Shout it out, Inspirits. Shout out the word, “JUSTICE!” “FINALLY!” “GOOD DOES EXIST IN THE WORLD!” Everyone, Justice has finally been served, and Infinite’s “The Chaser” is finally being reviewed for a Kpop Music Monday. It won our EYKAs for the Best Potential Kpop Music Monday, and now we’re finally going to talk about it. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out in all of its near-perfection here:


Side note – contrary to some people’s beliefs, we DO actually check the comments on the KpopCharts. We can’t keep up with all of them, because there are thousands per page, sometimes. We checked the page for Infinite’s “The Chaser” because we wanted to see what you guise thought about the video, what parts you liked. HOLY CRAP WERE YOU PEOPLE GRUMPY AT US! I scrolled for ten minutes and found big long anger posts about why we reviewed ____ over ____. Back then we didn’t have the countdown timer for the KpopCharts, but now we do. Hopefully we won’t get that many grumpy grumbles in the future. Grumpy Grumbles is a real word. They’re round puff balls, fuzzy and faded blue, with brown smudges throughout. Visualize that. NO IT DOESN’T LOOK THAT CUTE!

Ok, back to the song and video itself: I think people get the impression that we, for some odd reason, don’t like Infinite. We weren’t sold on Paradise, and so that suggested to some people that we’re Infinite haters. How ludicrous! We’re big Infinite fans! Just…Paradise wasn’t our cup of tea. But The Chaser reaffirms our love for Infinite. What a solid song! It’s musically coherent (which is a quality that some Kpop songs don’t have), and the chorus has a shoutalongability. Not singalongability. I’m not sure what they’re singing, but I want to shout out some words to match what I think they’re trying to say. The trumpets really add to the effect as well. Trumpets + long drawn out bellowed notes = awesome chorus.

As for the video, I don’t think any one of you can give us an explanation to save the absurdity of the whole thing. It’s got a car that flips in the air nearly 40 times, dudes on a scooter breaking an endless stream of fluorescent lights, a dude climbing a ladder, someone getting lost in a mirror room, another person just standing in a room as the camera pans around him while he looks confused. We’re all confused. And I won’t accept any of your symbolism-laden explanations. Symbolism + coherent plot = great. Symbolism without plot just sucks. DON’T EVER FORGET THAT!

Not that this video sucks. The dancing is AWESOME! Infinite are great dancers, and we’d rather watch the dance version of this video over the random version of the video. No, that’s a lie. The faces Myungsoo makes while flipping in the car are hilarious. BUT I DON’T WANT TO LAUGH AT A MUSIC VIDEO. I want to watch it and be like “yeah man: that’s dope.” We’re very easily amused, though, and find humor in almost everything. It’s rare for us to find videos that don’t make us laugh in some small way.

Another side note: we can’t tell you how happy we are to see that our blue screen works. HOLY MONKEY BALLS! We’re excited beyond belief. This is the first time that we tried it out, and – yes – it’s totally completely cheesy, but WE LOVE CHEESY! In fact, this seems like the perfect amount of cheeses. Can you imagine all of the wonderful possibilities of what we can be doing in Kpop videos? Just…just stop for a second. Think of all of the people we can be dancing with. Hyuna – I know you read our blog, don’t lie. Question for you is this: do you think you’re gonna be Bubble Popping all by yourself now? Are you ready for the backup dancer you’ve been waiting for your whole life? Backup dancer? Scratch that: dance PARTNER. We’re gonna up the sexiness of Kpop to a whole new level.

Ok, we’ll stop squealing over our happiness for our blue screen. We’re still not that good with it, and it took us a while to figure out, which you’ll see in our bloopers below!


  1. So…I didn’t really even get the video and the song didn’t do much for me. BUT, I really love the dancing. L has some moves, yo! And Hoya has ridiculous diction!

  2. I like the orange juice band :) (i now call them that because of this video XD)

  3. Hi…I am a certified INSPIRIT,after watching this video makes me upset but i kinda understand what are you doing there…I really admire how you two express your opinions in different kpop music videos..so i guess im not that mad anymore.. You guys are funny! :))

  4. The blue screen car scene was the best thing ever! Y’all are awesome :D

  5. Why is that guy the “Snuggly One”? He doesn’t look particularly snuggly here. Where did he get that nickname? :P

  6. I have a K POP Music question. I noticed that alot of the music seems to sound exactly like American artists music. Are they either getting permission from the other artists to use samples or does copyright infringment not apply to to other Countries? I Love Kpop but I was just wondering?

  7. As usual, awesoooome video ^______^ But eeer, after watching the bloopers… ARE YOU GUYS USING A SORT OF TELEPROMPTER ? o___o Since when ?

