Hi guise! And welcome to the new comment system on Eatyourkimchi! We hope you like it. Let us know what you think in our new comments below! But first, we’re gonna talk a bit more about Infinite’s “Last Romeo” for this week’s Kpop Music Monday! Check out the video if you haven’t seen it yet:


Ok, so we adapted a symbolic approach to watching this video, and we saw it all as representing trapped gas. Because that’s how we roll. Because, otherwise, we would have been too frustrated with this video. The whole reaching through the bookshelves scene made us scream in frustration. WALK AROUND THE DAMN SHELF! The girl does it a few seconds later! Don’t just fall to the ground and cry like a…nevermind. Or push the shelf over! Hot damn what’s wrong with you boi?!

And then, at the end of the video, when he’s in the room and the earthquake hits, instead of him hiding under a desk, he gets a really bad headache and starts yelling. Books explode into the room. He still yells. Books explode very slowly. He yells very slowly. Yells until the world dissolves and he’s just goddamned floating on a steam cloud and flailing around. He dies, still floating on the cloud. What the hell is this crap? Must be farts. That’s the only answer I’ll accept.

Sad thing we cut out from this video because of a fake fire: we had something along the lines of “Why did Infinite get such a low budget movie? Weren’t they just bought out by SM? Oh…wait.” Ha! No KMM is complete without a jab at SM :D

And another thing: please, more lip rubbing. The 10 seconds spent on rubbing your lip while singing wasn’t ridiculous enough. Your hand should be pulling on your lip for the entirety of the video. More lip rub = more successful video. Ok snark aside, whoa, that was pretty ridiculous.

For this week’s poll, let us know what blue moody clocky video you preferred:

So yeah! That’s it for this week’s Kpop Music Monday. We’ve got a few bloopers, but not as many as we would normally, because we couldn’t film the skits we had planned. Check em out if you’d like to see us be a bit more silly:


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  1. fuzzybug55

    I feel really bad for the other members noses. :(

  2. Jem! Jem is excitement oh
    Jem! Jem is adventure oh
    Glamour and glitter
    Fashion and fame

    Jem (J
    Jem (Jem is excitement) oh
    Jem (Jem is adventure) oh
    Glamour and glitter
    Jem is truly outrageous
    (Truly, truly, truly outrageous)
    Oh whoa Jem (Jem)
    The music contagious (outrageous)
    Jem is my name
    No one else is the same

    Flashback here (and ironically, yes, it was After School – whoa, spooky)…

    Soon you will be doing Mysterious Cities of Gold. Anyone??? I seem to alway be the only one who remembers this…

  3. HunHanInNeverland

    The Last Romeo isn’t Infinite’s A grade material, but Shower (last song in the album) Is absolutely AMAZING! I have no idea why it isn’t the title track for this album (though maybe it has something to do with lyrics) but it’s been stuck in repeat both in my head and on my ipod since the album came out. Seriously, its really worth listening to!

  4. This is not K-Pop related, but could the EYK crew make a dance cover of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”? PLEAAASEEE!

  5. I have a wish for coming KMM. Can you give some tips on good korean rock music? When I am feeling down, a K-pop song à la Super Junior or U-Kiss just won’t do. Then I need more like B.A.P.s Warrior or One Shot.Are there any good rock groups in Korea? Can you even start to compare them to western rock bands? Thanks and keep on the good work guys! You are amazing! :D

  6. I always think of arashi’s monster when I see UKiss Tick tack! It really has damn same clock!

  7. Soeheng90

    OMG this video was hilarious! I don’t really like the MV either, but the song is okay. It’s not my favorite INFINITE song. Now I just need to listen to the rest of he songs on the album :)

  8. Oh gosh I was eating some kimbap and almost choked laughing when Simon was explaining the mv with fart jokes haha

  9. T-T wants the meemers shirt. also, epic fart joke, I applaud you, and also, I’m very curious now what you think of VIXX’s new song. I like it but I don’t love it. I prefer the other 2 songs on their album actually. Still, it’s a good song, with a clock! and some nice dance moves. Chaos will always be my fav VIXX song though.

  10. shelbertLemon

    Hahaha my goodness that was the best Romeo story ever! Holy fartsizzles! Haha and I loved the Taken quote from spudgy.. So good! Keep up the great work guys! I’ve been missing your kpop music Mondays when you just take the Mickey out of silly things in the video and it doesn’t mean you hate the group.

  11. Arissachan=D

    Okay, so Last Romeo was a bit… Well, uh… Disjointed? Either way, nice job with this video! CLACKER BLACKER! But I honestly was hoping Vixx was going to be next… Can they be next? ETERNITY!!

  12. Some super fab fartjokes you guys

  13. XD I’m sorry I can’t get passed the blooper video I almost fell off my chair laughing. But besides that I’m not sure how I like Infinite’s Last Romeo it kind of was all over the place to me. Not a fan of the crotch grabbing, I mean come on guys do that in public here and its just disgusting to me. I don’t like it at all it just seems degrading themselves but I don’t know anything so yeah. But besides that I’m not really into the whole Romeo and Juliette romance thing it just is to sad of a romantic tragedy to me.

  14. Newbie here. On quite shallow level, i love the black lace jackets. The guys look and sing very fine. Overall, dramatic, distracting, silly. Least favorite is syncronized crotch grabs. Who really likes that?
    I guess i better look up past stuff. Thanks for bringing them forward.

  15. I really like the new comment section! One question – will you still keep “Next Post” and “Previous Post” buttons on the blog posts?

  16. Do you guise ever create playlists in ITunes that people can purchase and download? I find that I want to download more KPop but maybe not whole albums and I can sometimes be overwhelmed by selection. It would be really cool to have themed playlists. Thanks!

