It’s our first Kpop Music Monday of the year! We’re kicking it off with Jay Park’s “Star,” which totally rocked it on the Kpop charts this week. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:


For starters, it feels like we’ve done A LOT of Jay Park videos. We did Abandoned, Demon, Girlfriend, and now Star. Every video’s about a girl, though. Seems like relationships are really his thing. And love. Relationships and love. Really? Are we wrong here? I don’t know. Jay Park’s image just…doesn’t seem to fit that for us, you know? We’re expecting more partying and dancing, more b-boying, more swag. Not this. Not that there’s something wrong with being a sweethearty mushy wushy ballad-singing loverboy. We just don’t think that’s Jay Park’s predominant image that stands out for us.

On a side note, whenever we review music videos, we watch them frame by frame to see if we can notice anything interesting in them. Of course, we watched the kiss scene frame by frame. Here’s the frame we paused at:

Jay Park Kiss

It's a terrible kiss, and looks worse because his lips look like they're covered in Baby Formula.

Now, it’s safe to say that the kiss is a typically terrible K-Drama kiss, where people put their lips close to other people’s lips, but don’t kiss. That’s like, almost every kiss we ever see in Korean Videos, like we mentioned before in our review of I Remember. The foam lip kiss scene, though, looks a bit disturbing, because the foam on the lips looks kinda nasty. Uhhh. I know lots of you are probably like “I WILL GLADLY KISS THAT OFF JAY PARK’S LIPS HERE OMG YES I WOULD YES YES YES,” but to us it looks like Baby Formula. Or Baby spit. Eww. Sorry guise!

And on that note, here are this week’s bloopers! FYI, the cream on Simon’s face wasn’t whipped cream, but shaving cream. Also, it burned after keeping it on for a while. Not fun!



  2. Ummm I Love Gd ! But I Will Vote For Jay Park ! <3

  3. I am admitting here that K-pop Music Mondays are not my fav. segment of your awesome website so I often miss them but now I am kicking myself! This guy is adorable and I can’t help but love RNB/soul damnit! Nice one :) You guys are great as always.

  4. If only for the chicken costume, err…feather-armed jacket, G-Dragon, by a *mile*

  5. o.o how is gd breath maegyo?

  6. Just because it bothered me, what Simon said about the song being about a long time girlfriend. The song was inspired by Se7en and Park Han Byul’s relationship. You probably already know that by know though :

  7. GD Breathe of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best “maegyo” xD GD!!!!!!

  8. jay park just puts a smile in my face  i vote jay park!!!!!!

  9. Nice ‘Arrested Development’ chicken you did there Simon. I approve.

  10. That shaving cream made me laugh so hard!

  11. I’ll keep voting for GD, even though it seems like Jay Park has no chance this time around haha!

  12. Awww, I love Jay Park haha! But voting for GD XD

  13. By the way. love how you guys notice the stuff I notice haha!

  14. Definitely GD, no doubt!

  15. GD~

  16. that’s scribble teaser..joonie hold the gun…

  17. haha that’s lee joon on your laptop background isn’t?


  19. G-Dragon PWNS at this!!~ :D

  20. love love love the arrested development reference! 

  21. This song was pretty boring Jay Park. yaaaawn. I don’t see his image as being tough and b-boy’ish. Every video I’ve watched of him, he’s either laying on a bed looking distraught, lecturing some girl about how she hurt him, or crying, or OH NO, all three. He seems like a bit of a mamsy pamsy to me. 

    It’s just  his clothing that throws you off. He and Taeyang have the same stylist, but don’t get it twisted. lol!

  22. GD rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I loveee hiiim!! 

  23. you know I’m JAY PARK! hahahhahahahaha wtf

  24. Sascha Wong

    When I heard him sing his name in the song I did a double take and had confused derp face for a moment. I agree, he should have done it with more swagger… for lack of better word heh heh… heh.

  25. Ohgosh. XD The bloopers made me laugh so hard people looked at me funny. That shaving cream nose just screams profile pic. Yes, Simon??

  26. poor Jay never stood a chance… GDRAGON (the love of my life) ALL THE WAY!

  27. totally GD. I mean, how much more maegyo can you get playing in a gigantic white blanket?

  28. G dragon!!

  29. SIMON IT’S GD!!!!!! Not that i don’t jay park. 

  30. guys guys, have you seen nine muses new photo teaser. FLAXTON STREET IS IN IT.

