DUH LEE DUH LEE EE EE EE! This week we’re talking about Lee Hi’s “It’s Over” for Kpop Music Monday. It’s awesome! It’s fun! If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here, and then sing it in your heads incessantly afterwards


Isn’t this video so odd? It’s a really fun concept. A big grumpy jerky teddy bear. Hilarious. Especially when he Rick-James-to-Charlie-Murphy’s all over the shopping cart. The whole video just looked like loads of fun, and it was fun to watch as well. Match that with the super catch chorus and it’s clear why this video would get so many views so fast.

We also like that the cute innocence of this video is actually cute and innocent, and not lolita-esque, like “I’m cute and innocent oppa but I’m so sexy!” Lee Hi is just cute, and – though I know she’s in high school – I swear, she looks like, 9 years old TOPS in this video. See, what struck us about Kpop a while ago is that it seems so much more innocent than Western Pop music, and that’s what’s part of it’s appeal to us and to a lot of other people, but it seems to be losing that more and more lately. This video, though, harkens back to that sweetness, you know?

One theory we tossed around back and forth when we were scripting for Music Monday, but ultimately scrapped, is that Lee Hi might become Korea’s new sweetheart, now that IU seems to have lost that title, from what we read in the news somewhere a while ago after that whole IUnhyuk thingy. We’re not fully convinced that this is the case, but we’re not fully not-convinced, either. We just abandoned it when we tried to squeeze in an Eunhyuk joke in there, and realized we’d be murdered. Screw that! We’re dedicated to corny jokes, but not that dedicated!

Otherwise, this is the first video that we’ve talked about on our KpopCharts that wasn’t in first place since we announced the Personal-Choice-Among-Top-3 rule. You guise vote for the top 3, we pick one and make our video on that. This rule is, amongst other things, to try to prevent the vast amount of boybands out there from ruling our Kpop Music Mondays, like they did in 2012. Sure, it sucks that we didn’t review U-Kiss this time, but hopefully we’ll review them next week! Uggh. Tumblr ban for the next week!

Anyhow, if you’re a fan of this song like we are (and you definitely must be. This song RAWKS!) pick it up on either iTunes or YesAsia. Do it! And, we were rather on point this week for Music Monday, so we don’t have as many bloopers as usual, but if you’re addicted to watching us mess up, here’s Martina making out with our giant Unicorn a bit too much…


  1. Lee Hi once said in an interview that she found it hard at first working at YG because she used to be obsessed with Big Bang… the bears represent the members of Big Bang and the song is showing how she is overcoming her fangirl past and realising that SHE is an artist now and independent… that’s what i thought after watching the video ^_^

  2. hi martina! i love your hair kkk and is that simon’s hat?

  3. Cyber_3

    I just wanted to say that, while I was a little creeped out by how young they made Lee Hi look in this video, when I went back and actually watched…..okay, skimmed, all of “1234″, the super cute look is much better on her than all those teenager-trying-too-hard looks from the other video. It’s like they tried several different looks in “1234″ and picked the best and went with it for “It’s Over”. So well, “better job” done guys? Just….just……..too pedobear…….bear………eeee……..at times………shudder……

  4. I’m glad you guys picked this one, and you did a great job on the Music Monday. It was quite clever and well done. Thanks for all your hard work; it’s been a joy being a EYK fan!

  5. Guys, you so solo artist bias….lol :D Great review guys :D

  6. Where is Spudgy? ;-; He’s not sick, is he?

  7. Simon!!! Your teaching skills as Lee Hi’s Teacher can clearly be heard in her song, “Special” -sob sob- Is it weird that I am happy for you? T_T

  8. I made it halfway through that Super Junior video and had to stop to save my sanity. Gotta vote for Lee Hi.

  9. cooking cooking! I love that video! @w@

  10. SuJu-Happy’s Cooking Cooking for starters.

    Also, I’d like to point out that I think the vast majority of Korea (besides the teenagers) prefer solo artists to actual groups these days, it was quite evident last year. I felt like the quality of solo artist’s work was also better too. It’s like how well Ailee did last year, maybe it’ll be Lee Hi this year.

    She’s definitely talented and though I love her voice I’m not digging this jazz style of music, just not my thing. And not gonna lie, the video clip was kinda boring to me, though somewhat cute and funny at times. I think this formula that k-pop has (besides the autotune); the long drawn out emotional notes and the choreographed dancing as you guys mentioned, they’re my thing. I like that. So yeah, I just couldn’t get myself to like this much. YG’s stuff has never been my thing much anyway. Sorry Lee Hi. :c

    I will still keep an eye on her though, she’s got mad talent after all. :D

    Lastly, “unless it’s illegal to show bear nipples in Korea” OMG LOL. XD

  11. This is the first? music monday in your studio that I only see Meemers. Where’s Spudgy? I see him no where!! :(

  12. I loved this review! It’s such a cute song!

    And my vote goes to It’s Over…. Cooking Cooking scared me (especially Shindog– WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS HAIR IN THAT MV?!?!?!)

  13. Simon, I just smothered my 3 chicken tenders with ranch dressing. lol. Reminded me of your obsession. I’ll have to send you some!!

  14. God be with you against the KissMes lol with that being said..i super enjoyed the high note montage.. hilarious!

  15. GASP! Is that a turtleneck Lee Hi is wearing at the 2:49 mark?? I remember seeing it earlier and was surprised you didn’t notice.. but thats okay.. not a lot of people would see it though ^_^

  16. does anyone know what happened to the Nu’est video though? it was in the top three for quite a while but then when this got reviewed it’s like Hello completely disappeared from the voting page! so confused @_@

  17. irritablevowel

    I am a little surprised that there wasn’t a Strong Bad reference anywhere.

  18. Amyaco

    I loved the editing on this video. Good job, Intern Leigh! :D

  19. I thought that this was a dream. And, in the dream, she was the pink bear girlfriend that he was holding. When he threw the pink bear down, it turned into her, and that was why she was wearing a pink outfit and bear ears…maybe that is why her boyfriend was a stuffed bear?

    • Hi Simon & Martina – I really enjoy your reviews, especially when you act out scenes from the music video. This week’s library scene with Martina and the unicorn was hilarious! Thanks for the laugh! :o)

  20. It’s actually 0.05….. If it’s 4.95 out of 5…..

  21. I LOVE this girl’s VOICE! I’m glad they are hanging onto her and helping her live up to what hopefully will be her full potential. Simon, seriously? Were you once her Teacher? I think you guys should be able to make a “judgement call” that sometimes overrides your fan’s voting results. You guys are supposed to be running this show AND its YOUR SHOW! Go for it! Love your outfit this week, Martina. You have really been mixing it up lately with the hair styles. I really like it. Go girl! You MUST understand that I am ALSO a big HK fan and a big fan of HK Pink. I pull out my wallet at a register and the cashiers all FAREAK OUT (Hello Kitty wallet that is very rare and hardly ever seen, they don’t even offer it anymore but its Fuchsia Pink and Purple and has the Geek HK (one of my favs) on it. So I am always reminded of your passion when I see you with your pink hair and I LOVE IT! Simon, stay sweet and cute and adorable…you are all of these! Good work you guys! Posting your videos once again on my fb account.

  22. I always wondered why you were so dedicated to keep your animals out of sight for the videos Now I know. SO DISTRACTING!

  23. I VOTE COOKING? COOKING?! I love that video. Super Junior H is awesome!!!

  24. I vote for cooking cooking! I loved that mv *ugga *ugga

  25. Woohoo I was hoping that u guys will do a video soon LOL u guys were right about mostly everything! Love u guys so much ♡♡

  26. That Duh lee DUh LEE EE EE EE part confused me. You know the last time I moved I learned a new German word which sounds like Duhlee (the word is “dulli”) and well it’s something young people i guess say. It means something like idiot, so yeah…. Lee hi is like Idiot idiot it’s over so baby goodbye~


    I love Lee Hi’s It’s Over, it’s really a grower (but I am biased towards her anyway). I’m really surprised you didn’t mention how she actually says “it over” instead of “it’s over” in several places (“I say I say I say it over”)–I’d think that would warrant some English complaints!

  28. Where did Nu’est Hello go?, it’s not on the kpop chart

  29. Thanks for doing LeeHi this week S&M~~ I as a Nasty and an “Annyeong!” fan, appreciate it. XD And SuJu’s ‘Cooking Cooking’ definitely wins my vote. XD

  30. I was distracted everytime I saw Dr.Meemers >.<

  31. man the make out scene was disturbing to see…. LOL

  32. I agree! It’s so refreshing to see an artist acually produce something innnocent and carefree with a lack of sex appeal. Glad there’s room for a cute girl to just be without sexying herself up especially since she’s just a teen! Good for Lee Hi. Hopefully it was her decision to go this route.