  17. CosmicCat

    When Martina kept repeating Man in Love, I kept saying “that song is awesome!” afterwards xD I love every song that Infinite has released, including Man in Love. I’ve even had the privilege to see them live when they came to London! Omg that was the best night ever, ok I’m digressing. This song I don’t find as catchy as their other ones but it has grown on me. And now I will burst out laughing whenever I watch the mv cos of the fart joke, such a brilliant explanation :’) This mm is hilarious. I liked seeing the old skool footage too. I forgot Spudgy had a green tail once! :D

  18. i actually barely even heard the song because the video was too distracting…in a very bad way. i only watched the whole thing because i wanted to understand this weeks music monday. but guise, you made my sacrifice worth it…because this music monday was halarious!

  19. Hello Simon and Martina and the EYK Crew. I love you all.
    And I totally agree with you guys. I can like a Kpop group and still not like their song/songs that they “promote”.(This is something I always wanted to say but couldn’t. You know, co-fans can be a tiny bit scary sometimes) I might like another song on the album and think that it should have been the the title track.(Who is ready to take my opinion?…..?) In my case, I love both Super junior and Vixx and I didn’t like their songs that much.(please dont kill me people, I love all the members). I didn’t like Swing and I didn’t like Eternity that much either. But I still have them on my MP3 Player and listen to them, and sometimes dance like crazy, when no one is looking. Same goes with Infinite this time. I didn’t like the song and the MV did confuse me. But I still love Infinite classic songs like BTD, Chaser etc.
    P.S.- Thumbs up for fart jokes.

    • i agree completely. i mean, i love music. i love k pop. but to be honest, there is not a single group, band, or solo artist out there that i like every single one of their songs. concidering the large number of songs that any give group churns out during their carriers, the chances of them going through a faze, or even making ONE SONG that you don’t like are pretty darn high. and there is nothing wrong with that!

      • I totally agree with you as well. The chances are darn high. And this has to happen, because all the Kpop groups are trying hard and competing in the industry with other groups, so to be more appealing to a larger audience, they are always trying to go for different styles whether its singing or a concept. So I might have liked that one song ,but you might not. And when the group comes out the next time with another concept, I can completely hate it but you might totally love it. So that’s perfectly alright. That’s what has to be understood. Because if I like a group I would support them even if I don’t like the song. I didn’t like this one, someone one(many) out there does like it and I might just as well love/hate the next one. So as you said there is nothing wrong with that.

  20. Angella

    This music video was one of the funniest and weird mvs I’ve ever seen. I mean Man in Love had a plot to it that can be followed but this one… oh yea… this one…
    I never knew I could laugh so hard at fart jokes lol!!

  21. vannia

    I don’t know about you guys, but fart jokes will never not be funny. KEEP THEM COMING I SAY!

  22. yusuke08

    i just wanna gv some opinion for KMM… abt the top 3 on the chart… y not u review watever song/mv in the top 3…n u do 2 other review through blogpost for that week KMM? i think the chart mayb changing each week…n ppl will hv opportunity to read/watch ur review in more song… that make sense since u put aside kpop chart update…n sometimes u rarely doing KMM lately…

  23. HunHanInNeverland

    The Last Romeo is good, but it really kind of disappointed me at first that Infinite was coming back with it because its not really the best song they ever performed. However, I listened through the whole album, and there are many AMAZING tracks other than The Last Romeo, especially the last one, “소나기” (Shower…?) Either way, Infinite has come back with another set of great songs!

  24. Can you do a summer kpop playlist for your next KMM?

  25. I really liked the song. It was fun and dance-able. But the music video had me confused on so many different levels but i still enjoyed it. Its infinite i learned to go with the flow.

  26. Conzo

    Oh! Simon and Martina I have a idea for your commenting system. There should be a editing option to the comment thingie maker I-dunno-what-its called in case you make a embarrassing typo.

  27. Conzo

    When I see kpop video’s that one might consider “artsy” I’m never one to understand its symbolism. It has to be more than obviose for me to understand. When Simon and Martina says “Last Romeo” music video doesn’t have to make sense that confuses me. It has to have a meaning. I mean people don’t just get together and say “Well lets have an exploding library. Yeah. That sounds good.” Or maybe they do and I’m just ignorant about it??

  28. I think before people jump to conclusions about the MV, it’s important to establish that the version that you all saw was not the original version. Just like with Destiny, the MV for Last Romeo had to be changed at the last minute due to there being water scenes that might have been sensitive given the Sewol Ferry accident. Infinite were supposed to have made their comeback in April, which is the same month that the accident occurred, and in fact they had already started the first stage of promotions (banners, teasers, etc). Woollim waited a month or so to determine if they would have to make adjustments to the video, and in they end they did so, swapping out L for Woohyun as the lead, and taking out the underwater scenes and replacing them with the wind scenes, presumably. They spent two days re-filming the video towards the beginning of May, and as they had spent a lot of money on the first version, you can imagine that they had to make some cut-backs the second time around.

    Secondly, SM does not own Woollim, Woollim’s side continues to own 83.4% of the company, with SM only owning just 16.6%, and the fact that they are merged does not take away from the fact that Woollim is still 100 percent in charge of all creative aspects, including music video filming. SM is only in charge of overseas promotion, as well as are able to count Woollim’s income as part of their own. This is a mutual partnership, despite what many people may think. Again, SM did not buy out Woollim, they just now have partial (very partial) ownership via SM C&C, which is an SM subsidiary.

