Yay! An Infinite song! Well, it’s not really Infinite, it’s just one member, and it’s not really sounding like Infinite, but it’s still a good song. If you haven’t heard it yet, here’s Kim Sung Kyu’s (aka, Snuggle You’s) “60 Sec”


Now, something we didn’t mention in here is something we originally wrote into the script but then cut out because it seemed too preachy. We’ll include it here, because we can never be too preachy in our blog posts! Ahem: the dating advice we gleaned from this video sucks. Did he just skip out on a potentially wonderful relationship that would have lots of special memories, just because the relationship won’t last forever? So are relationships that end not valuable? I call rubbish on this one. Life’s about the journey, not the destination: even if you’re in a relationship that doesn’t work out in the end, it’s what you experienced in between the beginning and end that’s valuable. No?

Another thing we didn’t mention about the video. Was it just us, or did it seem like Snuggle You was really, REALLY into singing the song? Did you see his eyes close? Did you see how closely he held the mic. He’s really into it! We thought about another rock ballad song, namely, F.T. Island’s “I Wish,” and the Hunky One doesn’t seem as into singing as the Snuggly One. Hunky’s all got his eyes open, and he’s paying more attention to the camera, while Snuggly doesn’t care about anything around him apart from singing his song with all his heart and soul.

Snuggly vs Hunky

Last thing we wanted to mention that made us bust out loud laughing: when Myungsoo wakes up from his frozen time revelry, WTF splashes him in the face? Watch the video from 1:10-1:11. The water comes in on an angle only on the right side of his face. So, it’s not rain. What is it? Did someone throw water at his face? Like “HEY! CREEPY GUY! I don’t care if you’re a Kpop idol: stop staring at people like that you creeper!” But, if you look afterwards, you’ll see that nobody is there. Our guess: while Myungsoo was imbued with the ability to slow down time, Snuggly You gained the ability to run at super speed, so he zoomed past Myungsoo, spit a mouthful of water on him, and then ran away laughing. THAT’S THE ONLY POSSIBLE ANSWER!


Anyhow, it’s an overall cool song, even if we don’t love it as much as we love Infinite songs. Rock ballads aren’t really our thing, while Infinite’s music otherwise is so distinctively Infinite-ey, with their 80s aesthetic (even if we make fun of them for it sometimes). But, if you like the song anyway, make sure you pick it up by clicking on the banner above!

And, lastly, of course, we have bloopers for this week. None for our talking parts. We ripped through that this week with no mistakes, oddly, even though we’re mega-jetlagged, but the Spaghetti scene for us WAS SO DIFFICULT TO FILM. It should have been easy. Also, we announce the winner of the Janus CD giveaway, so check it out in the bloopers below.


  1. This is my favorite song because of its genre (as you said Rock+ballad) and I love snuggly’s voice too. I wouldn’t be so surprised by this song being different from the usual infinite songs because snuggly likes rock anyways and he was in a rock band in his school anyways (is what I read on a lot of websites). I do however agree with you a 100% about the music video. It’s weird but then come on half of the kpop videos are really strange with a LOT of random stuff happening in the video which does not really make any sense at all until scroll over and read the comments.

    P.S: thanks to snuggly (i love his nickname) and Infinite in general, that I was able to find you guys and since then I have watched like at least about 30 vids the past three days. And you guys are a very cute couple :) and not to mention awesome!!

  2. I know this is a fairly old post, but this happened to me today in Word…

  3. Oh my Gosh, this was a hilarious!I cant watch this anymore without thinking that he IS the worst customer ever. Though, How true the food is always cleaned of their faces, but the thing is its so imaginary food, i mean you never see it on their hands or them wiping off their hands with a cloth or water afterwards. Silly me thinking idols could really do that, the food probably dissolves to nothingness from them just being that close, they just wave their hand/finger over the stain aaaandd….. Success!

  4. as someone who knows nothing about k-pop i was wondering what you would reccomend to people looking to get into it and also anything you think new comers should know about k-pop

  5. i vote for mr.snuggle you a.k.a kim sunggyu..hihihi.

  6. Hi EYK ! I’ve a question, when you broadcast/share kpop music with us, did you ask their owners the right of sharing it on your website ? I’m sorry for my bad english, hope you’ll understand me ><" I'm don't want to give you away to SM entertainment haha but, I'd like to make a website and if I use kpop music as background music, I hope my vids won't be delete by Youtube, as I'm not the "owner" of the music. How do you do ? Thank you ! And tks for this great vid again !! :)

  7. Would you like to order? AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! ok..

  8. Oh I so love the hongki one

  9. I am so distracted by Meemersworth just licking itself during the beginning of the video … that cat is too damn cute

  10. Your question about where the carrots went. They used it to make the sauce. It’s a little bit more of a sweet sauce instead of an acidic compared to tomato sauce.

  11. I’m gonna vote for Snuggle You on this one. Of all the performers I’ve watched, Sunggyu is by far amongst the most passionate when he sings. Lee Hongki is too, but I just feel ‘it’ more with Sunggyu.

    Live. Filmed, Whenever. Wherever. Sunggyu gets so into the music and sometimes even tends to forget where he is. Haha.
    By the way, have you two listened to the entire album? It’s really quite fantastic! I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to listen to something a little bit different.

  12. the actual kpop music monday isnt playing for me =/ it just went straight to the bloopers

  13. Don’t take it in the butt will never get old and should be said in every KMM video just like JYP is whispered in every JYP song.

  14. I think it’s funny that he touched the bit of her lip with sauce and then rubbed her hair with that same hand. Now she has pasta hair. Forever.

  15. I totally have been ordering wrong this whole time… D:

  16. GASPS.

    No mention of the female bassist.

    For shame xD.

