Guise: we haven’t enjoyed making a Music Monday this much since we did Super Junior’s “Sexy, Free, and Single.” Oh man: we love this video so much. If you haven’t seen this masterpiece yet, check out Infinite’s “Man in Love” here:


Ok, so usually what we do for our Music Mondays is we write out a bunch of stuff, then move it around into some order that makes sense, and then try to polish it up with transitional words and phrases and fix the delivery on some of our jokes, and – for parts that we can’t fit in – we cut those out and put them into our blog posts. Today, for Infinite’s “Man in Love,” we’ve got nothing for this blog post at all – nothing from the script at least. We just couldn’t cut any of it out. We just loved talking about everything. Sorry if this Music Monday was too long as a result. We just couldn’t stop ourselves. This was the first Music Monday in a long time that we just flat out had a lot of fun doing, and didn’t work exceptionally hard at (though, we did work a lot longer on this Music Monday, because it’s almost 5 minutes longer than last Music Monday). We just saw the video, laughed with each other, imagine ridiculous skits, and went wild.

Yes, we know a lot of people are gonna be upset that we said the song wasn’t good. So what! There are songs we like and songs we don’t like. We can’t like everything Kpop has to offer! We loved U-Kiss’ “Standing Still” but we were destroyed by the blandness of the video. This week, we found the song not to our liking, but loved this video with all our hearts and souls. It’s so special! And we speak about this video with a special fondness. It’s almost like Super Junior’s “Cooking Cooking” and TVXQ’s “Balloons.” It’s that level of special. It’s like Infinite were like “well, now that we’ve got some of the cheesiest 80′s music out there, why not make a super cheesy video to go with it?” I’m predicting that they’ll stop using widescreen soon and will just tape everything on old Sony Handycams from now on. And moustaches. They must grow moustaches. By the way, “cheesy” is not a bad word. Cheesy’s fun and enjoyable. I’d rather watch a video that makes me feel good than watch one that frustrates me. This…has so many good feels in it that I cannot compute.

So, we’re scrubbing through the video now as we’re editing it, and HAHAHAHAHA OMG we just noticed something new. At the 2:17 second mark, when he picks out his shirt, slow that scene down frame by frame, if you’ve got the time. He throws his shirt onto the chair, but misses the chair completely and it falls to the ground. Like, it barely even hits the chair. It’s like he air balled on a layup. Another reason for us to love the video.

And how about the fact that the cat is totally misunderstood. He’s not signalling his preference in your outfit. He’s got a frustrated look on his face because he needs to poop. Did you even get him a cat litter, or did you just use Pickles the Cat as your own imaginary personal valet? Yes, his name is Pickles the Cat. I just made that up, and it’s gonna stick!

Ok I gotta stop. NO WAIT THE FLOUR BLOWING SCENE! WHO BLOWS FLOUR LIKE THAT? How’d he get flour everywhere? Must have been a result of his special apple recipe. Ok I’ma stop. Thank you for watching my video and reading my blog post. This concludes my happy talk on this happy video:

However, if you like the song more than we do, you can pick it up via YesAsia or iTunes (whenever it comes out on iTunes). Also, we’ve got bloopers for this week’s Music Monday (obviously!) in which we do our best rendition of Pump Up the Jam. It works for every instrument!


  1. Ok, for some random reason when I started watching this video, it had Spanish sub-titles on the bottom of the screen. So I hit the translate to English, & hilarity ensued. Here’s just one of the screen caps I managed to get. Pure comedy gold. I think that from now on, I will watch the video as per normal, then go back & watch as it is translated from English to Spanish, then back to English

  2. meemers galoreeee!!! :3

  3. I like to call my cell phone, “baby boo.”
    (Don’t judge me.)

  4. LOL Meemers face at the end, so cute!

  5. Infinite really try to make themselves fantastic, which means””””No Girlfriends….In this case, fans will love them””’ ok,I think so…By the way, dear Sungyeol’s performance shows the failure of baking apple pie…lol

  6. meemers is huge! <3 cat lovaaaaa

  7. LOL guys you crack me up.
    guess the Korean title makes a bit more sense than the English “WHEN a man is in love” vs “Man in Love”

  8. I think we’ve just found ourselves a new category for the next EYK Awards… somewhere that recognizes the KPop Group/Artist’s homelessness. (how should we call that??) Aside from receiving a Golden Spudgy, they get to win a week’s residence in the EYK Studio! wahahahaha. slumber party pictures pls!! xD

  9. Did anyone notice the fact that the outfits (when they’r dancing) are like shinee’s dream girl dancing outfit !! … for some reason that’s the only thing i noticed in the video ! … or maybe its just spring korean fashion thingy (CREEPY stuff :P) i dunno!!

  10. I can’t believe I didn’t notice the rickroll in this song. Omg I’m never going to be able to unhear that now! xD

  11. That was awesome !!! :DD

  12. I will vote for Dongho as I kind of agree with the comments that you guys made when I first viewed that video. It’s a little bit better as I feel, but the truth is I kind of like U-Kiss a lot right now. I like their 0330 video too. It doesn’t mean I don’t like Infinite or their video.

  13. my friend and was watching the MV and she says that its called man in love because they are doing things that “the girls they love” would do….or at leasts that’s her perspective on it…….

  14. I seriously love the Taemin mousetrap… :) Truly a puzzling question though… How many Doritos would it take? I’d say quite a few to distract him from the precariously dangling cage above the deliciously tempting Doritos… Unless he has a serious snack attack. Then all bets are off.

  15. Infinite because at least Dongho actually showed a girl in 0330 at some point.

  16. Watching this at 2pm with 2pm in the background…lol!

  17. thanks for all the Shinee shout-outs! I counted 4 :)

  18. Onew’s name is pronounced Oh-new. 온유 like own. Oh-nyu/Oh-new

    LOVED the “Taemin, you can stay. You’re hooootttt.” LOL

  19. Okay, so while I desperately wanted a KMM of Heo Young Saeng, this week’s video had me absolutely in tears I was laughing so hard. You guys clearly had a blast doing the video and that in itself was fun to watch.

    I’m really indifferent about Infinite at this point. I don’t love ‘em or hate ‘em- they’re just kind of meh to me. But when I watched the music vid for the first time, my mouth was hanging open in disbelief. I’m with you- the song just doesn’t do it for me, but the MV is just a trainwreck of… awesomeness. So bad it’s rad.

    I mean, I suppose they were trying to make a point about a man being in love with a girl he just hasn’t met yet, but the whole thing just came off as a living forever alone meme to me. And the whole shopping for girls clothing scene… WTF. WHY IS HE TRYING ON THE SHOES?!