    • i don’t know where you got that figure from, but every (halfway) reliable source says SM C&C merged together (like completely) with Woolim, which strongly indicates they aquired 100% of the company’s shares. maybe they still have the same staff and employees and they’re just working for another boss, or maybe the complete woolim team got ditched, i don’t know, but the first 2 pages of google usually seem reliable enough to me.
      also, as you already mentioned, the sewol tragedy happend in april and it does not make sense to me to wait one month to just consider a re-shoot, that would be too much time lost. (i know everyone was extremely bummed out, but that doesn’t stop CEO’s from working their employees like dogs, companies care more about profit than feelings and anyone who tells you otherwise HAS NO FUCKING CLUE)
      There were six weeks between the incident and the release of the video and I think that’s enough time to plan, shoot and edit a video by an professional crew (just look at lady gaga’s applause video, 1 week of planning, 3 days of shooting, one week of post-production with CGI effects and hand-colored scenes and it is one hell of a music video) financial troubles seem ridiculously unlikely to me. (well it’s SM Entertainment, what are another $100,000 when you had a yearly revenue of more than $150,000,000 in 2012)

      In my opinion, that’s not an excuse for the horrendous plot, the awful tower backdrop, or arranging the scenes in such way that allows simon and martina to include a fart joke (that almost made me poop my pants) :D

      • You are uninformed on almost everything. Lee Jung Yeop is still the Woollim CEO, and he is still the biggest shareholder of the company. I actually looked at the company merging details that were released to the public and investors last year, and it clearly details what percentage is owned by Woollim and what part by SM C&C. These are official documents that are in Korean and can be accessed by anybody, but of course only people who can read Korean and know where to find them know about it. I happened to have a friend who translated it to me, and in case you have any doubts you can look it up yourself.
        The download link to the document is here:

        On page four, table 2 the details on previous and now current ownership are detailed. Proprietor and CEO Lee Jung Yeop owned 87.6% of the company prior to the merge, while Director Lee Ji Young owned 12.4%. After the merge, CEO Lee Jung Yeop relinquished 16.6% ownership to SM C&C, keeping 71% for himself, while Director Lee Ji Young retained their 12.4%.

        As for the video, Woollim was releasing articles all throughout April after the Sewol Ferry accident explaining that they were going to keep waiting to see if it would be okay to release the video as is. This is a FACT. They waited a month because there was nothing else they could do. If they released the MV as it was then they could have faced backlash for being insensitive. In fact the members revealed in a radio program yesterday that it was actually them who asked the CEO to re-shoot the video, and actually as it turns out they spent 4 days re-shooting, I’d originally thought they had only spent 2 days. In case you didn’t realize the entire country was in a state of mourning and the entertainment music industry had basically put all their promotions to a halt. They weren’t thinking of re-shooting in the first place, but they later decided to do so upon the request of the members. You make it sound as if I’m pulling all of this out of my backside, but I have evidence for everything I’ve said. You can find Korean articles on all of this as well. Woollim themselves tweeted them.

        You can criticize the plot all you want, I don’t care, Infinite’s MVs have never had a clear plot anyway, but I need you all to understand that they had reasons for putting out what they did, and that no, SM is not paying for Infinite’s music videos so budgeting is in fact really crucial to Woollim.

        • Well documents don’t lie. It just seems odd to me that the figure wasn’t publicized at all and no press outlet ever made the effort to clarify that SM is just a “co-owner” of woolim. but I guess when SM is involved there is always something fishy around.

          personally, I do not really believe in CEOs grieving during the Sewol incident. I just don’t. especially in a culture where everything is so focused high performance and getting things done as quickly as possible. variety and music programs may have stopped, comebacks as well, but the work behind the scenes, beyond the oh so glamorous idol live and its machinery will probably never stop. (except when war breaks out. and even then companies would exploit female singers to sing for soldiers in army bases all the time. why not show patriotism and earn money at the same time?) a lot of people don’t realize how inhumane the entertainment industry is. why should south korea be an exception? i realize that the nation was in a state of mourning, but i just don’t believe ANY statements from ANY profit oriented organisation concerning modesty and morals. there are no morals in the economy, there’s only money.

          speaking of money, given the 2013 revenue of $10,500,000, they maybe could have spent a buck or two to get a better backdrop. i’m just saying. they had reasons to push it back, maybe their deadline was too early as well, the video itself has dissatisfying for me. i don’t it would have hurt to spend an additional week or two on additional planning, shooting and producing.

          i realize that I might have come off as a bit brat-ish, i’m sorry for that though :D

    • takeit10

      Oh wow, thanks for all of this info on the Wollim/SM merge. As a true fan of Infinite’s music, I was afraid that SM might overtake the music production on Infinite’s new releases. It’s really good that they let Woolim still in charge of the creativity aspects. The last thing I would wanna hear is an Infinite’s title-track produced by the super-mega-famous American duo who did the last Katy Perry’s album. Not that this is a bad thing, but one of the things I enjoy the most about Infinite’s is the unique sound- as Simon and Martina Always points out – full of synths, loud drums and high-pitched vocals.

  29. KryBerDaesungSONE

    I love this KMM, this is one of my favorites this year
    I hope you guys do best kpop songs of half 2014 like last year

  30. The song was great, but yeah the video…not so great, but I think that the next time will be better.

  31. Let me the first to say….very happy as a die heart INSPIRIT for INFINITE that you did the Music Monday Review on them. Now hopping that VIXX get’s reviewed.

    Any ways, I mentioned this on YouTube as well that INFINITE did explain what the story line is for the song. How a man is will risk everything in order to be with, protect, and even die for the woman he loves even if the whole world is against him and tries to keep them apart. I don’t mind criticizing INFINITE because it’s just like you guys said that the story line was not well shown in the video and wasn’t edited the best. However, if you guys don’t mind me breaking down the video on how I first saw and understood…The first part it made me think that the it was suppose to represent how Woohyun and the girl are in love with each other but the gas/smoke could represent the “world” that’s against the couple’s love and is trying to keep them apart. Now as for the rest of the video as Woohyun keep trying to get to the girl but misses her by a few seconds, it could be that it was meant to say, “look even though we’re some what far apart from one another, I love you and will do what it takes to be with you.” Then when the room starts to shake and the gas cloud comes back, could be the “world” coming to decided for Woohyun, “fine you die since we already warned you to stay away from each other.” But of course, after thinking that I just made a funny theory that maybe EXO’s Sehun wanted the girl for himself and that’s why Woohyun’s fart followed and eventually killed him. Remember, Sehun controls wind.

