We’re talking about Lee Hi’s “Rose” for this week’s Kpop Music Monday. If you haven’t heard this yet, here it is. Why have you not heard this yet?!


You know, I think we sometimes have difficulty expressing what we want to say properly in our videos. We get passionate about an idea, talk about it to great length, and then realize that we might have not spent an even distribution of time on different points, and thus might give off the appearance of imbalance.

At the beginning of our video, we talked about how much we like the song, and about how much we’ve been listening to it, and how everyone we know is listening to it. It’s a great song, but we didn’t emphasize that enough. I’m thinking people might get the feeling that we’re complaining, when really we’re just trying to say that it’s a great song, but Lee Hi is better than the song itself. It’s not a reason to not like the song at all. We’ll still listen to it a lot. We just think that she’s so good she should be getting Skyfall-esque songs that blow you away. She’s too damn good to be timid, you know? Give us the boomshakalaka she deserves!

Also, we didn’t mention this in the video, but we do realize she is still quite young and still in training. So she very well may not be ready for the huge boomshakalaka songs that we want her to sing, but we know she’ll get there over time, and we’re super happy to watch her grow. Till then, YG, we’ll still love her songs!

Regarding the video, it really was beautiful to watch. Not only were the sets whimsical, the outfits and simple innocent rose look really matched Lee Hi and her age. It wasn’t our all time favourite video evar, but it was certainly better than some of the cliche music videos we saw over 2012. I think a video like this shows that you can work on a set (and in a box) and still create an atmosphere that doesn’t remind the viewer they actually are on a set. Maybe it’s because we see SOOOO many kpop music videos that we feel like if one director can do it right, why can’t others? And yes, we know that not all videos are suited to a serious video like this, but we’re just hoping to see a change in the settings and styles of kpop videos in 2013. As a rookie, we think that Lee Hi has already raised the standards for both rookie and mature groups alike.

Anyhow, hopefully you like the song as much as we do, make sure you pick it up either on iTunes or YesAsia. It’s good music! And, as always, we’ve got bloopers. There aren’t a lot today, but Martina’s over caffeination made up for it.


  1. I love Lee Hi and I adore this song…which makes me wonder; wouldn’t it be cool if Lee Hi’s fans were called ‘Roses’? My friend and I think that it matches the sweetness of Lee Hi herself but also captures the beauty and power of her voice. SO let us all call ourselves Roses!!! :)))

  2. Jane

    Just have to say, your hair and makeup look really nice in the video

  3. Hi everyone! Regardless of how/why/when this KMM came out, I really like this video.
    The song is actually my least favourite on the album (which is getting a TON of play here in Korea, can’t go into a coffee shop anymore without hearing our little LeeHi…) but I still find myself singing along whenever I hear it.
    She’s adorable and talented. 귀여운 이하이^^

  4. This is just an observation, based on the comments I’ve read,but it looks like the delay between the charts the viewers see and the mods see might be the cause of alot of the complaints. Which means when people looked at the chart at a certain time after voting closed it showed HYS in first place, so when they went to watch music Monday and saw it was on LH it looked like the first place was vetoed for LH again. However if you looked at the chart at a different, after the voting closed, you would have seen LH was in first place. Unfortunately ig S&M used the veto this close to the last time, people might accuse them of abusing their power. Hopefully situations like this will only happen on rare occasions

  5. are the people at the label trying to make her a Korean Lana Del Rey? Please, say no….

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32I5PM7nG3Y&feature=youtu.be

    because of this video I think that Lee Hi is not bad in lip-sync but person who edited mv was blind or hated her ;d

  7. I can’t believe that you red all the text in the clip!!!I admire your precice work!!!
    I vote for GD That XX

  8. Remember the other night when S&M mentioned live that they are sometimes bummed that KPMM has only comments about KPMM? Good news; In honor of something completely off top of KPMM, there is a huge post brewing on Rocketboxx about drawing U-KISS as Sailor Senshi and S&M as the doom tree aliens Allen and Anne! It’s based off the reference that S&M made during one of the video critiques, and we’re running with the idea like crazy. It’s pretty new, so we’ll see if it takes off. But I love the idea and wanted to share with all the KissMe Nasties, along with others, about the shenanigans <3
    ~Chocolate Necco Victoria aka silverhoneycat

    Edit; ps: GO GI!!!!!!!

  9. I only just decided to read a few of the comments here to check out what all the negativity is all about since they mentioned they had a tonne of bad comments flooding their site for their KMM. Honestly, Its their choice to which MV they do, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it? Make your own review? that way you and other fans alike can get to know what each other think rather than abusing and saying that S&M are doing something ‘wrong’. I support the decision even though I was hoping Girl’s Day would get a review, thats life, just roll with it peeps :P

  10. I don’t know, maybe this is a little fool but, could you review a Team H musical video? :)

  11. I want you to review Kara’s new song “bye bye happy days” so badly, but it’s japanese >.< !!!!!!!! *sniff*

  12. I’m confused! why did you guys say if there were peanut butter in the MV you would be interested? You always say how you want to see videos that match and are relevant to the song!!!! Not hating or anything!! I LOVE YOU GUYS! I’m just confused (maybe because I loved the MV and song so much and have some things to disagree with… but not in a “UGGHH I WANNA KILL YOU FOR SAYING THAT” way!

  13. I have to make a teeny tiny comparison between lee hi’s it’s over and this video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SyRvzeNuqa4 … just go to 1.54, in BOTH videos.
    Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  14. I want to make a teeny tiny comparison between Lee Hi’s It’s over and this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SyRvzeNuqa4 … just go to 1.54 in BOTH videos.
    Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  15. I was kind of sad with your opinion on lee hi’s song>.< I love you guys but i for one was kind of waiting for a serious song from lee hi and i thought it would go great with her new-to-kpop awkwardness? I liked the song and didn't think it needed a big boom because it was a kind of slow song. the song made me feel like lee hi was talking to herself in her head saying i'm just going to hurt him…Anyways:P Great video Guys!!:)

  16. Well I was among those disappointed for two reasons.

    One: Lee Hi just released and would have stayed on the charts for several weeks so no need to rush a review.

    Two: For a video Simon and Martina chose they frankly didn’t seem that enthused about it at all. Were the other two videos really less interesting to them than this?

    • unicornsgalaxy

      That was my feeling too (both points).

    • S&M have already said that Lee Hi was in #1 spot at midnight so they didn’t choose her – the votes did.

      “So really, sometimes we feel like there is nothing we can do because people will always be angry. If we reviewed Young Saeng ppl would be mad it was yet another male singer, if we reviewed Girls’ Day, people would be mad it wasn’t the first place Lee Hi. See what I mean?”


      • Then they should do away with the whole “pick one of the top three” and go back to the way it was. Yes they are going to get flak for everything so they should pick what they want anyway. One of my points was it didn’t seem like they wanted to review Lee Hi.

        • I think the thing is for the most part they need to stick to the number 1 voted. And that is what they were doing until Boy Group #3 in a row. They vetoed and put in a female, then went back the what was in #1.

          It looks like they are doing their level best not to abuse their new ability to pick one of the top 3 when people are still making efforts to get artists into the #1 position, and I think that is how it should be.

          Just because they can ignore voters choice and pick someone else, doesn’t mean they always should. Even if it is a review for a song they don’t like. They weren’t over the top happy with Infinites new song either. Sometimes they aren’t going to be excited – but they have to be as fair to the voters as they can.

        • I guess at this point we can only agree to disagree. To me it’s not unfair at all when they’ve stated over and over they will pick from the top three. If people still expect them to review #1 it’s their own fault if they waste the effort to keep a song at the top position. The whole point of switching to this new system was so they can review the MV’s they find interesting and not be stuck reviewing uninteresting MV’s just because some fan club dominates the voting.

        • Indeed. We definitely have a different view on how said choice should be used and that is why S&M will never win. Someone is always going to be upset or disappointed. I just felt it important that all the facts be at the fore prior to making a judgement on S&M. If Lee Hi was the top voted then certainly that is representative of something worth noting.

  17. In other news, it only hit me that Spudgy was wearing Martina’s rose headband in the end. *facepalm* Took my third viewing of this to notice, lol.

    I have this totally awesome idea I wish someone with magic video editing powers could do: a compilation of all the Spudgy dances Kpop clips from the KMMs. I think that would be pretty epic :)

    ETA: Oh holy heck, sorry. I vote for “That XX.” Pretty with a plot over just pretty any day is what I think :)

  18. The video for That XX was way better. It made me see the song from a totally different point of view.

  19. kawaii_candie

    the reality show! hahaha…. so true… i watch the biggest loser and it’s really the worst for that! the show is 2 hours, and it could really be one hour if they stopped going back to 10 minutes before where they were before the break… but lol. good KMM guise!

  20. That xx… FTW

  21. wooooooow. so much grumpiness in the comments here. COOL YOUR JETS PEOPLE! it’s SIMON AND MARTINA’S blog and SIMON AND MARTINA will decide what to do with it. if they want to do nothing but review YG, SHINee and Infinite songs for the rest of their career so be it. because it’s SIMON AND MARTINA’S blog and SIMON AND MARTINA will decide. what. to. do. with. it. if you don’t like the reviews they put up GO MAKE YOUR OWN REVIEWS! THAT’S WHAT THE INTERNET IS FOR!

    and before people get all upset about how unfair anything is or how your favorite band never gets reviewed, i believe my top favorite artists have a whopping ONE SINGLE REVIEW BETWEEN THE FOUR OF THEM! if we ever get to see No MInwoo, Kim Jongkook, Davichi or 2BiC reviews on EYK i would just die of happiness, but until then i’m going to enjoy what EYK makes even if i don’t particularly care for the band or song. why? because i’m a Nasty, and we Nasties are here because we love EYK and we love what they do, plain and simple.

    • People are disappointed – they’re allowed to express that. And for the most part, they’ve expressed their disappointment in a respectful manner, with some remarking that they still enjoyed the review. :)
      Giving S&M feedback is important, as we are the audience they cater to – I’m not saying we should dictate their every move, there’s no way they could keep us all happy – but it is important to let them know what we think, and of our expectations.

    • I could be wrong, but I’m thinking a lot of the disappointment is also confusion about the thought process behind the choice? I agree: “if they want to do nothing but review YG, SHINee and Infinite songs for the rest of their career so be it. because it’s SIMON AND MARTINA’S blog and SIMON AND MARTINA will decide. what. to. do. with. it.”

      Again, I agree, just as long as S&M are also clear if that (or anything else) is their intention. Because then it alleviates any other expectations other viewers may have :)

  22. I have to agree. It is a very pretty song, but it’s just missing that “umf” that you can sing over and over and remember the song by. It’s almost… forgettable.

    Vote: GD’s that XX. Very pretty music video.

  23. I vote for GD

  24. is it just me or is lee hi not even movin her lips.

  25. I vote GD’s That XX. GD’s MV was professional. Rose was amateur.

  26. I think I might be in the minority as a KPOP fan, but I really do not get disappointed if Simon and Martina do not review a video I vote for. I’m more of a Simon and Martina fan in that respect, and I do not belong to any official fan club or favor any particular group. I just like the songs and videos that appeal to the dance/techno-rocker in me and the occasional hip-hop track. I really feel like a minority in the KPOPverse. But, I digress. Keep up the good work Simon and Martina!

    • Ah, I see reading through the comments that I’m not the only one! Makes me feel a little less lonely :-)

      • I know what you mean- honestly I started listening to Kpop and watching all the videos so that I would understand Kpop Music Mondays. I’m not really devoted to one group or anything like that- I just listen to what catches my attention. I like Kpop, but really I’m ultimately here for Simon and Martina.

      • lol the down votes srsly seem to just be from ppl who disagree this week. I only ever click down if what was said is rude, but ppl are allowed to disagree. apparently not everyone feels that way :/

    • Same :3 They could trash a song I absolutely love (*cough*I Got a Boy*cough*) or skip a video I really wanted reviewed (*cough*Art of Seduction*cough*), but I really just love Simon and Martina; they’re awesome ^^

  27. You know what’s weird? My name’s Rose! XD I hate it when songs and TV characters have the same name as I do…. Still a great song though! haha

  28. i’m kind of shocked by the amount of negative comments. yes, this is the 3rd lee hi video being reviewed. no one complained this much for g dragon or ukiss or boy bands like that who ALWAYS get reviewed.. so why is there so much hate for her???

    • its because there’s was spread out a lot more, but yeah they do get reviewed a lot. plus the polls were different back then.

    • I think it’s because of Youngsaeng and Girl’s Day also being in the top 3. Neither of them have been reviewed by S&M yet and many people were hoping for them to get a KMM.

    • thisisjustforfunval

      I don’t think anyone is actually hating on Lee Hi. It seems that they just wanted someone else reviewed this week and Lee Hi next week to give a different artist a chance. There is also some confusion as to who was #1 when the polls closed. Everyone saw HYS but S&M say in post somewhere in here that it was Lee Hi. I personally haven’t seen anyone say they hate Lee Hi or Rose or S&M. It has just been an air of disappointment and confusion.

  29. ehmergod yes i’ve heard it this is my job lmfao

  30. I’ve been watching EYK stuff since their first “How to Dance Kpop” video. I watch KMM every week, not to see them talk about songs I like, but to see what they have to say, period. It seems that EYK viewers can be divided into two categories: people who watch primarily to see EYK discuss music the viewers like, and people who watch primarily for the entertainment value of EYK commentary. I’m not saying that there isn’t crossover–obviously, even if you love Kpop, you wouldn’t watch EYK videos if you don’t enjoy them. But for the first group, their primary purpose in watching EYK is because it gives them a place to see discussion and commentary on something they love. If you watch EYK primarily because you loooove Kpop, then you are more likely to be upset or disappointed when they don’t review a song you love or when they criticize your favorite artist. On the other hand, if (like me) you watch primarily because you find EYK entertaining no matter what song or group they discuss, then yes, it’s nice when they discuss a song or group that’s of interest to you, but you don’t care very much if it doesn’t work out that way. It’s not that I don’t like Kpop. I own way more Kpop music than I ever thought I would when I was first exposed to it. But although that’s A reason that I watch EYK, it’s not the MAIN reason.

    If you are in that first group, you might try adjusting your expectations and joining me in the second group. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with watching EYK primarily because of your love of Kpop, so I’m not suggesting you change your expectations because you’re wrong somehow. I’m suggesting it because it makes for a more relaxing, enjoyable viewing experience. There’s a lot less emotional investment, no expectations, little room for disappointment. I wasn’t exactly excited that they reviewed every freakin’ Big Bang video last year, and Shinee also bores me to tears (I really don’t get the love for Sherlock,the song OR the video), but I still enjoyed the EYK videos on those songs because I like seeing what S&M come up with for their videos.

    [aside rant] I’m a little sad, actually, to see the comments on this video. Such a small proportion of people commenting on the quality of the video, which I found really entertaining, and mostly just people complaining about the selection process. What makes me the most sad is how many people talk about the “unfairness” of it. I guess it’s partly because I’m old and partly because of my job–where I work I see actual unfairness every day, people with sh!t lives who have never had a fair shot at opportunity, who make poor decisions because they’ve never seen and don’t know any other options, who have little chance of improving their situation, all because of the situation they were born into. Compared to what I work with every day (which itself doesn’t even begin to compare with what’s going on in, say, Syria), an entertainment video that doesn’t talk about a song I’m interested in is disappointing, but it doesn’t rise to the level of unfairness. And seeing people get so worked up about it after a day of seeing what I saw all day at work? That’s what makes me disappointed. I watch EYK because after a day of work, I look forward to light entertainment, but then I made the mistake of reading the comments. [/rant]

    Commenters who say S&M owe their fans an obligation are correct, but I disagree with what some viewers believe that obligation is. S&M should work hard, do their best, and produce good entertainment. That’s their entire obligation: a good product. As long as they do that, it shouldn’t matter what videos they choose. Frankly, they would probably be better off scrapping the voting entirely and just picking something they want to talk about every week. That way there wouldn’t be so much expectation built up and resulting disappointment when EYK doesn’t review what certain groups want them to review. The videos would still be entertaining, and people who watch because they like EYK or because they like Kpop generally would still watch. I thought the “top 3″ option was a good compromise between the tyranny of the majority and the hopes of the minority every week, but since they will clearly always make some people unhappy every week with their choice, they might as well stop taking votes so as to avoid the viewer unhappiness that comes from expectations–if people had no particular expectation of what would be reviewed, they wouldn’t be disappointed.

    • I, uh, didn’t realize that was so long. Sorry guise!

      • Don’t apologize. I really liked your post. I think EYK’s vision for Kpop Music Mondays and many fans’ expectation for it deviated at some point. Hopefully people realize it’s about the making Mondays less sucky and that it’s not EYK’s duty to fulfill their Kpop plights.

    • You’re awesome!! No, seriously; you’re awesome :D This post is such win that it should be featured (or at least have more votes >_>).

    • I agree with your overall opinion. It’s their choice and they have a right to make a video about what the video they want to. I believe I’m a mix between the two groups you mentioned. I really hope that they’re going to review the video I want them to (and I was a bit disappointed when it wasn’t Youngsaeng this week), however I’m also on the side of “Hey, it’s still EYK and S&M are funny and entertaining, so I’m going to watch it anyway.” I think a happy balance of the two is good because that way you’re still excited and anticipating the next video, but you’re also not super judgmental about it when they review something else and are much more understanding.

