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Kpop Music Mondays: Jay Park “Joah”

April 23, 2013


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Woohoo! So here’s this week’s second Music Monday! Our first one was on that whack “Eatyourkimchi Crew” that somehow managed to get to 2nd place on the Kpop Charts. CRAZY. Well, today (again…today) we’re talking about Jay Park’s “Joah.” If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:

Yeah! This song is great!!! We’re really happy with it! I’m never sure what to expect from Jay Park, R&B ballad, rap, kpop pop-ballad-rap…? We totally like the fun, laid back, and playful vibe of the video, matched with the groovy trumpetiness (not horniness) of the song. It’s not well lit. It’s fuzzy and filtered, but that doesn’t make it a bad video at all! We’re also really liking that this video took place in Seattle (at least, we think it’s Seattle since he’s from there), and has a much more authentic feel to it than other videos that try to take place outside of Korea, you know?

Sidenote: we’ve noticed that not everyone agrees with us on our opinions on changing images for bands/artists. How do you feel about it? See: we like to listen to albums, rather than artists. For Kpop acts that change their sound often within an album, it kinds ruins the unity/wholeness of the album experience for us. It sounds like a collage of singles, rather than a coherent whole album. When we listen to Burial, the sound of the album works its way throughout the album. He doesn’t come out with a finger-snapping “I Love You Baby!” kind of song. That’d ruin the album for us. Question is, though, if we should expect consistency for Kpop Artists in their albums. I’d like to think so. I want to believe that, if I want to hear asskicking songs, I can turn to B.A.P., or if I want some sad ballads I can turn to 2AM (though, I’d never want to listen to sad ballads, FYI). Heck, I don’t know. Let me know your thoughts on it. Is it right for me to want artists to have a distinct sound, or should we be ok with them jumping from image to image and sound to sound?

In Jay Park’s case, we’re not criticizing any one of his sounds, be it his rapping or his singing, because he’s good at both. It’s just the way that we ingest music that makes fitting Jay Park’s catalogue difficult for us. Same with B.A.P’s changing image, and it’s especially difficult to handle B.A.P changing from tough to cute because I just don’t believe that Bang Young Gook authentically enjoys being a cutey boy. Of course, I don’t know him personally, but I would feel the same way about seeing Block B act in a cute video. I would just feel like something was off. I don’t know, am I spouting crazy exhausted blog post talk? *Martina runs away*

*Martina runs back* Otherwise, FYI, we’re not going to make a habit of putting up two Music Mondays from now on because today was HEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. My back is on FIRE! FIIIRRREEE!!!! We just really wanted to review the Eatyourkimchi Like a Man video because it got voted up so highly in the kpopcharts and we thought it would be a great chance to poke fun of ourselves. We hope you Nasties liked it! We knew, though, that if we didn’t review an actual Kpop band some people would be very upset, and we felt like we had to keep them in mind. We literally made this Music Monday for Jay Park, not because we wanted to, but because we didn’t want people to complain. And this is nothing against Jay Park’s song, which we like a lot, and his video, which we also like a lot. We just didn’t want to make two Music Mondays, and if we had to choose between one, we’d much rather poke fun at ourselves than Jay Park’s video.

I don’t want to experience another Lee Hi Music Monday ever again. It seriously felt like such a waste of time, for us, just to disappoint so many people. And after reading all the disappointed comments, we then had people tell us they wouldn’t watch anymore of our videos and they were unsubscribing because we didn’t care about them, and that we didn’t read the comments or we didn’t care about our viewer’s opinions. I think the bigger problem is that we read too many comments, and I’m starting to get to the point where I’m becoming frozen in fear of doing anything that could offend, upset, piss off, or annoy our viewers. I’m really struggling guise: this whole “put your opinions and self into a video onto the internet for all to view” is harder than it looks, and these Music Mondays are becoming less a matter of us just having fun and more a matter of us being worried about who’s going to complain about what. We’ve even started talking about getting rid of Music Mondays as a result. Though, we don’t want to resort to that, because we know that there are a lot of people who do like what we do, but the complaints of the few DO weigh very heavily on us. What should we do? What can we change? We’re looking for input here. Doing extra videos isn’t an option.