    Now the second thing I want to talk about is that I loved the entire choreography for the song, loved it very much especially that Woollim placed Sunggyu back in the center like he’s suppose to be. However, I blame SM (the company not you guys) for the backgrounds they used in the entire music video. There was absolutely no point in the specific one with clock tower and cheap blue sky. Plus with that room full of the bookcases, if the girl was still there when that giant smoke(fart) cloud shoot Woohyun in the air, then those book cases fell all over thus killing his Juliet. Also, Myungsoo, aka L, is the only member wearing a hat…WHAT THE HELL?!! None of the other members are wearing hats because they don’t need them, it’s really annoying actually every time I see the video.

  32. I’m loving the live band feel of the song, it really makes it stand out from other kpop songs at the moment and thank goodness there’s no random dubstep breakdown thrown in. :)

  33. Hahaha! Oh fart jokes, you never fail to make me laugh. I still remember Face Arousal Raunchy Thrusting and I still chuckle whenever I think about it.

  34. montmorensi

    For the first time I think you said something that’s super wrong…. CNBlue songs have nothing in common with FTIsland songs… CNBlue song are pretty much with the same feel and sound, which is completely different from FTIsland songs that are more diverse in my opinion…
    Infinite ahhh I love them but I haven’t liked a song of theirs in a looong time…

  35. BagofHamsters

    DrWho, Silence in the Library edition ? Vashta Nerada Motes?

  36. ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
    Wheeeeeeeeeeeee I can comment I can comment lookie at meeeeee guuuuyysss I CAN COMMMMEEEENNNTTT!!! xD

    Great KMM!! Aaah this is the kind of KMM that I love; where you explain Kpop MVs to me!! Like UKiss’ 0330, B1A4′s umm that MV where the girl killed them with bread, and yeah! That kinda thing!!
    Kpop MVs are soooo damn confusing, I just cannot show how much I appreciate when you make it so clear like this!! The poor farting Romeo!! I feel his pain. I really do. >_<

    My advice is to turn on the kitchen fan (that sucks out steam), fart near there first, and then go see Juliet once his bowels are gas-less. That, and stop eating all those beans?

  37. I know you guys said that you weren’t able to do any of the skits coz of the faulty fire alarm but this KMM was not lacking in the slightest :D awesome job and keep up the good work!

  38. HokiPoki1213

    *gets credit card at the ready for launch of the “Believe in My Dreams” Meemers shirt*

  39. DaYoung Yun

    The farting jokes got me good.
    And now I am scared I wanna dye my hair blue like Spudgy but it seems I will have to just settle for a wig.

  40. Omg you guys should add Baek Ji Young ” Still Love ” here the mv is sooo beautiful! …….Just wanting to let you guys know heheh…….(awkward silence)O.o

  41. Lefay

    I couldn’t agree with you more.
    Like you said the sound is very Infinite, there is no way to confuse it with another kpop song.
    I think for the video at the beginning they may had a good idea but then! well…who knows, not enoguh budget and probably who ever did this video ended up being lazy. The intro is lame and has no sense and well at the beginning I liked when I saw the bookshelves but it had no sense…I though maybe they leave messages inside the books and that how they communicate or something like that, but they killed my illusions! and just like you when they were trying to reach each other, I was mentally saying walk around the bookshelf!! So I definitely agree with you guys on what you think about the video.
    Now what I loved the most and was completely epic, is the fart joke! At first I was eating when started to watch the video and guess what? I had to stop eating and pausing the video, because trying to breath while I was still laughing wasn’t working. So had to replay the video, and guess what? I laughed so hard that my tummy hurt and this time I had no problem ;)
    Anyhow great Music Monday! it made my day, after a long day of class. I really hope you can do a VIXX one because I can’t wait to hear what you come up with! I just love you music reviews and in somehow how you ruin the impression of the song (in a good way) (eg. EXO’s What is Love, I always start laughing when I hear it,because there is no way I can forget the I lost my pants…and no one understands me why I laugh!) So I must ask you, just keep ruining the songs with your amazing and epic music reviews!

  42. Really liking the comments section, looks so much nicer! With the old one I could never get it to work on chrome and had to resort to using firefox to see the comments :( So I’m really happy it’s all working properly!! Also I just got back from watch X-men so I can finally watch the review Simon made LOL

  43. RudeMinnesotan

    In regards to the new comment sections, while very nice and I like it, the old one (with all it’s problems) put the most liked comments at the top which I enjoyed. Now I think it’s just in time post order? Meh, no biggy~~~

    Anyhoo! Great music monday (love the hair Martina~) and this is actually the first time I heard the song; I’m so behind on my kpop. But I enjoyed it! I’m not a huge infinite fan, I’m a bigger hip hop/rock fan than this cheezy 80s style music but it’s good. I’ve really liked Infinite since “Nothing’s Over”
    but that lip rubbing was a bit excessive.

    Also, I noticed while watching it.. .. it wasn’t actually a blue screen. It looks like that was a real set that they built lol.

  44. I’m not sure if I’m the only person having this issue, but the new comment system seems to have messed up the k-pop charts. When I click on a video to comment on it, the “leave a reply” box is covering the loading bar and options in the lower right corner of the video. It also appears that the video skips down below where it should be on both it’s own page and in the main list. I can’t see or control any videos on the main list of the k-pop chart. Usually it cascades and enlarges the list to view but now it doesn’t. I’m sure you guys will figure it out eventually. Hopefully you’ve already been alerted to this issue. I’m using Internet Explorer by the way in case it’s reliant on a person’s browser. One final thing I noticed while typing this post is that the “Post Comment” button overlaps the text box in the lower right corner and blocks you from seeing what you are typing while your cursor is in that spot. Overall I like the look of the new system but it’s got a long way to go to get all of the bugs out.

