This week’s Kpop Music Monday is featuring my old student, Lee Hi, and her debut song, “1,2,3,4.” Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out here:


I mentioned at the beginning of Kpop Music Monday that I saw a video of her when she talks about her school and names it: which is the exact same school I taught at. Then I saw footage of her with co-students, and I remember teaching them as well. Sure, it was over two years ago, but still! I remember! Here’s that video if you haven’t seen it already.


See that classroom? You’ll see many like it in my goodbye to teaching video. You won’t see any footage of Lee Hi, though (at least, I don’t think so!):


So, it seems like I want to do more talking about her being my student than actual talk about her video. I’ll stop after I say this: I can’t remember any funny stories about her, really. I remember her distinctly. She just didn’t do much. She talked a bit with me from time to time, and answered questions as well. Her English wasn’t the best in the school, but she was a good kid. Just looked a bit bored in class. Understandably, if she’s busy thinking about being a singer and all. She wasn’t rude and didn’t talk in class like some of the other students in her class did. She was just…a good kid. That’s all.

So that’s it! Next time we review her, if we review her, I won’t be able to talk about her studentiness. Not that I said much about it anyways. Next time, I’ll give it the full Music Monday attention, and I’ll grade her English more…honestly :D

But it’s not like we said the best things about this video. Though the song is really fresh and her voice is fantastic, her acting is…not so good. I don’t take blame for that! I taught English, not acting. Though, I should have taught acting. Not that I have any qualifications for it…

We’re not the only ones who think this way, fortunately. Other people have complained about it. I’m not sure if it’s just a YG thing and it’s some way tied in with the bad dubbing, which might be intentional so that the video could be used for a different-language version of the song, but I don’t like it. It’s distracting! Barely any acting + bad dubbing = awkward video.

Anyhow, the song is still pretty awesome. If you like it as much as we do, make sure you pick it up on iTunes! And, on a continued awkward note, here are some awkward bloopers, as always!


  1. omg, Simon, you’re so thin! Nice! (Martina, you’re thin as well, but Simon wearing that white sweater playing that Polish man… omg :o)

  2. Haha, nice Polish~~ I keep replaying it XD and wow, you tought a star : O Did she have voice like that when you tought her?

    btw I’m voting for Bom. I think she’s cute and I love her voice but she has no face expression :c

  3. Ha! I never noticed that before. Where do they even get these signs? I want one for my room!

  4. Lee Hi’s acting might be akward now but wait till her next video! She’s going to be big!!

    0:05 haha I knew it Simon! 0:33 Wrong Simon, Martina is! :P
    Spudgy’s so cute! X__X

    Thank you for the post!:) ♥♥♥♥

  5. As always another great music monday…you make the terrible mondays so much better!!!
    I feel very alone on this…I didn’t find her acting that terrible. I found it awkwardly aloof/cool. The underacting seemed like a nice change from the overly fake smiling/cheeriness or I’m such a super bada$% and pelvis thrust and fist pump so hard in other Kpop videos…not that I don’t love my bubblegum pop…just felt like a nice change of pace.
    As you guys said, her acting doesn’t really matter since her voice is a total powerhouse…nuclear explosion of soul…totally thought of Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen…and all the other soulful brit female singers….I wonder what kool-aid the Brits are drinking to get so much soul? (Sorry for the tangent)

  6. and for all those who got trolled by Simon and that ‘Don’t availble’ part…please watch the bloopers? XDDDDD

  7. The Polish bit – HA!! XD XD XD

  8. So, apparently, the Why I Love Teaching video is blocked in my country because it ‘contains content from SME and Kobalt Music Publishing’ : Uhm, what?

  9. at the end of the video i got really angry so i slammed my laptop shut and just went to bed. you just cant do this to me D:

  10. I love your Polish, Simon! LOL THE BLOOPERS, I CAN’T.
    Wahhhhh, Martina, you’re so prettyyyy!!
    And at the end, the trolling was so extreme, I almost didn’t even know what to do with myself~ ;_______;

  11. Can’t seems to watch “Bust your Windows” video because “Not available in your country” error but I can watch “Why I Loves Teaching”: video though…

  12. Cube’s line is In The Cube hahaha :)) For Pledis, they use Pledis Sound *cue in robovoice*

  13. when i watched the video on the kpop charts last week, i thought exactly the same thing. her voice and the song are really sultry and soulful, and the video is really crappy and she can’t act at all. more than that, they’ve dressed her up in some really “cutsey” outfits that completely kill the vibe of the song, in my opinion… hopefully they can do better next time!!

  14. Best video in a long time. I laughed like crazy and needed to really badly. Thanks~! ^^

  15. I just collapsed at TOPs image and couldn’t stop laughing for 2 minuts. Really :D You guys made my monday, as always )))

  16. YG artists are amazing at reading minds!

  17. The Why I Love Teaching video got deleted so I can’t see it. I like that video. Can you guys re-upload it?

  18. Well, it´s true – I can´t watch your videos in class surrounded by other people: because I can´t laugh out loud, I must look like a crazy person (although my brother already told that). I awanted to laugh so badly at the T.O.P talking to LeeHi part. So funny. You guys are awesome. :-D

  19. Aww you forgot about the “dead arm syndrome” that she exhibited. Her one arm hardly moved at times. Loved the random images of TOP as her acting coach and the ventriloquism skit.

