Woohoo! So here’s this week’s second Music Monday! Our first one was on that whack “Eatyourkimchi Crew” that somehow managed to get to 2nd place on the Kpop Charts. CRAZY. Well, today (again…today) we’re talking about Jay Park’s “Joah.” If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:


Yeah! This song is great!!! We’re really happy with it! I’m never sure what to expect from Jay Park, R&B ballad, rap, kpop pop-ballad-rap…? We totally like the fun, laid back, and playful vibe of the video, matched with the groovy trumpetiness (not horniness) of the song. It’s not well lit. It’s fuzzy and filtered, but that doesn’t make it a bad video at all! We’re also really liking that this video took place in Seattle (at least, we think it’s Seattle since he’s from there), and has a much more authentic feel to it than other videos that try to take place outside of Korea, you know?

Sidenote: we’ve noticed that not everyone agrees with us on our opinions on changing images for bands/artists. How do you feel about it? See: we like to listen to albums, rather than artists. For Kpop acts that change their sound often within an album, it kinds ruins the unity/wholeness of the album experience for us. It sounds like a collage of singles, rather than a coherent whole album. When we listen to Burial, the sound of the album works its way throughout the album. He doesn’t come out with a finger-snapping “I Love You Baby!” kind of song. That’d ruin the album for us. Question is, though, if we should expect consistency for Kpop Artists in their albums. I’d like to think so. I want to believe that, if I want to hear asskicking songs, I can turn to B.A.P., or if I want some sad ballads I can turn to 2AM (though, I’d never want to listen to sad ballads, FYI). Heck, I don’t know. Let me know your thoughts on it. Is it right for me to want artists to have a distinct sound, or should we be ok with them jumping from image to image and sound to sound?

In Jay Park’s case, we’re not criticizing any one of his sounds, be it his rapping or his singing, because he’s good at both. It’s just the way that we ingest music that makes fitting Jay Park’s catalogue difficult for us. Same with B.A.P’s changing image, and it’s especially difficult to handle B.A.P changing from tough to cute because I just don’t believe that Bang Young Gook authentically enjoys being a cutey boy. Of course, I don’t know him personally, but I would feel the same way about seeing Block B act in a cute video. I would just feel like something was off. I don’t know, am I spouting crazy exhausted blog post talk? *Martina runs away*

*Martina runs back* Otherwise, FYI, we’re not going to make a habit of putting up two Music Mondays from now on because today was HEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. My back is on FIRE! FIIIRRREEE!!!! We just really wanted to review the Eatyourkimchi Like a Man video because it got voted up so highly in the kpopcharts and we thought it would be a great chance to poke fun of ourselves. We hope you Nasties liked it! We knew, though, that if we didn’t review an actual Kpop band some people would be very upset, and we felt like we had to keep them in mind. We literally made this Music Monday for Jay Park, not because we wanted to, but because we didn’t want people to complain. And this is nothing against Jay Park’s song, which we like a lot, and his video, which we also like a lot. We just didn’t want to make two Music Mondays, and if we had to choose between one, we’d much rather poke fun at ourselves than Jay Park’s video.

I don’t want to experience another Lee Hi Music Monday ever again. It seriously felt like such a waste of time, for us, just to disappoint so many people. And after reading all the disappointed comments, we then had people tell us they wouldn’t watch anymore of our videos and they were unsubscribing because we didn’t care about them, and that we didn’t read the comments or we didn’t care about our viewer’s opinions. I think the bigger problem is that we read too many comments, and I’m starting to get to the point where I’m becoming frozen in fear of doing anything that could offend, upset, piss off, or annoy our viewers. I’m really struggling guise: this whole “put your opinions and self into a video onto the internet for all to view” is harder than it looks, and these Music Mondays are becoming less a matter of us just having fun and more a matter of us being worried about who’s going to complain about what. We’ve even started talking about getting rid of Music Mondays as a result. Though, we don’t want to resort to that, because we know that there are a lot of people who do like what we do, but the complaints of the few DO weigh very heavily on us. What should we do? What can we change? We’re looking for input here. Doing extra videos isn’t an option.

There needs to be a “Psychology and YouTube101″ course offered to people so they can learn to deal with all the anonymous comments coming at them. Anyways, I didn’t expect this to be such a long paragraph, but this is a really round about way of saying thank you to all the Nasties that understand when we make mistakes, mess up, piss people off, show our temper in the comment section, or say something offensive without intending it.

