Did somebody say boobs? Because, well, boobs. Boobs! And don’t try blaming Simon for the amount of boobs mentioned in the video. Martina saw it as well and was shocked by the boobs, and shouted out “boobs” when she saw it as well (which is like, 90% of our dialogue when we watch Mad Men as well, FYI). And we don’t think that we’re alone here: the video was meant to draw our attention to the boobs. Seriously now! Lighting is a big factor in making videos, and people get paid good money if they know how to light a set well. There’s no way that the room could have been so dark, and the only real light you can see is a spotlight on the girl’s boobs. That’s not accidental. Sure, it’s not like the entire video is a boobfest, but that shot was definitely meant to make us think about the boobs. Ok, we’ve written that word enough for once.

What were we talking about? Oh yeah! The song! Holy crap is this a great song! Now, as you know, we’re not really into ballads, so when we heard the first bit of this song we were really not looking forward to reviewing it. But the song picked up a lot, really really well, and by the time the chorus comes around it feels like it grows into an entirely different song than what it was at first. Awesome! We love it when songs grow. Also, the song has a different R&B vibe than what we’re used to. Compare this to, say, TVXQ’s Before You Go. Yes, they’re totally different songs, we know. But there’s something about Jay Park’s Abandoned that sounds…American? We can’t quite pinpoint it, but there’s a different sound, an accent, a twang or something, between American and Korean R&B that we can’t quite pinpoint. Anyone else know what we’re talking about?

Also, the dance to this video was awesome (apart from the weird hat dance, which was just awkward). Jay Park’s a great dancer, and there seem to be so many moves in this video that really stand out. Usually we can only talk about one or two of the dance moves, but we could have gone on forever. We didn’t even talk about the nipple snake, or the Bambi-on-Ice. It seems like the dance has so many original and distinguishable dance moves to it that you can do any one of them and people will recognize what you’re doing (even if you do it as poorly as we do). We thought at first that this reminded us of Taeyang, because he’s also an amazing dancer, but his dance moves aren’t really as recognizable, we think. They’re phenomenal, don’t get us wrong. He’s easily one of the best dancers in Kpop in our opinion, but his dances seem to be more complicated sequences that are difficult to imitate, while Jay Park’s Abandoned has a lot of cool and easily recognizable moves. Know what we’re saying?

More about the dance moves: we called the “Where did you go, oh oh oh oh” dance move the Distracted Driver, but at first it seemed different to us. Originally, we thought he was looking at his watch, because he’s pointing to his wrist. So then we thought: why is he pointing to his wrist watch? Is he asking the time? Shouldn’t he then be saying “WHEN did you go, oh oh oh oh?” And if so, what time would he have been abandoned? Would it occur between 1 and 3PM? DUN DUN DUN! Far fetched conspiracy? Yeah, probably, but this is the kind of stuff we talk about when we watch these vids. That and boobs.
Jay Park Take a Deeper Look
Anyhow, that’s it for this week’s Kpop Music Monday. We filmed it on Martina’s birthday which was yesterday. Huzzah! Martina turned 28, even though she still acts like she’s 6 years old. Thank you for all your birthday wishes on Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr and on this site. We’re totally amazed at all the love, so, thank you. Lastly, if you’re a fan of Jay Park, and want to get his new album, you can do so by clicking on the picture here. Order it anywhere in the world: they ship internationally. Woot woot!

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  2. BTW Jay Park fans are Jaywalkerz…he even got it tattooed on him LOL

  3. So if we ever hear any fantastic elastic supersonic hypertonic give it to my Y make a love baby if you wanna pretty …. Your goin down..we WILL drink your milkshake hahahahahahahahh had me lol’ing

  4. The first time I saw Jay Park was in Seattle at a b-boy event after he got kicked off of 2pm. I actually didn’t know who he was at the time. It was an entertaining experience though. At the end of the competition, all the Korean fangirls rushed him. I laughed so very hard. Fortunately for him, it wasn’t a huge event.

