Finally! People have been voting for this song for weeks, and we’re finally going to review it! Woohoo! Tablo won this week on Facebook, but the cumulative email votes that JYJ got narrowly squeaked them out as winners. Woot woot! If you haven’t seen the video yet, here it is:


If you couldn’t tell by now, we’re fans of JYJ. We’re not diehard Cassies or anything like that, but ever since Ayy Girl we’ve had a special place for JYJ in our hearts. Ayy Girl is still our favourite song and video by them, though, after all this time. We reviewed “In Heaven” a while ago, and said that we liked the video, but not the song so much (since we’re not into ballads), though as of late we found ourselves randomly singing it a lot more. “Get Out” is a lot more up our alley.

That being said, we did find “Get Out” a bit underwhelming. It’s a well done song and well done video, but there’s nothing in it that really blows us away, like a bad Kanye rap, or a flying-Junsu butt-shot-car-death. That is, apart from the huge F-Bomb dropped in it. “You’re never gonna find true love. F**K YOU!” WHOA! That was totally out of left field. Sure, we get what the song’s about, and considering the video this is a bit appropriate, but it’s so not…kpoppy! Bad English, if used, is done so accidentally. This…this just ups the ante now.

Another thing: is it just us, or does Jaejoong always wear super low cut cleavage shirts?

Jaejoong Cleavage

Jaejoong Cleavage

Is this his thing or something? We don’t remember him in other videos with TVXQ (apart from Balloons, which we will refuse to acknowledge anymore), but from 2 out of the 3 JYJ videos we reviewed, his super v-necked shirts seem to be a thing with him. Simon has his ranch, Jaejoong has his shirts.

Otherwise, if you’re fans of JYJ, and you’re looking to pick up the album, you can do so through YesAsia by clicking the banner here. They ship worldwide, in case you didn’t know :D


And, of course, what would Music Mondays be without our ridiculous bloopers. We were really out of it this week, since we just got back to Korea. We forgot about the huge time difference between Canada and Korea. So, we pretty much got on the plane Saturday at 12PM, and arrived in Korea Sunday at 4PM. We missed a whole day in the air. And then we came home, jet lag kicked in, and, voila! Time to film Music Mondays! So we were a bit dopey this time :D

  1. I’m really huge fan of simonandmartina video. I love all there video! =D

  2. Matina!!! I would just like to shout out that you are the cutest person evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!! I just love you expressions!!

  3. We are have a bar on River Street called The Bar Bar.  :)

  4. It looks like a drunk couple trying to dance tango… jaja and my vote goes to Miss A

  5. ……lol 3:44-3:45 …..someone pulled out an “-ey”

  6. JYJ. The girl is not only unfaithfull to them she is doing it in front of next guy! She does not care and he seems ok with it too, but wait just a moment you will be next, ha!
    And Jae was shown this way from begining, even in Hug he had opened shirt (how old they were that time?). But as he has great body to show (not as some other guys doing it anyway) I’m more then ok with it. 

  7. Miss A’s MV is the worst ((OF COURSE)) JYJ are the BEST d(^0^)b

  8. G-Dragon uses “f**k” in “She’s Gone”…just sayin. :P

  9. OMGsun …. Yea he does wear super low cut sexy tops since 2008 :D

  10. Haha xD Jaejoong was always showing of his amazing body. ;P Come on! Look at Mirotic! Wasn’t that your first TVXQ mv? he goes around in open jacket… xD tease.
    Oh! And I vote for JYJ. ;)

  11. Haha xD Jaejoong was always showing of his amazing body. ;P Come on! Look at Mirotic! Wasn’t that your first TVXQ mv? he goes around in open jacket… xD tease.
    Oh! And I vote for JYJ. ;)

  12. JYJ, and jaejeong always show clevage, in every single music video.

  13. me too! i was on wishful thinking that it would be TABLO this week!!
    So so disappointed! huhuh! T.T

  14. Aww , i wanted Tablo D: WHHHHHHHYYY . Lol :l

  15. Oh, oh and I pick Miss A, because he sleeps with them, laughs at them, and dumps them. All at once, at the same time.

