Shout it out, Inspirits. Shout out the word, “JUSTICE!” “FINALLY!” “GOOD DOES EXIST IN THE WORLD!” Everyone, Justice has finally been served, and Infinite’s “The Chaser” is finally being reviewed for a Kpop Music Monday. It won our EYKAs for the Best Potential Kpop Music Monday, and now we’re finally going to talk about it. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out in all of its near-perfection here:


Side note – contrary to some people’s beliefs, we DO actually check the comments on the KpopCharts. We can’t keep up with all of them, because there are thousands per page, sometimes. We checked the page for Infinite’s “The Chaser” because we wanted to see what you guise thought about the video, what parts you liked. HOLY CRAP WERE YOU PEOPLE GRUMPY AT US! I scrolled for ten minutes and found big long anger posts about why we reviewed ____ over ____. Back then we didn’t have the countdown timer for the KpopCharts, but now we do. Hopefully we won’t get that many grumpy grumbles in the future. Grumpy Grumbles is a real word. They’re round puff balls, fuzzy and faded blue, with brown smudges throughout. Visualize that. NO IT DOESN’T LOOK THAT CUTE!

Ok, back to the song and video itself: I think people get the impression that we, for some odd reason, don’t like Infinite. We weren’t sold on Paradise, and so that suggested to some people that we’re Infinite haters. How ludicrous! We’re big Infinite fans! Just…Paradise wasn’t our cup of tea. But The Chaser reaffirms our love for Infinite. What a solid song! It’s musically coherent (which is a quality that some Kpop songs don’t have), and the chorus has a shoutalongability. Not singalongability. I’m not sure what they’re singing, but I want to shout out some words to match what I think they’re trying to say. The trumpets really add to the effect as well. Trumpets + long drawn out bellowed notes = awesome chorus.

As for the video, I don’t think any one of you can give us an explanation to save the absurdity of the whole thing. It’s got a car that flips in the air nearly 40 times, dudes on a scooter breaking an endless stream of fluorescent lights, a dude climbing a ladder, someone getting lost in a mirror room, another person just standing in a room as the camera pans around him while he looks confused. We’re all confused. And I won’t accept any of your symbolism-laden explanations. Symbolism + coherent plot = great. Symbolism without plot just sucks. DON’T EVER FORGET THAT!

Not that this video sucks. The dancing is AWESOME! Infinite are great dancers, and we’d rather watch the dance version of this video over the random version of the video. No, that’s a lie. The faces Myungsoo makes while flipping in the car are hilarious. BUT I DON’T WANT TO LAUGH AT A MUSIC VIDEO. I want to watch it and be like “yeah man: that’s dope.” We’re very easily amused, though, and find humor in almost everything. It’s rare for us to find videos that don’t make us laugh in some small way.

Another side note: we can’t tell you how happy we are to see that our blue screen works. HOLY MONKEY BALLS! We’re excited beyond belief. This is the first time that we tried it out, and – yes – it’s totally completely cheesy, but WE LOVE CHEESY! In fact, this seems like the perfect amount of cheeses. Can you imagine all of the wonderful possibilities of what we can be doing in Kpop videos? Just…just stop for a second. Think of all of the people we can be dancing with. Hyuna – I know you read our blog, don’t lie. Question for you is this: do you think you’re gonna be Bubble Popping all by yourself now? Are you ready for the backup dancer you’ve been waiting for your whole life? Backup dancer? Scratch that: dance PARTNER. We’re gonna up the sexiness of Kpop to a whole new level.

Ok, we’ll stop squealing over our happiness for our blue screen. We’re still not that good with it, and it took us a while to figure out, which you’ll see in our bloopers below!


  1. Hi…I am a certified INSPIRIT,after watching this video makes me upset but i kinda understand what are you doing there…I really admire how you two express your opinions in different kpop music videos..so i guess im not that mad anymore.. You guys are funny! :))

  2. I am not Simon or Martina but I have to say thank you for your constructive criticism. I have noticed that many people have lamented the lack of actually talking about the music versus the takeover of the skits on Music Mondays and how it takes away from their full enjoyment. Sometimes I feel like they might have this pressure to do skits, but they really don’t have to force it all the time. For myself, I tend to really enjoy the chart and indie updates on the weekends mostly because they are simply talking about their general impressions of the music videos without a pressure to be funny or make skits. I think that when they actually -want- to make the video, the quality is far better.

