Woohoo! We’re back from my birthday which was on Sunday, and which we spent not working, so we were worried that we wouldn’t get this Music Monday up in time, but seems like we were only marginally late, as per usual. Woohoo! Turns out that this video wasn’t as easy to joke around with, being as serious as it was, so we took a more serious approach to talking about this video. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Jaejoong’s “Mine” here:


So, I know we said that this was unlike we ever reviewed in Kpop, which is fairly accurate, but I think that older Kpop was pretty rock heavy, wasn’t it? That’s before our time, but when we heard some older TVXQ and Super Junior, it did sound a lot more rock heavy than the electro/dubstep inspired Kpop lately. So, to us, this song sounds very original…it actually just sounds like k-rock music, so we’re not sure if it’s wholly original to the Kpop sphere. Long term Kpop vets: let us know if we’re wrong on this.

Otherwise, let’s just get back to our general appreciation of JYJ’s efforts and the members of JYJ. You know how biased we’ve been to them since Ayy Girl, which has been a life-changing moment for us. We’ve love Junsu’s solo efforts as well, and we’re happy to see that Jaejoong is making his own music, too. Awesome! We don’t see eye to eye on this song. Martina totally loves it – as I thought she’d be, since she has a much richer Rock history than I do. I can say that I appreciate the song and the video. I like that it’s very different. I found it totally interesting. It’s just not my thing, you know. It’s like someone hitting a hole-in-one in golf. I can say “Wow: that’s pretty impressive,” while still thinking that golf is boring as all hell. GOD! HOW CAN PEOPLE BE SO INTO GOLF?!?! IT’S SO DAMNED BORING! Not that this song is boring. It’s just…not my thing.

Martina here:
I, on the very other hand, totally love this song and video. It wasn’t just a plain old rock kpop song with bridges and catchy choruses, it was a passionate emotional rock song with heavy breathing, gasping breath, and cracking vocals. Listen to the 1:06 mark, you can hear him muttering some vocals in the background! Almost like they were an after thought. Love it! I was just really surprised to hear this out of Jaejoong. Possibly because I’m used to the groomed vocals of kpop singing which tend to be very organized. I found this song to be messy in a good way. That’s one of the reasons I am so into rock music, because I like the guttural sounds of a good passionate well trained yell, like at the 3:00 mark and on, he really lets loose and he is barely holding onto the notes as he screams/yells them out. I also like the merging of the heavy rock drums with the piano and the almost arcade video game sounding guitar riffs. And the 1:33 mark where those guitars or synths come in the background? They sound like an ominous vampire slide with the creepy WWEEEEEEEEeeeeeerrrr. Also, when I showed my non-kpop loving friends this video, they were like, “K-rock, cool.” No one thought it was kpop at all because this video had art direction, well thought out costumes to match the art direction, a beautiful use of camera work, and a seriously passionate song. Whoa. I feel so happy. *Martina does her happy jig again*

Anyhow, if Martina is done gushing on and fangirling over Jaejoong, then we recommend you continue supporting JYJ in their efforts, so don’t forget to pick up Jaejoong’s album via YesAsia. WHY AIN’T IT ON iTUNES?!?! What the eff? Also, Jaejoong, I know you’re reading this. I know you’re a secret Nasty. Come by the studio for a chat! It’d be super fun: I guarantee it!


Lastly, we’ve got some bloopers this week as we always do. It was a bit hard trying to figure out what kind of song Yoochun would sing. Seriously: he looks like just a happy guy. If he were to come out with something angsty I’d be mighty shocked. That’s beside the point: point is, it was difficult being in a dragon costume and thinking of what he’d sing about. You can see what I mean here:


  1. The only thing that could have made that stripping scene in the bloopers better was MANLY CHEST HAIR!

  2. I’m so glad I watch KMM so I stumble on funny/ awesome/ wtf videos… however, I must say I’m so grateful for this “stumble”… this song is so effin awesome; everything about is so effin awesome…. the mv, the music, Jaejoong and (quoting “Potter Puppet Pals) “angst angst angst angst”…. thank God for Jaejoong, and thank God for Si and Mar!! I couldn’t think I could love you more… but I actually love you more..

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  16. Congratulations on 300,000 subscribers!!! I’m so proud to be a nasty and talk to my friends about your videos all the time. Hopefully some of them subscribed too :)

  17. 300,000 subscribes…..next world domination jk…. But seriously congrats! :)

  18. I don’t know if anyone else said this, but the diamond face mask are scales, like a snake has and eventually everyone has to shed their scales off. Which is what he did…..so yeahhhh

  19. JJ has healing voice & powerful soul & creative sense ❤ 

  20. Hi there,
    I’m new to this site and I really like your reviews, keep it up :) !! The reason I actually commented is because of this funny thing I discovered while watching this video and felt the need to share it. It’s the part when you have a picture of Jaejoong where there’s the title – I’m a sexy latex rhino. The thing is that the word rhino can also be used as an internet slang :) –

  21. omg jaejoong’s mine definately wins, especially with his sexy latex rhino lols xxx

  22. I love this song! It has a sort of J-rock feel to it, what with the dark tones and overload of “le handsome angst”. And, as always, Simon and Martina did a wonderful job of reviewing it!


  24. I think that the album will be on iTunes soon (probably?), CJes has been pretty active about the Western Scene and making sure you can get the music legally, maybe there’s a delay on Apple’s end?
    Yoochun needs to make a ‘Mickey’ cover, ASAP.
    Also, what music do you guys like, non-Korean wise, you guys always hint at it but we never hear any specifics. >_<

    My vote: Jaejoong's 'Mine' MV. oh and on your website the playlist mode works automatically when I'm on my iPad, didn't know if you guys knew that or not, just remembered a few weeks ago you guys mentioning you didn't know if it did or not.

  25. So many fanfics will be written….

  26. Simon, I’m with you. I prefer the more organized, less angry sound of most Kpop music over the sound of this song. But this song and video deserve props for being different and original.

    Keep up the awesome work, EYK! Hug Spudgy and Meemers for me!

  27. I definitely prefer Junsu’s video to Jaejoong’s but if you were to ask about just songs themselves just music no video much prefer Mine to Tarantallegra

  28. My lit teacher would disagree about the hidden meaning behind every little aspect of everything! -_- :P

    Also, you two are evil, S&M! Putting Cassies in that position of choosing between members! :P Don’t ever do that with BB, pretty please?

  29. This song and video reminded me of Visual Kei…

  30. Awww Spudgy needs to be in more bloopers :3

  31. About the “There is no English” part I can’t agree ~ he did say OK at the 1:05 mark, and I must say that he did pronounce it well ^^


  32. I was expecting Martina to be all “HE WAS WEARING A TURTLENECK. RRRRRRRRRR-” but she didn’t even mention it. Am I the only one who saw the turtleneck he was wearing with the rhino hat? Seriously, you can see it in the KMM thumbnail. How did she miss that?

  33. Although the owl in Jaejoongs mv does mean there is a rival for Big Bangs “Best Owl in a Kpop Video” (which was featured randomly in a british newspaper the Guardian)

  34. Jaejoong’s MV seriously impresses me, not to mention his raw, powerful, and full of emotion voice. Even though Mine may be dark and angsty, it’s different from typical Kpop MVs and just so Jaejoong. As a JYJ fan, I can also appreciate the symbolism of this MV, all that breaking free, going against the odds, and soaring high, etc. It’s hard to choose but I’m voting for Jae’s Mine this time. I love it so much that I have to replay it multiple times every day. <3

  35. i’m gonna pick jaejoong out of the two ^^

  36. I wonder what will happen if Jae’s #Mine stays in the top for continuous week^^ Review again?
    I’m voting for Jae ~^^ love it so much~

  37. LOL if you only knew Yooch… he’s has the most sensitive side out of the five tbh. He writes ballads that make you want to cry rather than happy songs tbh. Oh and rants- i mean raps.

  38. I’m Junsu biased to some extent but totally loved Jae’s video…I still don’t like Junsu’s MV,I don’t like GaySu :(

  39. I don’t know if it is everywhere or not, but I’m in the U.S and this album is now finally on iTunes! I had been checking practically every half an hour or so since it came out and it’s finally available to get!

  40. He did do the “sexy lip rub” in this video. Stop at 0.51 seconds and you’ll see a full on lip rub happening. Good job on the vid!! :)

  41. I really like how you guys explain everything. Personally with my view on some of the stuff I still see it as satanistic thats just me and my opinion. However saying that I am not trashing the video at all in anyway. I think that it’s very will made and everything used to protray his song was very will used. I understood everything that was being used i just personally didn’t like how dark it was and other things in the video. But i have to agree with you 100% about how people look to much into the video about symbols. I know people see some of my comments and are like blah…. but i just don’t like the darkness and stuff that was used. But that doesn’t stop me from thinking that he is very talented and his video is very artistic. I can see art even when i don’t like it. This is just for all the people who thought when i was comment on the video before that i was attacking him. I was just stating an opinion of what i feel nothing more. I am just a little bit more forward sometimes on my opinions.

  42. Thank you Simon and Martina. I enjoyed your comments about JJ’s “MINE”. I totally agree with Martina. Martina, I love you. I’m very happy to see another color of JJ via his first mini album “I” and I love it. I was shocked by Xia’s 1st solo album while it made me incredibly happy and I also love it so much. Now it’d be Yuchun’s turn and JYJ’s 2nd worldwide album and Junsu’s another musical and so on and on and on. I can’t wait. It’s very exciting to live as a fan of JYJ. Hurray for JYJ!

  43. I’m more of a pop person so I’ll say Junsu! So hard to choose though…

  44. FYI iTunes (at least the US store) does have this song available, you just have to search for Jae Joong. The single is priced at .99 and the album/EP (5 tracks total) is available for $4.95. Beyond this, great review as always.

  45. i was surprised by the video it totally awesome i love it is really good the music all the symbolism it brings i thought it sounded a little Jrock that why i love it more. Good job guys u never disappoint me with you reviews keep the good work

  46. Of course JaeJoong will win. People always kiss his ass for everything. And no, I’m not an anti-fan. Actually, I’m a truly fan of JYJ, but sometimes I get tired of these fans who take a jaejoong’s fart like an magnificent work of nature.

  47. The first time I heard this song, i wanted to like it more. I LOVE the chorus of the song, but I don’t care for the 1st minute or so of his singing. I found the video weird and distracting when I first saw it. S&M’s explanations actually made me like the video better because it made it less random to me. I hope they put it on Itunes, because i like the song better without the video.
    I’m gonna vote Junsu for the showdown. Tarantellegra was my favorite song of 2012 (as I find and play the song on my Ipod..) It instantly grabbed me while JJ’s song is gonna take a few more listens before I fall in love.

