This week we’re talking about MBLAQ’s “Smoky Girl” which we would have talked about last week if Martina didn’t lose her voice. Thankfully (WOOHOO!) it was still in the top three at the end of this week, so now we have the chance to let you know how much we love it. If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out below:


Ok, seriously awesome song. Start to finish, this song wasn’t only consistently not bad (as in, it didn’t have random crappy parts in it, which many songs suffer lately), but it actually had random GREAT parts in it peppered throughout. That whole “WHY I I” right before the chorus is exceptionally catchy. The autotuned singing, followed up right afterwards with the rapping, is actually a great contrast. Even the way the song starts and evolves, from the first dreamy ethereal notes, to how it grows into a bass heavy song, is just awesome. Even the beginning of the song, where they stop singing and just let the beat do its thing while they dance: great! All of it – start to finish, just a really great song, and stands in stark contrast against a most of what Kpop has offered this year.

Also, we’re not trying to say that this song stole anything from Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie,” but it definitely has that same vibe. Mature, confident men singing and doing their thing with class, no? Check it out and see if you can spot the similarities:


Back to Smoky Girl, it’s hard to even think of this as a Kpop song. It doesn’t have that sound to it, for some reason. It doesn’t have the aesthetic. Apart from the recycled Brohoho chess piece and the awkward dancers at the club, the rest of the song and video seem like it’s not trying to be Kpop. Kpop videos often are marketing heavy, you know? It’s hard to come up with a proper phrase for it, but – in a nutshell – a lot of the time Kpop seems like it’s trying to sell you something other than just music. It’s trying to lure you into idol-worshipping (not in the religious kind of way) by focusing more heavily on people’s faces as they seductively play with the camera. Or they product place the hell out of everything. Sometimes it feels like the members in a kpop band are wearing so many random name brand items they look like a katamari ball rolled through a high end department store. This music video didn’t try to aggressively sell MBLAQ; it just highlighted the song and the dance.

On that note, if you like this song, you might be interested in knowing that Zion T, who Martina has recently become obsessed with, had a hand in producing the song. Which could be a reason why we like it so much, because we’re big fans of Zion T’s music. We’ve talked about one of his tracks before for our Korean Indie Playlist, but his latest album Red Light is altogether really cool. Check some of those tracks out if you haven’t listened to him yet yet.

As for the name of the song itself, we’re not really sure what Smoky Girl is supposed to mean. We’re interpreting it as meaning that the girl is difficult to fully get a hold of, she’s mysterious. She’s beyond comprehension, beyond attainment. You can see her there, but she’s out of your league, in a way. But it could also mean she’s a disgusting chain smoker who needs to wash her clothing. Not sure why she drinks lemon juice, though. That’s awfully disgusting. I kinda wanted to bring it back to Infinite’s “WE GOT THE ORANGE JUIIIIICE YEAHHHH” but we didn’t have time to do so…

Anyhow, if you like it as much as we do, make sure you pick it up via YesAsia or iTunes. It’s worth it. It’s awesome. Otherwise, if you’re looking for more lols, you can see how we resolve our disagreements after the 30 second showdown is done, as well as checking out to see if you won the EXO CD from our last Kpop Music Monday, in the bloopers below!


  1. Both Timberlake and MBLAQ are channeling Sinatra-era class in the above videos.
    ‘Nuff said.

  2. no love mv’

  3. review their new song next!!!

  4. im so happy you guys reviewed this

  5. loooooll i wish this was longer

  6. I LOVE LEMON JUICE!!!!!!!!!!

    I actually steal lemons from bars so I can suck on them all night. That’s all I got to say.

  7. Why didn’t you give credit to cute, adorable and sexy world-wide idol Rain? He is their daddy and founder! I am really disappointed in you elders, Eat Your Kimchi. My Oppa is so talented that Smoky Girl would not exist without him and without the way he rubs his sexy muscles. Have you even seen ‘Love Song?’. That, my friends, is the best KPOP song of eternity. Don’t even get me started with Rainism. He’s gonna be a bad boy.. and guess what? He’s back from the army because all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy. ^^ And we know Rain is never a dull boy. ;)

  8. HI! I’m just confused on why you guys didn’t do this last kpop music monday? and why is Henry’s Trap no longer on your kpop chart??


  9. love love love u-kiss and I think they really do their best and always push themselves to do as manyy events and videos as they can. U-kiss fighting~ :)

  10. It’s a great song and the mini album is really solid ! they really stand out from all the eurovision songs in Kpop or the samples of music mashed together…

  11. Thanks a lot for doing a review guys, I love you so much!!!! >.<!!

  12. I must say, I love the dance break in the beginning. A lot. My siblings have come to hate this song, however, because it is quite easy to mindlessly repeat the chorus forever (which I find myself doing quite often… completely inadvertently). Very happy with MBLAQ’s new song- their best song to date.

  13. kpopfan123

    I didn’t know Martina had voice problems :(…. take care of yourselves guise!!

    “As for the name of the song itself, we’re not really sure what Smoky Girl is supposed to mean.” I think they got it from Jim Carey in “The Mask” when he says “smoooo….key” while wearing that green mask on. No?

    Thank you for the review!!


  14. Gemma Deacon

    I think Spudgy’s version of the song should be “fluffy Spudge, fluffy Spudge, fluffy Spudge…” :3

  15. All in all, I like the song, and agreed with the review, except in two key parts.

    1) I don’t agree that it’s the best Kpop song of the year. I think both Psy’s “Gentleman” and EXO-K’s “Baby Don’t Cry” (which hasn’t yet been released as a single, I realize) both beat it out. While it feels mature, sexy, and was a great listen, I found the repetitive chorus grating and the kind of “catchy” that is annoying (compare with “rippado flippado supa-slow motion”, which is repetitive but you come to love in your own special way).

    SITE NOTE: Anyone saying that I’m obviously an EXO fanboy and am tearing MBLAQ down so I can praise EXO, I liked this song more than “Wolf,” as much as I love “Wolf.” (For whatever reason, the discordant beats/rhythms/harmonies/etc. really work for me. Not sure why).

    2) I don’t agree with Simon’s praise of their use of English in the song. Yes, the English they use is clear and correct, even if the way one sentence is structured is a bit ambiguous. But praising them for an entirely English chorus is going quite a bit too far considering the entire chorus is two English words repeated over and over again ad nauseum.

    Again, I liked the song, and it’s making me want to check out more MBLAQ, but I think it’s getting a bit more praise than it deserves.

