Yay! An Infinite song! Well, it’s not really Infinite, it’s just one member, and it’s not really sounding like Infinite, but it’s still a good song. If you haven’t heard it yet, here’s Kim Sung Kyu’s (aka, Snuggle You’s) “60 Sec”


Now, something we didn’t mention in here is something we originally wrote into the script but then cut out because it seemed too preachy. We’ll include it here, because we can never be too preachy in our blog posts! Ahem: the dating advice we gleaned from this video sucks. Did he just skip out on a potentially wonderful relationship that would have lots of special memories, just because the relationship won’t last forever? So are relationships that end not valuable? I call rubbish on this one. Life’s about the journey, not the destination: even if you’re in a relationship that doesn’t work out in the end, it’s what you experienced in between the beginning and end that’s valuable. No?

Another thing we didn’t mention about the video. Was it just us, or did it seem like Snuggle You was really, REALLY into singing the song? Did you see his eyes close? Did you see how closely he held the mic. He’s really into it! We thought about another rock ballad song, namely, F.T. Island’s “I Wish,” and the Hunky One doesn’t seem as into singing as the Snuggly One. Hunky’s all got his eyes open, and he’s paying more attention to the camera, while Snuggly doesn’t care about anything around him apart from singing his song with all his heart and soul.

Snuggly vs Hunky

Last thing we wanted to mention that made us bust out loud laughing: when Myungsoo wakes up from his frozen time revelry, WTF splashes him in the face? Watch the video from 1:10-1:11. The water comes in on an angle only on the right side of his face. So, it’s not rain. What is it? Did someone throw water at his face? Like “HEY! CREEPY GUY! I don’t care if you’re a Kpop idol: stop staring at people like that you creeper!” But, if you look afterwards, you’ll see that nobody is there. Our guess: while Myungsoo was imbued with the ability to slow down time, Snuggly You gained the ability to run at super speed, so he zoomed past Myungsoo, spit a mouthful of water on him, and then ran away laughing. THAT’S THE ONLY POSSIBLE ANSWER!


Anyhow, it’s an overall cool song, even if we don’t love it as much as we love Infinite songs. Rock ballads aren’t really our thing, while Infinite’s music otherwise is so distinctively Infinite-ey, with their 80s aesthetic (even if we make fun of them for it sometimes). But, if you like the song anyway, make sure you pick it up by clicking on the banner above!

And, lastly, of course, we have bloopers for this week. None for our talking parts. We ripped through that this week with no mistakes, oddly, even though we’re mega-jetlagged, but the Spaghetti scene for us WAS SO DIFFICULT TO FILM. It should have been easy. Also, we announce the winner of the Janus CD giveaway, so check it out in the bloopers below.


  1. Oh my Gosh, this was a hilarious!I cant watch this anymore without thinking that he IS the worst customer ever. Though, How true the food is always cleaned of their faces, but the thing is its so imaginary food, i mean you never see it on their hands or them wiping off their hands with a cloth or water afterwards. Silly me thinking idols could really do that, the food probably dissolves to nothingness from them just being that close, they just wave their hand/finger over the stain aaaandd….. Success!

  2. i vote for mr.snuggle you a.k.a kim sunggyu..hihihi.

  3. Welcome to drama world – where no one ever seems to see anything and timings just never match up. Ever.

  4. Oh Snuggle You! hahaha I’m never going to look at Couple rings the same way… I wonder if it applies to wedding rings too :P
    I loved the spagetti bloopers and the dubing of L in the coffee shop! hahaha couldn’t stop laughing.
    But no mention of the super long awkward blink!?! >.<
    You asked "Did he just skip out on a potentially wonderful relationship that would have lots of special memories, just because the relationship won’t last forever?” but I thought the rain scene at the end is where they decide to give the relationship a try, right? So even if they know it will end, they still chose to give it a go!

  5. I really love the review this week!! You’ve still got it, S&M!! *tear* ;D

    The time warp theory made sense, and I agree that is one creepy ring.
    I loooooved the Spaghetti skit, and that dubbing of Myungsoo roaring at the waitress got me bursting out laughing xD

    I was also wondering about that random water splatter, and I just thought it was some car/motorbike/bike that was passing by. They can spray water that high, at that angle. The only thing about that is….it’d be dirty water off the ground….

  6. I died laughing when Simon shoved that HUGE forkful of spaghetti into Martina’s mouth.

  7. I dont think they know how small Sunggyus eyes are lol

  8. I thought the girl just forgot about him as time passed and only realises at the ending not because of their past love but because he did not move on and felt his pain. Also possibly from a half ass break up from her part.
    I loled at the short dubbing you guys did XD

  9. The new nickname so perfect…snuggle you….so snuggly that one.

  10. woohoo!!!!!! i’ve been waiting for a KMM!!!!
    YEAH!!! Lord of the Rings!!!!
    ahahahahaahha oh crap at 5:02 when he just growls for his order, that was just way too hilarious!!!!

    i choose YOU, Hongki!!!

  11. Great music monday! Yeah, I was waiting for the LOTR reference. Loved it!

  12. Even thought BILASA didn’t win, I’m very happy that this awesome song made it to the KMM. c:

    • you knoooowww…this iiiiiis your blog….you caaaan do whatever you want…0:)

      srsly tho, I know it’s not like we ‘deserve’ a review because we kept it at the top for three weeks…but how about some kind of mini-review? Because it’s your party and you’ll blog if you want to? :D

      (I kind of miss the small-scale reviews without all the skits and hootenanny anyway.[omg i spelled hootenanny right on the first try, why can I NEVER spell ‘necesary’?])

    • At least us BANAs tried. c:

      On the bright side, Tried To Walk is the most commented video-thingy on EYK~ ^^

  13. First comment. Glad you come back guise.

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