  48. i gotta say that i loved loved loved junsu’s mv n song…. replayed it so much
    i also love his face expressions when he’s dancing
    but after jaejoong’s mv n song gosh so much to reveal from within
    loved the rock,ballad,kpop, artsy feel to it all
    he sings with so much emotions it just has that feel to it
    voting for jaejoong

  49. I don’t know about any anime that have ninja vampires… but Blood Ninja by Nick Lake has them.

  50. I pick Jaejoong’s “Mine” because I just liked this song more! I also liked the symbolism and the emotion, and that scene with the crows was just cool and beautiful :) It was really interesting to see a kpop singer do something like Jrock!

    I have a question if anyone can answer it. So I know that JYJ and SM went to court, but what did Simon mean when he said that JYJ has been battling SM’s stifling ever since they got out of their contract?

    • I won’t go into allll the details, there are way too many, but basically SM use their influence to keep JYJ from performing on TV or being on variety shows (if SM threatened to pull their artists from tv shows, there would be no shows); used their influence to keep a JYJ documentary/reality show off the air, even though it was cable and not one of the 3 main stations; used their influence to make it difficult for JYJ to find music distributors; filed an injunction to stop the release of their first album; managed to get them replaced with SM artists for various performances, and assured they were never invited to perform at others; made it difficult for them to book venues for concerts, etc. Basically, they were blacklisted in the Korean music industry. And their previous cohort in Japan, Avex, has done the same there, even going so far as to sue for profits from a JYJ concert where the profits were donated entirely to victims of the tsunami/earthquake IN JAPAN.

      • For that concert, btw, they ended up performing at a SUMO ARENA, because the venue they booked mysteriously became unavailable right before the concert. The only problem? The sumo arena was half the size of the other venue.
        So instead of refund the tickets or cancel, JYJ performed TWO concerts in one day. With no profits for themselves.

        • Wow, thank you for that! That was a lot of detail (at least to someone who knows nothing about the happenings after the lawsuit settlement.) I didn’t know all of that… makes SM look very bad. Thanks again!

      • I thought I replied already, but in case it didn’t work.. Thank you for your comment/explanation! I didn’t know about any of that stuff about what happened after it was settled. That’s crazy, but I’m glad to see them doing well now. Thanks again!

  51. It’s so hard to choose between these two!!! I love all the symbolism in Jaejoong’s video, so he’s my pick (^.^)

  52. Don’t know if you dressed like that on purpose, but I liked the contrast of Martina’s pinkness and Simon’s blackness (deep symbolism of differences in approach to this song I guess ;p).
    Don’t be fooled by Micky’s innocent look, I bet he would secretly touch himself under that animal costume since he really wants to do this ever since SM times. CAPTAIN PURPLE LIIIINE!
    “Mine” was a great surprise for me because, I have never listened to JJ’s solos before and I didn’t know he’s a rocker. But even though it’s the genre I’ve been listening to long before Kpop, I’m voting for Junsu because I happened to like “Tarantallegra” video more.

  53. If anyone has watched D.Gray Man, when Jaejoong is the vampire, doesn’t he have a striking similarity to the vampire Arystar Krory the third?

  54. Vote for Jaejoong! I love Junsu, but this song is so like the European metal and Jrock that i love. I think my fav part is when he’s scream/growling Hajima at the very end of the song. Why oh WHy isn’t this on Itunes? makes me cry. :-(

  55. Gotta vote for Mine this time

  56. omg this was such an awesome KMM !!! thanks S&M for making my day :)

  57. i have a suggestion, might be stoopid, but hear me out.

    when ya’ll are writing your blog why don’t you make the font different to show who’s typing it.

    Like instead of Martina typing: “Martina here”

    She can type with a super girly, BRIGHT PINK font that would scream “omg, that’s totally Martina”

    Simon could have a red font thats manly of course. Dothraki man warrior style.

    For any ideas you both share it could be a color you both agree on-maybe green…wait purple to match your sofa….

    Spudgy could have a cute blue font for his interruptions, i mean instructions *cough*

    I have yet to see Meemer’s input on any of the blogs but hey grey would suit him :)

    I understand if your site isn’t able to run a code or anything for it, but it’s just a suggestion :))))

  58. do i vote here? i vote for Jaejoong then (and YEAH that is cruel :D)

  59. Nice music mondays! I like the way you guys see the simbolism in this video without overdoing it, finding a meaning for EVERYTHING makes the video become boring somehow, I like to enjoy the video without overthinking about it.

    BUT… I don’t know, I guess I don’t really agree with any of you guys haha
    I mean, as Martina I tend to love more rockish songs (I love j-rock <3), but I really didn't like this one. I don't know, I guess it just didn't work out for me, even if I'm into this type of music. I really like the mv though :) And Jaejoong's vocals, his singing is always nice :)

    So I'll go with Tarantallegra, I don't looove that song, but I actually enjoy it xD

    And I laughed so hard during the Yoochun part LOL

  60. Yo, Simon! I absolutely loved your concept of a video for Yuchun! He’s be crazy not to grab it quick before that little poser GD goes and snatches it. :-) [to all incensed BB fans - Just KIDDING!]

  61. kpopfan123

    “GOD! HOW CAN PEOPLE BE SO INTO GOLF?!?! IT’S SO DAMNED BORING!” You’ll probably want to rephrase that when you get the chance to see the drama “Birdy”.

    “it was a passionate emotional rock song with heavy breathing, gasping breath, and cracking vocals.” I couldn’t agree more! so much emotion!! when the song is finished you’re like “What did I just listen?? O.o”

    “I was just really surprised to hear this out of Jaejoong.” me too! seeing him “cross to the dark side” so easily left me speachless!

    “That’s one of the reasons I am so into rock music, because I like the guttural sounds of a good passionate well trained yell, like at the 3:00 mark and on, he really lets loose and he is barely holding onto the notes as he screams/yells them out.” Beautiful!(;_;)

    “Also, Jaejoong, I know you’re reading this. I know you’re a secret Nasty. Come by the studio for a chat! It’d be super fun: I guarantee it!” Agree!


  62. watched it in the bus on my way to work this morning since i didn’t want to wait… i laughed out loud the whole time (especially when simon was beeing yoochun :D) the other people (still tired) seemed jealous, i liked it :) (btw is voting between junsu and JJ still open i really don’t get where to vote then..)

  63. When you both forced us to pick between Junsu and Jaejoong for the showdown I was completely torn. I mean, they are both some of my favourite artists ever; each has their own style and I love them both, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO MEEEEEE???

    But after some time, and rewatching both videos, I had to choose Jaejoong. Only because I really loved how well directed and put together the video was. It fit the song perfectly and all the scenes blended in perfectly. Plus I love the symbolism in the video, after watching your KMM on it the whole song and video just has another level of meaning.

    Also, Simon, sorry, but I have to agree with Martina on this. I love rock music; especially this since I grew up on jrock, and this just hit the style perfectly.

  64. I vote Tarantallegra, but if you were asking which song I prefer, Mine >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tarantallegra. But I have a huge Junsu bias, so there.

  65. Simon, I love your golf metaphor. I feel that way so often!

    Junsu got my vote! Tarantallegra was so awesome, and so awesomely non-conventional! On the other hand, I find the vampire/emo/dark angel theme so overdone and so obviously teenage-girl targeting… Meh.

  66. Oh Simon! You nearly killed me with laughter with Yoochun’s solo song!

  67. OMG that IS CRUEL! O.O what to choose. :S

  68. I laughed so hard at this… from the seagull going ‘mine!’, to ‘oh Mickey, you’re so fine!’ – it balanced really well with the more serious aspects of your review. Great job, as usual!

  69. I’m voting for Jaejoong (sorry Junsu… and Simon .-.) it’s just that this song blew my mind away, it’s beyond awesome! >.<
    Also, I had exactly the same reaction Martina had, this song should be the opening of an ultra awesome kick ass anime

  70. Goodness, the thought of Jaejoong or all JYJ visiting EYK Studio for an interview or something… that made me smile so wide and laugh, I’d be sooo excited and happy :D I wish, they totally should do that!

  71. well… i heard english on the song… i heard OK and i think is ok… 5 out 5 to me… (less is more :)

  72. I liked Junsu’s “Tarantallegra”, but JaeJoong’s “Mine” wins hands down for me. Completely, wonderfully, unexpectedly amazing.

    So yeah. Voting for JaeJoong.

  73. I read the “over analyzing” posts since CJes said that they used the usual symbols to elaborate JaeJoong’s struggle and such but on a whole I got much confused after reading so many different interpretations…so I just went back to what I got from the MV when I first saw it. Since I have been familiar with JYJ/DBSK’s history, the video made perfect sense to me.
    Thanks for the review…I enjoyed it.
    As for Yoochun solo, I expect him, a piano and that damn husky voice in a sweet ballad.
    For the vote, it goes to JaeJoong. Junsu was really amazing too but I love rock and dark themes – so Mine was perfect for me.

  74. I really liked this song and video. However, I enjoyed reading the “over analyzing” of the symbolism in the video. Who knows? Maybe they wanted to put it in the video to serve that kind of purpose. Or it could be to make the video more artsy fartsy and cool-looking… Either way, I still liked everything about the song and video and I really liked that you two reviewed it for KMM.

  75. Why do I keep seeing Yuchun’s solo image with Yuchun dressed in a wrong buttoned wight shirt, playing piano in a darkish room with a cigarette in his mouth and surrounded by cigarette smoke, with a hat on the back of his head?

    I loved the Austin Power thing, I loved “Oh, Micky you’re so fine!” witch became his song (!!). I luuuved the fact that I’m not the only one that doesn’t try and see symbolism in every second of the video. But it was interesting to read your explanation for the diamond crane and mask. And JJ tweeted about that crane long time ago.

    Martina, wae no crey crey over the turtle neck? Have you ever saw a sexy latex rhino WITH A TURTLENECK?!!! ^^

    And I chose JaeJoong.

  76. Personally I like junsu’s song better….but I think Jaejoong’s video was more interesting

  77. Gah, I really can’t choose, because both songs were just so well suited to the performer that they were both perfect. This was JaeJoong doing what he excels at, and Junsu did the same. Both very theatrical but in different ways. JaeJoong always seemed the most natural J-rocker when TVXQ went through that stage, and Junsu has always reminded me of a strangely arousing korean David Bowie. They’ve both really capitalized on their strengths, and that just thrills me. And on a personal level, I love dancing to Tarantallegra and I’ll love singing to Mine. So… BOTH!!! T_T

  78. i have to say like a lot has said already, this is VERY j-rock. it’s classic. from the makeup and dramatic gothic costumes and imagery and the glowing contacts (?) everything about this is very j-rock. i means yes, kpop back in the day was very rock inspired but this video is definitely more j-rock in terms of visuals how everything is sort of theatrical and stuff. having been a fanatic j-rocker back in the days, this video just brings back memories. lol. i loved it. but it just sounds so angry. lol. and i’m in my chill out non rebellious non angsty stage of my life so it sounds a little overwhelming right now. haha. but this song would be great to play when i get pissed off. this KMM was great. i like it. thanks Simon. thanks Martina. and Leigh the intern too.

