MBLAQ, you make us wanna cry *CRRRRRY* because we were put into serious battle over this song and video. After MBLAQ’s “CRY” came out, Martina played it non-stop in the house, periodically falling to the floor to imitate their mournful dance, and rolling around on the floor as if – somehow – underwater. Needless to say, Simon was prettty sick of it. “Mona Lisa” is quickly becoming one of those songs…again. Martina totally digs the accordions and spanish sounding guitars, and she flutters about the house playing her air guitar and air accordion (which should be added, is not very sexy) and screaming out “SARRRANGHAAAEEEE” with Joon. Simon, however, remains unimpressed and unaffected. The only thing we both agree upon is that the video is…odd.

We thought that MBLAQ’s concept art for their CD was looking pretty unique. It has all the members dress up like iconic characters, specifically James Dean, Zorro, Boy George, Papillon, and The Beatles, so we thought it would tie into their first single “Mona Lisa”, which is named after an equally iconic person. But NO! There is no vintage feel, no artsy feel, certainty nothing relating to Mona Lisa; a woman with a mysterious smile. We barely see the girl’s face at all, and when we see it at the coffee shop she just looks pissed off and annoyed by the dude singing in front of her.

Instead we have scowling MBLAQ members looking emotionally charged for some reason that remains unknown, and and equally scowling leading lady who literally does nothing. Did she kill somebody’s puppy before the video starts? Everyone looks like they hate her guts. The set looked grungy and dusty; it reminded us of a small town gas station in the middle of the USA and we were seriously waiting for a cowboy or gun or dustball to make an appearance.

MBLAQ Mona Lisa Wardrobe

MBLAQs outfits...are Wonderful Treasure Finds

Now the lyrics of the song do relate to Mona Lisa, but we feel like the video just doesn’t do the lyrics justice. After considering the amazing performances done by MBLAQ in “Cry” and “Y”, we just feel like this video was a letdown. They can definitely do better than this mish-mash of a music video. Come on guise! Don’t disagree with this! Cry was awesome! Right? This…this was confusing. And let’s not talk about the wardrobe here. We have enough difficulty explaining to our non-Kpop oriented friends that Kpop idols are not really manly-manly looking, but dressing up that one guy in a fishnet shirt, leotards, and a leather vest…COME ON! You’re making it really difficult for us! And the flying squirrel…is cool, if you’re friends with Bruce Wayne.

Anyhow, Martina’s gonna keep on blaring the song. She’s a closet A+ at heart. If you’re one too, make sure you pick up their new album, which ships internationally. Woot woot!

MBLAQ Mini Album Vol. 3 - Mona Lisa
  1. My heart hurt when she said Joon and it was G.O… But the truth is I did the same mistake when I wasn’t into them

  2. Rewatching… I never noticed that the microphone wasn’t really a microphone but a hair brush.

  3. Its okay Martina i love the accordion and spanish guitar in the song! Although I agree that the video didn’t make much sense to me either.

  4. omg i cracked up so loud at the flying squirrel!! Martina love your new hair!
    now how many takes did Simon do to get the reporter right? xD
    I love Mona Lisa but i like the effect the accordion has in Irreversible better so my vote goes to Ga-In’s Irreversible :) 

  5. Haha this video is totally confusing… :/
    You can check out our comic version trying to explain what happened in the mv: http://cuentoscoreanos.com/2011/08/05/kpopcomic_mblaqysuju/ xD there’s also a special comic about the new Super Junior video Mr. Simple and the similarity of the dance with Roly Poly >__< 
    Spanish speakers: enjoy it!!!

  6. Hahaha, Simon, and I though my flying-squirrel-impression of Mir was only mine xDDD I have a huge LOL everytime I see totally focused and serious Mir wearing this xDDD

    The mv doesn’t make the sense at all, I totally agree, even though I’m a big fan of MBLAQ xD

  7. I sing along when the say SARANGHAEEEEEEEE too x3

  8. The song grew on me…oh I’ll just tell the truth…the live performance is hot

  9. i started listening to this song and now i can’t stop, its beautiful and amazing, but i wish mir didn’t have to wear those glasses throughout the whole vid, i love his eyes and i love him, so i wanted to see his face.

