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JYJ – Get Out: Kpop Music Mondays

November 8, 2011


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Finally! People have been voting for this song for weeks, and we’re finally going to review it! Woohoo! Tablo won this week on Facebook, but the cumulative email votes that JYJ got narrowly squeaked them out as winners. Woot woot! If you haven’t seen the video yet, here it is:

If you couldn’t tell by now, we’re fans of JYJ. We’re not diehard Cassies or anything like that, but ever since Ayy Girl we’ve had a special place for JYJ in our hearts. Ayy Girl is still our favourite song and video by them, though, after all this time. We reviewed “In Heaven” a while ago, and said that we liked the video, but not the song so much (since we’re not into ballads), though as of late we found ourselves randomly singing it a lot more. “Get Out” is a lot more up our alley.

That being said, we did find “Get Out” a bit underwhelming. It’s a well done song and well done video, but there’s nothing in it that really blows us away, like a bad Kanye rap, or a flying-Junsu butt-shot-car-death. That is, apart from the huge F-Bomb dropped in it. “You’re never gonna find true love. F**K YOU!” WHOA! That was totally out of left field. Sure, we get what the song’s about, and considering the video this is a bit appropriate, but it’s so not…kpoppy! Bad English, if used, is done so accidentally. This…this just ups the ante now.

Another thing: is it just us, or does Jaejoong always wear super low cut cleavage shirts?

Jaejoong Cleavage

Jaejoong Cleavage

Is this his thing or something? We don’t remember him in other videos with TVXQ (apart from Balloons, which we will refuse to acknowledge anymore), but from 2 out of the 3 JYJ videos we reviewed, his super v-necked shirts seem to be a thing with him. Simon has his ranch, Jaejoong has his shirts.

Otherwise, if you’re fans of JYJ, and you’re looking to pick up the album, you can do so through YesAsia by clicking the banner here. They ship worldwide, in case you didn’t know :D


And, of course, what would Music Mondays be without our ridiculous bloopers. We were really out of it this week, since we just got back to Korea. We forgot about the huge time difference between Canada and Korea. So, we pretty much got on the plane Saturday at 12PM, and arrived in Korea Sunday at 4PM. We missed a whole day in the air. And then we came home, jet lag kicked in, and, voila! Time to film Music Mondays! So we were a bit dopey this time :D



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