Woohoo! So here’s this week’s second Music Monday! Our first one was on that whack “Eatyourkimchi Crew” that somehow managed to get to 2nd place on the Kpop Charts. CRAZY. Well, today (again…today) we’re talking about Jay Park’s “Joah.” If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:


Yeah! This song is great!!! We’re really happy with it! I’m never sure what to expect from Jay Park, R&B ballad, rap, kpop pop-ballad-rap…? We totally like the fun, laid back, and playful vibe of the video, matched with the groovy trumpetiness (not horniness) of the song. It’s not well lit. It’s fuzzy and filtered, but that doesn’t make it a bad video at all! We’re also really liking that this video took place in Seattle (at least, we think it’s Seattle since he’s from there), and has a much more authentic feel to it than other videos that try to take place outside of Korea, you know?

Sidenote: we’ve noticed that not everyone agrees with us on our opinions on changing images for bands/artists. How do you feel about it? See: we like to listen to albums, rather than artists. For Kpop acts that change their sound often within an album, it kinds ruins the unity/wholeness of the album experience for us. It sounds like a collage of singles, rather than a coherent whole album. When we listen to Burial, the sound of the album works its way throughout the album. He doesn’t come out with a finger-snapping “I Love You Baby!” kind of song. That’d ruin the album for us. Question is, though, if we should expect consistency for Kpop Artists in their albums. I’d like to think so. I want to believe that, if I want to hear asskicking songs, I can turn to B.A.P., or if I want some sad ballads I can turn to 2AM (though, I’d never want to listen to sad ballads, FYI). Heck, I don’t know. Let me know your thoughts on it. Is it right for me to want artists to have a distinct sound, or should we be ok with them jumping from image to image and sound to sound?

In Jay Park’s case, we’re not criticizing any one of his sounds, be it his rapping or his singing, because he’s good at both. It’s just the way that we ingest music that makes fitting Jay Park’s catalogue difficult for us. Same with B.A.P’s changing image, and it’s especially difficult to handle B.A.P changing from tough to cute because I just don’t believe that Bang Young Gook authentically enjoys being a cutey boy. Of course, I don’t know him personally, but I would feel the same way about seeing Block B act in a cute video. I would just feel like something was off. I don’t know, am I spouting crazy exhausted blog post talk? *Martina runs away*

*Martina runs back* Otherwise, FYI, we’re not going to make a habit of putting up two Music Mondays from now on because today was HEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. My back is on FIRE! FIIIRRREEE!!!! We just really wanted to review the Eatyourkimchi Like a Man video because it got voted up so highly in the kpopcharts and we thought it would be a great chance to poke fun of ourselves. We hope you Nasties liked it! We knew, though, that if we didn’t review an actual Kpop band some people would be very upset, and we felt like we had to keep them in mind. We literally made this Music Monday for Jay Park, not because we wanted to, but because we didn’t want people to complain. And this is nothing against Jay Park’s song, which we like a lot, and his video, which we also like a lot. We just didn’t want to make two Music Mondays, and if we had to choose between one, we’d much rather poke fun at ourselves than Jay Park’s video.

I don’t want to experience another Lee Hi Music Monday ever again. It seriously felt like such a waste of time, for us, just to disappoint so many people. And after reading all the disappointed comments, we then had people tell us they wouldn’t watch anymore of our videos and they were unsubscribing because we didn’t care about them, and that we didn’t read the comments or we didn’t care about our viewer’s opinions. I think the bigger problem is that we read too many comments, and I’m starting to get to the point where I’m becoming frozen in fear of doing anything that could offend, upset, piss off, or annoy our viewers. I’m really struggling guise: this whole “put your opinions and self into a video onto the internet for all to view” is harder than it looks, and these Music Mondays are becoming less a matter of us just having fun and more a matter of us being worried about who’s going to complain about what. We’ve even started talking about getting rid of Music Mondays as a result. Though, we don’t want to resort to that, because we know that there are a lot of people who do like what we do, but the complaints of the few DO weigh very heavily on us. What should we do? What can we change? We’re looking for input here. Doing extra videos isn’t an option.

There needs to be a “Psychology and YouTube101″ course offered to people so they can learn to deal with all the anonymous comments coming at them. Anyways, I didn’t expect this to be such a long paragraph, but this is a really round about way of saying thank you to all the Nasties that understand when we make mistakes, mess up, piss people off, show our temper in the comment section, or say something offensive without intending it.

On a less serious end note, because we’d like to end the post with lols, here are this week’s Bloopers. FYI: Martina is very bad at gangsta talk. I tried coaching her but she still had a lot of difficulty with it!


  1. HAHA I burst out laughing at ‘Jay Parks English is fine.’

  2. I just wanna say this… I am sooo happy that you actually used the phrase “shizzle my nizzle” <…<

  3. beautifulndirtydirtyrich

    Jay Parks english is fine…. xDxDxD

  4. Err, EYK drama aside, how are we overlooking all Jay Park’s sweet, sweet Sonics gear? Has he had that stuff stashed in his Mom’s basement since junior high (the team left in 2008)? WHERE DID HE GET IT FROM? Also, I would listen to a Jay Park & Macklemore collaboration infinite times.

  5. martina and simon we love u soo much, dont worry about those haters, we will be NASTY forever!

  6. The guys are a part of Jay Park’s crew… and he did where the video was shot… so that could explain his comfort with the area.

  7. I guess for the most part it doesn’t bother me when Kpop bands switch their image around in a single album.. probably because getting my hands on an actual album (CD) is too expensive lol! So, I buy individual digital copies of my favorite K songs, and make up my own play lists. I still get that “hey i feel X i need X kind of music”, but instead of a single band i have many already grouped up and set to play at the click of a mouse or touch of a finger. ^_^

  8. Simon and Martina people r going to always complain u cant satisfy everyones opinion except ur own i know getting views is apart of ur job but u shouldnt have to change because of stupid peoples comments, after all this is your business and livelyhood if u guise want to change something or go against something go ahead. Us ultra super duper nastys will support u no matter what. Thouse nonnastys can eat a dick LOL!!!

  9. So I’ve never posted here and I hope this comment doesn’t cause any problems. This is just my honest opinion.

    I’ve never had a problem with S&M choosing a song out of the top three song votes, I actually thought it was a nice change and I get to hear about people who might be less popular than the majority vote. I haven’t read any of the negative comments (mainly because I come here for the videos, not the comments) but I think this just goes to show that everyone is allowed to have an opinion (including S&M). I know it might be disappointing if they don’t review the song you chose, that’s happened to me, but usually I’m pleasantly surprised by what they show.

    Even though this website relies on a voting system, I don’t believe that the voting system (and people) should have complete control. I guess I just view this website as more of a learning tool. It’s like “Hey I didn’t pick your song this week but let me show you something new!” Not getting what you want isn’t always a bad thing.

    Anyhow, I’m not saying this to evoke any anger. I just know that S&M are doing a great job and I’m not going to unsubscribe to their videos just because I don’t always get a review for each song I pick.

    • Thanks for your comment. Honestly though, pretty much everyone in this post has said the same thing. So you don’t have to worry about evoking anger.

      Honestly though, most of the negative comments about EYK aren’t even on the website, they are on tumblr and youtube. I find that for the majority of the time, even when people are upset about the video that was chosen, they usually are pretty polite and respectful about it. However, we mods may just have to be more strict about the comments in order to keep the website a fun and safe place.

  10. you look really pretty in that black top, Martina :)

  11. I’ve hardly commented in the past, but maybe the happy fans should be louder–right? The first EYK video I ever saw was the “How to be the coolest ESL teacher” one with Kpop phrases and dances for the year. I’d never actually heard Kpop, but my husband and I were talking about teaching ESL abroad somewhere… so my ears perked up! When we decided on Korea and were in the dark depths of visa paperwork, I would watch one of your videos, and my “Yea! Let’s go to KOREA!” spirit got revived. Whenever my family wanted to know why we chose Korea, I would just show them one of your videos (like the Hello Kitty Cafe or street food videos), and their nerves were calmed and became happy about our choice. I love sharing your videos with my students (they love Simon singing, “Fat-fat-fatty-fat,” in the “What it’s like to be a foreigner in Korea” video about racism). You both have brought so much laughter and light joy to my life (and my husband’s too)! Just wanted to finally speak out and let you know how much we’ve enjoyed your videos! My husband and I have even planned what we would do if we ever ran into you in Seoul… but I’ll keep it a secret in case it ever happens! :D

  12. I really appreciate the hard work of the EYK crew :)
    You guys really put in tons of effort and that definitely needs to be rewarded ^^
    I have been watching your videos for more than 3 years now (and I have seen EVERY single one be it on youtube or vimeo ^^).
    So, it is high time to say THANK YOU.
    Thank you for the hard work.
    Thank you for taking the time for livechats.
    Thank you for being so entertaining and funny. (Your videos often cheered me up)
    Thank you for choosing to make videos.

    (Considering the whole disappointment issue of the fans whose favorite kpop artist they voted for and didn’t get reviewed for KMM: It is understandable and okay that you are sad – one cannot like or love every single video; that’s okay and surely the case for every Nasty out there – , but remember: making those KMM reviews is really hard work, and Simon and Martina are putting their utmost effort into those videos. Even if your favorite artist didn’t get reviewed, the video that is made for KMM is still a piece of hard work which is worth acknowledging. The current system is a bit “back to basics” which is really good. Remember when Simon and Martina first started making KMM? They let people suggest songs and artists and there were no Kpop charts. They simply picked one song out of the suggestions and reviewed it. EYK is their project and they have the right to choose whom they want to review for KMM. So the current system with the – choose one out of the top 3 – is more than okay in my opinion. I hope everyone gets what I mean ^^”)

    To put it in a nutshell: Thanks, Simon and Martina. EYK is awesome. ;-) You never fail to entertain me.

  13. Dear Simon and Martina,
    In the words of Jay Park, “haters can eat a dick.” Please don’t take to heart what these immature people are saying to you guys. They obviously have a lot of growing up to do if they can’t handle conflicting opinions or their favorite group’s video not getting chosen. These trolls need to calm down. Although it seems like viewers aren’t enjoying it, we are. The true nasties are going to be pleased with whatever derpy awesome video you teo make because we appreciate the hard work and time put into it just for us. Please don’t try to make the bad seeds happy; your fans are happy with you no matter what. I honestly don’t know where I would be without you both. Eat Your Kimchi is so much a part of my life now, and I would be lost without it. Don’t give up on it please! I know it’s difficult due to human nature, but try your hardest to skip over meaningless angry comments. Surround yourselves in nasty love! :) Simon, Martina, I love you both! Thank you for your hilarious videos and the serious ones too. You’re doing great, so keep it up. Ignore the mindless haters! Fighting!~

    Shawna… An official nasty!

  14. For those people with negative comments im soooooo glad that theres a thumbs down button :)

  15. I always like Music Monday. Just follow your heart and don’t worry about the complaints. Sometimes, people just like to complain and blame others to make them feel better. Since this is your passion, don’t give up. Fighting!!!

  16. No one attack me! :p derp, but Simon and Martina remember you guys said you wanted feedback on the videos you already did in order to make it better? And trust me I love you guys which is why I’m giving you feedback, but you guys focus a lot on the music and music video itself, but not so much on the meanings of the songs and what you think of the lyrics. Can you please look up the lyrics and tell us what you think about it? And the other thing is, can you please not swear so much on your videos unless your trash talking when trying to beat each other at games? XDD Because some people get uncomfy with swearing and there are children that might like looking at your videos, since all ages like your videos :D Lyrics and swear watching, that is all I’m asking please >//< Thank you!


  18. My Pop-pop used to say that for every one negative comment, there will always be 5x more positive hoorahs and accolades for you from those who love you…so I share that sentiment with you. People will always have something to say or some reaction to whatever is put out there. Half the time it comes out of a place of insecurity or envy.
    Remember you can’t always control another’s behaviors or actions; you can only control your response to it all. And Simon, you clearly understand the age-old adage of “ain’t nobody got time for that” when it comes to negativity…use it!

    As for this Nasty all up in New Jersey, she will continue to watch EYK, nearly keel over from laughing so much, cheer for S & M, and wish them nothing but the best!

  19. So sweet when Martina laughs at 6:20 <3

  20. funny things that make me laugh: :D

    For english in this song: Jay Park’s english is fine! (I know that is not much funbut I like it)
    I just don’t believe that Bang Young Gook authentically enjoys being a cutey boy.

    …and of course Eatyourkimchi Like a Man video review

  21. Simon and Martina/Martina and Simon-When you started your video blogging and Kpop m/v reviews, how did you do it? Look at the response that you gained. You are aware that not every person liked what you said and they could come and go as they pleased. The people who watched and listened to you because they understood this is your opinions and your humor have stood by you-not because you are always of the same mind but because you offer something different.
    Do not let the people who see the world through tunnels corrupt your enjoyment of making your video blogs. Remember why you started them and what you personally gained from them. People who understand will always come back and those who don’t want to can leave but maybe take a small seed of a new perspective with them.
    Absolutely adore you guys and your videos. Thank you.

  22. I can’t be the only one who watches these videos just because they’re consistently hilarious and Simon and Martina are just so much fun to watch! I really cannot understand people being upset about KMM choices :( I’m so sorry you guys have to deal with that crap!

  23. kkkk! Loved this KMM even tho it was a sacrifice and didn’t really have to happen given you guys already did a KMM :P I’ll just say this, it seems to me that alot of nasties and kpop fanatics have alot of ownership over your site especially the Kpop charts which is both good and bad. It was a good move to take some ownership back but unfortunately some peeps are still pushing back a bit and not accepting it.

    Anywho if it’s any consolation I loved the gangsta skit, shizzle my nizzle (What the eff does that mean???) and what not…yeah its a bit of a shift for Jay Park I mean any artist can do different styles of songs on an album with some upbeat and sad songs, but an image change to go along with that is a bit much. Seems to be the way in Kpop tho there doesn’t seem to be a lot of constancy across songs or image? IDK I have never heard a full Kpop album to know for sure.
    BTW your review of the EYK crew song was a classic you guise always make me feel warm and fuzzy XD HUGGGGSSSSS!!

  24. long time watcher, though not commenter :x but I just wanted you to know that I love you guys and your videos and want to give you internet hugs <333333

  25. There’s already a lot of great ideas and comments, so I feel I should add something pointless o/

    I wouldn’t like to see KMM go, dare I say, I would be disappointed if it did. If you feel that is the only solution though, then so be it.

    Does it really matter – in the grand scheme of things – if you offend some people, even a few hundred? If someone doesn’t like your opinion on an artist, if they are disappointed you reviewed A instead of B, if they didn’t find a skit funny…. Does it matter that much? These things are just a matter of opinion and taste. I don’t want this to come across as a “get over it” type of comment, that’s not my intent at all. I’m a vegan, I’m fat, I wear clothing that stands out and I understand that you can only take so many negative comments from strangers before you want to cry/choke someone.

    I don’t know what the answer is, but I really think this has been blown out of proportion :(

    You’ve got a lovely little family and at the end of the day you all love each other and that’s what matters, right?

  26. I think the problem with an artist not changing their style is that they become stagnant, like FT Island whose music style has pretty much never changed. It’s okay if you like that, but it starts hitting an unimaginative point at some point. Ergo stagnant. At least with bands like BAP, Boyfriend, and also Jay Park, you will never be able to predict what the next song style is. It makes it exciting and interesting. That’s not to say you’re wrong though.

    I am grateful you did this and not G-Dragon, whoop whoop. ;) I really kind of love this song and the video is a pretty awesome video.

    My vote is for SJM’s video because it’s so bad it’s good. :D

  27. Oh my god, the mad pussy and mad bitches skit made me DIE. You guise are the best.

  28. Martina & Simon, you can’t deny that you’re a public figure now and many people watch what you do and say. The pressure can get too much sometimes and can take a toll on your well being. I’m no public figure, far from it, but I used to write fiction for fun. I used to get depressed when I receive negative comments so I understand how the whole Lee Hi KMM ordeal must have affected you. However, awhile ago I’ve learnt something called “Public Victory”. It’s so liberating. You can google that. But in a nutshell, it’s basically this: You’re only a victim if you allow yourself to be one. No one can make you upset or piss off if you don’t want to be upset or pissed off. Also another thing I suggest, does your company have Mission, Vision and Values statement? I suggest have one written down and stick by it. Whenever there’s a problem, look back to it and use it to guide you in your decision making process. This way you have a strong ground and doesn’t need to fear of upsetting or making people angry.

    As for this KMM, I’ll come back later once I’ve watched it :)

    • Sorry this isn’t an input on how to fix the problem because in this case I believe no matter what you do, there will still be people who will be unhappy. I think explaining why you pick what you pick instead of no 1 is good enough. I think you just need to work on being less affected by angry comments so you won’t be so miserable and overworked :)

    • Hmm, that Mission/Vision/Values thing is interesting. I’m not sure if EYK has one yet.

      • oh wow, you do read every comment hehehe. I thought my comment will just get buried. Yes, you know how companies usually have mission and vision statements and often their values as well? you can search any big company websites, they will have them. Something that outsider tend to overlook but they’re the pillar of the company. It’s where they usually based their decision on. Actually as individuals, it’s also good to have your mission, vision, and values figured out. it’ll help us greatly in decision making in our daily lives.

        • Did you know that google has a secret mission statement: ‘Don’t be Evil’

          Yep, that’s their informal corporate motto. I was seriously amused when I found that out.

          You are right that it helps to guide us when we have a base. I have spoken to the moderator team here ( which includes S&M) and noted that we all have to be on the same page when it comes to EYK. Especially since. We represent S&M to the online public. Having a mission may help with keeping us on the same page.

        • LMAO, I didn’t know that either! That’s pretty cool though. Yes, something like that would make everyone in the team response consistently with each other :)

        • Not gonna lie, I don’t ‘read’ every comment, but I do skim over everything. Have you seen how long some comments are? :p My brain would explode >_<

          I completely agree with the benefits of having a vision statement. I've passed it on to S&M (along with a few other interesting suggestions that people have brought up)

        • skimming still a lot of work. I mean, there are so many blog posts in here and each has its own discussion thread! Hahaha, yeah, some people write so long. Just show how much time people would invest for S&M! I hardly leave any comments because it’s a lot of effort for me to do it lol. So I admire those who comments, bad or good, especially the long ones! they must spend a lot of times! btw, your username sounds so familiar. I wonder if we may have crossed path once upon a time in the past.

        • …maybe because I’ve been lurking around EYK for over 2 years? ._.

          Or did you hear my name in the WG interview…
          Or perhaps in the MFBTY interview…
          Or did you see me around Nic’s MKH blog…

          The possibilities are endless :D

        • hmm, are you a Wonderful?

  29. You can’t please everyone guys. I think you guys are AMAZING!!! I love the website and videos. Yes, sometimes I don’t agree with everything but this is YOUR show. If people wanna complain about things then they should make their own damn show!! Lol No, i’m not trying to be mean but really, people just take things too serious! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Please keep doing KMM, they’re awesome! I may not enjoy all of them but nobody is perfect :)
    Yes, everyone has an opinion and sure you should be able to express yourself but come on guys, this isn’t like the freaking Grammys or big music award show. It’s not that serious people. This is a place to come have fun, enjoy some music and poke up at it (which EVERYONE does!!!) I know the one video i wanted reviewed *cough* cnblue *cough* didn’t get reviewed but you don’t see me crying about it. Not ever artist video can be reviewed.
    Everyone just needs to be respectful to each other. Stop making something they love doing into something they will dread. After all it’s not you personally they are making fun of nor are they making fun of the artist or group. Some of these videos that come out are kinda crazy sometimes, admit it. And just cuz something doesn’t get reviewed doesn’t mean they hate them or favor another person!!
    To be honest I don’t know what was said about the LeeHi vid and I really don’t care.I just wanted to comment cuz I love Simon and Martina and wanted to show them my support. I love being able to come see stuff about another culture in an entertaining way. It’s like being able to hang out with friends except long distance ^_^

  30. Do you perhaps think your taste for listening to albums rather than songs comes from the North American album concept? I know that I started to get frustrated with bad concepts and making my own albums from different CDs just to have a cohesive idea. I’m from Florida, btw. But now that I started listening to J-pop, then k-pop, I really make my own albums as well. I noticed the lack of cohesion. I started labeling stuff on itunes by the genre I want…then I end up getting an amalgamation of bands…weird…but different and fun too

  31. You keep doing what you love. This is the reason I have been following you for years. Review what you like: whether it is music, videos, food, places, whatever. Your passion and authenticity is admirable. I reference your website in my classes and recommend the site to my students thinking of teaching in Korea (one is Bucheon right now). You are doing a wonderful job.

  32. Oh my goodness guise, my heart hurts for you. What a load of BS you have to put up with!

    I’ve loved your videos ever since I’ve found your website two years ago (I was searching for videos on the Hello Kitty Cafe, and found yours) and have watched you guys grow into something amazing. As one of your more “mature’” viewers (40 years young) I am not really emotionally invested in seeing who gets up for MM. I listen to whatever is put up, enjoy it, move on. I discovered Psy through MM, and ended loving songs by 2Ne1 (those women are epic!) and BigBang and Shinee. I think that Lee Hi is a very, very special talent, her voice is amazing, and with the right development could be a major worldwide star in about 5-10 years. (She’ll still be young then)
    But I found other amazing things through your videos. An appreciation for Korean culture, obviously, but most of all, an appreciation for love and passion; living a free and joyful life. Simon and Martina, through your videos, you teach us to be brave and experience new things, you set an example on what a loving marriage based on equality is like, and how to have fun and be kind and gentle with one another.
    If producing MM is making you feel heavy and fearful, well, that can’t be the case. You need to do what you need to do to feel safe. If that means get rid of MM, if only for a short while, so be it. You can do more FAPFAPs. Or just have time off, and hang out, away from YouTube; take time to heal. You guys need to put how *you* feel first, and make videos from your heart.

    Because that’s why we all fell in love with you. And we will follow wherever you go.

    Nasties for LYFFE!!!

  33. “I just don’t believe that Bang Young Gook authentically enjoys being a cutey boy.” I don’t think BYG enjoys the cutey boy much either, but he does have a soft heart. He’s not as harsh and bad boy as you guys seem to make him out to be. But in regards to the entire group of B.A.P, I think some of them do feel more comfortable in the cutey boy versus the tough guy. I guess it’s all just a matter of perspective.
    And that wasn’t to be mean Martina! I’m just expressing my thoughts. If I’ve ever wrote anything to upset y’all I apologize. I want you guys to critique. I want to hear your opinion. Most of the time I totally agree with you and you often give a perspective that I never thought of. Often times when I get all in a tizzy over something, whether negatively or positively, y’all’s KMM brings me back down to reality and I’m like, “OOOOOHHHHH…okay, that makes sense.” PLEASE don’t get rid of KMM! I love y’all!

  34. I dont have the patience to read everones comments. Honestly, I’m not interested in reading other people bitch. I rarely vote for kpop music Monday and yet I watch every kpop music Monday. So Simon and Martina could chose whoever they wanted to review each and every week and I wouldnt care. I’d still be getting their take on a current kpop song and video. Thats the enjoyable part. Hope yall keep doing what you’re doing!

    • Haha, the funny thing is that if you did read some of the other comments you would realise that no one is bitching and pretty much the majority of people are saying what you said, if in a slightly different way.

      That said, you are not obligated to read anyone else’s comments… Only the mods are required to do that.

  35. Whichever path you plan to take with KMM, please remember that us Nasties (definitely not those Assties) love you guys and your work and will continue to support you! Many of your supporters (especially the ones who read your blog) will continue to stick with you because you are amazing and hilarious people. You guys are my favorite vloggers, and your segments always manage to cheer me up. Keep chugging, and we Nasties love you!

  36. Hip hop Hitler Hahahaha Love it.

    So I’m really happy with what you guys have been doing! You may review a song that I didn’t particularly like over another, but just the fact that you’re here reviewing songs is a great thing!

    Also, I completely agree with you about artists changing up their styles within albums. I like it when an artist picks a certain style and sticks with it, but also updates their certain style. Just like how you talk about B.A.P’s period of cuteness, I was seriously annoyed when they took time off from their “warrior” concept. If a group or artist finds a style that works for them and is successful they should stick with it. Experimenting is awesome, but when it feels like the artist is just kinda floating from genre to genre, I never know what to expect and I begin to have a love-hate relationship with them. Kinda like how hip-hop is “popular” right now, so EVERY idol group is putting out hip-hop-esque music. I think that’s the reason not many people liked GG’s “I Got A Boy”, because it’s just not their style. (Also, why is T-ara putting out a hip-hop album… WHAT?!?!)

    Anyway, I like EYK and you should just keep doing what your doing whether we like it or not! :D

  37. OMG! I was laughing so hard when Martina went into mother-mode and was lecturing Jay Park about the hat situation xD
    And you guys are still awesome, don’t think to much and worry if you upset someone with your videos. As long as you yourself feel like you have reasons to say what you say, you should say it. You have to be true to yourself and us, the viewers. We like you for who you are, even when we don’t think the same. If someone doesn’t like it, and leaves mad comments just because they feel it is safe to be mean when they can be anonymous, then it is there problems. They don’t have to watch your videos and it is really a cowardly thing to do not being able to stand for what they write. Keep working, I love you!

  38. Amyaco

    Yup, that was definitely Seattle. REPRESENT!!!! :D

  39. “Jay Park’s english is FINE” lololololol :’) that made my day

  40. :( Just keep doing your stuff. We liked your channel and started watching your vieos because you guys were real. There wasn’t anything fake about you. Though I was sad about Heo Young Saeng’s video not being reviewed I do enjoy your stuff and I hope you keep on doing great videos :) ( nearly wrote down stuff again ^^’)
    PS: Heo Young Saengs video wasn’t reviewed xDDD (just saying …. hard to be a eyk fan AND a Triple S)

  41. BWAHAHAHA “JAY PARK’S ENGLISH IS FINE.” When i saw that I immediately started cracking up out loud. I just found that extremely funny and had to share XD

    As for your post, I really hope you don’t start making videos that cater to every whim of the viewers. D: I started watching you guys because I love your style and how you express yourselves in your videos, you shouldn’t let bad viewers push you down! Voice your opinions! Even I don’t agree with everything you say or your opinions on songs and videos, but everyone’s entitled to their own views, it’s not gonna make me stop watching you guys! NASTY4LYFE!! >o< <3 <3

  42. I think if you did a TL;DR about how you pick which video and how exactly the complex algorithm that is the kpop charts works would help everyone. You give vague hints here and there, but it’s never really been explained all in one place. If we knew where you were coming from and get to know why you pick a certain video and such, then I think it would make it easier for us to understand why our favorite video was not picked. There are always going to be disappointments and I think people voicing it politely don’t mean anything against y’all. We were just crossing our fingers and didn’t get what we voted for, then we move on and hope for the next Monday to be our song.

  43. I guess that means I need to start commenting more :D Simon and Martina, keep doing things the way you like to do them. If people don’t like your opinions, then this isn’t the place for them. Even if I disagree with something you say or I don’t like the music video you chose for KMM, I still watch every single one of your videos. You make things fun and entertaining. Please don’t worry about what the negative people say. True Nasties will love what you do, no matter if they like it or not.

    P.S. Please don’t get rid of KMM. They are the only things I look forward to on Mondays :D

  44. Everyone already saud what I think.Dear,Simon and Martina,you really shouldn’t be so upset about it!If people don’t like your opinion or don’t agree with you and have to make you feel bad about it-shouldn’t be your truw devoted fans.
    I don’t always agree with you,but it’s your opinion and that’s mine.We can agree to disagree ^^ I won’t go around and complane about it and write hurtful comments.
    I hope you guys feel better,when you’ll read the comments here :)

    BTW-Did I spot a new EYK shirt on Martina and a new EYK hat on Simon?I remember you guys said you had a meeting with a designer.So,are the new shirts ready yet?

  45. OMG guys….this next month is going to be so cray and busy for u….so many BIG groups and solo artists are having their comebacks….d Kpop charts are gonna turn into a battle zone!

  46. Who needs a wallet when she’s so young and beautiful? I bet she even got that coffee for free. :)

  47. Simon and Martina – Please just keep doing what you enjoy – don’t let the unthinking immature negative comment get to you. I was thinking about this last night and had a couple ideas. Keep the top 100 Kpop chart with voting for favorites. Then on Music Mondays give an award for the top voted video but then review a video of your choice (not limiting it to one from the top 3). Just an idea. FIGHTING!!!

