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Infinite – Be Mine: Kpop Music Mondays

August 2, 2011


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Infinite, keep it up. We only know three of your videos and you haven’t let us down yet. “Before the Dawn” was totally epic, and it’s a shame we didn’t get to review it. We finally got to review an Infinite video with “Nothing’s Over” a while ago, and we totally fell in love with the video. It wasn’t a serious badass video like BTD, but it still refused to fall into the lazy cheesy plotless fangirl video pattern. The video had a plot, had a really cool concept, and refused to degrade into a “look at me I’m so cute” kind of video. Awesome.

And then Infinite comes out with “Be Mine,” which shows that they’re not letting up at all. The song feels totally like an awesome anime action ass-kicking. Seriously! What a great song! And the video, although a wee bit confusing, doesn’t suck terribly. And that makes us happy. Seriously. Well done, Infinite!

Just…um, could someone come to a real explanation of the video for us? We know the lyrics are suggesting something about protection, that they’ll be there for you, they’ll protect you, so on and so forth, but…man, if that’s what the song’s about, then the video is kinda the totally opposite of protection. The MV begins with the female lead entering a taped off crime scene room where suspicious notes, pictures, and a 007-esque suit lay sprawled about indicating some secret hideout. Now this is already weird to begin with because usually a taped off room means a crime has already been committed so, either the police can predict the future, or she’s really stupid for returning to a crime scene. Suddenly a car crashes through the cement wall (okay) and bullets start flying from an invisible source. Of course, she starts screaming and crouches to the ground in terror (as the lyrics ironically blare about protecting her) as various Infinite members stand around looking sad.

Infinite Bad Defence

Here's the plan: you scream, and I'll just...stand here

If they’re supposed to be protecting her, they really seem to suck at it. Why is he standing back to back with her while she’s screaming her head off? And why is the other guy kneeling in front of her while she’s clearly terrified? Why not do something like, hey, flatten to the ground, and roll for cover. Standing and staring at a girl being shot at isn’t really in her best interest. Hey! If you’re as impervious to bullets as you seem to be, how about you stop that shooter from going nuts and shooting up the room so much?

We had a long winded theory that maybe they were all a part of the same mafia gang and Infinite was killed in that room, and so she re-visits the place only to be attacked by the same attackers *deep-breath-of-air* and they’re all hanging around as ghosts who feel sad to see that they ironically cannot protect her. Maybe they’re radiating an aura of protection that protects her from the bullets, but she’s unaware of this aura? I dunno. We prefer the vampire theory. Vampires aren’t afraid of your stupid bullets, angry gunman. Wait…who’s the gunman anyway? Why is the place getting shot up? And what’s up with those old movies that I’m sure the video producers didn’t get permission to use?

Romance Infinite Crime

Romance Infinite Crime

Just when we thought we figured it out, we saw “True Blood” in backwards letters on the other side of the wall that the car crashed through. In the crime scene, we see the front half of the car, while during Infinite’s dance sequences, we see the back of it. So…they are dancing around outside while a girl’s getting shot at inside? And why does the wall outside also say “Infinite Crime”? And something about Romance? Being shot at is not romantic. And last confusing point, where does the song title come into play? “BE MINE” = ?????

Oh hell, we’re too confused. Why are kpop videos so confusing? We’re used to the whole “wow that looks cool” premise in Kpop videos, but we’d just like to be able to follow along with the story of a kpop video now and not scratch our heads by the end of it.

On a side note: you know what the best thing about reviewing this video is? NOT GETTING ANY MORE VOTES FOR IT. Holy butterslaps! Infinite fans are really, really dedicated. This video got over 6000 votes in the past week alone via email. GADZOOKS! We don’t get those kinds of numbers unless Big Bang’s releasing a video. We’ve also been hearing from other people non-stop about Infinite. We spoke with some people this weekend and they said that they were at a Music Core performance, and when Infinite was on stage the fans lost their minds and screamed louder than every single fan group there that day. Not that we’re upset about all of the votes, or upset that their fans scream the loudest. We just didn’t know that Infinite were this big, and we’re also happy now that we’re gonna be able to finally have a less explodey inbox. That is, until the new Super Junior video comes out.

Anyhow, since this is an awesome song and album, make sure you pick up Infinite’s “Be Mine” album. It ships internationally. Woot woot!



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