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Infinite – Nothing’s Over: Kpop Music Mondays

March 28, 2011


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This week we review Infinite’s “Nothing’s Over” and try to spread the word about Pastelpanthophilia.

Yeah, we’re not a fan of rainbow pants. Martina mentioned it a while ago in our review of SHINee’s “Lucifer” and she’s saying it again today. Stop with the rainbow pants! The guys look a lot better otherwise! Their styles at the end of the video are really quite cool, but the pastel pants just looks so…awful! Aaaah!

Anyhow, on to good things about the video: THIS VIDEO IS AWESOME! We would love to see more videos like this. It seems like when Kpop bands do cutey boy videos, like in F.Cuz’s “Wanna Be Your Love” they tend to be a bit lazy, with little more than boys doing fanservice by just smiling and looking cute. This video, though, turned out to be cute, but at the same time still was an awesome video that would appeal to more than just fangroups. I mean, come on: THEY BREAK DOWN A WALL OF TOILET PAPER ROLLS! Big bonus. And the almost one-shot-scene feel to it was likewise quite awesome. Yeah! Super well done. If we could review kpop videos like this every week we’d be really happy :D

On a side note: ff you check out our blooper footage you might be confused as to why Simon’s climbing the walls and dancing. Yeah…about that: we cut that last scene out because it was a bit out there. At the end of Infinite’s video, when the song’s over, for some reason they start doing random things. One guy bends over and starts playing with his fingers, while another guy randomly climbs halfway up a ladder, gets confused, jumps down, and runs away. Why? We’re not sure. We tried to do some climbing of our own, but it all just degraded into an unusable scene.

We’d also like to apologize for the terrible audio for this week’s edition. Our mic had a malfunction. Kpop Music Mondays will be back to normal next week. Anyways, thanks to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the Korean subtitles. Yeah! One more thing: if you’re looking to buy the Infinite Album, you can do so by clicking this link here. They ship overseas! Sweet!



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