Woohoo! Our first time reviewing IU! She’s really different from most of the Kpop idols we’ve reviewed. This week, “You and I” got voted in the most, and so, here’s our review of it. But first, you should probably see the video:


Now, just in case you’re confused as to how IU’s name can be pronounced as “Eww,” pronounce the letter I as in “igloo.” Now pronounce the letter U as in “tutu.” Put them together and you get “Ewwww!” That easy! Sure, it’s probably not what she meant when she got that name, but since when was I a stickler for pronunciation? EWWW IT IS AND EWWW IT WILL ALWAYS BE!

I don’t know: this feels like a whole different genre for us. It’s not bombastic and electronic and sexy and powerful. It sounds, really, like Disney music. Yes. Disney music. That’s the dominant feel that we get. And when you look at the video, it has a Peter Pan kind of vibe to it as well. Not sexy Peter Pan like U-Kiss’ “Neverland”. Just traditional, magical-fragical Peter Pan. And IU, also, doesn’t look like a typical Kpop idol. She’s not marketed for her sexuality (well, not overtly, at least). She has a Disney princess-like face. Yeah. Disney. It’s an aesthetic and approach we’re not really used to in Kpop. It sounds like family friendly music. IU’s marketed as a sweetheart and is doing a great job at filling that role.

Unfortunately, it’s just not our style. We can appreciate it all, though. The video was really pretty and well done, and IU’s got a great voice. Family-friendly…just really isn’t our thing. Not saying that we need to have everyone Bubble Popping all over the place. We’re opposed to over-sexualized Kpop as well. We just need something nestled between Family Channel and Soft Porn.

On another note, we went on a bit of a rant on confusing videos and their explanations by the companies afterwards. Many of the comments we’ve read from people, whenever we interpret a video, read like this: “well, [person involved in making the video] said that the video means this, so you’re wrong. Do your research!” To this way of thinking, we must fully object.

One of the best things we learned from our English degrees is the idea that “the author is dead.” Without getting too nerdy, it basically means that it doesn’t matter what an author says about his work. Once it’s published, your interpretation of the work is just as valid as his, so long as you have the evidence to back up your claims. Intentions are irrelevant. Authors can lie, after all. Also, there’s never really a definitive answer to a work of art’s meaning. Some can be more convincing of others, so long as the author’s intention doesn’t factor into your being convinced.

Nerdy talk over: the point of it all was that this video was really vague, and Loen Entertainment’s explanation of it, though it might make sense, isn’t justified when you look at the video. There’s no evidence in the video of a grandfather having created that boy for IU to be with when she comes of age. The old picture of an old dude is as relevant as old the picture of the baby. Why not assume that the baby made the boy? See what we mean?

Anyhow, we might have seemed like we’re badmouthing the song and video, but we’re really not. These are just tiny issues. IU’s style isn’t really our thing, though we can appreciate it. Kind of like Opera music. If it is your thing, though, make sure you pick it up via iTunes or through the YesAsia button below:


And, lastly, here are this week’s Bloopers. The Princess Penis Face scene went on for a bit too long, but we just couldn’t stop ourselves. Also, I couldn’t get over saying IU’s name:


  1. well i just thought he was in a coma in that dimension/time and that’s why she used the elevator/phonebooth/waterclosetfromhell, which had gauges for monitoring both of those and presumably could alter it, to take her to an alternate reality of sorts where they both could meet up sans the coma. the arm drawing was to build the time and date to meet up into his consciousness even in the new timeline. . . yha, i watch and read a lot of science fiction.

  2. That was a hilarious MM video, especially Simon’s coining the duck as Wigglebottom and referring to IU as “Ewww.” You guys picked a good K-pop video for the holiday season… the production values, photography and visual effects are film-worthy. It really is, and I keep revisiting the MV just to marvel at the little details and photography.

  3. LOL. This post made my day. I think you’re right. It’s also how readers/watchers interpret the art, not just what the artist thinks it is.

  4. simooonn dont make fun of her name…shes the love of my life …XP

  5. I loved FT Island’s music video, but IU is just so adorable and that goose. The goose. IU AND HER AVIAN SPECIES IN HER VIDEOS.

    I vote IU! <3

  6. I’m going for IU, because I love this kind of magical-steampunkish-disney-fantasy-like atmosphere (of course, from time to time). Even though FTI’s version of time travel was indeed much more easy to understand, I sometimes like to be left in guessing, so I vote for IU :)

  7. omg ur dog was epic-ly cute in this.

