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MBLAQ – This is War: Kpop Music Mondays

January 17, 2012


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MBLAQ is back! Their new song “This is War” totally crushed our Kpop Charts, skyrocketed to first place almost instantly, and swamped our voting system (FYI, that’s why sometimes you’ll see the vote count go from 6000 to 12: the system needs to catch up to the votes). Anyhow, if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:

For starters, it seems like the two of us simply can’t agree about MBLAQ. If one person likes the song, another doesn’t, or vice versa. We both liked “Y,” but that video never got reviewed, and since then our feelings for MBLAQ’s Cry, Mona Lisa, and now this have been split. We both feel, though, that most of the MBLAQ songs we’ve reviewed haven’t instantly grabbed us, but get better with age, like wine and other stuff that gets better with age. On a side note, what other things get better with age? It seems like things predominantly get worse with age. Hrrrmmm…



As for the video itself, it’s hard not to talk about the BEST KICK EVAR. That was like “THIS IS SPARTA! How did Thunder not explode? June kicked him in the nuts so hard they should have burst out through the back of his pants. For the Golden Globes: Most Badass Kick to the Nuts in a Kpop Video Award goes to…JUNE! Totally freaking epic.

As for our complaints, though: we didn’t have an issue with the curving bullets, which is what I’m sure some of you thought we’d complain about. It’s meant to be science fictiony, so we’re ok with that. It’s more the logic of the characters in the video that baffles us. June, though he’s got wicked gun shooting skills, is really dumb in this video. Sorry everyone! He’s not dumb in real life, of course: but his character is a knucklehead. The way he dealt with the other assassin was silly, and his feelings for the girl were completely illogical. Is there a story to the video that we’re unaware of? Did the record label give some extra explanation? Because, on its own, his relationship with the girl is really weird, and cannot stand on its own without some extra help or explanations.

Apart from the illogicalness of the video, we still think it was pretty cool, but mostly for the non-plot parts. The outfits were cool, the dancing was cool, the orchestra was a great addition, and the setting was really interesting. There should have been more of that than the story itself, in our opinion.

Anyhow, if you’re a fan of the song, you can either pick it up on iTunes or YesAsia. Woot! And, lastly, check out the bloopers for more fun. The scene where the girl defends Thunder went for a lot longer than expected and we had to cut a lot of it out.



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