This week’s Kpop Music Monday is for K.Will’s “Love Blossom,” which we think is an awesome song, fun video, and we’re happy to talk about. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the hilarity below:


Ok, so “hilarity” might be a bit too strong of a word. It’s not like “Itaewon Freedom” hilarious. It’s just got a funny twist to it, and is more funny along the lines that it makes you smile, more than something that gets you howling, you know?

Anyhow, we joked about not considering what K.Will said about his video from our interview with him last Friday (which should be going up this week, by the way!), but we weren’t really joking. Our Music Mondays are kinda meant to be more our reactions and responses to a video, rather than other people’s responses to it. And we pay attention to irrelevant details most of the time, because those fascinate us the most, like how the car was a clown car. Other details we didn’t talk about:

K.Will's Walls and Doghouse

1) We were a bit confused about how bizarre this amusement park was, with the unfinished paint jobs and a random dog house. Maybe that was filmed somewhere else, because I don’t think we’d see that at any amusement park…no? How are dogs supposed to use the dog house? Is there a really long lineup for it? Are there those metal pole dividers with ropes between so doggies can form an organized swirling lineup? Do other doggies butt in line? So many questions! And that paint was just bad.

2) Did anyone notice that random blossom burst at 3:02? Myungsoo and Dasom are there being all romantic, but the director was like “NOT ROMANTIC ENOUGH. MOAR PETALS!” and someone farts out a big burst of them. If you go frame by frame you can see how it starts as a clump together, and then spreads out into the wind. I want to know who was crouched down at their butts and throwing the petals out. And…how does one apply for this job?

Anyhow, since K.Will was nice enough to sign a bunch of CDs for us, we wanted to give one of them away for this week’s Music Monday! We’ll do another giveaway for the rest of the CDs when we publish the interview, of course :D For this giveaway, though, all you gotta do is:

1) Be Subscribed to us on YouTube (it wouldn’t hurt if you subscribed to our other channels as well!)
2) Let us know how you would have exacted your revenge on the jerky co-workers. Leave your answer in the comments to our YouTube video, or leave them here, but make sure you leave your YouTube username in the comment here, so we can check if you’re subscribed or not.

It’s that easy! If you don’t win, you can still pick up K.Will’s album on either iTunes or YesAsia. If you do win, though, you’ll see your name when we announce the winners in the bloopers to next week’s Music Monday. We’ll put them here, in the blog post, at the bottom, like we’re doing for this week’s Bloopers. By the way, here are this week’s Bloopers.


  1. I feel this was prime opportunity to sing Hyuna’s “Ice cream”…

  2. simple question
    i will just MURDER them!

  3. soo guys when are they announcing the winner?Next week?
    *the winner isn’t announced in this weeks bloopers*

  4. Okey I just have a new plan for evil revange: Myoungsoo should kidnap K.Will insted of killing. They could just eat icecream together – I think it would be better for Myoungsoo’s figure.
    It’s my second try, I now I should write only one but sorry, I just had better idea and I had to write it.
    Youtube: gwercia

  5. “We never go alone” – inspiring
    “Love Blossom” – absolute adorable, funny & charming
    “Please don’t…” – so heartbreakingly & alluringly touching

    Even K. Will’s TEASERS are so original and hilarious.

    Even just his music and professional work brings out ‘the feels’ in me and he has such a charming, lovable and admirable air to himself as an artist and individual to boot. I don’t compliment artists and them as people lightly; I sincerely love and respect K. Will as an artiste and person <3 I pray with all my heart that I'll have the chance to see him live or afford his album one day, but for now I just want to thank you guys for the AMAZING interview and chance to possibly have a signed album. <3

  6. anyone know why a lot of their video screen caps have “I’m sorry i couldn’t save you” on them? just curious because even videos that have nothing to do with kwill has them.

  7. Revenge
    Plan (YT: Mariposaazul210)

    1) Wait for
    a meeting with an important client or the CEO. Look for a partner.

    2) Today’s
    the day. As you serve the beverages or food add them laxatives.