There needs to be a “Psychology and YouTube101” course offered to people so they can learn to deal with all the anonymous comments coming at them. Anyways, I didn’t expect this to be such a long paragraph, but this is a really round about way of saying thank you to all the Nasties that understand when we make mistakes, mess up, piss people off, show our temper in the comment section, or say something offensive without intending it.

On a less serious end note, because we’d like to end the post with lols, here are this week’s Bloopers. FYI: Martina is very bad at gangsta talk. I tried coaching her but she still had a lot of difficulty with it!



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Kpop Music Mondays


Kpop Music Mondays: Jay Park “Joah”


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  1. Thanks for your comment. Honestly though, pretty much everyone in this post has said the same thing. So you don’t have to worry about evoking anger.

    Honestly though, most of the negative comments about EYK aren’t even on the website, they are on tumblr and youtube. I find that for the majority of the time, even when people are upset about the video that was chosen, they usually are pretty polite and respectful about it. However, we mods may just have to be more strict about the comments in order to keep the website a fun and safe place.

    3 years ago

    3 years ago
  3. Haha, the funny thing is that if you did read some of the other comments you would realise that no one is bitching and pretty much the majority of people are saying what you said, if in a slightly different way.

    That said, you are not obligated to read anyone else’s comments… Only the mods are required to do that.

    3 years ago
  4. long time watcher, though not commenter :x but I just wanted you to know that I love you guys and your videos and want to give you internet hugs <333333

    3 years ago
  5. Hmm, that Mission/Vision/Values thing is interesting. I’m not sure if EYK has one yet.

    3 years ago
    • Not gonna lie, I don’t ‘read’ every comment, but I do skim over everything. Have you seen how long some comments are? :p My brain would explode >_<

      I completely agree with the benefits of having a vision statement. I've passed it on to S&M (along with a few other interesting suggestions that people have brought up)

      3 years ago
      • …maybe because I’ve been lurking around EYK for over 2 years? ._.

        Or did you hear my name in the WG interview…
        Or perhaps in the MFBTY interview…
        Or did you see me around Nic’s MKH blog…

        The possibilities are endless :D

        3 years ago
    • Did you know that google has a secret mission statement: ‘Don’t be Evil’

      Yep, that’s their informal corporate motto. I was seriously amused when I found that out.

      You are right that it helps to guide us when we have a base. I have spoken to the moderator team here ( which includes S&M) and noted that we all have to be on the same page when it comes to EYK. Especially since. We represent S&M to the online public. Having a mission may help with keeping us on the same page.

      3 years ago
  6. “I just don’t believe that Bang Young Gook authentically enjoys being a cutey boy.” I don’t think BYG enjoys the cutey boy much either, but he does have a soft heart. He’s not as harsh and bad boy as you guys seem to make him out to be. But in regards to the entire group of B.A.P, I think some of them do feel more comfortable in the cutey boy versus the tough guy. I guess it’s all just a matter of perspective.
    And that wasn’t to be mean Martina! I’m just expressing my thoughts. If I’ve ever wrote anything to upset y’all I apologize. I want you guys to critique. I want to hear your opinion. Most of the time I totally agree with you and you often give a perspective that I never thought of. Often times when I get all in a tizzy over something, whether negatively or positively, y’all’s KMM brings me back down to reality and I’m like, “OOOOOHHHHH…okay, that makes sense.” PLEASE don’t get rid of KMM! I love y’all!

