We’re talking about Lee Hi’s “Rose” for this week’s Kpop Music Monday. If you haven’t heard this yet, here it is. Why have you not heard this yet?!


You know, I think we sometimes have difficulty expressing what we want to say properly in our videos. We get passionate about an idea, talk about it to great length, and then realize that we might have not spent an even distribution of time on different points, and thus might give off the appearance of imbalance.

At the beginning of our video, we talked about how much we like the song, and about how much we’ve been listening to it, and how everyone we know is listening to it. It’s a great song, but we didn’t emphasize that enough. I’m thinking people might get the feeling that we’re complaining, when really we’re just trying to say that it’s a great song, but Lee Hi is better than the song itself. It’s not a reason to not like the song at all. We’ll still listen to it a lot. We just think that she’s so good she should be getting Skyfall-esque songs that blow you away. She’s too damn good to be timid, you know? Give us the boomshakalaka she deserves!

Also, we didn’t mention this in the video, but we do realize she is still quite young and still in training. So she very well may not be ready for the huge boomshakalaka songs that we want her to sing, but we know she’ll get there over time, and we’re super happy to watch her grow. Till then, YG, we’ll still love her songs!

Regarding the video, it really was beautiful to watch. Not only were the sets whimsical, the outfits and simple innocent rose look really matched Lee Hi and her age. It wasn’t our all time favourite video evar, but it was certainly better than some of the cliche music videos we saw over 2012. I think a video like this shows that you can work on a set (and in a box) and still create an atmosphere that doesn’t remind the viewer they actually are on a set. Maybe it’s because we see SOOOO many kpop music videos that we feel like if one director can do it right, why can’t others? And yes, we know that not all videos are suited to a serious video like this, but we’re just hoping to see a change in the settings and styles of kpop videos in 2013. As a rookie, we think that Lee Hi has already raised the standards for both rookie and mature groups alike.

Anyhow, hopefully you like the song as much as we do, make sure you pick it up either on iTunes or YesAsia. It’s good music! And, as always, we’ve got bloopers. There aren’t a lot today, but Martina’s over caffeination made up for it.


  1. Just have to say, your hair and makeup look really nice in the video

  2. I think the thing is for the most part they need to stick to the number 1 voted. And that is what they were doing until Boy Group #3 in a row. They vetoed and put in a female, then went back the what was in #1.

    It looks like they are doing their level best not to abuse their new ability to pick one of the top 3 when people are still making efforts to get artists into the #1 position, and I think that is how it should be.

    Just because they can ignore voters choice and pick someone else, doesn’t mean they always should. Even if it is a review for a song they don’t like. They weren’t over the top happy with Infinites new song either. Sometimes they aren’t going to be excited – but they have to be as fair to the voters as they can.

  3. I’m confused! why did you guys say if there were peanut butter in the MV you would be interested? You always say how you want to see videos that match and are relevant to the song!!!! Not hating or anything!! I LOVE YOU GUYS! I’m just confused (maybe because I loved the MV and song so much and have some things to disagree with… but not in a “UGGHH I WANNA KILL YOU FOR SAYING THAT” way!

  4. I have to make a teeny tiny comparison between lee hi’s it’s over and this video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SyRvzeNuqa4 … just go to 1.54, in BOTH videos.
    Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  5. I want to make a teeny tiny comparison between Lee Hi’s It’s over and this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SyRvzeNuqa4 … just go to 1.54 in BOTH videos.
    Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  6. That was my feeling too (both points).

  7. the reality show! hahaha…. so true… i watch the biggest loser and it’s really the worst for that! the show is 2 hours, and it could really be one hour if they stopped going back to 10 minutes before where they were before the break… but lol. good KMM guise!

  8. I don’t think anyone is actually hating on Lee Hi. It seems that they just wanted someone else reviewed this week and Lee Hi next week to give a different artist a chance. There is also some confusion as to who was #1 when the polls closed. Everyone saw HYS but S&M say in post somewhere in here that it was Lee Hi. I personally haven’t seen anyone say they hate Lee Hi or Rose or S&M. It has just been an air of disappointment and confusion.