    I wish that more people could be like this and give their criticism constructively then maybe we would be able to help them improve the quality of the videos.

    Once again thank you. I hope that if anyone else agrees with what you say they would thumbs up or respond and give their own constructive criticism.

  3. This has been an ongoing discussion which was brought to a head recently since SNSD released Dancing Queen. Of course sampling does happen but then sometimes people get accused of plagiarising. Like GD’s Heartbreaker. Then there is the case of remakes and tributes. But I believe when that happens, the copyright holder should have been informed.


  4. As usual, awesoooome video ^______^ But eeer, after watching the bloopers… ARE YOU GUYS USING A SORT OF TELEPROMPTER ? o___o Since when ?

  5. Simon looks great in a nice outfit and not a t-shirt. I may be noticing something that has been right under my nose before, but this outfit is very FRESH. Good job. Martina, I like your outfit too. Especially the HK glasses (worn before many times) but I still love them!

  6. ahahahahahaha orange juice!!!!!!!!!!
    and wow their mv sounds weird…..i think i need to watch it now!!

  7. “We got the orange juice” ehehehe I can’t see why you guys can’t make this fit in to the rest of the lyrics. It makes so much sense!! Or…wait…did they say orange?? Now I’m confused O.o Every one knows that pineapple juice is the shit, come on Infinite, get back in the game :P

  8. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this – I haven’t read all the comments – but Infinite’s “80s sound” comes from Sweetune composing most of their singles. Here’s an article on them: http://seoulbeats.com/2012/11/exploring-freelance-hit-makers-sweetune/ Some other 2012 Sweetune singles are Nine Muses “Ticket”, SPICA “Russian Roulette”, Boyfriend “Love Style” and KARA “Pandora”.

    Sweetune actually have two modes, their badass 80s mode and their phoned-in, not-bad-but-very-generic ballad mode. Most of Infinite’s album tracks as well as Sweetune’s’ Color of Kpop contribution sadly belong to this second category. >_> I guess it takes time to write the awesome 80s singles.

  9. hi guys! greak KMM as usual. it was really fun to see you guys use the blue screen for the first time!

    btw, i dunno if it’s just me but the quality of the videos was really crappy :( like, even the infinite mv… but other youtube clips seem to be working fine? i dunno… but you guys were all fuzzy!

  10. Simon in at 3:23 you look and sound like Adam sandler from little Nicky

  11. I was scrolling through the eatyourkimchi home page and there it was.. an ad for orange juice!!! I just about died XD

  12. Oh my God! The editing is messing with my brain! So choppy! It is OKAY to have pauses between sentences! You don’t have to cut them out!! I know you’re trying to keep with the attention spans of the day but please SLOW DOWN! My brain!! My brain hurts so much!!!

  13. I always thought that this mystery box looks suprisingly similar to Goa’uld artifacts and devices…
    what do you think?
    can be it the stargate universum? :)

  14. How can the interns sit there so quietly, not making a peep. I would be sitting back there laughing at everything you guys do, lol. That’s probably why I don’t qualify as an intern. Aww.

  15. buahaha You’ll never be able to convince me that they are saying “Orange Juice”
    but I loved the car flipping scene! The blue screen is awesome and who would have thought that L would have so much stuff inside his car!

  16. The reason why Infinite has that distinct 80s synthpop sound that you guys mentioned is because they generally work with the same producers, Sweetune. Sweetune is made up of two guys, Han Jaeho and Kim Seungsoo, and they’ve produced all of Infinite’s singles, except for their debut song, which is why all the songs sound similar! They’ve also produced KARA’s “Mister,” among many other songs. http://seoulbeats.com/2012/11/exploring-freelance-hit-makers-sweetune/

  17. “We’re all confused” ajajajajajaja

  18. Hey fellow Nasties! We should all vote for Eatyourkimchi for the Best Youtube Star Shorty award! They really deserve it! http://shortyawards.com/category/youtubestar#/vote

  19. Among Koreans, this song was noted for melody that clearly sounds like Korean folk song. 2012 hits like 2NE1’s “I love you”, Psy’s “Gangnam Style” were also noted for blending in traditional Korean music.

  20. I’m so happy that I’m not the only one who thinks Infinite is totally trapped in the 80s… *cries tears of joy*

    p.s. Don’t give the FDA any ideas about banning Boba….they totally would and I would be utterly miserable.