      It’s a shame that not everyone thinks as calmly and gets more upset about unwanted outcomes, but I also know that in the Kpop fandom, there are those who LOVE one specific group and will defend them no matter what. So I think making videos about Kpop in general just leads to the negative comments they get. When I watch MVs on YouTube, I have seen many a Kpop fan saying “[Insert Group Name] is so much better than this group!” or “This group is just trying to be like this other group!” and some also get into arguments about their favorite members (a.k.a. biases) in that group and criticize others who say they don’t like that specific member as much. It gets pretty ridiculous if you ask me. -_-

      So basically, I think it’s partially because of the intense sense of loyalty some feel to their favorite group(s), which isn’t wrong per say, but some of them seem to go a bit overboard with it. I think that’s why there’s so much anger in some of the comments here. The way some of the comments are worded are probably just out of the anger/disappointment the writer was feeling and that’s why the word “unfair” is popping up a lot because when you think about it in some ways it may seem unfair. Those who are saying so may just not be as comprehensive as others. Not to say that being a dedicated fan is wrong, I’m just saying that that’s what drives them to poke at others’ differing opinions.

  31. I wish people would stop complaining about this, the KMM is done, uploaded and watched. They gave us something did they not? Sure they picked Lee Hi over the other two, but it was their choice after all. If you wanted the other two videos to be reviewed so badly, either search for other Youtubers that have reviewed them or review them yourselves and put them up on youtube for other people to watch, then people would stop complaining and everyone could all get along like we used to in middle school. I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.

  32. so much green screen. i’m so proud of you guys… upping your production level

  33. FYI, my whole family loved Master Rose Crusher! :D

  34. we are tired but Triple S and YES’s spirits so strong…
    anyway, “Every rose has it’s thorn – not so bad i like this too^^

    hope S&M have a nice day

  35. Oh god, dear Spudgy, never have you looked prettier! I’m the only one I know who loves k-pop in my social circle, but EVERYBODY I know loves Spudgy and Meemers. One picture and they are forever lost! Awesome KMM as always ^^

  36. I love those nonsense-blurry-artsy videos the most, though… ://

  37. I just want it to be known that not all Nasties are always vocal. Some of us are shy, have jobs and school, are content to be fans from afar, or have other reasons for not sharing our opinions regularly. But it doesn’t mean we are lesser fans, less dedicated, or find YOU, Simon and YOU, Martina less enjoyable than vocal fans do. I, personally, seem to only comment when I think my input is really needed or desired (wait, no! I know you always desire all our input…not sure what other word, then?), and I think this week is one of those times. I love that other people have been allowed to share their opinions, but just because they are vocal, doesn’t necessarily mean they are in the majority. Fans are allowed to not like everything you do, but that doesn’t mean all fans, or a majority of them, don’t like it. I just want to voice my opinion that I’m glad you stay honest and true to yourselves; When the KMMs were based on the number one video, to be honest, some weeks I didn’t enjoy them. And that is fine; others did enjoy. But I didn’t enjoy them because it seemed like you didn’t always enjoy reviewing the video chosen for you.

    I don’t have fun watching if you don’t have fun producing. So, please, take all of this “constructive criticism” (which I really feel like is just code for complaining, I can’t help it, I was just taught not to complain and to get over it), but remember that just because complaints tend to be the larger percentage, it is not necessarily a true reflection of how Nasties feel.

  38. I love Rose, truly I am and the MV too, but since the MV doesn’t have a vivid plot like That XX, I enjoy the song more than the MV…:) (plus, it’s hard to make gifs for Rose MV…T_T)
    My vote is on That XX~ ^^v

  39. G-DRAGON!!!!!
    But I really wanted to see who won on Master Rose Crusher, it was so interesting….

  40. The jumping around killed me, too! I wanted to see how they did her hair in that messy, braided up-do, but there wasn’t a single shot where I could get a decent look at it. GAH! I’m pretty sure that’s why you were upset, too, Simon.

    My vote for the showdown goes to GD.

  41. Rose is the first Lee Hi song I like. but I was so super duper happy that Heo Young Saeng was at the first place.
    especially because his video is so amazingly hilariuos and I wanted to hear something about this from you….

    but no, Lee Hi again.

    it’s not that I am mad or something.
    but still – I am quite sad and my mood dropped down immediatelly.
    funny that such things can affect people’s day so much!

  42. I am going to have to vote G-Dragon.

    The plot was far more obvious and there is more of a conclusion, even though that conclusion is just – I am staying with the a**hole and you trashed your room.

    I love the Rose MV. There is the potential for story in there and I have seen several different ideas on what it could be, but the lack of a conclusion in the MV was the let down for me. I was less anxious for the spine chilling boom shakalaka moment in the song and more anxious for the climax in the actual MV. It didn’t have one. I remember that was the bit that disappointed Simon with Monster. It seemed to go nowhere. This went further into nowhere and left you there.

    So yeah. GD That XX for the fact that it had an ending.

  43. HELLO HELLO (Shinee music playing in the background)

    Thank you so so so much Simon and Martina for uploading this week’s KMM! :) Though it was Lee Hi again, I still appreciated all the comments that you guys made about the video! I actually liked the video a lot in fact!

    And i definitely agree that the transition to each frame was so quick, I could not even catch up with the whole thing.

    Anyway to sum it up, great commentary in this video and I’m looking forward to next week’s music monday! :)

    P.S I fell for your april fool’s joke sigh and please sleep earlier!!!! :) 6am is crazy!

  44. Just curious but what did you guys (both Simon and Martina and Nasties) think of the “rapping” from 1 to 10 with 10 being “Miryo-amazing rap skills and so charismatic” and 1 being “SNSD I Got A Boy aegyo” kind of rapping?

  45. I love it when you guys use the stuff your fans sent to you (=^o^=)

  46. 4minute’s milkshake is still there xD

  47. dear simon n martina..i think you should just take the chart out! cause still in the end you guys would choose someone else as the winner and not the actual vote winner! it just make me so so so so dissappointed with you guys

  48. hey simon n martina! i think i saw Young Saeng has top the KMM charts for some weeks! and yet still the winner is Lee hi!? when and why on earth she win it this time???!!! i seems you guys are so not fair! PLEASE REVIEW YOUNG SAENG FOR NEXT WEEK KMM! this is so not fair for his fan that has voted so many time! erghhh

  49. But… Kiseop could’ve been a great contestant for MRC with his man strength (from the Tick Tack video..)


  50. Dear Simon and Martina,
    I love you guys, but I’m kinda disappointed with this weeks KMM. I was expecting Girl’s Day or Young Saeng to get reviewed, but you guys went ahead and choose Lee Hi, again? I understand why you guys wanted to pick out from the top 3 to balance out the male and female artists, but at least pick out the artists that haven’t got reviewed yet. Now don’t get me wrong, I really love Lee Hi, and I love this song too, but the video just ain’t doing it for me. You guys choose to review Lee Hi over Girl’s Day, meaning that I think you guys are a bit too biased towards Lee Hi and YG. Now I’m not criticizing on this, I’m just saying that from the way you guys chose from your top 3. S&M, please think through more thoroughly when picking out your top 3 next time. Give other artists a chance.

  51. There was way to much Master Rose Crusher! It was like over and over and over and over again! lol

  52. Despite being epically trolled earlier by your 4minute video earlier (Good Lord, do some of those girls need singing lessons XD), I was eagerly awaiting who you’d review. I was kind of hoping you’d do “The Art of Seduction” since it’s been in the top three for a few weeks (props to those dedicated SS501 fans), but I was pleased with “Rose”. I must say that you guys did not come off as harsh at all; you were very critical, but not in a mean way. Lee Hi’s voice is kind of “wasted” on this song, but allow me to bring in a counterargument; not every song that an artist with a voice like Lee Hi’s has to “show off” her vocals. Another song of her’s that is rather subdued and restrained like this is “Special”, the song that features Jenny Kim. That one doesn’t “show off” her vocals (she isn’t doing crazy belting or melisma), but it shows off just how well she manages her voice; she doesn’t have to be belting out the emotion in the lyrics for them to be felt. So that’s my two cents :3

    Also, I vote for That XX. Rose is really pretty (Lee Hi, don’t let anyone tell you’re not a 10, because you are;D) and symbolic, but without a plot, that symbolism is really empty; this isn’t something like Jaejoong’s Mine that makes me wanna know what the symbols mean. They just look really pretty and artsy fartsy XD

  53. ahaha u managed to work the flower present u got from fanmail! nice nice!

  54. Most people have already said what I wanted to say, so I’ll just say I agree with those who are disappointed. Yes S&M can do what they want and they can go ahead if that makes them happy, but I do feel like this was unfair since she’s already been reviewed in the past month.

    You say you guys are unbiased, you say you guys want to review groups you’ve never reviewed before … and then you skip over them and review someone who you currently have reviewed every other song she’s done thus far? And it wasn’t even the best video choice, since there isn’t much to talk about. It just makes me a little sad.

    However, I do love this song, A LOT actually, favourite Lee Hi song yet, but … the song could’ve used an extra oomph at the end. I disagree that it need a booming chorus, because it’s a sad ballad, I feel that’d just be out of place. But it could’ve used strength towards the end, to make it that bit more powerful. Also, the video is pretty boring. Beautiful … but boring.

    Do love the Rose Crusher skit btw. And your hair Martina, the hairband fits so well with your hair. :D

  55. Well, while everyone’s busy complaining about the song reviewed, I’m gonna cast my vote for the throwdown, haha.

    My vote goes to GD because while Lee Hi’s Rose was gorgeous and interesting in almost every frame (I loved the lyrics in the set, the red antlers, floating roses, and dancers with their transparent, billowy outfits) with strong contrast, it only had a hint of plot, with the soldiers closing in and Lee Hi standing at a window. Just enough to get a sense there was a story but not nearly enough to actually understand it unless one is truly grasping at straws. While GD’s wasn’t necessarily as visually fascinating, it had a subtle plot where you could discover new elements of the story and video with a new viewing. Personally plot > beauty so That XX it is. :)

  56. Oh god, Dongho getting autocorrected XD

  57. martina how does your hair look so fluffy in this video???

    • I washed it, dried it very lightly and while it was still damp I pulled it up into a tight messy bun to create loose waves as it dried. And then that night I took it out to film and WHAAAAMO!!! Fluffy and wavy!

  58. I love her voice so much, it is not ear splitting high, but it is so smooth and pretty

    that being said… she has the acting ability of a potato

  59. This was a hilarious MM. Seriously, if I wasn’t laughing I was smiling :) too funny.

  60. Wow, I was in a really bad mood when I started watching this, and then I got to Master Rose Crusher. Bad mood GONE. Except…. I’ll never find out who won! *Angstangstangst*

  61. Super sad they didnt do art of seduction. But this review was extreme in its funneh-bility. I wud b happy just knowing u like art of seduction :) still laughing XD

  62. If I were to create an analogy for this weeks KPOP Monday, it would sound something like this.

    Lee HI would be considered a weekly ALL-STAR voting candidate and would remain on the top for a long, long time. Whereas someone or some-group like Girl’s Day or Heo Young Saeng have a ONCE or at most TWICE in a weekly opportunity to get reviewed under your new TOP 3 system before they fall out never to be seen again.

    (analogy from NBA All-Star Voting system where allstar names get voted each year and those who have an all-star season miss out)

  63. I gave up Kpop for Lent, which recently ended. You don’t realize how much I have missed you!

    • We do other videos apart from Kpop as well! I hope you didn’t skip out on those :D

      • First, BY THE EIGHT (Skyrim C:) you guys replied to me! I can’t believe it.
        Second of all, I was really strict on myself, so I couldn’t look at anything Kpop related and the Charts update is the first thing I see when I come to your website :/ I also had to stay away from instagram and a big portion of YouTube.

        I caught up the day Lent ended, but I still have some wanking and fapfaping to do…
        I really appreciate your reply.
        I got my friend to like kpop using your videos.
        I love you guys.

        Also, bananas.


  65. you are SOOOOO bias!! you know that??
    finally realize why you change the system~ LOL

    • Calm down please dear i know and i feel u however lets just keep it classy

      • believe me..i have calm down after writing this..just want to express myself..
        and i won’t give up..i will keep voting for HYS~ ^^

        • LOL i still haven’t calm down LOL i still want to keep flipping things but lets just not get ourselves in problems and lets not disappoint Saeng XD so yeah lets keep voting and see u in HYS comment section

  66. thisisjustforfunval

    “Every rose has it’s thorn. Just like every night has it’s dawn. Just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song. Every rose has it’s thorn” This is exactly what popped into my head when you said every rose has it’s thorn, which then made me think of Bill & Ted, which lead me to saying it just like Keanu Reeves.


  67. Everyone has read George Orwell’s Animal Farm right?

  68. It’s a good tool to express disappointment it Keeps them honest.

  69. awwwwwww i was really hoping you would do Girl’s day

  70. This is funny,, this is the first song of LEE HI, that I like and the video as well, so I am happy it got its day with S&M, and I think it should be were its at, and Girls day sounds good but hate the video {+:(

  71. “You know … I think this wasn’t biasness it started since UKISS didn’t get reviewed that time and S&M are actually not going to read the comments any more and do what they want until things calm down and complainers get fed up… like they said in other videos…they don’t care about the fame.(so the complainers might as well unsubscribe)..they just want to have fun doing what they like to do and if they don’t even have that priviledge they’ll just upload videos because there are many fans that just purely enjoy their videos no matter the content.”

    Great review guise!! *______*


    • But with U-Kiss it wasn’t so bad since it wasn’t a very old video when Lee Hi came out so fans were sad but not too much since it could’ve stayed in the charts, (also it was the first time S&M put their new rule to use and ignore the #1 so it was shocking in a way) and I believe that’s the difference this time the other 2 vids have a higher chance to drop and therefore fall, I think that’s why the fans are so upset.

      And I agree this was a cool review =]

      • Actually the new rule came just before Boa’s Disturbance KMM so it wasn’t more like a shock but more like a “new Nasty” old kissmes’ kind of thing…and when that happened they used the word “banning”for the tumblr page… oh yeah and complainers had plenty of time to gather “their forces” since Boa….so… myeah… TKIR: I agree with them for the lack of “voice power” but I think her song should also match her personality …kind of exactly like a rose…she’s a sweet, “soft” person. Speaking about personalities I think “I’m weird” (check album on itunes) fits her porsonality so well! :)

        • You’re right, they stated it a while ago but hadn’t really used it, I still think they were sad but not as much as I’ve seen today >.<
          And don't worry I checked the whole album already ^_^ though I buy on Soribada though not iTunes since it helps the digital sales in Korea (It's in English and people can vote with paypal but not many ppl are aware) and yea the songs do match her, and also Rose has delicate lyrics that went well with her voice indeed ^_^

        • Oh… I saw her “Rose” updates on fb and left a link directly to itunes so I clicked that in desperation and bought what I could… oh I wanted to buy it whole but …not sure how well I’m doing with my budget – . -

        • lol I did the same, but yea I only bought the songs I really liked =] and downloaded the rest (which I still liked) but you know… i need money xD

        • I do agree that U-kiss fans were not that bad ,they were nicer….

        • Well … that was the beginning of it…

  72. Personally i can’t believe they didn’t bring up that she looked like a vampire from twilight. Come on he contacts where the same color as the cullins eyes. And her hair looked like a really bag dye job that rosline would get. What it makes scene, she looks like Rosline from Twilight because the name is Rose.

  73. Great work, Simon and Martina! You guys continue to impress me with your commentary, skits, and use of Spudgy!

  74. Congrats to Lee Hi getting this review. Let the Girl’s Day fans push to get there song up! I’ll keep voting to see it reviewed~!

  75. I feel bad for S& M…..I hope they can handle all this. Maybe they should get rid of kpop music charts and review the videos they want so no one gets disappointed.

    • they’re quite professional. there are times when people (being fans and S&M) will be disappointed and i don’t see why you want to get so extreme and ask them to get rid of kpop music charts….. asking them to do that is probably more insulting than them hearing fans put their two cents in the comments box. they do this because they enjoy it and i’m ure before they started this business, they knew what was going to come along with.

      besides, people who are on here sharing their disappointment has not once said anything rude toward simon and martina. tripleS are well known to be quite honest and kind so reading their comment aren’t in a bit hurtful. relax dude….

      • Hey it’s not just triple s, Girl’s Day fans and even other ppl who don’t love either still found this jacked up and are expressing their disappointment. I hope S&M comes back and reads these comments to see WHY we’re so upset and don’t just blow us all off and have something identical happen again.

      • I’m suggesting because I’m concerned I’m seeing that people lately are unhappy about the kpop charts. Omg and people here say they are allowed to voice their disappointment, opinion whatever they wanna call it….Don’t try to make me sound like I’m insulting them when I’m actually on their side. I’m not the one here who is “disappointed” To be honest I’m very satisfied with S&M Video’s review.

    • Comparing the comments I’ve read here on this KMM with those back when Nu’est first debuted and The Chaser wasn’t reviewed and pretty much any video that was mostly negative in tone towards the song/video, etc. etc….let’s just say I’m sure S&M can handle it. The comments on this site have been polite discussions on why they aren’t happy with the choice. I haven’t seen anything terribly horrible being written about Lee Hi or S&M themselves. None of it compares to the things that used to show up on here. (As for YouTube comments, I don’t read those. I know that the comments on the blog posts usually tend to be from actual Nasties and not the random interloper. Plus people on YouTube just tend to be nastier…and not in the EYK Nasty way.)

