Shout it out, Inspirits. Shout out the word, “JUSTICE!” “FINALLY!” “GOOD DOES EXIST IN THE WORLD!” Everyone, Justice has finally been served, and Infinite’s “The Chaser” is finally being reviewed for a Kpop Music Monday. It won our EYKAs for the Best Potential Kpop Music Monday, and now we’re finally going to talk about it. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out in all of its near-perfection here:


Side note – contrary to some people’s beliefs, we DO actually check the comments on the KpopCharts. We can’t keep up with all of them, because there are thousands per page, sometimes. We checked the page for Infinite’s “The Chaser” because we wanted to see what you guise thought about the video, what parts you liked. HOLY CRAP WERE YOU PEOPLE GRUMPY AT US! I scrolled for ten minutes and found big long anger posts about why we reviewed ____ over ____. Back then we didn’t have the countdown timer for the KpopCharts, but now we do. Hopefully we won’t get that many grumpy grumbles in the future. Grumpy Grumbles is a real word. They’re round puff balls, fuzzy and faded blue, with brown smudges throughout. Visualize that. NO IT DOESN’T LOOK THAT CUTE!

Ok, back to the song and video itself: I think people get the impression that we, for some odd reason, don’t like Infinite. We weren’t sold on Paradise, and so that suggested to some people that we’re Infinite haters. How ludicrous! We’re big Infinite fans! Just…Paradise wasn’t our cup of tea. But The Chaser reaffirms our love for Infinite. What a solid song! It’s musically coherent (which is a quality that some Kpop songs don’t have), and the chorus has a shoutalongability. Not singalongability. I’m not sure what they’re singing, but I want to shout out some words to match what I think they’re trying to say. The trumpets really add to the effect as well. Trumpets + long drawn out bellowed notes = awesome chorus.

As for the video, I don’t think any one of you can give us an explanation to save the absurdity of the whole thing. It’s got a car that flips in the air nearly 40 times, dudes on a scooter breaking an endless stream of fluorescent lights, a dude climbing a ladder, someone getting lost in a mirror room, another person just standing in a room as the camera pans around him while he looks confused. We’re all confused. And I won’t accept any of your symbolism-laden explanations. Symbolism + coherent plot = great. Symbolism without plot just sucks. DON’T EVER FORGET THAT!

Not that this video sucks. The dancing is AWESOME! Infinite are great dancers, and we’d rather watch the dance version of this video over the random version of the video. No, that’s a lie. The faces Myungsoo makes while flipping in the car are hilarious. BUT I DON’T WANT TO LAUGH AT A MUSIC VIDEO. I want to watch it and be like “yeah man: that’s dope.” We’re very easily amused, though, and find humor in almost everything. It’s rare for us to find videos that don’t make us laugh in some small way.

Another side note: we can’t tell you how happy we are to see that our blue screen works. HOLY MONKEY BALLS! We’re excited beyond belief. This is the first time that we tried it out, and – yes – it’s totally completely cheesy, but WE LOVE CHEESY! In fact, this seems like the perfect amount of cheeses. Can you imagine all of the wonderful possibilities of what we can be doing in Kpop videos? Just…just stop for a second. Think of all of the people we can be dancing with. Hyuna – I know you read our blog, don’t lie. Question for you is this: do you think you’re gonna be Bubble Popping all by yourself now? Are you ready for the backup dancer you’ve been waiting for your whole life? Backup dancer? Scratch that: dance PARTNER. We’re gonna up the sexiness of Kpop to a whole new level.

Ok, we’ll stop squealing over our happiness for our blue screen. We’re still not that good with it, and it took us a while to figure out, which you’ll see in our bloopers below!


  1. So…I didn’t really even get the video and the song didn’t do much for me. BUT, I really love the dancing. L has some moves, yo! And Hoya has ridiculous diction!

  2. I like the orange juice band :) (i now call them that because of this video XD)

  3. Hi…I am a certified INSPIRIT,after watching this video makes me upset but i kinda understand what are you doing there…I really admire how you two express your opinions in different kpop music videos..so i guess im not that mad anymore.. You guys are funny! :))

  4. The blue screen car scene was the best thing ever! Y’all are awesome :D

  5. Why is that guy the “Snuggly One”? He doesn’t look particularly snuggly here. Where did he get that nickname? :P

  6. I have a K POP Music question. I noticed that alot of the music seems to sound exactly like American artists music. Are they either getting permission from the other artists to use samples or does copyright infringment not apply to to other Countries? I Love Kpop but I was just wondering?

  7. As usual, awesoooome video ^______^ But eeer, after watching the bloopers… ARE YOU GUYS USING A SORT OF TELEPROMPTER ? o___o Since when ?

  8. I really love you guys. i find that often high school can be really stressful and hard. And then when I watch your videos it really makes me feel like sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better. You guys never fail to make me laugh even when I feel like crying the most. So please keep on making more awesome videos. The people who are hating on you are just jealous of how amazing you guys are :) you guys are entitled to your opinions and so are they. It’s wrong to hate on you because of your opinion and then try to force opinions on other people is just unfair. I love you guys keep on being hilarious.

  9. Hey you guys, I really just want to throw out my opinion.

    To be brutally honest, I had been very disappointed with K-Pop Music Mondays recently. They had been revolving greatly around skits that weren’t nearly as funny as the witty comments or the amusing observations, and there had been much less of a focus on actually reviewing the music video so much as making up skits about it to be funny. I used to absolutely love K-Pop Music Mondays, but I felt like there was a great decline in quality around when “Season 3″ began, and the youtube views reflect that as well with the loss of viewership.

    However, this video has completely broken away from the trend, and in my opinion, is one of the best videos of yours in quite a long time; an enormous improvement over those of the past few months. When I finished watching this video, my first thought was “Yes! Simon and Martina are finally back!” This Music Monday was absolutely amazing, and I truly, truly enjoyed it. You actually reviewed the song and video well, your skit was really funny and didn’t dominate the entire review, and you were INCREDIBLY HILARIOUS! Please, please continue to make more videos like these, like the ones you made in the first half of the year.

    Kpop Music Mondays have started out the new year on a powerful note. Simon and Martina are back, and they’re better and stronger than ever.

    • I am not Simon or Martina but I have to say thank you for your constructive criticism. I have noticed that many people have lamented the lack of actually talking about the music versus the takeover of the skits on Music Mondays and how it takes away from their full enjoyment. Sometimes I feel like they might have this pressure to do skits, but they really don’t have to force it all the time. For myself, I tend to really enjoy the chart and indie updates on the weekends mostly because they are simply talking about their general impressions of the music videos without a pressure to be funny or make skits. I think that when they actually -want- to make the video, the quality is far better.