  48. I admire you guys so much. You need tough, tough skin to do what you do. I think “you win some, you lose some” has to be your mentality because it’s an opinion blog, and that just invites disagreement. I’m sure you already have a system like this in place, but you should start looking at your channel in terms of statistics. If 5% or less of your viewers thumb the video down, then it’s a great video, 10% then it’s a good video, 20% or more…then figure out what went wrong. I don’t know guys, I hope you continue doing KMM because I’ve been around since the first KMM, and I have to say, it always makes my Mondays better. :) Your strongest fans will follow because they like your personality. Your other fans, like people who follow to learn about Korea or to learn about Kpop, will tend to be more opinionated. *shrugs* I wish you all the best! Keep up the good work! If you make a mistake, learn from it and keep going! <3

  49. Pfft… You said “touk”!! Sorry I don’t know how it’s spelled. The hat addiction intervention was funny but I’m so used to my kids calling knit hats “beanies” that I’d forgotten that cute little Canadian word!
    Also love the Hip hop jargon fail. “okay give me the laser pointer. Let’s do this thing. Here, kitty!” * falls over laughing*

  50. Some comments will always be hurtful! Some people just can’t accept that not everyone agrees with their own opinion. It’s a bit like Van Gogh I guess, people didn’t like his works either but it didn’t mean that they were bad, just that people have different taste and opinions (did that make sense? Probably not, my brain is feeling extra mushy today)
    ANYWAY!! You could just start rewarding yourself with a chocolate bar or something small that you like whenever you read a hurtful comment instead of being sad about it (warning: might result in failure of your diet)

  51. Don’t let the negative comments get you down guys! Haters are always going to hate :(, but you will always have the much bigger Nasty population that will always love and support you :) I love all of your Music Mondays, even the “not so good” ones are hilarious! They also give me and many other people something to look forward to every week, plus the more serious, analytical ones help give me a brain workout :) The bottom line is: keep doing what you do and ignore the haters. Some people just like to be malicious for no good reason and you just have to look past that as best you can. Never forget the hundreds of thousands of Nasties that you have supporting you. Eat Your Kimchi Family FIGHTING!

  52. the truth is out there

    You guys are awesome! I wish eyk had a mobile friendly website! So I can eat my kimchi on the go lol

  53. You know, you shouldn’t let others put you down. If hey disagree/are offended, it’s their problem and they’re the ones who should deal with it. But then again, I know it affects you guys to see your subscribers number decrease. Point is, everybody’s entitled to have their opinion and I don’t think you should apologize for making yours public.

  54. This is why I love reading the blog before actually SEEING the video…everybody here is so nice and they understand you guise. Your amazing for pulling off two KMMs in one day (even if one of them was a prank lol) and they both still made me laugh and whatnot. Ignore the haters, its YOUR OPINION and NOT THEIRS!!

  55. still don’t get why people get upset about YOUR opinion….

  56. Well, since so many people are commenting for the first time, I guess I will too!!! I LOVE you guise! I find some videos to be funnier than others, but I have never disliked anything you have done, since the reason I watch them isn’t necessarily because of the content, but because you two are so great all the time.
    Also, I’ve been in a lot of situations in life where the few negative people pull the whole entire group/event/anything down, and I don’t think it should be like that. Just because they are louder than the rest, doesn’t mean they represent everyone else. But, having said that, I guess it means that us nasties who love you should be be even more active, so I’ll try and comment from now on! :)

  57. Best part: “Marriage is..” and uh “JAY PARK’S ENGLISH IS FINE” uh period. hahaha

  58. Guys, I’ve never commented here but reading this blog post made me really sad… You’re not our personal court jester, you have to do what you feel like/enjoy doing!!! Hell, I even liked it better when there were no charts and YOU decided what to review and you only took suggestions ’cause that’s YOUR YouTube channel!
    I know this isn’t easy ’cause it’s your job and you have to keep people interested in watching your videos but remember that those people subscribed to your channel(s) because of YOU!

    Keep being awesome!!! Bye!!!!!!

  59. I wondered why Simon called Martina hip hop hitler, then I saw the bloopers and I got it lol

  60. ASD;FAJLDGHA Jay Parks English is fine xD pmsl. That was cute/funny/amusing. If you put that on a tshirt I’m pretty sure I’d buy it

    My 2 cents:

    Though I sent a fanmail last night, I was SUPER DUPER HAPPY to see @fuuko4869:disqus on here when I scrolled through the comments this morning. It eases my
    mind to know EYK has mods to help protect and support S&M since it’s
    not possible/proper for individual fans to do so. Keep up the good work! EYK
    Crew 화이팅!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. I have just read your post and was truly saddened. I hope that you do not stop doing KMM because of critics of your picks. I am in love with your website. Everything you do is fun, full of laughter and makes me smile. I am a stay at mom of 5, who has discovered kpop through her 2 teenage daughters. I love it! It so reminds me of all the fun dance tunes from the 80′s. The playlist on my iphone is due to your KMM’s and other groups/artists you talk about. If you have to do housework, it’s fun to dance around while you do it even if you don’t understand Korean!! There are always going to be angry haters no matter what you do, and unfortunately they are usually the loudest. Just know that there are more supporters than nasty critics. The UKiss you tube channel even has an EYK link to all your UKiss videos. No matter how old we get it still so disappointing when something we work so hard on is torn apart. Just remember that there are more that love what you do. Please keep up the good work–I need some new songs for my playlist!!!

  62. My feeling re: consistency of styles within an album or artist’s discography…

    It is a bit of a fine line. I’m with you in that I also like to go to certain kpop groups/artists (and Western ones) for certain types of music, though I am slightly more flexible about that. But I find that K-pop even more than Western groups seems to require artists to be “jacks-of-all-trades”, if you will; otherwise you run the risk of quickly becoming seen as boring and irrelevant. In order to stay popular, you need to be always changing so that you always attract attention each time you release something new. Competition for the spotlight in the k-pop world is pretty fierce.

    Also, I wonder if you guys are somewhat influenced by having grown up in a time when single downloading and i-tunes and online mp3 downloads weren’t really around, and if you wanted to listen to a group or artist, you had to buy the whole album. The album was a work of art as a whole, not just the sum of its parts. Now that listeners are listening to music in a more fragmented song-by-song manner, perhaps artists (and companies) are trying to cater to that kind of listener. By having numerous styles in an album, they guarantee that fans will buy at least one song off the album even if they don’t like the whole thing. So yeah, maybe it’s just a result of changing technology.

  63. other foot loooooool

  64. Hay Simon and Martina, I don’t mean to complain, just curious: Why can’t you review older videos/songs? It says so when I try to submit one. (and of course I don’t hate you for that, no need to ask me not to :))

    I agree with you it is kinda confusing when an artist changes his image so often. I realy like the badass songs from bap, the softer (can you say that “softer”? anymway you know what I mean) aren’t bad but it just doesn’t fit together. That’s why I started to creat playlists rather than listen to albums, so it’s not a big concern for me. But I get waht you mean.

    I, for one, don’t realy care what song you review. I can be sure it’s going to be great, because you guys are :)

    I’m not a die hard fan of any kpop group anyways and I’m always happy to get to know new bands when you review one I don’t know (like K. Will I didn’ know him before, thanks for introducing us :)

    and yea Spudgy needs a bath! He is soooo naasty ;) I think it’s kinda funny how old he looks when he’s all dirty and when he’s clean he looks like a marshmallow <3

  65. There’s one thing I’m confused about. If you guys pick from the top 3 now, why are you still saying that “Yes, this video was in first place and then the one we reviewed made first?” If you pick from the top 3, shouldn’t you not have to justify like that?

  66. Hello Martina and Simon, You have asked in your blog; What should we do? What can we change? We’re looking for input here.

    My input/suggestions are as follows:
    Problem: conflict over the way Music Monday is now chosen

    As I noted in both my posts on the site before – personally I wasn’t upset about you not picking HYS, but I could see why others were. In my opinion, people were not being negative for the sake of it but because they were genuinely upset and that this stemmed primarily from the change in the voting system for Music Monday and your statements about the voting system change – that you were making the change in order to allow more female performers and lesser reviewed acts get a chance to be reviewed. People were disappointed because they felt that you did NOT stick to this – you chose to review a well reviewed performer over a lesser reviewed performer and this contradicted your stated reasons for moving to the top 3 system.

    Solutions: (1) Abolish the voting system entirely and just chose a video yourself each week (2) continue to use the top 3 system and stick to reasons you state you were changing to this system – to help ensure more female and lesser reviewed acts get reviewed or (3) continue to use the top 3 system but make it clear that the video chosen will be chosen purely on the basis of the one you like best and most want to review. This will save any confusion and will make it clear on what basis the reviews are being done.

    Problem: How to deal with disappointed fans:

    I can really really sympathise with your frustration and your own disappointment about what happened. But I think you also need to put yourself in some of your fans shoes as well. Yes, this is your blog, but as you have said you are nothing without your fans, so it is important that you do listen to them not only when they are saying good things about you but also when they are saying they are disappointed with something you have done as well.

    What I think ultimately upset your fans (including me to be honest) is that you got so defensive and rather than acknowledging that your fans may have had a geniune reason to be upset, you instead took a swipe at those who did express disappointment in your follow up video. I get that you were tired and you put a lot of work into things and like the rest of us you are only human and make mistakes and get up set but it is not the fault of your fans if you stay up all night to finish the videos and we should not be made to feel “guilty” or wrong or bad for expressing an opinion different to yours.

    Solution: As someone who has worked in public relations/communications/media for quite a long time, my suggestion to you is the best thing you could have done was not get defensive as you did, acknowledge that your fans were upset and that you appreciate them taking the time to express their opinion, even if you didn’t agree with them or you thought their opinion is wrong.

    You don’t have to kiss the feet of your fans but you can acknowledge their opinions – both good and bad – and then
    try to figure out where to go from there. As you note yourself most Nasties are very forgiving and understand when you make mistakes and I think most people who were upset about HSY would have been forgiving/ok in the end if you had just acknowledged there may have been a genuine reason to be upset instead of just taking a swipe at them and if you had acknowledge that there was confusion with the way the new top 3 system was being implemented. I think the reason why some people emailed you and said they were unsubscribing and no longer going to watch anymore is because you didn’t do this and they felt you took them for granted, that you ignored them and you did not acknowledge what they had to say.

    No doubt I will get a barrage of response now that will eviscerate me but I am simply expressing my opinon and I am doing so because Simon and Martina asked for input and as a fan of EYK, I don’t like to see either them or their fans distressed and upset.

  67. Andy Ihnatko, a writer for the Chicago Sun-Times, has talked about dealing with negative commenters. His method is to rely on his editors’ advice on whether to read the comments or not. Perhaps you can get the mods of this site to filter out the hurtful comments and then just be told about them. Having that degree of detachment will do wonders for your sanity and you can concentrate on doing the videos that you enjoy making and we love watching.

    • Yes, more and more people have been saying that. I think we will do that more often, from now on.

      We mods previously focused on the Kpop Chart comments, since those are the pages that need more regulation; but since some of the blog comments are potentially upsetting too, we’re going to think about a good strategy on how to ‘filter’ them.

      Nasty Mod meeting currently in progress!! ^^b

  68. The reason he seems like he should belong in the city is because he actually lived there. This video was shot at and near the University of Washington where he went to. I actually met him at a BBoy competition in Seattle right after the 2pm scandal. haha
    Also one of my friends was one of his classmates.
    Anyway, Seattle and UW represent! Even though technically he grew up in Lynnwood…

  69. I felt really bad for you guise when I read that not-long-at-all paragraph:( It’s case of anon power… stupid people justifying themselves that they have a right. I’ve watched your videos since the first KMM and loved everyone of them. Getting to vote for them is a privilege(: I won’t ever understand why haters watch things that they hate… but I guess being popular means getting both fans and haters. FIGHTING SIMON AND MARTINA!!

  70. Honestly, I would have been just fine if this video was just of Simon waving his dirty foot in Martina’s face because that was GOLD. Hilarity XD

  71. Well since this top 3 system, people’ll probaply keep questioning why one mv is picked over another. I think It’d help little if there was confirmation who was first in deadline since it’s not sometimes so clear. This could have help sometimes but not with all disappoinments. But maybe if you had top 3 rule that you will pick the mv that you have most things to say about, then people won’t probaply question the pick or say it’s unfair. Just throwing ideas though. Anyway, I hope that you’ll continue doing KMM’s since to me they are most entertaining..

    For artist changing music styles: I love it. I’d be bored if there was whole album full of ballads or dance songs. If artist is good at doing more than one genre I don’t see any problem of him/her doing different kind of songs. Like Daesung doing ballads, trot, hard rock, idk what Cotton Candy’s genre even is. But too wide music changes aren’t that nice, especially if artist doesn’t seem comfortable at doing different styles.

  72. This is my first time actually posting here but reading this post made me feel really sad :(
    Don’ think about stopping KMM please!~ I love all of your videos , but I first started watching because of KMM .
    I really like watching them because you make the mvs a lot more fun and enjoyable , and sometimes they’re the reason I actually decide to check a group/band out ! I understand that you guys are upset about the negativity, but it’s not like everyone will agree with you, so you’re just going to have to put on your best poker-face and fight on through :D
    Much love from India to the eyk crew~ Hwaiting!

  73. Oh no. Reading your post makes me feel so sad and disappointed. I guess people watch kmm for different reasons. I watch kmm because they tend to be damn funny and the inside jokes that pop up in your other vlog posts keeps things interesting and I feel like I am apart of the inner circle. Even if you guys review a MV that isn’t my preference I never ever feel upset because your humour and ability to see the lighter sides of things is always refreshing. I have mad respect for you guys. I hope whatever you guys decide to do is in your best interest.

  74. i’m totally opposite of martina (whoever wrote it) regarding albums. i absolutely hate listening to albums where all the songs sound the same, and i have trouble tellin them apart. never did like the idea of albums, and thought that itunes selling songs on their own were a great idea. though, maybe what martina meant about coherence isn’t about having the same sounds.. *shrugs*

  75. Martina, girl u look fabulous!!! =) it’s my first time commenting on ur vids. I’ve been watching ur KMMs for about ten months now. When i have a crappy day, i watch ur vids and everything gets little better. And Simon’s Draw My Life was so inspiring, especially “where you start is not where you end” part. What u’re doing is amazing, funny, inspiring, inspirational and bla bla. =) I hope u guise enjoy urselves when u r doing it. p.s. excuse my trashy english

  76. Hey yo ~ from an elder. ;)
    (listening to Jay Park’s 2013 APPETIZER whilst typing)

    ♫♪…with these words man I dance on a beat
    man, I jam jam boogie dog,
    Jam, Jam boogie dog,
    Jam, Jam boogie (what, what?) ♫♪

    Ironic and intriguing that Jay Park’s shifting between edgy & cutie …might…perhaps… mirror EYK’s experience with straddling …what I will call *expectant fan-bases*. (just read that back and it’s not quite sounding right) O.o

    BUT…the gist is: Jay Park, and Simon & Martina, are navigating/trying to balance – *being who they are* and *giving the fans something to tune in for*.

    It’s been a looooooong time since musical artists strove to have a fully cohesive *album* …ya know, 10 or more songs (on vinyl) that made sense together. So that doesn’t phase me with the new Gen.
    But yeah – SOME ideological consistency would prove useful for knowing where to click on the ipod. just sayin’

    ’cause some days I might want to tell someone I like them
    …and others…. I might want to tell them to eat dick.

    Yin / Yang. It’s all good. /elder out.

  77. Dear Simon and Martina,

    As long as your “pick-1-from-3″ is in place, you will be subjected to weekly complaints. So I suggest a SET OF RULES to minimize it:

    Rule#1: Pick the second place winner for KMM treatment, instead of #1, from EYK chart. This, to some extent, prevents fans from blindly voting in their bias, while keeping the activity of voting still relevant. If you are in doubt about this scheme, I suggest talking to an economist about application of “the theory of second best”. I think he will approve :)

    Rule#2: If an “EYK chart regular” are voted into 2nd place two weeks in a row, S&M makes an editorial intervention and pick an EKY chart minority from, say, top 5. “EYK chart regulars” are: boy group, sub-unit or solo project by members of boy groups, and female artists from SM or YG. “EYK chart minorituies” are all others.

    Rule#3: This one is for gender balance: If male artist(or female artists from SM or YG) gets KMM treatment three weeks in a row for any reasons, S&M makes an editorial intervention and pick a female artists from, say, top5.

    I understand this may seem a bit elaborate and unusual, but by having a set of concrete rules,

    1) you can shut complainers about selection bias.

    2) can change the voting behavior of the Nasties. For example: Let’s say EXO is about to have a come-back next week, but boy groups were KMM reviewed 2 weeks in a row. Then Exotics will be motivated to vote to end the sausage fest this week.

  78. JOAH!! :D

    - I love the song too <3

    - Who is Boris lol….

    - Ah, I am also used to each band having their own flavour, which makes it recognisable, like when you hear their latest single on the radio. "Hey, that sounds like a song Linkin Park would make….oh so it IS them :D" But I think that only applies when it's always the same people making the music – and that's the kind of musicians I grew up listening to; local, indie bands. Even if they do change, it's usually gradual over the years, and not bipolar within an album.

    - So I'm not surprised when there's a lot of variety in kpop, since the composers are always different. Eg. Epik High had a fairly consistent sound over the last 10 years, since it was the same 3 people who produced it. So I was shocked when Epik High came out with their latest album. People said it was YG's influence. They were right. The songs were co-produced by one of YG's peeps. My understanding: If the people making the songs are different, the songs will have different tones, and will bring about different music videos, and thus different 'images'. It all starts from the song producers, imo.

    - It is suprising that Jay Park has image swings. Doesn't he make his own music? I noticed Appetiser was produced by Cha Cha Malone. And this probably wasn't. My guess is that Jay Park like R&B by himself, but occasionally he'll do a collab with someone else, changing the sound, and thus changing the image. Can someone please clear me up on this? :S
    - Kpop fans need to stop defending their oppas and unnies whenever you comment on image change. But i think it's just a fandom culture that you're supposed to accept and love EVERYTHING from their idols.

    - I love Jay Park's D*ck-eating song too :D I still go back to it every once in a while and listen to it again.

    - Lol yea Jay's friends look SO awkward :p

    - The girl could've put money in her back pocket. Sometimes, when I go out at night and plan to drink, I don't bring anything with me (because I'm afraid I'll misplace it), and just put money in my bra or something :S

    - Martina, you're so beautiful <3

    - Marriage is so beautiful <3


    Well you already know how I felt about Lee Hi and all that. We had lots of deep and meaningful talks eh ;)

    But one thing I know for sure: Up till now, I've never moderated comments on your blog posts. I just manage the comments on the kpop charts. I figured you could handle the comments here on your own. But, it looks like it's becoming too much for you, so….

    Expect more Nasty Mod activity on blog posts from now on. BRACE YOURSELVES!!

    • I also thing that when Jay collaborates with his more brash hip hop friends like Ilionaire and dok2 he sounds a lot more brash. I honestly like his R&B songs a lot. The first stuff I heard from him was more R&B and soulful.

      On the moderating the blog posts thing, yep, I am thinking we have to suit up and do what must be done.

  79. I like everything you do, even the KMMs I don’t like. SO, in the end, I just like you. No complains here. Might have constructive criticism every once in a while, but I like you guys too much so I’ll just be happy to have what you give.

  80. I think what you described is a fundamental problem for anyone who does something creative; at a certain point, you have to decide how much outside input will affect your decisions as creators. Yes, you are creating these videos for others to watch and enjoy, so the viewers’ opinions do matter to a point, but! (as many others have said) you have the benefit of a loyal viewership. The people who keep coming back to your videos (and have been for several years) are not going to abandon you because they disagree with your creative decisions. (Most of us should be used to occasionally viewing a music monday we didn’t want, thanks to the old voting system)

    You decided on the new voting system to give yourselves more creative ownership over the music monday videos. This decision means you’re going to have to face more people who attack you, since you are the ones making the final decision on which video gets reviewed. Personally, I think this is a great thing– there’s a hell of a lot more potential for every music monday to be funny and entertaining if you’re genuinely excited about making it.

    Basically, I think you should keep strong, it’s like the first crit I ever had in art school-I cried for about five hours afterwards, but once I got over it, I was able to handle negative feedback more successfully.

  81. I think you should just do whatever you feel like doing, saying. You can’t please everyone anyway, and if you stop enjoying what you’re doing it shows. So just keep doing KMM the way you liked doing it when u started :)

  82. Just wanted to let you know that I love every single one of your videos as it is and you don’t have to be worried about mean comments or whines! People who can’t except other opinions are silly.

  83. There are some KMMs that I didn’t find as amusing as the others, and there are some (or most of them) that I absolutely adored and enjoyed, yet I didn’t start complaining about every single KMM that I didn’t like because I’m sure others liked it, and you guys need to satisfy a wide audience, not just me. AND it sure doesn’t mean that you’ll lose my support if I didn’t like a few videos, that’s just stupid, you can’t keep everyone rolling on the floor and laughing every second in every video you upload, and I don’t think it’s possible to actually reply to every comment or take everyone’s opinion in consideration, you guys consider the majority’s opinion and that’s what kpop charts are for, weren’t the videos you reviewed voted for by us? Plus KMM actually introduced me to MANY new artists and songs that I listen to 24/7 now, which is really awesome, that’s why I’d never complain if my favorite wasn’t chosen, it’s totally pointless to only watch KMM for my favs. Honestly I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong, you’re giving your honest opinion and making your videos fun and hilarious without actually criticizing the artist in an angry or offensive way, so please continue what you’re doing, we’re always waiting for your awesome videos : 3

  84. You just can’t make everyone happy. If we expected EVERYONE to like what we do, then we might as well not do anything at all!!
    The problem here is that you are dealing with A LOT more people that, in adition, have the inmunity of being anonimous.
    I’ve never dealed mith this specific kind of rejection… but I think that learning to ignore haters is a part of life.
    You are both awesome; people know that and that’s why you’re beeing so succesful right now. So I’d advice you to stick only to the objective feedback and just keep doing what you like!
    Ps: so sorry for my english, I know it’s flawed xD oh and I forgot to mention that I LOVE YOU and that you make my days better with your humor

  85. I’m just gonna sum up my opinion on the whole “complaining and disappointing others” part:
    You guys should do whatever makes you enjoy yourselves and have fun!! Yes, I had moments when I was a bit upset you didn’t review a song I liked, but I’d MUCH RATHER see a music Monday made out of fun than one made for the others’ liking. THIS IS YOUR SHOW and you should always think about yourselves first when it comes to it!!! And be sure the real nasties will love it no matter what song it is ;)
    Love you guise, keep going and be nasty!!! <3

  86. every time Jay Park releases a new song I’m pissed off it’s not in english x_x that’s the truththe vid was fine, although I do agree AOM needs to look more at ease in Jay’s vids lol

  87. Hahahahah!!! I LOVE IT when Simon said “Jay Park’s English is Fine!” hahahahah!! SHORTEST comment ever!!!!

  88. First comments I’ve posted here!
    I do not like Kpop. YEP. I found you guys through the meemers ear suckling video and soon watched all your videos because you just seem like such genuinely amazing people. Also I knew pretty much nothing about Korean culture and seeing you two explain it was cool. I watch kmm and I don’t even like Kpop! I just love you guise and love watching you be goofy and hilarious on the Internet.
    Hope that makes you feel a little better ( and I hopefully don’t sound insane)

  89. i think one great idea would be that you keep the chart rankings secret until AFTER you’ve done KMM. that way, no one will know which video is getting the most votes and they won’t be as inclined to complain, “OMG [this MV] was in top 3! Y U STILL CHOOSE MOAR POPURAWWRRR VIDEO?? Y U SO BIASED?!?!?!111″ just have people vote for their favorite MVs and you choose whatever’s in top 3, but keep the rankings totally secret. if people are still complaining afterwards, well, tough shit you freaking jerks. what’s done is done.

    i think one major reason a lot of people are complaining is because they feel entitled. since they voted so much they feel that THEIR video should be the one reviewed. and then when you guys say that you were gonna pick from top 3, they thought you were gonna choose some less popular ones instead when the idea of that was to allow YOU guys to choose what YOU want to review out of the ones that we voted for.

    people are really being nasty jerks man. so what if they wanted to review hayi’s rose? even if they did say they were disappointed with the song, maybe they felt it was worth discussing WHY they felt that way as opposed to discussing a video that they really have no distinct opinions about. “oh hey, this guys the underdog and eventhough we feel that this song’s good and average overall, we’re still gonna review it (as opposed to hayi’s mv where we actually have something to talk about even if it’s something negative) because he’s the underdog and if we don’t review him we’re biased.” like, what the hell is up with that. no offense to whatever mv won that week, but we have to be open and understanding to the fact that maybe S&M just really didn’t have anything much to say about your video even if it was the highest voted and the less popular one. gosh.

  90. Hey guys~ just wanted to reply to your blog post….hang in there~~ I would hate to see KMM go away because if haters…that means they win right? Also remember for every neg subscriber/comment there’s 2 encouragers and nasties that got your backs~!! I’ve got your backs~~ :) hehe and also I hope other viewers can become understanding…in very few points of your videos I can see that you guys aren’t having as much fun as you used to and that kind of makes me sad cause I love seeing you both hyper and goofy and just having fun…like it was that carefree innocence that drove me to click that subscribe button :D so yeah…I guess I’m just trying to say I love you guys and I hope you can continue doing what you WANT to do :)) <3

  91. First I want to say, I love your videos especially because you don’t take everything seriously and make fun of the videos. When I first saw a video of you two I was like, woh~ they’re so funny and have so much fun. I’d never see something like that in this vidoes as you see. I hope you won’t stop doing KMM.
    And for the style changes, generally I don’t mind it but sometimes it’s kinda of confusing when they change form bad ass to cute or the other way a round. It’s ok when they want to try something new but sometimes I think that it’s not want the band want but rather the management because it sals better. I don’t know. But I would still listen to them. :3
    Eat your Kimchi is the best!!! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

  92. On the hateful comments note… I don’t often comment on your videos. Usually I just watch them, laugh, and then go on my merry way, so I wasn’t really that aware of the negative comments you guys were receiving. I’d just like to say that I’m sorry people have reacted in that way, but please know that there are many, MANY more people that love what you’re doing than there are people that are dissatisfied. I feel like a lot of those leaving negative or hateful messages when you don’t give a music video a great review are younger, and (hopefully) when they get older they’ll be able to accept the viewpoints of other people.

    Now about what you were saying on artists using different images or genres, personally I don’t really mind when artists change up their image. In the case of B.A.P, I didn’t really mind when they did the whole cutie boy thing. Sure, I preferred some of their other stuff (mainly Warrior), but I still enjoyed what they were doing. However, I would like it if K-Pop groups stuck to one genre within an album. I kind of like being able to put on an album that just plays hip hop when I’m in the mood for hip hop, or one that just plays pop when I’m in the mood for pop. Besides that, image change ups don’t really bother me.

  93. I don’t mind the changes in styles between albums, but I do agree that there should be some synchronization between the songs on an album to a single theme or style..or something..I don’t know.
    Also, I love you guise and just want you to do what you love and be happy doing it.. :)

  94. You’re never going to make everyone happy, especially with the fanbase you have now. I remember watching your very first kpop music Monday, but sadly I don’t usually watch them anymore (unless it’s something like GD or something). This is mostly because I personally feel the humor is too forced now. On top of that, there’s this crazy voting system and people getting butthurt over their video not being chosen. It’s like high school drama all over again! Come on, lighten up peeps, you be suckin’ all the fun out of it. *sadface*

    My favorite segment is the TL;DR, and I appreciate and come back for those.

  95. Sometimes you need to circle up the wagons. While loading the rifles.

    At this point, the reasons that people visit the site has moved beyond “people who like the same things Simon and Martina do, in the same way”. It’s way past time to redefine the rules of engagement. Saying that someone is, or is not a true fan doesn’t really address the issues Simon and Martina are facing. They recently celebrated that they have 300,000 subscribers. The reality is that 300,000+ people are rarely going to agree on anything, ever.

    Simon and Martina, I’m sure that last thing you need is more unsolicited advice and yet here I am very carefully choosing my words. You cannot please everyone all the time. Ever. You only really need to be concerned if the percentages change. If you can keep the entirety of your fan base happy all of the time, something has gone terrible wrong and you have become Satan.

