Guise: we haven’t enjoyed making a Music Monday this much since we did Super Junior’s “Sexy, Free, and Single.” Oh man: we love this video so much. If you haven’t seen this masterpiece yet, check out Infinite’s “Man in Love” here:


Ok, so usually what we do for our Music Mondays is we write out a bunch of stuff, then move it around into some order that makes sense, and then try to polish it up with transitional words and phrases and fix the delivery on some of our jokes, and – for parts that we can’t fit in – we cut those out and put them into our blog posts. Today, for Infinite’s “Man in Love,” we’ve got nothing for this blog post at all – nothing from the script at least. We just couldn’t cut any of it out. We just loved talking about everything. Sorry if this Music Monday was too long as a result. We just couldn’t stop ourselves. This was the first Music Monday in a long time that we just flat out had a lot of fun doing, and didn’t work exceptionally hard at (though, we did work a lot longer on this Music Monday, because it’s almost 5 minutes longer than last Music Monday). We just saw the video, laughed with each other, imagine ridiculous skits, and went wild.

Yes, we know a lot of people are gonna be upset that we said the song wasn’t good. So what! There are songs we like and songs we don’t like. We can’t like everything Kpop has to offer! We loved U-Kiss’ “Standing Still” but we were destroyed by the blandness of the video. This week, we found the song not to our liking, but loved this video with all our hearts and souls. It’s so special! And we speak about this video with a special fondness. It’s almost like Super Junior’s “Cooking Cooking” and TVXQ’s “Balloons.” It’s that level of special. It’s like Infinite were like “well, now that we’ve got some of the cheesiest 80’s music out there, why not make a super cheesy video to go with it?” I’m predicting that they’ll stop using widescreen soon and will just tape everything on old Sony Handycams from now on. And moustaches. They must grow moustaches. By the way, “cheesy” is not a bad word. Cheesy’s fun and enjoyable. I’d rather watch a video that makes me feel good than watch one that frustrates me. This…has so many good feels in it that I cannot compute.

So, we’re scrubbing through the video now as we’re editing it, and HAHAHAHAHA OMG we just noticed something new. At the 2:17 second mark, when he picks out his shirt, slow that scene down frame by frame, if you’ve got the time. He throws his shirt onto the chair, but misses the chair completely and it falls to the ground. Like, it barely even hits the chair. It’s like he air balled on a layup. Another reason for us to love the video.

And how about the fact that the cat is totally misunderstood. He’s not signalling his preference in your outfit. He’s got a frustrated look on his face because he needs to poop. Did you even get him a cat litter, or did you just use Pickles the Cat as your own imaginary personal valet? Yes, his name is Pickles the Cat. I just made that up, and it’s gonna stick!

Ok I gotta stop. NO WAIT THE FLOUR BLOWING SCENE! WHO BLOWS FLOUR LIKE THAT? How’d he get flour everywhere? Must have been a result of his special apple recipe. Ok I’ma stop. Thank you for watching my video and reading my blog post. This concludes my happy talk on this happy video:

However, if you like the song more than we do, you can pick it up via YesAsia or iTunes (whenever it comes out on iTunes). Also, we’ve got bloopers for this week’s Music Monday (obviously!) in which we do our best rendition of Pump Up the Jam. It works for every instrument!


  1. Ok, for some random reason when I started watching this video, it had Spanish sub-titles on the bottom of the screen. So I hit the translate to English, & hilarity ensued. Here’s just one of the screen caps I managed to get. Pure comedy gold. I think that from now on, I will watch the video as per normal, then go back & watch as it is translated from English to Spanish, then back to English

  2. LOL guys you crack me up.
    guess the Korean title makes a bit more sense than the English “WHEN a man is in love” vs “Man in Love”

  3. That was awesome !!! :DD

  4. Maybe this means I should really hangout with some kindergarten students to get my mind out of the gutter (I’m so Nasty?), but when I read your comment the first thing that popped into my head was this thing I remember reading about the porn industry in Japan. Pornoz aimed at the Japanese male demographic apparently blur out the male’s… manliness.. for the exact same reason you mentioned above. The females are very good-looking while the males, along with the above mentioned statement, are considered very “average” looking so the person watching can imagine the male in the video is really them, the viewer. Sometimes (read: apparently, I’ve never exactly watched Japanese porn before) the male in the video isn’t shown at all, so a more enjoyable experience can be had overall. The more you know, guys, the more you know. That, or I’m a narcissistic pervert who could beat both Dongho AND Sungyeol out in the “Who’s crazier?” poll. Probably both literally and figuratively.

  5. I seriously love the Taemin mousetrap… :) Truly a puzzling question though… How many Doritos would it take? I’d say quite a few to distract him from the precariously dangling cage above the deliciously tempting Doritos… Unless he has a serious snack attack. Then all bets are off.

  6. Fun Music Monday! ^___^

    Great work guise! :D

    P.S: Meems needs more Ulzang shots :)) He’s too adorable > . <

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

  7. how about foster care too?? hmmmmmm OwO

  8. Spudgy is there… judging you.

  9. This week’s KMM was freakin’ hilarious!

    That said, I’m just a teeny bit disappointed that Simon and Martina picked this song to review. I totally agree with their opinion of the song/video, but they had the choice, and they chose the song they liked the least just because it was the easiest to make fun of. That just seems a little……….mean.

    Cyber_3 – sometimes votes for the video with the most potential KMM lulz but I have to at least like the song……

  10. By far Donghi is the craziest!

    And I use to love dancing with to Pump Up the Jam! My neighbor and I would set up the bomb box outside and just jam out in the side walk. Yeah…I’ve severely aged myself!

