4 “Solo Day”: I didn’t like this song as much as I like other b1a4 songs. The concept was interesting enough for me to maybe show someone else the video, but I was not a huge fan of the song. I found the whistling kind of annoying and just…this was not my jam.

    -g.o.d. “Saturday Night”: This was the exact opposite of b1a4 for me. I was expecting it to be funnier because Simon & Martina found it funny, but there was so much spitting. It was just like, “yeah, this was kind of funny….oh look, now a different person is spitting profusely”. It was just a little too much for me. I thought the song was *okay* but not my favorite by any means. And the ending made me so depressed….it was like seeing SHINee in another decade or so and I just got so terribly depressed. My little Shawol heart couldn’t take it.

    the tl;dr version is “F(x) had the best video for me and it’s a toss up between Girl’s Day and Henry for best song” :)

  66. False, violins are cool! As I grow older, I realize that any guy that plays an instrument really well is super attractive. Violin and piano may have been the stuff of grade school bullying, but once you hit college and beyond…they will totally score chicks.

  67. Jacqui

    I loved Henry’s song it was an amazing song but the intro of the video was so cringe worthy for me! HOW THE HELL DO YOU LOSE A GIRL WHO YOU WERE STALKING FROM LIKE 3 FEET AWAY!!!!!!!! HOW IN THE COARSE OF LIKE 5 SECONDS DO YOU LOSE A GIRL WHO YOU 3 FEET AWAY FROM?!?!?!?! IS SHE THE FLASH OR SOMETHING?!?!?!?!?! Cut the intro out of the video and I love the rest of it

    • she is definitely the flash, but better :P haha

    • butterfly

      maybe his trap inside a magical box, that propel the girl away??

      • butterfly

        agreed violin are awesome!! I think what happen was he step into a magical game world, when he tried to stalk a girl but failed. and got himself trap at level one of the game where he wrote the trap song to get him untrap. now at level two, after defeating the monster with his awesome violin skill, he obtain a magical violin that can turn into a girl that will assist in battle.???

        or I been playing too much games…

  68. I actually didn’t really like the song or the video for f(x). Most of the time I love their songs and hate their videos but this time the song wasn’t that great and I thought the video was only good in comparison to how the videos usually are. Love the new style though!
    Also for Henry’s video, I personally think violins are hella sexy. However, this video does not properly utilize the sexiness potential of violins. The video is just…. *cringe*
    I agree 100% with everything you said about the other videos! I LOVE B1A4′s video. It’s probably my favorite, although g.o.d.’s is also so good. NU’EST’s video I think could have been alright if the symbolism wasn’t too confusing to mean anything. It had potential.

  69. Rhasher

    Actually, I really liked both Henry and f(x)’s music videos. Violin is super cool c’mon guys, I love the sound f a violin. Also I was sooo blowed away by f(x), I really can’t stop listening Red Light. And about Henry music video, is SM, SM is more likely to mess m/v than any other lol

  70. mirmoulou

    Fav song : Girl’s Day Darling. Love the cabaret style song

    I didn’t understand f(x) song. Most confusing than girl’s generation i got a boy

    I just watched Henry’s MV. What I understand : “I fall in love with a girl I don’t know and this girl transformed into a violon. To be together with the power of love and music, she will turn back into a human. It’s gonna be fantastic!!”

  71. Ely

    Henry can dance and play violin (for real) at the same time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNl33p9c2bg

  72. SHINeeUKShawol

    once again i will say it! f(x) looked freakin’ GORGEOUS in their mv!!!

    i didn’t like the story line part of Henry’s mv but i loved the dance parts! and i absolutely LOVED his violin!!! i actually thought it was cool!! and i think it was a great song!!

  73. Does the Girl’s Day’s Darling sound like Christmas music to anyone else?

    Anyone? Some one confirm that I’m not crazy…

  74. I loved Girls Day’s song for Darling, I love swing type songs. However, I did not like the video at all. As I watched I actually had two different versions of the video that I wished they did instead. The first version is; a group of guys and girls in colorful swing outfits dancing on a rooftop while the band played on a stage. The second version is more quirky; have them swing dancing along the Korean streets in swing outfits with guy dancers, and the ending would be a huge group of citizens dancing with them.

  75. Ok wait, I was just ready through the post again, and you said you liked “Hello” better because it was more fun, but if I’m remembering correctly, “Hello” was kind of ballad-y as well and everyone got super confused by the girl kissing the guy… I dunno. XD Did you mean Sleep Talking maybe? I liked this comeback anyway, REN IS A MAN, and I think I might start following them more closely now.
    I also think violins are damn sexy. Would you rather Henry be rocking a sexy tuba or something? XD

  76. 7inspirits

    With Henry and Nu’est..I really liked their songs. Nu’est’s song is actually my favorite that has come out this month! I havent watched g.o.d’s video yet -.- And I agree with ya’ll on f(x)!! Their video was cool, but their song..eh..it makes me sad that i don’t like it b/c I was really excited that they were having a comeback and not liking it at all..sad.

  77. For “Fantastic” and “Good Bye Bye”, I really liked the songs. As for the videos, I actually liked the Henry’s violin and Ren puking up that flower was funny to me for some weird reason.

    Moving on, I LOVE the song and video for g.o.d! That video cracked me up!!! For the others, I didn’t really enjoy Girl’s Day’s, but that might be because I like their old songs. F(x) captured me with the dance and they looked so sexy and dark and amazing. BILASA was just plain AWESOME. Like Martina said in the bloopers, they trained that dog well.

  78. DaYoung Yun

    I liked bilasa’s video but I liked both god’s song and video. It was a pleasant surprise. There were a lot of old school comebacks and I didn’t know god that well but I really like this song and video. This is going to be one of my summer jams like Sistar’s Loving You Thanks for introducing the video y’all! ^_^

  79. I actually really liked the violin in “Fantastic.” Not so much the suctioning into his back…but yes on the violin. I played viola in high school….so cool ;) Seducing those boys with my sexy viola…

    Anyway, I loved G.O.D’s song and video. Made me smile a lot. I liked the video for Solo Day too, and the song for Girl’s Day, though after listening I immediately searched out “Telepathy” from Girl’s Day. I still like that song a lot more.

  80. Did she go to Hawaii? I’m from Hawaii. What was the fruit?

  81. I bursted out laughing when I read your comment about how Henry should bond a PowerPuff Lunchbox to his exoskeleton. Hahaha, good one. But yeah, I totally understand, I could not get through this music video either.

  82. MarsyM

    ok, I’m one of those who actually liked “Red light” song, even if at first I didn’t (the video doesn’t really make sense, but it’s ok)…as for Nu’est, I think the MV was kinda cool (yes, I like symbolism, and I totally like digging into it XD ), but the song, well, it was not that special! I’ve been watching their new teasers, and maybe the next song could be more interesting…

  83. ppxp

    Hi Simon and Martina! I am a big fan, but don’t comment alot. I love hearing all your opinions, and enjoy browsing through the comment section for good conversations. I agree that Girl’s Day was sexualized, but what is wrong with that? If it’s not appropriate for the kiddies, have them watch Crayon Pop or Orange Caramel. I find the video fun, and kinda a turn on, which I think is the point. It is an aegyo sexy concept, that fits them more than “Something”.