    All in all, great review. I love it when you guys point out the sheer ridiculousness that can and does appear in KPOP.

    PS. I knew as soon as that cat popped out of the box in the MV that Meemers would be making several appearances.

  20. Now that hostess has gone down, they have made baking pans so you can (have to) make your own twinkies xD

  21. this is totally irrelevant to the music monday above but Simon and Martina you guys have to check out this video for Off Road’s Head Banging. hahaha Simon would love the english in this song!

  22. AHH! Ain’t nobody got time for that! Maybe he was waiting to cook them to drink with his cooold pop!

  23. You guise this KMM was FABULOUS! Never regret posting a longer video – that just means more jokes for us Nasties to enjoy :) I laughed so hard at that “drunken hamster” comment and now when I’m walking down the street, listening to this song on my iPod I start giggling. Thanks so much for this! This is my favorite KMM in a long time <3

    Also, my vote is for sad DongHo and Dial Tone.

  24. Vote: 0330. At least the Infinite guy is talking to a cat, instead of just talking to himself. :P

  25. 2PM :) S&M excited like the hottest i see

  26. *playing armpits* oooooohhhhhhhhhhhh thats nasty hahah XD

  27. Lol I’m not an Infinite fan, but this was like the only song I’ve liked so far

  28. i so hated the song but i freaking loved the video..lol

  29. Voting Dongho. It takes a whole lot of crazy to convince yourself an imaginary person is real, whereas sungyeol is just havin’ himself a good time in the kitchen. Not like ga-in. They probably wouldn’t include that in an MV. I hope.

  30. Hey nasties! i just saw Psy doing a commercial for pistachios… It was “Oppa pistachio style!” Cheesy…most definitely, but makes me happy seeing Kpop reaching the masses. Wonder who will be next to break through? Maybe Junsu can do a commercial for Chiquita bananas!

  31. i think people need to read your blog posts to complete KMM

  32. Fun Music Monday! ^___^

    Great work guise! :D

    P.S: Meems needs more Ulzang shots :)) He’s too adorable > . <

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

  33. “Taemin you can stay”

    “Run chickens, Onew is coming”

    Questions 2, 4 on the blackboard!!!

    SiMar SHINee bias!!!! WOO HOOOO!!

  34. 2PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Cat in a box…could be alive or dead…Schrodinger’s cat?

  36. This song kind of reminds me of Boyfriend’s “I Yah” especially the chorus

  37. This review reminded me why I love you so much.

  38. I’m glad you really enjoyed yourselves doing this review, because it sounds worrying that you didn’t enjoy making the recent videos as much as you did when you first started, without having to pay excessive heed to viewers’ moods but just being able to free-wheel your crazy ideas.
    “Enjoy your life”

  39. LOL Ummm Voting on DongHo for the craziest lonely person. Sorry XD;;

    This was hilarious to watch. I know some people might be upset you guys didn’t like the song, but honestly it’s your opinion, and if they wanted a spazz-account for every single thing in the song/mv, there are plenty of other places they can get that.

    (I have a couple friends who dislike EYK because new k-pop fans take them as gospel — If EYK doesn’t like the song then it’s crap! — But that’s a totally wrong way to look at things, from both sides /o Ah well )

  40. Voting for lonely Dongho lmao! He’s crazy!

  41. Lmao! Dongwoo being homeless meaning he is BFF with U-Kiss LOL! But srsly. He is close to U-Kiss ^^ ♥

  42. Cyber_3

    This week’s KMM was freakin’ hilarious!

    That said, I’m just a teeny bit disappointed that Simon and Martina picked this song to review. I totally agree with their opinion of the song/video, but they had the choice, and they chose the song they liked the least just because it was the easiest to make fun of. That just seems a little……….mean.

    Cyber_3 – sometimes votes for the video with the most potential KMM lulz but I have to at least like the song……

  43. vote for sungyeol because i can relate. except i’ll be making cats love me.

  44. thisisjustforfunval

    By far Donghi is the craziest!

    And I use to love dancing with to Pump Up the Jam! My neighbor and I would set up the bomb box outside and just jam out in the side walk. Yeah…I’ve severely aged myself!

  45. thisisjustforfunval

    I cannot unhear the Rick Astley!!!!!

  46. SPOTTING 2PM BEHIND YOU! But their comeback’s still on May though XD can’t wait for you guys to review it. Judging from the trailer, THEY’RE GETTING BEASTLIER THAN EVER.

    And well,, I actually love Man In Love, the first time I heard it, I was like mehh nothing special, I expected more because they’re one of my favorite groups! and the chaser was GUHREAT. but the chorus really grew on me…… GAHH maybe i’m biased and forcing myself to like it because they’re INFINITE. But….. the least I could do as an Inspirit. But gotta admit that this one is far behind from The Chaser. Bummerrrr.

  47. I totally agree about the song! It definitely wasn’t their best work. I guess they’ve been busy…

  48. I was actually thinking Dongwoo had moved all his books and notes and whatnot unto the stairwell because hello, that’s where all his inspiration is. He is SO inspired. He’s so inspired his muse is writing on the walls for him! Man, could my muse be that way, please?

  49. Twinkies don’t even make Twinkies anymore. le sigh. Come back Hostess!
    I’m still in mourning if you can’t tell. :P
    I love this Music Monday :)

    You can really see how much fun you’re both having. :D

  50. I AM AN INSPIRIT but i really love your review because the first time i watched the video i was laughing like crazy because it’s way soooo cheesy. i’m glad i have the same opinion as you. hahaha KMM fighting !
    i also kinda agreed the song is nat as good as the chaser or be mine but the other songs in the mini-album (such as still i miss you and inconvenient truth, etc) are really good to listen to. ^^ *sorry for bad english*

  51. Thank god there’s nothing bash&hate-related post in EYK website. In youtube comment section, both on KMM video and Man In Love video are at WARRR!!! Oh my they all have to calm downnnn, feel sad seeing it TT__TT.
    As an Inspirit and a Nasty, I STILL LOVE YOU GUYSSS!! You both are people that still being honest and objective when stating opinions, and that’s kinda rare lately :”)))

    • It’s ridiculous isn’t it? Here was I, thinking that Inspirits would be HAPPY considering S&M chose Infinite (to the dismay of HYS/Girl’s Day fans), not to mention they went on and on about how much they love Infinite, and how this video is GOLD

      - but all I’m seeing are complaints. Wut. :(

      • You can’t please some people. Some people hate S&M just because they don’t fawn over the artists/songs of every KMM and then there are others that hate S&M just because other people hate them. Those people would have complained if S&M had spent half the time raving on how awesome the song is and the rest of the time talking about how wonderful the MV is. They would have found one thing that they didn’t mention and harp on that.
        I just wonder why people even watch their videos if they loathe them so much. Oh, I know, so that they could have something to complain about. :/

        • lol…..that is so true. I remember some really positive reviews they’ve done (ie. Jaejoong’s latest, uhhh lots of Big Bang reviews) and then we get a flood of comments saying ‘You didn’t mention THIS and THAT!!’
          Oh boy ^^;;

        • Barry Adams

          the only time some people are happy is when they are complaining

        • millie102685

          This is also true.