  45. Blissfullygone

    I actually like, this new commenting system! It seems to match the page better than the disqus platform. Design wise leaps and bounds, Chutes and Ladders better! Hmm… Though I wonder, will it also update you via email when someone replies to your comment?

  46. nasty

    I seriously LOVED the song. Something about Infinite’s music is just so bad 80s that it’s amazing. Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good, ya know?

    • nasty

      Also, love the new commenting system. I don’t know about everyone else, but for me I can only see the reply button on Internet Explorer, not on Chrome. And I saw someone talking about voting comments up/down, but I don’t see that function anywhere? Just thought I’d provide some (hopefully) useful feedback. :)

  47. wow, you ARE using the clapper and sorry that i sent you a black one instead because i couldnt find a white clapper. i noticed that its almost impossible to read the words if you write on the clapper. but hey its the digital age, most people dont write on the clappers anymore, they just use it to clap. MUAHAHAHA.

    and 1 suggestion, you should change the quote on meemer’s tshirt to “Meelieve in my dreams.” that is all :P

  48. ‘Believe in my dreams’… ooh, yes Meemers Oppa, I will. I most definitely will. Because those dreams are of me and you, staring longingly into each others eyes over a bowl of tuna, wearing couples collars with our initials engraved on the tags, going for crazy sprints around the house at 3am to the delight of our humans, and me watching you as you flex your muscles against the scratching post, stretching higher and higher…

    Believe? Indeed.

  49. Dr.Spudgiesworth1st

    OMG! How many fart jokes could that video still unleash ! Well it was awesome..Spudgies shakespeare moment eas hillarious and trying not to go through the toilet paper wall …Spudgy you are a smart dog! Simon’s meltdown moment also was funny

  50. Totally not a coincidence that I let out 2 huge rotten eggers just as the KMM was ending.

  51. I almost peed myself watching this week. Omg fart jokes are too funny, and I’m a grown woman (probably just easily amused). Kinda wish we could have seen your skits (they’re always hilarious) but I guess the flashback to old eyk will have to suffice. I’d rather have you guys safe and it be a false alarm than a real fire and you thought it was a fluke.

    PS: LOVE the new comment system! Imma go find me a display pic~

  52. pianowhiz6421

    YAY!!! New comment system!!

  53. My problem with this MV is that i didnt feel like the chorus was “chorusy” enough. Ifind myself rememebring the first 30secs of the song more than the chorus (i havent listened to this song much mindyou). I really wanted a “sing-a-long” feel, like with The Chaser, but alas, it cant be so :’) the mv wasnt anything new, but i loved the exploding books scene ^^

  54. “And thus with a fart, I…die!” Love it! Hey! What a spiffy new looking comment section! Cool beans!

  55. Oh god, I had to bite my tongue to keep myself from laughing out loud (it’s pretty late here). The farts THE FARTS, somehow, that farty plot makes 1000% sense.

    was that an Assassin’s Creed reference at the end? I haven’t played that game in a looong time so I’m not really sure… *flashback to MBLAQ’s Smoky Girl*… I don’t know who said it better. Spudgy or Fangurrila XD

  56. Bubalooy

    Hey guise just a few comments about the comments…. Haha well first of all I don’t know if this is just happening with me or if it’s with everyone, but there is no visible “reply” button. It was out of sheer luck that my cursor hovered over the bottom right corner and the little text box popped up. So maybe you could put in a visible one to avoid confusion? And also not a comment but a question. Will we still be notified when someone reply’s to our comments? Other than that looks good :) And I am so happy to be able to comment again after like a freaking month of EYK comment withdrawal!!

  57. Pssst. .. instead of a like and dislike vote on the comments, how about an agree/disagree vote? :o seems better than likes and dislikes. Just throwing it out there, now that I can FINALLY comment again!

  58. Love the new comment system. Very easy on the eye!!

  59. No I will honestly cry if they don’t do VIXX… haha jk… but seriously o_O

  60. Not being able to walk around objects is a serious problem and one I had hoped you would approach sensitively. Remember Baz Luhrmunn’s Romeo and Juliet? Well they had difficulty too because someone put a fish tank in the middle of the room. I expected more from you, Simon and Martina.

    I loved this Music Monday and I don’t even usually find fart jokes funny! Happy to hear it was only a false alarm with the fire. Oh, and the new commenting system looks really good. =)

  61. Akira-Miyashi

    HAHAHAH!! What a great way to start my day by listening to some fart jokes! :D

  62. Suzy

    What I like the most of Infinite is that “anime opening sound” they got. Couldn’t stop laughing at the explosions xD

  63. Haha, staying classy with the fart jokes ;) thanks for the brilliant interpretation :)

  64. I really loved the song, but indeed the video was kind of lame. And I must say I expected more from the dance, but it still looked pretty cool. The snapping move is awesome!
    But oh boy, I wish you guys talked about VIXX! Did you like the song? I’m curious..

  65. This is my first time commenting ever :D
    I actually prefer when you guys are analyzing the mv for the majority of the Music Monday rather than the skits about the mv taking up most of the video. But all of the videos are enjoyable anyways so no worries :) Love the ending about the blue hair, there will always be some kpop person with blue hair it seems

  66. This is my first time commenting ever!
    I actually prefer when you guys are analyzing the mv for the majority of the Music Monday rather than the skits about the mv taking up most of the video. But all of the videos are enjoyable anyways so no worries :) Love the ending about the blue hair, there will always be some kpop person with blue hair it seems.