  79. I LAUGHED SO HARD AT LIBERAL SPUDGY. (Y) His little song was so cute I wanna play it over and over again. And I was really happy that you somehow slid in a Yoochun moment (hey mickey! hey hey hey mickey!) :) Thanks Simon and Martina for making me laugh after a very long day at school!

    I’m not really a J-rock person, so I’m probably not going to listen to the song ever again; I don’t really like the video too because it’s extremely dark and gothic (just not my type). But reading through fan analyses of the video has allowed me to understand and appreciate it, and watching this review made me appreciate it even more. JYJ really went through hell with their lawsuit with SM, and I’m glad that they are free to do whatever they want after it ended. JYJ hwaiting!

  80. Making me choose between JJ and Junsu is like making me choose between Simon and Martina! I just cannot do it.

  81. Crushing Communism Spudgy. That’s the PERFECT superhero name right there!

    …and I fell off my chair at Martina’s jig. :P

  82. Junsu’s Tarantallegra… NO DOUBT~

  83. As a JYJ fan, I really enjoyed this EYK video.

    I can understand Simon’s “not really my thing” feeling about this MV because that’s how I felt at first. I don’t like Visual kei and heavy rock and I REALLY didn’t want that snake appearing in my dreams. But after reading the meaning of the lyrics I found myself really liking this more and more. In some ways it feels like a gigantic artistic ” FuQ SM, Avex, corrupt music industry ” and it’s absolutely liberating to listen to, after all the crap that has happened these few years.

    I hope you listen to the rest of his album because all the songs are pretty awesome.

  84. My GOD! This song is beautiful and your review was just as awesome. I’m not really good at identifying symbolism in videos and I had no idea it was referencing the lawsuit against SM Entertainment, so this really helped me appreciate the song and video a lot more. Even though i couldn’t appreciate the symbolism at first, this song totally blew me away. When I first saw it I was immediately reminded of j-rock and visual kei, which is really up my alley. Freaking love this song, but how could you guise ask us to choose between rock Jaejoong and nasty Junsu??!?!?!!! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE!!??!??
    You guise are evil…

  85. I just love this KMM n-n And I really I’m more like Junsu’s fan e.é But, I feel Jae has grown up a lot on this song. I’m more on J-Music, and this song and video, it seems a lot like J-Rock… I really liked the sound and the new color of Jae’s voice… it’s deep and has a very nice and more dark air… I think JYJ is pulling out their real colors, and it’s very interesting how they are showing this to the fans…

  86. haha, This song honestly reminds me a little of Jaejoong’s japanese solo song ‘Maze’ but kinda taken to the next level. Am I the only one here?

  87. *cries* I can’t believe I’m even choosing… T_T But I have to say, as absolutely visually stunning as Jae’s video was, I just didn’t see much continuity in it. Yes, you can make the argument that he broke the chains and became free to turn into the ultra-confident, fierce vampire. But at the same time, the first half and the second half of the video seemed so completely disparate to me, like they were two different vids that someone wedged together. Plus, as another comment pointed out, any fan who has followed these guys for a while know how very VERY Jaejoong this song and video are.

    Junsu, on the other hand, threw me a curveball with Tarantallegra. There had been glimpses with Intoxication and even previous solos like Xiahtic and My Page. Even so, I NEVER saw Tarantallegra coming. And on top of that, he had a clear theme and idea that ran all the way through that video. So, for those reasons, I have to give my vote to Junsu. :/

    (*cries in a dark corner* I’m sorry, Jaejoongie~~!! T____T)

  88. Totally feeling your pain about it not being on iTunes! I want this, Park Jung Min’s Beautiful and that new Verbal Jint song and none of them are on there! Argh!

  89. Jaejoong not only because I’m Jaejoong biased but because it has a great amount of symbolism that you can relate to. It’s different but still awesome.

  90. Oh man, guess I have to vote for Junsu. I LOVE this song and I totally agree that it needs to be the theme of some new kick ass anime which I will totally be addicted to, but like Simon, I prefer Xiah’s brand of bondage-related, artsy, hip-rolling naughtyness. I think my pupils dialated the first time I saw Tarantallegra and Junsu gets brownie points for being a Potterphile and using the reference. Sooo sorry JJ! I still love you and this song!

  91. Jaejoong’s video hands down… Oooo you guys are so mean to have us choose between Junsu oppa and Jaejoong oppa! How dare you lol. I’m Jaejoong biased (dont hurt me! lol) and I always like songs with a lot of symbolism to it, one that I can relate to.

  92. it sounds jrock and he alsdo did some visual key there. . . .

  93. I Vote for Bane….i mean Jaejoong

  94. When Simon was talking about people who were over interpreting the video it was like a smack on the face LOL. Cause I sure did take that route. I didn’t quite look it the same way you guys do, as in seeing how it was incorporated into the video, the camera work etc. but I couldn’t agree with you enough when you mentioned it. I often ask myself if I over interpreted a text (like with this video) but as an Art student and having taken 4 film/theatre classes with professors who can talk on and on and on about one shot; it’s historical context, cinematographic aspects and the mise-en-scene it has changed me into a person who is always looking for a meaning, even when it might be non-existent.

  95. PunkyPrincess92

    i loved the song as soon as i heard it!!!
    and yes Martina this song totally belongs for an opening song of an anime!!!
    hehe well there is one English word…’Okay’ haha
    ooohhh you’re so EVIL making us choose between them!!
    well i’m not voting mwahahaha!!

  96. Jaejoongs Mine for sure. But this is the first time I have ever liked anything from DB5K/TVX2/JYJ.

    So yeah, anyway. I can totally see the symbolism representing his time with SM for sure. Chained to the wall. Gagged from speaking freely. Even to the whole Box MV “Vampire” who has never seen the light of day. Really brilliant.

    The song is just epic though.

  97. I want yoochun to do a suave music nothing extreme or exagerate.

    love Js and JJ but not those concepts of them.


  99. You guys always crack me up so bad xD
    I choose Jaejoong, though I love the art styles of both mv’s, I prefer the song Mine.

  100. Loved this review, guys!! And my opinion on the song is something in between Simon and Martina. By the way, I can’t help but recall Balin’s tomb in Moria whenever Jaejoong is in that room where his wings appear *LOTR’s geek comment here* Does anyone thought the same about this scene?

  101. wow i actually like jaejoong’s video more than junsu’s.

    and we all know y jaejoong’s bane mask is missing the center piece. to keep his awesome hairdo =)

  102. Everyone should check out Jaejoong singing ‘It’s Only My World’ at the Mirotic concert in Seoul back in 2008. From that time onwards I knew that his voice would suit this rock style. Jaejoong has a tender voice which fills your body with warmth, but he can also chill you with the strength and determination of his rock! No matter how much I love Junsu, I haven’t found anyone with such a unique and beautiful voice like Jaejoong. If Mickey does come out with a solo album, I want to hear plenty of Engrish (recall his ‘My Girlfriend’ single) :P

  103. I love Jrock so this is right up my alley. Love both song and video :) The Spugy communism bit was soooo funny!! I vote for Junsu and Tarantallegra, that was just soooo awesome.

  104. OMG you guys really did put all our names on a wall! I couldn’t find mine but I know it’s up there somewhere… You guys are really the best!

  105. Brittainy

    We must be on the same wavelength – I had the same exact thought as you guys when this song first came out and made this immediately: http://simpleshawelf.tumblr.com/post/40730637857

    Anyway, regarding the actual song – I’m definitely with Martina on this one, as another huge fan of rock and metal myself (high five!). I can’t express how obsessed I am. I never really paid much attention to Jaejoong before, but as soon as I heard the teaser for Mine I knew I was going to love it. The deliberate messiness, the piano, the delicate mix of wailing and raspy yelling – the vocals perfectly convey his emotions and wonderfully complement this gritty video and the story he’s telling. Passionate delivery and an outstanding background track to boot. Definitely not what I was expecting from a kpop artist.

    Regarding the music video, in the end only Jaejoong and the music video director(s) will really know what pieces are meant to be symbolic and what was included merely to fit the general atmosphere (personally I agree with you that not every single aspect of the video necessarily has to mean something). However I think we can all agree that videos such as this one that actually have meaning are a joy to watch. I’m happy to say that I’ve gained all new respect for him.

    PS… Bane called… he’d like his mask back >_>

  106. omg, how can u make us choose between Junsu and Jaejoong, sooo cruel! *sobs* I still have to choose Tarantallegra, sorry Jae… T_T

  107. LoL… Of course Jaejoong… I like Junsu MV but my 1st love is Jrock before I fall in love with tohoshinki

  108. I love it when Jaejoong does rock but Junsus video was perfect. It’s harder to choose between the songs but the video for Tarantallegra comes out on top even if they’re quite incomparable.

  109. Junsu for the win! If only because seeing him lose is like seeing him bullied. I’m all…”Awww, Junsu! He’s so little and cute.”

  110. I really loved this song!Totally agree with Martina,and I’m really surprised to hear this kind of music from an idol.One kiss is really awesome too,though I like Mine more.
    The video is so creative,I’m gald that his company is putting so much effort to really showcase the meaning and the emothions of the song.I don’t know much about JYJ’s history,but whatever happend there I hope he’ll be able to shake it off.
    Jaejoong fighting
    Oh,and Jaejoong all the way.I loved Junsu’s suuuper sexy music video,but I can’t deny my love for rock music.

  111. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think this is the first rock-influenced track (However, it’s probably one of the first majorly Gackt/J-Rock influenced solos) but is likely the first well promoted heavy rock-influenced track in the Kpop Sphere. I say “heavy rock” because like you said, tracks like “Triangle,” and “Rising Sun” (even “Mama”) were rock-influenced but still very pop-like; in other words basically SMP.

