This week’s Kpop Music Monday is for K.Will’s “Love Blossom,” which we think is an awesome song, fun video, and we’re happy to talk about. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the hilarity below:


Ok, so “hilarity” might be a bit too strong of a word. It’s not like “Itaewon Freedom” hilarious. It’s just got a funny twist to it, and is more funny along the lines that it makes you smile, more than something that gets you howling, you know?

Anyhow, we joked about not considering what K.Will said about his video from our interview with him last Friday (which should be going up this week, by the way!), but we weren’t really joking. Our Music Mondays are kinda meant to be more our reactions and responses to a video, rather than other people’s responses to it. And we pay attention to irrelevant details most of the time, because those fascinate us the most, like how the car was a clown car. Other details we didn’t talk about:

K.Will's Walls and Doghouse

1) We were a bit confused about how bizarre this amusement park was, with the unfinished paint jobs and a random dog house. Maybe that was filmed somewhere else, because I don’t think we’d see that at any amusement park…no? How are dogs supposed to use the dog house? Is there a really long lineup for it? Are there those metal pole dividers with ropes between so doggies can form an organized swirling lineup? Do other doggies butt in line? So many questions! And that paint was just bad.

2) Did anyone notice that random blossom burst at 3:02? Myungsoo and Dasom are there being all romantic, but the director was like “NOT ROMANTIC ENOUGH. MOAR PETALS!” and someone farts out a big burst of them. If you go frame by frame you can see how it starts as a clump together, and then spreads out into the wind. I want to know who was crouched down at their butts and throwing the petals out. And…how does one apply for this job?

Anyhow, since K.Will was nice enough to sign a bunch of CDs for us, we wanted to give one of them away for this week’s Music Monday! We’ll do another giveaway for the rest of the CDs when we publish the interview, of course :D For this giveaway, though, all you gotta do is:

1) Be Subscribed to us on YouTube (it wouldn’t hurt if you subscribed to our other channels as well!)
2) Let us know how you would have exacted your revenge on the jerky co-workers. Leave your answer in the comments to our YouTube video, or leave them here, but make sure you leave your YouTube username in the comment here, so we can check if you’re subscribed or not.

It’s that easy! If you don’t win, you can still pick up K.Will’s album on either iTunes or YesAsia. If you do win, though, you’ll see your name when we announce the winners in the bloopers to next week’s Music Monday. We’ll put them here, in the blog post, at the bottom, like we’re doing for this week’s Bloopers. By the way, here are this week’s Bloopers.


  1. I feel this was prime opportunity to sing Hyuna’s “Ice cream”…

  2. simple question
    i will just MURDER them!

  3. soo guys when are they announcing the winner?Next week?
    *the winner isn’t announced in this weeks bloopers*

  4. Okey I just have a new plan for evil revange: Myoungsoo should kidnap K.Will insted of killing. They could just eat icecream together – I think it would be better for Myoungsoo’s figure.
    It’s my second try, I now I should write only one but sorry, I just had better idea and I had to write it.
    Youtube: gwercia

  5. “We never go alone” – inspiring
    “Love Blossom” – absolute adorable, funny & charming
    “Please don’t…” – so heartbreakingly & alluringly touching

    Even K. Will’s TEASERS are so original and hilarious.

    Even just his music and professional work brings out ‘the feels’ in me and he has such a charming, lovable and admirable air to himself as an artist and individual to boot. I don’t compliment artists and them as people lightly; I sincerely love and respect K. Will as an artiste and person <3 I pray with all my heart that I'll have the chance to see him live or afford his album one day, but for now I just want to thank you guys for the AMAZING interview and chance to possibly have a signed album. <3

  6. anyone know why a lot of their video screen caps have “I’m sorry i couldn’t save you” on them? just curious because even videos that have nothing to do with kwill has them.

  7. Bernarduchis Calvillo

    Plan (YT: Mariposaazul210)

    1) Wait for
    a meeting with an important client or the CEO. Look for a partner.

    2) Today’s
    the day. As you serve the beverages or food add them laxatives.

    3) Watch as
    the presentation suddenly turns into the porn video (oh, you so nasty!) you
    arranged, and enjoy all the reactions to it, especially your co-workers attempt
    to turn it off as they apologize.

    4) The
    laxatives are taking effect. Everyone rushes to the bathroom, in which ALL the
    seats are full of pica-pica powder (also known as itchy powder) and there’s no
    toilet paper. Put an “out of service” signal outside the “men’s
    and women’s” rooms, so that no one enters.

    5) Everyone
    is going crazy. They have diarrhea, and at the same time they have this urgent
    need of scratching their whole body, especially their butts, and there is
    no paper. Enjoy some more watching how all your co-workers are getting dirty.
    If you are lucky enough you’ll be able to see one or two of them vomiting.
    Pretend you are feeling sick too, so you don’t look suspicious.

    You think
    everything’s over? Hell no.

    6) As your
    parter closed all the doors and windows in your office, It’s time for the
    sleeping gas you hid. Don’t forget to put on your mask.

    7) Once
    they’re all asleep in the office, not only your co-workers, put on some gloves
    (you don’t want to get dirty too!) and change their suits into the most
    embarrasing outfits you can think of (clowns, poop, guys with thongs… be
    creative!) that you prevously hid there. Call your partner who is doing
    the same in the other gender’s room to se if everything’s OK. Dress up too, but
    look for a not-embarrasing one. Agin, use a mask. There’re cameras everywhere.

    8) Take
    everyone to your’s and your parter’s car.

    9) Drive to
    the most crowded place you know.

    10) Put
    them in the most awkard position you cna think of.

    11) Wait ‘tll
    them wake up, with a video camero in your hands.

    12) Go to
    Youtube and upload the vide, DON’T FORGET TO PUT THEIR NAMES AND PHONES!

  8. I would fill their offices with Ice cream !!

  9. I noticed you guys have a thing for laxatives…
    And you lost weight awfully fast…
    -Puts two and two together-
    Nooooo! ‘Tis an unhealthy solution!! D:

    Just kidding guys. :/

  10. I’d ask my friends (or hire sb) to dress as a clown or sth like that and took them to the amusement park. I’d prepare a mixture of chili paper,spoiled eggs (anything that smells awful) ,powder that makes you feel itchy,maybe piss so that the mixture remains liquid enough to spray it. Then I’d make my co-workers to go on ride on a rollercoaster /anywhere that u r tightly tied and can’t move. after they would be tied my friends’d spray and pour the mixture on them trying to put it in a place of body they couldn’t reach. In a
    meantime I’d lock their bags in the car and walk away with the girl leaving them without any documents or money, soaking in a smelly and itchy clothes and away from home.

    (But the easiest way would be, as u suggested, make them have a diarrhea and then leave them on a non stopping spinning thing they’re on while tying up K.Will or even better, making him lose consciousness and then tying him up. And I’d make sure it’d be recorded so that I could post it on the you tube later:)

    vendetta by: Sztejer hmm

  11. Oh yes, how would I take out K.will. If I was Myungsoo I would ask me, Raine, to kidnap K.Will for a date. How I’d get to Korea is another question. But if Myungsoo asked me…well, I’d find a way…

  12. I think his employees left out a very important interview question: do you won a gun and a silencer? That said, STAR IN YOUR OWN MV’s K.WILL. You are flippin’ gorgeous…even as a dead dude…although your not quite as functional in daydreams that way…

  13. I would pay the operator of the disco pang pang $100 so he could leave them on it for an hour while I run away with my new beautiful lovebird into the sunset, as love petals flutter and our somehow identical ice creams melt onto our hands. My youtube username is knitteddy :)

  14. If I took revenge on my co-workers I would simply let them figure out their own computer problems.

  15. I have this completely unrelated question. How do you guys choose the mv for music mondays? I thought it was from your kpop charts but I guess not, no? Because if it was Heo Young Saeng’s Art of Seduction should be it. I’m not bitter (I swear I’m not! lol) I was just wondering where all my efforts of voting for Young Saeng had gone to. He was no.1 for quite sometime in your chart and I was so confident he’ll be on music mondays. Maybe you’re saving him for next week? ROFL

    • Simon and Martina choose the KMM from the top 3 videos on the chart. So one of the three has a chance. Also I believe that K.Will was in the number 1 position this past week.

      • oohhh…okay. Young Saeng was no. 1 week before last week so I had kind of been expecting it since last week but then again, in the end, it’s Simon’s and Martina’s choice. Guess I shouldn’t expect anymore and just let it go ^___^ I didn’t really understand the mechanics so thank you :))

  16. Hehe~~ If I was Myungsoo I’d take them to the “whack a mole” game and let my hand “slip” and hit them back xD then get the little girl to give them “ice cream” but really its something really gross, nasty and fattening, haven’t though of what yet.. then put them in a house of mirrors with a scary clown, maybe the joker and let them have some fun in there. After getting away from the evil clown they towards the Disco Pang Pang and find out that they have a horrible stomachache but cant get off and what do they know they evil clown is back! And they have to make the best of it and found out a solution for themselves~ ^^

    Thank you for the amazing Music Monday Simon and Martina!