  52. I’m sorry fellow Inspirits.. but..

    2PM IS ON THE BACKGROUND! *please forgive my inner hottest*

  53. Simon, you are WRONG! My sister just made fortune cookies last week and I have friend that makes homemade Twinkies. HA!

  54. Um dong ho totally. For reals guise was so sick and while I was watching it roflol turned in to rofhol ( rolling on the floor hacking out a lung.) so painful but so worth it. I’ve already watched it twice defiantly one of my new favorites!

  55. omg I watched this video with my 6th grader hagwon students last week! haha. We tried to talk about it but couldn’t get past all of the girls squealing “IN-PIN-IT!!!” (and my squeals at the cute kitty)! Oh well, maybe next time… haha ^.^

  56. im thinking same as you when i watch the video. hahahaha. thank you

  57. It actually took me a moment with the chicken skit for the joke to click. Literally, it took five seconds for me to start laughing. I think I’m just tired, though.

  58. So much for rotation and choosing more girl groups…

    • Blueberries

      Well they will stick to first unless they really have more to say about other mv in top 3. If they were totally 50/50 then many great mv’s who make it to 1st maybe wouldn’t have a change to be reviewed just because it’s boys or girls week. Next week it’s probaply girls turn since top 2-top 6 are all girl groups.

  59. I vote for Dongho, hahah he’s the creepiestttttttttttttttttt. Love your KMM by the way, it was hilarious.

  60. Thank you for reviewing this video S&M. And its definitely not long at all.
    Nways,i loved this song,too bad you guys didnt like it,but i understand that different people have diff taste and opinion.
    Also “TAEMIN you can stay” part was hilarious.And i vote for sungyeol. :)

  61. gosh I am so glad you said that, love this band but ugggg this one got on my nerve, BUT I know they will come back with something good, it seems kpop boy bands need to take a break and make a song and video like this :( and my vote goes to 330 talking to ghost yep that would get me.

  62. I vote Ukiss. He was definitely crazy

  63. No i don’t feel the same way. this is like the only song i like by them

  64. What? No comment on the J.J. Abrahams lense flare? Perhaps it’s a symptom of Pastelpantsopantafilia Type 2.
    Yeah, totally didn’t spell that properly.

  65. I love this song–it’s so 80s awesome for me. It’s my new morning get-up-and-go jam. :)

    I LOVE THIS KMM. SO epic and brilliant! I love you guise for picking it apart and giving me SO much new insight into Infinite’s definition of a “man in love.”
    Most of all, I LOVE everything written on your blackboard. Any chance of making any of them into shirts?

    You guise RAWK. (and longer KMMs rawk too!)

  66. This probably won’t be a controversial opinion for anyone commenting directly on the EYK blogpost, really, but guys. Guys. A K-pop Music Monday CANNOT be “too long.”

    I know you’ve probably compiled statistical information on views or whatever. And found that non-hardcore Nasties and general viewers get bored at minute X. But for me? And for a lot of us? When I see “10+ minutes” on a KMM I feel great. Elated.

    It doesn’t even matter if I share your opinion (for example, it’s “singers minus rapper” not the other way around, duh. Unless that was the B.A.P. formula, of course. :D ). It’s just great to hear someone talking about K-pop in English, and caring about it so much.

    I’m not insisting that you spend a zillion hours editing huge episodes. I’m just saying that if you think there’s a point at which The Nasties will start looking at their watches (cell phones?) — there just isn’t. We love you. Do 12 minutes. Do 20. We’d still have a blast.

  67. The first real-time chart update of the day showed that Infinite was in 1-6 place with their albums.
    #1 New Challenge
    #2 Infinitize
    #3 Inspirit
    #4 OTT: Special Repackage
    #5 First Invasion
    #6 Evolution
    That’s a pretty amazing thing that’s happened.
    Also, this article from enewsworld. http://enewsworld.interest.me/enews/contents.asp?idx=32271

  68. Dongho all the way…his was so creepy!

  69. KATHyphenTUN

    “Except you Teamin, you can stay.” hahahaha made my night!!

  70. Dongho interacting with the imaginary girl wins over baking fortune cookies.

    Love all the Meemersworth video time! How did you get him to do the ending? Amazing guy.

  71. But i think it’s a great song ^^ you must listen several times and you will catch that tempo ♥

  72. New trailer of 2PM on his lap=))))))

  73. Bloopers @1:00
    OMG Precious

  74. I love the song!! It’s good to see Infinite sing something refreshing once in a while. Being angsty or beastly all the time is just MEEEHHHH for me. BTW, this by far is the best MV they created, I enjoyed every single scene.

    Reason why I love KPOP FANS: (Just like what happened with the chaser)
    Today: “I don’t like the song it’s blah blah blah…”
    In the Future: That’s my favorite, better than this current song! Forever loving the song…

    In the end: I LOVE INFINITE *bow*

  75. I always have fun watching KMM but this blew me out the window from laughing so much, luv u guise :3
    And I have to say Dialtone is just priceless, Dongho did too much work imagining not to hand it to him xD

  76. I actually really like the song! Sure, it’s not as good as The Chaser or Be Mine, but I kind of like that they tried out a different concept than their usual intense one. And I’m happy that even though it’s a different sound, it still has the distinct Infinite feel to it. It’s just fun and refreshing and has a nice Spring vibe to it. I don’t know, I just feel really happy listening to it and I think the chorus is pretty catchy! Maybe it will grow on you guys like Paradise did (which I also really disliked when I first heard it but now I love it!). I’m glad that you guys had a lot of fun making this Music Monday and it was a lot of fun to watch it too! I was seriously dying of laughter the whole time because the video is really pretty funny. And don’t apologize for the longer videos, I like it!

  77. Assuming “crazy” is defined as believing something irrational: Dongho is more crazy than Sungyeol, because he seems to believe his dead girlfriend is still there with him – whereas Sungyeol only believes that cutting up apples for fortune cookies that could have been purchased is a good idea.

