This week’s Kpop Music Monday is featuring my old student, Lee Hi, and her debut song, “1,2,3,4.” Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out here:


I mentioned at the beginning of Kpop Music Monday that I saw a video of her when she talks about her school and names it: which is the exact same school I taught at. Then I saw footage of her with co-students, and I remember teaching them as well. Sure, it was over two years ago, but still! I remember! Here’s that video if you haven’t seen it already.


See that classroom? You’ll see many like it in my goodbye to teaching video. You won’t see any footage of Lee Hi, though (at least, I don’t think so!):


So, it seems like I want to do more talking about her being my student than actual talk about her video. I’ll stop after I say this: I can’t remember any funny stories about her, really. I remember her distinctly. She just didn’t do much. She talked a bit with me from time to time, and answered questions as well. Her English wasn’t the best in the school, but she was a good kid. Just looked a bit bored in class. Understandably, if she’s busy thinking about being a singer and all. She wasn’t rude and didn’t talk in class like some of the other students in her class did. She was just…a good kid. That’s all.

So that’s it! Next time we review her, if we review her, I won’t be able to talk about her studentiness. Not that I said much about it anyways. Next time, I’ll give it the full Music Monday attention, and I’ll grade her English more…honestly :D

But it’s not like we said the best things about this video. Though the song is really fresh and her voice is fantastic, her acting is…not so good. I don’t take blame for that! I taught English, not acting. Though, I should have taught acting. Not that I have any qualifications for it…

We’re not the only ones who think this way, fortunately. Other people have complained about it. I’m not sure if it’s just a YG thing and it’s some way tied in with the bad dubbing, which might be intentional so that the video could be used for a different-language version of the song, but I don’t like it. It’s distracting! Barely any acting + bad dubbing = awkward video.

Anyhow, the song is still pretty awesome. If you like it as much as we do, make sure you pick it up on iTunes! And, on a continued awkward note, here are some awkward bloopers, as always!


  1. IT’s odd because listening to…. everything Ha Yi’s done, her english is phenomenal……..

  2. vote lee hi it’s over now people !!! she is already learning for her music video and now lee hi acting for her music video it’s good … please vote lee hi it’s over now

  3. ok, umm… did somebody notice that at the 0:22 it says “pico pal que lee” ?
    I’m really surprised with these cause that’s kind of a slang in my country (which is also named in the video xD) and it means… lol! I won’t tell you, I want to know if you can decipher what it means! so good luck with that! ^^

    in some parts it also says “sonrie si te gusta el piko” (similar to the first one) and “viva Chile” so i’m curious, was a chilean involved with the scenery? xD
    because that’s the only explanation I have!!

    Algún chileno o chilena por ahí que me ayudé a entender por que dice pico pal que lee?! esto me supera!! jajajajaja ¿sabran Lee Hi o YG lo que dice?… no creó xD

  4. Oh yeah I saw TOP’s face Martina-_-

  5. What is the song in the “why I love teaching” video?

  6. omg, Simon, you’re so thin! Nice! (Martina, you’re thin as well, but Simon wearing that white sweater playing that Polish man… omg :o)

  7. Haha, nice Polish~~ I keep replaying it XD and wow, you tought a star : O Did she have voice like that when you tought her?

    btw I’m voting for Bom. I think she’s cute and I love her voice but she has no face expression :c

  8. In reference to TOP – I feel that you guys should point out the sheer epicness of TOP’s birthday dance in LA. I mean…he DANCED. to 2 Chainz. I think this is something the entire world needs to know. Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaassssseeeeeee!!

  9. …and SM entertainment swooped in to block the “Why I love Teaching” video.. meh!

  10. My god. That was an amazing KMM, but not as awkward as I expected. I think the “censoring” by YG ruined it (in a good way ;D).
    Bom wins my vote though. Lee Hi does a pretty good job being emotionless, but Bom is a pro at being emotionless XD. I’m sure she’ll get there with enough practice and tutelage under T.O.P XDDDDD

  11. Your students were soo cute (:

  12. kpopfan123

    Lee Hi’s acting might be akward now but wait till her next video! She’s going to be big!!