  31. Aww, one thing that I’m gonna miss is the list of people that requested
    the video. I know it’s easier on you guys to have the voting system, but
    the two times that my name was in the list, it just totally made my
    day!! Maybe you guys can figure out a way to put some names in? I’m not
    sure how you’d do it, but I’m sure it was cool for others to see their
    names too. :) Just a friendly suggestion.

  32. This video review feels like it is better than your previous reviews. Keep it up! Maybe somebody will hire you as Kpop reviewer. What the heck is maegyo?

  33. Omg I forgot to mention that I love ballads and I think you guys are crazy for not liking them.

  34. Since i’ve never seen a Jay Park music video in my life, the aegyo in this video did not bother me at all, and I think he looks better doing aegyo than hip-hop.
    That red hat and pant ensemble was really weird looking. 
    And I liked his black sweater.
    Also, I hate K-drama “lip press” kisses. They get really old, really fast.

    Now, while the face foam in S+M’s review was HILARIOUS, I watched JP’s video and saw where the bottom lip foam came from.
    It happened very fast, but when he put the cup down, he had top lip foam and since he had foam on his mouth, his first instinct was to remove it. SO, he pressed both of his lips together which then made the top lip foam attach to his bottom lip creating DOUBLE LIP FOAM.

    Also, I vote for GD because I like him better than JP.

  35. Love the Arrested Development dance skillz


  37. GD…by far!

    yeah…Jay Park had the BBoy image ever since he first debuted into the Music Industry. Now….him transitioning over to this cutesy side (whoa…how did my font get bold all of the sudden….weird…) is just…awkward. Most of his fans probably like him better as his swag type of guy.

  38. Gob from Arrested Development Cock-a-Caw FTW! Hahaha, Simon ;D.

  39. What’s wrong with spudgy’s left eye? It looks slightly grayer compared to his right one. Or has he always been like this? O:

  40. I was sort of umconfortable too with Jay’s aegyo… It looks to sweety-lovely-dovey to be true, to me ;)  So I’ll vote for GD ! 

    Also thank you for this video which totally made my day :’D  Congratulations guys ! 

  41. Gotta go with G-Dragon~~!!! <3 It gots the swag & the cutie boy image LOCKED XD
    Also,please Review MBLAQ's SCRIBBLE/GRAFFITI next week, its a R&B Ballad as well :D

  42. GD of course

  43. I love GD, but I’m gonna have to go Jay Park on this one. although GD’s puppy probably beats them both :)


    And @Martina – NICE HAIRCUT :D

  45. Of course G Dragon !!!
    and God I love you guys I thought exact the same thing, the house this weird image of Jay Park, although I really like Jay Park a lot ! He does so much in youtube too …

     but the cream on his lip…I really wondered about it…. 
    XD Laughed soo hard when I saw Simon though had a littlepity with him, that he had to do it, would be more fun with cream ^^

    Thank you for the video !!!:D

  46. GDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. GD MAN!!! he just pulls it off with so much swag too!

  48. It’s got to be GD! I mean,
    come on! GD’s been doing the maegyo thing wwaaaaayyy before it was even invented!
    And when GD does it, he does it with FUNK and SASS! How can a beginner like Jay
    Park compete with the awesome GDragon!

  49. Jay’s maegyo ? Naaahhhhh…….but i did appreciate some sweet moments, there’s a limit in typecasting the beast with the lovely voice…. but my vote goes to GD, of course ;D 
    and just saw Lovey Dovey full version… request please…

  50. now I know what was wrong with this foam on his lips! I was thinking that it looks strange but I can’t get it! thank u ^^
    and I vote for GD baby~ because he is Captain G-Sparrow~ ^^

  51. My vote for Best Magyeo goes to Joe DiMaggio :P

  52. GD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  53. If the chicken dance was an Arrested Development reference, then you sir win at life. If not, well…Chickens don’t clap. :P

  54. GD~ Also, with the k-pop charts, are you guys ever gonna get rid of the videos that have already been reviewed from the list?

  55. G G G G baby baby, GD GD baby baby XD yeah GDragon rocks it for me~

  56. I obvs do not understand the kpop related stuff from this video but the rest of it I enjoyed lol you know  those cute poses and scenes are FANSERVICE so yeah he does things that are not like him just for us, jws :D
    JAY PARK is the best no matter what

  57. I definitely vote or GD on this one. I think GD can pull off many different images and it looks more comfortable for him.

  58. GD. Sorry Jay but …your video…didn’t do it for me. 

    On the other hand GD knows how to play with his image.

