Finally! People have been voting for this song for weeks, and we’re finally going to review it! Woohoo! Tablo won this week on Facebook, but the cumulative email votes that JYJ got narrowly squeaked them out as winners. Woot woot! If you haven’t seen the video yet, here it is:


If you couldn’t tell by now, we’re fans of JYJ. We’re not diehard Cassies or anything like that, but ever since Ayy Girl we’ve had a special place for JYJ in our hearts. Ayy Girl is still our favourite song and video by them, though, after all this time. We reviewed “In Heaven” a while ago, and said that we liked the video, but not the song so much (since we’re not into ballads), though as of late we found ourselves randomly singing it a lot more. “Get Out” is a lot more up our alley.

That being said, we did find “Get Out” a bit underwhelming. It’s a well done song and well done video, but there’s nothing in it that really blows us away, like a bad Kanye rap, or a flying-Junsu butt-shot-car-death. That is, apart from the huge F-Bomb dropped in it. “You’re never gonna find true love. F**K YOU!” WHOA! That was totally out of left field. Sure, we get what the song’s about, and considering the video this is a bit appropriate, but it’s so not…kpoppy! Bad English, if used, is done so accidentally. This…this just ups the ante now.

Another thing: is it just us, or does Jaejoong always wear super low cut cleavage shirts?

Jaejoong Cleavage

Jaejoong Cleavage

Is this his thing or something? We don’t remember him in other videos with TVXQ (apart from Balloons, which we will refuse to acknowledge anymore), but from 2 out of the 3 JYJ videos we reviewed, his super v-necked shirts seem to be a thing with him. Simon has his ranch, Jaejoong has his shirts.

Otherwise, if you’re fans of JYJ, and you’re looking to pick up the album, you can do so through YesAsia by clicking the banner here. They ship worldwide, in case you didn’t know :D


And, of course, what would Music Mondays be without our ridiculous bloopers. We were really out of it this week, since we just got back to Korea. We forgot about the huge time difference between Canada and Korea. So, we pretty much got on the plane Saturday at 12PM, and arrived in Korea Sunday at 4PM. We missed a whole day in the air. And then we came home, jet lag kicked in, and, voila! Time to film Music Mondays! So we were a bit dopey this time :D

  1. low cut cleavage shirts are Jae’s thing. LOL
    Thanks for reviewing ‘Get out’. I’ve been waiting for this!

  2. I forgot to talk about Jaejoong’s cleavage … so I’ll say it here:
    Isn’t he always showing off his body?! He did in Wrong Number (the outfit showed off his chest but not his entire torso) and Mirotic showed off all his abs … so like … I dunno … I felt he always has showed it off, nothing new … just v-necks now … it’s like he’s showing it off LESS than before!

    Oh well … he’s a sexy thing, even with his clothes on. So how much he wears and shows doesn’t bother me. xD

  3. thank you so much for reviewing JYJ, simtina.. :)  and yeah i vote for JYJ!

  4. Yay! Ayyy girl is your favorite video by them!:P

    Hmm.. Miss A got laughed at the guy who played with them, but they all got (a weird) revenge. But JYJ caught her cheating (she was really bad at hiding) with ANOTHER guy. She was the worst player:P But despite that, I vote that Miss A got played the worst. The guy should at least be more humble against them afterwards.

  5. ha ha, the gummy bear thing was super funny ))

    I vote for Miss A, cause they were played sooo stupidly!! maaan… but in this MV the cheater girl is the stupid one, kkkkk )))

    please review Tablo – Bad next week!! thanks!! )) 

  6. JYJ!!! This is one of my favourite songs from their new album – along with In Heaven and Mission. So glad it finally got the votes!
    It’s kind of strange to think that the f-bomb is still such a big deal in k-pop – guess they still censor a lot of things that are now common place in western music.
    Still – go JYJ for being rebels! They actually drop a second f-bomb in this album, which wasn’t even censored! Outrageous! ;p

  7. I LOVE YOU for reviewing JYJ! I was sad when Get Out didn’t make it on here  when it was released — thought I’d never get to see it. 