  16. Love it.

    Some side info: I apologize if this was already brought up, but since I didn’t see anything in the first fifty comments I figured I’ll take a risk – regarding the dance move Martina found disturbing and “random”, it is actually a legit dance move (a variation of a shoulder roll) and is very popular for team dances as it looks impressive if everyone does it on the same beat and keeps their legs fully extended (as *cough* not to be rude, but Martina did not do). From elementary school to now (college grad) this is one of my absolute favorite moves, and I still love doing it randomly if I have to move across a room but don’t want to stand up… Anyways I will defend this move until I die. I could go on, but will restrain myself til someone actually replies/requests more info. ;)

  17. Hahaha :D
    Thank you guise for making this KMM ^-^
    Not only the song was the best but the whole Viedo made me laugh so hard and it made my day C:
    Thanks ^-^
    PS I started holidays today! YAY! :D

  18. Hahahaha! That text from “Taken” was AWESOMEEE!
    *High five* for those who think this film is the best :>

  19. Wait a second!
    Does Martina have lenses?

    • That’s what I was wondering too! Hahaha Glad to know I’m not the only one :P

      • Haha c: I was wondering about it during the whole video :)


        HEY MARTINA! cool lenses ^-^

        I had some as well but they lost their expiration date… or whatever it’s called in english :>

        • Isabel Hernandez

          I would just say “My contact lenses have expired.” or “My lenses are past their expiration date.”

  20. I was really glad to hear a good chunk of solid opinion from Simon this week. I like the skits you guys do when they’re reinforcing the points you make as reviewers however, it kind of feels like they’ve taken over lately – like you feel you have to do certain characters or get a certain number in. I love your videos because you give really great, insightful reviews which you then back up with humour, and it feels like that content has been taking a back seat. The thing that made me laugh the most in this was Martina’s lemon juice face – even though Simon had made the point already it was a far funnier way of showing it – kind of the moving image equivalent of a picture being worth a thousand words, which is how all of your skits used to be.

    There is also something I feel I’m not getting. I think ‘Fan Guerilla’ is a great pun and I understand the motive behind satirising that kind of fan (though really… every week?) but I don’t get what the joke in the tagline“I’m not ugly, I’m exotic” is. It just seems to be a really cheap shot. I don’t comment much but I watch a lot and I’m pretty up on my in jokes, so if there’s one in this, I’ve missed it. If there’s another level to it, I don’t see it. If it’s neither of those things and it is just a face-value joke of ‘and haha, they’re probably ugly too’ then I’m disappointed – you guys are clever, and are really good satirists. You are way better than a joke like that.

    I really love your reviews – please make sure you keep them as that, and don’t let it turn into a sketch show.

  21. I still believe that the smoky girl chorus is signed by Zion T…unless Thunder has the same voice with Zion T…but then again I might be wrong.

  22. Raine

    I seriously think this song is annoying! It’s so repetitive that it makes me twitch. I wish you had talked more about why you liked the song because I don’t get it! The feel of the video is cool, but it still wasn’t impressive. I’m still voting for Vixx even though they’re totally off the charts :’( The kmm was AWESOME tho. Fangurilla makes my day brighter.

  23. The name of the song “smoky girl”, it supposed to be because of the girl eye make up, “smoky eyes” with sad eyes too. G.O talked about it when they appeared on Show Champion.


  24. This was a great review! As an A+ I am very pleased, and it was super funny. Oh yes, I LOL’d

  25. Hmmm, yeah this song is nice. I can agree with that.

    What troubles me more though is that this kpop music Monday, just like the last several, didn’t make me laugh. Not to say that Simon and Martina are here for my selfish amusement (clearly they are not, I mean, who the eff am I, right??). But I was talking to two other friends of mine who have been watching these videos since the very first How to Dance Kpop. We all agreed that… something is definitely off now. I can’t remember the last time I laughed at any of these videos. In comparison, there was a time when I looked forward to these posts because I just KNEW the likelihood of my laughing until I cried was suuuuuper high. Even the bloopers used to KILL me….. But now, every post is like… Meh. And hey, maybe it’s just me and my friends! I know there are legions of teen-something fans out there who would hunt me down and slaughter me mercilessly for even THINKING this way.

    My friends and I are all about the same age as Simon and Martina, so perhaps it’s that we’ve outgrown this. I don’t know. Somewhere along the way of EYK going from a fun, carefree and creative hobby for an endearing couple, and turning into an actual business for profit…. something’s missing now. :-( I hope it comes back… I should be more productive in my criticism and actually attempt to make a suggestion, but I can’t put my finger on it!

    ….Yours truly, Debbie Downer. Yeah I didn’t mean to trump in here and be a wet blanket, but I just wanted to share my opinion. But as always, I hope you guys prosper and EYK continues to be a HUGE success. Just don’t lose that carefree, jovial charm. Maybe that’s my point… I guess. :-)

  26. Have you noticed the pattern of songs coming out of Loen Entertainment in the past few days? Sunny Hill can’t get a date, Dal Shabet wants their guys to get more ambitious (“let’s get physical, physical”), and Girl’s Day wants girls to do the same. I gotta think there’s at least one songwriter over at Loen who is either in a deep dry spell or wants to get a baby boom going. Hopefully what happens at Loen stays at Loen.

  27. Hmm, I’ve never managed to listen to this song. I always get distracted and turn it off without thinking. This does not happen with Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie,” So, I guess this one just isn’t my taste. (I don’t know any other MBLAQ songs: i notice them on variety shows, but I’ve no idea if I’ve heard their music in any playlist.)

  28. Simon, I love your hat! It made me think of the one Infinite’s Hoya wore in that photo shoot last month :)

  29. From 00:40 is “worse monkey girl” not “was smoky girl”

  30. Great video! :D
    I agree with the “selling” part of Kpop video’s!

  31. I totally agree with this review is awesome!
    MBLAQ are smoky awesome!!

  32. Zion.T worked on this song? Sweet!! I love his Red Light album. <3

    Everyone's gotta watch out for VV:D, man. It's a small label, but it has a quality crew.

  33. Great video! :]
    I love the song and video but I don’t think it’s the best all year ^^” I’ve found some that I like more :]

    Btw, laughed my ass off when Batoost was brought up cause BTS sounds like that when you pronounce it xD lol!

  34. so I guess JYJ’s pick up line is not gonna work on Smoky Girl. Probably because bars don’t serve lemon juice on its own.

  35. i think “smoky” refers to the look – i.e. the feel, the make up, the attitude etc. of the girl. ‘coz they’re singing to this girl in a club who looks kind of sad and broken (think blair waldorf after a fight in a club – pretty but kind of pitiful too) – so they’re talking about a girl who has a melancholic, edgy or angsty kind of look

    the reason why i think this, is because taeyeon, of snsd, said in an interview that their makeup for run devil run was “smoky” – or it had a “smoky” bad ass look – dark eyeshadow, heavy mascara etc.

    plus, i find that specific english words get used in the colloquial to mean something specific within that culture – but might leave a native English speaker lost, ex.

    in Japanese shows i’ve often heard “dynamite” being used randomly – to mean that an idea is brilliant or just to punctuate something

    or in some circles in Manila, we say “toxic” to say that something is a great hassle and causes a lot of stress

  36. In India, or at least in my house we often call lemonade “lemon juice”. By lemon juice we don’t actually mean juice of lemon. I don’t know why, though. Maybe it’s the same with Korea. Anyway loved the review!! :D

  37. Funnily enough, B2ST do actually have a new (prequel) song out, but it sucks. BTS are awesome though. Go Seungrina for mentioning it (I voted). Speaking of votes, 2PM. Their dancers were ridic.