  9. YG videos are infamous for off key lip syncing. Simon and Martina love to point it out especially with 2NE1.

  10. Loved the “Mean Girls” reference there. :) And the reason your comment got votes down is because of the people who aren’t happy with the outcome. No matter what, it’s likely for that to happen.

  11. I agree with your overall opinion. It’s their choice and they have a right to make a video about what the video they want to. I believe I’m a mix between the two groups you mentioned. I really hope that they’re going to review the video I want them to (and I was a bit disappointed when it wasn’t Youngsaeng this week), however I’m also on the side of “Hey, it’s still EYK and S&M are funny and entertaining, so I’m going to watch it anyway.” I think a happy balance of the two is good because that way you’re still excited and anticipating the next video, but you’re also not super judgmental about it when they review something else and are much more understanding.

    It’s a shame that not everyone thinks as calmly and gets more upset about unwanted outcomes, but I also know that in the Kpop fandom, there are those who LOVE one specific group and will defend them no matter what. So I think making videos about Kpop in general just leads to the negative comments they get. When I watch MVs on YouTube, I have seen many a Kpop fan saying “[Insert Group Name] is so much better than this group!” or “This group is just trying to be like this other group!” and some also get into arguments about their favorite members (a.k.a. biases) in that group and criticize others who say they don’t like that specific member as much. It gets pretty ridiculous if you ask me. -_-

    So basically, I think it’s partially because of the intense sense of loyalty some feel to their favorite group(s), which isn’t wrong per say, but some of them seem to go a bit overboard with it. I think that’s why there’s so much anger in some of the comments here. The way some of the comments are worded are probably just out of the anger/disappointment the writer was feeling and that’s why the word “unfair” is popping up a lot because when you think about it in some ways it may seem unfair. Those who are saying so may just not be as comprehensive as others. Not to say that being a dedicated fan is wrong, I’m just saying that that’s what drives them to poke at others’ differing opinions.

  12. I think it’s because of Youngsaeng and Girl’s Day also being in the top 3. Neither of them have been reviewed by S&M yet and many people were hoping for them to get a KMM.

  13. so much green screen. i’m so proud of you guys… upping your production level

  14. FYI, my whole family loved Master Rose Crusher! :D

  15. G-DRAGON!!!!!
    But I really wanted to see who won on Master Rose Crusher, it was so interesting….

  16. OMG! I’m in total shock. Got no words to describe these mixed and complicated feelings that I’m dealing with right now…

  17. But… Kiseop could’ve been a great contestant for MRC with his man strength (from the Tick Tack video..)


  18. You don’t YOU let it go? YOU’RE annoying.

    Seriously, holy crap.

  19. Oh god, Dongho getting autocorrected XD

  20. martina how does your hair look so fluffy in this video???

  21. I love her voice so much, it is not ear splitting high, but it is so smooth and pretty

    that being said… she has the acting ability of a potato

  22. This was a hilarious MM. Seriously, if I wasn’t laughing I was smiling :) too funny.

  23. Wow, I was in a really bad mood when I started watching this, and then I got to Master Rose Crusher. Bad mood GONE. Except…. I’ll never find out who won! *Angstangstangst*

  24. If I were to create an analogy for this weeks KPOP Monday, it would sound something like this.

    Lee HI would be considered a weekly ALL-STAR voting candidate and would remain on the top for a long, long time. Whereas someone or some-group like Girl’s Day or Heo Young Saeng have a ONCE or at most TWICE in a weekly opportunity to get reviewed under your new TOP 3 system before they fall out never to be seen again.

    (analogy from NBA All-Star Voting system where allstar names get voted each year and those who have an all-star season miss out)

  25. I gave up Kpop for Lent, which recently ended. You don’t realize how much I have missed you!

  26. Man, Pickleson Bottemsby is such a douchebag, He just doesn’t understand that he isn’t the best anymore :L

  27. I think that is a great suggestion as well. When they originally presented the idea of Top 3 to Nasties, they said they would recognize who won even if it wasn’t reviewed. They did it last time, but not this time and I think may have helped easy complaints a little. I even ran to the blog to hope they would mention who was in 1st place but it wasn’t there and that become disappointing too.