  8. Ok…..Did anyone else see this video and immediatly think….”OMG SHE HAZ A TARDIS?!!!”
    I mean…..spinning blinky timey wimey machine thing? yes. That was a tardis….

  9. I vote FT Island~ I think it’s easier to follow the mv’s plot and also the ending was cute in a bittersweet kind of way

  10. I vote for IU’s You and I 
    Its just sooooo sweet :3

  11. FT Island all the way
    I liked IU’s too, but I say FT Island’s video makes way more sense
    So, FT ISLAND!!!
    Plus, I’m a primadonna :)

  12. I vote for ft island ! <3

  13. it looks like she fell for a guy when she was too young so she kept him in a crate and jumped in a time machine so they could hook up. is that so hard?
    ft ftw

  14. Hahaha. The bread-feeding scene was priceless! I personally think that IU was travelling back in time to the point before the tragic and mysterious incident of the magic coma. Unfortunately, just as she goes back to the past, the boy wakes up. Then they are forever separated by different time dimensions, but it’s all ok because IU still gets the past version of magic boy! She and past-version boy live together as she keeps him in perfect ignorance until the fateful day when he discovers there are two versions of himself. It’s too much for him and he goes mad, falling into a coma, beginning the cycle all over again! Muahaha. Can you tell I’ve read too much Victorian lit? That said, I enjoyed the little bit of steam-punk feel they hinted at with all the clocks and gears. I just wish the costumes had fit more with the set and the dancing had been a little less promotional-model-cheesy.

    Anyway, my vote is for FT Island, based purely on the fact that the video makes clear sense. 

  15.  I vote for f t island too <3

  16. I vote for FT ISLAND’S “I HOPE”

    p.s How is Lord Pernnington Wiggle Bottom II doing?

  17. I’ll vote for FT Island.

    Hey Martina, do a make-up tutorial for this look sometime, you look glorious.

  18. Omg can you PLEASE please do boyfriend-I’ll be there. :) 

  19. Vote for F.T.Island ^^

  20. FT Island for their retro time travel skillz!

  21. Have you guys listened to her song A Lost Puppy? It kind of has a slightly different feel, and it’s really good!

  22. only one thing makes sense here, she is responsible owner of gus and take it with her so it would not starve to death - 100 years is loooong time.. so FT Island (even if they should be able to recognize themselves on photos)

  23. can you make the batoost i like you the best mv? please,,,

  24. Ok good, that was intentionally a penis.

  25. wait, was he in god of study? the one who likes to dance?

  26. well, the UI video was a hit with my 4 yo, but I’m voting FT Island, cause it’s FT Island and they rock. Also their video made more sense.

  27. Not a fan of the song, video is sweet….but still not my kindda thing, I also thought it made no sense. I vote for FT Island!!

  28. I get how her name can be pronounced as eww and how that can be funny, but did you have to call her EWW! every single time? Making fun of names gets old and annoying quickly.

    As for the video, I had to fast forward. They have gone so overboard with the innocent doll image, which suits must think suit her well (and I hear sells well as well), but they should realize that they are limiting her appeal and potential. I mean once you go Disney princess, the garbs stick with you.

  29. I vote for FT Island! Such a catchy song and sweet video, though so sad at the end…

  30. FT Island. For sure~ Bias reasons, and… the plot seemed a so much more simple~ Go back in time, become a big band, inspire past self to make a band, go back to present and make that band.

  31. I’m assuming by “vouge” when you were talking about the male dancers, you meant “vogue”.  Unless “vouge” is the kpop/Engrish equivalent; in which case, carry on. XD

    (And Simon, totally with you on Lord Pennington Wiggle Bottom III.  We had geese alllllll over my university’s campus, and they demand respect, dang it!)

  32. While the video is buffering *sigh* I’ll throw in my 2 cents really quick on the interpretation thing (I was an English major for my undergrad work, too). My senior capstone professor was good friends with Donald Harington, a not-very-well-known Ozark author (but a great one IMHO). In this particular class, we read “Some Other Place, The Right Place” by Harington as one of the book and were fortunate enough to have Donald Harington come to our class one evening and talk to us about the book and listen to our ideas. Sometimes one of us would say something and he would respond, “Well, I wasn’t thinking that when I wrote it, but whatever you get out of it is up to you and just as valid.” Anywho, my point is that the people that keep jumping on y’all saying “so-and-so said this so this is the only meaning, bleeeeeeehhhhh” need to get the stick out of a certain orifice and lighten up. Even the creators of creative media, whether it’s books, songs, or videos, acknowledge that different people will get different things out of their creations. That’s one of the great things about music – it speaks to every person differently. Video’s loaded! *scurries off*

  33. I really love the choreography. It’s very relevant to the video and it is interesting. :D
    But no, I wasn’t distracted by the dancers though I was wondering where did her main dancer went, the one who danced Marshmallow with her. XD

    I was however distracted by LORD PENNINGTON WIGGLE BOTTOM III~!! xD
    He’s just looks sooooo cuddly~ <3

    BTW, no English rating this week?