    Some Rock-Influenced KPop Idol Releases Include:

    -2AM’s Jinwoon’s Solo Work (This is a big one in terms of solo releases. Plus I think he actually preforms with a band–not too sure though)

    -Heechul and Jungmo’s “Close your Mouth” as M&D. (More along Pop-Rock)

    -The TRAX pre-break up was entirely rock-based (Japanese releases were FANTASTIC–”End of the World” was actually written/composed by one of their members No Min Woo, one of the biggest rock-idols today) and they worked with freaking X-Japan for a Korean release! (BTW, what’s with all these SM groups and leaving/partially leaving the company? It’s really strange that there are those people who are totally fine with it, while others are totally traumatized by it…a very bi-polar response pattern to a single company…)

    –No Min Woo’s “Trap” is kind of…sort of…pop-rock influenced as well (not really.) But you should see him play the drums in this Rock Influenced Remix of 2PM’s “Heartbeat”:

    Some Other Important Figures/Dramas:

    -Who can forget Kim Tae Won??? He had a huge name with Boohwal (Though that’s not Kpop, Kim Tae Won does have immense presence in the entertainment industry, along with general popularity.)

    -”Shut Up Flower Boy Band” is also an example of rock’s influence in the general entertainment world. Not to mention “Rock, Rock, Rock,” (starring none other than resident rocker No Min Woo) which is another K-drama (mini) with a rock background.

    I probably missed a few, but I hope this gives a general idea (to the best of my ability!)

    On a side note, I pick Junsu for best MV, even though I liked Jaejoong’s song better.

    • When I first heard the song I though about Hyde,at some point their voices sound alike..I’m new to Kpop so I haven’t heard the songs you’re reffering to,but I’ll search them up,thanx :)

      • No problem. I would actually suggest looking at Jinwoon for more mainstream Rock-type music, and for heavier stuff, Japanese TRAX (though that isn’t really Kpop anymore…).

    • Funny you should mention people’s reactions about leaving SMe being so divided, I am really starting to not like them. At all. And when I say them, I mean the management side, not the idols and artists; they receive nothing huggles and kisses from me.

      • I was talking more along the lines of artists choosing to stay and leave from SM. Every single time there is some sort of “leaving the company” phase of a group in SM, there are always artists who choose to stay with SM and feel strong ties of loyalty with the company. I find that really strange. How can one management company receive both utter hatred and love and devotion simultaneously?

        For that reason, I can’t pass full judgment on SM. There are things that they do wrong, and things that they do right; just like every company in the world. The extent to which they do either is the question, but since I know absolutely nothing about SM’s inner workings, I don’t feel like I have the right to say SM is bad as a management company simply because they have made several artists angry and released some bad music. This is because conversely, they have also released amazing songs and satisfied artists. I mention the trend in SM simply because it’s a fascinating dichotomy. But you do have a point about the division of the people outside of SM as well–it’s quite fascinating. The DBSK trials in particular is very fascinating because of the clear divide between what Homin wanted and what JYJ wanted and how their past together led to very different paths, needs, and desires. It could really be a psychological study if we really wanted to.

        But I Rant. :) ( I really need to stop doing that…)

        • In Asian countries that follow core confucian tenants, especially Korea, it’s really not that uncommon to stay with an organization even if you hate it just because you feel debt to it or out of a sense of loyalty.

          It all kind of depends on how strictly you were raised or how important themes of filialty or loyalty above all are in your households. For people who were raised quite traditionally, the thought of “going against” or leaving a company that they feel ‘raised’ them would be akin to going against their parents. It’s just something that isn’t done.

          Where on the other hand, people who were raised with a more liberal or less traditional mindset would feel that it isn’t a big deal to be like “I’m not treated correctly/I have a right to be worth more/I don’t like being here” and then leave.

          Also, i find that the people who left SM had a very different track or vision for their careers that they could not achieve in SM. No Min Woo had a solid rock and acting career once he left SM. JYJ obviously have been successful doing things that SM would have never allowed them to do.
          Again, some people might not want anything more or different than what SM provides for them. Yunho and Changmin seem to like what SM could provide them (they were never big into music composition or trying very wildly different concepts) while JYJ wanted to have more freedom and control to do something different.

          I think it all just comes down to the individuals. What they were taught and what they want out of their careers. SM is a marketing machine and could make a track of people coughing sell like crazy, and that’s what’s important to a lot of people. While others might want to try something creatively different from the typical SM style.

        • Haibara Christie

          Here’s my wacky theory about what happened. At least as logically as I can conceive it to be. I’m bound to get haters, but that’s okay.

          Being Indian, I understand the important of showing loyalty and commitment as being a core value of society. However, that is not saying that we’d be okay with people abusing us to a degree that some people (Hangeng for example) have claimed happened to them. Thank you for being one of the first people to really emphasize that JYJ did not leave because they hated SM for treating THEM horribly (and therefore antagonize SM for everything; mistakes were made but SM is not a synonym for Satan, and we cannot blame them for everything.) rather, they left because they wanted to pursue something that SM could not offer them. This is the only thing I can find that will make both JYJ’s and TVXQ (Homin)’s stories conjoin in a way that will not force either group to become the antagonist.

          So I’m never going to hate either group because neither group did the right thing in this situation. For JYJ to endlessly blame SM was extremely childish, and to use the fans’ emotional states as fuel was kind of disturbing. But they, as humans, have the right to use whatever is at their disposal to win. SM made the mistake of scapegoating a cosmetic company as the reason for JYJ’s decision to break, and Homin made the error of hurting JYJ’s morals by calling them out on disloyalty and greed. But if you see it from each group’s perspective, it actually makes sense. JYJ will have to depend on fans because they know that leaving SM meant abandoning Idoldom as they had known it. They also know that without a high profile break, their careers afterwords will only be a mere shadow of what it was before–so they had to make the case something of an emotional and moral battle. They write music about their experiences, they are idols so sometimes they don’t think before they speak and all of that culminated into the image of JYJ we see today. SM’s choice to blame greed is logical as well–because that is exactly what they thought JYJ was searching for. SM is a company. Financial gains are foremost in their mind, and they know that at the time, hands down SM was the most profitable entertainment company. Why in the world would JYJ leave such a big name? Because they’re getting more money from somewhere else! — who?….well that’s what SM couldn’t figure out…and of course luck strikes them with the cosmetic company, and we know the story from there. Homin has absolutely no reason to leave SM–it offers everything that they wanted. Changmin doesn’t actually care about his singing career in the way JYJ does. Changmin is pragmatic, he knows he gets what he needs, money and a stable career, for the prime of his life, and he knows that even at an old age, the entertainment business will not leave him broke–there will be something. He enjoys music, so he enjoys his job, but he never thinks about being a singer as something that defines him, that completes him, the way JYJ approached it. For Changmin, doing what JYJ did was sheer idiocy. Why give up a stable lifestyle to…sing? Yunho, is a different story. He doesn’t fight against rules. He acts they way people expect him to. “Leader-shi.” The title given to him by TVXQ that embodies everything he stands for. He lives by responsibility, and everything JYJ did went against what people normally think of as “responsible,” at least in the Confucian sense of the word. For Yunho, dancing is his selling point, more so than the singing–even though he is decent at that as well. Yunho needs the idol-lifestyle, and he believes strongly in loyalty and the straight and narrow. JYJ defied the first two (the last is up to debate.) Ergo, Yunho had no reason to leave either.

          So in summary, all perspectives have merit, it’s just whether you chose to believe that all perspectives matter to you. As westerners, and internet denizens, the JYJ solution makes most sense to us, it fits our moral guidelines, and follows the sense of freedom that we expect as members of our societies. Even if we aren’t, we have to remember that we carry a perspective, and that perspective will cloud how we judge other perspectives, even when we recognize the other perspective as valid.

        • It always struck me as odd that SM used the cosmetic thing because I don’t know to whom that would make sense. The money Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu were getting from SM (though it was not as much as I think they deserved) was much greater than the money they would get from a cosmetics endorsement.

          And I also don’t blame JYJ for being bitter towards SM nor talking about it publicly. If I didn’t get payed for a year of utterly backbreaking work (JYJ wasn’t paid by SM for any of their activities in 2009) I’d be bitter as hell as well.

          I am a JYJ fan (don’t hate the current TVXQ, just not into their music/concepts much) so when I look at the lawsuit and what caused it, I look at it from a primarily JYJ-focused point. I don’t see SM as the devil or as being something “evil”. They are both a business and a distinct brand.
          To me, I see those who left SM doing so because they (a) want to explore a career outside of the typical “SM brand” (b) Do not like the way SM conducts their business practices towards them or (c) both of those things.

          For JYJ, I think it was c. I don’t think they were wrong leaving for SM nor do I think they were heros doing it to “break the corrupt system and save kpop as a whole”. They were just artists doing what they have the right to do–follow the path that they want to follow with their careers. And thankfully, it is working out well for them.

        • Haibara Christie

          See, the thing is that JYJ wasn’t the only one who wasn’t paid. TVXQ (current) wasn’t paid either. It’s easy to know why JYJ left because they tell the fans exactly why they did–at least what they want the fans to believe that they left for (not that there is a difference, but who knows, there might be more than what we know.) Also based on what the “public knows,” JYJ is a no brainer to understand, based on how they ran the lawsuit. (C) is clearly why they left. The reason I spent more time on Homin was because they’re the real mystery here. If JYJ’s story was the entire story, then TVXQ staying makes no logical sense. Why would someone agree to suffer if they have all the man power in the world (aka Cassiopeia) to escape? So instead of focusing on one perspective and believing that to solely be true, I looked at three different perspectives, all of which are slightly flawed. SM tried to scapegoat another company because they could not understand why anyone would leave them. All previous “escapees” left AFTER contracts had ended (on mostly amicable terms)…all of which were around 5 years long. Why was TVXQ a different story–how did they end up with a 13 year contract first? Who knows–there are even rumors flying around that it was actually TVXQ themselves who had lengthened it for personal security. Regardless, TVXQ defined the idol-fan-music connection in ways unseen before or now. They had a sense of devotion to the fans, and conveyed that carried emotional ties with their fans. So of course the break drama is a drama of epic proportions, (and to be entirely honest, it would make a fantastic book of friendship and betrayal and loss and all of that angsty stuff) something so raw and real that it continues to cause emotional problems a little more than 3 years after it all broke down. In a sense, I think it’s that fact that makes the five DBSK ethereal and legendary, whether or not you think that their music and influence was important.

        • TVXQ eventually got paid, however. JYJ still hasn’t recieved any money from 2009 (the contract stated they wouldn’t recieve pay from Mirotic until their next album was produced and they left before they got any money from their concerts). That’s why I brought up that point.

          It wasn’t the reason why they left, I just think it was a point of bitterness after they left.

          I actually think the reasons why Yunho and Changmin stayed are as easy to deduce as why JYJ left. JYJ simply weren’t happy with the way their careers were going or how they were managed while Yunho and Changmin were content being where they were.