  33. I like Lee Hi’s jazziness. And you can tell her awkwardness from before in 1,2,3,4 is slowly getting better! :D
    I also love that mash-up of all those fist clenching “Yeah~~” and “Whooaaaaa~”‘s.
    I admit to never really watching Lee Hi’s video closely, so I never even noticed the bear with a normal face at the beginning until you mentioned it.
    Also (unless someone already noticed it), Simon said 4.95/5 and minus 5 points. Martina corrected -0.5. But wouldn’t it be -0.05. . .? Them maths! D:

    And ack! The Meemers! You adorable curious cat, you.~ Especially at 3:58. 8D
    Thanks for the review! :3
    And oh golly, Martina in those bloopers. o.o

  34. I love U-KISS and anything they release but I understand that although their music video isn’t bad, it’s been done before, which would make KMM REEAAAALLLL repetatvie too. Either way, I enjoyed your review :)

  35. I never vote on the K-pop Charts anymore, because I prefer watching what you guys want to review. That, and it being a surprise for me whenever I get on the computer every Monday/Tuesday. Love Lee Hi! Her, BoA, and Ailee are my favorite artists.

  36. meemers video bomb .. thanks S&M for want to review this song ^_^

  37. Martina looks really pretty in that wig. I love her pink hair to death(super cute this week with the hat), but the long brownish/red really suits her too. ^_^ I also love that Meemers made impromptu appearances. So cute!! ♥

  38. you guys shouldnt really be that scared of kissme’s to block your tumblr, kissme’s are understandable, i mean okay not all of them but it s not like your gonna be extremely hated. BUt i mean if you think about it, u had to see the hate coming when you chose to do it this way. I think its a great way and i respect your decision. But hate comes with fame and its just unfortunate.

  39. thisisjustforfunval

    OKAY, I have heard the Cooking Cooking song before during the live performances of them dressed like vegetables. I did not realize that it was a song they had a MV for! XD You can’t unsee that video, it gets my vote!

  40. I, as someone who enjoys U-Kiss, am glad they didn’t choose U-Kiss this week. They have reviewed practically all of U-Kiss’ music and have been very generous to Kiss Mes. It was a smart choice for selecting Lee Hi. ^^ But the people I do feel bad about are the fans of NU’EST who managed to have their latest single “Hello” stay in the top 3 for at least the past three weeks. But of course with comebacks from SHINee, U-Kiss, and Lee Hi during that time what can you expected. I still feel sorry for them and I hope one day S&M will review a NU’EST song! They’re really great for a rookie group imho.

  41. i dont know if anyone noticed or if anyone already said this but the part where the bear and Lee Hi look at each other before the bear throws her shopping cart is a parody of this video of a person in a panda suit doing the same thing. its totally hilarious you guys should watch it.

    p.s there is a longer version that you haftaaaa watch its hilariousssssss


  42. You want to know what i am happy you guys’ picked Lee Hi. Because You have reviewed ever ukiss mv and as much as love U-kiss i am happy you picked something else. Thought I’ll never be fully happy until Nu’est gets reviewed. you are now holding up to the fact of a 3.9 or of 5. Sorry I am so Nu’est Biased it’s not even funny.

  43. Aw. That means Teen Top has no chance. :(

  44. cooking cooking!

  45. Cyber_3

    I really liked the review of “It’s Over” – well done.

    I vote for Super Junior’s “Cooking”, that was the first time I have ever seen it but it was really fun and funny too. I can’t believe Shin Dong in it though, why don’t they let him do that kind of thing more often? He totally rocks! Usually he’s shafted to the back row or even out of the shot in a lot of the MVs but his voice changes (from “Cooking”), fun comedy acting, and dancing are the best, they would totally help liven up what’s becoming a bit of a SJ machine.

  46. where’s real spudgy???!!! lol

  47. “How do you even start a relationship with a stuffed toy?”

    I’m still wondering why Tiffany from SNSD married that bear in that video a few years back…

  48. I would like it if before the Music Monday video was reviewed there was an announcement of the top 5 videos counting down to number 1. Because making it to number 1 is an honor in and of itself.

  49. honestly i loved both U-Kiss AND Lee Hi’s songs and videos and if it takes picking one of the top three to make ya’ll happy, go for it. this was the funniest music Monday ya’ll have made in a few months :) so it seems to be a good combination.
    5 stars from me ^_^

  50. Great review! I reeeeeeeally loved the breakdown about him hating the food she buys… XD Hahahaha!! XD Too cute! And ON BEAR DAY, OF ALL DAYS. ;0;

    Also, Martina is WAY too cute with that unicorn, and that unicorn is WAY to cute with Martina. Simon, I may be a Martinacorn bias… ;o;

  51. I also had never heard of or seen the “Cooking Cooking” MV so I looked up. This was definitely one of Super Junior’s best concepts. They SO should make more music videos like this!

  52. Sooo glad you reviewed this song. And thank you for explaining the bear’s point of view haha.

  53. Yay~!! I’m glad this song was reviewed :) I completely agree with you guys…
    This song was a really nice break from the usual kpop music videos filled with highly choreographed dance, electro-beats, etc. (Although those usual kpop music videos are awesome too :P hehe)
    This song and mv definitely brought me back to the innocent-news of kpop :)
    So yea…YAY EYK :D LOL ><
    Btw….where's spudgy :( T.T

  54. Awesome KMM guys! I laughed so hard at the unicorn skit! You guys always come up with the most creative theories and skits for music mondays! I’m glad you reviewed Lee Hi because I really wanted to know what you guys thought of the song/mv. EYK fighting!

  55. i can say I’m quite dissapointed with this time kmm not that ukiss isnt be reviewed. is just that i personally feels that the song wasnt that great compared to teen top miss right. this iis the first time i feel okay seeing ukiss isnt being reviewed. its true that their mv doesnt have really much to talk about. anyhow… still going to watch this

  56. Huzzah! I love Lee Hi! She revived my waning love for k-pop.

  57. They’re probably manifesting some kind of “Ted” thing…u know that bear. :P

  58. Dear Simon & Martina, thanks for reviewing this video! I myself was intrigued by Lee Hi’s video. The song is pretty awesome and the video is hilarious! And now I totally have sympathy for this poor Bear Ex and support your Candy Addiction and Diarrhea theory.

    I had read a random comment in another site that said, “This isn’t aegyo. This is cute, done right.” I have to say I agree. I also watched her “live” performance on KpopStar and thank the Lord she’s not as awkward, yaaaaay! Cute and pretty she can definitely execute.

    I love that her voice, and thus her music, is outside of “typical Kpop.” But I also think that she has to be careful about the songs she chooses. I’ve read stuff like she’s “Korea’s Adele” and whatnot and while I can say her voice is “Adele-like” in that it is richly layered, she needs to grow up a bit and enjoy more life experiences. Not to say she can’t sing Adele songs–she most definitely can! I’ve seen her covers, they are amazing! I’m thinking more like she could add depth to these kinds of songs with a little more maturity. I mean, her voice is AMAZING and she’s only 15/16! Can you imagine what it’ll be like in just a few more years? WOWZA.

  59. I loved this KMM! Not only because you guys are hilarious and always so friggin cute, but also because you always teach me more about the Korean culture/traditions and so on. I am such a huge fan of Eat Your Kimchi, and I want you guys to always have as much freedom as possible to do whatever you think is the best. Haters will hate alone, but the rest of us love you guys because you are genuine and real. Keep fighting! (And I’ll dream of bear nipples tonight)

  60. Hareem Siddiqi

    I vote for Super junior!

    btw, when is that WANK from last thursday coming out?

  61. I love both of them but I gotta go with super junior on this one

  62. irritablevowel

    Martina making out with a stuffed unicorn was deeply disturbing.

    • Cyber_3

      Yes, I was almost wondering if it would go even more disturbing if she magically transformed (into wearing her own unicorn costume) – LOL! Perhaps they don’t have any other huge stuffies at the EYK studio, but that it was a unicorn and Martina made it perfect (partially because it WAS disturbing). The bloopers scene made me laugh so hard – I feel for you Martina, I think Simon was wondering just how far you would go XD

      Cyber_3 – Martina is just sooooooo cuuuuuute in her unicorn costume

  63. okay you guyz, I’ll have to vote for Lee Hi, because Super Juniors Cooking Cooking just … whoa. Maybe if it was for a kitchen electronic commercial I would let it slide but … I wonder how they will react if someone starts playing the song and they are told to dance to it? Oh yeah … do you guys mind LEDApple Let the Wind Blow… or Taeyang I’ll be There, plz?

  64. Yay Lee Hi review! Thanks for reviewing it. (^▽^)
    As much as I love UKISS’ new song/album, I love this song and Lee Hi’s album (I can’t wait for the second part!)
    Her music video is so adorable until you consider that there is probable some sweaty guy in the Teddy Bear outfit
    Interesting take on the bear, I never considered Lee Hi to be dating the bear… to me it was her childhood toy and eventually you grow out of it and let it go

  65. I felt it in my bones that you won’t review U-KISS… but I was hoping for Teen Top! I just like “Miss Right” soooo much. But I like “It’s Over” as well, so complaints aside. It must have been a tough decision for you. But I’m not giving up on Teen Top yet! It’s been so long since a video that I voted for got reviewed *sigh*

    To the review:

    1) I agree about the colors!
    2) When you said “bear nipples” I heard “bare nipples”. Bare bear nipples. Well, maybe it’s better that it was Taeyang and not Kiseop- imagine a giant teddybear wearing a MANBra (BearBra?). BTW, I spot some bear trend in Music Mondays. TaeMAN had bears in the background (it was my wallpaper for some time ;]), SISTAR19 were like bear in the woods and now this one…
    3) I know that many people already commented on this, but WHAAAT, how come you haven’t seen “Cooking Cooking” before? Just don’t tell me you haven’t seen “Haengbok” as well!