    3 years ago
  7. Yup, that was definitely Seattle. REPRESENT!!!! :D

    3 years ago
  8. I think if you did a TL;DR about how you pick which video and how exactly the complex algorithm that is the kpop charts works would help everyone. You give vague hints here and there, but it’s never really been explained all in one place. If we knew where you were coming from and get to know why you pick a certain video and such, then I think it would make it easier for us to understand why our favorite video was not picked. There are always going to be disappointments and I think people voicing it politely don’t mean anything against y’all. We were just crossing our fingers and didn’t get what we voted for, then we move on and hope for the next Monday to be our song.

    3 years ago
  9. I guess that means I need to start commenting more :D Simon and Martina, keep doing things the way you like to do them. If people don’t like your opinions, then this isn’t the place for them. Even if I disagree with something you say or I don’t like the music video you chose for KMM, I still watch every single one of your videos. You make things fun and entertaining. Please don’t worry about what the negative people say. True Nasties will love what you do, no matter if they like it or not.

    P.S. Please don’t get rid of KMM. They are the only things I look forward to on Mondays :D

    3 years ago
  10. Everyone already saud what I think.Dear,Simon and Martina,you really shouldn’t be so upset about it!If people don’t like your opinion or don’t agree with you and have to make you feel bad about it-shouldn’t be your truw devoted fans.
    I don’t always agree with you,but it’s your opinion and that’s mine.We can agree to disagree ^^ I won’t go around and complane about it and write hurtful comments.
    I hope you guys feel better,when you’ll read the comments here :)

    BTW-Did I spot a new EYK shirt on Martina and a new EYK hat on Simon?I remember you guys said you had a meeting with a designer.So,are the new shirts ready yet?

    3 years ago
  11. OMG guys….this next month is going to be so cray and busy for u….so many BIG groups and solo artists are having their comebacks….d Kpop charts are gonna turn into a battle zone!

    3 years ago
  12. Who needs a wallet when she’s so young and beautiful? I bet she even got that coffee for free. :)

    3 years ago
  13. You guys are awesome! I wish eyk had a mobile friendly website! So I can eat my kimchi on the go lol

    3 years ago
  14. This is why I love reading the blog before actually SEEING the video…everybody here is so nice and they understand you guise. Your amazing for pulling off two KMMs in one day (even if one of them was a prank lol) and they both still made me laugh and whatnot. Ignore the haters, its YOUR OPINION and NOT THEIRS!!

    3 years ago
  15. still don’t get why people get upset about YOUR opinion….

    3 years ago
  16. Well, since so many people are commenting for the first time, I guess I will too!!! I LOVE you guise! I find some videos to be funnier than others, but I have never disliked anything you have done, since the reason I watch them isn’t necessarily because of the content, but because you two are so great all the time.
    Also, I’ve been in a lot of situations in life where the few negative people pull the whole entire group/event/anything down, and I don’t think it should be like that. Just because they are louder than the rest, doesn’t mean they represent everyone else. But, having said that, I guess it means that us nasties who love you should be be even more active, so I’ll try and comment from now on! :)

    3 years ago
  17. Guys, I’ve never commented here but reading this blog post made me really sad… You’re not our personal court jester, you have to do what you feel like/enjoy doing!!! Hell, I even liked it better when there were no charts and YOU decided what to review and you only took suggestions ’cause that’s YOUR YouTube channel!
    I know this isn’t easy ’cause it’s your job and you have to keep people interested in watching your videos but remember that those people subscribed to your channel(s) because of YOU!

    Keep being awesome!!! Bye!!!!!!

    3 years ago
  18. I wondered why Simon called Martina hip hop hitler, then I saw the bloopers and I got it lol

    3 years ago
  19. There’s one thing I’m confused about. If you guys pick from the top 3 now, why are you still saying that “Yes, this video was in first place and then the one we reviewed made first?” If you pick from the top 3, shouldn’t you not have to justify like that?

    3 years ago
  20. Hello Martina and Simon, You have asked in your blog; What should we do? What can we change? We’re looking for input here.