    And if a parent does not find it appropriate for their kids, this video can open up an avenue for dialogue between them … Also, in discussing sexual acceptability, wouldn’t a fun flirty concept be better than one that is a bit more rough like Troublemaker’s “Now”? Why does sex have to be bad?

    Also, for me, cute can = sexy. They both lead to the fan getting happy, being turned on, etc. It is just that they use different approaches. Different strokes for different folks.

    • Hey,
      I just read your comment and even though I think the concept of sexual acceptability the way you describe it is wonderful you should not forget the huge and important downside of your story. Because of the internet today, most children watch music video’s without their parents knowledge. And as children grow older they look to role models apart from their parents. That’s reality. And as we see the media and music getting more and more sexualised you will also see more and more children associate sex and being sexy as something cool and a necessity to be accepted by others. In Korea sex ed is almost non-existent and even if they would have it, a child at a young age will not always participate in safe sex or understand the importance of it. So yes, media being more sexualised could be an avenue for dialogue for parents so they can teach their children about the importance of their sexuality and safe sex etc. or… (and this is more likely) parents will not see it coming at a young age or won’t be capable of explaining it the right way etc. which will lead to more and more children being sexually active which could lead to teen pregnancy`s etc. etc. And to be clear I think the real victim`s are the children that don’t have parents that are capable of educating their children about this topic. O, and I know my English sucks don’t judge me, I’m dutch…

      • ppxp

        Wahh, thanks for replying! I am always shocked when someone does. Also, your english is great; probably better than mine :).

        I understand that kids are left alone to explore the uncharted void of the net, and that they will encounter images and videos that could be difficult to digest/absorb. If kids start incorporating what they experience on the internet in real life, it is the parent’s/adult’s job to bring more awareness to the subject. I agree that the real victim’s are the kids without supportive parents/role models in their life.

        However, atleast for me personally, I see most adults react by saying to the kid that acting sexy is bad or wrong, and place shame with the sexy act. As you said, “see more children associate sex … as something cool”, but the issue should not be seeing sexiness as cool, because it can be (just as funniness, intelligence, and athleticism can be cool). This ties into the point that the lack of sex education is the real danger, not what is actually being seen on the monitor.

        I am also just tired/venting about the different standards of sexiness for boy bands vs. girls bands (as well as cute vs. sexy) that happen in these internet communities. I would take Girl’s Day failing at darts over all the slow mo finger mouth touches that go on in the guy’s videos any day.

    • Heya!

      Thank you for commenting, and for raising a good point. I think issue of sexuality in Kpop isn’t one that we can easily discuss in a Kpop Music Monday, especially in just a couple of minutes when talking about just one band, so some points might have been glossed over when we talked about Girl’s Day.

      We don’t think sexuality = bad, nor do we think sexuality is something kids can’t/shouldn’t watch. Kids will experience it, whether their parents block it from their TVs or not. I just find Girl’s Day use of sexuality, umm…insincere? But that’s a really difficult idea to pin down with words for us, especially since I just woke up. We know how Kpop videos are shot, both from our experiences on sets as well as the experiences of our friends who work on those sets, both in front of and behind the camera, and I can clearly see with videos like this a director telling them to be sexy in ridiculous ways. “Here’s a garden hose: work it!” “Here are darts: work it!”

      I like seeing sexuality in videos – like in Brown Eyed Girls – when the song’s concept has a message of sexuality, so the video matches it. Instead, in songs like this, all we can see is a pervy director trying to get everyone to be sexier in hopes of getting more views. It’s more commercial, and less authentic.

      Does that make sense? I’m not sure yet.

      • ppxp

        Hi! Thank you for responding! Also, thank you for taking your time and doing multiple fun reviews; I have a feeling you tend to get alot of flack for your kpop Mondays.

        While I can agree that Girl’s Day’s sexuality comes off as insincere, I did not see that as a turn-off. The video’s concept reminded me of cute cheesy pin-up photos; funny, provocative, but in the end harmless. This photo in particular reminded me of the dart scene: http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/5400000/Pin-Up-Wallpaper-pin-up-girls-5492116-1024-768.jpg I also thought the video did a good job of marrying their ultra-sexy and ultra-cute concepts, creating an image more fitting of Girl’s Day. Personally, I think I would have more issue if someone was sincerely acting sexy with some darts, frosting, and bows and arrows.

        Maybe working on music video sets, and other productions, in the States has made me impervious to being creeped out by a director asking talent to work a garden hose (or Korean MV sets are pervier/creepier….?). Confession, have not read the translated lyrics for the song, so I assumed it is about a girl who is trying to get the attention of her darling by acting overly cute, cheeky and flirty. The sweet, sugary commercial pop imagery fits the cheery commercial pop sounds of the song; authenticity would probably not be cohesive with the concept. However, this is all just a debate over personal taste, and one can’t really change what they like and don’t like.

        (On another note, I tend to find it peculiar when people demand authenticity in kpop, and pop music in general. While a pop entertainer can deliver a raw and honest performance, it is impossible to judge them on their authenticity. Being “real” could be a part of the image that is given to them, or that they have constructed for themselves. One thing that drew me to kpop, is that the industry drops the “artist” facade that the west has. There are more similarities in how artists are constructed then people realize).

        Sorry to write so much! Kinda got on a tangent. I wanted to say again that I am such a fan of this website, mainly because I love watching you two interact, and the image of a happy healthy marriage that you project. I wish their were more examples of loving supportive (and fun!) relationships in the media.

  84. Thank you so much for introducing me to god! I’d never heard of them before this video but I just watched it and it’s my favourite by a long way – both the video and the song! I was actually crying a little bit at the end XD

  85. I have to admit that I am NOT SATISFIED with the henry Fantastic review. I’m really not trying to hate, I love Simon and Martina and I really do respect their opinion but I feel like they DIDNT give this video or song a chance. They say nothing about the song it’s self and only talk about how much they dislike the video. They DIDNT EVEN WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO! I (as a henry fan) have to admit I disliked the beginning too, but after the second minute or so the song got really catchy and I began to enjoy it. I just don’t think you should “review” a song you didn’t even watch fully. It’s like watching a small part of a movie and saying it’s not good. Like I said, I respect others opinions and don’t expect everyone to like the song, it’s just that I believe an adequate review should be made about the song/video as a whole instead of it’s introduction. Love you Simon and Martina, but this review was no where near good..

    • I agree with you 100%. Henry is my favorite solo artist, so i admit i am biased towards him, but still the song was not so bad… yes… The video was not the best, but the song is what is most important. I would like to hear what they think about the song. Even if they dident like the song, i just wanted them to at least say that, and why. Also love Simon and Martina <3 and i have always had things i have loved, and things i did not agreed with, but i have understood them and respecet their opinion. Still do, but i wished for more when they first choosed to mention "Fantastic".

    • I understand where you’re coming from but I think that they really look at the video more than the music just because that’s what they know and can judge best.

    • I’m not a Henry fan. This is actually the first of his songs I’ve listened to. I mean…I knew *of* him before, just didn’t listen before. And even I have to say, I was unsatisfied with the review. I *loved* the song. I thought it was…pretty fantastic :P lol and I felt like the violin part actually added to the song and made him stand out for me.

