MBLAQ recently came out with a couple of videos, “Cry” and “Stay.” Cry was released last week on the same day as TVXQ’s “Keep Your Head Down” and got a looooot of requests, but the TVXQ fangroup – being the biggest fan group in the world – put in a lot more. Afterwards, MBLAQ still continued to get requests, and when “Stay” came out then we got pretty much nothing but MBLAQ in our mailbox. So here we go: time for us to review MBLAQ’s “Cry”!

To begin with, some of you might be wondering why we chose this one over “Stay”, considering the fact that “Stay” is newer. Fact is, we just like “Cry” more. Really. Now, that might sound like no big deal, but it’s a big deal to us, because we normally don’t do ballads. They’re not really as appealing to us as regular K-pop. But “Cry” is an exception. It has something different about it. Something more soulful. Simon grew up listening to R&B in the 90s, and this song for him was really reminiscent of those times. Seems like it’d be perfect for BET’s Midnight Love, (if any of you ever watched that, WOOT WOOT!).

Also, this video brought about a point that we wanted to mention before in B2ST’s “Soom”: why do boy bands freak out when they get stuck in the rain? Sure, we understand that maybe they just don’t like to bring umbrellas with them, but, really now, if we get stuck in rainstorms we just hide under an awning, or run to the closest convenience store and just buy a cheap umbrella. But noooooo. Kpop Boy Bands lose their minds if they get stuck in the rain, and rip off their shirts and jump in the puddles and punch the ground and cry. Come on, guys. It’s not worth it! Your makeup will get all smudged! And why don’t girl bands ever get stuck in the rain? We think it’s probably because the only thing that we can think of when girls get stuck in the rain is them having white T-shirts on and having sleazy wet t-shirt contests, which probably would be inappropriate for Korean TV, but awesome nonetheless…

We also got kinda carried away with the underwater sequence. Martina did a bunch of pictures for them, some of which didn’t make the cut. The end scene was supposed to be Simon successfully not sucking at being underwater, but we decided to chop it. Here’s the screencap that almost made it in:

Underwater Simon

By the way, Simon does not suck at swimming. His fingers do get excessively wrinkly, though. We did not make that part up :D

As always, JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* are awesome for so diligently translating all of our videos into Korean. We usually only thank them in our info boxes on YouTube and on here, but this time we really wanted to give them a shoutout in our video. Thanks JB & Annie. You’re the best! And this white box to the right here is supposed to be the YouTube subscriber widget, but it’s been broken for a week now or so. Hopefully it’ll be fixed sometime soon…

Lastly, if you’re a fan of MBLAQ and want to get the CD delivered to you, no matter where you are in the world, you can do so by buying it through the banner below. Huzzah!

MBLAQ Vol. 1 - BLAQ Style
  1. Dear Kpopz: I see your IP address. Stop spamming votes kthxbai!

  2. I vote for MBLAQ. Please do Infinite 'Before the Dawn' next. Please!

  3. please do GTOP!!
    knock out has been out for a long long long time already T.T

  4. MBLAQ duh!!!!! i vote for MBLAQ…..:)


  6. I want Supa Dupa Diva!!!!! >.<
    I vote for 2AM! >:D

  7. PLEEEEASE review Teen Top SUPA LUV!!!

  8. I think MBLAQ is better but it's hard to tell because it's RAINING! Ironically, they are Rain's boy band….hmmm

    As far as the accent at the beginning goes, CheongDoong's accent is from learning English in the Philippines.

  9. Enjoyed the video as usual guys. Very funny. And I noticed the cute calendar you guys have with yourselves on it. Too cute! I would've picked the "Wonder Twins" person too lol. Classic! Dunno if you guys know but Dara of 2ne1 her brother is in MBLAQ (he's Thunder). I wanna see a GD& Top review too!!!

  10. Nobody cries like 2AM do…

  11. I Love 2AM but, I gotta give it to MBLAQ!!!

    Also How about a video on Teen Top's comeback song Supa Love. I have that song on repeat right now :)

  12. SNSD – Visual Dreams for next week please.

  13. 뻑이가요 for next week please *-*

  14. GD&TOP for kpop music Monday's Please!!!!??
    and i vote for 2AM

  15. 2AM

    i'd like to see you guys do the scorpion dance

  16. Votes for 2am> who can beat Jokwons sad face???

    Next week: GD and TOP -please give us some YG Family!!!

  17. MBLAQ!! XD
    They improved a lot
    and did a great job when they cried :))

  18. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE! do GD&TOP "Knock Out"! I will love you forever if you do <3 this is like my third week of trying to get this video reviewed! lol^_^

  19. Please please PLEASE do Supa Love by Teen Top. It is hilarious.

  20. Ah tough one.
    But 2AM has my vote.
    Jokwon actually cried in the video.
    Sorry MBLAQ, I love you guys but…yeah

  21. MBLAQ are much better crybabies =3
    I just don't like 2AM. They're boooring!

  22. I vote for MBLAQ. You guys should do Infinite Before the Dawn. The first time i heard the song i was hooked, also i'm a little bias of them.

  23. Ohh i cant choose between them…they’re both good.

  24. please…pongan Infinite…ese grupo en serio me gusta

  25. My vote goes to MBLAQ. Look at them and their drawn-around eyes! They are in some serious boy band pain in their MV :)


    -and i personally don't think that boy bands need umbrellas-i mean, they look pretty good when they get wet-haha

  27. Hmm I gotta admit "Stay" was my favorite of the two, but there is always next week :D. Amazing graphics with the swimming scenes.

  28. MBLAQ ALL THE WAY! because they put so much emotions in there!

  29. I vote for MBLAQ ! Them tears are so realistic :p

  30. MBLAQ Cry FTW…!!!
    both song & video is the best, no doubt!!!

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