This week we review Kara’s new song “Jumping” and try to figure out what’s the deal with all of the non-jumping in the dance. I mean, really: for a song about jumping you’d be surprised at the lack of jumping in it. They try to do a bit of a jump during the chorus when they say “Jumping, jumping, jumping up” but they just scoot their feet and get no vertical whatsoever. Definite lack of jumping in the video.

Also, I don’t know about you, but the video just didn’t do it for us. Girls’ Generation recently came out with “Hoot” and it was a similar video of good looking girls dancing around, but they were more playful in that video. They had the whole James Bond thing kinda going on in black and white, and the girls were wearing different costumes at least. Kara’s “Jumping” doesn’t really have that much going on in the video. A girl sits on the bed and then the rest of the girls dance and kick water. That’s about it. The Japanese version of the video has a lot more going on, even if it’s really confusing. At least it’s got something!

Another thing: we’re not sure about what’s going on in the song with the whole “Jumping” bit. The English lyrics aren’t terrible, but when they’re paired with the Korean lyrics it’s just totally confusing. “Jumping” isn’t really the word Kara’s looking for if they’re trying to get back into someone’s heart. Bah! The song’s pretty good on it’s own, though, and it’s jumping, jumping, jumping in my head. That’s another way of saying it’s stuck in my head. Anyhow, if you’re a Kara fan, and want to get your hands on the CD, we don’t have a giveaway this week (sorry!) but you can Buy the CD here if you’re interested :D

By the way, we’d also like to say that Simon’s actually awesome at basketball, but he’s a good actor so he made it look like he sucks in the video. Don’t believe it? Check out our Facebook page tomorrow and you’ll see some behind the scenes mad skillz. On another side note, the end of the year is nearing. You know what that means, right? Christmas? Yeah, but not that. New Years? Yeah, but not that either. We’re talking about How to Dance Kpop 2010. We’re starting our preparations for that, so really sorry if this episode was a bit lamer than usual :( Also, as always, big thanks to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the Korean subtitle translations! They’re always spot on :D

  1. Can you please do lalala by bigbang

  2. It's easier for people at YouTube (who leave most of the votes) to simply type in the 3-6 letters for their vote and submit it, rather than having them enter the poll's URL, then waiting for that page to load, then voting and then clicking submit. I know, I know, it's not that big of a difference, but the more steps you put between someone and their task the less likely they are to do it.

  3. 2am! love the song and love the video/ its concept.

  4. Lexi,

    Thanks for the thorough reply. Sorry you didn't like our review this week. We do understand that Kara and SNSD are completely different. We weren't trying to compare them as bands, because – yes – they are totally different bands. We were trying to compare their videos, especially since we recently reviewed Hoot and it would be fresh in our audience's minds. Our reason for comparing the two is because we thought that Hoot had a lot going on for it in the video. It was fun, and related to the song in what we thought of as very clever ways. Kara's "Jumping" video didn't really have that much depth to it at all.

  5. That's really cute of you couple :) to demonstrate such jazz to us lol :P
    I would love to choose 2am because of songwise,their song seems to be in my head for quite awhile.
    Many songs nowadays push down one another instead of good songs,all I get was catchiness.
    I will like to request Park Bom – you and I,it is a really awesome song packed with 2 different versions of MV.
    One is the story concept while the other is the making or like "bloopers" of the MV.
    The song is nice and the lyrics is awesome.
    Hope that will help you and have a nice week ! :D

  6. Yeah we didn't understand the video to that, either.

  7. Thanks! The parents aren't too pleased with it, but…I'm grown up now! I can make my hair as weird as I wanna!

  8. 2AM hands down… that is one my fav kpop songs ever :p

  9. Oh! Double oops! Thanks Oliver :D

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