  66. I vote for Cooking Cooking!!~
    I’m so happy that you guys viewed this ^ ^

  67. The Meemers in the background!!! XD So cute~~ <3

  68. I knew when you said “take it away Spudgy” without giving him an adjective something was gonna be different! Props to whoever made it!! I hope he’s doing well and happier with the warmer weather!

  69. wow, meemers can teleport, awesome

  70. I probably would’ve gone into a ‘kissme rage’ if I didn’t like this song so much xD Even though I’m biased towards the Standing Still MV Lee Hi’s MV was more fun to watch ^_^

  71. Totally out of topic, but Martina, you look sooooooooooooooooooo pretty with those long brown hair! x)

  72. I haven’t watched it (still at work) but yay for sticking with your own choice! I was getting tired of too many boybands (and I’m a girl) too. Yes, they’re great but it’s a lot more entertaining if s&m choose a bizarre video (like this bear loving MV) that they can have fun with!! Music Monday got dull after awhile when s&m gave in the pressure of the vote. I actually wished that the vote was scrapped altogether and s&m pick whatever they like. But I understand that you need to do what’s on demand to get views. Anyhow, I can see this one will be a fun music monday even before I watch it. Can’t wait till I get home!! YAY!

  73. The video is cute and the sort of video that you can watch over and over again just to notice something new. I do prefer 1 2 3 4 better, but this is still a pretty rad song. (:

    I’m glad S&M are picking from the top three because they’re putting so much work into making these videos and it’d be better for us as well as them if they enjoyed writing the script and filming!

  74. Great work guise!! :D Thank you for the laugh! (I so needed it – . – )

    Where’s Spudgy? : /


  75. Actually, I can say I’m a KISSME and an HIHEEL too. Even if Standing Still is one of my favorite Ukiss’ song, the MV is a bit disappointing. Then, I voted for It’s Over, ’cause I’m really in love for Lee Hi’s new work. So, I’m really happy to see you choose this one.
    p.s: Eli and Kevin are outstanding in Standing Still. ;)

  76. KATHyphenTUN

    YES! i’m so glad this was reviewed! I voted for both UKISS and Lee Hi, but I’m glad you choose this one! There was so much more to work with and you made it so entertaining to watch. Martina I hope you didn’t swallow to many fluffy fuzzies there…. :P

  77. I just wanted to let you guys know how awesome your videos are, your reviews have become a family affair every Monday.

    I know you are getting a lot of flack about not reviewing Standing Still this Monday, and as a diehard U-Kiss fan, I must say something you probably have not heard: Please DON’T review Standing Still.

    Seriously. This is the only problem with watching K-Pop Mondays with the whole family. It was rather embarrassing to have to listen to the Tae-MAN song all week after Disturbance. The younger brother knew he was a bias and made sure to memorize the song. I’m terrified with what might happen after Standing Still. If DoraDora was the ‘Oh My’ dance, I can’t imagine what Standing Still’s dance will be titled. I speak for my sister: Kevin is her bias. Enough said.

    Myself, I was whole-heartedly relieved that Soohyun’s fanservice moves in the beginning of the dance were barely shown in the video. However, I know I am not in the clear yet, since you guys have been known to pull up live footage. (I’m remembering watching your review for Infinite’s Paradise with my Dad over my shoulder. Needless to say, I stopped showing him reviews that I had not previously watched.)

    But I know in my heart that you will eventually review it, since most U-Kiss fans will not share my worries. So if and when you do review this music video, please focus more on Dongho’s horrible topknot-slash-bun instead of the chorus dance moves. So I don’t have to find myself explaining to my Mom, “It’s just K-Pop! Just K-Pop!” ;-)

    • …. they almost reviewed Epik High’s “Don’t Hate Me”…I’ve tried to categorize this as family material…but it isn’t… we’re called “Nasties” after all… so “You so Nasty” is part of our existence

      • It’s not that EYK isn’t family friendly material; it’s more like they can easily provide fuel for ‘sibling blackmail material’! xD

    • Lol…. I love your comment! I’m also doubting abt Standing Still review… I’m afraid S&M didn’t like the video very much…
      Personally I love the song but the MV is kinda not ukiss-ey quality, Alone was much better shot in my opinion, coz I think Standing Still has Alone feel + DoraDora and TickTack dance moves~^^

      • I agree, unfortunately, it feels like if they have reviewed one U-Kiss video….they have reviewed them all. And I hate saying such a thing! I loved Alone’s video…except for the outfits in the solo shots – especially Kevin and Hoon’s. They seemed not to blend with the rest of the video.

        • well reviewing one U-KISS MV doesn’t necessary mean you’ve reviewed all the others… but I must agree their MVs usually have something in common, the dance moved in particular~^^
          lmao those hats were awful, especially Kevin’s! >.<

      • actually, I feel like the MV was very UKiss-ey quality, for the Korean releases. Alone was so much better because in Japan they are under the label Avex, which is a LOT bigger than NHMedia and has a lot more money to spend producing a song and MV for U-Kiss. Plus, U-Kiss is more popular in Japan so they know they will be making their money back. I think Neverland proved that a better song and MV doesn’t necessarily equal more popularity in Korea for U-Kiss.

        For this MV I could tell that, well, it was cheaply and fastly made. They only had basically one scene, the abandoned warehouse, that was only decorated up a little with some chain link fences and road signs. NHMedia obviously didn’t spend a ton of money for the MV, and I have to say that’s probably a smart choice. U-Kiss doesn’t pull in as much money with their Korean releases, and if they spend less money on the MV that’s more money made in profit. I mean, you could spend $2 million producing a song and MV (aka SM) but then you don’t actually make much money off of it, since you are unlikely to sell more than $2 million worth of CDs. The same idea of spending less money during production is why Indie bands are able to survive.

        By the way, is anyone else pissed that even though Alone is probably one of the best U-Kiss videos ever made, Avex refuses to release even a short MV of it online? Urgh, sometimes I really dislike the way Japan markets things.

        • The abandoned warehouse is the same as in Doctor Who did you know that? Maybe they are secretly saving the world!!! hehehe. Yes and Avex is super annoying with their videos!

        • Doctor Who and U-Kiss! Yes!!!!

        • What you say is quite reasonable~^^

          U-KISS is not so popular in Korea unlike outside Korea, true~ but that actually pisses me off coz they ARE improving so much for the past years but Koreans just don’t pay attention T.T Maybe they should do some more variety? idk~

          Avex is bigger then NH, true but here I mast say, NH did a good job (in the MV shooting) with Neverland and after but Standing Still feels like era BEFORE Neverland (ManManHani for ex. and even that one has some set changes).
          Besides the only Avex MV for U-KISS i find perfect is TickTack, the others are lacking in some kind (doesn’t mean I don’t like them!). Even Alone – when I saw THAT black room with light holes I thought of Changmin in Keep Your Head Down and Alone has bunch of other kpop references….which doesn’t bother me but still~^^

          We all know SM with their expensive boxes and ANNOYING never-closing ads [ughh >.<] so never mind, they have no imagination to make an INTERESTING MV… sadly -___-

          and Avex did release the short pv of Alone! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZqQl2Zk3-A

        • Yeah, Japan has… interesting marketing strategies. I think the strategy behind not releasing the MV online is that they want to force fans to pay the (exorbitant) price to buy the DVD that has the MV on it. The problem for international fans is that even if I could sell my liver to buy that DVD, it would be useless because it is a region 2 dvd and my dvd players will only play region 1 dvds, because I live in the US. So in the past the international fans had to rely on the Japanese fans (or Korean fans who bought the Japanese dvd) to upload an HD mv for us. This time around it doesn’t seem to be happening. Maybe it has something to do with the increasing tension between the international, Korean, and Japanese fans. I mean seriously what’s up? I’ve seen fanclubs that won’t let you join if you’re not from Korea or Japan, and existing fan clubs that are threatening to boot all international fans out. Can’t we all just get along? U-Kiss loves all their fans equally, and they aren’t popular enough that they can afford to lose any of their three fanbases. So why are their fanbases warring among each other? Aren’t Kissmes known for being a sweet fluffy fandom?

          Anyways, the reason we have the low quality full MV uploaded is because they aired the MV on tv several times, a month before they even released the cd. So people recorded that and put it online.

        • Use VLC on your computer to play out-of-region discs — if your DVD drive will let you, and most do. Many hardware DVD players also have codes that can be programmed via the remote that kill the region checking. Then there’s BitTorrent…

        • Yes it’s the only logical answer, I know… but I seriously must say I hate that strategy -__-

          The interesting part is THAT cubic logo can be found in a loads of Japanese MV releases by Korean artists BUT at least they have HD quality (so I can even close my eyes on the logos throughout the whole MV) but why there’s no such thing with Alone I can’t get~

          Whut??? 진짜? I haven’t heard of that fanclubs issue! That’s ridiculous! We need more KISSMEs and they put race restrictions for joining or threats of disqualifying you from a fanclub?! 말도 안돼!

