Infinite, keep it up. We only know three of your videos and you haven’t let us down yet. “Before the Dawn” was totally epic, and it’s a shame we didn’t get to review it. We finally got to review an Infinite video with “Nothing’s Over” a while ago, and we totally fell in love with the video. It wasn’t a serious badass video like BTD, but it still refused to fall into the lazy cheesy plotless fangirl video pattern. The video had a plot, had a really cool concept, and refused to degrade into a “look at me I’m so cute” kind of video. Awesome.

And then Infinite comes out with “Be Mine,” which shows that they’re not letting up at all. The song feels totally like an awesome anime action ass-kicking. Seriously! What a great song! And the video, although a wee bit confusing, doesn’t suck terribly. And that makes us happy. Seriously. Well done, Infinite!

Just…um, could someone come to a real explanation of the video for us? We know the lyrics are suggesting something about protection, that they’ll be there for you, they’ll protect you, so on and so forth, but…man, if that’s what the song’s about, then the video is kinda the totally opposite of protection. The MV begins with the female lead entering a taped off crime scene room where suspicious notes, pictures, and a 007-esque suit lay sprawled about indicating some secret hideout. Now this is already weird to begin with because usually a taped off room means a crime has already been committed so, either the police can predict the future, or she’s really stupid for returning to a crime scene. Suddenly a car crashes through the cement wall (okay) and bullets start flying from an invisible source. Of course, she starts screaming and crouches to the ground in terror (as the lyrics ironically blare about protecting her) as various Infinite members stand around looking sad.

Infinite Bad Defence

Here's the plan: you scream, and I'll just...stand here

If they’re supposed to be protecting her, they really seem to suck at it. Why is he standing back to back with her while she’s screaming her head off? And why is the other guy kneeling in front of her while she’s clearly terrified? Why not do something like, hey, flatten to the ground, and roll for cover. Standing and staring at a girl being shot at isn’t really in her best interest. Hey! If you’re as impervious to bullets as you seem to be, how about you stop that shooter from going nuts and shooting up the room so much?

We had a long winded theory that maybe they were all a part of the same mafia gang and Infinite was killed in that room, and so she re-visits the place only to be attacked by the same attackers *deep-breath-of-air* and they’re all hanging around as ghosts who feel sad to see that they ironically cannot protect her. Maybe they’re radiating an aura of protection that protects her from the bullets, but she’s unaware of this aura? I dunno. We prefer the vampire theory. Vampires aren’t afraid of your stupid bullets, angry gunman. Wait…who’s the gunman anyway? Why is the place getting shot up? And what’s up with those old movies that I’m sure the video producers didn’t get permission to use?

Romance Infinite Crime

Romance Infinite Crime

Just when we thought we figured it out, we saw “True Blood” in backwards letters on the other side of the wall that the car crashed through. In the crime scene, we see the front half of the car, while during Infinite’s dance sequences, we see the back of it. So…they are dancing around outside while a girl’s getting shot at inside? And why does the wall outside also say “Infinite Crime”? And something about Romance? Being shot at is not romantic. And last confusing point, where does the song title come into play? “BE MINE” = ?????

Oh hell, we’re too confused. Why are kpop videos so confusing? We’re used to the whole “wow that looks cool” premise in Kpop videos, but we’d just like to be able to follow along with the story of a kpop video now and not scratch our heads by the end of it.

On a side note: you know what the best thing about reviewing this video is? NOT GETTING ANY MORE VOTES FOR IT. Holy butterslaps! Infinite fans are really, really dedicated. This video got over 6000 votes in the past week alone via email. GADZOOKS! We don’t get those kinds of numbers unless Big Bang’s releasing a video. We’ve also been hearing from other people non-stop about Infinite. We spoke with some people this weekend and they said that they were at a Music Core performance, and when Infinite was on stage the fans lost their minds and screamed louder than every single fan group there that day. Not that we’re upset about all of the votes, or upset that their fans scream the loudest. We just didn’t know that Infinite were this big, and we’re also happy now that we’re gonna be able to finally have a less explodey inbox. That is, until the new Super Junior video comes out.

