All you Inspirits really came together to guarentee that Infinite makes it into Music Mondays. So far we’ve reviewed almost all their songs since we started doing Music Mondays: Nothing’s Over, Be Mine, and now “Paradise” (with the exception of “Before the Dawn,” which didn’t receive enough votes, but was reaaaalllly close to it). You guise are really good voters :D

Hopefully that’s not going to change with this week’s review. Today we’re reviewing “Paradise,” and it’s the first time we are disappointed by a song by Infinite. But we’re not disappointed in a really bad way. We’re not violently against the song, or think that it made terrible mistakes. It’s still a well done song, with great singing, and an artsy video. It’s biggest drawback is that it just sounds really REALLLLY like an 80’s boyband song. Like, exactly like an 80’ song. And we’re not too fond of the 80s. It’s not a sound we like. It’s like Vegemite: some people love it, and can make delicious sandwiches with it, while others get the jibbershakes when they taste it. 80s music…ugghhhhh. JIBBERSHAKES! Here it is if you haven’t heard it yet:


From the R&B style bass line that goes “BWWAAHHHWWW” before they start singing to the super 80’s “BA DAP AH DAP AH” beat, to the bad jazz flute used for the main verse. Jazz flutes are soooooo out…synths are in! We all play synths! DA DA DA DA DA! Do you know that song? No? You gotta check it out here:


Anyways, I think perhaps this song just gives us bad flashbacks of neon clothing and hammer pants (pastelpantaphilia, anyone?) so we don’t like it due to the trauma we experienced as children growing up with older siblings who were so into the 80’s blasting their 80’s music and singing and dancing with terrible 80’s fashion. I mean, hi older sister Nicole, this is your younger sister Martina! Looovvve you! Please don’t kill me…I swear your puffy hair perm looked great on you. And in Simon’s case, he loooved 80’s rap and R&B with his older brother. Shame on you Simon.

The video as well was a bit of a letdown. We like it from a cinematographic perspective: the lighting is great, the train is really eerie, and the guise aren’t acting stupid in the video (and that pleases us). But it just seemed redundant after a while. They’re ghosts that the girls can’t see or hear. We got it within the first 35 seconds of the video. It’s all the same from then on.

To be honest, we really wish that the dance from their live performance would have showed up in this video a bit. Infinite are rawesome dancers, like we mentioned in our review of Be Mine, and Paradise has a really cool dance to it. We understand that perhaps dancing ghosts would make for a worse video, but – ah well – we can dream, can’t we?


Anyhow, that’s it for this week. If you’re a fan of the 80s sound of this song, you can pick it up via YesAsia. And lastly, check out our Bloopers, where we give out more awards during our Kpop ceremony, and Martina loses control of herself and gets the giggles:

  1. Hmm, after so many years, no matter how some people didn’t enjoy this song, Paradise is still one of the best song of Infinite which many people mentioned as their most favorite song.

    I believe it will also apply to Infinite recent song Back. I sincerely think it will be a long lasting favorite song from Infinite.

  2. “I’m a ghost; rub my tummy!” XD

  3. HAHAHA, Martina obv has her brain in the gutter with her all penis butters cups.  Froidian slip much?

  4. I just had to say that Rain would win that award hands down

  5. I had a good laugh xD Especially during the ghost boyfriends part xDDD

    Actually I like their kinda oldschool feeling. That’s what makes them so distinctive. I can hear Michael Jackson in their songs, some bands from the 80s and 90s and even BeeGees! (> Paradise chorus)

    I hope they will stay this way and I also hope that you won’t be ever bothered by their songs, because they are all awesome <3

  6. CN BLUE LOVE Girl!! )) (although the girl in that video is soooo dumb….) 

    btw, please review Tablo – bad next week ))))

  7. I didn’t catch Joffrey, but Khal Drogo totally tweaked my memory. Man, it’s been years since I read those books! Good times, good times. Haven’t watched the HBO series though.

  8. As far as home invasions, I thought of KARA’s “Wanna”…though that was more B&E than home invasion.

  9. cnblue they actually tried to hide (but completely failed)

  10. i definitely vote for CNblue – Love  Girl !!!!!!! =)

  11. I personally love Paradise and think the boys look hot, but then again that’s the biased inspirit inside of me speaking obligatory things. really though, I enjoyed it highly, especially the dance for um, obvious reasons… BUT my vote still goes to CN Blue! Loves those guys as well, and hell, they’re adorable stalkers :D imma have to say no thanks to creeper-ghosts-that-I-can’t-see, despite them being uber-sexy/awesome

  12. I’m an BOICE and an INSPIRIT. But i got addicted to LOVE GIRL like so much before I became an Inspirit, so LOVE GIRL. But love both INFINITE and CNblue! 

  13. I vote for CN Blueeeeeeeeeeeee~~

  14. Call me crazy, I actually liked this song better than Be Mine. Maybe it’s because I’m a 90’s child and the 80’s didn’t bother me all that much. And because I usually listen to 80’s music without the horrendous outfits. I have to admit that this is a very 80’s song, even a 90’s child like me could identify it.

    But I hate the hair. It sucks so bad. I don’t know what the stylists were thinking. Sunggyu had the right to cry because, truthfully, I would cry if I had to wear that weird mohawk/soft serve on my head.

  15. well i  personally like CN Blue a lot better ^^ when it comes to that even if i am an inspirit! ^^

  16. I love Infinite, but I have to go with CN Blue ‘Love Girl’ here

  17. ♫ He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich. And he said, “I come from a land down under!”♪
    …5 minutes later…
    Have to vote for CNBlue on this one. I just don’t like being Rick Rolled by my invisible intruders. And they’re so depressed about stalking her, too. Geez, sorry that stalking me is such a drag, guys…

  18. I’m voting for CNBlue because they jump out of a poster!! And the video is cute and not depressing. Though I did think Infinite looked really hot in this video. Why is it that when it comes to k-pop bands it’s always all the members in the group going for the same person?