  16. Oh, Simon, frying your penis butter cups. Classic.
    Oh, ehm, quick question, If I want you to review a Kpop group singing a Japanese song, would it be okay to request it? -TVXQ-

  17. JYJ wasn’t the first one to do the f bomb in a kpop song, GD did it in Korean Dream with the whole “Put your MFing hands up!” (one of the reasons I love that song so much, heh).

  18. jyj cuz not only were they ditched but they were standing right in front of her and she didnt give a damn

  19. For f-bombs and glorious Engrish from a kpop group, there’s always TRAX’s It’s a Monster. Though it’s mostly English, with some Japanese.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ns658Dot9Xg (oh god AMVs this speaks to how complete irrelevant this song is lmao)

  20. I vote JYJ, even though I like Miss A’s song and video more. JYJ definitely got played the worst… That girl…. she is a mean mean b…..agel!

  21. I vote for JYJ!!!! GET OUT!! 

  22. Martina, you and me both. I was like OMG BREAK DOWN. JUNSU IS ABOUT TO COME OUT AND THROW IT DOWN but then…..so much shaking my head. My vote is for JYJ, lol. I learned the dance for Goodbye Baby and it’s actually really awesome compared to…what I expected from the boys. Even though I love them.

  23. There’s also the “No love I’m done with” line, which is close to making sense but then doesn’t :/

    When I think of Jaejoong’s wardrobe choices I always remember v-necks and plunging necklines, like in Stand By U (I’m kind of the opposite of you guys – I think of the ballads first :P), Mirotic, and Wrong Number, if I’m remembering correctly. 

    Definitely voting for JYJ on this one. Not only did they lose their girl, but also their best friend who stole her, right?! (If I’m interpreting the lyrics the right way lol) Also, I think the reason she didn’t see him was *because* of the car headlights. Even at the end, you see JYJ standing in front of the headlights, and they’re so bright there’s no way you can see behind them. That’s my reasoning anyway.
    Glad to see you guys made it back ok, if not for the uber jet-lag. I <3 TORONTO!!

  24. my vote is for JYJ. i mean, she didnt only cheat on 3 guys, she cheated on the 3 from JYJ! and worst, it was right in front of them(as you pointed out, i  dont see how anyone can ignore a ferrari shining a bright light on your face!)!
    oh, JYJ’s english… idk, i dont get it XD its them, so i guess i can just ignore that little mistake ;DD
    Yoochun seems to have a thing for saying the F bomb on the raps. he also did it in Mission, when i heard it, i was like “OMG”.
    now, i guess you guys deserve some rest. thank you for working hard and making my monday afternoon so much better :D

  25. Its weird that you reviewed JYJ’S
    ‘Get Out” I have been listening and watching that video alot these days. But as to who got played the worse, my vote goes to Miss A “Goodbye Baby Goodbye”.

  26. I literally yelled out “Thank you!” to my laptop screen when you pointed out the obvious flaw that is the girl’s blindness to bright lights shining in her face. Apparently people thought I was bring to picky with the video. But seriously, how does she not notice him in the narrow alley, in a red sports car, with his headlights on? *sigh* Other than that the video’s good and the song is great. :)

    Oh and poor dying kittens. So sad. :'(

  27. I vote JYJ too, I love them very very much.

  28. You guys just seem like you have so much dang fun together. It makes me happy to watch……. that doesn’t sound creepy at all. But you get what I mean, riiiight? Riiiiiiiiiight?? *not a creep*

    • I get what you mean non-creeper! ^^ We very rarely have friends in the room when we film, but when we do, they spend the whole time covering their mouths with their hands to keep from laughing. It’s a general good time for all. I think if we ever dislike making these videos, we’ll stop. But right now, it’s an awesome time!

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