Yes! We got another name wrong this week! We didn’t know until after we started editing that Simon called the song “Baby Goodbye” instead of “Good-Bye Baby,” but that’s an honest mistake that anyone can make. They say it right after each other. “Goodbye baby goodbye!” And, interestingly, we also did a similar mistake when we first review Miss A’s “Bad Girl, Good Girl” which we thought was Good Girl, Bad Girl. Come on Miss A! Stop with the easily confusable titles already!

Anyhow, enough excusing ourselves for sloppiness: let’s talk about how awesome the song was, because it was quite awesome. Really, it seems like a big step up from their first two songs. It sounds more evolved and serious. “Bad Girl, Good Girl” was all ghetto-attitudey, which we suppose is necessary if you’re trying to start off with a bang, and then “Breathe” was all cutesy and fun, to show that they’re not always in bad moods. This song, though, didn’t play into one of those two dichotomies. It’s neither bad-ass nor sweet, and we like that.

Miss A is Slytherin

Miss A are Definitely Potion Masters.

One thing we didn’t like, though, was the plot of the video. It was weird. Really weird. We get the basic gist behind it: the dude cheated on all of them and so they decide to get revenge on him. Their choice of revenge is utterly bizarre though. Seriously! Blow up a studio, and put him in a big glass bottle that’s filling with water, and then cause another explosion that leaves him on the ground? What? How did this happen? The only answer to this, really, because it’s so utterly impossible to happen in real life, is that Miss A all have dabbled in wizardry. They’re more than likely Slytherin who have decided to use their magical powers to exact absurd revenge. They will probably be reported for their gross abuse of magic, and will serve in Azkaban. Side note: wow did we ever love the last Harry Potter movie!

Miss A Burninators

Burninating the Hallways. TROGDOR!

What were we talking about again? Oh yeah: Dumbledore vs Gandalf in a battle of wizardry – Dumbledore would crush Gandalf. No wait! We’re talking about Miss A! Yes! Anyhow, we didn’t get a chance to talk about the weird hallway scene, in which they’re dancing around in lingerie while the hallway behind them burns. What…what just happened here? Is that supposed to be the other side of the wall that they explodinated? And what happened to their clothes? Were they doing that sexy double agent thing you see in movies, when they’re like “ooh we’re sexy and we’re gonna pretend to have sex with you, and when you think we’re gonna do it KABLOWIE we shoot you and burn everything down!” Yes. That’s probably the answer.

Ah well. The video’s confusing, but the song’s still awesome. If you’re interested in picking up the album, you can get the Miss A “A Class” album shipped to you internationally by clicking on the link below. Woot woot!

miss A
  1. OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m bucheon girls high school student!ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹
    I’m so happy I can see you always from this blogã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹


  3. MISS A’s bomb!! GOODBYE BABY IS VOTED ! <3 

  4. Could u please make the next video about 2pm-I’m your man :D 

  5. missA – goodbye baby :)

  6. Just got my copy of their album here in Korea, it’s really affordable compared to online shopping! I wish I lived here

  7. Nice justin bieber hairdo, simon. Hehe

  8. Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra :D!

  9. Um… You have to understand their lyrics first. In the song, there’s a part called ‘You were a such a good actor. You cheated on me so well. I watched a great show without paying anything at a great seat’! So this guy is not real celebrity. Because he messed up all this girls, I guess it meaned he had relationship with all this girls, that’s why he laughed when they danced in front of him.

  10. Brown Eyed Girls!!!
    It was such a good video and song! actually it was my first k-pop song, and its my #1 in my most played =P

  11. Definitely the Brown Eyed Girls in Abracadabra

  12. Don’t BLOOPER FOOTAGE IT!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!……..



  13. simon you pimp!!! you got to tell me your secrets!!


  14. Found This And Thought I’d Share With Everyone :)

  15. I Would Have To Vote For Brown Eyed Girls Video Abracadabra :) Its Hot :) But Dont Get Me Wrong, I Love Miss A’s Good Bye Baby :)

  16. BEG!!! abracadabra!! alacasam!

  17. Definitely the bomb from Abracadabra.

  18. BEG Abracadabra! all the way

  19. I vote for Miss A’s bomb ! =D (So, I vote for Goodbye Baby by Miss A…)

  20. I vote for brown eyed girls abracadabra!!!

  21.  umm may be you can do later umm i hate you by 2ne1

  22. haha keep up the good work i love the blooper haha ^^ nice one simon haha

  23. Best Blooper footage ever! XD lol Thank you Simon for Recording Martina`s epik song! ^_^

  24. Best Blooper footage ever! XD lol Thank you Simon for Recording Martina`s epik song! ^_^

  25. miss a is the best

  26. jajajajaja!!! Brown Eye Girls’ explosion!!! ^^

  27. i have to say Miss A because they had an explosion! BEG didn’t have one like i was expecting. 