  59. G.D. He goes from “O! I’m just takin’ a little nap with my puppy who thinks my face is made of raw beef and later I’m gonna have a dance party with my friends while wearing clothes that I borrowed from H.O.T. when they did Candy! Yay!” to, “Let’s do it some more!” 0_0 Climbing all over a girl wearing nothing but lingerie doesn’t help his case. Or does, depending on how you look at it, i guess…

  60. GD wins this!! He can make so many looks work well for him. Jay Park is an incredible dancer, not much dancing in this video though.

  61. Martina you look really pretty in this videoooooo! And Simon, at first I thought your shirt said “Periodic Table of Hamsters” then I realized it said monsters which is also cool, but slightly disappointing.

  62. love that arrested development reference (and the spudgy doll appearance!)

  63. Vote goes to GD! | I. Can’t. Breathe.

  64. I like the cheerful version of manyo…so… GD? lol btw I can’t help but to notice the freeze frame of 낙서 teaser on your computer monitor at the back… (A+ instinct… overpowering… me… must… focus… on… what… Martina is… s..aying….!!!!) What a lovely capture of JOON!:DDDD

  65. And the winner is____.  GD all the way baby.

  66. GD in breathe ftw! oh, and am I the only one who focused on the cute little spudgy doll during the entire video? that is so adorable and if they’re for sale, sign me up <3

  67. As much as Jay is really cute in his mv, i gotta say GD pulls it off better~
    So my vote goes to GD!~ (:

  68. G DRAGON!!! i love Jay but acting cute isn’t his thing. at all

  69. GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD is way better with the maegyo haha mostly because it’s more natural for him, he seems more comfortable with it (:

  70. Jay has dorkiness than aegyo while GD has sweet but tough aegyo.. my vote goes to G DRAGON<3

  71. Oh my god. Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken?

  72. GD he doesnt act his maegyo its o natural, want some proof watch bigbangtv

  73. This should go to Jay Park~~!!! He wouldn’t admit it but he has natural born Maego..lol

  74. I’m going with GD on this one!!

  75. GD’s the king of maegyo ! of course GD should (and will) win ! (even if he doesn’t, Martina’ll make him win huhuhu)

  76. I love Jay Park but for Maegyo I have to pick GD!  I just never know whether to swoon over him or buy him some candy :P

  77. Going with GD XD

  78. *This is a comment made before watching EYK’s review
    Is it just me or do parts of his choreography remind anyone of Chocolat’s  song Syndrome?
    Maybe it’s just me…

  79. GD, hands down.

  80. I have to agree, G-Dragon pulls off a pretty convincing Maegyo. Lolol, I couldn’t take him seriously, though. HE’S TOO ADORABLE. =///= ::shamee::

  81. I think it looked sweet in the video when she kissed him and it was kind of a quick surprise kiss, so i don’t think he was supposed to kiss back , With that being said, i wouldn’t kiss the foam off Jay Park’s mouth cause i have never found him attractive, he’s more like a small boy to me, but any other guy that i like i wouldn’t mind doing that. Like Yunho, of TVXQ for example.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing while trying to watch him dance.
      He just doesn’t come off a “attractive” to me.
      Especially in those red pants and red hat.
      He looks like all the guys i go to school with in that ensemble. 

  82. :D :D :D OMG this was hilarious! A laughed so hard at the coffee cream part, I kinda felt bad for my neighbours cause it’s almost 11PM here.:) I vote for GD of course, Breathe is my favourite song from him, also he can totally pull off maegyo! :)

  83. G Dragon is Megeo!  G Dragon GDragon

  84. lol, ty, i can tell this is gonna be a great year 4 eyk :D i lyk swag jay park better 2 T_T. definitely G-Dragon for maegyo.

  85. Obviously, it’s going to be GD.

  86. simon’s a trooper for all the things he ever does for us! now that’s dedication!

  87. Love your new KMM logo!It’s so cool!!

  88. I vote for GD! :D And also I want to see the video T-ara- Lovey-Dovey :)

  89. I vote for GD! 
    This isn’t my favorite Jay Park video, because he doesn’t seem like himself. I watched it the first time and didn’t get even halfway. The second time, because of kpop mondays, I forced myself to watch the whole thing. Its not bad, it just doesn’t seem like Jay Park is acting natural.

  90. Haha! at the end, when spudgy was dancing, you guys wrote “last year” instead of “last week”…


  91. Best maegyo= Jay Park in “Star”. I love G-Dragon and his style and attitude, but I don’t think that “Breathe” could be considered manly even by kpop standards.