  8. Wow, if they’d just left it at “You’re never gonna find true love…”, maybe throw in a “farewell”, that part would have turned out a lot better.  Yeah, the phone thing really got to me too.  I watched the video before your review and I kept thinking “how is it that she doesn’t notice the really bright headlights?”

    Oh yeah, and Club Club’s pretty hip.  All the celebs go there.  You know, the really famous ones…

    As for the question, I didn’t quite understand what it was, so I’ll just abstain.

  9. Aww…spudgy’s sleepy~ :)
    Please do Tablo’s video next week! :D
    Or Wonder Girls’ or Brown Eyed Girls’

  10. JYJ ♥ thanks for the rewie ♥, I really like this song and live it sounds really awesome ~
    Simon, Martina, Spudgy HWAITING!

  11. awww….baby Spudgy looks soooooo sleepy. I’m addicted to your doggy *(゚ᴥ゚)*
    Please give him lots of yummy noms ~ ♥

  12. hm :/
    i wanted tablo to win x.x
    oh wellz.

  13. YAY! I’ve been voting for this song for weeks!!! And now i’m satisfied that it has finally been reviewed ^^

    Yep Jae’s thing is as you call it  super low cut cleavage shirts…he wears them a lot weather in concerts or in music videos
    I loved the bloopers with the gummy bears in the beginning made me laugh my a** off XD

    I pick Miss A’s Goodbye Baby Goodbye because even though I love JYJ i think Miss A was played worse

  14.  Love the shirt Martina~~ lol at the robot with red hair…Super Junior!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. actually, doesn’t 2NE1 also have EFFs?

  16. i’m pretty sure that bigbang has a few f-bombs in their music! :D  i know there’s a ‘sensored’ one in “oh ah oh”, but i don’t know if it was originally said or not.

    also, the spudgy is TOTALLY jetlagged in his dance. poor puppy! :D

  17. Was Spudgy super tired or were you shining a light on his eyes? xD

  18. The bloopers were so funny with the gummy bears! 

  19. I am totally satisfied now!! I have been voting for this video for a couple of weeks know, JUST so I could hear Simons review on the english! Yes. I totally agree with the 2, I seriously laughed my ass off when I first heard “Oh baby tell me why you act so strange. But tonight I don’t need a damn explain” haha it just makes me so damn happy. I feel like Yoochun should have known, I mean didn’t he live in America for a while. But I guess in his defense, I’m sure I would have butcher the Korean language if the rolls were reversed.

  20. Wow definitely didn’t realize they dropped the F bomb until I listened to a live version since it’s bleeped out in the mv

  21. Gonna have to go with JYJ on this one, and not because I’m a Cassie. Like everyone else said, JYJ didn’t get their revenge. – l – ;;

  22. Oh my gosh! Ok so i wasn’t hearing things! The first time i listened to the song and the F-bomb part happened i literally burst out laughing because it was so random and unexpected! Wow, JYJ, Wow.
    Also! Glad to see you guys made it home safely, i hope you had a great time being able to see your families again!

  23. love the wonder girls pic :)))))

    next week do wondergirls be my baby ;D

    and…JYJ deff got played worse!

  24. Like other people said, I vote JYJ for this one, because Miss A got revenge.

  25. I hated ayy girl. Get out was one of the ones i have liked the best of their songs.

  26. Miss A, because the the girl played with only three pll. And apparently, they guy kept calling another member suzy even though thats not her name! So yea, they got played the most.

    Btw, yes GD would never lose….. EVER!


  28. What about “Extra Gold” at 2:14? :P

    Thanks for review, I agree with the statement :) as for me, it was pretty forgettable…

  29. I love their jazz slides xD ao very proper 
    And for winner of worst…hurt..played in.. I’ll say JYJ. I really love miss A, but since they kinda got revenge i think JYJ got played worse. Also you guys jet lagged is hilarious xD get some sleeps

  30. I’m so happy you all reviewed JYJ’s “Get Out” one of my favorite songs! sooo good live!

  31. I love JYJ!!
    They have such unique voices.
    I wanted to see them  live in Berlin but unfortunately I could not T____T

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