  78. While I found the song to be kind of fun, the video was truly hilarious. Before I watched this KMM…now I cannot watch it without bursting into laughter just thinking of your skits! And no, I do NOT mind a longer KMM at all, in any way! Well done, as always..

  79. Poor Kitten in a Box in the Hallway? We don’t know whether or not the kitten’s dead until we open the box. Schrodinger’s Cat! Oh my God, Man in Love with Schrodinger’s Cat!

  80. I’m glad B2ST and U-Kiss tied for the “footsy dance” because it was really hard to pick ><

  81. I think this might have been a tad bit better with a tad more editing… ^^ Don’t kill me, EYKers!

  82. Donghooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. New challenge is just that. They didn’t want another version of The Chaser, Be Mine, or BTD. They wanted a new challenge to tackle musically. Remember, CBA wasn’t liked by the general public either.
    IBut all of this is unimportant because Infinite makes music that they like, not music that they think will become popular. They’ve said it before, they aren’t concerned with awards. That’s what anyone should look for in an artist.
    So, let’s be happy.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, just because a man is in love doesn’t mean he has to be permanently attached to her. People, even men in love, have their own personal lives.
    As for Hoya trying on the clothes, there was not once in the lyrics a mention of woman/girl/her/she so he could just have been searching for clothes for his cross dressing boyfriend. :)

  84. I definitely vote for Dongho :)

    And also, you guys had me practically rofling. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in any other Kpop Music Monday. xD

  85. iheartkevinwoo Ukiss

    dongho and dialtone!!!its just crazy

  86. I thought that it was neat that they didn’t show their female loves; I imagine it was cause they wanted the viewer to imagine it was them. If a girl was shown, then the viewer might not be able to project themselves on the love interest. This way, their love interest is open to whoever the viewer wants it to be! :) Well, that was my initial thought anyways.

    Thanks for the entertaining KMM, as always.

    • Maybe this means I should really hangout with some kindergarten students to get my mind out of the gutter (I’m so Nasty?), but when I read your comment the first thing that popped into my head was this thing I remember reading about the porn industry in Japan. Pornoz aimed at the Japanese male demographic apparently blur out the male’s… manliness.. for the exact same reason you mentioned above. The females are very good-looking while the males, along with the above mentioned statement, are considered very “average” looking so the person watching can imagine the male in the video is really them, the viewer. Sometimes (read: apparently, I’ve never exactly watched Japanese porn before) the male in the video isn’t shown at all, so a more enjoyable experience can be had overall. The more you know, guys, the more you know. That, or I’m a narcissistic pervert who could beat both Dongho AND Sungyeol out in the “Who’s crazier?” poll. Probably both literally and figuratively.

  87. I can’t believe you guys didn’t talk about the ending pose where they slide their hands toward their crotches! That would have been so funny~

  88. drunk hamster…..lol

  89. So I went back and watch Sungjong’s shirt throwing fail at 2:17, and immediately after you see it fall, it shows the cats face of eternal judgement

  90. hahahahahahaha on the cat part!! hahahahahahahha.

  91. simon and martina notice the smallest things in music videos … whoa. XD

  92. okay so i too noticed the lack of female love interest in this, but if you think about… these are a lot of men in love, who’s to say…. they’re not in love with each other? I also have a theory about dongwoo’s books all over those stairs lmfao…i have two possible loveline theories, the abridged version? sungjong is the cute and innocent librarian who everyone is in love with and trying to win over, but he’s only going on a date with one guy… who is it? the long version has more crossed loves LOL…


  93. xdreamerx

    Dongho is definitely crazier!

  94. btw, lovin the Taemin dorito trap xD three SHINee references and one direct mention in this video, I like iit~~ <(^_^<)

  95. … I just want to point out, that I have the same shoe size as my boyfriend… xD; (I have big women feet, he has small guy feet <.<)

  96. oh the chalkboard…I spy pie r squared….xd and the banana and Junsu XD…I admit I actually stopped the video just to see the chalkboard comments…and then the chickens, Onew’s coming XD hahaha…..this was a great KMM.

    as for the votes, I choose Infinite…for one thing, we actually SEE the girl in 0330, and DongHo missed the girl as for Sung Yeol, I like to bake and yet I understood little of what he was making….like the apple and why so many if he was going to eat by his lonesome self, and why is he unraveling what he knows he put inside the fortune cookie?

  97. My reaction to the song the first time I saw the mv was very similar. I do not like the song (it has some good parts but overall it’s wayyyy too noisy for my tastes) but the music video is hilarious. The kitten is adorable and nothing makes sense. Why the imaginary girlfriends? Were they just afraid of fangirl reactions or what? xD

  98. Even though i love both groups i think Dongho is crazier and needs therapy. ^__^

  99. Yay for the first Chalkboard scene! I was waiting for that and it did not disappoint xD I got so distracted with what was on the chalkboard that I had to pause the video and replay the scene to actually listen to what Simon was saying :P

    btw Infinite’s album is on iTunes already, its been there for a while :) https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/new-challenge/id624396077

  100. I love how you have 2PM on the screen of an old ducked taped computer! THE SYMBOLISM!! hehe

  101. awwww i really liked this song. I’m surprised you guys didn’t like it.

  102. although i wanted another video to be reviewed this week, i LOVED this KMM (Simon and Martina never disappoint us ^^)
    my time is the same as korean, so I watched KMM at 6 a.m. – what a great way to start a day… thanks!
    for the showdown I vote for Dong Ho as he is definitely more crazy than Sung Yeol – he just wanted to check if the cookie thing works right! (I’m pretty sure all of the cookies he made have the same message… but why does he need this many for one girl?)
    by the way, I watched an old interview of U-KISS and they said Dong Ho dies in the end of “0330″ video… I never thought of that!

  103. All of the skits made me giggle and you’re totally right – it’s so silly, you HAVE to enjoy watching it.
    Completely agree about the beginning. I thought for a second that an ad was playing behind my open YouTube window at first and I got so confused.
    HOYA TRYING ON GIRLS’ SHOES WILL FOREVER CONFUSE ME. You tried, buddy. Kudos for that.

  104. olol I’d say Sungyeol, no way does someone smile like that creepily when “making” fortune cookies for yourself. LOL.

  105. May I just point out that the questions in the blackboard during the University of Simon scenes were priceless. I laughed throughout the entire Music Monday, but that made me laugh so hard I cried, more than Owne in Guerrilla Date. Props on the blackboard use.

    Make shirts of that pleaseeee.