      I do have to ask, though, since you’re a fan of his, does he actually play violin? I’ve played over 10 years now and his posture in his wrist throughout the mv is wrong (which, it seems like he was faking playing as they brought out…I wish I could play and do those kicks he was doing). Violin isn’t uncool. It’s the coolest of the string instruments! lol I was more confused by the fact his backup dancers had other artist’s names on their shirts instead of his, and some of them weren’t as good as him in my opinion. I don’t know. I just was wondering about his violin abilities. But I love the song. I thought it was great.

      • Lovelikewhitney, you should definitely watch the live performance of Fantastic! He played the violin and he danced like in the video, it was so awesome :D I don’t know if he was really playing it, but I think he was (I also play violin! ^.^). If you want to check out his legit violin skills, you should watch Henry’s “Trap” Violin Version (with SNSD’s Seohyun on piano). He’s really good! Both those videos are on the SM channel :)
        I thought the MV was a little boring, but I agree with you: the violin really made the difference for me. I’ve never seen the in a Kpop MV before! Also, Simon and Martina!!! The most important part of the video is at the end! He was playing the girl the entire time! (PLAYAAAA xD)

      • He actually does play the violin. He’s been playing since he was small and it is one of the instruments he is best at. You should really look up videos of him actually playing the violin (not only for the purpose of music videos) he is amazing! He also played the violin part in Super Juniors Don’t Don.

    • Ah! Sorry you feel that way. Maybe if you didn’t think of it as a “review”? We’re not reviewers of anything. We just shoot the shit for everything. We talk about our impressions and feelings and make jokes. And, sometimes, if we see something that turns us off right away, we’re not going to give it a full chance, because………we don’t have to? Talking about music is a hobby, not a job-by :D

  86. StrawBerry

    So let’s start!!! Yaaaaayyy…. ok..

    RED LIGHT: Cool video though I didn’t make a sense out of it even if I read the lyrics, the song catchy but not addicting.
    SOLO DAY: Totally in looove with the video!! So much fun, made you wanna get out and have some wind blow your hair! Song is happy song. //nuff said//
    DARLING: Too many colors and too much forced aegyo for me. I don’t like this nowadays trend of being cute and “sexy”. And the song….. I don’t remember it. O.o
    SATURDAY NIGHT: //agree with everything you said//
    FANTASTIC: My favourite song of the bunch!! The violin definitely adds a lot to it. The video is… not.. sooo.. cheesy, I mean.. c’mon…. Yeah, ok.
    GOOD BYE BYE: I don’t get the title. -.- I felt there was a story to the video but it was burried under the “I’m sexy and I know it” concept. The song was not so original, so…

    Long story short, in my opinion best video was the “Solo day” and best song was “Fantastic”. :)

  87. You should have talked about Hyomin’s song called Body. I can’t tell if she was being sarcastic about how girl’s should constantly look perfect or if she was being serious.

    • You should have talked about Hyomin’s song called Nice Body. I can’t tell if she was being sarcastic about how girl’s should constantly look perfect or if she was being serious.

  88. BinguBinny

    I love f(x) but I hate how there’s always a better song from their album that they could have made a music video for. “Boom Bang Boom”, “Butterfly” and “Rainbow” could have had awesome music videos. I also like “Paper Heart” but the others are more fun. What I noticed with their new album is that there was this organized chaos aspect to their songs. All of the change ups, while confusing, still kind of worked for me.

    Violins are awesome but the music video was really cheesy.

    I love Nu’est but I understand what you mean by them not being as different as their name implies. I have to admit the first time I watched this video I was too distracted by Ren’s abs to care about anything else. My brain was too confused by those abs being on the same body as that face. It was like Yoseob all over again.

    I am still giggling from your Girl’s Day impression. Hehehe…

    • I know right? “Dracula” would’ve been a really interesting one for them to do since they could’ve kept the concept they did for “Red Light” and still be artsy but the song might’ve been a little better. “Red Light” takes time to grow on you. But I agree with your choices, as well. Those all could’ve been a really good music video. Or “Milk”, too, but I feel like that one might not have hit as hard.

      • BinguBinny

        Dracula could have worked too. Milk would have been cute but it could get shadowed by other songs. I think most of the songs on their new album take a bit to grow on you. Actually, that’s how I’ve felt with most of f(x)’s songs in general. There’s always something a bit awkward about them but I still love them.

        • LoveLikeWhitney

          I felt that way about “The Pink Tape” album, but this one almost every song I was like “YES!” I really really liked this album immediately. I think a large part of why people like them is because they do kind of quirky, out there songs. They’re like the girl group version of SHINee for me. Both groups do their own thing and it works out for them :)

  89. kaerys55

    my favorite on your list G.O.D.’s Saturday Night. I don’t really listen to a lot of KPop anymore but I did back in high school like 10 years ago and I heart Danny Ahn from G.O.D. Also I remember reading someone’s suggestion a while back about reviewing older kpop music videos like g.o.d., S.E.S., BoA’s older stuff, H.O.T., etc. I think that would be awesome because they were some of my favorites back in the day, ESPECIALLY H.O.T.!! yay Kangta and Tony!!! :D

  90. Emi

    Simon! you should have watched further into Henry’s video….he teleports with his violin….and then the violin morphs into the girl he was chasing….you missed the best(?) part LOL

  91. I like it better when you guys review multiple videos/songs like this!

  92. Violins are not uncool; they’re awesome! Fake playing them, well okay you may have a point there.

  93. Just saying, Henry can actually play the violin while dancing. He’s done it before on old star king videos

  94. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_TRlWiqH08

    I truly think this is the best of July. I watched it at first because I loved Yuna Kim’s song Without You Now but the Jeon MinJu is also so amazing!

  95. Viridis

    Whoever is responsible for Henry’s concepts should get some tips from Lindsey Stirling. Now she has amazing violin music videos, where she plays, dances and looks amazing without having to resort to using exoskeletons. Henry is a talented guy, he deserves better.
    I liked the Nu’est video, specifically because it was so (not sure if intentionally) trippy.

  96. CassRose13

    I’m really enjoying the way you guys are doing KKMs! I know some people are not but I like that we get to see your views on more than one video (both negative and positive). This type of format has also aloud me to find more kpop music that I like. I notice that some of people are saying that you are being negative a lot but I see a good balance of both views: negative things stand out more in a humans brain so that could be the case. I am really loving g.o.d’s song and video, it is stuck in my head now lol! Anyhoodles, love you guys and keep making my days brighter.

  97. Meldidou

    My favorite song was f(x)’s Red Light (Am I the only one who totally loved this song? :/) I also loved the M/V and honestly this is one of the best comeback in 2014 to me I’m a new f(x)fan now I just…. arrrgh I love it so much, it’s so different and cool, can’t explain…

    • F(x) is amazing and definitely my favorite girl group. What makes them special is the fact that they do go outside the box and do a different concept from every other girl group out there. I like “Red Light” now, but it did have to grow on me, whereas songs on the album like “Dracula”, “Milk”, and “Butterfly” were instantaneous “yaaaaaaaas!” moments for me. The whole album is just absolutely fantastic. I think the issue with “Red Light” isn’t that the song isn’t good, it’s just, as per usual, there were better choices on the album. SM doesn’t usually use their best song for the title song. Like with “Rum Pum Pum”, many people liked “Shadow” better (I personally think they could’ve used “No More” or “Kick”). It’s just a matter of personal preference for a lot of the fans, I think. I feel like that the choice not to use the best song might be better in the long run, though, because then there are things to look forward to on the album instead of “Oh, here’s the best song….aaaaaaaaaand the rest of the album isn’t as good”.

