We’re talking about Lee Hi’s “Rose” for this week’s Kpop Music Monday. If you haven’t heard this yet, here it is. Why have you not heard this yet?!


You know, I think we sometimes have difficulty expressing what we want to say properly in our videos. We get passionate about an idea, talk about it to great length, and then realize that we might have not spent an even distribution of time on different points, and thus might give off the appearance of imbalance.

At the beginning of our video, we talked about how much we like the song, and about how much we’ve been listening to it, and how everyone we know is listening to it. It’s a great song, but we didn’t emphasize that enough. I’m thinking people might get the feeling that we’re complaining, when really we’re just trying to say that it’s a great song, but Lee Hi is better than the song itself. It’s not a reason to not like the song at all. We’ll still listen to it a lot. We just think that she’s so good she should be getting Skyfall-esque songs that blow you away. She’s too damn good to be timid, you know? Give us the boomshakalaka she deserves!

Also, we didn’t mention this in the video, but we do realize she is still quite young and still in training. So she very well may not be ready for the huge boomshakalaka songs that we want her to sing, but we know she’ll get there over time, and we’re super happy to watch her grow. Till then, YG, we’ll still love her songs!

Regarding the video, it really was beautiful to watch. Not only were the sets whimsical, the outfits and simple innocent rose look really matched Lee Hi and her age. It wasn’t our all time favourite video evar, but it was certainly better than some of the cliche music videos we saw over 2012. I think a video like this shows that you can work on a set (and in a box) and still create an atmosphere that doesn’t remind the viewer they actually are on a set. Maybe it’s because we see SOOOO many kpop music videos that we feel like if one director can do it right, why can’t others? And yes, we know that not all videos are suited to a serious video like this, but we’re just hoping to see a change in the settings and styles of kpop videos in 2013. As a rookie, we think that Lee Hi has already raised the standards for both rookie and mature groups alike.

Anyhow, hopefully you like the song as much as we do, make sure you pick it up either on iTunes or YesAsia. It’s good music! And, as always, we’ve got bloopers. There aren’t a lot today, but Martina’s over caffeination made up for it.


  1. I love Lee Hi and I adore this song…which makes me wonder; wouldn’t it be cool if Lee Hi’s fans were called ‘Roses’? My friend and I think that it matches the sweetness of Lee Hi herself but also captures the beauty and power of her voice. SO let us all call ourselves Roses!!! :)))

  2. Just have to say, your hair and makeup look really nice in the video

  3. Hi everyone! Regardless of how/why/when this KMM came out, I really like this video.
    The song is actually my least favourite on the album (which is getting a TON of play here in Korea, can’t go into a coffee shop anymore without hearing our little LeeHi…) but I still find myself singing along whenever I hear it.
    She’s adorable and talented. 귀여운 이하이^^

  4. This is just an observation, based on the comments I’ve read,but it looks like the delay between the charts the viewers see and the mods see might be the cause of alot of the complaints. Which means when people looked at the chart at a certain time after voting closed it showed HYS in first place, so when they went to watch music Monday and saw it was on LH it looked like the first place was vetoed for LH again. However if you looked at the chart at a different, after the voting closed, you would have seen LH was in first place. Unfortunately ig S&M used the veto this close to the last time, people might accuse them of abusing their power. Hopefully situations like this will only happen on rare occasions

  5. are the people at the label trying to make her a Korean Lana Del Rey? Please, say no….

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32I5PM7nG3Y&feature=youtu.be

    because of this video I think that Lee Hi is not bad in lip-sync but person who edited mv was blind or hated her ;d

  7. I can’t believe that you red all the text in the clip!!!I admire your precice work!!!
    I vote for GD That XX

  8. Remember the other night when S&M mentioned live that they are sometimes bummed that KPMM has only comments about KPMM? Good news; In honor of something completely off top of KPMM, there is a huge post brewing on Rocketboxx about drawing U-KISS as Sailor Senshi and S&M as the doom tree aliens Allen and Anne! It’s based off the reference that S&M made during one of the video critiques, and we’re running with the idea like crazy. It’s pretty new, so we’ll see if it takes off. But I love the idea and wanted to share with all the KissMe Nasties, along with others, about the shenanigans <3
    ~Chocolate Necco Victoria aka silverhoneycat

    Edit; ps: GO GI!!!!!!!