On a less serious end note, because we’d like to end the post with lols, here are this week’s Bloopers. FYI: Martina is very bad at gangsta talk. I tried coaching her but she still had a lot of difficulty with it!


  1. HAHA I burst out laughing at ‘Jay Parks English is fine.’

  2. I just wanna say this… I am sooo happy that you actually used the phrase “shizzle my nizzle” <…<

  3. Jay Parks english is fine…. xDxDxD

  4. Err, EYK drama aside, how are we overlooking all Jay Park’s sweet, sweet Sonics gear? Has he had that stuff stashed in his Mom’s basement since junior high (the team left in 2008)? WHERE DID HE GET IT FROM? Also, I would listen to a Jay Park & Macklemore collaboration infinite times.

  5. martina and simon we love u soo much, dont worry about those haters, we will be NASTY forever!

  6. The guys are a part of Jay Park’s crew… and he did where the video was shot… so that could explain his comfort with the area.

  7. I guess for the most part it doesn’t bother me when Kpop bands switch their image around in a single album.. probably because getting my hands on an actual album (CD) is too expensive lol! So, I buy individual digital copies of my favorite K songs, and make up my own play lists. I still get that “hey i feel X i need X kind of music”, but instead of a single band i have many already grouped up and set to play at the click of a mouse or touch of a finger. ^_^

  8. Simon and Martina people r going to always complain u cant satisfy everyones opinion except ur own i know getting views is apart of ur job but u shouldnt have to change because of stupid peoples comments, after all this is your business and livelyhood if u guise want to change something or go against something go ahead. Us ultra super duper nastys will support u no matter what. Thouse nonnastys can eat a dick LOL!!!

  9. So I’ve never posted here and I hope this comment doesn’t cause any problems. This is just my honest opinion.

    I’ve never had a problem with S&M choosing a song out of the top three song votes, I actually thought it was a nice change and I get to hear about people who might be less popular than the majority vote. I haven’t read any of the negative comments (mainly because I come here for the videos, not the comments) but I think this just goes to show that everyone is allowed to have an opinion (including S&M). I know it might be disappointing if they don’t review the song you chose, that’s happened to me, but usually I’m pleasantly surprised by what they show.

    Even though this website relies on a voting system, I don’t believe that the voting system (and people) should have complete control. I guess I just view this website as more of a learning tool. It’s like “Hey I didn’t pick your song this week but let me show you something new!” Not getting what you want isn’t always a bad thing.

    Anyhow, I’m not saying this to evoke any anger. I just know that S&M are doing a great job and I’m not going to unsubscribe to their videos just because I don’t always get a review for each song I pick.

    • Thanks for your comment. Honestly though, pretty much everyone in this post has said the same thing. So you don’t have to worry about evoking anger.

      Honestly though, most of the negative comments about EYK aren’t even on the website, they are on tumblr and youtube. I find that for the majority of the time, even when people are upset about the video that was chosen, they usually are pretty polite and respectful about it. However, we mods may just have to be more strict about the comments in order to keep the website a fun and safe place.

  10. you look really pretty in that black top, Martina :)

  11. I’ve hardly commented in the past, but maybe the happy fans should be louder–right? The first EYK video I ever saw was the “How to be the coolest ESL teacher” one with Kpop phrases and dances for the year. I’d never actually heard Kpop, but my husband and I were talking about teaching ESL abroad somewhere… so my ears perked up! When we decided on Korea and were in the dark depths of visa paperwork, I would watch one of your videos, and my “Yea! Let’s go to KOREA!” spirit got revived. Whenever my family wanted to know why we chose Korea, I would just show them one of your videos (like the Hello Kitty Cafe or street food videos), and their nerves were calmed and became happy about our choice. I love sharing your videos with my students (they love Simon singing, “Fat-fat-fatty-fat,” in the “What it’s like to be a foreigner in Korea” video about racism). You both have brought so much laughter and light joy to my life (and my husband’s too)! Just wanted to finally speak out and let you know how much we’ve enjoyed your videos! My husband and I have even planned what we would do if we ever ran into you in Seoul… but I’ll keep it a secret in case it ever happens! :D

  12. I really appreciate the hard work of the EYK crew :)
    You guys really put in tons of effort and that definitely needs to be rewarded ^^
    I have been watching your videos for more than 3 years now (and I have seen EVERY single one be it on youtube or vimeo ^^).
    So, it is high time to say THANK YOU.
    Thank you for the hard work.
    Thank you for taking the time for livechats.
    Thank you for being so entertaining and funny. (Your videos often cheered me up)
    Thank you for choosing to make videos.