    Establishing parameters of how criticism will be accepted is not out of line considering how rarely people understand the difference between criticism and expressing an opinion. Another reality is that people rarely understand how difficult it is to create something. A technique that may be helpful is to solicit alternative actions. “Wow, you didn’t like that? What would you have done?”

    I’m still learning the conventions of disqus. I take it that linking to other sites is not a good idea, and I did not know that. Are there a rules or conventions of use FAQS page I can visit?

  96. I’m sorry to hear that KMM may be becoming more of a headache than enjoyment due to some fans misbehavior since this was created from your passion for Korean culture and Kpop. It’s hard to cancel out the loudest voices of the minority when the majority are thankful for all the hard work you do and are just enjoying the ride of watching EYK site evolve and provide even more amazing content that is beyond our wildest dreams. You both rock and I am an EYK Nasty 4 life….cha!!!

    Also wanted to answer your thought provoking question on concept changes. I have to agree that generally I prefer when a group has a distinct sound, especially since generally they are very skilled at executing said musical flavor and it feels natural…nothing is worse when it fells fake or contrived. I find 180 concept changes, such as BAP, very startling, forced, and totally bipolar/split personality….its like “Come on guys go back to what you do best and try to even further develop that sound.” Also, I love when artists evolve their sound over time, where their roots are still present but their styles or content have changed….the process feels organic and shows how an artist grows and represents the influences of the culture at the time…like G-Dragon.

    However, I do feel there are exceptions to the rule…where an artist can explore different avenues within in an album or their concept as long as they stay true to themselves. I do think Jay Park kinda pulled a bipolar move from a his “eat a dick” type song, Appetizer, to a very smooth lovey R&B ballad, Joah. I think he was able to pull it off since in Joah he still kinda seems like a tough boy who might for the first time in his life feel “twitterpated” with this girl and can’t help but get mushy and see rainbows and stuff and this is the only way he can express these strange but wonderful feelings. Jay Park still seems to have swag and have this tough edge despite the smoothness of the song. That is just how it came across to me and why I didn’t mind Joah even though it didn’t fit in with the rest of his album.

    Perhaps there are exceptions to the rule depending on whether one feels the switch is believeable or not…and its definitely a risk by the artist if they do choose to experiment with. I just hope BAP never does cutie boy phase ever ever….ever again.

  97. I read a couple of the other comments, and I agree with them, when in doubt think about the people who REALLY love you. You do a lot throughout the week and if some people can’t appreciate that, well they can just go to hell. I do appreciate what you do and I rather watch a KMM of a song/video that you really really liked and enjoyed doing than a song/video that you really didn’t enjoyed but you had to do only because it got voted to first place or the top 3; if this means to stop doing polls for KMM I wouldn’t mind, in the end it should be your choice of who you want to review. It is nice of you to let us have a say here, but with the people complaining whether it is that you didn’t review their choice or you didn’t say “good things” about the song/video the liked I don’t think it’s worth to keep with the polls and just having you surprise us for KMM (idk if I’m making sense at this point D:).Anyway I love you guys and appreciate everything that you do. You make sad depressing days (thanks to PSIO) a lot better. I enjoy watching your videos no matter what even if I agree or disagree, we’re humans and have different opinion o everything. People should realize you’re not robots and all the videos are made by only 2 or 3 (maybe 4) of you and not an entire staff. Keep doing what you enjoy and don’t let haters bring you down.

  98. I don’t understand why you guys got so much hate for it. The commenters who say stuff like that obviously don’t listen to you guys and are just trolling. I’d never unsubscribe for any dumb reason like that. Even if I don’t like or know the song you’re reviewing I still watch because you guys are son funny any way.

    Keep doing what you want. Ignore the trolls if you keep reacting to them they’ll only win.

  99. i think that the SAME groups/artist SHOULDN’T be reviewed, EVERYTIME they release a new song. MAYBE, giving the UNDERRATED or ROOKIES a chance to be on Music Monday’s!!! idk just an input on things. OH, & GIRL GROUPS TOO!!!! Like Orange Caramel, After School, SECRET, and other rookie/underrated girl groups that NEVER GET REVIEWED SHOULD GET A CHANCE :D

  100. Music Mondays are the absolute highlight of my Mondays! I have a job I don’t like, so I just can’t wait to come home afterward and enjoy the Music Monday. I love it when you choose a video you like because then you can really be yourselves! I’m a new Nasty and really enjoy exploring your channel. I find you guise to be really inspirational and can show how many ways life can go. Also, your marriage is awesome and inspirational. So, clearly, I’m generally inspired. Also Cześć Simon! My parents are also Polish. :)

  101. stay strong Simon and Martina and the rest of the EATYOURKIMCHI crew! there are heaps of people who still love what you do and appreciate the amount of hard work that goes into these videos. Just remember that you don’t have to keep everyone happy or appeal to what everyone wants. That’s not what youtube is about. it’s about SHARING what YOU find interesting and like . Not putting up videos just to cater to what everyone wants. When you first started people subscribed because they liked what YOU guys brought to the table. And if people are gonna unsubscribe so be it! There lost! If they subscribed just to be baby fed want they want to hear then they’ve come to the wrong place! Love you guys! NASTY4EVA!

  102. Personally, I am fine with image jumps because I rarely listen to the album as a whole since I may not like all the songs in the album. I usually just listen to the songs I like and group them by playlists, so I would have a ‘sad playlist’, ‘happy playlist’, etc etc. I also don’t agree with your opinions all the time but it doesn’t really matter to me because we are all different and have the right to express what we feel. I just take it as another perspective. Some people just gotta stop being so dramatic about everything and enjoy watching a nice couple being happy dorks about korean culture ok. Life s’all about perspective people.

  103. I love all of your Music Monday reviews. I really hope you don’t resort to getting rid of KMM because you guys are amazing. I feel that sometimes us Nasties might get a little upset when you don’t review the videos we like but we, well at least I, get over it pretty quickly. Especially since your reviews make me, and many other people happy/ ^^….Anyway if you ever decide to get rid of KMM I would still watch your TL:DR and FAPFAP videos because those are the videos that got me to subscribe in the first place :D

  104. As nasties have already mentioned, remember all the people that supported your fundraiser. People like us who love your videos and interviews because they are great and it looks like you guys have fun doing them, We want you to continue doing what makes YOU happy! After all, this is how Eat Your Kimchi came to be; videos of you showing what you love and enjoy about Korea, never forget that. Do not pay attention to what “assties” say, these are your videos not theirs. I love watching your videos because they are fun, even when I am not familiar with the artist. Therefore I want you to choose music videos that you guys enjoy and the ones you think will give you the best material.Does not matter if it is number 1 or number 3 on the kpop chart. You are the best <3

  105. NO PLEASE! DONT GET RID OF MUSIC MONDAYS! they are perfect for me to start the week.. They are like my red bull. I just love your opinions (:.And I BET that everything you do, there will be INMMATURE people, that are sassy babys and doesnt know how to respect other PEOPLES OPINION. Do WHATEVER YOU WANT (: is your blog, your videos;D IS YOUR VOICE. Dont let other crap people to stop you :D

  106. SuJuM’s hats! They’re far more interesting.

  107. I’m just going to let my SJ bias show here and um… Vote for Super Junior-M. Because the superfluous use of funny hats was um… Perfection. Hurr.
    (Can Spudgy have a solo, please? I really enjoy his multiple talents – not only does he dance, but he also sings! What is this madness of The Spudgy awesomeness!? GO D-DAWG!)

  108. Bear with me, as I don’t usually get out in the comment section, but after that blog post I just had to say something. I legitimately love Simon, Martina, Spudgy, Dr. Meemersworth, Suzee, and Intern Leigh. If you can’t tell by just the fact that there are four people who spend almost all of their time working on these videos, it takes a lot of work to do what they do. Plus, their time schedule is altered so they can better run on schedule for those of us living in North America. But not only do they do all of this work, they do it FOR US. One more time folks, FOR US. (Did I mention we get all of this amazingness from them FOR FREE?) Whenever there’s been issues, they turn to US to ask our opinions and what we want. Hell, this blog is a call out to us to see what we think.

    Honestly, there’s a difference between saying, “man, I really wanted you to talk about _____ video, bummer.” and “OMG this is so unfair!!!!” No, no it’s not. There’s a whole thing explaining how the video system works, and it’s based on a sound mathematical system with time contstraints. The voting is a majority rules system. As the Rolling Stones say, “You can’t always get what you want.” If we’re all gonna be honest here, the best videos that they make are about the music they want to talk about. And that’s why they opened it up to the three nominee system. Because it’s not as good when their hearts aren’t as in it. We all love our respective bands, but the reason I come here is because Simon and Martina are so funny and cool. Not gonna lie, there’s been a handful of videos I was disappointed to see pass by (Poor, poor NU’EST), but there’s nothing to be done about it. To reiterate, the best parts of the videos aren’t the KPOP, which I LOVE, but Simon and Martina. So if you really appreciate them and all the things they do, you need to take some of that butthurt energy and focus it on yourself. Not tearing them down. Please and thank you.

  109. Simon & Martina fighting! I love you guys so much, and it almost brings me to tears knowing people out there don’t appreciate all your hard work and dedication. I know you guys are sensitive when it comes to hater comments, but I know you can handle these haters the best that you can. With an impeccable Nasty sense of humor. So please don’t get discouraged because we loyal Nasties fell in love with you guys for your honesty, quirkiness, and NASTINESS! I hope that when you read all these supportive comments you guys won’t feel so crummy but feel a lot more proud and comforted. PLEASE always remind yourselves how much we Nasties appreciate the crap outta yous!

  110. thisisjustforfunval

    Oh Martina you are so not Gangsta! Jay Park also brings out the Nastiness in ya’ll or allows it shine more. I love the Jay Park’s english is fine! This is honestly, for me, the first Jay Park song I really like of his. And I understand what you’re saying Simon about artist jumping around genres. However since I found kpop it is something that I’ve come to accept as natural from kpop idol groups. Now that said, I do agree it is not natural for a solo artist. It’s a tad bit music bipolarness with solo artists.

  111. Someone already mentioned it, but I think that it would be good to get SooZee or Intern Leigh to read the comments for you and give a summary of honest, helpful criticism along with the praise. That way, you won’t be reading it directly and it won’t affect you so much. Filter the negativity. Don’t give yourself ulcers over what anonymous people on the internet say.

  112. In regards to a band having a particular sound, maybe you don’t mind it, but it gets kinda boring if all the songs sound the same to the point you can’t really tell them apart. That being said, I try not to bring expectations into a song. It either sounds good or it doesn’t. I don’t want to destroy my enjoyment of a song for matters relating to, but not part of the song. On the other hand, I am not going to pretend to like a song just because everybody says I should and neither should you have to.

    However, I can’t help but wonder if maybe you would like some of the songs you review more if you just them for them instead of any preconceived notions of how they should be. This is not a slam, just hoping that might help you.

  113. I would much rather have EYK be opinionated than do any pussy-footing around trying not to offend anyone. It’s K-Pop, people ARE going to be offended, butthurt, sensitive etc., you guys haven’t been as good recently with some of KMM because of you guys trying not to offend anyone or whatever. That and on camera, I can at least, tell you guys aren’t having as much fun with some of these KMM, and it makes the video less enjoyable for me as a viewer as well. I’m thinking the not trying to offend anyone is why.

    There are not that many outlets that are about K-Pop (that are decently known) that aren’t glorifying idols, and you guys are (or used to be) one of them, it is one of the reasons why I do enjoy watching your videos!

    I understand for some of the TL;DRs why you would need some sort of pre-emptive message, but it KMM is just music – listen, enjoy, stare at your bias(es) good looks for however long it pleases you, and get on with your life!

    In summary, if people don’t like their videos, they can go on tumblr, or somewhere else and find a group that will be not negative about their bias(es) there.
    EYK has gotten so much bigger than when I started watching back in 2010, and you are bound to lose some fans, as well as gain some, but that doesn’t mean you should change yourselves or EYK as a whole. You guys can and are more than welcome to have opinions on your own channels and websites that you spend time, money, and energy on to have opinons, good, bad, or otherwise, on whatever you choose to spend those resources making videos about. And anyways isn’t that not what the essence of YouTube is about? Or are people just not getting that?

    Sorry for the long comment!

  114. It’s a sad but unfortunately true fact that there are people who we all can’t please in our lives. It’s even more disappointing that some of the stuff that’s going on now with KMM’s is just ridiculous and immature. Just keep doing what you do guise, quality videos. And by quality, I mean down-to-earth, from-the-depths-of-your-heart kind of videos, not plastic faced ones.

    Us Nasties should know by now that there’ll be times when one of your favourite bands will NOT and HAS NOT been reviewed in a while (Sunny Hill, 2AM…) so when the KMM comes out, I just let it go and watch the antics and pseudo-critiquing that is a KMM. You guise even changed the voting system to Top 3 so the decision is entirely up to you. The KMMs are always at your mercy.

    As for input, I don’t really know what to say… you guys could take a break from KMMs, get rid of KMMs entirely, get Leigh, SooZee, or Ryan to do a feature MM of bands they like, I honestly don’t know. I will say this, however, I WILL SUPPORT YOU IN WHATEVER DECISION YOU GUYS WILL COME UP WITH, GOOD OR BAD.

    *virtual hugz to all of you*

  115. Somehow I think reviewing Jay Park gives you guise even more of an excuse to be naaaastay. I love it. (Mad bitches, son.) XD

  116. Sadly disturbed that kmm may just become one of those vlogs that cater to their fans requirements… pls. don’t change the essence of it just coz few nasties unsubscribed to EYK… you guys are just being you and we love that!! fighting simon and martina… the show must go on!!

  117. I like how you two are clowning on his hat selection when you have just as many hats between the two of you! And I feel like you bought most of those hats in the last few months…. hmmmm…..

  118. A lot of kpop fans (not all) are over sensitive about their idols and insensitive about you guys. They complain and criticize for not having the same opinion or not doing what they want to do, and it sucks that you guys have to feel pressured by that even though this is YOUR channel. I think they take advantage of how much you care about us Nasties because you guys could do your thing and not pay attention to us AT ALL. Honestly, you guys should do what you want to do, and if the complainers/haters (because that’s what they deserve to be called) do unsubscribe, that just shows that they weren’t real Nasties. Real Nasties will stick by you through and through, no matter you do. ( hee,hee that rhymed) Please, please don’t stop doing KMM because I always look forward to it and no matter who it is, I get a laugh out of it all the same.

  119. Okay, I am saying this in the most respectful way possible, so please don’t get mad! But I think you just need to get thicker skin. What these people are doing is soooo wrong, and quite frankly there is probably no way you would be able to please them, they just like to complain. I think you guys are amazing and I can always tell when you are doing what you feel you should do rather than what you really want to do (the skits are less wacky…) and it makes me sad! You are at your best when you are talking about the things you actually have an interest in! Really we are lucky you let us vote for KMM at all! You could just do whatever you feel like! I have been a nasty for a really long time and started by watching KMM. Ignore the haters and just keep doing what you are doing! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! <3

  120. Martina, as for your question on whether artists should have a ‘signature’ sound or experiment – I personally agree that artists outside of Korea tend to have signature sounds; that’s why there are genres, right? I know I can go to Ellie Goulding for amazing EDM sounds, to Florence for ethereal vocals and glorious orchestral music. Within K-Pop, artists and groups do tend to have signature sounds – as you mentioned, with B.A.P – but I also find that (it’s sort of hard to explain) some bands just have a distinct composition so that, if you might have your Shuffle on and a band’s lesser known song comes on, you’ll still be able to snap your fingers and say “Ah, that’s Super Junior,” or “That’s definitely SHINee.”

    Taking SHINee as an example, while they’re more known for their convoluted yet systemic dance numbers, I find that their sound doesn’t change – it matures. A lot of K-Pop idols try to transcend their sound and develop new avenues for people to enjoy their music, and sometimes it doesn’t always work; others try changing up their sound completely, to present something different, or perhaps to show that they can achieve success in an alternate style of music than what they usually do. It isn’t always successful of course (taking B.A.P as an example once more, many people dislike “Rain Sound” because it isn’t B.A.P at all, but as someone who isn’t particularly fond of B.A.P’s usual sound, I really enjoyed it), but sometimes it does.

    I guess what I’m getting at is, it’s good to have variety with an artist, but it’s difficult to like everything that an artist puts out. Sometimes the albums/singles have a natural progression, which in my opinion, is important when listening. Can you listen right through or is there a disconnect somewhere in the song order? Taking Jay Park as an example, “JOAH” is a really poppy sweet song. His second track on the single, “사실이야 (Feat. Dok2)” is totally different – Jay Park returns to his rapping and signature bad boy sound. Not to say that this is a bad thing necessarily, I’m just pointing it out (I really like that track, actually). It’s difficult to swallow because his image is constantly changing, and it’s sort of hard to know where he stands.

    Going back to SHINee, I just wanted to point out – many people dislike Dream Girl and prefer Sherlock. I always think of what Jonghyun said about what Dream Girl is – a continuation of Sherlock. I find that to be a really intelligent statement; SHINee didn’t try to outshine Sherlock, they didn’t try to change their sound with their album – they took what they’ve done in the past, what they were already successful at, and enhanced it. I find Dream Girl to be a really cohesive album with similar sounds and a general theme, and in doing that, the release is really pleasant (at least, in my eyes, given what it’s meant to be).

    So, in the end, I suppose if an artist is good at something, they should continue down that path. Experimentation is nice, and should be welcome – creative license should allow you to explore and simulate; if you feel stuck, you might not be able to try something new – but sometimes fans just want to hear B.A.P being Warriors, and showing their Power, or 2NE1 being bombastic, or BIGBANG being Bad Boys, yo. That’s what made them famous, right?

    (I don’t even know if any of this makes sense, forgive me. OTL)

  121. Best English review EVAR. XD That made the video for me lol ><

  122. This was hilarious. Like, really hilarious. Like, I-snorted-laughing-while-trying-to-sneakily-watch-this-in-the-library hilarious.

    Thanks guise. :)

  123. thisisjustforfunval

    You can’t get rid of Music Monday’s just because some people are negative, plus so many people love it. You can’t get rid of the charts because that is the voice you gave Nasty’s. If you take that away then you couldn’t call it the Nasty’s studio, because you’d remove their voice.

    I feel too many people give into the negative now a days and forgot about the positive. I know it can be daunting and heavy to get negative feed back, I’m a graphic designer they train you in college to gain a second skin for it. Not everything can be rainbows, unicorns and sparkles all the time. Some how you have to learn to ignore the whiners that just want their way. Let them leave if they don’t like it. Accept and consider constructive criticism when it comes your way, because many of those people are you’re fans who accept the challenge you’ve presented to them to voice their opinions and input. Cherish always the plethora of positive loving comments you receive on a daily basis. I only read comments here and honestly the majority of what I see is love for you guys.

    You can’t let the negative prevent you from the things that you love. You can’t dwell on it, and constantly focusing on it will only give the whiny people power. It is your company, your business, your show. Yes from time to time you should listen to what true Nasties have to say when it comes constructively, but you should never fold because you are afraid of negative comments or complaints.

    I love you guys, but you keep bringing focus to this and it is once again inundating your blog in the way you said you didn’t want it too. People are talking about it more that your reviews and that isn’t what you or anyone else wants to see. Know that the majority of people love you, the hard work you put into all your videos, and will love everything you do. Not all of them are verbal here or other sites, they watch and enjoy. So ignore the “keyboard warriors” how have nothing better to do than whine and complain, and do what you love.

  124. I haven’t even watched the KMM yet. I usually let it buffer and read the comments first. I have so many thoughts on this, but I think I’ll save it for another day and maybe a personal email to you guise, but I wanted to share something (touchy-feely-ness coming your waaaay!)

    I’m reading a book called “Daring Greatly,” at its title came from a Roosevelt quote. Throughout this week I keep getting little “signs” of how it reflects in my life choices, etc etc. I wanted to share it with you because I think it’s something worth remembering amidst the loud voices of “Assties” or even disappointed Nasties (like myself during the Lee Hi KMM, I have to admit).

    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly…”

    Amidst the shiny perfection and glossiness of Kpop come you two with your silly skits, perceptive opinions, and a couple dynamic I never get tired of watching since I first saw it last year. You guise put yourselves out there week after week, and I wanna honor you and commend you for that, for “being in the arena.” So whether you decide to take out the charts or KMM entirely, that’s fine. If you need distance and safety from the critics and wanna “suspend” KMM for a while, that’s fine. You guise have created SO MUCH. I’m not even talking about your hundreds of videos; I’m talking about creating a space for international Kpop fans to have (sort of) sane discussions about this genre/music we love.

    Personally, the Lee Hi KMM was a slap in my face at how seriously I was freaking taking the charts and voting and whatnot. It gave me perspective. I decided to stop voting, a personal choice that was for my own sanity, and because I wanted to go back to my original purpose for being here: to watch you and laugh at you and laugh with you. To leave comments to encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing. To squee at your pets.

    TL:DR: you guise rawk.

    And to the Asstie commenters, the author of that book said this: “I also stopped reading anonymous comments. If you’re not in the arena with the rest of us, fighting and getting your @ss kicked on occasion, I’m not interested in your feedback.” I don’t know how you can avoid the anonymous comments, honestly (some way to program Disqus to only accept sign-ins from social media accounts and not “guests”??), but hopefully this can let these anonymousers’ words bounce off your backs.

    (Also, don’t know if it’s possible with your YouTube partnership to just disable comments over there and encourage the discussion here)

  125. I don’t know if the bad comments out weigh the good ones but, I hope you wont feel SO burden to “not offend people”. Honestly your opinions should only matter to you and the ones who agree/open to it. You don’t have to play by those other people’s rules. It must be dishearting to read things like “unsubscribing” but keep your chins up. Us TRUE nasties whether we agree with your opinions or have a rebuttal against it should know that you guys are just giving your personal opinions in a funny light hearted way. AND that’s why we watch you (and love you). If anything us subscribers should be extremely grateful that you go through such lengths to display the videos that you do. We should be even more grateful that you have brought Kpop idols to “meet” us and let them know we international fans exist. Please don’t give up and talk about quitting KMM, (It makes me so sad. T.T). I and so many others are delighted by your efforts and comments. As they say when you make friends, you make enemies as well…or at least I think that’s the quote..(?.?). Anyway don’t give up! You know haters gonna hate~~. Eatyourkimchi is jjang! Fighting!

  126. irritablevowel

    I will say this. Remember why you started doing this. You did it for yourselves because it was fun. It’s one thing to want to include the fans, it’s another to become slaves to their whims. Also, don’t get confused about what this is. It’s not disagreement, it’s virtual tantrums. Disagreements are fine. I’ve disagreed with you before. I’ve previously disagreed with you strongly, but I respect your efforts. I think if you want to be a reviewer, you have to kind of love disagreement. I couldn’t have respected the critic Roger Ebert more, but how could he have hated The Usual Suspects??!! What!? Preposterous! I don’t under..What? WHAT??! He pissed people off like that daily, but they loved him for it because he enjoyed civilized debate. If you disagreed with him, he totally wanted to hear all about it. He said people were *always* trying to convince him he was wrong about Blue Velvet.

    But what you’re getting is petulant tantrum throwing and phony martyrdom. The minute someone unsubscribes (and goes that extra narcissistic, showboating mile to announce it) because you didn’t say or do something they liked, it is not worth a minute of concern for you. They don’t want your reviews, they want your obedience, and that is deeply, deeply uncool. They’re disappointed in you? No, you’re disappointed in them. As for the phony martyrdom ala “I used to love KMM for the blah blah blah, but NOW that they blah blah blah, I feel so sad and tragic. I think I will sit over here in the corner and have a little cry, for I am being made to suffer so. This is all so traumatizing that I think I need to take a break from EYK for awhile. Maybe (looks off into middle distance) I’ll be back someday.” Oh stuff it. What a performance. I’d applaud, but that might encourage more of it. As my dear friend who used to be an army drill sergeant would say, “Get off the cross, we need the wood.”

    Remember, you can make what you do matter more simply by being excellent at it. I think you know that and I think what is depressing for you is when you feel like you are compromising the quality of what you do in order to make other people happy. Sometimes being better means pissing off the fans, and that’s okay, because they may not always love you, but if you’re consistent, they’ll respect you.

  127. I’m not a fan of Jay Park and actually found this video kinda boring. BUT, I LOVED your KMM about it. That’s my favorite part of EYK, actually…that you two manage to make me laugh about anything, even if I didn’t really like it on its own. Thank you so much for bringing a few more smiles and giggles to my days.

  128. I’m saddened that you felt you had to put out two Music Mondays because you knew, instinctively, one on yourselves wouldn’t suffice. Is not the EatYourKimchi website about Simon and Martina, and Spudgy, and Meemers, and now Leigh and Soo Zee (and Ryan? I see you Ryan). Honestly, with your voting system, choosing to parody your parody in the KMM is signature S&M – it’s what you do regardless of whether the song or video is meant to be serious or not. You guise aren’t music critics, you didn’t study to be professionals – you do it because it’s fun, and you work hard to make that silliness appreciated by everyone. I, for one, really enjoy your serious insights, and while I don’t always agree with your opinions, I enjoy watching you guise do what you love.

    I enjoy watching you guise do what you love.

    That said, please know that at the end of the day, whatever you choose, you will always have my support and love. I helped fund the EYK Nasty Studio and I have seen you guys go through a lot – move from Bucheon to Seoul, hire some amazing people, and have some really fun times. Never lose that spirit that makes you both so wonderful and loveable and human to me – I truly look up to you both as role models, and would hate for you to be completely disillusioned just because others do not truly appreciate or understand your decisions or your methods.

    Just my thoughts. xo

  129. Just finished your blog post, and I think you guys need to do what makes you happy ultimately. Just because a few mean people complain doesn’t mean you should not review a song you like, or not put in a skit/joke that makes you laugh really hard. With my own interests at heart, I have to say that I really enjoy KMM and would be sad if they went away. I have a very similar sense of humor to you guys and always get a lot of laughs out of them. With your guys’ interests at heart, you have to do what at the end of the day makes you happy. You have to take care of yourselves (you work so hard!), and I don’t think the loudest few should weigh as heavily on your shoulders as the support of the many.
    Sorry that was really long!! I love you guys, all of us Nasties love you guys, and I think that we will support you in what makes you happy! Rest assured that I (and many others I’m sure) *enter Simon gangsta voice* am a Nasty fo’ LYFE!!

  130. Don’t worry about those people who complain! My best friend and I always look forward to your videos and enjoy every minute! Don’t be discouraged~ We love ya’ll and will continue to support your awesome!! EATYOURKIMCHI FIGHTING!!!!

  131. I love your videos…but seriously it is like sooo obvious that you two need a couple kids. Yeah, my dogs were our kids for years, 2 Goldens….real ones are more fun…

  132. Omg the “Jay Park’s English is fine” part xD I CAN’T! I love you guys! Yall are hilarious and awesome and I read the blog post and feel soooooper doooper sad that you guys are feeling so insecure about doing the thing you like the most (I think). I love every single video you guys put out! Even if I don’t agree with every single word you guys say, I love hearing other opinions and I love that you guys can speak your minds freely in a very funny way! Been watching you guys even from before we had a fan name and i’ll sure as hell be watching your videos until you post your very last video one day (1863292 years from now) ! We Canadians gotta have each others’ backkksss son!

  133. Watching Music Mondays seriously makes my day. I’d be so crushed if its gone…I mean, it’ll just be like those past Mondays when I haven’t yet discovered the awesomeness that is known as EatYourKimchi (oh those dark ages….)..*ehem*..anyway, continue brightening up the Nasties boring Mondays!

  134. I also really like Jay Park’s MV and the song is nice too – and lol, his back up dancers did look a little awkward :) and wow! you counted his hats xD

  135. Been lovin’ the Spudgy singing at the end of the videos!

  136. I hate to say it, but it sounds like your popularity is getting to the point where you may need someone to screen your comment sections. There will always be more people that love your stuff and will watch anything you put out than the negative bungholes, but even one negative can bring down your day. Seriously, if you had a video of you guys playing a card game for three hours, your die-hard Nasties would watch it with No Complaints. I am truly sad that your hobby and passion now has this dark underbelly (speaking of, Spudgy needs a bath almost as bad as my doggie.) When you can afford new crew members, have a professional that will filter and remove trolls. This same person will gladly inform you of all happy emails and those with thoughtful, constructive criticism, but you’re torturing yourselves reading every bad comment. I know many Nasties may want to spam me now, but honestly, this is what many famous artists must do, whether they write books, blogs or music. I think it’s reprehensible that people use the internet as a platform to say things they never would in person, and it almost seems as if a small percentage of people are trying to wrest control of the entire EYK platform so it better serves their wants. To all such people, when you make your own successful blog with nothing but your adorable sense of humor and an iphone camera, then you can have your wish come true. Until then, shush.