  78. I like how this is a different one from the number one! This song is getting mad airtime in Korea, or so my friends in Seoul have been telling me. A lot of the time, the foreign fans only vote for the “sexy” boy bands that they pine for.
    Thanks, Martina and Simon. You are keeping up up to date with current pop-culture in Korea. Huzzah!

  79. I have to say I LOVE Lee Hi, she is so unique and sweet. She really doesn’t need flashy costumes or cool dance moves to totally captivate me…I really am a fan~! I love this Music Monday, really fun and quirky as always. Can’t wait for next Monday..wait actually I can…it’s March Break and I don’t want to go back to school~~~

  80. super junior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Bleh… I think that the video is cute… but it didnt make me wanna dance or even show that I enjoyed the 3 minutes that it took out of my life to watch it. Bleh…

  82. Loved how you took the bear’s side. He’s just so misunderstood. :P

  83. I did not like Standing Still at all :( I love UKISS to pieces but even though I tried listening to the song over and over to see if it would catch on it did not. I am really glad Lee Hi got reviewed because both the song and video were extremely catchy and creative. WAIT Eli looked really really really good in the video. Like whao changing my bias from Kevin to Eli? NAHHHH <3 Kevin forever!

  84. People are going to be upset that you didn’t review the U-Kiss video? WHAT?! I can’t imagine that, because this is an awesome review.

  85. Wolverine Tshirt for the Win! Matina, you are just awesome.

  86. I love Lee Hi and this video was super cute! She seems to be getting more and more comfortable with everything and while I liked 1234 better as a song, I feel this mv is more appropriate for her. There was some bad girl sexyness in 1234 that made me uncomfortable and it seemed to make her unsure as well, she was more stiff and it came off in the video. She’s too young for the whole bending to show my behind stuff, and it doesn’t fit her sound to me. You can be sexy and not wiggle lol

  87. I vote for SUJU! :D

    Also I think you did a good job on this review. I love it how you are always able to find weird plots in each music video.

  88. To tell the truth i like ukiss but i also really like lee hi. I mean i watched both mvs, and honestly ukiss’s mv is kinda boring. Just flashing lights and a hot girl. I like their song don’t get me wrong, but Lee hi’s voice is so catchy and her video was interesting. It’s good to see fresh and new things rather than mainstream kpop. Point is, it’s hard to compare them. I’m really glad you guys chose Lee hi, and it honestly made me very happy to see your comments^^ Thank you for always working so hard for us. <33 we love you!

  89. I’m just kind of sad this was reviewed instead of U-Kiss… =/ Not even just because I don’t care for the song/I love U-Kiss, but because of the mentality to me. I mean, if it was “Oh U-Kiss can hang on another week” well… SHINee could’ve hung on another week as well easily and perhaps NU’EST could’ve actually been reviewed? IDK, it just kind of bothers me…

  90. As one who fully believes in successful human/pigeon relations, I find dating a stuffed bear not even slightly implausible. /bricked.

    …let’s see if anybirdie’s out there. ò >ó

  91. glad you guys reviewed Lee Hi :D such a good song and a cute video. and I choose Lee Hi (not sure if we can vote here though)

  92. I appreciate you guy’s work,but,seriously you are soooo YG biased!!!!this is not fair!!

    we KISSMEs votted our asses off for a week and we get this boring video reviewed…

    If you guys are gonna choose what video you wanna review,then get rid of the voting system seriously…

    You have every right to pick the video you wanna review but not with this whole voting system..

    • I think you’re UKiss biased. Just saying.

    • You’re a new kissme aren’t you? I’m a Kissme and I’m not that bothered by it.why? because they can get reviewed next week. So if you really want a review you can help out by leaving a (non-spam) comment or two. Thank you for your understanding!

    • No need to rage at them~
      If KissMe’s did it once, we can definitely re-vote them to he top for this week.
      And just because you thought it was boring, doesn’t mean that the rest of us aren’t happy to see it.
      So lighten up and give the Kimchi team a break, we want them to enjoy making videos don’t we? :)

    • And when they did pick the #1 song, people would complain that they rigged the votes. Either way SOMEONE is always there to complain about who gets reviewed for KMM. They’ve never denied being YG biased, however their voting system isn’t biased. They explained a couple of weeks ago of the new changes to the voting system. So, no biasness was involved.

      • Lol that’s not the voting system,but the change about selecting the video to review,and there was definitely biassness involved,it’s just that you don’t understand, ”they have more to talk about this video” ”they like this video more” etc..
        these are also being biased..be it YG or whatever…

        • Yeah it is the voting system. They clearly said: from now on they’d be picking from the top 3 since many people were complaining that the same artists are always getting reviewed and that rookies and artists with a smaller fanbase were getting jipped.

          Well when you put it that way I guess you can call it “biased”, but it’s not necessarily a bias towards an artist as it is to a particular music video. Just because they didn’t choose UKISS’s video doesn’t mean they like UKISS less than LEE HI. It just means they wanted to represent more of the female kpop artists on KMM , they believe UKISS can hold out for 2 weeks on the charts and don’t think LEE HI can, ….and..perhaps…LEE HI’s video although boring in my eyes, was more interesting to EYK. So what?

        • You don’t get it,do you?
          voting system has not changed,that’s just the change in picking and selecting process…
          So what?that’s why i’m talking about getting rid of the voting system…they can just choose the video they want…

        • Nope voting system has changed. Vote an artist to the top and they’ll pick from the top three instead of the #1 spot as in the past. How the charts work hasn’t changed. I like the amalgamation of the two systems, partly the voters choose and partly they choose. The votes help them see what their viewers think are the most interesting music videos and then they choose from there the one they want to review. Sounds pretty legit to me. It’s a win-win situation =)

        • you say it yourself…they pick from the top three..the voting system hasn’t changed..just the way the select the video to review has..

        • SYSTEM: “a group of devices or artificial objects or an
          organization forming a network especially for distributing something or
          serving a common purpose”- Merriam-Webster Dictionary
          YUP the voting SYSTEM changed.

        • Lol the people vote for the video on the site,and by promoting it on facebook,twitter etc…the system hasn’t changed..but the way they select it..which is now between the top 3 has..so the voting system hasn’t changed..

        • Apparently you didn’t understand that particular definition of “system” so I’ll give you a simpler one.
          SYSTEM: A set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network. Them picking from the top three is part of the Kpop Music Monday voting system.

    • Honestly? Wow. It was a VERY different video from what we usually see. And Lee Hi’s song was recent enough that it was pretty clear her fans voted their asses off, too. And did you ever think that maybe YG puts out music that just happens to be the kind of thing they personally like? It’s not necessarily about an ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY, but about the companies doing a good job and it paying off. UKISS has a huge fan group, and, honestly, they HAVE reviewed AND INTERVIEWED for you! Please, be patient enough to allow other fandoms to see their biases reviewed. Also, the voting system still promotes the most popular items up – if you weren’t voting so much you might not have ANY chance of seeing them get reviewed. Would you prefer that? The systems work together in a way that is more fair to S&M – this way it’s less likely that they will grow bored of doing K-pop Music Mondays or decide to stop doing it because it no longer appeals to them. They may cater to us, but it’s still their own show.

      • Just talking about my opinion here…like everyone does and i thought that was boring..
        That’s why i’m talking about getting rid of the voting system…

  93. if you thought Cooking Cooking was scary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PalrvWHfm2Y

  94. I think Martina in the library with the unicorn may go down in history as one of my FAVORITE KMM skits. Still LOLing.
    Glad you picked Lee Hi – I think that bear is hilarious. And hooray for actual cute, instead of the disturbing Girls Generation version.

  95. The part with the shopping cart reminded me of a scandinavian cheese ad xD at 1m 42s


  96. this video’s totally awesome!!! thanks for finally doing a girl. I have a request for a showdown: TVXQ’s balloons vs. G-dragon’s crayon. I don’t think either have ever lost, and it would be great to see them pitted against eachother. oh yeah! COOKING COOKING!!! (and pajama party)

  97. Yay, another great KMM! I was actually shocked to see you had chosen Lee Hi! I thought for sure you would have stuck with U-Kiss, but I am glad you decided to go in the direction you did. I like U-Kiss, don’t get me wrong, but I thought more could be said about “It’s Over” versus “Standing Still”.

    My whole interpretation of the video is that Lee Hi is a sweet girl (hence all the candy) and the bear was a sweet bear, ’til he saw some stuff in a magazine that made him want to be a bad ass and have a bad ass girlfriend.

    On a separate, more sappy note, I hope you guys read the wonderful, supportive comments and not just the bad. People will say hurtful stuff just because they can hide behind the keyboard. But from all the comments I’ve been reading, for every rude note written there appears to be three more Nasties popping up to support you two.

    Aaaaannnyways, yeah. Keep doing what you do. You guys are awesome.

  98. I love you guys for putting your foot down and FINALLY reviewing a female! I feel like the only person in the k-pop universe who is girl group/soloist biased so I really appreciate it.