  106. True story: INFINITE’s Dongwoo (the homeless guy) really is BFFs with U-KISS! (I dunno about Dongho specifically, but I’m pretty sure about Kiseop, Soohyun, Eli?..) Actually, I think both groups are BFFs with each other in general.

    Anyways, it’s good to know I wasn’t the only one who drew the parallel with Rick Astley. ^^

    omg i choked at the geico reference

  107. he was texting the girl he was in love with, he was learning to play a song for the girl he loves and sungyeol baked other treats that you can see on the counter in the background…i get that maybe the video might not be that well done if so many people didn’t get the concept but its still adorable, i’m honestly confused that so many people didn’t get the video

    • the video is done well and it’s very obvious what is happening…if people didn’t get it,they are just stupid…*shrugs*
      I mean,This is like the least WTFishappening Infinite video.

    • I don’t think that people don’t get the video (because it’s just too obvious), I think they simply have fun interpreting it in their own, not so serious way (just like Simon and Martina did).

  108. Dong Ho without a doubt!

  109. Hahahahah! This KMM is hilarious! :D

  110. Hey guys! I just came back from youtube and man, the comments! I think some people are complaining about KMM becoming too skit oriented. Now, while I understand where they are coming from, It made me want to gush about this Music Monday before I start cramming for my end of quarter exams.
    First off, I agree with you about this song. Now I’m a die hard Sweetune fan girl Every song they have composed for Infinite, Kara, Boyfriend, Dal Shabet, and even Heo Young Saeng has been looped on my Ipod before. But I will say that I didn’t like this song as much as The Chaser. It just didn’t click the same.
    Second, this review was hilarious! Woohyun’s musical talent, space case student Myungsoo, and visions of Hoya in womens’ lingerie what more could you want? My bestie and I have been acting out scenes of this MV for the past few days, biting our cell phones as we walk down the halls.
    Third, when can I enroll at Simon University? I’m really interested in discovering how many Doritos it will take to catch a Taemin in a basket trap.
    Lastly, PLEASE REVIEW GIRLS’ DAY NEXT WEEK! Not for the sake of “Oh we need to review more Girls..” but for the lack of sexy dances we’ve been seeing for Simon as of late. You fellow Nasties must understand how deprived I feel. We didn’t even get a review for Ice Cream. EYK please put an end to this terrible drought and save us all (by ruining a song a video for us)!

  111. I’m confused, you love it but you don’t like it… and cheesy is fun? Brilliant! XD
    was kinda hoping for the art of seduction this week but this was… cheesy?

  112. I LOLED so bad at the picture of Sunggyu yelling that “he saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switching to geico”. That was AWESOMENESS. My vote is for Dongho.

  113. ultimate LOLssss the entire 11 minutes…anything funny i noticed during the video was actually mentioned…the instrument part was hillarious (I thought Woohyun was mimicking the kitten the first time I watched it, not playing the piano)….I’m an Inspirit and I loved this review!
    P.S. I wish INFINITE could watch this with korean subs while we could watch their reaction!

  114. i totally agree, this song was not very good at all. like i’m trying really hard to like it, but it’s just not working out. i was kind of annoyed that after a year, they decided to come back with a cutesy fan service song/video, but wowie zowie this video was pure GOLD. my favourite part has to be when L is walking with his physics book(????????) and SungGyu walks by giving him a look like “what the eff is he wearing? did he just walk out of a Lands’ End catalogue?”

  115. First, I vote for Dongho. Second, while this is clearly a cheesy video I think they were channelling Tom Cruise’s epic announcement of his love for Katie Holmes. Also, by leaving the girl friend out of the video every fan can believe that she is the one that her bias is singing about. But it’s still cheesy.

  116. PunkyPrincess92

    “no Taemin you can stay, you’re hot!” bwahahahahahhaha!!!!!!!!
    and i love the random crap on the chalk board!!!
    Hey!!! Dr Meemersworth is a true fashionista!!!! what would you guys know!!!
    AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA “Onew is coming! run chickens run!!!!”

  117. So… we’re not going to discuss the feather hat? I was hoping we would discuss the feather hat. 0____0 haha

  118. Starsania

    Dongho and Dialtone have to win hands down.. I can understand the fortune cookie thing a bit more than dialtone… I sometimes bake brownies to cheer myself up… haha. Great Music Monday!

    I love the connection made with Dongwoo being friends with U-Kiss in their being homeless together.. I’d volunteer at the K-Pop Homeless shelter any day!!

  119. holy crap you guys are the most brilliant people ever! I hope you never stop this… amazingess! I love you guise. My vote goes to Dongho!

  120. I actually really like this song. Sure it wasn’t as powerful as “The Chaser” but this song was really bright and cheery which I think goes well with the Spring season. I’m not gonna lie, some of the stories in the MV could have been planned out better but at least it wasn’t too overly aegyo. I don’t know, maybe because Sungyeol is my Infinite bias (actually my ultimate bias) I didn’t find his part that awkward when I first watched the MV but now it does seem pretty…lonely. Anyway, I have a feeling that their next comeback is going to be really powerful, but for now I feel this comeback was really fun and refreshing.

  121. Fuck… I thought they’d review Expectation since loads of Infinite songs have been reviewed allready… Damn these fangirls votingfor oppar’s….

    • sry,those kids ain’t my oppas…
      Anyway,Girls Day were in top 3 so they had option to review them…but uhm…the MV is about nothing?

    • I understand your disappointment (I like girl groups too), but….umm…..if it were as you said; that most of the people here are girls younger than the members of Infinite – then it might be wise for you to use more age-appropriate language ^^;;

    • also I really think if there is a video JAM PACKED (like this one) full of things to use and talk about it then it will be a lot more enteratining to watch. dontchathink?

  122. “Run Chicken Run” – the new upcoming single from SNSD – the verse of the chorus dad been reviled:
    {You better run run run run run
    You’re caught and I’m hungry
    Run Chicken Chicken run run}


  123. XD My highlights of this KMM:
    1. The questions on the blackboard – man you can call yourself a Nasty if you know where they come from ;D
    2. Spudgy judging me for not being able to guess even one instrument right

    3. “Onew is coming – chicken run!”