    As always, loooooooove Seungrina. <3 also love the Taken quote. ;)

    I……..don't care for the song. The verses are kind of okay, but the chorus is monotonous. Best bit is Mir('s rap), and I'm okay with Seungho's bit after. I'm sure it'll grow on me because I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaated the song first time I heard it, and now I merely dislike it/am ambivalent to it. It'll probably grow better.

  38. Í love this song! I always imagine that I’m that smokey girl they’re talking about :D It totally is my soundtrack when I’m walking down the street :D

  39. wait…, why would Psy not be ‘really’ kpop?

  40. madisch

    For me, I think Mir’s rap fit this song way better then Jay-Z’s lazy rap fit Suit n Tie!! Sometimes the raps in kpop seems like they were snuck in at the last minute but this was perfect and so smooth sounding which fit this way smooth song! Mblaq’s dancing was really showcased here as well!! Who needs all the flashey videos and long stares when you have a wonderfully written song sung by people with talent and whose dance skills are solid enough to be all the focus you need in a video?!?!

    I hate when people discredit kpop artists for not writing their own songs! They still sing, and dance and bust their butts to perfect these songs to make them their own! And what about guys like Seung Ho who can truly sing, dance, and he plays the piano beautifully? Lee Joon dances ballet for crying out loud! They are super talented! Justin Timberlake got his start in a group that was put together by a company and other people wrote their songs…does that make J.T. less talented?! Im off the soapbox now, sorry!

  41. Honestly, the song is amazing EXCEPT the Smoky Girl part lol… it’s too repetitive, but still great song overall.

  42. finally! a review on smoky girl! i was a bit sad that it might not get reviewed again this week since henry’s trap caught up on the first place in the last minute~ anyway, i ammmm really delighted that Simon and Martina enjoyed this song. I am an A+ and when i first watched this MV, my feels just exploded all over the place. i agree that this is not the MV where a lot of close ups and greasy gestures are found but i couldn’t love it much more, since they still exposed their hotness and charisma without the unnecessary close ups~

    music wise, it is really upbeat, i’d love to hear this in the disco. and i agree it’s not kpop-ish. more like if the lyrics wasn’t korean, anyone would think this is a western music. i think the combination of primary, zion t and the other producers who helped with this song, and of course MBLAQ, is a great teamup~ they produce great music. the album songs were not extraordinary but it is very catchy and good to listen to~ it’s just too ballad-y~ well i think that’s where MBLAQ goes great at~

    anyway, thanks a lot for appreciating MBLAQ’s song, Simon and Martina. and i hope MBLAQ gets all credited with their hardwork. indeed this is one great song and i hope it gets the credit it should deserve~



  45. woohh!! I’m happy that simon and martina liked it! XD

  46. haruchi

    Guys you should totally tweet this review to G.O. He said that it’s MBLAQ’s fault (not fans fault) that they haven’t won any awards. Firstly winning an award isn’t everything, secondly it’s not MBLAQ’s fault, not the fans fault and definitely not this songs fault. I think MBLAQ should know how much you praise this song! :D And aren’t you like best buddies already (since G.O has watched your videos)… haha
    Anyway great review, I really like the fact that MBLAQ was MBLAQ and didn’t try to do a mishmash song like so many k-pop artists do nowadays… I also didn’t really thought of that it’s not a typical k-pop music video with the close ups but now that I think about it, that was the reason why it was so hard to gif a dp for myself. XD But it didn’t bother me, I didn’t need any face rubbing close ups anyway.

  47. When are you announcing the batoost winner?

  48. i know you guys probably don’t have the time or interest to look into a group’s album but honestly look into their album. it is a complication of amazing songs that give off various vibes and really show a different yet familiar side to MBLAQ, Mir, G.O and Cheondung were the main composers and writers of the all album tracks (not including the title) and it really shows how much they have moved from being just kpop idols controlled by the company to actual artists who write their own music. It isn’t extremely rare, but it also isn’t common that an idol group is allowed THAT much say in the songs on their own album so if you have the time, please check it out. I’m very proud of the boys for what they’ve done and hope more people can hear their work

  49. and their intro song SEXY BEAT
    AWESOME!! it was a perfect tune and i loved seeing them perform it before they went onto Sexy Beat

  50. thank u so much for doing MBLAQ smoky girl on kpop music mondays… this song is the best song of 2013 till now atleast for me.. the beat, the choreo, the lyrics, the outfits, the MV, everything was just PERFECT… i can listen to this song all the time & the chorus is addictive.. i feel sorry for those who didn’t like it, ofcourse it’s your opinion but you are missing on some good music .. just saying

  51. I’ve been watching you guys forEVER and lately since I’ve been making plans to study in South Korea, I’ve been rewatching some of your older TL;DRs. My mom (who often hates everything I love, lolz) saw a couple that I was watching and actually asked me to play this week’s Kpop Music Monday for her so we could watch it together. So ACTUALLY on top of this being a fantastic video about one of my favorite groups, you guys are actually starting to resolve some of the tension between my mom and I, so thank you very very much <3


  53. Me and Simon are on the same page!
    I also got that Justin Timberlake feel from this!
    As well as the RandB feel!
    They did a really great job with this song!
    And if you think dancing in kpop videos are awkward, you should see them in dramas, Oh my god, it’s embarrassing
    But I think that the extras aren’t actually dancing to any music. I saw it when I was watching the Drama Thorn Birds, and the lady was playing the character of an extra in the club, and the director told them to dance, but no music was playing….so I’m just making that assumption because it’s the only way not to feel embarrassed about them dancing so bad.

  54. First: Love your kpop music monday today. I don’t like Smoky girl as much as you both do, however I loved the segment.
    Second: The butt-hurt people below in the comments need to get over it. There’s a lot of videos I wish I could have been reviewed for KMM (Like that one Sunny Hill & Daybreak song “Love Actually” It was skit gold!!) Anyhoo they just need to get over it, it’s all your twos choices on this.
    Third: You really should make a fangurilla shirt. I’d buy it. In a hearttt beattt.

  55. I liked the song but I preferred It’s War more. The song didn’t stand out to me like some other songs this yr. I preferred One Shot, Miss Right, and VIXX’s On and On & Hyde more. Though I did really like the choreography for this song.

  56. Love this song and love this review. The only things I don’t really like about Smoky Girl is the overly repetitive chorus and the fact that “I can’t see my oppars faces” like Fangurilla was saying lol. However the awesome beat and the mature feel to the song really makes up for it, along with that sexy choreography. ;D

  57. Mr. Brohoho Xd….am I the only one who paused the vid to see what Fangurilla’s (did I spell it right?) secret message was? And te EYK news report was priceless as always…Martina’s awesome dancing is awesome…and of course, Balloons will NEVER lose…probably XD

  58. Omagerrrd!! Soooooo happy that Smoky Girl got your review! Agree this is THE best song this year. Perhaps I, being Western, like that it is classy. Not sure if it will appeal as much to general pop sentiments in Korea, because some may feel it lacks in “over-the-top” sexiness, or provide enough eye-candy (revealed abs, for example). For me, less equals more!