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  11. i have a suggestion tara ROLY POLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to continue the 90 s thing:)

  12. go for MBLAQ!

    i wanna make a suggestion for the next kpop music mondays, TVXQ’s Superstar! well, it’s japanese, but hey, changmin n yunho are kpop artists ^^

  13. WOW Facial Dance HAHAHA Double Facial Dance! O que é aquela Saia? 

  14. Oh yeah Simon, I’d totally want a Spudgy too D: !
    SO ADORABLE *__*

  15. Oh and I agree with the style being a little weird… (WHY IS HE WEARING A SKIRT!?) but I would be like Martina and listening to the song 24/7

  16. OMiG! You’re (Simon and jasminoraa) birthday’s are Jan 20th?!?!?! !! That’s my birthday too!! <3 Best day of the year in my belief ^^. But I was born 11 years after you guys… '94…..

  17. Wow Simon, your birthday is Jan 20, 1983! >.< cant believe it, we both got the same bday – month day and year.

  18. I like both artistes, but song wise, I’ll go for Ga In’s Irreversible :)

  19. haha oh holy crap, I am in love with this song. Apparently, I’m a sucker for accordions and spanish guitars, too =x

  20. was reading one of Block B’s lyrics and found that they use “leggo” too so I found in Urban Dictionary that: “Leggo – A shorter version of “Let’s Go!” Made internationally known by Chris Brown’s 2011 smash hit ‘Look at me now’ featuring Busta Rhymes & Lil’ Wayne”

  21. but its not a man skirt.. its like a short with.. a skirt.. lol!.. anyways i loved the rubbing-lips dance.. and the song and the accordion.. but i must admit.. the flying squirrel outfit was just wrong!.. and Mir even uses it on their live performances lol… and i loved it “did she killed a puppy before the video?” <3 simon and martina Fighting!!

  22. i couldn’t watch anything except for martina pink hair lol

    i vote for guy in reversible hope this is right haha -.-’ go GUY!

  23. also, speaking of accordion songs, Sunny Hill’s Midnight Circus is a fun one. xD

  24. To be fair, Simon, G Dragon started the man-skirt thing by putting himself and TOP in them.  not one of GD’s finer moments, but it’s not terrible, i suppose.

  25. I actually did not become a fan of them until seeing their variety shows. They are so funny and I think they would be greatly amused by this. I definitely love their music now.

  26. whatever he’s wearing, Thunder is so damn hot in this comeback! wear wateva weirdo stuff u wanna wear Thunder, u will still n always look hot! (as evidence by this mv) hehe. voting for MBLAQ here XD

  27. Oh, really? LOL I love the clothes of Thunder, I think that a man’s skirt it’s too sexy. When I see Thunder with skirt my panties fall down! LOL

  28. bahahahah you guys are hilarious! simon is ten years older keke Dude Lego my Ego, EVERYONE KNOWS THAT! ..or maybe just americans… But I am not catching the lego part…

  29. Forget face arousal, Manly-crotch grab takes the win here!!! I don’t even need a reason for why they are grabbing their crothes it looks SOOO HOT!! (cheoundung was probably grabbing his croth to make sure he stilll had a pair after wearing that skirt lol)

  30. can you review a song by Block B? Their english is pretty good and the songs are catchy :D “Tell Them” and “Freeze” are pretty awesome songs,ukno :DD

  31. I thought that the dude in the booth was G.O.!

  32. my korean roommate told me that the whole finger-sniffing-face-arousal mood is supposed to symbolize wiping the blood from your nose after a fight, because koreans are starting to get into the whole “tough guy” thing. i informed her that in america we use the back of our thumb or the side of our hand so we can keep our hands in a fist. this leads me to believe that a fight involving bleeding between a ba weiguken and a kpop artist would not end well for the kpopper.   

  33. Martina’s pink hair reminds me of Jia’s during Bad girl good girl!

    This was also one of the funniest Music Mondays ever! I couldn’t control my laughter!

  34. MBLAQ needs to get new stylists ASAP.  That outfit Thunder was wearing offended me greatly.

  35. It has to be Ga In’s Irreversible!!!! i think the plot is pretty obvious and clear.. so i’ll vote for Ga In!! Ga In FTW!! 

    and can i request Miss A’s Goodbye Baby next week? thanks. :D you guys are awesome. 

  36. i’d go for MBLAQ!
    gd and top did wear skirt in their comeback last time .. i remembered jia’s pink hair on BGGG MV…it is best suited if next week’s preview would be MISS A’s goodbye baby!!