    • Alas, myself and the rest of the Nasty mods are not pros. ㅠ.ㅠ

      But we do try our best!

      • I’m sorry- I didn’t elaborate well enough. What I meant by pro is someone who wouldn’t engage with the spammers, just screen them away back into the dark hole they crawled from. I obviously have no idea how many Nasty mods there are or what awesome things you already do, but I do appreciate you! I think S&M may be at the level of popularity where they only read pre-screened comments like the Movie Stars that they are, although from what I can guess of their personalities, they would hate to resort to this. What do you think, Natz?

        • the place they need mods the most is their youtube page, IMO :)

        • Do you think it would help if they removed the comments from YouTube and just kept the voting system in place?

        • no – then their passive youtube fans would be unhappy. we should probably learn to moderate as a community (but we first need to teach the blind fans not to attack constructive criticism, or disagreements with S&M)
          tbh, the community is still young-ish and growing, so we’re probably still gonna make mistakes for a while, but i think it might get to the stage wehre we could self moderate

        • You make excellent points. I was thinking more along the line that it might be easier to moderate if everything was in one location, but on second thought, that would be unfair to the good YouTube and Twit fans and it would eliminate the platform diversity currently in place.

        • it’s just internet etiquette that needs to change. I really want to make a page like ‘I get that you’re a hormonal teenager, but calm the fuck down – treat people with respect on the internet, and you’ll leave people with a better impression of you and your bias’ (i know not all teenagers are disrespectful online, hell I’m still technically in my teens, but it’s usually at that age that one is more defesive of the things they like)

        • more hormones and less handles on them :)

        • Yup, pretty much, poor things.

          I remember being so protective of my metal music when I was younger… had I better internet connection and was more confrontational back then, I would probably have behaved similarly if I saw an inflammatory comment dissing my band :P lol. still, education is the way to go, imo

        • The type of commenters you get on youtube are different from the commenters on the site. They are more passive viewers and to tell the truth, more likely to be blunt and say what they feel like saying. Usually people will only comment on the site if they have been following EYK and are thus a little bit more emotionally invested.

          I don’t even know if it is possible to moderate youtube comments other than down rating comments and flagging them.

          To tell the truth, I rarely even read the youtube comments. Especially since I have to go through all the comments here and that is quite enough for me to go through.

        • Yup, that’s what i meant by self moderating :)
          I think the uploader can delete vids, but i’m not sure of that :/

        • The whole of YouTube needs mods, lol

        • They like to be involved. I just do what I can to help.

  137. BE STRONG S&M!

  138. In the words of Kevin Hart… “do you boo boo.. do you!”

  139. Simon, Martina, I’ve been watching you two from the get go. I’ve watched your videos grow and evolve, and your videos are a part of my week now, I feel so wrong when I haven’t watched them. It’s like time stops for me until I do that, because they make my week so much brighter, even when I’m having a really crappy one. For those people complaining about your videos, screw them. This is Eat Your Kimchi. Haters and complainers should have no say. This is after all something you’re doing to make other people laugh, and just that effort should be enough to win people over.
    Basically, I was appalled at the reaction this community gave you when you did that review of yourselves. I’d have been just fine with the KMM on yourselves, because it was HILARIOUS. I feel like we got a glimpse of the Simon and Martina from awhile back, who weren’t so politically correct that they had to censor themselves all the time. I want that feeling back, because that’s what all this effort you’ve put in was for. Don’t lose yourself in the internet spiral of doom. Us true nasties will always be there for you.


  140. SIMON AND MARTINA… i hope you both are reading all these wonderful words of encouragement and love everyone is leaving for you two! dont let the haters get you down. you’re at this point because what you’ve done since the beginning has worked! loved you from the first “How to dance kpop 2008″. it works because you guys are being YOU! Keep up the great work! print out all the positive comments and post them around your house/office/bathroom ..wherever necessary so that you can keep the stupid negative ones out of your heads! thanks for the 2 Music Mondays and the many many laughs!

  141. Super Junior

  142. Remember that for every negative post, there’s probably 10 positive reactions (at least!) who support what you do and enjoy it! For some reason, it’s easier to see the negative (the few there is) and miss the positive. The fact that you’re putting yourself out there and not just doing something that you enjoy, but also doing it for us Nasties to enjoy make you two inspiring individuals. I hope that you’ll continue to enjoy what you are doing and sharing that joy with us.
    Don’t let the grumpies drag you down. Let us Nasties raise you up!

  143. Y need to worry just enjoy what u doing now and keep making KMM

  144. Now onto the more serious topic.
    “Mondays tend to suck so we decided to create Music Mondays to uplift our spirits.” Remember that sentence? Because I do (well, not from the time it was posted, but from the first time I watched it more than a year ago) and if you came to a point where making Music Mondays not only doesn’t uplift you anymore, but it even makes you stressed and frozen in fear (as you said), then I won’t mind if you quit making it or take a break. I know that the situation since the first KMM has changed a whole lot and now Music Mondays are part of your work (that brings you the most views I guess) so getting rid of them is easier said than done. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you “stop making KMMs!”, I just want you to know that I’ll understand you if you decide to do so.

    Music Mondays were what brought me to EYK, but lately it’s been getting noticeable that in your Kpop related videos you were feeling the pressure of the larger audience and acting slightly different as compared to your other vids. And following this trend, little by little I started enjoying your non-Kpop stuff the most.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you to find the best solution.

  145. Dumpster Doggy is Spudgy’s gangsta name – D-DAWG :D

  146. So here’s my two cents. A lot of complaints were directed towards the Lee Hi KMM when she was reviewed twice in a month, but whenever there is a new BigBang album no one seems to complain when you end up reviewing all three singles from the album. I do not think the issue is unfairness on the part of S&M. There is a huge bias in your fan base which may have to do with the majority of fans being female. Personally, I’d be happy if you just picked whichever videos you wanted to review because at least that way either the song or the video would be interesting. As a long time fan, I think I enjoyed the MV choices better when it was not vote based, but part of that may be my male bias speaking. Over time I’ve come to like KMM a bit less because I found many of the songs and MVs boring. I would be perfectly happy though if you chose a boring song and MV that had horrendous English just so you can have fun with that part of the review. In any case, I’m a bigger fan of TL;DR and the Indie segment and would still be satisfied if the KMM disappeared.

  147. I loved this song & the video. Tbh I didn’t think you’d review it since G-Dragon’s mv was released.
    The video was different & as you said, he appeared to belong in the setting; the reason is because he filmed it in Seattle Where he’s from) and besides the actress, the dancers are from his Art of Movement crew. From what I see, Jay Park hasn’t changed anything about his concepts and image. He’s a Hip Hop/R&B artist so it’s natural that he can go from a rap song like “Appetizer” anf release “Joah” and it wouldn’t seem weird. I think when it comes to K-pop artists, their concepts/images are never a happy medium. It’s usually cutesy(like A Pink or Hello Venus), sexy(like Sistar or BEG), or a hip hop vibe(like 2NE1 or GLAM) so when a group switches to something else for another comeback *cough*Girl’s Day*cough* it can be confusing. There are a few who can start off as cute/fresh and slowly change to sexy while still retaining their cuteness(i.e. SNSD).

  148. Don’t listen to the trolls Simon and Martina! They aren’t your true fans and I enjoy seeing what makes y’all happy. Don’t hesitate or regret your choices, and more importantly, DON’T FEED THE TROLLS!

  149. I’m not sure of a good way for you guys to deal with complaints. I’ve received lots of hate. All I have to do is state that I don’t particularly like the song, I think it could be better, and watch 100′s of comments of how people are going to MURDER U IN UR SLEEP!!!!! I deal with them by not reading replies, and ignoring any other comments.

    Pretty much…. people are idiots, in general. And they will continue to be idiots. Especially with the anonymity of the internet to back it up. It doesn’t particularly bug me, but I’m also kind of a hardened person who has mostly lost faith in people in general being anything other than selfish and cruel.

    I don’t know, maybe you guys are just too nice, wonderful, and awesome to handle being tainted by the touch of netizens. I would be sad to see KMM go, I absolutely love watching it, but your mental ability to function comes first. In my opinion though, those who are unsubscribing because they didn’t like your choice in KMM’s are the ones who are going to unsubscribe and leave anyway if you get rid of KMM’s.

  150. I’ll admit it, I was one of the comment complainers during the Lee Hi KMM. I’m not a huge fan of Lee Hi and I thought Young Saeng’s video would have made a great KMM. I don’t regret expressing my disappointment, not everyone is going to like every KMM now that the final decision is an elective one and not a “this song made it to number one, everyone accept it” kind of thing but I am saddened to hear that some people took their disappointment so far as to say you all don’t care about us and don’t listen to us. I was a little disappointed to see that my preference wasn’t selected but I know that you all are the content creators. You’re the ones putting the effort into making this channel a fun thing for the community of Nasties to gather around and without you making videos this community wouldn’t even be a thing. Since you all have made this such an interactive experience we as Nasties need to be taking care of you just as much as you are taking care of us. That means letting you have most of the creative control so you are still enjoying making videos for us. If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing because of us then it’s us who’s doing you an injustice, not the other way around. I don’t think there need to be any changes in the system. The “fans” who get pissy about not getting everything their way without thinking of you guys are not fans that you want to have anyway. Please try not to get discouraged, real Nasties know that you care about them and we care about you just as much.

    • ☆pallavi☆

      This is exactly it! I still retain my original feelings, but one video isn’t going to make me hate eyk or attempt to limit their control over their own content! Think about your fans a bit when making a video, but ultimately follow your heart when it comes down to it.

  151. Wow!!! I totally loved the review on this one. Best part “Jay Park’s English is fine.” lol I really liked the video and song so I am happy you guys agree with me. Also haters are always going to hate. So just ignore those netizens and people who always have something to complain about. Those people are always looking for something wrong and aren’t worth your time. I like the fact that you guys stick to your opinions.I know you guys are worried about offending people or people complaining but there is always that one person that is never going to like what you do and complain the whole time.

  152. If you have nothing nice to say, do not say anything at all.

  153. Isabel Ruby

    oh, and i agree with the feels you guise attributed to the song. it’s super fitting for spring, too!

  154. Isabel Ruby

    srsly people need to learn to say something nice or nothing at all, with the qualification being politely phrased constructive criticism. you two put so much effort into making these videos, the only ones who have the right to strip the fun out of that process is EYK themselves. the job of the Nasties is to enjoy, appreciate, and offer pointers to improve overall quality AND TO LOVE THE MEEMERS AND THE SPUDGGGGGGGGGGY. peace

  155. I don’t think you two should worry about offending or pissing people off. We are your fans, and I know I personally like the way you two do things, especially with the new way you do music mondays. It is nice to hear what you are passionate about as well, and not just what is popular in the charts. I guess what I am trying to articulate very horribly is, I love eyk because of Simon and Martina if I wanted to get boring reviews or foreigner view points on Korea I could find a dry text book or blog. You guys bring your nasty viewpoints to us nasties and I appreciate the goofy and fun eyk uniqueness of the whole experience. I would say keep doing what you are doing because you can’t please everyone all the time, and the real nasties truly appreciate what you work so hard to do and we love you guys like one nasty family <3

  156. Long comment ahoy, but I need to say this. Simon and Martina, you are both adorable and wonderful people, BUT.

    You made a decision and now you need to accept responsibility for it. You decided to use one of 3 top-voted songs for your KMM. This allows you more flexibility with regard to the final video. But it also affords US, the voting public, more flexibility. Before, no one really had any right to complain about the choice of KMM: there was one clear cut winner whose right to the top could be objectively calculated and proven. But now, under this system, things are going into the decision that are harder to measure: potential for comedy, level of S&M enjoyment of the song, balance of male-to-female KMMs. These are things that can be debated, and WILL be debated, whether you like it or not. I’m sorry that it hurt your feelings, but it is a consequence of your decision, which is changeable if you feel it should be changed.

    You are a business now. You have started a company, spent a great deal of money, accepted a great deal of money, built up a brand, and commit a great deal of your own and other people’s time. Having fun while you work is great, but at the end of the day, you are a company selling a product, and I think it’s unfair of you to act like it’s somehow our fault that you can’t just be two nerds goofing off anymore. Times have changed. It’s time to leave your feelings at the door and do the work that you committed yourself to doing. You’d rather make fun of yourselves than do the JOB you signed up for by making EatYourKimchi a legal brand and company? Too bad.

    I haven’t watched the Like A Man review because I frankly thought it was immature and self-fellating (though its comments on the Kpop Charts were some of the funniest parodies I’ve ever read). If I am no longer interested in the kind of videos you release, I WILL stop watching and unsubscribe.Not because I’m angry at you personally or think you are terrible people, but because I don’t want to spend my leisure time on something I don’t find interesting or entertaining. I feel the same way about K-pop artists who release a song or video that doesn’t interest me, even if I love the artist. If that inevitable loss of interest is something you can’t handle, then you might have bitten off a bit more than you can chew here.

    I’m sorry if this came off as incredibly insensitive or a-hole-ish. I’ve been following you for almost 2 years now, and I’ve seen things change here. Some changes I liked, and some I did not. And since you asked, I want to express my own feelings to you. For all my chiding, I don’t want to intentionally hurt you or demoralize you.

    • I think you are missing the point of their videos. Yes they do have a brand now, and it is more “professional” and they do have a lot more responsibility but I think if you take all this Kpop DRAMA seriously you will ultimately miss their intentions. Not every video speaks to you, and you think things are immature- so? Not everything has to be serious. My life is too serious and I personally unwind by watching the silly antics of people I wish were my friends. Their goal ultimately is to put out videos they are proud of (and as they have said many times before, show a healthy marriage). If their jobs are getting in the way of their happiness they stop, cause it is not as important as their lives together. They aren’t living for you, ultimately if they stopped tomorrow I would be sad, but understand.

      Also, saying that they must leave their feelings at the door is sorta ridiculous.

      YOU, must to take into account that they read our comments. They connect one on one with many of us, nice or not. This dramatically brings them closer to the mean and sometimes purely hateful comments. They aren’t like TV shows or like celebrities that aren’t as connected to their fans and supporters. That don’t go through every hate mail received. When something you worked so hard on is put down, it hurts. After this many years, they can still get hurt by the comments. I am not saying you’re an @hole, but you really need to check your opinions. You try putting out so many opinions so openly to the public and not become jaded and bitter by the backlash that the internets can bring. Stop judging so much when you haven’t experienced something similar for so long. Encouragement wins over critisism.

      • I agree, if this job is getting in the way of their marriage or their general satisfaction with their lives, then stopping is absolutely the right thing to do. Not necessarily stopping EYK, after all the work that went into it, but maybe stopping Music Monday. Like any job, quitting is an option and sometimes a necessity. And I want them to do what’s best for them. If regaining more control over their videos by removing the Kpop charts (or doing something else) would make their lives better AND create a better product, then that sounds like the right decision.
        No, they are not living for me, but they are working for me. I am their customer, their consumer, and they are a company selling me a service. I pay them by generating advertising revenue for their site. We have a business relationship. We are NOT their friends, just like we are not friends of the Kpop artists whose art we enjoy and consume. We’ll cut S&M as much slack as we can, but if we are dissatisfied with the service they are providing, we can and should speak up IN AN APPROPRIATE MANNER. Obviously personal insults and other degrading comments are not okay, and I do not endorse such behaviour.
        I’m a musician, and have been posting music on youtube for several years now. Every single song I upload is the result of hours upon hours of work, and the same is true for my many musician friends on youtube, some of whom now make a living off their music. Something we’ve all had to learn is how to take criticism. You DO need to leave your feelings at the door and not be wounded by everyone who is disappointed with your work, especially when you are a professional.
        I tend to be less emotional about these things than most people, so I probably did come off a bit heartless there. But I think it’s important to remember that while the Nasty fanbase is a closer-knit community than most fanbases, we are still customers for their business. We have a personal AND a professional relationship, and to ignore one in favour of the other is a mistake. That’s what I think.

        (sorry about the all-caps; without bolding or underlining it’s hard to mark emphasis without seeming like you’re shouting. >_> )

        • when you need to emphasise things use this – writesomething – where i’ve written insert, put b for bold, i for italics, u for underline. :)

        • awesome, thanks! (not very techno savvy over here) Hopefully now I won’t seem really bad-tempered in the comments. XP

        • i only learned it a few days ago myself, and i think it’s very important tool so that one is not misunderstood :)

        • I don’t agree with the idea of EYK working for you. They work for themselves, and we happen to like it. I think that is a negative concept for any consumer to have- they aren’t an appliance. You think of their work as a service- it’s not. The way you talk about them makes it sound so clinical and that just doesn’t seem to fit. Even though they “branded” and have a company I still see them as YouTubers who are showing their personal lives on camera. It’s not a regular job, and I will never see myself as a customer. They have feelings, and part of what makes them successful is that they do talk about their feelings-including what works and what doesn’t for them. I think in their situation to start dividing personal and professional would ignore who they are- take what the EYK crew said about S&M in their intro video, they said they were surprised how they were the same people on and off camera. No matter where they go they are the same. I appreciate their aproach more so than other youtubers that I am subscribed to-

          I am glad that we can differ in an appropriate manner, and I TOTALLY understand doing all caps. :) I don’t consider it shouting till it’s more than one sentence. I doubt we will agree, but these are my feelings on this.

        • (had to take a break for schoolwork and sleep XP )

          I’m glad we can disagree peacefully too. :) I think the bottom line is, there are different ways to approach an arts-based business such as EYK, and the approach S&M have chosen (a more personal than professional approach) comes with some specific challenges. I’m not totally thrilled with how they’ve handled those challenges so far (and it sounds like they aren’t either, as they are expressing their dissatisfaction to us), but it’s still early on in their career and there’s plenty of time to test out hypotheses and see what works best for them personally as well as professionally. I’m definitely going to be sticking around to see where EYK goes from here. :)

          Okay, Fuuko, now I’ll get back on topic. ^_^;;; I just wanted to close this conversation with a bit more finesse than my last post had. :)

    • This is the kind of criticism that should be encouraged and supported. No personal attacks or unnecessary rudeness.
      In the end, though, I disagree with pretty much everything you wrote.

    • Haha, trust me, we’ve been discussing those very issues with S&M, the other mods, and even a social media PR person, for the last few weeks.

      We all agreed that S&M aren’t exactly well trained in PR, especially as a business.

      But on the other hand….that’s what some people like about them? If S&M just went about trying to please everyone, sucking up to people, being scheming and calculative….they would lose the honesty and innocent, childlike appeal that they have now.

      So, we mods have decided to take on that job. Read people’s complaints. Compile the useful ones. Pass them on to S&M. Suggest what they can do better. We can be scheming and calculative businessmen/women, and they can remain the happy, childlike creators that we love. (and we mods will be their safety net who clean up behind their mishaps).

      Lol what do you think of that? Because asking S&M to change….is kinda sad, y’know?

      So next time you think S&M are doing something that are endangering the wellbeing of EYK, please feel free two tweet me @fuuko4869:disqus

      Lastly, I’m trying to encourage people to keep their comments on topic. Kinda hard when there’s over 300 comments here ^^;

      But yea, if you want to discuss this with me further, you can reply here: http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts-update-47/#comment-873111411

      Otherwise – did you like the Jay Park KMM? :D

      • Well, I hate change like I hate the plague, but sometimes it is necessary. I’m hoping that whatever changes they decide to put in place (because it sounds like they really want and need to give this system an overhaul) will enhance their personal and professional lives. :)

        Re: Jay Park KMM… I love Martina’s necklace. Can Hip-Hop Hitler become a thing? It needs to be a thing. YES, Simon, girls sometimes DO walk around without buying things or obsessively texting; I do it all the time! XD … but you’re right, I’m probably in the minority. (I think she brought that coffee from home, as it’s in a travel mug. Just sayin’ ^_^ )

  157. Ignore the trolls. If they can leave you so easily over a measly little review that they didn’t agree with, they’re not real Nasties. Don’t quit K-Pop Music Monday please! It’s one of the highlights of my week! Mondays can be shitty, and you guys are like SUNSHINE! SUPER FUN SUNSHINE! Funshine? That’ll work ;) Thanks for always being there for us, we know you work very hard, and the un-fickle (if that’s even a word) Nasties will stay by you no matter what. Thanks for putting out 2 KMM’s even though I would have been fine with just that weird suckish EYK Crew ;) Take a nice long nap. I hope your back gets better soon Martina!

  158. “Jay Park’s English is fine” LOOOL, one of the best English sections EVAR :D These simple lines are the funniest to me.

    I don’t mind when a band changes their concept/sound/image. People can have different sides and if I was an artist I’d probably create music varying from happy upbeat songs to sad sad sad crybaby ballads and still be autenthic in both (and several other styles in between). But when it comes to albums, I agree. I like it when there’s some consistency at least within a part of the album. Not that I don’t like any less consistent albums at all, but it’s easier to get in the mood when one song comes naturally after the previous one.

  159. The way I see it, the people who get the most OUTRRRAGGEEDD are people who treat their favorite artists like a nasty crack addiction. THE SPECULATION OVER THEIR HOLY KPOP IDOL FUELS THEIR FEELS, so when they get all psychotic and rude when they come here thinking they’ll get high on your analysis but don’t get the hit they expected.

    It’s only slightly less dangerous than dealing with real crackheads, so I love you guys to the ends of the Earth for actually hanging in there and still being so consistently amazing :) The fans that love you guys most understand.

  160. Martina! OMG where can I get that Gangsta shirt?? And what does the whole thing say?

  161. KATHyphenTUN

    Don’t be stressed! We nasties love you and will cheer you on for what ever choices you make!
    I don’t know if its possible to get some more nasty mods on to take off the mean comments or ban rude commenters
    Some people just need to learn the old phrase “If you don’t have anything nice to say.. don’t say it at all!!” *pouts*
    Just remember we will always be here for you guise!
    Fighting Simon and Martina!! <3

  162. You guys are amazing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! From now on I’ll write more comments. Haha the haters really are the more vocal ones huh? Well lets show you what we are all screaming to our brothers/ sisters and parents about. For example; ‘BWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA OMG I LOVE THESE PEOPLE.’ ‘WOOOOOOOOAH I DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING… DAEEEBAK’
    EATYOURKIMCHI LIKE A MAN’ OR ‘AWWWW THEIR SOO CUTE TOGETHER XD JEALOUS’ I love you guise. You make my world brighter with your smiles and wit. Well, until my next comment then!

  163. irritablevowel

    Hip-Hop Hitler. Gold.

    I don’t know what advice to give you with your dilemma, all I can say is, seek the wisdom of Lester Bangs


  164. At 1:30 and 1:50 in the music video, am I the only person that finds a little child being “gangster” and hanging out with people more than twice his age weird? He’s adorable and all but I see this all the time in hip hop videos and can’t help but wonder if this actually happens. Oh yeah MORE HIP HOP HITLER PLEASE hahaha

  165. Personally, I think the K-Pop chart needs to have some of its power taken away. :P It’s a nice idea to have fans vote for the video they’re most interested in but, in all honesty, the charts have dissolved into fans whining whenever the video they wanted to get picked doesn’t get selected for a KMM. This type of system sets you guys up for failure, really, because no matter what you do, no matter how fantastic your KMM is (because let’s face it, they are all flippin fantastic), many of the people that voted for a different video aren’t going to watch it with an open mind. So, in the end, you guys get a lot of positive comments but a ton of negative ones too. WHICH IS RIDICULOUS, MK??

    What I think would be most effective is getting rid of the K-Pop Charts system as it is now and you guys go back to picking the videos you want to review. You’ll have more fun that way and (hopefully) avoid some of the whining about how Xgroup didn’t get picked. Perhaps instead, the K-pop charts could just be a fun thing that you guys update to help expose Kpop fans to new music and foster fun discussions about videos (and, if you want, you can obviously pick to review a video that has a lot of comments or viewer responses). Or keep the voting system and once a month do a “fan favorite” KMM where you pick one of the top 3 or the number 1 video (note, this would not be in addition to your hand-picked KMM, it would just take the place of one monday). Along those lines, you could even do something were you guys pick 5 videos the week before the “fan favorite” kmm, have viewers vote for a winner out of those 5, and you review that video. And who knows, maybe if you guys do something like this for a while, you can return to the system you have now–it might just give people time to calm down, put their big boy/girl pants on, and learn how to vote and handle disappointment in mature way.

  166. No :O no no no no, please don’t take away Music Mondays. They are the reason I started watching you guys in the first place, and just like kpop, EYK quickly dragged me into its dark hole of craziness. YOU GUISE ARE AMAZING and I love every KMM you make even if i don’t like the artist or the song. You’ve got to remember there is no way you can make the whole youtube community happy, some idiot will always complain even if its just to make their pitiful existence known to the world. There are times where I don’t agree with your kpop reviews but that doesn’t mean I’m going to write an angry comment and get crazy about it, because: we are different people, we have different points of view, And ABOVE ALL ELSE, I LOVE YOU GUISE soo much, you make my crappy Mondays awesome!!!!! so THANK YOU Simon and Martina and meemers and spudgy and The whole EYK crew!! The TRUE EYK fans will appreciate your hard work ALWAYS! God Bless you guise! <3

  167. I’ve re-watched your pre-studio KMMs recently and compared to the KMMs now, they felt more fun, silly, light-hearted interspersed with wonderful skits, not that your recent KKMs aren’t funny, but I felt like you guys had more fun before. Basically, I’ll like and watch whatever you guys do if it’s something you truly want to do and hear what you say if you really want to say it. It’s hard to enjoy KMMs especially if it seems like you’re trying to appease people. I like that you want to take people’s opinions into account and try to work with them but, people will always complain. Like someone has said below, I think you should do the kinds of videos that make you happy and review the MVs that you feel like reviewing and those who like them will stay. I really like your humor and skits and everything else. Anyways, I hope this jumbled mess made sense and please be happy guys :)

  168. I hope I don’t get jumped on for this, but I wanted to share some advice that I’ve received in the past that I’ve found very helpful.

    “It doesn’t matter how fair you are, what really matters is the perception of fairness”.

    I’m definitely not suggesting that you’ve been anything but fair, and I’m not defending the people who get upset and make rude, insulting comments. Unfortunately those kind of reactions aren’t going to go away, so it’s best to figure out ways to deal with them. When you switched from the old system where the top video gets reviewed to this system where you have personal influence, you changed the game. You were protected by a ‘mechanical’ system, but now, whether it’s accurate or not, some people will “perceive” that you’ve been unfair.

    It’s not unlike being a manager with, say, 15 staff. You always have to maintain a professional distance because you have to be seen as being fair and treating everyone equally. The instant that someone thinks you have a preference for one staff over another, you’ll have lost their respect. The analogy here is that the various fan groups are like your staff (and in the sense that they drive your revenue, the analogy works well). You may like one more than another, you may not want to go out and have a beer with some of them, but you have to try to make sure that they feel they’re being treated fairly (and that you like them).

    So, what to do about it? Well, you’re right that making more KMM’s is impossible. If I were you, I would look at other ways to acknowledge and recognize the videos that come close but don’t make the cut. Maybe showing a still from those videos on your laptop in the background of the KMM, or acknowledging them in the outro of the videos. Maybe you can do a “catch-up” video KMM every three months when you make a quick commentary about all the ‘great’ videos that didn’t quite make it to KMM. Maybe just write a few posts in the comment sections of videos that don’t make the cut, although you probably already do that. Maybe run a special CD giveaway for some of those groups that don’t get KMM recognition. Just ideas.

    You’ll probably never satisfy everyone and not everybody can be employee of the month, but if you diligently make the effort to actively recognize people, it might help blunt some of the reaction.