    (Considering the whole disappointment issue of the fans whose favorite kpop artist they voted for and didn’t get reviewed for KMM: It is understandable and okay that you are sad – one cannot like or love every single video; that’s okay and surely the case for every Nasty out there – , but remember: making those KMM reviews is really hard work, and Simon and Martina are putting their utmost effort into those videos. Even if your favorite artist didn’t get reviewed, the video that is made for KMM is still a piece of hard work which is worth acknowledging. The current system is a bit “back to basics” which is really good. Remember when Simon and Martina first started making KMM? They let people suggest songs and artists and there were no Kpop charts. They simply picked one song out of the suggestions and reviewed it. EYK is their project and they have the right to choose whom they want to review for KMM. So the current system with the – choose one out of the top 3 – is more than okay in my opinion. I hope everyone gets what I mean ^^”)

    To put it in a nutshell: Thanks, Simon and Martina. EYK is awesome. ;-) You never fail to entertain me.

  13. Dear Simon and Martina,
    In the words of Jay Park, “haters can eat a dick.” Please don’t take to heart what these immature people are saying to you guys. They obviously have a lot of growing up to do if they can’t handle conflicting opinions or their favorite group’s video not getting chosen. These trolls need to calm down. Although it seems like viewers aren’t enjoying it, we are. The true nasties are going to be pleased with whatever derpy awesome video you teo make because we appreciate the hard work and time put into it just for us. Please don’t try to make the bad seeds happy; your fans are happy with you no matter what. I honestly don’t know where I would be without you both. Eat Your Kimchi is so much a part of my life now, and I would be lost without it. Don’t give up on it please! I know it’s difficult due to human nature, but try your hardest to skip over meaningless angry comments. Surround yourselves in nasty love! :) Simon, Martina, I love you both! Thank you for your hilarious videos and the serious ones too. You’re doing great, so keep it up. Ignore the mindless haters! Fighting!~

    Shawna… An official nasty!

  14. For those people with negative comments im soooooo glad that theres a thumbs down button :)

  15. I always like Music Monday. Just follow your heart and don’t worry about the complaints. Sometimes, people just like to complain and blame others to make them feel better. Since this is your passion, don’t give up. Fighting!!!

  16. No one attack me! :p derp, but Simon and Martina remember you guys said you wanted feedback on the videos you already did in order to make it better? And trust me I love you guys which is why I’m giving you feedback, but you guys focus a lot on the music and music video itself, but not so much on the meanings of the songs and what you think of the lyrics. Can you please look up the lyrics and tell us what you think about it? And the other thing is, can you please not swear so much on your videos unless your trash talking when trying to beat each other at games? XDD Because some people get uncomfy with swearing and there are children that might like looking at your videos, since all ages like your videos :D Lyrics and swear watching, that is all I’m asking please >//< Thank you!


  18. My Pop-pop used to say that for every one negative comment, there will always be 5x more positive hoorahs and accolades for you from those who love you…so I share that sentiment with you. People will always have something to say or some reaction to whatever is put out there. Half the time it comes out of a place of insecurity or envy.
    Remember you can’t always control another’s behaviors or actions; you can only control your response to it all. And Simon, you clearly understand the age-old adage of “ain’t nobody got time for that” when it comes to negativity…use it!

    As for this Nasty all up in New Jersey, she will continue to watch EYK, nearly keel over from laughing so much, cheer for S & M, and wish them nothing but the best!

  19. So sweet when Martina laughs at 6:20 <3

  20. funny things that make me laugh: :D

    For english in this song: Jay Park’s english is fine! (I know that is not much funbut I like it)
    I just don’t believe that Bang Young Gook authentically enjoys being a cutey boy.

    …and of course Eatyourkimchi Like a Man video review

  21. Simon and Martina/Martina and Simon-When you started your video blogging and Kpop m/v reviews, how did you do it? Look at the response that you gained. You are aware that not every person liked what you said and they could come and go as they pleased. The people who watched and listened to you because they understood this is your opinions and your humor have stood by you-not because you are always of the same mind but because you offer something different.
    Do not let the people who see the world through tunnels corrupt your enjoyment of making your video blogs. Remember why you started them and what you personally gained from them. People who understand will always come back and those who don’t want to can leave but maybe take a small seed of a new perspective with them.
    Absolutely adore you guys and your videos. Thank you.