  9. I only just decided to read a few of the comments here to check out what all the negativity is all about since they mentioned they had a tonne of bad comments flooding their site for their KMM. Honestly, Its their choice to which MV they do, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it? Make your own review? that way you and other fans alike can get to know what each other think rather than abusing and saying that S&M are doing something ‘wrong’. I support the decision even though I was hoping Girl’s Day would get a review, thats life, just roll with it peeps :P

  10. I don’t know, maybe this is a little fool but, could you review a Team H musical video? :)

  11. I want you to review Kara’s new song “bye bye happy days” so badly, but it’s japanese >.< !!!!!!!! *sniff*

  12. I’m confused! why did you guys say if there were peanut butter in the MV you would be interested? You always say how you want to see videos that match and are relevant to the song!!!! Not hating or anything!! I LOVE YOU GUYS! I’m just confused (maybe because I loved the MV and song so much and have some things to disagree with… but not in a “UGGHH I WANNA KILL YOU FOR SAYING THAT” way!

  13. I have to make a teeny tiny comparison between lee hi’s it’s over and this video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SyRvzeNuqa4 … just go to 1.54, in BOTH videos.
    Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  14. I want to make a teeny tiny comparison between Lee Hi’s It’s over and this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SyRvzeNuqa4 … just go to 1.54 in BOTH videos.
    Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  15. I was kind of sad with your opinion on lee hi’s song>.< I love you guys but i for one was kind of waiting for a serious song from lee hi and i thought it would go great with her new-to-kpop awkwardness? I liked the song and didn't think it needed a big boom because it was a kind of slow song. the song made me feel like lee hi was talking to herself in her head saying i'm just going to hurt him…Anyways:P Great video Guys!!:)

  16. Well I was among those disappointed for two reasons.

    One: Lee Hi just released and would have stayed on the charts for several weeks so no need to rush a review.

    Two: For a video Simon and Martina chose they frankly didn’t seem that enthused about it at all. Were the other two videos really less interesting to them than this?

    • S&M have already said that Lee Hi was in #1 spot at midnight so they didn’t choose her – the votes did.

      “So really, sometimes we feel like there is nothing we can do because people will always be angry. If we reviewed Young Saeng ppl would be mad it was yet another male singer, if we reviewed Girls’ Day, people would be mad it wasn’t the first place Lee Hi. See what I mean?”


      • Then they should do away with the whole “pick one of the top three” and go back to the way it was. Yes they are going to get flak for everything so they should pick what they want anyway. One of my points was it didn’t seem like they wanted to review Lee Hi.

        • I think the thing is for the most part they need to stick to the number 1 voted. And that is what they were doing until Boy Group #3 in a row. They vetoed and put in a female, then went back the what was in #1.

          It looks like they are doing their level best not to abuse their new ability to pick one of the top 3 when people are still making efforts to get artists into the #1 position, and I think that is how it should be.

          Just because they can ignore voters choice and pick someone else, doesn’t mean they always should. Even if it is a review for a song they don’t like. They weren’t over the top happy with Infinites new song either. Sometimes they aren’t going to be excited – but they have to be as fair to the voters as they can.

        • I guess at this point we can only agree to disagree. To me it’s not unfair at all when they’ve stated over and over they will pick from the top three. If people still expect them to review #1 it’s their own fault if they waste the effort to keep a song at the top position. The whole point of switching to this new system was so they can review the MV’s they find interesting and not be stuck reviewing uninteresting MV’s just because some fan club dominates the voting.

        • Indeed. We definitely have a different view on how said choice should be used and that is why S&M will never win. Someone is always going to be upset or disappointed. I just felt it important that all the facts be at the fore prior to making a judgement on S&M. If Lee Hi was the top voted then certainly that is representative of something worth noting.

    • That was my feeling too (both points).