  98. MagikarpTried

    I lub lub luuuuuuub the mv and song of B1A4, both fun and with a summer vibe and the song and mv match with really well, like peas in a pot. Gotta agree on nu’est being meh but I’m in love with minhyun’s blouse outfit and with the dance, it’s one of those dances that look simple and smooth but when you try to do it you look like a donkey having a seizure.

  99. I have two points to make.

    1. As for violins being cool or not, clearly Simon and Martina have never seen Lindsey Stirling. She’s a youtuber who became super famous by dancing while playing the violin and she has even released her own album and numerous music videos. Here are a few examples of her original work with choreographed music videos.

    2. I really wish you guys would talk about History – Psycho. This group has continually impressed me with their songs because of their unique sounds. Each one is refreshing and stands apart from each other. The MVs are well shot and have good plots. I personally think they are bringing something new to the k-pop scene with each release.

  100. allegedlyinsane

    Kinda annoyed that you guys didn’t review Nu’est in the video even though they were #1 on the charts. But hey I can look over that.
    I’m not gonna look over the “seeing ____ stick his hand in the fishbowl”. Really?

    Also lemme give you a run down of the video, cause someone explained it and you guys seem to not know.
    Each member has a diferent story in the MV.
    Ren: His is about him letting go of the flower boy image he has. (Burning of flowers)
    Baekho: His is about how he isn’t comfotable with his body or how he looks (The ripping of the wallpaper showing his concerns for his outer appearance)
    Aron: His is about how different his life could’ve been if he stayed in America and went to NYU (Shown staring at a wall then falling away from it)
    JR: His is about Nu’est an how they aren’t as succesdul as they were when they debuted (reaches for the fish only to miss muliple times)
    Minhyun: His is about depression (A blade being replaced by the tattoo thing. He’s also seem drowning himself.)

    So yeah that’s what that music video means. I really wish you would have actually talked about it in the video, even if you didn’t like it.

    • thisisjustforfunval

      I always over look when they don’t review a #1. They’ve been choosing from the top 3 for over a year now. The only time I didn’t was when they first started the top 3 thing. That was a day in KMM history no one mentions… Now I’m just really happy when they do a KMM and have fun with it. I like all their other segments but KMM has always been my favorite, it’s what introduced me to a lot of the groups I listen to.

      Anywho, thanks for the mini break down about what’s happening in the Nu’est video. It’s nice to see some perspective on it. I like their music in general but don’t know too much about them and I’m not to sure none die hard fans would get the symbolism since it’s very connected to the group and their own lives. Thanks again.

    • Viridis

      The problem with the symbolism in the video is that it was very confused. I could make a different interpretation that yours. For instance – to me it seemed that the guy with the fish symbolized greed (like the story about the golden fish that grants wishes), and the entire video seemed to be about human vices.
      My point is, your interpretation is very specific, so there was no way they could have guessed it.
      I liked the video, by the way. It’s one of my favorites this year.

      • @VIRDIS It’s not an interpretation, that’s actually what it’s about. It’s been explained. Look it up.

        @ALLEGEDLY INSANE I completely understand your frustration, because, to be honest, it makes me frustrated too. They’ve been choosing from the Top 3 for a while now, and that’s understandable, but the only song in the video that was in the top 3 at the time (or at least, last I checked) was f(x). That’s what frustrates me the most. (And let me just say, I loved f(x)’s song, and that’s coming from a person with over 7 years of training in music!!) If we’re going to be voting for the songs in the kpop charts, then those should be the songs that are reviewed. Otherwise, the kpop charts and the votes should just be taken down, because obviously there’s no point in voting anymore anyway.

        • Viridis

          Yes, but again, there’s no way for me to know that unless I follow that group. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. Just that it’s a video made specifically for a certain audience, so for us muggles it comes down to guessing. I still thought it was a very pretty video. I liked it more than the f(x) one, at least…

    • Thank you for explaining this-will have to watch again.=)

  101. Thank goodieness that you reviewed BILASA!!! I started listening to them during their “What’s going on?” era, but when they switched styles for “Lonely” my feels kind of died. I definitely agree with y’all, their quirky-colorful videos and songs are a much better fit with the group.

    Also, I thought the NU’EST member eating the fish was slightly terrifying, but I don’t think he actually ate it (I hope). His name is J.R. (Junior Royal, yet another acronym. whoopdeedoo.)

    I think you guys are getting too much backlash for your comments on NU’EST, I think you’re completely right. I’m a big fan of theirs (I’ve been following them since their debut), and even I agree that their style is very run-of-the-kpop-mill. I think you would like them more if they continued with their debut style, but they might be too far gone into the flashing lights to save them now :( (their gravestone is next to BAP’s in the conformity graveyard)

  102. Hey I just have a question, did you guys listen to Henry’s song? I agree I could not look at the MV I just left it playing and went to get some food but was listing to it. When it started the first thing that popped into my head was EXO because of the maze. I really didn’t understand the point of the maze or the girl in it. I still have not seen the whole thing but my sister said it was stupid. I really did like the song though. The live shows are sooooooo much better then the MV. I like how he has violins and Cellos(?) on stage with him. I also was so shocked to see him have backup singers on stage with him as well, they were just plan awesome!! The backup dancer were really cool too, and I liked some of main points of the dance. I really do hope you go look at one of the live shows or just listen to the song, they are both good in my opinion.

  103. Can you guys please please please do a review or at least leave an opinion on Hyomin’s Nice Body? It’s an extremely controversial song, especially for international fans, and I would like to know how it’s viewed in Korea. :)

  104. Can I just say that I liked the Henry song? The video was seriously stupid, but the song wasn’t bad.

  105. I love the new Meemers cuts in the blooper reel! So much better than the loud beeping!

  106. Hmmmmm, so I really like the Bilasa song, not massive fan of Girls Day nor f(x) (even though it keeps getting stuck in my head!!!). I agree about Henry’s, it’s better than 1-4-2 though but I still got bored half way through. HOWEVER I liked that one of the box sets was meant to look like the inside of a violin ^^. Nuest’s is a back ground song, could be sang by another group and not make a difference. But G.O.D was amazing! One of the most fun videos I’ve watched that wasn’t a made set one. The song was catchy and one of them reminded me of my friend so that was funny. Defo my fave. Though my bias toward Bilasa is trying to push through….

    I like these recap style vids when you haven’t had a chance to do a KMM (plus I don’t think G.O.D would have got that far up the list)

  107. I liked the B1A4 music video, they always seem to do some of the most random stuff without it being overly quirky and cutesy. I agree with you about Henry’s music video, I love Henry but I just didn’t like this song as much as I did Trap. Nu’est was ok the music video confused me a little, but there were other songs off their album that I liked better. Girl’s Day has an ok song just not my type of song, the music video however is just bad. Not going to go into it but you guys mention some of the things that got on my nerves.