    • You do realize that that’s why they changed the way they pick their videos right? It was bound to happen eventually. A male group would be in 1st and 3rd place but the girl group would be in 2nd place, and probably could have made it to 1st in the next week but it will be picked instead.
      I just hope they don’t do the exact opposite of what they disliked in the first place. Meaning, I hope they don’t just review every single girl group that makes it into the top 3 in spite of the other 2 songs and then flood us with girls instead of boys.

      • I’m pretty sure they’re going to try to just make it more even. And plus they DO consider the fans (they asked our opinions before they changed the vote system and everyone seemed VERY in favor of it!) so I’m sure there will still be LOTS of dude-videos, since Nasties overwhelmingly love the boys. Myself, I’m just gonna be happy if it means they have more fun doing reviews like this one, because it translates into their work. This was a really fun, lighthearted KMM. ^_^

        • millie102685

          I’m not saying it wasn’t fun. I’m generally like that voice in the back of everyone’s heads that they try to ignore. I may not say what you want to hear but I’m going to say it.

  99. then why didn’t you review nuest last week they were second and you did a review of a lot of shinee’s videos

  100. I’m glad y’all used the new system and much as I’m a die hard kissme, I know they can stay on top longer and I just loved Lee Hi’s mv. Screw the bashing people are gonna do. This is YOUR channel and you can’t please everyone.

  101. Where the fluff is Spudgy?!!?

  102. Isabel Ruby

    i’m glad it wasn’t ukiss, but i kind of wanted miss right to get reviewed…. but then lee hi’s video was HiLeerious…. see what i did there? and it should’ve been -.05 points.. tsk tsk ;]

  103. I actually prefer that you guys reviewed Lee Hi…..I liked her song and video.

  104. OH MY GOD SIMON I cannot believe you haven’t see COoking Cooking!! You need to get into the olllld SUJU videos they are hilarious Pajama Party, Rokugo, they were incredible!!!!!! My love for Cooking Cooking is could power a hot air balloon for centuries one of the first videos I ever watched getting into Kpop I love Super Junior Happy it makes me cry tears of joy every time I see it I squealed like a tiny pig when it appeared on the screen on dear Buddha *breathes into bag*
    Yes I vote for Cooking Cooking love love love it

  105. Thank you for opening our eyes to the plight of the bear!

  106. I’m very happy that you choose Lee Hi, it’s an awesome song and it makes me happy (oddly enough, it’s after all about a break-up^^). I’ve listen to it everyday since it came out, it simply makes my day. The mv is great and fresh, reminds me of a cartoon sort of with all the signs and what-not…

  107. buuu… I don’t like this song… I barely managed to listen to the half of it :(
    so not- catchy one.

    however, I must say that I don’t know what you guys will have to eat first :D to say something about U-kiss video.
    I love U-kiss, but the mv for Standing Still… nothing happened there!

    I would love you to talk something about Teen Top rather. the song is super duper fun and the mv was also hilarous.
    but… you know… votes count :)

    • yanagiba yusuke22

      yessss….agree….sorry to KissMe….ukiss mv is abt them in room dance…no mny diff w/ other mv actually….for me…tenntop hv mny thing to talk abt than ukiss

  108. Review what you want. If you enjoy making it there is a higher possibility that Nasties will like what you make. i liked this KMM.

    I also liked the KMM were you ripped the people who wrote ‘No More Perfume’ a new one. That day i stood up and clapped while watching. Cause you gave an honest opinion about something.

    I like to know about what you think or find interesting about the music videos. it makes me upset that people go after you when you don’t review what they want, but when you do and you don’t like the song/MV and you actually say that they go after you anyway.

    I remember when i was all excited that EXO was going to get reviewed and then you left the country. Got over it quickly cause i get that you guys have stuff to do and a life outside of KMM. it was such a shame you missed the pants shaking gold though. Simon really could have ruined so much for us.


    • Me too! The NMPOY KMM is one of my favorites KMM, and I’m an Angel !!! (Teen Top fan, for those who don’t know).

      I always enjoy when S&M give their honest opinion about a video or song even if I don’t agree with them, like they don’t liking Infinite’s Paradise, one of my favorite songs from them, but this kind of diversity of opinion is what makes S&M videos so interesting to me :)

  109. I never heard of cooking cooking before so I just saw the mv and the live perfomance for the first time..
    Well that was quite a video O.O
    Right now I find myself in a weird state between excessive laughter and total disbelief !! xDD
    I guess my parents must think I’m gone crazy.. :D

  110. btw its minus 0.05 if you have lee hi’s english a 4.95 out of 5 – not minus 5 or 0.5… a top set mathematician can’t stand incorrect sums :3

  111. Super Junior’s Cooking Cooking. ^^ Haha.

  112. Spoiliers I’m reading comments!!!!!!! Ugghhhhhh

  113. kkkkkkkkkk, loved your explanation on the plot! Poor bear was misunderstood, hehe.
    Thanks for the KMM!!
    Btw, couldn’t help but follow Memmers while Martina was talking! lol

  114. I can’t watch the video so I won’t complain! Youtube sucks,… it always bans me from watching videos, what have I done sooo bad???!!!!!!!!!!!! *sobs*

  115. Super Junior’s cooking cooking! It’s so corny, and I love it >_<

  116. I thought you guys hated aegyo and yet you picked this song without mentioning how disturbingly aegyo (read: bad) this video is!?

    • They don’t hate aegyo just sometimes find it a bit disturbing, I think Simon said he didn’t like Martina being aegyo, or that for some people it didn’t suit them (like BAP). Well that’s what I understood,… Sorry if I misunderstood.

    • it’s not really sickening or forced aegyo though. And she’s not being overly cute, you can tell she’s just doing it naturally because she probably feels more comfortable doing that than acting sexy…she is only 16 years old.

    • “We also like that the cute innocence of this video is actually cute and innocent, and not lolita-esque, like “I’m cute and innocent oppa but I’m so sexy!” Lee Hi is just cute, ”
      There you have it. Cute versus aegyo (flirt)

      • But she’s so FAKE; it doesn’t suit her or the song at all! I mean, I know they acknowledge she’s not good at acting but… Ah never mind… I’m just not liking this video (not that the other contender’s videos were that good but still)

  117. Isn’t it minus 0.05 points to be technical….. ;)

  118. unicornsgalaxy

    *sigh* …I’m slightly disappointed in you guys… unicorns do not sound like that. That sounded more like a wookie. Unicorns have more of a twinkling sound of magic, rainbows, and happiness. Other than that good music Monday.

    I gotta vote for Super Junior – Happy ( it’s not Super Junior. It’s actually a sub group of them called Super Junior – Happy) Cooking Cooking.

  119. Buwhahaha, the bear is fighting against diabetes. You know, it actually makes sense! :P Hilarious! I don’t mind a couple of more skits myself, the video might be longer but it’s worth it. :)

  120. did u guys see how she put a g dragon bear on the video? XD

  121. I kinda want a bear with that angry expression now …. and I’m craving gummy bears. >< Wasn't a huge fan of the song. I have a hard time remembering the melody because I always remember 1,2,3,4 instead. The video was really interesting though.

    Oh yeah and … Meemers videobomb!!!

    PS. KissMes – Please don't be negative about Standing Still not being reviewed this week. I'm sure we can keep it on top for next week.

  122. I loved the song,and your tale of Lee Hi-Teddy break up,it totally makes sense to me. :)
    Btw i love how yg promotes lee hi using these gigantic baloons over their headquarters.

  123. I really like your interpretation of the MV :) I found it quite amusing.

  124. I was surprised that you guys picked Lee Hi over U-Kiss (seems as though the Nasty KissMes are the most vocal of the Nasties), but not mad. *ahem* I have to agree that I like Lee Hi, because of her killer vocals and the authentic feel that she has; she isn’t a polished idol, but she’s still talented and it seems like Korea likes that too. I still enjoy (and appreciate) the polished idols and all their hard work, but sometimes, I just wanna step away from the candy coated world of the idolsphere and relax with a song and a voice. As for this week’s showdown, I pick Lee Hi; “Cooking? Cooking!” is so trollish (and kind of scary) that it makes me unable to like the song.

  125. 1. Actually, it’s -0.05 You said 4.95. (sorry for nitpicking, but I just had a physics exam)
    2. Martina, is that Simon’s hat you’re wearing???
    Also you guise are awesome :D

  126. Martina, don’t do that in library~ :DD This video is cute and Lee Hi looks more professional.
    I hope that teen top will have a chance on mm.
    I vote for Suju, this video is so hilarious.

  127. I’m glad you reviewed Lee Hi’s video, it’s so cute and fun. And different. My vote goes for Super Junior, a crazy, fun video. I wish they got to do more fun stuff like that.

  128. I wonder if the gangsta bear was friends with the bear from the “Ted” movie
    and you guys need to see SJ with their vegetable costumes doing their live for Cooking Cooking, hahaha one of my faves because is so random and hilarious xDD my vote goes to SJ-H of course.

  129. Lee Hi over Super Junior though. That “Cooking? Cooking!” video frightens me for some reason. *Hides* Yes, definitely Lee Hi.