    In the blooper reel… all I could think of was “Hyesung’s crab dance!!!!” I have no idea what/who that was actually supposed to be but it translated to Shinwha’s Hyesung’s crab dance! :)

  20. OH. MY. GOODNESS! Is that a YETI HAT on Simon’s head?????? I LOVE IT! (and where can I get one!?)

  21. I will really really love to see if your guys can have an interview with Lee Hi, probably she can have some English conversation with Simon will be SUPER!!

  22. LOL I liked the zoidberg impersonations in the bloopers. I loved this song but I had problems with the dubbing of the video too and the bad acting. YG needs to hire me to edit their videos. Everyone has said how much better she did in her live stage though which I am glad for. And it is so true about TOP and Bom not opening their mouths, so funny.

  23. I’ve noticed that bad dubbing isn’t something I can pick up on. Since I’m still learning basic Korean it’s hard for my brain to notice if something is off because as far as I’m concerned it could very well be perfect and I’d never know the difference. I’m glad I have you guys to point it out for me. For a company with such great production value I don’t understand why/how dubbing is even a issue for them.

  24. I really love her song and her voice is phenomenal, however I’m not much a fan of the video. I was distracted by the acting and bad dubbing, which I personally thought was bad lip synching. I did give her a pass though because she isn’t hard core trained for ages like many other kpop idols out there who start training when they are kids. I’ve figured she would grow into her skills better as she grows as an artists.

  25. Her acting was really awkward.
    they should have had her actually sing instead of trying to lipsynch
    Not the MV but the BTS of the 1 2 3 4 MV has english subtitles
    maybe YG is slowing getting into subbing stuff.

    My vote also goes to Bom.
    She wasn’t even lipsyncing, she was trying to act just through her eyes. It didn’t work out but I assumed it was the concept of the video whereas Lee Hai was supposed to have attitude and stuff so it came off as her lacking more.
    But the live debut stage was so so so much better!

  26. love the TOP references..keep them coming….what more can i say that hasn’t been said…..awesome song with awkward mv and u guys made a great music monday….

  27. LOL!!! this has to be one of the best music mondays ever! I couldn’t stop laughing! it made my day ^^

    anyway the song is amazing, its really fresh for k-pop and I really love it…but the MV… her acting was really awkward, I mean, I wouldn’t be a surprise if TOP actually taught her how to act XD but I’m sure she’ll do better for her next MV.

    well, now I’m going to a little corner in my room to cry because I didn’t go to Music bank in Chile when I was like a couple of hours of distance… the worst part was when my mom told me the day BEFORE to music bank that she would let me go… so yeah .-.

    sorry for my english! :p

    este tiene que ser uno de los mejores music mondays!! no podía parar de reír y en verdad me alegró el día ^^
    La canción es asombrosa, es muy fresca para el k-pop y la amé! pero su actuación era muy… mmmm… mala? incomoda de ver? quiero decir, no me sorprendería si TOP en verdad le enseño como actuar jajajaja! pero estoy segura que lo hará mejor para su siguiente video.

    Bueno, ahora me voy a la esquinita de mi pieza a llorar por que no fui al music bank en Chile cuando estaba a un par de horas de distancia de Viña… la peor parte fue cuando mi mamá me dijo que podía ir el día anterior…
    Oh! el horror de esas palabras!… Davichi!! porqué?!?! T.T

  28. Omg Simon, your awkward polish was so incredibly adorable!

  29. -_-

    I love how every1 voted for this to hear a non-existent story…
    If you watched their live feed thingy on twitter he clearly said he was rarely around her so he didn’t have any stories…

  30. Your why i love teaching reads “This video contains content from SME
    and Kobalt Music Publishing, one or more of whom have blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.” Why does it say that when its your own clips? It wasn’t like this before!!!!!!!

  31. Great song for Kpop Music Monday…but isnt it lee hi said game uver or uber instead of over? and guin’ guin crazy instead of goin’ crazy??

  32. Not sure if I wrote a comment already. Anyway, I actually like this type of music, but the acting ruined it for me. It made JYP’s acting look better.

  33. Ahaha, wow, for a second I actually believed the ‘blocked because of YG’, because.. well.. almost everything is blocked here.
    Oh, well, I suspected there wouldn’t be any stories to tell.
    Laughed a lot at TOP and I am happy for the FJS reference!

  34. omg I was dying during that TOP/ Hi scene. semi unrelated but I just saw them in concert and TOP became my bias during the show!

  35. Why aren’t there english subs on the two videos about her? I want to know what the judges are telling her!

  36. A Polish Skit!
    I can die happily…

    I LOL’ed so hard that my cats run away scared :D

  37. Yeah, enjoyed the song, but WOW was she uncomfortable in that video. Outfit with the jean jacket was cute, but that’s about the extent of the positives…

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