    I would love to hear your guys opinion on “Psycho” by History and “Left Out” by Legend.

  108. I really like both, song and mv of f(x), but I have to admit I had to hear it twice to start liking it. I don’t think what Amber is wearing in her solo shot looks good at all and i don’t like blond curly hair for asian girls like Krystal. Krystal is a very beautiful girl, but that hair? Why?? But still those 2 are my favorite f(x) members. Sulli looked good here altough I like her the least.
    And yeah….just for the record: 4 Stars 4 Germany!!!! Deutschland!! :)

  109. Omg. You made a video with MyChonny?! I can’t wait to see it.
    But back to your question: My favourite song of your list is actually Girl’s Day’s Darling and the best MV is G.O.D’s, it was the funniest and most entertaining. But my favourite K-pop song AND music video at the moment is Kim Hyun Joong’s Beauty Beauty, that’s my (summer) jam :) Catchy, danceable song and funny video.

  110. Little Dream

    1.- Guys, I’m kinda mad with you righ now. Like, ok, you didn’t like NU’EST come back, but for God’s sake! A mention in the page? WHAT?! I feel cheated! Like it doesn’t even matter if I vote for them. What’s the point of them being first? What for? They never really get a KMM in time and form. For one reason or the other. The only KMM we had was because of the Awards. And even if it was bad for you, they were first, and you’re doing a multi-song KMM. Was it too much to ask for you to talk about them? Like, on camera? Even for a minute or two?
    2.- The fish eating is still a mystery. But Ren himself said that him vomiting flowers mean he’s letting go of his “flower boy” image to become a man. Which actually makes sense. And the group said that the MV is not ONLY about a break up, but their own “story of becoming mature”. And how “they are leaving behind their past, together”. That said, I guess each member scenes HAVE something to do with their personal battles. I’m not fond of symbolism either but they said it themselves.
    3.- This is my opinion here. But, COME ON! Symbolism aside, there’s so much more to that MV. It’s a really well done MV. Try to deny it. The house is “poor” yes, but it is well furnished. We have members in more than one room. The way they change scenes by using doors is great.
    4.- They really look more mature in this comeback. I can’t believe you didn’t EVEN mention Ren, after all the fuss about him becoming a Taeman on the “Eat your kimchi awards”.

    • Little Dream

      Oh, and another thing. Please don’t take my words like a crazy fangirl. I love you guys. If you didn’t like the song nor the MV, good for you. I actually like “Big Deal” (another song from their album) more than “Good bye bye”.

      • Well. I think the approach that we’re trying to take lately is that we’d rather be remembered for things that we like than things that we dislike. I don’t want to make a video promoting things I’m not interested in. Whenever we talk about videos we’re not fond of, the reactions from viewers are never great, and we just feel bad in making the video and in seeing the responses. Wouldn’t it be better for us to talk about fun videos we lie, instead, or would you want us to fake our feelings and talk about videos we don’t like?

        • Emily D.

          Hmmm, I think the problem here is that it seems (at least to us viewers) that all you say is negative stuff. Maybe try to emphasize a point of the song/MV that you really liked. Nowadays we’re hearing a lot of hate, and I know it’s not the ideal system for you guise either when you aren’t necessarily the ones picking the top 3 each week. However, I think a good idea would be to strongly talk about just one point that you liked. Just one. I mean, there HAS to be one, right…..right…right? That would maybe cheer people up a bit.

          Also, KMMs haven’t been as consistent lately, and I think that has frustrated a lot of people (but it’s not like you guise can help it!) so the “negative” things seem THAT much more negative when it’s the only KMM viewers have received in a couple of weeks. Does that make sense?

          I hope that everyone settles down and is happy with life (eventually)!

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Agreed. I’d rather hear you guys talking about songs and/or videos that you like. You’ll still have “negative” things to say but seriously that’s an honest review and what I’ve always appreciated about your reviews. I like that the charts still exist for people to come together and discuss the artists/songs/MV that they enjoy, which in turn brings your attention to the videos as well us other Nasties. From there you guys, and others, are more inclined to check out a video they may not have before. I like that you still made blog reviews of the other songs on the chart and discussed what you didn’t like about it or what you did or what was middle ground for you. I’d rather have these type of KMM’s than no KMM because you don’t like any of the videos in the top three and won’t have fun reviewing any of them. Nasties still have an input, you listen to their input, but in the end it’s your show and right now I think you are doing a good job of pleasing both. Reviewing things voted in the top three and those just off it that you, yourselves like or honestly feel need to be discussed.

        • Little Dream
          Little Dream

          It’s completely ok, and I understand. But then again, WHAT ARE THE CHARTS FOR NOW? If you want to talk about stuff you like, which is perfectly fine and awesome, then the charts are completley useless. Like I said, I feel cheated not because you didn’t like the song, or the MV, but because I came here, and voted, and at the end it disn’t mean anything at all.
          I really like this KMM, belive me, I do love you, and I appreciate your opinions. But what are the votes for now?

        • Little Dream
          Little Dream

          I don’t ask you to fake your feelings, you wouldn’t be the Simon and Mrtina I’ve came to love. And I know there are people out there who do not like other people talking bad about their Oppas and unnies and bleble. But you see, I don’t mind at all. And I know that a lot of my fellow nasties feel the same. Hated it? Perfect. You go and say it. It’s your opinion. And I have a lot of fun when you make fun of things you didn’t like, even if I do like them. As I said, all my “anger” is about the “voting system”. If you’d chose F(X), I’s inderstand. You said you had the right to chose. But making a KMM with a couple of videos, and just ignoring the Top #3? The #1? That’s what I am talking about.

        • Because I can’t reply to the comments below individually, I’ll do so by name. But first, thanks everyone for contributing to the conversation:

          Emily D: It’s true. We do often say negative stuff about Kpop. I want to change that. Negative stuff makes us uncomfortable and makes viewers and commenters (and then Tumblr) uncomfortable. I don’t think it’s worth it for anyone. I’d rather talk about stuff, from now on, that we have fun with. We don’t get this kind of negativity with our FAPFAPs or WANKs or WTFs, for example. I’d like to have a pleasant vibe with all of our videos :D

          THISISJUSTFORFUNVAL: For starters, this is the first time I wrote out your full name. I pretty much remember you for your avatar and “this is” and now I’ve finally seen the entirety of your name! Woohoo! I feel like we’re closer now than ever before :D As for your comment, you pretty much nailed it! It’s like we’ve mind melded.

          LITTLE DREAM: We’re going to change the emphasis of the KpopCharts. Before it was for people to choose who we review. Then we found that we don’t like a lot of the videos that we’re told to review, and so our reviews weren’t fun to do. Now, we’re using the KpopCharts as a recommendation system. There really are far too many videos that come out in the week, and we can’t watch them all, because we have stuff to do, like TL;DRs, FAPFAPs and WANKs and WTFs and LiveChats, and opening a coffee shop, and planning even bigger things than that (seriously, we have bigger things planned as well!). The point is, we can’t spend all day every day watching Kpop videos. So, we’re using the KpopCharts to help give us suggestions as to what’s trending and what the Nasties like. Other people also use the charts for the same thing, and some have conversations in the posts :D

          So, long story short, we’re gonna change the layout and appearance of the KpopCharts soon. No more timer, no more urgency, no more “vote for this or dieeee!” kind of vibe. We’re gonna make it more casual, for us casual viewers :D

  111. I kinda agree with them on f(x) really like the music video and when I first heard the song I was a little weird our by it but now that I’ve played it a bunch of times I really like it. G.o.d’s music video is hilarious, I could not stop laughing, and I really like the song too. Girls Day I liked the song and I liked the music vie oat first and then it just got ridiculous. B1A4 all I can say about them is WOW! I Love, Love, Loooovvveeee the music video, their best video yet, I just can’t get over how aw seine this video is the concept, the graphics, the aliens, just everything is amazing it instantly became one of my favorite videos, and not to mention the song was awesome it has a summery vibe to it and finally the good summery Kpop song I’ve been waiting for.