    3) Watch as
    the presentation suddenly turns into the porn video (oh, you so nasty!) you
    arranged, and enjoy all the reactions to it, especially your co-workers attempt
    to turn it off as they apologize.

    4) The
    laxatives are taking effect. Everyone rushes to the bathroom, in which ALL the
    seats are full of pica-pica powder (also known as itchy powder) and there’s no
    toilet paper. Put an “out of service” signal outside the “men’s
    and women’s” rooms, so that no one enters.

    5) Everyone
    is going crazy. They have diarrhea, and at the same time they have this urgent
    need of scratching their whole body, especially their butts, and there is
    no paper. Enjoy some more watching how all your co-workers are getting dirty.
    If you are lucky enough you’ll be able to see one or two of them vomiting.
    Pretend you are feeling sick too, so you don’t look suspicious.

    You think
    everything’s over? Hell no.

    6) As your
    parter closed all the doors and windows in your office, It’s time for the
    sleeping gas you hid. Don’t forget to put on your mask.

    7) Once
    they’re all asleep in the office, not only your co-workers, put on some gloves
    (you don’t want to get dirty too!) and change their suits into the most
    embarrasing outfits you can think of (clowns, poop, guys with thongs… be
    creative!) that you prevously hid there. Call your partner who is doing
    the same in the other gender’s room to se if everything’s OK. Dress up too, but
    look for a not-embarrasing one. Agin, use a mask. There’re cameras everywhere.

    8) Take
    everyone to your’s and your parter’s car.

    9) Drive to
    the most crowded place you know.

    10) Put
    them in the most awkard position you cna think of.

    11) Wait ‘tll
    them wake up, with a video camero in your hands.

    12) Go to
    Youtube and upload the vide, DON’T FORGET TO PUT THEIR NAMES AND PHONES!

  8. I would fill their offices with Ice cream !!

  9. I noticed you guys have a thing for laxatives…
    And you lost weight awfully fast…
    -Puts two and two together-
    Nooooo! ‘Tis an unhealthy solution!! D:

    Just kidding guys. :/

  10. I’d ask my friends (or hire sb) to dress as a clown or sth like that and took them to the amusement park. I’d prepare a mixture of chili paper,spoiled eggs (anything that smells awful) ,powder that makes you feel itchy,maybe piss so that the mixture remains liquid enough to spray it. Then I’d make my co-workers to go on ride on a rollercoaster /anywhere that u r tightly tied and can’t move. after they would be tied my friends’d spray and pour the mixture on them trying to put it in a place of body they couldn’t reach. In a
    meantime I’d lock their bags in the car and walk away with the girl leaving them without any documents or money, soaking in a smelly and itchy clothes and away from home.

    (But the easiest way would be, as u suggested, make them have a diarrhea and then leave them on a non stopping spinning thing they’re on while tying up K.Will or even better, making him lose consciousness and then tying him up. And I’d make sure it’d be recorded so that I could post it on the you tube later:)

    vendetta by: Sztejer hmm

  11. Oh yes, how would I take out K.will. If I was Myungsoo I would ask me, Raine, to kidnap K.Will for a date. How I’d get to Korea is another question. But if Myungsoo asked me…well, I’d find a way…

  12. I think his employees left out a very important interview question: do you won a gun and a silencer? That said, STAR IN YOUR OWN MV’s K.WILL. You are flippin’ gorgeous…even as a dead dude…although your not quite as functional in daydreams that way…

  13. I would pay the operator of the disco pang pang $100 so he could leave them on it for an hour while I run away with my new beautiful lovebird into the sunset, as love petals flutter and our somehow identical ice creams melt onto our hands. My youtube username is knitteddy :)

  14. If I took revenge on my co-workers I would simply let them figure out their own computer problems.

  15. I have this completely unrelated question. How do you guys choose the mv for music mondays? I thought it was from your kpop charts but I guess not, no? Because if it was Heo Young Saeng’s Art of Seduction should be it. I’m not bitter (I swear I’m not! lol) I was just wondering where all my efforts of voting for Young Saeng had gone to. He was no.1 for quite sometime in your chart and I was so confident he’ll be on music mondays. Maybe you’re saving him for next week? ROFL

    • Simon and Martina choose the KMM from the top 3 videos on the chart. So one of the three has a chance. Also I believe that K.Will was in the number 1 position this past week.