      I wish that more people could be like this and give their criticism constructively then maybe we would be able to help them improve the quality of the videos.

      Once again thank you. I hope that if anyone else agrees with what you say they would thumbs up or respond and give their own constructive criticism.

      • I know this was from a year ago but I really felt the need to reply. I personally have found the quality of Kpop Music Mondays consistent through the years, and it along with their TL;DR are definitely my favorite segments of the week. Sometimes there’s not much to say about a music video, especially when it only consists of the group members dancing inside a box so I’m not bothered by the skits at all.

        Now, Simon and Martina definitely need to keep in mind that there are a lot of butthurt fans who get offended way too easily when they see their idols being made fun of and will stop watching their videos because of that.

        And even if they don’t get offended because of what they say, they might stop watching because they find the music videos they reviewed a lot less enjoyable or don’t take it just as seriously as they did before. My best friend stopped watching their videos because she knows they will most likely find something to mock/make fun of and end up ruining the M/V for her.
        Also, some groups are more popular than others and a lot of people will skip the reviews of groups they don’t like/aren’t interested in (I used to do this).

        I personally love what you guys are doing, I agree most of the time with what you say and I LOVE your perception skills; you are always noticing things/details that most of us don’t. You guys are hilarious and shouldn’t change a thing.

        By the way, I’m glad that I stopped skipping KMM, because otherwise I wouldn’t have heard this AMAZING song, which it’s possibly the best kpop song of 2012. It made sad that I didn’t find the rest of Infinite’s songs as good as this one though, really set my expectations too high.

  10. YES! FINALLY! Partially because I love Infinite and partially because I was disappointed just as much as you were that there wasn’t a MM on The Chaser, I HAPPEN TO LOVE THIS REVIEW. I laughed so much xD I’m just super hyper right now. Thank youuuuu <3

    I guess that you'd already noticed the lyrics sung by Snuggly at the beginning are "we got the only chance, we'll infinitize it", but I just wanted to write, that it has somehow become a very meaningful sentence to me, subjectively speaking. :)

  11. we watched the story version of the song, and my son says (towards the end), “I really want to know whats in the box.. WHAT?! they didn’t open it? are you KIDDING me?!?” (i had to laugh!)

  12. Simon looks great in a nice outfit and not a t-shirt. I may be noticing something that has been right under my nose before, but this outfit is very FRESH. Good job. Martina, I like your outfit too. Especially the HK glasses (worn before many times) but I still love them!

  13. Can you please post the orginial MV too? not just the Dance verison, cause it seems to be a pain to find. :( Also for the showdown I would have said “infinite’s the chaser” but Martina and that bluescreen bit was….. distrubing mental imagines. Way to go Martina!

  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnyEG2_0X_w Tritop’s Ballad cover of Infinite’s the Chaser. So lovely!

  15. This is seriously one of my favorite songs EVAR!!! I’m so glad you guys finally got to review it. thanks so much!

  16. Couldn’t help but be distracted watching the people come and go through the window(?) or whatever that is. :)

  17. I like this song. Though, I did vote for Lipstick on the Best Potential KMM

  18. PunkyPrincess92

    ahahahahahaha orange juice!!!!!!!!!!
    and wow their mv sounds weird…..i think i need to watch it now!!

  19. Laughed so hard Martina when you popped that poop out of your nose…

  20. I don’t know to much about Infinite but that “myungsoo” guy must really use a really good quality hair gel!!! with all of the flip and chaos, his hair still look soft yet perfectly stay still, even when he is upside down. Must be really good idea for hair gel company advertisement :p “We are Hair Gel that broke the law of Universe. We defeat Issac Newton’s. We deflect Gravity and we look cool” lol

  21. Omona, I just remembered that scene from Ranking King… As for Infinite’s English title knowledge: CHEAR! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoB8XZmq-_4

  22. Am I the only one who was seriously distracted by the two people in the background..?

  23. Firstly, Infinite!!

    Secondly, DYING SO MUCH AT THE ORANGE JUICE LINE HAHAHAHA. I LOVE ORANGE JUICE! I LIIIVVVEEEE OFF ORANGE JUICE HAHAHA. XD So yeah, it made me laugh a lot. “WE GOT THE ORRAAANGGGEEE JUICE YEAAAHHHH, WE KEEP IT INSIDE YOU~” … it’s so creepy but somehow oddly makes sense, they stole my orange juice … but they’re keeping it where it belongs … IN MAH BELLEH~

    Also laughed at the diva Sungjong skit because it makes a lot of sense. “A cat murdered by a harmonica” bit also made me lol a lot. And the Key cameo. And rainbow vomiting Myungsoo. While on the topic of Myungsoo, thanks for ruining Myungsoo’s beautiful car flip scene with the BLUUUURRRGGGGG. But srsly, great review. xD

    And for me Amazing is my favourite Infinite song, but I’m a sucker for ballad-ish songs. Out of songs with MVs it’d have to be their debut “DASHI DOLAWA! DOLAWA DOLAWA, DASHI DOLAWA~” (aka ‘Come Back Again’ lol) … such a great song, wish I heard that song ages ago cos I would’ve instantly fell in love, but nope. The Chaser is brilliant though, definitely their best song and MV combined, since their debut MV was alright … but not as amazing as The Chaser.

    I agree about Infinite’s distinct sound, MBLAQ has it too, and I use to think U-kiss too but I’m not so sure anymore. I love Infinite’s sound, but I’d be ok if they changed it because exploring new sounds is always good. But having a distinct sound that they can be recognised by is great too. Either is fine. ^^

    And lastly … I still can’t get over the Orange Juice line lol. Dear god I’m never gonna hear that correctly again. /shutting up now

  24. Yay! Music Monday’s back, “Such Fun!!”. Uno question…who’re the 2 girls in the background?? Quite distracting, every time there was the-glitch-in-the-matrix i would focus on them again with a “huuuuuuh O_o”…
    Curiouser and curiouser

  25. Yay! Music Monday’s, “Such Fun!!”. One question though…who were those 2 girls in the background?? everytime it would ‘glitch-in-the-matrix’ i would notice them again with a “huuuuhhh O_o”
    Curiouser and curiouser

  26. I was already laughing at the blue screen bit but then the addition of the hot cappiccino was hilarious!

  27. “We got the orange juice” ehehehe I can’t see why you guys can’t make this fit in to the rest of the lyrics. It makes so much sense!! Or…wait…did they say orange?? Now I’m confused O.o Every one knows that pineapple juice is the shit, come on Infinite, get back in the game :P

  28. OMG finally this MV got reviewed! Just to add a little info, Simon. That harmonica-like sound that you pointed out at the beginning of the review comes from this traditional Korean music instrument called Haegeum (hope i spelt it right). That is one of the great thing about this song, incorporating traditional sounds can be cool too!