    Youtube Username: DalmateCathy

  17. OHOHOH! If I was him, would set a trap for them, and locked them in a dark scary room filled with futuristic-giant-mutant-carnivorous roses with sharp metal-made prickles and tons of evil-diablolic kids that make you eat their evil ice-cream filled with laxatives. Ohhh, sweet revenge. My Youtube user is Maylady Orellana, btw..

  18. If I were take revenge on my jerky co-workers… I think I would have arranged to give them explosive ice cream instead. Yes, exploding ice cream. As we noticed in the video, Dasom even willingly ate the random ice cream cone given to her by the strange demon girl xp So I think it would have been pretty amazing if Myungsoo bought all of his co-workers some ice cream cones that they excitedly go to eat, only to have them randomly spray the ice cream all over their faces. LOL
    Youtube name: ciellepuff
    ~ Wow, thank you for interviewing K.Will! That was so amazing.. <3 Also, did you two understand everything he said.. or did you have some sort of translator you were using?? I'm really curious ^-^

  19. They say revenge is a dish best served cold (*martinacough:*laxative
    laced demon-child ice cream*ehem*) … I say it’s best served with a
    smile. An over bearing in your face Chuckie smile that says, “Hey! I
    strangled a magical unicorn then stole some kid’s ice cream
    (red alert: evil ice cream).” When they get out of the car, I’ll give
    them a smile. After they hit me, I’ll give them a smile. When they’re
    asking for their shoes back after taking them off for a ride, I’ll give
    them a smile. When they suddenly feel like the world grew larger, I’ll
    give them a smile. And when they find out that for some unexplainable
    reason they are too short for all the rides (even the kiddie ones) and
    only have the choice of going into the house/maze of mirrors, I’ll hide
    the cut heels of their shoes and their heel raisers and give them a
    smile. The smile will be so deeply embedded in their minds right now
    that they’ll see it when they close their eyes. Once I cut the ceiling
    lights, leaving only the lights around the mirrors then place a picture
    (courtesy of some photo-booth somewhere) of that smile right where it
    magnifies and reflects of every mirror. Once I hear the screams of
    terror, I will relax with my infinite number of ice cream cones (see
    what i did there ha) knowing that there doorknobs are missing and that
    they have been locked and blocked. Oh yesss~ revenge is a dish best
    served cold ʕ☉-☉ʔ… with a smile ʕ☉◡☉ʔ. haha

    youtube: xXoORukiaOoXx

  20. The ultimate exact revenge would be the neverending ferris wheel ride. At first it seems fine and soothing, only to realize that the ride goes and stop sporadically because the ferris wheel operator is letting people off/on but no they’re not. Swinging ever so calmly in the silent heights, you’re never going to get off.

  21. for revenge I would enlist the help of Taemin (by bribing him with some of my never ending supply od ice cream :P) and rain laxative powdered Dorito’s from above >:D

    First I would send them off for massages. BUT not just any massages. Massages done by the prickly balls of doom shown in WTF. I would have them massaged till even their butts were chaffed. And after the rigorous chaffin, they’d find out they were coated in laxatives that sink into the skin. Upon running to the toilet, they’d accidently sit down on a prickly massage ball covered toilet seat. Covered in super glue. Their poor chaffed butts would be glued into pure evil. And they’d still have diarrhea.
    The end. :D ThatWasianGirl

  23. my evil revenge ………

    1.) i’ll put laxatives in their foods that will cause them diarrhea after a hour or so.
    2.) after eating, let them wander around the “FOREVER ALONE ” amusement park, and I’ll suggest them to ride the DISCO PANG PANG!
    3.) before they entering the ride, i’ll tell the operator that they’re gangsters and tell bad things about them and shhhhh… and tell that leave them when they didn’t notice and give the operator an ice cream that regenerates as a reward, that cause to have diarrhea too.
    4.) experiencing the same thing in the MV , spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning……………………..
    5.) when they really need to get out of the ride just IGNORE them

    muhahahahaha my revenge

    youtube: marymerdette17

  24. I love the voices you do for Spudgy and Meemers! /)*3*(

  25. Ok so if I had to take revenge on someone I’ll make him/her suffer from tickling!!!

    Phase 1:You have to take him/her to some isolate place – you can use as bait cookis for example (but if you are not good enough to make her/him come on his own you just have to kidnaping, it’s so easy no?!)

    Phase 2: arm you’re self with feathers, or any tickling device that you can think of!

    Phase 3: start tickling with all you have!!

    youtube Alisa otaku

    greetings from Italy, and Eat your kimchi fighting!!!

  26. Hum my revange plan for my co-workers ?

    I think that I’ll install a camera and speakers on the building’s lift and when they will be on the lift I will block it and tell them to dance some embarassing kpop dance (you know like the famous No Hong Chul’s dance in Gangnam Style) or make them listen to some cheesy songs in order to unlock the elevator.
    My youtube username: Lanaseuhdu70

  27. When will the K.Will interview be up? lol

  28. Ok so if I ever had coworkers like them I know what I would do caused along time ago I uses to not like any of the workers at my job. So the steps to mine is
    1. When we got back to the work office I would take myself in a place where there is no cameras and disguise myself then go into the office and take sleeping gas and set it off in the office
    2 once everyone is asleep I’ll take then to a big dark basement that me and my friends previously set up before that day and chain the workers to the wall and put a dark bag over their faces
    3 take all their shoes off and put their feet in hot wax to wake all of them up or throw some water on them
    4 when they come to and ask me where we are I’ll speak with a voice minipulator saying that their about to be sold to underground mob bosses.
    I feel like they’ll panic for a bit and tell me to let them go but I’ll be starting the bidding. My friends will also have voice minipulators as well.
    5 then after selling atleast 3 people I’ll take more sleeping gas and throw it at them while we put on gas mask.
    6 took all the coworkers to their house telling their family that they got drunk and pass out
    When they wake up the next morning and go to work they all to about their business not mentioning anything.
    7 on break I’ll use a private email to contact all of them saying I’ll be watching them. Then they start to talk amongst themselves. I would have to talk to them too so I’m not suspicious.
    8 reaching around the time when it’s time to go the lights turn off I’ll scream pretend to be dragged away and I’ll go to an intercom with the voice manipulator and tell them I kill one of their workers aka me lol. They get nervous and I turn back on the lights and walk out with the voice intercom with a mask on. And leave the building without them seeing me.
    The next day they think I died and called the police to the office as I walked in they would be stunned that I’m alive. The police thought the workers were crazy and I looked at one of the police and smirk and he would too my friend is the police guy.
    Helped planned it with me. He gave them a warning and they would never do anything bad to again.
    This is my plan for co workers that mess with me but I would never do something like this XD too complicated for me. Lol ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  29. Thanks guys for the awesome video. Love Blossom is a great song and I love the music video. I’m really happy that you guys were able to review it.
    I didn’t realize that the reason K.Will wasn’t in his videos was because of aesthetic reasons. I always figured it was because he was too busy doing musician-y things (e.g. writing and recording songs), or because he just didn’t want to be. I think that his appearing in more of his own videos would be really great, but I’m sure he has his reasons. I bet (read as really hope) that visuals isn’t the only one.
    And now for something completely different…
    I totally agree about Dasom’s terrible decision to accept ice cream from a strange, random child. She obviously isn’t familiar with its possible use for laxative delivery.
    Also, why did Myungsoo feel like it was a good idea to hang around the park eating ice cream after shooting K.Will? I mean sure he used a silencer but that place has to have cameras. Shouldn’t he be going into hiding, not skipping off into the sunset?

    I do have one big problem with this review. Now that you have alerted me to the forever alone man, I can’t not notice him. When he pops up, I don’t pay attention to the actual plot. I’m too busy trying to figure out what the heck he is doing.

    Showdown: I liked both songs but I had a really tough time following the plot of 60 Sec. So my vote goes to Love Blossom. It was funny and easy to follow.

    Revenge: I think giving them all a bad case of pastlepantaphilia would be pretty terrible. However, the best revenge plan would be to make all of them wear Heo Young Saeng masks and stick them in the house/apartment of the crazy fan from the The Art of Seduction video. That girl was crazy enough with just one of him; imagine what she would be like with six Heo Young Saeng.

    Youtube: Theresa Folliard

  30. leave those managers in a room filled with ‘tools’ that can potentially injure them. Then, in the next room over, have a bunch of myungseo fans rewatch the part where they throw those stupid suit cases at his face and punching him….then release them into the room filled with managers….ta-dah! REVENGE :)

    this should scare managers from all over the world to never treat people under you like poo……

  31. My revenge would be = after they get off that ride all dizzy, secretly put some dog food in their pants and costs and have that dog from that dog house to chase thEm all while I will sit back and enjoy my ice cream! I really hope I win this cd!!! thanks



  34. My revenge? I would put fruit flies in the car they all squeezed into, and then I’d also put fruit flies in all those briefcases they made me carry. So just when they get over the car fruit flies, and think they’re safe back in the office, they’d be attacked by the most annoying and hard to get rid of insects ever- FRUIT FLIES. youtube: katibear1000

  35. WELL~~~~~ i would go all-out on them really if i wanted revenge so~~~~
    1) i would secretly put them to sleep and take them to an abandoned warehouse. then ill make them stand while holding twice the amount of bags they made (Me????Myungsoo?????) hold……..for a long while :D

    2) id tie them all to a chair and force them to eat icecream until they burst……..the flavor they hate too :P

    3) stuff them into a roller-coster and make it spin until they puke and are covered in their own filth………OH THEY SO NASTY.