      That said, getting rid of the charts pretty much contradicts what S&M seem to want EYK to be. They have said multiple times that they want to have audience input and to work hand in hand with them. That is the reason behind the charts. I don’t always agree with the way the system works, but I think the last thing they should consider doing is taking away the charts.

      • I was just suggesting it’s not like I’m demanding I’m just one person giving what I thought might be a solution (not like my opinion is gonna change anything) Besides to be honest I didn’t have any problem with today’s review. I like Lee hi and I like Kpop music mondays….

        • AudreyKoopman

          You put your opinion of what could be a possible solution and I put my opinion on why I don’t believe that solution is one that would work. I never said anything about you demanding this change, you said that all on your own. I also didn’t say a thing about this weeks KMM….You’re taking things way too seriously my dear.

  76. If like to disagree with you guys for once. I prefer “Rose” to any of the previous songs by Lee Hi. It’s just a matter of preference :) Love you guys

    • I love Rose too, but I hear what they’re saying; this song seems like it would fit BIGBANG (I can definitely hear Daesang belting out the last chorus and G-Dragon doing the spoken word/rap part) or 2NE1 better, but she pulls it off very well.

  77. Thanks for a very nice, albeit a bit short, I think, music Monday, guys! You know, I always watch your videos and I’m subscribed to your youtube because I enjoy seeing you guys have fun with making videos, and not because of which artist you are reviewing. I guess that’s why all the people commenting are making me question why they aren’t chatting about their favorite artist on their fanbase forums and such, and expect to get outside approval and boasting from you guys.
    My opinion is watch EYK videos for Simon and Martina and have fun with that; when you want to go all fan-crazy-bitchy-commenting, go to designated forums, maybe?

  78. G-Dragon!!!! That XX was exquisite! While I ADORE Lee Hi’s song, I was bored with the video. I am loving her voice and want to hear her singing some more challenging (vocal/range-wise) music.

  79. When I saw the KMM, I felt that I had a different impression of the MV than S&M. Then I read the blog post and I think I am in agreement with a lot of what was said. Lee Hi is a good singer very unique in Kpop and I personally find a breathe of fresh air from all the idol songs and MVs. I actually was satisfied with the song. The song fit the lyrics well, although the MV could have been better. The symbolism only works withe the lyrics, but still, it could have been done better. As S&M pointed out, there were too many shaky shots and cuts with only a few frames.

  80. As a Lee Hi fan, I’m very happy they chose to review it. I laughed so much at the skit with the cancelled show, it was genius! xD I’m going to vote for Heo Young Saeng so it can continue on the top 3 ^^

  81. I love Lee Hi, but I was looking forward to Young Saeng. So, I guess I’m a little disappointed :( Going to go vote for him like crazy, maybe next week?

    • yes go and vote for him instead of complaining here….it’s looks like you guys are doing it on purpose

      • Please don’t start arguments with people now. It is obvious that many people are disappointed and many of them are going to comment about it. Once it is done in a respectful way, it is fine ( even though each disappointed comment makes me feel a little bit more sad )

        But it is not going to help to tell people to shut up. It will just make things worse. If anyone is going to tell anyone to shut up, let it be a mod.

        • yes but they are complaining way too much on you tube you have no idea how much…..This needs to stop now

        • We don’t have any control over the youtube comments, and they are pretty much always like that.

          Commenters on the website are usually a whole lot nicer.

        • Must ppl on YT r not the same ppl from here,i understand ur frustration but please also understand others is not just Girls days and HYS fans its mostly everybody who r a little disappointed

        • Yes I can tell….I wonder if people would do the same (get upset) if S&M had reviewed 2 BAP or EXO videos the same month….I kind of doubt it

        • well i have no double standard so when GD got review like many many times i was also dissapointed lol when Ukiss got review i was also sad cause Ukiss has always been reviewed so many has diff sides, is not like ppl r hating on Lee hi more like they expected a different result considering she got review like 3 weeks ago and personally if S&M would have chosen Girls day i think there wouldn’t have been sooo much backlash, i think u r assuming must ppl complainig r HYS fans but i can assure u is not ppl were expecting either girls day or HYS

        • I feel that after this S&M are not going to never ever review Lee Hi…..good by Lee hi ):

        • LOL naaa dont be tooo extreme and if so well that will be a bigger disappointment. S&M loves YG and loves Lee hi s i dont think they will stop and also must fans here is not like they r not gonna keep watching S&M they r just pointing out their opinions and i am sure S&M can handle it if not well they should really stop

        • Don’t worry, they will, I doubt this’ll affect them actually.

          This is nothing compared to comments they’ve recieved in the past … clearly you weren’t around when Troublemaker happened. Oh god that was bad. ._______.

        • Oh man. I seriously cried for two weeks after that. -M

        • hwaiting!~

        • Omg, I’m so sorry to bring it back up. D:

          *big hugs*

        • i wouldn’t know i wasn’t an eky fan until september of 2012…….

        • I would’ve felt sad even if two TVXQ/JYJ songs got reviewed in a month, it’s just unfair on other groups.

      • no need for u to be rude towards her she is not saying anything bad nor bashing so lets keep it classy

    • I lost count on how many times I read the word disappointed today

      • I’m disappointed in you and I’m disappointed in your comments.

        • I’m disappointed in the negative feedbacks S& M are getting today…

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          And we’re disappointed in S&M’s decision to review Lee Hi today… Oh look we’re back where we started.

          There wouldn’t be this much negative feedback if there wasn’t a reason for it. If you don’t like it and can’t handle seeing S&M not getting told how glorious they are then stop reading the comments on this page and stop replying to people whose opinions differ than yours.

        • this is lee hi section ….you are the one that didn’t like lee hi MV being review, so go Young Saeng post and be disappointed over there. I’m here for Lee hi your are not

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I’m here for KMM, you don’t have to be on-topic here. ONCE AGAIN yoi make assumptions and fail. I never even watched his video.

        • I havent replied to any of your previous posts so why are you saying that I had

    • i don’t think HYS get chance for next week.. his chart will drop on this friday.. if i’m not mistaken.. that’s the system in EYK, right?

  82. The way I see it S&M figured it would be a while before another female artist had a chance at being reviewed so they should take the opportunity particularly since its so different from her last video.
    I was hoping for Heo Young Saeng too since the MV is so funny and delves into Saesang fans/stalkers
    But I for me Lee Hi, Heo Young Saeng, Girls Day… all would have been good!

    • But that excuse doesn’t work because Girl’s Day had been on the top a couple weeks too.

      • but S&M said they will usually do #1 unless there’s too many boybands like there was last year… Lee Hi was #1 so why would they do a male artist or a female artist at #3? If it was Two boy bands and Girls Day at #3 they would probably have done Girl’s Day.
        Just a speculation though because I’m not S&M.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          But when S&M initially brought the top 3 plan up they said it was to get more variety so they could review artists they otherwise couldn’t and so that one artist wouldn’t get multiple reviews close to eachother. Also I have heard from multiple ppl that they think Lee Hi wasn’t in 1st when time expired. So either it would have been the perfect time to veto or it was the worst veto possible.

        • I don’t remember them saying anything about not having the same artist reviewed multiple times close together. I remember them saying they didn’t want boy band after boy band, male artist after male artist… I believe sausage fest was the word used.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I’m pretty sure they did, rewatch it. I think I specifically remember them mentioning Big Bang and G-D (or one or the other).

          I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure I remember that because I was mad when they brought up top 3 but they brought up a lot of points that convinced me.

        • HYS was #1 at the time the deadline was reached, not Lee Hi.

        • I though Lee Hi was #1…
          When I checked it was Lee Hi and
          then a couple hours later it was HYS
          after the deadline…
          But I could be mistaken

        • I checked the site at the midnight deadline and HYS was in first at that time. About 7 or 8 hours later, when I checked back again, Lee Hi was #1. One of the mods has also said that HYS was in first on the chart page, but she doesn’t know what the standings were on the mod page, which (I think) shows more real-time updates than what we see on the site. So there is a slight possibility that Lee Hi could have just overtaken HYS at the deadline and that wasn’t reflected on the website page until a bit later. But that’s all speculation. I (and everyone else besides whoever was looking at the mod page then) have to go off of what we saw on the chart page, i.e. HYS in first place.

  83. To be completely honest (and this is only my personal opinion) I have always loved KMM and now even if idc about the artist who wins I always watch it, like a habit, I watch every video you guys put out bc it’s entertaining. KMM is what drew you guys tons of fans but by the looks of it, it’s the same reason many fans are not even watching anymore, and it’s such a shame bc you guys put a lot of work into each segment, and I’m not going to lie I watch KMM but my fav have always been the TL;DRs =] and i love the FapFap, Wanks, loooooooove the interviews, and liked your older segments like WTF etc. But I think you guys should adjust KMM in some way, idk but I don’t like when there are so many negative comments >.< perhaps bc i have been watching u guys for a while (lol creepy)

    yes I have disagreed with you guys tons of times, yes I have disliked some things many times, but you guys are obv not going to appeal to every single person, every single time, people should understand this too… I expressed my opinion on today KMM earlier, but I would suggest for KMM to be, idk molded in another way bc fans will constantly be upset, and it's only through this segment that you guys are constantly getting bashed or have negative comments =[

    (but this is just what I think… they may not even read this) lol anyways… sup?

    • Yes, this particular choice for a review has pretty much created a very negative reaction. I feel really sad reading about how disappointed so many people seem to be. But to give props, most people seem to be doing it in a respectful and constructive way. Maybe all of these comments would serve to inform Simon and Martina better about what the Nasties want.

      :-(. honestly it still feels bad when everyone is so disappointed.

      • Well it doesn’t even rly matter what we say because S&M said they were done reading these comments shortly after posting the video.

        • Yep, I feel really horrible for them. It is the same here and on Facebook.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          They brought it upon themselves though… They pretty much contradicted themselves and the way things lined up it was as bad of a decision as they could have made.

        • to which, all i can say is ew.

        • They’re human beings after all… I don’t know how much I would’ve endured it nicely if I had been in their shoes… I get the feeling like we’re (the ones who want to make peace) “covering up the holes” but the “water” keeps coming and we can’t hold the “wall” in place much longer…

        • yes I agree. as much as I hate people complaining here…I think something has to be done now. Maybe not having a kpop chart is a solution I don’t know. I was excited that Lee Hi was going to be review (I wanted other girl groups to be reviewed better like glam) but whatever I still really like Lee Hi and then when I was reading comments on youtube people were not happy and at the end I didn’t enjoy the review.

        • Yeah… I think I have to agree with you… for now it will be better if they don’t have a kpopchart(at least until the waters calm a bit more…*it’ll take a while).. and just have a kpop cocktail instead (so we’d know what artists/groups are around and know what music monday to expect)… you know I don’t know why people like, for a certain artist/group to be reviewed because you never know if you’ll turn out to hate the review in the end… for the group/artist to gain more popularity? I don’t know but that’s one of the reasons for me… so I’m saying that even if group/artist I want to be reviewed, doesn’t…even a kpopchart update is enough… you know this Nasty-S&M relationship can’t go on without total trust…they’ve shared all their dreams with us, happiness, sadness…and showed that they care for us… so they expect the same from us… and they expect the same from the new Nasties…just like we (the old ones) got our way through …they have to find their way TKIR: D-Unit was in the same situation and I asked for at least a kpopchart update with them, but they didn’t include them and I understand.I’m sure they had a good reason for it. I totally love Lee Ha Yi^____^ If you could see the BTS footage…. how can even someone hate her? Next time read the blog first, watch the review and then read the comments :)

        • maybe if they review two groups…. fans’ choice and their choice like 5 min each…..but that might be to much work for them so I don’t know that would be the best solution.

        • Yes…they said once that doing two reviews it’s basically impossible…well since they have other stuff like interviews and tldr’s and whatnot… unfortunately not…

        • Listen.. it was nice talking to you but unfortunately I must go to sleep *I’m so dead X___X tomorrow cause I have work* if you can help out and calm the crowds a bit, it’s very much appreciated…if it isn’t possible then it can’t be helped *sigh*Thanks! Bye!

        • ok good night…I know right?

        • Elanor

          I don’t think that they should be this offended by ppl disappointment. they are not doing KMM only for fun they are full time now, so they should pay more attention of what the audience want, that’s all. And they shouldn’t take it as an attack against them but as feedback. I get it that it’s hard sometimes, but I think they are doing what they really like to do, otherwise they wouldn’t take the risk to make the EYK studio happen, so I think it should give them enough strength to bear with some disappointed fans and also they recieve so much support as well. But they shouldn’t bury their heads in the sand because of some negative feedback, especially when it has some reason this time.

        • I think that what S&M want is total freedom to have fun and choose what they think is best KMM material(some videos especially the more serious ones don’t make for a funny kmm) and not feel pressured doing it you know… “We’ll upload this cause B fandom will be upset and start hating us for not reviewing D” If they don’t act as themselves what’s the point? TKIR: I really love this song *____* I’ve been playing it on repeat and S&M’s review was awesome!

        • Elanor

          I get your point but if they want real freedom then they should just get rid of the voting system. It’s there for a reason. They came up with it, so they should give more thought in it, especially now that they changed the rules. They have bigger power because they can veto the first MV, but it comes with bigger responsibility as well. So I think when they choose not the MV which won they should be prepared that some will be disappointed and also they should give some reason about their choice, I think that’s the least what they could give for the ones who came to the site every day and voted for any MV and made it first or kept an MV on the top 3 as long as possible. So when they ingore these votes and pick something else I think they shouldn’t be suprise that there are a lot of disappointed fans. Also they should gamble a little bit. I mean now they could think about how long an MV was in the top 3 and if they pick an older this week, they probably will still have a chance to review the newer MV next week. It’s not like big releases just pop out of youtube we can know it at least a week before. Well this system is new for S&M as well, so I hope they will learn to use it more wisely in the future.

        • First they thought they could take it and I thought so too but apparently things got over control (we can’t possibly know/tell what they go through everyday) and they’ve forfeited the comments sections and message reading…
          as for reasons. I’m certain they do what they do for a good reason (and you might say that I have blind faith… it might be so but they’re the ones who created the website and sometimes we take advantage of their kindness). My final argument: every new fan or a fan that came along the way and didn’t get to know them well enough, should watch ALL their videos (trust me it’s important) and if even then there still are uncertainties and complains than so be it… nobody is tied up to nobody… some can leave and some can stay (for further confusions about understanding this comment I left another long one to Gilda Ocambo) TKIR: I couldn’t be more pleased with this review :) Lee Hi’s awesome!

        • Elanor

          Yeah I’m sure they have good reasons whatever they do, but since even the biggest fans can’t know what they think I think it would be nice if they would let us know why they pick song over an other. I think it’s not a too big thing to ask and I think it would make a lot of people calmer.

        • Yeah…. maybe… for now… time will tell…

        • By “done reading comments” we meant at that moment at 6am when we were going to sleep after making the video. We read the comments everyday and all week long.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          OK good, for the most part I think we were pretty civilized in our reasonings as to why we were upset. So I’m glad you guys clarified. Def some anger but idt many people were bashing or hateful.

          Edit: Just so it’s known I don’t think any of us disliked the review, we just disliked how two videos in their final week weren’t chosen over a brand new video by an artist that has been recently.

      • I think all fandoms (Ukiss, heo young saeng fans has to be included ) are still upset. I remember how disappointed they were when S & M didn’t picked Ukiss MV. But now it seems they are still mas about it it seems they are against Lee hi cuz they reviewed all her videos….But I just wonder what about fans that like girl groups and never get to see them be reviewed, only boy groups….and this has been going on for a long time. I don’t think people should be writing about heo young saeng here though, people should write comments here about Lee hi

        • That is true, the comments should be about Lee Hi. But if you really read the comments, they are giving constructive criticism about how the Kpop charts are run. And they are doing it in a respectful way. So as much as the disappointed comments make me sad… I actually can’t see anything wrong with people voicing their opinion.

        • Just butting in to say that commenting guidelines here on blog posts are not the same as on the kpop charts. We need to be strict about staying on topic because of the point system, but on the blog posts, I generally leave people alone unless they’re being incredibly rude.

        • Yes, that is true. Making it even more so fine for people to comment on their disappointment.

          I need milo. Or chocolate. Alas, I can have neither. I feel like I am in the presence of a dementor.

        • Or a possesing dementor … TKIR: I loved the review. Maybe they didn’t express themselves well on the video but the blog post was explicit enough. I could only sense their affection for the song and singer.

        • it’s not constructive to be honest they are pretty much telling them how disappointed they are…I think S & M already know that they are upset so I don’t think they don’t need to keep complaining anymore

        • But U-kiss got the review… lol

      • we’re disappionted, but some of us did like it all the same. and people have been quite respectful for the most part

    • Very well said! And I agree with you… I watch their videos like it’s some sort of addiction haha, ok not really, but I do watch their videos as soon as they come out! I like that the comments that I scrolled though weren’t all raging hate letters to S&M; I was personally disappointed and I expressed that but if I could have expressed it without inflicting any hurt feelings I would have. I never intend to tear them down, but unfortunately it’s a by-product of criticism. hopefully S&M won’t be too beat up about this review and bounce back next week!