  29. WE GOT THE ORANGE JUICE was a revelation

  30. Did the editing bother anyone else? Or was it just me? It seemed like words were cut off and it made it hard when a single sentence had 4 weird cuts in it.

  31. That poisonous snake collection doesn’t really look like snakes… they look more like large… worms O.o

  32. who is the new person in the background???

  33. I vote for Super Junior M breakdown for next music k pop Monday

  34. AT LAST! AT LAST! Now the bitterness of last summer has finally come to an end and we have the video reviewed. Good, very determined work ethic Inspirits!

    May we all rest in glory and relief.

  35. I miss your flats, even the new one. In the studio the video all looks more generic. Also with the 2 people in the back, the cuts look quite disastrous (you talk and want to make it look like one sentence, but by the movement in the back it looks like epileptic), but I guess that particular filming location is only temporarily. Just my impression – it will all get better and better after you get used to filming in the new location.

  36. My fellow Banas, we must rally together and get ‘Tried to Walk’ on Kpop Music Mondays. B1A4 Hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^,^

  37. Woohoo! First EYKMM! In New Studio! And yet!? Naw it’s all good, you’ll get the hang of the Blue Screen. Be sure though to experiment with wearing blue clothes. hehee

  38. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this – I haven’t read all the comments – but Infinite’s “80s sound” comes from Sweetune composing most of their singles. Here’s an article on them: http://seoulbeats.com/2012/11/exploring-freelance-hit-makers-sweetune/ Some other 2012 Sweetune singles are Nine Muses “Ticket”, SPICA “Russian Roulette”, Boyfriend “Love Style” and KARA “Pandora”.

    Sweetune actually have two modes, their badass 80s mode and their phoned-in, not-bad-but-very-generic ballad mode. Most of Infinite’s album tracks as well as Sweetune’s’ Color of Kpop contribution sadly belong to this second category. >_> I guess it takes time to write the awesome 80s singles.

    • And here’s a page that lists everything Sweetune has ever composed (going back to 1995!): http://www50.atwiki.jp/kstkk/pages/19.html

    • Sweetune doesn’t write all of Infinite’s songs though. There are other composers they’ve been working with for a very long time now.

      • You’re right, sorry – I should have said “most of the album tracks that Sweetune has written for Infinite” are ballads, not “most of Infinite’s album tracks” are Sweetune ballads.

        But even with your username, you gotta admit that Infinite’s singles are a lot better than their album tracks….

        Excited for Infinite H, btw! That album looks like it’s gonna be amazing.

        • Of course they are. Title tracks are supposed to be the highlight of the album so it makes sense that more care would go into creating them :)

          And yes, Infinite H is going to be awesome!

  39. kawaii_candie

    hi guys! greak KMM as usual. it was really fun to see you guys use the blue screen for the first time!

    btw, i dunno if it’s just me but the quality of the videos was really crappy :( like, even the infinite mv… but other youtube clips seem to be working fine? i dunno… but you guys were all fuzzy!

  40. Simon in at 3:23 you look and sound like Adam sandler from little Nicky

  41. I was scrolling through the eatyourkimchi home page and there it was.. an ad for orange juice!!! I just about died XD

  42. Oh my God! The editing is messing with my brain! So choppy! It is OKAY to have pauses between sentences! You don’t have to cut them out!! I know you’re trying to keep with the attention spans of the day but please SLOW DOWN! My brain!! My brain hurts so much!!!

  43. am i the only one who noticed the woman that disappeared at 1:26?

  44. I always thought that this mystery box looks suprisingly similar to Goa’uld artifacts and devices…
    what do you think?
    can be it the stargate universum? :)

  45. At 1:28 you can see the girl with the blue sweater in the back disappear. That was my favorite part :-)

  46. How can the interns sit there so quietly, not making a peep. I would be sitting back there laughing at everything you guys do, lol. That’s probably why I don’t qualify as an intern. Aww.

  47. buahaha You’ll never be able to convince me that they are saying “Orange Juice”
    but I loved the car flipping scene! The blue screen is awesome and who would have thought that L would have so much stuff inside his car!

  48. The reason why Infinite has that distinct 80s synthpop sound that you guys mentioned is because they generally work with the same producers, Sweetune. Sweetune is made up of two guys, Han Jaeho and Kim Seungsoo, and they’ve produced all of Infinite’s singles, except for their debut song, which is why all the songs sound similar! They’ve also produced KARA’s “Mister,” among many other songs. http://seoulbeats.com/2012/11/exploring-freelance-hit-makers-sweetune/

    • That’s kind of funny, because their debut song sounds way more old school than the rest of the other singles. Come Back Again was such a Motown track with MJ references. I loved it. Oh man, can’t even forget their album track Hysterie. Another Motown sound. They need something like that again.

  49. “We’re all confused” ajajajajajaja

  50. Emilie

    Hey fellow Nasties! We should all vote for Eatyourkimchi for the Best Youtube Star Shorty award! They really deserve it! http://shortyawards.com/category/youtubestar#/vote

  51. Speaking of reading comments, is it ever going to be possible to read the comments on B1A4′s video again? I wanted to look at some of our discussions again, and other people might find it interesting too. Or are pages with 9000+ comments dead for life. ><

  52. Among Koreans, this song was noted for melody that clearly sounds like Korean folk song. 2012 hits like 2NE1′s “I love you”, Psy’s “Gangnam Style” were also noted for blending in traditional Korean music.

  53. I’m so happy that I’m not the only one who thinks Infinite is totally trapped in the 80s… *cries tears of joy*

    p.s. Don’t give the FDA any ideas about banning Boba….they totally would and I would be utterly miserable.

  54. Symbolism + no plot= sucks. >.> As a film student, I object wholeheartedly. Symbolism without plot is PURE symbolism, in its simplest form, which is worth the study. Though that’s not what this video aims at- it aims for visual spectacle to match the awesomeness of the song. Not every video has plot, and just because they don’t doesn’t mean they suck.