    4) torture them with bad music…….


    i think thats all………for now(???) :D i hope i win~~~~

    YouTube user: zazo1431

    >3< hope i win~~

  36. I would drive them insane by arranging for them to be all trapped in an elevator and endless elevator versions of Barry Manilow songs would be played over and over and over again. It would be glorious.

  37. I would have put the evil co workers in the one that puts you real high and turns you upside down for an hour after having something, both spicy and sweet. Like burritos and sweet popcorn.

    I’m Makysha in YT :D

  38. I would take that flower petal bazooka that person used at 3:02 in the k.will vid and serve them a blast of almighty flower power with a side of allergies.

    p.s. i see uBEAT!! >_<~~

  39. Myungsoo should feed them korean toasts and McCol’s soda until explosion! simple and effective!!!

    love from France

    youtube: bapbera

  40. YOUTUBE: flamerminho

    I would shove them all in the car, with L as the driver (remember’the chaser’ era?) ;)), and put gangnam style on endless repeat, telling them to drive all the way through SK.

  41. Well for my revenge plan… I would have a table full of sweets and yummy things, have them sit around it (with doors, windows barricaded and locked) and they would NOT be allowed it eat it. If they tried a buzzer would go off and give them an electric shock. Therefore they would sit there and slowly starve. THEY GET NOTHING!

    -Mokeyboo368(Youtube username)

  42. my revenge: i would lock them in a mirror/maze room and i would dress up in a clown suit. i would also ask that little girl in the park to help me and the both of us would scare the crap out of the buisness partners. the clown would walk around laughing and the little girl would be singing “ring around the rosy” in a slow and creepy voice. i would then get a replacement for me as i only wanted to see their faces. by then i would leave and leave the leaders in the mirror room and plan my escape. i would later then get the video recording and send it to Simon and Martina so that they could laugh with me…hihihih >.<…:D

  43. Hmm.. most evil plan I can think of is.. taping them upside down to the roof, making then look like batman and write NANANNAA~ on the wall behind them. Pretty random, but it was the best I could do :x

  44. For everything I had to stand for, my revenge has to be long: that’s why i will call B.A.P’s matoki and use it as a time machine. I will experiment a lot of revenges. Let them in the car of Myungsoo in “The Chaser” again and again. Not forget to go back to the past a last time so that they won’t remember anything and I won’t be fired.
    Having a revenge is cool but having a revenge and keeping the job is better ^^

  45. Hey, there actually was dance in this video. K.Will danced for about one second or so ;]
    I really really loved this MV. I don’t know to what extend it’s because I’m biased towards Myungsoo (and Infinite in general) but I guess I would have loved it even if I didn’t know him. And again you pointed out some things I didn’t pay attention to (yay petal fart!). But the showdown… You want me to choose between my bias’ video and this wonderful one? Can I stay neutral and pick Epik High’s “Run”? Myungsoo is there as well ;)
    And I won’t participate in the giveaway but I just had this idea of how Myungsoo could avenge on his co-workers: leave them in that clown car with the key from “The Chaser” MV and send them to Sunggyu. *insert evil laugh here*

  46. Hahaha I didn’t catch the guy talking to himself! Hilarious xD Great video as always, cannot wait for the interview :D. On a side note, OH MAY GAWD Simon I feel your pain for Downton Abbey..My heart was broken half way through season 3 and I just wanted to give up watching. Then things got better for the season finale….then my heart was crushed again in the Christmas special! OTL WHY Downton Abbey WHYY!!

  47. My evilishlicious revenge would be to arrive just a bit earlier from usual to work and switch all their timecards from their place and just watch my coworkers go through all the “time card holder thingy” in a hurry finding theirs just to punch in. Maybe it would only last a couple of minutes but gee bet it would be fun. Muahahahahahaha YT user: Chinicuilencomal

  48. It’s too long for a youtube comment D:
    My youtube username: Hina5hinyGods

    My plan:

    I’d get them an ice cream, the most delicious ice creams, with little tiny round pieces of what might look and taste like chocolate pralines, but in reality are sleeping pills covered in chocolate.
    Then, when they will be sleeping, I’d carry them all in the clown’s car with the help of the evil little girl.
    Once they are all inside, I’d drive the car to a small warehouse, that I’d have previously prepared.
    Sound proofed walls, reinforced door, a ceiling high enough they could not reach it, where big speakers and high frequency lamps would be positioned. On the floor some tiny holes would have been made and on the ceiling there would be a few bigger ones.
    Then the psicology torture would begin and it’d go on till they don’t even know who they are. If it takes too long, food and water will be given to them from the ceiling holes.
    When this step will be finished, the brain washing process would begin and they would become my loyal servants for the rest of their lifes.


  49. my revenge would simply be death by ninja duck.

  50. I would have my employers participate in The Marshmallow Test. I put a marshmallow in front of them and tell them that I will leave the room and they can eat the delicious marshmallow now or if they wait to eat it until I come back I will give them another delicious marshmallow. Yes, that’s TWO DELICIOUS MARSHMALLOWS!

    Clearly the cruelest punishment. See this link:


    Of course both delicious marshmallows are laced with laxatives. The door is locked.

    youtube username: li lana

  51. To exact revenge I would give them Taco Bell filled with beef that was raised on an organic farm where they ate laxative. With shredded cheese, or is it?? NO it’s laxative that LOOKs like cheese!! Wrapped in a paper that is laced with laxative, tied with a ribbon that is covered in laxative. Made by Simon, who is wearing his gloves covered in fast acting laxative. With a laxative soda and a laxative ice cream for desert. Result = EPIC DIARRHEA.

  52. LOL… Just saw through Simon’s hat :) or its one of those see through hats

  53. I don’t understand. K Will and Dasung look so much alike and he (Dasung) said on Strong Heart that YG scouted him because he’s so good looking. Honestly when I first found Kpop I thought K Will, Dasung, and D-lite were triplets XD.

  54. He he!! love this KMM, ICE CREAM!!! Speaking of which, the presence of ice cream suggests that Myungsoo could have enlisted the power of Hyuna in her ice cream van of nastiness to; ice cream, ice cream melt all of them (yes even that girl) like ice cream and then *pop* them with a spray of nasty, nasty cream, don’t give her that blankety stare! Revenge is meant to be sweet after all…..Myungsoo may have to shield his eyes so he is not stuck in that ice cream melting time warp that he did in the video (ditto K Will). If Simon somehow got involved in those shenanigans (possibly in hot pants) the evil coworkers would be traumatised fo sho and revenge would be complete MWAHAHAHA! XD

    Youtube username: caro4381

  55. My plan of revenge B-)

    Plan A: put a camera beside and set some traps to let them fall into. and all of these have been recorded by a camera XD then put it on youtube. the whole world could see it.
    Plan B: bring them to a room and playing love blossom for hundred times, they must be brain washed yayyy :DDD
    youtube name: lu0513hly

  56. Your blatant use of Eddie Murphy’s ice cream bit makes me a little sad. :|

  57. Ha!! My family loved this KMM. They also loved the MV, which is very unusual.
    My parents both giggled/snorted at the sight of the wig falling off (EPIC MOMENT right there xD)
    When you talked about 6 people coming out of one car, my mom went, “OMG you’re right!” xD She even laughed in the bloopers, when Martina did the laxative dance. My mom. My ice cold mom who never smiles. You must be doing something right o_O

    What is it with adorable squinty-eyed guys being ‘ugly’? I never knew that was why he never appeared. I just thought he….dunno….didn’t like acting….or something. But he seemed to really enjoy his cameo here. So yeah, hope we see more of him!! Viva K.Will!!

  58. That Downton Abbey reference in the bloopers…. I’m also not happy with season 3!! Also my revenge: somehow get dog poo stuck to their clothing, so that it follows them around and they can’t get rid of it!

  59. The lion king clip represent fandom so good.

  60. My new favorite song from K.Will! The music video is hilarious, he should really be in his videos.

    Has for I would take down my ennemy bosses : I will breed a Magyar Dragonand will use by beloved dragon to kill all of my ennemies and conquor the world mouahahahahahahahahahaha

  61. You guise don’t even know what you’re doing to me, I was flailing about all day yesterday about the uBeat sub-unit! I literally (yes, indeed not figuratively) rolled on the floor ’cause I couldn’t contain my excitement. :D And I thought I could calm down a bit for today, but NO! I saw the image on your laptop and here we go again… >w<

  62. No matter how silly it may be I can only think of getting my revenge with Kiseop’s man hands. Like seriously imagine how awesome that would be :D You just contact him and hire him or kidnap him whatever floats your boat and let the madness begin mwahahahahaa >:D

    “Oh, I wanna ride that” uses man hands to destroy it, miserable amusement park day check √

    “That looks so yummy” Crushes it until it looks like gerber, no one likes gerber, Keep them starving check √

    An so for until their career is ruined and enough psychological damage is inflicted or Kiseop runs away xD

    YT: luisanayeli1992

  63. See, now I’m all kinds of curious exactly what the theme would be to get a showdown between “That XX” and “Balloons”… Ideas? Anyone?