  22. I can’t be the only one who watches these videos just because they’re consistently hilarious and Simon and Martina are just so much fun to watch! I really cannot understand people being upset about KMM choices :( I’m so sorry you guys have to deal with that crap!

  23. kkkk! Loved this KMM even tho it was a sacrifice and didn’t really have to happen given you guys already did a KMM :P I’ll just say this, it seems to me that alot of nasties and kpop fanatics have alot of ownership over your site especially the Kpop charts which is both good and bad. It was a good move to take some ownership back but unfortunately some peeps are still pushing back a bit and not accepting it.

    Anywho if it’s any consolation I loved the gangsta skit, shizzle my nizzle (What the eff does that mean???) and what not…yeah its a bit of a shift for Jay Park I mean any artist can do different styles of songs on an album with some upbeat and sad songs, but an image change to go along with that is a bit much. Seems to be the way in Kpop tho there doesn’t seem to be a lot of constancy across songs or image? IDK I have never heard a full Kpop album to know for sure.
    BTW your review of the EYK crew song was a classic you guise always make me feel warm and fuzzy XD HUGGGGSSSSS!!

  24. long time watcher, though not commenter :x but I just wanted you to know that I love you guys and your videos and want to give you internet hugs <333333

  25. There’s already a lot of great ideas and comments, so I feel I should add something pointless o/

    I wouldn’t like to see KMM go, dare I say, I would be disappointed if it did. If you feel that is the only solution though, then so be it.

    Does it really matter – in the grand scheme of things – if you offend some people, even a few hundred? If someone doesn’t like your opinion on an artist, if they are disappointed you reviewed A instead of B, if they didn’t find a skit funny…. Does it matter that much? These things are just a matter of opinion and taste. I don’t want this to come across as a “get over it” type of comment, that’s not my intent at all. I’m a vegan, I’m fat, I wear clothing that stands out and I understand that you can only take so many negative comments from strangers before you want to cry/choke someone.

    I don’t know what the answer is, but I really think this has been blown out of proportion :(

    You’ve got a lovely little family and at the end of the day you all love each other and that’s what matters, right?

  26. I think the problem with an artist not changing their style is that they become stagnant, like FT Island whose music style has pretty much never changed. It’s okay if you like that, but it starts hitting an unimaginative point at some point. Ergo stagnant. At least with bands like BAP, Boyfriend, and also Jay Park, you will never be able to predict what the next song style is. It makes it exciting and interesting. That’s not to say you’re wrong though.

    I am grateful you did this and not G-Dragon, whoop whoop. ;) I really kind of love this song and the video is a pretty awesome video.

    My vote is for SJM’s video because it’s so bad it’s good. :D

  27. Oh my god, the mad pussy and mad bitches skit made me DIE. You guise are the best.

  28. Martina & Simon, you can’t deny that you’re a public figure now and many people watch what you do and say. The pressure can get too much sometimes and can take a toll on your well being. I’m no public figure, far from it, but I used to write fiction for fun. I used to get depressed when I receive negative comments so I understand how the whole Lee Hi KMM ordeal must have affected you. However, awhile ago I’ve learnt something called “Public Victory”. It’s so liberating. You can google that. But in a nutshell, it’s basically this: You’re only a victim if you allow yourself to be one. No one can make you upset or piss off if you don’t want to be upset or pissed off. Also another thing I suggest, does your company have Mission, Vision and Values statement? I suggest have one written down and stick by it. Whenever there’s a problem, look back to it and use it to guide you in your decision making process. This way you have a strong ground and doesn’t need to fear of upsetting or making people angry.

    As for this KMM, I’ll come back later once I’ve watched it :)

    • Hmm, that Mission/Vision/Values thing is interesting. I’m not sure if EYK has one yet.

      • oh wow, you do read every comment hehehe. I thought my comment will just get buried. Yes, you know how companies usually have mission and vision statements and often their values as well? you can search any big company websites, they will have them. Something that outsider tend to overlook but they’re the pillar of the company. It’s where they usually based their decision on. Actually as individuals, it’s also good to have your mission, vision, and values figured out. it’ll help us greatly in decision making in our daily lives.

