Woohoo! We’re back from my birthday which was on Sunday, and which we spent not working, so we were worried that we wouldn’t get this Music Monday up in time, but seems like we were only marginally late, as per usual. Woohoo! Turns out that this video wasn’t as easy to joke around with, being as serious as it was, so we took a more serious approach to talking about this video. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Jaejoong’s “Mine” here:


So, I know we said that this was unlike we ever reviewed in Kpop, which is fairly accurate, but I think that older Kpop was pretty rock heavy, wasn’t it? That’s before our time, but when we heard some older TVXQ and Super Junior, it did sound a lot more rock heavy than the electro/dubstep inspired Kpop lately. So, to us, this song sounds very original…it actually just sounds like k-rock music, so we’re not sure if it’s wholly original to the Kpop sphere. Long term Kpop vets: let us know if we’re wrong on this.

Otherwise, let’s just get back to our general appreciation of JYJ’s efforts and the members of JYJ. You know how biased we’ve been to them since Ayy Girl, which has been a life-changing moment for us. We’ve love Junsu’s solo efforts as well, and we’re happy to see that Jaejoong is making his own music, too. Awesome! We don’t see eye to eye on this song. Martina totally loves it – as I thought she’d be, since she has a much richer Rock history than I do. I can say that I appreciate the song and the video. I like that it’s very different. I found it totally interesting. It’s just not my thing, you know. It’s like someone hitting a hole-in-one in golf. I can say “Wow: that’s pretty impressive,” while still thinking that golf is boring as all hell. GOD! HOW CAN PEOPLE BE SO INTO GOLF?!?! IT’S SO DAMNED BORING! Not that this song is boring. It’s just…not my thing.

Martina here:
I, on the very other hand, totally love this song and video. It wasn’t just a plain old rock kpop song with bridges and catchy choruses, it was a passionate emotional rock song with heavy breathing, gasping breath, and cracking vocals. Listen to the 1:06 mark, you can hear him muttering some vocals in the background! Almost like they were an after thought. Love it! I was just really surprised to hear this out of Jaejoong. Possibly because I’m used to the groomed vocals of kpop singing which tend to be very organized. I found this song to be messy in a good way. That’s one of the reasons I am so into rock music, because I like the guttural sounds of a good passionate well trained yell, like at the 3:00 mark and on, he really lets loose and he is barely holding onto the notes as he screams/yells them out. I also like the merging of the heavy rock drums with the piano and the almost arcade video game sounding guitar riffs. And the 1:33 mark where those guitars or synths come in the background? They sound like an ominous vampire slide with the creepy WWEEEEEEEEeeeeeerrrr. Also, when I showed my non-kpop loving friends this video, they were like, “K-rock, cool.” No one thought it was kpop at all because this video had art direction, well thought out costumes to match the art direction, a beautiful use of camera work, and a seriously passionate song. Whoa. I feel so happy. *Martina does her happy jig again*

Anyhow, if Martina is done gushing on and fangirling over Jaejoong, then we recommend you continue supporting JYJ in their efforts, so don’t forget to pick up Jaejoong’s album via YesAsia. WHY AIN’T IT ON iTUNES?!?! What the eff? Also, Jaejoong, I know you’re reading this. I know you’re a secret Nasty. Come by the studio for a chat! It’d be super fun: I guarantee it!


Lastly, we’ve got some bloopers this week as we always do. It was a bit hard trying to figure out what kind of song Yoochun would sing. Seriously: he looks like just a happy guy. If he were to come out with something angsty I’d be mighty shocked. That’s beside the point: point is, it was difficult being in a dragon costume and thinking of what he’d sing about. You can see what I mean here:


  1. The only thing that could have made that stripping scene in the bloopers better was MANLY CHEST HAIR!

  2. I’m so glad I watch KMM so I stumble on funny/ awesome/ wtf videos… however, I must say I’m so grateful for this “stumble”… this song is so effin awesome; everything about is so effin awesome…. the mv, the music, Jaejoong and (quoting “Potter Puppet Pals) “angst angst angst angst”…. thank God for Jaejoong, and thank God for Si and Mar!! I couldn’t think I could love you more… but I actually love you more..

  3. YouTube isn’t working… Hasn’t been nice the last times I tried to comment..

    my friend is a really big fan of JYJ and DB5K! She would LOVE this album. It’s her birthday coming up, so, please, it would be a great gift for her.. AND HAPPY 300,000 SUBSCRIBERS. i’m an ultra super mega nasty~ seen every video from the beginning! Been with you through your moves, and your instructional videos, your open the happy, wanks, FAPFAPs, KMM, Indie charts, Kpop charts, your bad english finds, laughs, hair styles, make up changes, weight loss. <3 every thing. NASTY FOR LIFE.

  4. a very sexy rino latex congrants for 300,000! Subscribers nasty for life yeah congrants simon and martina

  5. Happy happy 300,000 Subscribers Guys!!!! (totally wants to win Jaejoong’s album I) When you get to a million subscribers I have dibs on Jaejoongie <3 lol

  6. Congrats you guy! Ok just putting this out there I’m trying to say different things for the albums I want but I kinda said all of them in the first one xD but still you guys! THE BOMB!!!!! Oooooo I love your new studio ….. I guess I haven’t said EVERYTHING lol but yeah how did you guys came up with all the names for each room GENIUS!!!! And a random quote that I really like from B.A.P’s leader Yongguk, “Do what you like and love what you do.” Keep it up Hwaiting! 사랑해~~~~~❤

  7. I have watched every EYK video! I’m an SUPER DUPER ULTRA MEGA WHOOPDIDY DOO DA NASTY.
    I have been with you through your moves, your achievements, seen you grow. MOMMY MODE.
    But honestly, you guys make my week better. It’s also my friends birthday coming up.. And she is a HUGE fan of DBSK and JYJ.. I think this would be an amazing gift for her.