  67. crayonpopper1

    finally! my password come to my mail

  68. yusuke08

    even their company under SM’s subsidizer, SM hv nothing to do on wat they produce… but its better rather than SM boring in box with 1 shot camera vid rite?

  69. First of all, super loving being able to comment! Yay!~
    Loved the review, I agree there was lack of plot. Well, that was my first opinion, now I finally know what the heck was going on! It was all caused by farts, makes more since now.
    On a more serious note, I also liked the song a lot and I found the dancing to be rather interesting. I love Infinite’s signature style and I hope that is something that doesn’t change.

  70. MarVi

    It’s better if you watch the video on mute, after you hear their explanation.

  71. I like to pretend Man in Love never happened as well.

  72. HAHAHA! This was the funniest Kpop music Monday ever! I will never look at this video the same way again….

  73. Agata

    Guys, I don’t know if you’ve watched Infinite on Weekly Idol but one time Woohyun himself said something that made your Big Fart Theory more believable than it should be… Just watch this: http://youtu.be/CVO5GONqygo?t=4m55s

    As for the comment section… Well I guess it’s too early for fair judgements but I think I liked Disqus more. But at least this one is working properly.

  74. I was surprise about this mv!

  75. Greetings EYK, i’m a big fan of the show. Is there any chance you can get Diana (“Let You Do Me” ft. Lil Cham) on the show for an interview, just like you did with Neon Bunny. I really like to know more about her, maybe she is even willing to reveal her face just once.

  76. whiteyuki

    I liked everything about the vid and I do really understand your point of view. Although I wanted to make sense of the plot line, there was just no way!! I would really appreciate it if you leave SM out of this though._. Other than that, great job^^


    Okay, so I’ve been waiting for this comeback for two months – not to mention they haven’t released anything in almost a year. So, as usual when I have high expectations, I thought I would be disappointed with this song.
    Well I’m definitely not. This has all the epicness that made me fall in love with them around the Paradise era. Although it is not as good as The Chaser – but I’ve come to realise I’ll never love a song as much as that one – I am really happy with Last Romeo. The melodies are intricate and beautiful. The construction is flawless, it flows. The instrumental is a bit overpowering, it could benefit from being stripped down a bit – random idea, how awesome would an acoustic/ballad version be! – but it sounds nice and passionate, so it works. The lyrics are romantic without being too cheesy – although riiiight on the limit – and some come straight out of actual Romeo & Juliet! The Shakespeare play! Awesome!
    I have to appreciate the fact that all of them are singing, and that Sungjong and Sungyeol improved a lot.
    The video’s not very good. I know they had to reshoot everything because the original video had water. So this plot is indeed silly and it actually makes more sense with farts. But I don’t really care, since I usually just focus on the music and the dancing. I never paid much attention to Infinit’s videos anyway. I did like the whole romantic aesthetic with clocks, books, wooden sets, lace, candles and the like. I wish Hoya didn’t have blue hair though. It kind of threw off the balance.
    I was a bit disappointed with the dancing at first. There is only one move that really caught my eye – that sassy hip-swaying finger-snapping shoulder-lifting thing in the chorus. I love it. The rest of the choreography is a bit forgettable, but I did notice some interesting details when watching the live performances. There is a part where they grab each other’s collars, and an interesting one where they form two lines and move in front of each other and then back. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? I think it’s one of Hoya’s lines. The configurations of the group dance change nicely and because they are Infinite, they pull it off, so I learned to like this dance.

    Speaking of live performances, wow are they ever slaying it!
    Special mention for the all black outfits. You know, the one with leather and ripped pants. Woohyun-biased me is extremely satisfied with these wardrobe choices.

    So yeah, overall, I liked it! And the album is great.

  78. It seems I can’t thumbs-up comments on this new system? That’s a bit unfortunate, but as long as I’m able to comment again, I’m not complaining ^^

  79. BeckyandEsah

    I get a huge 80′s feel from this video too. Not feeling the clothing but hey, why not have fun with lace blazers! On another note I like your hair Martina, I think I will watch your how to video from a while back and fix Esah’s hair that way for her first dance show. :) (Esah is my little girl, 7)

  80. This MV actually makes sense now! Thank you for that – a good fart joke every now and then makes me happy! ;)
    I really really like the song, but I was so confused and underwhelmed by the mv that I’ve tried to avoid it. Besides that, everything about this comeback has just been so very much Infinite. Infinite-y song and Infinite-y choreo. I like it! :D

    Speaking of an Infinite-y sound by the way, I totally agree with you that there are (very) few groups with a distinct sound to their music. Don’t forget about Kara though! They also have a very typical sound, quite a lot of synth and a bit old time-y. Is it maybe a Sweetune thing?

  81. Martina, why did you remind me. I am still trying to forget that 2ne1 gotta be you exists.

  82. Lol simon said suck a fart out of my ass

  83. Well, I am excited for this change in the website, can I use my picture here as well, you know the Simon and Martina one???

  84. Although disqus has glitches I wish there was a way to edit, like/dislike, sort, and review previous comments. It seems like it’s going to be hard to keep up a conversation with everyone. I like the new comment section, but I miss the old tools that were once available…you know what I mean?

    • I know exactly what you mean… And I would have told you with a like button if that were still possible :D

    • Chic6Muscats

      Yeah I know, there’s no reply notifications and you can’t follow people.

      • Chic6Muscats

        I don’t even know where my comment is to look back at it, endless scrolling wheeeee! Ok I’m done complaining lol. I have no clue what functionality wordpress has so I don’t know what can or can’t be implemented. But if this is it, then it is very limited and isn’t meant for establishing the kind of community atmosphere that I believe S&M are looking for.

