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Lee Hi “Rose” – Kpop Music Mondays

April 2, 2013


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We’re talking about Lee Hi’s “Rose” for this week’s Kpop Music Monday. If you haven’t heard this yet, here it is. Why have you not heard this yet?!

You know, I think we sometimes have difficulty expressing what we want to say properly in our videos. We get passionate about an idea, talk about it to great length, and then realize that we might have not spent an even distribution of time on different points, and thus might give off the appearance of imbalance.

At the beginning of our video, we talked about how much we like the song, and about how much we’ve been listening to it, and how everyone we know is listening to it. It’s a great song, but we didn’t emphasize that enough. I’m thinking people might get the feeling that we’re complaining, when really we’re just trying to say that it’s a great song, but Lee Hi is better than the song itself. It’s not a reason to not like the song at all. We’ll still listen to it a lot. We just think that she’s so good she should be getting Skyfall-esque songs that blow you away. She’s too damn good to be timid, you know? Give us the boomshakalaka she deserves!

Also, we didn’t mention this in the video, but we do realize she is still quite young and still in training. So she very well may not be ready for the huge boomshakalaka songs that we want her to sing, but we know she’ll get there over time, and we’re super happy to watch her grow. Till then, YG, we’ll still love her songs!

Regarding the video, it really was beautiful to watch. Not only were the sets whimsical, the outfits and simple innocent rose look really matched Lee Hi and her age. It wasn’t our all time favourite video evar, but it was certainly better than some of the cliche music videos we saw over 2012. I think a video like this shows that you can work on a set (and in a box) and still create an atmosphere that doesn’t remind the viewer they actually are on a set. Maybe it’s because we see SOOOO many kpop music videos that we feel like if one director can do it right, why can’t others? And yes, we know that not all videos are suited to a serious video like this, but we’re just hoping to see a change in the settings and styles of kpop videos in 2013. As a rookie, we think that Lee Hi has already raised the standards for both rookie and mature groups alike.

Anyhow, hopefully you like the song as much as we do, make sure you pick it up either on iTunes or YesAsia. It’s good music! And, as always, we’ve got bloopers. There aren’t a lot today, but Martina’s over caffeination made up for it.



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