    0:05 haha I knew it Simon! 0:33 Wrong Simon, Martina is! :P
    Spudgy’s so cute! X__X

    Thank you for the post!:) ♥♥♥♥

  13. Bummer, you’ve become famous enough that the “Why I Love Teaching” vid is now blocked in the USA by SME and Kobalt. Oh well, it was great when I saw it a while ago! New catchphrase: Boom boom shaka laka jiggy jiggy!

  14. wow! Her voice is really incredible! It’v my first time being impressed
    by an female korean singer with her unique voice. Shure everyone has
    their own personality and style in her voice but man…she is good.
    you said…in comparison with her acting….her voice has soul but her
    actions are like as it isn’t really her voice and doesn’t know what it
    means. Kinda sad…but with practise you can do everything! As soon as
    she masters this she is soooo gonna rock! Goodbye litte ” I’m soo
    adorable and fragile and did u know I’m so cute u wanna womit a rainbow”
    girls. Cute is fine but overdoing it is like asking for a punch.

    the show down…I have to choose where I laughed more and that’s park
    b…( don’t remember her name so ….yeah I’m a KPop Newbie ). Gee
    thinking about it makes me laugh again XD.

    Oh god….Younique
    Unit. Why do their dance with white clothings if the background is also
    white? The dancing doesn’t fit the song! Since EYK I saw so many bands
    and …it’s not that tough like their song. Love the guitar riffs and
    that one scream but….on the other hand it feels like ” hey let’s put
    everything together that’s so unique!”….yeah…NO! It seems like their
    don’t know what they wanna say or stand for. They should rename
    themself into RANDOMDOOM.

    Besides, their appearence doesn’t quiet fit either. Just my feeling and opinion.

  15. haha good morning in polish XD that’s actually pretty close :3

  16. The conversation of TOP and Lee Hi had me reaching for the nearest oxygen tank because I was breathless cuz of too much hyena-like laughing. lololol

  17. As always another great music monday…you make the terrible mondays so much better!!!
    I feel very alone on this…I didn’t find her acting that terrible. I found it awkwardly aloof/cool. The underacting seemed like a nice change from the overly fake smiling/cheeriness or I’m such a super bada$% and pelvis thrust and fist pump so hard in other Kpop videos…not that I don’t love my bubblegum pop…just felt like a nice change of pace.
    As you guys said, her acting doesn’t really matter since her voice is a total powerhouse…nuclear explosion of soul…totally thought of Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen…and all the other soulful brit female singers….I wonder what kool-aid the Brits are drinking to get so much soul? (Sorry for the tangent)

  18. I actually love leehi
    so thats what i say

  19. lmao!! wtf is that supposed to be in the mv at 3:31!! ahaha

  20. I think a hacker hack some signage

  21. and for all those who got trolled by Simon and that ‘Don’t availble’ part…please watch the bloopers? XDDDDD

  22. I saw that Martina~ I saw TOP at 2:08 XDDDD

  23. I’m just really amazed by such a young (and small) girl has that kind of vocal range. If that’s all her, its no wonder YG signed her so young.

  24. The Polish bit – HA!! XD XD XD

  25. Watching those bloopers after a long, tiring day in school was the perfect remedy. Thanks EYK for always cheering us nasties up. <3

  26. So, apparently, the Why I Love Teaching video is blocked in my country because it ‘contains content from SME and Kobalt Music Publishing’ : Uhm, what?

  27. at the end of the video i got really angry so i slammed my laptop shut and just went to bed. you just cant do this to me D:

  28. I love your Polish, Simon! LOL THE BLOOPERS, I CAN’T.
    Wahhhhh, Martina, you’re so prettyyyy!!
    And at the end, the trolling was so extreme, I almost didn’t even know what to do with myself~ ;_______;

  29. Can’t seems to watch “Bust your Windows” video because “Not available in your country” error but I can watch “Why I Loves Teaching”: video though…

  30. Park Bom!!

  31. She looks best on stage, understandably because of her experience on k-pop star. I’d rather see her on Inkigayo than watch her music video. Less awkward and more amazing.