        • Not gonna lie, I don’t ‘read’ every comment, but I do skim over everything. Have you seen how long some comments are? :p My brain would explode >_<

          I completely agree with the benefits of having a vision statement. I've passed it on to S&M (along with a few other interesting suggestions that people have brought up)

        • skimming still a lot of work. I mean, there are so many blog posts in here and each has its own discussion thread! Hahaha, yeah, some people write so long. Just show how much time people would invest for S&M! I hardly leave any comments because it’s a lot of effort for me to do it lol. So I admire those who comments, bad or good, especially the long ones! they must spend a lot of times! btw, your username sounds so familiar. I wonder if we may have crossed path once upon a time in the past.

        • …maybe because I’ve been lurking around EYK for over 2 years? ._.

          Or did you hear my name in the WG interview…
          Or perhaps in the MFBTY interview…
          Or did you see me around Nic’s MKH blog…

          The possibilities are endless :D

        • hmm, are you a Wonderful?

        • Did you know that google has a secret mission statement: ‘Don’t be Evil’

          Yep, that’s their informal corporate motto. I was seriously amused when I found that out.

          You are right that it helps to guide us when we have a base. I have spoken to the moderator team here ( which includes S&M) and noted that we all have to be on the same page when it comes to EYK. Especially since. We represent S&M to the online public. Having a mission may help with keeping us on the same page.

        • LMAO, I didn’t know that either! That’s pretty cool though. Yes, something like that would make everyone in the team response consistently with each other :)

    • Sorry this isn’t an input on how to fix the problem because in this case I believe no matter what you do, there will still be people who will be unhappy. I think explaining why you pick what you pick instead of no 1 is good enough. I think you just need to work on being less affected by angry comments so you won’t be so miserable and overworked :)

  29. You can’t please everyone guys. I think you guys are AMAZING!!! I love the website and videos. Yes, sometimes I don’t agree with everything but this is YOUR show. If people wanna complain about things then they should make their own damn show!! Lol No, i’m not trying to be mean but really, people just take things too serious! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Please keep doing KMM, they’re awesome! I may not enjoy all of them but nobody is perfect :)
    Yes, everyone has an opinion and sure you should be able to express yourself but come on guys, this isn’t like the freaking Grammys or big music award show. It’s not that serious people. This is a place to come have fun, enjoy some music and poke up at it (which EVERYONE does!!!) I know the one video i wanted reviewed *cough* cnblue *cough* didn’t get reviewed but you don’t see me crying about it. Not ever artist video can be reviewed.
    Everyone just needs to be respectful to each other. Stop making something they love doing into something they will dread. After all it’s not you personally they are making fun of nor are they making fun of the artist or group. Some of these videos that come out are kinda crazy sometimes, admit it. And just cuz something doesn’t get reviewed doesn’t mean they hate them or favor another person!!
    To be honest I don’t know what was said about the LeeHi vid and I really don’t care.I just wanted to comment cuz I love Simon and Martina and wanted to show them my support. I love being able to come see stuff about another culture in an entertaining way. It’s like being able to hang out with friends except long distance ^_^

  30. Do you perhaps think your taste for listening to albums rather than songs comes from the North American album concept? I know that I started to get frustrated with bad concepts and making my own albums from different CDs just to have a cohesive idea. I’m from Florida, btw. But now that I started listening to J-pop, then k-pop, I really make my own albums as well. I noticed the lack of cohesion. I started labeling stuff on itunes by the genre I want…then I end up getting an amalgamation of bands…weird…but different and fun too

  31. You keep doing what you love. This is the reason I have been following you for years. Review what you like: whether it is music, videos, food, places, whatever. Your passion and authenticity is admirable. I reference your website in my classes and recommend the site to my students thinking of teaching in Korea (one is Bucheon right now). You are doing a wonderful job.