      • Yupp! agreed the comments here usually tend to be less harmful better written, unlike in Youtube >..<

        • I know, it made me go “ouch” for them too! It’s kinda like, you know when you go see a movie that is supposed to be all epic and stuff but you go see it and it doesn’t meet your expectations? I feel bad for the producers of those kinds of movies because they clearly put a lot of money and time into it, but then it turns out to be a flop. Poor movie makers…. (For me, a movie like that was Avatar, with the blue people…. I dunno, it was just not THAT great of a movie, despite the incredible effects)

          I don’t see to much flaming going on YouTube this time but I did see the comments to the link to this review on Facebook… some people get so nasty. And not in the EYK way.

        • Really? I liked Avatar (like average) and I thought it did well bc everyone had gone to watch it, like everyone was talking about it and in my classes etc, lol >..< FB was also intense indeed.

        • Haha this is an example of different tastes ^__^. I can’t say that I didn’t like Avatar at all but like you said, it was average and I wasn’t mesmerized by it though “everyone” that saw it before me was like “That was the best movie everrrrr!”. My mom says I’m too critical when it comes to movie plots sometimes haha

          Aaah. I’m guessing the really dedicated voters who were eager to see if their chosen artist won were the first to get to the video and that’s why there was the initial fire that I missed because I got to it later, when the less devoted viewers who watch for the fun of it throw roses over the ashes.

        • (da-da-dum- PUNS! Untentional as they were :D)

    • I totally agree with Lorenax17, I really miss your old videos and enjoy your TLDR’s, FapFaps and Wanks WAY more. I miss the WTF’s too. I even miss the older Wanks where you gave each other challenges and punishments for the loser of the challenge.

      • I do miss the punishments too!!! haha but for the challenges they explained that it was hard sometimes to find a celebrity or Engrish and that they would spend a long time trying to find them sometimes, so it was ok when they stopped >.<

    • why are bashing them? why do you want to make them feel bad? do you feel better now? go and whine somewhere else…..

  84. i wonder if its another april fools prank……..you know cause you couldnt get the fans at first with milkshake

  85. unicornsgalaxy

    I was actually expecting Girls Day to be reviewed, but I was hoping for Heo Young Saeng. I’m actually a bit surprised that you have only used your veto power twice (I believe) but both times they were for Lee Hi (or am I wrong and Heo Young Saeng wasn’t in 1st place when the voting was over?).

    I had hoped that you would use your Super Veto powers to allow lesser known groups and groups that had not been reviewed to get a KMM in order to provide a bit of diversity to the KMMs. I still have a bit of hope that it will still happen, but it has been greatly reduced after this (actually it started decreasing after Nu’est’s last video). Maybe you will surprise me one day though.

    As for the song, I agree with you. It’s missing something for me. I really liked 1234, sorta liked It’s Over, and Rose is just meh. It’s very pretty but it doesn’t really do anything for me.

    I vote GD.

    • He was in first place I believe on the charts page, but I am not sure what it looked like on the mod page ( that’s what Simon and Martina use to determine it ) at midnight because Lee Hi took over very soon after on the Kpop chart page.

    • OMG I can’t believe double standards! She is the only female artist that they picked twice recently. But what about fans that like girl groups and never get to see them be reviewed, only boy groups….and this has been going on for a long time.

      Why do guys don’t get mad when they don’t review female groups…(some people are saying girl’s day could’ve been reviewed but you only are saying that to prove your point when in reality you guys are upset that they didn’t pick Heo Young Saeng

      • unicornsgalaxy

        Please DO NOT begin to assume what my likes are and who I am a fan of. You are under the erroneous assumption that I only vote for my bias group or “Oppa” that I might be a fan of. Did you even read my comment? I expected Girls Day to be reviewed. I actually like their song. I was hoping for Heo Yong Saeng because the video was awesomely funny and I loved the song! I actually usually try to watch many of the video that are on the charts and vote for the ones that I think are really good and would make a good KMM (Male or FEMALE).

        I was hoping that they would not only use their veto power to bring more female artist to KMMs but also lesser known artists who never had a review before. Lee Hi could have easily hung onto the top 3 for another week (both times she was on the charts) because she has a big fanbase and her video was just released. Girls Day and Heo Young Saeng do not have that luxury because they have been on the charts for a while and after 25 days they WILL NOT be eligible for a review.

        So DO NOT try to tell me what I am disappointed NOT UPSET about.

    • Dont worry …it’s not a biasness episode… just an “let’s see who really cares and sticks along” kind ( they really love Lee Hi though)

  86. Hmmm.. I’m not complaining but I just find it interesting that Rose was chosen. I felt that this KMM was rather lackluster; it felt like they spent a lot of time talking about a song/video that they had no extreme feelings for (maybe save for the artsy-ness). HYS and Girl’s Day were on the charts for 3 and 2 weeks respectively, and knowing S&M, I would have thought they’d pick at least one of those just for their fans’ sakes. Further, as others have pointed out, Lee Hi has (and recently) been reviewed several times already, based on the past, I think she probably could have stayed on the charts at least another week. I think I’d understand S&M’s choice if the other two videos in the top 3 didn’t inspire them at all, but wow, if that was the case… then wow. They had some slim pickings.

    I agree with the suggestion (I saw somewhere in the comments) of stating why one video was picked over others, in situations like this if anything, because I think it’d help protect S&M from some “hate” and ease the minds of their viewers who ardently voted for the non-reviewed artists.

    I still look forward to what EYK has to offer but this KMM was my least favorite thus far, (even if I had not known about HYS and Girl’s Day, and such)

    • Thanks for reaching into my brain and writing it all out, lol! What amazing superpowers you have! :D I agree with your thoughts 100%.

    • lol it’s so funny how we all can walk away with different feels from a song or review or whatnot. ~~i actually had the opposite reaction to yours–this felt like a refreshed KMM, an original, lighthearted feeling i haven’t gotten from a KMM in some time. i think they’ve gotten so much better now that they aren’t bound to reviewing the top song! totally not a bad thing that we got different vibes, i just thought it was funny, reading your post. :)

      • but, i totally agree that if they didn’t *love* this song, yet chose this over the other two, what does that say about the selection!

      • Yup, it is kinda funny… I commented elsewhere about this too but no matter what, there will always be a difference of opinion! It’s entirely possible that my impression may have been influenced by my own hopes, also I was half asleep when I watched it, and there could be other factors.

        I’m totally supportive of the concept that they should have a choice about who they want to review, I really think a balance between viewer choice and creator choice is important and S&M have a great system. It’s just unfortunate that this time it was, in the opinion of the majority, poorly executed. ^-^;

  87. OMGSSSS! You’re so former student biased
    …..and I love it

  88. For the video showdown: GD all the way. His video not only has a storyline, but it also has a *far* greater variety of images, colors, textures, etc. to look at. Each scene is just stuffed with things to look at, and the camera cuts are slow enough that we can actually take in a lot of what’s in the scene. In this case, more is better — way better.

  89. Hey its totally fine if people whine and complain. Whats not accepted is cursing, threats and insults. I’m dissappointed like the others because i wanted them to review Girl’s Day so I could see Simon and be all NAAAASSSTYYY and stuff! Totally dont understand why they didnt review such a nasty video :/ But anyways i always look forward to watch any eatyourkimchi video. Must always have my daily dose of Simon and Martina! :D Fighting!!!

  90. Maybe this KMM just worked better with all of the fanmail treats they received the last couple of weeks. More like a Nasties shout out video. Maybe it was just me, but it did seem like this was a shorter, more prop driven review. But hey, how many times can you honestly say you got two KMM’s? Hell, sometimes it’s not even here until Tuesday!

  91. If anyone cares, Rose was actually my least favorite song on the album. I mean the second part of the album. It just didn’t do it for me. In a way it already seemed too familiar, if that makes any sense. Maybe it’s because I could feel YG’s essence all over it (lol). I tend to not like YG artists’ title tracks all that much but love the other tracks on the albums. I mean, I feel like ‘Rose’ could have been given to 2NE1 for example (I can practically hear CL’s and Dara’s voices as I listen to it). What makes it work for Lee Hi is her distinct tone, but even her singing was on the underwhelming side this time.
    The video was also very YG so it did nothing for me.

    That having been said, I still want her album (the packaging is pretty). Lee Hi definitely has a future in music and I look forward to seeing her developments as an artist, but I don’t think she’s raised the standards for artists/groups all that much yet. She was gifted with a great voice but that isn’t something rare.

  92. I’m not disappointed at all. /useless comment.

  93. Sigh.. when i woke up and saw 4M KMM i was like WTF??? nooo LOL then i figure it was cause of april fools and i had the hope Heo Young Saeng could make it :S i mean since Lee hi already got review very recently i thought aww maybe saengie is gonna make it :S sad reality
    sad well anyway TS did their best and at least we got to get closer so yeah


  94. Wow, so much whining in the comments. Grow up people, if you want your vid reviewed just keep voting so it stays in first place. *shrug*

    • well i think that is why ppl r whining cause both girls day and Heo Young Saeng MV stayed in charts for 3 weeks and heo young saeng was number 1 when the voting closed

    • Grow up yourself. That was an INCREDIBLY ignorant comment.

      • lmao You obviously don’t know the definition of “ignorant”, sweetie. So, go be a whiny fangirl somewhere else ‘kay? :)

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Actually I do and I’m a dude so… look, ignorant comment again!

          Ignorant means to be uneducated or to not know. And you don’t.

    • people are not whining they are making reasonable points. its not like anyone’s hating on leehi or anything. now THAT would classify as whining.

      • it seems like they are hating on Lee hi in a way…they are basically saying she doesn’t deserve to be reviewed ths week…Why don’t they let it go? It gets annoying.

        • Why can’t you let go the fact that there will always be people disappointed? It gets annoying. ^_^

          No but in all seriousness, do you understand the point system and the algorithm that the kpopcharts run by? If so, you would understand why their fans are upset, Lee Hi could’ve remained as first in the charts since it just came out while the others will drop, so it’s reasonable for some fans to be sad and such.
          (based on your comments from here and last time we met at U-Kiss when You said SHINee Fire was going to be reviewed I can assume you aren’t well aware of many things, I suggest looking through some explanations of how things are based upon and how they work, it will save you a lot of time in not being so angry all the time ^_^)

        • I didn’t know about that but after I read your comment I tried to learn more about the voting system…besides I’m frustrated about people complaining here I’m not talking about the voting system. why are you even mentioning this? it’s totally unnecessary

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic


        • this is lee hi section why are here?

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          No Lee Hi’s section is on the charts. This is KMM section.

        • Venecochick09

          Hey no need to be mean she is as frustrated as you are. Let’s be nice to each other.

        • who do you think you are you don’t even know me?

        • they are hating on the situation. there was no rude terms thrown at leehi so you’re comment is irrelevant.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          All her comments are irrelevant. SHE is irrelevant.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          You don’t YOU let it go? YOU’RE annoying.

          Seriously, holy crap.

        • I’m reading your comments and they are not the more pleasant ones…..that’s the last thing I’m gonna say. Let’s be civil with each no more disagreements. I don’t like arguments.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Psh what a joke. You’re the one who turned disagreements into arguments.

      • whining = To complain or protest

        • Do you even know what constructive criticism is? I also find it even more baffling that an adult is on here acting like a child when most of the people commenting sane things here are kids/teens please grow up. Kids look up to adults but you just sound like a irresponsible rude little kid who isn’t getting there way.

        • I don’t think your acting like a grown up that much….I don’t think you are giving constructive criticism you are complaining…

        • A: I’m not a grown up I’m actually a young teen B: If I was complaining it would sound something like this: OMG SHE SHOULDNT HAVE won YOU GUYS SUCK MY OPPA’S ARE PERFECT!!!1 and so forth. you seem to think anyone giving there opinion is complaining.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Shoo troll!

        • and please stop annoying everyone especially the poor admin here that has to put up with you.

        • talk for yourself say that I’m annoying you (abut that sorry but I have my own opinions about things) …. I’m here supporting EYK but whatever.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          She is speaking for everyone, HENCE she has upvotes and you have downvotes. You are representing nobody besides yourself.

          Your comments have no purpose but to provoke.

        • talk for yourself….say that I’m annoying you. I’m here trying to support EYK not to bash anybody

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Seriously just shut the crap up and get off of this page then if you don’t want to see “complaining”. Right now YOU are “complaining” about all our posts and making a fool out of yourself in the process.

          If I had been called out or downvoted as much as you have I’d of disappeared by now.

        • I’m not complaining like you are and besides you are one of the people who has written more comments here….. so what do mean that I’m complaining…..your the one who is actually complaining I’m in favor of S&M reviewing her video.

        • Venecochick09

          Let’s keep classy Ladies…

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          A) I’m a dude.
          B) I got sick of seeing a reply from her on every comment calling them whiney or making assumptions when she knows nothing.

        • Venecochick09

          Both of you are frustrated with this, but please don’t be disrespectful to each other.

    • unicornsgalaxy

      It’s not as simple as “keep voting so it stay in first place”. There is an algorithm built into the charts that after about 25 days a video is on the charts, the points drop to 0 so it has no chance to be reviewed.

    • Actually so far the only person who I am not so pleased about the tone they are using on this page right now is you. Everyone else is sharing this disappointment in a constructive and relatively respectful way.

    • Keeping your group in first place doesn’t matter anymore. As you can see Lee Hi won over 1st place Heo Young Saeng. And it doesn’t seem to be because they wanted to review a female artist. Or their dislike of reviewing one artist too often. or wanting to introduce new artist that haven’t been exposed as much. I think fans have the right to ask questions, and try to keep them honest to their word. Lets Hope S&M made the choice of Lee Hi because of their bias and not because they’ve started to let business make their decisions.

    • if you see young saeng got first for about 2 weeks straight! and lee hi not even got high vote to defeat him! and yet in the end she got it.,..isnt it unfair?? unless youre lee hi fan then it would be such a waste commenting on you

  95. I almost bought that same opening rose at Walgreens, they’re so cute! XD

  96. I didn’t even bother to watch the KMM except to see the showdown winner :P YAY Dongho! Forever alone! But I think maybe you guys should say why you picked a certain video to review for now on if it’s not number one or something. That way, at least people will know WHY the other two videos didn’t get picked and will understand more.

    I’m not going to say I’m disappointed so and so didn’t get reviewed because I’m not going to watch this KMM but I would like to say continue the good work guys and I appreciate the time you take to make these videos for us. Can’t wait for the K Will interview!

    • I think that’s a pretty good suggestion. Simon and Martina make this happen please! Even if you only write it in the blog post :)

    • thisisjustforfunval

      I think that is a great suggestion as well. When they originally presented the idea of Top 3 to Nasties, they said they would recognize who won even if it wasn’t reviewed. They did it last time, but not this time and I think may have helped easy complaints a little. I even ran to the blog to hope they would mention who was in 1st place but it wasn’t there and that become disappointing too.

      AND I’m sooo excited about their K.Will interview. That man just makes me smile!

  97. Have to agree on waiting for it to go up that next level of dynamics for the song. I keep playing it and I keep waiting for that to happen.

  98. I was disappointed too but i vote for lee hi anyway

  99. Hmm, this is interesting. I believe people are not upset with Lee Hi being reviewed overall but that she was reviewed this week since she could’ve lasted easily another week while Youngsaeng has been there for a long time already.
    anyways I didn’t mind who won, so in my perspective it was a good review =] wish people on YT would read the blog as well, and Martina I liked your makeup =]
    However, I completely understand the other’s point of view =/

    (and I vote G-Dragon)

  100. I’m not an avid Kpop fan and I only watch S&M’s videos because I like them as people and they’ve been entertaining me and lighting up my life since I’ve discovered them in 2009, when I googled: “teaching english in another country.” Obviously, I’m a closet Nasty.

    However, I do agree with others here about expressing themselves. S&M have a right to know what their audience wants and well-worded constructive criticism can be helpful for both parties in the long run. While it IS true that this is their blog and can do whatever they see fit, it is NOT true that they have no obligations whatsoever to their viewers, who are their source of income, and especially to those who have helped them purchase their studio. They’re grown ups who do not need coddling. They can handle it, and hopefully use the criticism they get to make better informed decisions in their future videos.

    That said, I love S&M very much and always look forward to any video they upload.

    • How are Simon and Martina supposed to predict the future and know “what their audience wants”? Lee Hi did make it to the number 1 spot before this video was uploaded which seems to indicate that’s what the audience wanted anyway. You can never make everyone happy.

    • I agree that they need to know people’s feedback and stuff but they don’t have any obligation to anyone. Being a Vlogger was supposed to be fun for them (they always cater to their audience by the way) but at least allow them to have some freedom in choosing what to review sometimes….now it seems like whatever they are gonna do it’s gonna become a burden for them.

  101. How could you guys not pick The Art of Seduction.
    I am disappoint.

  102. Oh come on people,YOU’RE disappointed by all the hard work Simon and Martina do for us? They should be disappointed in all the negative comments and complaints their Nasties are giving them. Seriously though, they don’t have to do ANYTHING for us. So just sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy the video! :)

  103. do you guys hate heo young saeng or ss501……i dont know which one. I know we are not a big fan group among your fans but its like you guys are seriously biased now. I would have never said this before but it looks like you guys are just reviewing the songs you will get more views on. I am sorry if this sounds like bashing you guys, but keeping a song in top 3 for 3 weeks by a small group is really difficult. :( Plus this was probably his last shot of getting reviewed……with all the comebacks coming

  104. this KMM was well put together. the skit fit in well. and was nicely edited

  105. We’re talk about Lee Hi’s “Rose” for this week’s Kpop Music Monday.

    Engrish xD

  106. I am not at all disappointed that they picked Lee Hi instead of Girl’s Day or Young Saeng. I think its better if they choose what they want to review, like how they mentioned before that if they review videos they don’t like, it would result in them making videos that they just don’t like!
    So S&M, do what you want!