  59. What do you guise think of the rest of the album?

  60. FancyJude

    This song is hella catchy.

    • FancyJude

      Simon, I do see what you mean by the “old school, Hollywood male feel” description, but I don’t think “Smoky Girl” is similar to JT’s song. “Smoky Girl” felt more modern bachelor-like. Think Barney Stinson from HIMYM and all his “SUIT UP!” glory. “Suit and Tie” is really old-fashion classy and sexy.

  61. … i drink straight up lemon juice T^T

  62. I agree with you mostly on everything. The mature look is awesome, the dance is great, the music is great, the song is great.

    BUT, I can’t say that it’s my favorite. At all. It was…nice. I can appreciate the cool elements it has, but I think it’s just not the style i prefer. In fact, it wasn’t even very memorable for me. After the first listen I couldn’t really remember anything about it (besides the fact that they say smoky girl a lot). I prefer my songs to have more impact.

    Of course that’s all a matter of preference.

  63. Cassie

    This song is so catchy! It really is a lot different than most of this year’s K-pop and it’s a really nice contrast.

  64. Akira Miyashi

    maybe it’s because Mr. Brohoho has not appeared for so long, I totally cracked up at his part. XD HAHHAHA. Love this week’s KMM!

  65. I love this song!!! For me it was easy to understand the meaning of “Smoky Girl” because it remind me about a very old Spanish song called “Chica de Humo” that literally means Smoky Girl, and also the chorus repeated a lot “Chica de humo”.
    A smoky girl must be someone you really don’t know too much about her, someone that disappears and it’s difficult to reach, and that’s why men feel attracted to her and want to be with her, she’s everywhere and then she could be gone, like the smoke.

  66. If you guys liked smoky girl, you should check out super junior’s “sorry sorry answer” it’s similar to smoky girl (maybe because its jazz-like)


  67. one of my Favorite MBLAQ’s songs and kpop song ever

  68. I love this song. Every time I listen to it, I feel like I have not heard it in a while even though it has been on repeat for the past 20 minutes. I love the smooth disco mellow beat it has and the foot work done in the video does the beat justice! Besides the song, I keep repeating the videos (live version too) to see the dance moves. I really hope they come out with a practice video or all dance version of the video. I am so happy you guys love the song and reviewed it. Both 2PM and MBLAQ are doing the grown theme and doing it well.

  69. Hated it at first listen and then I watched their live performances on music show and it snapped. I love it now. Easily one of the best songs of 2013.

  70. smoky girl smoky girl girl smoky girl can’t get enough of this song

  71. I am so going to get one!!!! LOL (the huge chess piece!!!)

  72. This now needs to be a shirt, Simon & Martina. Make it happen :D

  73. thisisjustforfunval

    BTW Seungrina I’ve got some facial wax or bleaching cream if you need. Not that your stubble isn’t exotic or anything. I’m just throwing the offer out there in case you were too afraid to ask if any one had some.

  74. I love when you guise like a song and then you lovingly make fun of it.

  75. I really didn’t like this song until I saw your K-pop chart update when you mentioned listening to it without the MV. It didn’t even occur to me to do that. The verdict? This song. Is so. Frickin’. Awesome. The MV really doesn’t do it justice.

  76. The “smoky girl” is the same girl from the Vixx song “On and On” (the blond in the military outfit).

  77. First of all, thank you so much for reviewing Smoky Girl! Honestly I wasn’t expecting you to, so it was a very nice surprise to check the blog and see that you did. ^^ Now I don’t know who to vote for anymore, lol. Afterschool? Henry? BTS?

    I love Smoky Girl and the entire Sexy Beat album. It definitely has a mature sound to it, as opposed to some other kpop songs that merely have a mature concept. MBLAQ really went for a specific sound/feel this time around, so I think people will either love it if they dig that type of sound, or they won’t if that’s not the style of music that appeals to them. To me the whole album is a breath of fresh air in the kpop scene, like Jaejoong’s Mine. I’ve played this song for my non-kpop listening friends, and they all liked it.

    Good call with the awkward background dancers. They’re just bobbing randomly around in the background. XD Personally, I don’t hear “gill” at all, but your bit with the fish cracked me up. Also, that news segment about the toxic neon waste was great. I’ve watched the MV many times, and yet I never thought anything was weird about neon paint coming out of the sprinkler system, haha. I just appreciated the artsiness of it without thinking about it logically. Wait, we probably should avoid thinking about kpop MVs in terms of logic, right? :P But all jokes aside, I love the style of this video. It really is more about the music. This is definitely an MV that serves to enhance the song rather than detract from it. And the dance is just so perfectly suited to the song. I love that classy looking move where they cross their feet and drag their toe with their hands in their pockets.

    One question, though: the spelling of “smoky.” Now, I’m a native speaker of (American) English, and I have always spelled it without the “e” when using it as an adjective (as would be the case with a “smoky girl”). The only time I spell it with an “e” is when I’m referring to a proper noun, like Smokey Bear or Smokey Robinson. I’ve checked all the dictionaries in my house and online, and they all say that “smoky” is the proper spelling for the adjective, so I’m left scratching my head whenever somebody says that it’s missing the “e.” Is this a case of American English vs British English, like “favorite” vs “favourite”? Is there somebody out there from another part of the world that (correctly) spells it with an “e”?

    • I am like you, but i have always spelled it with the ‘E’ so this title has gotten to me a bit. But i think it may just be one of those “favorite” vs “favourite” anyways that is what i have pegged it out as.

      • When I first saw the title, I honestly thought they spelled it wrong, because smoky looked wrong. But now that jas24 mentions it, even smokey looks wrong. You know, when you think you spell a word right, but it doesn’t look like that’s how it spelled.


        • Brittnay Bond

          I don’t know, but i ma with you, this is aggravating me as well.

          but i know exactly what you mean because i thought it was spelled wrong because i have been spelling it with an ‘e’ all of my life.

    • thisisjustforfunval

      You know what I find confusing about the spelling? The fact that on iTunes it is spelt Smokey Girl….

    • I’m British and I’m pretty sure we spell it ‘Smoky’ here so..I dunno?
      It says in the Oxford English Dictionary that it’s sometimes spelt ‘Smokey’ in the U.S though
      (and there’s a red squiggly line underneath it as I’m typing it lol)

      • Someone from across the pond! Thanks for replying. ^_^

        Neither spelling gives me the red squiggly line when I type it, so apparently both spellings are acceptable. But personally I have only seen it spelled with the ‘e’ if someone is talking about Smokey Bear or Smokey Robinson. I’ve always spelled it without the ‘e’ when describing something as “smoky,” and that’s also the way I’ve always seen it written in books. But judging from the other responses, it seems like some other speakers of American English also regularly spell it with the ‘e’.