    • I see where you’re coming from, but this is a MUSIC video. When a song has a video that’s so far different from the song, it sort of pulls you out of the song and becomes like a soundtrack to the art (or mess, depending on the MV) you’re watching rather than the main attraction. I think music videos are meant to enhance the songs, not make them obscure. By itself, the video may be artsy, as an MV, it’s just sort of comical and confusing.

      • Very good point- and I feel that the way Kpop MVs are often produced is to aim at exactly that- to be watched (to hold the viewers with visual spectacle), rather than create meaningful stories that enhance/ create more meaning to the song (like the early days of BigBang! For me that’s what got me into Kpop actually). I get your point- but instead of trying to interpret it, and think about what’s going on in the video, perhaps try just watching it for pure visual. I hope this can help people appreciate the visual quality of the MVs that are produced- but true enough, the ones that actually do aim for plot are very amusingly deconstructed by Simon and Martina and those I agree with you- they’re comical and confusing and (I can imagine for those who really value that aspect in MVs) very frustrating.

  55. not to be a grammar nazi but u guys miss spelled the word FINALLY by putting “FIANLLY” on the main page

  56. I had a very hard time containing my giggles at “NOO not the special sock!”
    You guise are so nasty! <3

  57. Hahaha I like Be Mine better too!!!

  58. I vote 2NE1′s Go Away since it was so horribly done it made me laugh and then made me feel like a psychopath because I was laughing at someone’s fiery death…

  59. How come I never noticed that mess in the car? I watched this video like million times… You guise never fail to surprise me.
    I thought exactly the same thing about Woohyun: everyone else does something and he just stands there… looking confused.
    About the dance: that elbowing kinda reminded me of Kevin in the beginning of Neverland :) But my favorite part is the chorus- I loved it from the very first time I saw it and it is surprisingly easy to learn, I like dancing along to it.
    And hey you, the other person in the background! Hi!

  60. How fitting is it that the ad on the side of the blog is for orange juice? XD

    I never noticed that the key had gained Sungjong’s feather until you pointed it out. He’s even wearing it as a necklace during the MV.

  61. OH, I forgot to vote… Infinite! And I love this vid, this group, etc…. but Be Mine will always be one of my favorite kpop songs… ever. I can kind of sing most of the song too which is not easy to learn!

  62. Awesome Music Monday :D Loved the blue screen effects… kind of scared for the future of that blue screen though lol… can only imagine what you guys are going to do with it :p

  63. I just thought I’d mention this, because I’m extremely Sungjong biased, but that scene with the feather was beautiful. Especially since Simon came in with a very brutal voice. I was rolling on my bed just from that!!

  64. Do I see a new person in that room with your intern??? :D

  65. This was the best potential Kpop Music Monday Evah….until next year when it finally has competition. This was a really fun concept S&M!

  66. You guys posted the dance version XD !

    • The scattered dancing and a set of members doing something while the other set does something else is quite the watch.

      I think INFINITE’S dance versions get more views than the actual video cause it’s awesome, lol. And less confusing. I think the only one that made sense was She’s Back and Nothing’s Over, maybe Paradise. I feel so bad for BTD though. L and Woohyun worked so hard for it and got hurt. Yet the dance version…I BLAME YOU SCORPION DANCE.

  67. Omg I’m so surprised that they have Quickly in Korea! That’s my favorite bubble tea place to go to whenever I hang out with my friends. Always gotta get the strawberry milk tea with lychee jelly.
    I’m gonna vote for Infinite!

  68. Now most of those activities in a rolling car aren’t that bad. But what you never ever should do is drink coffee like that. Causes severe eyebrow cramps!

    Oh, and I vote for 2NE1 because I am sooooo YG biased.

  69. For the “We got the orange juice” part, I thought I heard “We got the only chance”…honestly

  70. bigbangfosho

    THE BLUE SCREEN IS AWESOME! I love this KMM, so much new stuff :D. Still, I hope you guys keep making skits, since those are so darn hilarious.

  71. Simon and Martina….honestly when r you gonna review girl groups? It’s not fair for us who vote for other artists and they never get reviewed only boy groups……I think you should have at least one kpop Monday for girl groups .

  72. DISJFLKSDJFLDS DIEING!!! I laughed so much until tears came.. ;_; DON’T DO THIS TO ME! >_<

    blabla…and we'll announce the murderes next week… blabla

  73. How does “We got the only chance” become “We got the orange juice” O.O….

    • Plug your nose while saying it, and you’ll come pretty close, I think. ^_^ Their English accents are adorable (Koreans in general), but sometimes it does sound a little like they’re holding their noses while speaking. :-/

  74. Ah, the pink elephant. Hey, at least it amused people to no end. I just wonder why they included Infinitize in the MV for The Chaser. Yes, I know it’s the intro, but it’s a totally separate song. Some intros flow directly into the next song, without the music ever stopping, so I’d understand including the intro in the MV in that kind of situation, but here’s it’s totally separate. =/

    On another note, I vote Infinite.

  75. Wow thanks guise!! This review for sure made it up for us not being able to get it voted in for a review back when it came out^^

    This made me laugh a lot, hahah specially when Simon was talking about the weird scenes on the video and then: “Oh you were talking about this one” and the WROOOOOOAAAARGHHHH over Myungsoo inside the car OMG, This has made my life 896784587 times better. I wish GIFs could have sound and it would just be the MOST PERFECT REACTION GIF IN THE HISTORY OF EVER:
    I have school tomorrow: WROOOOOOAAAARGHHHH
    I gained so much weight: WROOOOOOAAAARGHHHH
    My mom wants me to clean the house: WROOOOOOAAAARGHHHH

    And a long etcetera.
    Also YAY BLUE SCREEN!! Cheese to the max!! Can’t wait to see how you guise will use it in the future!!
    To finish, I don’t think I have anything to add to the review, you pretty much covered everything :D Cool!

  76. i see you can use the blue screen now :P

  77. FINALLY!!! :D I agree with Simon, this was definitely my favorite infinite song :) I still can’t stop listening to it!! Also, I really LOVE how you guys call L Myungsoo heehee :) <3

  78. I’m not an Infinite fan but this song’s alright(they have nice vocals). Their choreography is cool! (just a few moments ago, as I was watching the video thought about how much work they must’ve put in it… and kpop artists in general. they’re just awesome!) The song isn’t that addicting though… for me…

    Nice job guise! :)

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  79. poodle

    Oho, that was the best blooper reel so far!

  80. Looks like Simon and Martina learned how to use their blue screen!

  81. I totally agree with their specific style in music…when I first heard their songs I had this flash about my childhood…this is one of the things I like that they have incorporate this style in most of their songs.