    My input/suggestions are as follows:
    Problem: conflict over the way Music Monday is now chosen

    As I noted in both my posts on the site before – personally I wasn’t upset about you not picking HYS, but I could see why others were. In my opinion, people were not being negative for the sake of it but because they were genuinely upset and that this stemmed primarily from the change in the voting system for Music Monday and your statements about the voting system change – that you were making the change in order to allow more female performers and lesser reviewed acts get a chance to be reviewed. People were disappointed because they felt that you did NOT stick to this – you chose to review a well reviewed performer over a lesser reviewed performer and this contradicted your stated reasons for moving to the top 3 system.

    Solutions: (1) Abolish the voting system entirely and just chose a video yourself each week (2) continue to use the top 3 system and stick to reasons you state you were changing to this system – to help ensure more female and lesser reviewed acts get reviewed or (3) continue to use the top 3 system but make it clear that the video chosen will be chosen purely on the basis of the one you like best and most want to review. This will save any confusion and will make it clear on what basis the reviews are being done.

    Problem: How to deal with disappointed fans:

    I can really really sympathise with your frustration and your own disappointment about what happened. But I think you also need to put yourself in some of your fans shoes as well. Yes, this is your blog, but as you have said you are nothing without your fans, so it is important that you do listen to them not only when they are saying good things about you but also when they are saying they are disappointed with something you have done as well.

    What I think ultimately upset your fans (including me to be honest) is that you got so defensive and rather than acknowledging that your fans may have had a geniune reason to be upset, you instead took a swipe at those who did express disappointment in your follow up video. I get that you were tired and you put a lot of work into things and like the rest of us you are only human and make mistakes and get up set but it is not the fault of your fans if you stay up all night to finish the videos and we should not be made to feel “guilty” or wrong or bad for expressing an opinion different to yours.

    Solution: As someone who has worked in public relations/communications/media for quite a long time, my suggestion to you is the best thing you could have done was not get defensive as you did, acknowledge that your fans were upset and that you appreciate them taking the time to express their opinion, even if you didn’t agree with them or you thought their opinion is wrong.

    You don’t have to kiss the feet of your fans but you can acknowledge their opinions – both good and bad – and then
    try to figure out where to go from there. As you note yourself most Nasties are very forgiving and understand when you make mistakes and I think most people who were upset about HSY would have been forgiving/ok in the end if you had just acknowledged there may have been a genuine reason to be upset instead of just taking a swipe at them and if you had acknowledge that there was confusion with the way the new top 3 system was being implemented. I think the reason why some people emailed you and said they were unsubscribing and no longer going to watch anymore is because you didn’t do this and they felt you took them for granted, that you ignored them and you did not acknowledge what they had to say.

    No doubt I will get a barrage of response now that will eviscerate me but I am simply expressing my opinon and I am doing so because Simon and Martina asked for input and as a fan of EYK, I don’t like to see either them or their fans distressed and upset.

    3 years ago
  21. Andy Ihnatko, a writer for the Chicago Sun-Times, has talked about dealing with negative commenters. His method is to rely on his editors’ advice on whether to read the comments or not. Perhaps you can get the mods of this site to filter out the hurtful comments and then just be told about them. Having that degree of detachment will do wonders for your sanity and you can concentrate on doing the videos that you enjoy making and we love watching.

    3 years ago
    • Yes, more and more people have been saying that. I think we will do that more often, from now on.

      We mods previously focused on the Kpop Chart comments, since those are the pages that need more regulation; but since some of the blog comments are potentially upsetting too, we’re going to think about a good strategy on how to ‘filter’ them.

