It’s our first Kpop Music Monday of the year! We’re kicking it off with Jay Park’s “Star,” which totally rocked it on the Kpop charts this week. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:


For starters, it feels like we’ve done A LOT of Jay Park videos. We did Abandoned, Demon, Girlfriend, and now Star. Every video’s about a girl, though. Seems like relationships are really his thing. And love. Relationships and love. Really? Are we wrong here? I don’t know. Jay Park’s image just…doesn’t seem to fit that for us, you know? We’re expecting more partying and dancing, more b-boying, more swag. Not this. Not that there’s something wrong with being a sweethearty mushy wushy ballad-singing loverboy. We just don’t think that’s Jay Park’s predominant image that stands out for us.

On a side note, whenever we review music videos, we watch them frame by frame to see if we can notice anything interesting in them. Of course, we watched the kiss scene frame by frame. Here’s the frame we paused at:

Jay Park Kiss

It's a terrible kiss, and looks worse because his lips look like they're covered in Baby Formula.

Now, it’s safe to say that the kiss is a typically terrible K-Drama kiss, where people put their lips close to other people’s lips, but don’t kiss. That’s like, almost every kiss we ever see in Korean Videos, like we mentioned before in our review of I Remember. The foam lip kiss scene, though, looks a bit disturbing, because the foam on the lips looks kinda nasty. Uhhh. I know lots of you are probably like “I WILL GLADLY KISS THAT OFF JAY PARK’S LIPS HERE OMG YES I WOULD YES YES YES,” but to us it looks like Baby Formula. Or Baby spit. Eww. Sorry guise!

And on that note, here are this week’s bloopers! FYI, the cream on Simon’s face wasn’t whipped cream, but shaving cream. Also, it burned after keeping it on for a while. Not fun!



  2. Ummm I Love Gd ! But I Will Vote For Jay Park ! <3

  3. I am admitting here that K-pop Music Mondays are not my fav. segment of your awesome website so I often miss them but now I am kicking myself! This guy is adorable and I can’t help but love RNB/soul damnit! Nice one :) You guys are great as always.

  4. If only for the chicken costume, err…feather-armed jacket, G-Dragon, by a *mile*

  5. o.o how is gd breath maegyo?

  6. Just because it bothered me, what Simon said about the song being about a long time girlfriend. The song was inspired by Se7en and Park Han Byul’s relationship. You probably already know that by know though :

  7. GD Breathe of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best “maegyo” xD GD!!!!!!

  8. jay park just puts a smile in my face  i vote jay park!!!!!!

  9. Nice ‘Arrested Development’ chicken you did there Simon. I approve.

  10. That shaving cream made me laugh so hard!

  11. I’ll keep voting for GD, even though it seems like Jay Park has no chance this time around haha!

  12. Awww, I love Jay Park haha! But voting for GD XD

  13. By the way. love how you guys notice the stuff I notice haha!

  14. Definitely GD, no doubt!

  15. that’s scribble teaser..joonie hold the gun…

  16. haha that’s lee joon on your laptop background isn’t?


  18. G-Dragon PWNS at this!!~ :D

  19. love love love the arrested development reference! 

  20. This song was pretty boring Jay Park. yaaaawn. I don’t see his image as being tough and b-boy’ish. Every video I’ve watched of him, he’s either laying on a bed looking distraught, lecturing some girl about how she hurt him, or crying, or OH NO, all three. He seems like a bit of a mamsy pamsy to me. 

    It’s just  his clothing that throws you off. He and Taeyang have the same stylist, but don’t get it twisted. lol!

  21. GD rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I loveee hiiim!! 

  22. you know I’m JAY PARK! hahahhahahahaha wtf

  23. When I heard him sing his name in the song I did a double take and had confused derp face for a moment. I agree, he should have done it with more swagger… for lack of better word heh heh… heh.

  24. Ohgosh. XD The bloopers made me laugh so hard people looked at me funny. That shaving cream nose just screams profile pic. Yes, Simon??

  25. poor Jay never stood a chance… GDRAGON (the love of my life) ALL THE WAY!

  26. totally GD. I mean, how much more maegyo can you get playing in a gigantic white blanket?

  27. SIMON IT’S GD!!!!!! Not that i don’t jay park. 

  28. guys guys, have you seen nine muses new photo teaser. FLAXTON STREET IS IN IT.

  29. Aww, one thing that I’m gonna miss is the list of people that requested
    the video. I know it’s easier on you guys to have the voting system, but
    the two times that my name was in the list, it just totally made my
    day!! Maybe you guys can figure out a way to put some names in? I’m not
    sure how you’d do it, but I’m sure it was cool for others to see their
    names too. :) Just a friendly suggestion.

  30. This video review feels like it is better than your previous reviews. Keep it up! Maybe somebody will hire you as Kpop reviewer. What the heck is maegyo?

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