MBLAQ is back! Their new song “This is War” totally crushed our Kpop Charts, skyrocketed to first place almost instantly, and swamped our voting system (FYI, that’s why sometimes you’ll see the vote count go from 6000 to 12: the system needs to catch up to the votes). Anyhow, if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:


For starters, it seems like the two of us simply can’t agree about MBLAQ. If one person likes the song, another doesn’t, or vice versa. We both liked “Y,” but that video never got reviewed, and since then our feelings for MBLAQ’s Cry, Mona Lisa, and now this have been split. We both feel, though, that most of the MBLAQ songs we’ve reviewed haven’t instantly grabbed us, but get better with age, like wine and other stuff that gets better with age. On a side note, what other things get better with age? It seems like things predominantly get worse with age. Hrrrmmm…



As for the video itself, it’s hard not to talk about the BEST KICK EVAR. That was like “THIS IS SPARTA! How did Thunder not explode? June kicked him in the nuts so hard they should have burst out through the back of his pants. For the Golden Globes: Most Badass Kick to the Nuts in a Kpop Video Award goes to…JUNE! Totally freaking epic.

As for our complaints, though: we didn’t have an issue with the curving bullets, which is what I’m sure some of you thought we’d complain about. It’s meant to be science fictiony, so we’re ok with that. It’s more the logic of the characters in the video that baffles us. June, though he’s got wicked gun shooting skills, is really dumb in this video. Sorry everyone! He’s not dumb in real life, of course: but his character is a knucklehead. The way he dealt with the other assassin was silly, and his feelings for the girl were completely illogical. Is there a story to the video that we’re unaware of? Did the record label give some extra explanation? Because, on its own, his relationship with the girl is really weird, and cannot stand on its own without some extra help or explanations.

Apart from the illogicalness of the video, we still think it was pretty cool, but mostly for the non-plot parts. The outfits were cool, the dancing was cool, the orchestra was a great addition, and the setting was really interesting. There should have been more of that than the story itself, in our opinion.

Anyhow, if you’re a fan of the song, you can either pick it up on iTunes or YesAsia. Woot! And, lastly, check out the bloopers for more fun. The scene where the girl defends Thunder went for a lot longer than expected and we had to cut a lot of it out.


  1. Lol, MBLAQien… I think that whole thing can be explained by simply stating that they are like Rain. Those are his dance moves multiplied into 5 ppl. :D

  2. I want to say first, and for the record, that I’m not bashing, trolling, etc. your review of MBLAQ’s ‘This is War’ video. Are we clear? Yeah? Good.

    So, yeah, I’m a big MBLAQ fan and your review gave me many laughs. Thank you for that. Seriously. That being said, there has been something that’s been digging at me since I found a certain video after I watched that Music Monday review. In the review, you say: (I’m misquoting, I know) that the dance is more posing than dancing. I saw that part of the video after you pointed it out, and you do make a good point by pointing it out (starting to get repetitious, oh my). Even when you piss me off (nothing personal, k?), you still make me smile. However, as I was surfing the youtubes, I found a video which is most awesome to me (a fan). I’m sharing it with you because I like that despite the heavy editing, it shows the dance behind the mv for ‘This is War.’

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXrOHCjaeGY

    I’m not asking for a retraction, an apology, or anything quite so severe. All I’m looking for is that, maybe, you may find a way to mention that between the posing, there is a dance that doesn’t get shown in the video. Hell, if I hadn’t found this video, I’d still be not caring what happened between the drama bits. But, I found it, and I think that I may be obliged to pass it on.

  3. Ah memories. This was the first Eat Your Kimchi video AND the first KPop video I ever saw. I can’t believe I’ve been a fan of yours for 6 months now. Proud to say that you don’t keep me up half the night anymore as I have watched nearly all your videos now.

  4. It just seems like all this K-pop artist are using the same director and he is running out of Ideas or watching to many spy/assasing movie in the next one I expect to see some “Mission Impossible(Ghost Protocol)” moves… In reality is getting ricicoulous…
    As I love my K-pop as much as the next person is getting way to repetitive with the spy/assasing bad cop good cop tragic love story suicidal etc.
    Unfortunately it looks like more of the same.
    Why oh why directors and producers, why???!!!!

  5. dudes dudes dudes, let me help you guys out and explain the video for you, since the director and script writer are close friends of mine, as are seungho, G.O., ee Jun shi lovely, Thunder, mir, all of 2NE1 and big bang. and all of YG.

    It begins with the end, Ee Joon is gonna shoot thunder, “WHY?!?!” you ask ohoho we shall see. lee joon than says (eyeball interpretation) “My Friend.. Why her???” (my korean skills are like 0.001) He then declares war. as he appears to cry as he is shot.

    Story time
    Lee Joon is a cold hearted Assassin guy. he’s been hired by a secret admirer of the girl to take out her fiance (that’s why he had his sights on her, he was waiting for him to come so he could quickly *pop**pop* and outta there) since he’s a dbag and hired an assassin of his own to deal with her (since his family are the ones that arranged their marriage and he wanted to be a playboy fo lyf..). as Ee Joon waits for the guy to come he smells this other assassin (see his nose twitch?) from the rival assassin association and goes “Awww NAh Brah!” and he gets himself down there. on his ninja way he calls her and says “come with me if you want to Live”.

