This week we review Ayyy Girl by JYJ. Let’s start off by saying that the song is really good. We’ve been singing it a lot. Really! We do like the song! But, whoa, the video is a totally different story.

For those that don’t know, JYJ is a group made up of three members from the most popular boy-band in the world TVXQ/DBSK, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. They’ve got more fans than there are people on the planet, and we’re totally worried about saying something to offend the fan girls. As soon as the video came out we received boatloads of requests to review this video. So here goes:

The video is really disappointing. “Mirotic” in 2008 was one of the best videos of the year. This falls really flat compared to that video. A lot of this video is about them dancing around while everything’s collapsing around them in terribly rendered CGI. And then there are odd shots of them jumping in and punching the sky. Then there are these weird frame-lagging solo dance sequences. And there’s so much thunder and eagle screaming in the video that you can barely hear the song. Bahhh!

The video probably would have been awesome if it was released ten years ago. Now, with the standards we’re used to, the video was so bad that it was distracting. Also, if Kanye West was rapping in the song, why isn’t he in the video? Slow motion running and sliding over a rap sequence is just odd, especially if it’s done by people other than the rapper himself.

Really, it would have been better if they had just sang in an empty room, sitting on stools and looking serious. One of them could even be singing shirtless for all the fan girls out there! Or they could have filmed a club scene! Those never get old! Let’s get a busy club and one of the members of JYJ walking in slow motion up to a girl (not running up to her and tripping in slow motion) and then they sing to her. That’d be better than this. We understand that they’re trying to make it on their own now, but, really – this video just seemed a bit rushed and not all too well thought out.

Anyhow, at least what we can say is that filming the video this was really fun! Simon’s got bruises now after doing something like five takes of the slow motion run and trip scene. Not so fun. Martina insisted on the apron scene, and Simon apologizes profusely for it. We’ve got a couple of bloopers we’ll put up on our Facebook page tomorrow, so check em out! Also, we’ll announce the winners of the Girls’ Generation Hoot CD giveaway on Facebook tomorrow as well. Finally, big thanks to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the Korean subtitle translations! They’ve been really great :D

JYJ ( JEJUNG / YUCHUN / JUNSU ) - The Beginning (New Limited Edition)
  1. Oh my gaaaaaaaaash! I just watched this music video for the first time, and it was awwwwwwfuuuuuuuul!!! But at least now I know where “rollin’ down muh sexy windows” comes from!

  2. I come from the future! I can’t believe I’ve made it all the way back! I must warn you Simon and Martina “Ayyy girl” *rolls down sexy windows* has become the pick up of the future! The madness must be stopped, but it looks like I’m much too late! The damage has already been done! SAVE YOURSELVES!!!

  3. I seriously just laughed so hard I cried.

  4. Oh my god. I just stumble upon this video few minutes ago, never watch it before. LMAO!! Made me think of the botched sequences in Xena Warrior Princess. It’s hilarious! Great piece of anthology : an example of what not to do in a Kpop video… They’ve really take the “hey girl” to another level. And Kanye, pshhhh, really?

  5. “One of them could even be singing shirtless for all the fan girls out there!”>>>totally agree to this lol n i was hoping it’s junsu :P

    am a huge fan of JYJ but i don’t like ayyy girl mv either.

    i guess this is why they never upload this mv on JYJ official youtube channel kekeke

  6. is this video started the ” ayy girl” and “rolling down yoour sexy windows” ?

  7. is this video started that “ayyy girl” and “rolling down your sexy windows

  8. i have to say JYJ kinda looked like Greek Gods and SHINee looked more like Demons/Fallen Angels/ Lucifer’s dark Generals… 

  9. I am really bothered.

    I watched this review more than I should have watched Ayyy Girl.  I love this review the best hahaha

    *sexy rolling window down*

  10. oh oh oh i think you guys should watch the making of the music video of Ayyy Girl http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVvbHCTkyGE&feature=player_embedded

  11. lol yeah at first i did not really believe that the video was the offical video i thought some one just put the audio over another video for another song of JYJ till they started singing and i was like hmmmmmmm? confused 0.0 lol idk why it reminds me of mirotic just like minus Yunho and Max….. Just a little xp

  12. Someone must have removed the sentence from Wikipedia because I do not see it there. Still funny!
    someone was thinking like you but you were the first… lol

  13. I just curious, am I the only one who find Ballon's animal costumes offensive (to my eyes)?
    I'm not DBSK's hater or anything, I just still can't grasp what they're trying to make there.
    cute? nope. cool? no way? sexy? sexy big cat?