  28. I Vote for BEG cuz i like Abrakadabra More than goodbye baby But I Love miss A More than BEG !!

    And thank you !! ^^

  29. I Vote for
    they are much better Than Miss A …

  30. brown eyed girls-abracadabra! plus i like the song more hehe

  31. You guys mispelled my name ;~; It’s Giselle not Jiselle. /corner

  32. Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra def had a better bomb! Plus their vid was hotter, haha.

  33. Brown Eyed Girls : Abracadabra!!! Daebak!!!  


  35. I vote for Brown Eyed Girls! :D

  36. *Girls
    Anyway props for the wig Simon, it looked real..it left me shocked for a bit.
    Also Martina is as cute as ever ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹

  37. I vote Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girks.

    From what i thought:
    isnt the music video, at the start the guy is choosing one of them as to who is the better one/ something about their dance and he is laughing at miss A with his ..group? because probably he thinks they arent good enough and storms off because he thinks their dance wasnt anything to be serious about and he was dissapointed/ pissed off. Then when miss A had the flash back, the huge explosion of smoke and the dude in the tube, while Miss A was dancing, i think it was for the viewers to recognise that the dude was the subject of what miss A was angry about and how they were saying they dont want to see him and want to break up..im still pretty confused myself so i may be entirely wrong. ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹

  38. I vote for Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabraaaa!!!!!

  39. ABRACADABRA ………….

    GO GA IN

  40. Wait, Simon was standing in a cooking pot right? BAREFOOT??!! What are you planning on cooking in that Martina? lol

  41. Martina, that was the most precious dance ever in the blooper reel. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

  42. Brown Eyed Girl’s “Abracadabra”. That was really cool.

  43. I vote for Good bye baby by Miss A

  44. In the freeze shot Martina looks like Jung Joori doing her dinosaur face! :)

  45. I vote for BEG’s Abracadabra~~

  46. What 4:36 i thought that was my phone rang lol

  47. BEG’s Abracadabra gets my vote.

  48. BEG’s Abracadabra gets my vote.

  49. aw did you notice the burning hallway actually wasnt burning in the beginning? (didnt burn till the ending) also did you notice any of the uber tiny shots of them facing and taunting the guy in the test tube? too many dancing shots in my opinion. 
    i loved the music video riiight up until the end. they should have just gone to a shot of miss a laughing maniacally like joo in bad guy. meh


    that’s the funniest part for me.. hahha! when BOM lost her Gun.. haha!!

  51. Abracadabra wins that without a doubt! Come on that MV was just sexy. Loved it. <3


  53. D-bag in a tube reminds of the Dwango commercial with Gackt in a glass box full of water… except D-bag is actually clothed…

  54. I haven’t seen anything from other singers. I think CABI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbnI4FgpFDQ  is a very good Music Monday material. Although I think it’s last year’s. Also

    Kim Hyun Joong’s  PLEASE.

  55. I vote BEG. BEG’s bomb was way bombier :) the lyrics of the song were way scarier though..

  56. muahahahahaha the revenge was sweet but he run away!! wahaha *cries*
    i love Martinas randomness in the bloopers hehehe she is like me sometimes random!! she should be my mommy hehehehehehe!!!!!!

  57. ahh…..the hip banging dance… what is that supposed to mean, anyways? is it something done in frustration? some sort of self-inflicted pain to divert the mind away from one’s emotional pain (such as finding out D-bag cheated on you)??  i don’t know….
    all i can say is that, in canada, the hip banging looks veeerrrryyyyy similar to an inappropriate hand gesture!!!  O_o

    …just one more thing that won’t translate well if brought to the american/canadian market.  :D

    also, simon…i think you look adorable in that short black wig. somehow that hair style really suits you!!

  58. Hahaha the revenge!! I vote for Miss A setting out a bomb xD 
    Check out our commic version of the video, is in spanish though: http://cuentoscoreanos.com/2011/07/22/k-popcomic/
    Thanks guys you’re really awesome! 

  59. I love that 2NE1′s Hate You is one the computer in the background :D

  60. it HAS to be Brown Eyed Girls.. cmon that guy has a comb strapped to his chest!! it’s like EMBEDDED, right??!

  61. Abracadabra.

    i mean he actually died instead of just being caught in some sort of giant test tube yeah?

  62. i have to go with abracadabra on this one…

    (p.s. i loveloveLOVE the last harry potter movie…did you cry? i cried ten times… TT3TT)

  63. I will have to go with Brown Eyed Girls. The guy actually died at the end. So yeah.

  64. Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra!! 

  65. i say that Miss A is better. The explosion was HUGE.

  66. Harry Potter was AWESOME X) such a shame that there isnt going to be any more new Harry Potter movies  T_T

    i was dissapointed with Miss A’s song, MV and the choreo was just simple & not as fun to do as BGGG or Breathe. the teasers looked so badass and beautiful at the same time and the song on the teaser sounded SO cool i thought it would be as awesome as their first 2 songs if not more.

  67. brown eyed girls abracadabra Narsha ^^ FTW XD sorry but Beg was 1. did it first  2. badass  and 3. legendary X)  along with a side dish of extreme sexiness

  68. Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra, of course!!!!!! 