          Maybe YH and CM have some discontents about SM, but it wasn’t enough for them to have to go through the legal battles and all the difficulties of leaving. Their careers were more in tune with what SM could provide them.

          While JYJ, I’m sure, had things that they enjoyed within SM (being in TVXQ being the main one. I don’t think the 5 will have or, tbh, want to have a reunion but I also think JYJ really treasure their memories as TVXQ), they weren’t enough to keep them within the company. What they wanted for their careers in terms of management and creative control was something SM just couldn’t provide.

          I think people (not you) want to make the split seem like more drama than it was because they have a lot of vested emotions in the situation. But when you just step back and look at it, I think it just comes down to what the individual members wanted out of their careers.

        • Haibara Christie

          You’re absolutely right about the fact that the split isn’t as big as a deal that everyone is making it to be. But the problem is, it has already grown out of proportion, and all of the blame goes to the three parties involved for making it that way. I wish that a lot of people saw it the way you do.

  112. It’s so jrock-y!!! From the sound of the video to the costumes and the look, it’s so cool! Since Jrock kind of led me into Kpop [and DB5K was technically my first kpop group] this sound from Jaejoong is kind of awesome>w< Anyone else feel this way?? This sounds like a song Hyde would sing<3

  113. Great KMM. You guys managed to seriously review both the song and the video while still making me burst out laughing. You had me right from the first “Sexy latex rhino” caption. :D

    Since I came over to kpop from jrock, this song and video was right up my alley. I completely agree with Martina on the awesomeness of this song. Jaejoong’s rough vocals convey his raw emotion beautifully. I also like the juxtaposition of the more aggressive, harder sounding rock parts with the softer, more melancholy piano parts. The lyrics themselves, which Jaejoong wrote himself, are very well written; I almost want to call them poetic. Certain lines, such as “Yeogin ojima, naui badaya~” remain in my head for hours after listening to it.

    In other news… you two are EVIL! How can you make us choose between Jaejoong and Junsu? T_T I refuse. *pouts and stomps foot* Let’s just call this one a draw, like the U-Kiss showdown.

  114. Evil!!!!!!!! I kew you’ll do that!!!
    How can I chose between them?!! JaeJoong(I think I just did chose^^).

  115. Why are you making me chose! As much as I love taratallegra… It’s gonna have to be Jaejoong with Mine. My jrock and screamo roots would strangle me in my sleep if I chose otherwise.

  116. Its so funny that Yoochun is pictured as the happy one. In Dbsk he was known as the crier. He cried all the time. Now though, he never cries and does seem to be very happy (ever since they split from SM). It is good to see.

    Love the song. Love the video. Jaejoong has a slight rock history. He has sung rock songs as his solo piece during concerts and done some rock type stuff on variety shows in the past. Long time fans have been waiting for him to release a rock track. Now that he has he doesn’t disappoint!

    I vote once for Junsu and once for Jaejoong.

  117. Martina, I completely agree with you!! :)

  118. Hey!~Simon you’re so mean…even though I’m not into this song but still a JYJ’s fan…I like rock songs but not this sort of rock I’m like into Breaking Benjamin,Skillet,Three days grace,Green day,Evanescence,Linking park,….ETC
    on the other hand I still support him a lot and the video is amazing for me it’s like a dream come true when I saw him as a vampire…

    OKAY!~I prefer Junsu’s Tarantallegra…

  119. OMG EYK interviewing JJ?!?!? That would be amazing lol Needs to happen asap~~~ Tell ‘em to bring the whole group too.

  120. Totally rejoiced when I first heard about JJ releasing a rock album since my favourite live performance from him was “Maze” (his brief foray into rock) at Tokyo Dome, 2010 – that was EPIC! Anyway…”Mine” is one of my favourite solo JYJ songs now…:)

  121. The video is kinda visual kei-ish. Reminds me of Gackt and that other guy…ugggh, I can’t remember his name but he’s really really gorgeous.

  122. As someone fairly new to the kpop world, I’ve got no particular connection to the tvxq/dbsk/jyj fellas… other than an admitted addiction to balloons… and this song really just doesn’t do much for me. It’s a perfectly acceptable post-grunge/alterna-metal/whatever modern rock instrumental track, does the job but nothing special, but the vocals don’t really fit for me. That said, I’ve had a hard time getting into nearly all asian rock music. Mostly seems to combine the aforementioned modern rock music with vocals that seem more appropriate to symphonic/power metal, and it just does nothing for me. Anyway, the video was quite good though, held my interest even with a song that was leaving me cold. Have to vote for Junsu though, both strong videos but I really love Tarantallegra the song as well.

  123. It’s funny how everyone said yoochun to be the happy one when he supposed to be the angsty one.. Hahaha.. It’s Junsu who supposed to be happy one.. But since everything happened he become reserved.. Hahaha.. But BTS n staff accounts usually has Jaejoong and Junsu fooling around while Yoochun being all serious.. Hahaha

    I won’t vote for any of them.. Let’s call it a draw.. Can we?.. Hahaha

  124. I think Jaejoong really suited the voice well since his voice has this raspy, trot-ish quality in it. When I first watched it, I though he is heavily influenced by J-rock music since it sounded similar to how the Visual Kei guys I follow (ex. Versailles) do it. Plus, I wouldn’t really be surprised if it is influenced by Jrock since DBSK used to live and breathe Japanese air.

  125. This sounds a lot like a lot of J-pop that I know… Is anyone else feeling that vibe?

  126. omg i luv u guys.. the best music monday eva!!! Agree with with martina all the way *highfive*…owh to ask us to choose between junsu and jaejoong.. ohoho pure evil i tell you lol.. if someone’s twisting my arms, i’ll choose jaejoong..i love junsu, but but jaejoong kinda owns this.. Sorry simon hehe.. You guys are rite bout all the over-analyzing of the symbols, but its fun tho.. I like how u guys insert a bit of yoochun in here.. I can never see yoochun stepping in to the dark side, let him b the happy one rite.. Love the Balloon song simon ! Thank u guys.. U guys rocks!!!!!

  127. I know that SJ’s stuff was a bit more rocky, like Twins and Don’t Don (even U was a bit more on the rock side and not dubstep/electronica).
    As for like.. k-rock scene my favorite group is No Brain.
    I love love love love love love LOVE them. I saw them live while I was in Korean and it was probably better than when I saw SJ there /bites tongue!!!
    I have a huge rock background too and I love when k-pop artists mix a bit of rock elements into their songs. This song is definitely a Korean J-rock type of song but I don’t like it as much as Martina does… He can’t get deep enough when he sings. I felt the vocals needed that.. Just my opinion though.
    Also, No Brain was on Immortal Song and did some amazing songs on there.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWJ8Rb0_aOc This (First Impression)
    and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laqVTxEAPpU (Lucky Seoul)
    Are my favorites. Lucky Seoul is one of my favorite songs of all time actually and it’s a cover. lol

  128. I love this song! There needs to be a K-Rock genre and I would be SOOOOOO Happy!!! Ps… Why does Spudgy have 2 different singing voices?? And Ill will join up with him… SPUDGY BE OUR LEADER!!! bWAAAHHHHHA!

  129. bane called, he wants his mask back, XD

  130. I’m with Simon on this song. It sounds like Jpop-rock to me. And I’m not a fan of a lot of Jpop-rock. I do however appreciate it as an artistic form; and for that, I give Jaejoong credit for trying something new in Kpop. And you’re right, old Kpop sounded a lot like Jpop. The clothes and hair was also very Jpop inspired.

  131. And for me Jaejoong’ “MINE” MV all the way !!! The Best MV ever !!!

  132. I want to know what is on that laptop D:

  133. JAEJOONG! Sorry Junsu, I love you too I swear. ;n; But they made me choose.

    “Also, Jaejoong, I know you’re reading this. I know you’re a secret
    Nasty. Come by the studio for a chat! It’d be super fun: I guarantee it!”


    And I couldn’t agree more with this review. You did a perfect job, making this review both serious and funny. Thank you for also not overlooking the symbolism as I know some people were just like ‘wtf’ at this video and there’s actually a lot to it, and yes it definitely related to his days in SM and breaking free from that. Didn’t notice the blurry camera work btw, thanks for pointing that out!! ^^

    Though I do think differently on Yoochun’s solo, I think it’s more likely to be about him picking up the ladies: AYYY GUURRLLL CAN I BUY YOU A DRINK?!

  134. IDGAF if Simon hires spudgy to suffocate me in my sleep tonight… I’m going for Jaejoong.

    Martian, you’ll save me if spudgy comes, right? :/

  135. martina we have the same hair! except mines purple

  136. Honestly, out from 5 members of old TVXQ, Jaejoong’s voice is my fave the most then Yuchun’s for his raps !

    I never once doubted his album will disappointed me as well his fans !

    This album just so thankful to Jaejoong for fulfilled his fans dream, me especially, have his solo album !

    All songs are awesome tracks ! A perfect album !

    He done and producer his 1st album as usual, very professional, very thoughtful, very honest and so brilliant !

    We knew, Rock is his passion and he proved it several time, that he really good in carrying rock song ( Maze, It’s only my World, etc)

    But in other hands, Rock is not the fave genre in Kpop world !

    And his hardcore fans is not into rock as well ..

    So, ths’s the brilliant part => One Kiss pre released as single !

    Everyone (read ; his fans) even not into rock, love this song !

    Some others whom skeptical about his rock album turn out slowly to be more anticipated with his upcoming album !

    Brilliant choice, slowly lead his hardcore fans to accepted and enjoy his Rock album !

    Then, when “I” released, I scream with tears and joyful ..

    I’m freaking love all songs his chosen for his 1st album !

    Mine and One Kiss made him gained new fans, gained praises from Rock community and music critics !

    And for his old fans, whose used with his ballad songs, he presents Rock ballad ; My Only conform and all alone ^^

    And for Kpop fans a catchy song ; There’s only you !
    After sometimes, his old fans and his new fans will like all tracks tho ^^
    So, That why I said this album is perfect !!!

    And for MINE MV, it’s a perfect MV that can deliver his story and message very well !

    That’s what MV means for !

    Last but not least, Jaejoong thank you so much for your music and your genius works !

    Keep it up your great work ! Please Be Happy !

    I’m waiting your next album with some happy songs in it :))

  137. taigahime

    Uhhh, Simon……there is English. He says ‘Okay’. And I totally agree with Martina on this one!! I was so pleasantly surprised to hear him break away from the high pitched, falsetto singing he usually does and really let loose some heartfelt, gut wrenching, Jaejoong awesomeness. I really liked this much more than Junsu’s MV. (sorry Junsu T-T)

    • So true about the English, (and the single word is somewhat awkwardly placed too.) but let’s not ruin it for Simon and Jaejoong, “okay?” lol.