  64. As revenge I would let my American Akita dog run them over and then lick them until they were sorry :)

  65. my revenge: feed them evil ice-cream that is poisoned and let them die while i stand next to them and laughing my evil laugh.

  66. I would make them watch Replay by SHINee on replay until they couldn’t hear the words noona or replay without having a mental breakdown. Hopefully none of them have older sisters.xD

    My Youtube username is PictureMeBroken121

  67. The video was awesome! I loved it!!
    If I had bosses like that I would lure them(still had’t figured out how) to dress in suits of big animals or like dices ank make them dance around in front of every one on the nursery song “I’m a little teapot…” and laught my heart out!!!or mabye make a video and upload it on You Tube ;bbb(to make them do that i will trick them somehow???!!!)

  68. kawaii_candie

    am i the only one who thinks that the crazy ride he traps his coworkers in is crazy dangerous?! there are no seatbelts or anything to hold you down!! people could die!

    nice KMM guise. i dunno why K.Will thinks he’s not hot enough… he seems pretty attractive to me!

  69. I actually worked in an amusement park and i knew how to operate all the rides and how to make people s**t themselves in them so i would have probably used that knowledge to make them ride all the rides and make them puke their guts out and scare them so much that they would s**t their pants and have nightmares about amusement parks their hole life and would have probably left them hanging on the top of one of those towers they show at the beginning of the video >:D
    of course i would have tided them up first and forced them on all of the rides because they would not go willingly >:D
    (insert evil laugh here; flies away)

  70. YT usename: yijern

    I’d put whoopie cushions that are disguised on their seats and secretly film them ‘farting’ and post it on YouTube with the title “Fantastic Aromatic Rhythm & Tone”. Then it’ll become a viral video and they’ll be forever embarrassed!! Embarrassment is always superior to death. XD

  71. Noticed that K.Will got a shout out from Gackt about “Love Blossom”. I guess they’ve been buddies for a few years now. I can’t even tell you how happy that makes me. Love both of them and it’s nice that a Japanese music veteran is giving K. Will some much deserved props.

  72. Revenge…revenge… I’m partial to the whole “punch first, ask questions later” method myself, but if I was Myungsoo (who is probably not as violent as I am), I’d do something more sneaky… But it would be too long a plan to put in a video.

    First; drop their bags and leave them on the ground.
    Second; drive away in their car.
    Third; File a report on that guy that nutpunched him.
    Fourth; Ah, this is a good place for those laxatives you mentioned. Go back to the office and fill the water supply with clear laxatives.
    Fifth; fill toilets with various objects to render them useless.
    Sixth; lock bathrooms (five is a “just in case” measure, in case they manage to get into the bathroom).

    Seventh; go to a better amusement park. Find pretty girl (since I am Myungsoo in this scenario). Have a good day with pretty girl.

    Yeah, kind of long, but hey, it would do.
    youtube username: breakingmyheart43 (as if I wouldn’t be subscribed to you guise. You’re way too amazing not to be)

  73. The video is an inspiration for a TL:DR question: why do Korean amusement parks have rides without restraints and harnesses? Not only that, but rides that do not have “dead man” switches that require a living operator to hold down a lever for the ride to work? I expect this Amusement park is to be sued out of existence!

    Does the park not have security cams so they can haul “L” off to jail once they find K-Will killed?

    Did anyone tell SISTAR’s Dasom that she was dating a cold blooded killer? Would she care? I mean, he’s an idol and all…

    CONTEST ENTRY: After the bosses crowd back into the clown car, toss in a couple of stink bombs and smoke bombs then close and lock the door. Stand there with the keys and keep pressing the lock button until they all expire of asphyxiation while cute and bouncy music plays and flower petals fall from the sky and Unicorns copulate on the grass.

    Youtube handle mguice or Merrill Guice I disremember which.

  74. Vote: the K. Will version of that pretty boy (sorry I don’t really follow infinite x) )

    Evil revenge: i would lock all of them in a room together. The room would be filled with beautiful roses. The roses would cover both the floor and the walls. They would also have extremely spiky thorns that I would have treated with a posion that would lead to a very slow and painful death within three days. (A very important sideeffect of the posion is explosiva diarrhea). Then after the first person has died I will tell the others that I will let the last two out when the others are dead, leading to them turning on eachother. Then when there are just two left standing I will tell them that, sorry only one can live. Hunger games style! Then I will provide them with one slightest sharpened wooden stick and let them fight it out. Joker style! And then…. I might let the last one go. After I cut his tongue out of course. Or I might just kill him through making a rat eat it’s way into his belly. Game of Thrones style!

    Youtube: MrsKaulitz97

  75. two words: Hot Pockets!

    First I would send them off for massages. BUT not just any massages. Massages done by the prickly balls of doom shown in WTF. I would have them massaged till even their butts were chaffed. And after the rigorous chaffin, they’d find out they were coated in laxatives that sink into the skin. Upon running to the toilet, they’d accidently sit down on a prickly massage ball covered toilet seat. Covered in super glue. Their poor chaffed butts would be glued into pure evil. And they’d still have diarrhea.
    The end. :D ThatWasianGirl

  77. Oh Myungsoo, your acting never fails to amuse me.

  78. So, video showdown: though I really like the 60 Seconds MV, Love Blossom’s MV is even better — because of the humor.

  79. thisisjustforfunval

    Exacting revenge:

    Step 1: Fill all their bags with demonic ice cream
    Step 2: Feed them laxative tainted cotton candy
    Step 3: Push them all into a ferris wheel car. If they can all fit in one automobile that can all fit in that tiny ferris wheel car.
    Step 4: At last moment shove in forever alone guy and lock the door.
    Step 5: Quickly turn on ferris wheel, stop it once the car reaches the top and abandon them there. Oh the messy, stinky, psychotic chaos that will ensue.

    Youtube name: thisisjustforfunval

  80. K.Will is considered unattractive? Oh my D: my mind is blown. He is such a freaking cutie pie!

  81. well, the lonesome forever alone intern killed the guy that was taking care of the ride, so that the people on it would be on there for eternity and eventually die. lol no, but they would be on the ride 4 a long time and maybe barf. sweet revenge, see?

  82. wow, the guy killed the the person in charge of the spinny thing. that part was sooooo legal.
    ( no it wasn’t )

  83. If I had unlimited money and time, I would turn the
    amusement park into a wipeout like scenario, where they would have to run
    though a gruesome course that would obviously include a spinning devise, seeing
    how good they are at spinning devises. Then I would have a machine that would chuck
    handbags (the same one that L had to carry). Last but not finally I would make
    little kids humiliate them with paint and forcing them to take public
    transportation home.

    I just want to say how much K.Will. He is one of the best artists
    out there. I absolutely fell in love with so many of his songs, including many
    of his OST.

    His voice just makes you melt. You are Love – from Arang and
    the Magistrate is just beautiful and makes me emotional every time. Fighting

    P.S I don’t think you look like Daesung

  84. IDK about you guys but I was expecting Martina to push that Ice cream into Simon Face. I was cheering do it , do it , do it!

  85. I love that you pointed out the “forever alone” guy. I had a good laugh watching him have an intense conversation with himself

  86. If I was Myungsoo, I would have a story to tell you. And even though I might have to kill you afterwards, it still has to be told.

    You pity that the carnie had to die and you ask for different scenarios to prevent his demise, but the bottom line is that his end could not be avoided.

    The only reason that I was there was to kill him. It was my job as an assassin.

    In truth, the real reason that K.Will has not appeared in any of his other music videos stems from the fact that he is (was) in hiding. So when he finally slipped up and made an appearance in one of his videos, I was waiting.

    I cared not as to what actually happened to my former employers as they spiraled to their doom. Well, maybe a little. They had treated me very poorly, so revenge was a little sweet.

    Or maybe it was just the ice cream.

    (YouTube: roseandradio)

  87. I think K.Will should be in his music videos too! As for how to get back at evil co-workers, nothing beats laxatives to be honest. But to have something different, I’d give them chips and fake guacamole aka wasabi :) youtube name: timbiriki007

  88. I just have one question. Where in the heck did the gun with the silencer come from?!!!!!!! I thought it was really funny how all of the jerky co-workers got trapped on the ride. I would have left them trapped on a rollercoaster with lots of loops! I would have made sure that they rode it on an endless cycle! Yes, I know I’m evil. I can’t help it. They would have deserved it! My YouTube name is: cocoaasianhoney

  89. I find K will very attractive he should definitely appear in his own videos. His voice is beautiful too. I think the world has too narrow view on beauty and looks. Martina I love your hair in this video. I’d like to see it all pink, I think it would look great.

  90. i’d make them sit in an SM music video room while a loop of *whisper* JYP and GD’s voice “Ayyy Yo Finally” plays on repeat until their ears bleed. Then I’d play 4 minutes Milkshake cover to finish them off!!! hahah I love you KWILLL!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. I just want to say that I freaking think K.Will is seriously hot! an he reminds me of Daesung and I love him so much. I would watch an hour long video of just K.Will..!!!!