Anyhow, since this is an awesome song and album, make sure you pick up Infinite’s “Be Mine” album. It ships internationally. Woot woot!

  1. lol i was watching the bloopers and you siad thunder, there was thunder here and i thought you had jut put in sound effect till the bloopers ended kekekekeke :D

  2. i dont think there is any real danger going on i think someone she loved was killed and she is remembering it…


  4. love this song to bits and pieces!!! and i’m so glad they got their first win
    in a music program with this song, they totally deserved it! <3
    oh and about the video, well, the song title is 'be mine' right?
    it's right there in the chorus, only it's in korean, but i'm sure you know that.
    the guy is asking the girl to be his, because she was in love with another guy, see?
    but she was hurting, and then they broke up, but she's still hurting, i wonder why.
    and this guy can see that, but he can only watch, and couldn't do anything about it,
    just like how he's watching her getting shot at, but just stand there helpless, not being able to do anything about it.
    so the song keeps saying 'be mine', because if the girl is with him, he would never hurt her,
    because he was always there for her, watching her, but i guess she didn't realise that.
    again, i wonder why. at least, that's what i understood from the song's translations.
    wow, talk about writing an essay. haha, sorry guys, it's just that, i thought you needed someone
    to explain the music video. i'm sure someone's already done that, i just can't resist. LOL.
    ookay, this will get longer, so i better stop here.

  5. buhahahahahha this vid totally cracked me up XDDD Simon as a vampire = epic win~♥ damn how much i love ya guyz… XD i even made a fan art yay~!! XD http://madziavelmadzik.deviantart.com/#/d48jb1d hope u’ll like it (:

  6. buhahahahahha this vid totally cracked me up XDDD Simon as a vampire = epic win~♥ damn how much i love ya guyz… XD i even made a fan art yay~!! XD http://madziavelmadzik.deviantart.com/#/d48jb1d hope u’ll like it (:

  7. I love your earrings, they are AWESOME!! BTW, may I share your video on my facebook wall? I just did but if you don’t want, I’ll remove it. I didn’t mean to be rude but if I did, I am sorry. :(

  8. Is it weird that I keep coming back here to listen to the anime song? XD

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  10. This song gets a thumbs up in my book! Oh 90s synth pop where have you gone to!?
    Also, the video isn’t so confusing as much as their hilariously blank faces during the “video” scenes. I’m like, dude! Girl behind you just fainted! Why don’t you look concerned?


  12. orange caramel….. obvisly

  13. I’m sorry Martina but I just have to say it. You make a pretty attractive guy with that wig on.. :)

  14. Yeah, totallyyyyyy “Magic Girl”…
    I mean, they even look like anime characters! 

  15. Orange Caramel with Magic Girl definitely wins…
    And for next week, you have to do a review of Mr. Simple by Super Junior! :)

  16. I love this song thanks for reviewing it and i actually didn’t found it confusing at all (well maby a little bit)  i mean i think they did protect her so this is my way of understanding the MV:

    their was this chase between infinite and some other gang
    (wich we didn’t get to see because thei are not important)
    but not just infinite was involved but also this girl ( who is stunning bautiful how come you didn’t mention that =) )
    they are driving in this car and get distracted by the bullets and drive into the wall by accident then the shooting continuous and everybody dies
    but oh what a miricale she survives and runs for her live
    and what we see is she maby some hours or days later when she returns to the

  17. Ah Man 2NE1 Didnt make it :( And I missed the deadline for kpop mondays :(

  18. super junior~!! over 3mill hits in 2 days~! please?~~pretty please?~

  19. please,please do super junior’s mr simple :D

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  21. super junior_ mr simple MV released. and i’m so wondering about your wiew. Please Please Please next Kpop monday will be Super Junior- MR. Simple.
    i want this because i think MV is kinda funny. while i was watching the MV, i was thinking like “what will martina say about dance? what will simon say about the clothes? The starting part is even worth for a single kpop monday.
    This MV

  22. awww i got two songs to request! “SUPER JUNIOR – MR SIMPLE” and “2NE1 – UGLY”

  23. Why not do something for old timer? Celebrate his legal problems getting done with.
    Seo Taiji and Boys Nan Arayo
    Heres Rain, Hyori and Se7en dancing to it.