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  8. just realized I cannot post the exact same comment on different videos.. OTL.. First of chuka-hamnida!!! Nasties rule!!!!! secondly I want this CD!!! *ugly sobbing* do not own a single kpop CD till now.. so I am going to be commenting on all the videos.. to finish CD or no CD will love you guys always.. :)

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  9. I cannot say that I have been with you guise since the beginning but I can proudly say that when I started getting into Kpop (around March 2012) and found your videos, I watched all the KMM’s I had missed and was turned into a super Nasty. After I awhile I delved into your other video segments, and soon my favourite part of the day was sitting down to watch the latest WANK or FAPFAP. I’ve only been a Nasty for a little over a year now but I am so proud to watch your amazing progress and I want you two to know that you have my full support. 300 000 subscribers is very impressive but I know that you will achieve even greater heights. You’ve given me lots to look forward too and have inspired me to one day visit South Korea. This is really mushy but I just want you to know what you mean to a Nasty like me, and how important eatyourkimchi is. Keep your chins up and don’t be pressured by what lays ahead. Just now that you’ll have the Nasty family rooting for you.

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  15. Congratulations on 300,000 subscribers!!! I’m so proud to be a nasty and talk to my friends about your videos all the time. Hopefully some of them subscribed too :)

  16. 300,000 subscribes…..next world domination jk…. But seriously congrats! :)

  17. I don’t know if anyone else said this, but the diamond face mask are scales, like a snake has and eventually everyone has to shed their scales off. Which is what he did…..so yeahhhh

  18. JJ has healing voice & powerful soul & creative sense ❤ 

  19. Hi there,
    I’m new to this site and I really like your reviews, keep it up :) !! The reason I actually commented is because of this funny thing I discovered while watching this video and felt the need to share it. It’s the part when you have a picture of Jaejoong where there’s the title – I’m a sexy latex rhino. The thing is that the word rhino can also be used as an internet slang :) –

  20. omg jaejoong’s mine definately wins, especially with his sexy latex rhino lols xxx

  21. I love this song! It has a sort of J-rock feel to it, what with the dark tones and overload of “le handsome angst”. And, as always, Simon and Martina did a wonderful job of reviewing it!


  23. I think that the album will be on iTunes soon (probably?), CJes has been pretty active about the Western Scene and making sure you can get the music legally, maybe there’s a delay on Apple’s end?
    Yoochun needs to make a ‘Mickey’ cover, ASAP.
    Also, what music do you guys like, non-Korean wise, you guys always hint at it but we never hear any specifics. >_<

    My vote: Jaejoong's 'Mine' MV. oh and on your website the playlist mode works automatically when I'm on my iPad, didn't know if you guys knew that or not, just remembered a few weeks ago you guys mentioning you didn't know if it did or not.

  24. So many fanfics will be written….

  25. Simon, I’m with you. I prefer the more organized, less angry sound of most Kpop music over the sound of this song. But this song and video deserve props for being different and original.

    Keep up the awesome work, EYK! Hug Spudgy and Meemers for me!

  26. I definitely prefer Junsu’s video to Jaejoong’s but if you were to ask about just songs themselves just music no video much prefer Mine to Tarantallegra

  27. My lit teacher would disagree about the hidden meaning behind every little aspect of everything! -_- :P

    Also, you two are evil, S&M! Putting Cassies in that position of choosing between members! :P Don’t ever do that with BB, pretty please?

  28. This song and video reminded me of Visual Kei…

  29. Awww Spudgy needs to be in more bloopers :3

  30. About the “There is no English” part I can’t agree ~ he did say OK at the 1:05 mark, and I must say that he did pronounce it well ^^


  31. I was expecting Martina to be all “HE WAS WEARING A TURTLENECK. RRRRRRRRRR-” but she didn’t even mention it. Am I the only one who saw the turtleneck he was wearing with the rhino hat? Seriously, you can see it in the KMM thumbnail. How did she miss that?

  32. Although the owl in Jaejoongs mv does mean there is a rival for Big Bangs “Best Owl in a Kpop Video” (which was featured randomly in a british newspaper the Guardian)

  33. Jaejoong’s MV seriously impresses me, not to mention his raw, powerful, and full of emotion voice. Even though Mine may be dark and angsty, it’s different from typical Kpop MVs and just so Jaejoong. As a JYJ fan, I can also appreciate the symbolism of this MV, all that breaking free, going against the odds, and soaring high, etc. It’s hard to choose but I’m voting for Jae’s Mine this time. I love it so much that I have to replay it multiple times every day. <3

  34. i’m gonna pick jaejoong out of the two ^^

  35. I wonder what will happen if Jae’s #Mine stays in the top for continuous week^^ Review again?
    I’m voting for Jae ~^^ love it so much~

  36. LOL if you only knew Yooch… he’s has the most sensitive side out of the five tbh. He writes ballads that make you want to cry rather than happy songs tbh. Oh and rants- i mean raps.

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