DUH LEE DUH LEE EE EE EE! This week we’re talking about Lee Hi’s “It’s Over” for Kpop Music Monday. It’s awesome! It’s fun! If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here, and then sing it in your heads incessantly afterwards


Isn’t this video so odd? It’s a really fun concept. A big grumpy jerky teddy bear. Hilarious. Especially when he Rick-James-to-Charlie-Murphy’s all over the shopping cart. The whole video just looked like loads of fun, and it was fun to watch as well. Match that with the super catch chorus and it’s clear why this video would get so many views so fast.

We also like that the cute innocence of this video is actually cute and innocent, and not lolita-esque, like “I’m cute and innocent oppa but I’m so sexy!” Lee Hi is just cute, and – though I know she’s in high school – I swear, she looks like, 9 years old TOPS in this video. See, what struck us about Kpop a while ago is that it seems so much more innocent than Western Pop music, and that’s what’s part of it’s appeal to us and to a lot of other people, but it seems to be losing that more and more lately. This video, though, harkens back to that sweetness, you know?

One theory we tossed around back and forth when we were scripting for Music Monday, but ultimately scrapped, is that Lee Hi might become Korea’s new sweetheart, now that IU seems to have lost that title, from what we read in the news somewhere a while ago after that whole IUnhyuk thingy. We’re not fully convinced that this is the case, but we’re not fully not-convinced, either. We just abandoned it when we tried to squeeze in an Eunhyuk joke in there, and realized we’d be murdered. Screw that! We’re dedicated to corny jokes, but not that dedicated!

Otherwise, this is the first video that we’ve talked about on our KpopCharts that wasn’t in first place since we announced the Personal-Choice-Among-Top-3 rule. You guise vote for the top 3, we pick one and make our video on that. This rule is, amongst other things, to try to prevent the vast amount of boybands out there from ruling our Kpop Music Mondays, like they did in 2012. Sure, it sucks that we didn’t review U-Kiss this time, but hopefully we’ll review them next week! Uggh. Tumblr ban for the next week!

Anyhow, if you’re a fan of this song like we are (and you definitely must be. This song RAWKS!) pick it up on either iTunes or YesAsia. Do it! And, we were rather on point this week for Music Monday, so we don’t have as many bloopers as usual, but if you’re addicted to watching us mess up, here’s Martina making out with our giant Unicorn a bit too much…


  1. Lee Hi once said in an interview that she found it hard at first working at YG because she used to be obsessed with Big Bang… the bears represent the members of Big Bang and the song is showing how she is overcoming her fangirl past and realising that SHE is an artist now and independent… that’s what i thought after watching the video ^_^

  2. hi martina! i love your hair kkk and is that simon’s hat?

  3. I just wanted to say that, while I was a little creeped out by how young they made Lee Hi look in this video, when I went back and actually watched…..okay, skimmed, all of “1234”, the super cute look is much better on her than all those teenager-trying-too-hard looks from the other video. It’s like they tried several different looks in “1234” and picked the best and went with it for “It’s Over”. So well, “better job” done guys? Just….just……..too pedobear…….bear………eeee……..at times………shudder……

  4. I’m glad you guys picked this one, and you did a great job on the Music Monday. It was quite clever and well done. Thanks for all your hard work; it’s been a joy being a EYK fan!

  5. Guys, you so solo artist bias….lol :D Great review guys :D

  6. Where is Spudgy? ;-; He’s not sick, is he?

  7. Simon!!! Your teaching skills as Lee Hi’s Teacher can clearly be heard in her song, “Special” -sob sob- Is it weird that I am happy for you? T_T

  8. I made it halfway through that Super Junior video and had to stop to save my sanity. Gotta vote for Lee Hi.

  9. cooking cooking! I love that video! @w@

  10. SuJu-Happy’s Cooking Cooking for starters.

    Also, I’d like to point out that I think the vast majority of Korea (besides the teenagers) prefer solo artists to actual groups these days, it was quite evident last year. I felt like the quality of solo artist’s work was also better too. It’s like how well Ailee did last year, maybe it’ll be Lee Hi this year.

    She’s definitely talented and though I love her voice I’m not digging this jazz style of music, just not my thing. And not gonna lie, the video clip was kinda boring to me, though somewhat cute and funny at times. I think this formula that k-pop has (besides the autotune); the long drawn out emotional notes and the choreographed dancing as you guys mentioned, they’re my thing. I like that. So yeah, I just couldn’t get myself to like this much. YG’s stuff has never been my thing much anyway. Sorry Lee Hi. :c

    I will still keep an eye on her though, she’s got mad talent after all. :D

    Lastly, “unless it’s illegal to show bear nipples in Korea” OMG LOL. XD

  11. This is the first? music monday in your studio that I only see Meemers. Where’s Spudgy? I see him no where!! :(

  12. I loved this review! It’s such a cute song!

    And my vote goes to It’s Over…. Cooking Cooking scared me (especially Shindog– WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS HAIR IN THAT MV?!?!?!)