  32. Deep soulful voice and the song does sound sultry – I love it.
    Her acting was very stiff and it bugged me a lot, but in time, she’ll get better.
    Her voice and the lyrics is what should matter the most anyway….but still……

    Her first Live debut stage on Inkigayo was AMAZING!

  33. kawaii_candie

    when i watched the video on the kpop charts last week, i thought exactly the same thing. her voice and the song are really sultry and soulful, and the video is really crappy and she can’t act at all. more than that, they’ve dressed her up in some really “cutsey” outfits that completely kill the vibe of the song, in my opinion… hopefully they can do better next time!!

    • I agree, I was also a bit unnerved by the ‘cutesy’ clothes… I mean, where did they come from all suddenly?? Doesn’t match the vibe of the song very well since the whole feeling of it is edgy and soulful. Love her voice though, simply spot on!

  34. i really want to see your comment about Epik High dont hate me mv cuz i think i really fantastic (baby) =D

  35. I super-laughed at so many parts of this. Especially the ventriloquism part. OMG!! Funny!

  36. Not to be rude but…….B.A.P got 30 thousand and something votes while Lee Hee got 10 thousand and something…..how…?

  37. That 3rd video..The about her one..The song..In the background. S CLUB 7. OH DEAR GOD. CHILDHOOD FLASHBACKS.

  38. I really enjoyed her singing a lot. watching the audition video with YG impressed me even more… for me though, the MV was barely watchable. oh well, im sure she’ll get better

    what I’m mostly sad about is that K Crunch Indie gets the least traffic out of all your weekly videos.. sooo… terribly… sad….. T^T

  39. i lost it when martina/lee-hi brushed her teeth

  40. … Did anyone see T.O.P flash up at the acting coach bit?!?! I laughed so hard at that omg

  41. Oh I have to say Bom’s a better actress. But Lee Hi will learn! And she’s adorable! <3

  42. Tim Hortons cup!! LOL but seriously I was so embarrassed watching her
    “acting” that I couldn’t watch the whole MV…i’m sure the song is great

  43. Best video in a long time. I laughed like crazy and needed to really badly. Thanks~! ^^

  44. oh and i vote for Lee Hi. At least Park Bom smiled a bit.

  45. Totally one of my favorite Music Mondays. I really think they should have edited out the times she went cross eyed. I don’t so much agree with the Amy Winehouse reference, but almost a Christina Aguilera vibe in the “Back to Basics” era. Lee Hi is a very beautiful girl and its nice to see someone that isn’t totally plastic looking and with a soulful voice.

  46. Top and Bom are wonderful actors. I have no idea what you’re talking about *cough*
    But anyways, spot on MM as usual. Subliminal TOP had me on the floor laughing. As did your trolling at the end of the video ;D
    PS The fact that I can’t watch your teaching video again makes me really sad. Darn you copyright!

  47. Park Bom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    That’s all I have to say.

  49. Awww i just started to cry when i saw your ” why i love teaching” video! it was so emotive and shows how wonderful persons both of you are. You win the hearts of your students. that says a lot!

  50. Hi Simon, Hi Martina ^^
    Do you remember the video “TL;DR – Five Things you Shouldn’t Do in Korea”?
    I would like to know if you could do a video about things that you didn’t say in that TL;DR (something about manners and gestures)
    Sorry if you already did a video about it, but as far as I can remember you didn’t :3
    Bye! And thanks for all the constant effort both put on making videos and everything, you’re awesome :D
    I remember the first time I saw one of your videos, I liked it so much that I ended up spending six hours a day seeing as many of your videos as I could XD
    Sorry if my comment it’s to long or if I did a mistake while writing (I’m from Argentina)
    but I really think that more people should at least tell you this: Thank You~! (L) :3
    You really deserve it :D

  51. lmfao. every company has their signature thing:

    SM – Dancing in Boxes.
    YG – Somewhat off dubbing.
    JYP – The JYP whisper and/or the need to be in his artists’ video in some way if the whisper is not.