  8. I really love you guys. i find that often high school can be really stressful and hard. And then when I watch your videos it really makes me feel like sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better. You guys never fail to make me laugh even when I feel like crying the most. So please keep on making more awesome videos. The people who are hating on you are just jealous of how amazing you guys are :) you guys are entitled to your opinions and so are they. It’s wrong to hate on you because of your opinion and then try to force opinions on other people is just unfair. I love you guys keep on being hilarious.

  9. Hey you guys, I really just want to throw out my opinion.

    To be brutally honest, I had been very disappointed with K-Pop Music Mondays recently. They had been revolving greatly around skits that weren’t nearly as funny as the witty comments or the amusing observations, and there had been much less of a focus on actually reviewing the music video so much as making up skits about it to be funny. I used to absolutely love K-Pop Music Mondays, but I felt like there was a great decline in quality around when “Season 3″ began, and the youtube views reflect that as well with the loss of viewership.

    However, this video has completely broken away from the trend, and in my opinion, is one of the best videos of yours in quite a long time; an enormous improvement over those of the past few months. When I finished watching this video, my first thought was “Yes! Simon and Martina are finally back!” This Music Monday was absolutely amazing, and I truly, truly enjoyed it. You actually reviewed the song and video well, your skit was really funny and didn’t dominate the entire review, and you were INCREDIBLY HILARIOUS! Please, please continue to make more videos like these, like the ones you made in the first half of the year.

    Kpop Music Mondays have started out the new year on a powerful note. Simon and Martina are back, and they’re better and stronger than ever.

    • I am not Simon or Martina but I have to say thank you for your constructive criticism. I have noticed that many people have lamented the lack of actually talking about the music versus the takeover of the skits on Music Mondays and how it takes away from their full enjoyment. Sometimes I feel like they might have this pressure to do skits, but they really don’t have to force it all the time. For myself, I tend to really enjoy the chart and indie updates on the weekends mostly because they are simply talking about their general impressions of the music videos without a pressure to be funny or make skits. I think that when they actually -want- to make the video, the quality is far better.

      I wish that more people could be like this and give their criticism constructively then maybe we would be able to help them improve the quality of the videos.

      Once again thank you. I hope that if anyone else agrees with what you say they would thumbs up or respond and give their own constructive criticism.

      • I know this was from a year ago but I really felt the need to reply. I personally have found the quality of Kpop Music Mondays consistent through the years, and it along with their TL;DR are definitely my favorite segments of the week. Sometimes there’s not much to say about a music video, especially when it only consists of the group members dancing inside a box so I’m not bothered by the skits at all.

        Now, Simon and Martina definitely need to keep in mind that there are a lot of butthurt fans who get offended way too easily when they see their idols being made fun of and will stop watching their videos because of that.

        And even if they don’t get offended because of what they say, they might stop watching because they find the music videos they reviewed a lot less enjoyable or don’t take it just as seriously as they did before. My best friend stopped watching their videos because she knows they will most likely find something to mock/make fun of and end up ruining the M/V for her.
        Also, some groups are more popular than others and a lot of people will skip the reviews of groups they don’t like/aren’t interested in (I used to do this).

        I personally love what you guys are doing, I agree most of the time with what you say and I LOVE your perception skills; you are always noticing things/details that most of us don’t. You guys are hilarious and shouldn’t change a thing.

        By the way, I’m glad that I stopped skipping KMM, because otherwise I wouldn’t have heard this AMAZING song, which it’s possibly the best kpop song of 2012. It made sad that I didn’t find the rest of Infinite’s songs as good as this one though, really set my expectations too high.

  10. YES! FINALLY! Partially because I love Infinite and partially because I was disappointed just as much as you were that there wasn’t a MM on The Chaser, I HAPPEN TO LOVE THIS REVIEW. I laughed so much xD I’m just super hyper right now. Thank youuuuu <3

    I guess that you'd already noticed the lyrics sung by Snuggly at the beginning are "we got the only chance, we'll infinitize it", but I just wanted to write, that it has somehow become a very meaningful sentence to me, subjectively speaking. :)

  11. we watched the story version of the song, and my son says (towards the end), “I really want to know whats in the box.. WHAT?! they didn’t open it? are you KIDDING me?!?” (i had to laugh!)

  12. Simon looks great in a nice outfit and not a t-shirt. I may be noticing something that has been right under my nose before, but this outfit is very FRESH. Good job. Martina, I like your outfit too. Especially the HK glasses (worn before many times) but I still love them!

  13. Can you please post the orginial MV too? not just the Dance verison, cause it seems to be a pain to find. :( Also for the showdown I would have said “infinite’s the chaser” but Martina and that bluescreen bit was….. distrubing mental imagines. Way to go Martina!

  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnyEG2_0X_w Tritop’s Ballad cover of Infinite’s the Chaser. So lovely!