    I can definitely feel the 80’s vibe coming off this Infinite song but I thought you guys would like it since you guys liked Itaewon Freedom and that kinda had an 80’s vibe to it? Or was it more of a 90’s vibe? I wouldn’t know lol =P

  19. Simon, I love your shirt!!! I’ve been wanting to get it for the past few months. I want it!!

    Martina, you’re hilarious. I really love your earrings.

    The first time I heard this song I wasn’t attracted to it, but for me, personally, after a few times, it got catchy. Its not one I would actually fave nor look for in my mp3 player, but if it comes on, I’ll listen to it.

  20. same here!! Actually I think BE MINE also has this oldies feeling in it. And that oldies feeling gives me the same feeling that you feel… it’s a NO NO. ); 

  21. LOL spudgy’s dance at the end XDDD

  22. Martina likes them resses penis butter cups

  23. lol, Spudgy looks so unimpressed while dancing.

    I really like Paradise and I didn’t hate the video. But I don’t mind eightys flavor. 
    I’m voting CN Blue though, that video is the right amount of cuteness and cracks me up. 

  24. CNBLUE!! They are cute instead of depressing and creepy.

    Ahem. Anyway, ya, I have to agree with you guys on the 80’s thing, but its probably just a personal preference. I mean, it actually took me awhile to get used to Be Mine for that very same reason, and even though I like it now, its still not my favorite by them. But yea, I guess its just cuz 80’s music bugs me? Idk, but I’m in the same boat you guys are.
    Anywhayz, my vote for this week is for CNBLUE. Mostly just cuz their not dead. Sorry, Infinite, but ghosts flippin’ scare me. Even sexy Korean boy-band ones.

  26. That “Being A Dickhead” video was weird to me and totally randon but i love randomness :)

  27. Actually, this sounded more like a Bee Gees song to me. What with the one singer sounding almost exactly like Barry Gibb with that “My pants are so tight that I can’t sing within the normal range.” High, High tenor (almost soprano). All in all, since I really didn’t like the Bee Gees, I can say that I wasn’t real appreciative of this song either. Also, I gotta go with C.N. Blue.

  28. My first impression of the video is a Korean-BeeGees-sound with lots of Korean guys with GD’s hairstyle in ‘Tell me goodbye’…. juajua 

  29. My vote goes to Infinite xD though i wouldn’t mind being stalked by either of them ;D. Anyways Simon and Martina >__<

  30. why would the 80’s be horrifying to you?

  31. I would have to agree with GioMetric99 wy is it called Paradise if the group are all depressed and are all dead? It would be depressing if they all did love the same girl and that would suck big time :( I loved the skit Martina did about the 32nd Kpop Dance Awards I loled hard :) as well as the part at the end where simon played all the dead group members talking to their beloved girlfriend. Cant wait to see more Music Mondays. Well its a pretty hard vote for me between C.N. BLUE or INFINITE, but im going for Infinite in Paradise for the win!! :)

  32. Ok, first of all, thank you so much for reviewing Paradise, not enough words can describe how much I love Infinite, their music is amazing and there isn’t a single song that I dislike from their albums. xD
    Your review was great but I couldn’t really relate~~ since I wasn’t born in the 80s….. didn’t really have much exposure to 80s music at all so… hahaha~ XDD
    I loved it how you parodied the video if you “hadn’t seen the original” video and LOL it fits, surprisingly well. :P Well I heard the song before the music video came out and fell in love INSTANTLY. There’s this part in between the middle and end where Sunggyu sings “…..until my heart stops” and there’s an actual heart beating during that specific line, it’s soooooooo cool and it’s one of my favourite parts in the live version because he gets on his knees and it adds to the dramatic effect of the song. <3 I agree with what you said about the video itself, I was expecting their 99.9% synchronised dance as well but after watching the video in full, I realised it kind of wouldn't of fit with the sombre concept. & their clothes reminded me of a vintage style, which is awesome, I love vintage, they did an amazing job styling them for this mv. & Martina, you are so right when you said that they had a lot of swag (during the bloopers LOL) because they totally do. :P 

    And that "being a dickhead is cool" video,…….. actually if I disregard what the lyrics are saying completely and if it was just an instrumental piece it'd be quite catchy! D: Just saying….. (although I'm not ready to move from kpop to check out 80s music :P)

    As for the showdown, my vote goes for CN Blue, I'd rather be haunted/stalked by a happy band :) than one that is dead/miserable band =( (as much as I love Infinite and their song/mv)

  33. O:<!! I thought you guys loved brown eyed girls! ( You Lied To Me o_O! )
    why is this song called paradise when clearly they are depressed

    OMG o_o r they emo?

    • seriously depressing indeed and thanks for clearing that up.

      • oh you’re welcome, :) there are a lot of good English translated subtitled videos of the music video on youtube, I find that with music videos with a storyline such as this, it’s really helpful to understand what they’re singing about and so after reading the lyrics I can appreciate what they’re trying to portray a lot more! ^^ Indeed it’s a depressing song but, the music video makes sense and totally fits, which I personally find very beautiful and artistic… ^__^

  34. Where did you buy your t-shirt, Simon? I would appreciate if you could please tell me..I want to buy it badly..Thank you so much..

  35. INFINITE~~~~~
    And thanks for reviewing Paradise! (:

  36. CNBLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. CN Blue in Love Girl
    they are just stalking the girl in her own house!!!!
    but they make it adorable….

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