JYJ is back! Woot! This song, though, is completely different than what we’re used to from JYJ. Our first experience with them was a really long time ago, when we reviewed “Ayy Girl“. That was, perhaps, one of our favourite reviews ever, with Junsu’s sexy man apron, eagle punching, Kanye’s “WHAT’S YO FRIEND’S ATTITUDE WHY SHE SO DAMN RUDE HAAA,” and – most importantly – JYJ Rolling down their sexy windows.

The video was epic. The song was epic. Our review was – in our hearts – epic. We loved JYJ from then on for giving us so much material to work with. They held a special place in our hearts since that review, and will do so forevermore.

And so, we were a bit worried when their new video came out. How could it possibly live up to our expectations? How could anything live up to Ayy Girl? “In Heaven” came out, and though it’s a really pretty song with a really good video to go with it, we’re still a little saddened. No aprons. No windows. No bananas. No Kanye. AYO SIMON I’MA LET YOU FINISH BUT AYYY GIRL WAS THE GREATEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME.

Roll Down Your Sexy Windows
Look at this gif and tell me you didn’t think about window rolling! Tell me!

What we’re feeling for this video, I guess, is similar to what we felt with Super Junior’s “Mr Simple.” Both are great songs and videos in their own respect. They don’t live up to the awesomeness of their older videos, and that’s unfortunately getting in the way of us liking it as much – though we’d definitely like the songs and videos if we could possibly tear ourselves from their context. “In Heaven” after all is a really nice song. It’s a ballad, which automatically turns Martina off, but she, too, can appreciate the song’s quality, even if she doesn’t like it. It’s not hyper produced and dependent on post-production. Three great singers just singing a great song. This song really showcases their raw talent and answers the question: can JYJ make it on their own? Yes, 100%, yes they can.

The only other thing that turns us off of this song (and this is only because of our personal preference and not because of video quality) is that it’s a freaking sad song, with a really freaking sad video. And, really, we’re not into freaking sad things anymore. We’re not sure why anyone is, for that matter. Take movies, for example: a long time ago, back when the two of us weren’t even engaged to be married yet, we watched “House of Sand and Fog.” We had heard it was a good movie, deep and profound and blah blah blah. What happened at the end of it, we won’t ruin it for you, but it was miserable. Miserable! We were sobbing, hugging our knees and crying, and our day was ruined. And all for what? We spent two hours of our short, short lives to intentionally make ourselves sad.

House of Sand and Crap

Rubbish. We put a ban on all sad things henceforth, and try to stick to it as much as possible. We’re happy people, and we’d like to keep it that way. Does that mean we’re blissfully ignorant of bad stuff happening around us? Not at all. It does mean, though, that sadness as an artform doesn’t speak to us anymore.

And so, this is another reason why we’re not too fond of “In Heaven” as a song and video. It’s about death. The girl dies twice. Junsu dies once. The sunflower dies as well. That dude who crossed the street more than likely died, too. It’s also about remorse, and not wanting to be apart, and other such stuff. No thank you. We’re not faulting JYJ for making the song and video, though. We just would like to politely decline. Give us more Sexy Car Window Rolling, less Deadly Car People Hitting.

Sooo…now that our rant is over, how about those pickles! Junsu…loves dem pickles. *cough* Ok no recovery. How about our silly bloopers? Yay!


Anyhow, if ballads are your thing, though, then you can’t go wrong with this song and album. Pick it up if you haven’t already and support JYJ. They need all the support they can get!!!! Check out the link below to get it:

  1. is it too late for me to write a comment now?? hehehe…anyway..I love
    the song & the MV…yup! sad story sucks! but I love how they
    portray the sadness & the regrets one is felt after the separation
    (by death T____T)…I think they’re doing a great job..and let me quote your words : “This
    song really showcases their raw talent and answers the question: can
    JYJ make it on their own? Yes, 100%, yes they can.”
    yes they can!!! no
    doubt! :)

  2. is it too late for me to write a comment now?? hehehe…I love the song & the MV…yup! sad story sucks! but I love how they portrayed the sadness & the regrets one is felt after the separation (by death T____T)…I think they’ve done a great job..and let me quote your words : “This song really showcases their raw talent and answers the question: can JYJ make it on their own? Yes, 100%, yes they can.”
    yes they can!!! no doubt! :)

  3. Would not have taken some tights a la Bowie amiss myself (js)..

  4. why do you have german pickles? O_o;

  5. Coming in a bit late here, but yeah, this is a great song by JYJ.  This definitely grows on you.  I laughed a good 7 minutes though while you dissected the video (nothing wrong with a man who likes pickles).  :)

    Spudgy needs more guard training.

  6. 2am is more sadder….i cried when i first watch 2am

  7. My vote goes to David Bowie in the Labyrinth. TIGHT PANTS OI!

  8. LOL…I love the Ga In desktop photo…let’s get some BEG Sixth Sense MV love 

  9. It’s quite awesome the fact that even when you’re reviewing a sad song/video, you can turn ’em into something lols worthy: PICKLES FTW!

    I totally respect the fact that you can appreciate the song even if you’re not so into it. It’s just that the song itself is kinda sad ’cause Hero (JJ) wrote it for a friend, who passed away while they were on their worldwide tour.


    Still your review was quite funny and I’m already waiting for “Get Out” review!

    Wow! And also thanks for the cultural tips of “What not to do while in Korea”. They’re  very usefull… except for the chopsticks in the nose part..