        So… yeah, I don’t know either. XD Except that “smoky” is not a misspelling, yay!

  78. Agree with the JT comparison! You should listen to the intro track, Sexy Beat and then listen to JT’s Don’t Hold the Wall (Which is a really sexy song, btw).

  79. Mr. Brohoho’s tie looks like the eleventh doctor’s tie from Doctor Who.

  80. Sexy Hayy Comments

  81. There’s a repackaged album coming out soon! More songs! ^ ^ Double Sidekick is working on it!

  82. I knew it was going to be 2PM vs. MBLAQ. I think the backup dancers were equally lame… *shrug* I loved the Smoky Girl review though! It really is one of the best songs to come out this year!

  83. Okay, wow. Your review blew me away!!!!!! Thanks for all the hard work- you guys actually made me burst out laughing two different times. Seriously. Great review. Thanks for spreading some happiness around :)

  84. your music Mondays just get funnier and funnier…i love you guys

  85. this is Definitely!the best song of the year !GO Simon go!!

  86. This song doesn’t make you love it the first time you listen to it but if you listen to it and watch the lives ahhh it’s daebak

  87. Should’ve been “Spudgy Boy Spudgy Boy Spudgy Boy Spudgy Boy”

  88. I love both the song and video. Yea – not completely sure about the meaning of Smoky Girl – kept wanting to correct the spelling. Kind of wished the “Smoky Girl” in the video was more exotic rather than blonde haired girl (the more I watch kpop and kdrama the more the Asian look is much more attractive to me than any blue eyed/blonde guys). Love the beat – anything that makes me want to get up and dance is a hit for me. High 5 for Fangurilla – I WANT that I’m exotic t-shirt.

    • But for Koreans, the blonde haired/blue eyes is exotic.

      • True true – that didn’t occur to me – to me they are the exotic. For me blonde hair/blue eyes is just – well the norm since that’s what I’ve seen the mirror all my life (although I did marry a Hawaiian “Mr. Miyagi” — Ha!).

  89. I like it! My opinion and yes it’s a little repetitive which is something to enjoy sometimes especially when that’s the only part I can sing along to lol. I’m sure I’ve played it over 100 times on my iPod! The video was stunning as well! Love the black and white that makes you pay more attention to the music and the dance than their pretty faces.

  90. YAY! so happy you finally reviewed this. And yay to a fellow newly obsessed Zion T. fan. After Two Melodies i was an instafan. I’m surprised no mention of any of the guys specifically. Thunder and his tush and also his flamboyant pose and shaking it off with his tie whip move in the beginning, Joon and his awesome fedora, G.O’s engrish “shwe shwe was smoky girl”, Mir who should totally keep those “glasses” and Seungho back to looking like a sexy lion with his white hair lol Or even Zion T’s catchy Oh! Oh! Oh! which i repeat constantly.
    But i so agree that this doesn’t sound kpop. which is why i loved it. its weird though how some of their upbeat songs tend to speak of sadness. Oh Yeah was about missing an ex-by saying they’re feeling good o_0 Y was about a girl breaking their heart and them feeling angry-though no one figured out what give it to my Y exactly meant and this song was about meeting a sad depressed girl in the club and they’re trying to comfort her, by telling her to douche? j/k but regardless i love that they always have stories to their lyrics which keeps it interesting way better than bragging about themselves or something

  91. Angelica Marie Casal

    Yay! Daebak, an MBLAQ review!! thank you, you did a VERY good job (as always..) of making it fun and entertaining! and because I love this song so much, I think I need to listen to ZionT more!=P EYK FIGHTING!^.^

  92. The amount of negative comments is ridiculous and honestly makes me sad because I found ‘Smoky Girl’ to be absolutely fantastic. It’s a very smooth, clean song that doesn’t follow the current trend of blasting loud and static beats mixed with cookie cutter dubstep. I just love this song so much. It’s grown-up and just about the music. K-Pop tends to gear towards teenagers and younger folk, which is great. Most of my K-Pop songs follow this, but it’s so freaking refreshing to hear something mature. And actually mature, not just concept mature.

    This year has seen a lot of songs try the ‘take 3 different songs and mash them together’ approach. ‘Smoky Girl’ is in the same line as this, but everything works together. All the different beats match each other and all the transitions work. This is such a wonderful song, with a classy club feel and dreamy synths. And all matched to really awesome choreography. Though I’m a big fan of colors and distracting outfits and sets (ie. f(x)), the cleanness of the MV was perfect. Though the editing towards the second half when the color comes in was edited a bit sloppily.

    Also, I loved that ‘Smoky Girl’ was undeniably sexy, yet I saw not a single ab in sight. :D

    • Yeah, it didn’t feel like 3 cut-and-paste songs, but was actually music that EVOLVED throughout the song. That’s extremely different than everything else that’s been coming out! It’s like they’re actually treating their audience seriously, which sadly doesn’t /always/ feel like something Kpop does.

    • Exactly.a sexy song without throwing the sexy in your face.its all class.they left all the sexy moves to the Sexy Beat intro performance, though no abs just hints of flesh. and it is still mature. very sexy yet mature. its so good to have men in kpop. and Sexy beat is an awesome track.i like how the lyrics are very sensual without being blatantly sexual(of course coz that’d be highly banned).its like its talking about sex but at the same time its about how sexy the song makes you feel and just getting into the song so its like hmm is he just telling the girl to enjoy the song and dance or something or are they making love to an awesome sex song. either way impressed by Thunder.He must’ve been onto something when on SNL he said he was just perverted lol

      • Nahian Anjum Shejuti

        OMG~~~!!! I SOOO ~~~ AGREE WITH YOU about their intro track of this album… They were so maturely, confidently yet non explicitly sexy… I loved this track so much that I actually shed some silent tears as to why it the a full track in itself… The idea of this approach was so unique in kpop that I was mind blown that this was actually possible by kpop idols (it’s not like I underestimate them) but it just came to me as a sweet shock! I was actually glad I was swept off my feet like that!!! XDDD Great review dude/dudess and picture perfect review Simon and Martina!!! XDDD

    • I couldn’t agree more with you and with this review by Simon&Martina!
      You expressed perfectly what is also my thought about “Smoky Girl” and the entire “Sexy Beat” EP!
      I’m so in love with this album~♥ I’m an A+ and I love all the past works by MBLAQ, but I’m not disappointed in this new album, not even a little.
      They are not kids anymore, they are grown men and It’s obvious that this fact is going to be reflected also in their music (MBLAQ members partecipated actively in the realise of this album)!! I mean, music reflects the emotions and personalities of whom compose it.
      In my humble opinion this is not a change, this is definitely MBLAQ style but in evolved way… They are totally on another level now! As you said, KPOP tends to gear towards teenagers, absolutely I can understand that not everyone like this song or new MBLAQ concept, but I think it’s undeniable that this album is full of high quality music!