    They say without him Kpop would not be what it is now. He began to incorporate contemporary American dance and songs into Korean Pop. You can see that he pretty much incorporate rap into it. This songs date around 1992.

  24. yehh MR SIMPLE next week!! E.L.F. Fighting!!! Super Junior Fighting!! 

  25. i feel so touched at the last paragraph =’)  ohh i mean the second last one..lol

  26. Lol seriously you say Infinite fans and Big Bang fans…what about ELFs???

  27. Lmfao I love your anime opening song! <3

    too bad your married…

  29. Why did I get the impression, that for once Spudgy was TOTALLY aware of whats he’s dancing? 

    I just love Infinite. And I personally think they are underrated.

  30. I was just wondering if Martina´s clothes are a prank linked to an excessive exposure mentioned in a recent video: http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/modesty-in-korean-fashion/

  31. ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ did you made your SOJU earings???

  32. Magic Girl for the anime song.

  33. Flash Oh! Super Cop V was amazing… the music just… perfect

  34. YES, INFINITE! <3
    I didn't get the story line either but now I actually get it by the people's comment below ^^
    I totally love the song & MV :) Infinite<3

  35. Ugh. Orange Caramel definitely wins this one.

  36. I’m sorry for completely missing the point but the moment I saw ” That is, until the new Super Junior video comes out.” I lost my mind and screamed (inside my head) “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” and I would like to confess I’ve already voted for it thrice even though the video isn’t even out yet. o/ yay me.


  37. LOL ROMANCE INFINITE CRIME! I’ll never get to forget that XD I think..

  38. Holy moly roly poly! When I voted for this, 2NE1 was in front by farrr. Honestly didn’t think Infinite would win this week! Oh and Infinite themselves said that their dance is the Spiderman dance :)

  39. Magic Girl definitely. The song reminds me of the opening themese of thos 90s anime ..
    and as for the showdown results, Miss A did not lose because BEG had the better bomb. THey got pwned cause they went up against BEG, period.
    Havent you heard BEG say “RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!”  :P

  40. Infinite has 2 other vid — ‘She’s Back’ and ‘Come back again’. you gaise shld watch it. lmao

  41. I was like anime yay 2NE1 won! And then I started watching the video and was like oh… not 2NE1… sad face.

  42. After School Red After School Blue 2NE1 Ugleyyyyy

  43. Oh gosh, when I saw that this was going to be the ‘anime edition’, I thought that it was going to be ‘Hate You’. 
    I was so happy when I saw that you reviewed ‘Be Mine’. It’s a great song, huh? But I think you guys didn’t notice the 2 choreography mistakes in the video, lol. The choreography was really good though. Their synchronization… <3
    Wait… more than 6000 votes? I'm pretty sure I voted for them more than 50 times, haha. Inspirits are dedicated, you're right about that. There was never a day when an Inspirit didn't comment 'Don't forget to vote for Infinite for Music Monday' on their MV. <3

  44. I just started watching Infinite’s Kkaeal Player yesterday, and I have to say that I’m turning into quite a fan. I’ve seen their music videos and heard their songs and i freaking love all of them! They have fantastic choreography and Simon and Martina are right, I love that they aren’t falling into the ‘cutesy, look-at-me’ type of boy group (Oh MBLAQ, you know I still love you).
    Hwaiting Infinite!!!

  45. Defiantly Magic Girl! :)

  46. “i got to change my aeygo on him”

    it never work..

    *gasp*  the face made me laugh haha

  47. the guy on the left forgot on the clip slightly forgot his choreography

  48. i never thought of Be Mine as anything to do with anime .___. 
    Magic Girl made me think of an anime theme song straightaway though. Magic Girl has my vote.