    (The reason he doesn’t shoot the  other assassin is cuz that would start a War!! Frozen Flower Styles!) he grabs the girls hand and drags her away, but the other guy shoots her!! so once again he goes 
    “Awww NAh Brah!” and kung fu’s the rival since he broke the assassin rule of no shooting at a fellow/rival assassin (you have to do it so they cant see you, or its fair game and they can shoot you back) so assassin says “You can’t shoot me! I can see you!!” but ee joon doesn’t care.

    so he takes dying girl to a friend who lives in a Junk yard (and is a bit simple in the head) to hide out and practices his fancy pingpongmove style shooting (where you flick the gun as you shoot the specially carved bullet [for when the assassins come to get him] and it goes in crazy directions like a well hit ping pong ball), he nurses her back to health and falls in love with her because helpless creatures are easy to love (and everyone knows holding hands is how you make babies).

    he leaves to get more fancy bullets (you get them from mordor, so its at least a days journey) and tells simple friend to take care of girl. When she wakes up Simple just happens to be sitting there so (since she was delusional with fever and blood loss) she thinks it was him who nursed her back to health and since she’s a shameless flirt and he is simple they fall in Love.

    Ee Joon comes back to find them in awkwardly close proximity to one another but is willing to assume they are good people and didn’t betray him so he’s like “Lets go for a moon lit walk in the junk yard!” and the girl is like “no way scary assassin guy!” but he thinks she is just being coy, so he drags her by the hand again. This time Simple is like “She said No, Jerk!” and they start brawling. she breaks them up and the betrayers are just the right distance away to shoot so Ee Joon says “goodbye” as he shoots, and they assume since he’s an assassin that he is a dirtbag who would shoot his best friend and the only girl he ever loved and brace themselves for impact. little did they know that he actually went to space to learn a really fancy gravity defying trick from the Mayans. 

    seeing them brace for impact makes Ee Joon sad since he loved them so much and yet they knew nothing of his heart, so he sheds a tear. after a few seconds of nothing happening and hearing a body hit the ground betrayer couple open their eyes. seeing ee joon colapse they run to him. They both realize they were wrong and to top it all off he had stopped by the YG office on the way home and gotten them some tickets to “Big Bang Alive tour 2012″, since those tickets are sold out they were finally able to realize how much ee joon loved them.

    they are like Scarlet, Ashley and Melanie(gone with the wind movie)!! with ee joon being melanie, they only realized after she died what she meant and how they didnt really love each other at all.. silly fools!


  6. omg omg omg Skip Beat! background :D

  7. the script is so poor that I couldn’t focus on the music when I first saw the MV….. 

  8. joon i vote joon and Martina im not sure if you noticed or if its just your shirt but it looks like i was see threw in some parts.

  9. Your new glasses are indeed very awesome. :D

  10. Mblaq totally like the kneeing down on floor dance. Joon acting was no bad, but i doesnt like this mv too. the plot kinda confusing. and its like going on too quickly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=fIzMKzbpbg4  can simon & martina do a review on this group WANTED? they are amazing. Loen always got the Best MV.

  11. You know, the gun fighting thing may just be due to Koreans having a different concept on honour or respect in a fight, when in western society it’s more, hey that dude is unarmed, lets shoot him, Korean’s prefer a fair fight (that’s in reality anyway, not necessarily music videos) I feel you are just a tad to opinionated and not very thoughtful on the differences between the cultures.That’s my opinion on the matter anyway :) Martina, your view of the dance is spot on, Love it :)

  12. They need to stop giving Joon a gun! And also sad endings for him. Or was this just the second time we see the end of him at the, erm end of an mv? The drama queen title certainly belongs to Joon!

  13. Well… I hope the whole O.M.G. I’m going to KILL myself because I can’t live if you two are happy and together… thing was supposed to be symbolic? It was? Right? Anyway, worst death face ever Joon… and these boys would have made great strippers. Really. Rain shouldn’t be allowed to teach anyone how to dance. Ever.

  14. OHHHHHH, so that’s what the script in the beginning was!!!! I was wondering, thanks for clearing that up! :) Simon, I LOVE YOUR HIPSTER GLASSES!!!!! Are they Ray Bans, or just Wayfarers? MBLAQ is such a drama queen group; have you seen some of their TV shows? Total. Drama queen. XD Joon completely overreacted to seeing the hipster and the girl flirt; I mean, what did he expect, leaving the two alone constantly?  >.<

  15. “She’s into Thunder – your garbage picking friend, (…) he’s a hipster”. I cried from laugthers :’)
    Also your guys re-acted scene of girl protecting Thunder – epic forever <3

    I'm so glad you reviewed MBLAQ's MV! They need more love! :)

    Oh and I vote for LEE JOON :)

    Fan from POLSKA :D

  16. Dramaqueens contest : 2AM all the way !!! ooohhhh the glycerin fest, the trembling lower lip with a close headshot…Kwon is a borndramaqueen by default, but i love them ;-)

  17. i would have to say JOON :) i didnt get the plot either but i know he didnt have to kill himself over a stranger lol MBLAQ HWAITING 

  18. I forgot to mention, I vote Joon. He has issues as a drama queen. Meh

  19. Ahahahaha! FALCON KICK!!!!!
    I really liked this video, I practically died when he overreacted and killed himself. Shesh, they have counseling for that ya know.