  124. Can i please start with : WHERE THE HELL IS SPUDJY?! I didn’t see him for a while and when meemers TOOK IT AWAY weirdly i was shocked! i hope he’s not sick or anything T.T
    Spudjy didn’t miss any TAKING IT AWAY since the first episode of the first season if i can remember.
    now i expected you’d say something about it in the KMM or the bloopers or in the blog post BUT NO!
    i’m sorry if you mentioned it somewhere else but.. where is spudjy?! T.T

  125. I actually didn’t mind the song and I haven’t watched anything Infinite before (I only heard the chorus to The Chaser like once) :P

    “A banana is traveling towards Junsu at 30km per hour. How can he stop it?” OMG I couldn’t help but laugh xD

    And I vote Dongho of course! He invented forever alone! :P

  126. Dongho dude’s girlfriend’s name is dial tone

  127. ZodiArk-x9

    I miss the longer Music Mondays. If they run this long it is perfectly fine with me! am glad you have such a awesome time with this one. =^-^=

  128. The album is called New Challenge, so of course it shouldn’t be a surprise that they have changed their concept. It’s a different side of them, have you seen their live performances? HECK they look REALLY HAPPY when they perform Man in Love, haven’t seen them smile like that in AGES, especially on stage. It’s like witnessing genuine joy up there, got to appreciate that. (they look happier than when they’re in the mv even lol) I love everything about this lol, their 80s style defines them. Sweetune + Infinite works the best in my opinion, they’re in sycn with each other. When Sweetune goes off and composes for other groups, I feel it doesn’t work out as well. This song is a total Sweetune + Infinite song, the sound of it makes it definable straight away. As Infinite is my number 1 group, I like how they have this particular sound that makes it easy to tell it’s them, even though it’s really different from their more serious releases. Loved it upon first listen and the album as a whole will be on replay for ages, I assure you.

    As for the video though, yeah lol there are some inconsistencies in terms of storyline but I actually enjoyed watching this more as compared to the normal mv version of The Chaser. LOL at least with this I can get a sense of what’s meant to be going on here, in The Chaser, what the heck lol I’m so confused. O_O Which is why I prefer watching the dance only version for that…. Woollim isn’t great at making amazing storyline mvs for Infinite, lol but at least they’re able to film outdoors and they’re not stuck in a box like 100% of the time so yeah~ xD I really appreciated the colours and lighting used here too.

    • I agree with absolutely everything! I’ve been mentioning this in other forums ever since the comeback that their happy aura and contentment is what should make us Inspirits the proudest. I’ve never seen them so happy. And also people commenting on their cheesy sound obviously do not know infinite’s signature music style. New challenge is supposed to go back to their roots and they did a fine job. They’re all smiles on stage because what they’re doing is the true infinite!

  129. Onew likes his chickens dead and deep fried!

  130. The Hostess company is down. So I think there’s no more twinkies to buy.

    Lol. Simon, my sis says you look like sanji from One Piece. The part where you were doing guess the silent instrument! All you need is the curly eyebrows.

  131. Ok, I’m not sure who to vote for. Haha. SungYeol’s my bias in Infinite, but UKiss is one of my all-time favouritee bands.. So, um both? Can I do that?

  132. Eh.. I actually really liked the song, it has the light/sweet feel that I really enjoy when spring finally arrives and I’m sitting on the lawn studying.
    Entertaining review nonetheless.

  133. Guise… if you think “Man In Love” has the cheesiest music out there, you obviously haven’t listened to “Inconvenient Truth” yet. They may be infinitely cheesy. but I like them both, because they make me smile :) And I’m surprised to hear that you like “Paradise” now, YER INFINITIZED! Maybe you’ll grow to like “Man In Love” as well.

    That was definitely a fun Music Monday to watch :] Loved the chalkboard content!

    As for the showdown I vote for Dongho. But I would have a problem with choosing if you made a “Sungyeol in love with himself in the kitchen vs. Gain touching herself in the kitchen” showdown ;)

    • aww yeah,”Inconvenient Truth” is my cheesy jammmm
      Everyone is going to end up liking all Infinite songs in the end anyway…people are bitching every comeback but a bit later you hardly find anyone who does…

  134. This entire song is a Rick Roll of their musical career. Regular production will commence shortly.

    This MV isn’t the first hot mess you’ve reviewed, and it certainly won’t be the last!

  135. *sigh* you guys didnt review hys again this week………

  136. is that an “eat your kimchi” hat? i want oooonneee D:

  137. I really liked this music monday! ^.^

  138. Hahahahahahahahaaa! The Classroom scene was hilariouss! ….yes Simon..Taemon is unfortunately a boy (not unfortunate to all us girls out here though ;D) [TAEMAAAANNN!!] Sungyeol’s mental breakdown was…hmmm… crazier than Dongho’s love with dial-tone. It’s ok Sungyeol there are girls out there who are willing to eat your apple fortune cookies ^^”

  139. Why are you saying sorry that the video might have been too long? I love watching you guys so of course I wouldn’t be upset! I’m sad when its too short. And wow this video was awesome probably cause all the hilarious skits you guys did. And I really enjoyed reading how the things that were written on the chalk board. Haha you guys are too funny XD

  140. Marie Annette Kittus

    All of Infinite fans can kill me, but I actually expected Heo Young Saeng to be reviewed. You changed your ranking system to not only review popular bands and here we are with Infinite. I love the song and the video, but I was sure since they even promod Young Saeng I was sure he would be reviewed, EVEN MORE since SS501 and their solos haven’t gotten much attention, expect HyunJoong. I won’t even start on how few new kpop lovers know about SS501 or even older bands.
    I mean I like the song a lot and it is very spring like and yes a bit 80s but that is as far as it all goes. The band is amazing and so are the songs, but I am yet again left disappointed. I was sure that this time around you would review someone you already had not, but I guess after UKiss and KissMes attack you got scared. Why did you change the ranking system then?

    Anyway I like the song. If the MM change was just for the girls, sorry then change it back.
    Love you still!

    • As an Inspirit I don’t mind, I wish they had reviewed Young Saeng instead.

    • Honestly, I think they changed their ranking system so they could have more choice in general, it’s not just about picking more or less popular bands/artists, it’s about giving themselves freedom to review what inspires them the most… It’s amazing the S&M can come up with all that they do for videos they haven’t wanted to review. Now that they have a little more flexibility they can produce videos for us viewers more enthusiastically. I think as fans, it should make us happy that they can enjoy their work. I mean, they are still being generous by engaging their fans, they could just pick their own choice every week but they still choose to let the fans have a say.

    • I think that they changed the ranking system to given themselves a little bit of leeway for KMM. This new ranking system reflects what their viewers want but also what they want. I believe they’ll vary it from time to time when:

      1.They don’t feel like reviewing the #1 spot.
      2. If there has been too many boy bands reviewed consecutively.
      3. They really REALLY want to review a lesser known artist that has little chance of making it to the #1 spot.
      4. The same artist keeps releasing new music videos week after week that keep on getting voted into the #1 spot.