      Nasty Mod meeting currently in progress!! ^^b

      3 years ago
  22. The reason he seems like he should belong in the city is because he actually lived there. This video was shot at and near the University of Washington where he went to. I actually met him at a BBoy competition in Seattle right after the 2pm scandal. haha
    Also one of my friends was one of his classmates.
    Anyway, Seattle and UW represent! Even though technically he grew up in Lynnwood…

    3 years ago
  23. Please don’t do that. Even un-literally. Haters are people too…? ^^;

    How about, when you find, them, you tell me? I can scold them, or ban them, or something. ok? :p

    3 years ago
  24. Honestly, I would have been just fine if this video was just of Simon waving his dirty foot in Martina’s face because that was GOLD. Hilarity XD

    3 years ago
  25. Well since this top 3 system, people’ll probaply keep questioning why one mv is picked over another. I think It’d help little if there was confirmation who was first in deadline since it’s not sometimes so clear. This could have help sometimes but not with all disappoinments. But maybe if you had top 3 rule that you will pick the mv that you have most things to say about, then people won’t probaply question the pick or say it’s unfair. Just throwing ideas though. Anyway, I hope that you’ll continue doing KMM’s since to me they are most entertaining..

    For artist changing music styles: I love it. I’d be bored if there was whole album full of ballads or dance songs. If artist is good at doing more than one genre I don’t see any problem of him/her doing different kind of songs. Like Daesung doing ballads, trot, hard rock, idk what Cotton Candy’s genre even is. But too wide music changes aren’t that nice, especially if artist doesn’t seem comfortable at doing different styles.

    3 years ago
  26. i’m totally opposite of martina (whoever wrote it) regarding albums. i absolutely hate listening to albums where all the songs sound the same, and i have trouble tellin them apart. never did like the idea of albums, and thought that itunes selling songs on their own were a great idea. though, maybe what martina meant about coherence isn’t about having the same sounds.. *shrugs*

    3 years ago
  27. Martina, girl u look fabulous!!! =) it’s my first time commenting on ur vids. I’ve been watching ur KMMs for about ten months now. When i have a crappy day, i watch ur vids and everything gets little better. And Simon’s Draw My Life was so inspiring, especially “where you start is not where you end” part. What u’re doing is amazing, funny, inspiring, inspirational and bla bla. =) I hope u guise enjoy urselves when u r doing it. p.s. excuse my trashy english

    3 years ago
  28. Dear Simon and Martina,

    As long as your “pick-1-from-3” is in place, you will be subjected to weekly complaints. So I suggest a SET OF RULES to minimize it:

    Rule#1: Pick the second place winner for KMM treatment, instead of #1, from EYK chart. This, to some extent, prevents fans from blindly voting in their bias, while keeping the activity of voting still relevant. If you are in doubt about this scheme, I suggest talking to an economist about application of “the theory of second best”. I think he will approve :)

    Rule#2: If an “EYK chart regular” are voted into 2nd place two weeks in a row, S&M makes an editorial intervention and pick an EKY chart minority from, say, top 5. “EYK chart regulars” are: boy group, sub-unit or solo project by members of boy groups, and female artists from SM or YG. “EYK chart minorituies” are all others.

    Rule#3: This one is for gender balance: If male artist(or female artists from SM or YG) gets KMM treatment three weeks in a row for any reasons, S&M makes an editorial intervention and pick a female artists from, say, top5.

    I understand this may seem a bit elaborate and unusual, but by having a set of concrete rules,

    1) you can shut complainers about selection bias.

    2) can change the voting behavior of the Nasties. For example: Let’s say EXO is about to have a come-back next week, but boy groups were KMM reviewed 2 weeks in a row. Then Exotics will be motivated to vote to end the sausage fest this week.

    3 years ago
  29. JOAH!! :D

    – I love the song too <3

    – Who is Boris lol….

    – Ah, I am also used to each band having their own flavour, which makes it recognisable, like when you hear their latest single on the radio. "Hey, that sounds like a song Linkin Park would make….oh so it IS them :D" But I think that only applies when it's always the same people making the music – and that's the kind of musicians I grew up listening to; local, indie bands. Even if they do change, it's usually gradual over the years, and not bipolar within an album.