  17. In other news, it only hit me that Spudgy was wearing Martina’s rose headband in the end. *facepalm* Took my third viewing of this to notice, lol.

    I have this totally awesome idea I wish someone with magic video editing powers could do: a compilation of all the Spudgy dances Kpop clips from the KMMs. I think that would be pretty epic :)

    ETA: Oh holy heck, sorry. I vote for “That XX.” Pretty with a plot over just pretty any day is what I think :)

  18. The video for That XX was way better. It made me see the song from a totally different point of view.

  19. the reality show! hahaha…. so true… i watch the biggest loser and it’s really the worst for that! the show is 2 hours, and it could really be one hour if they stopped going back to 10 minutes before where they were before the break… but lol. good KMM guise!

  20. wooooooow. so much grumpiness in the comments here. COOL YOUR JETS PEOPLE! it’s SIMON AND MARTINA’S blog and SIMON AND MARTINA will decide what to do with it. if they want to do nothing but review YG, SHINee and Infinite songs for the rest of their career so be it. because it’s SIMON AND MARTINA’S blog and SIMON AND MARTINA will decide. what. to. do. with. it. if you don’t like the reviews they put up GO MAKE YOUR OWN REVIEWS! THAT’S WHAT THE INTERNET IS FOR!

    and before people get all upset about how unfair anything is or how your favorite band never gets reviewed, i believe my top favorite artists have a whopping ONE SINGLE REVIEW BETWEEN THE FOUR OF THEM! if we ever get to see No MInwoo, Kim Jongkook, Davichi or 2BiC reviews on EYK i would just die of happiness, but until then i’m going to enjoy what EYK makes even if i don’t particularly care for the band or song. why? because i’m a Nasty, and we Nasties are here because we love EYK and we love what they do, plain and simple.

    • I could be wrong, but I’m thinking a lot of the disappointment is also confusion about the thought process behind the choice? I agree: “if they want to do nothing but review YG, SHINee and Infinite songs for the rest of their career so be it. because it’s SIMON AND MARTINA’S blog and SIMON AND MARTINA will decide. what. to. do. with. it.”

      Again, I agree, just as long as S&M are also clear if that (or anything else) is their intention. Because then it alleviates any other expectations other viewers may have :)

    • People are disappointed – they’re allowed to express that. And for the most part, they’ve expressed their disappointment in a respectful manner, with some remarking that they still enjoyed the review. :)
      Giving S&M feedback is important, as we are the audience they cater to – I’m not saying we should dictate their every move, there’s no way they could keep us all happy – but it is important to let them know what we think, and of our expectations.

  21. I have to agree. It is a very pretty song, but it’s just missing that “umf” that you can sing over and over and remember the song by. It’s almost… forgettable.

    Vote: GD’s that XX. Very pretty music video.

  22. is it just me or is lee hi not even movin her lips.

  23. I vote GD’s That XX. GD’s MV was professional. Rose was amateur.

  24. I think I might be in the minority as a KPOP fan, but I really do not get disappointed if Simon and Martina do not review a video I vote for. I’m more of a Simon and Martina fan in that respect, and I do not belong to any official fan club or favor any particular group. I just like the songs and videos that appeal to the dance/techno-rocker in me and the occasional hip-hop track. I really feel like a minority in the KPOPverse. But, I digress. Keep up the good work Simon and Martina!

  25. You know what’s weird? My name’s Rose! XD I hate it when songs and TV characters have the same name as I do…. Still a great song though! haha

  26. i’m kind of shocked by the amount of negative comments. yes, this is the 3rd lee hi video being reviewed. no one complained this much for g dragon or ukiss or boy bands like that who ALWAYS get reviewed.. so why is there so much hate for her???

    • I don’t think anyone is actually hating on Lee Hi. It seems that they just wanted someone else reviewed this week and Lee Hi next week to give a different artist a chance. There is also some confusion as to who was #1 when the polls closed. Everyone saw HYS but S&M say in post somewhere in here that it was Lee Hi. I personally haven’t seen anyone say they hate Lee Hi or Rose or S&M. It has just been an air of disappointment and confusion.