  112. F(x) should have kept the original transition.


    • I think her lyrics make more sense than F(x)’s, but I don’t like her voice *at all*. And F(x)’s transitions seem fairly similar to this. The only difference I can see is that they put the chorus in a place where it made sense instead of repeating the verse twice for no reason. I hate that every time a k-pop group puts out a song, people have to dig up the demo that clearly went nowhere and/or accuse people of plagiarism (not saying you are, but many of the comments on Soundcloud are). It’s not a crime for SM to purchase a demo that no one is doing anything with and write new lyrics for it. A lot of American artists pass on songs and those songs go to other American artists and no one accuses them of plagiarism. I just wish people would leave this stuff alone. Let the k-pop fans listen to the music put out by the artists and leave the not as good demos be.

      • Just want to point out, too? The girl who composed the song congratulated herself and her helper people for “their number one” using F(x)’s album cover. But she didn’t think that maybe she should congratulate F(x). I mean, she really should since F(x) is the entire reason the song even became a #1. And the lyrics aren’t the same as her demo, so she didn’t “writhe the song like she claims. No one knew who this girl was or her music before now and here comes F(x) with a song she composed and she’s trying to take credit for it’s success without thanking the people who *made* it successful? I find that to be incredibly rude and self-absorbed. At least thank F(x) while you’re being self-congratulatory.

  113. Psst. Martina, I have that same hat. We are twinses. Teehee.

    I actually liked the Red light sing but it took a few listens. I actually bought the entire Fx album. It is sort of fabulous. My first fx songs I have bought too. Plus, apparently Amber wrote some of the songs too. Whee Amber, you are awesome.

  114. I really liked f(x) video and the song but I don’t know what the heck they’re singing about… “Solo day” didn’t really do it for me, I like the video but that’s it. Although there is one song on this album titled “You” feat. Sunmi (JYP)- this one is cool :)
    I was not impressed with Girl’s Day song and the video, just like you said, it made them look very stupid. But speaking of overly sexy videos, have you seen the Sistar teaser? I’m hoping they’re not going to do sth similar to “Darling”…
    G.o.d.’s video was fun to watch specially after I listened to your radio show, but the song is not that good in my opinion.
    I think violin is sexy but the Henry’s video… not so much. Song is alright though. And I’m really surprised that you didn’t mention the Ren transformation. He’s no longer super girly looking, now he reminds me a lot of Exo-m’s Luhan :)
    I’m really curious about you’re opinion on this songs and videos: History “Psycho”, Hyomin “Nice Body”, Fiestar “One more” and Wings “Blossom”.
    Songs that I can recommend to you are: Champagne and Candle “What’s my name”, Dynamic Duo “Summer time”, 40 “Black” feat. Swings, BEAST “Adrenaline” (jap. single), Bumkey “Home”, Crush “Hug me” (and the whole album :), GOT7 “Bad behaviour”, Kim Hyun Joong “Beauty beauty” and “His habit”, Verbal Jint “Just another rapper” and 2Bic “Love game”.
    Sorry for a long comment ;) Love you :*

  115. Best song & video for me from this list is definately f(x)’s ‘Red Light’. I feel pretty alone with my in music because I happen to really like my music to be very eclectic, electronic, hectic and somewhat disjointed. That’s why I loved Red Light right from the get go, this is by far my favorite song that came out this year. We tend to have differing opinions on that kind of matter. :D
    For the rest of the list: I watched the videos and I barely couldn’t even remember the songs. They all sounded so similar to me with that chipper-y and summer-y attitude, which I CANNOT STAND AT ALL. It just seemed very generic. I’m especially disappointed with Girl’s Day’s song because ‘Something’ was a FANTASTIC song. Just like you said, the new video is overtly sexual in a unappealing manner (aegyo and sexy DO NOT GO ALONG. aegyo is all about playing dumb and helpless while looking cute, being sexy is being able to tell somebody that you are the shit without even opening your mouth)

    God I hate Summer. Everbody’s like “THE SUN IS OUT LET’S PLAYYYY AND HAVE FUN!” in those videos. Are you some kind of a magic machine? Seriously. How do even have fun when the sun is burning down on your skin, it’s sweltering hot and you’re being sweaty as shit. If you’re super lucky, you feel the sweat running down your buttcrack. HOW THE HELL IS THAT FUN OR EVEN TOLERABLE? I don’t get it at all, I usually get really really cranky during summertime because I just can’t take the weather.

    And I wholeheartedly agree with what you said about Henry’s video. It’s a close competitor for the title of this year’s stupidest music video. The other comeptitor is B.A.P.’s “Where Are You?” for standing in line of a telephone booth (in the 21st century!!!!!! don’t you have cell phones) because some weirdo doesn’t stop calling somebody, while there is a perfectly fine and EMPTY phonebooth right next to it.

  116. unicornsgalaxy

    The transitions for the Bloopers are much better than the ear-piercing beep. My ears and I thank you so much! :)

  117. dramaaddict4lyfe

    in henry’s case, the painful mv was probably $M’s doing to save money (as always). but i do think you guys need to give henry’s song another chance as a whole. if you watch his live performances on inkigayo and music core, you can get a better feel of it. fantastic’s upbeat and catchy beat along with a small orchestra in the back really combine to make his performances quite worthwhile. except please don’t watch him on music bank because they zoomed in on his nether region way too often in the chorus are. erm yeah.

  118. i really love B1A4…. the song was good the music video was awesome….. and i was surprise by Nu’est

  119. Wait… so did you like Henry’s song? What about closing your eyes, ignoring the music video and only listening to the song? Because I agree that the music video was a bunch of recycled garbage. The intro was like EXO’s black and white maze with Infinite’s chasing a girl through said maze… It’s not like we haven’t seen that before earlier this year or anything.
    And I can’t believe you didn’t bring up past memories of Fantastic Elastic SHINee hehe
    But seriously. I love the song. Because it was SM I was half expecting it to drop into another awkward random dubstep breakdown but it didn’t and it was FANTASTIC. The song wasn’t trying to be anything more than it was and Henry killled it with his violin. I wouldn’t blame him if he was faking a little when they were filming though. It’s a long shoot and it’s not even a traditional violin. In his comeback stage he uses a real one, and I doubt he would use a real violin unless he really played it a little, because there’s a second performance that’s the standard lip-syncing SM stage and he uses the fancy violin.
    AND I THINK VIOLINS ARE SO COOL. Seriously I love string instruments and whenever someone is classically trained in one… augh… like I said in a youtube comment, Henry slayed me with his stupid violin.