  49. you guys are awesome!!! i literally visit ur blog  at least 3x a day… thanks for all your hard work ur the best! fighting!  

  50. In my side the MV said … a man who can’t protect his girl ’cause he was dead.
    So he just look at her and beside her like a ghost but can’t do anything.
    I like this song too.
    Good job INFINITE!!!

  51. Martinaaaa i like your earring XD is so kawaii

  52. It’s been said that the crime scene was the state of the girl’s mind, like in chaos and what not. And infinite are trying to say, I won’t do that to you, blah blah blah, so on and so forth. I guess something happened to her before that turned her mindstate into chaos and Infinite are saying, if you be mine then i won’t let that happen to you.

  53. Actually I thought this video was about the girl who goes back to the scene (where her numerous boyfriends were killed/shot/disappeared) and she remembers everything so she screams and hence loses her mind. And the guys standing near her is how they were when they were killed or something, and the girl wasn’t there? Wait, I am confusing myself. But basically it’s that the guys all sacrificed for one girl. …um, right?

  54. I love this song and video! I vote Infinite!
    Also you can check our comic version that we made on friday, it’s an alternative of what could have happened in the video xD http://cuentoscoreanos.com/2011/07/29/infinitebemine/ Spanish speakers can enjoy it more! Thanks :)

  55. The best theory I have for an explanation for the video is that the place that the girl is in kind represents her heart and how damage it is. L (the one driving the car) was her lover and he hurt her a.k.a driving a hole through the wall of her heart. That’s why you have all the do not cross tape kinda like do not enter because she’s been hurt over and over again.  Then the bullets fly everywhere representing all the pain she is feeling. The other members are there, kind of like they are somewhere in her heart, but the place in her heart for them is not big enough so they can’t do anything so that’s why they can just stand there and look sad. At the end they start getting effected by all the bullets and what not flying around because they are getting hurt seeing her in pain. As to which the song is about them telling her to become theirs because than they would be able to protect her from all that happening and make her happy. If it doesn’t represent her heart then her love or something. Thats the best i got.

  56. Am I the only person in the world to notice that the woman in the cop show in the mirror of the car at 0:50 is CYBILL SHEPHERD FROM MOONLIGHTING? I instantly love this video.

  57. ♥ Infinite has my vote

  58. jajajaja!!!! Ok I pick Infinite!!

  59. be mine comes in when they say naekkohaja in the chorus :)

  60. Poor girl. She was probably so excited when she found out she’d be in an Infinite video. And then this happened.

    If you want my (rather made up) theory, it looks more like the girl snuck into Infinite’s “No Girls Allowed” clubhouse and set off their extensive set of booby traps. The boys are just upset that their root beer bottles are being shot up and they have to buy a new James Bond suit.


  62. OMG. I so expected 2ne1 to win over Infinite! Good job inspirits!

  63. Wow. Anime edition. Way to make everyone think it was gonna be Hate You haha. How did 2NE1 not win?? They had 2, TWO! amazing songs that could have been reviewed this week :/

  64. The song lyrics are about a girl that they have seen get into all these relationships that always end badly with her hurt at the end. Seeing her always so hurt also hurts them and they are telling her to just be theirs b/c they are the ones truly love her/care for her/wants to protect her. So, the video is representing that pain that she feels in her bad relationship and how much pain they feel seeing her that way. 

    Crime Scene = bad relationship
    Bullets flying around everywhere = girl’s emotional state (hurt and in pain due to the bad relationship)
    INFINITE in the crime scene watching the girl with bullets flying around them = Infinite wanting to protect her from more pain and suffering and watching the girl in pain makes them suffer too

  65. omg martina’s Soju earrings!! lol

  66. ITS THAT TIME AGAIN! You already know it’s coming too. Super Junior is back! muwahaha! >:}

  67. I’ll NEVER pick Orange Caramel. That song haunted my dreams ugh. >,<' So.. INFINITE!!! Plus that intro is perfect ..seriously…come on.