  130. I’m really glad the two of you pick from the top 3 because:
    1) You have more freedom overall, which clearly translates to a more enjoyable filming time for you two. =)

    2) Although I like far more gentleman groups/artists than girls, I don’t always want a peanut fest either. (Simon said something like this once, I assume I can say it too.) Diversity for the win, yo.
    Either way you look at it, whether you solely have to go with the #1 pick or from the top 3, someone will feel particularly blue about it, to put it lightly. You can’t make everyone happy and that’s okay. You two work so hard and I think plenty of us appreciate what you do.
    I don’t mean to get super sappy here, but I do hope the negativity you two receive doesn’t bother you–too much.. Heck, you said you’ll have to put some sort of ban on tumblr? I’m not sure what that means, but that’s almost sad you know you have to take such a precaution..
    Before I become too rambly, I’ll just say you two are the coolest cats around (love your corny humor btw, I’m that way too) and keep on doing what you love and enjoy. You don’t need to apologize for everything you do. =)
    EYK -> Awesomesauce!

    • I agree :) You guys are amazing and with you picking out of the top three it allows for more of a variety. I also thinks it helps some of the slightly less known artists because than they may gain more fans through your reviews.

      And plus this is your blog. You have the right to do what you want with it, and I will be a happy Nasty and support you…unless it becomes something bad then, we may need to have a talk about things.

    • “…which clearly translates to a more enjoyable filming time for you two. =)”

      THIS. I cannot stress enough how much more fun and entertaining and FUNNY the videos are where you can tell they had freedom and fun doing it. It’s WAY better to watch, and improves their overall quality.

  131. Note: Do not watch these videos at work. O.o Loved it! But is Spudgy okay? :( There was a stand-in Spudgy.

  132. What is this? Ukiss won fair and square ,,,,,,, this is not right :(

  133. Martina! What did you think of the über-cute bear hat?? :D I SOOOO want it but I just can´t find it!

  134. Ah.. the Top 3 rule has been affected… Personally I would have chosen Teen Top’s video because there seemed to be much more to talk about but you know, “women and children first”.
    But why would you review U-Kiss next week? Wasn’t it skipped because its, for lack of better word, boring? If U-Kiss could stay on the top wouldn’t Lee Hi be able to? I don’t get the logic for that decision but whatever.
    I choose Super Junior H Cooking Cooking. Simply because there is real food in the video and Sungmin and Eunhyuk are adorable.

    • I don’t see the logic either, if they wanted to review it they would have done it this week and freed up the top spot for someone else this week.

    • I can understand their reasoning. There are certain groups that always win the EYK polls and U-Kiss is one of them. Their fans are apparently extremely dedicated to voting on this site, so U-Kiss should have no problem staying in the top three, whereas Lee Hi has a lot of things working against her, such as the fact that she is a solo artist and female (BoA has only made it to KMM once and she’s pretty crazy popular from what I’ve heard). The chances of Lee Hi being able to maintain her Top Three status for two weeks is slim from what I’ve seen, but I could be wrong.

      I would have chosen Teen Top’s too, since it was so insanely bizarre and full of jokes waiting to happen. But I’m really pleased with their review of Lee Hi. I love their Teddy Bear Junk Food Theory. XD

    • Such a “thoughtful” Nasty right here…

      • To be a fan of Simon & Martina I am not allowed to be critical of or disagree with some things? Do you want me to be a fan or a thoughtless drone?

        • To be a fan also means to be aware of your own actions and their consequences. To me seemed like stating your oppinion is the most important thing. What happens after: “don’t care” Yeah…”fan”

        • millie102685

          nope. I posted a comment and I’m deleting it now. not worth the time.

        • kitten_lilac

          I didn’t mind your opinion. In fact, I thought you stated it in a pretty nice way. That’s why I replied with my own opinion (which I also hope you didn’t mind). Being critical is a good skill to practice as long as it isn’t offensive or hurtful, so, no problem with your post from what I saw. ^_^ I guess some people are just a bit sensitive.

        • millie102685

          That wasn’t directed to you. It was to someone that commented after you. :)

      • Oi oi be nice ^^;;

  135. Yay! I am happy! I love Lee Hi :) I hope someday you’ll get to review a Sunny Hill video..or SPICA! they never seem to make it on the charts :( too underrated!! Thanks EYK :D

  136. Completely unrelated but I see the shoebox I used to send you a package in the background lol
    Anywho, I liked this KMM, since Lee Hi’s music is so different from typical kpop it’s nice to have this reviewed

  137. The reason for simon making martina kiss weird unicorn for so long? Enjoyment :D

  138. i laughed so hard at the “HI-larious” joke :D
    i don’t know who to choose between SJ and Hi, i love both songs and videos T_T
    … i pick up Hi, because i’m sure more people will vote for SuJu ^^

  139. Other nasties don’t murder me for this. Like I have been in the past before when I’ve tried to put constructive criticism across. I have one small complaint and its not to do with ukiss so don’t worry, but can you guys please, please stop mentioning that girls don’t get reviewed at every possible moment. *Dont kill me* :( There hasn’t been any really relevent girl videos to come out in the past few weeks and sistar19 was in first place on the kpop charts. Sadly when I saw that lee hi’s video had one first place instead of being excited for the video I was thinking, oh simon and martina are going to spend the video commenting about how their reviewing a girl and that’s not why I like music mondays. If a girls video sucks you shouldn’t just review it because the artist has two X chromosomes. That’s not to say that lee hi’s video sucks, shes probably my second favourite korean artist at the moment. But don’t just harper on that shes a female. And don’t review guys video just because their guys either. Review a video because you like it and will have fun talking about it. Not because the artist has two X chromosomes.

    I enjoyed the rest of this music monday though :)

    Sorry for this post if it offended you, it was not my intention if it did :( it’s just been bugging me for a while now :( Don’t beat me over the head with a banana nasties :( *runs away*

    • I feel they have to reinstate themselves so often because of the flaming…. which do affects them…. which is something I don’t like too.. but yeah. It’s their way of respecting everyone; the many fandoms out there. And the scary ppl lol disclaimers are a must!

      • I certainly agree, it upsets me to see when people harper on S&M for no reason and it makes me scared to comment every once in a while :( I was thinking about back spacing my entire comment just when I was about to post it for fear of hurting simon and martina :)

      • This is something that’s a major concern for me, though I understand why S&M deem it necessary: that they spend precious seconds, even minutes of their videos with some kind of a disclaimer or reasoning so it can tone down the hate. Because putting it in their blog posts or description boxes aren’t enough since lots of people don’t bother reading. *frustrated headdesking* But neither can I expect them to have skin thick as armor. I was utterly clueless to the EYK hate until I had stumbled unto Tumblr. *shudder*

    • I agree that we shouldn’t be excited just because it’s a girl, but the fact remains that they are less popular than the guys :P Even I’m guilty of that – my kpop listening is about 95% boybands, and 5% girls. It’s something that we still need to address :)

      • well that’s prob (in my case) because I’m a tomboy :3

      • My listening is 95% boy bands because I don’t like 80% of what girl groups come out with. I love YG and JYP because their girl groups and female artists have really rawresome music, but both of those companies are notoriously slow on the comebacks. (I’m looking at you YG, and your stalling of 2NE1 ;P) So while I am boy biased, it isn’t just because I’m hormonal. LOL

        • I don’t like some of the aegyo-ish stuff (and others, I can’t stop singing :P), but I mainly just need to make more of an effort when it comes to finding girl bands/solo artists :)

        • Orange Caramel is my aegyo weakness. Lol I’m not adverse to cutesy music, it’s just that it’s done wrong so often, I’ve kinda lost faith. XD

        • I only really liked Lipstick by them :) I really found the plot to be funny and cute :)

        • If you like 2NE1, you might find EXID and D-UNIT to your liking; when I heard them I was really taken in, and it’s a great, similar sound to 2NE1 without copying. The D-UNIT song that’s at #4 right now is the most aegyo I’ve seen them go; usually they’re much more hard core. :3

        • I lurve EXID and from what I’ve heard of D-Unit, I like them too :D

      • I’m like 98% girl bands and 2% boy bands, but that’s because I prefer the sound of a female voice, not because I don’t like the male artists.

        • Cool – I find that some of the girl band sounds don’t appeal to me… I kinda feel bad as to why I don’t listen to more girl bands and it’s mainly because I lack effort – it’s kind of the same with the boy bands, but that i have more people recommending boybands to me than girlbands :P

        • Cool!For me it’s the other way around. I prefer lower voices. And since most male voices are lower than female voices…that means I mostly like male artists. T-ara is the exception to that rule though.

    • “relevent girl video” is a bit rude. There were a lot boybandvideos reviewed which weren’t at all relevant, but bad researched with funny dancescenes and strange shooted. But that’s the point: really funny kpop music mondays are about funny videos, and a lot girlbands don’t do videos with THAT akward sexy dances and strange faces. So it’s eather a good video or a bad video, but not that much to talk about… And the strange ones get overlooked often, because they have not the great fan-base boybands got.