  120. So you didn’t like Henry’s mv, but did you like the song? I loved it but I am super partial to when people add in orchestral instruments to pop songs. Not sure why I just tend to not get sick of hearing songs that do that.

  121. This one was easy for me to decide: f(x) Red Light video is a visual feast of delight, but even after half a dozen listens, I just can’t get into it (especially the chorus).

    Girl’s Day Darling, on the other hand… though I agree with you guys that the video doesn’t make logical sense, I think it fits fine with the song. It’s just a fun, bubbly song and they are just being goofy/cute in the video.

  122. fuzzybug55

    I like NU’EST’s song but I loved Bilasa! America’s known for their alien sighting oh America you and your quirks .

  123. Chikorita2Chante

    I liked all of these songs! I had to give f(x)’s song a little time to sink in after hearing it once, because damn! A lot of things are going on in this song. I feel old too… I agree with the whole summer-vibe, but the video of Orange Caramel’s “Abing abing” had that feel. Didn’t you see it? god’s mv was a bit too second hand embarrasment-esque, but I could stand to finish it after a little break. I love the song, though! Unf, jazz-esque songs. My favourite video is probably “Red light” or “Solo day”. Favourite song… Proobably the same, but I really liked “Fantastic”, so… I dunno :c

    Speaking of Old bands coming back, Fly to the Sky (The duet consisting of Brian Joo and Hwanhee) has also come back! Like for real. It’s a proper comeback and not just a K-Pop comeback. They’ve been gone and now they’re back! Anyway, for some reason, even if I haven’t listen to a lot of their music (or any, in god’s case), there is something about old K-Pop bands coming back that makes me excited, like; “Yeah! This is history!” (Not the band History…) Whatever, I’m ranting.

  124. Hey! Jazz flute is TOTALLY COOL (or at least beat boxing flute is)! Of course, I’m a huge nerd so that statement may not be totally valid :/
    Check out Greg Pattillo!

  125. f(x): liked the song but it is not my favorite off of the album (that belongs to Butterfly and Dracula is just pure fun).
    B1A4: agree on all fronts
    Girl’s Day: liked the song until they started singing if that makes sense. I really like the jazz influence kpop has had lately but I thought the melody could have fit better.
    g.o.d.: Good song, mv is entertaining, thank you for the explanation of what they were saying before hand and seeing them dance to their old hits makes me want to go find the mv’s.
    Nu’est: not a favorite
    Henry: Agree that the mv made me laugh especially the absurdity of the violin attaching to his body but I am a sucker for the incorporation of strings in music (one of my favorite rap songs begins with strings) so I really like the song.
    Note of others: C-Clown’s Let’s Love mv is meh but the beat is good. History’s Psycho I like how the song builds to the chorus. K.Will’s Day 1 The song is lovely and the mv is cute. Fiestar’s One More like Girl’s day the mv is more edits of parts of their bodies but the song is catchy. Last off some rookie groups (over 30 groups have debut so far this year) Legend’s Left Out the building in the mv is super cool song and dance are good. Bigflo’s Delilah boring box set for the mv but the song and dance is fun and the mankae (stage name High Top) has the bass voice of TOP but the sway of Zico a combination of which I approve. I’ve said to much. Bye.

  126. Nea

    Yeah Henry’s music video was kinda meh. But I’m actually quite happy about the song, I think the violin sounds really good. The beginning though…. when he’s like “gurl u fantastic u make me fly” *cringe*

  127. Mantha_SamNS

    I thought NUEST’s video brought a bunch of new stuff in. I liked the way the members were like opening doors for the camera. And I’m going to be honest, the way you guys totally disregard videos if they are sad or “whiny” is a little unfair. I get it’s not your style, but you’re not giving any of them a chance or trying to understand. 1004 was a great song and a really cool video. It was so new! Also, Good Bye Bye really reminded me of B2ST’s “Fiction” song. I’m not a fan of NUEST, but this is the only song that actually made a good impression (for me anyway).
    Anyway, I totally agree F(X) had an awesome video. This time it was amaaaazing. I really like the song though. I really like patchwork songs like this (when they can pull it off). Think of Wolf or Swing (well, just ignore the awkward dubstep in Swing); those were totally patchwork but they are interesting. It’s like a surprise.
    Love you guys. Can’t wait for your upcoming videos. ^^

  128. Definitely Bilasa ! Look at the alien abduction ! lol

  129. I like N’uest-I can’t get into the MV. The song is good but the MV is puzzling. Why eat the goldfish(?) and vomit flowers? Why does it look as if they are hanging out on a set that either was used by B.A.P. and or C-Clown?

  130. g.o.d is the best!! Huge fan here, tears came to my eyes when they released their coming back date!!! lol I think I love them just a little bit more than Epik High, but just a little bit more XD
    They also released an mv featuring Megan Lee, the story of our lives!

  131. thisisjustforfunval

    “Close your eyes, listen to the song, you’ll be happy.” Wise words Simon, wise words. Pretty much how I feel about Fiestar’s – One More. I really like the song but the MV is pretty much just ass, crotch and body shots of the girls, seriously they have beautiful faces show them! Honestly I’m kinda sick of the phrase “sexy comeback,” especially in regard to girl groups. It’s the same concept and t&a shots as all the other videos released this year. Enough of ranting.

    My fav video on your list is Solo Day. That video is just beautifully shot and edited. Bilasa had so much fun with it and the song is very summery. I haven’t seen the g.o.d video yet, which sounds like a must, but it sounds like it could become my favorite on the list. We shall see. My favorite songs/videos not on your list are actually from the end of June. Poor end of month videos in general get a bit shafted for monthly reviews, in general, not just aiming at you guys.

    Okay they are:
    K.Will – Day 1. I personally really love the joyfulness of the song, the MV is good but the live performances with his backup dancers is just perfect. Cute and quirky. Perfect fit for the song.

    Zizo – Run. This for me has been my summer jam. Not really kpop but still has this upbeat pop sound. I don’t know how to explain it. The video is fun. It’s a one shot seen through a train, that turns into a party. You should check it out.

  132. KameraKatie

    Here’s the thing with f(x) red-light. I feel like if there was something in between like the changes it would have flowed better, but instead I felt like I was getting whiplash when the changes happened. It feels like another SM song where they want to shove three different songs parts into one which is sad. Video was awesome compared to the box sets.
    Definitely liked most of the songs for this week!

    Love the new blooper format!

  133. Titi

    You should do the same thing Simon did for Girls’ Day’s music video for Henry’s video! You should close your eyes and just listen to the song! IT IS SO GOOD!
    I like B1A4′s video and g.o.d’s, better than others but Henry’s song was the BEST!

  134. I liked most songs of the lists, but seriously, the god one was epic! Its a shame they didn’t get as much attention for their long awaited comeback like Shinhwa did for example.

    • unicornsgalaxy

      I think that’s because, when Shinhwa made their comeback, it was the first time that a group made a comeback after being away for a while (in Shinhwa’s case I consider it a true comeback since they were only gone for 4 years and was only because of Military enlistment), so there was a lot more anticipation(?) since it was a ‘first’.