    – So I'm not surprised when there's a lot of variety in kpop, since the composers are always different. Eg. Epik High had a fairly consistent sound over the last 10 years, since it was the same 3 people who produced it. So I was shocked when Epik High came out with their latest album. People said it was YG's influence. They were right. The songs were co-produced by one of YG's peeps. My understanding: If the people making the songs are different, the songs will have different tones, and will bring about different music videos, and thus different 'images'. It all starts from the song producers, imo.

    – It is suprising that Jay Park has image swings. Doesn't he make his own music? I noticed Appetiser was produced by Cha Cha Malone. And this probably wasn't. My guess is that Jay Park like R&B by himself, but occasionally he'll do a collab with someone else, changing the sound, and thus changing the image. Can someone please clear me up on this? :S
    – Kpop fans need to stop defending their oppas and unnies whenever you comment on image change. But i think it's just a fandom culture that you're supposed to accept and love EVERYTHING from their idols.

    – I love Jay Park's D*ck-eating song too :D I still go back to it every once in a while and listen to it again.

    – Lol yea Jay's friends look SO awkward :p

    – The girl could've put money in her back pocket. Sometimes, when I go out at night and plan to drink, I don't bring anything with me (because I'm afraid I'll misplace it), and just put money in my bra or something :S

    – Martina, you're so beautiful <3

    – Marriage is so beautiful <3


    Well you already know how I felt about Lee Hi and all that. We had lots of deep and meaningful talks eh ;)

    But one thing I know for sure: Up till now, I've never moderated comments on your blog posts. I just manage the comments on the kpop charts. I figured you could handle the comments here on your own. But, it looks like it's becoming too much for you, so….

    Expect more Nasty Mod activity on blog posts from now on. BRACE YOURSELVES!!

    3 years ago
    • I also thing that when Jay collaborates with his more brash hip hop friends like Ilionaire and dok2 he sounds a lot more brash. I honestly like his R&B songs a lot. The first stuff I heard from him was more R&B and soulful.

      On the moderating the blog posts thing, yep, I am thinking we have to suit up and do what must be done.

      3 years ago
  30. 13

    I think you should just do whatever you feel like doing, saying. You can’t please everyone anyway, and if you stop enjoying what you’re doing it shows. So just keep doing KMM the way you liked doing it when u started :)

    3 years ago
  31. Just wanted to let you know that I love every single one of your videos as it is and you don’t have to be worried about mean comments or whines! People who can’t except other opinions are silly.

    3 years ago
    • And thank you for making TWO KMMs! You can’t imagine the excitement I felt when I found out there were two videos!!

      3 years ago
  32. There are some KMMs that I didn’t find as amusing as the others, and there are some (or most of them) that I absolutely adored and enjoyed, yet I didn’t start complaining about every single KMM that I didn’t like because I’m sure others liked it, and you guys need to satisfy a wide audience, not just me. AND it sure doesn’t mean that you’ll lose my support if I didn’t like a few videos, that’s just stupid, you can’t keep everyone rolling on the floor and laughing every second in every video you upload, and I don’t think it’s possible to actually reply to every comment or take everyone’s opinion in consideration, you guys consider the majority’s opinion and that’s what kpop charts are for, weren’t the videos you reviewed voted for by us? Plus KMM actually introduced me to MANY new artists and songs that I listen to 24/7 now, which is really awesome, that’s why I’d never complain if my favorite wasn’t chosen, it’s totally pointless to only watch KMM for my favs. Honestly I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong, you’re giving your honest opinion and making your videos fun and hilarious without actually criticizing the artist in an angry or offensive way, so please continue what you’re doing, we’re always waiting for your awesome videos : 3

    3 years ago
  33. You just can’t make everyone happy. If we expected EVERYONE to like what we do, then we might as well not do anything at all!!
    The problem here is that you are dealing with A LOT more people that, in adition, have the inmunity of being anonimous.
    I’ve never dealed mith this specific kind of rejection… but I think that learning to ignore haters is a part of life.
    You are both awesome; people know that and that’s why you’re beeing so succesful right now. So I’d advice you to stick only to the objective feedback and just keep doing what you like!
    Ps: so sorry for my english, I know it’s flawed xD oh and I forgot to mention that I LOVE YOU and that you make my days better with your humor