  15. This is seriously one of my favorite songs EVAR!!! I’m so glad you guys finally got to review it. thanks so much!

  16. Couldn’t help but be distracted watching the people come and go through the window(?) or whatever that is. :)

  17. I like this song. Though, I did vote for Lipstick on the Best Potential KMM

  18. ahahahahahaha orange juice!!!!!!!!!!
    and wow their mv sounds weird…..i think i need to watch it now!!

  19. Laughed so hard Martina when you popped that poop out of your nose…

  20. I don’t know to much about Infinite but that “myungsoo” guy must really use a really good quality hair gel!!! with all of the flip and chaos, his hair still look soft yet perfectly stay still, even when he is upside down. Must be really good idea for hair gel company advertisement :p “We are Hair Gel that broke the law of Universe. We defeat Issac Newton’s. We deflect Gravity and we look cool” lol

  21. Omona, I just remembered that scene from Ranking King… As for Infinite’s English title knowledge: CHEAR! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoB8XZmq-_4

  22. Am I the only one who was seriously distracted by the two people in the background..?

  23. Firstly, Infinite!!

    Secondly, DYING SO MUCH AT THE ORANGE JUICE LINE HAHAHAHA. I LOVE ORANGE JUICE! I LIIIVVVEEEE OFF ORANGE JUICE HAHAHA. XD So yeah, it made me laugh a lot. “WE GOT THE ORRAAANGGGEEE JUICE YEAAAHHHH, WE KEEP IT INSIDE YOU~” … it’s so creepy but somehow oddly makes sense, they stole my orange juice … but they’re keeping it where it belongs … IN MAH BELLEH~

    Also laughed at the diva Sungjong skit because it makes a lot of sense. “A cat murdered by a harmonica” bit also made me lol a lot. And the Key cameo. And rainbow vomiting Myungsoo. While on the topic of Myungsoo, thanks for ruining Myungsoo’s beautiful car flip scene with the BLUUUURRRGGGGG. But srsly, great review. xD

    And for me Amazing is my favourite Infinite song, but I’m a sucker for ballad-ish songs. Out of songs with MVs it’d have to be their debut “DASHI DOLAWA! DOLAWA DOLAWA, DASHI DOLAWA~” (aka ‘Come Back Again’ lol) … such a great song, wish I heard that song ages ago cos I would’ve instantly fell in love, but nope. The Chaser is brilliant though, definitely their best song and MV combined, since their debut MV was alright … but not as amazing as The Chaser.

    I agree about Infinite’s distinct sound, MBLAQ has it too, and I use to think U-kiss too but I’m not so sure anymore. I love Infinite’s sound, but I’d be ok if they changed it because exploring new sounds is always good. But having a distinct sound that they can be recognised by is great too. Either is fine. ^^

    And lastly … I still can’t get over the Orange Juice line lol. Dear god I’m never gonna hear that correctly again. /shutting up now

  24. Yay! Music Monday’s back, “Such Fun!!”. Uno question…who’re the 2 girls in the background?? Quite distracting, every time there was the-glitch-in-the-matrix i would focus on them again with a “huuuuuuh O_o”…
    Curiouser and curiouser

  25. Yay! Music Monday’s, “Such Fun!!”. One question though…who were those 2 girls in the background?? everytime it would ‘glitch-in-the-matrix’ i would notice them again with a “huuuuhhh O_o”
    Curiouser and curiouser

  26. I was already laughing at the blue screen bit but then the addition of the hot cappiccino was hilarious!

  27. “We got the orange juice” ehehehe I can’t see why you guys can’t make this fit in to the rest of the lyrics. It makes so much sense!! Or…wait…did they say orange?? Now I’m confused O.o Every one knows that pineapple juice is the shit, come on Infinite, get back in the game :P

  28. OMG finally this MV got reviewed! Just to add a little info, Simon. That harmonica-like sound that you pointed out at the beginning of the review comes from this traditional Korean music instrument called Haegeum (hope i spelt it right). That is one of the great thing about this song, incorporating traditional sounds can be cool too!

  29. WE GOT THE ORANGE JUICE was a revelation

  30. Did the editing bother anyone else? Or was it just me? It seemed like words were cut off and it made it hard when a single sentence had 4 weird cuts in it.

  31. That poisonous snake collection doesn’t really look like snakes… they look more like large… worms O.o

  32. who is the new person in the background???

  33. I vote for Super Junior M breakdown for next music k pop Monday

  34. AT LAST! AT LAST! Now the bitterness of last summer has finally come to an end and we have the video reviewed. Good, very determined work ethic Inspirits!

    May we all rest in glory and relief.

  35. I miss your flats, even the new one. In the studio the video all looks more generic. Also with the 2 people in the back, the cuts look quite disastrous (you talk and want to make it look like one sentence, but by the movement in the back it looks like epileptic), but I guess that particular filming location is only temporarily. Just my impression – it will all get better and better after you get used to filming in the new location.

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