  34. he no offense guys i really love your show and he nicknames u give are hilarious but i think “ewww” for IU is a little offensive… i mean i know u dont mean it like this but this is your only nickname that mean something is repulsive or gross…. its not very nice to IU ): other than that i enjoyed your review of the plot and everything u made a really valid point that backed up your interpretation 

  35. IU and da goosie FTW♥

  36. I’m voting for IU’s You and I music video because I love magical fantasy music videos like that ^^

  37. YOu guys forgot the “english for this song was . . .” it had no english? Were you guys really SO focused on the goo- . .er Lord Pennington Wiggle Bottom the 3rd and the flamboyant backup dancer that you TOTALLY forgot the english in the song rating meter??!!!

  38. I don’t usually analysisize(lolwut) music videos, but this one is really interesting. I think it ties in strongly with the lyrics to EWWW’s song. She sings about wanting the clock to move faster so that she will be older sooner (oh clock hands, turn faster) and wanting to cast a spell. Hence, the tinkering of the machines in the beginning. I think the guy in the coma is like showing that she wants him not to know how she really feels about him (i’m afraid my heart will be revealed between my hands). Her drawing all over him goes with the the lyrics toward the end where it goes “i hope you’ll recognize me, i hope you’ll remember me/yes that strange child.” At last, she finishes her time machine and he wakes up, now knowing about her love for him now that she can no longer hide her heart. Since all of the choruses mention “the future which you were/will be in,” it shows them in the future, and he thinks she is familiar. She looks more mature, but she knows it’s him, and is waiting for him to “call out [her] name.”

    OMG I can’t believe I just wrote a whole essay. This is the best I could come up with though. I don’t quite get how Lord Pennington Wigglebottom III fits in my interpretation unless it is used as a memory trigger for the guy, since they show it in the shop at the end.

  39. I didn’t read the explanation of that video so I totally didn’t get it… but still I enjoy watching it because of beautiful set~ it’s amazing! and I love song very much~ it’s like fairy tail song ^^so I vote for IU… I love FTIslad I Hope but still vote for IU ^^

  40. guys, you really sound like my “introduction to prose analysis” lecturer..”the author is death”.. :D


  42. I vote for IU!!!!!! I loved her video :) FT island’s song was nice, but IU’s definitely had a better time traveling feel to it. Loved ur music monday video btw! (as always)

  43. Simon eating like a goose made my week! XD I could not stop laughing! I love you guise!

  44. F.T Island i totally love the video n song i also like IU’s song too it’s really cute but im a primadonna i prefer rock over ballads but like em both. I think both videos are really awesome :D

  45. Oh and I thought her time machine looked like a Tardis…

  46. About 18 seconeds in, my computer lagged and then started back up with FT Island I Hope, I had no clue what was going on. Guess I will vote FT Island since they jacked my computer.

  47. cant vote love both. but i think after reading the comments, theres a lot saying “glad/happy not the only one, not the only one….”

  48. FT Island!!

  49. What is the korean written on Martina’s face. I paused the video, but it’s still hard to see. Can anyone see it?

  50. i thout ur supposed to pronounce it I as in I and U and in YOU… so it would go AI-YUU. thats how i do it n somehow make sense…. hoho

  51. Haha!! I love you shirt Simon!!! ^^ and i pick FT Island!!! ^^

  52. I liked Ewwwww’s time travel edition better.

  53. Aaaahhhh D= Too bad IU is not your cup of tea but i should not be surprised since i have a  complete different taste from you guys hahaha For example for me is BALLADS ALL THE WAY hahaha

    Yeah…the video was kind of hard to get it and i like both Loen and you guys explanation ^^
    My vote is for IU of course hehe

    PS:  Today(December 5th) marks one year since i first saw a video you guys made. It was the Music Monday for T-ara YaYaYa Time sure flies ^^

  54. I really enjoy you guys ^^I vote for IU (and the goose which I can’t remeber the name).

  55. I vote for FT Island!!! don’t get me wrong I love IU but I love FT Island more ;D

  56. IU all the way >:D i love F.T island too TT_TT but IU is my wife and i liked this song alot too so IU

  57. i vote for F.T. Island

  58. Eww, why is the video called “You and I”, when it could be called “I and U”? …besides grammatical barriers =)

  59. Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks that when she says “너랑 나랑은” (sorry, I’m bad with spelling >~<) it sounds JUST like Jang Gi Ha and Faces' 그렇고 그런 사이 (I think that's the name of the song "so and so relationship" or something)…?  Not just the words, but the melody-for a few seconds I thought she was going to start singing that song XD

  60. haha! I’m not the only one that was thinking about the TARDIS while watching the video, that’s so nice~
    One thing I didn’t like about the video is, that it is simply to long. First time I watched it I had just put a pizza in the oven and when the video finished so did the pizza..to LONG!