    • He reminds me of Daesung a little too. They are both super hot.

      • Hahah, actually both K.Will and Daesung have acknowledged the fact that they look alike. Except Daesung pointed out that K.Will has double eyelids and he doesn’t. It is actually really freaky when they are sitting next to each other how they look alike.

        • It blows my mind how he could think he isn’t good looking enough to be in his own videos. I like seeing imperfections in a man and he really has very little but it adds character. This
          is world is just too fixated on looks. When someone as handsome as KWill is made to feel unattractive. If he doesn’t fit some industry standard then maybe the industry needs to change.

  92. My revenge:
    Convince them that to complete a merger with another company they have to dress up in chicken/drum sticks outfits and hold signs advertising the company while handing out free chicken wings. Drop them off in front of SM as SHINee are leaving so Onew sees them and the rest is history XD That or get them to call Sungjong girly or tell Sunggyu that he has small eyes and see what happens…although the end result would probably not be pretty

    P.S: I see your computer background. uBEAT yes?^^

  93. Switch the coffee for decaff and when everyone is getting used to it switch it back..
    later, when everyone is twitchy and suffering from caffeine overdose start moving things around the office. Start with little stuff like staplers and clips and gradually misplace more important things like keys. bonus points If you appear as K.Will. or an evil clown and convince everyone they are having a collective hallucination (panic is contagious) this way the will start doubting their sanity and become craycray over time while you are being promoted because your seniors seem overstressed lately (insert ridiculous evil laughter here)

    youtube name:mendezchan

  94. Am I the only who thinks that the beginning and background piano part of Love Blossom sounds like Sixpence None the Richer’s Kiss Me?

  95. My Reaction to your KMM (which is Your Reaction/Responses to Kpop MV):

    I feel like my MV experience would be so much richer if I watched at 10 frames per second. Random Forever Alone Guy was hilarious!!!

    OMG i’m laughing so hard at the Myungsoo’s fans scene. Was the VO Seungri Time for Kisses? Oh wait, I just saw the floating
    heads :p (If we’re talking hordes of angry fans, another scene that would’ve worked would be that last epic rush scene by Eomer’s soldiers led by Gandalf in The Two Towers /endgeekism)

    Simon, I REACTED THE SAME WAY TO THE ICE CREAM! No SANE person would give up their ice cream. I was convinced that little girl was farting out ice cream and handing it to strangers, and poor Dasom was one of her unfortunate victims.

    Yeah, I was flabbergasted to find out K Will isn’t in his videos due to company @sshattery about his looks. WTH? Ouchie. I think he is VERY good-looking and talented (that smile, hee). Granted, I’ve only seen “Please Don’t” and this video, but it’s his freaking music, he’s going to perform it live anyway, so he better d@mn well be in his videos.

    On your blooper reel: I could seriously watch 10 minutes of Spudgy swatting Meemers. No joke. Just like I could watch 10 minutes of your cat play with running water.

    For your giveaway question, here’s my murder plan: Don’t even let the evil employers exit the clown car. See, we never see the driver of the car, right? So Myungsoo enlists the help of the Snuggly One. He drives them and blows past the amusement park at high speed, then at the appropriate cool moment, both of them throw open their doors and throw themselves out of the car and leave evil employers speeding to their deaths. No worries on their safety, they will land in the arms of their fans. Meanwhile, car is still speeding, and the Snuggly One does his hocus-pocus/magic mojo/presses a button and the car does The Chaser Gagjillion Spins (now imagine the amount of vomit in THAT scenario) before the Final Killing Crash, while Myungsoo and the Snuggly One eat their ice cream. Quicker (debatable), more entertaining, and most importantly, K Will the Carnie is spared. YT name: Alexis Aragona

  96. KWill always has a really nice MV to complement his amazing voice. My favorite one is ‘Miss, miss, miss’. Although the plot is so sad but it really touches my heart. But may be it’s a bias opinion because there’s my fav actor in that MV: Lee Chun Hee :)

    Btw about the petal farting, I think it’s because they mentioned about ‘petal likes popcorn’ (I don’t even know how petal likes popcorn, but that’s how they

  97. my evil revenge would be to make them sing milkshake by kelis and put it up on youtube forever muhahahaha :D
    youtube: Rosenquartz1

  98. I would exact my revenge by placing a hamburger on a table, and when a person nears it rope would catch the ankle and he would be dangling by the air. Then I would throw the hamburger in his face, grinding my sexy butt at their screams and eating ice cream.as they suffered

  99. My way to get revenge on horrible co-workers at an amusement park would be:

    1. Make sure I bring/have all the right equipment and props with me.

    2. Make sure they were comfortable, thinking that nothing bad would happened.

    3. Have fun with them, making them think even though they treat me bad, I had nothing against them.

    4. Offer to buy them snacks, than smirk evilly as I give it to them.

    5. After when they have finished, I pull out an empty syringe than telling them that I’ve poisoned them. Watching their scared face as I tell them that it would be a long, slow death. Than I would watch them freak out as I tell them of the side effects.

    “First, you legs will become paralyzed, un-allowing you to walk or move. Than, the rest of your body will slowly become paralyzed as well. You will now be able to move again but you will have trouble breathing through your lungs. Your eyes will become watery, like it’s filled with smoke or like you ate something really spicy. You regain your breath, but your body will go through sudden body flashes. First you’ll be burning hot, than you’ll be freezing cold. You will think that have a bright light flashing in front of your face, than, you’ll be out cold, dead on the ground.”

    6. Watch them believe that they are actually having/going through those side effects and take pictures of them while I laugh my head off.

    7. Post up the pictures as black mail, than later, laughed at them some more after when they figured out that they have just been trolled. Celebrate by eating as much icecream I could handle.

    BEST…………… REVENGE……………………. EVER♥. >:)

  100. kaward

    awesome music Monday all i could think of was the the Eddie Murphy skit on ice cream


  101. For revenge, when they all piled their briefcases on me, I would sneak away and hide the briefcases all around the park so that they would have to go on a scavenger hunt to find them!

  102. I will Call EXO-m Tao and tell him to use his wushu stick and wushu their a$$ (sorry about that). I will also call Suho to drown them to death and xiumin to freeze them and after that i’ll call chanyeol and kris to burn them so there wouldn’t be no trace of them XD
    I’m a brutal person sorry about that.. BECAUSE YOU DON’T DO THAT TO MYUNGSOO XPPP

  103. ERMAGERD! I have that same ice cream toy for my dogs!

  104. The whole spinning bumpy ride thing really isn’t my thing but I wouldn’t keep it at the same speed … I’d spin it faster >:-) and hose it down a bit to make it harder for them to get a grip on. I’m starting to pick up a repeated laxative trend here, along with taco bell, but you forgot the brownies with Laxative :’(, you can never go wrong with those bhahaha. As for the conductor of the ride, is it so hard to carry a small bottle of chloroform and a handkerchief? Yes, killing him was a bit too much, he wasn’t even part of the corporate group (the little girl secretly gave him the ice cream and transported him to a parallel messed up world almost like Silent Hill where she came from and then he came back to the real world with the 9mm gun with the silencer… I’m just saying, a flashlight really wouldn’t be very effective in this case )

    The ‘Forever Alone’ Guy probably had an imaginary girlfriend like in U-kiss 0330 :)

    My revenge would be … TACO BELL FOR EVERYBODY!!!!! Nah, I’m joking, I would just call in absent and leave the schedule to the substitute assistant when it’s a major corporal meeting with a small note as to where the goodies they will munch on during the meeting will be at. And have them all snack on the goodies like cookies and brownies with moon pies, have them enjoy some water and orange juice which have all been laced with laxatives ♥ Yay Laxatives! ♥ That way, they would all have to take a day or two off once it’s all out of their system, the best part being that they’ll never know it was me since the note will not have a signature~ ♥tee-hee♥

    Oh Laxatives, virtually undetectable in every meal ;)

    Youtube name : abtc16

  105. Ahmm If I was Myungsoo I would totally give them a hard time. I will
    throw their stuffs away and put them in the trash since they treat me
    like trash. I will also take pictures of them getting dizzy by that ride
    and looking like idiots trying to hold on to those bars and post them
    on facebook and if we have meeting on our company I will post it as
    powerpoint presentation and act like i didn’t do it on purpose .. that
    what i would do XD..

  106. Ely May

    The best way to get my revenge would be to drown them in a sea of ​​petals! It’s that simple, yet awful! Muwahahahahahaaaaa! :D

    Youtube name: violincover

  107. I laughed so hard at the “no one touches Myungsoo oppa” part :’D and also I really liked Spudgy singing at the end <3

  108. To get my revenge I would make them a chocolate pie with a nice dollop of whipped cream on top, only I would add an extra ingredient that is also brown (Poo!) I would watch them eat it and then let know what the secret ingredient was after they finished. Muwahahaha! I admit that I got this idea from the movie ‘The Help’. That scene was so funny!