    AND I’m sooo excited about their K.Will interview. That man just makes me smile!

  28. you are SOOOOO bias!! you know that??
    finally realize why you change the system~ LOL

  29. How are Simon and Martina supposed to predict the future and know “what their audience wants”? Lee Hi did make it to the number 1 spot before this video was uploaded which seems to indicate that’s what the audience wanted anyway. You can never make everyone happy.

  30. “Every rose has it’s thorn. Just like every night has it’s dawn. Just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song. Every rose has it’s thorn” This is exactly what popped into my head when you said every rose has it’s thorn, which then made me think of Bill & Ted, which lead me to saying it just like Keanu Reeves.


  31. Keeping your group in first place doesn’t matter anymore. As you can see Lee Hi won over 1st place Heo Young Saeng. And it doesn’t seem to be because they wanted to review a female artist. Or their dislike of reviewing one artist too often. or wanting to introduce new artist that haven’t been exposed as much. I think fans have the right to ask questions, and try to keep them honest to their word. Lets Hope S&M made the choice of Lee Hi because of their bias and not because they’ve started to let business make their decisions.

  32. Everyone has read George Orwell’s Animal Farm right?

  33. It’s a good tool to express disappointment it Keeps them honest.

  34. awwwwwww i was really hoping you would do Girl’s day

  35. “You know … I think this wasn’t biasness it started since UKISS didn’t get reviewed that time and S&M are actually not going to read the comments any more and do what they want until things calm down and complainers get fed up… like they said in other videos…they don’t care about the fame.(so the complainers might as well unsubscribe)..they just want to have fun doing what they like to do and if they don’t even have that priviledge they’ll just upload videos because there are many fans that just purely enjoy their videos no matter the content.”

    Great review guise!! *______*


    • But with U-Kiss it wasn’t so bad since it wasn’t a very old video when Lee Hi came out so fans were sad but not too much since it could’ve stayed in the charts, (also it was the first time S&M put their new rule to use and ignore the #1 so it was shocking in a way) and I believe that’s the difference this time the other 2 vids have a higher chance to drop and therefore fall, I think that’s why the fans are so upset.

      And I agree this was a cool review =]

      • Actually the new rule came just before Boa’s Disturbance KMM so it wasn’t more like a shock but more like a “new Nasty” old kissmes’ kind of thing…and when that happened they used the word “banning”for the tumblr page… oh yeah and complainers had plenty of time to gather “their forces” since Boa….so… myeah… TKIR: I agree with them for the lack of “voice power” but I think her song should also match her personality …kind of exactly like a rose…she’s a sweet, “soft” person. Speaking about personalities I think “I’m weird” (check album on itunes) fits her porsonality so well! :)

        • I do agree that U-kiss fans were not that bad ,they were nicer….

        • Well … that was the beginning of it…

        • You’re right, they stated it a while ago but hadn’t really used it, I still think they were sad but not as much as I’ve seen today >.<
          And don't worry I checked the whole album already ^_^ though I buy on Soribada though not iTunes since it helps the digital sales in Korea (It's in English and people can vote with paypal but not many ppl are aware) and yea the songs do match her, and also Rose has delicate lyrics that went well with her voice indeed ^_^

        • Oh… I saw her “Rose” updates on fb and left a link directly to itunes so I clicked that in desperation and bought what I could… oh I wanted to buy it whole but …not sure how well I’m doing with my budget – . –

        • lol I did the same, but yea I only bought the songs I really liked =] and downloaded the rest (which I still liked) but you know… i need money xD

  36. Personally i can’t believe they didn’t bring up that she looked like a vampire from twilight. Come on he contacts where the same color as the cullins eyes. And her hair looked like a really bag dye job that rosline would get. What it makes scene, she looks like Rosline from Twilight because the name is Rose.

  37. Great work, Simon and Martina! You guys continue to impress me with your commentary, skits, and use of Spudgy!

  38. Congrats to Lee Hi getting this review. Let the Girl’s Day fans push to get there song up! I’ll keep voting to see it reviewed~!

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