      • Maybe relevant was a bit harsh for me to say what I meant was popular. Besides sistar19 and snsd there hasn’t been that popular girl mv’s that has come out this year. Rainbow lost a heck of their popularity with their 2 year hiatus and nine muses isn’t what I’d call an A+ tier group. The point I’m getting at is that not all girl mv’s should be reviewed because they are girls. True some boy mv’s were weird but so were some girl video’s last year.
        Sorry if I offended you with my post, I had a nuclear physics lecture to get to at the time so I was in a bit of a rush :)

        • Agreed. “It’s Over” is a good video with quite a lot of KMM potential, but emphasizing the fact that Lee HI is a girl made it look a bit like Simon and Martina chose this MV because it’s by female artist and not because of the MV itself.

        • I believe they keep raising the fact that they are reviewing a girls video is because they want the fans who watch KMM to go out and listen/watch girl music. They didn’t review Lee Hi this week because she’s a girl, they reviewed it because, out of the top 3, hers is the most unique. It is easy to say “oh theyre covering her video because she has two xx chromosomes” and just brush her off. I know you’re not brushing her off, but I am genuinely glad they’re doing female idols since we keep getting male bands week after week. It’s sad when a video like Lipstick, which was an amazing visually and plot pleasing MV, is overlooked because another popular male group released a single. I can’t be the only one tired of the Big Bang reviews every week, or the constant focus on popular bands like Ukiss, instead of less covered ones like Special Girl – Infinite H. Yes Lee Hi’s video is a bit boring, but she’s a newbie, and everyone starts at the bottom in this industry. She needs our support because shes an amazing singer and has the potential to be an amazing artist. I’m not bashing on Big Bang or U-Kiss, I love their music, but they have a certain style and after a while there’s only so much you can comment or say about how crazy/awesome GD is.

        • millie102685

          No, they reviewed her because she’s a girl. That’s the whole reason the new Top 3 Rule was enacted. Because girls don’t get enough “love” on KMM. Teen Top doesn’t get every single video reviewed, why not that video then? If we are going for top 3 why not choose one that will likely fall out of 3rd place by the end of this week and not be eligible any longer? Lee Hi has released 2 music videos and both of them have been reviewed. Right now her KMM success rate is higher than Teen Top’s. :/

        • I understand, I also wanted Teen Top to be reviewed this week, same person as before btw, but you need to think of it like this: “Why is EYK mentioning and highlighting women in kpop?” “Why is this video not getting a lot of attention if they like it?” and “What does this say about media representation of women in media?”. Im bringing this up because why are people focusing on that one thing as a reason why she was reviewed. We both watched the same KMM, so we both saw what they discussed and the interesting things they brought up. It was a very good video this week because it was their choice, so they picked something they had a lot to say. Also, Teen Top has been around way longer than Lee Hi, they have a fanbase that has kept them at Number 2/3 for the past like 2 weeks now? How likely would Lee Hi have stayed in the top 3 passed this week? Not very, so yeah they took advantage of it. Instead of saying “They reviewed her cuz shes a girl”, pay attention to what they’re talking about, what theyre bring up. Yeah this is a lot of fun, but it is also educational. I learned a lot about Kpop, the industry and Korea by watching them. And this is something that I’m also learning about, there are a ton of awesome female artists that get to the top 3, like BOA, but they don’t get reviewed. So if EYK needs to step in be like “we;re going to review this because its awesome and doesnt have the attention it deserves” then that’s a reflection of the massive kpop fanbase. Why don’t we support our female idols? And why do we rage so much when they’re chosen over a boy group? Especially since, from what I saw from their videos when meeting nasties in rl or at cons, we are mostly women who watch EYK.

        • millie102685

          Umm, this has nothing to do with “media representation of women in media”. Nu’Est has never been reviewed on KMM. Should S&M have said “we’re going to review this because its awesome and doesnt have the attention it deserves” instead of doing SHINee which I’m sure always gets reviewed? Also, do you realize how the tallying of points works on this website? After 8 days a video is in a steady state of decay, so Teen Top’s video is less likely to stay in the top 3 since it’s already in third place.
          When I’m telling you they literally came up with the Top 3 rule just to review women I’m not being some woman hating fangirl, I am stating facts. Just because my favorite groups aren’t girl groups doesn’t mean I want them gone from the kpop industry, it’s just my personal musical taste.
          What do you want, Sally? Should I get one female song for every male song that I have on my ipod? Should it be two for every one? Would that make you feel that women get enough love? =__=

      • I agree, the reason Simon and Martina bring up the fact that girl’s videos never get reviewed is because of the boy band’s massive fan-base. There have been plenty of interesting girl videos they could have reviewed, particularly some great rookie groups, but they just don’t stand a chance.

    • I totally agree, the video was super adorable but I always think reviews are better when the MV has a story and not just people making faces at the camera, dancing, singing, acting cute, etc…

  140. Lol lots of unhappy people! Don’t worry U-Kiss will be reviewed next week! ^^ <3

  141. Yey! I was hoping Lee Hi would get reviewed because once I saw one of the bears was GD, I was wondering if all of the bears where representations of each Big Bang member and wanted to hear your break down of the video. Thanks!

    I’m hoping TeenTop – Miss Right can stay in the top three and get reviewed next week, because I want to see Martina break down their dance. It seems very Michael Jackson Inspired and I see moves similar to some of Super Junior’s dances. I also think it’s cute that they’ve made their own Shake videos similar to the Harlem Shake videos.

    • Yes! Teen top’s Miss Right is begging to be reviewed it’s hilarious!! I really want to see S&M’s opinion it, the dance, all the teen top shakes, and… well… that one scene…. CHUNJI *o*

  142. Hey it’s perfectly cool that you guys reviewed this instead of U-Kiss! I actually thought this was a very funny and well-written kpop music monday so I’m glad you chose something that has a higher potential of creating an interesting music monday than something that may not necessarily add anything to the table! Keep doing what your doing (ノ・◡・)ノ ♥

  143. I haven’t seen the Super Junior video… But the tiny clip in the corner sort of scared me, so I’m voting for Lee Hi. I also really love and agree with your theory about the Bear. I’m watching the video with new eyes now… Poor, Bear.

  144. when you guys said A BEAR AND A CHILD i swear the pedobear was about to come in but it didnt O-O!! that surprised me
    and my vote goes to SUJU’s cooking cooking >w<!! since it fits the theme more :3

  145. Marina

    Nice video, great song. I really liked the review, guys. Thank you! :)

  146. ktaeng

    I was hoping for U-KISS or Teen Top but Martina making out with the stuffed animal sure was entertaining lololol.

  147. Wow. I really didn’t expect the top 3 rule to happen, but leehi is the best candidate for it I guess. I’m glad to see her chosen :D I love her to bits!
    I find the bear abuses both physically and mentally but you know how manipulative/unpredictable abusers are and how sweet they can be especially before or in the beginning of the relationship. I would like to dedicate this song to both rihanna and chris brown.
    And I would like gummy to do a cover with a much realistic and twisted version. She’ll have to do since tablo won’t be out of his happy mode anytime soon.
    Anyway. Love you guys! Muah! ♥♥

  148. Aaaaaaaahhhhh I loved this week’s review!!! ;D

    But before all else I would like to say the tumblr rage might not be as bad as we think – this is KISSMES we’re talking about after all :)


    lol but seriously, this just shows what a difference it makes when you get to talk about something you really like!!i was nodding the whole time haha
    - i loved the lame HIlarious joke :p
    -lol the fight against diabetes!!! XD it all makes sense now – especially since I know how hard it is to change a patient’s dietary habits ^^;
    Very wise of you to leave out the IU thing, btw. And I would agree that I much prefer musicians who are relatable to myself (and have beards :p)

    Ok bedtime; thanks again for the great KMM, I’ll watch it again tomorrow ^^b

    PS. Did you know Tablo wrote the lyrics? Mwahahaha xD

    • Wait wasn’t it master wu who wrote the lyrics? It even sounded similar to 1234
      **yesh its master wu :p tablo wrote the intro and special. Don’t know the other 2

      • Oh ok :$

        I knew Tablo wrote 3 songs but I couldn’t remember which ones. And then he was tweeting about It’s Over (something about how not all breakups are painful?) – which is probably what gave me that impression ^^;;

    • Ummmm I don’t think he did…

      “The rapper, who wrote the lyrics for “Turn It Up” and “Special“, tweeted what he wanted to express with his lyrics in “Special”, saying, “I think even the [scariest relationships have beauty inside of them]. I wrote the lyrics to Lee Hi’s ‘Special’ with that thought in mind. To those experiencing painful love, have strength! #LEEHI.””

      He wrote two of the songs but not It’s Over.

      • ooooooooooooohhh so he was tweeting about Special. I saw his tweet, and I assumed it was about It’s Over, since it’s also a breakup song :/

    • “But before all else I would like to say the tumblr rage might not be as
      bad as we think – this is KISSMES we’re talking about after all :)”

      LOL. Yeah, I would say that most kissmes have been fans of them for too long to get upset over a KMM being delayed. Disappointed yeah, but not extremely upset. We’ve been through too much else, this isn’t a big deal in comparison. Most of what I’ve been reading on tumblr lately is a mass amount of hate being showed towards the Korean music shows for their poor treatment on their comeback week, but I’ve hardly read any raging/hatred towards eyk, other than the normal blogs that say bad things no matter who they choose or what they do. (Which I don’t even see anymore because I ignored them.)