    • I think it’s because of Youngsaeng and Girl’s Day also being in the top 3. Neither of them have been reviewed by S&M yet and many people were hoping for them to get a KMM.

    • its because there’s was spread out a lot more, but yeah they do get reviewed a lot. plus the polls were different back then.

  27. ehmergod yes i’ve heard it this is my job lmfao

  28. I’ve been watching EYK stuff since their first “How to Dance Kpop” video. I watch KMM every week, not to see them talk about songs I like, but to see what they have to say, period. It seems that EYK viewers can be divided into two categories: people who watch primarily to see EYK discuss music the viewers like, and people who watch primarily for the entertainment value of EYK commentary. I’m not saying that there isn’t crossover–obviously, even if you love Kpop, you wouldn’t watch EYK videos if you don’t enjoy them. But for the first group, their primary purpose in watching EYK is because it gives them a place to see discussion and commentary on something they love. If you watch EYK primarily because you loooove Kpop, then you are more likely to be upset or disappointed when they don’t review a song you love or when they criticize your favorite artist. On the other hand, if (like me) you watch primarily because you find EYK entertaining no matter what song or group they discuss, then yes, it’s nice when they discuss a song or group that’s of interest to you, but you don’t care very much if it doesn’t work out that way. It’s not that I don’t like Kpop. I own way more Kpop music than I ever thought I would when I was first exposed to it. But although that’s A reason that I watch EYK, it’s not the MAIN reason.

    If you are in that first group, you might try adjusting your expectations and joining me in the second group. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with watching EYK primarily because of your love of Kpop, so I’m not suggesting you change your expectations because you’re wrong somehow. I’m suggesting it because it makes for a more relaxing, enjoyable viewing experience. There’s a lot less emotional investment, no expectations, little room for disappointment. I wasn’t exactly excited that they reviewed every freakin’ Big Bang video last year, and Shinee also bores me to tears (I really don’t get the love for Sherlock,the song OR the video), but I still enjoyed the EYK videos on those songs because I like seeing what S&M come up with for their videos.

    [aside rant] I’m a little sad, actually, to see the comments on this video. Such a small proportion of people commenting on the quality of the video, which I found really entertaining, and mostly just people complaining about the selection process. What makes me the most sad is how many people talk about the “unfairness” of it. I guess it’s partly because I’m old and partly because of my job–where I work I see actual unfairness every day, people with sh!t lives who have never had a fair shot at opportunity, who make poor decisions because they’ve never seen and don’t know any other options, who have little chance of improving their situation, all because of the situation they were born into. Compared to what I work with every day (which itself doesn’t even begin to compare with what’s going on in, say, Syria), an entertainment video that doesn’t talk about a song I’m interested in is disappointing, but it doesn’t rise to the level of unfairness. And seeing people get so worked up about it after a day of seeing what I saw all day at work? That’s what makes me disappointed. I watch EYK because after a day of work, I look forward to light entertainment, but then I made the mistake of reading the comments. [/rant]

    Commenters who say S&M owe their fans an obligation are correct, but I disagree with what some viewers believe that obligation is. S&M should work hard, do their best, and produce good entertainment. That’s their entire obligation: a good product. As long as they do that, it shouldn’t matter what videos they choose. Frankly, they would probably be better off scrapping the voting entirely and just picking something they want to talk about every week. That way there wouldn’t be so much expectation built up and resulting disappointment when EYK doesn’t review what certain groups want them to review. The videos would still be entertaining, and people who watch because they like EYK or because they like Kpop generally would still watch. I thought the “top 3″ option was a good compromise between the tyranny of the majority and the hopes of the minority every week, but since they will clearly always make some people unhappy every week with their choice, they might as well stop taking votes so as to avoid the viewer unhappiness that comes from expectations–if people had no particular expectation of what would be reviewed, they wouldn’t be disappointed.