    • Are there any more out there? What about cube? What is their signature?

    • More signature thing:
      YG = trolling
      JYP = random headphones
      SM = 360′ cameras

      • SM also does everything in rippito-flippito-sippo-slow motion.

      • JammySmoochie you are SPOT ON with that comment.
        omg. YG trolling. YG fandom should come with health insurance, lol

      • excuse me for being completely clueless, but what do you mean by trolling?

        • JammySmoochie

          via urbandictionary(.)com

          Trolling – The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off, usually via the internet, using dialogue. Trolling does not mean just making rude remarks: Shouting swear words at someone doesn’t count as trolling; it’s just flaming, and isn’t funny. Spam isn’t trolling either; it pisses people off, but it’s lame.

          The most essential part of trolling is convincing your victim that either a) truly believe in what you are saying, no matter how outrageous, or b) give your victim malicious instructions, under the guise of help.
          Trolling requires deceiving any trolling that doesn’t involve deceiving someone isn’t trolling at all; it’s just stupid. As such, your victim must not know that you are trolling; if he does, you are an unsuccessful troll.

  52. It’s not bad dubbing. Even when she sings live she doesn’t move her lips as much. The video was just awkward because of her acting. Shes young and she hasnt trained as much as everyone else before debuting so its understandable that she doesnt look as confident as she should be in front of the camera. Shes not a dancer but a vocalist, i love the effort she made in her attempt but i just cant get over the awkwardness. i absolutely love the song though. The video and the colors and outfits matched her age perfectly so i have no complaints there either.

  53. pleace vote gain blomm for music moday

  54. This girl needs some more short film type music videos I think… less focus on dancing and acting and more focus on the concept and artsy fartsyness of it all to let it just be a compliment to her voice with less distraction. Like the MVs for Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” and Ed Sheeran’s “You Need Me, I Don’t Need you”~ (woop, UK represent!!)

    (ps. Just like to mention, when I search “artsy british music videos” on google, my forth link is a link to your blog ;P to your korean vs us mvs TLDR….OOOOH YOU SO ARTSY)

  55. Where do we vote for the showdown?

  56. She was awkward because Top was there on set watching her every move ._.

  57. I just collapsed at TOPs image and couldn’t stop laughing for 2 minuts. Really :D You guys made my monday, as always )))

  58. Maybe YG artists don’t move their mouths much so the editing fails aren’t as noticable XD

  59. YG artists are amazing at reading minds!

  60. weird.. the why i love teaching eps.. seems to be blocked? is anyone else having that issue?

  61. I’m a YGE fan & I have always noticed that they suck at lipsynching.lol.Even I cringe at Big Bang sometimes, even if I’m a VIP. But put any one of them onstage & they’ll bring the house down with just a smirk. I was disappointed in Lee Hi because she didn’t exhibit the kind of charisma that most,if not all, YG artists bleed out. But given her age,the short amount of time she had as a trainee,I’m prepared to watch her grow into her shoes.

  62. As for the Polish of this KMM I give it over 9000/5 ^^

  63. The Why I Love Teaching video got deleted so I can’t see it. I like that video. Can you guys re-upload it?

  64. Hahahaha funniest skit ive seen after that one mad girl with the black wig xD <3

  65. Well, it´s true – I can´t watch your videos in class surrounded by other people: because I can´t laugh out loud, I must look like a crazy person (although my brother already told that). I awanted to laugh so badly at the T.O.P talking to LeeHi part. So funny. You guys are awesome. :-D

  66. Wow Simon Twój polski jest bardzo dobry! :D

  67. unicornsgalaxy

    Aww you forgot about the “dead arm syndrome” that she exhibited. Her one arm hardly moved at times. Loved the random images of TOP as her acting coach and the ventriloquism skit.

    In the blooper reel… all I could think of was “Hyesung’s crab dance!!!!” I have no idea what/who that was actually supposed to be but it translated to Shinwha’s Hyesung’s crab dance! :)

  68. The Polish Sesame Street would be a lot better than the North American version if this “lesson” were true. xD

    I couldn’t watch the video in a serious manner, but I love her voice and the song. I hope they let her keep this style of soulful tough girl sound, and really, because her voice is so strong, she shouldn’t have to do much dancing. Still, I think she can only get better from this, so good luck to her!