  5. omg you guys literally kill me!!!!!!!! i laughed so hard that i cried a little bit…… ;D

  6. omg you guys literally kill me!!!!!!!! i laughed so hard that i cried a little bit…… ;D


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  10. i’m a taeyang fan but my choice of forever alone dancer is jayp.



  12. Martina! I love your eyeshadow, it looks so pretty!!! ^^

    (Jay Park)

  13. TaeYang is my choice, and of course I need a girl MV. In the video Bae’s acting and dancing are so cute.
    Sorry Jay, but the smiling eyes (alone) boy is better.

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    and Happy Birthday martina!!!!!!

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  40. Omg! Happy belated birthday Martina! You and Simon have such funny videos. I LOVE THEM! :) <3

  41. happy late birthday, Martina! I want to teach english in Korea someday too! So right now, you’re just about my favorite person ever :D

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    생일축하합니다! Saengil Chukha Hamnida! =]
    i hope that you had an absolutely fabulous birthday yesterday and that you enjoy being 6 ;]

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  49. happy birthday!!!
    and.. this one? umm….
    Jay park!!

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    I vote for taeyang, just seeing him feels lonely already

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  58. Bonne fête Martina de tout le monde qui visionne Eat Your Kimchi en Canada

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  60. One more vote for Taeyang :)
    As always, thanks for your videos, I love watching them.

  61. I love it when you guys name dance moves. Invisible skateboard! 8D

    I LOL’d literally at 80085. I must be ten years old on the inside.

    Happy birthday Martina! :D

    (So Itaewon Freedom is probably a lost cause now, huh?)

  62. taeyang of course :)

  63. Happy B-Day Martina! My niece was born yesterday!! So you two have the same birthday now =)!

    I vote for Jay Park. I never really liked Taeyang’s choreography for that song.

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    aish but in the end i’ll go with taeyang. i love the ‘i need a gullll’ dance!♥

    oh awesome vdo btw. i love you guys. ur so funny. BOOBS FOR LIFE!♥

  71. you should have compared Jay’s Abandon and Taeyang’s Look Only At Me or Wedding Dress because in I Need a Girl, Taeyang got the girl lol
    anyway talk about lonely, I’ll vote for TAEYANG

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    LMFAO kkkk

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    I love his dancing so much!
    Jay Park-oppa is good too but I love Taeyang more :P

  74. Happy belated birthday Martina! Hope you had a good one! :-)

    Ps. My vote goes to jay park oppa :-)<3<3<3

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  76. I love both their dancing, but Jay’s dancing in “Abandonned” was definitely better. “I Need a Girl” was awesome and sexy, but “Abandonned” had more swag.

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    since u told U-kiss it was May uno so just in case
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    That made my day!!! (Listen to my Y!) I love ypur pedestrian dance moves! :)

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    Cause I kinda know some of it and it makes me laugh~ LOL

  90. Taeyang! And happy birthday Martina! :D

  91. I like everything about Taeyang’s video better except the dancing…. so I’m going to have to go with Jay Park… but after he dances with the hat for a minute where does it go?? I’m pretty sure it just disappeared.

  92. My vote goes to Taeyang! :]
    And happy birthday Martina! :D
    Hope it is/was awesome! :]

  93. My vote goes to Taeyang…
    As for the b-day girl ~
    Like they say :
    Count your life by smiles, not tears.
    Count your age by friends, not years.

    .Sooo be as amazing&outstanding,adorable&sweet as you are,surrounded by nothing less than endless happiness&cheer&LOVE !!!

  94. OMG, this is beyond hilarious!

    “…with her jibblies hanging all out like that”
    “Would it occur between 1 and 3PM?” Hahahaaa, you guys never stop being so awesome!

    I want to go with Taeyang, he’s literally been Forever Alone for so long now, he definitely deserves the title, lol.