  13. Simon, I just smothered my 3 chicken tenders with ranch dressing. lol. Reminded me of your obsession. I’ll have to send you some!!

  14. God be with you against the KissMes lol with that being said..i super enjoyed the high note montage.. hilarious!

  15. GASP! Is that a turtleneck Lee Hi is wearing at the 2:49 mark?? I remember seeing it earlier and was surprised you didn’t notice.. but thats okay.. not a lot of people would see it though ^_^

  16. does anyone know what happened to the Nu’est video though? it was in the top three for quite a while but then when this got reviewed it’s like Hello completely disappeared from the voting page! so confused @_@

  17. I am a little surprised that there wasn’t a Strong Bad reference anywhere.

  18. I loved the editing on this video. Good job, Intern Leigh! :D

  19. I thought that this was a dream. And, in the dream, she was the pink bear girlfriend that he was holding. When he threw the pink bear down, it turned into her, and that was why she was wearing a pink outfit and bear ears…maybe that is why her boyfriend was a stuffed bear?

    • Hi Simon & Martina – I really enjoy your reviews, especially when you act out scenes from the music video. This week’s library scene with Martina and the unicorn was hilarious! Thanks for the laugh! :o)

  20. It’s actually 0.05….. If it’s 4.95 out of 5…..

  21. I LOVE this girl’s VOICE! I’m glad they are hanging onto her and helping her live up to what hopefully will be her full potential. Simon, seriously? Were you once her Teacher? I think you guys should be able to make a “judgement call” that sometimes overrides your fan’s voting results. You guys are supposed to be running this show AND its YOUR SHOW! Go for it! Love your outfit this week, Martina. You have really been mixing it up lately with the hair styles. I really like it. Go girl! You MUST understand that I am ALSO a big HK fan and a big fan of HK Pink. I pull out my wallet at a register and the cashiers all FAREAK OUT (Hello Kitty wallet that is very rare and hardly ever seen, they don’t even offer it anymore but its Fuchsia Pink and Purple and has the Geek HK (one of my favs) on it. So I am always reminded of your passion when I see you with your pink hair and I LOVE IT! Simon, stay sweet and cute and adorable…you are all of these! Good work you guys! Posting your videos once again on my fb account.

  22. I always wondered why you were so dedicated to keep your animals out of sight for the videos Now I know. SO DISTRACTING!

  23. I VOTE COOKING? COOKING?! I love that video. Super Junior H is awesome!!!

  24. I vote for cooking cooking! I loved that mv *ugga *ugga

  25. Woohoo I was hoping that u guys will do a video soon LOL u guys were right about mostly everything! Love u guys so much ♡♡

  26. That Duh lee DUh LEE EE EE EE part confused me. You know the last time I moved I learned a new German word which sounds like Duhlee (the word is “dulli”) and well it’s something young people i guess say. It means something like idiot, so yeah…. Lee hi is like Idiot idiot it’s over so baby goodbye~


    I love Lee Hi’s It’s Over, it’s really a grower (but I am biased towards her anyway). I’m really surprised you didn’t mention how she actually says “it over” instead of “it’s over” in several places (“I say I say I say it over”)–I’d think that would warrant some English complaints!

  28. Where did Nu’est Hello go?, it’s not on the kpop chart

  29. Thanks for doing LeeHi this week S&M~~ I as a Nasty and an “Annyeong!” fan, appreciate it. XD And SuJu’s ‘Cooking Cooking’ definitely wins my vote. XD

  30. I was distracted everytime I saw Dr.Meemers >.<

  31. man the make out scene was disturbing to see…. LOL

  32. I agree! It’s so refreshing to see an artist acually produce something innnocent and carefree with a lack of sex appeal. Glad there’s room for a cute girl to just be without sexying herself up especially since she’s just a teen! Good for Lee Hi. Hopefully it was her decision to go this route.

  33. I like Lee Hi’s jazziness. And you can tell her awkwardness from before in 1,2,3,4 is slowly getting better! :D
    I also love that mash-up of all those fist clenching “Yeah~~” and “Whooaaaaa~”‘s.
    I admit to never really watching Lee Hi’s video closely, so I never even noticed the bear with a normal face at the beginning until you mentioned it.
    Also (unless someone already noticed it), Simon said 4.95/5 and minus 5 points. Martina corrected -0.5. But wouldn’t it be -0.05. . .? Them maths! D:

    And ack! The Meemers! You adorable curious cat, you.~ Especially at 3:58. 8D
    Thanks for the review! :3
    And oh golly, Martina in those bloopers. o.o

  34. I love U-KISS and anything they release but I understand that although their music video isn’t bad, it’s been done before, which would make KMM REEAAAALLLL repetatvie too. Either way, I enjoyed your review :)

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