  69. OH. MY. GOODNESS! Is that a YETI HAT on Simon’s head?????? I LOVE IT! (and where can I get one!?)

  70. the crab blooper XD

  71. Wondering if Martina knew Simon was hiding an ‘English Teacher’ jacket and tie somewhere?

  72. I prefer Lee Hi… since she can improve on her acting skills and Bom… plastic surgery has demolished most emotions on her face and that ain’t coming back anytime soon :( I really thought she was gorgeous before PS too… so sad :(

  73. Holy Shit was Simon speaking Polish?

  74. I will really really love to see if your guys can have an interview with Lee Hi, probably she can have some English conversation with Simon will be SUPER!!

  75. it says your why i love teaching video is now blocked in my country, when it wasn’t before, BUT I DON’T REMEMBER WAT HAPPENS!!! -_-’ so frustrating! But, i loved this KMM, i laughed so hard i got a headache! ps my vote is for Lee Hi

  76. Hey I just realized! You guys aren’t wearing sunglasses! Yaayy no more pink eye!

  77. LOL I liked the zoidberg impersonations in the bloopers. I loved this song but I had problems with the dubbing of the video too and the bad acting. YG needs to hire me to edit their videos. Everyone has said how much better she did in her live stage though which I am glad for. And it is so true about TOP and Bom not opening their mouths, so funny.

  78. I’ve noticed that bad dubbing isn’t something I can pick up on. Since I’m still learning basic Korean it’s hard for my brain to notice if something is off because as far as I’m concerned it could very well be perfect and I’d never know the difference. I’m glad I have you guys to point it out for me. For a company with such great production value I don’t understand why/how dubbing is even a issue for them.

  79. Bom for sure. Its so bad its good!!! :)

  80. thisisjustforfunval

    I really love her song and her voice is phenomenal, however I’m not much a fan of the video. I was distracted by the acting and bad dubbing, which I personally thought was bad lip synching. I did give her a pass though because she isn’t hard core trained for ages like many other kpop idols out there who start training when they are kids. I’ve figured she would grow into her skills better as she grows as an artists.

  81. Her acting was really awkward.
    they should have had her actually sing instead of trying to lipsynch
    Not the MV but the BTS of the 1 2 3 4 MV has english subtitles
    maybe YG is slowing getting into subbing stuff.

    My vote also goes to Bom.
    She wasn’t even lipsyncing, she was trying to act just through her eyes. It didn’t work out but I assumed it was the concept of the video whereas Lee Hai was supposed to have attitude and stuff so it came off as her lacking more.
    But the live debut stage was so so so much better!

  82. I think Lee Hi is talented. She has very nice voice and I am listening her song from yesterday non stop :) Maybe she is a little stiff on the video but it doesn’t matter for me because I think she will practice much. (but to be honest: sometimes she looks as if she was a ventriloquist, i’m sorry, i’m sorry xd). Anyway, I vote to her because she is new and I believe in her.

    I didn’t forget about Park Bom. She also have amazing voice and I like her.

    About your video.

    Simon, your polish is getting better! When I heard something in my language I was surprised. Thank you that you remember about Polish fans who probably go crazy every time when they hear Polish on your videos and interviews with K-pop stars (as me xD).

    Martina,I didn’t write it early but I really like your hair. I mean highlights :) But when I saw you on the video with black hair at first I thought it your new hair (yeah, that’s me xD). But I must to tell you black color suits you too :]

  83. Um, Simon, the why I love teaching video is apparently blocked in my country by SME and Kobalt Music Publishing?

  84. love the TOP references..keep them coming….what more can i say that hasn’t been said…..awesome song with awkward mv and u guys made a great music monday….