  14. [email protected]

    JYJ you are the best band ever i love you so much and i hope to see one day .Iam asma from iraq west or east jyj is the best jejung i love

  15. As a 100% pure blood JYJ fan… I admit that I only watched that damn video once and never had the courage to watch it again… also managed to keep this news away from my flatmates. Yes, they still think that JYJ's latest English album has no music video…
    Guess this is the drawback of not being part of a big production company anymore – resources are so limited…

    As for the vote, definitely SHINee!!! (I HATE that apron!!!!! I'd rather him wearing his sheepish costume in Balloon)

    • oh my god me too I can’t even watch it twice!! I can’t even request that video on TV here in Mexico no no no 
      I really hope that our beloved JYJ can make a better music video in the future TT^TT

  16. Hi I'm from Peru I loved your video was very funny on JYJ ….

  17. JYJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P

  18. i actually vote for JYJ. The question was not which one was the worst video, it was who make the better greek Gods. To me without question is JYJ. They are gorgeous, they make better Gods.

  19. Shinee but idk why my sister thinks xiah looks better in eyeliner she just wanted to add that fact in. Anyways gooo Shinee

  20. shinee!!!!!!shinee!!!!!!shinee!!!!!!<3

  21. i like both groups but JYJ is more of my favorite. i vote for JYJ..

  22. this was a hard decision since both are great groups.. but i vote for JYJ.

  23. i like both videos but my vote goes to JYJ..

  24. JYJ is the best! Love Them!!!

  25. My vote goes to……. JYJ!!!!!

  26. My vote goes definitely for SHINee's Ring Ding Dong, being objective it's the best kpop MV ever. However I don't think they were gods in that mv, more like angels and devils…

  27. JYJ – Ayy Girl was a "Mega Fail" the song, video, and Kanye…….its probably all his fault (not a vote)

  28. SHINee(샤이니)_RingDingDong(링딩동)_뮤직비디오 because they were secret ninja gods.

  29. Voting for JYJ!!!!

  30. I still vote for JYJ even though the video sucks just because they look awesome in real life. :D

  31. Voting for JYJ :) [2]

  32. Voting for JYJ :)

  33. SHINee gets my vote!!!

  34. I vote for SHINee Ring Ding Dong…!!!^^ <3

  35. JYJ!!!! i mean have you seen Jaejoong's body? Yum! very greek god-like! ^^

  36. Shinee!!!!!!!!!

  37. JYJ, off course 8D

  38. JYJ~^^ <3333

  39. JYJ of course…….

  40. SHINee!!!! just sayin'…

  41. Although I'm a DBSK fan, my vote goes to 샤이니 oppas.

  42. that's no fair of a question :( JYJ/DBSK with their biggest fan club around the world vs. SHINEE? hahaha oh well I'm a sworn shawol so I'm choosing SHINee, also I think they do look more like gods than JYJ *e.g. Jonghyun and his furry overcoat thing~* and the wings OH WOW ;) hehehe well I'm done BS-ing haha

  43. My vote goes for SHINee! :D)

  44. im on jyj!!!

    although d mv not really ‘suitable’, but still jyj can sing very well… im proud odf their english actually, since it is not their language…

    so, just dont misjudge their talent just because d mv….

    think wise cassie!!!

  45. This was one of your funniest videos yet. Love the apron!!!
    My vote goes to Shinee cause altough I am a shameless DBSK fangirl I have yet to eatch Ay girl to the end. It just sucks that bad.

  46. JYJ
    the question was who looked better
    yes. the mv was awful but they still looked fucking delicious

  47. Going to have to vote Shinee, despite the handsomeness of JYJ.
    I'm dying to know where your secret shop is that you buy all these adorable t-shirts. PLEASE! Let the world know about these amazing shirts, such that I can buy them too *_*

  48. I will vote for JYJ. Although kanye's lyrics is not so through english or nit logical but it does make the song more better.But he really isn't good enough to stay in Kpop.

  49. SHINee~

    Not only am I obsessed with SHINee (we are talking about your all around drooling, blogging, squealing fangirl), I think that the JYJ video was below par. SHINee would make great Greek gods, especially Taemin as Eros/ Cupid! I think that Minho portrays a very demure god, like Zeus. Key is playful like Pan. Onew is the leader, like Zeus! And, finally, Jonghyun reminds me of Apollo. Haha :D

    All around, SHINee had a better video and make better gods/angels. I hope you don't find my rambling too boring…

  50. Ok, first off I have to ask…Is that a HITE in Simon’s hand ?? Is Simon drinking and driving when he rolls down his sexxxy window !?!?! HAHAHA :ox

    Second, I am a huuuuge fan of DBSK and am really thrilled that both JYJ and HoMin are continuing with their music, however, this video just wasnt up to par. As many have mentioned above, the concept just doesnt fit the song. And comon, Kayne ?? Seriously Kayne ?? Duude, Kayne has totally lost respect in the American audiences lately so I can see where he might want to run and hide but K-Pop needs to “quit” this guy right now !! :o JYJ could find so many artists out there to work with, Kayne ? UGH !!