  37. Has to be MBLAQ. ^^ Martina, I love that pink!

  38. The real winner in a battle of the accordions is clearly One More Time! :P

  39. lol. OHMYGOD. what is this the movie “The Orphan”???? XDDD

  40. wow martina going for the Jia look? haha it looks cool though I could never pull it off. Is it semi-permanent or does it just wash out in a couple days? :)

  41. LEGO is (are) one of the most epic toys ever, how can you not remember? The guys in MBLAQ obviously do, and they must miss their childhood days when the only gas station they had to do with was colourful, smelled of plastic if anything at all, and wasn’t called Mona Lisa…

  42. I love Martina’s hair!!!

  43. The begginig looks like stand up/haru haru BB’s style. I think that some spaghettis or a bull somewhere could have given a little meaning to the video jajaajajaj

  44. i want to hug SPUDGY too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Two GD things I saw in MBLAQ’S Mona Lisa when the guy was wearing the skirt that was one GD thing then the foot tapping dance like in the GD Breathe mv

  46. first G-Dragon in a skirt and now MBLAQ……hmmmm, i’m kinda hoping this trend doesn’t catch on…..

  47. MBLAQ. Almost dropped when you first picked red sneakers to talk about out of that whole outfit. But then you went on. Love the pink hair!

  48. You’re very funny! I love the accordions too, I don’t think that’s for old people :P not only grandmas and grandpas listen or dance to tango, keep up the good work ;)

  49. Haha Do you think you will start seeing guys wandering around in skirts in Korea now?

  50. i wonder what’s up with the Park siblings ( Dara and Thunder)~~

    Dara gets the ridiculous Vegeta hairstyle and Thunder gets the Man-skirt and  fishnet!!!

    but they pull it off quite well!!!^^

    hhmmmm… might be the genes ey??…

  51. The captions you put on your video clips are amazing. Hehe def. thought it was a dress, not a skirt when I first saw it haha.

  52. I like oh yeah! and this song too! hahaha club 1930′s! But owwww.. I love Ga in’s though, that song is epic but underrated! So I vote for Ga in!

    I want to see Don’t Go Home review but it always loses! NO!

  53. when you say “cheesy detective drama” do you mean City Hunter????…

    oh yeah!!! high five for Lee Min HO-TNESssss!!!!!^^

  54. Actually Leggo is correct. Its a popular slang term combining the words “let’s and go”. Its featured a lot in hip hop and r&b songs in USA. Especially in the South. You can hear it in all its glory in the song Look At Me Now by Chris Brown. Its with the first 20 seconds of the song. Therefore they deserve  their full five out of five for this song. Also you have some typos. I don’t know if it will be corrected by the time you see this post or not but I thought I should let you know. Its in this block of text from the fourth paragraph. 
                                                typo                     typo           
    Considering the amazing “performaces” “down by” MBLAQ in “Cry” and “Y”, we just feel like this video was a let down. They can definitely do better than this mish-mash of a music video. Come on “guise”!

  55. Martina’s hair is ridiculously awesome! A wonderful review once again and I loved you on Star King guise!!

  56. MBLAQ!!!
    most kpop MVs don’t have a plot that makes sense anyway… :P

  57. Typo alert. Two in one sentence. Guise, c’mon.
    ‘Considering the amazing performaces down by MBLAQ in “Cry” and “Y”..’

    • Bah!  We’ve got this auto-correct program installed that’s really pissing us off lately.  It fixes a lot of easy mistakes (like “teh” for “the”) automatically, but sometimes it fixes things without asking us (like “smexy” for “smelly”)


  58. great video i love martina`s pink hair !!!…..
    i have a question what is most scaring thing in sur korea…?

  59. Oh and btw.. my stepfather plays accordion. As a profession. So when I lived in the same house as him; my house was full of accordionmusic. So now I sort of have developed a grudge for accordionmusic. . ___. 