  85. Simon! Your Polish rocks! Pozdowienia z Polski. ^o^
    EYK FTW!

  86. LOL!!! this has to be one of the best music mondays ever! I couldn’t stop laughing! it made my day ^^

    anyway the song is amazing, its really fresh for k-pop and I really love it…but the MV… her acting was really awkward, I mean, I wouldn’t be a surprise if TOP actually taught her how to act XD but I’m sure she’ll do better for her next MV.

    well, now I’m going to a little corner in my room to cry because I didn’t go to Music bank in Chile when I was like a couple of hours of distance… the worst part was when my mom told me the day BEFORE to music bank that she would let me go… so yeah .-.

    sorry for my english! :p

    este tiene que ser uno de los mejores music mondays!! no podía parar de reír y en verdad me alegró el día ^^
    La canción es asombrosa, es muy fresca para el k-pop y la amé! pero su actuación era muy… mmmm… mala? incomoda de ver? quiero decir, no me sorprendería si TOP en verdad le enseño como actuar jajajaja! pero estoy segura que lo hará mejor para su siguiente video.

    Bueno, ahora me voy a la esquinita de mi pieza a llorar por que no fui al music bank en Chile cuando estaba a un par de horas de distancia de Viña… la peor parte fue cuando mi mamá me dijo que podía ir el día anterior…
    Oh! el horror de esas palabras!… Davichi!! porqué?!?! T.T

  87. Omg Simon, your awkward polish was so incredibly adorable!

  88. -_-

    I love how every1 voted for this to hear a non-existent story…
    If you watched their live feed thingy on twitter he clearly said he was rarely around her so he didn’t have any stories…

  89. oh pastelpantophilia! (Martina:P)

  90. Your why i love teaching reads “This video contains content from SME
    and Kobalt Music Publishing, one or more of whom have blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.” Why does it say that when its your own clips? It wasn’t like this before!!!!!!!

  91. She’s cute and a great singer – but that video – if you muted it you’d think it was the opening to some upbeat 2NE1 song – the wild hair, the contacts, the bad acting – she looks like Park Bom and CL’s love child. She really needed something simple, but I guess that’s something YG lacks…

  92. Great song for Kpop Music Monday…but isnt it lee hi said game uver or uber instead of over? and guin’ guin crazy instead of goin’ crazy??

  93. Not sure if I wrote a comment already. Anyway, I actually like this type of music, but the acting ruined it for me. It made JYP’s acting look better.

  94. Ahaha, wow, for a second I actually believed the ‘blocked because of YG’, because.. well.. almost everything is blocked here.
    Oh, well, I suspected there wouldn’t be any stories to tell.
    Laughed a lot at TOP and I am happy for the FJS reference!

  95. omg I was dying during that TOP/ Hi scene. semi unrelated but I just saw them in concert and TOP became my bias during the show!

  96. Why aren’t there english subs on the two videos about her? I want to know what the judges are telling her!

  97. A Polish Skit!
    I can die happily…

    I LOL’ed so hard that my cats run away scared :D

  98. Yeah, enjoyed the song, but WOW was she uncomfortable in that video. Outfit with the jean jacket was cute, but that’s about the extent of the positives…

  99. hmm… guys why are some parts of the comments crossed out?

    • Some people like to use strike words as a style. It’s kind of like if I wanted to say…”Hyuna’s Ice Cream video totally sucked, I mean is perfect for a KMM.” I could strike out the “totally sucked.” It’s kind of like the striked out words are what I really want to say but shouldn’t.

      Some people do it well, some people make their post funny that way, others do not.

  100. Sorry for asking, but when do you think you’ll upload your interview with Block-B? I’m dying to see it ^^”

  101. hahahaha i LOVED this music monday so much! not only because it’s funny but also because you said everything i think about lee hi’s debut; ‘cept i think it’s more duffy than amy winehouse and that i also completely loathe it as well lol

  102. Oh yeah and I’m gonna have to vote for Park Bom on this one. I freakin love her voice and all but her acting………….. Yeah.