    Youtube name: JennaLaw24

    Side note: I totally agree with you guys about season 3 of Downton Abbey! I was so ANGRY!!!! What is with killing off all the lovable characters?!

  109. umm Martina’s Bilasa shirt got turned backward. Awkward.

  110. My revenge:

    Take them all to the fortune telling room at the amusement park, but oh wait, they realize that there’s no one nor windows in the fortune telling room, aside from A FAN. But they realize this too late because the door is then closed and locked. Then the fan turns on and starts blowing. But of course, what’s in the air is laxative powder that’s being blown towards them. Mua ha ha.

    Youtube: animehamster

  111. Love this KMM, and I agree with so much of it :) and you guys pointed out more funny points about the video that I missed
    As for my revenge plan… hair removal cream on any headgear they wear… >:)

  112. I’d send them on one of those cruise ships that keep getting stranded in the ocean and losing power!! Sweet revenge!!!!
    And in my opinion K.Will is super handsome and when he’s dancing around, so cute!

  113. No one bitching about this MM? *gasp* XD

  114. My revenge plan!!!

    step 1) Buy balloons

    step 2 ) Get cutie animal costumes

    step 3) Choreograph embarrassing cute dance

    step 4) Compose equally embarrassing cute song

    step 5) Give them a name that is too long, then only call them by the fist letters of that name combined

    step 6) Make a music video and put it on the internet FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE!!!

    step 7) Sit in a spinning chair, in a poorly lit room watching my revenge masterpiece, while stroking the fur of a soft kitten, laughing sinisterly

  115. maybe the park was only open for singles? there’s single nights in clubs, why not in amusement parks?
    i’d actually go there, even tho i’m happily forever alone xD
    i don’t know how i’d get revenge, probably get them drunk and dress in drag. and film it. and put it on the company homepage.

    (that’s really lame tho. like…really)

  116. I would make them wear turtlenecks then lock them in a room with Martina – purplynerd (mah youtube account)

  117. Oh did I see Kevin, Eli and AJ on the back? :D

  118. The perfect employee revenge: Feed them false, happy info about Downton Abbey Season 3, then make them watch in one sitting.

  119. lock ‘em in a room and blast Justin Bieber and 4minute’s Milkshake for a couple hours…days….millenium.

  120. I would give them all an address to an abandoned building where they would open a door that read free lunch (come on who would pass up a free meal) where they would fall into a PIT OF DEATH!!!! that had that lava from mario, spikes, and all of the things that deathly terrifies them.

  121. OMG Maybe next time I will go to Disneyland alone and someone as adorable as Myungsoo will piggy back me into the sunset while eating ice cream >:O

  122. Jerky co-workers? Revenge plan?

    Step 1: Buy them lunch, you know “make ‘em feel good.”

    2: The Junsu…Intoxication time! Have Junsu get them drunk so they are
    unaware that I have left them in the hands of three assassins.

    Step 3: SOY. UN. freaking DORITO. Have Taemin use his deadly dorito ninja skills to mess them up a little bit.

    Step 4: B.A.P Power Gas (fart and spray, fart and spray), they’re going to be singing “I can’t take my breath breath breath”

    Step 5: JOKWON…that’s it…JoKwon and it’s over

    Step 6: Victory dance and Ice Cream, Revenge is a dish best served cold ;)

    youtube: simonezhane

  123. Come on Who’s dont wanna kill your boss? This video makes sense!!!

  124. If I was Myungsoo…mmmmm~ sexy~ *nasty thoughts*


    First, the flirty CEO/boss. Women are easy to woo. I went along with her flirting like a shy boy and turned into a bad boy at the last minute. You’ll find her in the Ferris Wheel throwing up. The man in glasses will be there with a bruise on his face, but I assure you that I was not the cause of it…(THE CRAY LAYDEH DID IT!) Well not directly at least. That leaves the four men, right? Well, let’s just say one will forever have severe attachment to mirrors and makeup -he’s in the mirror-mirage room. The rest might still be laughing their asses off in the … I think I overdid it with the tear-bomb/laughing-gas mix I was working on. No fatal injuries were ensued.

    But~ If this was just me taking revenge on someone, I’d kindly ask to borrow Lee Joon’s Sniper and shoot them all dead on, then live the life of a fugitive… Sexy Secret Agent *X*
    And in real life, I’m too ‘softhearted’ to actually hold a grudge on anyone other than my parents for too long [~''^__^]~

  125. Hey, i knoe wat u can do! Use that little girl’s cursed ice cream, stuff the tabasco jelly beans in the ice cream and give em to ur co-workers hehe, who needs laxatives! =D but wait… that would mean you’d have to give 5 more ice-creams to other co-workers… but hey isn’t that what the cursed ice-cream is for? it rejuvenates itself to a new ice-cream, so yeah u kill bazillion birds with 1 stone~~~~ sowwy guise, i’m pretty high on caffiene right now and im blubbering non-sense =p

    youtube: janjan38221340

  126. I would take their Apple products (Not the food altough……) and replace them with HP laptops, and make them listen to Minomino mo *shivers* over and over again until they go insane “I LOST MY SANITY! INSERT KOREAN WORDS! GET IN SLOW MOTION!!!” Teehee…I lost mine along time ago so I would be fine. But other people will go insane. Back to my torture plan…uh I mean revenge plan. LOOK A BUTTERFLY! GO SIMON IT IS RANCH! Anyways I would make them dance non-stop and sing non-stop, free slaves 4 lyf. And read to me. Literature 4 lyf. If it was you guys, I would just make Martina’s peppermint candy laced with chloroform (Always works…don’t ask) and the same for Simon but for Ranch or lace Cool Ranch Doritos with Chloroform or do the same thing but with Reese Peanut Butter Cups. Oh the possibilities…..me and my friend talk about this all the time……I mean FREE RANCH FOR ANYONE NAMED SIMON!!!! GO SIMON, GO!!!! MARTINA STOP HIM!!!! Now where do they keep the Doritos…..

  127. Jerky co-workers? Revenge plan?

    Step 1: Buy them lunch, you know “make ‘em feel good.”

    2: The Junsu…Intoxication time! Have Junsu get them drunk so they are
    unaware that I have left them in the hands of three assassins.

    Step 3: SOY. UN. freaking DORITO. Have Taemin use his deadly dorito ninja skills to mess them up a little bit.

    Step 4: B.A.P Power Gas (fart and spray, fart and spray), they’re going to be singing “I can’t take my breath breath breath”

    Step 5: JOKWON…that’s it…JoKwon and it’s over

    Step 6: Victory dance and Ice Cream, Revenge is a dish best served cold ;)

    youtube: simonezhane

  128. yanagiba yusuke22

    S&M…. i saw u so disappointment w/ KMM last week…it shows that ppl want to watch ur vid so bad but they want some vid that they think more fun (& nastiest mayb…)… mayb some ppl dont like the symbolism mv like lee hi’s 1….so that they so disapointed too with the review…the criticism shows how ppl care abt wat u upload…not destroy u….. s&m fighting

  129. Hmm I would change all their profile pics to pink unicorns using their phones. Back at the office, I would take a picture of their desktop and set it as background, put all files into one folder, and then watch the frustration as they try to click on the icons and nothing happens. Always covering my tracks, of course, they will never find out it was me.
    YT: facebren

  130. I don’t have jerky co-workers but I do have a jerky brother. And there’s one thing he hates more than anything in this world. Man Man Ha Ni by U-Kiss…so I figure I’ll just drop him in a pit, shut the lid made of 100 hundred speakers and just replay that one song over and over again.

    youtube: aslipofthelip

  131. What I would do to get revenge is first drug my employers, bring them to a dark warehouse, tie them to chairs (extremely uncomfortable chairs), and make them watch the most boring TV show in the history of TV shows. Then they’ll start begging to be let go and fed while I eat fried chicken in front of them :D
    My youtube username: kanamelover226 (yeah, not the best but I made it when I was into Vampire Knight)

  132. I would just use that little cute girl that gave Dasom the ice cream to give K.Will and ice cream with DIARRHEA.

    Youtube is MermaidPrincess16

  133. Actually sad story to tell about evil bosses…my bro had to take a case on abusive employers where a guy got fired after after his boss pulled a knife on him to force him to operate a machine he deemed unsafe (among other insane actions)…and the boss who yanked out the knife was not only not fired but promoted later….evil bosses need to be smited by Myungsoo.

  134. I would put them on a one way boat to North Korea! :-)

  135. 2 steps… laxant in food/drink… lock them all up in 1 bathroom… >:) just imagine what 6 people (about to shit themselves) and just 1 toilet could do… it would be hilarious (specially when they go out) XD

    Youtube: Rian Ma

  136. I nearly died during “no one touches Myoungsoo oppa!”…

    I must take a break and drink some cold water because I literally can’t breathe.

    I got a cough attack from laughter :)

  137. Being the Queen of Forever Alone-ness, I have been to amusement parks on my own. Loved Meemers’ Meemer-bombing Spudgy’s segment.:)

  138. I’d leave all the employees locked in the backseat of the car and leave them in the sun to roast. Yes.

  139. This is a well timed plan: Well first…I would take them to have lunch (and put laxants on their meals) then after lunch we would go to a cable car (like Namsan Cable Car) just before the laxants take efect. I let them ride it but make an excuse like diarrhea xD for me not to ride (you know…cause it will stink in there). Then I wait (while eating several ice creams XD) until they come back…hopefully dirty (if you know what I mean).