  68. Darn, I was hoping for Teen Top to come on!

    But yeah, the more anime-ish song? I’d have to vote for Magic Girl, seems like one of those cute-sy anime openings or ending themes.

  69. I love both songs but my vote has to go to Orange Caramel…
    Thanks for the awesome video, I was happy to see Mordney!

  70. “We had a long winded theory that maybe they were all a part of the same
    mafia gang and Infinite was killed in that room, and so she re-visits
    the place only to be attacked by the same attackers *deep-breath-of-air*
    and they’re all hanging around as ghosts who feel sad to see that they
    ironically cannot protect her.”

    Hm, I thought the same thing… ish. I think it’s more like Infinite got killed at this crime scene and this girl (who likes them?) is visiting the scene to then “see” how they got killed (like time travel? I think it’s in black and white because it’s showing the past). I don’t think someone is trying to kill her but rather she’s seeing the bullets that killed each of the members.

    There are definitely inconsistencies w/ this theory, but then again, these videos probably don’t have the intention of making 100% sense.

  71. Thank you for making Be Mine :D. I like 2NE1 but I think INFINITE deserves more attention because they’re great.
    Infinite fighting!! 

  72. Orange Caramel Magic Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Infinite got awfully close to doing the adorable-MV-Cliche in “She’s Back”, but the song was good so it was acceptable. I like your guyses ghost aura theory haha. Glad to see Infinite is finally getting the recognition they deserve. I dug them way back when they did “Come Back Again”, and never stopped. Their crisp and unique choreography + legitimate vocals are great. I would describe their style as “quality”.

    Oh and my vote goes for Orange Caramel, it is just too Anime-y

  74. the “Be mine” part is in korean so…yeah. hahaha

  75. I think it says Infinite romance infinite crime..

  76. ahhhh infinite!! it sounds like an epic anime opening.. and while magic girl’s still pretty darn anime-esque, no one can deny the epic pwn of action anime over cutesy shoujo anime :D

    i’m so glad you guys did infinite’s be mine! hopefully those eatyourkimchi viewers that didn’t already check them out with nothing’s over will finally recognize the awesomeness known as infinite<3 i'll also come forth as a multiple voter HAHA but only maybe like 4 times… i'm a huge fan of 2ne1 but 1.) i've had a recent infinite craze and 2.) 2ne1's getting enough publicity for their badassery, might as well give it to a band that can really use the boost :)

  77. From what I can tell by listening with the translation I think the purpose of the video is not about them protecting her, but wanting to protect her and not being able to. They mention how much it hurts when they see her in pain, and not wanting her to go on a harder path. I think the video is showcasing how hard it is to love someone and want to protect them, when they put themselves in danger, and there is nothing you can do until they step away and let you help them. 

  78. This is the funniest birthday present I’ve gotten yet…^^…thanks guys!!!

  79. Infinite for the showdown.
    I almost made it though Orange Caramel’s song..i really hate the cutsy cutsy girl band sound! It Sounds like the kind of song that would be a anime theme song for a high school romance…not my fav anime.Infinite’s song…wow…listened to it twice, looked up their channel on youtube, and subscribed. The middle dance part’s music sorta made me think of Super Mario Bros World.  This would be a theme song for an anime i’d watch. Defending the Universe from Evil :)  YAY INFINITE!

  80. I love Be Mine.. but Orange Caramel’s song is more anime xD

    LMAO yes Super Junior’s comeback is under way >:)

  81. They should do Starlight Moonlight by Secret! That girl group needs more love! 
    or…should I even suggest Boyfriend by Boyfriend XD

  82. I’ll be the first to come clean about voting for Infinite multiple times.

    Mostly because I was paranoid that they’d lose to 2NE1′s Hate You, and later, 2NE1′s Ugly. 
    Trust, I have nothing against 2NE1 but, you have to admit: it’d almost be admirable how batshit-crazy Blackjacks get whenever they release a new MV, if it weren’t so freaking scary…

  83. ok i think mv producers just go for oh this looks cool put it in the music video but the idea of the mv should really be. oh hey theres a girl getting shot why dont you go and oh i dont know protect her? or maybe bring down the shooter. like standing there looking sad aint helping anyone buddy.