    However I’m always positively surprised that I (still) like IUs voice, because usually I don’t like those cute girl voices at all…

  61. IU!! I LOVED the  MV :)

  62. Spudgy is back, yay~! Is he fully recovered?

    • Fully recovered: no.  He’s doing a lot better, though.  We’re postponing his second operation until January or so, when it was supposed to be next week.  We’d like him to have a bit of a break from the operations.

  63. They listed the goose as an actor? that’s so cute :) And, yeah, I originally thought her name was pronounced “EE-You.” 

    I’m going to vote for F.T Island though. Their story made more sense. Plus I love that song :)

  64. DUDE! That exact same guy seriously distracted me too! He was like rockin’ out! Or, I guess he was rockin’ out as much as he could considering the song… My point is, he was totally owning that dance! Another thing that caught my attention was the begginning of the song. Well, not even the song but at the very beginning of the MV the music sounded just like the music from this game I love called Fable. Any other nerdy gamers out there that thought so too? Maybe? No? Anywhayz…
    My vote is for IU cuz her video had a happy ending and also because the time travel machine reminded me of Dr. Who. Plus F.T. Island didn’t have a goose in their video. Fail.

  65. MY VOTE FOR FT ISLAND!!!! Really loved the goose…… IU’sperformance was good……

  66. *lol* Thank goodness I wasn’t the only one who didn’t quite understand the music video. So I watched the music video first as suggested by Martina and Simon, and I didn’t understand it halfway through it. At first I thought it was because of the sudden sugary overload so I watched it again. Still didn’t understand it then, but I was making some guesses-similar to ones Martina and Simon did. And I gotta agree with them on this one. Without actually reading what the company said the video was supposed to have meant, if asked to describe the story, I would have told almost the same thing Simon and Martina. (Except without coming to the same conclusion regarding the goose). And that is when you know you have a problem. If the audience does not come to the same story you intended to portray then you have indeed failed at telling a story.  When telling a story, you shouldn’t need to explain it. If its done correctly, everyone will come to the same conclusions, not wonder what the hec happened, (i.e. why the is the girl with the goose?) Is it because she is alone and needs the goose for company, or is it as Simon and Martina suggested,  because the boy is under a spell?  Simon and Martina’s argument could also be proven to true, by the fact that the goose is the last thing portrayed in the video, but not only that, its also zoomed upon, thus marking its significance in the story. Otherwise, why would you zoom up on a statue of a goose if it had nothing to do with the story? Regarding the pictures shown at the beginning, I thought that it showed that the grandfather knew the boy but not the girl. Hec I would even come to the conclusion that it is the boy’s house they are staying at and not the girl’s, because there isn’t any sign that the shop is indeed hers. I gotta say, this was one of the strangest music videos I’ve seen, and that’s saying something because I am not new to the kpop scene. And I LOVED Simon’s name for the goose. :D I was laughing so hard at that part. You guys rock. Please keep doing what you guys do best :D *Also I’m really sorry for the long comment. I just had too many things to say regarding this.

  67. I’m getting a real holiday vibe from this video, like it’s one of Hallmark’s usual made-for-TV movies crossed with “Doctor Who” (is that a Tardis in one scene?) and “Polar Express”. That’s not a bad thing, but the lyrics are forgettable.

  68. Did you guys film this before the YG concert? How did you guys find time to edit both videos? Amazing! 

  69. Haha, I prefer your explanation to Loen’s by far. The goose also stole the show for me. :)

  70. http://qtpandapop.wordpress.com/2011/11/29/iu-you-and-i-mv-released-spoiler-alert/ this is my interpretation on what happened. I think it’s much more complete than Leon Entertainment’s version :)

  71. Preface: I love your videos. My students love your videos. Hilarious and informative. Now, I will rate the English of this video… It’s a 5 out of 10. “Gooses”?! “Analyzation”?!?!?! Geese. Analysis. Geez, Simon. At least Martina doesn’t let fowl play distract her from her native language. Plus, she’s super-cute. >.<

  72. Martina! You look very Asian in this video :) Good review guys! And your explanation makes more sense to me then w/e the video was trying to portray. But why was there no reference to the time machine looking like the tardis?! That was epicness right there and you guys missed it xD Oh well! And those male backup dancers were distracting! Lol but only for the costume in my instance.