    So unfortunately I have to vote for Shinee’s Ring Ding Dong :o

  51. JYJ all the way :)
    i like the song just not the video :/

  52. shinee!!!!!!!

  53. I will vote for SHINee…………as always. Minho is pretty beauty…….. new GreekGod~~

  54. Shinee :)

  55. I think RDD n Ayyy girl concept both worse…. I don't like RDD coreography, & but totally Ayyy girl MV is more worse than RDD…
    so I will choose SHINee….btw, is there a prize (JYJ album maybe) for this quiz??? hehehe…

  56. JYJ all the way!

  57. SHINee! No contest!

    Though I will always have a soft spot in my heart for DBSK because of rising sun!

  58. SHINee's ring ding dong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. My vote is for SHINee all the way!

    I also want to mention that I have always loved Martina's hairdo but it's neat to see it up and elegant like today. :)
    Thank you guys for making every monday a little bit brighter….. I keep re-watching my favorite old MM and can never wait for the next one!

  60. SHINee Ring Ding Dong

  61. hi..! i'm a big fan of TVXQ..i love them all as 5.. but if i want to be biased, i like homin more than JYJ.. haha.. and Shinee is my 2d favourite boy band.. luv onew dubu + charismatic Minho… wishing to have a date with 2min = ChangMin + Minho.. (^_^)v

    this Ayy Girl MV really dissapointed me.. so.. my vote goes to Shinee.. eventhough i think they're the way too far from the title 'gods'.. but sure.. Ring Ding Dong MV is much27x better than Ayy Girl.. am i rite..??

    sorry JYJ..!! hope to see yu guys make a new MV to replace this one..!

  62. OMG!!!! SHINee obviously!!!!! *O* they're so hot!!!

  63. I adore JYJ, but I do agree with you all that their MV…was just…-_______________-. I have no words for the MV. PLUS, JUNSU APRON, YES. When I saw that, I thought, "Oh. My. Gosh. WHAT ARE YOU WEARING JUNSU -__________-" And both you are adorable (: I've watched all of your Music Mondays <3 Please keep up the amazing work~!

    P.S. "Living life like there's no damn rules" <– Shouldn't that be "Living life like there're no damn rules" ? :PP Maybe not hahaha XD

  64. SHINee!!!! <3
    I love TVXQ/JYJ but…. I just can't get over this music video…. I was laughing so hard watching it, I can't take it seriously! Plus they featured Kanye West 8(

  65. My vote goes to SHINee RDD since I feel too disappointed of the MV of Ayyy girl.(Althrough I really enjoyed their live.)
    Well, I totally agree what you said, I don't really like this music video since the song and the setting of MV do not match at all. Furthermore, althrough I'm pretty happy about that JYJ can work with Kanye West who is a guru of pop music in the States(I don't know this is true or not, my friend told me like that. ). It's a little bit weird, maybe I listened too much their J-pop songs, I guess. For Jusu, well, it shocked me indeed, a sexy babysitter?!…I hardly understand this kinda fashion. I will still support and like them. JYJ Fighting!;)

  66. I love the grammar lesson part. Just cracked up lol. As for the voting I don't know either group so not voting.

  67. Yeah… I dunno, are they trying to get publicity for the worst video ever…? If I didn't know better I would think we're back to MTV in the early 80's when a lot of videos were random such as this one.

    I'll give a vote to JYJ because I dunno if anyone else will :-/

  68. what video editor do you use? PLEASE REPLY.

    love you videos <3 ^^

  69. Well…good video or not…I'll still choose my babies…JYJ…
    I know the video was OUTTTTTT of concept…but o well…still like them better than Shinee XDDD

  70. JYJ anytime. Can SHINee even be considered as greek gods in RDD?! Taemin is drinking MILK in there?!

  71. My vote goes to 샤이니 oppas! JYJ's song sucked because of someone called Kanye West! He killed it, don't u think? I'm sorry that I'm saying these words, as I am a Cassiopean. :( But, 샤이니 beat JYJ by a landslide.

  72. As much as I love 동방신기, I didn't like the song or the video. I thought JYJ can do better since, the group consists of the best singers in 동방신기. So, 샤이니 wins in my books.

    By the way, the reason I don't like this song is b/c Kanye West killed it.

  73. I'm definitely voting for SHINee with Ring Ding Dong. I was totally confused with the Ayyy Girl concept. O_O

    LOL at the 'rolling down your sexy window'. I love how you guys interpret the dance moves.

  74. It's obvious, SHINee!!!!
    I don't like the song and the video of JYJ, sorry.
    And YES!!! I want a review of Co-Ed's "Too Late", please pleae please.
    Sorry if I make a mistake in my English :P
    Thank you very much ;)

  75. I liked the Shinee video more….
    I believe they weren't rolling down a car window but using their giant egg beater as a weapon against the girl. It goes with the apron.
    Also Kanye West, as usual, wasn't in his right mind. Remember the Taylor Swift incident?