    3 years ago
  34. I’m just gonna sum up my opinion on the whole “complaining and disappointing others” part:
    You guys should do whatever makes you enjoy yourselves and have fun!! Yes, I had moments when I was a bit upset you didn’t review a song I liked, but I’d MUCH RATHER see a music Monday made out of fun than one made for the others’ liking. THIS IS YOUR SHOW and you should always think about yourselves first when it comes to it!!! And be sure the real nasties will love it no matter what song it is ;)
    Love you guise, keep going and be nasty!!! <3

    3 years ago
  35. every time Jay Park releases a new song I’m pissed off it’s not in english x_x that’s the truththe vid was fine, although I do agree AOM needs to look more at ease in Jay’s vids lol

    3 years ago
  36. Hahahahah!!! I LOVE IT when Simon said “Jay Park’s English is Fine!” hahahahah!! SHORTEST comment ever!!!!

    3 years ago
  37. First comments I’ve posted here!
    I do not like Kpop. YEP. I found you guys through the meemers ear suckling video and soon watched all your videos because you just seem like such genuinely amazing people. Also I knew pretty much nothing about Korean culture and seeing you two explain it was cool. I watch kmm and I don’t even like Kpop! I just love you guise and love watching you be goofy and hilarious on the Internet.
    Hope that makes you feel a little better ( and I hopefully don’t sound insane)

    3 years ago
  38. Hey guys~ just wanted to reply to your blog post….hang in there~~ I would hate to see KMM go away because if haters…that means they win right? Also remember for every neg subscriber/comment there’s 2 encouragers and nasties that got your backs~!! I’ve got your backs~~ :) hehe and also I hope other viewers can become understanding…in very few points of your videos I can see that you guys aren’t having as much fun as you used to and that kind of makes me sad cause I love seeing you both hyper and goofy and just having fun…like it was that carefree innocence that drove me to click that subscribe button :D so yeah…I guess I’m just trying to say I love you guys and I hope you can continue doing what you WANT to do :)) <3

    3 years ago
  39. First I want to say, I love your videos especially because you don’t take everything seriously and make fun of the videos. When I first saw a video of you two I was like, woh~ they’re so funny and have so much fun. I’d never see something like that in this vidoes as you see. I hope you won’t stop doing KMM.
    And for the style changes, generally I don’t mind it but sometimes it’s kinda of confusing when they change form bad ass to cute or the other way a round. It’s ok when they want to try something new but sometimes I think that it’s not want the band want but rather the management because it sals better. I don’t know. But I would still listen to them. :3
    Eat your Kimchi is the best!!! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

    3 years ago
  40. On the hateful comments note… I don’t often comment on your videos. Usually I just watch them, laugh, and then go on my merry way, so I wasn’t really that aware of the negative comments you guys were receiving. I’d just like to say that I’m sorry people have reacted in that way, but please know that there are many, MANY more people that love what you’re doing than there are people that are dissatisfied. I feel like a lot of those leaving negative or hateful messages when you don’t give a music video a great review are younger, and (hopefully) when they get older they’ll be able to accept the viewpoints of other people.

    Now about what you were saying on artists using different images or genres, personally I don’t really mind when artists change up their image. In the case of B.A.P, I didn’t really mind when they did the whole cutie boy thing. Sure, I preferred some of their other stuff (mainly Warrior), but I still enjoyed what they were doing. However, I would like it if K-Pop groups stuck to one genre within an album. I kind of like being able to put on an album that just plays hip hop when I’m in the mood for hip hop, or one that just plays pop when I’m in the mood for pop. Besides that, image change ups don’t really bother me.

    3 years ago