  60. This is so offtopic, but the lipcolor on martina matched her haircolor~~ You fashionista granny, Martina <3

  61. I personally adore the video! The song’s about how they can’t get the girl to say yes to them, and she just shows them an indecipherable face, like the Mona Lisa.  So they’re losing their sanity trying to get her to be with them and are becoming frustrated~ Since this song has a Spanish/European feel to it, the background is like a scene you would find in Spain, and even the clothes have the Spanish toreador feel to them, with the leotards, strange kilt things, and the vest. Take for example G.O’s outfit, which has a downright Spanish toreador red vest~ By ze way, Martina, I love your hair! It’s so awesome! Also, HOLY CRAP, YOU WERE READING WATCHMEN!!!!! I rove that book~ 

  62. i choose ga in’s irreversible!! :D 

  63. That flying squirrel outfit was the best. And Man-skirts will be the new fashion trend, just watch.

  64. WOW, you guys look great for 91 & 81!! ^^
    Laughed a lot today, thanks guys!

  65. Gain – Irreversible (Dance Version)!!! XD So cool!

  66. LEGO :)
    Actually I guess he wanted to say “Let´s go”, but
    it didn´t work out.
    Maybe he was making a PR for LEGO company :)

  67. Martina, love your hair!!

    I laugh so much with you guys, as always.

    Also, Spudgy, you’re so hot with the double face smexy move!! LOL

  68.  I choose MBLAQ’s Mona Lisa. Videos were quite interesting to say the least. Thanks for sharing again!

  69. lol….i like simons spoon microphone…haha

  70. Bahaha I love the ‘Joon = G.O” xD
    ….and Thunder’s skirt just baffles me :’)I love the whole sound of this song, so I’m voting for MBLAQ :)

  71. mblaq and love the hair Martina. wondering who your hair stylist is for when i move over to South Korea

  72. So, i’m guessing Simon doesn’t like Midnight Circus, since that song had accordion? 

  73. I vote for MBLAQ!!! A+!!

  74. Martina’s hair is so amazing! <3 I love it.

  75. hahahaaa i loved this video. i agree with thunder’s outfit..it was odd. XD I VOTE MBLAQ

  76. ahh you guys are the grandest.
    (i was going to put ‘greatest’ but i figured taking your birth years into account…)

    these keep getting better and better!  i got my sister the spudgy shirt and she wears it proudly!
    keep up the good work!

  77. I thought the accordions worked well….its different! I am not sure about the crotch grab tho!

  78. I so love MBLAQ and today is my bday so I loved that this song was on Kpop Monday! Hurray! :-p I lol at not knowing the plot. I don’t know either and in fact I don’t think there is one lol. “That guy” is Thunder or Doongie (Dara of 2ne1′s younger brother).  SIMON!! You’re still getting SS501′s name wrong boy! You pronounce their name as Double S 501. How can you not know SS501? At least Martina knows it. :-p The vampire! :-p Lol Simon was busted haha. Oh and Martina your hair is so super cute. 

  79.  I love your Music Mondays ^^ You’re totally right about Thunder. I can not understand why they made him wear this kind of clothes? O.o

    I vote for Ga In ^^ I’m addicted to her song =D

  80. Martina’s hair is so awesome! She pulls it off well!

  81. How about I tell you I haven’t noticed a bunch of the things you guys mentioned and I watched the video twice. DX

    The skirt..leather gloves and the candles only thing.

  82. lol
    mir=flying squirrel guy!!!!

  83. Is Lego’s moustache made of bacon???

    And I vote for Ga In! <3 The performance version!

  84. I vote for MBLAQ!!! =D

  85. I choose MBLAQ’s Mona Lisa :D 

  86. I want to hug a Spudgy!

  87. LMAO FLYING SQUIRREL!!! XD i totally laughed at that soooooo badly!! ><
    .hahahahaahahahaaaaaa *cough *cough hahahahaahhahahahahaaaaaa!!!

  88. Sascha Wong

    MBLAQ’s accordion and epic face arousal gets my vote!

  89. ManSkirt! Like a Man xD

    I have a question.. which song did you put when Mordney.. I mean Lego Present is on? It sounds so familiar, but I couldn’t get it.
    And now I’m thinking which song it can be all the time @.@ 

  90. Did you guys notice that there were many similarities in their dance to other groups? I noticed some Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, and Soom.