  20. Im very disappointed in you guys ! You didn’t notice the fact, that they used the same room with holes on the wall with light coming through it, from Keep You Head Down …. poor Max his MAXTIME was stolen… 

  21. 5:30 is definately not a cute moment for Joon. :p Thunder FTW. and 

    JOON major drama queen. 

  22. you played part of the song in your video. didn’t you used to do that AGES ago and then had to stop for copyright stuff? or did i just make that up in my head?? :D

    also, how’s the spudgy doing? his eyes okay? the one looks kinda cloudy like he has cataracts or inflammation from dry-eye. hope he’s okay. ♥

  23. I am just not into MBLAQ at all. Everything they do comes off stripper-like to me. It started from “Oh Yeah,” with the body rolls and I just can’t shake the image. And it figures, because they were created by Rain, right? And we all know Rain is basically the ultimate stripper. Strippers beget little strippers.

  24. Drama queen, i vote for LeeJoon cause he died dramatically. lol. 2AM’s was kinda not too drama queen like for me.

  25. MBLAQ’s Joon in This Is War!!! He killed himself and gave them tickets to go be safe… so he was planning on shooting himself? Or he got all worked up and kicked his friend in the nuts even though he was going to give him a ticket to get the heck out of there anyway…? Either way he killed himself over a girl he was creeping on while she was unconscious! 

  26. MBLAQ’s Joon in This Is War!!! He killed himself and gave them tickets to go be safe… so he was planning on shooting himself? Or he got all worked up and kicked his friend in the nuts even though he was going to give him a ticket to get the heck out of there anyway…? Either way he killed himself over a girl he was creeping on while she was unconscious! 

  27. Heeeeyyyyy!! I just wanna tell you guys that you qualify as resources for academic research nowadays :D I attend university in Helsinki, Finland and I major in Asian Studies with Korean language and culture as the focus. Well, today was the first lecture of my course on “Korean Media and Popular Culture”… And when the teacher was listing us some good resources like certain scholars’ articles and books and stuff he didn’t only mention you guys and your videos but actually explained what kind of videos you make (even about the WANK ones :D)!

    And my vote totally goes for Joon :P

  28. I think that I can understand the video :
    1.I don’t know who is she.
    2.thunder plays the friend (the garbage picking friend) that live in a “caravan”
    3.joon likes the girl that he saved ,but when thunder starts to take care of the girl ,the girl starts to like him (thunder).So when joon return, he sees them holding hands ,joon wants take
     her but she don’t wants to.Then they start to fight, she defends it (thunder) and joon shoots the bullet, because he prefer to die than live with his heart broken.I think is that,I don’t know.

    And i vote to joon.

  29. 2AM. Especially in their classic and overused “dramatic pause and CHANGE KEY OF THE SONG FOR EFFECT.”

  30. Hahaha!! Love you guys!! ^^ I choose  MBLAQ!!!

  31. Joon is a better drama queen, obviously ^_^

  32. Just one question, if you are going to shoot yourself, why make a bullet curve around the girl you love. Now THAT is drama.

  33. 2AM, because they were able to show a lot of emotion in their voices and full on crying

  34. 2am
    I choked up with tears because of jokwon

  35. Joon. Definitely. Just wow.
    And, YAY FOR SUNNY HILL! I voted for them, so hopefully you guisell get to review the cute little grasshopper man’s amazing haircut! Gah! He’s just so adorable.
    On a different note, I just returned from my trip to Canada like an hour ago, and during the entire trip I pointed out every Tim Horton’s and was like, “Hey, look! A Tim Horton’s!” Everyone was like, “Uh…what’s a Tim Horton’s?” But I knew what they were, so thanks for making me feel Canadian, Simon. XD

  36. Oh dear good lord do I have a lot to say. OF COURSE FIRST 2AM ARE THE BETTER DRAMA QUEENS. and Simon’s glasses are amazing. Also, loving the sunny hill wallpaper, Narsha’s face is priceless. Please do the grasshopper song next as well. FINALLY. The whole “MBLAQian” styled thing is their dancing is more artsy *insert stay chorus clip here*. While more groups are defined in the hip hop style this group branches out, probably because they have Rain as a mentor. Anyways, amazing video… again :3

  37. ps … i watch MM in order the figure out WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON in these kpop videos.. and this has to one of the most confusing.. good video but made NOOO sense! thanks!!! luv the glasses simon! its like im watchin g dragon! …too far?

  38. omg props props for showing a small clip of the video in the beginning.. i know im being too lazy to scroll down and pres play on the video (that you generously posted) and watch it before i watch your review but i enjoyed the 5 sec clip.. thanks!!!!!!

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