It’s our first Kpop Music Monday of the year! We’re kicking it off with Jay Park’s “Star,” which totally rocked it on the Kpop charts this week. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:


For starters, it feels like we’ve done A LOT of Jay Park videos. We did Abandoned, Demon, Girlfriend, and now Star. Every video’s about a girl, though. Seems like relationships are really his thing. And love. Relationships and love. Really? Are we wrong here? I don’t know. Jay Park’s image just…doesn’t seem to fit that for us, you know? We’re expecting more partying and dancing, more b-boying, more swag. Not this. Not that there’s something wrong with being a sweethearty mushy wushy ballad-singing loverboy. We just don’t think that’s Jay Park’s predominant image that stands out for us.

On a side note, whenever we review music videos, we watch them frame by frame to see if we can notice anything interesting in them. Of course, we watched the kiss scene frame by frame. Here’s the frame we paused at:

Jay Park Kiss

It's a terrible kiss, and looks worse because his lips look like they're covered in Baby Formula.

Now, it’s safe to say that the kiss is a typically terrible K-Drama kiss, where people put their lips close to other people’s lips, but don’t kiss. That’s like, almost every kiss we ever see in Korean Videos, like we mentioned before in our review of I Remember. The foam lip kiss scene, though, looks a bit disturbing, because the foam on the lips looks kinda nasty. Uhhh. I know lots of you are probably like “I WILL GLADLY KISS THAT OFF JAY PARK’S LIPS HERE OMG YES I WOULD YES YES YES,” but to us it looks like Baby Formula. Or Baby spit. Eww. Sorry guise!

And on that note, here are this week’s bloopers! FYI, the cream on Simon’s face wasn’t whipped cream, but shaving cream. Also, it burned after keeping it on for a while. Not fun!


  1. When I heard him sing his name in the song I did a double take and had confused derp face for a moment. I agree, he should have done it with more swagger… for lack of better word heh heh… heh.

  2. I think he’s blind in that eye.
    So, it’s clouded over.

  3. Love the Arrested Development dance skillz

  4. I was sort of umconfortable too with Jay’s aegyo… It looks to sweety-lovely-dovey to be true, to me ;)  So I’ll vote for GD ! 

    Also thank you for this video which totally made my day :’D  Congratulations guys ! 

  5. Gotta go with G-Dragon~~!!! <3 It gots the swag & the cutie boy image LOCKED XD
    Also,please Review MBLAQ's SCRIBBLE/GRAFFITI next week, its a R&B Ballad as well :D

  6. I love GD, but I’m gonna have to go Jay Park on this one. although GD’s puppy probably beats them both :)


    And @Martina – NICE HAIRCUT :D

  8. GDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. It’s got to be GD! I mean,
    come on! GD’s been doing the maegyo thing wwaaaaayyy before it was even invented!
    And when GD does it, he does it with FUNK and SASS! How can a beginner like Jay
    Park compete with the awesome GDragon!

  10. now I know what was wrong with this foam on his lips! I was thinking that it looks strange but I can’t get it! thank u ^^
    and I vote for GD baby~ because he is Captain G-Sparrow~ ^^

  11. My vote for Best Magyeo goes to Joe DiMaggio :P

  12. If the chicken dance was an Arrested Development reference, then you sir win at life. If not, well…Chickens don’t clap. :P

  13. I definitely vote or GD on this one. I think GD can pull off many different images and it looks more comfortable for him.

  14. GD. Sorry Jay but …your video…didn’t do it for me. 

    On the other hand GD knows how to play with his image.

  15. G.D. He goes from “O! I’m just takin’ a little nap with my puppy who thinks my face is made of raw beef and later I’m gonna have a dance party with my friends while wearing clothes that I borrowed from H.O.T. when they did Candy! Yay!” to, “Let’s do it some more!” 0_0 Climbing all over a girl wearing nothing but lingerie doesn’t help his case. Or does, depending on how you look at it, i guess…

  16. love that arrested development reference (and the spudgy doll appearance!)

  17. Vote goes to GD! | I. Can’t. Breathe.

  18. As much as Jay is really cute in his mv, i gotta say GD pulls it off better~
    So my vote goes to GD!~ (:

  19. Jay has dorkiness than aegyo while GD has sweet but tough aegyo.. my vote goes to G DRAGON<3

  20. I think it looked sweet in the video when she kissed him and it was kind of a quick surprise kiss, so i don’t think he was supposed to kiss back , With that being said, i wouldn’t kiss the foam off Jay Park’s mouth cause i have never found him attractive, he’s more like a small boy to me, but any other guy that i like i wouldn’t mind doing that. Like Yunho, of TVXQ for example.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing while trying to watch him dance.
      He just doesn’t come off a “attractive” to me.
      Especially in those red pants and red hat.
      He looks like all the guys i go to school with in that ensemble. 

  21. G Dragon is Megeo!  G Dragon GDragon

  22. Obviously, it’s going to be GD.

  23. Love your new KMM logo!It’s so cool!!

  24. I vote for GD! :D And also I want to see the video T-ara- Lovey-Dovey :)

  25. Haha! at the end, when spudgy was dancing, you guys wrote “last year” instead of “last week”…


  26. G-Dragon wins, always.

    Honestly, I am NOT a fan of Jay Park, but I did try to listen to this song.  I could not get past the processing on his voice in the beginning.  And his attempt at aegyo, or “maegyo” or whatever you want to call it, not only seemed wrong to me, but annoying.  Again, though, I admit I am biased because I don’t like him and honestly never have.

    BTW, are you guys going to clean out the KPop Charts page of all the videos you have already reviewed?  It would be a lot easier to vote if I didn’t have to scroll past all the things you guys have already reviewed that people voted up for the How to Dance KPop Style video.  <3

  27.  Now I can’t see the actually video without cracking up, Simon you are right on the both lips coffee foam! LOL thanks great way to start the year, HAPPY NEW YEAR Simon and Martina!

  28. G-Dragon can totally rock the maegyo!!!!! no doubt><

  29. I love that Spudgy doll! I can’t believe I just noticed it lol

  30. I thought Jay’s maegyo was really cute >< so Jay Park ^^

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