      • Aww sorry! We’re going to be adding more functionality to the comments as soon as possible. Basically, instead of using Disqus we’re going to build that functionality from scratch. It’ll take a while though. I hope you’ll be with us still till we get here :)

  85. Took a while for the password to get emailed to me but YAY! i can finally make comments on the site again.

  86. Nia D.

    I really really really like this song!!!!! It has that epic awesome me against the world kinda feeling to it!!!! And the lyrics are more smooth, romantic and compromising, which I think is a nice change from their usual stalkerish view on love, not that this is bad just look at paradise and THE CHASER. Now for their music video I agree that it was a bit meh…. but I think the original story had L as the protagonist and it included scenes with water, so they had to change it because of those circumstances that is why I think it was not that good. But guys think of it that way if they had not changed it then you couldn’t do the fart jokes, which had me laughing until I fell from my chair. On another note I think we have another case of a weird hat after EXO’s epicly silly hats on overdose. I do not know about you but I am starting to worry that this is going to be epidemic.DISCLAIMER:HUGE FANGIRLING ALERT. Anyway, L oppa is gorgeous no matter what he wears and everyone is so dreamy. I would have completely destroyed that damn bookcase/shelves/whatever it was if it was standing between me and Namu oppa. And you are totally right the amount of lip rubbing just was not enough(But there is a slight chance you meant it ironically). Fangirling is over. Also I think that and probably I may be one of the only ones(Yes sir I”m one of a kind…) that likes U-Kiss song and video. Like as in appreciate the smooth and sexy rhythm and the video being sexy and fitting the meaning of the song, not in any weird perverted fangirly way, nope definetely not. If you review it then we should count how many times can you say “You so naaaasty” in a video probably over 197. But seriously apart from that it is a really good song. Coming back on infinite there is only one thing left to ask how much more awesome can they get?????? SERIOUSLY NOW!!!!! Sorry for the long post I am just excited I can comment again. Congrats on the new commenting system.

  87. I was laughing the whole time! You guys finally explain what was actually going on during the music video! However, having said that, the BEST part of the whole KMM was Spudgy’s monologue to Hoya. Great job!

  88. FriedChickenOnew

    You guise didn’t love Infinite’s “Paradise” either, I loved that song lol I didn’t like this song very much though >_<

  89. newbornstar

    Yay!!! I can finally comment again! ^^ Anyways the Spudgy skit at the end hi-lar-i-ous as well as Simon reacalling “man in love” lol

  90. bigmakowa

    Farting all the time – that’s the story of my life. My boyfriend is still wondering, how did I manage to not to fart as we started dating :D

  91. bigbangfosho

    man…never underestimate simon and martina’s ability to make an entire mv plot based on a fart.

  92. Didn’t like the song as much as I expected to :| And the mv was ridiculous xD

  93. abokado

    Ha! I don’t watch MVs that often actually (they are blocked in Germany and I usually know the songs from the radio), but when I saw that there was a new KMM and didn’t know the song yet, I decided to check it out and trying to understand the plot. I was slightly worried that I couldn’t make sense of it (..why didn’t they walk around? What’s even going on? Why are they in a library/storeroom?), so I was relieved when you didn’t do better. :D

    Also, what I would like to see: A KMM Foreign Edition, with awesome Chinese/Japanese songs of kpop bands, that deserve attention. I know, you generally won’t talk about “foreign” versions and I totally understand, but I recently listened to some of U-KISS’s Japanese songs and they are AMAZING. Well, their Korean songs are amazing as well, but, you know, I’m glad that I discovered those!

  94. Pinkcolorpencil

    Really great music monday! Got a good chuckle out of the Man in Love moment. I always admire the fact you tell people how you really feel about MVs, but nicely of course.

  95. Pitting Infinite against Ukiss? Such a hard decision, those are two of my top top top favorite groups ever. I loved both songs and videos too…
    But speaking of Ukiss, you should review their new video just for the fact that Eli says ‘nasty’ at least twice haha.

  96. unicornsgalaxy

    After about an hours wait for the registration email to come through I can comment!

    Anyway, I wanted to mention that I really like this format of KMMs. Sometimes less\no skits is good because we see more of you giving your thoughts. You still made it fun even without the skits. So I guess my point is that I don’t want you to think that you have to rely on skits to make KMMs interesting or funny. You do that just fine with out them.

    • Heya! I think I know why it took so long: our server has a limit as to how many emails it can send out an hour. Because of the new commenting system, lots of people registered for the site, and we broke that limit. I’m thinking things will slow down after a while and then email send outs will be back to normal. Sorry!

  97. SHINeeUKShawol

    i’m kinda gonna miss my old profile on here, but it did suck for the last few weeks so yay to commenting without being in incognito mode!!!
    i also took this chance to change my username~!! ahahah!! (am i making my bias group too obvious now….*looks around*)

    ahahhaha at all the fart jokes!! at some parts it was kinda gross but still hilarious!!

  98. Mariam

    I liked Spudgey standing up to the posers.

  99. Guys why did you stop reviewing the english in KMM it’s one of my favorite segments :/ I hope you can review UKISS or VIXX, both really interesting and special in they’re very own ways xD

  100. They had to cut out all of Myungsoo’s scenes involving water because of the Sewol incident, and so Woohyun ended up being the main character. They did the best they could with what they had I guess…

    • daisydeath

      They had to reshoot the whole video because of the Sewol incident. Infinite just seems to have problems with their newer videos. First, Destiny and the planes. Then Last Romeo and the Sewol incident.

  101. Guys, I loved the Infinite song part! I was right along there with Simon saying that song never existed. What…no I didn’t acknowledge anything, I don’t know what you’re talking about(*whispers* it never EXISTED). Anyway best plot ever apparently I just couldn’t make sense of it before.
    Oh yeah, U-KISS-oppa will win!!!!