  103. FriedChickenOnew

    to bad they removed the “Why I Love Teaching Video”…
    is that meemers food under the table? lol

  104. PunkyPrincess92

    Lee Hi has amazing singing but the song just wasn’t my style of music and i don’t think i’ve felt so awkward watching an mv before!! there was actually one before, but i forgot which, i think they were a rookie group, but anyway this totally beat it by far in awkwardness!!!!
    anyway i hope she gets better at her facial expressions and i’ll still listen to her later releases to see if i like those songs!
    hahahahaha oh my gosh that flash of TOP!!!!! hahaha!!!! and the ventriloquism part was freakin’ hilarious!!!! and so was the Polish/Korean part!!!
    and i totally agree i hate bad dubbing! it’s just so annoying to watch!!

  105. My vote goes to bom.. only because LeeHi is still new and Bom’s acting coach has been with her for years now. Who are these horrid teachers YG and why won’t you replace them. *shakes fist*

  106. XD…Top the master of mind-dubbing…XD…Lee Hi please don’t walk the same road…it’s still not too late!

  107. wa… i somehow tears a bit when i watch simon’s students video, but congrad for you as a teacher that she really sing a very very good english :)

  108. I didn’t know it was possible to laugh that hard, thank you.
    And Simon, we don’t call that “jiggy jiggy” in Poland. “Boom boom” is quite uncommon too ;P.

  109. I don’t really think her bad acting/ terrible dubbing is anything to do with YG. I think it’s just her. I’ll cut her some slack though it is her first music video under a large and awesome label. She must be feeling some pressure.

    • Maybe it’s just that YG hires stars are naturally bad at acting then?

      • Two of them are anyway :)

      • I would say GD is a great actor, but I doubt GD acts. XD

        In any case, I think it’s as Simon and Martina pointed out. Whoever is dubbing their videos needs to stop, and actually, if you think about it, plenty of YG videos feature a lot of walking as their prominent theme. Lee Hi, BIGBANG’s “Love Song” and “Bad Boy,” “Blue” as well, and what about 2NE1′s “Lonely” or “Ugly”? I think they must be promoting exercise. Good on them. Just hire a better video editor, please.

        • Lol all the videos u listed are from the same director that’s why they all of the same basic thing going on. The lip syncing was because she forgot her lyrics and was tired. All of it is explained in the making of for the mv. Anyway at least live she’s like ten times better which is what really matters.

  110. Loved your review. Laughed heartily at the T.O.P intertwining and the English rating. You mentioned the main points as to what I’ve seen of Lee Hi and her debut song – looked better in the “live” performance, looked better in KPOP stars, mouth barely moves even on the emotional parts of the song. Just wished the KMM this week was longer! Only 7+ minutes.

  111. Hey, you guys got a table!

  112.  I remember her distinctly. She just didn’t do much. She talked a bit with me from time to time, and answered questions as well. Her English wasn’t the best in the school, but she was a good kid. Just looked a bit bored in class.

    Though you didn’t share any stories ( can’t believe I got trolled) your description of her hits a home run for me. I was just wondering if she could be out of character. apparently not XD

  113. I absolutely love Lee Hi’s voice. The Kpop world needs a bit of soul.

  114. So… If Lee Hi has debuted.. that must mean the SuPearls must debute soon??!!


  116. Martina looks adorable in the Polish skit outfit, curly black hair really fits you! Plus love the TOP awkward reference. ^^

  117. hahahhahaha x’D This was so funny!
    I love hove you always make me laugh!

    P.S. I knew there won’t be any story. You didn’t troll me Simon! :P

  118. I just realized.

    Simon is Zoidberg. :O

  119. This video has added some much needed hilarity to my day. Thank you.

  120. The best part was random TOP clip hahahahahaha

  121. KATHyphenTUN

    Laaame can’t watch yet since in a lecture…. will read instead….:D

  122. why can’t I view your “why i love teaching” video? :(

  123. I love Simon’s Polish speaking parts. Simon more polish please!

  124. Simon kocham twój polski ^^

  125. Wow, blast from the past in that Kpop Star video… S Club 7? Nice Tim Horton’s mug Simon ;D Way to represent. As for Lee Hi, her voice kind of reminds me of Adele.