      • oohhh…okay. Young Saeng was no. 1 week before last week so I had kind of been expecting it since last week but then again, in the end, it’s Simon’s and Martina’s choice. Guess I shouldn’t expect anymore and just let it go ^___^ I didn’t really understand the mechanics so thank you :))

  16. Hehe~~ If I was Myungsoo I’d take them to the “whack a mole” game and let my hand “slip” and hit them back xD then get the little girl to give them “ice cream” but really its something really gross, nasty and fattening, haven’t though of what yet.. then put them in a house of mirrors with a scary clown, maybe the joker and let them have some fun in there. After getting away from the evil clown they towards the Disco Pang Pang and find out that they have a horrible stomachache but cant get off and what do they know they evil clown is back! And they have to make the best of it and found out a solution for themselves~ ^^

    Thank you for the amazing Music Monday Simon and Martina!

    Youtube Username: DalmateCathy

  17. OHOHOH! If I was him, would set a trap for them, and locked them in a dark scary room filled with futuristic-giant-mutant-carnivorous roses with sharp metal-made prickles and tons of evil-diablolic kids that make you eat their evil ice-cream filled with laxatives. Ohhh, sweet revenge. My Youtube user is Maylady Orellana, btw..

  18. If I were take revenge on my jerky co-workers… I think I would have arranged to give them explosive ice cream instead. Yes, exploding ice cream. As we noticed in the video, Dasom even willingly ate the random ice cream cone given to her by the strange demon girl xp So I think it would have been pretty amazing if Myungsoo bought all of his co-workers some ice cream cones that they excitedly go to eat, only to have them randomly spray the ice cream all over their faces. LOL
    Youtube name: ciellepuff
    ~ Wow, thank you for interviewing K.Will! That was so amazing.. <3 Also, did you two understand everything he said.. or did you have some sort of translator you were using?? I'm really curious ^-^

  19. They say revenge is a dish best served cold (*martinacough:*laxative
    laced demon-child ice cream*ehem*) … I say it’s best served with a
    smile. An over bearing in your face Chuckie smile that says, “Hey! I
    strangled a magical unicorn then stole some kid’s ice cream
    (red alert: evil ice cream).” When they get out of the car, I’ll give
    them a smile. After they hit me, I’ll give them a smile. When they’re
    asking for their shoes back after taking them off for a ride, I’ll give
    them a smile. When they suddenly feel like the world grew larger, I’ll
    give them a smile. And when they find out that for some unexplainable
    reason they are too short for all the rides (even the kiddie ones) and
    only have the choice of going into the house/maze of mirrors, I’ll hide
    the cut heels of their shoes and their heel raisers and give them a
    smile. The smile will be so deeply embedded in their minds right now
    that they’ll see it when they close their eyes. Once I cut the ceiling
    lights, leaving only the lights around the mirrors then place a picture
    (courtesy of some photo-booth somewhere) of that smile right where it
    magnifies and reflects of every mirror. Once I hear the screams of
    terror, I will relax with my infinite number of ice cream cones (see
    what i did there ha) knowing that there doorknobs are missing and that
    they have been locked and blocked. Oh yesss~ revenge is a dish best
    served cold ʕ☉-☉ʔ… with a smile ʕ☉◡☉ʔ. haha

    youtube: xXoORukiaOoXx

  20. The ultimate exact revenge would be the neverending ferris wheel ride. At first it seems fine and soothing, only to realize that the ride goes and stop sporadically because the ferris wheel operator is letting people off/on but no they’re not. Swinging ever so calmly in the silent heights, you’re never going to get off.