  107. Guys, No matter how unhappy you are about their descision, you can’t
    hate them. Them not reviewing Young Saeng was like them not reviewing
    Nu’est, because I know that there are just as many Lo/e nasties as
    there are Triple S’s. They picked the more popular option, the option
    that they felt viewers would want more. If Leehi won, she won. They
    could have liked the song more, felt more potential in it, or just felt
    the need to review it. But regardless of their reason, if you’re really a
    nasty, you’ll know to love Simon and Martina as much as you disagree
    with their descision, because they deserve that respect.

    • I’m not a Triple S. I voted for Youngsaeng though, but I’m a Love as well. I am always sad the things I’d like to see don’t get a review but I can’t help but vote again. I love Simon and Martina and it’s their decision to review whatever they want. We don’t hate on them (at least most of the people on this side), but why shouldn’t we say our disappointment? Sure S&M would be more happy reading positive critic, negative things are needed a bit. I am happy that S&M do kmm and we don’t mean anything personal against them we are just sad.

    • I went over the comments but I really did not see a lot of hating, most are polite and seemed reasonable. The Nasties voted and YS and Girl’s Day MV’s were on top when the voting ended, which is why a lot of us were surprised. I think in the end, if voting does nothing then get rid of it?

  108. You know, I’d like to point out that Martina looked very pretty in this video. It must be the caffeine and spring time weather in Seoul. :)

  109. Thank you for pointing out the same thing I felt! I really wanted to add “Rose” to my playlist but I didn’t feel right about it and kept repeating the song over and over. And after the video I went back and looked for the “moment” the song could have caught my attention but didn’t. And the skits were hilarious! “Master Rose Competition!” I was giggling loads. Thank you for positing up the video! ^^

  110. DAMMIT WHO WON?!!!

  111. I guess s&m favour songs that are loved by many, not songs loved by a mainly fanbased market. Which is great but not for money making imo.. haha.. love you guys ♡

  112. I really thought Girls’s Day was going to be reviewed because it had been in the top 3 for 2 weeks, and normally when a song is in for that long s&m pick it grr>.< and this song is meh anyway compared to her last two, hopefully girls day next week!?

    • Nope, this was our last week. We will drop off of the charts before next review.

      • It’s a shame I thought it would be reviewed, and how they chose Lee Hi even though she could of stayed on for another week or two. I seem to remember them changing the chart system for a reason…

      • How do the charts work exactly? I mean, I remember this one time a video just came out and it was already #1 but #2 had more votes. I forgot how they run their charts.

        • the newer the video the higher it gets in charts

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          After a week their points start declining, after three weeks (pretty sure) they expire and fall off the charts.

    • i thought the same thing for Heo Young Saeng

      • It’s frustrating because both were good songs with good videos and they had both been up top for 2/3 weeks and along comes Lee Hi and she’s picked straight away even though she could of held on for at least another week!

        • i know actually if it was Girls day i wouldn’t feel soo sad :S i mean we did our best but sigh what can we do? this was S&M choice

  113. KATHyphenTUN

    This song and video didn’t do it for me as much as “It’s Over” did. I found it to be bland, and like Martina mentioned I kept wanting that boom! But the hair/makeup/costumes where very pretty and matched the song well!

    (I will just have to imagine you guys acting out the crazy fangirl from Youngsaeng XP hehe)

  114. I didn’t really like this song, but this music monday was so funny!! ^.^ I got all weird look from my friends in the same room ^^”

  115. I personally like this song, and I see why Simon and Martina chose it, but Lee Hi would probably would have stayed up in the charts until next week. Lee Hi always gets chosen, and I feel like the other groups really didn’t have a chance…I am sorry!!
    *Runs of in shame*

  116. I really love this song. Actually was hoping for leehi to sing a dark song with no obvious boomshakalaka before her debut! She fits it imo though this song is not as serious as I had in mind but still lovely nonetheless. A seemingly plotless video is rare for yg but it’s still beautiful. And leehi too.. is getting more beautiful with every concept. She is just as unique for being able to pull all of them off perfectly ♥

  117. ktaeng

    I hate to be one of those people who complains about what gets reviewed, but honestly I’m in the same boat as some others here… Doing a Lee Hi review twice in…a month (or so?) seems to defeat the purpose of you guys picking from the top three. Particularly when either of the other videos probably would’ve resulted in a much more interesting KMM.
    Anyway, putting that aside, I still liked this KMM (even though the fake KMM was funnier). Particularly the rose-crushing reality show skit lol.

    • “You know … I think this wasn’t biasness it started since UKISS didn’t get reviewed that time and S&M are actually not going to read the comments any more and do what they want until things calm down and complainers get fed up… like they said in other videos…they don’t care about the fame.(so the complainers might as well unsubscribe)..they just want to have fun doing what they like to do and if they don’t even have that priviledge they’ll just upload videos because there are many fans that just purely enjoy their videos no matter the content.” I shouldn’t be re-posting this due to disqus regulation but… – . – TKIR: Well “Rose” is the song and the video is just the (what you could call it) that something that attracts people to the song… the video would’ve been better .(..but I believe k-pop still has a lot to learn from (good) western music (and they don’t know much of that… Lady G. (no offence) and other popular ones)… like sum up some points/references from artist all around the world) but the song is the one that’s important (even though as S&M said it’s a tiny bit lacking in strength….but then again the song was composed by Tablo(Epik High) if I’m not mistaken… ) and she has great potential. Well …for me the video actually helped transmit the emotions the song was supposed to transmit (maybe because I checked the English lyrics first?). Anyway I’m glad you liked the KMM *yey* ^___^

      • If they want to make a living out of this they better care what the fans like and I doubt they would encourage people to unsubscribe please don’t talk for them you are doing them any favors. It’s a business now and i doubt they have to liberty to just care about having fun.

        • I’m sure they can make a living out of their other videos…they even said something like “If one day we find that all the people have unsubscribed then we’ll say it seems about right” and even If I state my opinion it’s not like ppl would listen to what I have to say… I only comment …where I feel there still hope and find a way to get more help…

        • I’m sure they can too. I have no doubt they could but you can’t alienate your audience either. I’M a K pop fan first and I don’t revere S&M in the same way some really loyal fans do. They can be questioned without fear of being called a haters and asked to unsubscribe. That’s definitely no the way to do business or act towards fans. And I’m pretty sure that is what you were suggesting disappointed fans do. I also am fully aware it was you who suggested people unsubscribe not S&M.

        • Here is what I just don’t get, though–you are a k pop fan first, so why do you care what Simon and Martina pick? I know there are people here like me, who found EYK first, and then realized through that the world of kpop. Some of those fans were disappointed today, I wasn’t, NBD either way. But if someone is a diehard kpop fan, why isn’t this just a fun, extra site you check out sometimes? why follow them seriously at all? If I were a kpop fan over an EYK fan, I wouldn’t waste my time in arguing on their forum, I’d be scouring Youtube, or MNet, or Inkigayo, for more “legit” (ie more favorable in my eyes) reviews… I am simply not understanding the extreme need to express disappointment over this…

        • Thank you. You explained it perfectly. Even though I knew about Kpop before I knew about Eat Your Kimchi, I still don’t understand why people who care about Kpop more care so much about what Simon and Martina do. I think overall their insights into Korean culture as a whole is far more important than who they decide to review each week. But some people are just really…passionate, I guess. :/

        • Me too. Honestly I like their K-indie and WANKS better, because of the insight into another part of Korean culture. I like watching KMMs, even if i dont like the song or band, for their skits. They did the top 3 rule so they could have more leeway and choice on the people they review. They can review a band 3 weeks in a row if they like the song or MV. Its their choice. Cheer up S&M. it was a funny skit, and this will blow over.

        • First of all it’s S&M’s website.( …frankly the way you “sounded” earlier* was more like S&M are obliged to listen to their fans and thus do whatever they want.(did you say what you said because of the fundraiser?) They can’t work under pressure if you haven’t noticed by now and that’s “no the way to do business” either.) It’s a give and take relationship. Fans give respect and patience(meaning fans should respect what/when they do by understanding or trying to understand they work very much and they do their best to please all their fans- and you might not realise it but it’s true-)and S&M provide with their work.
          “And I’m pretty sure that is what you were suggesting disappointed fans do. I also am fully aware it was you who suggested people unsubscribe not S&M.”
          If there isn’t any way around is there another way? they’ll do it eventually if they don’t get what they want won’t they? or they’ll just keep showing their teeth like a pack of wolves? All I’m getting is that some of their fans are taking all this for granted (and it isn’t! nothing is for free ever!)and don’t even stop for a second “hey… I might be overreacting” or “let me think one more time before I work havoc…can I find another way to solve this?” nope…it’s so much easier to complain… There are many times that my favorite group/artist didn’t get picked and I didn’t flip the table just because I have to get it no matter what… In this whole comment did I say something that isn’t the truth?
          My advice is :for the fans that wish to know S&M better as to why they do what they do and disappoint fans, to watch ALL their videos…and if that doesn’t work either then that’s the end.

          I know you can’t get what you want forcing someone and even if you get it that way…the result might still be unpleasant…so there arise more and more complaints… *sigh* I’m just tired…S&M probably feel the same… Do what you want… you’ll do that anyway

        • Nothing wrong with having an independent point of view and expressing it, as long as you are respectful. ” Showing Teeth like a pack of wolves”, ” work havoc”, ”flip the table”, ” get your way by forcing some one”. I think you are being a little dramatic. I think most of us actually weren’t fans of the video’s that weren’t chosen. We were just trying to understand their choice with the new system.

        • they also mentioned that Youtube Japan want them to do the same thing they do about Korea but in Japan and review JPOP so if things don’t work out here, they can always go to Japan.

        • I’m sure the same stuff would happen all over again…

      • I doubt they want to encourage people to unsubscribe. If they wanted to just have fun and do what they like they shouldn’t of made it a business. Your Fans do matter wether your making money out of this or not. And I don’t think you are doing them any favors. There is nothing wrong with calling them out on some inconsistencies on how they determine which video gets chose for EYKMM.

        • true, except they are not inconsistent. They have explained, multiple times in multiple places, how they will go about choosing a video for review. And, they follow that consistently. Just because voters, fans, Nasties, whatever we call ourselves individually, are not in control of KMM, doesn’t mean that they are inconsistent. And, they do give us a LOT of say and control over *their business. They know their fans matter. What other YouTube business ventures have so many amazing give-aways, to many international shipping zones, with so much love and appreciation, and livechats that crash entire servers? Simon and Martina are very good to their fans, just like their fans are so good to them. Neither party owes the other anything, when it becomes debt, it is no longer a healthy, or fun relationship.

        • 1. They mentioned not wanting to review the same artist to close together because to them it wasn’t fun.
          2. They mentioned they wanted to choose from the top 3 so that other groups not so often reviewed would have a chance.
          3. They said they wanted to show case more female groups
          also note Both times they went against # 1 pick was to review Lee Hi. ( I guess that’s consistent tho).

          I want to apologize I shouldn’t of use the term ” call out” in retrospect that was harsh. I should of said that their wasn’t anything wrong with asking them why they chose Lee Hi over the number 1 pick and or a female group that has never been reviewed.

          And I know they take care of their fans and know they know they matter I was commenting @kpopfan123 suggesting that those of us that are wondering why should just unsubscribe.

  118. Ok, I’ve always loved you guy’s KMMs no matter who you guys do, but this time, like many others, I’m actually disappointed it wasn’t Young Saeng’s video. This isn’t coming from someone who’s crazy butt hurt but It’s only slightly upsetting that despite being in the top 3 for weeks, being at number one, and as an artist that could’ve brought variety to KMM, someone who’s pretty much guaranteed to be reviewed anyway, sooner or later was chosen. It hardly matters that *who* wasn’t reviewed anymore, this kind of defeats the purpose of voting and having the freedom to bring variety in KMMs anyway.

  119. The moment I saw it’s Lee HI, I knew there’s going to be a flood of disappointment (darn, North Korean influence) in the comment section… Tbh I thought Young Saeng won on the Kpop charts… Turns out that he didn’t. Too bad, but you can never satisfy everyone and even the nastiest of Nasties don’t love every review.

    I totally agree with you about how the song is good and lacking in some way. And I like the usage of blue screen.

    Vote for “That XX”.

  120. Anyone know who was/were the composers and producers for this song?

  121. as much as i love hayi the song and the video I would have preferred Young Saeng because his video has soo much to talk about is older but stayed in the top 3 until now and he is solo. but i understand hayi is a girl and you want to try reviewing more females.

  122. that was exactly how I felt about 2NE1′s “I love you”!
    But here with Lee Hi, I think it kinda fits that the song stays low…

  123. I’m not really a Lee Hi fan. She has a phenomenal voice, but she keeps looking like 7 year old child in her videos. And not a normal 7 year old child, but one of those creepy children who pop up in horror movies. She really needs to start having other people in her videos, as I’m fairly certain that other people would really cut down the killer child factor.

    I vote for That XX, as I love the song, the video hits the sweet spot between symbolic and engaging, and it doesn’t make me fear for my life.

  124. Hey that was a really good review!!!

    And I say that probably because you said pretty much everything I said in my first comment about this MV HAH!!!
    http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/lee-hi-rose/#comment-844891607 Great minds think alike? :p

    No really, I think you brought up some really good points. And in spite of what you said in the blog post, I think this review was really balanced. Pros and cons were discussed evenly. Martina’s channeling of Kelly Clarkson was superb, plus she looked gorgeous (that’s always a great bonus? xD)

    The Master Rose Crusher skit worked very well. By the second episode, I was mentally screaming at the screen, “JUST CRUSH THE GODDAMN ROSE ALREADY”

    This is why I don’t watch TV ._.

  125. Maybe some clarity is needed for KMM? I mean, I don’t care, but apparently many fans seem to think it’s unfair somehow. It seems to me like you guys will almost always pick #1 unless you really hate it or there are too many boy bands perhaps. I also thought it would be Young Saeng since Lee Hi’s other video wasn’t that long ago. Again, I don’t care since I’m not really a fangirl, I just like K-pop in general but I think everyone is confused…

  126. I definitely liked That XX better. Rose just didn’t grab me the way GD’s song did.

  127. I really don’t understand why so many people are disappointed with the outcome of KMM this week. S&M give much better and much more creative reviews accompanied by awesome analysis of the video subject matter when they choose. There reviews are insightful and honest which is why I like them. To me some of you nasties need to understand that your favorite video is not going to be reviewed all of the time…which is much like life, you can’t always get what you want. I know the majority of us nasties are high school to college age females so you want to see all the young cute oppas reviewed, but for me cuteness does nothing (unless you are Onew, but that is for a different time and place). As a 3month old Nasty I’m starting to dread that the fan group is going to develop that “group think” mentality that many of the other Kpop fandoms have which is annoying. Let S&M have there creative freedom and don’t take things so personally.

    On another note: lee Hi has the best voice on the charts so..she got reviewed.

  128. WHY U SO LEE HI BIASED!?!?!?!?!?!?

  129. Loved the rose crusher skit…seriously dying of laughter over here. Also like you you just slipped in the bad lip-synching…nice KMM guise. :)

  130. Great review guys! I lol’d at the master rose crusher cancellation. I seriously expected you to choose either Youngsaeng or Girl’s Day since you said you didn’t want to feature the same artist more than once a month (or something like it) but it’s Ok. Thank you for both KMM’s (Rose Milkshake edition?).

  131. I like Lee Hi, but I was so looking forward to a review on Youngsaeng’s video. I appreciate having a new video to watch later though. Anyway, what’s done is done. I’ll just look forward to what could come next week.

    My vote goes to GD’s XX.

  132. That XX :D :D
    I really do prefer a vid with a plot… although lee hi’s vid was so pretty :)

  133. GD’s That xx without a doubt. I was not a GD fan, but that song was the one that finally sent me into fan territory. LOVE the song. It’s great. And the music video is a great addition to the song itself and gives it more meaning.

  134. I prefer GD’s MV. Ugh, this is driving me crazy! I have annotations turned on and everything and they just don’t work.

  135. Fellow nasties,
    There’s this huge trend that I’ve been noticing (most notably after the comment debacle after U-Kiss wasn’t reviewed a few weeks ago) that makes me so sad. And that’s the amount of comments expressing anything from disappointment to outright outrage about S&M’s choices/opinions (for KMM especially). The funky thing about ever calling pretty much anything they ever do “unfair” is that … Simon and Martina don’t owe us anything. They do so. much. work (really, it’s insane) to put stuff out there for us all week. We get to come away with so much (for free) when they do things we enjoy, and we never lose anything when they review another band for KMM or have a differing opinion on an MV. They simply can’t cover every song or share every opinion, and it makes me so sad when followers demand that impossibility of them and even go so far as to complain about it. I understand that it can be frustrating when you do invest a lot in voting every day, but I think it’s important to really remember that they read these comments and they are so far from deserving our expressed dissatisfaction after everything they do. We wouldn’t be nasties if we didn’t love them, and they wouldn’t be S&M without the choices and opinions they make and have. So please, support them when you enjoy something and maybe shake it off a little when things don’t go exactly as you’d hoped and hope for next round! Much love to all of you. And especially to S&M. Thank you for everything you do! You’re the highlights of my week :)

    • The way I feel is do the people who complain lose anything by not getting reviewed? Do they not enjoy the song anymore because it wasn’t reviewed? I’m guessing that’s not the case. KMM should be viewed as a bonus not as a requirement and I think too many people are like “I want I want I want” without caring about the thought that goes into KMM and appreciating the video even if it’s not the one they wanted to see.