  141. Because this video was so special to me, I kicked the res up into major HD and read all of the signs and words in the MV.
    Turns out there is a sign in the kitchen that states (@ 1:32):
    “Warm Beer
    Cold Food
    Come on in!”

    Oh, and I vote for Dongho. Schizophrenia beats out narcissism any day (although they are both amusing in context).

  142. Ha! I just realized what the first chalkboard question was alluding to: It has to be AJ’s pi r squared! Illustrated with pie, lol.

  143. thank you for making this music monday!! I agree with your opinions, the song was as “powerful” as the ones from before.

  144. I prefer Sungyeol’s crazy mental breakdown. Dongho might have been imagining his girlfriend was still alive but with eating things off the floor, blowing flour everywhere, and writing obsessive messages to himself I think Sungyeol is showing that he’s descended into a deeper level of madness. Also, did anyone else notice that around 3:20 Woohyun catches him playing the piano and he runs out like he’s done something wrong with a bag overflowing with MORE APPLES? Isn’t that a school or something? What’s he doing creeping around a school with a bag of apples?

    • He is in love with Woohyun so he creeps around to find more about him and to touch things Woohyun touched…and then baaaaam,his love interests shows up unexpectedly so he runs away…you know how that goes…#truestory

  145. I agree with you: this song is full of cheesy 80′s synthpop- which is why I love it. I love overprocessed 80′s pop, but I also know that I am a minority, and this video was crazy hilarious.

    My vote: Dongho. At least Sungyeol knew he was alone, although I did hear a rumor about him and the fridge.

  146. ummm when are you announcing the winners for the 300,000 subscriber CD’s???? :3

  147. U guys r awasome ~ my vote for crazy dongho ~

  148. unicornsgalaxy

    I have a cheek ache from smiling and laughing so much. Good KMM guise! I really enjoyed it!

  149. there is a slight difference between saying a song is not good, and saying you don’t like a song tho ^^
    honestly i was at first kinda disappointed. i wanted an epic Infinite comeback (too) (i’m sure i’m not the only one) and here they were with their pretty lover boy concept.
    but somehow imo Infinite did pretty great by being able to pull that image too.
    i’m a huge b.a.p fan but their cute-pretty-aegyo image era was a total disaster for me. it just didn’t… fit and work. at all. at least not for me. But with Infinite, although i love their powerful image way more, i didn’t think it was (that) awkward and it didn’t make me cringe or anything. So for that i applause them.
    I wasn’t too sure at first for the song but it grew on me pretty fast and in the end the chorus is super catchy, no ? And i actually love 80′s music sound and style so, nah, i wasn’t bothered by that neither.

    my vote goes for… eeeer… hmm… Dongho. His case is way more serious than Sungyeol imo.

  150. A banana is traveling towards Junsu at 30 km per hr. How can he stop it?

    can it be a multiple choice question?

    a. kiss it, touch it, rub it
    b. ayy banana, can i buy you a drink? intoxicate it
    c. tarantallegra!
    d. duckbutt dodge!

  151. eeee! this felt like an “instant classic”! i love this KMM!!

  152. This k-pop music monday made me laugh like there’s no tomorrow. I feel like u guise have been doing serious stuff lately or something, idk is it just me? It was so refreshing! Sighhhh of happiness. Monday just got so much better.

    I vote Dongho. Sure, Sungyeol was pretty insane with his cutting apples, dropping them on the floor then eating them and sending messages to himself, but Dongho was just…. crazy. Dating a dialtone? At least Sungyeol is real. And forever alone. Dongho is not forever alone. Just crazy.

    I think liking the song is a personal preference, but it also grows on you. At first I was like MEH sounds 80s, but now I like it. A lot.

  153. I’m so glad you guys zoomed in on the kitten slapping his hand away! That kitten is like…AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. lol loved this weeks music monday!

  154. This its the funniest KPMM ever (Y)

  155. oh boy… i haven’t laughed this much in quite a long time xD

  156. I honestly have to agree. Man In Love isn’t a favorite. It felt a tad bit… boring, I guess. It didn’t catch me like other Infinite songs. But damn, was the MV cute. They’re safe because of the adorable MV.

    Just a thought… Gyu showed up in Myungsoo’s segment, Yeollie showed up in Woohyun’s segment, and Dongwoo showed up in Sungjong’s segment (and poor Hoya was all alone XD)… Were they hinting something?

    Also, I vote for Yeollie. Dongho just seems more heartbroken and unable to get over his loss. Sungyeol… I’m not even sure he has one. Plus, who blows the flour around on the table? Or cuts apples for a recipe that doesn’t require it? Or writes love notes to himself? Yeah… Sungyeol takes the cake on that one. XD

  157. This KMM made me laugh a lot I loved it! I’m so glad you guys had a lot of fun doing this review and loved the bloopers as well! Aww Memeers and Martina is so adorable! Also loved the tid bit about what runs the internet from Simon =P

  158. I think Dongho wins this one hands down. He was just straight up delusional and crazy whereas Sungyeol is just a horrible pastry chef that puts inspirational notes for himself in (apple flavored?) fortune cookies

  159. Omg I love this week KMM it’s so refreshing loved it seriously

  160. Simon, haven’t you heard? They don’t make Twinkies anymore!

  161. your KMM is as usual wonderful.
    I tried to laugh silently because the rest of my family is sleeping already :)
    but I couldn’t :)

    btw, I like the song very much… I often catch myself on singing “Namjagan sarang halte” during the day :)
    but… you know, everybody has right to own likes and dislikes, isn’t it?

    thank you very much for this happy-therapy – it was really needed [it's nearly April and we still have a lot of snow and freezing days here in Poland, it shouldn't be this way, no!]

  162. well you see…i hate Standing Still but i think Man in Love is the best thing ever.

  163. i have a question : when i try to stop the video, to come back earlier in the video etc … windows pop up, it is quite annoying. Does it
    happen to you, is it normal ?

  164. Meemz is so cuuuute <3 I want to see more of him. HE LOOKS SO BIG AND FLUFFY AND I WANT TO CUDDLE HIM. <3

    in other news: Oh my god I was laughing soooo freaking hard at this. Like, soooo hard. Hilarious. As much as I wanted the Art of Seduction reviewed, this was freaking great and hilarious and thank you. <3

  165. i’m not gonna lie i seriously thought martina was part of u-kiss or something when the end screen popped up from last week’s music monday.
    dat green screen.