    • I agree with your overall opinion. It’s their choice and they have a right to make a video about what the video they want to. I believe I’m a mix between the two groups you mentioned. I really hope that they’re going to review the video I want them to (and I was a bit disappointed when it wasn’t Youngsaeng this week), however I’m also on the side of “Hey, it’s still EYK and S&M are funny and entertaining, so I’m going to watch it anyway.” I think a happy balance of the two is good because that way you’re still excited and anticipating the next video, but you’re also not super judgmental about it when they review something else and are much more understanding.

      It’s a shame that not everyone thinks as calmly and gets more upset about unwanted outcomes, but I also know that in the Kpop fandom, there are those who LOVE one specific group and will defend them no matter what. So I think making videos about Kpop in general just leads to the negative comments they get. When I watch MVs on YouTube, I have seen many a Kpop fan saying “[Insert Group Name] is so much better than this group!” or “This group is just trying to be like this other group!” and some also get into arguments about their favorite members (a.k.a. biases) in that group and criticize others who say they don’t like that specific member as much. It gets pretty ridiculous if you ask me. -_-

      So basically, I think it’s partially because of the intense sense of loyalty some feel to their favorite group(s), which isn’t wrong per say, but some of them seem to go a bit overboard with it. I think that’s why there’s so much anger in some of the comments here. The way some of the comments are worded are probably just out of the anger/disappointment the writer was feeling and that’s why the word “unfair” is popping up a lot because when you think about it in some ways it may seem unfair. Those who are saying so may just not be as comprehensive as others. Not to say that being a dedicated fan is wrong, I’m just saying that that’s what drives them to poke at others’ differing opinions.

    • You’re awesome!! No, seriously; you’re awesome :D This post is such win that it should be featured (or at least have more votes >_>).

    • I, uh, didn’t realize that was so long. Sorry guise!

      • Don’t apologize. I really liked your post. I think EYK’s vision for Kpop Music Mondays and many fans’ expectation for it deviated at some point. Hopefully people realize it’s about the making Mondays less sucky and that it’s not EYK’s duty to fulfill their Kpop plights.

  29. I wish people would stop complaining about this, the KMM is done, uploaded and watched. They gave us something did they not? Sure they picked Lee Hi over the other two, but it was their choice after all. If you wanted the other two videos to be reviewed so badly, either search for other Youtubers that have reviewed them or review them yourselves and put them up on youtube for other people to watch, then people would stop complaining and everyone could all get along like we used to in middle school. I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.

  30. so much green screen. i’m so proud of you guys… upping your production level

  31. FYI, my whole family loved Master Rose Crusher! :D

  32. we are tired but Triple S and YES’s spirits so strong…
    anyway, “Every rose has it’s thorn – not so bad i like this too^^

    hope S&M have a nice day

  33. Oh god, dear Spudgy, never have you looked prettier! I’m the only one I know who loves k-pop in my social circle, but EVERYBODY I know loves Spudgy and Meemers. One picture and they are forever lost! Awesome KMM as always ^^

  34. I love those nonsense-blurry-artsy videos the most, though… ://

  35. I just want it to be known that not all Nasties are always vocal. Some of us are shy, have jobs and school, are content to be fans from afar, or have other reasons for not sharing our opinions regularly. But it doesn’t mean we are lesser fans, less dedicated, or find YOU, Simon and YOU, Martina less enjoyable than vocal fans do. I, personally, seem to only comment when I think my input is really needed or desired (wait, no! I know you always desire all our input…not sure what other word, then?), and I think this week is one of those times. I love that other people have been allowed to share their opinions, but just because they are vocal, doesn’t necessarily mean they are in the majority. Fans are allowed to not like everything you do, but that doesn’t mean all fans, or a majority of them, don’t like it. I just want to voice my opinion that I’m glad you stay honest and true to yourselves; When the KMMs were based on the number one video, to be honest, some weeks I didn’t enjoy them. And that is fine; others did enjoy. But I didn’t enjoy them because it seemed like you didn’t always enjoy reviewing the video chosen for you.

    I don’t have fun watching if you don’t have fun producing. So, please, take all of this “constructive criticism” (which I really feel like is just code for complaining, I can’t help it, I was just taught not to complain and to get over it), but remember that just because complaints tend to be the larger percentage, it is not necessarily a true reflection of how Nasties feel.

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