All you Inspirits really came together to guarentee that Infinite makes it into Music Mondays. So far we’ve reviewed almost all their songs since we started doing Music Mondays: Nothing’s Over, Be Mine, and now “Paradise” (with the exception of “Before the Dawn,” which didn’t receive enough votes, but was reaaaalllly close to it). You guise are really good voters :D

Hopefully that’s not going to change with this week’s review. Today we’re reviewing “Paradise,” and it’s the first time we are disappointed by a song by Infinite. But we’re not disappointed in a really bad way. We’re not violently against the song, or think that it made terrible mistakes. It’s still a well done song, with great singing, and an artsy video. It’s biggest drawback is that it just sounds really REALLLLY like an 80’s boyband song. Like, exactly like an 80’ song. And we’re not too fond of the 80s. It’s not a sound we like. It’s like Vegemite: some people love it, and can make delicious sandwiches with it, while others get the jibbershakes when they taste it. 80s music…ugghhhhh. JIBBERSHAKES! Here it is if you haven’t heard it yet:


From the R&B style bass line that goes “BWWAAHHHWWW” before they start singing to the super 80’s “BA DAP AH DAP AH” beat, to the bad jazz flute used for the main verse. Jazz flutes are soooooo out…synths are in! We all play synths! DA DA DA DA DA! Do you know that song? No? You gotta check it out here:


Anyways, I think perhaps this song just gives us bad flashbacks of neon clothing and hammer pants (pastelpantaphilia, anyone?) so we don’t like it due to the trauma we experienced as children growing up with older siblings who were so into the 80’s blasting their 80’s music and singing and dancing with terrible 80’s fashion. I mean, hi older sister Nicole, this is your younger sister Martina! Looovvve you! Please don’t kill me…I swear your puffy hair perm looked great on you. And in Simon’s case, he loooved 80’s rap and R&B with his older brother. Shame on you Simon.

The video as well was a bit of a letdown. We like it from a cinematographic perspective: the lighting is great, the train is really eerie, and the guise aren’t acting stupid in the video (and that pleases us). But it just seemed redundant after a while. They’re ghosts that the girls can’t see or hear. We got it within the first 35 seconds of the video. It’s all the same from then on.

To be honest, we really wish that the dance from their live performance would have showed up in this video a bit. Infinite are rawesome dancers, like we mentioned in our review of Be Mine, and Paradise has a really cool dance to it. We understand that perhaps dancing ghosts would make for a worse video, but – ah well – we can dream, can’t we?


Anyhow, that’s it for this week. If you’re a fan of the 80s sound of this song, you can pick it up via YesAsia. And lastly, check out our Bloopers, where we give out more awards during our Kpop ceremony, and Martina loses control of herself and gets the giggles:

  1. Hmm, after so many years, no matter how some people didn’t enjoy this song, Paradise is still one of the best song of Infinite which many people mentioned as their most favorite song.

    I believe it will also apply to Infinite recent song Back. I sincerely think it will be a long lasting favorite song from Infinite.

  2. “I’m a ghost; rub my tummy!” XD

  3. omg!!! one of the infinite members- woohyun- voted!!:D at the showdown section, they show ppl who voted for Paradise this week, and there’s @wowwh, that’s woohyun’s tweeter!! i think he was one of the guests in starking, maybe that’s how he got into eyk:)))

  4. Some of the lyrics kinda creep me out: ‘The paradise where I locked you up against your will. Oh oh. A sad paradise where you can’t leave even if you wake up. A paradise where we can be together forever.’ ….. ._.

  5. What a coincidence, I love this song and I also love vegemite

  6. HAHAHA, Martina obv has her brain in the gutter with her all penis butters cups.  Froidian slip much?

  7. I just had to say that Rain would win that award hands down

  8. Hmmm.. Why did Mnet air this Music Monday? Like are they allowed to do that?

  9. It’s probably just me, but when I heard the chorus, the melody just ever so slightly reminded me of David Lee Roth’s “Just Like Paradise” http://youtu.be/I4qh_9vH1Ww which could explain the 80’s feel of Infinite’s song. I think the song is awesome though, David Lee Roth’s song that is LOL!!