  76. I think SHINee has the better video ( though I am loving this song at the moment) . . . Here is a random question for you two, Do you watch dramas? or any korean TV shows in general?

  77. Hahah OMG i laughed so hard!
    I'm voting for Shinee!

  78. Bahahaha, at the part with 'I'm rolling down my sexy window!' Your imaination it's way bigger than mine.When i saw that move in the MV,i was thinking that they are playing at guitar.Yeah,you know like a rock star baby.
    When i heard that they gonna make a MV for Ayyy Girl i was wondering how is going to look like and i have to admit i was verry verry surprised when i saw this.Anyway.
    Vote: SHINee (sorry JYJ.)
    And yea,like julia said can you guys make a music monday about Co-Ed?
    Thanks xoxo

  79. I'm voting for Ring Ding Dong too! The dance move in Ayyy Girl scares me a bit… As for Ring Ding Dong, after watching the video you made about it, I can't stop laughing every time they sing the 'elastic, elastic…' part ;]
    Anyway, my vote is for Shinee!

  80. shinees rdd. :D

    they are a newly debuted group and their mvs are

    too late http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7BO1C1ebNI
    and bbiribbom bberibbom http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07DkUyMUXek

    plz do a kpop music mondays on them
    and my vote goes to shinee

  82. Im a really big fan of DBSK/JYJ but my vote goes to Shinee, my 2nd fav. How could they not realise their mistake when watching the video back? They'vemade many music videos before and none have been this bad :-|

  83. This was awesome!! I love it! I was laughing so hard I was crying! I honestly do not like this MV, but I LOVE, let me repeat LOVE JYJ. So as for who is better as a greek god: SHINee. Sorry JYJ. Love you, think you're hot as hell, but no.

  84. I love DBSK but not this vid-Vote goes to SHINee!!!!!

    -also, love the comment about how 'only gods can dance on water'-haha

  85. I have been rooting for JYJ to have success in the US because…well, okay, I'll admit, because they're just so pretty. But this video is an embarrassment. I was totally baffled–who is advising them? Does this person know anything about US audiences? Because if they release this in America, I think it will be an epic fail.

    Even though I think JYJ are totally hot, I have to vote for Shinee because this video is just so very bad.

  86. SHINee's video is way better than JYJ!!!

  87. haha well, DBSK is my favourite band and it has been for years and I really like JYJ and love the album, but honestly. I broke out laughing when I saw that "slipping" scenes and slo-mo-punching-nothing- thing. Btw, I really like the idea of an poor eagle being shot out of the sky :D
    I bet you read about the vid being one of the 10 worst on allkpop, I read it too :D It's a shame, but really, they can't make it in america anyways, as much as it pains me to say that… I'm never gonna see them in Germany that way TT Like you said, the video looks so cheaply-made, and it looks like it's the least-budget mv in kpop history. And it propably cost a lot. Such a shame…
    Keep your cool work up and don't let them crazy fangirls get you. I can't understand these things anyway, maybe it's just the different culture…

    • Yup! Read it there as well. And, yeah, it's kinda too bad that they might have trouble making it in America, especially with a video like this. They've still got a much better chance than most bands, though.

  88. hahaha! just reading this made me totally LOL. I am a big, big TVXQ and JYJ and Homin fan (I even watched their showcase there in Seoul and the live performance was great) but I agree with your opinion about this video. It’s just >.< and not fit for the US audience. I love my pretty boys but I am afraid that they will be labelled as homos when non-fans see this.

    (I hope I will not be bashed because of my comment. *is afraid*)

    • We were kinda worried about that, too. Is this going to be released in the US, though? I'd be worried if it was. I just read an article today how this is one of the 10 worst Boy Band videos of all time. Yikes!

      • We hope CJEs and Prain read the fans' feedbacks and won't release it in the US. I hope they make another one. TT_TT Even the concept of Justin Bieber's Baby is better than this one. The article about the video really pained me but it's the truth. Even us fans know that the video is bad. We wanted more than this.

  89. ring ding dong better than JYJ. but still i love TVXQ. JYJ jjang! Yunho and Changmin jjang!

  90. Ahhhh yes! My best friend knew you were going to comment on the apron.
    You guys are hilarious. I seriously couldn't control my laughter over that slow-mo Simon trip. Probably because all I could think about was Peter Griffin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJVuY1UefVo&fe

    I'm voting for SHINee.

  91. SHINee's Ring Ding Dong, because only gods can dance on water. :)

  92. My vote: SHINee!! That was the worst video I have ever seen from members of DBSK. I am dissappointed. XP

    But, I love you guys for choosing this one! Your videos just get better and better.

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