  169. In response to your thoughts on how hard it is seeing not pleasant comments, I was kind of talking to my friend about this the other day. Although she introduced me to you both, she got offended by something or other and unsubscribed. She says she would prefer to hear about Korean culture from someone who is actually from Korea, which I totally get. Personally, I think
    you offer a fun representation of the excitement of being in Korea from a North American perspective. I’ve never had any problems with what you guys say, even if I don’t agree with it. I see that what you’re doing is giving your opinion. People have different opinions and that’s okay. It’s not like you’re saying your opinion is the only way to look at things and if you don’t then you’re stupid. You’ve never done that! I know you don’t want to offend people at all, but because you have such a large worldwide audience, there’s always going to be someone who gets upset. I don’t really have an answer to that. It must suck to have to apologize to someone (or some group of people) for something different every week. However, I really hope you don’t stop Music Mondays. Or any segment for that matter.

    One thing I will say that I think upsets a lot of people is how videos are chosen for MM. That’s always seemed to be a problem, even before you changed the process. I think people either don’t understand it, get confused by it, or think you’re choices are biased. Maybe there should only be one way of voting? Like instead of having twitter, facebook, google+, and on your blog, and leaving a comment, maybe just have it on your blog. That way there’s only one number to look at. I think a lot of people get confused because there’s so many different ways of voting. Do the different ways have different points or something? Or they used to but don’t anymore? See, I’m also confused by it and I’ve been a Nasty for a while now. If there was a definitive way of being like “Jay Park has 15,506 votes and GD only has 8,187. Jay Park wins!” then that would be easier. At least then it would be truly apparent that an artist’s fans got them the win and not you guys. I know you had to say that every week with the old way of voting, but there were still five different ways of voting. Does all of that make sense? Am I completely wrong and crazy and have the voting system completely confused?

    Anyway, I’m going to end this very long comment by saying I love you guys. I love what you do and how funny you are and how much obvious fun you have while you do this. It sucks that you have all this fun only to have comments of disappointment bring you down. I hope the loving Nasties outweigh the disappointed Nasties. I hope that you find things that encourage you to keep moving forward even if there are road blocks along the way. Simon and Martina, FIGHTING! <3

    • Yes the different ways of voting have different points attached to them because of the way that can be used.

      You can only Facebook and google plus once and so those votes are worth more- 4 points to be exact.
      Twitter and voting is 1 point, once a day,
      And commenting is one point for each comment, once it follows the forum guidelines.

      Also we use a lovely decay algorithm to track how ‘ fresh’ a video is. As a video gets older, it is cut by a certain percentage.

      Thus, for the average EYK nasty who does not know the details of how the charts work, it can be confusing.

    • About your friend… I like hearing Korea from both perspectives, from that of a native and a foreigner – and while I don’t this youtuber is in Korea, she is Korean herself – sweetandtasty http://www.youtube.com/user/sweetandtasty she also is able to cover topics from different angles through her various characters. this, coupled with S&M’s foreigners’ perspective makes for a well-rounded learning experience, IMO

      • Ahhh! I love Ramona! She has a pretty kooky and off kilter sense of humour.

        • I know! xD I love how she describes the snacks in snacktub korea, lol. And Granny Kim is my bias :P jk
          She’s actually really great to watch alongside S&M’s vids tbh – there’s a nice balance between the two :)

  170. About the changing images for bands/artists thing (not specifically about Jay Park), I think a lot of these artists would have gone through an amount of training equivalent to a uni degree in a range of different musical styles, and they want to use some of that, or they want some diversity in their portfolio.

    Conversely, if an artist started as a garage band and reached stardom doing the same sort of act, they are likely to keep doing the same sort of act.

  171. Hey Simon and Martina,

    I’m sorry us nice nasties (lol oxymoron) don’t vocalise how much we like your videos as much. I certainly enjoy them and I like that your reviews aren’t basically all “omg, I’m so — stan! I LOVE THEIR STUFF ANYONE WHO SAYS BAD THINGS DESERVES MASS ABUSE”.The fact that you guys will look at the good and the bad and can still like a song seems like intelligent and normal behaviour to me. And I think it should be normal for us to do that without the backlash.

    That’s why I also think you should be able to do the videos you want to do without the backlash because you guys have opinions and you know what will be interesting for us to watch you guys review and just what is worth mentioning. So I think those negative commenters should be more reasonable and considerate. Hence why you lovely people shouldn’t worry about them. They’re not reasonable, they’re not being nice, so why be nice to them? Oh wait, it’s because you are lovely. But I don’t want you to get bogged down by this, at the end of the day, you have to remember that this is for you too.

    On a side note, Charlie McDonnell (Charlieissocoollike) went through this kinda thing too, maybe not so extreme because you guys have this “system” where people think the song they voted for is guaranteed to be reviewed, when they may have missed the memo about you guys picking out of the top 3. Anyhow, it seems like Charlie is moving past that fear, it’s not just you and you two aren’t alone (besides the two of you =P )

  172. Aw~guys~! You just do what you want, pick from the top three if you want, real fans, like those of us who have been with you since your first place in Bucheon will love you regardless, even when we don’t always see eye to eye. We love you for being that dorky kpop loving canadian couple. I love you guise <3333333

  173. Just read the post. (;´Д`A It’s pretty sad that something you guys started doing just for fun has become such a source of stress for you. I would say don’t lose sleep over trolls and sasaeng fans, but I know that I would not be able to handle opening myself up on the internet to the extent you have. I’m really sensitive.

    Anonymity allows people to be unreasonable, uncivil, and downright cruel because they don’t need to take responsibility for their words. Do what makes you happy because that’s what makes the best videos. I watch EYK because you have lovely personalities, the videos are fun, and I learn new things. If one wanted to hear about how amazing their biases are, there are plenty of other YouTube channels that do that sort of fan service. Frankly, people that claim that you don’t care about them because you didn’t do what they wanted are just being self-centered and seem to lack a fundamental understanding of how the world works. Sorry. Rant over. Ganbatte ne! (I’m guessing Martina knows that one!)

  174. Jay Park’s hats.
    Great vid, and I’m happy you did both the EYK review and this – I know it was tough on you guys, but I do think your hard work has paid off :)
    As for the image change – I don’t mind it too much with BAP. They usually have a ballad-y song in their albums. But I dont’ mind them acting cute, like in Hajima, because it had a plot, and was ridiculous – once I can laugh at it, I’m good. And with BAP, they’re determined to try a bunch of different sounds and looks before settling down, which I understand and like. So long as they never go too cutesy, I don’t think I’ll mind it. (I hope that if a subunit ever comes out of BAP that they’ll never be overly-cutesy)

  175. I’m starting to think that separating KMM from the chart completely might be a good idea. Maybe that will get the idiots to shut up.
    EYK seems to attract mostly the good kind of Kpop fans, but Kpop fans seem to have the biggest percentage of whiny little cry-babies with the worst case of self-entitlement of any fan-community I’ve ever seen.

    Personally I couldn’t care less which music-video you choose as long as long as you feel you can make a good review-video from it. Keep up the good work!

    • It’s when people get involved here on the site that they get upset – you get emotionally involved with it, commenting with people on an MV, sharing your hope that it will be reviewed and watching it climb. Before I got involved on the site, I was just a passive viewer, and I was generally less agitated about the whole thing (not that I’m overly agitated now either, but I am more prone to feeling disappointed if a group I was hoping to get reviewed just misses out).

      • True, but these so-called ‘fans’ are overreacting and acting like spoiled brats.
        I would have liked to see Glam, GI or Delight being reviewed but I can accept that they probably won’t be without having a hissy-fit.
        And most of the people here (like you and me) are not the problem, really. It’s a small minority that causes all the trouble.

        • some of the fans might be, but when it came to the Lee Hi review, most respecfully said they didn’t like the choice (expectations were that it would be one of the MVs that was about to expire that week as opposed to the newly released Lee Hi) and some even said they still liked the review – S&M were understandably disappointed that fans were disappointed. What people didn’t particularly like was some of the stuff S&M said after reading the comment, there were misundrstandings and feelings were hurt on both sides – but tbh, I think it’s a learning curve for those that were involved, and hopefully the EYK community can learn from it and get stronger

        • Respectfully disagreeing should always be okay. Bitching and whining isn’t.
          But I must have missed out on something here. I usually don’t bother with the comments, so I never saw anything S&M said. But even if they said something a bit over the top, it’s still their sandbox after all.
          Thicker skin on both sides might be a good thing though.

        • From the comments I saw, they weren’t really bitching and whining, tbh (but I don’t know what was said after I saw it). Idk, there was some reaction that led to hurt feelings (I was on an internet holiday at the time). And while it is S&M’s sandbox, they’ve invited everyone over to play and made it into a business – different expectations and treatments come with that (whether you see that as a good or a bad thing, idk).
          I do think thicker skin and more understanding is needed all round, but I also think both parties need to learn from it to get the thicker skin… but for the most part, most of the EYK community are fairly understanding

        • I probably don’t need to reply, we seem to be in agreement for the most part :)
          You (and everybody else who have commented to support S&M on this KMM) are definitely not part of the problem.

        • the only thing I have a problem with regarding the EYK fans is that criticism, even if it’s constructive, is taboo with the ‘hardcore’ crazy nasties, and they respond in an rude tome. other than them, everyone on this site is lovely and open minded :)

        • Yes. Fanatical fans crop up in all fandoms, the important thing is not to let them take over the entire fandom.

        • they rarely take over, but they give fandoms a bad name *sigh* but it seems every fandom suffers this

        • Haha, I collect action figures and wargaming miniatures. I know everything about giving fandoms bad names…

        • lol :)

        • Yes, this is true and we are trying to combat that. But it is the nature of fandoms. Fanatics exist.

        • I partially disagree with the “thicker skin” comment. When you put so much time, effort and energy into making something and then have people attack it so ruthlessly, it is quite hard for people to shrug that off. Personally, I can’t shake criticism very well and I never have been able to. I accept it, welcome it and try to better myself daily, but “thick skin” just doesn’t apply to me and it is an expression that doesn’t take the emotional pain of rejection away. Likewise, I am quite able to forgive, but I never seem to forget. “Thick skin” comments make it sound too easy to shake off terrible feelings where in reality, it is not easy for anyone. The emotions one feels after being barraged by negativity are not so frivolous that “thick skin” can cure it. I’m not so sure the adage applies to the fans because their creative works are not being assaulted by hordes of fanatics, but I get what you meant by it. Sorry for rambling, this is a pet peeve of mine! I do enjoy your intelligent discussions, Terri, so please don’t take this post in the wrong “tone”. I look forward to what you have to say because you usually seem to present a neutral opinion taking both sides into consideration.

        • Don’t worry, I didn’t take it in the wrong tone at all :)
          It is more difficult to deal with criticism when it’s something you made, yes. I don’t know if it gets easier as time goes on. I like to think it does, though it probably doesn’t. But I think it’s important for a business to act like it has one, that they can take the good and the bad together, and get stronger from the two.

          I have to say, I was quiet flattered by your last bit ^^ I also enjoy you intelligent insights here as well :) It’s always fun to read and think about :)

  176. You make ours mondays betters. You make us laught. You bright this f***** world. Keep on doing what makes you happy and don’t give a f*** about haters. I swear I’ll find them and I kill them… (not literally, ain’t no time for that)

  177. I love all of your videos! a lot!
    Though I don’t agree with every single comment of you, I love how passionate and sincere your opinions are.
    I just like you guys as you are :) Don’t sacrifice your brilliance for anything please.

    화이팅! 힘 내세요 ♡

  178. I love Kpop Mondays! So forget the haters and keep up the awesomeness. Btw my kids find you funny :)

  179. Simon and Martina, you guise are like my extended family. you guise should do what makes you guise happy. You can not always please people. I work as housekeeping to pay for school. At my job, the housekeeping manager and the mall manager expect us to clean, to do details, and to give great customer services. They do not realize that people poop on floors, details are bone tiring and the customers are never right(they’re evil, I SAY). They expect everything under exploitation. The point is that I take everything in the grain of salt. I am not going to kill myself to please these people. I’ll do my job and that’s it. You guise main goal was to have fun and spend time together. I read comments about getting rid of the Kpop charts and to revert back to the old KMM system. It’s ok too. As long as you guise are happy. If the children do not like it and throw a tantrum, then who cares because you have your fellow nasty family to support you guise in any decision. NOW, get some rest!!!!!

    • so totally agree!!..you can’t please everyone …just do what makes you feel good…we want a happy Simon and Martina :) i work in retail and it can get tiring at some point when people treat you like you are a nobody/human being with feelings… one of my managers went out of her way to do something which we dont do and the customer just berated her…aka customer is always right..not when they are disrespectful and big fat jerks…sorry long rant lol but DONT STOP THE FUN SPIRITED EYK!! LIKE JAY SAID IT BEST JOAH LOL ;)

  180. “There needs to be a “Psychology and YouTube101″ course offered to people so they can learn to deal with all the anonymous comments coming at them. ” Before that there should be a “Confucius, Psychology and Youtube101″. Just like in the South Korean Society, there are these moral values that people need to follow to fit in it, there should be a free course that all youtubers would need to attend to be able to move forward (be able to leave comments, post videos and such) and when they agree to all the terms and break the rules they get banned (oh look at me dream… but that would be like an awesome idea just like a “pre-pregnancy” free course where people learn what are the risks or consequences of giving birth *I don’t why I made that comparison …maybe because we don’t have those in my country) after being warned by mods… I should suggest this to Youtube… ( or maybe not *childish thinking* )

    “These Music Mondays are becoming less a matter of us just having fun and more a matter of us being worried about who’s going to complain about what. We’ve even started talking about getting rid of Music Mondays as a result. Though, we don’t want to resort to that, because we know that there are a lot of people who do like what we do, but the complaints of the few DO weigh very heavily on us. What should we do? What can we change? We’re looking for input here. Doing extra videos isn’t an option.”

    I know that… I could even see it when you announced you’re changing the system (you expected it too didn’t you?) For starters, you need to be more open to your fans (like even more open than this). Take your Lee Hi “Rose” review comment page for instance… no I think the “hating process” started since you reviewed Lee Hi before U-KiSS. With each KMM you started feeling pressure and you weren’t feeling yourselves and finally gave in and said to pull a prank on the complainers (tell me if I’m mistaken) and things got bigger and bigger because you wouldn’t communicate why you chose an artist for another (well some of us long time Nasties know but the new ones don’t) and I think you should just state from the beginning in a post both here on your blog …on the front page and Youtube…maybe Facebook as well and Tumblr cause you know how most ppl don’t look for the details unless they pop in their faces *you know what I mean right?*(“Facts that you need to know before you become a Nasty” “Introduction of EYK” you need to remember that there are people with different ages in your audience and some might not be mature enough…you need to be patient and explain the rules you follow when reviewing an artist/group)… many times I had to post links of your interviews and such because some didn’t know about you guise and new people keep coming.

    As for a suggestion for KMM … 1.a critical option would be to take it off for a while (even if it’s fun so are your other videos) and you could do a quick video of Kpop bands and dramas…. or do even drama re-enactions (and maybe even convince more people to watch drama (cause they got so much good in them *ehem puts biasness aside*) ). Simon might not like watching dramas but I bet he find the re-enactions fun. So something that blends k-pop and k-dramas. and 2…..uhm no … for now I only have one… I’ll see what you decide after reading this comment… hope you read it… uhm hope I didn’t confuse you with my English (I’m not a native English speaker) and hope I didn’t request the impossible… I’ve always appreciated what you’ve done for us and not taking you guise for granted…( I think you should bring this more out in the open… maybe some people don’t know that there should be an equal trade in anything… you get something you give something of equal value….)

    As for “Joah” I think it was a great KMM ^^ (Great Job EYK crew!! :) ) … though I’m kind of seeing through your stressed out faces – . -’

    Waiting for your reply,


    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ^^

    • Holy moly. so many parentheses :p

      So Ana, just wanna say,

      I’ve already discussed this with S&M in a lot of depth. But even I don’t always know what is best for them. I really have their wellbeing in mind, but I’m not the one making the content, doing the work, or being victim of any complaints that come along.

      So when I suggest something, and they veto it, I just move on. And try to suggest something better next time.

      (well i do some work, and i do get some hate occasionally, but never at their level).

      Thanks for putting the TKIR right at the end :p

      If you wanna talk about the Lee Hi thing more, bring it here.


      Ah, looks like I won’t be able to clean up things from the last few weeks that easily. Lots of long hours are in store…. =3=

      • Yeah… I kind of use those a lot for some reason…

        Well I don’t think that I’ll be able to make any more suggestions… this is pretty much all that I can do.. sorry it they’re lacking
        Sorry… I forgot to put TKIR at the end… it slipped…
        Uhm… I don’t think there’s anything more to “bring” *scratches head*… wasn’t trying to bring out the bad memories of that review…
        Hope I didn’t create you any trouble… If there’s anything I can do to help I’ll try to be of some assistance…

  181. Hey I am a dedicated Spudgy fan….hey go TEAM SPUDGY…..but from a puppy lover …boy you needs a bath LOL !!!!!!!!!!!

  182. On changing image…Just no for most groups. Someone shoot me if 2ne1 ever go cute. It works for some cause the change isn’t per se a change of genre which I think Jay Park falls into, i.e. it maybe softer, but its still hip-hopie R&B for Joah, One example I can think of is like Evanescence whose music and albums could move from very soft ethereal music to angry heavy rock, yet the album worked cause it was all a similar genre of alternative rock. I think I would have the same reaction listening to Jay Park’s album. That being said I didn’t like most of his recent releases cause they were too cute/pop. For some like BAP it does feel like a change of genre and image, from aggressive rap to candy pop and it gives me the hibee jibees.

    I vote Jay Park on the hats, he wins hands down, useless to vote of course once the power of Elves is invoked.

  183. I’ve been watching EYK’s videos for about two years now and I’ve seen every KMM, TL:DR, WTF, WANK, and FAPFAP. (I’ve fallen behind on the Indie Playlist and the Chart Updates.) I can honestly say that I have never been disappointed or upset with you two. EVERY WEEK YOU GUYS GIVE US ENTERTAINING AND EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS ABOUT KOREA TO WATCH. EVERY WEEK. I’ve learned so much about a country I barely knew anything about because of EYK. How could I ever be upset?!?! The world’s not going to end because you didn’t review a video I voted for or you skipped a KMM. (Like when you’re on vacation for example) It just boggles my mind why people get so upset when that happens. It’s like people take your videos seriously. Unless it’s a TL:DR about a serious topic I just watch your videos to laugh. Besides the fact that I love the EYK Crew, that’s the main reason why I watch your videos.
    I just want Eat Your Kimchi to keep doing what they do best, making corny videos that make me laugh. I really love Eat Your Kimchi and I don’t like seeing you guys so stressed trying to please EVERYONE. I say just do what you want to do. Do what makes you happy. People will still watch your videos. Some may leave but the passionate Nasties, the ones who truly appreciate your videos and you guys, will stay.

  184. In my opinion, just keep doing what you are doing. You can not please everybody, but the whiners always are the loudest. You see the same thing a lot on any type of forum. I am a gamer, and you see this A LOT on video game forums.

    Do what you have been doing, and I hope you always enjoy it, because the best part of my Mondays, are KMM!!

  185. ‘this is a really round about way of saying thank you to all the Nasties that understand when we make mistakes, mess up, piss people off, show our temper in the comment section, or say something offensive without intending it.’

    T_T Guys you share your geeky waky selves with the world and we loves it. I am sad that you guys are still affected by Lee Hi gate. Those of us who have been following you for a long time (and are here not only for Kpop, sorry to say but kpop fans can be like nasty (not in a good way) football (soccer) hooligans and you have to develop thick skins if you are gonna dabble with kpop, I speak from allkpop experience lol) know we all make mistakes and are human. We’ve moved on from all that, but being on the receiving end couldn’t have been great. I think you are taking the right approach anticipating where people might feel concerned legitimately or irrationally in this case that they were expecting a real KMM as last week didn’t review Psy per se and people might think you were deviating from what KMM is so I guess the upset in this case could be considered rational, but I am also concerned that its becoming all too technical and you guys might loose the fun factor. Its a tough one, ultimately I think you guys should do what you enjoy and move on from two weeks ago. Perhaps the important thing is continuing to read the comments and dialogue with your fans so we all know what’s on your mind (for example I didn’t know this was still weighing on your minds, you can’t tell from the fun in the videos) and you can read how people feel. Also I don’t know if its cause of Lee-Hi KMM but there are definite trolls in the comments as well. Please just ignore them. People who love you guys for who you are will stay, those who can’t move on from two weeks ago are free to leave, what is the point in hating and trolling…I never get it.

    S&M Saranghe!!!

  186. I totally agree with you about the changing image thing! I like a band or group because of their MUSIC, and what they sound like. That’s why I keep going back to them, not because of their personalities (although that can help me love them more). If you keep changing the sound on me, then I feel l like I can’t be a full fan of the group, only a fan of some of their songs. I feel like that with most K-pop groups–I only like half their songs!
    That said, I do like it when artists can change it up a bit while still keeping their sound. The Offspring is a great example of that. They do a couple of slower/more thoughtful songs, but they still have an edge and sound that screams The Offspring. If a group would like to try other sounds that are way different, maybe they should start a side project.
    As far as the negativity, don’t sweat it. I was disappointed with the Lee Hi Monday too, but so what? It’s not my website, it’s yours! And even if I would have preferred another group, I would much rather you guys pick what you want and be happy. It’s more fun for me if you’re happy with the video choice. I’m sure it’s very hard not to, but try not to worry about pleasing everyone! I still think the top three system is a good way to go. It gives people a chance to contribute while still giving you freedom.

    Just try to ignore the annoying people and keep being AWESOME!

  187. Haters gonna hate. As simple as that.
    I’m a fellow LO/E (yeah, a NU’EST fan) so I’ve been in this “who wins/who deserves” boat too many times and I would be lying if I said I haven’t been upset, and angry, and bitter, and sad. Because you know, we fight hard everytime. But I love you guys no matter what. I get over it pretty fast, and I keep laughing with your videos, and enjoying YOUR point of view. I don’t come and bash/troll you.
    If they stik with you no matter what, they are true NASTIES at heart. If not, let them go away! We don’t need them!
    As this mexican song says: “No soy monedita de oro para caerle bien a todos” (I’m not a gold coin, so everyone can like me).
    So guys, please don’t give up. There Are a hell lot of nasties (me included) out there to give ya strenght. Even if it gets hard sometimes it’s ok! all works have good and bad moments :D SIMON & MARTINA FIGHTING! (.__.)/

    • You know, everytime a LO/E says anything on this site, I give them 10x more weight than anyone else. Because you guys are legends, when it comes to coping with disappointment. Respect.

  188. i wish there were a way to just flush nonfans that pretend to be fans bc they want their bias to be reviewed? go let them eat cake… and get fat… and not be able to reach their keyboards to type venomous complaints!

  189. All I wanted to say has been said by the other nasties.

    Simon and Martina just keep doing what you have been doing. You might have put in new creative ideas, but the essence of your videos have not changed. You always work hard, bring so much fun to the people watching, and you enjoy what you do.

  190. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do. There will always be people who complain, hate, and are totally unbelievable. You just have to not let it get to you and do what you guys wanna do. You really shouldn’t pay much attention to those bad comments. If they aren’t here to laugh and smile then they aren’t true nasties. You guys also shouldn’t take everything to heart. People sometimes just wanna vent and end up saying things they truly didn’t mean. And if they did mean it, shouldn’t matter to you because you guys did nothing wrong at all. Stop thinking about pleasing people and just go have fun and be yourselves. Please don’t stress and be sad. We love you guys the best when you smile and laugh. I love you guys and always will. Simon and Martina FIGHTING!!!!

  191. Guys, just remember, the probabilities someone comments because they dislike something or are mad/oddended are higher than if they do like it. (Like the comments on this blog entry are disliking that you guys feel that way and want you to feel better). Just as in real life when a lot of people don’t say “I love you” enough.
    Also, the ratio people need to hear for every negative thing are 3 positive ones (or is it 9? I forget). That means you probably focus more on the negative (as most everybody else) comments even when there are more positive ones.

  192. Please only make videos you love from now on, I mean, it’s just impossible to please everyone! And it really does shine through when you’re having fun. You guys have made my life much better by making me laugh nearly everyday. Thank you! :)

  193. Okay I’mma be honest because I just now figured it out.
    For the past few months I’ve been feeling disinterested and apathetic to KMM and I couldn’t put my finger on as to why I felt that way. But after I read this blog post and as I actually checked the comments on Lee Hi’s Music Monday I figured it out: The thing is, you guys, you’re letting the fans jerk you around.
    I know it doesn’t sound right but hear me out. Your Music Mondays are fun, while I admit it’s disappointing when you guys miss one. The fact of the matter is you miss the ones you miss for a good reason and the only ones at fault are the fans who get angry over it. I guess, suffice to say the fans are starting to take this too seriously. Of course that’s what it looks like, but I believe it’s not really YOUR fans, the Nasties, who are the ones getting angry over KMM.
    It’s true most people became your fans because of KMM but that’s not cause to forget your channel is originally and still to this day a culture education channel. You’re just going about it in a way that’s more fun for you (KMM being part of that fun).
    On a more personal note I became your fan watching your TL;DRs so I’ll continue to watch you no matter what you choose. Hell, if you had even went with your original plan and moved EYK to Japan, it would have hurt, I would have still watched you because I enjoy learning about foreign countries.
    Sorry, back on track from my tangent now. I guess what I’m trying to say is you can’t please everyone, some fans aren’t going to be pleased. That’s alright. You’ll know which ones are your fans by the many who stick with you. But for what it’s worth I’d like for you guys to just jump the gun and have fun with KMM again. You might find more people enjoying your KMM if you, I guess you could say, put your foot down and have fun. (sidenote: I do however love when you observe things about the music video like you’re having an intelligent conversation lol cuz I don’t usually notice what you point out until you do. ^^)

    TL;DR: Just say f*ck it and do what you want. It’s your YouTube channel and most people are your fans because of you not because of Kpop idols.
    P.S. I thought Soozee was adorable in the previous KMM. XD

  194. So I left a comment on the Youtube video but the wording is embarrassing and I just got out of school and I’m tired and sorry for rambling but I wanna get out my perspective on the whole ‘strict style’ thing for k-pop artists.

    My listening habits depend largely on, “I’m going to listen to a song that fits my mood,” rather than searching for a specific artist that suits me in that moment. I’m a person who thrives off of what not just an artist can give me, but what a specific song can give me, and I think a lot of artists and music producers realize that about their listeners. I think it’s nice to keep an open mind and let artists explore not just different sounds for their songs, but different moods, themes, and images. If BAP were strictly ‘macho manly chyeah’ all the time, I’d get bored. Fast. And the same goes for Jay Park.

    One of the reasons I love Jay Park so much is that I’m someone who gets my musical kicks out of hip hop AND a more acoustic, cheerful sound. Also I freaking loved when BAP came out with Stop It fjaoewihgjfawehiwae.

    So I appreciate that both artists give me the option to switch moods and ~images~ while still letting me enjoy the music that they create at the same time. Variety is important, especially when you have fanbases who strictly stan themselves to one group or a few specific groups.

    Wow yup I just typed a thing ok.

  195. deshi

    You know what….I kept thinking about what I needed to say to explain away the mess that shall be forever known as a Lee Hi Music Monday. And in the end, there is nothing that I can say. I can say this: I don’t come to watch KMM for an artist, I don’t watch KMM for a second opinion, I don’t watch KMM for musical critique. I could do all that by myself, I could read that off of Seoulbeats and I could read that off of r/kpop. I watch KMM because its funny, I mean I don’t even care to listen to: Infinite, Boyfriend, SuJu, Batoost, BAP. But I still watched all those KMM and all the other ones. An everyone of them was hilarious.

    Boyfriends: “your not a bat girl”
    SuJu: Don’t take it in the butt
    Batoost:<——just how you renamed this band.
    Jaejoong: Sexy Rhino
    Infinite: Man in Love, nuff said.

    I don't even care if one weeks KMM is not that funny because next week might be funny or the week after. So you know what, just keep going at it. Because even if everyone leaves, I sure as in hell won't because this site has always been GOLD to me.

  196. “you are beautiful in every single way words won’t bring you down, so dont you let them bring you down today” bwhaha I dedicate that song to you guise right now because seriously Simon and Martina, ignore all the trolls and haters. Yall are awesome and if people are offended then they should just remove themselves from the internetz. We don’t want them here anyways.

  197. Hmm it kinda blows you have to change things because some people are complainers…. maybe you can randomly pick a music video from the top 3… like the lottery haha… you can make an awesome funny contraption that randomly picks it so you guise wont get heat for being supposedly “bias”. Then again I have a feeling that even this wont stop complainers.