    • Oh look, it’s another Janice! ^^’

      Yeah, the choruses do sound just a TAD bit similiar (hence why it’s called ‘Paradise’…XD). I dunno…that part when they sing the lyric words in a same contant note. Yeah, I see what you mean. ;)

  10. I had a good laugh xD Especially during the ghost boyfriends part xDDD

    Actually I like their kinda oldschool feeling. That’s what makes them so distinctive. I can hear Michael Jackson in their songs, some bands from the 80s and 90s and even BeeGees! (> Paradise chorus)

    I hope they will stay this way and I also hope that you won’t be ever bothered by their songs, because they are all awesome <3

  11. CN BLUE LOVE Girl!! )) (although the girl in that video is soooo dumb….) 

    btw, please review Tablo – bad next week ))))

  12. martina… what color do you use to dye your hair?? is that a mixture? want it that way T_T

  13. C.N. Blue!! with L.O.V.E are better house intruders!! at least they are funnier and alive~ I guess.. xD

  14. you’re just wonderful ! You’re clip 80’s made my day ! XD

  15. CN BLUE!!!!!! u hear me?!?!?!?!??!!! CN BLUE!!!!!!!!!! CN BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! L.O.V.E GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CN BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. simon’s rolling around reminded me of draco from “A Very Potter Musical!”  sooo funny!

  17. curry eating accident!!!! LOL!!! XD 

  18. I didn’t catch Joffrey, but Khal Drogo totally tweaked my memory. Man, it’s been years since I read those books! Good times, good times. Haven’t watched the HBO series though.

  19. Oh my gosh I really enjoyed this song! Perhaps because I was born in ’87 and grew up in poor barrios we never got the 80’s stuff (except of course….Menudo)? I am so with you Martina as to wanting their live dance in the video; it is the first Kpop dance I’ve been really impressed with! I don’t know what it is, but every Kpop video so far that I’ve seen (and subsequent dance sequence) they don’t seem to finish or “BAM” their moves, for lack of a better term. I do a lot of dance and it baffles me a bit. Why when they’re finishing a move  (when their knees and elbows should be locked) do they make them go all subtle and soft? it doesn’t look great IMO! Anyways, you guys look adorable as always, loved the Dickhead video, take care!!

  20. Even if CNBlue did creep me by coming out of a poster, I’d still say CNBlue! 
    Who would want ghosts haunting them??!! 

  21. maybe im one that doesnt get jibbershakes from 80’s music cause i just heard that song for the first time and im kinda loving it!!!! I did like Boyz to men too though….lol

  22. Best home invasion = CNBlue

  23. As far as home invasions, I thought of KARA’s “Wanna”…though that was more B&E than home invasion.

  24. cnblue they actually tried to hide (but completely failed)

  25. deff CNBlue, their video has a (better) script.

  26. When I first heard this song I thought of the Bee Gees, I even made a commet on it on your FB page and someone agreed with me!!! As for who I would want creeping in my house…hmmm they are both cute, which ones are legal aged?

  27. i choose CN Blue!’s love girl!!!!^^

  28. I feel like I was rickrolled for some reason:O

  29. not to be a troll but im pretty sure its “reese’s peanut butter cups” lol

  30. “Straight up now tell me, is gunna be me, and you for ever~ OH OH OH! Or are you just having fun?!*doo do do dooot da doo* ” hahahaha I straight up busted out singing this when the  music started in the MV and then I had to restart the MV because I was laughing to hard to even watch it! Oh good times bring back the “cool” of the 80’s……. ~_~” lol
    Anyhow I love this weeks MM as always and looking for to the next one with great anticipation! ^_^

    Saranghae Sunbae’s! You are all wise in the way of rawesome! 

  31. I actually really like the song lol. The lyrics are okay. Just a suggestion, but maybe you can expand the English portion of you Music Mondays to a Lyric portion. Many international fans never even know the meaning of the songs they listen to.

  32. i definitely vote for CNblue – Love  Girl !!!!!!! =)


    and…CNBLUE!!!!!!!!!! L- O- BWEE- E GIRL!!!!


  35. I agree with Simon and Martina. This song doesn’t do much for me, but I adore Infinite. Actually, Infinite and Shinee are, for me, two of the most talented kpop boy groups out there right now. I mean, that’s why jeans were invented with two pockets, so I could put Shinee in one and Infinite in the other. It’s so true guys. Bet ya didn’t know~

    Also, I need Infinite to upload their current music on iTunes–Not just albums from effing 2007. Who do I need to punch in the face to get this party started??

  36. I personally love Paradise and think the boys look hot, but then again that’s the biased inspirit inside of me speaking obligatory things. really though, I enjoyed it highly, especially the dance for um, obvious reasons… BUT my vote still goes to CN Blue! Loves those guys as well, and hell, they’re adorable stalkers :D imma have to say no thanks to creeper-ghosts-that-I-can’t-see, despite them being uber-sexy/awesome

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