      I’m 26 right now, so I feel really close with their new concept!

      Also, I have to say that for me, they were really brave to carry forward this new work, because this is not following what is popular in KPOP at the moment.
      As even Simon and Martina said, MBLAQ are not selling you themselves as a band, they concentrated in trying to sell you principally their music.
      I know this can be a bit risky in term of popularity (and I think they knew it while they were preparing for their comeback) and yes, the fact that unfortunately they didn’t win a prize for this album yet is a proof… But I honestly prefer their attitude to not following what is popular, but what they really wanted to do with their abilities!!
      MBLAQ is a band that always stood out respect to every other band in KPOP, they always shined with their own light, I know that this was been counterproductive for them in some cases,
      But, really: they have their own unique style, they are very good dancers, they have good voices, they are also creative and the fact that these guys are classy and so freaking attractive in a mature/manly way, are the reasons why I love them soooo much!

      Yeah I know that maybe everyone right now is thinking that I’m so damn biased! XDDD But I can’t do anything, I’m a fond MBLAQ fan, sorry~! XD

      P.S. Sorry for my really poor English, I hope my comment is simple to understand anyway!! XDDD

    • I totally agree!!
      I was surprised Fangurilla wasn’t speaking about the missing abs, not that I mind, it’s just as well!

      I had more the feeling that through the whole song those different song melted together…

    • I guess we’re more people who liked this song than disliked it!! I agree with all that is said as well! ^_^ This is the first song I’ve heard of MBLAQ, and I loved it the second I heard it!! SMOKY GIRL ♥

  93. Woohoo Simon and Martina did Smoky Girl!! Thank you so much :D

  94. Oh no… That fish cracked me up so bad! Not that I didn’t like it but from now I’ll have that picture in my mind while listening to that smoky girl part. LOL.
    Simon’s hat is pretty cool!
    BUT last week I agreed with Martina most of the time and now when she said that Gentleman was better… I was like “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Oh well, you cannot always agree. I do agree about the dance though!

  95. I LOVE SMOKY GIRL. The entire album is good. I melt whenever they perform Sexy Beat UGH love mblaq. TOTALLY AGREE WITH SIMON

  96. unicornsgalaxy

    I should probably stop letting my overactive imagination get the better of me. I thought that the pic on your laptop was going to be some cool new video that was/is coming out with a Red Riding Hood theme and she’s running in the woods and then all of a sudden Exo leaps out and attacks her….cause you know, they’re wolves…. *runs and hides in a hole cause that was kinda lame* LOL kKbye!

  97. NaterasMaria

    lol, the quote from Taken was perfect. Well played Simon & Martina, well played. c:

  98. Dianelys Cruz Flores

    Love the TAKEN quote been laughing so hard and Simon face was just the cherry on top! Love smoky girl dont really like suit and tie it reminds me to much of let me blow your mind from gwen stephanie but in a male voice (not that i dont like let me blow your mind i love it, and dont ask dont know why it reminds me of that song, it just does). And how the heck did martina did that twirl or however you wanna call it I think I would have broke or pulled something and It would have been really awkward to explain how it happened to my doctor!

  99. OMG Fangurilla is scary!

  100. OMG! Fangurilla is evil!

  101. Many people have different tastes in music. Not many people will appreciate this song. The chorus might be to repetitive. The sound may be too laidback. It could be just a normal song.

    In my opinion, it was a great song. It was something I haven’t heard for quite a time in Kpop. All of the “frustrations” other people have for this song worked out for me. Well, this is just my opinon :)

    Anyway, if you liked this song, better check out their album. It has that Justin Timberlake feel, but it would definitely be on your head for days :D I became an ultimate A+ because of their songs. All of their voices were fantastic ;)

  102. I’m happy you had the chance to review this. Very entertaining and I bust out laughing at several parts! Great job! I seem to think similarly and have the same sense of humor as both of you and loved that you hit on all of the things I wanted to hear. I agree that Smoky Girl is an amazing song. The album is just as amazing. I love the maturity and the willingness to not fit into a mold. They are highly involved in the album, writing lyrics and working with great artist and producers like Zion. T and Simon D and Primary. It really shows that they are working hard. MBLAQ agrees with all of my sensibilities.

  103. I figured smoky girl meant she was smoking hot, maybe lemon juice is a special drink? kinda like lemon drop? I don’t drink so i wouldn’t know…I’m with Simon with this being possibly song of the year, although i did like gentlemen ^_^

  104. Smoky girl = type of girl who wears smoky eye makeup. They explained it in their interview here http://youtu.be/b2wVhC4avYM

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CLARIFYING THIS. Whenever I watched the video i knew there was something about the girl that was making me think “smoky” and seemed to fit the song, but I couldn’t figure out what it was until now.

  105. mmmmm I wanted you to do AS First Love,Henry’s Trap or Sistar :(
    Smokey Girl is a good song but c’mon the video has nothing!!!!

  106. I think they meant “She’s a smokin’ girl”……………………………..>_> lol

  107. This song might be kinda good in comparison to the other songs of this year, yes… but to go so far and say it’s one of the best kpop songs ever… I wouldn’t do that…

  108. Hands up dancers they were hella akward

  109. PunkyPrincess92

    to me this song was just…..okay!
    definitely nowhere near my absolute fave songs of the year!
    i love all MBLAQ songs but Mona Lisa and this one are the ones i like the least!



  111. Yes yes yes .. Thank you omg for reviewing and loving this song !!!!! … I voted everyday .. This just makes me soo ryfyufuyfiygkuucyrytfuyfh

  112. Thank you for the review. =) Primary and Simon D. also contributed to “Smoky Girl”.

  113. Brittainy

    I actually have never understood the craze behind Suit & Tie. I’ve listened to it all the way through a couple times thinking maybe I missed the good part…… but no…. it just does not appeal to me >_< (funny because I usually like that type of music quite a bit).

    I love Mogey Gulls – the song, performance, outfits (which part will be see-through today?? :o). I'd say it's definitely in the top 5 for me this year, and the full album is definitely top 3. Mogey gulls mogey gulls mogey gulls mogey gulls mogey gulls

    I don't really agree about Gentleman though. It was a decent song, but it just felt like something PSY had to put out in an attempt to maintain his international appeal and follow Gangnam Style. I listened to it maybe 3 times when it first came out, and that was it for me. I'm glad the whole thing is over and now maybe everyone can relax.

    • thisisjustforfunval

      I’ve never understood the Suit & Tie craze either. I will acknowledge I like Justin’s part say from :46 to 3:16 but then it feels like someone took and changed the radio station on me. Basically two songs that weren’t blended together and more like they collide and the outcome wasn’t so pretty.

    • I only like the Justin Timberlake parts of Suit and Tie. Jay-Z’s part is horrendously boring, lazy, and uninspired, and ruins the rest of the song as a result.

    • Honestly Suit&Tie amuses me only because Justin Timberlake’s part sounds like if a dachshund could sing (in my opinion). So now whenever my friend and I heard the song we would yell “ITS THE DACHSHUND SONG!”.