  21. for revenge I would enlist the help of Taemin (by bribing him with some of my never ending supply od ice cream :P) and rain laxative powdered Dorito’s from above >:D

    First I would send them off for massages. BUT not just any massages. Massages done by the prickly balls of doom shown in WTF. I would have them massaged till even their butts were chaffed. And after the rigorous chaffin, they’d find out they were coated in laxatives that sink into the skin. Upon running to the toilet, they’d accidently sit down on a prickly massage ball covered toilet seat. Covered in super glue. Their poor chaffed butts would be glued into pure evil. And they’d still have diarrhea.
    The end. :D ThatWasianGirl

  23. my evil revenge ………

    1.) i’ll put laxatives in their foods that will cause them diarrhea after a hour or so.
    2.) after eating, let them wander around the “FOREVER ALONE ” amusement park, and I’ll suggest them to ride the DISCO PANG PANG!
    3.) before they entering the ride, i’ll tell the operator that they’re gangsters and tell bad things about them and shhhhh… and tell that leave them when they didn’t notice and give the operator an ice cream that regenerates as a reward, that cause to have diarrhea too.
    4.) experiencing the same thing in the MV , spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning……………………..
    5.) when they really need to get out of the ride just IGNORE them

    muhahahahaha my revenge

    youtube: marymerdette17

  24. I love the voices you do for Spudgy and Meemers! /)*3*(

  25. Ok so if I had to take revenge on someone I’ll make him/her suffer from tickling!!!

    Phase 1:You have to take him/her to some isolate place – you can use as bait cookis for example (but if you are not good enough to make her/him come on his own you just have to kidnaping, it’s so easy no?!)

    Phase 2: arm you’re self with feathers, or any tickling device that you can think of!

    Phase 3: start tickling with all you have!!

    youtube Alisa otaku

    greetings from Italy, and Eat your kimchi fighting!!!

  26. Hum my revange plan for my co-workers ?

    I think that I’ll install a camera and speakers on the building’s lift and when they will be on the lift I will block it and tell them to dance some embarassing kpop dance (you know like the famous No Hong Chul’s dance in Gangnam Style) or make them listen to some cheesy songs in order to unlock the elevator.
    My youtube username: Lanaseuhdu70

  27. When will the K.Will interview be up? lol

  28. Ok so if I ever had coworkers like them I know what I would do caused along time ago I uses to not like any of the workers at my job. So the steps to mine is
    1. When we got back to the work office I would take myself in a place where there is no cameras and disguise myself then go into the office and take sleeping gas and set it off in the office
    2 once everyone is asleep I’ll take then to a big dark basement that me and my friends previously set up before that day and chain the workers to the wall and put a dark bag over their faces
    3 take all their shoes off and put their feet in hot wax to wake all of them up or throw some water on them
    4 when they come to and ask me where we are I’ll speak with a voice minipulator saying that their about to be sold to underground mob bosses.
    I feel like they’ll panic for a bit and tell me to let them go but I’ll be starting the bidding. My friends will also have voice minipulators as well.
    5 then after selling atleast 3 people I’ll take more sleeping gas and throw it at them while we put on gas mask.
    6 took all the coworkers to their house telling their family that they got drunk and pass out
    When they wake up the next morning and go to work they all to about their business not mentioning anything.
    7 on break I’ll use a private email to contact all of them saying I’ll be watching them. Then they start to talk amongst themselves. I would have to talk to them too so I’m not suspicious.
    8 reaching around the time when it’s time to go the lights turn off I’ll scream pretend to be dragged away and I’ll go to an intercom with the voice manipulator and tell them I kill one of their workers aka me lol. They get nervous and I turn back on the lights and walk out with the voice intercom with a mask on. And leave the building without them seeing me.
    The next day they think I died and called the police to the office as I walked in they would be stunned that I’m alive. The police thought the workers were crazy and I looked at one of the police and smirk and he would too my friend is the police guy.
    Helped planned it with me. He gave them a warning and they would never do anything bad to again.
    This is my plan for co workers that mess with me but I would never do something like this XD too complicated for me. Lol ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  29. Thanks guys for the awesome video. Love Blossom is a great song and I love the music video. I’m really happy that you guys were able to review it.
    I didn’t realize that the reason K.Will wasn’t in his videos was because of aesthetic reasons. I always figured it was because he was too busy doing musician-y things (e.g. writing and recording songs), or because he just didn’t want to be. I think that his appearing in more of his own videos would be really great, but I’m sure he has his reasons. I bet (read as really hope) that visuals isn’t the only one.
    And now for something completely different…
    I totally agree about Dasom’s terrible decision to accept ice cream from a strange, random child. She obviously isn’t familiar with its possible use for laxative delivery.
    Also, why did Myungsoo feel like it was a good idea to hang around the park eating ice cream after shooting K.Will? I mean sure he used a silencer but that place has to have cameras. Shouldn’t he be going into hiding, not skipping off into the sunset?