      Although, I think g.o.d got a lot of attention at least from news articles and stuff. I would consider that they (and Fly To The Sky) are also pulling off 1st. In g.o.d’s case they are reuniting (I call it a reunion because even though they didn’t technically disband, they had not been together as a full group for something like 9+ years) for their 15th Anniversary. But I believe that it’s just for their anniversary, and there are no real plans to continue. Idk.

      In FTTS case, they also had not been together for quite a few years due to misunderstandings, but it looks like they have plans to continue on promoting as FTTS in future.

      I don’t know if I made much sense. I’m pretty sure I just did a bunch of rambling.

  135. My fav from the list is B1A4. I’m not a BANA and I normally don’t like their songs of videos but when I watch the Solo Day MV, I can’t stop smiling all the way through to the point that I get teary eye because it is sooo good! (yes I get teary eye when watching a video that I think is great, ’cause I’m weird like that)

  136. MarvellousTurtle

    When I first listened to f(x)’s “Red Light” I thought that it’s awful, but then I’ve listened to it again and I kinda liked it. It’s nice to the moment when the chorus kicks in. Also, C-Clown’s new song is really good ;)

  137. Akira-Miyashi

    Totally love G.O.D.’s song. really laughed my ass off when I watched the music video. Love the new Meemers “indeed” blooper segmentation as well! XD So cute~

  138. I really wish you guys would do a little segment of History’s “Psycho” song and video. I have a feeling both of you would really like the group History! I love them a lot.

  139. jeevs01

    Dr.M’s additions for the blooper reel xD
    Didn’t like the mv for Henry, but I thought the song was decent haha. Oh and I liked Girls’ Day’s video…hehe :P

  140. Mariam

    I’m almost expecting to see a drama in a couple months called “Flower Boy Homeless Shelter”. (I mean- they’ve already had ramuyen shops, vegetable shops, boy bands,nail shops, coffee shops. It was inevitable.)
    Picture it: They’re poor, they’re unwashed, but still so, so beautiful. Four unemployed vagabonds with surprisingly perfect hair, and the lovable but awkward soup kitchen volunteer they all fall in love with, Flower Boy Homeless Shelter. Coming soon.

    • the insane thing is, that doesn’t sound so far off! I can totally see that drama happen, one of the hobo F4 is probably an undercover spy, another one the lost son of a chaebol family and the other two are actually twins seperated as babies at the orphanage

      • Mariam

        Yes! Birth secrets galore. And amnesia, the chaebol heir is definitely there because he was kidnapped and in the escape he hit his head and got amnesia. He has been given up for dead. His nefarious uncle discovers he is alive and spends the whole drama trying to keep Flower Boy Vagabond and his family in the dark about it so he can seize hold of the company.
        Cute but awkward soup kitchen volunteer is definitely the long lost sister of one of the boys.

    • Do not forget that one gives a necklace to someone.

  141. Blissfullygone

    Oh man! I couldn’t stop laughing During the Bloopers, I stand firm that Meemers… will become the indeed meems.

  142. A_719

    I really like that you are speaking about more music videos! I also really like F(x) music video but the song, not really. When it comes to B1A4 I really love both, the song and the video! Girl’s Day..I have only listen to it once, it didn’t get me probably because of the music video. I have to that I’m tired of these “sexy” concepts, and half naked girls everywhere. I haven’t listen much of G.o.d but be sure I will. I like Henry’s song but not the video. And for the Nu’est I really like and song and the video!
    If I had to choose my favorite song is Nu’est Good bye bye, and B1A4 Solo day music video.

  143. G.O.D actually came out with a(nother) new music video a few days ago, which is just as awesome, but much more serious in tone and what it attempts to talk about. A little bit of the effects begin to edge into the cheesy (a la Katy Perry’s Fireworks)but said effects aren’t used too often. If you guys haven’t already you should go watch it! Sad that it’s not included in this KPop Music Monday :(

  144. I really like the f(x) song. I also think the cutoff is abrupt….i wish i had the link but you guys need to listen to the original song before SM bought it. the beat makes so much sense and the build-up pays off! I see why SM felt the need to change it so that it would be different and stand on its own, but the original song is better IMO. However Red Light is still my fav song on the list. Girl’s Day…they confuse me so….when their agency said cute, i was expecting Twinkle Twinkle cute…not “oh m being sexy but also cute and m 12″ cute! Sigh….i miss their Twinkle Twinkle days though i understand why they are doing this… Complain all u want KNetz, but sex sells and that’s why all these girl groups who weren’t popular before, are popular now.

    The other 4 songs were meh for me….and I agree Henry’s video was super cheezy. Could even go past the first minute! But good for him and his rising popularity…the boy has been thru a lot!

  145. Indeed… Haha! :)

  146. RudeMinnesotan

    First: i love the new editions to your bloopers reel. XD Hysterical.
    Second: i was going to defend Henry by saying he does actually play the violin at those parts (because I watched a bunch of his lives this weekend … like all of ‘em. ….) anyhoo. He does play it . “play it” on the lives. Or it looks more like he is. In the video, yer right, he doesn’t. Lame Henry. Super lame. You can totally dance and play the violin at the same time. That’s why I fell in love with your. YER MY BIAS DO IT PROPERLY!!!
    Third: Absolutely loved Bilasa’s solo day. <<< On a note similar to this. One of my students is a huge B1A4 fan and I taught her the proper way to say the name. Bilasa. And she finds it funny. Hooray!
    Lastly: Oh. Mah. Gaw. g.o.d. was fantastic. They released like 2 other MVs as well, more ballady type ones but they were still absolutely fantastic! I got the whole album and just fell in love. (also they used to be in JYP which I feel explains the way they act in Saturday Night… lol)

    As for the songs I liked, I do have a massive bias for Henry and f(x) so I loved those. B1A4 and g.o.d. were also fantastic~
    Songs I feel like were missed were History's Psycho (but that was june) and K.Will's "Day 1" also june I think.
    I also loved Legend's song.
    Seriously totally the last thing: J-min just released a new song today called "Shine" which really reminds me of TRAX style music. K-ROCK. Kpop-Rock style so good amazing and I loved it.
    That is all.

    Can’t wait to see your video with MyChonny!
    I personally think that the Nu’est video actually the best Mv they have made so far, but the eating raw fish part and the flowers from toilet bowl part is -______-|||.
    You guys should also check GOD’S ft Megan Lee”The story of our lives” mv, it’s simple yet heart warming. ;)
    Thank you so much for working so hard on these videos, really like them!

  148. ariadne_locket

    Oh excuse me, but Meemers “Indeed” joke has to stay! I laughed soo hard really guise xD
    I like f(x)’s song ……because…… I kinda pretend that the chorus doesn’t exist………… because the rest of the song is so good…….

  149. wuwy124566

    Not to sound like a crazy fangirl (I’m not, I swear!), but I’d also like to celebrate that Jinyoung both composed and wrote the lyrics for Solo Day, along with Baro, who helped in lyric writing. Seeing Bilasa perform music they produced on their own makes them just that more awesome, I’d say.

  150. you guys work so hard! can’t wait for the video with MyChonny! but excuse me for disagreeing, violins are so cool! I had an epic 6 year crush on a cute violin player in our school orchestra in High School, violinists are sexy! but yeah him playing while dancing looks extremely fake

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