  91. Martina! Your hair is AH-MAY-ZING.

  92. I vote for MBLAQ!!!!!!!! <3
    And I'm so glad someone else noticed that Mir looks like a squierrel (I cant spell :P) because its epic!!!
    Sadly, Thunder brought the man skirt apon himself by choosing to style himself after Boy George… karma karma karma ca-whatever…
    All the other members chose equally weird (Joon chose Zoro XDDD) people but Thunder chose the worst

  93. Even though the video is awkward I like it because of their powerful performance and sexy moves hehehe.
    Thanks for reviewing it! and I’m voting for MBLAQ =)

  94. i have to agree that the setting is a little mismatching to the lyrics of the song, but i guess theyre focusing more on the lyrics, the dance and the members interaction with the female.. (being very little, and very cold… which is what the songs about i guess).. Theyre talking about a girl that they love whom gives them the hot&cold treatment..( her blank expression like Mona Lisa), and frustrated at not knowing her true intentions, only being able to understand what they see… which is very little cos of her expression…  kinda confusing but i love it all the same!!
    You’s are hella funny! Simon and Martina Hwaiting!!! ^_^

  95. I’m gonna be repetitive and and say that I think every time you say Joon, you mean to say G.O….

    But anyway, good review. I’m an A+ but I get what you guys are saying. Also, I agree with the whole comment on Thunder’s outfit, although if you look at his outfits in every single promotion cycles, it feels like they always give him the weirdest ones. Apparently, though, he said that he’s got a shocking personality/style like his sister (that’s not the exact quote, I think), so he doesn’t mind. Good for him then.

    Oh, and also, the man skirt thing was done by GD earlier this year. Just look at some videos and you’ll see. I think one or two of the other members of BB even wore man-skirts.

  96. I loved the video, and Martina your hair rocks, cotton candy pink looks so good on you.

    Just wanted to let you know my students in the states started saying LEGO at the end of the school year.  LEGO = Let’s go.  It guess let’s go is just to long and hard to say so they just had to find a shorter way of saying in ;)

  97. Aha MBLAQ!!!!! ><
    PS: Today I was watching Baek Ji Young and TaecYeon's MV My Ear's Candy and I have a wish: maybe you can make Music Monday Special! Take about 10 unique MV that you don't maked(like My Ear's Candy or Itaewon Freedom ^^) and make a short review for each song! ^^

  98. haha you guys, it’s G.O in the coffee shop, not Joon 
    but i was really anticipating this MV and i was kinda disappointed too.
    i love the choreo! the gas station setting was kinda.. random.
    COORDI NOONAS Why are you doing this to Thunder?

    oh and i’ll vote for MBLAQ coz Ga In’s irreversible did make me feel depressed.

  99. i love it cause it gives me that spanish tango feel… and i grew up with lots of tango music~ and i think the accordion is one awesome instrument.

  100. Maybe that girl is also an imaginary girlfriend?^^

    I vote for stop touching your faces!

  101. I vote for Ga-in’s Irreversible!

    MBLAQ disappointed me with this MV this time, I expected more of them because ‘Cry’ was amazing. :(

  102. ChocoCookie ♥o♥

    haha I loved this video a lot keke ~ you guys were as awesome as ever ^^

    PS: Martina your hair looks really pretty, at first I thought it’s a similiar cut to my current hair style but I’m not to sure of it ^^ anyway I love the color ^^

  103. MBLAQ! but then I find Ga’in’s song so depressing I couldn’t re-watch the whole video. 

    Anyone else notice the upper blocks in between the double face arousal? Taekwondo: self defense and sexy dance moves :)

  104. Omg you got everything spot-on about Thunder’s outfit, urgh! ;~;
    Even though he’s my bias but what is that outfit seriously. T.T
    & I actually like the accordion sounds in the song too. xD

  105. yay Mordney!!! 
    Martina you’re hair looks pretty awesome.. it looks like cotton candy

  106. I agree the video was a little bit odd.  However, I think that for most A+ we were so happy to see our boys back, and Mir being back after not being able to promote for a while.  So in all honesty I don’t think half of us even noticed there was a girl in the video.  Mir makes one hell of a smexie flying squirrel!!! The song is wonderful and I love my guys!

    Martina!  You hair = WIN!!!!!!!!!  (I’m pretty sure you called G.O (the one in the coffee shop) Joon :P  No worries)

    Woot MBLAQ!!

  107. martinaaa, your hair is so cuuute ♥

  108. flying sqirrel = mir
    and the on reading minds is G.O. 

  109. 1st !!! wow !!! Martina’s hair … AWESOME !!!!!!

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