  138. OAO Them seagulls from Finding Nemo. Creeped me out when I first watched it. xD

    Yay symbolism that makes you confuzzled! (o.o)/ Lol I love how you mocked all that symbolism that people come up with. Sometimes it makes sense, but sometimes it doesn’t. Pffft oh Spudgy symbolism. That… definitely made my day. x3

    Snake creeps me out. Reminds me highly of Voldemort with it and that creepy as heck mask that removes the existence of his nose. I wonder how Jaejoong felt when he had a snake around his neck? Hmm….

    Crows~ Loved the addition of crows. They’re beautiful animals. x3 Although I still have yet to obtain the ability to point out a crow between a raven. //is so going off-topic.

    Anyways… I loved this song. It was so catchy! Although I am a bit bias to anything sounding anime-like… <..> Similar to Martina, I love all the yelling of the lyrics; it makes it sound… really real, I guess you could say?

    Spudy propaganda. xD

    I also loved, loved, loved that wall thingy mabobber that Jaejoong was chained to. That owl design on it is absolutely beautiful, and I’m highly tempted to copy it onto paper or something. I love designs like that.

    Simon I wish you luck in doing Music Monday alone next week. We’ll be cheering you on!

  139. drykabioni

    Jaejoon made a cover of Lin Jae Bum’s song “For You” and Lin Jae Bum is a really old school rock guy (listen to “Rock in Korea” Martina you’re gonna love it), so I think JJ really loves rock! He has a rock solo in the good-old-forever-will-be TVXQ, the name is MAZE, but it is a way happier rock! I prefer MINE, and I love the ‘tattoo moment’ in the MV….I love JYJ and HoMin, but I think JYJ made the right decision, I just wish HoMin would do the same damn thing!
    Old k-pop was more heavier rock, now It’s more dance and hip/hop…I grew on rock’n roll, but I like the new k-pop too!

    • JYJ definitely made the right decision for them, but I don’t know if leaving would be the right thing for HoMin. As it is, both groups are really, really good at what they do, and I’m very proud of both of them.
      It’s probably a good thing that camera man was allergic to focus, or it might have been a bit awkward to have TVXQ’s name splashed across a JYJ MV. -_-;;;
      I’m with you, though, in that I’m a big fan of rock music and I love J-rock, but I also love the electro-pop side of Kpop. :)

      • drykabioni

        You, my friend, is pretty cool for giving your opinion, which is contrary to mine, so kindly! This is so rare that when it happens I’m impressed! =) I hate fanwars, stans, and things like that ….Whenever I see fanwars, II want to stop everything and say: Don’t fight! ‘Just make a love baby’ Let’s just ‘rub our bananas’, ‘Can I buy you a drink?’!! LOL

        Yes, both groups are fantastic, I know that some don’t understand why so many CASSIOPEIAS want them together again, but they were my first k-pop group and I never got tired of hearing their songs, read all about them I still watch XMEN sometimes, the same episode over and over again, even after all these years. I really love the five together, but I’ll keep listening and supporting them separated too, I just think Changmin and Yunho and all other artists under SMent deserve that kind of creative freedom…

        Old k-pop is good, new k-pop is good too …. I guess we can agree That K-POP is AWESOME!! Rock? OMGSUN sooo good too!

        • I love your comment!! Your use of awkwardly sexual engrish is enough to make me *not* fanwar with someone over K-Pop (ofc, I’d never do that to begin with, because I’m not a crazy super fan XD).

  140. lol that Finding Nemo reference was effing hysterical lol

  141. Poor Simon! I had no idea dancing sexy was so dangerous! Hope your shoulder is ok…
    I really enjoyed your interpretation of some of the symbolism, and I am glad you kept it simple; there has been too much interpreting of the song already. I vote for Jaejoong’s solo, it brought back so many j-rock feelings~

  142. OMG Simon and Martina you guy were on Fuse TV!!!!!! ok it was footage of an old interview but still way cool go kpop go!! go Simon and Martina!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Ecw4O5KgvsU#!)

    p.s love this review !!! whoot whoot

  143. I’m with Martina here, I TOTALLY LOVE THIS VIDEO OMG it’s so freaking awesome… and as a rock fan and as a JYJ fan… Jaejoong totally NAILED IT.


    He’s always been looking for this kind of expression on videos or music *did you listen to the album? AWESOME*, this is him… from head to toe, back when he was in Tohoshinki in Japan he realesed a solo called “Maze” i totally recommend you listen to it, guys, and you will understand -Mine- a little bit more, I mean, where his coming from xD His music style is not kpop, he’s more into jpop or jrock or even krock to that matter, i just don’t see him doing something like “ayy girl” or “tarantallegra” or even “get out”. Junsu is more like that and I think it suits him perfectly, plus that heavenly voice that can rock your world xD It’s probably the thing i like the most about JYJ, the fact that they can do different music for their solo albums but still managed to do great work together as a band.

    Sorry for the biased opinion ^^ but it’s so good to see them recognized by their hard work and talents. Thank you, guys!

    And i really love the fact that you can have two different opinions in the same video because no matter how much you love the work your band does, it doesn’t mean everyone will love it xD It’s refreshing, thank you :D

    Oh, and one more thing… Yes, old kpop music wasn’t like present/currently kpop music, I liked it a little bit more than now… but hey, nothing can stay the same, it’ll be boring, right? I think *totally my opinion* that G-Dragon did start a change in the kpop scene (music and style) back when he released Heartbreaker, but that’s just me xD

  144. OMG NUUUUUUUU~_~ NOOOOOOOOO!~ no…..I can’t …choose….. Duck butt…..or ……Boo jae!

  145. kawaii_candie

    wow, that was definitely very j-rock… it’s interesting though cuz there’s definitely a korean twist on it… i’m not sure about the song though… the video is awesome (except for the rhino headpiece, wtf) but the vocals are a bit strange for me… i think it might take a few more listens and i’ll either love it or hate it.

    i really loved the bit with supdy… he is so freakin fluffy and cute these days!! XD good job guys ^_-

  146. Seriously no one is going to comment on the fact that Jaejoong is wearing a mask just like Bane’s in Batman? I was like Whaaat… when I saw it. And I vote for Junsu, because I <3 Junsu <(^_^^_^)>

  147. This reminded me a lot of AFI from 2-3 years ago. I like the change of pace with a little more rock!

    • … I’m not sure I agree with the comparison, but I think it’s awesome that someone referenced AFI here. I love that band dearly. :)
      Personally, this song reminds me a lot of the J-Rock I listened to in high school. Good memories.

      • The video is what reminded me of AFI, not so much the music. The style of the entire video all I could think about was AFI videos like Love like Winter and a bit of Miss Murder. It oozed that grungy, hard rock feel that AFI has in a lot of their videos.

        • Oh my, oh my, I’m not alone in this :D The first thing I thought when I saw Jaejoong lost in the snowy woods was “LOVE LIKE WINTER!”. And I know it’s off topic, but speaking of Miss Murder – there is one scene in FT Island’s “Love Love Love” MV that always reminds me of Miss Murder video, I wonder if you know which one I’m talking about :)

        • LOL I went and re-watched the Love Like Winter video after I saw Mine. But then I realized I’d rather just *listen* to AFI and *watch* Jaejoong. XD

      • UGH I miss AFI so much *goes off to ancient itunes stash of afi*

  148. oh no i cant choose! i liked both songs so much T_T……..i vote for a tie

  149. Truth is that after I watched this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Pl5_PJfuA0 I’ve been convinced that Jaejoong should stick to rock, either k-rock or j-rock, his pick. Having said that, this song and video were so awesomely totally unexpected, and so was that you guys reviewed since well …its pretty out of the k-pop sound sphere that… well just wow and thank you. I love your analysis of the symbolism, pretty straight forward and in my opinion apt. Also, its awesome that he took the literal route on the fangirls comment that he looks like a fallen angel.

    P.S Martina: you should totally do a webtoon about ninja vampires!!!!

  150. I liked your interpretation and I have only been kpopping for a year so I appreciate the backstory about DBSK. Plus I was lolling at you guys. LOVED Spudgy’s infiltration song. Although I really liked the song and video and it reminded me of the movie The Crow (remember that-from like 90′s?) I am gonna have to vote for Junsu’s sexy Tarantallegra because I loved his characters and his strong female backup dancers.

  151. deshi

    This song definitely sounds more like a j-rock song than anything else. But I’m not really……digging this song. The sudden breaks (namely 1:53 to 2:18 and 2:57 to 3:03) are really jarring. An those two thing are the only thing that stop me from digging this song. And I, as a listener of nightwish, within temptation and lacuna coil, really like the goth rock aesthetic of this video. But those god-awful breaks just bugs me.

    Edit: gonna have to go with Jaejoong, gotta support a fellow rocker whenever I can.

  152. I love them both but I pick Jaejoong! <3

  153. I didn’t really love the video on first watch, but it’s a grower, that’s for sure. I do quite enjoy it now. But, I’m still going to vote for Junsu and Tarantallegra, which I loved immediately, and which still has the edge over this one for me. (I think even if I didn’t have a ridiculously huge Junsu bias, I would still prefer Tarantallegra…)

  154. thisisjustforfunval

    And YES! Why isn’t this one iTunes! I want it now! Great, I’m turning into Veruca Salt, thanks Jaejoong ^_^

    I have no idea how to choose between Jaejoong and Junsu, they are both so addicting! Can I vote for Yoochun’s Panda dance to Lovey Dovey in Rooftop Prince instead?

  155. this song took a few listens for me to get into but i totally love it now. it may seem like the chorus repeats a lot but they’re all layered differently.. i almost hated the arrangement at first. for eg i didn’t like the first chorus after the bridge at 2:31 cos it sounded so bare and out of place in a rock song but then i heard that guttural growl jaejoong used there (2:34) and its become my fav thing. after the whispered “sweet..” in the piano bridge T___T

    also the lyrics are really amazing, jaejoong really did a fantastic job here. simon and martina and everyone else if you haven’t i suggest you look them up.

  156. I love your review! I think you hit everything spot on. You guys are amazing . . . Ly evil! Can we have a “My head asplode, I cannot choose” similar to what was done for the U-Kiss showdown between Eli and Kevin? I think that choice would win.