    • Really? I read he wrote Special and Turn it Up, I didn’t know about It’s Over o_O

  149. i so love 1,2,3,4.. but it’s over i don’t have that BOOM kind of feel that i had with her first song.. the mv is funny her kind of sound is really new for the kpop world and is awesome… i hope to see u-kiss reviewed in KMM next week

    WAIT where is spudgy!? O.O!!! / and i will go with cooking cooking that song is so freaking funny..

  150. oh godd, I remember the first time I saw cooking cooking… the toilet scene… just why? but I still think that super junior’s rokkugo is the wierdest one.

    My votes go for super junior, it’s inevitable

  151. PunkyPrincess92

    man…i totally forgot it was Monday!!
    surprised you guys didn’t call it pedobear!!!
    ahahahahahahahahhaha eeewwww Martina and the unicorn!!!! was NOT expecting that!!!
    poor bear!! trying to help Lee Hi!!! you go bear!! i support you!!
    again i didn’t really like this song…..i guess i just don’t like this style of music!! but of course she has a totally AMAZING voice!!

    ahahaha you guys should watch some more old Suju videos!!! some of them are just so funny!!!
    honestly i’d love it if they did some stupidly hilarious mv’s like that these days!!
    i’ll definitely have to go with Super Junior!!

  152. omg SuJu’s Cooking Cooking! The lives are totally great and hilarious. Yes, it’s old and tacky, but its ridiculously cute! SJ FTW.

  153. Withholding my Kissme fangirl butthurt to appreciate the Lee Hi review. I enjoyed the song a lot and I’m glad she’s getting attention :) Plus, I have no doubt that U-Kiss can stay at the top for another week ^_^ Thank you for the review!

  154. As much as I wanted UKISS reviewed this week, I’m actually really proud of you guys for picking Lee Hi. I mean, this is the whole reason you made it so you could chose from the top three. It’d be pointless if you always chose the number one spot on the charts because you were afraid of upsetting fans. Fighting!

  155. I had to think about “Never wanna ever see you again” when I listened to it the 1st time. I was like wait, what was that? Something sounded off, so I had to listen again because I thought maybe she had said an oxymoron.

  156. 0_o forgot about that SJ video, it is more food-y, but Lee Hi is cuter so she wins!

  157. i’m glad you reviewed this instead of ukiss tbh, because it’s over had a much more interesting video (i commented that on the kpopcharts update already, personally i wouldn’t know what to say about standing still other than pointing out that they are not on fire xD)
    until you said it i did not know what happened between lee hi and the bear but it all makes sense now and i feel really bad for the bear. i want to adopt him. i dont think i want him as my boyfriend, he might be a bit too young for me seeing as lee hi is 10 years younger than i am. unless she likes really old bears. which would be creepy. i mean even more creepy than dating a bear alone is.
    hi’s acting got a lot better compared to 1, 2, 3, 4 i’m pleasantly surprised and can’t wait to see how much better she got when the next video is out.

    i am voting for it’s over because that super junior video…it scares me. don’t ask.

  158. Awww I was hoping for Teen Top if not U-Kiss but I guess this is alright too. You can’t win ‘em all I guess :/
    Thank you for posting anyway!

  159. DUH LEE DUH LEE EE EE EE!~ jajajaja
    Greetings from Mexico~❤

  160. THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING LEEHI~ 3<?!!! its suuuper cuteeeee if u read the lyrics :DDD

  161. where’s the spudgggggge?? :(

  162. I’m so sad, I really really dislike Lee Hi’s music and it gets reviewed before U-kiss (which I’m sure will be able to stay on top but still).
    I’ll still watch the music monday, because I like you guys, but i’d wish you didn’t pick this video out of the top 3 :(

  163. oh simon. first time watching cooking cooking eh? i remember my first time too… (*wait, is kangin taking a dump?!*) that song will live on forever in kpop history.
    as really really weird. http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_me0ir4Kl6f1qg8p64.gif

  164. Can someone explain to me the “new system” people have been talking about on how the voting works now? Thanks!

    • so it used to be whichever came in first on the chart will get reviewed, but simon and martina felt that a lot of songs They really like and want to reivew often don’t make it; so the new system is they will choose a song from top 3 on the chart, but more often they’ll still choose the 1st place c:

    • Before, the video that was number 1 on the kpop charts was the one to be reviewed. Now Simon and Martina choose one video from the top 3 videos on the kpop chart. If the ‘old system’ was still in place, S&M would have talked about U-KISS’ video and not Lee Hi’s.

    • Basically, we can vote on the Kpop chart for a week. At the end of the week S&M can choose out of the top three.

      S&M have recieved alot of critisim for this, however I fully support for a number of reasons. The most importantly they need to be able to be ceative. If they cannot think of somthing to say about the video its going to be a pretty dull video. I don’t really think people would want to sit and watch a video of them saying they have nothing to say, or try and force themselves to be funny.
      I know alot of youtubers that do some kind reviews or critisims of various topics, and most of them refuse to take requests, mostly because they cannot make a video to the standard they want.

  165. YAAAAAAY~ I LOVE THIS SONG A LOT! ♥ And I love this video a lot as well. ♥ And I knew you were going to critisize this line, Simon. :’D (oh and Lee Hi as for the video)

  166. thank you, thank you for making a review for Lee Hi’s new song!! I really like her style, something different and refreshing! Amazing girl, I’m looking forward to her future hits ^.^

  167. I think it’s kinda awesome she used to be your student, Simon!
    Also, I really love this song. Lee Hi is fregggin awesome.

  168. How do you start a relationship with a child and a stuff toy? Pedo Bear has his ways……

  169. YES!!!!! Finally a girl!!!!! THANK YOU SIMON & MARTINA!!!
    even though she is a 16 y o girl. but atleast i enjoy it more than boybands…

  170. What the?! No boys this week, um…Well don’t care cuz at least I will see Simon and Martina so it doesn’t really matter to me!

  171. ahh i love this video so funny with Martina and the stuffed animal!…. Btw martina you look good with the wig! :D haha

    anyway regarding LeeHi. i like this song but i also agree that 1,2,3,4, was better. I hope korea doesn’t get tired of Kpop. it’s one of my favorite genres. But i do like LeeHi style too. she reminds me of a Duffy and Adele Alicia Keys mix ><

  172. Meemers allows us to know the order that you guys record the video. 8) Good job Meemers you cutie pie you~

  173. Yay Lee Hi!!! I’m so glad she got reviewed this week. Ukiss can definitely stay in the top until next week (and I will certainly be voting for them), but it was doubtful that Lee Hi would be able to and I was kinda sad that she might not get reviewed. Yay new KMM system!


  175. I wanna se Teen Top in next music mondays!~

  176. raise the shield EYK.. here comes the hate!! Not from me.. I love LeeHi and this video!!! I am sooo happy!

    • Been prepping for it all day. Putting a tumblr ban for the next week.

      • well I promise to defend you!!!

      • Well I love U Kiss but I like the fact that you reviewed a song that you wanted to talk about, and it will allow you to have more time to think about things to say in the “Standing Still” review. We’ll definitaly vote for U Kiss, and don’t worry, we still love you quys!

        • Yes!! I agree!! Why are they 2 thumbs down? From Kissme’s or Lee Hi’s fan’s? Lol, anyway one of them was gonna have to wait to be reviewed! (actually it’s good for me since I can’t watch any videos for the moment on youtube, like this when U-Kiss’s review comes out I will be able to see it! Yahou!) Still love you guys at EYK! <3 :)

        • eepschizzin

          yeah, i agree. I adore U-KIss, but there actually isn’t much to talk about for their video. It almost feels like a dance MV with some snippets of a woman and some close up solo shots of the group. The lee hi mv was a better choice for this week….or maybe teen top since i think their review for the song would be hilarious. But hopefully U-kiss is next week and that no big groups comeback next week to steal the spot :)

        • Well it’s a U-Kiss formula, like there is an SM formula. But I want to know what they think of the music too, since this was my favourite U-Kiss song. I actually like the little close ups (because they are so dreamyyy!!!!!!!)^^ and I miss Mordney jokes,… Anyway I hope next week!!

        • Yeah… I’d like to know more for the song than video(not that I don’t like it). I actually wouldn’t mind if it came into dicussion on kpopcharts update… but there are some new kissmes… that won’t agree with me I guess…

        • yeah but the thing is thats what everyone said about stop girl when gd had crayon .. they said hardly anything about crayon and stop girl was by far one of their best reviews ever, it’s the little things they look at in the mv, lee hi clearly has the same kind of thing in her mv its things that are obvious to talk about. But it’s okay, kissme’s will just have to try really hard to keep them their for another week :)

      • I was hoping for Teen Top, they have been in the top three for a while now :[

      • I think it’s good to bring in some newer artists c: plus LeeHi’s style is so unique she really deserves to be reviewed <3

      • Tumblr ban? i don’t really use Tumblr, what is that?

      • You guys work extremely hard and I LOVE IT. I love and respect the choices you both make as you guys have been making quality comedy for a solid amt of time now. Rock on.

  177. I was waiting for a mordney present joke TT_TT

  178. Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyy :D

    A new video from EYK!!!! Thank you for your hard work!!!! ;)

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