  136. Its a shame that sooo many comments are about how people are disappointed in the choice. When you spend so much time working on something and you get back all this negative feedback, how are you supposed to feel? Respect the fact that they work so hard to bring this to us every week and get over it people!

    • I so very much agree with you.

    • I agree that if people were rude or excessively angry, then that’s definitely over the line. However, I see nothing wrong with expressing disappointment in a polite way.

      I know Simon and Martina are putting in so much work, and I really respect them for it. I love what they put out for us. But they are a business. Even if they don’t earn anything from KMM (I don’t think so, at least…Correct me if I’m wrong?), constructive criticism is still something they should accept. Then they’ll know how to appeal to a wider audience and gain more viewers/subscribers. That isn’t necessarily negative feedback, keep in mind.

      • Good point, however, they do this because they love it; not to get famous or broaden their audience appeal. If something isn’t fun to them, why would they do it? I, personally loved this review, but to be honest, there are weeks I don’t catch every segment (particularly the KPop Chart Update), because none of the songs appeal to me. That is on *me*, as to whether I will invest my time viewing what they’ve produced. It’s not on *them* to find my particular favorites and dance to my demands (polite as they may be).

        • Of course they do this because they love it, but part of it, however little, is also because this is their job. It’s great when your job is something you very much adore doing, but it’s a job nonetheless. If they didn’t care in the least about their popularity, they wouldn’t have the segment on liking their videos/subscribing to them/etc. at the end of every video. Apparently they earn money via KMM ads as well, which I wasn’t aware of.

          And I’m perfectly fine with that. If me liking them is helping them earn an income, I’m perfectly happy to do that. But I guess my point is that, even though they’re not required to “dance to my demands”, it would still be nice if they took my (and the general public’s) opinions into consideration, as professional bloggers.

        • I completely understand losing an awesome MV and song to a more popular artist. However, any sort of democracy only works when everyone participates & follows the rules, otherwise having the voting system would be a complete waste of time and effort. S&M set up the system so they could review the MV that’s in the #1 position at the designated KMM-selecting time, and each week they keep things fair by doing just that. Even if some artists have been reviewed more than others, it is best to stay as democratic as possible to keep everyone as happy as possible.

          I understand how upset everyone is, as my three favorite artists have collectively been reviewed twice, but I would say everyone is more upset with the voting system and not S&M. Yet think of how much more everyone would be upset if S&M just chose a video each week. Voting keeps things as fair as they can possibly be.

          S&M would lose way more of an audience if they just chose their favorite video each week, because they have told their audience over and over they only do KMM for the #1 video. I do think they will appreciate the feedback, but by deviating from the voting system they would lose their hard-earned credibility and therefore much of their audience’s respect.

          I think asking S&M to review the voting system would be the best thing to do, but really there is only so much improvement the system can undergo due to the key variable that operates it: fans. “Rose” was picked because it had the most fan votes in a specific amount of time, which understandable given Lee Hi’s fanbase. There really is no perfect solution, other than getting more votes & hoping a more popular artist doesn’t release anything.

        • I think you give good points, too. I will echo others and say it’s nice that the Voice of Dissent is so much more civil than it has been in the past. Simon and Martina have reviewed the voting system so that they get to choose one of the top 3 vids now, instead of being beholden to whichever video is voted top for the week (and to prevent longer-posted videos from being trumped in 3 hours by some perennial favorites). For me, I think the perfect solution has been attained, because I have been an EYK fan since… 2009? 2010? They are the ones that got me hooked on KPop when, at the time, I was just looking for more Korean culture to satiate my appetite from Kdramas and general interest. So, for me, I love KPop, but I am a fan of Simon and a fan of Martina, separately and independently of that.

        • I agree, everyone has been very civil and reasonable in this debate. Makes me proud to be a Nasty :’3
          I wasn’t aware they chose the videos now; I haven’t been watching any videos much due to school work. Oh well, I guess the underdogs will just have to fight a little harder next time :(

        • unicornsgalaxy

          I’m sorry, I must correct something here. Maybe you may have missed it, but a few months ago, S&M implemented basically a veto system. They choose a video to review out of the TOP 3 videos. So, Yes S&M choose the video they want to review. For the most part they still review #1 but the last Lee Hi video was the first time they used the veto power. They chose her over (I think) Infinite. It looks like S&M once again used their veto power to choose Lee Hi over someone else that was in the #1 position (This is going off many of the comments that say HYS was actually in 1st place at the end of voting). I think this is what has disappointed so many people.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I think it was over U-Kiss.

        • Thank you for clarifying, I didn’t know that there was a veto system in place.
          I personally am not upset by this at all, but that seems to be why many people are. It’s understandable though.

        • That is also a good point, I don’t want to be mistaken for, as another commenter very well said “crazy fan who thinks all we can do is praise them” I was more looking to the side of someone who works on things like this, esp on FB there was a lot of backlash. Likely M&S can use this constructively and not just take it to heart

        • I can understand. Just like you said, this response must be as disappointing to them as their choice is disappointing to us. And I’m really annoyed at the people who are just outright rude (not even going to bother calling them Nasties ’cause they’re not). But yes, I do sincerely hope S&M can take this constructively for their future KMMs. (:

        • That’s cool, too, I get it. I am just really glad that they have stayed true to themselves, first and foremost, bc that is why I have always been a fan. the day I think they are sell-outs is the day I will probably lose interest and move on.

        • I know that Vloggers post videos about things they like….it’s not all about pleasing other people (but they do care about the audience though you can tell ) but some people here are saying pretty much that because we are your main source of income, you should review videos we like.

        • That’s definitely not what I’m saying, and I hope my posts don’t come off as such. But I’m sure S&M wouldn’t want another episode like this to happen, right? I mean, to see so many disappointing comments, THEY must be very disappointed as well. So I’m just saying, if they took more of our opinions into considerations, it’d make them happy as well.

        • yes I agree….Let’s wait and see how things are gonna be from this moment on. I’m pretty sure that they are gonna pay attention to every fandom. I hope that there are not gonna be more disappointed people with the next MV.

      • ☆pallavi☆

        they actually do earn from kmm via ads, but putting that aside, I agree with you. I think it’s fine if people voice disappointment. It’s not like they’re be raging haters (which people should NOT be), they’re just politely showing their opinions.

      • Oh I agree that constructive criticism is always good, Its just like if you spend all this time working on something for others (esp on your own blog) and its like all your work goes to waste. This probably will help them with future choices but i guess I just feel like they are probably just as disappointed in these reactions as some the ppl were with the choice. :

      • you guys should put in their shoes…you guys are not being rude ,but still you guys keep on expressing your disappointment way too much….how many rants? (I think they already know you guys are upset about your fav artist not being reviewed) How do you think they are going to feel? I would feel bad if all my hard work is not being acknowledged.

        • Hey there, thanks for acknowledging that the expression of disappointment hasn’t been rude, and I absolutely agree. :)

          I also believe that S&M have a better perspective of the realities of catering to their audience–meaning, I’m sure they know that anything they put out, there will be good and not-so-good feedback. It’s just the way life is, and what so many have voiced already: you cannot please everyone. Yet they still choose to keep doing it. I can only guess, but it could be because the fun of making videos outweighs the negative; or the positive reviews outweigh the negative. Now, whether or not they get negative or positive reviews, it’s also their choice whether to listen to it or not. Both choices have benefits and consequences.

          I guess my point is, people are free to express their disappointment (and they have!) in a respectful manner, and it’s part and parcel of this endeavor S&M are doing. Ultimately, I agree with the suggestion that maybe a sentence or two in the blog post on their thoughts about why they chose one video over others would help alleviate the disappointment. It looks to me there’s a lot of confusion on the system, hence a lot of comments saying their choice seems “unfair.” I hope S&M take these negative comments (sans the rude ones) as valuable feedback. However they choose to use the feedback is up to them.

          I have this mental image of S&M always holding their breath when they’re about to publish/make a video live. Do they have wild thoughts of what is the audience going to think? Will they hate us or the video? etc etc. :P

        • people’s feedback is always important so I agree that people should voice their opinions but some people are saying that what they are doing is constructive criticism (Some people are actually been reasonable) some other people are complaining and saying that are giving constructive criticism when they aren’t. Yes, if I were them I would be like stressing out after uploading a video….I would be like are they gonna love it are they gonna hate it?

        • I wouldn’t consider my posts a rant. In fact, I have logic behind my disappointment. If S&M thought Lee Hi’s MV absolutely needed to be reviewed, they definitely could have done it next week. Lee Hi is popular enough to maintain first place on the charts for another week. On the other hand, YS’s MV is about to expire so we’ll have lost the chance to see that reviewed after three weeks of voting. That, added to the fact that S&M vetoed over YS’s first place (at least that’s what I’ve heard), is a little disappointing, I have to be honest.

          This does not mean I’m not acknowledging their hard work. I found this week’s KMM to be hilarious and love it. I have also made posts to praise its content several times. Their choice, though, was what I didn’t like so much.

        • what you said sounds reasonable but some people are going over the line

  137. YG family biased…

    • this is kind of true but thinking about the fact that many viewers of Simon and Martina are YG biased so sure they’ll make many music mondays about yg artists. I’m sad too but we can’t help it can we?

      • Then, they should make yg music mondays and not “kpop music monday”. It’s clear that if they plan to do something related to kpop music (or other music genre), they won’t please everyone, especially when they have their own preferences. But at least, try not to be so biased. But yeah, it’s their show and at the end of the day they get what they want: people watching them.

        I’m not a TripleS, and to be honest, I don’t even know which videos were competing, I’m just saying what I’ve seen in their reviews and I think the choice of this video over the others is just a prove that what I think is not wrong.

        I like them because I like Simon and Martina as a couple and I like how they interact with each other and talk about music in a funny way. But yeah, their music taste differs from mine.

      • Er… actually if there are going for views they would choose the highest votes = biggest fanclubs = highest views = most money generated. Thats common sense

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Not exactly. EYK doesn’t represent all of YT.
          There are tons of videos w/ tons of views but don’t do very much of anything on here.

          I’m pretty sure it’s a majority of teenage girls here that represent EYK’s fanbase.

        • Hmm? My views were not referring to youtube views but eyk page viewsand eyk video views :)

        • I think they always please the majority of fan clubs….it’s just that they didn’t this time (and probably the other time they reviewed Lee hi “it’s over).but for the most part they review mv’s that people want….. Of course they take into consideration their audience. They even do fanmail at most convenient time for the nasties….

      • I think one of the main reasons for the change in the winner system is big bang (and GD) and their continues victories every week, so even if they like YG artists, i don’t think they are biased towards them

        • I know. But now they start to review Lee Hi every time she’s in the top 3 which is basically the same. I know they don’t want it to be only boy bands but I think they made it clear a few times that most of the artist they like a lot are under yg. We can’t blame them for their decision we can only say that we are sad.

  138. I love artsy fartsy Spudgy! Also, I vote for GD’s That XX.

  139. I do want them to review Young Saeng too (and he really deserved it since he top the chart), but I think it’s better when S&M choose the song the WANTED to review themselves. I’m happy if they were happy to review it. At the very least, it is one of the famous 3 MVs among voters.

    • Yup! Generally I’d say that I’m supportive if they are happy with what they chose to review, but for some reason (it could be just because I was kinda disappointed) it felt like they weren’t really overly joyed for this KMM in the first place. Oh well, guess we’ll never really know. Still appreciate what S&M do!

      I think it’s ok to be disappointed, so long as we’re not extremist jerks about it ^__^

  140. Aaarghhh.. I really wanted to know who won Master rose crusher…. I had my money on Hambone; we small town girls need to stick together!

  141. That was a nice treat for me before getting back to work :) thanks guys!!

  142. I kept expecting this to be another April Fool’s joke…

  143. Wish they’d just have stuck w/ the April Fools review…

    OK maybe not, but still very unhappy that a BRAND NEW video by and artist that has been reviewed EVERY TIME gets picked over two expiring videos.

  144. It’s too short 6:35 minutes is not enough!!

  145. I think what you guys were saying about the music is that the sound did not pick itself up… like a verse with a strong beat. At least that was what I was kind of expecting when I first heard the teaser. I mean that is what Teddy usually does with his works with 2NE1 and Park Bom. I’m not sure why Teddy did not do that here in this song. But I still like it. :)

  146. I was hoping so much that youngsaeng isn’t reviewed :(
    I love Lee Hi, I really do, but I don’t want her mvs to be the ones that are always reviewed like it it with big bang for example. (Why do I always vote for the things that don’t get reviewed? It’s frustrating enough to be a nu’est fan on here) . I’m gonna vote for Youngsaeng till the video drops, but I guess other new songs will come out and youngsaengs mv won’t have a chance again.
    I still love you guys but it annoys me a bit that she seems to become another standard music mondays person.

  147. Isn’t anyone else really tired of the “I say/said” in YG songs? Just saying. I really liked the review though~ Thanks ^^

  148. Well, looks like I’m done reading the comment section for this video. Maybe next week we’ll disappoint less people!

    • You can’t please everyone. I still lurve you guyz. ;)

    • mihuru

      Ah I feel so bad for you for getting all these butthurt comments again! Just know that there are lots of people who are pleased and happy with today’s kmm!

    • Don’t worry i’m not disappoint at all by your review. I really like it especially the master rose crusher.
      Awesome wings by the way

    • Whatever way you choose there always gonna be someone to complain. Aaaaalways. You shouldn’t mind them too much.

    • Haters gonna hate! This KMM was wonderful and the rose crusher skit was cracking me up. ^^

      • I lol’d so hard at that….. with all this crappy comments I thought I was the only one who had enjoyed that.
        S&M thanks for the KMM, like always you guys make me smile :)

      • I know that “haters gonna hate” is a fixed expression, but please don’t overuse it. Hate is a strong word, don’t you think? Vast majority of the disappointed comments is quite polite and comes not from haters, but from Nasties- sometimes from really dedicated ones. And yes, dedicated Nasties also have their right to be disappointed and to voice their opinion.

        • I can use the term if I want. They get hate every KMM from “disappointed Nasties” and I’m calling it like it is. The “disappointed Nasties” need to learn that they can’t always get what they want and to not put down two people every single week just because they chose something different. If it was a one time occurrence that’d be one thing but it’s something that’s consistently happening and needs to stop. Even if they aren’t intending to be hateful, that’s how it appears. They need to grow up.

        • .I don’t think the disappointed nasties are trying to put down Simon and Martina you can be a fan of someone and even like or love someone and still question them.

        • I think that voicing an opinion is one thing but questioning someone doesn’t seem like you are being a fan.

        • Blindless faith sorry I don’t have that even for Gods.

    • I especially liked Spudgy’s beautiful end solo ….

    • NOOOO I just wrote the love for you. haha.

    • don’t feel sad you guys “–
      the “master rose crusher” was funny, the spudjy part was funny and so was the bloopers ^-^

    • People take this way to seriously. I’m sure you guys worked really hard this week putting out two KMM’s and all people do is get offended when they don’t see the video they want reviewed.
      I REALLY wanted you guys to review rose this week, and I’m glad you did :) if you just chose the video to make everyone happy every week that wouldn’t be fun, would it?

    • I’m sorry! I thought it was so good. Other people enjoyed it too, I think negative opinions are just so much more eager to be typed…

    • In their defense, I think you’ll find that the nicest complaints will be on this page.

      I’m not even going to check YouTube/tumblr.

    • Elanor

      Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you too concerned about it and I think the others as well, who wrote disappointed comments. It’s just an opinion and I think you will get this kind of opinion every time you decide not to review the video which was originally the first and ppl anticipated. I guess it’s one of the flaws of the new system. It doesn’t mean that we are disappointed in you though, it’s just sad to work hard to keep a video first place and then get an other review, especially if that video doesn’t have any other chance since it’s too old.
      BUT you guys will have to include YS at the end of awards as best potential KMM. xD

    • It’s Okay ~
      This KMM was also good ~
      Hope to see a KMM video of Girls Day or Heo Young Saeng some other day :D
      Hwaiting~~!! <3

    • It was a good review and reminds me of the older Kpop Music Mondays. Rose Crusher is one reality show that I would definitely watch!

    • I hope you don’t feel bad about all the disappointed comments. :/
      I hoped for Young Saeng’s video to get reviewed too but I’m not mad at you for choosing Lee Hi’s song because that’s what your veto is for, right ?! :)
      As long as you have fun filming a KMM I don’t really care which song you pick.
      I really enjoyed this weeks KMM. :) The MASTER ROSE CRUSHER part was pretty hilarious !! :DD
      And Martina I looove your style in this video !! You look so pretty > . <

    • NOOOO! don’t listen to them! idk about others, but i follow you guys for you. guys. if i wanted just a constant “top whatever” countdown that ensures my faves are raved about, i’ll sit through some gobbledy-gook other site. i like seeing what insight you have on stuff!