  84. This was a very tough decision, but I think Orange Caramel’s song is more anime. 

  85. Acting supercute is going to cause me to barf. I guess I am allergic to that. I’m finding a disturbing trend in Kpop, Music Video concepts that don’t make any sense.

  86. It’s about
    silent protector, you know kind of like Young Hwa in Your Beautiful. Korea
    love this stuff, idk. 

    I’m glad that
    you reviewed “Be mine” because I love this song, and I love the dance
    too. Song has this 80′ Modern Talking vibration which I LOVE! 

    But I hoped
    you’ll do Teen Top too, not because I like the MV but because I want to laugh
    about it as much as I can, because it was sooooo bad. But with Super Junior’s
    comeback I can’t even wish about that. Anyway Super Junior will be good too~ since
    they have UBERSEXUAL concept XD


  87. I think “Magic Girl” sounds more animeish. 

    OMG I never noticed the True Blood writing on the wall!! I love True Blood and Infinite so it just made my day lol. 

    And sorry about destroying your inbox heh heh i sent in votes for Infinite too.

  88. xD Im like nooo!! my name wasnt on the list xD even though i voted for it then im like…. oh “and 6000 others” xD xD xD 

  89. Freaking vampires! Keep your hands out of my Kpop! hahahahaha!!!!!!

  90. so it’s completely confusing but extremely awesome at the same time? I dunno guys, but a confusing music video equals a terrible music video in my book. Sorry, but this would have been so much cooler if I had a clue what was going on. Not even the vampire theory really works here. 

    P.S don’t you guys usually dock English points for bad English on the sets? you did it for Dalmatian and 2NE1, why does “Romance Infinite Crime” get a pass?

  91. My response to your question: “where does the song title come into play? “BE MINE” = ?????”
    They actually sing it everytime in the chorus -> 내꺼하자 [nae-kko-ha-ja] means be mine^^

  92. It’s wonderful to see u 2 interested in INFINITE
    INFINITE is sooooo underrated but the best part of it is INFINITE’s fans are super duper dedicated!
    *and i’m proud to be one of them ^^~*
    so, my vote goes to INFINITE

  93. Showdown: Orange Caramel’s “Magic Girl”. It maintains the Anime theme song feel throughout the entire song. It feels like “Be Mine” loses the Anime feel at times.

  94. Infinite is seriously underrated, I’m just glad  that they’re finally getting recognition that they deserved. They really are a bunch of talented people, inspirits keep loving them !

  95. I don’t understand how Inspirits could take down your site……but we can’t get Infinite a win :(
    Lol, we are in a league with VIP’s now?  Good ^.^

    I will say Infinite’s Be Mine is more anime mainly because I am one of their super fangirls and will pick them over anyone (as long as the category isn’t insulting *cough*)

  96. I think it says, Infinite Romance Infinite Crime

  97. Martina, you’re cute with that pink wig? Just like a Charlie’s Angel. Or Simon’s Angel.

  98. and 6000 others who couldn’t make the list xD

  99. I’ve gotta vote for Orange Caramel, mainly because this Infinite’s song… for whatever reason… reminds me of Modern Talking! Especially the chorus. Very much XD. You can actually sing along ‘Brother Louie’, it’s just faster…

  100. This MM is so hilarious! ^^ So we have another Vampire kpop group.. I knew that something wrong with Infinite… ^^
    I love BE MINE, I love dance, I love new Infinite’s album, and so I think I’m fall in love with Infinite.. I agree with you that Infinite don’t use “aegyo power” like B1A4, Boyfriend or Teen Top(but I still like Teen Top^^) Maybe that’s why I so much like Block B and Infinite.I give my vote to Orange Caramel ^^

  101. Yeah, you better be ready for the influx of requests that will come from Super Junior’s MV release.  Allkpop’s servers crashed multiple times when the teaser was released and then again when the selected audio tracks were uploaded.