  73. i’m glad i am not the only one who thought that time machine looked suspiciously like a tardis, except less awesome of course.I liked the video, even if it was a little confusing, it reminded me  of a Christmas movie.

  74. Im not the only one who noticed the backup dancers! Those guys were damn distracting. Especially the one in glasses.

    Btw, I like ur explanation better bc then it would have meant that the goose did not die. I was a bit sad in the end seeing the goose being turned into a stuffed toy. Plus my vote goes for F.T Island cause Hongki us such a hunky guy!!

  75. FT Island lol XD I just like it better

  76. The goose distracted me too! Mostly ’cause I had the pleasure to be aroung gooses, and let me tell you one thing, they are not as lovely and educated as Lord Pennington Wiggle Bottom III. They attacked me, gooses are EVIL, or at least my uncle’s were.

  77. Even though IU clearly have a TARDIS I have to say I like FT Islands video better.

  78. Wait, that’s a goose? I thought for sure it was a duck… Apparently I need to study up on my fowl a little more….

  79. Thanks for reviewing this! I heart this video so much. The clock tower, the steampunk elements, the goose companion, the Dr. Who time machine thing….there’s so much to appreciate. :-)

    IU is such a charming artist. Like you said, it’s not really my “type” of music, but I find myself becoming a IU fan, even though none of her songs quite fit into the genres I enjoy. She just has such a great voice and such a friendly demeanor, I’m a fan of her as a person even when I don’t exactly dig her songs.

    Also, IU has an ongoing thing with birds. In the “Good Day” video ( http://youtu.be/jeqdYqsrsA0 ) she was carrying around a macaw parrot. Here, she totes around a goose. Her sets also seem to be very intricate–in Good Day, she’s like on the set of the Miracle on 34th Street Christmas special, and here she’s in a Disney film. Oh, the birds and the symbolism and the innocence!

  80. spuuudgyyyy’s back :’D

    and i go for F.T. Island, or fotoisland or whatever their name is :)

  81. Simon you are so bad, thanks to you i’m now reading A-YI-U as EE-U now and i dont know why.

  82. ewww & foto island :D now even the humming in the beginning starts to sound like ewww to me!! :”D i’m really hoping that one of the other songs on her new album is going to continue the cute story :) and return Lord Pennington Wiggle Bottom Third in his true goose form! :)

  83. Omygod, i thought i was the only one distracted by the back-up dancers.

  84. I do agree with you on the “The author is dead”, very much alike to what we learn on media and communication: It doesn’t matter what you think about the product: if the target audience (or audience in general) does not like/understand the product it fails. ..If you understood that

    also am I the only one who got slightly freaked out in the music video at around the 3.56 mark when suddenly someone is screaming and/or grunting..?

  85. Martina…where did you get that shirt? I want.

  86. Prince Simon and Sleeping Beauty Martina part is my favorite :D

  87. I have to agree with you guise~ IU has a very sweet-sounding voice which is good and all.. 
    BUT I prefer my singer with fierceness and SWAG~ just like the people in your laptop wallpaper for example..


  88. simon u said FT ISLAND as FotoIsland??? XD

  89. Hahaha. You actually drew a penis on her face. HAHAHAHAHA.

    Simon, you are a perfect man that turned into a goose!

    Martina! I love your shirt and wallpaper!

    I actually waited for this. And finally I can sleep cause it’s already 2 am.

  90. Three things: Simon is flawless at the spit take, get ready for your ensuing PETA letters I’m sure for your stance on Lord Pennington, and three I always forget there’s a playlist now so the bloopers wind up with a pretty sweet background music that I always think is on purpose for a short time. They uncannily go together usually!

  91. haha, her name is pronounced “ai-yu”! enjoyable as always :)

  92. oh yeah, martina pronounced it right!!! :) i was reading the text first.. hehehe.. sorry bout that..

  93. punkyprincess92

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy crap that bread eating part was FUN-NY!!!!!

    aaaww the Goose and his funny name!!! and Simon did you just say FotoIsland?

  94. i think IU’s name should be pronounced as ai-yu (at least that’s how her Hangul name was supposed to be read though :) )

  95. hahaha lord pennington wigglebottom III … am naming my new dog this name..hope it isnt copyrighted xD

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