    • nooo i love this kmm i think it was hilarious it is your choice and i respect tha.t i loved all of the mv in top 3 so i didnt mind it was lee hi at all. because i would sit and watch everything you guys made. seriosly. kmm are the only reason i want monday to come. so dont be sad i feel sad when you feel sad :(

    • Note that the disappointment is about the MV you chose not about the KMM itself. The review was really good and I think most of us nasties liked the KMM for what it is, but some of us were expecting you to chose a different MV. As I said (ooh ooh ooh) before, Great Review guys!

    • Well now I feel bad for saying my opinion. Thanks :(

    • The only way to please everyone is to review every single video and only ever say good things about every single one!!! Obviously not doable.

      I really liked this one. Not disappointed at all. Loved the rose crusher skit. You are making good use of those wigs.

  149. im crying because dingy and dingo

    • thisisjustforfunval

      Auto correct is so not nice to Kpop idols names. But these two have to be the most hilarious ones I’ve seen yet. Funny think I heard dingy, then dingo, then my brain said bingo and I started singing “And bingo was his name-o” One day I will learn to focus.

  150. I’m disappointed Young Saeng’s video didn’t get reviewed. It was number 1 when voting ended, and while I get they want to have more girl reviews, I thought the choosing from the top 3 also was to add more variety to the groups that got chosen for KMM. We had a Lee Hi review just a couple weeks ago… I love this song and video, but was hoping to see something different.

  151. 0:43 in the bloopers
    Martina, your tongue is beautiful xD

  152. Dear Disappointed Darlings, come see me, and I will give you a cup of Milo.

    *group hug* >_<

  153. Isabel Ruby

    yeah, i guess it does lack in the boom shakalaka department, but this song/video are just so…. gorgeous. i can’t vote between this and GD, don’t make meeeeeeeeeeeee

  154. PunkyPrincess92

    ahahahaha Minlkshake on the laptop!!
    ahahaha well good to know that flower fangift got put to good use now!! and the tshirt!!!
    the music at the ending of ‘master rose crusher’ reminded me of Professor Layton! i just guess cos it’s violin…y

  155. OMG GD’s mini plot = cheating on nice girl. HAHAHAHAHHAHA I LAUGHED SO HARD OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  156. thisisjustforfunval

    I’m not going to go off or be a negative nilly. I’m just going to say, I really really hoped this was a troll as well and it wasn’t. I’m just going to go about my day and one day soon I’ll watch this review fully. I only saw the beginning and the end to see who won the show down. BTW bwhahaha Dingo and Dingy instead of Dongho.

  157. Why did you do another music Monday when 4 minute’s Milkshake was already soooooo gooood!?

  158. omg, the rose crusher show XD….I vote for “that XX”….

  159. I cannot believe that I really sat here and watched that Master Rose Crusher show twice!

    Edit: Oh yeah! I vote GD!

  160. Elanor

    I’m really disappointed that you didn’t review Young Saeng. I like Lee Hi as well, but she had a KMM not long ago and even if the MV is pretty, it”s not too exciting. I thought that you are using to pick from the top 3 over the first one when there is an MV what deserve a review more or the one MV which won not that suitable for a KMM. I think non of them were true for this situation.
    Oh well, no hard feelings, and I hope TripleS won’t be too sad either… But it’s a shame that all of their hard work for keeping Young Saeng’s MV in first place for this long is wasted. It would be nice if it could stay as 1st for 1 more week, but I doubt it, even if TripleS is a really dedicated fanom.

    Btw I vote for GD… that had some message, but for m Lee Hi’s MV is just… well artsy.

    • yeah just forget about it. triples are now a small fanbase so no matter how hard we try, we can’t beat what’s super popular. it sucks :(

      • You shouldn’t think that way! We kept Young Saeng in top 3 for three weeks, I wouldn’t say that’s a feat that can be accomplished by a small fanbase. (:

        But although I understand that Simon and Martina are free to choose whatever they want to review, I just feel like if they really want to do Rose, next week would have been possible too. Lots of people like Lee Hi and they certainly would have been able to keep her up there for another week. Whereas with Young Saeng, his video was released not as recently, and I don’t know if us Triple S can go for another week.

        • you’re right ^^’

          i will continue to support everyone including S&M

        • I agree, Lee Hi’s Rose will not have a problem holding on to 1st place until next week’s Kpop Monday unlike YS’s MV. It is an obvious surprise to everyone since YS was in 1st place when the voting for this week has ended. I voted for Rose with the expectation that it was going to be for next week.

          But I guess since Lee Hi’s Rose has way more Youtube views compared to YS and Girl’s Day, doing the Kpop Monday for Rose will also bring more views.

        • if they want to choose whoever they want to review… they should just let down the voting stuff! it just making us frustrated here after all our works to keep YS on top and they just reviewed someone else! urghhhh

      • SS501 was the first Kpop band I ever listened to! Even though I’ve really gotten into Kpop since then and become fans of many other groups, I will always be a dedicated TripleS :) And I think a lot of other TripleS’s are like that as well. Even though they don’t have any current things for us to cheer them on as a group, we definitely keep supporting them in their solo activities (and wishing Kyu Jong the best!). Not only that, but even if you’re not a TripleS how can you deny that Youngsaeng is an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G singer and his new video is one with a ton of stuff for S&M to talk about? If we could keep him up in the top 3 for this long, why can’t we keep him there for another week?

        • we should keep him 1st until he got reviewed…but still S&M are not fair at all! Young Saeng has top the chart for about 2 weeks straight! if you see the vote on lee hi, it is not even close to YS who got far more higher votes that she did! urghhh so frustrated !

        • Their voting system is not only based on how many votes the video received, but also on how quickly people take interest in it. So Lee Hi shot straight up to the top because of how quickly so many people voted for her. If you think about it, that makes sense to take into consideration as well.

          Just think about it this way: We can do as much as we want, but it’s still their choice. And they said themselves when they changed to picking out of the top 3 that they did so to give themselves a bit of a choice. They still want to review what their audience is interested in but also want a say in the matter as well (which isn’t wrong, since they’re the ones making the video and spending so much time on it).

          I’m not saying I’m happy with them reviewing Lee Hi over Youngsaeng, however he still has a chance to be reviewed. Let’s keep our heads cool for another week. :) He’s currently #1 now that Lee Hi has been reviewed and I don’t think he’s going to be dropping to #4 within the week. If we just keep voting for him and doing what we can, he may get reviewed. :)

          They may also take into consideration this time that he has been in the top 3 for so long and also the other Girls’ Day and Eric Nam videos there as well haven’t been on the charts as long (which means his video is going to disappear from the charts sooner), so I think he has more of a chance this time.

          Let’s not get too mad at S&M for wanting a bit of freedom in their video choices. This is not only a hobby but also their job after all, and they have a right to enjoy it. All I’m saying is let’s hope Youngsaeng gets reviewed next week and also keep a comprehensive mind about S&M’s choices and opinions. :) Just because we’re TripleS doesn’t mean we should ignore that we’re also Nasties. =P

    • Dear, it’s up to them to decide which video to review. If you feel that a specific video should be reviewed, it doesn’t mean they’re gonna decide on the same one as you. It’s impossible to please everybody, so try being more comprehensive. :)

      • Elanor

        I know that they can’t and I’m not bashing, I’m just diappointed by their choice that’s all. It doesn’t mean that I’m disappointed in them, I will support S&M the same way. I think everybody should know what’s the difference. I just wrote this comment so poeple who I saw voting and commenting on YS MV can relate to it, it’s not a rant or anything, it’s just a feeling what me and I think a lot of TripleS has know and I think nobody can judge them for that. It’s not that big of a deal and not something what shoud make S&M sad either, but this is an opinion for a lot of ppl know. This kind of opinions will always be here from know on every time they decide to review something else instead of the 1st video and I think they knew this when they decided this new system. At least they should have known

      • Yes it is up to them to decide which video they review but they should also keep in mind that they have an audience to cater. If the audience tries really hard for two weeks to make them review a video they can ignore their audience but that might lead some people to stop watching and or voting. Why vote if your vote is ignored for two consecutive weeks? I don’t care they didn’t pick Young Saeng (don’t like the song) but I do understand the point Elanor is making and it’s sad to see how people flock to “support” S&M by implying that if you don’t agree with their choice you’re not being a good fan or you’re not being “comprehensive”.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          There are fanatical S&M fans that will get upset about anything said about them that isn’t praising them. It’s K-Pop fans, what can ya do lol.

          Now obviously since I comment the most here I like it here, and I get mad at quite a few of the common complaints I see about S&M and the site because they are generally kind of ignorant. All of the complaints happening right here are totally justified IMO and it’s not like we are sending them death threats. If they don’t something and we don’t like it, we should be able to let it be known instead of just worshiping everything they do.

          (As you can tell I’m kind of butthurt and ranting… Sorry lol.)

        • Elanor

          I really agree with you with this one. There are so many fanatical S&M fans now. Simon and Martina are humans too they can make mistakes as well and you don’t have to like everything they do. Of course ppl shouldn’t bash them for their mistakes or when they have different opinion. But feedback is important even if it’s negative. Of course as long as it’s polite and have a point and not just bashing. I think I didn’t bash in my comment, but of course anybody can correct me if I’m wrong.

      • I think she was very comprehensive? ^^;

        Maybe because we deal with complaints every week regardless, but I feel really happy when the complaints are well-worded and respectful. Sometimes people need to let off steam, and if they can do that in a level-headed manner, I’d rather not stop them.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          It’s the disappointed fans vs. the “S&M do no wrong, how dare you!” fans!

        • yeah i agree. people like me are just sad and frustrated. but we have not once pointed fingers or said anything rude. hey, triples are never considered to be a rude or angry fan base. and i must say i’m quite proud of that ^^

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Well even a majority of the Epik Nasties are frustrated. (Don’t want to sound like I’m bragging but we’re the ones who decided the EYKA nominees for S&M. Incase u didn’t know who I was talking about lol.) And if a majority of US are complaining about something S&M did then it’s incredibly justified because most of us are on the Top Commenters list. So it’s not like we are butthurt whiney haters of S&M like some of these ppl seem to think every1 who opposes S&M’s decision is.

        • …..it sounds like your bragging bro :p

        • That’s cause he is.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Don’t tell ME what I’M saying.
          It would have been less work for me to NOT include the “Don’t want to sound like I’m bragging” part so I don’t know how you can’t understand what is pretty clear and simple.

          So how about you just shutup next time you want to talk about me, because we both know we don’t like eachother. Thank you have a nice life.

          Edit: I don’t care if you’re a mod, I’m not going to let you publicly disrespect me when I don’t say anything about you or frankly even to you.

        • Aigoo~!! Dude!! *facepalm*

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Her little comment had no purpose but to publicly insult me. So you/her should know better and know by now I don’t let ppl say crap about me w/o retaliating.

        • Look Jamie, just like you didn’t like us assuming that you were bragging, don’t you think you shouldn’t assume what other people’s motives are? From what I see, your reply to her was quite harsh and unnecessary. We do have commenting guidelines here, which is to Be Respectful, even if (you think) people are attacking you. Please restrain yourself and behave yourself, because that would make for a much more positive community.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Believe me it was more harsh when I first wrote it, I toned it down quite a bit.

          I talk to you so I don’t get as mad when u said it but I don’t even talk to Natz.

          Short simple one liners can be just as offensive as paragraphs.

        • Well, thank you for toning it down; that’s a start, I guess. Maybe after a few more years on EYK you’ll get even better. You might still become a respectable member of the society some day. One can hope?
          *gazes into the distance*

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Probably not.

          So I don’t get why ppl can provoke but whenever I reply to them we only focus on my replies. Sane w/ that troll chick.

          See you just pretty much bashed me publicly too, just because you use nicer words doesn’t make it any better imo.

        • Because I’ve known you longer, I prefer to politely reprimand you, rather than just deleting/banning. But since you don’t like that method, fine.

        • where is all this anger coming from? it has no place here.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Her comment had no place. If there was no comment there would be no reaction.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Well when u say that it’s going to look more that way…

          I don’t want to just say Epik Nasties and have them be like “Who’s that?” and have to go on and tell a long boring story.

        • Lol it’s more the “Even we, the cool kids, think that way, therefore it must be true” vibe that you’re giving off is really amusing. Haven’t heard anyone say that since primary school :p

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          You’re making it look that way by saying it. I was just trying to say we’re pretty close to S&M as far as random fans go, so to have us all be upset proves it’s not just butthurt whiney complainers as multiple ppl seem to be saying.

          Your comment just actually kind of ticked me off…

        • yes it sounds like it

        • Barry Adams

          Hmmm, kind of like the fans of KPop themselves. Just replace S&M with Big Bang, EXO, etc.. Except those fan wars can get really nasty!

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Yeah lol I said somewhere in one of my other comments here (out of about 100 lol) somethin like “Well it is K-Pop fans we’re talking about…” because people are calling all of us that are disappointed; whiney, butthurt, complainers, etc.

  161. Pssst… Martina! Your makeup today is so fantastic.

  162. Rose is the best song of the week

  163. Young Saeng was number one until sometime within 5 hours of the end …. so unhappy about this outcome. But I guess we can say .. BOOM BITCHES WE HAVE OVER 10,000 VOTES ON OUR MUSIC VIDEO.. EAT IT… its just because Hayi’s mv came out more recently.

    But come on Simon and Martina… you could have veto’d that since we were in top 3 .. you already reviewed hayi twice.. come on now.

    • that’s what i was saying. they already did the last two songs of hers and it’s safe to call this ‘unfair’. and honestly, i don’t even think he’s getting a review no matter how many times we keep trying…..

      • The thing with ever calling pretty much anything they ever do “unfair” is that … Simon and Martina don’t owe us anything. They do so. much. work (really, it’s insane) to put stuff out there for us all week. We get to come away with so much (for free) when they do things we enjoy, and we never lose anything when they review another band for KMM or have a differing opinion on an MV. They simply can’t cover every song or share every opinion, and it makes me so sad when followers demand that impossibility of them and even go so far as to complain about it. I understand that it can be frustrating when you do invest a lot in voting every day, but I think it’s important to really remember that they read these comments and they are so far from deserving our expressed dissatisfaction after everything they do.

        • oh i’m sorry, was i demanding something? was i speaking rudely or aggressively? am i not allowed to be given to speak my feelings? what i said was something I said because I was sad :(

          i’m not even going to think for a second for hating simon and martina because like you said you can’t please everyone but if i naturally feel it’s a bit unfair, i will say so. it’s how i feel. and if i’m not pissing anyone off, then i don’t see why i can’t voice my small opinion….

        • My only response to your long thing here is “time is money friend”

      • not sure it’s “safe to call this ‘unfair’.” They created a blog, they review music they want to, they were kind enough to invite us all into their awesome world, and invited us to have a say in what we like them to review, and they are kind enough to review, for the most part, what people want them to review. Maybe they just genuinely liked the idea of reviewing this video over another. If it’s unfair, go ahead and make a blog that honors your own unique perspective on KPop; we all love all the perspectives, so you’d very possibly get ppl who love to follow you, too. I loved this review and I love that they support such a genuinely talented person. (not saying the other top 2 are not talented, just I really like Lee Hi’s sound)

      • i was under the under the impression they choose to do top 3 thing cause they want to pick videos that they like. did it ever cross ur mind that they like lee hi rose more than the other two videos?

    • couldn’t agree with you more!
      loved the Lee Hi video, but honestly i think there is waaaay more to talk about in the Young Saeng video and i really want to hear Simon and Martina’s views and see the hilarious skits they would have come up with for the video ^^

    • That’s the most polite and coherent expression of disappointment I’ve heard in a long time. Thank you :’)

    • I was pretty surprised that Young Saeng’s video didn’t get reviewed. I was hoping for my Girl’s Day video to be reviewed and if it wasn’t theirs that got reviewed, I’d expect to see YS’s video to be picked instead. Oh well……

      • Hi Simon and Martina; I am also one of those people that didn’t like your choice of KMM. You know what I did about it? I drank a cup of concrete and HARDENED UP!! (end death metal voice ke ke ke)

        As for the Lee Hi KMM I agree that she deserves a song with a strong soul destroying vocal to match her beautiful sultry voice. I also agree that her naivete image totally suits her but there lies the problem. It clashes with her naturally sultry voice and if the first MV is anything to go by, she can’t do sexy or sassy. She could try the heartbreaking sadness of soul a la Amy Winehouse and others but again, maybe she hasn’t experienced a lot of loss or tough times to do that? With time she might meet a couple of douchebags who get her in touch with that emotion maybe. Also small note on KMM rosecrusher jokes, they were a bit “meh” normally I like your jokes but I don’t know it was a bit forced sorry! Peace and love xo

    • Couldn’t agree more. Lee Hi was reviewed just THREE WEEKS AGO.
      Young Saeng or Girls Day have yet to be reviewed at all.
      But Lee Hi now has three reviews now!
      Kind of unfair.

    • for some reason i feel disguise with simon n martina this time

    • Cyber_3

      I agree with you, it’s also weird how the number one spot can be swept away week after week in less than 24 hours by only a couple hundred voters. There may be over 300K subscribers but, based on the numbers on the kpop charts, I don’t think that there are more than a thousand people who ever actually vote (in any format). I have noticed that the vote sweeping often happens when there is a call to vote for a particular song on the eatyourkimchi twitter and/or facebook. Easier to retweet/share. I guess that it’s only right that S&M have a big influence on what they’re going to review but I feel a little burned by the whole process.