  157. The cinematography is awesome! and the meaning behind it as well :) Im so glad they broke out of SM. This song reminded me a lot of Kamelot’s music, but I felt like his voice gave out at times, I know, he is not a rock singer and the vocals were awesome at times, but he just didnt quite cut it for me Lol. I would have to vote for Jaejoon just because the video was amazing! :D

  158. My vote goes to Jaejoong..amazing MV!

    Ahem. So I sorta of really adored this song. The raw emotion is just staggering. Jaejoong has really impressed me. Typically I wait out iTunes and just buy my music there, but for JJ I actually ordered the album and am willing to pay international shipping fees. I have made it a personal mission to support JYJ as much as possible because they deserve it <3

  160. Tarentallegra for me. I liked JJ’s video but didn’t love the song, Junsu’s video and song however, were amazing .

  161. unicornsgalaxy

    You asked about some older kpop sounding rock heavy? I’m not sure if all of it was influenced by rock, but there have been some instances where some songs definitely had more of a rock feel to them than a pop feel. I listened to a playlist someone created of H.O.T songs and thought that I got and “angry” playlist because the majority of songs on it were more rockish (which gave me a bit of a jar cause I had only heard Candy which is not Rock!). Also, Shinhwa played with the rock sound (and even the visual Kei image) in Yo! and All Your Dream. Then as you said Super Junior’s debut song Knock-out and then later Don’t Don were more rockish and early TVXQ too. (plus The Trax but I don’t think they were ment to be an idol group) Maybe it was all because Lee Soo Man had a hankering for visual kei.

    Anyway, even though there were instances of kpop idols playing with the rock sound, I don’t really think I’ve heard it quite like this. Listening to it again, I kinda got the same kind of feel as the rock band in Queen of the Damned movie…maybe it was the vampire connection.

    Also, I’m always amazed at how Spudgy will just sit there calmly and let you make him dance. My friend has a pekingese and he is 99.8% evil. Seriously evil! He tried to EAT MY FACE!!!!! Scary little dog…

  162. Your right that in the past the music was more rock heavy, but it has more to do with Visual Kei than Krock. Meaning the visuals are very much in line with Visual Kei. In fact, visual Kei is not even a music genre, its based mainly on visuals. It’s very varied with punk rock, metal, gothic rock, etc. It tends to have a heavier sound though.

    The visual Kei look has decreased over time. Even though EXO’s MAMA brought back the sound of the past, which is classified as NuMetal [mixture of metal, rap, pop, rock and other genres], they did not bring back the Visual kei aesthetics. That’s why fans say this like a mix of kpop and jrock. (More specifically Visual Kei)

    I’m sorry if my explanation sounds complicated.

  163. thisisjustforfunval

    I had to pause the beginning from laugh so hard about the Finding Nemo clip! Mine! Mine! Mine!


    Errrrhhhhh… Jaejoon. Mainly because this reminds me of old 30 Seconds to Mars albums, and I used love them so much <3

  165. I vote for jaejoong…sorry junsu I like you too,but its jaejoong’s time………Simon, what do you mean there’s no English in the song? doesn’t he say OK twice??? lol thanks for the review…..

  166. I feel like I have betrayed JYJ because I can not stand this song…..TT_______TT……..I still love you, JYJ….don’t hurt me…..*runs and hides from violent fans*

    • Hey, don’t worry! No violent fans on the EYK website! We have a ban hammer ready for those guise, we want EYK to be a safe zone for all opinions! But on Youtube and other forums…we can’t protect you there…hahaha! ;)

    • Hey, you can like a group without liking one song! D:

      I think it’s crazy to have to like every song from a group/artist/idol/whatever. That’s just silly. Don’t feel bad ok, it’s fine. ^^

  167. Yoochun actually used to be the most angsty one. But according to JJ, it transfered to himself since they hang out so much :P

  168. I love the way you analyze Jae Joong’s video Mine, well done! I love Jae Joong, he did a wonderful job with this video, I love all the images, the symbols, the fangs in Jae look right and sexy, his outfits are soo cool and the song is AWESOME! Love his voice like this, like he’s getting out his soul! But as much as I love Jae Joong and his video, I’m still in love with Junsu and Tarantallegra!! Junsu’s dancing just blew me away and his voice is precious! I became a JYJ fan because of Junsu so there, sorry, but Junsu is my favorite of the group! Guys, your bloopers made laugh so much, I cried!! You’re so much fun to watch!! Thanks :D

  169. Totally agree with Martina…upon first listen made me think of the opening song for a super serious dark vampire anime resembling the j-rock fanfare.

  170. irritablevowel

    Latex rhinos and secret infiltration dance Spudgy. This music Monday made me laugh aloud many times.
    Oh, and I can’t forget Martina’s jig. That was a glorious thing.

  171. I have to disagree with you guys, the symbolism is very important for this video, but I respect your opinion. Martina, you are now my new favorite (~_^) Simon to the left (haha just kidding) Now who to choose for this week. Jaejoong, Junsu, Jaejoong, Junsu, Jae—- AHHH! I can’t you guys are SO mean!! Anyway keep up the good work with all things EYK. Martina, have a safe trip.

    • OK.. finally picked one. Jaejoong’s MV. Only cause the imagery of the fallen angel that JJ had in the video is more my thing.

    • I’m not trying to be rude, but if the symbolism is important, then elaborate on your point. I want to hear your thoughts, because I was confuzzled by the seemingly random placement. It *seems* like they’re important, but it doesn’t really say anything about the overall meaning of the song and video.

  172. I’ve been really happy lately and I’m going to thank you
    guys for it. Thank you. You’ve introduced me to so many good Kpop groups that I
    would have never heard of before. You’ve also taught me so much about the
    culture of Korea, which I can I tell my friends to make myself sound smart:). Not to mention, watching EYK videos is my
    special break time between school and homework. So Thank You. Another thing I
    want to say is I love your weirdness, your nastiness. You seem so comfortable
    being you and being with the other. You guys are so cute together!

    Thank you so much for being you!! :)

    • unicornsgalaxy

      maybe you do this already… but you can sort the chart by date and see the newest videos released. There are a lot of videos that never make it to the top 10 but are awesome. I’ve found a ton of good artist and music that way.

  173. I will abstain from this vote because I want Junsu and Jaejoong to remain friends….just sayin’ ;)

  174. Adari

    fantastic! thanks s&m

  175. I am thoroughly disappointed that this is not on iTunes, and wholly blame it on SM (not really, it could just be a delay, like with Cube, moving on) Any who, I LOVE this song! like I’ve said before, it reminds me of the Japanese groups The Gazette and Versailles, and they got together to have a Korean baby…name Jaejoong. I love the overall message of him breaking away from SM and moving through the crowd, taking off his mask and making sure everyone can hear what HE has to say now. I LOVE IT!
    BTW Simon, you are SO mean! Making me choose between the two? I know Junsu is my NASTY bias, but DAYUM! Jaejoong really hit me with this rock song! I can’t decide! T^T

  176. well… ur video abt ayy girl is still my favorite EVER!! make me like the song a little bit :P
    I like ur review abt the crystal mask… but yeahhh… ur ayy girl mv review is still my fAVE
    won’t choose between jj and junsu…

  177. I must go back to my rock roots and pick Jaejoong :D

  178. I really love their job, Junsu´s Tarantallegra is so Haute Couture and now Jaejoong reminds me to new era of anime so dark and intense… I love them!! and yes , Yoochun maybe make his comeback singing Hey Micky! from Tony Basil!! ^^
    Btw, guys!! I love you!! You´re so nasty!!! hahahahahaa!! Nasty kisses from Peru!!

  179. Does that make you HORNY baby.


  180. Oh I loved this review!! I’m gonna have to rewatch the video now (I only saw it briefly when publishing it). It was a serious review, the kind I like – but that horny joke totally cracked me up. HAH!! Btw what was with the Finding Nemo scene? :p

    I agree with people overanalysing symbolism, but it was nice to hear you talk about that. Also, that bling bling skull – I’ve seen it so many times now. I think it’s a Brohoho Most Popular Item.

    I’ll miss Martina next week, but I’ve always looked forward to seeing how you’ll make videos interesting in spite of the drawbacks. Like when you made a silent movie due to Martina’s voice loss. Or how you both wore sunglasses when you had red eye.

    - Yay for potted plants!!!

    - I love Spudgy!!! <3 <3 <3

    - Simon, you're such a big baby. How will you ever survive while Martina's away? :p

    PS. HAVE YOU SEEN MFBTY’S video??!!! :D It’s by Tasha and Tiger JK and Bizzy and it’s AH.MAY.ZEEEEENG


  181. I like both “Tarantallegra” and “Mine”, so I won’t vote this time. =P

  182. I might also want to add that It’s not a rhino beacause the little horn would be in the front and not in the back. And the shinny latex costume is ment to resemble the texture of a beetle

  183. China based Nasty, reporting for duty! I can say Spudgy has succeeded in his infiltration of the nation, considering I hear Kpop blasted every night in the market outside my apartment! Although I’ve yet to hear SJM here, weirdly P:

    Ps. YAY CHINA! Communist China apparently isn’t as uh… communist as you’d think, haha It’s a great place to be, you should visit sometime if there’s a chance :DD

    • I have a question – are K-Pop songs in Mandarin actually popular around you? I know you said you’ve never heard SJM, but have you heard EXO-M or miss A (they released a Chinese version of Touch last year) or someone similar?

      • Uuuh, I haven’t heard any SJM or EXO-M, or I don’t remember if I have P: I’ve heard tonnes of Gangnam Style, obviously, but besides that I’ve heard T-ARA’s Sexy Love and various other girl band songs quite often… but yeah, I was a little surprised actually, I never really hear boyband songs, in my city at least :)

        • Thank you for replying!! I’ve always wondered if K-Pop in Chinese or Japanese was actually liked in those respective regions. Even though WG had a tv movie dedicated to them and SNSD performed on two late night tv shows, no one knows who they are. It got me thinking and when I saw your comment, I had to ask :3 Once again, thanks ^^

        • No problem haha Well I can’t speak for everyone, and I dont live in Shanghai or Beijing, perhaps it’s different there? I guess it’s maybe more young fans watching it online than widespread kinda stuff :) Any kpop I’ve heard has either been a popular few songs (still in Korean), in Korean restraunts or playing in small shops where the owner might just happen to like kpop XD I can’t say much for TV presence since I don’t tend to watch much TV, my Chinese isn’t really good enough yet to keep up! And no problem XD I wonder if it’s the same in Japan!

  184. Honestly, I give Jaejoong props because he brought something different to the table. It’s definitely not what you expect from Kpop idols nowadays and I think he did a great job executing this kind of song. I’m not a huge fan of rock music but this quickly grew on me because his vocals were really great. Good job Jaejoong!
    P.S. Why are you so evil?! How do you expect us to decide between Junsu and Jaejoong?!

