MBLAQ, you make us wanna cry *CRRRRRY* because we were put into serious battle over this song and video. After MBLAQ’s “CRY” came out, Martina played it non-stop in the house, periodically falling to the floor to imitate their mournful dance, and rolling around on the floor as if – somehow – underwater. Needless to say, Simon was prettty sick of it. “Mona Lisa” is quickly becoming one of those songs…again. Martina totally digs the accordions and spanish sounding guitars, and she flutters about the house playing her air guitar and air accordion (which should be added, is not very sexy) and screaming out “SARRRANGHAAAEEEE” with Joon. Simon, however, remains unimpressed and unaffected. The only thing we both agree upon is that the video is…odd.

We thought that MBLAQ’s concept art for their CD was looking pretty unique. It has all the members dress up like iconic characters, specifically James Dean, Zorro, Boy George, Papillon, and The Beatles, so we thought it would tie into their first single “Mona Lisa”, which is named after an equally iconic person. But NO! There is no vintage feel, no artsy feel, certainty nothing relating to Mona Lisa; a woman with a mysterious smile. We barely see the girl’s face at all, and when we see it at the coffee shop she just looks pissed off and annoyed by the dude singing in front of her.

Instead we have scowling MBLAQ members looking emotionally charged for some reason that remains unknown, and and equally scowling leading lady who literally does nothing. Did she kill somebody’s puppy before the video starts? Everyone looks like they hate her guts. The set looked grungy and dusty; it reminded us of a small town gas station in the middle of the USA and we were seriously waiting for a cowboy or gun or dustball to make an appearance.

MBLAQ Mona Lisa Wardrobe

MBLAQs outfits...are Wonderful Treasure Finds

Now the lyrics of the song do relate to Mona Lisa, but we feel like the video just doesn’t do the lyrics justice. After considering the amazing performances done by MBLAQ in “Cry” and “Y”, we just feel like this video was a letdown. They can definitely do better than this mish-mash of a music video. Come on guise! Don’t disagree with this! Cry was awesome! Right? This…this was confusing. And let’s not talk about the wardrobe here. We have enough difficulty explaining to our non-Kpop oriented friends that Kpop idols are not really manly-manly looking, but dressing up that one guy in a fishnet shirt, leotards, and a leather vest…COME ON! You’re making it really difficult for us! And the flying squirrel…is cool, if you’re friends with Bruce Wayne.

Anyhow, Martina’s gonna keep on blaring the song. She’s a closet A+ at heart. If you’re one too, make sure you pick up their new album, which ships internationally. Woot woot!

MBLAQ Mini Album Vol. 3 - Mona Lisa
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