  114. Did anyone notice that at 0:22 MBLAQ have like 18 pairs of sunglasses? o.O

  115. Did anyone noticed at 0:22 that MBLAQ has like 18 pairs of sunglasses?

  116. You…you guys… Spelled katamari.. with a y…

  117. My vote for awkwardly placed back-up dancer is for EYK crew’s Martina….

    but if i really have to pick one, I prefer Smoky Girl

  118. Hilarious KMM as always. :)

    Also, I feel that I cannot vote in this poll. Clearly the best back up dancer EVAR is the random guy in the green hoodie in Sunny Hill’s “The Grasshopper Song” who clearly has no idea what he is doing there. Just dancing in the corner…. In his hoodie…

  119. If I’m not mistaken, the lyrics are describing a girl who is abused
    and she is covering her bruised face with a heavy, smoky make-up…

  120. thisisjustforfunval

    Okay, I just have to spazz for a moment. Thank you guys for reviewing Smoky Girl this week. Even though the video didn’t have lots to offer in the way of making skits the song is so great that I believe it needs to be shared more and more and more. Why did I hear more and more and more in the beat of Smoky Girl? Was I the only one? Okay sorry, it’s so stuck in my head. Just really wanted to thank you guys for reviewing Smoky Girl on the sheer awesomeness of the song.

    And Martina, every time I see those girl do that roll over on stage I still the WTF! Plus it ends with one girl in front of Mir’s crotch and another at his arse….OOOooooo YOU SO NASTY!

  121. KATHyphenTUN

    YAY! you mentioned the chess piece!!! lol

  122. I giggled at the 30 sec to “disagree” part
    Martina, “I agree” *Simon confused face*

  123. thisisjustforfunval

    Fangurilla, MBLAQ’s faces gorgeous faces may have been hidden away in the smoky shadows but how could you not notice how wonderfully it highlighted their manly hip thrusting and swaying. Not to mention Joon’s sexy back showing through his corset lace up jacket.

  124. YukiRed


  125. I heard more of a “smoky gull”, but the talking fish was hilarious xD.

  126. HAHAHAHA omg I saw what you did there! The sentence during the Fangirling With Fangurilla segment was brilliant! You guys are always so funny!

  127. Loved the “Taken” reference guys. :)

  128. misspricilla

    Well MBLAQ said in an interview that the girl is smoky because she is fading away …like she is really sad and she gave up life…but I don’t really know if smoky could be used for that meaning…anyway I looooooveeeeeee the fangurling with Seungrilla XD like I can’t wait to see her XD I wonder if you would make a fanboy segment? I’m sure there are some boys who would associate with it XD

  129. Albino Eskimo

    Is Martina wearing fancy contacts, or have I just never looked at her eyes before?

  130. I’ve been in a K-Pop slump for the past couple of years but this song has renewed and rekindled my burning love for just plain, catchy, Korean pop music. That little “BWA AH AH” part before the chorus is so catchy! Thank you for acknowledging its existence.

  131. MarVi

    Personally Martina’s news caster skit is my favorite.

  132. MarVi

    I guess Batoost has a new song but it doesn’t have a MV… Which makes me sad since I love thier new songs.

  133. aside from the black and white, I think the similarities with JT is that both songs are easy to listen to, smooth, and they kinda

    make you wanna dance to the beat, at the worst possible moments (doing the dishes, brushing teeth, physics exam O.O)

    as for what smoky girl means, I think it’s a girl that is hard to get, I dunno, I watched an interview where G.O was explaining it but then Joon ruined it. Like you guise said previously, this is a song that you can show to non-kpop friends without them looking at you weird or rolling their eyes at you. Even my mom likes it, and she usually dislikes the music I listen to.

  134. I totally predicted that you would pull out Mr. Brohoho for the chess piece!!!! :D

  135. Why no mention of the female hygiene shout out in the rap bridge? Thunder is clearly upset that this woman is not spring fresh and is suggesting a product that brings back freshness every time. SIdenote: my 8-year old daughter and fellow nasty (that sounds horrible) spotted the horse head chess piece this weekend all on her own.

  136. Honestly, Psy’s Gentlemen has a more kpop vibe than MBLAQ’s Smoky Girl. That doesn’t matter though, because this song is still very addicting.

    Also, is it weird that last night I dreamt that you guys had reviewed Henry’s Trap for this KMM? I would’ve been so happy if you guys actually had reviewed it, so I could brag that I can dream of the future. LOL.

  137. I must be the only person who just doesn’t get the appeal of this song. It’s… fine, I guess, but that’s about it.

    I did enjoy KMM, though, as always – thanks for your hard work! :)

    (PS. Perhaps you could put up a rant/vent page, for those of us whose favourite song did *not* get reviewed, because, well, it’s surely better than posting it as a comment on the video that *did*, right?)

    • As much as a venting page sounds good for blowing off steam, I think it directly clashes with the kind of environment S&M are trying to make for the site. That is, a site that doesn’t promote hateful speech, or fanwars. As much as it seems like such a page would be a nice space to calmly state their disappointment, I think we all know that it would break down too quickly into angry rants, hurtful words and a LOT of trolls trying to mess it up for everyone. I think S&M want this to be a safe place for their viewers, and a page like that would make it too easy for that vibe to get warped.

      • I can see how a ‘venting’ page could become more destructive than constructive, but… okay, I think this is the biggest problem with the ‘new’ KMM system – we can all do our best to vote our favourite song into the number one spot… only to have S&M choose a different song entirely.

        Before, if your favourite song wasn’t chosen, it was easier to shrug it off because, well, it wasn’t the number one song and that’s that. But now it feels as though each person’s vote has no meaning.

        I don’t think there’s an easy solution, either, because obviously we want S&M to enjoy KMM (as we, y’know, *like* them – we wouldn’t be watching their vids otherwise) and we know they can’t please everyone; there are always going to be people who’re upset with their choice. Thus the page for venting. Perhaps instead of a continuous bitch-fest, it could be open for one day only (the Tuesday after KMM?) and then all posts deleted. It isn’t a page S&M need to visit, necessarily, but moderation would probably be a good idea.

        Anyway, it’s just a thought and if S&M believe it would create too negative an environment, that’s perfectly understandable. :)

        As a side-note (or perhaps it should instead be an on-topic note?), I do really enjoy S&M’s newscaster skits in KMM, in which they poke fun at the bizarre choices made in so many MV’s. They never fail to make me laugh. :D

    • I actually have to agree. Although it’s a nice song, it’s not one that really stood out for me. I can see how it’s different from what’s been coming out lately, and teh appeal that has, but I also really like what has been coming out. But it is a nice song.