  17. I can’t get over this.

    “Can I take your order?”


    I am still laughing xD

  18. lol,he wasn’t closing his eyes, they’re just too small. silly simon and martina XD

  19. You got a kitchen table! ^_^

  20. Concerning the differences between the snuggly one and the hunky one; well, I don’t think that you can really compare them like that. Sungkyu is singing the story of which he is not apart so of course he would get really into the song, but in I wish, Hongki is involved in the mv and so is literally singing to that person. But actually, it really got me thinking; isn’t Hongki always singing into the camera in every mv??? And yes he is O.O But actually I thinking more about it, I prefer it that way, it really feels like he singing TO me – his eyes pierce through my soul – I never really thought about it much, but now I am, it really is captivating.

    ANYWAY, I don’t even know what I’m rambling about, I sincerely loved this kmm so so much^^^ the end with the crazy L and scared waitresses was the best!! and as a love of the lord of the rings I really appreciated the whole “my precious which creates an imaginary girlfriend for mes as i’m not allowed a real one for me’s is an idol” – I guess that is kinda what you guys were getting at right???
    However, no matter how many times I listen to this song I really just can’t like it, I don’t know why, I mean I love songs like this – I am a primadonna after all…..but there’s just something…off :/
    ANd welcome back^^^^ You guys are amazing :D

  21. Thank you EYK hahahaha ^_^ because i just realised that L cuts the carrot but then it was missing *not in the spaghetti*. maybe they throw tha carrots on the floor. LOL ^_^ but yeah I LOVE THE SONG AND THE MV <3

  22. LOL gourd. I don’t know if its because I am happy Kpop music monday is back on or if this vid really is just full of awesomes, but I loved it. Except the part where its 1:30 in the morning and now I want spagetti. BTW who the hell puts carrots in their spagetti anyway? Unless they cooked and mashed the hoopla out of it until it could become part of the sauce. Then again, I’ve seen their odd takes on foreign cuisines in the past. Oh well. More servings of vegetables.

  23. I was having such a bad day. Had insomnia the night before, and couldn’t focus on my Bio test, and couldn’t find a quiet place to nap ALL DAY… Then at the end of my day, when I was about to reward my perseverance with some Thai food, my car won’t start. It’s -37 C and although my car was plugged in it just won’t go. So I’m foodless, and stranded at the campus library till my family comes for me. I sit down and feel like crying, but then I realized that today is monday, and that means that the lovely S&M are back, and now I’m good. :)

  24. I actually never watched the video (and still haven’t) but I loved your review.

    Favorite parts:

    Meemers in the chair for Simon, not in the chair for Martina.
    Lord of the Ring reference for the evil ring!
    Random Super Junior comment

    Breakdown of being a bad customer.

  25. I have those same ice cream cone earrings!!!

  26. Since the question was “whose performance as a lead singer did you prefer” I’m going with totally arbitrary reasoning and saying The Hunky One, because of the sparkly headband of awesomenosity. It was a hard decision though. The Snuggly One is quite passionate.

  27. i’m going crazy i want gain boom for music please vote for her

  28. I thought this song was really solid. Good job Snuggly One!!! Still kinda bummed about the B1A4 page crashing but I really liked this song :)

  29. and I really do agree with this part “Life’s about the journey, not the destination: even if you’re in a relationship that doesn’t work out in the end, it’s what you experienced in between the beginning and end that’s valuable.”

    I myself don’t want to be in love with just one person in my whole life…..it would be better if you have many experiences before you commit to one relationship….!

  30. LOL! I really love this review…! snuggle you! and that part into the song and into you is just hilarious…!

  31. Is the actor that plays the man Hyun Soo from Shut Up Flower Boy Band? If it is then that is just awesome because I love that drama. If not then wow do they look alike :D

    • Yup! That is the same person. ^^ I find it a little funny you mentioned
      that drama, since I literally JUST finished watching it like, a week
      ago. XD Loved it. Also, I’m not sure if you already know this, (if you
      do, I apologize) but the singer of this song (Sunggyu) is the leader of
      the band Infinite, and the actor dude in both this MV and SUFBB is
      Myungsoo, (aka L) who is also from the band Infinite, so they know each
      other really really well. But yeah, isn’t Mungsoo just ridiculously
      good-looking?! (I think Sunggyu is, as well.) :D

  32. eyk is infintie bias~~glad 2 hear da good one…hahahahahaha

  33. Oooooo that’s not even fair……….. LEE HONG KI all. the. way. if only Kim Sung Kyu didn’t have to go up against such beastly competition

  34. I think y’all’s evil/future-predicting ring theory makes more sense than the ex-girlfriend scenario – I mean, the entire time he was there she didn’t recognize him? I don’t care if she didn’t see his face – is that the only part of a person that’s recognizable? I’m pretty sure I would still recognize my BF (Kim Jaejoong ofc) if he were in my cafe and I walked up to him to give him his coffee. Especially if he were staring grumpily at our couple ring.

    My vote goes to the Snuggly One!

  35. Aww..I wanted to see if Snuggle You voted or not:((

  36. Oh Snuggle You! hahaha I’m never going to look at Couple rings the same way… I wonder if it applies to wedding rings too :P
    I loved the spagetti bloopers and the dubing of L in the coffee shop! hahaha couldn’t stop laughing.
    But no mention of the super long awkward blink!?! >.<
    You asked "Did he just skip out on a potentially wonderful relationship that would have lots of special memories, just because the relationship won’t last forever?” but I thought the rain scene at the end is where they decide to give the relationship a try, right? So even if they know it will end, they still chose to give it a go!

    • LOL, the blink.

      Why did they have to slow mo that part? It would have been fine in normal pace, because he would just quickly blink while smiling, but noooo, they had to make it dramatic.

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