  185. agree with martina <3

    I absolutely luv jaejoong's "one kiss" and the rest of the songs in the album, I think his voice is perfect for rock music…
    it's not just because I am a fan of JYJ…but I like rock music too…and Jaejoong's songs are awesome…
    he's such a talented guy, just like the rest of JYJ members
    isn't it obvious! :)

  186. So mean, making me choose T___T but: JAEJOONG.

  187. The only thing I didn’t like about it is that I can’t feel any of his passion for it, but I’m sure it’ll be different live. I had the same problem when he released Maze a few years ago but the live version was SO much better. Other than that I love it.

  188. I thought he was a rhinoceros beetle, the ones that are super strong and are used for gambling fights. Something along the lines that he is strong but they are using him and his strenght against his will.

  189. Interesting video, and, as always, great KMM! (trying not to wake my husband up as I laugh myself silly over ‘Yoochun’!) I also found myself thinking of older j-rock/j-goth/visual kei bands from the late 90s/early noughties – TBH, I found I was listening for Japanese word-sounds, it was that similar. :)

    And, whatever you say, Comrade Spudgy! Infiltration ahoy!

    • The minute I saw the teaser I told my friend, “Look! Gackt and Hyde had a korean love child.” The vampiric winged imagery is just spot on for Gackt and the emotional yelling and gother-than-thou-and-tattooed-as-well is classic solo-era Hyde. If I knew more about Bucktick, I’m sure I could work some Atsushi Sakurai in as well. There were even a few moments where I swear Jaejoong looked just like Sugizo. And now I will stop name dropping vaguely goth-dark-romantic J-rockers. m(_ _)m
      And if this causes a whole new subgenre of K-Pop to be born, I am totally down with it.

  190. I will be expecting Yoochun’s solo music to resemble exactly how Simon portrayed it.

  191. It can be purchased in the U.S (maybe Canada?) here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/one-kiss-single/id594298515

    NOOOOO….how can I choose one JYJ member over the other. The music and videos are sooo different from each other. Can we just have a draw and call it done?!

  192. Waited all day for this and it was soo worth it! So many good parts….but I especially like the fluuuuufffy Spudgy. You know this video will probably be banned in China, right? XD

    And Martina, I too have rock roots that made me appreciate this song – so glad I’m not alone!
    And “you’re such a crow racist” – LOL

    And I agree, Yoochun should be the happy one!
    And, yes, people take it a bit far with the symbolism, but you know a lot of that is to increase the # of comments. :P

    And if you’re reading this OMG YES JAEJOONG DO AN INTERVIEW! (They’ve got a purple couch and a fluffy dog and everything.)

  193. I think Jaejoong has been listening to way to much Sisters of Mercy and Siouxsie and the Banshees, but I really love the result of it. I vote for Jaejoong!

  194. Have to give it to Jaejoong for doing something different. The song is awesome. If I were still in college and was still addicted to very rock, emo-ish kinds of songs, this would definitely be my jam lol. If I get past my current music phase (electro-pop-rock), maybe I’ll pick up on these types of songs again. :)

  195. Gah evil! :”( Cant choose!
    That aside.. Great job! I’ve been looking forward to this since the MV release. You guys are awesomeness :D
    Also you should so tweet him “I know what you are…” “Say it… out loud” “Nasty latex rhino” I think his new account is @bornfreeonekiss Loving the mini album <3
    Side note: Kiddies don't read twilight it'll turn your brain to mush which will be eaten by sparkly fey and neon pink fluffy llamas who will dance on your grave. You have been warned. -insert dramatic horror music here-

  196. I’m more familiar to Japanese music so when I hear this song for the 1st time, it sounds more J-rocks to me. I don’t know, but i heard once that before it has its own color music, K-pop is heavily influenced by Japanese music. Aside from that, I really like the song. It sounds fresh in the middle of the usual catchy electro K-pop musics these days.

    • To start off I love this song. And I too am more used to J-rock and heard it more than K-rock and not trying to be picky but the some tunes or music sequence in this song it seems I have heard before. Is it just me or does anybody hear it as well? I love all the men and wish them all the best and I love seeing them venture out like this and doing what they like so like most people I love the fact that he is getting to make music the way he wants.

      • Yup, i also thought I heard some reminiscence of J-rock in some sequences, but just cannot place exactly where did I hear it from. Some parts have very slight resemblance to 1 of Ayumi Hamasaki’s songs as well

    • Michael Collins

      It sounded Japanese to me as well.

    • I used to be into J-Pop and J-Rock, so it was like being slapped with a ton of VISUAL KEI to me XD

  197. The first thing I thought of when I saw this video was it just screams AFI to me. I’ve never listened to jrock, so I can’t comment on that aspect. But the vocals, the music, and the video all just remind me of old AFI videos. Not really my style of music now, but it does take me back to a different time in my life when I loved that style of music and videos. All in all, it’s not my favorite kpop video of all time, but I enjoyed it, none-the-less!

  198. Spudgie is so cute!!!!! I can never watch Austin Powers the same way again as well.

    I was surprised you guys are praising this, it is basically the opposite of things like Orange Caramel or T-ARA which you normally praise.

    I can’t choose for the showdown…. Ah well…… Evil

  199. It’s funny that you should mention vampires, J-Rock, and anime all in this Kpop Music Monday, because I thought that Jaejoong looked like the one vampire from D.Gray-Man, Krory. Seriously. He even had the hair in the face part.

  200. It’s really nasty for making us chose between them but I sadly vote for Jaejoong. evil ;(

  201. bigbangfosho

    I was so surprised hearing this song out of Jaejoong. Because I’ve always thought he has a soft voice, one for ballads and stuff, so when I heard the chorus, I was so surprised.

  202. It’sn really nasty for making us chose one of them this pure evil but my vote goes for Jaejoong.:(

  203. While I’ll admit that the production level of this music video is nice, I feel that it heavily borrowed from Woodkid’s Iron music video. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSkb0kDacjs) Maybe it’s just me, but I definitely got that impression.

  204. I totally agree with Martina as soon as i listned to this it reminded me of jrock op/end of some animes, i seriously thought the same thing XD

  205. Right with you on this one, Martina!. ^_^ I was somewhat surprised with the low-silliness content, but it’s not necessary to be funny to make a good review. (And by “good”, I don’t necessarily mean one that I agree with; I mean one that is well-reasoned and explained.) Thanks~!

  206. OMG Thanks for this guise. I just HATE when people try to analyse everything too much ! It makes me think of my litterature class and how the teachers act like their deep/crazy-crap interpretation of a book written 300 years ago is the only thruth behing the book. Did you ever even considered just a LITTLE bit that may be, the door of the bedroom is red because the author juste decided that the door of the bedroom was red, without any deep signification bEHIND IT GODAMNIT? And people doing the same thing with MVs pisses me off as well. You don’t know the guy who produced/created the MV, you don’t know Jaejoong and everybody have a very different and personnal interpretation about everything anyway (from books to MVs). Wow, see how you guise make me evacuate so much frustration ? EYK is my new therapy. :) I always love the way you kinda ”trasnlate” the meaning of a music video, it’s always interesting and it also let some place for other interprations. ANYWAYZ continue the good work <3

  207. Simon, did you were angry in this video? I don’t see yo as lively as you saw in previous videos. Maybe it’s just my impression ^ ^

    I vote for JJ T__T I really love Junsu but… JJ! > <

  208. I totally agree with Martina! The song is amazing and full of anger and avenging thoughts! My first impression was that it would be the perfect opening theme to a dark anime like Death Note or something. It sounds very Jrock to me, I think it’s closer to that than Krock. Awesome review as usual, laughed so hard at Hey Micky xD

  209. the best! nothing more to say! we always support JYJ!!!

  210. This is probably my favorite KMM. Jaejoong all the way!(sorry Junsu i’m Jae biased and love rock). I hope that Simon and Martina can get interviews with each of the members of JYJ especially since they can’t really promote anywhere else and I feel like it would be one of the best interviews.

  211. GASP.
    Was Jaejoong wearing a turtleneck? Martina didn’t mention anything x)

  212. Just want to say, you guys are awesomely funny! You make my Mondays so much better :) Keep up the great work!

  213. Love this review ,, thanks a lot so deep

  214. This kind of goth rock is my jam
    I’m so happy with Jaejoong right now :D
    and that’s why even though I’m not all that into KMM this is now one of my favorites ;)
    Bloopers were gold btw

  215. This is BY FAR the most awesome review you guys ever did! And that’s not only because I’m a diehard Jaejoong fan =P Simon, your interpretation about the diamond’s mask was amazing! I’ve depicted was the symbolisms behind the MV but this was one detail I hadn’t realized until you said it. Genious!
    And, yeah, you’re horribly cruel making Cassiopeia chose between JJ and Junsu… But I’m casting my vote on JJ, because :D I’m not only utterly JJ biased but also a rocker to my very core. “Mine” FTW o/

  216. You’re right Simon, You guys are evil!! I just cannot choose between Junsu and Jaejoong!!! Arghhh!!!
    BTW, thanks for the review..it feels like ages waiting for the video..it was great!!

  217. Hee hee, great review on Jaejoong’s song & MV. I’m not totally into this type of song either (but maybe I’ll get more into it when I listen to it more) and I do agree it sounds like what you would hear at the beginning of an anime or action movie! He looks like what I would imagine as a character in one of those fantasy video games.

    OHHHH so mean for making us choose! My favorite in DB5K has always been JaeJoong and I loved this MV with his sexy dark story telling BUT (cannot believe I’m actually choosing)…….. I will have to vote for JUNSU this time cause his song & MV makes me feel kinda dirty for liking it. (*sniff* sorry, Jaejoong, but I will still support you!!!).

  218. I thought the song was going to be, like whispering.

  219. Coolest kpop music monday everrrr! Thanks for this :)

  220. Wow! This video is full of older style JRock type themes, I love it!

  221. Jaejoong all the way! But…do I dare even say it? I’m actually not a huge Junsu fan. *runs away and cowers in fear*

  222. I just love your Music Mondays! Thanks for always being so honest. As much as I disagree with Simon (yay Martina) about this song, I totally respect your opinion. This song just gives of a The Killers vibe to me and I love it!!

  223. Awesome KMM guise!!! And Martina, love the jig music ;) As for voting between Junsu and Jaejoong….. gahhhhhh it’s too hard!!!!! (insert that’s what she said joke here)

  224. HAPPY BELATED! I have the same birthday as you!

    The music video is…interesting. :P

  225. having my own Pekingese .. Spudgy’s cuteness overwhelms me! So cute!!!! ..

  226. I wasn’t surprised at all that this song came from Jaejoong. When I first watched the video all I could think is “This is so Jaejoong…”

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