    I check your blog everyday and I’m a big fan of EYK so do what ever your hearts content. Much Love and support!

    • Oh I just thought of something…. An Eat your Kimchi MV Wheel of NASTY! :p

      • I was going to suggest something like this, but your Wheel of NASTY suggestion is way better. I think this would be HILARIOUS, especially if they could do a 30-second video each week of the thing picking the song. On the other hand, it would require them to do KMMs for songs they might not like or have anything to say about, so… *shrug* Still.. Wheel of Nasty. Yes.

  198. Psh. I don’t think you should worry about what everyone thinks. K-pop fans can be way too intense and it would be impossible to cater to everyone. You guys should just do what is fun for you. Worrying about making everyone else happy will drive you crazy. And how did you get popular at first? By having fun and doing yo thaaang. I don’t have any complaints. I have loved ya’ll from the beginning, got inspired to go to Korea, went to Korea for a year and a half and still watched your videos, and am back in America watching your videos to remain connected to the country I loved. You guys are awesome. People who have enough time to threaten to stop watching your videos have to reevaluate their priorities. :)

  199. Oh gosh guys, please don’t get rid of Kmm :(. I LOVE your reviews and I was sad to see what happened when you guys reviewed Lee Hi. I get why people were kind of upset, they felt like another artist should have been reviewed because Lee Hi had been reviewed already. It was just sad to see people barely mentioned the review you did, a result of your guys hard work. I’ve watched alot of you guy’s Kmm and I can see that you guys don’t enjoy it as much. I want to say this: you can’t please everyone. Just remember you have fans that like what you do, and don’t feel so entitled to have the person they want reviewed. There are many groups that dont get reviewed, so people should not get so upset when a groups doesn’t.

  200. “Jay Parks english is fine!” I barely caught that, but when I finally did I LOLED SO MUCH! You guise are challenging my video reflexes late at night…

    • And I know I am already saying what a lot of people have, but I am checking out your videos because of YOU, not because of my fav groups. Heck, the main reason I know and love k-pop so much is because of you two! Please, stay happy, stay healthy, and always remember that you have made soooo many people happy. One of my best friends (who didn’t care about k-pop) started watching your videos just because it made her so happy when she missed her friends back home. You two are like my little group of friends – and because of that two of them now loves k-pop! Hah! I’ll stay a Nasty no matter what you guys decide to do!

  201. I honestly feel like you guise should just get rid of this voting system. I remember all or older KMMs where you just picked a video that people requested. If you did something like that again, no one could really argue about you not picking the video that was in first place for two weeks (even if it was an extremely boring video that had ZERO content to joke about in music Monday episode). Just getting people to request videos for you to review still allows for a music Monday without have the pressure of picking out of top three (or first place) and disappointing people who clearly don’t appreciate how much work you both put into this and don’t understand that you can’t please everyone all the time. If not that then maybe make the voting more anonymous somehow. I feel really bad when I hear how much the negative comments bring you guys down after weekly all-nighters, just to open up your mailbox to people screaming angrily at you about something that really isn’t nor should ever be, THAT serious! I mean come on people! It’s literally two people being weird and hilarious in front of a camera for 6 or 7 minutes! What they say or who they choose to joke about isn’t really going to affect the future of all K pop idols or destroy the earth. If they don’t choose what you want this week or next week..or ever, it is NOT the end of the world.
    I hope all that made sense…anyways! Simon! Martina! I miss you guys laughing and being happy in your blog posts, and I hate having to hear/ read that you guys are depressed about comments. You can’t please everyone, so maybe it’s best if those people who want to leave just go so you can start having fun again with the rest of us who love you and your smiles. If you keep trying to satisfy everyone (including all them HATERS), your videos are just going to turn into a bunch of explanations and disclaimers. And lets be real here. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT!!!


    I will kick their bums for you. Constructive criticisms are one thing, garbage dumping is another.
    The Lee Hi “Rose” review… is it their review or yours? It’s not like you’ve suddenly decided THAT week that you were going to do whatever the hell you wanted. If immature viewers are going to be angrily rude and butt-hurt about the choices that you guys make on YOUR channel, they need to grow up. Unfortunately, as your company gets bigger and more well-known, especially in the YouTube sphere, the more fans and -pardon me- idiots you’ll have swarming the comments section of your videos.

    A lot of us understand that the projects you take on are at its best when it is something you’re passionate about, whether the content you’re covering is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. A large majority of the Nasties like watching your videos because of your sincerity towards what you do. Instead of trying to cater towards what ungrateful ‘fans’ want to see from you two, you can try finding your way back to doing what you have feels for? Of course, easier said than done.

    I personally like your new KMM system. Even though I love me some boy groups, giving a shout out to lesser known singers or groups with actual great content is something a lot of people will (and should, in my opinion) appreciate. Gahh, there’s no easy answer for your dilemma, and my heart hurts for you from the stress you guys must have from this ;__;

    …Those whiny complainers don’t care about the fact that you guys work so hard at what started out as something done for fun. I hope you’ll both continue to enjoy what you do, even when your hobbies have becoming jobs.

    I hope you’ll read all the loving, supportive comments as carefully as artfully mean ones. Sometimes, I get teary reading those, and I’m not even affiliated with Eat Your Kimchi (unless being a Nasty counts lol). The voices of self righteous keyboard warriors are loud, but don’t forget your fans are here if you need a virtual hug ♥

  203. I loved this KMM (as well as the EYK Crew one) and Jay Park rocks every style/concept/whatever-you-want-to-call-it ^_^ I agree with you on the idea of having a whole album for one mood, but it only works for me when I can associate the artist/group with a certain type of music and thus mood-making. When I know that an artist/group does different styles and they all work for me, too, I listen to the artist rather than to the album as such. Did that make sense? ;) Like e.g. B.A.P I like their badass songs but also their cute stuff so I would listen to their album not thinking “I’m in the mood for this or that kind of music” but “I feel like listening to B.A.P” – now it made sense, right :)

    As for the KMM question, I would be really sad if you ever stopped making them since I found you over this segment. But it’s already sad that you are afraid of the possible complains :(

    I like the suggestion I read here to just get rid of the charts and the voting. Well, maybe you could keep a place to let Nasties suggest new MVs but without the voting. Similar to the good old days of your first KMMs. Then you would have full freedom to pick whatever MV you like and nobody could feel that their efforts were wasted.

  204. I think it’s just that competition can bring out the worst in people. Because it becomes an issue of people pushing for their favorite bands and then feeling disappointed when their efforts aren’t acknowledged. I know that it would not be practical for you guys to return to what I can infer as the twitter, facebook, e-mail requests but I think that had the advantage of people not knowing how many votes the band had and therefore they couldn’t really complain.

    As a LOVE I can’t help but feel bad when a fandom’s efforts fails lol so I was sad for them when Lee Hi’s videos got reviewed even though I loved that KMM a lot but I know that they were trying so hard.

    I know that you guys love us Nasties and want us to be happy. I know that we Nasties love you guys too. But I think that the system of giving us the power to determine KMM and you guys having a say too is resulting in a power struggle. Where if you guys exercise your right, someone’s going to get upset. I just wish there was an easier solution for all of this. For example if once a song enters top 3 their ranks are hidden so that people will only know it’s in the top 3 and not know the exact rank so when you pick people can’t complain that much lol.

  205. You post made me soo sad. I had to read it few times because I could go to the end, it was to hard for me. It was to sad.
    Guise, please don’t care about haters and fake nasties! I love everything you do. I was really happy with the ‘fake’ KMM (it was better than a ‘real’ one, becaus you were enjoying ‘fake’ KMM). Keep enjoying what are you doing and please have some rest, I worry about you. You had soo many work with two KMM. So please sleep well and eat well.
    I start to watch you guise, because it was fun. I didn’t like kpop. You were fun. I remember that I started with WTF. At first I was like: ‘what a strange looking people, people living in Korea look like this’. Now I like kpop, I wish to look so good as Martina (really you are prettier than a most kpop-girls) and you changed my life. I was shy to show my true self. I live in small village in Poland. Here everything which is diffrent is just not good. I always like diffrent things, but I was to scare to show it, I scare that everybody will laught. I don’t know how but when I became Nasty, it changed. I like what I like openly. i proud of it. It’s easier like this.
    Because of this I will always follow you, no matter what you do. I just happy to see you, posting video.

    PS. And thanks you your videos I have a power to smile and fight. I was sick, really sick. I had to stop my studies. And when I had a worser day, when I was cry that I can’t do soo many thing, I took my iPad and watch you guise. And laught. And things get better. I had a power to fight again. Love you guise. <3

  206. WHAT? people actually said something like that? how horrible!
    Do I always like the songs people have voted? No. Do I stop watching your videos because my favorite band wasn’t voted? No. Will I complain when I think you picked the wrong song? No. That’s just life. You can’t always get what you want. And I don’t understand why people didn’t like the fact that Lee Hi’s song was reviewed. Wasn’t it on the first place on kpop charts? So why did everyone complain? Okay I admit, I didn’t like that song and wasn’t that happy to hear that it was going to be review, but I still watched it and I liked that KMM.
    Of course I would never want you guys to stop doing KMM, but if it has come to this that after every KMM you feel down and sad because of the comments, I understand you. You started this for fun. And if you are not having fun anymore and feel more like it’s a burden… If that’s what you feel then maybe you should take a break. Just forget everything for a while and relax. And if people really are nasties, they will wait for you :) at least I will!
    Well what ever your decision will be, I will support you guys!

  207. You guys started this because it was fun, not because what people are going to say… Just have fun like in the early days of EYK!!! :D, for instance I miss the skitts in the dance section :D like the grasshopper sensei :D. You will always have people that will say negative things about you, and i don’t know why, we always see more the negative comments than the positive ones. Like I’ve said before… please just have fun!!!! I love your videos, I love to see EYK grow. Keep up the good work!!! :D. Lots of love from Argentina :D

  208. Thank you for the video. Awesome as always. ^^
    The English part was so fast I went back to make sure it actually happened. o.O

  209. “JAY PARK’S ENGLISH IS FINE!!!!!” LOL simon just scream it out

  210. Did anyone else die of laughter at “JPark’s English is fine”??? It was so sudden, like MOVE ALONG WE GOTS THINGS TO DO!

  211. Yes, heaven forbid someone have a different opinion than the stupid youtube users /sarcasm. People need to realize that you guys put so much time and effort into making KMM, and having to put up with the rude comments isn’t something that you should have to deal with. Lets see them try and make a KMM and have every agree – people have different opinions, and you can’t please everyone. You don’t have to agree with everything – I didn’t really agree with Simon’s opinion of Rain Sound, but that doesn’t mean I should just stop watching KMM. Why? Because I enjoy them, and I can understand where he’s coming from, I just happened to like the song where as he didn’t. Easy as that.

    That aside, I loved both KMM today – it was nice to come home to that after being out all day, now with sore feet.

  212. I don’t want you guys to go through another thing like the weird mess with Lee Hi’s Rose Review. But I think that what needs to change are the morons commenting, not you two. You guys are still creating the wonderfully bizarre videos that gave you the *real* fans you have now. I don’t want to pressure you, but I would be really sad if you got rid of KMM because of a bunch of jerks online. I honestly don’t know how you deal with the unfounded hate that those immature jerks throw at you. It just… it boggles my mind. I’ve run across this in SO MANY places online. It makes me wonder if the internet is just where ten year olds go to cuss people out. I no longer go to ANY kpop fansite because the people tended to be super fickle. Wow, actually, yeah, now that I think of it, this is the only fansite I go to at all.

    Back to you guys- I don’t know if I have any suggestions to fix the problem. It seems to me that a lot of negative comments come from Youtube, since they don’t watch the video all the way through before commenting (plus Youtube seems to attract a certain breed of creeps). I mean, maybe for the KMM segment, if the comments are really getting to you, then maybe you should turn them off on Youtube and let the Nasties talk here on the forum? I figure that since you have mods here, they can delete the abusive commenters more easily than on Youtube (does it show that I really don’t know what I’m talking about?). I’m sure people wouldn’t be happy about that decision. I don’t think I care. I’m not fond of commenting on Youtube. In case it isn’t obvious, I’m really bad at keeping messages short if I actually have something to say. :P

    In the end, it’s your decision. Just like who you pick for KMM and everything else that you do. And I’ll try to be okay with that. ^__^ I’m really sorry, too, if I ever posted something idiotic.

    Actually, yes, my very first comment. The first time I found you guys, I didn’t understand your humor and I posted something that wasn’t super offensive, but disapproving. And after I rediscovered you later and saw how hysterical you were (you won me over completely in the KMM where you said, “you know what I’m talking about. We hate them and you hate them, and if you say you don’t, you’re *lying*” about the uncloseable $#%%#$^$%^$% ads on SM videos.) Anyway, I went back and deleted that comment, and I want you to know that I feel really bad about that. I’ve tried to be positive since then. Now that I understand more of who you are and where you’re coming from with your videos, I enjoy them more and am able to come to terms with various decisions you’ve made. Seriously, I’ve been “disappointed” that my favorite video didn’t get in for a KMM before, but that’s part of life and I prefer when you do a video that *you* are passionate about. Simon’s forever-alone KMM was, well, it was hysterical to be honest, but I did feel bad for him, having to review a song he clearly didn’t like.

    This ended up being waaay longer than I intended. ^^; Ah well, I guess, if you’ve read it, thanks, and I really hope that you know that you have a lot of people who are supporting you here and want you two to continue to have fun and share that fun-ness with us. ^^

    • I agree with you on the fan site point. I find every forum and fan site attracts a lot of crazies, but I stopped going on any because I would say something that wasn’t in total agreement with someone else, and i would get called a hater. No, I’m just someone who doesn’t think the groups latest song is their best, or something along those lines. People just don’t understand that they’re not always going to get their own way, and that not everyone is going to agree with them on everything they say. In this case, Simon & Martina don’t deserve to have people say they’re disappointed with them. What right do those commenters have to be disappointed in something that they are being GIVEN by two lovely people who only started doing this because they had fun doing it? It’s not fair on Simon & Martina and it’s not fair on the rest of us who have to read their comments and feel angry on Simon & Martina’s behalf. We’re lucky to have them.

      • Yes, exactly! We are very lucky that Simon and Martina make these videos. They didn’t have to. They weren’t even made for us. They were made for their family. They’re just nice enough to invite us in ^__^

        And, oh my goodness, yes, I have noticed that the first rule of Kpop fans is “Thou shalt not have different opinions”. That freaked me out pretty badly. How does disliking a song make you a hater? I never understood that one. I was never into following *one* artist in my own country. I’d like a few songs from one person and a few songs from another. So it was really weird to see all the clique-ness in the Kpop community. Not only that, but the odd “well, if you like _____ then you must hate ______, therefor I hate you” was really startling. I like snsd’s songs and I’ll admit that 2ne1 isn’t my style, but I didn’t hate them. I just didn’t care about their songs. O.o The people in fan communities scare me. Maybe it’s the same for all popular fandoms. I’ve never really been into popular things before Kpop (not a hipster. I just grew up listening to my parents’ old music) So, maybe it’s like this all over? Sort of a startling thought.

  213. “Jay Parks English is fine” oh god that was hilarious
    about the whole voting and making people unhappy thing, I’d say people need to chill out and focus on all the times the songs they wanted have been reviewed. There have been plenty of times when I was upset that the video I wanted to see reviewed didn’t get it, but there have also been plenty of times when it did. Focus on the good stuff.

  214. I’m perfectly fine with changing styles as long as they can 1) Pull it off without appearing like posers, 2) Have their base sound still there (doesn’t have to be obvious, but with subtlety) so I don’t feel too disconnected…
    Big Bang does this really well since they can shift genres at the drop of a hat but still have their core sound audible.

  215. You guys should just pull a Psy and try not to get affected by or cater to much to the new ‘fickle’ audience. There are many fans who care about you guys regardless. It got to the point for me where it wasn’t even a matter of who or what you were reviewing. I was just happy to see you guys having fun and joking around. I watch and enjoy all your videos and appreciate like many other Nasties how much work you put in. I hope you guys can be happy with yourselves whatever you decide to do. I also hope Simon will take some singing lessons before your next ‘hit’ single. ^^

  216. I had no idea that your Rose review was badly received! I liked it~ Guys, I think you should stop reading comments for a while and Think about this: What was the reason you guys even began making Kpop Music Mondays? You make KMMs because you want to give your own review about kpop songs, but when you start taking the negative responses seriously is when you start losing your individuality and your real opinions, because you won’t be expressing yourselves truly any more, you’ll be pandering to the people who vehemently disagree with your opinions and get pissy and threaten to unsubscribe when you say something they don’t like.
    Look how far you’ve come doing KMMs – don’t start changing everything and making it all rosy just because of some people. Those of us who have been following you for years watch the KMMs for you guys and YOUR take on it because you always bring light to things we wouldn’t have noticed and you always make me think of the songs you review in a different way. I don’t always agree with what you say, but I still respect you sometimes have a different view from me and I’m glad I can see a different point of view through your KMMs and regardless, you always make me laugh :)

    Seriously guys, Don’t let those silly people affect you. But if you’re becoming unhappy and not enjoying recording KMMs any longer then I think you should take a couple of weeks off to de-stress and come back into KMMs and enjoy it. We care about you guys!

  217. I love EYK and you guise make my day. I always watch your KMM’s even if I don’t like the song or video, because you guise make me laugh. TBH I wasn’t worried about the comments about Lee Hi because people usually get upset for 5 mins, forget about it and move on.Anyways I watch all your videos and interviews so I can gain energy from you. All Nasties love you for that.

  218. I just find it disappointing that people are threatening to unsubscribe just because their artist didn’t get picked, it’s not fair for S&M and honestly that’s doing a disservice to their bias that they would stop watching because they didn’t get picked. I will be honest these charts are done for fun there are no major awards being handed out for getting your groups song picked for the week and depending on the song they might not get a very favorable review like in the past when people were getting upset when S&M flat out said they disliked such and such song. Everyone just needs to learn to take a step back and realize the charts shouldn’t be taken so seriously, and enjoy the fun and witty things S&M come up with to talk about the chosen song.

    I for one am proud to be a Nasty and will continue to do so as long as EYK is around. I actually was inspired to finally figure out possibly what I wanted to do career-wise and planning to start a transfer degree so in 2 years can transfer to a state college here to major East Asian Studies and go from there. So I want to say thank you Simon and Martina for giving me something to look forward to not only on Mondays but whenever you release a video it always brings a smile to my face and makes my day better when I feel down and horrible! I hope to someday find somethings so I can send you a Care package or stop being lazy and maybe doodle something and send to you because you guys are amazing and you guys inspire me!

  219. Honestly, I /loved/ the EYK crew KMM. Hello ~ I loved, loved, loved it. Don’t ever change you guise <3 It's really heartbreaking to hear that you've been so mistreated… Hell, I don't understand it at all. Your page, your choice. Gosh dangit… All I can say is, stay strong and keep up the good work ~

  220. I don’t really think J-Park is a cholo… one buttoned shirt and all…

  221. I think people can post their opinion if they want, not everyone has to love everything you do (just like a fan of a Kpop group shouldn’t have to love every song by their idols to still be considered a fan) BUT, saying things like you guys don’t care about them, read the comments, don’t care about viewers opinions, or if they are being extremely rude, that is just uncalled for. We know you greatly appreciate your Nasties. I like watching your videos even if I might be sad the song it wasn’t the song I wanted reviewed. Try to focus on the good and positive things people post. If someone offers some constructive feedback maybe take it into consideration if you can, but don’t feel bad if you can’t apply each individual’s every wish. Also try not to let the haters get in the way of you continuing to make awesome new videos! I love you guys and appreciate all the hard work you guys do~

  222. Don’t resort to taking off KMM!! You know, you guys are my favorite youtubers, and I love your videos! Yes, I’ll admit I did get a little upset that you guys didn’t review GD this week (because that video was crazy!!!), but that doesn’t mean I gonna unsubscribe. If in the future you do get upset over negative comments just remember the reason you guys started this blog in the first place (to have fun and be together, duh). :) lol

    • :O I don’t know if you watched until the end but there simon told us that GD wasn’t on the first place when the voting ended but jaypark did. I also like bigbang but I also like to see other people to be reviewed,,, GD has a big fan base that’s strong enough to keep it on number one for an extra week(s).

      • Yeah I did see it until the end. I know GD wasn’t in first place, but he was still in the top 3. I’m not hating. I actually really liked this song and review as well. :)

  223. If you guys, are feeling down because some immature people are unsubscribing just because you didn’t review the song the wanted or because you didn’t like the song they liked, then I’d say that you’re so much better without them. There are still plenty on nasties who will always be grateful for all the effort you put into making these videos. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to prevent people from making hateful comments, but let’s face it, most of them obviously don’t grasp the concept of a review. They are probably just whiny teens or just immature people who are only happy when things go their way and when they hear what they want to hear. Don’t please them by letting their comments influence your work, which is great by the way.

    And as for me, I’m always okay with whatever song you review for Music Mondays. I’m simply happy that you’re doing these videos.

  224. The English review made me laugh so much! I don’t even know why haha. Is it an inside joke I’m not getting? Loved it regardless.

    I definitely agree that I was surprised that you guys did two Music Mondays, though. I would have been perfectly happy with just the EYK one. You guys need a vacation! You work so hard!

    Lastly, in regards to the blog post: Often times I miss the smaller fan base of Simon and Martina past where it was so much more intimate, but alas you guys have grown because you rock and I am proud of that. I realize that it must be difficult to deal with the mean and unpleasant people that comment now due to your new popularity. I want to say, “Remember all the true loyal nasties that love you and ignore the haters! Do whatever you want and don’t compromise the work you put out and waste your time with silly disclaimers for those who are easily offended.”, but I recognize that can be a difficult thing to do. All in all, I hope that you guys continue to produce great content, and best of luck with the struggles that you go through.

  225. Please never never never stop KMMs!!! Thats the only thing that relieves me after my crappy mondays, seriously mondays are like hell but whenever i think there’ll be a KMM waiting for me when i get back home, I tell myself let’s endure this a bit more. and i don’t really care which MV u’ll be talking about, as long as its fun^^

  226. For each assty comment, how many luuuving comments? For each unsubscriber, how many new subscribers? Yeah, some parts of your job are unpleasant, but isn’t it the same for all jobs? I think people have to keep expressing it when they’re disappointed, as long as it’s constructive and supportive, because from the moment you include your fans, it’s normal to get feedback, good or bad! As for the unconstructive and unsupportive ones, well, they unsubscribe and stop watching your videos anyways, so, good riddance! Keep doing what you love, Nasties will keep supporting you anyways, because you make hilarious videos and that’s what matters! :-)

  227. what happenned with the KMM on Lee Hi?? Seriously guys…stop reading the comments, there will always be haters! If you review someone, when I wanted someone else, I’m just “aaarh…too bad for me!” and that’s it! I’m not angry against you at all!! It’s not like you are monkeys in a circus trying to please their masters… people started to like because of who you are, and what you’re doing…so just ignore stupid people and keep doing what you like! ^^

  228. What if you changed the Kpop charts so that we NAAASTIES can’t see which position the top three videos are in? People can’t complain if they don’t know *evil laugh*

    • huu thats a good idea kekeke

    • actually, it would be really interesting if they songs weren’t ranked by popularity, but by age – then you would be forced to look at the other entries to find ‘oppa/unni’ and some people might be less disappointed (but they could equally be more disappointed). idk, no matter what they do, there will always be someone who is unhappy – sometimes it might be justified, other times it might not. I think the more involved you get in the voting process, the more emotionally invested you become

      • But they can be ranked by age. It is just that very few people ever use that chart option.

        • I know they can, but as you said, few use it – i htink more might browse through the vids if it was the defualt option (but i get that it takes money to change those things)

        • No, that’s a great idea! The popularity rank is already on the main page, I think it’s pretty easy to make date-sorting as the default when you click on ‘kpop charts’. People will panic at the start, “Who the hell is Seean and why are they in first place”

          - but hopefully it’ll encourage them to check out the other videos too, and not be too preoccupied with rankings.

        • Lol, I think giving people a shock might be a good thing :P I would also be great if the drop down menu explaining how to vote was permanently on display

      • i think that’s a good idea. don’t show the points and votes etc, cos kpop fans can get rather competitive with voting. when they get too competitive, they become pissed off when they “lose”. letting us vote for our fave videos was just a way for s&m to get some feedback on which music video we would like them to review. but with the charts sorted by popularity, it starts to feel like the decision was 100% ours.

    • Ooooh boy. Lol they would just complain that Simon and Martina are rigging the charts. They’re already doing that even now, when the votes/tweets/likes/etc don’t match up. A lot of people have demanded MORE transparency, by showing the total points as well.

      Ah, I think it’s better as it is now.

      • Tell them to take a long walk off of a short pier. Oh, I’m sorry…Did I say that out loud? My bad.

        • ^^;

          Please don’t joke about that kind of thing.

        • Oh, right, cause it is so much better to give in to every single ‘request’ that someone DEMANDS of you? Jesus, get a grip. It’s called sarcasm and far from telling someone to actually go ‘off’ themselves.

      • Oh, that’s very true. I didn’t think of that. But what if Simon and Martina couldn’t see who was in first place either…that way they could pick the song they really wanted to review without feeling like they have to review what is in first place??

  229. That sounds like a great interview question: how do you deal with bad reviews or negative comments?

    My advice is this: realize that if any nasties complain, it is out of love. We feel as though you are approachable as opposed to the loftiness other celebrities. You know how you can’t really be rude to a stranger without feeling mean, but if someone you know well upsets you, you feel as though you can let them know? That is how many seem to feel about you. Please don’t take that closeness away from them. I read the comments. Many tried to be respectful while still letting you know they were hurt.

    I know this is hard advice to take, even hard for me to take, but remember, none of those attacks were on you as people. We nasties who take time to comment here love you. So, take all criticism as constructive and see beyond the whining to see if there is something that can help you improve.

    I know you may want me to say those who complain are entitled and not true nasties, but I truly feel that isn’t the case. They don’t want to hurt, frighten, or even own you and make you do only what they want you to do. They just want to be heard.

    And you are awesome that you let us know we are heard. And I agree, 2 KMM’a where you are exhausted and close to burnout is not the answer, but thank you for the double blessing this time. Now, please recharge.

    • “realize that if any nasties complain, it is out of love.”
      i completely agree – constructive criticism is good for everyone, if done in a respectful manner

      • Haha, I spent two weeks drumming that into their heads :p It made me upset that some of the politer Nasties were being grouped together with the usual haters, and so some diehard nasties jumped in and attacked them.

        However, some people did get carried away, and were much too arrogant in their ‘criticism’. Giving a suggestion on how to improve things are greatly appreciated. But suggestions are, well, suggestions; and the owner of the site still has the right to decide whether to follow them or not.
        Not to mention the usual ‘haters’ always exist. Alas, even after doing 2 KMMs this week, I’m still seeing sooo many complaints lying around. That’s what S&M have to deal with. Every week. I can see why they’d feel like flipping tables sometimes.

        Terri, I appreciate what you’re doing, and preventing Nasties from labelling all people who disagree as ‘haters’.
        We don’t like it when that happens either.

        So could you leave that to us, from now on? If you find a comment you don’t like, and get upset about it, it might be safer to flag the comment, as it brings it to our attention. We can then quietly reprimand them, or delete the comment, if it is too inflammatory. I’m just trying to avoid downspiralling arguments. It’s not that I don’t trust you to be respectful about it; it’s just that with these sensitive issues, it might have a bit more weight if it’s a moderator who’s correcting them. Does that make sense? :)

        • Makes sense :)

        • Now that you mention it… Yeah, that would be helpful. I have been trying to go through all these comments but it is difficult. And as you said, we as mods have more weight and more capability in dealing with sensitive issues. It would be good if ‘problem ‘ comments were flagged so we could take a look at the, and make a decision.

          Ask Terri though, for trying to be positive and help us keep things on track.

  230. Poor J Park must have felt so small next to her.

  231. Fellow Canadian (now living in the states) here! I discovered your site when Googling trying to figure out what a “Mordney Present” was. I’m sorry people are being mean, and I always believe that if you’d not say it to someone’s face, don’t say it online. Your Music Monday videos are the highlights of an otherwise Manic Monday, by the way!

