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K.Will “Love Blossom” – Kpop Music Mondays

April 9, 2013


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This week’s Kpop Music Monday is for K.Will’s “Love Blossom,” which we think is an awesome song, fun video, and we’re happy to talk about. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the hilarity below:

Ok, so “hilarity” might be a bit too strong of a word. It’s not like “Itaewon Freedom” hilarious. It’s just got a funny twist to it, and is more funny along the lines that it makes you smile, more than something that gets you howling, you know?

Anyhow, we joked about not considering what K.Will said about his video from our interview with him last Friday (which should be going up this week, by the way!), but we weren’t really joking. Our Music Mondays are kinda meant to be more our reactions and responses to a video, rather than other people’s responses to it. And we pay attention to irrelevant details most of the time, because those fascinate us the most, like how the car was a clown car. Other details we didn’t talk about:

K.Will's Walls and Doghouse

1) We were a bit confused about how bizarre this amusement park was, with the unfinished paint jobs and a random dog house. Maybe that was filmed somewhere else, because I don’t think we’d see that at any amusement park…no? How are dogs supposed to use the dog house? Is there a really long lineup for it? Are there those metal pole dividers with ropes between so doggies can form an organized swirling lineup? Do other doggies butt in line? So many questions! And that paint was just bad.

2) Did anyone notice that random blossom burst at 3:02? Myungsoo and Dasom are there being all romantic, but the director was like “NOT ROMANTIC ENOUGH. MOAR PETALS!” and someone farts out a big burst of them. If you go frame by frame you can see how it starts as a clump together, and then spreads out into the wind. I want to know who was crouched down at their butts and throwing the petals out. And…how does one apply for this job?

Anyhow, since K.Will was nice enough to sign a bunch of CDs for us, we wanted to give one of them away for this week’s Music Monday! We’ll do another giveaway for the rest of the CDs when we publish the interview, of course :D For this giveaway, though, all you gotta do is:

1) Be Subscribed to us on YouTube (it wouldn’t hurt if you subscribed to our other channels as well!)
2) Let us know how you would have exacted your revenge on the jerky co-workers. Leave your answer in the comments to our YouTube video, or leave them here, but make sure you leave your YouTube username in the comment here, so we can check if you’re subscribed or not.

It’s that easy! If you don’t win, you can still pick up K.Will’s album on either iTunes or YesAsia. If you do win, though, you’ll see your name when we announce the winners in the bloopers to next week’s Music Monday. We’ll put them here, in the blog post, at the bottom, like we’re doing for this week’s Bloopers. By the way, here are this week’s Bloopers.



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