  82. is anyone else distracted by the people working in the background?

  83. OH MY. YES, PLEASE, RUIN MUSIC VIDEOS BY APPEARING IN THEM! (No, it’s not ruining them… It will making the MVs more perfect than they already are)

    BTW, I wonder what those two people behind you are doing…

  84. yes yes yes! i have been anticipating this Music Monday since May~

    In my opinion the chaser was my favorite song in K-pop in 2012. Everything is just so… perfect about it. (for me anyway)

    ESPECIALLY the choreography. I personally believe it was the best choreographed song of 2012. The dance itself may not be as impressive or technical as SHINee’s Sherlock but a lot of the dance moves completely fit the lyrics of this song and the kick during the modulation of the chorus about 2/3 into the song was what really put this dance over the top for me….

    I dunno… I guess I have a lot of the Chaser feels. hehehe. This song made an Inspirit of me.

  85. Apparently there’s a $300 fine for having kinder eggs in the U.S. I heard that on the radio about a day after my sister came back from Italy with kinder eggs…. O.o

    • Is this just a rumor? I can buy them here in Texas. I’ve only seen them in German delis, but they definitely sell them. I personally have enjoyed many a Kinder egg.

    • Huh, well I just saw a news article from this year about people being arrested for trying to smuggle them in from Canada, so now I’m just confused. Maybe all the German delis I’ve been in are running a not-very-underground black market for them?

      • I know an Italian deli that has a lot of Kinder chocolates…. You may be thinking about another kind of Kinder chocolate egg that doesn’t have a toy inside? Or Texas has some very suspicious above-ground black market German delis… I live in Texas. I dig the 2nd option.

        • I’m positive it’s the kind with a toy inside. That’s my favorite part!

        • Mine too… I got a plastic blue badger once… and a chihuahua in a handbag with a benie. Truly a Kinder Surprise. So I guess black market delis it is. Very interesting Texan city you live in, JR98.

  86. I’ve been waiting all day for this. It’s 3pm here in Barbados and I’ve been up since 7:30am this morning on this website (Coz I’m not sure… about… how many hours I am behind you…) waiting for the KMM. SoOoo… Anywhooo… I LOVE YOU GUYS!! xD

  87. The only time I can use my VPN in China is 4am, so here it is 4am in Nanjing, China and I’m loading Kpop music monday (slowly but surely).

  88. The Chaser comes after their song Shot… coincidence? I think not.

  89. Holy orange juice!! I can’t express how happy I am that you guise reviewed this! I was sooo confused when I first saw this mv but now it all makes sense. Best explanation ever.
    This video has a special place in my heart, not only because it got me into Infinite, but also into k-pop as well. And even though it confused the hell out of me, I still loved it :)
    Since this is a very special video for me, I’m so happy that you guise made an awesome review for it. Without you guise, I never would have known of Infinite’s love for orange juice ;D But I do find something strange. In the review, and even the bloopers and blog post, there’s not one mention of Hoya’s exhaltation of dirt. Seriously, at 2:17 it sounds like he’s saying “holy dirt”. What’s up with that?
    And as for the showdown, I vote Infinite. I love 2NE1 and Go Away, but The Chaser had the better murder. In Go Away it was a symbolic murder, but SungGyu (the Snuggly One) actually killed Myungsoo O.o Anyways, great videos and you guise are amazing. Don’t let grumpy grumblies bother you. They’re just angry cuz they’re not Nasty enough to appreciate your genius (or is it geniuses? I don’t know…)
    This turned out to be a long post, and it doesn’t even have a shred of continuity…. oh well. You guise understand me, right? Right? No? Me sad…. :’(

    • I was sad at the death. I mean, goodness, that must not have been a pretty sight when he finally landed and got discovered.What a loss of superior flower boy genes. How could you Sungkyu ;~:.

      Seriously though, that was kind of a cruel way to go. The slow mo was a bad idea because it just accentuated L’s expressions and made it laughable xD. It was fine when it was going in real time, but the slow mo…why.

      • Don’t worry, L is too handsome to die (In some alternate universe this statement makes sense). And I’m pretty sure they made it in rippito fippito sipi slow motion so all the fangirls and fanboys could ogle him. Or maybe they just enjoy seeing the pain and fear that accompanies death so they slowed it down? It’s a mystery alright…

  90. This is what I was told they are supposedly saying in the intro of the actual MV (not the dance version)

    “I N F I N T E I N S P I R I T Infinite.”
    “We got the only chance~ yeah~ we’ll Infinitize it.”
    “Back on the game so set your eye”
    (“I got you in my head so, can’t you take the chance?”)
    “We’ll take your hand, don’t let it go”
    (“don’t let it, don’t let it, don’t let it, don’t let it”)

    I love this song but Infinite deserves less than a 5 out of 5 if you include the intro.

    I can only hear “We got the orange juice” now though. Simon and Martina, you have ruined me :)

    • Well, I think they did an alright job in pronouncing the English in Infinitize, except for the orange juice line. That one line was the only one I couldn’t understand when I listened closely. Though tbh, I actually didn’t realize Infinitize was in English until it was mentioned. XD

    • Thanks for putting that up! So they really did spell INFINITE wrongly in the intro? I have been listening hard to their intro, but somehow it always strike me that they hadn’t ‘mouthed’ INFINITE correctly, but I couldn’t be sure.

      But anyhow, I think the intro was really cool. Thanks for posting! :)

    • LOL I didn’t notice the orange juice thing but now it is all I hear as well. xD

  91. Myungsoo took a wrong turn… we all know from horror movies that take place in the backwoods how horribly bad a wrong turn can go…

  92. oh the tolerant Spudgy! I love his dances.
    I vote infinite.