  126. Simon you are a really great english teacher. YG should hire you to teach there people English. I hope that you might be able to interview her even if it might be awkward. Other wise I do agree on the acting skills. I look forward to seeing how she is going to grow. Also Lee Hi if you see this comment I want you to know that I do not blame you in anyway for this. You are very new and I still think and believe that you will grow with time and become really amazing. I can see you being like Park Bom. You have a great voice and stunning good looks. I can wait to see how your acting will improve. :)

  127. Okay. That review was slamming. You guys were totally honest, and kept it real. I agree with almost everything you said.

    But I just cannot. stop. laughing.. at the random. flash. of. T.O.P that I know you guys thought no one would see and I have to point out that Lee Hi said herself in an interview she has yet to meet T.O.P (and is actually afraid to do so since he is apparently her ideal type? Awkward). So it can’t possibly be the King of Awkward this time, guise. Sorry to burst your bubbles.

    That said, I’m really happy Lee Hi won this KMM! Hopefully MAXSTEP is next *cough*cough*. I have been nonstop listening to her song since I bought it a couple days ago. I’m really happy she got the review, she’s a tiny starlet. Of course she has connections to the EYK awesome family, she was a Nasty before you even knew it. ^^

    • Hahaha same. I laughed more while watching this video and the bloopers than any EYK video in awhile. That really quick flash of T.O.P. put me over the edge.

    • She did meet TOP on Kpop Star… and it was so awkwardly cute. TOP even asked her why do you like me. I thought she was going to pass out half the time.

      • I believe she said she hasn’t yet met him as label mates (since she got signed to YG). My bad for not clearing that up. :)

      • Ha, I saw the unsubbed version of that (so I don’t know what they said) but it made S&M’s skit so much funnier, because their meeting went almost exactly like that, with them sitting there awkwardly and barely moving their lips and saying anything.

        • Hahaha! So true! XD I saw that video and man it was awkward, the show’s sound effects pointed it out even more. I kept thinking TOP you’re a grown man, yes you’re a Kpop idol but you’re doing nothing to help ease this girl’s discomfort!! Unless they were communicating telepathically :P

        • vip <3 blackjacks

          do you know what episode that was on?? if it was on kpopstar lo sorry i dont really watch kpopstar but that sounded like an interesting thing to watch

        • Hey blackjacks, I can do one better here’s the link on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXGHaiBBa3g
          she meets TOP at 1:59 mins. It’s cute and definitely interesting :)

    • Lol… They knew people would see it, otherwise they wouldn’t have put it there..
      And they know Top wasn’t the one who taught her that bad lip syncing.. It was a joke.

    • Yeah, me too. I laughed so loud at TOP’s picture when Martina was talking about Lee Hi’s acting. I thought I was just imagining things and I had to replay it and pause the video.

  128. I Hope LEEHI sees this review :) … im pretty sure she will

  129. Simon speaking Polish was pretty hot… just… yeah.

  130. I feel like her “acting” in her MV is just her. She’s just naturally that awkward – or so she seems from KPOP Star…..haha

    • I would tend to agree that she is naturally awkward in acting/dancing in Kpop star, but she did a much better job (even than KPop star) in her live performance. She may not become the best dancer, but I think she can do fine.

      • Ahahahhahah I loved her dancing to 2NE1′s I’m the Best on her initial audition for KPOP Star…..so cute!!!!!

        But her like interview portion for inkikayo was so…….awkward – like she’s trying to be overly bright. But she’s a rookie and it’s totally adorable. haha

        And yes! her live performance was so good! Goes to show you that she belongs on the stage.

  131. If only I could watch this at work. It would make my day go by so fast. T_T

  132. am I second?!?! O-O….ajksdhgoaiwheg;hsdlgjasldigj YAY!

  133. Still surreal. Former student, now a singer with a fancy (although not the greatest) MV.

    Now you can say: “I remember when…” That makes it sound like it was AGES ago.

  134. muhahaha i am the first person to comment. YAY I am so excited to see what you guys have to say about her. :)

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