    Have a great Sunday~~~!

  10. Simon! your hand dissappears @ 4:45

  11. SIMON! your hand dissappears! @ 4:45

  12. Hey!

    JYJ’s video is just like this video, except for the ending, i guess. 


    but, yah, 2AM was kinda much sadder

  13. I smiled reading your review.  I actually like sad ballads, plus this is dedicated to their friend.  I love love their voices, their raw voices get to me every time.  Thanks for the review.

  14. Knorr dillschnitten??…Spudgy loves it??? you should visit germany!!!!!!! And me :P
    why is the name of the pickels not translated…??? I mean… Not everybody speaks german?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Seem like you like Ayyy girl very much, haha. Well then i think you sould try to make vid for Get out. There will be a lot for you to say. :”D
    Sorry for my bad English. 

  16. I have to choose 2am this time. The first time I watched that video I cried and I still tear up. They all look so sad, and when he’s yelling at her to not open the door, and he’s crying, and jeez, so sad. JYJ’s  video was definitely sad, but 2am’s made me actually cry.


  18. Heaven gets my vote, cause… i actually cried in that one XD 
    And LOOOOL~ “the house of misery and torturing sadness” . Think i might have to go watch that now haha :D
    ….is it really really sad though? what would you say the age group appropriate for watching it? (basically, will it ruin the rest of my childhood/ send me in to depression or something like that?)

  19. I love how there’s a squeaky sound when Simon puts Spudgy on the shoes XD

    Whoa, alliteration there.

  20. Driving in Korea LOL. I guess it is marginally better than before. Korea used to be #1 is road fatalities. Last time I was there it was far better than what it was in the 80’s that was like drivers playing bumper cars. 

    I don’t know what is with Korean Singers trying to become actors. I see members of Tara in drama, UEE, TOP, etc… 

    BTW Jaejoong stated that his ideal woman is Kang soo yeon, she is 20 years his senior. She was flattered and wondered whether it was legal to get hitched with somebody with such a big age difference. She is famous for being the first Korean actress to win a Venice film award with Surrogate Mother. 

  21. the most annoying thing about watching your videos is i have to watch the video you’re reviewing before watching yours whether i’m interested or not. 

  22. My 50 year old Korean Mom knows you guys. I asked her how does she know you guys since she doesn’t have a computer and  know English very well., She replies, “of course I know” like I’m crazy or something.

  23. Vote for 2AM…OMG SO SAD!!! hvbdnxdfvfsdb. Many tears have been happening

  24. Lol I totally think about the window roll w/ that gif. XD

  25. thx for reviewing the MV…this is my 1st comment, i just started visiting this site couple of weeks ago, and i enjoy your site so much =)
    i do love the song, and idk, maybe i’m bias as JYJfans, or maybe because i also know the story behind the song (Jae wrote the song for his bestfriend, Park Yong Ha who commit suicide June last year. JYJ was in USA that time. PYH called jae 2 days before he die and ask where he was, and since jae was in US, PYH then made a promise for them to go for drinks/eat when Jae back in korea, but 2 days later, PYH commit suicide). watching this MV kinda reminding me of it. there’s one time Jae was asked about PYH n his deatch, and it seems that JAe kinda blame himself for not noticing smthg wrong with PYH and for not being there for him when he was depressed (jiHyo scene before she kill herself). it seems he thought, ‘just if i have one more chance, then i will do this/that to make him happier, to be there for him’. call me over imagining things, but actually i can understand the meaning of the song and connect with the mv =)
    i was one of those who asked you guys to review In Heaven. sorry, i dont know that u guys dont really digging ballad song. it just i kinda hope u guys can hear the amazing harmony the boys have in this beautiful song =)
    but, i love your review, the scene infront of elevator cracked me up, lol, and wow, u guys even so detailed about the pickles, lol…
    i enjoy your review, and i really found it fun. esp coz i know, u guys didnt do it for making fun or degrading the quality of the song, and for that i thank you =)
    maybe next week you can review Get Out by JYJ too? its not a ballad and i really want to know what do u think abput the song, and the mv too ofc =)
    thx u and sory for a very long comment n a very bad grammar/spelling. english isnt my 1st languange =)

  26. Ha Ha you said you wouldn’t return my calls!

  27. Of course they have awesome harmonizing skills… it would be more awesome if they were still with changmin and yunho. WHY DID TVXQ HAVE TO BREAK UP!!!??? WHY JESUS WHYYYY!!!??? * cries uncontrollably for hours *

  28. I sincerely blame you guys for making me burst out laughing in the middle of a very serious meeting [ok, it wasn’t that serious, and it was my fault watching youtube at the wrong time, but what can I do? I love this show too much, and I was bored xD~~]
    But seriously, pickles?! That was gold!
    And the Take-one-freaking-step-back has been on my mind since my very first car-hitting-people-right-in-their-face scene, so, thanks for nailing it.
    Overall, you guys are cool! *thumbs up*

  29. JYJ defo was sadder Y-Y 

  30. Okay loled so hard while watching this. All of your complaints about the girl and video were so funny cause really if you had any common sense you’d know that everything the girl did was so like wtf are you doing moments. 

  31. Im going to start reading The Time Traveler’s Wife once i get it from the library~ 

  32. JYJ – In Heaven  : especially since this song is written by Jaejoong for his friend Park Yongha, it’s sadder as the storyline here describes the longing to rewind back time to be able to do something to prevent Yongha’s death. :`((

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