  93. I apologize in advanced if this comment makes you feel… uncomfortable (which I’m not trying to do at all!!), but around the time this MV came out, I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety and depression. I had dropped out of school, and had curled up in a ball and hid away from the world just because… of reasons (you know). I really hate it when people say things like “kpop saved my life,” because that’s… really kind of weird to me (seriously? if you really were going to do that much harm to yourself, just one thing isn’t going to save you. there was probably more going on that helped… just my opinion), but this song and mv really helped me hold on (it didn’t “save my life,” but it really did help… I am so sorry that I cannot think of any better way of saying that). Infinite became my all time favorite group because of this song even. (this song is also my top played song on my iTunes… yeah).
    Today, I started school again. This was probably the most difficult thing I have tried to do in a long time, but I toughed it out, and even though it was really hard (and I tried my best to make it through… you have no idea how difficult this morning was for me /awkward), I did it! Knowing that you guys were going to upload this today (and I knew that I was going to eat yummy mexican food at a place called Durangos, which I’m sure you never heard of.. just trust me when I say it’s yummy) kind of helped me make it through today.
    No, I’m not totally okay (and I’m not if I ever will be), but I just wanted to thank you guys for just being awesome and doing silly things like this. I don’t think you have any idea what kind of impact you have on people, but this really really was what I needed today. In a weird way, I am glad that you didn’t review this until now. So really, truly (from the bottom of my weeping, overly-sappy heart), thank you. It was perfect. (:

    • Music was a big help getting me through loads of rough times. I suffer from PTSS… lets just say, a lot has happened to me in my 38 years of life, and a rather large chunk of it was not good. Sometimes though.. it WAS only music that got me through the day. I’m glad its helping you get through your challenges. I know it might sounds odd, considering I don’t know you personally, but I’m proud of you for working your way through this. I’m proud of you for going back to school. Know that you have people out there who are cheering you on and sending you much love and blessings.

    • Hey, Hugs~ OOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooo x Infinite. We all have our ups and downs, and you’re not the only one. Life can be so hard sometimes, but you are so strong to face this day and challenge yourself! Love yourself, be kind to yourself, and try to smile/ laugh at least once everyday. Simon and Martina definitely help with that~

    • Wow! Thank you for sharing, I love that people are comfortable enough to post things like this here because Nasties are some of the coolest and most understanding people I’ve virtually met.
      I’m glad that Infinite was there for you and I’m happy you’re making progress too^^
      Now we have the Infinite H single to look forward to this week as well!
      I have a feeling 2013 is going to be a fantastic year :D

      • I wish there would be more people who are comfortable with things like this though! Yes, I have depression, yes, I have to find ways to deal with it, and while it is a part of me, it’s NOT me. It has only helped shape me into the person I am supposed to be (however challenging it has been). It’s okay to have struggles, and I think if more people were open about them, there wouldn’t be so many people who have to struggle the way I did.
        And yes, I am so looking forward to Infinite H’s mini-album! It’ll probably be the only reason that I will make it through this week! /laughs

        • “part of me, not me” – I got to the same conclusion at some point. If one can accept that – that can serve as a really great step towards the ligh.

    • Thank you for sharing that. i’ve been through a very similar situation. I hope you can make it through the semester. FIGHTING!

    • Neffy, music has always been a big help for me too. I suffer from clinical depression. Unfortunately, it seems that it is a genetic trait as my father also suffered with depression and committed suicide a few years back. It’s fab that you can talk about it so openly and I hope you use that to your advantage and seek support and/or treatment. I find that talking therapy works for me. I don’t like the way medication makes me feel. But each person is different. My sister responds very well to the medication. (Yes, another member of my family with depression!) I only found out recently that my sister also suffered. If only we talked about our feelings a little more.

      Wish you the very best on your road to recovery.

      • Thank you for your kind words! I’m not the only one in my family who has depression and anxiety, so they can at least understand. Thank you. And I wish you all the best. ♥

    • Wow what a awesome and honest comment! I found kpop to be like a medicin for me. I ve been living in Sweden for 2 years now and I am originally from Brazil. Every single song that I used to hear before just make me sad, depressed and homesick, it starts to make me wonder about my life and problems… People sometimes dont understand why a 27 years old woman would listen these kind of songs. For me is a healing process that kpop makes me go through, I wish those artists really had the knowledge of how much important they are and how much important it is what they do. I found myself being so ridiculously happy ( i wish i had a better word than this one) listening to it. And I dont care about what people think, my story is not even near to yours, but I totally get what u mean. Also would like to thank Simon and Martina for being such honest and amazing characters to kpop world. To everyone else who are at the same boat.. thanks for sharing your story ;)

      • Don’t feel silly being a 27 year old person listening to Kpop…because I am exactly the same and I find it healing as well (a 27 year old women but in the states) . Infinite is actually the group that got me into Kpop during a very tough period in my life were I just gotten laid off two days after moving into a studio to be closer to said job and very confused what I wanted in a career. It had this wonderful vibrancy that made the world not seem so bleak.

      • Never ever be sorry for your taste in music! Music is such a powerful thing I think… it can both heal and harm, and I think k-pop is a genre that can heal. It’s amazing how many people there are that it has affected so positively. We live such different lives, and yet there is that one thing that keeps us all connected.
        Also, be proud to be 27 and a kpop fan! You are an example to younger fans that it’s okay to grow up and still hold onto the music they love. 27 is still very young even! I am 21 and I have always considered myself to be an old fan. It’s actually a comfort to hear of someone who is a bit older than me and still likes it. (:

    • Hwating! You may just be one person in this big world but you could mean the whole world to one person…you never know. Be happy :)

    • Depression is tough but there is only one way to go once you really hit the bottom of the depression black hole and that is up, and the road to recovery can be long and hard and differs for everyone…some people will always have to battle it (such as myself) but treasure the good and bad days…it is what makes you human and more empathetic to others. Honestly, one day you will be bale to recognize someone battling depression and be able to lend a helping/supporting hand, this will truly make a difference. The healing power of understanding another is phenomenal and will also help you to accept your healing process. Best of luck and keep fighting!

      • Neffy I just wanted to send you a big hug. You’re really brave and lots of things can help ease depression, music being one of them, so what you said makes complete sense. I’m sure things will get better for you, even if it takes a while you’ll get there x

      • Thank you so much for your wisdom… I completely agree. I see it as a way to define my character, and as a way that I can help others. I wish the all best to you and your battle. You can do it! (:

    • Heya,

      Please don’t apologize for writing this comment. Thank you, really, for sharing this with us. I’m sorry that you went through what you went through, but I’m glad that we could help out in some small way. And reading stuff like this, especially after reading a shitty Tumblr post or two about how someone hates us, really makes us feel like what we’re doing isn’t terrible.

      Thank you :D

      • They don’t hate you, they are just extremely Jelly, hehe Yes jelly, that you guys are awesome and they can’t overcome that. You both have a gift and are sharing it and it’s welcome distraction to everyday redundancy. Thanks for your opinions, which you are entitled to, thanks for your love of music, and thanks for being you. Much love ↖(^▽^)↗

      • But you aren’t terrible! I consider myself to be a rather serious person, and I typically don’t like comedy things, but there is something about the two of you that just put a smile on my face. I wish people could lighten up a little over things like this (which is probably where most of the hate comes from; they’re angry that you poke fun at the things they like). Just remember that what you’re doing is a good thing! And it at least has helped me (I am sure there are hundreds, if not thousands of fans out there who agree that your videos can brighten their day as well)! So don’t ever stop! (:

      • bigbangfosho

        Both of you brighten the lives of SO many people out there. I’m sure neffy isn’t the only person with this story. Comedy and music are two things that go together so well, and the fact you guys create such wonderful videos is amazing. Whenever I’m having a horrible day, just watching ANY of your videos can make me really happy. There is something about your videos that just make me so, so happy.