  69. sorry i gotta admit MISS A IS BEASTLY!!!!!!!!!!! I VOTE FOR THEM!!!! GOOD BYE BABY GOOD BYE!

  70. Of course, ABRACADABRA!!!! It will always win!! ^^

  71. Good-Bye Baby is stuck in my head XD

  72. BEG’s bomb for sursies!! i feel like BEG’s video was just more cohesive so it kinda made sense? i love miss a and this song but.. the mv’s just not cutting it for me..

  73. I guess i have to listen to the song again, because i didn’t like it when i heard it

  74. 오모! 
    I think you guys mispronounced Jia’s name! (I’m Chinese, and so is she, so I’m assuming her name is pronounced how it is in Chinese) 
    You pronounce it as “Jee-a” but in Chinese, “Jia” is pronounced as one syllable, like “Jeeah” 
    (lol that was horrible explaining…if you put 佳, which is her name, into Google Translate and click the listen button under the text box, you should hear how it should be pronounced…just trying to help!)

    anyways, I vote Miss A, because their bomb esploded whereas B.E.G’s bomb didn’t esplode D=

  75. Questionnaire:
    b) He slept wit all of them
    ROFL, this really have made my day :)

    Simon´s arranged date at 6 P.M. and the immediately at 7 P.M. – this is what they call SPEED DATING :)

  76. Nyan Cat ringtone!? Awesome! :D

  77. Loved your review Simon & Martina as always!! You guys totally crack me up! I do have to agree with you..K-pop songs are awesome but some of the videos don’t make any sense..

  78. Brown Eyed Girls!

  79. BEG definitely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥ 

  80. I vote for miss A!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Awesome video. But when I heard the nyan cat ring tone, I could not concentrate on anything else. That was totally epic.

  82. HA! Thank you I love miss A comebak <3
    but I think BEG's bomb was better :)

  83. Brown Eyed Girls’ bomb was much better! That video was absolutely awesome in so many ways…
    as for how come he dated all of them… you know, maybe that’s how they came to be a band, like, emt for the first time at the Special Convention of Girls Broken-Hearted by D-Bag? That’s where they plotted their revenge (he’s afraid of water, and confined spaces, and laboratory equipment). The backdancers are not dead, they are the current boyfriends who knew about the bomb, and left the stage seconds before the explosion to set up the test tube. Ha! Everything makes sense!… okay, not really ;)

    • I like this answer.  But, what about the director, stage hands, and camera crew?  Did they die as well, then?  If they ran off seconds before the bomb, too, does that mean they’re dating Miss A as well?  That means that the backup dancers and stage crew are gonna get into a fight afterwards, and probably trap each other in test tubes as well…

  84. I have to say I was extermely let down after I had watched all the teasers. Where’s the slap of awesome Miss A? Or the fireworks that were actually red hot a la construction sparks? Or the electric guitar? *sigh* You brought up a lot of points I was thinking when I saw this. Crossing fingers the next one is better. And that Martina posts some eyeshadow tutorials. Or at least the brands she uses. Miss A for the flash bomb.

  85. Martina, your eye make up looks amazing in this video!!

  86. miss a-goodbye baby had a better bomb!!!

  87. Brown Eyed Girls. Abracadabra will always win.

  88. They have 2NE1′s video Hate You in the background on the computer….

  89. Isn’t the “hip banging” movement meant to mimic a dice roll? They keep playing with the red die during the video, so I thought it had some significance …

    But you’re right! Why didn’t the guy just pull himself up out of the tube?! lol

  90. sniff i really wanted you guys to do Infinites be mine, but i love miss A as well, so i guess i’ll be happy and watch T^T miss A is fierce and here to stay!

  91. I guess they got the giant glass tube in the kprop shop…and ya Harry Potter was awesome! :D

  92. Simon looked like Severus Snape with that black wig kkkkk

  93. All I noticed was Martina’s beautiful eye make up ;w; ♥

  94. I agree with you guys, it took me the second listen to really fall in love with this song. And yes, I did sing this while I was walking -_- And while I was sitting in the train. And while I was in the elevator. And…Anyway, I love miss A and I love that they are not overtly sexy bad-ass. They come out strong and sexy. I love their new song and I actually really really love their choreography (other than the uhm awkward hand movement) as they are (to me) more complex than general girl-group dance (the cutesy dances sometimes make me want to puke -_-).

  95. I’m with you guys. It took two listens, but I LOVE this song. The video, not so much, but I enjoy the… “no – clearly not a sexual hand movement” dance for the lawls~ And I love their overall upgraded style. *nod nod*

  96. Nyan cat…in my kimchi…O-O

  97. HAHAHHAHAHA you guys are hilarious!

    i vote for BEG!

  98. I thought it was an unnecessarily expensive way to dispose of someone.  They could have just all shanked him and saved the hundreds of thousands of dollars on explosives and glass ex-boyfriend containers…..not to mention the fines they will have to pay for the arson.

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