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Infinite “Man in Love” – Kpop Music Mondays

March 26, 2013


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Guise: we haven’t enjoyed making a Music Monday this much since we did Super Junior’s “Sexy, Free, and Single.” Oh man: we love this video so much. If you haven’t seen this masterpiece yet, check out Infinite’s “Man in Love” here:

Ok, so usually what we do for our Music Mondays is we write out a bunch of stuff, then move it around into some order that makes sense, and then try to polish it up with transitional words and phrases and fix the delivery on some of our jokes, and – for parts that we can’t fit in – we cut those out and put them into our blog posts. Today, for Infinite’s “Man in Love,” we’ve got nothing for this blog post at all – nothing from the script at least. We just couldn’t cut any of it out. We just loved talking about everything. Sorry if this Music Monday was too long as a result. We just couldn’t stop ourselves. This was the first Music Monday in a long time that we just flat out had a lot of fun doing, and didn’t work exceptionally hard at (though, we did work a lot longer on this Music Monday, because it’s almost 5 minutes longer than last Music Monday). We just saw the video, laughed with each other, imagine ridiculous skits, and went wild.

Yes, we know a lot of people are gonna be upset that we said the song wasn’t good. So what! There are songs we like and songs we don’t like. We can’t like everything Kpop has to offer! We loved U-Kiss’ “Standing Still” but we were destroyed by the blandness of the video. This week, we found the song not to our liking, but loved this video with all our hearts and souls. It’s so special! And we speak about this video with a special fondness. It’s almost like Super Junior’s “Cooking Cooking” and TVXQ’s “Balloons.” It’s that level of special. It’s like Infinite were like “well, now that we’ve got some of the cheesiest 80’s music out there, why not make a super cheesy video to go with it?” I’m predicting that they’ll stop using widescreen soon and will just tape everything on old Sony Handycams from now on. And moustaches. They must grow moustaches. By the way, “cheesy” is not a bad word. Cheesy’s fun and enjoyable. I’d rather watch a video that makes me feel good than watch one that frustrates me. This…has so many good feels in it that I cannot compute.

So, we’re scrubbing through the video now as we’re editing it, and HAHAHAHAHA OMG we just noticed something new. At the 2:17 second mark, when he picks out his shirt, slow that scene down frame by frame, if you’ve got the time. He throws his shirt onto the chair, but misses the chair completely and it falls to the ground. Like, it barely even hits the chair. It’s like he air balled on a layup. Another reason for us to love the video.

And how about the fact that the cat is totally misunderstood. He’s not signalling his preference in your outfit. He’s got a frustrated look on his face because he needs to poop. Did you even get him a cat litter, or did you just use Pickles the Cat as your own imaginary personal valet? Yes, his name is Pickles the Cat. I just made that up, and it’s gonna stick!

Ok I gotta stop. NO WAIT THE FLOUR BLOWING SCENE! WHO BLOWS FLOUR LIKE THAT? How’d he get flour everywhere? Must have been a result of his special apple recipe. Ok I’ma stop. Thank you for watching my video and reading my blog post. This concludes my happy talk on this happy video:

However, if you like the song more than we do, you can pick it up via YesAsia or iTunes (whenever it comes out on iTunes). Also, we’ve got bloopers for this week’s Music Monday (obviously!) in which we do our best rendition of Pump Up the Jam. It works for every instrument!



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