    Also: count me in as one of those girls standing in line wanting Jay Park to dance for them while walking down the street. I’d even put down my cup of coffee for that!

  232. guys, do whatever you like and do what makes you happy. it is great of you to read a lot of comments and hell you guys are including us so much to your life that you let us vote for kpop music mondays! this is a big big thing and i admire that. thats why you are my favourite youtuber. which i follow a lot -.- so im saying even letting us vote is great so dont care about anything else you might lose people but you wont lose your dedicated fans like me like us in here. love you guys so much :) dont worry i will contunie watching every single video you do :d (sorry for my engrish -.-)

  233. I’m sad that people get angry when you’re not pleasing them… Well, if they leave, they’re missing out a lot of fun! You should do what you enjoy, not what you think the angriest people will like the most. They don’t deserve that. You deserve to rule your own company!

    I appreciate your hard work! Now, SLEEP! You should definitely get to bed more early regularly. Your health is important!
    I’m happy that you haven’t shut down KMM (yet!D:) It’s my favorite segment! (alongside with WANK and TL;DR… FAPFAPs too, but they make me too hungry…)

    You people are awesome! Seriously, reviewing your own video was cool and had made me too excited xD

  234. Yes this was filmed in Seattle!!! :D but too bad that he was no where to be found /: me and my friends were like JAY PARK Y U PLAYIN HIDE&SEAK WITH US D: even tho we’ve been to the places that he went.

  235. DO NOT STOP KMM! T_T I love KMM! I literally look forward to it every Monday! I totally understand that you guys, Simon and Martina, have your own biases in kpop, as you guys stated before. And the whole Lee Hi thing (I’m assuming it’s about how you guys practically did two Lee Hi songs in a row for KMM), I understand how people can feel irritated with that. Since you guys already reviewed one of her songs, people wanted to see someone else be reviewed. People also have their own biases and want to see their favorite artists be reviewed, but that doesn’t always happen. [Those videos can be used for EYK awards ;) ] Videos that I’ve liked a lot myself, like Infinite H’s Special Girl, never got reviewed, but I’m ok with that! Yeah, you can say I felt disappointed, but in the end I’m just glad to see your hard work put together to review different videos and laugh at the silly jokes/skits. Just know that as a fellow Nasty, OOH YOU SO NASTY, I really appreciate you guys’ hard work! I love your videos and I hope that someday I can go to Korea myself and even visit some of the places you guys have gone to for WANKs and FAPFAPs and such. And maybe even see the Nasty Studio ;) SO NASTY!

  236. i’m pleasantly surprised you picked Jay Park for this week’s music monday :)
    and lol @ the english of the song part ! XD

  237. xD WOAH. xDD


    Woah. if that wasn’t annoyed. xD

  238. JAY PARK!!!!! Fighting!!! im a jay-walker :D *grin*
    I hope next week it’s GD’s Michi go !!! LOve the video !! :D

  239. You shouldn’t do anything at the expense of your own self…if that makes sense. I think it was in the ARIRANG TV heart to heart thingy where you talked about that the viewers need to understand its YOUR opinion of the kpop song/video and we might not always like it. You also have 2 types of followers…the ones that follow Simon and Martina and the ones that watch mainly for the kpop content. It’s difficult to please both groups!

  240. about the image changes… Jay is really the only artist capable of putting k-hiphop into mainstream (which is what Tiger JK was talking about in his interview) as he has the huge fanbase already. K-hiphop struggles to get out in the open and remains mostly underground, so I think it’s good he can release songs, and M/V’s, that showcase him and other k-hiphop artists to a wider audience.

  241. I don’t vote for which videos get reviewed for KMM. I just watch whatever you guys put out. lol. It sucks that some people can’t appreciate all the work that you put into your videos. Please continue to make great videos. They always make me laugh and I know lots of other Nasties will continue to watch and support you. Fighting!~~

    • Lol, yeah, a lot of the time I end up watching about songs I wouldn’t have thought to listen and well, moar kpops mwahahahahahha. But sometimes I vote for stuff that I can imagine them having fun dressing up for. Ga In’s Bloom anyone? XD

    • I do this too, but I vote for a few that I really want to see get reviewed, like any time for U-Kiss. =)

    • So, after watching the video they published today – yeah this Jay Park KMM one – how did you feel about it? ;)

      • I liked the video. I didn’t watch the music video or hear the song before watching KMM. Still, my favorite part was the English review. I have no idea but that part made me laugh so hard…

  242. PunkyPrincess92

    i really loved this song!!
    man that gangster part was just freakin’ hilarious!!!!

    aawwww T_T i can’t believe how much hate you guys get!!!
    i just want you guys to do what you want, just like you’ve always wanted!! don’t change yourself for others! there will always be people you can’t please!! yeah there may be times where there are more haters than usual but at least you’d be doing something that’ll make you happy and what you enjoy doing more!!
    also that way you’ll always have the people who actually like you guys for everything and will stick with you instead of coming here for their biases KMM!! you’ll have your real nasties!! (i feel like i’m kinda talking about fandoms! “real fans will stick around and the ones who were never really fans will move on to someone else!!” ahah!)
    sos i’m SO bad at giving people pep talks and giving advice!

  243. I can honestly say… I liked your fake!KMM better this week. Though I also like this one, the other one suited my tastes more. “Jay Park’s English is fine” is the best part of my day though. Absolutely loved it! ♥

    And to answer your concerns in regards to all the hate, it’s unstoppable. There truly is no way to satisfy every single person that watches your videos. It’s just impossible. You guys put in so much effort trying to please everyone and all that brings is dissatisfaction with what you guys enjoyed doing before. It’s difficult to make everyone stay but it’s not necessary as long as you’re doing what you love doing (it’s apparent in the videos btw) people will naturally love you and watch you for who you are and not for what you do. Sure sometimes you’re going to have to think about your viewers first but that shouldn’t be priority… that should be after you think about yourselves and what you want to do. So don’t concern yourself so much with how to make everyone happy because what matters in the end is what makes you happy.

    An artist’s concept though is quite a difficult topic to discuss. I think with people who are fans of KPop in general and just like listening to the music, a fixed concept for a certain group or solo artist would be easier to enjoy and get into. Whereas, fans of specific groups won’t really care too much for what the artists produce and will enjoy most of the music that comes out by that specific artist. I, for one, am a huge TVXQ/JYJ fan and concept is not an issue for me when I listen to their music because I love everything anyway. But for most other groups, I’d like to see them have a fixed concept that matches them best, or I’d like to see them grow from the awkward cutey group to something more mature. Overall though, I think changing concepts can be a good thing. It allows for the artists to try new things and if those don’t work out they can move on to the next one. As long as they like what they’re doing, it isn’t a problem to switch as they go along. Fans will love them regardless and if the new concepts are something that non-fans enjoy, they might just become fans themselves because they like the new music. It’s a way for them to broaden their fan base and try out different things they might like. It would probably be difficult to get used to but it brings about an element of surprise as well trying to figure out what they will be dong next. Sometimes doing the same music all the time loses it’s flavor and the excitement.

  244. I honestly don’t understand what all the BS was about last week. I think people are getting way too into the whole voting/reviewing system and aren’t actually considering all of the hard work the both of you put into creating these videos for us. Even I feel like it’s unfair to the both of you. I wanted to write this because something in the blog post that Martina said really stuck out to me and it was that the the negative comments outweigh the positive ones. And of course I do feel that’s true so I wanted to write this to let you know how I feel. There’s so much negativity and for no reason. Though I am a long time, die hard nasty even I kind of feel sometimes that you should give up doing KMM just because of all the ungrateful viewers out there who only know how to criticize and spew out nonsense. But then I’m like, no I can’t think that way because I know that Nasties like myself, who do genuinely enjoy it no matter what the video, would miss it too much. So many conflicting emotion. I just don’t think that you guys should change. I don’t want you to change. I don’t want you to be afraid of speaking your mind. No, it’s why I started watching you guys in the first place. I don’t want you to be all timid and careful. You should be able to do what you want, however you want to do it. So again, I’m writing this because I want you to know that the real Nasties love you and will continue to support you no matter what. We understand your decisions and we appreciate it everything you do. Don’t let them haters get you down. <3

  245. Remember the days when Meemers was small? I miss that too.

  246. please don’t be frozen in fear you guys! i can’t imagine how hurtful those comments must be… but i DO think that the nice ones should count for about 10 of the not-so-nice ones! and i think there are some of us (a small but strong minority!) who don’t care WHAT you do, whether it’s Music Mondays or WANKs or FAPFAPs, we will love it and be glad to watch! so, when the haters get to hatin’, please think of us and feel better. ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ *flings confetti at you* FIGHTING!!

  247. I also believe that musicians shouldn’t change their image too much. That is not to say that all their music should sound the same. For instance U2 is a rock band that makes rock music and they have a rock image. However if you listen to Sunday Bloody Sunday and Peace on Earth they sound quite different. However if they began having a gangster image that might be too much for me =P

    About all the complainers, I think you guys need to lay some oral and written rules about what is acceptable behaviour from your viewers. I’m also a little appalled at all the complaints you guys get. Also if you choose a video that wasn’t voted in first place perhaps say why you chose it instead of the #1 video.

    I’m not sure why so many people feel devastated when the video they voted in doesn’t get reviewed. And then when it does get reviewed they are offended that you didn’t like the song or video as much as they did. SIGH

    EDIT: Why not let people suggest videos (just how people ask questions for TLDRs) but you guys choose the video without there being any point system.

  248. Well I think you should ignore all the criticism and just have fun. Seriously, we want you to enjoy what you do, and I can’t believe people unsubscribed over something like that. They weren’t true NAAASTIES.
    (PS ‘The English’ section had me laughing like a crazy person)

  249. Is the ratio of negative comments to positive comments getting worse? D:

    …I’m not a super hardcore fan of kpop, but you guys make it wayyy more enjoyable than if I just sat here and watched stuff.

  250. I didn’t know you were struggeling so hard because of those comments.. I wish you wouldn’t let yourself affect by them but I guess that’s easier said than done. Please remember that there are people who like watching your videos even if you aren’t always perfect and appreciate the love and effort you put into making videos.

  251. Simon and Martina. You guise are the best. I am sorry that people are being haters. Sadly this is a trend I have seen on the Internets where people can hide behind their screens and say horrible things. I don’t know why people have so much venom that they feel like they have to spew out there. As a long time Nasty, I would totally be okay with it if you reduced KMM to a more manageable load, or even took out the voting. I think it would be totally fine if you just reviewed a group or an artist that you felt deserved some love and they have an AWESOMELY funny MV (the latest Sunny Hill and Daybreak song for instance) or just something that you think would be great for K-pop lovers to know. Man, that was a rambly sentence. I guess what I am saying is this, while the fans might want you to make them all happy, this is just not possible. Whatever you decide to do, please don’t allow your health and sanity to erode. Know that we love you guise. EYK hwaiting!!!

    • And I almost forgot. I am totally the kind of music listener that likes the mixed-up-ness of K-pop where there isn’t always a coherent theme for the album. I tend to be a “listen to a song” kind of person – and then I start becoming more interested in what a group has to offer. So it doesn’t bug me that they change things up a lot. I like it actually. And the multiple hats…it totally reminded me of this video clip of two guys “dueling” with multiple hats: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5ZM0-f5_CU

    • People weren’t really being haters, they just expressed disappointment at a review – they thought S&M would pick one of the two videos that were going to expire that week, as opposed to the newly released Rose MV. They didn’t attack S&M, just said they were disappointed in a respectful way – and S&M, wanting to please their audience, were disappointed that they disappointed fans. Mean things weren’t said by the majority (many said alongside their disappointment of the choice that they still liked the review)

      • Oh, this hasn’t just been today. In the past several months there have been some really horrible comments directed at S&M and about how they run EYK. I think today was just the culmination of all of those months, and they finally said something about it.

        • I must have missed that – I have only gotten into the community of late. But as they had referred to the Lee Hi thing specifically, that’s what I mentioned.

        • Yeah – I think it has become more of an issue as EYK has become more popular and people will just comment without looking at more videos. I know that back when they were changing the voting system there was a lot of hate spewed at them. They have also received death threats before from people. It makes me mad and sad.

        • I think with the changing of the voting system, we should really just think of it as the old system, unless S&M are uninspired.
          As for the death threats – that is the part of the internet that makes me sad… *sigh* those people make it more difficult to give constructive criticism, in case one would be mistaken for a death-threat-sh!thead

        • Yeah – it is a part of the Internet that I really don’t like.

  252. Guise: Straight up. I love Kpop Music Monday. It’s honestly my favorite series you do. But if you get rid of it, I will still watch you. Please don’t listen to the haters, and if there’s anything the rest of us can do to show you how much we appreciate you, LET US KNOW. We’ll fly to Seoul and buy you a drank. Don’t think we won’t.

  253. You guys are awesome, doing all the great job for us))) I must admit you are the ones who got me sooo hooked on kpop/korea/sillyyoutubevideos, and it is sad that you don’t always get the support you deserve. Fighting!~~

  254. Do whatever you feel most comfy with. I’ll watch you two until the day my internet dies =)
    Not for KMM, not for FAPFAP or WANK (but maybe a bit for the tl;dr’s.. x) ) – but for you guise. You are such fine, awesome, funny, intelligent, sweet, nasty, nerdy people, that I came to care more for you, than the informative stuff (that’s just a bonus to me now).
    EYK always makes my day and I really do love you two, so please, no frustration, no worries, no pressure. There will always be crybabies, especially when it comes to music / fangirls etc, but we will flood every negative comment with ten positive ones, before we actually let you quit anything. Just know – we love what you are doing and just because the anonymity of the internet makes some people think that they are now able to point the finger at somebody, doesn’t mean everyone is pissed.
    I rarely comment on stuff, I like to just sit back and enjoy and I think lots of other people do it like that, so obviously, whiny sissys stand out more ;)
    I’d rather have fun with you two together, and whatever you pick out for me, than having a boring review of a song (one of thousands) I like.
    Lotsa love from germany, as always, you, Martina and Simon, are the best!
    Fighting! =)

    • This comment just about sums up what I’m about to say.

      I love watching your videos. I check your blog everyday for all your videos, and I watch most of them (I just don’t have the time to watch all of them, especially the Kpop chart updates. I’m sorry! D: ) Your KMM make my day, (so do your TL;DRs for that matter) and even when the song I want to be reviewed isn’t the one that you guys review, I still end up enjoying both the music video and your review.

      You’re not the only ones getting annoyed with the negative to positive comments. I’m actually really annoyed too. Lee Hi’s Rose comment section was painful to read. I commented on your review almost immediately after I finished watching it, then saw all the negative comments and just avoided it after that because I was so annoyed at how NOBODY WAS ACTUALLY COMMENTING ON THE REVIEW. And I mean, I’m just a fan of you guys who likes to discuss Kpop related stuff on your blog. If I’m this annoyed, I can only imagine how upsetting it is for you. =/

      Anyway, I just want to say, I really like watching you guys because you’re all the things that the commentor above said. If you find it necessary to cut KMM, I’d be really sad, as that’s my favorite thing about Monday (seriously, I refresh and refresh your homepage all day until it actually comes out) but I’d understand. As long as you keep having fun doing whatever you’re doing, that’ll be alright with me. Because, really, it’s impossible to please everyone. All you can do is do what you do, have fun doing it, and hope that it’ll be received well. And if it isn’t, I don’t think there’s anything you can do except sigh and move on.

      Wow, that was rambly. Sorry, I just had to get that out there. =/

      As for comments on the actual song and review, I really, really like this song. And I just heard it today! :D It’s, as Martina said, playful and nice. It’s cute, but not so cute that you wanna vomit kinda cute, y’know? I don’t know I just really like it. And that skit! That skit! I almost died laughing while watching it. Yeah, PSYmon! You make sure nobody actually does any dirty stuff! Woot!

      Alright, I will shut up now. Off to listen to “Joah” some more! ^^/

      • THIS. I agree 100% with all that was said here.

        Simon & Martina: I love you guise, and reading this post was super sad. Though I’m not a YouTube superstar, I can understand how painful it is to only hear negativity after trying to do your best. Especially when it always seems that there’s more negativity than positivity out there. It’s seems to be human nature for people to voice complaints 100% of the time when they are upset about something, but only take the time to say something nice 10% of the time when they’re happy about or pleased with something. What’s more, it feels like a negative comment hurts 10x more than a positive comment feels good. It’s not possible to ignore negativity, because it will sting no matter what. All I can say is, know that you are loved and appreciated by so SO many people all over the world just for being the awesome people that you are. <3

    • Thank you for your support. :)

      Now, how did you feel about the Jay Park KMM? ^^b

      • It was awesome, of course =D

        Hip Hop Hitler won me all over! Shizzle manizzle and stuff.
        Though! Still waiting for the KMM that will beat the Exo – MAMA Review. That one was.. hilarious!

  255. Ah-mazing. Thank you for your hard work. I can’t believe you put out two KMM’s this week. I’m just sad you felt compelled to do it because of other people.
    It would be such a shame to get rid of KMM, so I hope things won’t escalate to that extent, since there’s so many people who do love the things you put out.


  256. Wow, your blog post made me sad. It’s such a shame that there are so many people who think they can hide behind the anonymity of the internet in order to complain about *free* entertainment which you guys provide for us week after week. I’ve talked to other people about this, and let me tell you, it’s not just YouTube — it’s all over. I have some suggestions, but I suspect that most of them are probably not business-smart. Even so, here they are:

    –like Alyn said, keep doing what YOU love. If EYK Studios is going to be your business for the foreseeable future, you don’t want to be miserable doing it. True fans who come here to watch YOU will stay, and those who only care about their biases can go find something else to do.

    -If you have to, don’t read the blog comments. Is there someone (Leigh or Soo Zee or one of the mods?) that you could ask to read them for you and “summarize” any actual legitimate suggestions/critiques, and of course, point out positive feedback?

    -Get rid of the Kpop charts entirely. I don’t think this would go over well, but it would take you back to the first days of KMM when you were picking songs you loved and were excited about every week. I think the Top 3 switch has helped in some ways, but in others it seems to have made it worse since now the “supporters” of two videos each week have the potential to be really angry at you for not choosing their video, rather than at the other fans who out-voted them.

    …back with more later if I can think of any. In the meantime, hang in there!! *HUGS*!

    • I think that they maybe should go back to just choosing the nr 1 on the chart… I really love everything they does, and don’t really care, but then I think that the ones who complain, can’t really complain that much… ^^;;

      • I’m not one to comment this much but I think the problem with the #1 goes back to being forced to review things they don’t feel like doing or worse hate doing. I mean, being forced into reading a book on tax law (unless you’re a tax lawyer, then apologies :P) and then having to write a report on it just comes to mind. They’re adults who should be able to enjoy doing what they like. Obviously there’s the viewers to consider but when people make unreasonable and short-sighted complaints no one should have to crumble.
        my humble opinion. i’ll stop commenting on this subject now. (;

    • I completely agree about the KMM bit. I actually really enjoyed having the surprise of seeing who would be reviewed each week back when there was no chart and while the top 3 does make it better, I think it might be better if it was entirely a surprise as to the rankings each week. But honestly, it should be what’s easiest for you guys. We’re just here to enjoy, right?

    • I’m saying a big NO for the get rid of the charts part…then what fans are supposed to do? that would kill all the excitement.
      i love to came here and meet other fans, to vote and comment and see other ppl perspective, to see what i’ve missed in that MV. I love the spirit of friendly competition and that when the KMM comes out, to feel like yah, we did it, we fans worked for it

      • I agree that voting is fun, but unfortunately there are people out there who are more competitive than friendly and are ruining the fun for everyone else, including S&M :(

        • there will always be this kind of ppl. Always.S&M just have to do what they feel like,they have to know that the number of ppl who apreciate their work is bigger then the ones that complain in the heat of the moment

        • I agree, but I feel like ignoring negativity is often easier said than done, and the internet really seems to magnify hate. I guess as nasties we just have to work that much harder to show those people how much S&M are loved and how unnecessarily mean they are being.

        • True, i believe in lead with the power of example. For now we can’t do much just wait and support S&m

    • Thought of one more: don’t justify your decisions to your fans. I personally love that you are so open with us about everything that goes into making your videos, but there are times when I think a decision might be better left unsaid. For example, don’t say “We picked this video because it’s a girl group and they get outvoted by boy bands so often!” While I think that’s perfectly fine, it has the unfortunately potential of setting a precedent that could come back to haunt you: “OMG why didnt u pick [girl group] they never get reviewed and u did it for [other girl group] even tho they were in 3rd place” etc. etc. Plus I’d rather hear “We picked this because we had SO MUCH to say about it!” every week. :)

      By the way, re: the Kpop charts, what I had in mind was not actually getting rid of them, but making them totally unconnected to which song you review. Sorry, poor wording on my part.

      • sorry me again :D hope u won’t kill me but i still don’t get u *runs and hides
        unconnected to the song? meaning the charts and the song to be 2 separate entities? why? wouldn’t that be like straight up mocking the fans who worked hard to get those MVs in the top 3? I liked that the nr 1 song gets the review and i like the current situation..But if fans get left out wouldn’t that be disappoiting? To say the least

        • TheArrowPen

          Yeah, what I mean is that the KMM song would be unrelated to the Kpop charts — the charts would be there so that fans could see new songs, connect with other fans in the comments, etc., but there would be no voting. To be honest, I rarely vote for a song unless it’s one I really like or a new group I’d like to see get a chance, so I don’t know what goes on there most of the time. But from the comments posted on the KMMs, I don’t see the “spirit of friendly competition” that you mentioned in your first reply. It seems more like hostility (in some cases, certainly not all), and it’s directed at S&M, which is unfair. I definitely don’t want the fans to be left out, though — this was just something I put down as a suggestion because I don’t want to see S&M getting flamed for their KMM song choices.

        • well i vote for the artists i like, so i come here only when they release something but i watch every KMM.And i experienced friendly competition.We made friends with other fandoms, we helped each other with voting for example.There are nice times too.And frankly there is bound to be complaints either way. U can’t please all.I’ve seen in the comments nasties that said they were harsh in the heat of the moment but they regreted afterwards.I don’t see why S&M have to change the format again.Some fans just have to grow up.Unfortunately this is kpop and there will always be friction. Sorry for the ramble :)

        • I don’t think that “working hard to get those mvs in the top 3″ is really the point. Its meant to be a summary of everyones wants, not one person getting obsessed and defeating everyone else with a video that a minority like

        • well the songs that get in the top 3 are voted by the majority…seriously how can a single individual get a song up in the chart? and i don’t think that the songs review until now are liked just by a minority
          i have a post around here explaining why i feel exciting about voting. It’s more about the experience of talking and doing something with other fans. Not working hard in the sense that my bias has to be first even if i have to walk on corpses.If we get a review then even better

    • Thank you for your suggestions :)

      I already ‘summarise’ kpop charts comments for them, but I’ve never had the need to tackle blog posts until now.

      I’m actually going to start moderating blog post comments now. I never used to, but now that I realise how much of an affect it can have on S&M’s mood and behaviour, I’ll start encouraging people to be as respectful as they are on the Kpop Charts. Have you seen the Kpop Chart comments? They’re quite lovely~ *proud*

      I also agree that they should do what makes them happy, because EYK is more likely to do well for longer, that way. Plus, them being happy makes us happy. However, angry comments doesn’t make them happy. And the comments are my job – that is, the mods’ job – so I guess we need to work harder at this ^^;

      Did you know, that when it comes to Disqus comments, I regard S&M as any other commenter? Yes, I’ve actually deleted their comments a few times ^^;

      Lastly – what did you think of Jay Park’s KMM? :p

      • I liked the KMM — like everyone else, I found the “Jay Park’s English is fine!” hilarious. Personally, I’ve never been bothered by Kpop groups changing their sound, but I realized that it’s because I constantly listen to my Kpop on shuffle, not by album, and I have all the upbeat songs in a separate playlist so that I know where to go when I want bouncy music. But there are a few (non Kpop) groups that I do expect a certain sound from, and I’d be really disappointed (or at least surprised) if halfway through the album I got a completely different-sounding song.

        I do have one criticism, though, which is that it seems to me that the amount of PG-13-level humor/content/language in the EYK videos seems to be going up. Maybe it’s not and I’m just imagining it, but I wasn’t much of a fan of this week’s skit, for instance, or the “eat dick!” thing from earlier in the month, which, it occurs to me, was also about Jay Park. Maybe it’s just Jay Park-related content? :P

        Also, I love that you moderate S&M’s comments just like everyone else’s. :D

    • people did put in effort to vote for the videos they wanted on kmm, so it was kinda annoying that s&m gets to “override” their “decisions”. even tho i’m a yg fan, i wouldn’t be too pleased with them reviewing the same artiste again when there are other good ones out there begging for the chance to be reviewed. bottom line is u get to do what u want, just be prepared to deal with the shit that comes with all decisions that u make :S

  257. I really don’t care how KMM movie is chosen though I was surprised you reviewed yourself. Maybe to make it more fair for viewers make sure that an IP is only remembered for the voting for the next music Monday and it reset on that Saturday night so people can only vote once instead of spamming a video (something like that if there is a way) and continue to do the top 3. I know I had the option throughout the week to vote for your music video but not in the same day/session. It will also probably block voting trolls. Anyways that is just a suggestion.

    P.S. Have you seen the movie Inception? It is really freaky in good way (not a horror movie).

  258. I do enjoy jay park’s songs and I can’t lie and say I would love to see 2 KMM’s a week but I agree with everyone else. The Inception version was great and plenty! Please don’t feel so crushed and forced into changing your ways for anyone else. Especially if it means some crazy sleep deprivation. This should be fun for you guys too!

  259. It’s definitely not an easy thing to put yourselves out there but personally, I like when you guys choose videos that you want to do because you tend to have a lot more fun with them and it’s so much more obvious. Those that threatened to unsubscribe in your Lee Hi video and who said they weren’t going to watch anymore clearly weren’t true Nasties if all it took was one video to make them be like that. You guys just keep being your nasty amazing selves because real nasties will stick by you no matter what (whether they agree or not with your opinions and choices) and the other ones…well, they just don’t matter. It’ll be like when Se7en’s fandom had it’s closet cleaned out after the scandal. The real fans stayed, the delusional ones went off to drink Haterade.

  260. Do what you love, and don’t stop. Of course indulging your fans is important, but I believe that listening to what we have to say all the time will lead you in the wrong direction. Good Luck!

  261. Hahaha JayPark’s english is fine!

  262. By the way… one of Jay’s other songs from the “JOAH” single is called “Welcome” (19+, with a MV release on Thursday) and has this part where he says “NASTY~!” and it reminds me of you guys! Check it out! :-)

  263. About that sound changes.. For me being a hardcore B.A.P fan, yes I like them better badass. Mainly cause they seem to be more comfortable performing One Shot then Rain Sound, but I didn’t mind those “cute” songs. It was fun. GD is going from ballad (The XX) to electro fluently as well.. I just think it would be boring listening to Warrior and Crayon all the time.. Change is good from time to time as long as everyone is going back to their roots.

  264. Everyone, lets tweet Jay this @JAYBUMAOM on twitter! Then S&M can interview him!
    This episode was really funny! I thought the leg dance was really cool though :p

  265. People need to quit acting so entitled. Just because they don’t review what you believe they should review really isn’t reason enough to abandon watching their videos completely. Hopefully Simon & Martina will continue doing what they love! Don’t destroy that for them because ONE video wasn’t to your liking. <3 Love EYK!

  266. Soooo many hats! I’m so happy to be able to follow you guise! The greater something is, the more people will be out to complain about it; it’s a balance of energy. I think you guys are awesome and I will be so humbled to visit you someday. I can confirm at least some of those shots were done in Seattle (shakes fist at the parking sign at the beginning) as I work in Seattle. Keep up the Nastiness! Ramble, stop!

  267. First, don’t ever kowtow to those who comment on your videos; don’t let them affect you so much. You know that you’re never going to make everyone happy. I don’t agree with all of your opinions, but I don’t feel the need to bash you for it.

    Second, I understand your POV on the ‘album content’. IMO, I like content both ways, but since I have a tendency to listen to custom playlists, I kinda prefer a mix of sounds rather than one continuous ‘mood’. Unless I am kinda peeved and then I like listening to hours of music where I can just wallow in my anger. :-)

    Keep up the great work guys!!