  95. I’ve sent the link to this to Jay Park’s twitter acct – let’s see if he contacts you in response. Holy Boobs Batman!

  96. Martina and Simon, I don”t know if you’re following bigbang ang their unit songs/activites even if Martina has a T.O.P fangirl syndrome ^^. But as for this week’s vote an another Taeyang music video would have been wiser. In termes of dance Taeyang “I need a girl” doesn’t really has dance in it. The best taeyang’s dance music video would be “Where U At” which is about searching for a girl so it can be forever alone too XD. But I think one of the saddest, most beautiful/epic/forever alone~~~~~~(….. fiuuu) MV of Taeyang might be “Wedding Dress” which is maybe the most known kpop song (for international kpop fans) ^^. I know that you’re not reviewing old kpop songs and so but please take the time to watch his music video (Wedding Dress) if you haven’t and give me your impressions, i will love to know your opinions about it (dunno why… yes i know because i just love you guys =D), just a few lines are more than enough ^^.

    (Ps: i will study in Canada next year, do you know if there is any koreatown around Montreal ?)

    And everyone pls support Jay Park by purchasing his album, he deserves it after all the hardships he went through =).

  97. I vote for taeyang for the showdown. He’s lonely!

  98. happy birthday !! Joyeux anniversaiiire !!!

    I have to vote for Taeyang I listened this song all summer last year and I love the dance he does with Dara like crazy !

  99. LOL nipple snake and bambi on ice??? damn you guys should of talked about those haha

  100. Happy Belated Birthday Martina!!!! [: ^_^ :] !!!! @^_^@ (monkey)!!

    For the showdown I vote for Jay Park.

    And for requesting a video, can we request pick SNSD Mr. Taxi (even though technically I guess it’s considered a jpop song). I’d love to see your review on that video!

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    Haven’t seen the video yet but I did like the song!

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    and omg fantastic elastic gag:D it makes me laugh whenever i heard it:D it’s like a classic now:DDD i love ‘the english’ part of this music monday’s:D

    btw i vote for block b – freeze for the next episode:D

  105. TAEYANG!!! <3

  106. Jay Park!, cuz Taeyang wasn’t exactly abandoned…
    lol, it would be totally cool if JAY PARK saw your video~
    you guys are so funny, you make my day everyday!!!

  107. I liked both but i’m gonna vot for……TAEYANG!
    he never had a girlfriend so he portrayed that ‘forever alone feeling’ very well xD
    gotta love simonandmartina and those 2 foreveralonebutgoodlookingmen :D

  108. Happy Birthdayyyy… and TaeYang, even though he is not really abandoned.

  109. xD I laughed so much, this was one of your funniest videos ever!!
    I vote for Taeyang as well (the boobs distracted me a bit there..)

    Happy B-day, my brother had also a Birthday yesterday, and I gotta say even though you´re year older than my brother, you look sooo much younger than him.. Must be your good genes / healthy lifestyle (T.O.P= the new youth serum) ) :DD

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    Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday, Martina ^^

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  112. Happy birthday martina!!! (:

    TAEYANG!!!!!!!!!!! HE’S THE BEST!!!!

  113. Happy birthday Martina!!
    I vote for Jay Park!!!!:)

  114. Happy Birthday Martina! As far as dances go, Jay Park takes the cake in my opinion.

  115. Taeyang. Cause I felt he was really abandoned.

  116. Don’t get me wrong…I love Taeyang, but his dance kind of reminds me of bird learning to fly…


    gotta go with JAY PARK on this one! <3

  117. Happy birthday Martina!! And Taeyang totally wins. The dance to the video is awesome. (it sounds cooler speed up, too! lol) ^^ If Taeyang doesn’t find a girl, I’m willing! XDDD


  119. Jay park the hat stealer!!! Rawr~

  120. I love Taeyang as a member of BigBang (and cameo b GD, YAY!) but I have to say… Jay Park actually /danced/. Taeyang, despite being known to be a very good dancer, really didn’t. Vote goes to Jay Park for me.

  121. I love both of em’ but i vote for JAY PARK~!!! He’s one hella of good dancer..oh yeah..forgot..he’s a bboy~ duh~ ahaks~! JAY JAY JAY!!!! TAEYANG I still LOVE U~!!!