  32. Oh my goodness guise, my heart hurts for you. What a load of BS you have to put up with!

    I’ve loved your videos ever since I’ve found your website two years ago (I was searching for videos on the Hello Kitty Cafe, and found yours) and have watched you guys grow into something amazing. As one of your more “mature'” viewers (40 years young) I am not really emotionally invested in seeing who gets up for MM. I listen to whatever is put up, enjoy it, move on. I discovered Psy through MM, and ended loving songs by 2Ne1 (those women are epic!) and BigBang and Shinee. I think that Lee Hi is a very, very special talent, her voice is amazing, and with the right development could be a major worldwide star in about 5-10 years. (She’ll still be young then)
    But I found other amazing things through your videos. An appreciation for Korean culture, obviously, but most of all, an appreciation for love and passion; living a free and joyful life. Simon and Martina, through your videos, you teach us to be brave and experience new things, you set an example on what a loving marriage based on equality is like, and how to have fun and be kind and gentle with one another.
    If producing MM is making you feel heavy and fearful, well, that can’t be the case. You need to do what you need to do to feel safe. If that means get rid of MM, if only for a short while, so be it. You can do more FAPFAPs. Or just have time off, and hang out, away from YouTube; take time to heal. You guys need to put how *you* feel first, and make videos from your heart.

    Because that’s why we all fell in love with you. And we will follow wherever you go.

    Nasties for LYFFE!!!

  33. “I just don’t believe that Bang Young Gook authentically enjoys being a cutey boy.” I don’t think BYG enjoys the cutey boy much either, but he does have a soft heart. He’s not as harsh and bad boy as you guys seem to make him out to be. But in regards to the entire group of B.A.P, I think some of them do feel more comfortable in the cutey boy versus the tough guy. I guess it’s all just a matter of perspective.
    And that wasn’t to be mean Martina! I’m just expressing my thoughts. If I’ve ever wrote anything to upset y’all I apologize. I want you guys to critique. I want to hear your opinion. Most of the time I totally agree with you and you often give a perspective that I never thought of. Often times when I get all in a tizzy over something, whether negatively or positively, y’all’s KMM brings me back down to reality and I’m like, “OOOOOHHHHH…okay, that makes sense.” PLEASE don’t get rid of KMM! I love y’all!

  34. I dont have the patience to read everones comments. Honestly, I’m not interested in reading other people bitch. I rarely vote for kpop music Monday and yet I watch every kpop music Monday. So Simon and Martina could chose whoever they wanted to review each and every week and I wouldnt care. I’d still be getting their take on a current kpop song and video. Thats the enjoyable part. Hope yall keep doing what you’re doing!

    • Haha, the funny thing is that if you did read some of the other comments you would realise that no one is bitching and pretty much the majority of people are saying what you said, if in a slightly different way.

      That said, you are not obligated to read anyone else’s comments… Only the mods are required to do that.

  35. Whichever path you plan to take with KMM, please remember that us Nasties (definitely not those Assties) love you guys and your work and will continue to support you! Many of your supporters (especially the ones who read your blog) will continue to stick with you because you are amazing and hilarious people. You guys are my favorite vloggers, and your segments always manage to cheer me up. Keep chugging, and we Nasties love you!

  36. Hip hop Hitler Hahahaha Love it.

    So I’m really happy with what you guys have been doing! You may review a song that I didn’t particularly like over another, but just the fact that you’re here reviewing songs is a great thing!

    Also, I completely agree with you about artists changing up their styles within albums. I like it when an artist picks a certain style and sticks with it, but also updates their certain style. Just like how you talk about B.A.P’s period of cuteness, I was seriously annoyed when they took time off from their “warrior” concept. If a group or artist finds a style that works for them and is successful they should stick with it. Experimenting is awesome, but when it feels like the artist is just kinda floating from genre to genre, I never know what to expect and I begin to have a love-hate relationship with them. Kinda like how hip-hop is “popular” right now, so EVERY idol group is putting out hip-hop-esque music. I think that’s the reason not many people liked GG’s “I Got A Boy”, because it’s just not their style. (Also, why is T-ara putting out a hip-hop album… WHAT?!?!)

    Anyway, I like EYK and you should just keep doing what your doing whether we like it or not! :D

  37. OMG! I was laughing so hard when Martina went into mother-mode and was lecturing Jay Park about the hat situation xD
    And you guys are still awesome, don’t think to much and worry if you upset someone with your videos. As long as you yourself feel like you have reasons to say what you say, you should say it. You have to be true to yourself and us, the viewers. We like you for who you are, even when we don’t think the same. If someone doesn’t like it, and leaves mad comments just because they feel it is safe to be mean when they can be anonymous, then it is there problems. They don’t have to watch your videos and it is really a cowardly thing to do not being able to stand for what they write. Keep working, I love you!

  38. Yup, that was definitely Seattle. REPRESENT!!!! :D

  39. “Jay Park’s english is FINE” lololololol :’) that made my day

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