  268. You guys are beyond amazing for putting up two Music Mondays (although that first one was enough IMO).
    I love that you guys care so much about your viewers, despite the fact that I’m sure they can be an ungrateful bunch at times.
    Also, I don’t know why, but the way Simon commented on the English was hysterical.

  269. ewww><the p' word

  270. I was about to say ‘hey everyone – lets start one long thread filled with the nice stuff we want to say to Simon and Martina’ but so far people are posting such positive things anyway!
    I hope you guys can see just how many fans you have!!!! NASTIES FOR LYFE!!!

  271. I hope the comments are getting better now… from reading this video’s comments so far, it seems like everybody’s comforting each other, I love it! <3 It totally fits the vibe of this KMM song too. EYK and Simon and Martina we love you! Keep on going strong and get a good sleep ;)

  272. Real Nasties care more that YOU are the ones doing the videos rather than what the videos are about. While I really enjoyed this Music Monday (you seemed as though you were having a lot of fun doing it), I would have been perfectly happy with just the one MM for Eat Your Kimchi Like A Man (which was seriously awesome). I know its hard to ignore the haters and the rabid hardcore uberfans who are upset that you didn’t review their oppas, but know that there are a lot of people who support you no matter what you’re doing! I would rather you lose the viewers who are unhappy with your videos than for you to quit doing fun videos which make so many other people happy.
    Your videos are always the highlight of my week, and you guys are kind of a huge life inspiration for me, and so I hope you keep you doing what you’re doing now, having fun and poking fun at k-pop and showing us around Korea etc etc etc.


  273. Love the hilarious comment of jay parks english which is said with a really straight face… TT.TT crying and laughing. Simon why you be so manly with that?

  274. Is that a eatyourkimchi hat Simon is wearing, or is it just me who wish it is because I REALLY want one.

  275. I really liked the part where you were analysing Jay Park’s English. I think you brought up some really good points. I had exactly the same thoughts when I first saw the mv. :D

  276. Martina, what does the t-shirt you’re wearing before you shaved your mustache at 3:13

  277. yah, guise. Trolls are trolls, everyone likes different kind of ice cream[hyuna-melted],
    there are a loooot more people who sincerely do enjoy your videos/kmm and we are here because of your opinions and the way you guys are. Believe in Nasties and maaaan believe in yourselves.
    It’s your Nasty way!//naruto overload//

  278. I liked the EYK song better :P

    Nice work though, thanks for being awesome!

  279. I hope who ever complains about KMM not being who they wanted it to be chokes on a sock. I liked KMM both the ones you do for trololols and the ones you do for actualities. does that make sense? I hope you guys don’t work yourselves to hard for what anons are saying because there are true Nasties in the bunch who will stick with you thick and thin. NASTIES FO LIFE!!!
    by the way Martina if Block B ever does aegyo I swear the world would implode! Zico does it already and that shit ain’t pretty (I say with all the love in the world)

  280. GoldenAngelFeather

    Jay Park’s English is fine! xD
    lol so fast xD
    Well, he would never put wrong English in his songs after all xD

  281. Hi Simon and Martina, I really love Music Mondays and I hope that the comments get better soon. I think the chance to choose from the top 3 is better because sometimes a song you guys don’t have much to say about will get voted in and the Music Monday isn’t as good. So having that choice to pick a video that you like that didn’t win is good but maybe you could include a small section in the Music Monday where you talk about the video that you did skip over. Nothing like a whole other Music Monday. But just like a part of the video to acknowledge the winning video and those who voted for it. Do you think that would help?

  282. So many mean comments during the last weeks…I feel sorry for you guys .__. but haters gonna hate and having haters is probably the price of fame…. so please don’t let these things get to you ^^

    but honestly I feel that the new rule of you choosing one video out of the top 3 for music monday might be one reason for all those bad comments. it makes people disappointed if their favourite video is not chosen for kmm. people can’t say much against the choice of video if it’s decided by a voting, but if it’s decided personally by you guys, they have someone to hate on if they don’t like the choice.I know you decided on that because there were too many boygroups, but still. just saying ^^
    *hugsyou* cheer up, guys! cuddle spudgy and meemers and read all the nice comments, ignore the hate! ^__^ <3

  283. I joah this video and review:-) And yeah, it is Seattle all the way!

  284. Hi Simon and Martina. You should not worry too much over a few ANGRY!!!1!11 comments on your videos. I’d say it’s not very normal to react so strongly to things that are not made to provoke or offend anyone, you have personal opinions and lives to tend to and if someone wants to get that wound up about little things then maybe they really should unsubscribe and spare all of you of the strain. You two are great, your videos are cool and quirky, I especially love the Music Mondays and the FAP FAPs. And seeing you two having been married so long and seeming so happy together brings me joy and hope for human kind. There should be more people like you guys! =)

  285. ‘JAY PARK’S ENGLISH IS FINE’ hahahahahahahahahahahaha xD

  286. Massive Monkeys are the best!! was on ABDC!!

  287. JAY PARK’S ENGLISH IS FINE hahaha I laughed so hard

  288. Guys, I think that there are much more nasties, who really are grateful for your work than angry for your KMM choice. No matter what you are doing, you need to love what you to and not be afraid of some annoyed and angry comments. I believe that most of us here really love ANY work from you. What is the point of doing something, that you don’t want to, but your viewers do?

    I don’t want to talk for many people, but I am talking for myself. I love all of your videos, no matter what they are about. I love seeing your efforts, your smiles, your bloopers. Even if you start making washing machines tutorials (like you did a few years ago :D) instead of KMM, I’d still watch it, because I really love your work. ^_^

    And the main point after my blahblah’ing – don’t be discouraged by some negative comments. Do what you love, love what you do. ^_^


  290. Omg, Simon : ‘Oh my god i’m so young and beautiful’ cracked me up with his voice looool

  291. bigbangfosho

    Thanks for working so hard!
    But when I did see that you had 2 KMM, I knew it was to appease fans. It’s really quite sad that you have to take out your own happiness and health to make your viewers happy. And most of us end up complaining. But please please please don’t get rid of KMM. They’re so fun to watch. But if it does get to that point, then do whatever you feel is right. That Lee Hi storm hate was quite annoying to read. I posted a “disappointed” post too, but I really think it was quite stupid of me.
    Please though, do whatever you want.
    What fun would it be to follow you guys and not have you be happy? Please just chose the things you want to review. If it makes people unhappy, so be it. You are happy. In the end, you will never be able to satisfy everybody. Just know for the majority of us, we have smiles on our faces because of you two.

    • Thank you for that :)

      This is why I try really hard to give people the benefit of the doubt – while you were disappointed with the Lee Hi thing, it wasn’t like you were a troll, right? There were a lot of misunderstandings and upset feelings involved at the time. I’m not going to say if anyone was right or wrong. BUT, you clearly have the ability to repent (you admitted your post was stupid) AND forgive (give EYK another chance after disappointing you), and that is an extremely valuable trait to have.

      As Dale Carnegie said,
      “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain – and most fools do. But it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving.”

      • bigbangfosho

        TT TT nice comments can be so nice. Thank you really. I think most of the reason why people are upset is because of misunderstandings, jumping to conclusions, taking certain statements out of context. There’s a fine line between complaining about the song reviewed and complaining about the content in the video. One is constructive, the other is not. Reading comments here makes me realize some people are hating because “Simon and Martina are refraining the right to opinion”, which is untrue. They’re drawing a line between constructive criticism and criticism that so not.

  292. Me gustan sus vídeos, son graciosos y entretenidos, que mal por esas personas poco tolerantes que los critican sin comprender el duro trabajo, tiempo y desgaste fisico|creativo que lleva realizarlos. Y hacer vídeos “obligados” por la presión de las masas, no es nada divertido. :/ ánimo!

  293. well the guys in his video are his crew he knew even before going to Korea
    such as Seattle is his hometown
    ofcourse he feels comfortable and natural in this vid because it’s where he comes from ^_^
    thank you guys for finally reviewing it (was-mad-last-week-a-bit)

  294. People need to quit acting so entitled. Just because they don’t review what you believe they should review really isn’t reason enough to abandon watching their videos completely. Hopefully Simon & Martina will continue getting what they love to do! Don’t destroy that for them because ONE video wasn’t to your liking.

  295. Okay just read your post! Keep doing what YOU feel like doing and don’t worry about the complainers. People who love you for what you want to do will stick with you and those that don’t can go watch someone else. Yeah you might lose people but you won’t lose yourself. Which is more important in the long run. Remember what you said in the interview about being a couple and doing things that you loved to do.

    • One complaint though Simon… please stop calling Spudgy a Dirty Dumpster Dog!!!

      • Hahaha. It’s the new phrase we have for him. He keeps on sleeping on garbage, and he looks so scraggly. Dumpster Doggy sounds cute, and seems to fit him at the moment :D

        • okay… as long as he is okay with it.

        • Kristen Richardson

          Doggies are weird that way. They will go rooting around in the garbage or rolling around on some random dead squirrel they’ve found because, to them it’s like Channel #5. *eww* I’m sure he’ll look better when you have time to get his summer hair cut. Spudgers is adorable, no matter what! XD

        • Spudgy’s a prom night dumpster baby. Stewie Griffin Style!

    • Whenever you start to get frustrated or pulled down about the few negative comments, go back in your minds to the fundraiser! We proved to you how much we love and support you! Go back to that feeling of blowing away your original goal in what 16 hours???? There are MANY more with you than against you…hajiman, we are not as vocal at the negative ones…I for one will try and do better uplifting you from now on.

      • Oh gosh, I didn’t think of it that way! The negative ones ARE the more vocal ones, huh? D8 Alright, I agree I’ll try to be more uplifting to them too! ^^

      • this is very very true, we need speak up more ;) (Y)

      • Agreed! I’ve been watching for months and this is my first time commenting. I think S&M are hilarious and I love what they do. I get to learn about a different culture and although I’m not a fan of Kpop, they’ve actually gotten me to like it a bit more (possibly converting me? Maybe?). Truthfully, I’ve grown to love their KMM and there are many times that my picks haven’t been chosen (remember Infinite H? I’m hugely biased to that subgroup. And even 24/7 by 2yoon. There are a few others too that I won’t list them) but seriously, I DON’T care. I just feel that people take all of this too seriously. I come here for TL;DR, FAP FAP, WANK, honest opinions and a laugh once in a while. For example: both KMMs today was BRILLIANT! I can’t stop laughing at the skits! I think that the one with mad meemers was possibly the best ideas that they had. and then I simply died when Simon called over Spudgy. PURE GOLD! And your KMM on your own mv couldn’t make me stop laughing! The beginning was so true (about biased votes getting a mv into the top 3) that it made me laugh. Okay. I could continue, but I think I’m going to stop for now :)

        • Yeah, the negative ones are always the ones who make the most noise. This is the first time I’ve ever commented too, but I have been a fan of Simon and Martina for a while now. I have a condition called chronic fatigue syndrome, which is basically a really sucky illness that makes me tired all the time. It means that I can hardly ever get into school or meet friends at all, and though this might sound a bit sad, Simon and Martina stop me from feeling so lonely. You guise make me laugh even on the days when I’m all sulky and feeling sorry for myself.

        • Hehe I think so many people have that feeling sometimes of just wanting to curl up in bed and listen to happy stuff on the interent to wash over you, so maybe many of us can relate, even in a little way, to how you’re feeling. You should comment more with us all here ~(=w=)~ It’s a friendly bunch commenting on the blog posts, generally. Internet hugs! XD

        • You’re not lonely MuffinGod, you have all the Nasties to hang out (even if virtually) with as well. Amirite Nasties???
          All the best dealing with CFS, we’ll support you!! xx
          PS. GREAT name

        • @google-f77b58191ddcb480a264701410835a2d:disqus & @twitter-20883194:disqus Thank you guise :D I might be a bit late, but I wanted to thank you anyway, you really made my day ^.^ *Internet hugs you back*

        • Oh dear, my comments gone strange *sigh* why does my crappy computer do this to me T.T. Oh well, the general message is still there >.>

        • dont worry, u have us, nasty family is together

      • Maddie, you have completely mischaracterised what happened. People should not have to pass a test to “prove” they love Simon and Martina (I remain silent if they disagree with them) – this is not love, its sycophancy and its suppressing people’s right to express an opinion. It implies that you can only comment or expression an opinion as long as it tallies with Simon and Martina’s opinion.

        As for whether it was a vocal minority or not – again that is a complete mischaracterisation of what happened. As one of the moderators for EKY noted – a lot of people who expressed an opinion different to Simon and Martina had also donated to the fundraiser, some of them had been regular commentators who had supported Martina and Simon or they were newer commentators who been following for a while but not been that vocal. The vast majority of comments were polite and attempted to explain to Simon and Martina why they were genuinely upset and that they weren’t just being negative for the sake of it. I post two comments on my thought on what happened – I was not personally upset that Simon and Martina did not pick HYS, but I could see why others were. Martina and Simon’s fans and supporters are just as entitled to their opinion as Simon and Martina are. There should be nothing wrong with them expressing their difference politely, which they did.

        Although I feel like Simon and Martina have not taken on board the reason why people were upset (ie. the confusion about the voting system and people feeling like their vote means nothing), I have continued to remain a fan of EYK and watch all the videos, but seriously if I am being to to just shut up and that I am not allowed to express an opinion different to Simon and Martina, then I am more inclined to leave and no longer subscribe. I actually like the work Simon and Martina do and I enjoy their videos immensely. I would prefer to stay, rather than feel like I have to leave because I am not allowed to express a differing opinion.

        • Haha, thank you for clearing that up? ( ^ 3 ^)
          I disagree with S&M all the damn time. They disagree with me tons too. But it doesn’t mean we can’t get along.

          Generally, as mods, we care more about the tone and wording of a comment, rather than the content. Comments that aren’t respectful, or are just plain hurtful and don’t benefit anyone at all, are generally deleted before anyone even gets to see it. What remains usually is only there because we’ve already looked over it and thought it was ok.
          So, that’s partly why all the complaints on this website are so respectful, lol ^^;

          And so when S&M got upset about them, it made us feel a little bad too, because it’s partly our fault, for condoning something that hurt them, I guess. That’s why we’ve been discussing it in so much depth these last two weeks, and we’re still doing it now – how Mods can regulate comments so that they won’t hurt people, while still giving people the freedom to express their opinions.

          oh, lastly, Simon and Martina have definitely taken on board the fan’s point of view, when it comes to that LeeHi thing. We drummed it into their heads for a whole week, lol. If it’s one thing I can guarantee, is that they definitely know how you feel. As a bridge between the blog users and the blog owners, we try to make sure of that ^^b

          And, uh, raining stars: Please, express your differing opinions all you like!! So long as you’re polite about it. If you say it nicely, and anyone attacks you for it, we’ve got your back ^^b.

          However, just between you and me – personally, I don’t believe in people having a right to express their opinion. Most of the countries I grew up in did not have that culture. I think it’s great to have your own opinion, but there are times and places for expressing it, if at all.
          In the end, this website is ‘private property’. So I guess it is our judgement call as comment moderators on what is or is not allowed here, on this particular website. Yes we even delete S&M’s comments if we find them inflammatory.
          Oh we Mods are just so Nasty :p
          We can’t control what is on youtube or tumblr, though.

        • raining stars

          Thanks fuuko4869 :) I appreciate hearing things from your side of the fence on this issue. Keep up the great work!

        • Maddie Fossett

          I never thought about the fact that this site is ‘private property.’ But that is true…food for thought.

          Thank you for all that you Mods do. I for one an grateful for all the work you do to keep this site civil.


        • I concur with everything that fuuko said above.

          I just want to make sure that EYK is a great place to hang around. I don’t always agree with people but I do know how to either 1. Hold my tongue if my opinion is not waranted or 2. State my view in a way that is not disparaging or disrespectful.

          Not everyone knows how to do that and thus the reason for myself, Fuuko and Cari to be Nasty Mods.

        • raining stars

          Hi Natz :) I agree, people should be respectful and polite there is no need for anyone to be rude or offensive. I also agree with you that about the issue of when to comment. I have been following EYK for a year or so and while I read the comments regularly I have only in the past commented a few times here and there. The reason for my comments last time around was because I felt that people who did express disappointment were being treated unfairly. I had not planned to comment on the issue again (after the discussion/debate a couple of weeks ago) but I am glad that Simon and Martina have asked for feedback and its good to see that people are trying to contribute in a positive way.

          So, thanks again to the moderators for all your work and for the feedback, it is really good to hear things from your side of the fence.

          And of course thanks to Simon and Martina for doing such fantastic videos and inviting us into their lives. Please know that even if folks sometimes disagree with you, they still appreciate and respect all the wonderful things you are doing!

        • Maddie Fossett

          My dear, I thank you for your reply.

          I do not have a problem with ANYONE expressing an opinion, truly. I thrive on reading, watching and reading opposing views. I agree that we all have the freedom to give an honest opinion. I do however have a problem with those who give their opinion in a harsh, offensive and (in some cases) rude manner. Common courtesy is quickly dying in internet/fan culture. NEVER would I say that showing love to someone is manifested in staying silent when you disagree with a person. I agree totally that that is NOT love; that is insanity, that leads only to people being debased and abuse in the long run.

          My comment in no way was to make a person think that they need to ‘prove’ their support. Rather I wanted S&M to remember that no one can please everyone, and that overall, they are enormously valued by their fans.

          I also wanted to bring to the forefront the thought that many many many of us who greatly enjoy EYK do not comment and tell them that fact. As shown from some of the other comments that part was successful in some small way.

          Again, I thank you for your reply, and hope that you understand my true intent with my previous message.


        • raining stars

          Hi Maddie :) I agree with you about the issue of common courtesy – I am also opposed to people posting comments that are offensive or rude. There is no need for anyone to do this. My point was that most of the people who did express disappointment were not rude or offensive (yes, there were a couple but not many). I pretty much read all the comments and most people were polite and respectful.

          I agree with you that it is impossible to please everyone 100% of the time. And Simon and Martina should not feel they have to please their fans 100% or that they can’t make mistakes. We are all human beings, we all make mistakes, its perfectly normal to do so.

          I have been following EYK for about a year or more now and I only started commenting a couple of months back and then only here and there but I generally read the comments most weeks on the various videos. The point I was reflecting is that from what I could see (and the moderators confirmed it) that many of those who did express disappointment were not “trolling” (as some others have implied) but were genuine commentators.

          As I said in my comments at the time (when the whole debate was going on), I really love EYK and the work that Simon and Martina do and I credit them with my kpop and kdrama addictions :P I also loved the LeeHi reveiw they did. I have always been happy to watch whoever they review, irrespective of who I vote for. The point that I was trying to reflect is that its entirely possible to love EYK and appreciate what Simon and Martina do but also disagree with them sometimes.

        • Maddie Fossett

          “… I credit them with my kpop and kdrama addictions :P” OH GOOD, I am not the only one! I was deep into the dramas before EYK but the K-pop…oh yeah totally crediting that to EYK! :)

          “…its entirely possible to love EYK and appreciate what Simon and Martina do but also disagree with them sometimes.” I agree with this with all of me! (but that doesn’t mean I love you or will follow you blindly!) ;P

          Thank you for your conversation. I have found it thought provoking and helpful. Keep on speaking up when you feel you need to (as if you need me to say that…sheesh!?!?!)

          And as always (okay usually) EYK FTW!

    • Tbh I’m kind of seeing more comments complaining about the ”bad comments” than seeing the so called bad comments you talk about. It isn’t hate, just some opposite opinions that people have – because it is how things are, not everyone thinks alike, I don’t know you guys, but it seems from now on, people can’t have a different opinion from S&M without not being mentioned on their next video or getting bashed by nasties. You guys are making it like ”no opposite opinion” is welcome here… I’m even stopping commeting because I’ll get bashed…. I think even this comment will get bashed for being honest here.

      It is like when someone talks bad about one girl group everybody loves, this person will be bashed and called hater for not enjoying the said girl group. Sadly here is turning like the other websites like AKP were just one kind of thoughts are welcome.

      Please don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying you and SM have to accept hating comments and insults – but different opinions like ”Today KMM wasn’t so funny” and not get bashed for it.

      But that is it. Kisses and have a good week guys. Sorry for being negative here – I know you guys dislike it a lot.

      • beautiful.

        *slow clap.

        I’d also like to add that I’m confused with the blog now. I’m kind of torn on everything.
        I feel like the old system that was there for long was a bad idea, because it’s given people the idea that they’re opinions on what should be reviewed were the only thing that mattered. Then, the new system is created, where you would pick from the top 3. The point of this, I thought, was to allow other artist to actually have a chance, but at the same time allow you to choose what you wanted.
        But that quickly seemed like that wasn’t the case, and that it was completely about what you guys, which is fine, yes, it IS your blog. It was also basically off of what the general public liked. But I think people were just under the impression that those who liked lesser known artist were played, because the most popular video was still chosen anyways. By most popular, I don’t mean what’s number one necessarily, but what video in general was the most popular. I don’t see what the point of choosing her was at all. There were lesser known artist in the running, and you could have put your system to use and reviewed one of them.

        For me, I just felt kind of played. I thought the new system would include both the videos you liked, and at the same time give a chance to others.
        Then Lee Hi was reviewed. That was a really confusing time for me. I felt like you guys just submitted into reviewing it anyways just because it was Lee Hi, even though you said you weren’t huge fans of the song…

        Same with Man In Love, I feel like the would have been a good time to review something else and not submit into those crazy inspirits that really wanted it, to show that the voting system was changing. But instead, the most popular was still chosen. It was like there wasn’t even a new system in place.

        All I’m saying is, I’m getting mixed messages. Sorry if my post is confusing, I don’t know how to completely explain it.
        Also, I think it should be okay for people to be disappointed. Of course people would be, in my opinion. In terms of the Lee Hi thing anyways.

        Fans can be objective. You guys will have fans that don’t blindly love everything. The true fans wont truly hate something you do, though. I myself was just upset and confused. But it’s not like I was so butt hurt I’d unsubscribe.
        Those who actually did, what ever, that shouldn’t effect you guys, since the majority of people still like you.

      • We’ve spoken about this a few times before, but it seems that we can’t convince people how we feel about the matter. People not finding our jokes funny is fine. It’s when people complain that we didn’t do a specific video, that we chose something they thought we shouldn’t have chosen, that we get worried. We made this Music Monday here, for Jay Park, not because we were worried that people would disagree with our opinion. We made it because we knew people would complain about us NOT doing if we didn’t do it. We’re forced to create new content because of potential complaints, because of people feeling robbed that we didn’t do enough for them.

        The kind of comments like “Today KMM wasn’t so funny” we’re ok with. It’s the comments in the other threads, the “I’m disappointed that you didn’t review this video” that disturbs us.

        • First of all I would like to apologize for being one of those who commented about being disappointed. Most of us will not be able to understand the effects of reading negative comments and for that I am truly sorry.

          I would like to offer a suggestion to maybe reduce such comments and reasons why this could minimize the impact of negative comments.

          The k-pop song to be reviewed is selected on Saturday midnight. That means that the suspense will be built up for about 2 days until Monday. Resulting in reactions that are amplified both positively and negatively.
          My Suggestion is that, if you could put a picture or poster or make an announcement on your website/social media showing which song has been chosen a.k.a “The Winner”, it gives us a chance to prepare for what to expect and people can just accept it earlier.

          This solution takes away the suspense but at the same time, it should minimize the amplification of the negative comments. Furthermore, the beauty of this solution is you only need to retrieve a picture of the artist, put some code for the page to display “The Winner”, which is a little bit of work but not as much as providing 2 KMM.

        • Maggie Shelton

          NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! S and M are unhappy!!!!! I was so excited because we got two music mondays and i was a little upset that people were complaining, the whole comments pretty much ended up talking about meanie people that are FAKE NASTIES!
          OH NO! EPiphany! The Assties are really run by the idol companies and the idols themselves, somwhere you critiqued them (ex: weirdly lit rooms) and they decided to get back at you with harassing comments!
          Keep Fighting!

        • kitten_lilac

          Oddly enough, I don’t think the idols care about critiques. Honestly, from what I’ve seen, the idols they have talked to find them funny. It’s just the creepily protective fans who have issues. :P Strange people, really.

        • Magicimpact

          Yay! assties is catching on! No I do not think there the idols! Well this might just disprove a certain k-pop girl group controversy. The fake nasties are the assties!

        • Magicimpact

          So i’m guessing the assties are being terrible again. They should be appreciated with you guise. When T-araN4 debut song comes out and you guise don’t review , I would be sad, but not mad like , like , I got nothing, gonna go with assties. (sorry if I misspelled my phone is crazy) The point is that once you make a video, the assties (official name) will think that, “oh this was made in (video length plus more) time, but why didn’t they blah blah blah”. Well when you feel sad just remember there are nasties, spudgy, and memmersworth that love you. The assties need to remember “THIS IS NOT THERE DARN WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” It’s yours! (ran out of breath yelling)

      • This is exactly my fear. I don’t want EYK to become like that but many people seem to be absolutists.

        I don’t want the comments here to become like AKP.

        • AKP comments scare me.

        • kitten_lilac

          AKP is a creepy place. I went there because I thought, “Well, I don’t seem to get along with the individual fan communities because I don’t just like *one* group and I don’t necessarily love all their songs, so if I join All Kpop, then surely that will mean that everyone gets along and is able to have fun talking about all the different Kpop groups they like.”

          Boy was I stupid :P I got into more arguments just because I was trying to defend my opinions and I was trying to help other people defend theirs. Finally I gave up and was like, “to heck with this. Kpop communities stink”. That’s why I like EYK. It’s okay not to like everything and it’s okay to like what you like. The second part is what’s really important to me. If we can’t express dislike of something, I’ll be fine with that. I don’t think anyone cares if something gets my “stamp of disapproval”. But positive comments should be encouraged and so I like that I can be positive here without worrying about someone stomping me down. ^___^ So, thank you for helping to make this a safe place for Nasty fans. <3 You Mods and Simon and Martina are all doing a good job.

        • Thanks for the compliment. We do try to make it a ‘ safe space’. As I am an ‘ older’ fan ( comparatively) I really prefer to frequent places that are about fun and enjoyment, rather than an ‘ all drama all the time’ place.

      • From my perspective as a comment moderator,

        I welcome opposite opinions.

        As long as their are expressed in a polite manner.

        Now, on the Kpop Charts, we have commenting guidelines, which have worked wonderfully so far.

        Be Respectful
        Don’t Spam
        Stay on Topic
        Mods are Watching ;)

        If this was applied to the blog posts, then we would be deleting

        - comments that aren’t respectful
        - comments that aren’t on topic.
        (since we don’t get any spam there)

        I think the comments that S&M were talking about fell into the latter group. Because I already delete most ‘disrespectful’ comments, and what remained were pretty polite.
        But the video was about Lee Hi, but the comments were not about the video at all. I discourage talking about voting or rankings on the kpop charts, and encourage people to talk about the actual song/video/artist, as it makes for much better discussions. Would that also work on blog posts?

        I’m going to start encourage people talking about the kpop chart choices and systems maybe….on the Kpop Chart Update posts? And try to keep the KMM posts purely about the KMM in question. And TLDR comments about the TL;DR. And so on.

        I’m not quite sure about this yet, because as I said, I’ve never moderated comments on the blog posts before. We’re still in the process of discussing how to do it best. Making up guidelines ain’t easy.

        But there is one thing I know for sure:

        I want this place to be a happy community that will cheer up people who drop by :)

        • I hope S&M send you a EYK crew tracksuit, because you’re an awesome mod and an asset to them. You’re always polite and explain things clearly.

        • Someone. Hold me. I am not accustomed to this treatment.


        • Thanks for explaining your role. I have long thought that what you do was necessary but I wasn’t aware it was already in place. Unless you have had fans, and a LOT of them, I’m not sure anyone understands how zany people can get on the internet. I used to be on a security detail and witnessed how fans gets hyped up into crazy frenzies. I’ve had to fight people off and report many to the police for threatening behavior. I understand all too well how individuals are smart, but mobs are stupid. This little factoid is amplified online where people take off their filters. I hope S&M find a good balance with the help of their mods and crew so they can continue enjoying their video-making without taking the intentionally hurtful comments to heart.

        • Thanks for the encouragement. We are all working together to try to make things better.

        • Bwuahahah!

          * holds you*

          Don’t get too aflutter about the nice comments. It is like tempting fate.

  296. thanks for working so hard simon and martina! now you guys should go to sleep =)

  297. 2 in one day!! What did we do to deserve this?

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