  122. TAEYANGG!! <3 He's well known for being forever alone (:


  124. First…Happy B-day again to Martina (I tweeted too) but one can never have enough birthday wishes ~I like to celebrate for a week~ :)
    Then….it took the second viewing of the video to ‘get’…80085 outta 5 – spells BOOBS. HA! (very sneaky and clever)
    Also, just my personal opinion, it’s not that Korean & American R&B are so different (R&B is my ALL time favorite genre of music, btw)…it’s this: Koreans take success models and imitate them, but this often leaves them imitating the past, or proven success. 2VXQ’s Before You Go and others like it are ‘classic’ R&B — Jay Park is doing ‘current’ trend R&B. Anyway, that’s just what my ears are hearing, doesn’t mean I’m right.
    Lastly…dance moves. I gotta go with Taeyang. He’s one of the few performers today who has that IT-factor with dance like a Golden Era master…further back than Michael Jackson…like Fred Astaire & Gene Kelly era – his *fluidity* for lack of a better word is World Class. A++

  125. I love Taeyang, but Jay Park.

  126. About it sounding like American music. The beginning of the song sounded so similar to me that I heard the beginning several times before figuring out where i heard it. Chris Brown’s video forever. Okay, the beginning of his video may not sound similar to Jay Park, but keep listening until it gets to the chorus. Chris brown’s chorus and the beginning of Jay Park video sounds similar. Here, Ill even give u the link. That’s why it sounded american. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sMKX22BHeE

  127. Is the cute elmo party hat and all the pretty balloons because you were celebrating your birthday?

    Happy Birthday Martina

  128. vote Tae Yang!!!!!

  129. Gotta vote Jay Park. He was rockin’ the moves in the music video. :)

  130. Lmao!! I love your reviews!!

    Im voting JAY PARK because he has so many recognisable moves, a novice can do them, plus i prefer his dancing style


  131. Jay Park all the way! >)

  132. Great review as usual!!! :P
    Well, i’m gonna vote for Taeyang just becuase when Martina name the Forever Alone Edition! the first thing in my head was: Oh! Taeyang! He’s my favorite forever alone anyway :)

  133. Both dances are too much different, but I got to say that I’m fan of Shaun Evaristo, the official choreographer of Taeyang, so I have to choose Taeyang’s dance.
    Thanks for make my monday more happy :D

  134. I vote Jay Park simply because I’m sick of Taeyang’s I need a girl. And Jay has a sexier body~

  135. When it comes to being ‘FOREVER ALONE’, I think Taeyang is your man. I mean, he’s actually famous for being alone all his life…poor guy :(


    Anyway that aside, awesome vid, I lol’ed at Jay Park’s cameo bit :p

  136. Oh, and thanks for upgraded comment box!

  137. Happy Birthday Martina! :) Awesome vid, though it was not on the song I wanted, boohoo ;__; But, let’s all vote for Park Bom this time :D HAAAAAA…(Insert A times trillion)…AAA! And Taeyang wins this one for me & thanks for the backstage videos with Taeyang cutely bouncing around and TOP marching coolly by! They’re awesome and so are you guys :)

  138. Taeyang!

  139. TAEYANG!!!! Taeyang Taeyang Taeyang!!!!! TAEYANG!!!!!!

    I have a slight crush on Taeyang… and Feliz cumpleanos Martina! :D

  140. First off …. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA !! And you don’t know how happy I was to hear the start of this video … boobs … big ones even … in Korea?? Oh the mind wanders. But awesome job, yet again. I think I will have to work on my math skills – maybe that is what my “game” is missing. I took Calc II in school .. does that mean I have more or less chance of scoring?? Just wondering. And thanks for picking up on the whole “take a guy’s hat and then rub it on your male body” kind of akwardness. When I first saw that I was like ….. ummmm, what was that??
    And as always …….. VIVA LA SPUDGY!!!!