      I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE Kpop Music Mondays because the song was always a surprise to me because I didn’t ever visit the kpop chart. Now that I was enticed to vote, when I actually have an emotional investment in who gets reviewed (how can you bother to vote and not care about the outcome?), I’ve come away feeling a little bitter more often than not, no matter how funny KMM was. It’s not so much that my song wasn’t chosen or voted to the top, it’s that the last couple of reviews were actually for songs that S&M don’t even really like (or don’t like the video). Yes, it’s nice that they do balanced reviews and give their honest opinions and I certainly wouldn’t want them to change that. But what is different is that before, they could say they hated a song because they “had no choice” in what to review, now when they choose a song they don’t like, it just seems like they’re picking on it – unless they don’t care for any of the top 3, in which case, I don’t think anyone would think less of them for picking another song entirely. Most of us are here because we feel we have similar tastes in music to S&M, so that there is a certain level of trust there. It feels kind of disappointing when they take the low road.

      Well, for myself, I’ve decided not to vote any more…..maybe even stay away from the charts for a while. I liked getting new ideas for music to listen to but I don’t have the time to waste being upset over something that is ruining my enjoyment of a good thing. This way, I hope to enjoy KMM more in the future since every review will be a surprise again.

      • This is an interesting conundrum. I get what you mean about enjoying it more before you were invested in the voting.

        I usually tell the voters that yes, you are voting to hopefully get a review. But I find that a major benefit of EYK is that you get to meet other people who like the same music as you, and you can have awesome conversations and form bonds and chit chat in a forum that is pretty much a cool place to hang out. That type of environment is what we mods are trying to create.

        I have met and had great conversations with many awesome people because of the Kpop charts and other EYK videos. Case in point, the great convos I have had with you.

        • Cyber_3

          Thanks Natz, I also enjoy our conversations. I’ll prolly stick around the boards and visit the chart once a week to see which new songs are up but I don’t want to get all bitter over these nice forums and I worry that that will happen if I get too involved, ie. in the voting.

          Did you know, I didn’t even know that pop up ads in youtube videos existed until I whitelisted eatyourkimchi? I super hate them, they always seem to cover part of what I want to watch. I think I’ll focus my negative emotions on those ads for now……;)

      • Oh my, same case as I am. I’m no longer voting in kpop chart just because I don’t want to feel upset and disappointed when my kpop idol whom i voted didn’t get reviewed by S&M. I just want to sit nicely in front of my laptop on Monday night, feel surprised that KMM is already uploaded and feel happy whoever gets reviewed. Selfish me, eh? :p

        • Cyber_3

          It’s the internetz, there is a lot of real life to live rather than get dragged down into virtual insanity, I don’t think it’s selfish.

          I agree that I am disappointed when my song doesn’t win, but that’s ok with me, you win some, you lose some. Mind you, my song never wins….. It’s more that when the song that does win is a song they don’t even like – why? Are there no songs that you want to celebrate in the top 3? Sure, there will be some that S&M don’t like that are easy to make funny skits about but lately there just seems to have been a lot of those….. It’s starting to feel like their raison d’etre is to bash lame videos (in a funny way) which it totally not why I like them and I honestly think, not what they’re going for. I thought that being able to choose from the top 3 was partially to fix having too many negative reviews in a row. I just wanted to indicate that I think that they’re better than that, that’s all.

      • Thank you for your thoughts, you’ve given me lots to nibble on. After this week, I’m going to take a break from voting as well (or maybe even let it go entirely). I got into Kpop last year, and EYK has been HUGE in furthering my Kpop education. I would just take a look at their KMMs, listen to the song and inevitably like it. Or glance at the Kpop charts just to know what to listen to without voting. The last few months I’ve been so heavily invested in the voting and it’s affected my enjoyment of KMM. Not to say I vote like crazy, but I hold my breath wishing with all my might what I want will get voted and being disappointed when it doesn’t. I’ll still watch KMM and have my laughs, but I hate that feeling of thwarted expectations :p I want to go back to just enjoying whatever S&M put out with no expectations. :) I could just focus most of my attention on The Spudgy or The Meemers :)

  164. Girl’s Day “Expectation” was kept in Top3 for 2 weeks…
    Very unfortunate that the song wasn’t reviewed…
    Hope to see you guys review Girl’s Day’s work someday… >.<

    • I’m disappointed too. I thought it would be Girl’s Day or Young Saeng. I love Lee Hi but her video JUST came out!

      Also I vote for GD’s XX!

    • Agreed. I like ‘Rose’, but as S&M have already mentioned, it was a bit disappointing, especially when compared with Lee Hi’s previous songs.

      Girl’s Days’ ‘Expectation’, on the other hand, I love. But perhaps there was less to talk about, MV-wise? Anyway, thanks S&M (hee hee) for another great KMM; your hard work is greatly appreciated. :)

    • Hey, keep voting for it, and maybe they’ll get in next week. It’s got the advantage of being a girl group. I want them to review Expectation as well. =/

    • I am not at all disappointed that they picked Lee Hi instead of Girl’s Day or Young Saeng. I think its better if they choose what they want to review, like how they mentioned before that if they review videos they don’t like, it would result in them making videos that they just don’t like!
      So S&M, do what you want! :)

    • I’m really disappointed too.

      I love you guys (S&M), but you guys should have reviewed Girls Day. They are in the top three for the SECOND week and You guys have yet to review a Girls Day video. Same goes for last week. I’m a huge fan of infinite, but how many times have they been reviewed now?! they have been reviewed 5 times now with the review of Man In love, but girls day, zero. AND you just reviewed Lee Hi’s video Three weeks ago! Lee hi now has 3 reviews! I know you guys love Infinite and YG artist, but Please review other groups, especially those who has not been reviewed yet. More of a variety please.

      • I think they chose “Rose” because there are more to talk about. Yeh, “Expectation” is good and the dance is sexy but there aren’t much to talk about beside the choreography tbh. For Infinite, although Man In Love is not as good as their previous songs, talking about how ridiculous the MV was is hilarious. I’m not a big fan of Infinite but I did enjoy last week’s KMM! I re-watched it for several times lol Keep it up, S&M! :D

      • You know … I think this wasn’t biasness it started since UKISS didn’t get reviewed that time and S&M are actually not going to read the comments any more and do what they want until things calm down and complainers get fed up… like they said in other videos…they don’t care about the fame.(so the complainers might as well unsubscribe)..they just want to have fun doing what they like to do and if they don’t even have that priviledge they’ll just upload videos because there are many fans that just purely enjoy their videos no matter the content.

      • I know you guise are disappointed, we can clearly see it in the comment section. But since we read every single Music Monday comment section from every single Music Monday, I can tell you about something we’ve noticed.

        When we didn’t review Infinite ONCE the comments for that Music Monday were all about how angry people were and how hard they worked to vote them in and it was totally unfair. Entire Tumblr pages were dedicated to how terrible we were for skipping Infinite and the same goes for when we missed EXO. This went on for months. Then, we review Infinite’s “Man In Love” which we had a lot of fun filming and a lot of Infinite fans are FURIOUS over us poking fun of this video despite the fact that we mentioned how much we seriously love Infinite. Entire Tumblr pages dedicated to how terrible we are and fights in the YouTube section break out in Infinite’s actually MV.

        So really, sometimes we feel like there is nothing we can do because people will always be angry. If we reviewed Young Saeng ppl would be mad it was yet another male singer, if we reviewed Girls’ Day, people would be mad it wasn’t the first place Lee Hi. See what I mean?

        • I don’t want to argue… really (i’m actually afraid to post this comment,lol) and this is what i’ve observed with the people and comments… don’t be upset with me :(

          But after reading many comments here I think people were upset because they couldn’t find a reason for your choice, if Girls Day were picked they would’ve probably be upset but understand that they’ve never been reviewed and they are girls so you guys wanted that and all. If Heo Young was picked the other fans would still be upset but as well understand bc he held the #1 position for long and he hasn’t been reviewed either. But with Lee Hi, there wasn’t a reasonable explanation that people could come up with.

          I don’t want this to be negative at all, please don’t misunderstand! I liked this KMM and i’m on no one’s side, lol. but this were my observations and felt like sharing with you >.<

        • midnightkitty

          I didn’t realise it until I read your comment, but what you said is true… I have been trying to figure out a reason for picking Lee Hi over HYS and Girl’s Day. I was hoping for HYS but would have understood if it had been Girl’s Day. Lee Hi could have held on for another week, whereas HYS and Girl’s Day have been on the charts a while, and will probably drop soon. I’m not hating, I love S&M, but I can’t understand the reasoning behind their choice.

        • “the first place Lee Hi”

          Would you mind clarifying who was in first place when the polls closed? Most everyone here, myself included, saw that HYS was in first when voting closed, and that Lee Hi didn’t pass him until later. I’ve heard that the mod page reflects changes on the charts more quickly than the website page that all of us see, so perhaps that’s where the confusion is coming from. If Lee Hi actually was in first at midnight, then that would go a ways toward helping people understand why you picked a brand new video by an artist that has been reviewed before (just a couple weeks ago in fact) over two other artists with much older videos that have never been reviewed before that will drop off the charts soon.

          I think the disappointed people are all just trying to understand the reasoning behind your choice. I myself was hoping for HYS, but I would have understood if you had reviewed Girl’s Day since they are a female group that you have never reviewed before. I also like Lee Hi and think she has a wonderful voice. But I never would have guessed that you’d choose her for a KMM her first week on the charts; she has a strong fanbase on EYK and would definitely have remained in the top 3 another week, on top of the fact that she was just reviewed a short while ago. Wasn’t reviewing more artists that haven’t had multiple KMMs one of the reasons you changed the voting system?

          I really hope that you don’t take offensive at what I’ve just said, because even though I don’t understand your choice for this week’s KMM, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy it or that I dislike you guys. :( I’ve been watching your stuff for 2 years now and I always look forward to your videos. I’m also not the type to go around bashing you just because I don’t agree with you. So please don’t take my comment the wrong way; it’s not meant to be hurtful, just to express what I’ve gathered from the comments is actually disappointing people, including people who are neither HYS fans nor Girl’s Day fans.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          I had the same impression as did many other fans that Heo Young Saeng was in first when the polls closed. I’ve always known there is a delay but I always give it an hour after the polls close. If the person is still in first an hour later I assume they’ve won first place. As was the case I too personally saw when the polls closed. I’m confused as well, and I can tell so are lots of others. And explains many people’s disappointment. I was afraid to post this as well. Cause I’m not mad just confused :) I love S&M with all my heart, and seriously nothing will get me to stop watching them unless I magically fall out of love with Korea…that’s sooooo not happening.

        • Venecochick09

          I’m not disappointed, Simon! I liked your review of Lee Hi. I hope you don’t feel discouraged to make more reviews that you also like.

        • xdeathknightx

          I think a lot of people (including myself) were just disappointed (and not angry, although there is always a few people that will be hurt in their behind) because Girl’s Day is a “smaller” group and people worked hard to keep it in the top 3. And seeing it hasn’t been reviewed yet I think a lot of people were hoping that you’d choose it over Lee Hi who has already been reviewed twice before this I believe, and over HYS because we had a boy group last time.

          But to me it really was like: “oh no Girl’s Day? Ah too bad, but Lee Hi is cool too”

          And don’t worry about the haters, when you reviewed the latest Girl’s Generation and didn’t like it I didn’t mind. Some people just need to calm down and unrustle their jimmies :) I just wanted to see you play off Girl’s Day and spread the love for Girl’s Day.

          But keep it up you two are awesome.

        • Just be yourself S&M. Stop trying to please people. You’ll lose yourself in the process if you keep trying to please everyone. There were a lot of angry people but there were also a lot of happy people who commends the way you pick something you like and enjoy to review. Unfortunately the angry ones are more vocals, the happy one tends to not bother saying anything. Please just focus on the positive and do what you do best :) It doesn’t matter what you review, you’ll always gain or lose some viewers. at the end of the day the number will still be the same.

        • That’s a bit of a dilemma :( Even if I’m disappointed, I honestly feel for you guys having to put up with stuff like that.

          I’d like to apologize on behalf of all Triple S for any mean comments posted in here (or anywhere really). Actually, I want to thank you instead. Even without a review, we’ve been getting so many people in the HYS discussion page who have no idea who he or SS501 is, and want to know more because “Who is this guy at the top of the charts for 3 weeks??” And honestly that wouldn’t have been possible without you guise and your platform and the following you’ve gotten. So THANKYU <3

          IDK if you guise follow the individual discussion pages (since you're so busy), but Triple S seem to have a new goal in mind besides being reviewed. We're gonna be one of the few to hold our MV in the top 3 right up until they get kicked out in the fourth week ;) Wish us luck!

        • I think that Lee Hi was in second place and HYS was definitely first. I am a huge fan of you guys and I never disagreed with the music Mondays but this time I feel that it was seriously a bit unfair.

        • For starters, I don’t like Lee Hi, she’s sohoho BORING to watch, but you guise made a hilarious video that really made me laugh out loud. This is the reason I’m subscribed to EYK! But it is quite obvious that you guise “pissed off” many nasties who would have rather seen Girs’ Day or Young Saeng reviewed. If you had reviewed any of them I guess the Lee Hi fans would have been disappointed since she did get to number one. But here’s the thing, when you changed the rules for KPMM you complicated things. Now the fans of any of the top three Idols think their idol(group) has a fair chance of getting reviewed so you’re going to disappoint them no matter what you do. Also, when you changed the rules you mentioned that you wanted to review more girl groups AND that you were tired of reviewing the same artists a million times in a row (like with Big Bang). I guess many people (including moi) took this to mean that you would not review Lee Hi this week since all of her videos so far got reviewed including recently. EYK is your love baby so do with it what you want but I guess it would be much easier for you guise in the future if you’d use the old rules again i.e. that you review the number one idol(group).

        • I would love to see you guys review Youngsaeng’s video and really hope you do review it, but seriously it really is your decision. Like you said, fans get angry either way (although if someone can’t take your guys’ humor and sarcasm I don’t know why they bother watching you in the first place) and there’s no way to accommodate for everyone. I, for one, appreciate you not blowing up on your fans for doing this to you probably almost every KMM and just keep on doing what you’re doing. The “fans” that always get angry about which video you review can stop worrying about what’s on your Kpop Charts and just watch whatever KMM comes out if it really bothers them that much.

          Thank you for still doing KMM and also being so grateful to all your loyal fans even if some may do this to you every week. The amount of work you put into your videos, especially for all of the backlash you receive from some certain viewers, is really under-appreciated and I just wanted to let you guys know that there are some Nasties who really do appreciate all you do! I love all of you guys. :)

        • I think the reason that people are disappointed is because the entire point of the new system as you guys stated was to add more variety, and showcase artists who weren’t being given much of a chance in the old system. Solo artists like HYS (even though SS501 is still together) and girl groups like Girl’s Day (who have never had and EYK review). That combined with the fact that you had reviewed Lee Hi not but a few weeks prior has people just a little disappointed. But as you say people will always have their opinions, it’s your site, your business now, you should operate it as you see fit.

        • @simonandmartina:disqus I understand your stand here. Just stating how i felt when Girl’s Day “Expectation” wasn’t chosen. I apologize if you understand it the wrong way. I enjoy any of your reviews just as much and Lee Hi is a great singer too. Just that I would prefer if you choose another artist to review instead as Lee Hi’s reviews seemed back to back for me.

        • misspricilla

          It’s okay…don’t be sad:( I don’t know if new fans remember the times before the K-pop charts but I do. I do remember that you picked a song that you liked or if we requested something (meaning sending you millions of emails) you rewied that and it was soo fun. Like waiting for the next song because you didn’t know what to expect, so when you made the “top 3 rule” i was happy, because i got back that excitement…i didn’t know that you would get all this “i am sad, disappointed etc comments…..” it is your blog you can’t make everyone happy. that was one of your funniest kmm I laughed sooooooo hard. Whatever your next kmm will be i can’t wait to see it :)

        • Sandeul Baro

          You can’t please everyone…there are soooooo many people with there opinions about what groups they like and i get that it would be soooooo hard to choose what to do a KMM on. S&M have been trying there best to choose a video that would make people happy, they’ve been listening to our requests and opinions and are trying their hardest to do something about it. If they don’t review a certain group now then they can review it later, ’cause odds are they will still be making more songs and music videos, and everyone who likes them can keep voting them up to the top and they may be able to be on a KMM. They still have the right to pick the music videos they want to review because it is their website and they may want to pick a video that stands out to them and that they could comment on the most and still make it interesting for us Nasties. There’s nothing, really, that they can do… I bet they are stressed out by this whole thing too…they’re only human. ((this is just my OPINION))
          FIGHTING GUISE!~~~~

        • I just want to say that I liked this KMM c:

    • bigbangfosho

      I was pretty let down that Lee Hi got reviewed, but I started looking at it this way; the reason they have a Top 3 rule now is so that they can choose what to talk about. If they chose another song, the video may not have been as fun for them to film or for us to watch.

    • but if they review Girl’s Day, people would still be disappointed that they didn’t reviewed Young Saeng.

  165. Yeah! Did you win a shorty award?

  166. yay! you reviewed Lee Hi~

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