  21. Symbolism + no plot= sucks. >.> As a film student, I object wholeheartedly. Symbolism without plot is PURE symbolism, in its simplest form, which is worth the study. Though that’s not what this video aims at- it aims for visual spectacle to match the awesomeness of the song. Not every video has plot, and just because they don’t doesn’t mean they suck.

    • I see where you’re coming from, but this is a MUSIC video. When a song has a video that’s so far different from the song, it sort of pulls you out of the song and becomes like a soundtrack to the art (or mess, depending on the MV) you’re watching rather than the main attraction. I think music videos are meant to enhance the songs, not make them obscure. By itself, the video may be artsy, as an MV, it’s just sort of comical and confusing.

      • Very good point- and I feel that the way Kpop MVs are often produced is to aim at exactly that- to be watched (to hold the viewers with visual spectacle), rather than create meaningful stories that enhance/ create more meaning to the song (like the early days of BigBang! For me that’s what got me into Kpop actually). I get your point- but instead of trying to interpret it, and think about what’s going on in the video, perhaps try just watching it for pure visual. I hope this can help people appreciate the visual quality of the MVs that are produced- but true enough, the ones that actually do aim for plot are very amusingly deconstructed by Simon and Martina and those I agree with you- they’re comical and confusing and (I can imagine for those who really value that aspect in MVs) very frustrating.

  22. I had a very hard time containing my giggles at “NOO not the special sock!”
    You guise are so nasty! <3

  23. Hahaha I like Be Mine better too!!!

  24. OH, I forgot to vote… Infinite! And I love this vid, this group, etc…. but Be Mine will always be one of my favorite kpop songs… ever. I can kind of sing most of the song too which is not easy to learn!

  25. I just thought I’d mention this, because I’m extremely Sungjong biased, but that scene with the feather was beautiful. Especially since Simon came in with a very brutal voice. I was rolling on my bed just from that!!

  26. Do I see a new person in that room with your intern??? :D

  27. This was the best potential Kpop Music Monday Evah….until next year when it finally has competition. This was a really fun concept S&M!

  28. You guys posted the dance version XD !

  29. Omg I’m so surprised that they have Quickly in Korea! That’s my favorite bubble tea place to go to whenever I hang out with my friends. Always gotta get the strawberry milk tea with lychee jelly.
    I’m gonna vote for Infinite!

  30. Now most of those activities in a rolling car aren’t that bad. But what you never ever should do is drink coffee like that. Causes severe eyebrow cramps!

    Oh, and I vote for 2NE1 because I am sooooo YG biased.

  31. For the “We got the orange juice” part, I thought I heard “We got the only chance”…honestly

  32. THE BLUE SCREEN IS AWESOME! I love this KMM, so much new stuff :D. Still, I hope you guys keep making skits, since those are so darn hilarious.

  33. Wow thanks guise!! This review for sure made it up for us not being able to get it voted in for a review back when it came out^^

    This made me laugh a lot, hahah specially when Simon was talking about the weird scenes on the video and then: “Oh you were talking about this one” and the WROOOOOOAAAARGHHHH over Myungsoo inside the car OMG, This has made my life 896784587 times better. I wish GIFs could have sound and it would just be the MOST PERFECT REACTION GIF IN THE HISTORY OF EVER:
    I have school tomorrow: WROOOOOOAAAARGHHHH
    I gained so much weight: WROOOOOOAAAARGHHHH
    My mom wants me to clean the house: WROOOOOOAAAARGHHHH

    And a long etcetera.
    Also YAY BLUE SCREEN!! Cheese to the max!! Can’t wait to see how you guise will use it in the future!!
    To finish, I don’t think I have anything to add to the review, you pretty much covered everything :D Cool!

  34. i see you can use the blue screen now :P

  35. FINALLY!!! :D I agree with Simon, this was definitely my favorite infinite song :) I still can’t stop listening to it!! Also, I really LOVE how you guys call L Myungsoo heehee :) <3

  36. I’m not an Infinite fan but this song’s alright(they have nice vocals). Their choreography is cool! (just a few moments ago, as I was watching the video thought about how much work they must’ve put in it… and kpop artists in general. they’re just awesome!) The song isn’t that addicting though… for me…

    Nice job guise! :)

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  37. Oho, that was the best blooper reel so far!

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