    Youtube: Rian Ma

  140. I would give them tabasco jellybeans and play 4minute ‘Milkshake’ *muahahahahahaha*
    youtube: Justyna Krasnodębska

  141. Ice cream Ice cream

    I’ll melt you down like Ice cream

    Ice cream Ice cream

    I’ll melt you down like Ice cream

    for revenge i would take all their money, feed them Vegemite, and trap them in the giant test tube filled with water like what miss a did .

    user name: ixxcreamy

  142. Heyhey, If I were Myungsoo I would make a video of me being maltreated by those guise, then send it to my fans and tell them that the person who can come up with the most horrible revenge can go on a date with me.

    Why try to do it on your own when you have the strength of thousands? (^.^)
    Thanks for the entertainment, you just made my evening good again

  143. i will let them spin and spin till they vomit put them as my slaves ( like tell them to do the little horsy)

  144. I would slowly and surely feed them with splinters from that doghouse until there was no more of it (The doghouse) left and all their insides would be all prickly and sore. Then I would make them laugh so that they would die in pain, but also in happiness. Sweet, sweet pain that was bought by that very happiness. Bwahahahaha. My youtube is: Chikorita2Chante

  145. girl with ice cream = girl from ‘don’t hate me’? D:

  146. So I would totally keep driving around in that clown car, saying “We are almost there!” I mean seriously did you see their faces as they got of the car. Besides Who pays attention to signs, the discomfort of being crammed into that car would be my revenge.

    Youtube: FreesiaDear

  147. 60 seconds

  148. Answer:
    Step 1: Eat ice cream in front of them.
    Step 2: Melt the rest of the ice cream at the park, while snickering mockingly.
    Step 3: Watch their world burn.
    Step 4: Feel happiness and other feels.

    Everyone wants ice cream when there is none… True fact.

    Youtube: safiercherismew

    First I would send them off for massages. BUT not just any massages. Massages done by the prickly balls of doom shown in WTF. I would have them massaged till even their butts were chaffed. And after the rigorous chaffin, they’d find out they were coated in laxatives that sink into the skin. Upon running to the toilet, they’d accidently sit down on a prickly massage ball covered toilet seat. Covered in super glue. Their poor chaffed butts would be glued into pure evil. And they’d still have diarrhea.
    The end. :D ThatWasianGirl

  150. PunkyPrincess92

    at my age i get a bit too way excited when i buy ice cream…..i’m like Simon just a little more mature….and by that i just mean i don’t tease anyone and i just jump up and down spazzing out i have ice cream in my hands….
    bwahahahahhaha Simon’s ‘exotic’ face in the Lion King scene!!!

    seriously though!! poor Kwill!! he didn’t deserve to be shot by Myungsoo!!! he didn’t do anything!!!
    and where did he even get the gun from?? had he already planned this out?
    well it’s a terrible plan!!!

  151. =/ K.Will, not handsome? Really? Sheesh. How high are those people’s standards? XD

    As for revenge… Since it’s an amusement park, I’d trap them in a haunted house that has no exit, and slowly pick them off one by one in a variety of different ways, and then put the bodies on display for the ones remaining. The bastard who punched Myungsoo would be last, and forced to see everyone before he’s mercilessly killed.

    …Gawd, I hope no one takes that idea and uses it on me… XD

    My YT user is ReaKinata, but I’m also gonna post this on YT (just a JIC measure!).

  152. Yes, Simon, you are so right. We are with you that K.Will should totally appear more in his own MVs. In my opinion he is super handsome, btw. ^^
    Oddly enough I did notice the guy talking to his invisible friend but I wasn’t suspicious that so many persons got out of this car xD That’s one of the thinks I love about your KMMs, that you point out such funny things that I didn’t notice :)

  153. If I were Myungsoo, I would rent an island with a volcano for a week. I would then set up a device to fill it up with melted marshmallows to explode on cue. Then, I would treat the workers to a business trip/vacation there. Next, the volcano would explode and marshmallows would coat their bodies. I would then sprinkle several, multi-colored sprinkles on them. I would then order a frosty lemonade, and drink it while the marshmallow hardens. When it hardens, I will promptly leave the island.

  154. Why isn’t dead by ice cream the perfect choice? I mean what revenge could possible be sweeter? :P
    On a more serious note though, I would probably choose to get them on a roller coaster and break the controls at the right time getting them stuck head down in the loop kkkkk First karate-chop the roller-coaster-control-guy (much cleaner and efficient than diarrhea guys) and then karate-chop the control board and you are then free to enjoy your 4 ice creams ;)
    Youtube name: MissVendorf

  155. thisisjustforfunval

    Man I need to get back to working, but I seriously foresee some innuendo reference in the future with that uBeat imagine on your monitor. I must focus on work but I’m laughing from K.Wills video, your review and uBeat thoughts. Focus, focus.

  156. ☆pallavi☆

    Omf dat lion king clip xDDD (and I vote for K. Will’s video^^)

  157. LOVED THE VIDEO AND THE REVIEW. I think I would have exacted my revenge by having the cute (but evil) little girl go around giving all my seniors laxative laced ice creams just before putting them on the never ending roller coaster and then I would pay the lonely person who has been following me all over the place to create a distraction while I kidnapped K.Will and ran off with him and Dasom (in the conveniently parked clown car) to a remote location where I would force him to put on a private concert for me and my new girlfriend. Oh, and my youtube name is just my name… Love you guise!

  158. I would feed them our national candy salmiakki so they can taste THE PAIN!!!


    greetings from Finland

  159. I would send them into the haunted house at the amusement park (however strange the amusement park might be, it must have an haunted house right?) and then let the child-ghost finish them. After that I’d just find ice-cream eating Myungsoo and jump off into the sunset together with him…

  160. I can see uBEAT in the background! About the MV, it remainded me of that “Auto-sardina” (“sardine-car”?) promo here in Mexico, where they charged one price for all the people (no matter how many) that could fit in a car (like sardines in a can). Great review guys, and I can’t wait for K.Will’s interview!

  161. This song and video just makes me all tingly inside with a springy feel in the air…….ahh just breathe in those allergies!

  162. I didn’t even notice that forever alone guy when I first watched the video but now I can’t unsee him.. he’s kinda creepy !! O.O

    If I wanted to get revenge on my mean employers I would lure them into a room ( probably with free food or something like that), then I would lock them in their and let them listen to Rebecca Black’s Friday or Hyuna’s version of Gangnam Style (or any other terrible song that I can’t think of right now) until they go mad. MUHUHAHAHaha.. (that’s my evil laugh)
    (youtube: MissKittyPims)

  163. To implement my revenge I would knock them out with my fart gas gun, then put them inside a box. Then put that box inside of another box, then mail it to myself and SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!
    youtube username: Valeska Silva

  164. I will give the coworker relaxants before they get on the ride . They will all need to go the restroom at the middle of the ride. :)

    not need to kill the guy that control the game just distract him and let the coworkers fall in each other diarrhea . I am subscribe as lionloverme

  165. Awesome part is that I was eating Taco Bell while watching this video

  166. haha Lunafly is on the laptop :P

  167. Martina! i have those glasses! …and I’ve been wearing them today! AWSOMEEE! :D
    Btw Simon! I saw someone wearing the Chicago F***s hat where I live!…only the hat didn’t say Chicago F***s it just had the bull…type…animal thing on it…and the same colors…but the same kind of hat lol ^^

  168. another great song from K.Will _< thank you for your hard work for making such awsome videos n_n i really have a fun time watching them

  169. All I saw the first time watching this MV was that L really can’t eat anything without getting it all over his mouth. The spagetti sauce, now the ice cream.. Myungsoo, at least use some napkin!

  170. Yes, it’s up! I love reading the blog posts just as much as watching the videos. I know I posted this on youtube too, but I would take my revenge on the evil co-workers by switching around the contents of their briefcases and locking them in the car, and then setting up a trail of riddles around the amusement park (one riddle leading to the next, which would be attached to one of the rides, so I’d get to trap them for at least one ride on every single ride), and the last riddle would reveal that the cases were in the car and I’d had the key all along. Then I would sit back and watch the ensuing chaos as they tried to sort out all their stuff, because they’d all have each others’. (Youtube name: soullessgingerninja)

  171. To get his revenge I think myungsoo should have earphones in all the employers heads with 4min milkshake on replay while they all have to wear jo kwon’s outfit from animal around the streets of Seoul for a few days hahahaha!!! My youtube name is Shawol930!