        I do not understand how anyone in this world can hate you both. I don’t understand. What you guys do is amazing and so inspirational. Your type of humor is sorely lacking in this world: something so lighthearted, warm, and silly. I’m pretty sure you are one of the few YouTubers who make videos like such.

        Thank you so much for your hard work.

      • You guys are really really awesome. And I’m not just saying that because I’m on your blog or I stalk you over FB (oops, did I just say that XD), I really love you guys’ and your videos. Even when you’re “trashing” a song or video that I like a lot (like The Boys, for example), I can’t be mad or grumpy about it (Hell, I can’t wait for to trash I Got a Boy and that’s one of my fave SNSD songs ^^;;). You guys are really passionate about South Korean and to me, it shines in your videos. I even give songs a chance that I never would have before because the group made me cringe in a previous video or I generally just don’t like their music (Yoseob’s Caffein is a beautiful example of this; I really do not like B2ST but that damn song…). The point I’m making is I don’t know you guys personally, but from the feel and presentation of your videos, it honestly feels like you guys are two of my odd friends that love K-Pop and I chat with about it. Sometimes, all day. I has ze bad days too and your videos are too much fun for me to stay grumpy. Especially when y’all do something nasty!! OOH!!! YOU SO NASTEHHHH!!!!

      • I am feeling the need for a group hug… sooo :::stretches arms around anyone who needs a hug right now and even those who don’t:::: you are all awesome, wonderful, people. Never forget that! You fabulous video posters and exceptional forum posters you! this is why I love EYK. :o)

      • Sadly, we all hear the negative much more than the positive. ^_^ you DO help people. i posted a pic of my son on your FB quite a while back. He has Aspergers (now called Autism Spectrum Disorder). Music is a gateway to grab his attention, and he always looks forward to music Mondays, Your stuff on Korean culture fascinates him, and helps me teach him a bit more about how societies differ, which is a hard thing for him to grasp because of the ASD. All of this leads back to learning Korean, which is what he picked as his language class for school. For him, EYK is a gateway into a amazing and different world filled with fun, laughter, music, and knowledge, and I for one thank you for what you do. You touch a lot more lives than you think, so don’t let the sour posts get you down!

    • Two things: I’m so glad you posted this sincere comment though because it offers other people inspiration. It was a brave thing to do! I also wanted to say that things in themselves may be trivial so that saying, ‘they saved your life’ makes the whole issue seemingly shallow but as far as I’m concerned though things are relatively trivial, the impact they have in your life can be tremendous and that is the thing that is valid, significant and important. Kpop isn’t a necessity of life (yep, I said that!) however the passion, love, imagination, inspiration and joy they engender is beautiful and isn’t something people should belittle. Wishing you much happiness and joy!

      • yes! thank you for saying the things that I cannot (oh.. I am so poor with words. I am amazed people can actually understand what I’m trying to say). If I was on tumblr, I would have just had to put a big sign under your comment saying “THIS” or “^^^^”~
        Thank you so very much. (:

        • Please don’t thank me. I was overwhelmed reading your post. You spoke with sincerity that was very much endearing. I wish you much success in life and happiness upon happiness!

    • I seriously love Durangos so much but this is so inspirational as cheesey as that sounds, it’s really neat to hear cool things like this from rational people.

      • I find it so strange that my post turned out to be inspirational… when I mostly just wanted to express my gratitude to S&M for reviewing my favorite MV/song/group (fdhjshfjdsahfjkdlahjk), but I felt like my gratitude wouldn’t be as sincere if I didn’t tell my story along with it. I’m really glad that you appreciate it~ really really thank you.

    • I LOVE DURANGOS!!!!!! I liek the seasoned chips and fresh salsa, and their adobada is just pina[pley meaty goodness! The durangos i know is in Brea Ca , i go there all the time!

    • I’ve had depression since middle school I’d say. (The earliest I remember was maybe 7th grade and I’m in 11th grade now) and I found out about K-Pop through K-dramas when a friend of mine said that I just HAD to watch this drama. (I was already into Japanese manga/anime and dramas, so I figured why not?) I one day stumbled across this blog called Eat Your Kimchi reviewing a SHINee song. Simon and Martina are to me entertainment, information and escape. I, like you, dropped out of school and have since hid inside myself with K-Pop and EYK as the only thing, currently, that keeps me happy. It is, in a way, like a drug and has been one of the few things that makes me smile. (My dog and cats are the other things, because if you don’t smile when your cat is rolling around on the ground and playing with it’s tail, something far worse is wrong with you.) I won’t say SHINee is my all time favorite group, but just like country music (I live in the south in the United States), they hold a special place in my heart as does “FANTASTIC ELASTIC” as Ring Ding Dong was the first SHINee song I ever heard and after watching Hello Baby! Kim Jonghyun will forever be my favorite vocalist. I guess what I wanted to say was Thank You for putting this up and thank you to everyone else who replied to this because it doesn’t just help neffy, here, it helps people like me too, who, at the moment, never wants to step back inside of an American high school in their entire life.
      I especially want to thank Eat Your Kimchi’s Simon and Martina for making these amazing videos, but especially for deciding to stay in South Korea. A while back when I read in a few of your blog posts and such that you wanted to go all around the world, it felt like I had been stabbed in the heart OTL because you two (with Spudgy and Meemers!) are really the only things that have let me properly smile since about two years ago. You, EYK, along with crazy antics of K-Pop Idols and K-Dramas, have been my “salvation”. Not in a “K-Pop saved my life” kind of way, (because I can barely pinch myself on the arm let alone attempt suicide) but in a “you always make me smile” kind of way. I really hope you continue making videos the way you want to make them and that you’ll be smiling too.
      Thank you Simon and Martina (and neffy!) for making my life a little brighter. I hope one day I’ll be at a point in my life where you’ll be interviewing me (because I want to be an actress/ script writer/ director primarily in South Korea because of the way film and television is created and marketed/produced in Korea is so different than American media that I really want to be a part of it) and I can laugh with you instead of at you from behind a computer screen. So, thank you, really, with everything I have. It’s truly nasty! XD