  141. I so love I need a girl. So I vote for Taeyang. :>
    Guys can you please do a review on I need a girl by Taeyang? Puhplese? ;;)
    Happy Birthday Martina, :D
    May your wishes and dreams come true. :)
    Love you. :D

  142. Definitely Taeyang, the moves he makes is super cute, sweet like candy moves. They go great with the song and fits the lyrics exceptionally well…

    And how could you say no with cute moves like that…

    Heh heh boobs… Sorry got sidetracked… ~(^ ^ )/

  143. I vote for taeyang and sandara <3

  144. OMg..hahaha all the boobs in one paragraph XD I didn’t know that could happen XD oh well. can’t blame you ^_^

  145. LOL@Milkshake bit. That sounded dirty, Simon!

    I guess that will have to be in your next “How to dance Kpop” video!

    @Nor Nazia Kasah : sorry, you seem to have picked the wrong Park this week. Better luck next one?

  146. I almost had a panic attack when simon went out shouting “HAAAA”
    I vote for JAY’S ABANDONED~ whooo

  147. Happy Birthday Martina!!!!!!!!!!!
    I vote for Taeyang and ………..Dara

  148. I vote for Taeyang
    And Happy Birthday Martina (O_O)/

  149. Taeyang is the best! :)

  150. you know what?
    i’m a BUCHEONER!!

    BUCHEON city~♪
    such a beautiful disease~♪♪

    BUCHEON city~♪
    you are my beautiful~♪
    such a beautiful disease~♪♪

  151. “But know this Park Jay Bum, we tend to be a lot harder on native english speakers. So if I ever hear any fantastic lasic super sonic hypertonic give it to my y make a love baby if you want a pretty *dramatic pause* you’re going down. We will drink you’re milkshake.” That was just genius Simon!!!! I loved it!!!! haha. The forever alone dance I prefer is TaeYang’s “I Need A Girl” And HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA!!!!!!!

  152. Haha! Me too! I thought Jay was trying to sing in a pure korean accent but couldn’t really do it :) He sounds american! And the Where did you go oh oh oh oh confused me too! Point point point point. What the hell is he trying to say? lol I love jay! I am a shameless fangirl.

  153. It’s a really tough choice since both the music style and the dance style…. and the singer styles are soooo simillar between JP and Taeyang…..BUT I’ll vote for Jay Park since he deserves the love <3
    But really, even their heights are similar -.-

  154. Happy Birthday, Martina! ^O^

    aaand yeah, I vote for Taeyang ^^

  155. jay!great moves!agree with not-complicated-&-recognizable-dance moves ;)
    i totally love this song!

  156. Jay park ♥

  157. HAHA, I taught the same thing, boobs!
    And why didn’t you comment on the epic “kissing-dance-moves”? at about 3min 50sec in to the song. I was sure you would :p But I agree, the video was cool, but there were something missing at the end.

  158. Happy Birthday Martina! ^^

    Ohhh yeahh I vote for Taeyang! ;)

  159. Taeyang!
    Happy birthday, Martina!!

  160. That ‘American’ feeling you guys are getting is probably because Jay’s American friend produced the song :)

  161. It’s sad that I wasn’t wondering what was with your ridiculous hat. haha

  162. Probably got abandoned at 03:30. She died.
    A movie by M. Night Shyamalan.

  163. uhh forgot to vote. LOL


  164. Thanks for the review! you guys are funny! and yes we jwalkerz noticed the boobs! i mean…how can we not when their THAT close to Jay -_-” hahahaha jk jk. i called the distracted driver dance as ‘The Point Point Point Point Dance’ haha
    and Happy Birthday to Martina!~ ^^

  165. Yay! Happy Birthday!!! ^^
    I voted for Taeyang ^^

  166. thanks for reviewing abandoned. it’s so well written and funny! keep up the good work~

  167. thanks for reviewing Abandoned. you made jwalkerz happy! :D

  168. Haha… your review is epic. And it’s an interesting perspective to look at ..haha…we like the Distracted Driver move.

    Thanks for reviewing Jay Park”s Abandoned!

  169. haha you guys are so funny. I am constantly laughing… anyways loved the vid

  170. love your video, but why did you add the ’2PM’ tag?

  171. i want park bom don’t cry..so disappointing T__T

  172. <3 love you guys!
    Music monday is a perfect break from studying my korean midterms here at Yonsei.. urgh.. gimme strength! :D 힘내!.
    How are your Korean comming along? :D

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