  92. GD !! I’m sorry Jay….but GD was much cuter in Breath 

  93. How can we vote BTD up? It will remain stuck under the newest videos anyways.

    Well, I guess it’s not that important. Whatever video you review, it’s still hilarious.

    I’m voting for GD’s Breathe by the way. This cute blond little boy saying “you and me hardcore till you say no more” is definitely disturbing. The Shine A Light performance was much more coherent with the lyrics (which explains why it wasn’t appropriate for the Korean public ^^)

  94. G-Dragon wins, always.

    Honestly, I am NOT a fan of Jay Park, but I did try to listen to this song.  I could not get past the processing on his voice in the beginning.  And his attempt at aegyo, or “maegyo” or whatever you want to call it, not only seemed wrong to me, but annoying.  Again, though, I admit I am biased because I don’t like him and honestly never have.

    BTW, are you guys going to clean out the KPop Charts page of all the videos you have already reviewed?  It would be a lot easier to vote if I didn’t have to scroll past all the things you guys have already reviewed that people voted up for the How to Dance KPop Style video.  <3

    • We are not removing any videos. The Kpop charts are for more than just voters, hopefully. People who aren’t interested in voting can still check out what’s new and popular in Kpop.


      • Can you please at least put all the already reviewed videos at the end of the charts? So that when people scroll the 3-4 first pages they see only videos they can vote for. If not it’s confusing, and the non-reviewed videos in the last pages don’t have the same chance to win than the newest. Thank you.

        • I just stopped voting altogether on that chart because i got tired of all the already reviewed videos getting more votes than the un-viewed videos that i’d like to see reviewed.

          It was convient and whatnot for the dance video, but now it’s just annoying.

        • Sorry.  That’s actually a bug, that older higher voted for videos are ranking higher.  We’re working on fixing it so that the old videos don’t show.  For now, we’re manually trying to catch the videos one by one.  In the next day or so, this shouldn’t be happening anymore.

          Sorry :(

  95.  Now I can’t see the actually video without cracking up, Simon you are right on the both lips coffee foam! LOL thanks great way to start the year, HAPPY NEW YEAR Simon and Martina!

  96. G-Dragon can totally rock the maegyo!!!!! no doubt><

  97. I love that Spudgy doll! I can’t believe I just noticed it lol

  98. I thought Jay’s maegyo was really cute >< so Jay Park ^^

  99. My dad told his phone to “Shut Up,” yesterday because it wasn’t doing what he wanted and the phone responded, “I’m just trying to help.” It was hilarious XD Then my dad had to make up with his phone.

    I think for the videos, I might have to go with Jay Park. I love GD, but he’s still is acting so sexy with the girl.

  100. YEEEESSS ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT! i’m so excited for that movie

  101. Oh my goodness!  The bloopers were so funny when Simon pulled his nose out of the shaving cream.  

  102. G Dragon G Dragon G Dragon <3

  103. GD for sure has better maegyo! :)

  104. Great one!
    Simon… you have to bear with a lot these days. :D
    First the peanut butter in your hand from your Tick Tack review and now the foam in your whole face. Poor you. :D
    And for your question.. hm.. I would vote for GD. :D
    Anyways guys, much love from Germany!
    And of course a happy new year to you and the cute Spudgy!
    Best wishes~ :)

  105. Love the maegyo part and the face foam !! You never fail to make me laugh! Love you & happy new year to you and Spudgy !  Of course it’ll be GD- Breath^^


  107. GD looked so cute and pretty with the blond hair and more weight. Can’t decide who showed more Meagyo

  108. I LOVE your Arrested Development quotes! “oooo, Michael and girls? *absurd chicken noises*” “Has anyone in this family even seen a chicken”

  109. I’m a Jwalker but I srsly think Jay should leave the Maegyo part to GD  XD 

  110. punkyprincess92

    hahaha your acting of Maegyo just seemed to portray a liar! hahaha!!!
    and the foam face part was hilarious!!

  111. REALLY! Chickens DON’T clap. ㅠㅠ

  112. I call that kdrama kiss, “the pancake kiss.” It looks like 2 pancakes “pressed” together. So I get that reference for the “lip press” as well. 

    Enough of that… FOAM FACE FOR THE WIN! And G-Dragon, too. :D

  113. Okay Martina’s “Chicken’s don’t clap” was so cute. And I vote for Jay Park this time. 

  114. finally i can watch the video :D and i vote for jay park ….sorry gd still love you though

  115. Wow, I’ve never been in the first two comments before! :D

  116.  wha?? why is the video private?? :(

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