  102. Spugy – the Taken Monologue. That was priceless BRILLIANCE! I can’t remember laughing so hard.

  103. I laughed so hard at the “taken” reference, if I’m not mistaken…. Well I’m actually 100% that I’m correct because I was obsessed with that glorious passage… But Spudgy’s version is much more betted! XD
    Oh also the meems believe in your dream shirt looks amazing! ^^
    Nice KMM… Thank you for always putting a smile on my face, especially after a rough day… ^^

  104. Chikorita2Chante

    Even though I like “Man in love”, I laughed a lot at that part. Ah, yes. The “My dirty socks D: Oh no, my SPECIAL sock!” Favourite. OMG, the old segues :D Hey, I thought you’d put U-KISS versus VIXX, but I guess this works too. Yay, Spudgy ~ *Cough* ANYWAY,I loved the set and the start was kind of cool (?), but maaaaan, the video. No. I would like to see someone other than Woohyun in the spotlight though, since he got his “share” in ToHeart. Or is this a way of promoting that? I dunno, but nothing against him. He’s a cool guy (I hear).


  106. Guys why did you stop with reviewing the english in the songs, it was one of my favorite segments :/ I hope you get to review UKISS or VIXX, both so interesting in they’re own special ways xD

  107. Brittnay Bond

    I went thought everything I could to be able to watch this (YouTube’s been pissing me off) and i am now watching the KMM on a four or five inch screen. I love this song, and I agree, what the hell was up with the reaching through the bookcase? It frustrated me.

    I will never watch this MV the same way again XD

  108. awesome :D new running gag. everytime someone farts “oh infinite is coming” :D :D

  109. InfiniteBangtan

    lol I loved the ending with spudgy! Yes, this wasn’t Infinite’s best MV as far as plot goes but they all looked great and I loved the dance.

  110. MEL87

    Love the Spudgy part at the end xD

  111. Yay I can see comments again! Ok, going to watch the video now. :P

  112. The fart joke had me laughing out loud :) And, although I really liked the song, I disliked the MV and hated their style. All I kept thinking was, Man it’s been a long time since I crocheted something, just look at those aunt-Edna-goes-to-a-wedding-jackets.
    And yay for new comment section!!!

  113. DryBioni

    Ohhhhh I love the new comments section…I don’t like Infinite’s MV

  114. Alex Vaughn

    To be completely honest, for me personally this song was a bit of a let down. I loved Infinite’s past songs and I was really looking forward to their comeback but the song paired with the video was a bit too overwhelming. I felt like I couldn’t really focus on the song which is a shame, there was just too much going on in the video. I like the song…I just miss the cool jump-up-and-dance vibes that The Chaser and Be Mine had.

  115. Desiko

    Huhu.Did you guise know that Woollim promised us a dance practice video if the official MV had surpassed 2,222,222 views by 01 June? What do you think about this kind of promoting?

    • How do you people know stuff like that? Is there some magical source of information I should know about?
      I’d really appreciate it if you could tell me.

    • I think they took that Marketing strategy from SM. Apparently SM Wouldn’t release the dance practice video For snsd mr. Mr. if the video didn’t 15 million views. In my opinion i think its bull. The fans already buy the album and watch videos and support anyway they can. To do some kind of ultimatum like that is disrespectful to the fans. Release it or don’t release it but don’t use fans like that.

  116. Best Clock MV? *whispers* VIXX~

  117. Awesomesauce

    Yay! I can comment!:) I’m so happy.

  118. Considering that I don’t listen to Infinute, as I am stupid for not listening them. I really liked this song. It sounds something I would have listened some time in the 90s. Nice Kpop Music Monday :)

  119. CadetRemi

    Loving the new comment section :3 Definitely not my favourite Infinite song/video ever, but, I mean, it could be worse. It could be a lot worse. *sigh* I think I just prefer watching Infinite dance anyway, to be fair.

  120. albinoeskimo

    I legit lol’d at the spudgy outro. Gold.

  121. Lance

    Good job on the new commenting system, it seems to be working fairly smoothly.

  122. “they try to maintain a long distance relationship between the bookshelves” hahahaHAAAHAHAHAHAH most epic retelling of a MV plot ever, I haven’t laughed like this in a while! (unrelated note: I like that the comments show what I assume to be Korean time, S&M up at 4am :O)

  123. I very much enjoyed the video. I didn’t think much of the plot. I thought the video and song really complimented each other in feeling. This whole album is good too. Y’all should listen to 숨 좀 쉬자, 나란 사람, 소나기, and Light (Sunggyu’s solo song). They’re all really good though…

  124. Len

    I find the fart part funny. :D

  125. mirmoulou

    My favorite part is th sexy “cowboy” whipping dance move. (don’t do why I think of cowboys… :) )

  126. JadeKissLauXo

    Another great Music Monday, as always, but I think the best clock video was Vixx Eternity, even though it is not present in this week show down. Then of course since UKISS’ song is called tick tock and is about being out of time I guess Ukiss WINS! Yay!

  127. thisisjustforfunval

    So is Woobin someone’s “Last Romeo?” It’s Simon, right? Woobin is your “Last Romea.”

    Silliness aside I’m seeing this commercial instead the MV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ijsU_WO5gQ

  128. Argulor

    I hope that the special KMM is with Ukiss because they just released a new Music Video, “Quit Playing”.

  129. 1. of all, nice new comment section *thumps up*
    2. What i actually wanted to say that it took me around 5 seconds into the mv to realise that it was 100% an infinite song

  130. am i the only one seeing a Kim Woo Bin video instead of the MV? ><

  131. onigiri19

    It feels glorious to be able to comment again. :D

  132. Meghann

    It’s a sad day when only a fart joke can make sense of a music video. Trololol

  133. Guys ! Bad link for Infinite’s MV

  134. Actually best clock video is VIXX’s Eternity. End.

  135. moonofsilver

    listening to this while crocheting my new totoro purse. Such fun! :)

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