    • hmm i’d have to agree with you… i normally like MBLAQ’s songs, but this one feels like the kind of song i can put in the background and not really pay attention to it. It’s one of those songs to me that kind of fade of into the distance
      i guess i was waiting for it to build up into a really catchy loud chorus, in which case, it disappointed me

    • Yeah I wasn’t a big fan. I see what it’s going for and can appreciate the mature sound but I just found it didn’t have quite enough for me. It was a bit repetitive- there’s only so many times you can say “smokey girl”. I was looking for a bit energy to it. Reminded me of Jamiroquai.

    • if you don’t have wide experience in music I can understand your not understanding this song.. but this song is seriously MASTERPIECE. with amazing classy feel, changing vibe god catchy beat different vocals sensual atmosphere, jazzy with r&b mode. also dance is sexy and delicate. this song gives you many expressions from sexy, relaxing catchy dancy to refreshing light but heavy song.
      younger ones like something with much sound and sci-fi effects, and this one is totally oposite, which for me personally bring out old k-pop vibe of great k-pop oldies time, and I love it

  138. This review was awesome as usual!! :D
    I noticed that you get lots of complaints about you not giving “a chance” to rookie groups, although you’re really doing everything to satisfy everyone.. but can I suggest a new small segment for “debut review”? just a short weekly review for newer bands, kinda like your k-indie segment, without skits and time-consuming scripts : 3

  139. Oh my God, this song frustrates me so much! I really liked the intro/verse etc., felt like it was building up to something awesome… but then that chorus. My lord is it repetitive! I just can’t get past it. It’s so frustrating because I feel like this song had potential to be my favourite so far this year… shame…

  140. So when are there going to be fangurilla shirts?

  141. I just wanna say that lemon juice is good for detoxing your body. Maybe she’s a smoker and tries to drink lemon juice to get rid of the toxins out of her body! XD :) Great review. Love Fangurilla

  142. Vocal wise, I love this song, It’s a classic I think. but now that you mention it it does kind of sound like Timberlake’s Suit and Tie

  143. I thought It’s War was better. Then, again I tend to like music videos better if there is some kind of story. There is no story here. It’s just them in a club singing about a girl, and who knows who she is because she’s not really in it until the end. Plus I felt like the music video was forced by the label and MBLAQ didn’t really like the concept that much. That’s just me. I was disappointed by this video.

  144. Nicole Dennis

    Yes!! Review Bangtan!! Please~ *hopes that’s what you meant at the end and hopes it gets in the top three*

  145. LongClawTiger

    I love the colored rain part of that video. The color is a nice change of pace after all the black and white scenes leading up to it. Not quite a good as the similar scene in Sean Kingston’s “Rum and Raybans”, but still very enjoyable. :)

  146. Martina’s lemon juice face was so adorable~! Aww… -gushes-

  147. Fantastic review! I was wondering how you’d pull it off, since there wasn’t a whole lot going on in the video. But once again, you made an amazingly fun, interesting video. Thanks for all the hard work!

    And, yeah, this song DEFINITELY stands out to me. There are times when I want to listen to Kpop, other times that I want to listen to all the other styles I like, and this song actually falls into both categories. There’s something about the way it sounds, and I felt like I understood what they were saying, even though my knowledge of Korean is so, so poor. ^^; And the video, whoa, it was a cool video and really classy and I liked watching it, but what you said makes a lot of sense to me. When I think about other Kpop songs, I instantly tend to see clear images in my head of all the things in the video. But when I think about Smoky Girl, I hear the song and the only thing I “see” is more of a general feeling of the mood of the video (was it just me or was that sentence super confusing? It makes sense in my brain)

    I like both styles of music videos, but I think this style just really fit the song. If they had cluttered up the video, I think it would have taken too much focus away from the music.

    Oh and it’s now official, I’ve stopped fighting the impulse. I resign myself to the knowledge that whenever I watch Fangurrila, no matter who else is in the room, I will say “I’m exotic!” when prompted at the end of the segment XD I don’t know why, but it’s really contagious!

    • I almost forgot! That part where you talked about how weird it was to drink lemon juice plain just cracked me up. My dad and sister drink plain lemon juice! They don’t even make weird faces, they seriously like the taste and act like it’s orange juice or something! I can barely drink lemonade without puckering up >.<

  148. At the end with Fangurilla being confused… Were you talking about BTS? aka Bangtan? aka Bangtan Boys? aka Bangtansonyeo? aka Bulletproof Boyscouts? (wow holy crap they have a lot of names I didn’t realize). Yeah, definitely not Batoost. BUT YOU SHOULD STILL TOTALLY LOOK INTO THEM THEY ARE SO FREAKING AMAZING. THEY. WRITE. THEIR. OWN. SONGS. LIKE. WOW. WOOOOOOW. Okay that’s enough. I’m not biased AT ALL.

  149. i keep thinking fanguirilla is the best segment so far XD she is hilarious, the moment “she” throw her ovaries i almost fell down of my bed laughing XD BTW i drink lime juice straight with a pinch of salt, is incredibly delicious… but to be honest, i love acid stuff… Here is completely common to eat a lime or a cas (sorry i think this fruit is only found here), or even a star fruit with a pinch of salt *_*

  150. If you like Zion T so much, then you should mention him more for your K-indie segments <3


    Shwee shwee wuz mogey gull.

  152. I’m so glad this is finally reviewed! Ahh thank you ^ ^
    One thing I did realize from what Simon said. Yeah, who drinks lemon juice on clubs and bars? o.O
    You’re so right that they were only trying to focus on the song and dancing, not the idols. I need to listen to Zion T. more!
    Oh gosh, Fangurilla was hilarious! “I will look for you, I will find you and, I will kill you.” hahaha

  153. I don’t know who you are.
    But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career.
    Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.
    I will look for you, I will find you and, I will kill you.


    Woo! That was a good laugh.

  154. I love how you comment the songs and videos.

  155. I sadly don’t see what all the hype is about :(

  156. Elanor

    Yay, thanks for the MBLAQ review. I agree this song is really amazing they should win with this. Anyway it was a really funny KMM, I love Fangurilla. xD

  157. I’m happy you guys liked this song. I also think it’s really catchy and awesome! ^^ Fangurilla had me laughing so hard.:D I can imagine fangirls be like “Y U NO SHOW THEIR FACES?” … just because I’m a bit like that :D

  158. I figured Smoky Girl is a girl that’s super hot; she’s smokin’! Anyway, I totally agree! Best Kpop song of the year! I was hooked on the first play. Psy’s Gentleman, I had to do a couple listens before actually liking it. Smoky Girl is just so smooth, and you guys are totally right about the MV becoming more about the song. It was all about the movement and the beats, which made the MV all the sexier!!! I’m so glad you chose Smoky Girl! I had a feeling you would, but you’ve dropped hints about being bias to your fellow Canadialand resident, Henry. Haha! But Smoky Girl… totally my favorite song! AND I LOVE ZION T, TOO, MARTINA!!! He’s a genius. It makes me love the song even more knowing that, although I should’ve expected it.


  160. isn’t smoky girl like smoking hot? This was my first thought.

  161. Was Martina actually drinking Lemon juice or…..


  163. Madeleine Stråhle


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