  172. this rodeo-go-around ride brings back bad memories. I rode it in Busan and was wearing a skirt (not the best idea, i agree)…and on the other side was a bunch of soldiers on leave…though i got the jacket of a friend for covering myself but i’ve never been so embarrassed before. So Girls, never ever wear skirts if you plan on going on some rides ;)

  173. Such a happy song, and just in time for spring! (It finally got above 60 degrees where I live :D)
    If I had evil coworkers, I would revenge them by taking their briefcases (which they entrusted with me) and filling them with various things. I would put one of my many (he had 4 right?) ice cream cones in one of them, for example. In another, maybe some dog doo (there must be a dog if there’s a dog house…). Finally, I think the rose petal gun would be appropriate, but I can’t decide if it would be too cruel to give that to someone with pollen allergies. I think you get the gist of my little rebellion; it’s not violent, but I think it would get my point across. –Youtube name: kpophorses

  174. Couldn’t comment on YouTube. Weird. Spudgy and Meemers are so cute! Spudgy must really like K.Will? Was he just happy to see him? I must say, I noticed the care thing, with all the people getting out, but didn’t even see the man talking to himself. I did wonder about the man not driving in the toy car.

  175. LOL. Oh goodness, this Music Monday was fantastic! Loved the Lion King edit. Seriously, no one touches Myungsoo without getting a herd of exotic fangirls after their life. x)

  176. Especially after the way these co-workers treated Myungsoo, if they did that to me, THERE IS NO ESCAPE. I won’t let them get away without having revenge!! That would be by adding salt to their coffee. If there happened to be an elevator, I would get on it first and let it close on them. I know these aren’t too extreme, but anything counts to make their day go bad! >:)

    Youtube username : Tina_Raikar

  177. Dude lets start a campaging called “Put the K.Will in his Music Videos”. Why? Cause…
    1. His is damn cute
    2. He doesn’t have to be the lead in the bloody video but he sure can spend more time in it than what it takes for Myungsoo to shoot him…
    3.Who better to be in a musci video than the guy who sings the song…. just saying…

  178. leave all their things on the ground and run for it an never return? lol

  179. it’s stupid. i find kwill muchmuch more handsome than L. ! say it to him. be brave kwill, show your face to us! <3

  180. my evil, evil revenge: direct them to a room filled with monitors that show 4Minute’s milkshake cover on repeat… where the only exit is a narrow path of lego pieces.

    youtube: divastator07

  181. thisisjustforfunval

    K.Will is both cute and handsome. Pfft! To all those naysayers! His smile could melt ice cream. Wait exactly how does that reference work since I’m a girl?

    Plus crazy dude alone forever in the amusemnt park, i never noticed him! And you guys you’re so diarrhea obsessed!

  182. My theory about the ice cream cones is the ice cream automatically regenerates itself. The little girl gave away her ice cream cone because she was getting a stomach ache but didn’t want to waste food and instead wanted to give the cursed ice cream to another person.

  183. i would make them delicious cupcakes everyday to make them fat~! so people would laugh at them and say they are fat~!

  184. This KMM is so fantastic. Basically laughing the entire way through.

    P.S. K.Will is freaking attractive. GET HIM IN THE VIDEOOOOOOS.

  185. I hate when a few people’s idea of beauty takes over for everybody else. I am sure there are LOTS of girls/women/boys/men who think he is gorgeous. So next video K.Will you need to just rub your face all up in the camera and say screw you guys!!!

  186. AHAHA If there was a forever alone amusement park….I would probably have a season’s pass :’) *cry* so alooone!
    Huh, what if they made an amusement park like that so forever alone people could meet eachother? Now that’s an idea…

  187. I loved this video, yeah- I was a little confused as to why the little girl gave the other girl her ice cream, too. o.o

    To seek revenge on my evil employers, I would find out what they’re all allergic to, and discreetly slip it into their Korean- style funnel cakes (assuming we’re at an amusement park still). Yep, that’s what I’d do.
    Evil? I daresay so. OUAHAHAHAHA *cough*
    (my youtube user name is ryuritanaka)

  188. The guy in the BG gangnam stylin’ it and talking to himself – lmao, i want to know HIS story.
    Y’all really have a lot of revenge ideas for diarrhea and that worries me – remind me never to get on your bad sides!
    Or to accept any food you offer me e 3 e I’m onto y’all!

  189. drive them to an unknown place and only allow them to hear girly voice girls rap and make them drink their own pee and only allow them to eat taco bells.(i think the taco bells are the most nassstyyyy one)
    Then later it is ‘boom boom crap’

  190. Wait was he really supposed to be shot and killed? I just assumed it was a tranquilizer gun. O.O That makes the mv a looooot more creepy omg

  191. If I had meanie employers, I would probably let a jar of spiders loose in their office. I mean, 8 legs and tons of eyes? Those things are creepy QnQ
    youtube username: JoyukiHeart

  192. To quote Method Man I would sew your @$$cheeks together and keep feeding you and feeding you”.

  193. Steal all their pens. I like food too much to do anything food related and I can’t think of a situation where I would be in an amusement park, or be okay flashing a gun in front of security cameras.. So yea, steal all their pens, because we are in DESPERATE need of pens, and always bring our own. I assure you. Everyone will be miserable. angehaven

  194. Eddie Murphy reference might well be my favourite thing ever to occur on KPMM.
    He can’t affooord it, cause he on the weeeellfare, and, his father is an alcohoooolic

  195. youtube username: Jennifer Chiem

    First of all I’d like to say, I loveeee K.Will<3 <3 <3 (and you guys of course xD) and i wish he would appear in his own videos Ive watched his performances on music core and his stage presence is awesommee and he's so handsome ^o^

    Secondly, if I were at an amusement park with sucky coworkers/employers I would probably have avenged myself by breaking into the control room of the whatever spinny carnival ride they go on next, make it go out of control, dump their suitcases in the vomit that's leftover from the rides, take their wallets, and then buy all the great carnival/amusement park foods with their money and eat it in front of them. xDD an elaborate plan for free nomnoms. yayyyyyy lol

  196. If it was at an amusement park, I would secretly pay a bunch of children and ask them to “accidentally bump” into my jerky coworkers with a glorious amount of ice cream and other junk food that will cause their expensive suits to smell and become dirty ;p. Or If the children can vomit at will, then I go with that option. -YouTube name: tsumabi

  197. So I guess you found out about Matthew in Season 3 of DA…. :-(

  198. myunsoo’s fans attack lol

  199. Have I ever mentioned how much I love you guys and your videos? Because I do; no matter *who* gets picked for the week’s K-Pop Music Monday, you always make me wanna go and watch the video after your hilarious reactions. Just thought I’d say that :3 *ahem* MOVING ON!!!

    I definitely disagree that “hilarity” is too strong a word for this video; it had me damn near close to rolling around my room with the giggles!! I’m also very glad that those giggle inducing moments were also intentional; I’m getting really tired of laughing at really silly (from my perspective as a westerner) things that were not supposed to be funny. Overall, this video is really fun. I totally noticed the clown car bit, but was totally thrown off the dog house one. I really didn’t question the little girl giving Dasom her ice cream, but now that you mention it, I would *never* have shared my ice cream with anyone when I was a kid. Even if I share my sweets with you now, I must love you a lot XD

    Another thing that got me was that comment about how K.Will isn’t “hot” enough to appear in his own videos (even though I thought his appearance in this one was pretty hilarious). That’s… That’s gotta be a self-esteem killer. K.Will is definitely not unattractive (or ugly, if you wanna use harsh words), and he really shouldn’t be judged by his appearance anyway; last time I checked, he’s a singer and not a model. That’s just my two cents.

    As for the show down, I prefer K.Will’s video. I’m a bit biased, if you can’t tell XD

  200. Loved this weeks KMM I didn’t even notice the people in the background when I watched the video!

  201. Dang it you made me want to watch the lion king! I”ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts doodley do.

  202. Love Blossom is a great song with great MV. Just love it! K.Will….please, share ice cream with us :D They look so yummy!

  203. I would set the adorable demon child on them with poisoned ice cream that of course has laxatives in it, and they will die from exploding poop. Simple enough

    Youtube: kissmeshawolarf

  204. Bahaha LOVED the thing you guys did with the charging exotic-faced animal fans XD still laughing

  205. Hahaha, great review guys! Definitely haven’t seen a funny korean music video in a while :D. And btw, I feel those guys pain on that ride. That ride in korea = big bruises all over your arm while trying to hold on for dear life. ;(

  206. Just for a moment i thought Simon said ass cream XD OOHHH IM SO NASTY!!!!! :D

  207. Spudgy has a beautiful singing voice!

  208. Sascha_Wong

    OMG, was your ice cream skit based off of Eddie Murphy’s Delirious show? CLASSIC!

  209. Oh My GOTH!!!! YAY!! K.Will for Music Mondays!!!

  210. Blueberries

    Lol I didn’t even realise lonely amusement part guy XD I love how hilarious K.Will’s Love Blossom is, it’s perfect for comedy. The only thing which leaves me wondering is.. why intern carried gun (with silencer) around D:

  211. Isabel Ruby

    diarrhea is always a good plan, but you have to have follow through. in other words, LOCK THE BATHROOM DOORS. then they will suffer. especially if the laxative-laced food was some beans and chili and asparagus and brussel-sprouts….. that shit’s NASTY. youtube name: notachibisuke

  212. Thanks for all your hard work! Will you give spudgy a hug for me?

  213. FIRST!!!!!! I love you guise simon and martina!!!!

  214. Wait why is the Music Monday video private?

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