  11. Welcome to Simon University, where there are no wrong answers!

  12. Well they will stick to first unless they really have more to say about other mv in top 3. If they were totally 50/50 then many great mv’s who make it to 1st maybe wouldn’t have a change to be reviewed just because it’s boys or girls week. Next week it’s probaply girls turn since top 2-top 6 are all girl groups.

  13. I totally agree about the song! It definitely wasn’t their best work. I guess they’ve been busy…

  14. i choose e. laugh/scream like a dolphin

  15. They have been alternating meemers for quite a while now i am sure it was just because cat in mv. use meemers as much as possible.

  16. It’s ridiculous isn’t it? Here was I, thinking that Inspirits would be HAPPY considering S&M chose Infinite (to the dismay of HYS/Girl’s Day fans), not to mention they went on and on about how much they love Infinite, and how this video is GOLD

    – but all I’m seeing are complaints. Wut. :(

    • lol…..that is so true. I remember some really positive reviews they’ve done (ie. Jaejoong’s latest, uhhh lots of Big Bang reviews) and then we get a flood of comments saying ‘You didn’t mention THIS and THAT!!’
      Oh boy ^^;;

  17. Um dong ho totally. For reals guise was so sick and while I was watching it roflol turned in to rofhol ( rolling on the floor hacking out a lung.) so painful but so worth it. I’ve already watched it twice defiantly one of my new favorites!

  18. What? No comment on the J.J. Abrahams lense flare? Perhaps it’s a symptom of Pastelpantsopantafilia Type 2.
    Yeah, totally didn’t spell that properly.

  19. I’d buy that banana a drank ;)

  20. “Except you Teamin, you can stay.” hahahaha made my night!!

  21. Assuming “crazy” is defined as believing something irrational: Dongho is more crazy than Sungyeol, because he seems to believe his dead girlfriend is still there with him – whereas Sungyeol only believes that cutting up apples for fortune cookies that could have been purchased is a good idea.

  22. While I found the song to be kind of fun, the video was truly hilarious. Before I watched this KMM…now I cannot watch it without bursting into laughter just thinking of your skits! And no, I do NOT mind a longer KMM at all, in any way! Well done, as always..

  23. I definitely vote for Dongho :)

    And also, you guys had me practically rofling. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in any other Kpop Music Monday. xD

  24. I laughed so hard, I want to see them reacting to it!

    • AJ wrote the lyrics to U-Kiss’ ‘0330’, it says “you can’t deny our R-square-pi”, which they made fun of in its review and it’s been a joke since then. AJ also said something about it in their impromptu interview – “U-Kiss Backstage Chat” video on here.

  25. Dongho is definitely crazier!

  26. Yay for the first Chalkboard scene! I was waiting for that and it did not disappoint xD I got so distracted with what was on the chalkboard that I had to pause the video and replay the scene to actually listen to what Simon was saying :P

    btw Infinite’s album is on iTunes already, its been there for a while :) https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/new-challenge/id624396077

  27. Dong Ho without a doubt!

  28. “no Taemin you can stay, you’re hot!” bwahahahahahhaha!!!!!!!!
    and i love the random crap on the chalk board!!!
    Hey!!! Dr Meemersworth is a true fashionista!!!! what would you guys know!!!
    AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA “Onew is coming! run chickens run!!!!”

  29. Dongho and Dialtone have to win hands down.. I can understand the fortune cookie thing a bit more than dialtone… I sometimes bake brownies to cheer myself up… haha. Great Music Monday!

    I love the connection made with Dongwoo being friends with U-Kiss in their being homeless together.. I’d volunteer at the K-Pop Homeless shelter any day!!

  30. holy crap you guys are the most brilliant people ever! I hope you never stop this… amazingess! I love you guise. My vote goes to Dongho!

  31. I actually really like this song. Sure it wasn’t as powerful as “The Chaser” but this song was really bright and cheery which I think goes well with the Spring season. I’m not gonna lie, some of the stories in the MV could have been planned out better but at least it wasn’t too overly aegyo. I don’t know, maybe because Sungyeol is my Infinite bias (actually my ultimate bias) I didn’t find his part that awkward when I first watched the MV but now it does seem pretty…lonely. Anyway, I have a feeling that their next comeback is going to be really powerful, but for now I feel this comeback was really fun and refreshing.

  32. Fuck… I thought they’d review Expectation since loads of Infinite songs have been reviewed allready… Damn these fangirls votingfor oppar’s….

    • also I really think if there is a video JAM PACKED (like this one) full of things to use and talk about it then it will be a lot more enteratining to watch. dontchathink?

    • I understand your disappointment (I like girl groups too), but….umm…..if it were as you said; that most of the people here are girls younger than the members of Infinite – then it might be wise for you to use more age-appropriate language ^^;;

  33. “Run Chicken Run” – the new upcoming single from SNSD – the verse of the chorus dad been reviled:
    {You better run run run run run
    You’re caught and I’m hungry
    Run Chicken Chicken run run}


  34. XD That’s awesome.I choose d

  35. XD My highlights of this KMM:
    1. The questions on the blackboard – man you can call yourself a Nasty if you know where they come from ;D
    2. Spudgy judging me for not being able to guess even one instrument right

    3. “Onew is coming – chicken run!”

  36. I actually didn’t mind the song and I haven’t watched anything Infinite before (I only heard the chorus to The Chaser like once) :P

    “A banana is traveling towards Junsu at 30km per hour. How can he stop it?” OMG I couldn’t help but laugh xD

    And I vote Dongho of course! He invented forever alone! :P

  37. I miss the longer Music Mondays. If they run this long it is perfectly fine with me! am glad you have such a awesome time with this one. =^-^=

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