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Miss A – Good-Bye Baby: Kpop Music Mondays

July 25, 2011


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Yes! We got another name wrong this week! We didn’t know until after we started editing that Simon called the song “Baby Goodbye” instead of “Good-Bye Baby,” but that’s an honest mistake that anyone can make. They say it right after each other. “Goodbye baby goodbye!” And, interestingly, we also did a similar mistake when we first review Miss A’s “Bad Girl, Good Girl” which we thought was Good Girl, Bad Girl. Come on Miss A! Stop with the easily confusable titles already!

Anyhow, enough excusing ourselves for sloppiness: let’s talk about how awesome the song was, because it was quite awesome. Really, it seems like a big step up from their first two songs. It sounds more evolved and serious. “Bad Girl, Good Girl” was all ghetto-attitudey, which we suppose is necessary if you’re trying to start off with a bang, and then “Breathe” was all cutesy and fun, to show that they’re not always in bad moods. This song, though, didn’t play into one of those two dichotomies. It’s neither bad-ass nor sweet, and we like that.

Miss A is Slytherin

Miss A are Definitely Potion Masters.

One thing we didn’t like, though, was the plot of the video. It was weird. Really weird. We get the basic gist behind it: the dude cheated on all of them and so they decide to get revenge on him. Their choice of revenge is utterly bizarre though. Seriously! Blow up a studio, and put him in a big glass bottle that’s filling with water, and then cause another explosion that leaves him on the ground? What? How did this happen? The only answer to this, really, because it’s so utterly impossible to happen in real life, is that Miss A all have dabbled in wizardry. They’re more than likely Slytherin who have decided to use their magical powers to exact absurd revenge. They will probably be reported for their gross abuse of magic, and will serve in Azkaban. Side note: wow did we ever love the last Harry Potter movie!

Miss A Burninators

Burninating the Hallways. TROGDOR!

What were we talking about again? Oh yeah: Dumbledore vs Gandalf in a battle of wizardry – Dumbledore would crush Gandalf. No wait! We’re talking about Miss A! Yes! Anyhow, we didn’t get a chance to talk about the weird hallway scene, in which they’re dancing around in lingerie while the hallway behind them burns. What…what just happened here? Is that supposed to be the other side of the wall that they explodinated? And what happened to their clothes? Were they doing that sexy double agent thing you see in movies, when they’re like “ooh we’re sexy and we’re gonna pretend to have sex with you, and when you think we’re gonna do it KABLOWIE we shoot you and burn everything down!” Yes. That’s probably the answer.

Ah well. The video’s confusing, but the song’s still awesome. If you’re interested in picking up the album, you can get the Miss A “A Class” album shipped to you internationally by clicking on the link below. Woot woot!

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