  166. Thank you!! Aww Meemers is so cute <3 <3

  167. It’s okay to have different tastes in music, it’s music not life or death. I thought Standing Still was one of the worst songs you ever reviewed, but I love Man in Love. That’s life.^^

  168. I agree with you guys on the song. I’m a fan of Infinite, and bought a few of their CDs, but I’m just not feeling it in this song. I think it’s the electronic whining sound that turns me away from it, since it kind of sounds like a cat on auto-tune.

  169. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! I had to stop in the middle of the video because I was laughing so hard. Oh L. It’s ok. I like my phone too.

  170. I started laughing really hard when Simon said “minus the pornos” [and resume watching the video]

  171. As much as I love Infinite – and my love for them is pretty much infinite;) – this wasn’t necessarily their best song, probably because I’m so bias to The Chaser and BTD. I like it, I really do, but not as much as some others. The video’s totally cute though – and I think that makes up for it.:)


  173. Really glad the KMM is to finally here!! XD but I’m not sure but did you guys announce the winners of the CDs yet I’ve been into my homework for a while haven’t been online that much. I haven’t watch today’s yet but going to right now

  174. actually my first thought of Hoya on the store was that he wanted to co-dress! xD
    I actually like the song, but I do agree on what you say about the rest xD

  175. I agree – I wasn’t too keen on the song, it was just too sappy. The video was funny, though frustrating as there was no love interest in the end for it to make somewhat more sense. The fan girl in me was even hoping for a guyguy hook up, but alas. /disappointed.

    • What is “too sappy”?Why people always expect Infinite to be mopping angsty obsessive emo guys?They are naturally cute and cheerful people and fuck yeah,they are actually smiling a lot during promotions right now.I have not see Sungjong smile this much in like two years so i LOVE this concept,thank you very much
      The video is better without any concrete love interest.For the sake of fangirls and fanboys and everyone.They would just have to stick some one random girl (yeah,girl because heteronormativity) in and that would be lame.They just want to show how guys act when they are in love…but they don’t have to be by their girlfriend or boyfriend 24/7 because surprise
      surprise…some people have life outside of their relationship.
      Also,the MV is pretty ambiguous if you ask me.The moment between Sungyeol and Woohyun is pretty interesting tbh.And this is Woollim we talk about…so you can pretend at least Sungyeol and Woohyun are gonna hook up later;)

  176. This was definitely a really great KMM. Plus, it has perfect timing because my Infinite-H album FINALLY got here!

  177. Fly chickens, Onew is coming :DD
    I liked the song, because it reminds me spring, but of course “Man in love” doesn’t beat my favorite song BFD. I enjoyed some parts of dance, but not entire. Really, Sungjong missed the chair *lol*. Maybe Sungyeol left his cokies next to piano for Woohyun xD

    I vote for Dongho U-kiss.

  178. I agree with you guys…the song didn’t live up to my expectations especially since chaser be mine and paradise were so awesome~~ but now man in love has grown on me ><

  179. OMJYUSOINFINITEBIASED?!?!?!!!?!?!?!?!?! ARGHHHHHHHHHHH43AIOSDJFAKS;LDFJLKASDJFL!!!!! *ahem* I’m sorry for my outburst, I’ll behave now :3

    Anyway… This was one enjoyable KMM! I actually liked the ultra ’80s up-beat feel of the song; it made me wanna prance around my house like a crazy person. The video, though… Um, I don’t know what to say. I couldn’t take it seriously (except for those awesome dance cuts; they were awesome), it was so ridiculous. I have nothing against pastel pants or cutesy boys, but these guys look like grown men; it’s like SHINee and their need to jump between the sex gods and cutesy boy image (okay, it’s not that extreme, but you get my point, right?). I also didn’t realize that the intro was so close to Never Gonna Give You Up; probably why I liked the song tons XD

    As for my vote in the showdown, I’m going with Sungyeol. Dongho is just as crazy, but at least he’s obsessed with a girl; Sungyeol is obsessed with himself XD

  180. Shazaaaaaam !


  182. I was alittle sad that Heo Young Saeng didn’t make it today, but your KMM skits made up for it ^^

  183. Found this to be a very funny vid, good job S&M!

  184. Expectation? :(

  185. It’s funny that you say that Dongwoo is homeless friends with U-Kiss because ( http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m5e3glphWM1qzeq9so1_500.jpg ).
    My vote is for Sungyeol… why did he cut the apples? I just don’t know.
    Edit: About not liking the song, it’s a-okay with me because it’s not like you have to listen to it every time I do. Music taste is all about personal preference. I love you guys still.

    • That’s it. We need to open a shelter for homeless k-pop idols. I heard that Heo Young Saeng was homeless when some saesang found him on the streets, hence his abduction as documented in the Art of Seduction MV.



        GUISE. LET'S START A CHARITY FOR THESE POOR K-POP IDOLS WHO ARE SUFFERING FROM HOMELESSNESS. ;~; Statistics show that 1 out of 3 K-pop idols in this generation are homeless for various reasons. This is a serious issue that is far more worse than pastelpantaphilia and we, as privileged young men and women, should take a stand and help spread awareness for this growing problem in the Korean entertainment industry today. XD

  186. A banana is traveling towards Junsu at 30 km an hr. How can he stop it?

    -Writes down answer-
    By kissing it, touching it and rubbing it??

  187. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t in love with this song upon my first listen despite being a huge fan of Infinite.

    (Though I am in love with the song “Inconvenient Truth” off of their mini because it’s just so….. funky.. and possibly the most 80′s thing Infinite’s released so far.)

    • Same here! I thought I was going to be hunted down if I said it wasn’t their best song ! :’D

    • Even though I am a huge Inspirit, I almost never love any Infinite song upon first listen. It’s the weirdest thing. I am literally like, “omg, this cannot be their single,” and then by the third or fourth listen, I am rolling around on the floor sobbing because I think it’s the greatest thing ever.
      Although, I do agree. This isn’t their best song. I felt like I had heard it before when I first listened to it. Yes, it’s definitely Infinite, but it’s just… not Be Mine or The Chaser, you know? But that still doesn’t mean I don’t like it.
      Why is this so complicated? haLP.

      • I’ve gotten hooked by this song finally, but at first I was thinking that I would have to force myself to like it for a while.

      • I agree, it’s not their best song, but it’s still really good. It reminds me of another song too, but I can’t quite figure out which song or why it sounds familiar.

  188. I can’t wait to watch this after I nom. I’ve been checking all day to see if this video was up yet.

  189. Isn’t the audio a bit wonky? The audio levels are kind of… not configured properly. or prolly bc of the exporting.

  190. Thank you so much!

  191. Havent watched it yet but wanted to say thanks for all your hard work!!

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