    I do have one big problem with this review. Now that you have alerted me to the forever alone man, I can’t not notice him. When he pops up, I don’t pay attention to the actual plot. I’m too busy trying to figure out what the heck he is doing.

    Showdown: I liked both songs but I had a really tough time following the plot of 60 Sec. So my vote goes to Love Blossom. It was funny and easy to follow.

    Revenge: I think giving them all a bad case of pastlepantaphilia would be pretty terrible. However, the best revenge plan would be to make all of them wear Heo Young Saeng masks and stick them in the house/apartment of the crazy fan from the The Art of Seduction video. That girl was crazy enough with just one of him; imagine what she would be like with six Heo Young Saeng.

    Youtube: Theresa Folliard

  30. leave those managers in a room filled with ‘tools’ that can potentially injure them. Then, in the next room over, have a bunch of myungseo fans rewatch the part where they throw those stupid suit cases at his face and punching him….then release them into the room filled with managers….ta-dah! REVENGE :)

    this should scare managers from all over the world to never treat people under you like poo……

  31. My revenge would be = after they get off that ride all dizzy, secretly put some dog food in their pants and costs and have that dog from that dog house to chase thEm all while I will sit back and enjoy my ice cream! I really hope I win this cd!!! thanks



  34. My revenge? I would put fruit flies in the car they all squeezed into, and then I’d also put fruit flies in all those briefcases they made me carry. So just when they get over the car fruit flies, and think they’re safe back in the office, they’d be attacked by the most annoying and hard to get rid of insects ever- FRUIT FLIES. youtube: katibear1000

  35. WELL~~~~~ i would go all-out on them really if i wanted revenge so~~~~
    1) i would secretly put them to sleep and take them to an abandoned warehouse. then ill make them stand while holding twice the amount of bags they made (Me????Myungsoo?????) hold……..for a long while :D

    2) id tie them all to a chair and force them to eat icecream until they burst……..the flavor they hate too :P

    3) stuff them into a roller-coster and make it spin until they puke and are covered in their own filth………OH THEY SO NASTY.

    4) torture them with bad music…….


    i think thats all………for now(???) :D i hope i win~~~~

    YouTube user: zazo1431

    >3< hope i win~~

  36. I would drive them insane by arranging for them to be all trapped in an elevator and endless elevator versions of Barry Manilow songs would be played over and over and over again. It would be glorious.

  37. I would have put the evil co workers in the one that puts you real high and turns you upside down for an hour after having something, both spicy and sweet. Like burritos and sweet popcorn.

    I’m Makysha in YT :D

  38. I would take that flower petal bazooka that person used at 3:02 in the k.will vid and serve them a blast of almighty flower power with a side of allergies.

    p.s. i see uBEAT!! >_<~~

  39. Myungsoo should feed them korean toasts and McCol’s soda until explosion! simple and effective!!!

    love from France

    youtube: bapbera

  40. YOUTUBE: flamerminho

    I would shove them all in the car, with L as the driver (remember’the chaser’ era?) ;)), and put gangnam style on endless repeat, telling them to drive all the way through SK.

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