      • …Can I just give you a big hug? Because this is, by far, one of the wonderful things I have read in recent memory. I am so happy you shared this, and I am so happy that you have found refuge in a world similar to my own. Even though we are hundreds of miles apart (I live in the Southwest), and out stories are exactly alike, it is just so… fantastic that there is someone out there who feels similarly to myself.
        And please please please hold on to your dream! Keep it near and dear and fight for it! You can do anything if you work for it, and I am more than certain that you can do it. My dream is to publish books and help people who have gone through struggles similar to my own. We can do it, okay? Hope Hwaiting~ ^^ /hugs

    • I guess, I do understand you at most part. Last year, about that time, I suffered from depression as well… It was a very hard time for me. I think that we both agree that sentence “music saved my life” is just a generalization of some process which must occur for a person to heal. Particular song or musical piece can serve as kind of a katharsis. For me, Tablo’s whole “Fever’s End” served as such katharsis, especially, foremostly “Home”. Infinite was also pretty important in the process: their songs have always made me feel like I’ve got a sudden injection of hope. Small portion – but so intensive. I remember how much have I been listening to them at the point when I started to head towards light.
      I really wish you all the best, a lot of positive thoughts, love and happiness around you. I have suffered in silence, nobody knew, I still attended school. With many negative thoughts though. I had great difficulties, so unlike me. Having been on top previously, I hardly passed the term… and so on and so forth. So I do partially understand you. What I can only say is that, since I’m better now (also not 100% but like – much MUCH very much better), I wish that you will definitely get rid of this uneasy feeling and see the light around and before you :) Best wishes from Poland!

      • oh my goodness, Tablo’s “Fever’s End” is a piece of artwork. I’m glad you have found healing through music. Thank you for sharing your story. It is a comfort! And I will be doing my best. Every day is a battle, but it can surely be done. Thank you. ^^

  94. So now that the winner of Best Potential KMM is no longer a potential KMM, does that mean that the best potential KMM of 2012 was Nu’est’s Face? :3

  95. Blue screen = DAEBAK!!
    “my collection of poisonous snakes…!” LOL!!!

  96. Aaahhhahaha! You guise KEEEEL me! “I’m like a handsome moth! Can’t…escape…pretty..lights” Baaahahahahahaha *dies laughing* I’m not even done yet. At work, gotta pause and regain control. Ahahaha. *wipes tears*

  97. ohmygod, if you review i got a gir… boy… >_> then please talk about the horrible-horrible sound at 1:18 in the MV x_x it kills me everytime and my mom said it sounded like someone was having a hard time in the toilet >.<

  98. the whiny sound is actually a traditional korean instrument…just don’t ask me what it’s called. It’s that violin-kinda instrument with only one string that you play with a bow…
    picture: http://english.chosun.com/site/data/img_dir/2010/03/19/2010031900291_0.jpg

  99. Even the director of this music video wouldn’t be able to give us a plot XD And I agree, seeing Myungsoo flailing around in a rotating car is hilarious. Can’t wait for next week, hoping SNSD’s I Got a Boy will win ^ ^

  100. i am so ready for blue screen adventures from EYK.


  101. I thought you were going to review SNSD – I Got A Boy T_T
    LOL, well better luck next week ~

  102. WE GOT THE ORANGE JUICE, best part of KMM today!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. - Yeah, Agree with Martine : Be Mine !
    - A cat murdered by an Harmonica (honestly, I find this hilarious just to imagine)

    PS : I find it weird, seing people behind you during the video Oo

  104. guise, just want to make sure, isn’t that different version video you shared? You shared the dance version not the story one, dunno if on purpose or not ;)

  105. who is your second person? And you totally left me hanging on that third to last paragraph! WHAT WERE YOU GOING TO SAY!? Anyway, Happy New Year to you, and I hope your having a nice day!

  106. lol great show today guys :) Can’t wait for next week.


    Hilarious use of the blue screen, guise! Can’t wait to see dances being ruined. xD

  108. Lol key being my shinee bias I was thrilled with the “not that key” comment

    • That killed me! If I’m not mistaken, I think Woohyun is actually friends with Key so that made it Infinite-ly funnier (you see what I did there? ISN’T IT PUNNY?)

      • yes Woohyun and Key are friends (same age friends). they are really close and go to each others’ concerts/events/musicals to show support for one another. if you watch music shows and other variety shows when they are both on they will most likely find each other on stage or sit together if possible.

        • Okay good I got it right! I remember they mentioned it on one of their Weekly Idol episodes, so I went rewatched them to check.
          They sound like they’re really close. I can only dream of seeing an Infinite or Shinee concert though :(

        • I want to see a special stage with Infinite and SHINee covering one another’s songs…my two favourite groups for their amazing dances and choreo…

        • HOLY CRAP that would be an AMAZING concert! i’m a Shawol too so my voice would most likely go up 3 octaves from fangirling and then the next day i would sound like a man from all the squealing. throw in EXO and Big Bang and i’d be a dead fangirl.

  109. . It’s rare for us to find videos that”

    -> isn’t the end of the sentence missing?

    dying here XD

  111. I guffawed at Martina’s car bit. Yes, GUFFAWED. I’m pretty sure people at work side-eye me even more now. *blows random object out of noise*

  112. Two new people oh! :)

  113. ‘. It’s rare for us to find videos that’ isn’t there something missing?

  114. oh my gyu~~ i love u guys.. i was one of those grumpy eyk addicts that literally went on strike on u guys for 2-3 weeks bcoz u did’t review infinite the chaser.. but now.. i’m happy.. on my way to gyu kingdom now.. skipping happily.. happy.. happy..

  115. I was one of the Grumpy Grumblers. And I did keep grumbling about a countdown and I grumbled about crazy kpop fans (but I’m not sure you can do anything about them? Maybe? No? Oh Okay then!) Well the countdown is great and I’m happy to hear you have some new ideas for the chart system.

    Thanks for giving this the chance to be reviewed and reviewing it. It’s awesome!

  116. I agree with you, dance and music are perfect, but the video is nonsense, nothing is consistent. I think the Infinite itself can not explain the history of MV. For me the video of them that makes sense is the Nothing’s over (except the part of the wall of toilet paper O.o), understand the k-idols and their clips is not an easy mission ^ _ ^

  117. Yahoo!! Finally!! Well I hoped the music monday to be hyunA’s ice cream but this is still great! Love you guise!!

  118. homaigodddddddddddddddddd i love you guys. <3

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