    Not to mention that Super Junior’s official website had been down for DAYS before the teasers were released.

  102. Showdown: two thumbs up here for Orange Caramel Magic Girl. When the music starts it screams anime to me. Love Mordney btw.  

  103. Simon makes a great vampire ^-^

    • Mordney is the greatest vampire ever. True Blood´s Eric or Twilight´s Edward….goddammit, who are they? Mordney RULEZZZ!!! :)

      At first I wasn´t sure if I saw the same video as Simon and Martina because I couldn´t remember any 80´s music part or any anime part either. And I´m still wondering what were these comments all about…

      N.B. Thank for Infinite. In Crunch July review I stated that it´s one of the song I liked the most in last month.

  104. i aldo did not get the video at first, but then i read carmendove review about it, it stated to make sense to me : “  At first I couldn’t figure out how the song and video related but after watching it a few times, it started making sense. The song is telling the story of a guy who watches the girl he likes get hurt over and over again. He wants to be there for her but instead of immediately swooping in, he waits and protects her from afar while hoping she’ll eventually turn around and see him. Like the scene where Sungjong is standing against/protecting her back and when she falls, he looks to make sure she’s okay but doesn’t do anything else. I think that’s a terrible message to be sending but Korea seems to love these “silent protectors who never ask for anything in return” type of characters.” ( all thsi belongs to dear carmendove , who subs asian videos, and shares these things with poor people( in knowledge side)) . the more i watch this video, the more i get it…thank you for your time

  105. First I have to say I LOVE how Infinite’s getting the attention they deserved. Dedicated fans are dedicated. :)

    And as for the video, I think it fits well with the song, since its about a guy asking the girl he likes to come to him instead of getting hurt over again. 

    Like at the start of the vid, the girl dramatically yearns for this suit which represents the ‘other guy’, and immediately gets shot by bullets. While the Infinite boys just watch from afar, outside the ‘crime scene’. They make sure she’s okay, but don’t do anything about it. I think the video’s message is parallel to that of the song’. Horrible message to send imo, but I guess Korea loves the ‘silent protector’ type lol.

    And for the random movie scenes on the TV, I guess it portrays their thoughts, like wanting to shoot the ‘other guy’ and be with the girl (?). This is just my take on it of course, other people may interpret it differently. The whole MV is really really well made, and there’s a lot of meaning behind it.

    Hee hee, I’m really glad you reviewed this, you have NO IDEA how Inspirits were spreading the message everywhere to vote. And I litereally mean EVERYWHERE. ;)

  106. infinite!!!! yeah!!! wohooo!!!!

  107. 6000 votes via mail? Great job, Inspirits! <3

  108. wow! so much extra added fun in the video!!! tho i think my favourite was the F-art teaser!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE FULL MV TO BE RELEASED!!!

    also, totally enjoying the wallpaper you have there!! simon singing that was stuck in my head ALL NIGHT LONG!!! :D :D :D

  109. wow I didnt know there were so many Infinity fans. Btw, Simon I love ur shirt again! Robot dancing contest, lol. Btw, what does ur computer’s wallpaper say? I couldnt make out the letters.

  110. Just so you know, based on the teaser and the fact I hate the song (even though I admit it is horribly addictive)  I will NOT be asking you to review Mr Simple.

    ~signed, one horribly disappointed (thought I was really kind of expecting it at this point) Super Junior fan.

  111. thanks so much for doing Be Mine <3
    and yes, we inspirits are pretty dedicated (x

  112. Thank you for doing Infinite XD

  113. YES! I have fallen in love with this song! It is on constant replay at work, in my car and at home. It’s sooo…catchy!


  114. Thank you, i have been waiting for this video..
    and Martina i LOVE ur earrings!! so cute!!
    oh, and i think Infinite’s video sounds more animated.. ;)

  115. LOL Your moment from Princess’ Bride XD <3

  116. Yeahhh, I don’t think your inbox will be less explodey this incoming week. You know, with Mr. Simple and all…

  117. LOL Simon, Martina, beware for the flood of ELFs comin at ya! 8D

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